kblinmrooney: exaxctly the matter of finger-pointing between distros and upstream is unhelpful :)01:10
kblinin a late reply to the wine upstream vs. wine ubuntu versions01:11
kblinhowever people using the latest wine version from the wine deb source are always free to file wine bugs in the wine bugzilla01:12
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Jaybuz1I got bug!01:42
micahgWhat is the bug?01:48
micahgyes, I saw the image, please describe the issue01:52
Jaybuz1Cursor glitches in random areas of the screen01:53
Jaybuz1when I tried recording a video of them it didn't show up01:53
micahgJaybuz1: I've got to run right now, but I should be back in a few hours if no one else can help01:58
micahgJaybuz: was someone able to help you?03:49
Jaybuzeverybody's dead03:50
micahgso is this only with firefox03:50
micahgno, it's the weekend03:50
micahgthis is the slow night03:50
Jaybuzit's just graphical glitch03:50
micahgare you using a custom theeme?03:50
micahgwhat version of Ubuntu?03:51
Jaybuzthe pic incase you want to see it again http://cdn.solidfiles.net/i/005.jpg03:51
micahgwhat video chipset?03:51
JaybuzATI Radeon X180003:53
micahgare you using fglrx or the free version?03:54
JaybuzWhats that?03:55
micahgthe driver for your video card?03:55
JaybuzI dunno03:56
JaybuzFree i guess03:56
micahgdoes dpkg -l | grep fglrx show anything?03:57
Jaybuzii  fglrx-modaliases                           2:8.600-0ubuntu2                          Identifiers supported by the ATI graphics dr03:58
micahgI'm still not sure where to file this....03:59
micahgso you see a jagged edge randomly, right?04:00
Jaybuzthats the cursor04:00
Jaybuzi got more pics04:00
Jaybuz1 sec04:00
Jaybuzit's like a bar on my screen and if the mouse goes in it's smudges it04:02
Jaybuzthey appear randomly then sometimes my cursor goes crazy and it's like the loop hol mouse04:03
Jaybuzlike the first picture04:03
micahgugh...I'm not really sure...the best thing would probably to check with #ubuntu-x, not sure if anyone will answer before monday04:04
* micahg mainly deals with Firefox04:04
Jaybuzit's not a big problem04:05
Jaybuzjust weird04:05
micahgok, so, check with them on Monday they're the X experts04:05
JaybuzIt could be dual screen04:22
* micahg has used dual screen without issue04:23
micahgwow, 70k bugs07:00
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RoadRunnRhi, anyone here that could help with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/453330 ???10:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 453330 in bash "[Karmic] pipes are somewhat brocken" [Undecided,New]10:41
spaghettiI am running Koala12:49
spaghettiI had a segv on a common dpkg, apport popped up and asked if I'd report, I said yes.  Then gdb goes to 100% for an hour and nothing happens12:50
spaghettiWonder if that's happening a lot...I reported another bug with apport from the same machine12:50
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xteejxmicahg, hey micah are you around?16:46
xteejxanyone here at all?16:47
xteejxJaybuz: hey16:48
JaybuzI disabled my second monitor and the glitches has gone16:48
xteejxJaybuz: huh?16:49
JaybuzI was geting weird cursor glitches16:49
xteejxJaybuz: is this relating to a bug report?16:49
JaybuzI was talking with micahg yesterday16:50
xteejxoh right, i just tried to grab his attention, not sure if he's available16:50
xteejxmicahg, are you here?16:50
xteejxJaybuz: looks very strange, have you filed a bug report?16:51
Jaybuzi think micahg was going to but didn't know what to report it as16:52
navigrrr .... some days ago my audio driver get crush . Now I have only glitch like in wrong sample rate/latency . Someone here can say how to back to default or reinstal my audio ?16:52
Jaybuz(04:02:30) Jaybuz: it's like a bar on my screen and if the mouse goes in it's smudges it16:52
Jaybuz(04:03:07) Jaybuz: they appear randomly then sometimes my cursor goes crazy and it's like the loop hol mouse16:52
Jaybuz(04:03:22) Jaybuz: like the first picture16:52
Jaybuz(04:04:20) micahg: ugh...I'm not really sure...the best thing would probably to check with #ubuntu-x, not sure if anyone will answer before monday16:52
Jaybuz(04:04:50) ***micahg mainly deals with Firefox16:52
xteejxJaybuz: if it only happens in firefox, mark it against firefox-3.5 in karmic otherwise firefox-3.0 and if it's system wide problem, report it against xorg... just do "apport-bug -p " leave a space and put whichever it is, it'll grab all the required info16:53
xteejxnavi: !help16:53
xteejx!help | navi16:53
ubot4navi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:53
xteejxdont worry wrong one, for support help please ask in #ubuntu, if you want to file a bug report, please go to http://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu16:54
xteejxnavi: ^^16:54
navixteejx, I asked , but they ignored me ...16:55
navi3 times16:55
xteejxnavi: have you filed a bug report or question in launchpad?16:55
xteejx!bug | navi16:56
ubot4navi: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots16:56
JaybuzOk I re-enabled my second monitor and it's fine16:56
xteejxAm I the only bug control here? any triagers in at all?16:57
navixteejx, can you just say how to quick reinsrall audio ?16:58
xteejxnavi: reinstall audio?? i don't even know how it would be removed!16:58
xteejxjust undo whatever you did....16:59
navixteejx, but I don't remember what I done XD17:00
xteejxnavi: then i really woldn't know where to start to be honest, your best bet is to file a bug report17:00
xteejxnavi: obviously assuming its an ubuntu problem, if you think it's something you might have done, then theres an answers section on launchpad, or #ubuntu....thats all i can say reallt17:01
navifull ubuntu reinstalation will be faster XD17:01
xteejxnavi: if you can afford to do that, then maybe its a good idea ;)17:02
JaybuzI tried apport-bug -p and it says no command found?17:02
xteejxJaybuz, what version of Ubuntu are you using?17:03
xteejxok, and is this bug just in firefox, or is it system wide?17:03
Jaybuzwhole system17:07
Jaybuzi know it's something todo with my dual screen17:07
xteejxcan you run "apport-collect -p xorg" from the terminal so it can file a bug17:09
xteejxyou will need to give it full permissions in launchpad, and you might need to install python-launchpad-lib17:10
Jaybuz:~$ apport-collect -p xorg17:13
JaybuzUsage: apport-collect [options] <Launchpad bug number>17:13
Jaybuzapport-collect: error: incorrect number of arguments; use --help for a short online help17:13
xteejxoops sprry17:13
xteejxapport-bug -p xorg17:13
xteejxsorry about that17:13
Jaybuzcommand not found...17:13
xteejx-p is deprecated lol17:14
xteejxapport-bug xorg17:15
Jaybuzcommand not found?17:16
xteejxcommand not found for apport-bug????17:16
xteejxahhhhhhh just checked17:17
xteejxubuntu-bug xorg17:17
xteejxin karmic you can use either ;)17:18
ubot4Launchpad bug 454778 in xorg "Graphical cursor glitches with dual screen. (Whole system not just firefox)" [Undecided,New]17:28
xteejxJaybuz: that should do it :)17:31
dtchenwow, that's a crackton of audio bugs since Beta18:10
* penguin42 is trying to track down where to report a power-management/hal/quirk related bug and would appreciate a hand; I can see there are disagreements in /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d with the naming of a quirk and what comes out of my lