whitCShadowRun: I am using a ATI card.00:00
CShadowRuni'll install karmic on my laptop tommorow and see if i can replicate00:00
Hanlinux-headers-2.6.31-14-generic-pae is a missing dependency for the nvidia package00:07
dotblankso 9.10 is awesome... just installed blueman conencted to the dial up service and then it detected the mobile broadband card... it all seems to work perfectly00:13
Andphepenguin42: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/+bug/45430100:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454301 in gnome-disk-utility "warning given about disk health due to smart not being enabled" [Undecided,New]00:15
dotblankok some serious stability issues with the nvidia driver00:16
penguin42Andphe: Hopefully someone will fix it00:16
Andphepenguin42: thanks a lot for your help00:17
penguin42Andphe: No problem00:17
Kajdotblank, which card?00:25
odin-fooQuestion: gdm starting the X server but failing to start itself; anyone have a clue why the fuck?00:30
daviscNothing in logs?00:31
odin-fooX logs are fine, and X is in fact running decently. gdm logs complain 'X is already running on screen :0'.00:32
odin-fooAnd Upstart apparently doesn't think gdm has started, even right after I say 'start gdm'.00:32
odin-foostartx, on the other hand, throws GNOME up beautifully.00:33
daviscClean install of Karmic or upgrade?00:34
odin-fooClean install.00:34
odin-fooIf it might matter, clean alternative install, as the LiveCD chose a fucked up driver for X, resulting in an inability to install through the graphical interface.00:37
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joseantoniordlmchello how can i configure a IR remote00:54
joseantoniordlmchello how can i configure a IR remote00:55
Lenin_Catcary@cary-desktop-linux:~$ sudo apt-get install alsa_utils01:00
Lenin_Cat[sudo] password for cary:01:00
Lenin_CatReading package lists... Done01:00
Lenin_CatSegmentation fault (core dumped)01:00
Lenin_Catwhat do I do?01:00
penguin42that really shouldn't happen01:01
penguin42I assume aptitude install alsa_utils does the same?01:02
* davisc suspects a python problem01:02
Lenin_Catpenguin42, yes01:03
Lenin_Catpenguin42, fresh install?01:04
penguin42Lenin_Cat: I wonder if there's an updated apt-get or the like to get first?01:04
penguin42I guess so, it really shouldn't get that screwed though01:04
Lenin_Catall I did was upgrade to karmic01:05
rippsLenin_Cat: segfaults occur with apt occasionally, usually when there's been an update. First thing, try reboot, sometimes new libs don't get passed into memory properly.01:06
penguin42ripps: That should NEVER happen for something as simple as apt01:07
penguin42ripps: Old libs should never hang around for a new process01:07
rippsLenin_Cat penguin42: Second, sometimes it just isn't installed correctly (happens to me all the time) just goto /var/cache/apt/archives/ and dpkg -i the apt package manually. This always tends to work for me.01:08
Lenin_Catripps, I rebooted like 4x01:08
Lenin_Catripps, what is the name of the apt-get package?01:09
rippsLenin_Cat: mine is apt_0.7.23.1ubuntu2_i386.deb01:10
dotblank3anyone getting artifacts with the nvidia drivers?01:11
bjsniderdotblank, yes, mine pointed me to the ark of the covenant today01:11
bjsniderit was quite surprising01:12
rippsbjsnider: don't open it!01:12
bjsnideri mean it's just a graphics card. whoda thunk it?01:12
* dotblank3 sighs01:12
Lenin_Catlets count how long it takes for me to fix the mess the upgrade did?01:12
Lenin_Cataptitude: error while loading shared libraries: libapt-pkg-l01:13
Lenin_Catnot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:13
Lenin_Catthere we are01:13
penguin42Lenin_Cat: What happened - did it crash during the upgrade?01:13
Lenin_Catwhat do I do?01:14
dotblank3wow... regular xchat is immensely better then the gnome one01:14
penguin42if it actually crashed during the upgrade it could be in a hell of a mess (interestingly it crashed during the upgrade from last week for me - and that's very very rare here)01:15
Lenin_Catso should I just do a clean install>01:15
penguin42if you can it's probably best01:16
dotblank3have a seperate /home allowed to just upgrade and overwrite my 9.04 and now it works perfectly except for that nvidia driver01:16
rippsLenin_Cat: there is no libapt-pkg-l, there is libapt-pkg-libc6.10-6.so.4.8, it's supplied by the apt package. It should have been installed when manually installing the apt package with dpkg01:16
Lenin_Catripps, well to be honest, I cant01:17
Lenin_Catunetbootin isnt working right01:17
Lenin_Catand I have no blank cd's left01:18
Lenin_Catand no flash01:18
penguin42Lenin_Cat: If you're really desperate you could try reinstalling each of the packages apt depends on via the files off cd; you might be able to recover it - but it sounds like one hell of a mess01:19
rippsLenin_Cat: rule one when upgrading any software, make backups and prepare for catastrophic failure.01:19
Lenin_Catrule one when dealing with Lenin_Cat: prepare for failure01:19
rippsit would have been smart to have a livecd in case something went wrong01:19
Lenin_Catfuck it, ill use lubi later.01:20
rippsmeh, I managed to salvage a botched alternate install. Nothing was installed except a base install. All I had was a commandline. I manually installed the apt files and then installed the ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-desktop packages, along with a bunch of other packages before I managed to get it working.01:25
penguin42ripps: Yeh if you have a solid minimal install it's not too bad01:26
Lenin_Catim to tired01:27
Lenin_CatWaiting for sound system to respond01:37
konamdoes somebody knows if we will get the updated version of eclipse on ubuntu 9.10?01:40
lotiahello all. if i am running the dialies of karmic, will it present the opportunity to upgrade to the final version when it is released?01:47
rippskonam: here's a tip, if you want to see what version of a package any distro of ubuntu has use `rmadison -S <package_name>`01:52
rippsit appears karmic uses 3.5.101:53
bluefox83ok, i need help from one of the more experienced folks in here, how do i grant access to d-bus to a single application?01:57
durtlotia, a simple update will get you to the final version.02:01
joseantoniordlmchello i have problems with video audio does anyone knows how to fix it02:02
durtjoseantoniordlmc, you need to be more detailed in your question02:02
joseantoniordlmcwhen i play a video the audio has problems02:03
joseantoniordlmcit pauses02:03
durtwhat app? what file type?02:04
durtyour using 9.10?02:04
joseantoniordlmci use vlc the filetype is avi but mp4 has the same problem02:05
bluefox83durt: who are you talking to >.>02:05
lotiadurt: thanks.02:05
lotiaso once the final version gets released it will start running it upon updating02:05
bluefox83i'm using 9.10 x64, i *finally* got googlel gadgets to launch, but it's being denied access to dbus02:05
durtbluefox83, obviously joseantoniordlmc02:06
bluefox83oh >.>02:06
durtbluefox83, uh, that wasn't meant to be snarky02:06
joseantoniordlmci think it might be the codecs that i installed02:10
joseantoniordlmchow do i know if they are for karmic02:10
nemoSay guys, let's say we release a piece of software tomorrow02:16
nemoCan that newly released version become the Karmic default?02:16
nemoinstead of the prior version?02:16
nemowould just be easier than telling people to go to getdeb02:17
JanCnemo: unlikely02:17
JanCunless you're talking about a bugfix for an existing default02:18
JanC(and an easy bugfix at that)02:18
nemoJanC: shame02:20
nemooh well. can always put a message in the lobby explaining to people why they don't see any games :)02:20
discordaudio is not comming out of my laptop speaker but is comming out of the headphone jack, does anybody know a fix? It's intel HDA02:20
JanCthe exact procedure is on the wiki somewhere, but first of all, you'd need to write a detailed report of what gets fixed and what breaks by using it02:21
discordJanC, is that to me?02:22
JanCdiscord: no, to nemo  ;)02:22
yoasifim having a weird issue with pidgin -- switching conversation tabs makes the app stop responding (the window goes gray) and comes back after like 30 seconds02:22
yoasifanyone seeing anything similar?02:22
arrrghhhso does anyone use paprefs?02:22
dthackeris there a kubuntu+1?02:24
arrrghhhi believe there is dthacker.  as i recall, not as busy as this room (same goes for #ubuntu and #kubuntu...)02:24
rob0I think they have trouble with arithmetic.02:25
dthackerthe join command for kubuntu+1 brings me here.   oh well.02:25
nemoJanC: well. is just a new release, so while it fixes a bunch of bugs, the key point is incompatible net play w/ prior version02:31
JanCnemo: not up to me to decide, but I guess your chances are very small02:32
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JanCanyway, /me goes to bed02:33
rippsnemo: just make make ppa with updated packages and advertise it from your site02:38
arrrghhhso no one uses paprefs?02:41
rippsarrrghhh: no, not really. why do you need it?02:42
arrrghhhripps, well there's probably a way to configure what i need w/o it... i want to enable network audio.02:42
rippsarrrghhh: well, my paprefs seems to work fine02:43
arrrghhhinstalling that package made it really easy.  i don't have it installed, and when i try to install it, says there's no candidate version...02:43
rippsarrrghhh: mine was bundled in when i installed paman02:44
arrrghhhi think i tried that one... one sec.02:44
rippsaccording to apt-cache, 0.9.8+git20090825-0ubuntu2 is available in the karmic repos02:45
rippsHave you tried a different source mirror?02:45
arrrghhhgrrrr... i'm updating.  pls hold :D02:45
arrrghhhi'm using archive.ubuntu.com02:46
arrrghhhand i tried the "best" one from pingtimes02:46
ripps*shrugs* I'm using the main servero02:46
arrrghhhand i tried one other... some .edu one.02:46
arrrghhhi should untick the source updates.  i don't really need those.02:46
arrrghhhjeez i didn't realize i was that out-of-date.  i guess that's what i get for running something that's beta!02:50
nemoripps: yeah. end up doing something like that, just means a lot of explaining to people who wander by the package02:53
nemoripps: was hoping to avoid that this time02:53
nemogiven how close we were to same release time02:53
MindSparkhi, I am using karmic and I have been having trouble since jaunty with the intel driver, to cut a long story short, here's the link to what I am facing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze#How%20to%20Get%20a%20Batchbuffer%20Dump%20%28-intel%20only%2902:54
bluefox83i need help with dbus02:54
bluefox83any takers?02:54
MindSparkbut my problem is that since the 2.6.28 kernel, I have been having trouble getting ubuntu start with vesa to just bypass the entire intel story02:54
MindSparkthe system hangs, any ideas ?02:54
MindSparktakers ?02:55
MindSparkgiver here02:55
dooglushey people03:00
dooglusI just updated a 9.04 to a 9.10, and now the pidgin "libnotify popups" are corrupted03:01
dooglusinstead of being a little bubble with the content of newly received messages in them,03:01
dooglusI get a little bubble with a random tartan design in03:01
dooglusor a picture of some graph paper03:01
doogluskind of a checkered pattern, of varying colours and designs03:02
Lenin_Catdooglus, is it pritty?03:04
dooglusLenin_Cat: it's beautiful03:06
dooglusLenin_Cat: but I don't want beauty, I want functional03:06
dooglusI'm trying an apt-get install --reinstall on everything with 'notify' in its name03:06
doogluslike I'm a windows user or something03:07
dooglusbut the thing is, the power cord was pulled out during the update,03:07
dooglusso maybe it'll help03:07
dooglusit didn't...03:09
richardcavellHow's Karmic going, people?  I uninstalled it around alpha 503:09
dooglusrichardcavell: it works better if you leave it installed, I can tell you that much03:09
stperedooglus: that's debatable :)03:09
richardcavelldooglus: I thought it would be something like that.03:10
dooglusrichardcavell: it works okish03:10
richardcavelldooglus: seriously, though, when they moved the popup notification window to the middle of the right hand side I just spat the dummy.03:10
bjsniderrichardcavell, it is sin-sational03:10
dooglusrichardcavell: but there are 10 days until release.  I'm sure that's more than enough time to fix all the remaining bugs ;)03:10
richardcavellI filed it as a bug and lots of people piled on, and the response from the developers was "it's not a bug, it's a feature"03:10
dooglusthe middle?  it's in the top right03:11
richardcavelldooglus: it was moved to the middle right about alpha 503:11
dooglusI didn't install until the beta03:11
dooglusand it's top right for me03:11
doogluswhat else makes a notification other than pidgin?03:12
dooglusI'm having a problem with it and wanna find a non-pidgin notification to test it on03:12
virtualdnotify-send in libnotify-bin03:13
brian_i have a weird bug im trying to install a java thing but when it says hit y to install n to abort if i hit y it will abort03:13
virtualdempathy also sends notifications. and i think network manager03:14
virtualdthe volume control on my keyboard does03:14
brian_Need to get 39.0MB of archives.03:15
brian_After this operation, 51.2MB of additional disk space will be used.03:16
brian_Do you want to continue [Y/n]? Y03:16
brian_why woulod it do that03:16
virtualdmaybe you typed something like space after y. or it's just stupid and only accepts y in lower case. try just hitting enter03:17
dooglusnotify-send also produces tartan patterns03:17
dooglusbut the same one every time03:17
the_dark_warrioI'm installing Ubuntu beta and my /home partition is in Ext3. Is it possible to transform it into Ext4 without losing the files in it?03:17
brian_ya i just hit enter and it worked03:18
dooglusI set my home up to be encrypted when I installed 9.10.  is it possible to share a folder in there using samba?  the samba daemon fails to open the folder because /home/me has drwx------ perms03:18
coz_hey guys..I noticed  this white ubuntu symbol that just sits there while bootin unless I dsable "quiet splash"   tell me that is going to change? :)03:22
richardcavellthe_dark_warrio: yes03:23
richardcavellthe_dark_warrio: don't let the installer format it though03:23
nick125How long does it take from a new package being pushed until the changelog is available on changelogs.ubuntu.com?03:24
the_dark_warriorichardcavell: Hmm, it seems he won't let me not format03:24
richardcavellthe_dark_warrio: leave it then03:25
the_dark_warriorichardcavell: I'm resizing the partition and creating a new one ;)03:25
richardcavellyep, good idea03:25
brian_empathy will crash if i click on another person to open a tab for another conversation03:26
jbunchercan anyone point me to where some network-manager devs might be, so I can prod/ask about Bug 449888?03:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449888 in network-manager-applet "[karmic] network manager gnome does not remember wpa enterprise hidden network passwords over reboot, need to re-create network profile each time." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44988803:30
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lucas_hey  guys, i cant open chm... ive tried kdechmviewer but it open the chm and dont show me much of it it says something about ms-its... no idea whats wrong03:33
CPrgmSwR2Can I get some help with getting sound working03:35
lucas_CPrgmSwR2: install pulseaudio03:37
GuidMorrowhey, when Karmic does get released, how do I update the operating system03:38
lucas_GuidMorrow: update-manager -d03:38
GuidMorrowok thanks03:39
jdsbluedevlHi, I had reported a bug a few days ago regarding the sound system going screwy.  It was fixed a day later, but then yesterday it broke again.  Is anyone else having problems with the sound system, specifically alsa-base?03:39
jdsbluedevlbug is #45190003:40
CPrgmSwR2jdsbluedevl: I am having problems with sound here03:41
jdsbluedevlCPrgmSwR2: are you having problems in alsamixer as well?03:42
CPrgmSwR2jdsbluedevl: I can run alsamixer just fine03:42
jdsbluedevlCPrghSwR2: so can I, but when I try to increase the volume, the master volume resets03:43
CPrgmSwR2jdsbluedevl: I don't have that issue03:43
ikus060Hi all, I've been experiencing a strange problem since the last upgrade. Is there a way to downgrade the my last update ??03:44
russlarikus060: backups?03:44
ikus060russlar, surely no, I don't do a backup before every update. Are you ?03:45
russlarI update once a week, right after I take a clonzilla dump03:47
russlarbut then, I'm also not runnign the beta03:47
ikus060russlar, weel you're the first guys I met who actually do a backup before an update03:48
CPrgmSwR2I have no sound even from command line03:48
russlarCPrgmSwR2: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp03:49
russlarCPrgmSwR2: that should give you something03:49
CPrgmSwR2russlar: nothing03:49
LeftmostNetworkManager has just recently stopped managing my wired network device, which means that if I plug into a wired network and then switch to a wireless network, my resolv.conf has spurious entries in it. How can I fix this?03:50
CPrgmSwR2this is on kubuntu 9.1003:50
CPrgmSwR2I had sound working on 9.0403:50
russlarCPrgmSwR2: what sound hardware do you have?03:52
arrrghhhis there anyway to get my headless music box to authenticate wirelessly automatically?  i have it login automatically, but it asks for a keyring password to connect to the wifi...03:54
MightyTweekhey all. I just did an update on my laptop running Karmic, and when it rebooted I got the message that my filesystem needed to be checked and dropped me to a maintenance shell. I did an fsck and it found a whole bunch of crosslinked files. I let it try and repair everything but it looks like my installation is hosed. Is it worth trying to get any info about what happened before I nuke and reinstall?03:55
russlarMightyTweek: what fs were you running, and which partition did it fsck?03:55
MightyTweekrusslar: ext3, and it was my root partition on /dev/sda603:56
MightyTweekI have my /home on a separate partition, also ext303:57
russlarand / is completely hosed?03:57
MightyTweekit still kinda boots... I can boot the prev. kernel into recovery mode, but when I try and do a dpkg --configure -a, for example, I get an error because /var/lib/dpkg/status has gotten mangled03:59
russlarMightyTweek: sounds hosed to me04:00
russlarMightyTweek: could it be the hardware?04:00
MightyTweekrusslar: I wondered that myself, ran the diag from my HD manufacturer and it came back clean04:00
haven489can anyone tell me how to install suse beside windows XP?04:01
macohaven489: #suse04:01
russlarMightyTweek: do you have another disk you can boot to?04:02
MightyTweekI've got XP on another partition, I haven't tried booting into it yet04:04
russlarMightyTweek: another linux disk?04:05
MightyTweekrusslar: afraid not. I could burn a livecd, that's about it04:05
MightyTweekor a usb key...04:06
russlarhrm... well there are great hard drive diagnostics for windows, too04:06
oorahi noticed in beta i can't play dvd's with vlc04:07
MightyTweekrusslar: do you still think it could be a hardware problem? I was kinda leaning more towards a kernel bug or something04:07
russlarthat would be a nasty bug04:07
russlarlike june bug sized04:07
MightyTweekyeah, you're probably right04:09
oorahis dvd playback problems an issue thats normal right now?04:09
russlarif the kernel eats an ext3 filesystem, that's a serious problem04:09
russlarprobably the fs got hosed by something04:09
MightyTweekguess I'll reinstall from scratch and see if I can break it again :D04:11
russlarhooray beta!04:12
oorahhow do i get dvd's playing in beta?04:13
oorahthis is the buggiest beta i've ever used04:13
russlaroorah: i dunno, gmail's beta was pretty bad, too04:13
oorahrusslar, i meant ubuntu04:14
russlari know04:14
oorahif i can't even play dvd's thats more like early alpha lol04:14
ikus060Here a screenshot of what I experience since the last updgrade in Ubuntu karmic : http://imagebin.ca/view/3sExIBK.html The printed character are .. weird04:14
oorahi might not even upgrade later04:14
CPrgmSwR2russlar: are you still here04:15
russlarCPrgmSwR2: yup. ikus060: say hi to mars for me ;)04:15
stpereI hate how it fails to shutdown cleanly almost everytime04:15
ikus060.. and what should I understand from that ? :S04:16
CPrgmSwR2russlar: I have Nividia corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio card04:16
ryanpriorHi there. When I boot into karmic and try to connect to my wireless network, NetworkManager doesn't let me put in a passphrase. I can see wireless networks but I can't join them. Is there something I can do?04:16
russlarI think I have the same....04:16
russlarnope, I have the mcp6104:16
CPrgmSwR2russlar: it worked with kubuntu 9.0404:17
oorahcan anyone play dvd's in beta right now?04:17
russlaryeah, I'm using mine is 9.04 right now...04:17
CPrgmSwR2russlar: I am on 9.10 and mine does not work04:17
oorahrusslar, i said beta lol as in 9.10 beta04:17
stpereoorah: I don't have DVD to test, sorry04:17
russlarCPrgmSwR2: anything on /var/log/messages?04:17
russlarcat /var/log/messages | grep -i MCP6704:18
russlarCPrgmSwR2: also try lsmod | grep snd04:19
CPrgmSwR2there is a lot in lsmod04:19
MightyTweekrusslar: here's something interesting... in my syslog, the date jumps from Oct 17 to Oct 18 in the middle of the file... i.e. the timestamp on one event is Oct 17 16:02:01 and the next one is Oct 18 16:03:29. What do you make of that? It's right around when I rebooted I think... then later in the file ntpdate sets it back. Related possibly?04:19
russlareven grepping for snd?04:19
russlarMightyTweek: that's suspicious....04:20
oorahis dvd playback going to get fixed eventually?04:20
russlaroorah: I'm sure it will when released04:20
CPrgmSwR2russlar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/295864/04:20
russlarmedibuntu probably hasn't moved their packages yet04:20
russlarCPrgmSwR2: ok, well at least the kernel is loading the sound modules04:21
oorahi've never had a beta this buggy before lol04:22
CPrgmSwR2oorah: are you refering to 9.1004:22
oorahCPrgmSwR2, yes04:23
ikus060oorah: I'm playing DVD right now in 9.1004:24
ikus060oorah, I've install libdvdcss2 from medibuntu repository04:24
CPrgmSwR2oorah: have you downloaded the restricted libraries04:24
oorahCPrgmSwR2, how do i do that?04:25
CPrgmSwR2oorah: sudo apt-get install libdvdcss204:25
CPrgmSwR2oorah: Oh wait04:25
oorahi don't see that in synaptic04:26
leaf-sheepI can't play the DVD and I have libdvdcss2 installed.  Hmm. :(04:26
oorahfrom i can tell there is no libdvdcss2, not in synaptic and didn't work with apt-get04:27
leaf-sheepoorah: You need to enable the Mediubuntu repo.04:27
russlaroorah: follow the guide on ubuntuforums04:27
CPrgmSwR2 sudo apt-get install libdvdread404:27
MightyTweekyou're all wrong, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:27
legend2440oorah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:27
MightyTweekwhat was that URL again?04:28
legend2440oorah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:28
russlaroorah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:28
chu_479 available updates! :p04:28
russlarchu_: backup first04:28
chu_I've done a clean Karmic install a few weeks back, I haven't done any updates though04:29
chu_This install is too perfect :p04:29
CPrgmSwR2chu_: that doesn't help my sound issue04:30
leaf-sheepI'm thinking it's one of those pesky silly encryption thing that prevents me from playing DVDS. :<04:30
russlarCPrgmSwR2: an update might actually not hurt...04:30
oorahstill don't work04:30
CPrgmSwR2russlar: updated last hour04:31
russlarleaf-sheep: I had an issue a while back where dvd's wouldn't play... turned out to be an issue with vlc04:31
* leaf-sheep installs mplayer04:31
CPrgmSwR2russlar: nothing to upgrade now04:32
russlarleaf-sheep: reinstallign vlc fixed it04:32
CPrgmSwR2leaf-sheep: wish I could04:32
thiebaudeupdates are getting less and less for me04:33
leaf-sheepMy Ubuntu Puppy needs to stop sleeping beside the chair... What if I move the chair backward?  Good thing I checked for the puppy first.04:34
leaf-sheeprusslar: reinstalling vlc does not work. The other DVDs worked just fine.  Really... Quit the silliness with your DVD encryptions. :(04:37
* leaf-sheep rages away at the wolves!04:37
russlarit's not my dvd encryptions04:38
russlarif it were my call, everything would go out as a .mkv04:38
leaf-sheeprusslar: What do you use to make backups of your DVD collections?04:39
russlarI don't04:41
russlarthat's ilegam, man!04:41
stpereit's not04:42
stpereyou can make a copy for your private backup04:42
russlarwell, k3b can rip an iso of anything04:42
lysander89hi, i installed 9.10 beta on an asus f5 with atheros 5007eg, wifi worked out of the box. After doing a partial upgrade as suggested by the update manager wifi broke and the wlan interface cannot be detected04:42
lysander89should i go back to madwifi?04:42
werfactkubuntu doesnt install if ubuntu was installed with a crypto disks on the system04:43
arrrghhhdoes anyone know how to completely automate login?  i have a wifi card, and automatic login.  it asks for a keyring password on every login...04:44
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: It asks for a keyring password because you have automatic login enabled. If you disable the automatic login, that pesky keyring password will go away! :304:44
arrrghhhleaf-sheep, well i guess i could just log it in and hope... this box i want to be headless, i don't really want to worry about any of that in case it reboots, power outage, etc.04:45
russlarwerfact: is the entire partition encrypted, or just a directory?04:46
werfactrusslar, i dont remember, is there a way to check?04:47
arrrghhhleaf-sheep, is there really no way to bypass, prevent, or automatically authenticate the keyring?04:47
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: It's not headless if you're using GUI.04:48
ryanpriorWhen I boot into karmic and try to connect to my wireless network, NetworkManager doesn't let me put in a passphrase. I can see wireless networks but I can't join them. Is there something I can do?04:48
russlara df -h should tell you04:48
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: I don't know but I remember Lifehacker had an article on disabling that.04:49
arrrghhhleaf-sheep, well that's a good point.  how do i authenticate to a wifi network, and get a pulse session running w/o a GUI?04:49
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: Something like this --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=258857  I did it once in terminal. It took awhile but it worked. Then you can add it to startup and make it automate at boot.04:50
arrrghhhi have a headless server that truly is headless.04:50
arrrghhhthis was just easier to get everything goin as a gui.04:50
EddwardDoes karmic fix pulseaudio for games?04:51
werfactrusslar, i dont see anything about crypto, only home/user is .Private04:52
stpereEddward: I wanted to try Savage 2, but it fails04:52
stpere3d related04:52
stpereso, I can't tell for sure :-\04:52
russlarwerfact: ok, so that's only an encrypted folder04:53
thiebaudestpere: which graphics card?04:53
russlarwerfact: and you couldn't get an in-place upgrade to go?04:53
stpereintel 96504:53
Eddwardsrpere, I'm getting terrible crackling in the cinematics for Sacred and subtler problem i it game plan and in World of Goo in 9.04.04:53
werfactrusslar, i only tried a fresh install, and after it starts crypto modules, which takes like 5minutes, then it goes to a black screen , and that's the end of it04:54
Eddwardstpere, I'm trying to decide if I have the wrong distro.  I was hoping the new release would fix it and that would be that.04:54
ElijahCMenifeeAnyone know how to enable gdm root logins under karmic? /etc/gdm/gdm.conf no longer exists.04:54
russlarwerfact: nice.04:55
leaf-sheepElijahCMenifee: Do try 'locate gdm.conf'04:56
Eddwardstpere,  I originally picked Ubuntu (coming from gentoo) with the hopes of going to Ubuntu Studio, but pulseaudio just seem like the absolute wrong thing for recording work.04:56
stperethe idea is not bad, but it seems badly implemented04:56
ElijahCMenifeePS, nice warning by the way, though I messed up something on my VB and just got reinstalled ;-)04:57
CPrgmSwR2Where do I go to report sound04:57
russ5811hi all. i'm having a problem getting wireless to work with 9.1004:58
ElijahCMenifeeOk found an /etc/init/gdm.conf and an /etc/dbus-1/system.d/gdm.conf but neither have the security section for setting AllowRoot04:59
* russlar away05:00
bazhangruss5811, lspci05:02
leaf-sheepElijahCMenifee: Make your own /etc/gdm/gdm.conf then.05:03
leaf-sheepElijahCMenifee: http://www.ibiblio.org/oswg/oswg-nightly/oswg/en_US.ISO_8859-1/articles/gdm-reference/gdm-reference/x135.html05:06
ElijahCMenifeeleaf-sheep: Thanks that was the ticket, now I can get back to testing ldap authentication without locking myself out (vbox no way to send ctrl-alt-f* for console)05:09
CPrgmSwR2should i file a bug for my no sound issue05:12
bazhangcallnett, lets keep it in channel ok05:14
callnettthanks again for yesterday05:16
callnettbazhang: everithing vorks fine05:16
bazhangcallnett, you wanted to install opera and skype as well, correct? did you first install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package05:17
callnettbazhang: yes evrithing is nice05:17
callnettbazhang: thanks, was very helpful your triks05:18
bazhangcallnett, so you got flash, did you still need helping with skype and opera05:18
callnettbazhang: another qestion05:19
blue0488how do I stop compiz?05:19
bazhangblue0488, kubuntu ubuntu or other05:19
callnettbazhang: do u know i have to repeat this upgrade in few days to get the full version of ubuntu?05:20
bazhangalt f2 metacity --replace05:20
bazhangcallnett, keep upgrading and will you have final in about 11 days time :)05:20
callnettbazhang: go from beta to full version05:20
bazhangblue0488, to completely shut off all desktop effects go to appearances visual effects and set to none05:21
* jimpop thinks its just about time for Karmic to go Beta..it's certainly mostly stable now.05:21
callnettbazhang: yes but this will be made automaticly? or i have to made the same stepps05:21
bazhangcallnett, just do the updates, upgrades and you will be fine05:22
bazhangcallnett, no need to install those -extras again as they will automatically be included in the update/upgrade process05:22
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
callnettbazhang: ok, thanks a lot05:23
bazhangcallnett, you're welcome :)05:23
callnettbazhang: sorry for my english05:31
clustyhaving a little problem with browsing the samba network with gnome05:31
bazhangcallnett, your english is great; stop by here if you have any more issues :)05:32
Dr_WillisHmm.. ive often had to type in the full url to the  server/share to get it working the first time and ask for username/password. clusty  then i bookmark it.. so it rembers.05:32
clustyif i click on my airport extreme basestation in windows network it shows nothing (wont ask me for pass or anything). if i do a smbclient -L <my thingy> i see the disk05:32
callnettbazhang: oki doki05:32
clustyDr_Willis, i tried that05:33
alteregoai detected a cat05:33
clustyDr_Willis, my station is called: clustys-ape and share name is LaCie05:33
clustyDr_Willis, smb://clustys-ape/LaCie complains about not finding05:34
clustycannoit display05:34
clustyalteregoa, yes05:34
alteregoado you see the share with nautilus?05:34
clustyalteregoa, nope05:34
Dr_Willischeck the commands 'smbtree' and 'findsmb' in a terminal window. see if they see the server/share05:35
clustyalteregoa, i see the host and click it shows me nothing05:35
Dr_Willisso you see the host. but not the shares. and you tried typing in the full path to the share like you showed above correct?05:35
alteregoalacie is spastic sometime05:36
clustyDr_Willis, typing: smb://CLUSTYS-APE/LaCie05:37
clustyin nautilus05:37
Dr_Willisgnomes browser of shares can also be a bit spastic at times also.05:37
Dr_WillisI found just mounting the things by hand to be much more relieable.05:37
alteregoai think lacie doesnt like to be on a ape05:37
clustymounting this is a drag even under windows05:37
clustyalteregoa, :D05:38
alteregoadr_willis i agree05:38
clustybut name is too long05:38
alteregoayeah apples are long if they fell from the tree05:38
Dr_Willishow uselesss Sniper_Jesus05:40
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:40
alteregoamount -t cifs //clustis-ape/LaCie /media/laCie05:40
hifihe's still gay, got it05:40
alteregoagosh is dead05:40
clustytemp ban?05:41
clustyor drop dead asshole ban?05:41
hifiI think you need opers for "drop dead asshole ban"05:41
bazhanglets move on please05:41
tonyyarussoclusty: Almost all bans are temporary, just with different durations.05:41
alteregoawhat about a lifetime ban?05:42
alteregoathis is temporary too05:42
tonyyarussoAnyone have a VirtualBox image they don't mind breaking to find out if I can remove that message from the topic yet?  ;)05:42
alteregoaa friend got a lifetime ban on walmart05:42
clustyalteregoa, http://pastebin.com/m3a7f98a305:42
alteregoamount it to a subdir05:43
clustyalteregoa, same05:44
alteregoayou got guest access on the share?05:44
clustyalteregoa, mounted on /media/LaCie05:44
alteregoaok wait05:44
clustyalteregoa, gotta pass user/pass05:44
clusty-o user=<myusername>,pass=<mypassword>05:45
clustyi am faster D:05:45
hifiso, there's no way any package will be just version bumped at this time of karmic cycle?05:46
alteregoaafter pass=password,05:46
Dr_Willishifi:  it would be unlikely05:46
hifiI just noticed karmic has a very old sqlite3 package05:46
Dr_Willishifi:  unless there was a big security issue.. or some other major thing .05:46
alteregoathe powers of matthew star05:47
hifibut no, not a major thing I suppose05:47
ElijahCMenifeetonyyatusso: give me a minute to backup my disk and I will do stuff in my vb ;-)05:47
clustyi enabled guest05:48
anilalurubuntu 9.10 xorg has 100% CPU usage on intel 915, anybody facing the same isssue ?05:48
clustycause my password is messed up and dunno if i need to escape or quote...05:48
alteregoawell you see05:48
clustyalteregoa, won't cooperate :(05:49
blue0488is there a way to get files through pidgin faster?05:49
PatrickStarI thought I had an X freeze karmic beta bug, but I guess its a kernel problem, as caps lock doesn't change the light on the keyboard. At least that's what the web page for debugging X says. But I don't know what to report now.05:49
alteregoathen use -o guest05:49
PatrickStaranilalur: I had that a couple days ago, but went away with updates05:51
alteregoa-o username=guest or something05:51
anilalurPatrickStar: oh you mean with updates for the beta ? I need to check that, thanks05:51
clustyalteregoa, won't work. any way to figure out if it does not like my auth stuff ?05:51
PatrickStaranilalur: ya05:51
alteregoafix your auth stuff on the server side05:52
ElijahCMenifeewow I am getting grey-outs on the screen they last for about 12 seconds and do not allow any input...(heavy IO load while copying my vbox images around)05:52
alteregoanormaly you should be able to see the share05:52
blue0488 is there a way to get files through pidgin faster?05:53
alteregoayes, squeeze it05:53
PatrickStarblue0488: vegetable oil?05:53
alteregoasnake oil?05:53
blue0488funny I am downloading a file and it is too slow05:54
alteregoaask the sender to stop bittorrent05:54
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, Ok what do you want me to do with my VirtualBox image?05:54
hsarcii switched from KDE to gnome and now I have default KDE cursor and no gnome cursors even work....any ideas?05:55
tonyyarussoElijahCMenifee: Install all available updates and reboot it.05:55
ElijahCMenifee4 mins remaining on package download05:56
alteregoahow can i send a message to th sysop on a SSH terminal?05:56
ElijahCMenifeealteregoa, does the system you are sshed to have the traditional unix talk command installed?05:58
* Dr_Willis goes back to trying to get grub2 to boot a iso file05:59
alteregoahe has ubuntu server06:00
clustyalteregoa, yeap06:00
clustykarmic bug :(06:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 406466 in linux "2.6.31 - Can't see files in CIFS-mounted directories" [Medium,Confirmed]06:00
alteregoatalk ok06:01
clustyalteregoa, http://pastebin.com/m3aaca97106:01
clustyi do not even reach mounting stage06:01
PatrickStarok I'm going to go sleep under my rock06:02
clustyalteregoa, i am always eager to see new features so I am installing ubuntu 2-3 weeks before launch:D06:03
clustyshould know better :D06:03
clustygodamn it06:03
clustynow the little shit shows up in nautilus06:04
Dr_WillisIve noticed samba canbe slow to respond at times.06:04
ElijahCMenifeealteregoa, I remember using that command back in the bad old days, I believe it is still around but is probably no longer a standard service, but you can try it06:04
Dr_Williseven windows guides often say wait 10+min...06:04
clustyalteregoa, this is not an ethernet disk. it is a regular usb disk attached to a router with usb port06:04
alteregoayeah it works talk and wall06:04
clustythanks anyways06:05
alteregoai remember wall from bbses06:05
ElijahCMenifeealteregoa, you might also try who to find his tty and send a write sysop ttyid06:05
Dr_Willisand hope he dont get mad. :)06:05
ElijahCMenifeewell he can always turn msg to no to stop accepting writes....06:06
Dr_Williswhich may be the default. :)06:06
ElijahCMenifeeon my karmic I checked and the default was set to y....06:07
CPrgmSwR2I am suprized that sound is broken on kubuntu for me06:07
CPrgmSwR2It does not make sense06:07
alteregoais there a way to list the users?06:07
Jordan_Ualteregoa: "who"06:07
Dr_Williswhos on first?06:08
ElijahCMenifeeLOL I also just check on my OpenSolaris 2009.06 server and write still works there also...06:09
alteregoai think i have to learn some essential commands again06:09
alteregoawell im old, i rised up with cp/m06:09
* Dr_Willis did cpm ages ago also06:09
Dr_WillisBash Basics   :)06:10
ElijahCMenifeeI learned those back on SysV on an AT&T 3b2 system....long before instant messaging was around...06:10
Dr_WillisI got a CP/M cart for my C64 still.06:10
Dr_WillisI recall write/wall on the solaris mahines at school.. goofing up your display with  messages and so forth.06:11
Dr_Willisor remotely playing sounds on the workstations in the lab across the hall..06:11
alteregoadr. willis yeah i had a c12806:12
ElijahCMenifeeLOL Dr_Willis , or before xhost security popping up random programs on a users X windows06:12
alteregoaa twatputer the c12806:12
ElijahCMenifeewow finally time for a vbox reboot06:13
Dr_WillisThe good old days06:13
Dr_Williswhen security ment locking the lab door on the way out.06:13
Dr_WillisI still have a C128 somewhere :) i think06:14
alteregoawell my wife throwin everything away when i was in africa06:15
alteregoai had thousands of 8 and 5 1/4 floppies06:16
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, after a reboot no problems but the linux image appears to have been kept back, you want me to also test with an apt-get install linux-generic?06:16
tonyyarussoElijahCMenifee: Sure06:17
alteregoasomeone knows to change the tty lang for users?06:18
hsarcii switched from KDE to gnome and now I have default KDE cursor and no gnome cursors even work....any ideas?06:21
bazhanghsarci, you wish to use gnome cursors with kde, or install others for kde06:25
hsarcii was using kde, then i switched to gnome06:25
hsarcinow...im stuck wtih the "oxygen" default kde cursor and whenver i go to change the cursor to a diff one nothing happens06:26
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, Ok rebooted again running '2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:05:01 UTC 2009 x86_64' on VirtualBox with 1 Processor, 655MB, 32MB Video+3dAccel (no guest additions) that may have fixed it, you might want to see if someone has a 32-bit karmic in vbox06:26
bazhanghsarci, using which theme06:26
hsarcibazhang, default...human06:26
bazhanghsarci, tried switching themes ?06:26
frybyeHi - Karmic Beta has started in terminal mode - how do I get to the GUI?06:26
bazhangfrybye, busybox? or tty06:27
ElijahCMenifeefrybye, what happens if you type in startx?06:27
arrrghhhso i'm having wireless issues... i can connect via nm-applet, but not manually configured thru /etc/network/interfaces.  i'm not sure what's missing, i know i'm using wpa2 tkip, and i created the hex version of my key several times... i'm not sure what else could be wrong06:27
hsarcibazhang, does nothing to the cursor06:27
bazhanghsarci, tried installing other themes yet?06:27
tonyyarussoElijahCMenifee: You have a graphical desktop and everything?06:27
frybyebazhang: no idea - is in sun virtual box..06:28
bazhangfrybye, what does the prompt say06:28
hsarcibazhang, no....i went to gnomelook.org but coudlnt really figure out whiitch type of theme i should install06:28
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, yes06:28
bazhanghsarci, how about trying one then06:28
frybyestartx has done it - just dont have any network in there now.. hang on...06:28
hsarcibazhang, am i supposed to use a gtk 2.x?06:29
bazhanghsarci, most downloaded/most popular usually work well06:29
bazhanghsarci, yep06:29
hsarcibazhang, thanks...one more question, widgets on gnome?06:29
bazhanghsarci, gdesklets? screenlets?06:30
hsarcibazhang, ill look into those, thanks06:30
ElijahCMenifeethe image for the logout/reboot/shutdown is now a power button symbol instead of a chat bubble symbol ;-)06:30
hsarcibazhang, i just realzed, the cursor changes when im hovering over firefox...but desktop and xchat are kde oxygen cursor...very strange06:32
bazhanghsarci, did you login to gnome from the log in screen? any chance you are still in kde06:33
hsarcibazhang, kde is gone....it was a gnome login screen06:33
arrrghhh_*ahem* let's try that again... is there anyway to check what configuration is working thru nm-applet and translate that to /etc/network/interfaces?06:34
alteregoawell bashrc ha a tidle i cant tyope it06:34
bazhanghsarci, okay, when you removed kde4 how did you do it06:34
hsarciused a command someone gave me in this channel06:35
hsarciit was two remove packages and one install ubuntu-desktop06:35
hsarcibazhang, the works "puregnome" werent in te command06:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal06:36
bazhanghsarci, ^^ ?06:36
hsarcibazhang, gonna try a restartr06:39
ElijahCMenifeeanyone need a copy of a karmic 64-bit virtual box with the latest updates?  only a 1.3G bziped image...06:41
hsarcibazhang, its workin now...thanks06:43
ElijahCMenifeeaha finally got empathy connecting to irc!06:46
bazhanghsarci, great06:46
ElijahCMenifee_anote to self people think you are strange when they see you talking to yourself...06:46
ElijahCMenifeeElijahCMenifee_a, then leave I like XChat better anyway!06:47
alteregoai dreamt music06:47
alteregoaneverending story...06:50
ElijahCMenifeepulse audio in karmic seems to work a lot better then previous releases (running rythmbox in both karmic, and karmic-vbox with different radio stations sounds confusing however...) mix from different sources has not crashed my pulse audio, cant wait untill it leaves beta so we can install at work06:52
Dr_WillisSuccess - i was able to get grub2 to boot ubuntu 9.10 iso file from a flash drive. :)06:54
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, thanks for whatever you did, the vbox problems were disturbing06:55
tonyyarussoElijahCMenifee: "put it in the topic and waited" - I wasn't even able to figure it out far enough to file a real bug report06:56
ElijahCMenifeetonyyarusso, I suppose could be a good boy and download 32bit iso and check it there also....was getting tired of reinstalls (kept forgetting to backup my image...)06:57
arrrghhhwell now i'm really confused.  i did get it to work with /etc/network/interfaces file, but i had a dns issue... i couldn't get anything via dns host name, i could only ping IP's directly, nothing was resolving...07:00
arrrghhhi just don't understand, i use the same static settings as i do in nm-applet...07:01
arrrghhhsame dns server (the gateway of my router)07:02
robin0800arrrghhh: you could try rebooting the router07:03
ElijahCMenifeearrrghhh, what does your /etc/resolv.conf look like? the nm-applet may change it, while static interface settings may not set it to valid values07:03
arrrghhhrobin0800, it's not the router.  ElijahCMenifee let me check, 1 sec...07:04
arrrghhhall i have is "nameserver" which is my gateway/dns server...07:04
ElijahCMenifeearrrghhh, are you having trouble with all names or just local domain names?07:05
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: How do you know? Do try and reboot the router! ;)07:06
arrrghhhElijahCMenifee, all.  leaf-sheep, yes i've rebooted it several times...07:06
arrrghhhand other devices are fine with it.  and when i reboot with nm-applet in charge it's fine.07:06
leaf-sheeparrrghhh: The routers do go silly sometimes. That happened to me previously. 30 minutes later, it works great again!07:06
arrrghhhand nm-applet is setup statically, to use the same network settings.07:07
ElijahCMenifeewhat happens with `dig`07:07
arrrghhhElijahCMenifee, well i'm on a functional network now...07:07
arrrghhhcrap i should probably grab a laptop and get on irc and get this thing back on the broken dns setup...07:08
ElijahCMenifeeyou probably want to look at resolv.conf again once its broken, then try dig07:10
arrrghhhk.  lemme reboot.07:10
virtualdanyone seen their phone not appearing any more under computer in nautilus?07:11
alokitosome icons from preferences menu were missing in karmic alpha and betas07:11
alokitois the problem solved now?07:11
alokitoall sleeping? :(07:13
hsarciis there a more comprenesive power manager for gnome?07:13
virtualdi never had any icon trouble07:14
legend2440alokito: open system>prefernces>appearance  then Interface tab put check in box that says Show Icons in Menus07:14
alokitolegend2440, ok, thanks :)07:15
arrrghhhElijahCMenifee, sheesh, there was nothing in resolv.conf, except some garbage about how this file was autogenerated by NetworkManager or something.  stupid!  thanks tho!07:15
shawn_Hello in the Nvidia driver I am trying to save my monitor configuration to X but it keeps saying failed to parse file07:16
shawn_Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'07:16
arrrghhhshawn_, did you run it w/sudo?07:16
shawn_arrrghhh Yes I did07:16
arrrghhhi've heard the nvidia-config is not a good idea to use tho...07:16
shawn_arrrghhh What should I use to set my dual display then07:17
robin0800shawn_: you need gksu to save to xorg that is if you have one07:17
ElijahCMenifeearrrghhh, I assume that would be your main problem, if that did not resolve I was going to recommend talking dns to the router via a `telnet 53`...07:17
arrrghhhshawn_, beats me, i haven't fiddled with that on mine in a while... i always used nvidia-config in the past.07:17
digger3Small gdm problem: I hear the drums when booting but login window isn't shown. My machine idles for about 60sec and then suddenly shows the login window (upgraded from 9.04), any fix?07:17
arrrghhhElijahCMenifee, yea, putting the "nameserver" entry in resolv.conf and restarting /etc/init.d/networking fixed it!07:18
* leaf-sheep makes the drum noises07:18
shawn_robin0800 I ran it with gksu and it still failed to parse?07:18
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, known bug, try running nvidia-xconfig, then using nvidia-settings07:18
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, as sudo of course ;-)07:18
arrrghhhoh i assumed he was doing that...07:19
shawn_ElijahCMenifee Thanks running that first fixed it :)07:19
ElijahCMenifeethe parse bug is seperate issue from save issue, parse bug is because the xorg is missing a ServerDisplay definition section that is now optional but the nvidia-settings needs it to be there07:20
arrrghhh1 more reboot to see if it's persistent.  thanks again ElijahCMenifee07:20
robin0800ElijahCMenifee: you do realise on a clean install there is no xorg.conf file so i guess its nvidia -xconfig generates it07:21
shawn_Yep it saved thanks both of you07:23
ElijahCMenifeerobin0800, No did not realize that, when I got around to looking into the parse bug I had an xorg.conf but it was missing most of the sections...thanks for that additional tidbit07:23
hsarciwhat package do I remove to get rid of "remote desktop veiwer"?07:25
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, tsclient?07:25
hsarciElijahCMenifee, no not tsclient07:27
hsarciits called "remote desktop veiwer"07:27
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, try vinagre then? there are several...Vinagre is what appears to get launched from the 'Remote Desktop Viewer' menu item.07:29
hsarciElijahCMenifee, thanks i will try07:29
virtualdthere's also rdesktop07:30
lemonadeDCC aborted receiving file  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx`#gay`xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from Sniper_Jesus07:31
lemonadedid he really think that i use mirc?07:31
hsarciElijahCMenifee, it worked, thanks07:32
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, your welcome07:34
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal07:37
shawn_If I install openssh-server07:42
shawn_Where does the config file07:42
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_,  should be /etc/ssh/sshd_config07:43
shawn_Ohhhh _ config not .config07:43
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:58
shawn_Which type of server updates from anywhere for mail... IMAP or POP?07:58
Machtinhm.. let's say i have a bluray.iso and want to rip the video stream and two of the audio streams.. how would i do that? (i want it to be mkv)07:58
Machtinshawn_: imap is designed to be used from several computers and stores the emails on the server07:59
shawn_Machtin thanks thats what I wanted to know07:59
Machtinyou're welcome :)07:59
Machtini tried to google.. but i can't find a decent tutorial on how to rip a bluray.iso to mkv. :/08:00
shawn_Machtin but for sending mail I need to use SMTP?08:00
Machtinshawn_: indeed08:00
Machtinthere might be other protocols to send emails.. but i've heard of none, tbh08:01
arrrghhhso i'm having issues with grub2 now... it seems to hang on the grub menu when there's no keyboard installed.  i'm baffled.  here's my /etc/default/grub... http://paste.ubuntu.com/295953/08:03
ElijahCMenifeeMachtin, there is the old mail command for sending to local users...08:07
Machtincan't remember.. might have been to young when that was used.. no clue :) but could you assist me with my bluray-problem?08:09
hsarcihow do i uninstall sometihng that was installed with "make install"08:11
Machtinhsarci: might work with aptitude anyway08:13
Machtinif i'm wrong: make uninstall? :)08:14
Machtinhave a look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24511108:15
Dr_Willisif you are lucky 'make uninstall' in the source directory08:16
arrrghhhso why would grub hang on boot?  i want it to select... well really the only one that isn't recovery or a memtest!  it seems to work when i have a monitor/keyboard plugged in, but for whatever reason it hangs when there's nothing...08:18
snokat  http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg2190173308:22
snokat    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg2190173308:23
snokat    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733    http://vkontakte.ru/reg21901733  '08:23
evilaimThat was slightly annoying08:24
virtualdarrrghhh: if you don't have a monitor connected how can you know it's grub that hangs and not the bios waiting for you to press f1 because it can't find a keyboard08:24
arrrghhhvirtuald, cuz i turned off keyboard warnings, plus i let it hang and plugged in a monitor... it was sitting on the grub screen...08:24
virtualdarrrghhh: try setting up grub to stay in text mode if it's possible08:25
arrrghhhvirtuald, what do you mean?08:26
virtualdarrrghhh: i suspect that it hangs when it's trying to change resolution08:26
arrrghhhi just don't get why the selection screen has never shown up before08:27
arrrghhhbut suddenly it shows up when no one is watching...08:27
virtualdit does? heh08:27
arrrghhhhow do i put grub in txt mode only?08:27
virtualdi have no idea08:27
the_dark_warrioSometimes my empathy window increases the window's width if the text gets too long. Other times the text entry increases its height to fit more text. I guess the former is a bug. Is it known?08:27
arrrghhhi have GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" set - should that be different?  i don't know how to set txt only mode.08:28
virtualdi guess you'll have to read the... friendly manual08:29
arrrghhhno entry for grub or grub2.08:30
arrrghhhif you know, it'd be nice to just tell me.  i guess i'll do some more googling.08:30
romsince today or yesterday, all my videos are blue / purple08:30
romI have no the true colors08:30
romwith vlc or otem08:30
virtualdi said i don't know08:30
virtualdi think the manual is on grub.gnu.org08:31
virtualdor something like that08:31
arrrghhhrom, is it just videos, or your desktop etc as well?08:32
the_dark_warrioAre there any one here using Empathy that could confirm my statement? If you type a long text, the chat window start to increase its width.08:33
romonly videos08:33
=== csb_ is now known as C-S-B
Dr_WillisThe grub2 docs.. are a tad lacking on the gnu.org site. From a 'beginners' point of view. :)08:33
Dr_WillisTheres gettng go be quite a few good beginner guides to grub2 out however.08:34
evilaimDr_Willis: what?08:37
evilaimwhat do you need to be able to do?08:37
Dr_Willisevilaim:  right now im trying to get it installed to a vfat/fat32/fat16 filesystem.. :)08:39
Dr_Willisi succesuflly have grub2 booting a ubuntu.iso image on a flash drive.. BUT i had to use ext3 for the flash filesystem08:39
Dr_Williswhich is GOOD.. but not what i wanted08:39
Dr_WillisNow i can copy any new iso's of ubuntu to that flash drive and have a bootable installer flash disk :)08:40
evilaimwhy would you need a fat fs?08:40
Dr_Willisseems tobe some bugs with installing grub to a fat/vfat/fat32/fat16 filesystem at this time08:40
evilaimwell, tell me why you need fat, if it's valid then I'll help08:41
evilaimif not, install ext3/4 and call it a day08:41
Dr_WillisI want my 8+gb flash drive to use vfat. not ext2/3/4 like  i can do with all my other bootable flash ddrives08:41
Dr_WillisGrub2 is supposed to be able to install to a fat partition/filesystem also. but aparently theres still some bugs08:42
evilaimYes, but why do you need fat08:42
Dr_Willisbuilding my own 'uberboot' flash drive. :) right now it has Ubuntu+tinycorelinux+xbmclive on it. booting from the iso files08:42
evilaimwant and need are two different entities08:43
Dr_Willisso i dont have to explain to the window users i give it to why they cant access their 16+gb flash drive from windows08:43
Dr_Willissort of a waste to have it be ext2 and limited to just linux08:43
Dr_Willisgrub2 is  supposed to work with fat but its not.08:43
Dr_Willisthats the core of the problem.08:44
evilaimwindows can read ext3...08:45
Dr_WillisIf you install extra stuff..  but thats not the issue.08:45
evilaimWell, google it then, this seems redundant...08:45
Dr_Willisthe issue is that grub2 is supposed to work with  vfat filesystems - it is not letting me install grub2 to a vfat partition.08:45
evilaimyes well08:45
evilaimnot everything works all the time08:45
Dr_Willisi have googled it.. and as i said.. theres some bugs with grub2.08:45
evilaimit is a beta...08:46
evilaimno one will troubleshoot grub 2 atm08:46
evilaimgo to launchpad and submit a bug08:46
Dr_Willisi am trouble shooting it. :) and thats what ive learned..08:46
evilaimthat's about the best tech support you'll recieve08:46
Dr_Willisbut oddly enough  it does seem to work  in some disrtos. tracking down version #'s now. could be debian has some patches not in ubuntu at this time08:47
Dr_Willishttp://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB neat littke scrpt to make a multi-boot flash drive.. but its a little out of date.08:47
Machtinhm. i want to convert a blu-ray untouched-iso to mkv.. and i can't find a howto for it.. any suggestions?08:47
rskMachtin: gotten a proper mplayer package yet?08:49
Machtindo you think i should install it by hand?08:50
rskcompilation frmo svn is always recomended08:50
Machtinoh, i see08:50
rskit's fastert than the package and never has important bits stripped out08:50
Machtin svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk mplayer <- that's okay?08:51
Machtinerrm.. sorry.. but how to install after the download?08:53
Machtinwas in the wrong dir.. my bad08:53
rskcd mplayer && sudo apt-get build-dep mplayer && ./configure && make08:54
rskand then run the binary with ./mplayer in mplayer dir, you don't have to make install it to try it08:54
Machtini think i'll just convert it to .mkv and then strip the unused streams via mkvmerge.. i at least understand THAT tool :)08:55
=== ghendar is now known as mjbrooks
* Dr_Willis missed the point of installing the mplayer :) but im not paying much attention...08:58
Dr_Willisyou could play theiso with mplayer :) i guess08:58
MachtinMPlayer SVN-r29777-4.4.1 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team08:59
Machtinlooks better, right?08:59
=== fernando_mukeka is now known as nando
eagles0513875morning Dr_Willis09:05
oldude67well yeah i got another machine to play around with today...been trying to load karmic on it now for awhile..ugh:(09:05
Dr_Willishay eagles051387509:05
eagles0513875oldude67: whats wrong09:05
Machtinhttp://pastebin.com/d27aa449 rsk :<09:05
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: no thanks i dont eat hay :P09:05
oldude67stupid things, its a dual p3 866 but for some reason you cant have to cdrom drives in it at the same time..09:06
oldude67its loading now.09:06
eagles0513875oldude67: why not do a network boot or setup something of the sort09:08
oldude67eagles0513875, dont know how to start with, and ive been just tinkering with it mostly.09:09
Dr_Willisyea - automounting flash drives crashed again..09:09
eagles0513875i think there is something about setting up a network install oldude67 on howtoforge09:09
eagles0513875ill try dig it up for ya09:09
eagles0513875hold on09:09
oldude67eagles0513875, thanks ill take a look at it for sure.09:09
oldude67well i see i got my old network manager icon back on the task bar instead of that ugly one (thank god)09:10
eagles0513875oldude67: no problem09:10
eagles0513875oldude67: kde or gnome09:10
oldude67eagles0513875, is that network install like the one debian uses?09:10
Dr_Willisat least i do have grub2 booting a ubuntu iso from a ext3 formated flash drive... still cant get it booting from a vfat formated flash drive.09:11
eagles0513875dunno oldude6709:11
oldude67Dr_Willis, i have karmic set for install on mine, but this old p3 wont boot from flash..:(09:11
eagles0513875going to take me some time as i have about 30 pages of ubuntu how tos to go through to find it09:12
eagles0513875when did booting from flash drives come into effect09:12
Dr_Willisoldude67:  heh. I got a pc that refused to boot from usb properly even tho the bios says.09:12
eagles0513875with p4 or with duel cores09:12
oldude67no my intel celeron 2.4 will boot from flash thats how i loaded the one im on.lol09:12
Dr_Willisoldude67:  whats 'new' about using grub2 is i got it set to boot 'ubuntu.iso' from the flash drive.. so to upgrade to the next iso version. I just have to copy the new iso file over to the flash with the name ubuntu.iso  :)09:13
Dr_Willisoldude67:  no need to rerun unetbootin, or usb-creator or anything09:13
oldude67Dr_Willis, thats cool, save some time.09:13
eagles0513875oldude67:  you might be able to adapt this http://howtoforge.com/ubuntu_pxe_install_server09:13
Dr_Willisoldude67:  yep. i got ubuntu and tinycore linux both working on it.. those are the only 2 disrtos set up right for it that i can find.09:13
eagles0513875let me see what else there is oldude6709:13
rxdwhen will 9.10 karmic be released09:14
eagles0513875rxd: supposed to be on the 29th of thsi month09:15
Dr_WillisI think i will take that week off for vacation. :)09:15
robin0800rxd: oct 29th if ready of course09:15
eagles0513875oldude67: did you see that link09:15
* Dr_Willis makes predictions on what the top 10 questiosn will be in #ubuntu when 9.10 gets released...09:15
oldude67eagles0513875, yeah i did even book marked it for future reference.:D09:16
rxdeagles0513875,robin0800: will have same default filesystem as aufs?09:16
eagles0513875rxd: default will be ext409:16
eagles0513875oldude67: there are other ones thats not the one three is a 2nd way09:16
robin0800rxd:  oct 22nd for rc109:16
eagles0513875i have seen on here oldude6709:16
rxdrobin0800: beta for 9.10 is aufs, i don't understand is aufs be taken out09:17
robin0800rdx what is aufs?09:18
eagles0513875oldude67: lots of interesting stuff on that site09:18
eagles0513875like hwo to setup samba as a domain controller lol09:18
oldude67eagles0513875, heck im still trying to learn how to do ssh and that stuff too..lol09:18
eagles0513875you mean setup an ssh server oldude6709:18
oldude67yeah that too..lmao09:19
Dr_Willisi never have gotten pxe working right. I found a live cd once that auto-set it up so you couldnnet  boot other machines  from a single live cd. :) neat trick..09:19
Dr_Willisbut thats the last i ever got it working09:19
rxdrobin0800: aufs = another unionfs09:19
eagles0513875oldude67: its easy09:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about openssh-server09:20
eagles0513875!info openssh-server09:20
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-6ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 294 kB, installed size 784 kB09:20
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)09:20
eagles0513875oldude67: all you have to do is install openssh-server and you can connect no problem09:20
Dr_Willisssh is the multi-tool of the decade. :)09:20
eagles0513875thats all i have done and it works perfectly out of the box oldude6709:20
oldude67i know thats why i want to learn how to do it.09:20
robin0800rxd: well ext 4 been default during karmic alpha & beta09:21
eagles0513875oldude67: sudo apt-get install openssh-server lol09:22
eagles0513875!info putty09:22
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60+2009-08-22-2 (karmic), package size 318 kB, installed size 792 kB09:22
eagles0513875hehe then you can use putty after that09:22
Dr_Willispoo poo on putty :)09:22
arrrghhhwell this doesn't make sense.  it seems this PC won't boot with either a keyboard or monitor missing.  i tried either, and with the monitor plugged in, keyboard/mouse not it hangs at grub.  with just keyboard/mouse plugged in, i don't know what it does but when i plug the monitor in, it goes into low power as if there's nothing coming out of the vga port... ugh.09:22
Dr_Willistheres a lot of other neat ssh utilities in the package manager also09:22
Dr_Willis!info sshmenu09:22
ubottusshmenu (source: sshmenu): A standalone for connecting to hosts using SSH without GNOME dependencies. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.15-1 (karmic), package size 28 kB, installed size 156 kB09:22
Dr_Willisarrrghhh:  i hjad an old pc with bios settings for 'halt on error' i had to change the settings to allow it to boot with no keyboard plugged in.09:23
Dr_Willis'error keyboard missing: hit any key to continue'09:24
arrrghhhDr_Willis, there's a keyboard detect warning, and you essentially turn it on or off.  i have it off.09:24
eagles0513875hahah Dr_Willis what key did you hit to continue09:24
rxdrobin0800: ah ok maybe when u install karmic on the hd so u get ext4, been using it on a usb so i have aufs09:24
arrrghhhand like i said, no keyboard, it hangs at grub...09:24
Dr_WillisI had to many issues with my headless fileserver.. so i left a mini keyboard and a small lcd hooked up..09:24
arrrghhhyea, i'm thinking i'm goin to have to...09:25
arrrghhhthis is just supposed to be a little music box in the bedroom.  it's stupid, i don't do anything with everything plugged in and it all goes great.  i unplug monitor/keyboard, nothing f-in works.  murphy's law i guess.09:25
arrrghhhi guess i'm glad my headless server wasn't this hard.  that would've been depressing if i had it all set, then just wouldn't work cuz there was no keyboard/monitor plugged in!09:26
oldude67ok now that is installed now what..i just have a screen with the ip of the computer i want to get stuff out of at the top and a blank screen?09:26
Dr_Willisi had issues with fscking after power outages and stuff.. it would ask to hit a key to continue/recover/whatever.. but with no monitor i never saw the messages09:27
bad_oneanybody noticed memory leak in Xorg?09:27
rxdhttp://code.google.com/p/sfs-technology/ <- will sfs be on karmic09:27
bad_onemine eats more than a gig of ram09:27
arrrghhhDr_Willis, yea.  i was hopin to set this thing up so if it reboots or whatever, it would just come back to a functional state.09:27
arrrghhhi'll fiddle with the bios some more.  sigh, i had high hopes for this box :P09:29
oldude67oh well its late and im tired so im going for the night..ya all have a good one...laters09:31
ppqhello. is it possible to use alsa in karmic - without pulseaudio? the gnome-volume-control-applet and the "sound" settings dialogue disappeared after killing and purging pulseaudio. i can't use pulse because then my 5.1 setup doesn't work properly (no LFE / "subwoofer"), no matter which surround config-preset i choose in the mentioned sound settings dialogue. using alsamixer to turn on lfe doesn't work. i don't want to go without the gnome mixer and the gno09:31
ppqme soundsystem because then the vol up/down keys on my remote (XF86Audio* events) doesn't work.09:31
rxdlooks like sfs is the future for every distro, like loading and detaching them on the fly09:31
compaqhello everyone. I'm having some issues with stasks on Kubuntu 9.10 beta. It doesn't display anything, does someone have any idea ?09:32
=== compaq is now known as Diablal
rsklooking Machtin09:38
rskthat's definatly drm'd i belive09:38
micahganyone have their akregator feeds killed with the last update?09:42
EruditeHermithi is anyone on karmic with fglrx?09:46
vega-_does anyone else get  fairly large grey rectangle in the upper left corner when logging in to gnome (with proprietary nvidia drivers) ? it stays there during whole login process09:46
vega-_size almost 1/4 of the screen09:46
lemonadevega: when did it appear? i haven't noticed it yet09:47
lemonadeand what version of drivers are you using09:47
vega-_not sure, maybe few weeks09:47
vega-_i've been upgrading to the latest versions, although have to admit i don't use ubuntu-packaged ones09:47
lemonadei use i'm using 190 from ppa's too, but no glitches09:49
Machtinrsk: :) kay thanks09:49
lemonade-"i use"09:49
gameplayerhello, i've got lot of messages (CPU0: Temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled) during boot sequence, is there anything known about it ?09:49
Machtinrsk: got it :) worked with a tool called makemkv09:53
bullgardI cannot play a youtube video on Firefox 3.5.3. For example http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-1685198260066003210&ei=wtHaSuguk5jYAsbL6. How to find out what package do I need to install additionally?10:04
bullgardppq No good idea to get rid of Pulse audio.10:07
joaopintobullgard, it plains fine here with the regular flash plugin from the repositories10:08
iokaguys is there a problem if i download adpbe flashplugin from adobe page ?10:08
iokaI tried the one from repositories it is not working very well10:09
iokaI do not know what none-free plugin from repositories is, so I did not tried it10:09
bullgardjoaopinto: What is the name of the package in the repositories of the regular adobe flash plugin?10:10
Jordan_Ubullgard: flashplugin-installer10:10
iokayes that was what I tried10:10
iokaI can not control the slider when movies are played10:11
iokaso I got rid of it10:11
iokais the one from adobe page the same as flashplugin-installer?10:11
kbmaniac'listen' media player plays but no audio, any ideas ?10:12
Jordan_Uioka: Yes10:12
iokaand what is none-free then?10:12
iokathe none-free adobe10:12
Jordan_Uioka: It's what flashplugin-install used to be named, it's just a transitional package10:13
Jordan_Uioka: If you install flashplugin-nonfree it just installs flashplugin-installer10:13
iokaso the three are all the same.- none-free=adobe-installer and the one from abobe page10:15
blackest_knight1blackest_knight1: /nick blackest_knight10:16
ElijahCMenifeethe non-free stuff tends to be free as in beer not free as in speech packages10:16
iokawrong architecture I got when i tried to install the package from adobe page10:17
ElijahCMenifee64 bit vs 32?10:17
iokathey only have flash for linux, i can not choose between 64 and 32 bt10:17
iokaI 'll try the one from repolsitories again10:18
Dr_Willisi just get the one that comes with Ubuntu-restricted-extras package10:18
Jordan_Uioka: They have a beta version that is 64 bit native10:18
Dr_Willisyea.. got grub2 to boot a ubuntu iso from a usb vfat formated flash drive.10:18
iokahow can find out if a package in synaptics is from restricted extras?10:19
iokaI wanna try that one10:19
Jordan_Uioka: It is10:19
ElijahCMenifeeDr_Willis, that is cool, you ought to write a mini HowTo for that10:20
Dr_Willisits like 3 lines. :)10:20
bullgardioka: Look at the left-hand pane of Synaptic.10:20
ElijahCMenifeeDr_Willis, ok then a nano-howto ;-p10:20
Dr_Willisfor some odd reason i had to dd, then repartition/format my flash to remove traces of syslinux I guess - that was some how conflcting with grub210:21
Dr_WillisElijahCMenifee:  i followed (redid) the following page http://www.panticz.de/MultiBootUSB10:22
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Do  you know if most liveCDs that support isofrom keep thier kernels in the same place ( like  /syslinux/vmlinuz /syslinux/initrd ) ?10:22
Dr_WillisJordan_U:  from the 2 ive tried that works... theres no standard. :(10:22
=== blackest_knight1 is now known as rty
Dr_WillisJordan_U:  it would be nice if they all got togeher and did the same thing.10:22
=== rty is now known as blackest_knight1
Dr_Willisubuntu seems to keep theirs in  /casper/initrd.lz10:23
Dr_Willisgrml -> /boot/grmlsmall/initrd.gz10:23
Dr_Willistiny core -> /boot/tinycore.gz10:23
Dr_WillisSo theres definatly no 'standard' :(10:23
WellarkNOTE: If some of you are planning to upgrade machines from jaunty to karmic and are using disc crypto you should check this out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+bug/42843510:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428435 in util-linux "luks encrypted partition not detected or mounted automatically" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:24
ElijahCMenifeeROFL, Dr_Willis I gurantee their is a standard, it is to include a kernel SOMEWHERE in the iso....10:24
Dr_WillisElijahCMenifee:  but even the kernel could be named  'ThisIsNotThekernelYouAreLookingFor'10:25
Wellarkand let your friends running crypto know, too10:25
Jordan_UDr_Willis: Do they at least keep their syslinux config file in the same place?10:25
Dr_WillisJordan_U:  grub2 dosent use syslinux :) syslinux.cfg can be in any of like 5 different places also.10:25
Dr_Willis ive had to track down a few issues where a setup i made was using the wrong syslinux.cfg10:26
Dr_Willisi was editing /syslinux.cfg when the thing was using /syslinux/syslinux.cfg in the past.10:26
blackest_knight1Dr_Willis: hi there any idea how to get rid of a ghost i think i'm on two irc servers10:26
Dr_Willisblackest_knight1:  they will time out - unless you got 2 clients open and just minmized10:26
Jordan_Ublackest_knight1: Is your nick registered?10:26
Dr_Willisor use teh ghost commands for nickserv10:27
ubottuIf you own an IRC nick that is currently being used, you can make it change nicks by typing: /msg nickserv release <nick> <password> | If you have a dead (ghost) connection, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv ghost <nick> <password> | further help in #freenode10:27
blackest_knight1Jordan_U:   my blackest_knight nick is registered this version blackest_knight1 isnt10:27
=== blackest_knight1 is now known as blackest_knight
bullgardI installed flashplugin-installer, restarted Firefox 3.5.3. Now Firefox plays the video. --  Thank you for your help.10:31
blackest_knightdone it10:31
iokaevery time I boot up the network manager icon in notification area is messed up.I can not use it.I have to restart the notification area (remove and then geit it back) in order to able to use network manager.This happens after I added lines in rc.local file.Can I use different approach to permantly change my MAC so I do not need to do it manuallly every time?10:31
hetaumaany1 having problems installind addons onto firefox? (from the addons window within firefox) I select the addon I want to install and then it's connecting..... for ages10:32
Jordan_Uioka: You can set your mac address in System > Preferences > Network10:32
iokaand is there a way to get rid of the popup messages from from network manager.I know when netwrok is down or not :)10:33
joaopintowhy would you need to set a MAC address ?10:35
blackest_knightshould a diary app be a flat file or a database ?10:35
Dr_Willisjoaopinto:  i asked that the othe day also.. i dont recall gettting an answer then :)10:35
vega-_joaopinto: some cheap nic's recycle mac addresses, which can lead to same mac address in a network -> problems10:36
vega-_that's one reason i've had to resort to changing the mac10:36
vega-_or use mac addresses of other manufacturers10:37
blackest_knightvega-_:  you have had that problem ? or has someone cloned it :/10:37
ElijahCMenifeealso some macs are software based drivers only no hardware(virtualization...)10:37
* Dr_Willis wants a Big Mac.10:37
vega-_blackest_knight: that's atleast what my ISP told me, that my MAC was clashing with somebody else's, everything work ok after i changed the mac10:38
blackest_knightDr_Willis: those things will kill you10:38
Dr_Willisblackest_knight:  :) but what a way to go.10:38
iokayes I need to clone a mac.And in system>preferences>network i do not see how to change mac.there is no such option.maybe I need to install a package10:39
blackest_knightDr_Willis: flat on your back in the back of an ambulance sirens blaring isn't a great way to go10:39
ElijahCMenifee48bit was just not large enough....ioka you need to clone for software licenseing?10:39
Dr_Willisioka:  i see a settings for MAC address here.10:39
iokait does not really mater why10:39
Dr_Willisunder the 'wired tab'10:39
blackest_knightDr_Willis: I had a heart attack in july and its grease thats the killer10:40
Dr_Willisblackest_knight:  i bet its the long hours on IRC thats the real killer. :)10:40
Dr_Willisand the stress from running Beta disrtos...10:40
blackest_knightDr_Willis:  your oing to die before me then :p10:41
* Dr_Willis goes back to Bocca Veggie Burgers10:41
iokathere is no wired tab.what package do u use.in default there is no system>preferences>network .I had to installed in from sysnaptics10:41
blackest_knightbeta running isnt bad its the poor erm people who have to fix the f..problems when they break X yet again10:42
Dr_WillisI just went to system -> Preferances -> network connections.. Clicked on 'Auto Eth1' then 'edit' and its on a tab therer10:42
blackest_knightor push pulse10:42
NinjaPlimsollshi willis10:43
Dr_Willissame way to get to it -> right cliock on the network-manager icon, edit connections10:43
Dr_WillisHiddly Ho NinjaPlimsolls10:44
ElijahCMenifeeso far I am happy with pulse, cant wait till we get out of beta so we can get this version of pulse at the office, current version at work is totally borked10:44
Dr_WillisI finally got rid of the sound popping due to card going to sleep  issue on this box.10:44
blackest_knightElijahCMenifee:  have you a second audio device because that seems to cause problems (actually i think i'm out of date)10:45
ElijahCMenifeeDr_Willis, you realize that Bocca (depending on exact patty type) still has dairy and/or egg binders?10:45
iokamy mistake.I'm looking system>administration.network. I found the one you are talking about.I thought that that field is to connect always to the device with a specified mac.At least this is what the help massage says.I'll try it .10:45
ElijahCMenifeeblackest_knight, no at work we just have on board nvidia A97 but we have finally got fed up enough to not wait for the next LTS for our workstations10:46
blackest_knightThere was a place in my old town that did great vegeburgers until one day someone asked what they cooked in - beef fat10:47
ElijahCMenifeeROFL blackest_knight10:47
bazhanghsarci, what is the issue with amarok in karmic10:47
blackest_knightElijahCMenifee:  I have 2 tv cards and that caused server failure retry cycling and 100% CPU use10:48
hsarcibazhang, when launching amorak it starts two other process, one called "kde glocal shortcut server" and one called "kde http cache something"10:49
hsarcibazhang, both processes stall for about a minute, then amarok is usable10:49
ElijahCMenifeealso this karmic seems to be first version with decent alsa for my sb-xifi at home, I have been maintaining OSS with ESD just to get sound10:49
bazhanghsarci, and have you checked in preferences to disable unnecessary items10:50
ElijahCMenifeeblackest_knight, ouch guess not all the bugs with pulse audio are worked out yet, but it has defentaly gotten better10:50
blackest_knightis release going to be this month or is it going to be delayed ?10:50
hsarcibazhang, in amaorok preferences?10:50
bazhangblackest_knight, this month, if all goes well10:51
blackest_knightcan amorok cope with playing files on a network share yet ?10:51
ElijahCMenifeeblackest_knight, do not know, in a way I hope it will get released but have them delay LTS the 6.06 was very stable the 8.04 was rushed I am hopping for a 10.06...10:51
blackest_knightis there a good place for suggestions mobile networking is not very obvious as to how to connect10:56
hsarcibazhang, it also does other weird things, for example. I just quit amorak then restarted it...uppon restarting it a process called "knotify" opened and stall for about 20 seconds then dissapeared from the taskbar. But amorak is unasable now, the icon is present in the tray but it does nothing.10:57
blackest_knighti never noticed till my ex rang me early one morning asking how to get online10:57
xgurublackest_knight: wireless should be easy with the network manager applet10:59
xguruwhat is your problem exactly?10:59
blackest_knightwell for me its easy enough right click the network icon and select the provider , but for some one coming from a windows background its a bit too subtle , a menu item under internet perhaps would make more sense like the thevodaphone mobile connect, also how do you start it when x isnt working ?11:02
tgpraveen!info banshee11:02
ubottubanshee (source: banshee): Media Management and Playback application. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1~git2260a87-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 2529 kB, installed size 8976 kB11:02
xgurublackest_knight: from command line it is considerably more difficult11:04
robin0800blackest_knight: I prefer kppp but it still needs setting up and won't connect until x is up11:04
xgurublackest_knight: here is a good how to....  it kinda assumes you have some command line knowledge..   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118811:05
iokathe network icon is messed up again.Probably it is a bug and the changings in rc.local file does not matter.You can not change mac in system>preferences>network.The mac address field is to connect to the device not to change your own mac.So the help message is true.11:05
blackest_knightxguru:  i know I have karmic on a system with the modem the eth0 is forwarding to the wan port of a router which feeds the rest of my lan, x breaks on a kernel upgrade and i'm in trouble.11:06
hsarcibazhang, exiting and restarting amarok makes the program unusable11:06
robin0800hsarci: its working here!11:07
blackest_knightxguru: luckily my netbook can fill in that role with a spare ethernet cable11:08
hsarcirobin0800, your on karmic with gnome?11:08
robin0800hsarci: yes11:08
* Dr_Willis installs amarok to test11:08
xgurublackest_knight: did you look at that site?  seemed helpful11:08
bazhanghsarci, and the icon is still in the panel?11:08
hsarcibazhang, yeah, cpu at 100% for he process too11:09
gorthaugHi, I've a Sound Blaster 16 sound card, in Ubuntu 9.04 it's works perfectly, but in this beta i've no input sound, what happend? the sound card still working, tested in Ubuntu 9.04 livecd and windows xp... What can i configure to have my input sound back?11:09
hsarciif i forcekill then repoen, it works fine11:09
bazhanghsarci, what does clicking on the icon bring up either right or left click11:09
hsarcibut it always launches other processes "knotify, kglobal shortcut server"11:09
hsarcibazhang, no, icon doesnt do anything..thats why i said it doesnt work11:10
bazhanghsarci, amarok will go to tray and still be active; do you have more than one process running? open top in terminal and take a look (open terminal and type top)11:11
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading11:11
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.11:11
robin0800hsarci: that probably means it crashed........on first run did it ask for kde password11:11
blackest_knightxguru:  is helpful for wifi but not seen anything for ppp i guess wvdial would do it thou11:11
hsarcibazhang, *sigh* i know how tray works....it goes into tray and crashes, then i have to force kill it. then i reopen it and it works. then if i close it and try to reopen, it goes back to tray and crashes11:12
bazhanghsarci, why the sigh11:12
robin0800blackest_knight: gnome-ppp or kppp11:12
ElijahCMenifee!iscsi boot11:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iscsi boot11:12
gorthauganybody can help me with my input sound?11:12
hsarcirobin0800, kwallet manager appeared first time and asked for pass, i chose to no use kwallet and pressed "finish"11:12
xguruyea, kppp is always good11:12
hsarcibazhang, becaue its not a problem related to something as silly as me not right clicking on a tray icon or opening multiple instances11:13
robin0800hsarci: what version do you have?11:13
bazhanghsarci, sounds like a bug11:13
robin0800hsarci: amarok version?11:14
hsarcirobin0800, whatever verion is in the repos11:14
bazhanghsarci, running beta software can be frustrating, but people are trying to help you.11:14
* Dr_Willis tries to make amarok crash...11:14
hsarcishould i "apt-get remove kde*" then try "apt-get install armarok"?11:15
Dr_Williscool. its showing all the wiki pages for my anime music  :)11:15
Armageddonhow do I upgrade from a CD ?11:15
bazhanghsarci, you stated previously you had completely removed kde11:15
hsarcibazhang, correct11:15
bazhangArmageddon, from jaunty? use the alternate cd11:15
robin0800Dr_Willis: try clicking on an album picture in the playlist one its not found11:15
Armageddoncan't I use the original CD ?11:16
hsarcibazhang, but when armok installs it installs tons of kde packages with it11:16
Armageddonthe beta one ?11:16
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal11:16
bazhangArmageddon, the livecd? no11:16
blackest_knightDr_Willis: try playing audio from a networked location :)11:16
ArmageddonI need to download 700MB11:16
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:16
Dr_Williswell the cd is 700mb.. then theres proberly another 300+mb in updates after the cd was released.11:20
Dr_Willisbut he missed that. :)11:21
MrcredsAlexMaybe he just doesn't install updates?11:22
gorthaugI've a Sound Blaster 16 sound card, in Ubuntu 9.04 it's works perfectly, but in this beta i've no input sound, what happend? the sound card still working, tested in Ubuntu 9.04 livecd and windows xp... What can i configure to have my input sound back?11:22
hsarci*sigh* im gonna do a fresh install and start from ubnutu instead of kubuntu11:22
mortalsb16, that is ancient11:22
mortalmy first computer had one11:23
gorthaugyes, but still working11:23
mortaland a friend had a crappy clone which buzzed lol11:23
ElijahCMenifeemortal, not that ancient my first computer had a tv-speaker11:24
gorthaugwell i've output sound, the problem it's that i don't have input...11:25
ElijahCMenifeegoodnight people11:27
htrejhhello all, how can i e11:28
htrejhhow can i remove pulseaudio and revert to alsa on karmic?11:28
htrejhi removed all pulseaudio* packages, but the sound configurator doesn't work anymore11:28
capiirahi hi anyone have am idea how to get a broadcom wireless nic to work since there exist no more linux-restricted-modules package?11:31
bazhang!find linux-restricted-modules11:31
ubottuPackage/file linux-restricted-modules does not exist in karmic11:31
capiirai saw that there is that bcmwl-kernel-source11:32
capiirabut requires dkms that is not on the beta live cd11:32
bazhangright that is it, plus one other11:32
bazhangone other 'wl'11:33
capiiramodaliases or so11:33
bazhang!find bcmwl11:33
ubottuFound: bcmwl-modaliases, bcmwl-kernel-source11:33
capiirayeah but dependence is dkms11:33
htrejhany idea how i can get the old sound configurator? or manually set everything back to alsa?11:33
capiiraand my nic does not work to :/11:34
capiirai'm jailed in ubuntu11:34
capiiraold sound configurator ?11:34
capiiranew one is caleld pulse audio11:35
htrejhyea, but the gui, i want to set all back to ALSA!11:35
bazhangI saw dt chen recommend doing a sneakernet of packages via usb, then compiling; easiest would be to use ethernet to install them though11:35
capiirahmmm dunno htrejh11:37
capiiramaybe over gconf-editor11:37
ioka_is there a way to write a script to restart automatically notification area where network manager icon is?11:39
ioka_on every boot11:39
capiirahtrejh, what up with asoundconf-gtk ?11:40
capiiratry that11:40
capiiraApplet to select the default ALSA sound card11:41
capiirabrowse the package manager for alsa or so11:41
capiirawill have to dl all the dependancies of dkms and install it from usb stic11:43
zer0xIs anyone here getting the EDAC/ECC error with the new 2.6.31-14-generic or 31-9-rt kernels?11:45
invitingdopemanwhen is ubuntu 9.10 coming out11:45
zer0xinvitingdopeman: oct 29 :D11:45
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:45
capiirakarmic works nice as long everything you need is on live cd :D11:45
invitingdopemanawesome when we update will we lose all are original stuff or will it all stay the same like peronal info programs ect.11:46
bazhanginvitingdopeman, via apt-get?11:46
capiirawhats original stuff ?11:46
invitingdopemanlike will it be a frsh install or will it just update11:47
capiiraif you update then it will be a update11:47
invitingdopemanlol duh11:47
bad_oneanybody noticed memory leak in Xorg?11:48
bazhangversion upgrade ie not fresh install will keep all settings11:48
bad_onemine eats more than a gig of ram11:48
capiirayour settings is inside your  home11:48
bazhangif you have a separate home partition then a fresh install will leave them alone11:48
zer0xanyone getting this, and apport reporting request..11:48
zer0xEDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded.11:48
capiirai dont think there is an applciation that changed so much that requires new config files11:48
invitingdopemani was just wondering like will it erase my original OS and be completley new11:48
capiirawill not be dual boot!11:49
bazhanginvitingdopeman, no, unless you wipe the old one11:49
invitingdopemanright on thanks11:49
capiirayeah i will probably have to install 9.04 then update to 9.10 on my netbook11:50
capiirathere is no easy way to install dkms without network11:51
bazhangcapiira, install jaunty via unetbootin?11:51
capiiraor do anybody know a apt-get command to just download with all dependancies ?11:51
capiirajaunty works fine11:51
bad_oneman apt-get11:52
Dr_WillisHmm.. what was the name of that tool that let you run several pc;s with a single keybaord/mouse. I never can spellit right.11:52
Dr_WillisSyngery syengery?11:52
Dr_Willisthats almost the same name as the Local electric company :)11:53
Dr_Willistheres even a gui for it in 9.10 - cool.11:53
invitingdopemanhas anyone download the beta 9........1011:54
invitingdopemanhas anyone downloaded the beta for 9.1011:55
newbieHello. Since an update yesterday evening, I can't log  in.  I try to log in with a new user, but without result.11:55
newbieWhat should Ido?11:55
Dr_Willisinvitingdopeman:  the beta has been out for some time now.. so yes. most of us have downloaded it.11:55
ioka_where do u try to login?11:55
ioka_in your pc?11:55
invitingdopemanwhats new with it11:55
mac_vtgpraveen: ping!11:56
Dr_Willisinvitingdopeman:  everything..11:56
ioka_it has some nast popup from the network manager that can not be turned off11:56
tgpraveenmac_v: pong11:56
zer0xAnyone here running x86_64???11:56
mac_vtgpraveen: are you working on a patch for the notify-osd? to not inhibit the notifications?11:56
newbieI can just log in on root when I start in failsafe mode and type: startx. But gdm or kdm failse: the session last 1/2 s, showing only a black screen11:57
tgpraveenmac_v: sadly no my programming skills are not at all up to the mark11:57
tgpraveenfor any real programming11:57
tgpraveenare you going to do it? it won't be in karmic anyways11:57
invitingdopemanhow do i use beta9.10 without overriding my existing 9.0411:58
mac_vtgpraveen: why wont it be in karmic?11:58
bazhanginvitingdopeman, I just explained that to you11:58
tgpraveena. mark, and some more members from design team were against it.11:58
newbieI have an error message like this: unable to find /var/lib/gdm/.ICEauthority, but this file exists and is writtable. There is also a problem with gconf211:59
tgpraveenb. too late for this change11:59
zer0xsurely someone here is on the latest 64-bit kernel?? xD11:59
tgpraveenmac_v: I expect in lucid there will be a DND mode. and it will get sorted out11:59
mac_vtgpraveen: who other than mark? it is just him11:59
tgpraveentill then ...11:59
Dr_Willisinvitingdopeman:  safest way . test it in virtualbox11:59
Dr_Williszer0x:  given that i just updated about an hr+ ago.. i proberly am.12:00
invitingdopemanhow od i get virtuil box please?12:00
tgpraveenwell nobody else seemed to be in against the change12:00
tgpraveenor for it12:00
Dr_Willis!virtualbox | invitingdopeman12:00
ubottuinvitingdopeman: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox12:00
mac_vtgpraveen: they dont speak because he owns their ass ;p12:00
bazhanginvitingdopeman, install from the repos via synaptic package manager12:00
tgpraveenmac_v: ya true12:00
invitingdopemanok thanks so very much12:00
tgpraveenmac_v: have you had a chat with mpt or anybody else from design team12:00
zer0xDr_Willis: ah :D 64-bit yes? do you have a warning about EDAC / ECC in your /var/log/messages ?12:00
mac_vtgpraveen: yeah , all said it was mark ;) hence they dont know what to do12:01
tgpraveenmac_v: yeah I guess so don't waste ur time. wait for lucid. that time the correct solution will be done hopefully12:02
zer0xDr_Willis: and are you getting a kernel oops crash report every now and again? :D12:02
xguruis there an easy way to start ubuntu without x?  like just have it boot to the tty screen and login there, then if i want startx?12:02
Dr_Williszer0x:  theres a known bug about that and it seems to have somthing to do with the nvidia drivers.12:02
zer0xDr_Willis: I am getting it with the latest fglrx, I think its BIOS related...12:03
Dr_Willisive not been paying much attention to it zer0x  i looked it up..  the threads i read said its bein gworked on.. and thats about all i know12:03
zer0xDr_Willis: ah cheers, do you actually get the error yourself? if so what motherboard do you have?12:04
Dr_Williswillis@cow:~$ dmesg | grep ecc12:06
Dr_Willis[    7.677991]     Either Enable ECC in the BIOS, or use the 'ecc_enable_override' parameter.12:06
newbieioka_: Yes I am trying to log on my PC12:06
Dr_Willisthis is a gateway gt5482e - No idea what MB it has.12:06
newbiefrom my PC12:06
zer0xDr_Willis: ah, so you get the apport crash alert?12:07
Dr_WillisI get dozens of those things a day12:08
ioka_newbie : I'm a too noob to be able to help you resolve  that.sorry12:09
newbieioka_: ok :(12:10
ioka_the pc does not recognize your password?12:10
Dr_WillisYou some how frogot your password?12:11
ioka_what exactly is your problem12:11
ioka_maybe the os resets it or something.It happens in windows12:11
Dr_Willisthat dosetn just 'happen' in linux...12:12
mobi-sheep!lnw :)12:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lnw :)12:12
ubottuWant to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm12:12
ioka_in software sources I see installable from cd-rom  cdrom ubuntu 9.10  officially supported restricted copyright.What is this?12:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about loggin12:13
mobi-sheepIf you miss the viruses in Windows, I'm sorry! We can't provide you viruses in linux! :(12:13
ioka_I think there is a software that can resets linux password if it not too complicated.search for that12:14
zer0xDr_Willis: dozens a day!? :D I must be lucky this is the first one I've had since beta :D12:14
mobi-sheepioka_: You can use CD as your source/repo.  Useful for machines without network or have limited networking bandwidth.12:14
Dr_Williszer0x:  i get a few of those 'your kenrel has done somthing bad.. (thats from the ecc thing im guessing) and then the devkit- incontroll of usb/media is constantly crashing also12:15
ioka_10x a lot.I thought it was somethign else :) as usual12:15
HukkaGrub: "error: file not found\n Failed to boot default entries"12:15
HukkaTrying Karmic, didn't install any custom kernels or anything, just rebooted12:15
HukkaIs there a way to get to the normal grub menu in Karmic? Now it just tries to autoboot something and fails miserably12:15
ioka_where can i find repositories to add.see other software tab12:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wait12:16
TallkenHukka: try holding SHIFT12:16
joaopinto!ppa | ioka_12:16
ubottuioka_: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.12:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:16
HukkaTallken: That works, thank you12:17
newbieMy bug is known but has a low priority: I can't use my OS but it's a low priority: bullshit!! bug #43249212:17
HukkaHm, selecting a kernel there works12:17
zer0xDr_Willis: ah, well cheers for the info! I'm just really hoping this isn't specific to GIGABYTE motherboards.. I'm getting the impression it might be :/12:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432492 in gdm "GDM fails to authenticate pre-existent users." [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43249212:17
HukkaSo now the question is what happened to grub settings and why12:17
Tallken!grub2 | Hukka12:18
ubottuHukka: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:18
zer0xanyhow, the machine is still running fine :D Back to ET:QW!!12:18
timberi'm having a problem and i don't know why it's happening...when i go in some folders that contains .avi files, they doesn't appear, the mouse pointer stays reloading and no file is shown....did you see that?12:18
HukkaTallken: Yes, I know that it's grub2...12:18
TallkenHukka: probably the page won't help ya, but you never know. I found out some useful info there to a friend who did an upgrade12:18
penguin42timber: I haven't got that, but my guess would be there's a problem with what ever makes the thumbnails12:18
TallkenHukka: it's just the generic response :p12:19
HukkaTallken: I doubt it's a problem in grub itself anyway12:19
TallkenHukka: ok, good luck then :)12:19
HukkaSome other package must have meddled with the configuration and landed on it's face12:19
HukkaI doubt it's easy to find out which one, but should be worth it12:19
bullgardhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2: "Some of the GRUB 2 scheduled improvements include: * a graphical interface, including theming;"  --  What is 'theming'?12:19
HukkaHaving the computer become unbootable on a software update would be pretty major, if it happened on a release version12:20
timberpenguin42: and is there a solution or a way to confirm is that the problem?12:20
GabbieHi guys, I've got 9.10 server 64 running on a vm, i selected to encrypt my home directory during the instalation, does this mean I can't export a sub dir of my home dir through nfs?12:20
penguin42timber: Not sure really, It's just a guess on my part - I think there is something somewhere to turn off thumbnails12:20
ioka_I tried to reinstall privoxy, because there is a bug in it.That's why it does not wanna start at boot up.Some says reinstallation helps sometimes.It did not download it.just installs is again.Does ubuntu keeps every package it downloads from repolsitories?12:21
GabbieOr is it an ext4 thing instead?12:22
timberpenguin42: should i report a bug?12:22
Gabbieioka_, it does yes12:22
penguin42timber: Yes; if the thing doesn't display your files it's a bug!12:23
ioka_how can I delete them?i do not want that.It is waste of space12:23
Dr_Willis!apt | ioka_12:23
ubottuioka_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)12:23
legend2440ioka_: sudo apt-get clean12:23
Dr_Willisioka_:  the cache gets cleaned after a while. its not worth worrying about12:23
mobi-sheepioka_: The packages are stored temporarily. You probably don't have lot of packages.12:23
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto12:26
timberpenguin42: ok...i'm reporting12:26
ioka_where is the cache directory of downloaded packages?12:28
penguin42ioka_: /var/cache/apt/archives from memory12:28
ioka_what is the equivalent to task manager for windows in ubuntu?12:33
Dr_WillisHmm,, QuickSynergy  needs work...12:33
penguin42ioka_: system->administration->system monitor12:34
ioka_I have so many processes .And they eat my memory.12:36
penguin42ioka_: A bit but don't worry about having a lot of processes12:36
ioka_I do nto have a lot ot ram.So I'm kind of worried12:37
penguin42ioka_: As long as you have swap it'll be OK but maybe slow; do things like using the simplest theme, keep desktop effects off, and like that - if you're really short on memory you might want to try xubuntu12:38
ioka_how to prevent some processes from start.i just killed update notifier.I do not need that since I'm manually updating regularly12:39
GabbieHey guys, how can I change home dirs from being encrypted to not?12:39
penguin42ioka_: system->preferences->startup applications12:39
ioka_xubuntu does not have a keyboard layout switcher or maybe it was different layouts someting like that.i tried it once12:40
penguin42ioka_: I'd be surprised if there wasn't a way to do that in xubuntu12:42
ioka_at least not a easy way.I thinkg12:43
ioka_if the process is sleeping than it still uses memory, right?12:43
penguin42ioka_: Yeh, but if it's sleeping for a long time it'll have got swapped out to disc so it's not really a big problem as you have plenty of swap12:44
Dr_WillisThis is linux.. dont worry about the little stuff. :)12:44
Dr_Willisspend the time learning bash, or python.. or how to use gimp12:45
ioka_yes this would be wise.However i'm worried that there are so many commands that it will take years to learn them all so i can use bash scripting freely12:46
penguin42hmm time for breakfast12:46
Dr_WillisWith that attitude you will never learn any of them12:46
penguin42ioka_: Learn a bit at a time, no one really knows everything; just write some small scripts from time to time12:47
Dr_Willis90% of all the stuff i do is with about 10 commands.12:47
ioka_anyone knows the commands that can kill and then restart notification area?12:47
icerootkarmic still supporting ext2?12:49
Dr_Willisiceroot:  of course.12:49
icerootDr_Willis: thx12:49
Dr_Williswhy wouldent it? :)12:49
icerootDr_Willis: because there are ext3+412:50
Dr_Willisext2 is backwards compat with ext3..12:50
Dr_Willisso the differances tween the 2 are just a journal i belive12:50
Dr_Willisand ext2 has been  a standard for years.. so  i doubt if they will remove it this centuary12:50
icerootDr_Willis: sounds good, thank you12:50
Dr_Willisext4 and ext3 are also sorta of backwars/forwards compatiable.12:51
icerootDr_Willis: i am running with with ext2 on ssd, so i dont need/want an (risky) upgrade to ext3 or 412:52
icerootrunning fine12:52
Dr_Willisit wont force a upgrade of your filesystems12:52
icerootDr_Willis: yes, i was just thinkg if karmic doesnt support ext2, its maybe upgrading it12:52
Dr_Willisit would never force you to change filesystems.12:52
Dr_Williswe still have support for MINIX in the os. :)12:53
ikus060I post my problem yesterday, but know one reply. Since the last upgrade, I've been experiencing problem to display characters. See for you self : http://imagebin.ca/view/3sExIBK.html12:53
iceroothehe ok12:53
Dr_Willistry 'cat /proc/filesystems' to see what your kernel has supported. :)12:53
ikus060Do any one have similar problem ??12:53
Dr_Willisof course it only shows loaded modules. :)12:53
icerootDr_Willis: its also grub/lilo which must support a file-system? or only the kernel?12:54
Dr_Willisiceroot:  grub  has tobe able to read the FS its geting the boot files from. yes.12:54
Dr_Willisgrub2 has a much expanded system for doing that.12:54
N1ckRInteresting, I've just done back to back boot testing of XFS V EXT4 and in Jaunty XFS was 1s quicker and now in Karmic EXT4 is faster12:55
Dr_Willis1 sec faster? :)12:55
Dr_Willisor 2?12:55
icerootDr_Willis: i will have a look at grub"2". maybe there are nice things like pxe-booting with grub-menu12:55
Dr_Willisiceroot:  i got grub2 booting an iso file now from a flash drive. :)12:55
N1ckR19s to GDM for EXT4, 21s for XFS. Tried all sorts of tweakage for XFS as well.12:56
* Twigathy installed a new copy of Karmic using the mini.iso to a 16GB CompactFlash! :)12:56
TwigathyNo swap though ;)12:56
Dr_WillisTwigathy:  make a swap file12:56
icerootDr_Willis: iso-booting sounds nice12:56
Dr_Willisand put it in a ramdisk :)12:56
TwigathyI have 4GB RAM and have never hit a problem... :>12:56
N1ckRI've got a 45mb/s CF card, but can't find a fast enough adaptor :(12:57
TwigathyWhy make a ramfs swapfile? Why not just keep everything in RAM?12:57
Dr_Willisbecause you can! :)12:57
Twigathysilly :)12:57
ioka_I found that .deb package can be build with dkpg and with checkinstall.Which one is better to use?12:57
N1ckRI'd put your file system journal on CF card as well :12:57
Dr_Willischeckinstall is a 'dirty' way to make them i recall...12:58
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!12:58
joaopintoioka_, learn proper packaging12:58
joaopintoioka_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete12:59
icerootdpkg-buildpackage + dh_make with debhelper is running fine :)12:59
gorthaugi've a problem with my soud card, i don't have input sound... anybody can help me?13:03
Dr_Willisplay with the mixer and ports is what i did for about 20 min one day till i got it recording..  other then that.. no clue gorthaug13:10
Dr_Willisyou might want to try messing with pavucontrol also13:11
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: dont get me started on audio13:17
wirechief /j #alsa13:20
shawn_Does Empathy not support Client > Phone texting?13:21
GnimshHey everyone13:27
Gabbieis 9.10 gonna be lts?13:27
Gnimshso I have to switch out my laptop hard drive, the new one's all partitioned and ready to go but I think I should wait til the official release date instead of the beta. Opinions?13:27
Gnimsh10.04 will be13:27
shawn_Yeah what gnimsh said13:28
shawn_10.04 seems like its going to be really good though.  karmic is looking like a good step towards it13:28
Gnimshbackground: 9.10 liveCD told me my hdd is failing via Palimpsest, a real pisser13:28
arandioka_: I think checkinstall is the quickest, using the packaging tools would be the "proper" way to do it, and you'd also be able to publish the package in a ppa, or even getting it into ubuntu if done proper...13:29
filgyGnimsh: so you have nothing installed on your laptop right now?13:29
Dr_WillisGnimsh:  the palimsest tool is a little .... over protective i belive..13:30
Dr_WillisGnimsh:  but backups are always a good idea13:30
Gnimshnow I have 9.0413:30
GnimshIt said there are lots of bad sectors on the drive13:30
Gnimshits 2 years old so I'd believe it...but the current boot checker has never told me it found any errors13:30
Gnimshit just runs and then boots13:30
Dr_Willisyea. but is that really a good indicator of a drive going bad.. or not is the question.13:30
filgysectors can be marked as bad then ignored and the drive will still work okay13:31
Dr_Willisi ran the segate tools on my drive and yes. it has bad sectors.. but the # has not been increaseing.13:31
arandHave they still not turned it's reporting level down? I seem to recall it not complaining any more recently...13:31
Gnimshfrom what I've read about bad sectors, the drive will still work but it will continue to degrade13:31
Dr_Willisit may or may not continue.  kepe an eye on the # of sectors.. and if you are worried about it.. do backups13:31
filgyGnimsh: it depends really13:31
shawn_Is there any way to move the notifier panel thing right now its like 1/4 down my screen13:31
Dr_Willismy 'flakey' drive is just storage for my video backups. so even if it dies. no big loss.13:31
Gnimshbackups are already in place13:32
Dr_Willisand if it dies..it has 4+ yrs left on the warrenty :)13:32
GnimshI find out about this 2 weeks ago, 3 now I guess13:32
arandFixing the bad sector sing the vendor tools semm to imply that I have to reformat the whole disk... bleh, that's a project for some other time...13:32
GnimshI don't reformat. That's what my partitions are for!13:32
Dr_Willisarand:  i dident with the seagate tools. but it proberly depends on where the data is at and otehr problems13:33
Dr_Willisi also saw the bad sectors were near the front.. so i made a little partition near the start of the drive that included them all.13:33
Dr_Willisand thats just  space for junk. :)13:33
GnimshI don't even know how to tell where they are13:33
Dr_Williswallpaper collection.13:33
Dr_Willisi bet that palimiset saying drives is bad.. will be a  Top 10 question when this gets released13:34
Dr_Williseveryone will be saying 'Ubuntu made my drives go bad'13:34
arandHmm, I was wondeing... a dd copy -- reformat -- dd back might cause problems if the sector is relocated in between (geometry/mbr disparity?)13:34
Gnimshwell isn't it just reporting the SMART stats?13:35
Dr_WillisGnimsh:  yes. its just reporting smart stats.13:35
Dr_Willisand from what ive read.. smart is not that great a tool to rely on.13:35
arandYea, that's what I've always been thinking, palimpsest is spreading FUD, in it's most pure form.13:35
Dr_Willisassume your hds are always going bad.. and WILL die.. and have backups.13:35
Dr_Willisand backup your backups13:35
Dr_Willis the hd's ive had die.. all were working fine one min.. then cluck-clack-CLUNK...  dead :()13:36
Dr_Williswarrenties are handy :) got me a new 500gb hd that way13:36
jim_from_paHi, formatted my drive, installed Win7 first, then Ubuntu, grub won't show up13:37
GnimshI bought a refurb seagate 500 GB hdd from woot and it died like a month before the 6 month warranty expired13:37
GnimshRMAed that sucker for a new one13:37
arandThat reminds me, I kinda need to pick up on regular backups again... I've been slacking...13:38
shawn_So nobody knows about moving the notification area?13:40
hsarciwhats the easiest way to install wine 1.1.31 on karmic?13:40
wirechiefjim_from_pa: probably you can recover with a reinstall of grub using your livecd but follow the cautions on the topic.13:40
wirechiefone user re-installed grub and it worked fine.13:41
jim_from_paI saw that post,but kept saying I don't have permission,used sudo & root13:41
jim_from_pacan try it again13:42
wirechiefwhile using a livecd of it ?13:42
ioka_I'm trying to install vidalia and and synaptics is at preconfiguring packages since 20 min.Should I kill it in system monitor?13:42
jim_from_paI did another PC and it was fine, think I need to keep partitions open and install each to a separate on, now Win7 is controlling it all13:43
jim_from_pasorry one13:43
wirechiefjim_from_pa: i think one of the grub files are read only and needs to be changed before you can make changes13:43
wirechiefi would try to read up on everything i can that is grub. you might also try asking in #grub13:44
Dr_Willisyou should RARELY need to change /boot/grub/grub.cfg13:44
wirechiefhe installed win7 though13:45
Dr_Willisedit the /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/ files then rerun update-grub. :)13:45
wirechiefthat would wipe out grub im afraid.13:45
Dr_Willisboot live cd.. chroot to the system  try rerunning grub13:45
Dr_Willishe installed windoes befor  linux he said.13:45
Dr_Willis'update-grub' might see/add the windows 7 drive13:45
wirechiefok your right.13:46
hsarciwhats the package to install for mp3 playback?13:46
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:47
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frybyehi-what do i need to do to upgrade from jaunty netbook remix to karmic beta netbook remix?14:04
frybyelag on  netsplit or just no answers??14:07
frybyee e e or netsplit?14:07
bazhangfrybye, I would imagine the same as a regular system version upgrade14:07
frybyeeh - it won't land me with a plain vanilla karmic??14:08
naresh_frybye: tried /usr/bin/do-release-upgrade -d ?14:08
bazhangfrybye, to my knowledge it wont, unless you installed the ubuntu-desktop package14:09
frybyenaresh - will give it a try..fingers crossed.. ;)14:10
g0f__Men.. When i update my ubuntu in the new version ( 9.10 ) will the system stay the way it was , or i have to install all the programs again ?14:15
rskg0f__: all programs will stay, if there is any removals it will say so, and what program replaces it.14:16
rskg0f__: for example a newer kernel.14:16
g0f__thanks for the informations rsk..14:16
hipitihopI have an ion dual core with sata HDD, how can I tell what is causesing constant hdd io as the hdd led constantly flashes14:29
shawn_Is there anyway to change the login splash screen image... It looks terrible on my computer.14:29
Hukkahipitihop: iotop14:31
amgarchIn9hipitihop: use "top", those processes marked with "D" are "D"isk-hungry.14:32
Strogg_is empathy broken in last updates ? MSN accounts seems to not connect14:35
shawn_Mine works14:35
Strogg_ok, i ll try tro delete and redo it14:35
Strogg_do you know where is the .epathy folder in homedir ?14:39
rupertgMultiple apps failing on Karmic here - Empathy with "Error re-scanning registry, child terminated by signal", vlc with Bus error, (core dumped)14:40
rupertgreasonably clean install, only added Chrome, Air, Flash, Tweetdeck, vlc and xchat14:41
rupertgcan find refs to similar probs mentioning gstreamer as culprit, but got no further14:41
rupertgany clues, anyone?14:41
shawn_What is Ubuntu One14:42
hylmanis this the place for moblin remix as well?14:43
shawn_hylman Is that Karmic?14:43
ArelisIs Karmic safe to install yet? I want the new Intel drivers.14:43
shawn_Arelis Its pretty stable for me.  I havnt had any problems.14:43
hylmani tried karmic moblin remix, but it's really buggy...14:43
rupertgUbuntu One is an online storage and sync service14:44
hylmandefinitely not as stable as moblin v2.0 original14:44
Dr_Willisits really weird - i come back.. the screen saver is on.. i move mouse. it vanishes then fades to black again.. then comes back14:44
Dr_Willislike i got 2 screensavers going14:44
rupertgIt's been a bit flaky here - had video (ATI chipset) and audio (no audio hardware detected) probs, but those seem to have been fixed14:44
rupertgnow having some weird app issues, but not getting very far in diagnosing them14:45
hipitihopHukka: and amgarchIn9: thanks14:45
thiebaudeno problems here on my fresh install14:45
rupertgapps were running yesterday lunchtime, but I downloaded a batch of updates and they stopped14:46
shawn_Is it just me or is Ext4 faster for transfering files as well?14:46
rupertgannoying not having IM and MP3/AVI playback14:46
Strogg_im just finishing updates, ill see after reboot14:46
hylmanshawn yes, it's karmic14:47
hsarciwhats the best way to get the latest wine on karmic?14:47
TallkenStrogg_: have you found it? empathy folder?14:48
Dr_Willishsarci:  check  the winehq repos.14:48
hsarcionly supports jaunty14:48
Dr_Willishsarci:  or use source. or look for PPA repos14:48
Strogg_Tallken, no, stopeed searching, there is an error when running in cdline14:48
TallkenStrogg_: have you tried ~/.share/* ?14:49
Strogg_no , ill give  it a look14:49
Strogg_sur .share is in home folder ?14:50
cwraighi all, did anyone else have a problem with their keymap (dvorak)  that i set in the installer not be set in the post install os? i cannot find anything on launchpad14:51
hsarciDr_Willis, package for karmic is called "wine1.2"14:51
shawn_What is dvorak?14:51
hsarciis there anyway to move notifications position?...in gnome14:51
rupertgNobody seen "(empathy:5197): empathy-WARNING **: Error in empathy init: Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal"?14:51
cwraigshawn_, just another keyboard layout14:51
shawn_cwraig Whats the difference?14:52
cwraigshawn_, all the keys are in different places14:52
shawn_cwraig Even letters?14:52
Strogg_i have : (empathy:10840): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: instance of invalid non-instantiatable type `(null)'14:52
cwraigshawn_, yea14:52
shawn_cwraig What is it used for?14:52
rupertgshawn_ it's very different to Qwerty - designed to be faster and easier to type14:52
rupertgbut there's not much evidence that it is14:52
shawn_rupertg What makes it faster? Id consider learning a new layout if I knew14:53
rupertgit was designed so the most frequently used letters and letter combinations fell most easily to hand14:53
cwraigshawn_, it puts the most frequently used keys under your fingers14:53
rupertgand there were some tests that seemed to show that it was faster than Qwerty14:54
TallkenStrogg_: my bad, I'm on Kubuntu now, confused paths: try ~/.local/share14:54
shawn_cwraig Is there anywhere to go online to test it out?14:54
rupertgbut they're not now seen as reliable14:54
cwraigshawn_, if you go into keyboards you can see the layouts there14:54
rupertgStrogg_ does vlc work for you? both vlc and empathy fail on loading here14:54
shawn_cwraig Where can you buy Dvorak keyboards?14:54
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.14:55
Strogg_rupertg, i don't have vlc, but rhytmbox is working14:56
cwraigBluesKaj, yea, your right14:56
rupertgStrogg_: Rhythmbox fails with same error as Empathy here14:56
rupertgsome common component is bust, but I don't know how to identify it14:57
Strogg_updates take a very long time :p14:58
Strogg_let see when finished14:58
rupertgStrogg_: don't they! Getting around 200-400kBps here, which seem sluggish14:59
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BluesKajrupertg, dunno about empathy but if you have a pci soundcard , pulseaudio might be the culprit15:00
rupertgBluesKaj: it's a Samsung X60 laptop, standard Intel audio,  I think15:01
rupertgBluesKaj: although always willing to blame pulseaudio15:01
Strogg_rupertg, is not a dl speed problem but take 30 minutes to install the kernel update :/15:02
Strogg_finaly done, reboot time !15:02
BluesKajrupertg, do a lspci | grep audio , pls15:03
thomas___hi! I have a problem: after installing karmic koala I only see "grub loading" and then a black screen without error message. I already tried the "grub2 recovery" from the wiki but with no success15:03
rupertgBluesKaj: Done. No output, and reading the raw lspci output shows nothing sound related15:04
BluesKajrupertg, ok the sound kernel source isn't recognizing your intel audio15:06
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto15:06
rupertgBluesKaj: Audio is working, tho', from Flash15:06
BluesKajrupertg, check out the tutorial anyway it should help15:07
rupertgBluesKaj: an Sound Preferences says Internal Audio Analog Stereo device15:07
rupertgBluesKaj: OK - wilco, skipper!15:07
Strogg_empathy is working now15:07
Strogg_update took time because of beagle indexing at the same time :D15:08
rupertgStrogg_: not on a superfast SSD, then? :)15:08
Strogg_just a simple asus eee 1000he ^^15:09
amgarchIn9which music player are you using? Amarok became bloated and completely unusable.15:09
BluesKajI use VLC for everything15:09
thiebaudeyep, vlc15:10
robin0800amgarchIn9: amarok because I need replay gain15:10
BluesKajgave up on amarok , long ago, but then I don't have an extensive music collection on my pc ...I'm old fashioned I still play cds on my stereo15:11
hsarciis there a more robust power manager available for gnome?15:12
thiebaudeBluesKaj, i love playing music cd's on ubuntu 9.1015:13
ikus060amgarchIn9: rythmbox and XBMC for my media center15:13
amgarchIn9can one also play last.fm from VLC (thats what makes them bloated)?15:13
robin0800BluesKaj: playing a sansa c240 rockboxed with 8gb micosd card and a 16gb microsd card in my usb mobile dongle15:13
ikus060I post my problem this morning , but no one reply. Since the last upgrade, I've been experiencing problem to display characters. See for you self : http://imagebin.ca/view/3sExIBK.html15:13
thiebaudeamgarchIn9, i know songbird is last.fm capable15:14
joaopintoikus060, can you list the files correctly on the terminal ?15:14
ikus060joaopinto, yeah sure. Also, if I move the mouse pointer over the text or select it, the character is render correctly15:15
BluesKajrobin0800, I stream music to a media server/TiVo in our TV room where the sound system is located using an app called pyTivo.15:15
joaopintoikus060, file a bug for nautilus15:15
robin0800thiebaude: yes i looked at songbird it needs a bit more work IMHO but any player I use must have replay gain15:15
robin0800BluesKaj: I'm at work15:16
thiebauderob0, i agree15:16
HoopyCatBluesKaj:  i shall have to look into pytivo.  thanks :-)15:16
BluesKajrobin0800, I'm retired :)15:16
ikus060joaopinto, it's not only nautilus, but everything. Every gnome application have the problem15:16
joaopintooh :\15:16
robin0800BluesKaj: whish I was15:16
thiebaudeBluesKaj, me to @48yrs old15:17
amgarchIn9does standby work properly on your 9.10? Check by "echo standby > /sys/power/state" Mine hangs up for "standby" but works with "mem" and "disk" suspends.15:17
robin0800thiebaude: i'm 5615:17
BluesKajHoopyCat, try this site ,http://pytivo.sourceforge.net/forum/15:19
amgarchIn9ikus060: test it as another user, maybe these are spoiled settings15:19
* BluesKaj is 6615:20
rupertgBluesKaj: my system is reporting Codec: Analog Devices AD1986A15:20
rupertgCodec: LSI Si305415:20
rupertgBluesKaj: does that tell me (you!) anything useful?15:21
rupertgrest of that doc doesn't really seem to help much, but I'll read it again15:21
hsarciis there a more robust power manager available for gnome?15:22
amgarchIn9so basically except for VLC you all install third-party players? I dont find any of those in standard repos.15:23
thiebaude amgarchIn9 sudo apt-get install vlc15:23
thiebaudemy bad15:24
thiebaudeamgarchIn9, i just seen except vlc15:24
BluesKajrupertg, do aplay -l we need to be sure15:26
rupertgBluesKaj: card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog]15:27
rupertg  Subdevices: 0/115:27
rupertg  Subdevice #0: subdevice #015:27
rupertgcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: AD198x Digital [AD198x Digital]15:27
rupertg  Subdevices: 1/115:27
rupertg  Subdevice #0: subdevice #015:27
rupertgcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 6: Si3054 Modem [Si3054 Modem]15:27
rupertg  Subdevices: 1/115:27
rupertg  Subdevice #0: subdevice #015:27
BluesKaj!paste | rupertg15:27
ubotturupertg: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!15:27
rupertghaven't used IRC for years15:28
rupertgBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/296178/15:29
BluesKajrupertg, are you on gnome or kde ?15:29
amgarchIn9ok, I see. Not only me having problems spelling "rhythmbox" correctly here.15:29
rupertg<-- back in the n00b corner15:29
rupertgBluesKaj: Gnome - it's standard Ubuntu 9.1015:30
BluesKajrupertg, then that intel tuorial should help , but I dont know much about rhythmbox15:32
shadeslayeranyone experiencing kdm taking 4-5 secs to start up15:33
rupertgBluesKaj: problem afflicting vlc, empathy as well15:33
shadeslayeranyone experiencing kdm taking 4-5 secs to start up15:33
rupertgbut will carry on faffing15:33
frybyehi naresh_ hi bazhang -  my distro-upgrade seems to have gone 100% OK..thanks a load for your help..!15:34
amgarchIn9shadeslayer: mine takes loger15:34
shadeslayeramgarchIn9: find any workaround?15:34
BluesKajrupertg, i dumped pulseaudio . i let alsa and my soundcard kernel source do the work .pulseaudio just intereferes on my setup...remove pulseaudio do the tutorial ans see what happens.15:35
shadeslayeramgarchIn9: i havent exactly measured it,it might be taking more time,but according to me its slooowww15:35
rupertgBluesKaj: yes, I had problems with pulseaudio on 9.04 and seem to remember I ended up doing something similar15:35
amgarchIn9shadeslayer: it was never faster, should it? Get an SSD, or use Gnome.15:36
rupertgBluesKaj: linux audio is a vale of tears15:36
shadeslayeramgarchIn9: it was faster15:36
BluesKajrupertg, I'm afraid there are too many cooks in the linux audio kitchen :P15:36
amgarchIn9rupertg: yes, its the third release of Ubuntu where I have to manually tweak the kernel module options to make my Intel HDA work.15:37
amgarchIn9rupertg: and I am not counting all those userspace software layers. I guess I made it work and "pulseaudio" is involved somehow into it.15:38
shadeslayeramgarchIn9: it used to start as soon as the boot was finished...15:39
ioka_does the gui search in subfolders by default?15:39
BluesKajAmaranth,pulseaudio works well for some setups and is just another useless layer for others15:39
BluesKajoops sry amgarchIn915:39
BluesKajans Amaranth15:40
rupertgamgarchIn9: even when I get things working, I'm never quite sure how15:40
funkyHatWhat's the name of the firefox lock file? It won't start up (complains that it's already running, but it's not), just want to check that's not the problem15:41
shadeslayerfunkyHat: try : killall firefox15:41
ioka_how to start nautilius as a root?15:41
shadeslayerioka_: gksu nautilus15:41
funkyHatshadeslayer: firefox is not running, I checked15:41
amgarchIn9funkyHat: find ~/.mozilla -name \*lock\*15:42
funkyHatamgarchIn9: nothing15:42
funkyHatI  guess that means the lock isn't the problem15:42
funkyHatI had the same problem the other day when I enabled the firefox apparmour profile, but I disabled it again and it was fine15:44
funkyHat(and I haven't enabled it again)15:44
funkyHatHm. Looks like it's in enforce mode anyway15:44
funkyHatDid that get changed in an update?15:45
Aleksey1Does someone Russian language?15:45
ubottuMolimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.15:45
BluesKaj!ru | Aleksey115:45
ubottuAleksey1: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:45
ioka_it would be nice if you make nautilus in the future to show the location of the files he finds in a search, not just the files15:46
Aleksey1ubottu:I imell because who has the Russian language on this channel15:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:46
HoopyCatBluesKaj:  thanks for the link :-)15:47
ioka_or at least an easy way in right click show location or something15:47
frybyeAleksey1: apparently nowone just now!15:47
doktoreashello folks..anyone using moonlight plugin for firefox?15:47
doktoreasI mean the one inside repository15:48
BluesKajHoopyCat, pyTivo takes a little bit of fiddling around at times , especially after ubuntu/kubuntu updates and upgrades but it's worth the trouble.15:49
HoopyCatBluesKaj:  ok, i'll assign it to my wife.  she's an experienced post-update fiddler :-)15:51
BluesKajHoopyCat, :)15:51
IdleOnehaha that is awesome15:51
HoopyCatfor what it's worth, karmic almost works just fine after going gnome -> xfce -> kde -> xfce -> gnome, with a couple intermediate steps like removing and reinstalling gdm :-)15:51
funkyHatNo-one else's firefox broken then?15:51
Aleksey1In ubuntu 9.10 beta.Perehod / Computer and falls nautilus15:51
Aleksey1 I hardly speak English15:51
shadeslayerAleksey1: /join #ubuntu-ru15:52
Aleksey1shadeslayer: I was sent here15:52
shadeslayeroh  the thing with 9.10 bein beta15:53
thiebaudefunkyHat, when i use firefox its not broken, but mainly i use chrome15:53
frybyeAleksey1: are you looking for ubuntu 9.10 help??15:53
shadeslayerAleksey1: use babelfish to explain your problem bettter15:53
funkyHatOh, apparently the lockfile _is_ there :/ no idea why that find command didn't pick it up15:53
Aleksey1frybye: yes15:53
shadeslayer!babelfish | Aleksey115:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about babelfish15:53
Aleksey1!babelfish | Aleksey115:54
funkyHatNo, that didn't fix it anyway15:54
shadeslayerAleksey1: http://babelfish.yahoo.com/15:54
BluesKajthiebaude, I used chromium for about a month , but suddenly it slowed right down taking forever to load pages and even cookied sites , so iwent back to FF which is much quicker15:54
funkyHatOct 18 15:53:54 mesh kernel: [ 2273.274699] type=1503 audit(1255877634.506:83): operation="file_lock" pid=4913 parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/firefox-3.5.*/firefox" requested_mask="wk::" denied_mask="k::" fsuid=1000 ouid=1000 name="/home/matt/Private/.mozilla/firefox/b5j5shnp.default/.parentlock"15:55
frybyeAleksey1: try explain your problem in English - or head over to #ubuntu-ru15:55
* shadeslayer finds rekonq to be the best15:55
shadeslayerfrybye: they told him to come here15:55
funkyHatAh, this is because my .mozilla dir isn't in the normal place isn't it?15:55
funkyHatAny apparmour people around?15:56
Aleksey1Will help who me? In me falls nautilus when I I press on the computer15:56
frybyeshadeslayer: cos there is no #ubuntu-ru+115:56
shadeslayerfrybye: yep15:56
HoopyCatAleksey1:  if a person in #ubuntu-ru speaks english well, ask if they will join #ubuntu+1 with you15:56
frybyeHoopyCat: good idea...!15:57
shadeslayerAleksey1: or use a online translator15:57
Aleksey1shadeslayer: I have it and use it:)15:58
frybyeAleksey1: try www.worldlingo.com15:58
Aleksey1In me falls nautilus with the attempt to open reference the computer16:01
=== naresh_ is now known as naresh
Aleksey1So it is more intelligible?:)16:02
IdleOneAleksey1: no :(16:03
Aleksey1IdleOne:sorry ;)16:04
tgpraveenmac_v: if I do bzr branch lp:humanity, then will my humanity theme be updated to latest version16:04
BluesKajguys , I think Aleksey1 is asking how to fix nautilus crash16:04
tgpraveenor do I have to do anything more?16:04
Aleksey1IdleOne:I go to teach english16:04
IdleOneПожалуйста, используйте это для перевода. http://translate.google.com/translate_t #16:04
Aleksey1BluesKaj: yes16:05
hsarciis there anyway to simply increase the transparency of window decorations?16:05
robin0800_Aleksey1: you mean nautilus fails if you try to open the computer icon from the places menu?16:05
Aleksey1IdleOne: Already use16:05
IdleOneAleksey1: ok16:05
Aleksey1 robin0800_: yes16:05
IdleOneso google translate is not so great16:05
AmaranthBluesKaj: The only situation where pulseaudio is useless is low latency audio production16:05
AmaranthBluesKaj: Otherwise it helps save power, gives you per-app volume control, balanced volume levels, etc16:06
mac_vtgpraveen: everything in lp:humanity is already in Ubuntu , we are not going to fiddle with lp:humanity much only bug fixes which will be available in Ubuntu also16:07
Aleksey1robin0800_: how to fix the failure of nautilus?16:07
robin0800_Aleksey1: don't know16:08
BluesKajAmaranth, I know pulseaudio is a fav around here and it has many advantages when it works , but I get very choppy distorted audio , like it's looping back thru itself and alsa. All is fine now that PA isn't in the loop so to speak :)16:08
AmaranthBluesKaj: I had one recent kernel version where I was getting that as well16:09
* Aleksey1 Senk.I He left to teach English16:09
=== zniavre is now known as fra_ternitude
tgpraveenAmaranth: isn't PA also trying to improve itself for low latency cases also?16:10
tgpraveenI think I read that somewhere16:10
BluesKajAmaranth, I suspect pulseaudio doesn't work properly with certain pci soundcard kernel modules.16:10
Amaranthtgpraveen: Dunno about that16:11
Amaranthtgpraveen: Last I heard the plan was to create a system that lets jack and pulseaudio hand control of the sound card to each other as needed16:11
AmaranthThe idea being you aren't going to be listening to music with banshee while you've got ardour or whatever open to record your guitar session16:12
sajiHey i upgraded to KArimc beta, now I'm getting the following error-16:13
saji/usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found (required by synaptic)16:13
sajiHow can i fix it?16:13
sajihello, anybody here?16:14
sajiIs  this channel dead?16:14
shadeslayersaji: yes16:15
BluesKaj!patience | saji16:15
ubottusaji: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.16:15
sajishadeslayer, any idea?16:15
shadeslayersaji: wait a sec16:15
sajiBluesKaj, any idea how to fix this?16:15
sajishadeslayer, ok...16:15
bad_oneanybody noticed memory leak in Xorg?16:16
bad_onemine eats more than a gig of ram16:16
shadeslayerbad_one: same here16:16
shadeslayerbad_one: same problem in suse as well,so i guess were all in it together16:16
shadeslayersaji: yeah hold on16:17
shadeslayersaji: what did you do which resulted in that error?16:18
sajishadeslayer, ok..16:18
sajishadeslayer, I updated from 9.04 to 9.10..16:18
shadeslayersaji: no what app did you open?16:18
sajishadeslayer, tried to open synaptic...16:18
amgarchIn9saji: /usr/local is for custom installations. You must have installed there something on your own. You need to recompile16:19
sajishadeslayer, and I'm unable to update now.. It seems that this file is very important to many applications...16:19
shadeslayersaji: ok,try : sudo apt-get install synaptic16:19
sajierror is-16:20
sajiapt-get: /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.11' not found (required by apt-get)16:20
BluesKajshadeslayer, think maybe he should purge synaptic , then reinstall16:20
sajishadeslayer, It doesn't work..16:20
thiebaudesaji, sudo apt-get update16:20
shadeslayerBluesKaj: seems like hes missing some things..16:20
shadeslayersaji: do a complete update and then install : ubuntu-desktop16:20
HoopyCatsaji:  try "ldconfig -v" ... sounds like there might be some weird stuff in the shared libs16:20
BluesKajyes , one doesn't compile synaptic btw16:21
sajithiebaude, still the same eroor...16:21
shadeslayersaji: youve compilied synaptic?16:21
sajishadeslayer, I had done a complete update...16:21
JoshuaLis it possible to have different wallpapers per view-port with gnome & compiz?16:21
sajishadeslayer, No i have not compiled anything...16:21
thiebaudesaji, how did you upgrade?16:21
HoopyCatsaji:  and pastebin the output of "ldconfig -v" if possible :-)16:21
sajiHoopyCat, ok,,16:22
amgarchIn9saji: mv /usr/local /usr/local.hide16:22
sajithiebaude, sudo do-release-upgrade -d16:23
sajiamgarchIn9, what's that for?16:23
thiebaudesaji, i did update-manager -d16:23
HoopyCatsaji:  "whereis apt-get" should return just "apt-get: /usr/bin/apt-get /usr/share/man/man8/apt-get.8.gz" as well... does it return something in /usr/local/bin?  (i would hold off on mv /usr/local /usr/local.hide for right now)16:24
thiebaudesaji, but now i have a fresh install16:24
amgarchIn9saji: to use standard libs. You must have /usr/local/lib somewhere in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LD_PRELOAD16:24
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim-afk
sajiamgarchIn9, How will i set that?16:25
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!16:25
amgarchIn9echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH; unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH; see google for "bash environment variable"16:26
gbear14275I'm having problems adding a network printer.  I added a printer manually via the add printer command, entered the IP address.  If seems to have found it but its not requesting that I "Enter device URI" and even though the field is auto-populated, the forward button is greyed out.16:27
HoopyCatsaji:  i suspect that something/somewhere installed /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6 at some point for some purpose... i believe moving it out of the way (mv /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/local/lib/libstdc++.so.6.disabled) then rerunning ldconfig might clear it up, but hmm.  hard question is figuring out *why*16:27
amgarchIn9saji: ^^16:27
sajiamgarchIn9, I'm nor running ldconfig -v16:28
gbear14275Is there anything I can do to help troubleshoot this?  Normally I would just submit a bug report and wait but am trying to set this system up for a new linux user and only have a couple hours to get them all setup16:29
amgarchIn9saji: pastbin the output of "env | grep PATH"16:30
sajiamgarchIn9, output at http://paste.ubuntu.com/296210/16:31
sajiHoopyCat, how will i move that out of the way?16:32
amgarchIn9saji: what is in your /usr/local/bin ? apt-get? synaptic?16:32
sajilemme see that, amgarchIn916:33
HoopyCatsaji:  how much stuff is there in /usr/local/lib?  is it just that one file, or are there a bunch of libraries?16:33
shadeslayerwhats a good replacement for gimp in kde?16:33
sajiContent of /usr/local/bin-16:34
sajiaddr2name.awk  gcj-dbtool  gnative2ascii          i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc16:34
sajic++            gcjh        gorbd                  i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc-4.3.416:34
sajicpp            gcov        grmic                  i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcj16:34
sajig++            gfortran    grmid                  i686-pc-linux-gnu-gfortran16:34
sajigappletviewer  gij         grmiregistry           jcf-dump16:34
sajigc-analyze     gjar        gserialver             jv-convert16:34
sajigcc            gjarsigner  gtnameserv             ubuntuzilla.py16:34
sajigccbug         gjavah      i686-pc-linux-gnu-c++16:34
sajigcj            gkeytool    i686-pc-linux-gnu-g++16:34
shadeslayersaji: pastebin!!!!16:34
voxplease use a pastebin16:34
sajishadeslayer, sorry... :)16:34
shadeslayernaresh: what about karbon?16:34
sajivox, sorry for that...16:34
nareshshadeslayer: karbon is a replacement for inkscape16:34
shadeslayernaresh: i mean whats the difference b/w krita and karbon?16:35
nareshkarbon is a vector graphics app16:35
nareshkrita is a pixel graphics app16:35
sajicontent of /usr/local/lib16:36
amgarchIn9saji: so you must have been compiling GCC on your own? "dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/g++"16:36
ArelisTo everyone in #ubuntu+1: In your opinion, is it better to upgrade the intel drivers, or to upgrade to Karmic?16:36
shadeslayerand can anyone get highlight window to work with stasks?16:36
sajiamgarchIn9, I had compiled GCC on my own!16:36
sajiamgarchIn9, How did you understand tat?16:37
amgarchIn9saji: now it is outdated and in your way. Telepathy.16:37
sajiamgarchIn9, so?16:37
ArelisTo everyone in #ubuntu+1: In your opinion, is it better to upgrade the intel drivers, or to upgrade to Karmic?16:38
HoopyCatsaji:  cd /usr/local/lib; mkdir old; mv lib* old; ldconfig    <--- that should make things in the core system work, perhaps at the expense of breaking things compiled with the rogue gcc16:38
sajiWhat is dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/g++ for?16:38
amgarchIn9saji: to find out which package that file belongs to. see "man dpkg"16:39
nareshshadeslayer: http://luisbg.blogalia.com//historias/64812 <-- cool rite?16:40
sajiHoopyCat, I did what you said.. now what?16:40
HoopyCatsaji:  do apt-get, etc, work again?16:41
nareshArelis: I just upgraded to Karmic. Sparing a ouple of empathy crashes here and there, alls' fine.16:41
sajiHoopyCat, Please elaborate that...16:41
sajiamgarchIn9, the output is-16:42
sajidpkg: /usr/local/bin/g++ not found.16:42
phnomIs there any way to move the area where the notifications pop up? The notifications from Pidgin comes up too far from the upper panel for my liking.16:43
Arelisnaresh, Do you have an Intel video card? Does it work well?16:43
HoopyCatsaji:  you came here with a problem.  does the problem still occur, after moving lib* out of /usr/local/lib and rerunning ldconfig?  (actually, i suspect you might want to mv /usr/local/lib/old /usr/local/lib.old, since i think it might still look in that subdirectory... been awhile since i've broken a machine like this :-)16:43
amgarchIn9saji: so you have to continue cleaning /usr/local manually. Like you already did for /usr/local/lib. Do same thing for /usr/local/bin.16:43
nareshArelis: yes, i do. it works much better than it used to.16:43
nareshi can watch x264 encoded HD videos of dexter in 720p16:44
GneXteRAnyone else got problems with timeouts during downloading fonts for the ttf-mscorefonts-intaller?16:44
nareshwithout any framedrops16:44
Arelisnaresh, Then i'm upgrading Ubuntu to Karmic. I think installing the newer intel drivers, then when karmic is out, installing it, will cause trouble.16:44
sajiamgarchIn9, Now the update manager is working... :)16:44
ArelisAnd are all the apps available that are in Jaunty?16:45
amgarchIn9saji: but "g++" doesnt. See "which g++"16:45
rskArelis: i belive all are, if not they are replaced by something else.16:45
ArelisOkay. What is the safest command/program to upgrade?16:46
rskArelis: sudo update-manager -d is the best way16:46
phnomEvery time I run ldconfig it says "/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link". Anyone know the cause of this and how to fix it?16:46
HoopyCatsaji:  i believe the problem was that the stuff installed with the rogue gcc is older than what ships with karmic (although probably newer than what shipped with jaunty), but the library subsystem is relatively dumb and operates on the theory that stuff in /usr/local should override.  a fun one for sure.16:47
GneXteRIs there any way that I can intall ubuntu-restricted-extra without the need of mscorefonts?16:47
Arelisrsk, It doesn't show the "upgrade" button.16:47
shadeslayerGneXteR: see all the packages and install them one by one16:48
rskhm what does it show Arelis ?16:48
ikus060Me again, I'm trying to figure out what going one with my display. First it's start with that http://imagebin.ca/view/3sExIBK.html, somehow I can't reproduce it anymore. Now the anything involving openGL is choppy and crash withing a minute or 2. Does anyone have experience that before ?? My graphics card is a Nvidia and I use the proprietary driver.16:48
Arelisrsk, the normal update window.16:48
shadeslayerGneXteR: or if you use synaptic remove the packages you dont need16:48
rskArelis: it should be fine.16:48
Arelisrsk, but it's empty16:48
Arelisrsk, and the updating button is greyed out16:48
nareshsudo do-release-upgrade -d16:48
Arelishmm, now I did it in a terminal, and that DOES work.16:49
Arelisnaresh, is that a safer command?16:49
nareshthis one spans no GUI16:49
GneXteRshadeslayer: yeah but I restricted extras wont work16:49
GneXteRI cant get Xvid to work16:49
Arelisnaresh, so I can execute that in a console?16:49
nareshso.. it's neat if you run things in a screen, for example16:49
GneXteRshadeslayer: and the issue is that ubuntu-restricted-extras depends of ttf-mscorefonts-installer.. which dont work16:51
NinjaPlimsollscan someone send me a test PM please?16:51
ArelisWhat are "production machines"?16:51
shadeslayerGneXteR: ok then,ubuntu-restricted-extras is a meta package,you dont need it installed16:52
nareshArelis: production machines - as opposed to test or development machines16:52
GneXteRshadeslayer, ok trying to install every dependency of ubuntu-restricted16:52
HoopyCatArelis:  if you can't get your work done when it breaks, it's a production machine16:52
NinjaPlimsollsi guess not16:52
ArelisThis is my main desktop computer, but it has Mac OS X too - is it safe?16:52
nareshArelis: you're the best one to judge that...16:53
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:53
BluesKajikus060, I used the proprietary driver on my geforce7600gt for about 2 weeks, then the default glx-185 driver was finally fixed and works well now . if the nvidia-glx-185 driver lists your card in synaptic or adept , then you're good to go with it. Just make sure you stopx and install it from the TTY after purging the proprietary one.16:53
ArelisHoopyCat, ah, then it's no problem.16:53
ArelisIs Karmic still buggy, though?16:53
ArelisOr are almost all the bugs gone?16:53
thiebaudeArelis, i have no problems on my fresh install16:54
nareshbugs in empathy and network-manager concern me16:54
ikus060BluesKaj, where should I see if my card is compatible with nvidia-glx-185 ??16:54
nareshi don't find any problems with the rest of my desktop though16:54
voxnetwork-mangler has never worked for me16:54
HoopyCatArelis:  an upgrade to either OS can break the dual-boot setup, requiring a bit of work to fix it.16:54
nareshvox: lol16:54
voxnot just in karmic, i mean.. ever16:55
BluesKajikus060, in synaptic or adept16:55
sajiamgarchIn9, you there?16:55
HoopyCatArelis:  and all software has bugs.  :-)  a lot will be fixed in the next 11 days, some you'll never see.16:55
voxits not just me either, most of my friends use ubuntu, and it's /never/ worked for them either16:55
BluesKajikus060, which nvidia card ?16:56
sajiHoopycat how will i manually clean my usr/local/bin too?16:56
ikus060BluesKaj, nVidia Corporation G72 [GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS] (rev a1)16:57
HoopyCatsaji:  same sort of thing... make a directory called "old" and mv things into it16:57
bcurtiswxhey all, i can't see if rtkit's replaced by anything since update manager wants to remove it... is rtkit being replaced/renamed?16:57
thiebaudebcurtiswx, i had that happen 1 hr ago16:57
ikus060BluesKaj, I'm currently using the NVidia 185.18.36 driver16:57
bcurtiswxis rtkit supposed to be getting removed would be a better question16:58
thiebaudebcurtiswx, at the end of the updates, i didn't have updated manager remove anything16:59
sajiHoopyCat, is it- cd /usr/local/bin; mkdir old; mv lib* old; ldconfig   ?16:59
bcurtiswxthiebaude: weird how autoremove wants to get rid of rtkit too17:00
bcurtiswxthiebaude: can you verify with me if rtkit is installed on your machine17:00
sajiHoopyCat, ?17:00
thiebaudeyes, 1 sec17:00
thiebaudebcurtiswx, no its not installed, but it wants to remove some pulseaudio stuff, so i said no17:01
* saji I wonder if HoopyCat has gone..:)17:01
HoopyCatsaji:  probably "cd /usr/local/bin ; mkdir old ; mv g* c* i* j* old" will do the trick.  somewhat more surgical.17:02
thiebaudei did apt-get install rtkit17:02
ioka_is this normal or my pc is damn slow.When i update everything becomes unussable, and the screen - dark17:02
thiebaudei leave that alone for now17:02
BluesKajikus060, hmm. that's the right driver for your card , but if you compiled it yourself then it's out of date , there have been several upgrades lately17:02
HoopyCatsaji:  and since there's no libraries in there, ldconfig isn't necessary.  (are you still having problems, or is synaptic working ok again?)17:02
sajiHoopyCat, I'll do that...17:02
bcurtiswxthiebaude: weird indeed.  thx17:02
hsarcianyone know how to make a transparent panel in gnome have rounded edges?17:02
thiebaudeand scary, pulseaudio,lol17:02
sajiHoopyCat, without doing that itself now Synaptic is working..17:02
sajiHoopyCat, So do i need to clean that still?17:03
sajiHoopyCat, Now i'm able to run updates too...17:03
ikus060BluesKaj, I didn't compile it my self. I got it from the repository. But the thing I don't understand is the package is not install.17:03
funkyHatre. my complaint about firefox and apparmor earlier: bug 45475817:04
HoopyCatsaji:  maybe.  the next step depends on why you installed gcc there in the first place.  if it was for no specific reason, doing what i said above then installing the "build-essential" package will do the trick.17:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454758 in apparmor "firefox profile stops firefox from loading if profile dir is not in a standard location" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45475817:04
ikus060BluesKaj, I will try to cleanup the mess and install  nvidia-glx-18517:04
BluesKajikus060, purge the driver and install it again , then do an update17:04
ioka_what are the dev package for?17:05
funkyHatthiebaude: which pulseaudio stuff, it might be fine?17:05
ioka_like lighttp-dev17:05
thiebaudefunkyHat, i'll have to check17:06
thiebaudefunkyHat, how do i pastebin that?17:07
funkyHatthiebaude: copy and paste?17:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!17:07
sajiHoopyCat, So i still need to clean /usr/local/bin17:08
thiebaudefunkyHat, http://paste.ubuntu.com/296233/17:09
funkyHatthiebaude: ah, right. yeah, not ok to remove that17:10
funkyHatNot sure why it's wanting to remove those though ?17:10
HoopyCatsaji:  yeah, i would.  my rule of thumb is to avoid software outside of the ubuntu repositories as much as possible, to make security upgrades (and, as you can see, general system upgrades :-) as seamless and automatic as possible.17:10
thiebaudefunkyHat, and i dont have any problems with 9.1017:11
funkyHatOh, because the version of rtkit is too low, apparently17:11
thiebaudefunkyHat, what does rtkit do anyway?17:11
funkyHatChanges scheduling priority of processes to realtime mode on request, apparently17:12
penguin42thiebaude: I think it's for giving processes real-time privelidge17:12
funkyHatSeems like quite a nifty idea17:12
thiebaudepenguin42, kernel mode setting?17:12
HoopyCatsaji:  i must get some work done away from the computer now, so i'll be idle for awhile.  best of luck, and enjoy 9.10 :-)17:12
shadeslayeris there a way to start a kde app which does NOT follow the system color scheme?17:12
funkyHatNo, not KMS, thiebaude17:13
penguin42thiebaude: What about it?17:13
funkyHatKMS is to do with display output modes17:13
thiebaudepenguin42, update manager wanted to install rtkit,17:14
penguin42I think pa has a dependency on rtkit - but then I saw something about how the kernel patches it needs aren't there yet so it's not much use yet17:16
BluesKajthiebaude, rtkits are kernel patches17:16
penguin42BluesKaj: No17:16
funkyHatBluesKaj: no, rtkit is realtime kit, it's a dbus service17:16
BluesKajoops , sorry lemme rephrase that : they require kernel patches17:17
Travis-42Does the "report problem" feature after an application crash send the entire contents of memory or anything like that, or just that related to the program? (e.g. if a password manager is loaded in memory, is it safe to report the problem?)17:17
funkyHatpulseaudio in Karmic doesn't have a dependancy on rtkit anyway.17:17
funkyHatpenguin42: perhaps open up aptitude and figure out what is depending on rtkit. You probably need to remove that17:18
BluesKajanyway , it's time for some fresh air and a walk ..BBL17:18
thiebaudeBluesKaj, take care17:18
funkyHatTravis-42: as long as the problem isn't with password manager17:19
thiebaudei got 63mb of updates17:19
funkyHatthiebaude *17:19
Travis-42ok thanks funkyHat17:20
=== thiebaude is now known as rtkit
russlarsomeone mentioned last night that they couldn't upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 with an encrptyed home folder (just the folder, not the entire partition). Anybody else seen that?17:22
=== rtkit is now known as thiebaude
ikus060BluesKaj, still there ??17:25
ikus060BluesKaj, I've install nvidia-glx-185 package but some reason X.org did not select it17:26
b1shopdoes 9.10 still use usplash?17:27
CPrgmSwR2interesting that updates are made to pulseaudio, though still no sound17:27
penguin42CPrgmSwR2: It's not always PA's fault - it can be kernel drivers as well17:30
darthanubisor user error17:30
darthanubisinstall gnome-alsamixer and turn the sound up17:30
darthanubisALL of the sound levels17:30
penguin42darthanubis: Arguably if it's that hard to notice that something is turned down their is a GUI problem17:30
darthanubispenguin42, no argument from me17:31
* cousin_mario can't find vol_id anymore on karmic koala17:31
darthanubisI don't like that everytime I reboot one of my machines, I have to turn the sound back up with gnome-alsamixer17:31
darthanubisI thought it was broken or a bug17:32
darthanubiswell it is a bug17:32
amgarchIn9cousin_mario: blkid?17:34
* thiebaude bbl going to watch football17:36
ioka_with mv and with rm I can delete files, right?17:37
Dr_Willis bash basics - yes   rm = delete17:37
russlarrm yes17:38
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:38
rob0um, mnemonics there: mv=Move rm=Remove17:38
Dr_Willisand DONT expect to be able to UNdelete :)17:38
cousin_marioamgarchIn9: what package, precisely?17:39
ArelisI just booted Karmic. When it booted, i saw a really nice theme, but after I opened the Appearance properties, it reverted to my customized theme. How do I get that default karmic theme back?17:41
Dr_Willisthats the 'human' theme i thought17:42
ArelisI think it was Dust.17:43
Arelisi had black panels17:43
Dr_Willistry them and see  I guess.17:43
Dr_WillisI alwyas customize my own.17:43
Arelisbut where's the wallpaper?17:43
Dr_Willisor make a new user. see what theme they got17:43
Arelisgood idea17:43
Arelisthe wallpaper isn't in the appearance properties17:43
corys_hey i have question.. trying to tri-boot ubuntu, windows 7, windows vista that are on 3 seperate hard drives. Running into a bit of an issue with setting up grub2. Wonder if anyone can offer some advice? thanks17:45
GhoneI can't boot Karmic due to a neverending fsck.  Is it possible to bypass the fsck?17:46
Dr_Willisupdate-grub saw all the os's i had on my sepereate hard drives. :)17:46
Dr_WillisGhone:  known bug from a few weeks ago.. You could  go to the bios screren set the date ahead a day and see if it boots then17:46
penguin42Ghone: You should be able to hit escape to skip I think; how big is your partition and how long did you give it?17:46
Dr_Willisthen update/upgrade17:46
Dr_Willisif you see mention of 'fsck date is set to the future' - then ya got the date bug.17:47
GhoneDr_Willis : Thanks, I'll try that.17:47
corys_the error I get is "error: cannot open '/dev/sdd'  while attempting to get disk size"17:47
Dr_Willisis one of your windows install on sdd?17:47
corys_well, when I do fdisk -l I see the following drives.. /dev/sda1 /dev/sb1 /dev/sb2 /dev/sb5 and /dev/sdc117:48
corys_I don't see a /dev/sdd17:48
Ghonepenguin42: escape doesn't do anything.  Ctrl-D stops the fsck but causes a reboot and restarts the fsck.  The partition is around 300GB and i sat through about 40 minutes of Pass 1.17:48
rob0Those are partitions (some of which are typoed), not drives.17:49
Dr_Willisproberly not a real bug/problem then Ghone17:49
corys_how can I tell if I have a windows partition on /dev/sdd then?17:49
russlarGhone: think you;ll need to let it go. assuming you're runnign an ext filesystem, run tune2fs -i 0 -c 0 /your/root/here to disably deep fscks based on mount dates and counts17:49
penguin42Hmm why would ctrl-d stop the fsck?  If the fsck failed it would drop to a shell where it would do that17:51
russlarpenguin42: not if it can't read the shell (iw root fs is hosed)17:52
russlarGhone: I suggest letting the fsck run17:53
penguin42russlar: Yeh but I'm just wondering if the reason Ghone's fsck isn't finishing is because it's failed17:53
russlarpenguin42: certainly a possibility17:53
russlarpenguin42: but I also think it just needs more time17:53
penguin42russlar: But then that's the question of why does ctrl-d cause it to exit?17:54
russlardunno about that one, but I have seen that same behavior with RHEL17:54
russlarGhone: can you boot to a live cd?17:54
GhoneI tried booting from a liveuSB and it also went all fscky on me.17:55
frybyeps - updated from jaunty nbr to karmic beta nbr a could of hours ago = super - very nice - seems one has to add the shutdown button to top panel with a right click etc. if one wants it - but up till now that was only issue I found...for a beta spez. version - good.17:55
tramsei I have a problem on Ubuntu with dhcpd3 not starting on boot.  i installed sysv-rc-conf and it says that it's setup to run on runlevels 2,3,4,5 but it doesn't appear to be running when i start the system.  any idea why this could be?17:55
doktoreashello folks..I ahev strange problem with audio on karmic..each time I recive a sound messge from any source, the audio device make a solt of noise like a bump17:55
russlarGhone: try a CD, if possible17:56
penguin42frybye: Do you have a blob with your username in the panel - that has a menu with shutdown for me17:56
DanaGhmm, one thing you can do: alt-sysrq-E17:56
DanaGit'll terminate upstart jobs, but not kill everything.17:56
frybyepenguin - no - for some reason that is not there... i start it again now and have another look but I don't think so...17:56
penguin42frybe: Add the indicator applet session applet17:57
Ghonerusslar: will do.17:57
frybyepenguin42: perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I did not take the preset kernal from the grub/startup list but the one above it (newer apparently... why it preset to an older version I am not sure...?)17:58
penguin42frybye: I doubt it's related17:58
frybyeHave it running now - no username button... but no big deal cos the shurdown button I added is fine.. it also allows logout - restart etc...17:59
frybyepenguin42: can It be that I dont have a user button cos there is only one user on that system?17:59
penguin42frybye: Nah, I suspect it's just an upgradism - I'm not sure what you get on a fresh karmic install18:00
frybyeno big deal - and remember this is a netbook remix - so a bit short of space for loads of stuff anyhow up there.. 10" screen...18:00
penguin42ah, I've not tried that18:01
frybyepenguin42: on a netbook it seems to be very cool... i like it loads...18:01
GhoneIt seems that I am able to boot a Karmic Alpha 5 LiveCD but not a Jaunty LiveUSB.18:01
penguin42Ghone: Well that's heading in the right direction18:01
frybyeGhone: why use alpha5 - there is a beta??18:02
dtchenwhy use a Beta? There are dailies.18:02
russlarGhone: find the root disk with fdisk -l, then run fsck -fy -C 0 /root/disk/here18:02
GhoneI haven't got the beta on a CD, just on a USB stick at work and can't get there.18:02
russlarthe alpha is fine for what you need to do18:03
hsarcithe compiz "pulse" effect for buttons doesnt work for me, does it work for anyone else?18:03
frybyedtchen: right there I guess...18:04
Ghonefsck running from the liveCD actually shows progress.  This might be a good thing.18:04
russlarGhone: has teh fsck started yet?18:04
dtchenGhone: do you have the original image/file used to generate the usb stick?18:05
russlarGhone: yes, that's teh -C 0 flag18:05
frybyeanother quest. Am I right when I think that Ubuntu one can only be accessed with a machine running ubuntu? (- which seems to defeat the point of cloud storage a bit...?)18:05
russlarfrybye: not if they're trying to push ubuntu adoption ;)18:06
frybyeif the stuff one has there is supposed to be accessable from all over - what does on do on a machine running <other-than-ubuntu> in a setting where booting to an alternative os dosen't come into question...18:06
Ghonedtchen: Very likely yes.  Now that I have a running fsck that isn't playing dead I think I'll wait and see what happens.18:06
frybyeI mean - using the terminal at a public library with windows - and can you imagine what would happen if you even tried to boot to a ubuntu-live cd... heheh18:07
Dr_Willisfrybye:  i think they have a web interface as well.18:07
Dr_Willisfrybye:  so you can get to your files that way. and your tomboy notes18:07
frybyehmmm I tried to access https://ubuntuone.com but it did not seem to want to come up on a win7 pc...18:08
frybyeperhaps just lame .. ok it is there now.. good - that makes sence of the whole system...18:08
dtchenGhone: if you have the original, you can zsync to the Beta or even a daily.18:09
dtchenGhone: cdimage.ubuntu.com18:09
Ghonedtchen: I'm not sure that will work if I die of old age before fsck completes.  21.3%.....  I think I might need to buy a faster drive.18:13
tanathcompiz appears to be running, but none of the effects/plugins work18:16
danliiIs there some way to make gdm not use the chooser, and instead make the user type in the username?18:16
Dr_Williswatch the fsck messages next time it boots.. if it mentions somtuing like 'fsck date set to future - check forced' then you might want to try setting the clock ahead a day18:16
Ghonefsck woke up.  I think things are going to be okay.  russlar may have saved my day!18:16
Dr_Willisdanlii:  not at this time that i know of.18:16
GhoneDr_Willis:  It said it was fscking due to 22 reboots.18:17
hsarcianyone use the "pulse" compiz effect? i cant seem to get it working18:17
Dr_WillisGhone:  ok. thats sort of normal :)18:17
Dr_WillisGhone:  that # is setable with tune2fs18:18
tanathdanlii, yeah, it's been done to me against my will :P18:18
tanathafter last reboot, my user disappeared from login screen18:18
russlarghone: what fs is your root? ext3/4?18:18
Ghoneext3.  fsck just completed.18:19
danliitanath: You could perhaps grep for "chooser" in /etc/gdm/*18:19
russlarGhone: cool. I suggest running this command: tune2fs -i 0 -c 0 /your/root18:19
russlarthat will disable fsck's that are triggered by date18:19
russlarand number of times it's mounted18:20
GhoneOnce it got past 21.7% it just flew.18:20
GhoneI think I'll do that.18:20
tanathdanlii, i see a bunch of stuff...18:20
russlarI'm guessing your disk is 22% full?18:20
GhoneIs there any way to make a forced fsck display output?18:20
tanathdanlii, nothing that looks helpful18:20
russlaryes, -v18:20
rob0I had to reboot recently; we had an extended power outage which outlasted my UPS. :(18:21
balanceofcowardsHi everyone18:21
GhoneNo, it's more like 85% full.  Lots of crap that out to be deleted.18:21
rob0But I took the opportunity to install a new hard drive and boot a new kernel.18:21
balanceofcowardsI got Problems with the Alternate CD - it won't boot. I get the boot screen, but it doesn't get beyond that. Any ideas?18:21
balanceofcowardsFirst option in the boot menu is "instald". Choosing that gives me a message box saying "/install/vmdinuz" and an OK button18:23
GhoneYay!   I has bootage!18:23
balanceofcowardspressing Enter afterwards just returns to the menu - no installation18:23
russlarGhone: :D18:23
topylitrying out netbook remix. sometimes when i close a window, the panel redraws and is empty (no applets are showing)18:23
GhoneNow I'm trying to go back to breaking things trying to get my keyboard working properly.18:24
GhoneNevermind.  It magically works now.18:24
Dr_Willisthe magical keyboard faries18:25
frybyejeez - pretty stupid - ubuntu one apparently is -only- accessable from an ubuntu-jaunty-or-karmic machine... makes the whole thing a bit pointless.. there are a lot of similar cloud storage systems that can be accessed from all over... hmmm18:25
GhoneIt even lets me type the letter 'A'.  I think I like Karmic.  Edgy through Jaunty never much liked the 1,Q,A, and Z keys on this keyboard.18:25
penguin42anyone know much about the power management scripts - I've got a typo and I'm not really sure where it belongs18:26
penguin42Ghone: I *very* much doubt it's a difference in Karmic that doe that - that sounds like you have a broken track18:27
shadeslayeranyone have : http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Bespin?content=6392818:27
joaopinto!ot | frybye18:27
ubottufrybye: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.18:27
hsarcianyone use the "pulse" compiz effect? i cant seem to get it working18:27
Dr_Willisaccess via web browser dont work?18:28
frybyeubuntu one is part of karmic18:28
frybyeas a cloud computing device its general accessability is on topic I would think or...?18:29
rob0frybye: https://ubuntuone.com works for me from non-Ubuntu browsers.18:29
Dr_Willisrob0:  thats the point i was making. :)18:29
Dr_Willisfiles, and notes i got here.. No contacts.. not sure howyou add contacts18:30
rob0I do not have Windows, however, so I can't test that.18:30
tanathany idea why my user might disappear from the login screen after reboot?18:30
Ghonepenguin42: 'A' is still working.  This rocks.18:30
tanathsame user i've been using for years18:31
Dr_Willisyou wore it out.18:31
Dr_Willislogin via console..?18:31
tanathnope. gdm'18:31
Dr_Willissee if they still exist18:31
tanathi'm using it18:31
tanathbut had to click 'other' and type it in18:31
ArelisSo why did they decide to replace Pidgin?18:31
tanathfor like the first time ever in memory18:31
Dr_WillisPidgins doody all over the statues.18:32
Dr_Willistaste like chicken18:32
tanathmuh? what replaced pidgin18:32
Dr_Willisempathy i think18:32
Dr_Willisi dont use either one.18:32
frybyelooks like I will have to find some ubuntu-crack locally who can show me how to use this ubuntu-one device - I cant even add files to it on my ubuntu netbook... forget the theme for now...18:32
tanathDr_Willis, then what?18:33
Dr_Willisubuntu one is a work in progress...18:33
Dr_WillisIRC is the ultimate chat. :)18:33
Travis-42Arelis: it's not entirely replaced, it's just a different default18:33
tanathyeah, check out the text-based video18:33
frybyealso a similar system from the evil empire does not seem to want to work on ubuntu either - so thats pretty much quits...18:34
nemojoaopinto: 0.9.12 Hedgewars is out, FWIW - you do the getdeb right?18:34
frybyeDr_Willis: I note your comment - thanx18:34
nemojoaopinto: http://download.gna.org/hedgewars/hedgewars-src-0.9.12.tar.bz218:35
joaopintonemo, yup, will package it for playdeb18:35
Dr_Willisi click on my tomboy notes in ubuntone and get a server error. ;)18:35
Dr_WillisUbuntu-One - is very very very much a work in progress.18:35
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
frybyeDr_Willis: well - perhaps it is not just -lame-me- who has probs with u-118:35
joaopintoDr_Willis, you mean karmic^H^H^H^H ubuntu one ?18:36
Dr_WillisThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.18:36
Dr_WillisPlease contact the server administrator, webmaster@ubuntuone.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.18:36
Dr_Willis'i clicked on a link mr admin..'18:36
tanathDr_Willis, wow, they actually picked something worse than pidgin18:36
frybyeDr_Willis: yeaj I have seen that one a few times also in the last hour.. heheh18:36
Dr_WillisYou broke it..18:36
Dr_Willis'Mr admin - a guy on irc broke it...'18:37
frybyeha - funny - ha!18:37
Dr_WillisTrying to upload a image file.18:37
shadeslayeranyone using bespin?18:37
shadeslayerthe kde windeco18:38
frybyeyeah - can you imagine the audacity - he treid to do it from win7... heheh18:38
penguin42Dr_Willis: I think the other thing that's needed for Ubuntu One is some statement about just how much resiliance/backup it has - If I'm storing data on a cloud I want to know what keeps the cloud up18:38
* Dr_Willis thinks cloud is becomming another meaningless buzz word.18:38
frybyepenguin42: clouds where always 99% thin air and 1% structure... heheh18:38
penguin42Dr_Willis: It's mostly hot air18:39
tanathhow the hell do i make empathy functional?18:39
* penguin42 snap :-)18:39
tanathapparently have to add protocols, but there's nothing i'm finding in the repos..18:39
frybyepenguin42: right on...18:39
GhoneAren't some clouds mostly cold air that's just too disorganized to fall down of their own accord?18:39
* penguin42 has a disagreement between hal and the quirk scripts and I'm trying to figure out which is wrong18:39
tanathi know pidgin needs work, but unfortunately it's the best out for linux. should prolly stick with it. fork it if necessary18:40
joaopintotanath, you don't mean fork, you mean rewrite18:40
tanathjoaopinto, or that18:40
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
frybyeGhone - maybe they need a few more glider-pilots to work at canonical?? ;)18:41
joaopintothere are multiple tecnhological benefits from empathy, it's a long term bet18:41
tanathjoaopinto, but empathy looks like it has even further to go18:41
tanathjoaopinto, mm. well how is one supposed to make it work now?18:41
joaopintotanath, yes it does, however it has much more were to go18:41
joaopintotanath, unless you are a developer, you need to wait, or install pidgin18:42
joaopintowhere to18:42
tanathalready have pidgin, but it freezes after running too long18:42
tanathso it's practically unusuable18:42
russlarGhone: tell that to sidekick users18:42
tanathleave it for a few hours and my system locks up18:42
joaopintotanath, that's odd, never had such problem18:43
tanathi have lately, with the last several releases18:43
hsarcianyone use the "pulse" compiz effect? i cant seem to get it working18:44
GhoneI think I said _some_18:44
* Dr_Willis doesnet even knwo what the Pulse compiz effect is.. :)18:44
tanathjoaopinto, well, i eagerly await improvements to empathy18:44
hsarciDr_Willis, its under "blur"18:44
tanathhsarci, yeah, what does that do, anyway?18:44
hsarcipulse is supposed to make buttons "pulse" when you hover over them18:45
tanathi can't get _any_ compiz effects working at the moment18:45
hsarciit doesnt do anything for me18:45
Dr_WillisI odnt even see what blur does...18:45
tanathit finally doesn't crash no matter what... but it's not doing anything for me either18:45
HukkaOk, so aptitude just segfaulted on me. Twice.18:45
tanaththat's not good18:45
HukkaRunning extended smart tests and memtester. Any other suggestions?18:45
* penguin42 worries that we've had a few people in the last couple of days with apt-get/aptitude segs18:46
tormodhukka does apt crash as well?18:46
Hukkatormod: Doesn't happen everytime with aptitude either18:46
hsarciDr_Willis, blur will blur anything that is behind someting using an alpha(or opaque) effect18:46
Hukkatormod: So not so far, but doesn't rule it out18:46
amgarchIn9does standby work properly on your 9.10? Check by "echo standby > /sys/power/state" Mine hangs up for "standby" but works with "mem" and "disk" suspends.18:46
tanathglad mine's ok. i love my aptitude :P18:46
HukkaI don't think it has to do with aptitude, really18:46
HukkaMust be a hw failure18:46
tanathmy suspend failed to resume today18:47
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
HukkaCould explain my other quirky problems compiling kernels and my not working nVidia acceleration18:47
tormodHukka, and deleting /var/cache/apt/*.bin does not help?18:47
Hukkatormod: Just running the same aptitude command immediately again helps18:47
tanathi figured it was the fact that i upgraded teh kernel without rebooting18:47
HukkaSo it's a very transient problem18:47
tormodvery strange18:47
stpereHukka: with a beta distro, you can't really rule out a software bug18:47
hsarciamgarchIn9, my standbay works fine18:47
Hukkastpere: I suppose, yeah18:48
tormodstpere, it is not beta anylonger :)18:48
tormodwe're close to release...18:48
HukkaBut what other tests could I run on hw?18:48
stperetechnically iyt still is18:48
HukkaFor example to make sure the sata controller is not corrupting data18:48
stpereuntil the 22, then it will be release candidate :)18:48
tormodHukka, running another distro/version would be a good hw test18:48
Hukkatormod: I installed Karmic last night, after problems with debian, actually...18:49
HukkaThough that's not that much different18:49
joaopintonemo, is that source final ? just to be sure because it's not listed on the website yet18:49
tormodHukka, I see. then replacing hw parts one by one... memory etc18:49
Hukkatormod: Which is a bit too costly to be feasible, for anything else than hw and memory :/18:50
stperefor what it's worth, it really feels beta to me :)18:50
HukkaIs there really no test that would continously write on hd and read it back, to test the controller for example?18:50
tormodHukka, compiling the kernel is a great stress test :)18:51
Ghonemight be a good idea to run memtest86 first18:51
Hukkatormod: That seems to work. Or well, at least I've managed to make a kernel I can boot into in the last 72 hours18:51
Hukka(Not thanks to the kernel-package, curse the debian maintainers...)18:51
rob0there is badblocks(8), but it's of doubtful use for modern error-remapping hard drives.18:51
dupondjeIsn't there a Eclipse PDT package for Ubuntu Karmic ?18:51
rob0What is the real problem you're seeing?18:52
rob0"not working nVidia acceleration", I would ask nvidia.18:53
rob0also: 17:48 < tormod> Hukka, running another distro/version would be a good hw test18:53
Hukka:/ Any idea which non debian derivative would be the least akward?18:54
HukkaDon't say RH18:54
joaopintouh, changing distros is an hw integrity test ?18:54
ikoniaclearly not18:54
GhoneHukka: what nVidia card are you using?18:54
nemojoaopinto: is listed now18:55
nemojoaopinto: as are torrents18:55
nemobut yes, is final18:55
nemojoaopinto: sorry. was busy in #hedgewars :-/18:55
amgarchIn9does "xrandr --output LVDS  --mode 1024x768" changes the resolution of your LCD?18:56
Hukkarob0: I did ask them. The problems I've seen so far are: a few random crashes of aptitude, system freezing when trying to use any 3D features or two screens with nVidia driver, and some weird non-loading kernel modules with error "exec format error" (file said they were "data" not "ELF binaries")18:56
stperejoaopinto: the goal was to remove the "beta" from the equation18:56
HukkaGhone: GTX 26018:56
rob0Hukka might want a recent live CD / USB distro to test with. I wouldn't do an install, no.18:56
HukkaUnfortunately nv doesn't support high resolutions, otherwise I would use that. I even installed nouveau, but it18:57
Hukka's rendering is glitchy18:57
rob0huh? I use nv here, 1680x105018:57
Hukkarob0: 2560x160018:57
rob0and dual head18:57
dupondjeWhere to get Eclipse PDT ?18:57
HukkaDoesn't support duallink dvi resolutions, AFAIK18:57
GhoneHukka: Too new for my blood, but I've seen a few of my nVidia cards burn up in the past causing random seemingly unrelated problems.  If you've got another card you can use temporarily, or even on-board GFX it might be worth trying it.18:57
HukkaGhone: I'm in the middle of trying to find someone who still uses windows to test the card18:58
HukkaSeems to be a rare breed these days on people I know (apart from laptop/netbook users)18:58
rob0My card has VGA, DVI, and TV connectors, and it shows in the X log as three-headed, although I've only used two (VGA+DVI).18:59
HukkaBut anyway, I can't imagine that the 3d card could cause sw to segfault, nor corrupt installed modules19:00
joaopintostpere, beta is part of the hw integrity validation19:00
joaopintois not19:00
GhoneHukka, I've had 3 NV cards that caused weird problems.  Don't count it out.19:01
Hukka"Computers are deterministic" my ass... this is occassionally voodoo...19:01
GhoneIf that sucker got a little too hot once, it'll act as fruity as bad RAM.19:01
Pconfighey, i just upgraded to karmic beta from jaunty but the process didn't go smoothly. I wasn't on my computer when the crash happened but for some reason kdesudo crashed and the process hung. Now .. how can i be sure i have all packages needed and it didn't remove the old (unsupported) packages like gcc 4.319:02
dupondjeButtons broken in Java apps? Just installed Aptana here, and half of buttons I can't click with mouse, but can do by pressing enter19:10
BluesKajPconfig, close and reopen the terminal , do a :  sudo aptitude safe-upgrade19:12
GneXteRBah... can still not run xvid files =(19:13
rskGneXteR: tried mplayer filename in a terminal?19:13
GneXteRmay try19:14
PconfigBluesKaj: That did nothing, that's a good sign right?19:14
BluesKajok now , do a sudo aptitude update19:15
BluesKajany updates ready to upgrade?19:16
GneXteRrsk,  object file: No such file or directory19:16
PconfigBluesKaj: nope19:17
BluesKajPconfig, run,  sudo aptitude safe-upgrade to be sure19:17
balanceofcowardsre: problems with alternate CD - I burned a second CD, checked MD5 sums, checked the CD. Still can't install with the alternate CD. Is this a known error?19:17
PconfigBluesKaj: done, nothing again19:18
mfraz74using UNR Karmic, is there any reason why I've got Nvidia packages installed?19:18
BluesKajok Pconfig , you should be ok then19:18
PconfigBluesKaj; ok thanks. Any easy way to get rid of gcc 4.3 and other obslote packages?19:19
GneXteRrsk,  get only sound with VLC19:19
HukkaMail doesn't get sent, "exec error"... :/19:20
GneXteR[0xb7404b28] main decoder error: no suitable decoder module for fourcc `XVID'.19:20
HukkaThings are breaking right under me, and fast19:20
rskGneXteR: replace filename with the actual filename19:20
BluesKajPconfig, try sudo aptitude autoclean19:21
GneXteRI did19:21
rskGneXteR: is the file uppercase anyhow like a letter? that needs to be in the filename aswell19:21
rskGneXteR: try mplayer <autocomplete/tabbing> file19:22
GneXteRrsk, but I dont have mplayer... tryed to install but it couldnt because of some dep's19:22
GneXteRDid that19:22
rskok mplayer is installable here, so something else is bugged aswell19:22
GneXteRmplayer: Depends: libdirectfb-1.0-0 but it is not installable19:22
PconfigBluesKaj; already tried that19:22
GneXteRit doesnt play in totem or vlc either =(19:23
balanceofcowardsdid anyone actually perform a successful install with the alternate cd so far?19:24
GneXteRand Ubuntu-restricted-extras depends of mscorefonts which won't work19:24
balanceofcowardsThe menu even looks buggy to me - it probably should say "install" instead of "instald" and "Mainmenu" instead of "eainmenu"19:24
GneXteRHas anyone else managed to install ttf-mscorefonts-installer?19:24
BluesKajPconfig, if you are sure it's obsolete, there's an app that removes orphaned packages, but I've forgotten the name19:25
adam7balanceofcowards: did you put it in english?19:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about orphaned19:25
balanceofcowardsadam7: I chose English as language19:25
webbb82i have a weird bug in empaTHY when im instant messaging back and forth the window doesnt scroll down and follow the conversation i have to keep clickin the down arrow19:25
balanceofcowardsbut that doesn't matter. Install works with no language whatsoever19:25
BluesKajPconfig, apt/aptitude should remove obsolete pkges automatically , unless they were compiled from source19:26
PconfigBluesKaj: ok thanks, that means i'm fine19:29
BluesKajPconfig, http://ubuntu-tutorials.blogspot.com/2007/01/cleaning-up-ubuntu-gnulinux-system.html19:29
GneXteRthings are happening here19:34
GneXteRmany updates:p19:34
Kiptionso is the notify stuff supposed to blur if I mouse over it?19:34
LLStarksnotify is annoying if cups or your printer is acting up.19:37
Kiptionno printer attached19:38
Kiptionthe messages show up19:38
Kiptioni mouse over because i would think that would cause them to stay up so i can read them19:38
Kiptionbut they blur instead19:38
Kiptionand then disapeer19:38
Jordan_UKiption: The idea is that they should never get in the way of your work19:38
KiptionJordan_U: are there any configuration options for it that aren't installed by default?19:39
coz_hey guys  ..is that white ubuntu logo during boot  going to stay there?  please say no lol19:40
Jordan_UKiption: The whole idea of notify-osd is that the notifications are never interactive, so there is no option to make them interactive / not fade when you move the mouse over them19:41
mfraz74trouble is you can't read what's underneath  them19:43
Jordan_Umfraz74: You can if you move the cursor over them19:44
CPrgmSwR2should I file a bug for my no sound issue19:49
dtchenubuntu-bug alsa-base19:52
G_A_Chmm, I just got an error; apparently I need to notify you guys that my display server is broken, and there was a link to a gnome.org blog entry on blanking....19:56
brian_i am trying  to use gnome-do docky but it is so slow and lags i cant use it20:02
coz_hey guys ...for ubuntu software center I am getting this error   ImportError: /usr/lib/libwebkit-1.0.so.2: file too short20:06
coz_known bug ^^^ ??20:06
brian_does anyone els have gnome-do docky lag and very very slow20:09
coz_brian_,  sorry guy I dont use  gnome-do20:09
coz_brian_,  I could install and test here hold on20:10
brian_thanks that would be really nice of you20:11
mfraz74used to use gnome-do, but uninstalled it after i found it very slow in updating20:11
penguin42brian_: It's OK, took a second or two to come up that time - but I don't use it a lot, was much faster on reopening20:11
natewiebe132alright.. here is my issue.. ive got a computer here with 9.04 installed on it.. it has no optical drive, and there is no option to boot from a usb device.. ive got the 9.10 on a flash drive.. is there an entry i can add to grub to boot from the usb device?20:11
brian_when i hover the mouse over it it will lag for a split second20:12
coz_brian_,  how do you get this to use the docky thing20:14
wirechiefnatewiebe132: booting from usb comes from the bios20:14
LibertyIs there any place for a beggining programer to learn how to write c programs.20:14
brian_click on the triangle in the corner of the search box then preffs20:14
natewiebe132wirechief: yes.. and as i said, the bios has no option to boot from usb device20:14
penguin42natewiebe132: I think you should be able to use grub's chainboot option or you could specify the device20:14
brian_then goto the last tab and choose theme docky20:14
coz_Liberty,  you could start in the #programming   channel20:15
natewiebe132penguin42: any ideas how?20:15
penguin42natewiebe132: However, if the bios can't see the usb device you're stuck - I'd boot grub, get to the menu and then try tab completing the devices, see if it sees it as a block device20:15
Libertycoz lol thanks I'm new to this irc thing too20:15
wirechiefnatewiebe132: i think your stuck, however i think i saw something a while back from mcnlive that you could do it but you still needed a cdrom disk :(20:15
penguin42natewiebe132: The other possibility would be to copy the kernel/initrd into the /boot on your hard disc and add an entry into the grub to boot it - pointing the root to the usb20:15
coz_brian_,  ok which video card are you using     in terminal     lspci | grep -i vga20:16
natewiebe132penguin42: i have found a way of booting xp from a flash disk.. what changes would i need?20:16
brian_00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)20:17
wirechiefalso its possible if you do what is called fromiso , the iso resides on your hd, perhaps it would be similar and could be adapted20:17
penguin42natewiebe132: I'm about to disappear so haven't got time to do the full explanation; I'd say try seeing if grub can see the usb (try the tab complete) then if so I'd try a chainboot20:17
brian_coz_, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)20:17
brian_oops sorry for the double post20:17
coz_brian_,  all I can say is this is most likely a video issue  perhaps  set more memory for the intel video in the bios  but I am not sure   docky seems awkwared here  although I have a low end nvidia card  right now20:18
natewiebe132penguin42: alright.. thanks for the info20:18
brian_coz_, everything els doesnt lag  its only docky20:19
ThirtysixwayIs there any plan to release any torrents early as to help with download speeds on release day?20:19
wirechiefThirtysixway: you could use zsync it would update the local .iso20:21
Thirtysixwaywouldn't that invalidate the torrent because of hash checking?20:22
brian_coz_, go here and scroll down a little  how do i edit the xorg.conf file in karmic    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting20:22
coz_brian_,   yes I know about UXA  and EXA20:22
coz_brian_,  i dont have intel video here but if  EXA works then go for it :)20:23
brian_how do i edit xorg.conf last time i checked karmic koala doesnt have a xorg conf file20:23
BluesKajbrian_, you can run dpkg-configure xserver-xorg in the terminal or TTY , and that should generate an xorg.conf file20:25
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brian_it wont screw everything up will it20:26
shiznebiti was curious in top what does %wa stand20:26
brian_ dpkg-configure command not found20:27
brian_dpkg-configure: command not found20:28
shiznebitdpkg --configure20:28
brian_dang sorry again20:28
BluesKajbrian_, try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:28
BluesKajsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:29
brian_BluesKaj, it just droped down a line20:31
brian_nothing happen ed20:31
BluesKajclean install ?20:31
brian_i just did a week ago20:32
BluesKajbrian_, I guess it's obsolete , i don't have it anymor either20:33
brian_so how would i do this  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting20:33
BluesKajbrian_, try this in the run box if you're on kde , kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf , on gnome use the equivalent20:36
duffydackmy epson sx400 still doesnt detect scanner.. still needs iscan from epson..  hmmm20:38
sebsebseb 20:40
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=== und is now known as Frickelpit
webbb82ok sorry i had to reboot20:42
ikus060I have glxgears crashing here and I wonder how I can retrieve the core dump.20:43
webbb82you said try xorg.conf in the launch menu?20:43
ikus060Where is it supposed to be located20:43
BluesKajwebbb82, alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:44
BluesKajif you are running kde , on gnome I've forgotten the name of the text editor20:45
webbb82BluesKaj, ya that opened the xorg.conf20:45
coz_gedit is gnome's text editor20:45
BluesKajit's been 5 yrs :P20:45
X^rAYHi Guys, how yous doing.20:46
X^rAYAnyone any experience with Grub2?20:47
X^rAYA bit stuck with Grub2 on Karmic20:47
coz_X^rAY,  not much at this point   although for more info you could go to #grub channel :)20:47
coz_X^rAY,  what are you stuck with?20:47
X^rAYGood thinking coz! :)20:47
BluesKajdunno how much editing xorg is with the UXA now being the default20:47
X^rAYWell, just tried to install Gentoo on a separate partition20:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:48
coz_X^rAY,   did you run  sudo update-grub  ?20:48
X^rAYcoz: yep, and when I do that, it displays the Gentoo partition, but it never makes it into grub.cfg20:49
coz_X^rAY, mm  ok then  definilty go to #grub channel :)20:49
X^rAYcoz: Sound, cheers!20:49
X^rAYTake it easy all!20:49
jlillyhey guys. xorg is hovering at around 100% cpu usage. The only non-default I have is I'm using xmonad as my windowmanager. Any thoughts?20:49
robin0800X^rAY: did you edit /etc/default/grub20:49
jlilly(previous attempts to revert back to metacity or compiz haven't yielded a solution)20:50
Brian_ok coz_  or BluesKaj i need help i just did all that and now i cant login to my computer20:52
Brian_parse error on line 420:53
mfraz74what does line 4 say?20:54
Brian_i add'd this20:56
Brian_Section "Device"20:56
Brian_        Identifier    "Configured Video Device"20:56
Brian_        # ...20:56
Brian_        Option        "AccelMethod" "uxa"20:56
Brian_into xorg.conf and now i cant login20:56
Brian_i think i just have to del the xorg.conf file i made20:58
Brian_xorg.conf was empty before i add'd that to it20:58
JDahlHas anyone here figured out how to install acroread on 64bit?20:58
mfraz74there needs to be more in xorg.conf than those lines20:59
Brian_in karmic koala it uses somthing els thats why xorg.conf was empty but i dont know what to do now20:59
Brian_i cant login it says no such file or dir unable to connect to x server21:00
mfraz74can you still log in to terminal?21:01
ck773is there a better irc client for Ubuntu? Empathy doesn't work very well for me.21:01
FrickelpitIrssi ;)21:02
hacknslashck773, pidgin21:02
ck773matter of taste then :)21:02
BluesKajBrian_, are you at a TTY ? if so,  sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf then edit out what you added ...if you need help with graphics we can help . editing xorg doesn't do much anymore21:02
Brian_BluesKaj:  thanks so much21:03
shiznebitwhats Karmic use in place of xorg.conf21:03
Brian_ya im just trying to get gnome-do docky to not lag when i hover the mouse over it21:04
wirechiefX -config21:04
BluesKajbrian , ctrl + o saves your edit , ctrl + X , exits from the file , the do a startx21:04
joaopintoshiznebit, it automatically detects your devices, if you need you can still create a xorg.conf, it will be used21:04
Brian_joaopinto: i just did and it wouldnt let me login21:05
shiznebitjoaopinto, is it true that Xserver isn't root anymore21:05
shiznebitor did i miss read something21:06
joaopintoshiznebit, no it is not true21:06
arandWhen an application crashes, is the CoreDump really supposed to contain a partial listing of the contents of your home dir!?21:17
guntbertarand: that depends entirely on the app21:19
ransomhey everyone.  I am having a problem loading Karmic from a USB on my Eee PC 701.  xstart will fire up just fine, but when it comes time for GDM to start all I get is a blinking mouse cursor and an otherwise black screen.  Has anyone else had/heard of this problem?21:21
arandguntbert: I just reported a bug about brasero and it's spilling far to much beans in that crashdump, should this be reported against apport or brasero?21:21
jetienne!info python-django21:22
ubottupython-django (source: python-django): High-level Python web development framework. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 3777 kB, installed size 17760 kB21:22
guntbertarand: no idea about what brasero would "need to know" - but apport only takes what is already there in the dump - I *think* - I'd report against brasero first21:23
arandguntbert: hmm, yea, gonna ask in -bugs as well... I mean, listing contents of .quakelive, that's really something wronggoing there...21:26
guntbertarand: the listing cannot be prevented once the content is in brasero's memory - the question should be: "does it need that...?"21:28
duffydackwith my sx400 all in one, xsane wont detect scanner unless I run with gksudo/sudo.21:30
HukkaHow does one compile custom kernel in ubuntu?21:31
duffydackthats actually the case with 9.04 too,  but the "iscan" software from epson works...21:31
HukkaNot make-kpkg as in Debian?21:31
coz_anything on software-center  ...I keep getting  ImportError: /usr/lib/libwebkit-1.0.so.2: file too short21:31
HukkaThe resulting deb seemed to install fine, but the kernel can't boot. Instead it drops into busybox21:31
mfraz74coz_: i'm not getting that here21:32
HukkaSays it can't find init, so maybe something wrong in initramfs or mounting root21:32
guntbert!kernel | Hukka21:32
ubottuHukka: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages21:32
BUGabundog'nuit guys21:32
guntbertBUGabundo: its getting late around here too :)21:34
Hukkaguntbert: As far as I can see, the page says I should do what I did21:34
HukkaWith the small exception that I use INITRD in environment, not in commandline21:35
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guntbertHukka: PUEL never comes packed with a distro (as far as I know), you'd have to add an extra software source for it21:36
=== ElijahMenifee is now known as ElijahCMenifee
Hukkaguntbert: PUEL?21:36
rob0Probably means the wrong rootfs given as root= to the kernel.21:37
guntbertHukka: soory - wrong window - please ignore21:37
HukkaSo, anyway. I don't quite remember was init supposed to be run before or after pivot-root21:37
HukkaDepending on that either the created initramfs is missing the init binary, or for some reason doesn't pivot21:38
HukkaAh, now I got it21:38
HukkaThere's a message "EXT4-fs: sda2: not marked OK to use with test code"21:38
* Hukka goes googling21:39
DanaGweird... that message only exists in old kernels, back from when ext4 was called ext4dev.21:39
HukkaDanaG: This is an older kernel, 2.6.2721:40
HukkaI'm testing if a problem I have is a regression21:40
DanaGah yeah, you need to tune2fs -o test_fs /dev/sda221:40
DanaG... and each time you boot a newer kernel, it will reset that flag.21:40
Hukka-E, but yeah :)21:40
DanaGer, yeah, E.  whatever.21:40
ElijahCMenifeeThe funiest kernel message I ever saw was 'I cant find root and I want to Scream!', not sure who put that in their, or how many kernel releases it was there before it got changed back to a normal unable to find root.21:41
HukkaHmh, I have to run a bootchart, I think. Startup has gone way up since the pristine installation of only server minimals21:41
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
HukkaI wish fsck would be configured to give more feedback21:44
HukkaNow if the splash drops into fsck, you only see that a check is forced but will have no clue on how long it will take21:45
russlarHukka: yeah, there is a flag for fsck that will print a progress bar21:46
russlarHukka: I've no idea how to force the automated fsck to run with it21:47
DanaG"after installin" -- truncated topic.21:47
dtchenyour client stinks ;)21:47
dtchen          currently causing VirtualBox images to fail to reboot after21:47
dtchen          installing update21:47
ElijahCMenifeewhat is the command to determine the UUID of a partion?21:47
russlartune2fs -l will tell you21:48
Hukkarusslar: It did that in debian, I think also used to in ubuntu presplash days21:48
HukkaDetoriates from the boot experience quite a lot... "Is it stuck, did it crash?"21:48
HukkaI know that fscking 1.5 teras takes time, but I think normal users don't. Nor what is fsck21:49
russlarHukka: someone on here earlier had that exact issue21:49
russlarHukka: I got them to boot to a cd and fsck, and they were much happier21:50
ElijahCMenifeethere was a reason i switched to xfs, extreamly fast disk checks and very good online grow support in lvm (hopping ext4 is now decent in these areas...still testing)21:53
HukkaHmh, it doesn't seem to break with ctrl-c. That's bad21:53
russlartry ctrl+d21:54
HukkaUnless there's a lag21:54
Volkodavanybody uses exaile here ? Looks like minimal view is gone ( vs Jaunty ) and OSD colors do not switch correct21:55
MoopwaxWhenever I close my laptop ubuntu freezes up, I know that there was a fix for this for 9.04 but I can't find it, or any mention of it now.22:05
MoopwaxAny ideas?22:05
timberi reported a bug, the developers released a package that fixed it, but in my computer the bug still happening....how can i solve this?22:06
dtchenreopen the bug22:06
timberdtchen: i posted a message on launchpad...and you are the developer that released the bug22:07
dtchentimber: which bug?22:07
timberdtchen: released the package..sorry...the bug is 44760222:07
dtchenbug 44760222:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447602 in alsa-driver "Computer make a bip when sound file is open." [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44760222:08
ElijahCMenifeeLOL, think any developer is going to claim to have released a bug? Bug fixes maybee, new versions that may include uninted bugs, but actually release a bug?22:08
dtchentimber: are you still using power_save in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf ?22:08
timberElijahCMenifee: i said sorry22:08
dtchentimber: if so, remove both parameters, reboot, and see if the symptom is reproducible22:08
timber# Power down HDA controllers after 10 idle seconds22:09
timberoptions snd-hda-intel power_save=10 power_save_controller=N22:09
timberis this?22:09
dtchentimber: yes22:09
dtchentimber: you could just comment out the line entirely22:10
timberdtchen: ok...now i'll restart22:10
timberdtchen: thanks22:10
CrocoJetapport is working a lot in 9.10 !22:11
Moopwax1So, I installed powernowd and it still has the same issue.22:14
timberdtchen: it worked...thank you very much...and sorry for taking your time22:15
vakare there any means to rollback a killing update?22:15
vak(hi all)22:15
hsarciwill karmic beta users be able to upgade to the final verison once its released?22:15
rskhsarci: yes22:15
rob0Huh? I heard that beta users would be forbidden to do so. ;)22:16
Hukka*snif* Launchpad doesn't want my reports. "Something went wrong"22:18
BUGabundoHukka: press refresh22:18
duffydacksubmit a bug about launchpad22:18
HukkaBUGabundo: Yeah, it's refreshing still22:18
Hukkaduffydack: :)22:18
vakno way to restore a state of the last update?22:20
wild_oscarhi there!22:21
wild_oscaris there anyone else having issues with nfs-kernel-server?22:21
wild_oscarthe service is hanging at  "Starting NFS kernel daemon"22:21
ElijahCMenifeevak, with a lot of black magic, voodo, and cmd line snickery, you probably could but would need to boot in a Live-CD to have a valid running envrionment to do some apt-get removes and installs with specific packages to replace the stuff not offically supported see !downgrade22:22
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.22:22
vakElijahCMenifee: OK. I know the only feature that is missing since years in Ubuntu.22:23
BluesKajwild_oscar, there's a bug with nfs mounting , I dumped it and went with ssh instead22:23
HukkaSpeaking of launchpad, should I be able to comment on a bug by replying via mail?22:23
ElijahCMenifeeit would require looking in the logs in a chrooted mounteed broken system to figure out which packages to manually remove and find the older deb packaged to install22:23
HukkaI got a notification of a new comment to my inbox, and simply replied to that (seemed to have a reply-to address to the bug), but still can't see the bug updated22:24
wild_oscarBluesKaj: since when, do you know?22:25
timberis there a way to make default the wireless button off on startup? in my computer every time i start the computer, the wireless button appears active22:25
wild_oscarbecause I can't swear, but I believe I had it working today...22:25
ElijahCMenifeevak, by the way it appears that the virtualbox updates may have been fixed (at least for 64 bit mode) and a vbox is a good place to play/practice doing a downgrade since you can snapshot/backup before each try...22:25
BluesKajwild_oscar,that was a couple of weeks ago, it could be solved now , check launchpad22:26
vakElijahCMenifee: thanks for hint.22:27
ElijahCMenifeevak, the other option for a live system (assuming in place before the install) is lvm-snapshot or ZFS iscsi install so you can have backedup snapshots of a valid running system.22:28
timberdoes anyone knows if is there a way to make default the wireless button off on startup? in my computer every time i start the computer, the wireless button appears active22:30
ElijahCMenifeevak, Also if you know which set of packages broke the system please remember to report the bug22:30
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots22:30
vakElijahCMenifee: i've reported. But for me it is quite strange that I can't make something like:22:32
vakapt-get save-status22:32
vakand than if problem happens after the upgrade:22:33
vakapt-get restore-status22:33
HukkaWaiting for ZFS/btrfs22:33
Hukkavak: It's not quite trivial, but hopefully we won't have to wait long22:34
ElijahCMenifeevak, that would be a nice feature, you could get a lot of that power by doing a dpkg -l before and after to a file and doing a diff to get the packaged to downgrade...22:34
=== pcarmona is now known as moreback
panfistwhat kernel version is in karmic?22:36
Hukkapanfist: .3122:36
panfisti'm thinking of trying it22:36
ElijahCMenifeeHukka, off topic but no need to wait on ZFS OpenSolaris 2009.06 is quite nice for a file/NAS/samba server, still working on getting my karmic vbox to use OpenDS ldap for automount and user auth from my ZFS server...22:36
HukkaElijahCMenifee: Yeah, ot, in my opinion all the work I've had to do with OpenSolaris has been a huge PITA22:37
HukkaElijahCMenifee: Works as a file server, and nothing else22:37
HukkaBut let's leave it at that :)22:37
ElijahCMenifeeHukka, yeah it is much more difficult (or at least different from a linux prospective) but not sure what type of ZFS support we will see in linux with Linus's view on sepperation of volume management from fs layering....22:38
ElijahCMenifeeAnd I only use it as a file/NAS server22:39
HukkaElijahCMenifee: I was actually very surprised on what they are going to include in btrfs, given those exact remark on separation of tasks22:39
vakElijahCMenifee: I do understand it's not that easy to restore the system state 100% bu the state of the package versioning should be quite doable and routing work22:40
HukkaAnd no, I don't think we'll see ZFS in linux kernel, but btrfs seems to be progressing surprisingly fast compared to other filesystems22:40
panfistis it possible to upgrade to karmic from jaunty or do i have to reinstall from scratch?22:41
amon_vak: can't you simply write a shell script to do that22:41
ElijahCMenifeeYeah, me too btrfs looks nice.  Of course a clean room implementation of kernel ZFS is unlikly with btrfs progressing and licensing issues.22:41
panfistalso, once in the karmic beta, do you have to reinstall once the full release is available?22:41
timbersomebody could tell me how to disable the wireless button on startup?22:41
vakamon_: 5 years ago I'd immediately try to ;)22:41
ElijahCMenifeepanfist, no as long as an apt-get update/upgrade does not baddly break the system before the final release/22:42
Hukkapanfist: Upgrade from Jaunty will be explicitly supported, as for many users a complete reinstall is not feasible22:43
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading22:43
HukkaElijahCMenifee: One thing a friend mentioned could be the progress of zfs in freebsd and use debian with their kernel22:44
HukkaOf course, that gets you into the same muddy territory as with Nexenta22:44
HukkaBut at least kfreebsd is a supported platform in the next Debian release22:44
HukkaWow, the fsck finally got through... Now I can set that ext4 parameter and boot again...22:45
ElijahCMenifeeHukka, yeah but opensolaris already has a lot of gnu tools, and the kernel is still a big differnce (in some ways the OpenSolaris has the nicest kernel design but least support for hardward and freebsd is kinda inbetween on kernel design/driver support.22:45
BluesKaj!upgrade manager | panfist22:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about upgrade manager22:46
aleonHello, How can i achieve same effect as init 3 in upstart?22:47
=== Andre_Gondim-afk is now known as Andre_Gondim
BluesKaj!update manager22:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about update manager22:48
ElijahCMenifee!update | BluesKaj22:49
ubottuBluesKaj: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading22:49
BluesKaj!upgrade | panfist22:50
ubottupanfist: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading22:50
HukkaHm, running in .27, I get "unknown filesystem type ext4" when trying to mount my partitions22:51
HukkaHowever root is also ext4 and it was able to mount that...22:51
kklimondait's possible to make an ext4 partition that is still compatible with ext3 (and mountable as ext3)22:52
HukkaWell, it seems that the kernel was happy when I ordered the mount as ext4dev22:56
agent538is there somebody that can help me22:56
Hukkaagent538: Only God can help22:57
agent538if you get a key to import in synaptic as wath must you save de key ?22:57
ElijahCMenifeeagent538, depends on what you need help with...22:57
Hukka*krhm* Excuse me, don't know what got into me22:57
Hukka*sigh* Doesn't work even with an older kernel. Damn nVidia.22:59
wild_oscarare services still controlled by sysv-rc-conf ?23:00
wild_oscarservices startup, that is23:00
ElijahCMenifeeagent538, No experienced with importing keys via synaptic however, once it has been imported it should go on the key-ring for apt so original file should no longer be referenced23:00
ElijahCMenifeeagent538, What repo are you adding that has additional signing keys?23:01
steven_With the Ubuntu Software Center is there any need still for the Synaptic Package Manager?23:03
xmntI booted up into a new install of beta and just get a black screen - checked X11 and I have no xorg.conf23:03
xmntnot sure how to get my X running23:03
agent538xbmc \23:03
Hukkaxmnt: Xorg has been using dynamic configuration for quite a while. IT's only overridden by a static file23:06
ElijahCMenifeexmnt, take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log xorg.conf is no longer requried unless you are using nvidia and nvidia-settings to configure23:06
Hukkaxmnt: Did you check logs too and are you sure beta is the right choice for you?23:06
xmntwe'll I'm trying it out in a vm23:07
xmntso i'm not too worried about it not working23:07
ElijahCMenifeewhat vm are you using? virtualbox,vmware,xen,kvm,other?23:08
xmntwould like to get it working but I don't mess to much w/ xorg - it's always worked fine for me (nvidia)23:08
ElijahCMenifeenvidia stuff wont work inside a vm...23:08
Hukkaxmnt: Under a vm it doesn't use hw drivers, but vm related ones23:08
xmnto.k., so what would be the reason i get a blank screen in vm?23:09
HukkaCheck the logs23:09
ElijahCMenifeexmnt, also what vm are you using it inside of?23:09
xmntElijahCMenifee, virtualbox running inside of debian23:10
ElijahCMenifeexmnt check the virtualbox video memory amount, I set mine to 32MB I also enabled 3d acceleration (although I have not gotten arround to adding the guest additions23:11
ElijahCMenifeexmnt, also check that your host nvidia x is set to 24bit color(that may or may not help...)23:12
shawn_Does Microsoft Office 2007 no longer run in Karmic?23:16
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, uhh wrong os for MS stuff ;->23:16
shawn_ElijahCMenifee Crossover23:17
Lunisi just need to get grub reinstalled from this 9.10 beta livecd, but i can't seem to make any combination of grub-setup or grub-install to make that happen successfully23:17
td123shawn_: oo.o not working out for you? :)23:18
shawn_td123 I just installed it with crossover but it doesnt give me a Windows application in start like it did on Jaunty23:18
shawn_In Applications tab23:19
td123shawn_: go find it manually23:19
shawn_Where does it install?23:19
td123shawn_: just because the shortcut isn't there doesn't mean it dne :)23:19
td123shawn_: check .wine/23:19
td123and just follow the path to where it would be installed23:20
ElijahCMenifeedoes crossover use the .wine dir also?23:20
td123oh, I dunno23:20
td123never used crossover23:20
ElijahCMenifeemy firstguess (although i am not running crossover) would be .crossover or .wine-x or .wine-co ....23:21
td123shawn_: you might want to file a bug report if it used to add the icon and now it doesn't23:21
shawn_Would they be in home?23:21
shawn_td123 Yeah it did used to it used to add a bar under applications called "Windows applications"23:21
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, yes in your home dir do a ls -a to see all the DOT dirs23:21
RoyallIs 9.10 save to use yet? My computer can't seem to handle any more .0423:22
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, that would be a good place to start23:22
td123Royall: wait for it to come out if you're worried about safety23:22
Royallcompiz is dead, deluge is dying, firefox is long gone23:22
td123Royall: what are you talking about?23:23
td123compiz is alive, dunno about deluge, and firefox is only gone in steve job's dreams23:23
RoyallMy compiz is no longer working at all. My Deluge client is slow with its >1000 torrents. Firefox.. I have two different versions of the newer releases, Shiretoko and that other one23:24
RoyallI meant on my own computer23:24
Lunisboth of you == fail23:24
shawn_ElijahCMenifee, Cant seem to find an actual starting file here... Would it be a windows .exe?23:24
Lunisdelete some friggin torrents23:24
td123Lunis: how do i fail?23:25
Lunisfor not paying attention to his prevous posts ;P23:25
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, yeah but you need to figure out the crossover wine command to launch the exe, or look for a shortcut file to launch it23:25
shawn_ElijahCMenifee, Cant seem to find one X_X23:26
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, try doing `cxoffice nameofwinfile.exe`23:26
RoyallOkay, removing about 500 torrents :P23:26
td123Lunis: I don't watch this channel constantly...23:26
td123Royall: btw, why would you have 1000+ torrents running if you don't even have the bandwidth for them23:26
RoyallI probably do23:27
RoyallIt's just slow from all the torrents23:27
td123Royall: no you don't23:27
Lunistd123: you were active just before and after his first posts, but regardless, i'm mostly just teasing23:27
Royalltd123: I upload torrents, so I have to keep torrents seeded23:27
td123Royall: ya but 1000+ running torrents is just stupid23:27
Lunisuploading 1000 torrents at half a kb each is useless23:27
shawn_ElijahCMenifee, Found The EXCEL one but no others X_X23:28
RoyallNot when you're uploading ebooks23:28
td123Royall: still dumb23:28
ElijahCMenifeeshawn_, you might want to join #crossover to get help with command line based launching since it did not create launch icons, people in that channel would probably know more about crossover specific stuff and MS Office 200723:29
Lunis500kb files at .5kb a second == 10 minutes to download half a meg, assuming bandwidth is getting evenly rationed, and there is no more than one leech per torrent23:29
Lunisversus the 2 minutes it would take to download it from some filesharing site found on google :/23:30
cwillu_at_workCan somebody assist me with a cron/anacron problem?  Something seems to have gone wonky recently, where my daily cron jobs all start at 8am instead of 4am, despite the usual crontab entries being correct23:32
td123are ati drivers in 9.10 excellent?23:32
ElijahCMenifeeLunis, it is unlikly that all 1000+ torrents are going at the same time....probaly has connection count limits however that is a lot of cpu/memory processing for the computer to use  to maintin the list of torrents...23:32
Ian_Cornecurrent update wants to remove rtkit..23:33
ElijahCMenifeeIan_Corne, only for a dist-upgrade...23:33
Ian_Cornei usually go with that23:34
Ian_Corneunless it wants to remove something23:34
Ian_Corneonce i forgot and grub-pc was removed :p23:34
ElijahCMenifeeIan_Corne, my auto upgrade is set to only apply upgrade and message me if anything is ever held back so I can manually review...Are you using rtkit for anything ;-)23:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rtkit23:36
Ian_CorneElijahCMenifee: no23:36
Ian_Cornenot yet23:36
Ian_Corneisn't it a daemon that runs to check for rootkits?23:36
ElijahCMenifeeMy vbox system still appears stable with a dist-upgrade23:37
Lunisit's the "RealTimeKIT"23:37
Ian_Corneaha :p23:37
Ian_Corneand what does that do?23:37
cwillu_at_work!info rtkit23:37
ubotturtkit (source: rtkit): Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 29 kB, installed size 188 kB23:37
Ian_Cornewonder what uses iit23:38
ElijahCMenifeenothing now ....23:38
ElijahCMenifeeat least not on my system.23:38
Ian_Corne$ apt-cache rdepends rtkit23:39
Ian_CorneReverse Depends:23:39
Ian_Corne  pulseaudio23:39
Ian_Cornethat can't be good :p23:39
Lunisbah. anyone know how to use the new grub's tools to reisntall grub? >.>23:39
cwillu_at_workIan_Corne, pulseaudio isn't configured to use realtime by default, that's probably a corrected dependency to reflect that23:39
Ian_Cornecwillu_at_work: ok23:39
ElijahCMenifeeon my system the dist-upgrade installed new pulse-audio and reverse depend no longer lists pulse-audio23:39
Lunishow about a more specific command? no matter how i run grub-install it always fails >.<23:40
cwillu_at_workLunis, how about a more specific question?  :p23:40
Lunisfair enough23:40
Ian_Cornei think he needs to reinstall grub into the mbr23:40
Lunisi'm running a livecd, had to reinstall XP, XP's bootloader has taken over. I need to reinstall grub to the MBR and point it to my current grub installation from the livecd23:41
cwillu_at_workhave you chrooted to the current install from the livecd?23:41
cwillu_at_work(including the proc and sys dirs?)23:41
Lunisno, but only because i'm not sure what the correct process for chrooting properly is23:42
Ian_Cornedo you need to chroot to install a grub bootloader?23:42
Lunisplus i wasn't sure if chrooting was the way to do it, since in grub1 it wasn't neccesary23:42
ElijahCMenifeecwillu_at_work, thats what I forgot last time...proc...no wonder I had no more luck then lunisw23:42
cwillu_at_workmount /dev/sda1 /mnt (or whichever); mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev; mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc; mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys; chroot /mnt23:43
Ian_Corne /proc and /dev/23:43
Ian_Corne /sys too?23:43
Ian_Cornemight as well :p23:43
cwillu_at_workcan't hurt, and I can see stuff breaking if sys isn't there23:43
Ian_Cornebut why do you need to chroot in order to install grub?23:43
ElijahCMenifeegrub2 appears to work differently....23:44
cwillu_at_workIan_Corne, you don't, but if you want the easy-to-use tool to work, it needs to find things in the right place23:44
Ian_Cornelets see if i can install plugins to eclipse yet :)23:44
Ian_Corneoh right23:44
Ian_Cornelike put the /etc/default/grub stuf23:44
cwillu_at_workIan_Corne, I _think_ you can just mount, and then tell grub-install where you're mounted, and where it's _really_ mounted, but I just don't know off-hand :p23:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about timeleft23:44
Ian_Corneanyone know a list of commands? :D23:45
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots23:45
Ian_Corne10 days :)23:45
cwillu_at_workubottu, favorite is spelled "favourite"23:45
cwillu_at_workforgot that was the syntax to send factoid edits to -ops :p23:46
Lunisalrighty gents, let's see if it worked D:23:46
thiebaudewhat is eclipse?23:47
cwillu_at_workjava editor, mainly23:48
Ian_Cornewell, it's an IDE for alot of stuff23:49
Ian_Cornethere's probably even people using it to run tomcat servers from :p23:49
cwillu_at_work... it's a java editor with plugins for other languages that are generally immature :p23:49
Ian_Corneit has a C++ plugin :p23:50
Ian_CorneI think it has a plugin for just about any language probably23:51
Ian_Cornedid it work Lunis23:51
Luniswell then... grub's good to go, but now XP x64 crashes mid-boot, but only after putting grub back in the MBR23:51
Ian_Cornebrr xp 6423:51
Ian_Cornei think update manager just crashed :p23:52
cwillu_at_workIan_Corne, -> mvo, when he's around23:53
Ian_Cornedon't have any logs23:53
Ian_Corneor anything23:53
cwillu_at_worksweet, 2.6.29 will still boot karmic23:53
paul1need help with reinstalling grub in ubuntu 9.10... i get error 15 when i try to reinstall it23:54
* cwillu_at_work does 2.6.29 testing with a bunch of serial adapters23:54
cwillu_at_workheh, touchpad doesn't work though23:54
Ian_Cornewhy the older kernel cwillu_at_work ¿23:55
Ian_Cornewtf how did i typo the ? upside down23:55
Lunisis it possible for a touchpad to not be multi-finger capable?23:55
cwillu_at_workLunis, yes23:56
Lunisgot used to multi-finger on my previous laptop23:56
cwillu_at_workIan_Corne, troubleshooting the kernel driver for some usb serial adapters, and the problem report is originally on a 2.6.29 kernel23:56
DanaGIt sucks.... Synaptics now DISABLES multi-finger features if the OEM doesn't pay for them.23:56
Lunisdisables, you say?23:57
DanaGIt sucks... I have a P3-Celeron-based laptop that can do multi-finger... yet my Core 2 Duo one can't?23:57
paul1anyone help plx23:57
paul1need help with reinstalling grub in ubuntu 9.10... i get error 15 when i try to reinstall it23:57
DanaGYeah, there's some kind of firmware that makes it not support or report multiple fingers.23:57
Lunissounds like a job for some bored hackers23:57
DanaGI'd even pay Synaptics themselves, if they gave me the option, to get back my danged multi-finger features.23:58
Lunisyeah for serious23:58
* cwillu_at_work two finger scrolls in front of DanaG 23:59
* DanaG currently uses fake-two-finger.23:59

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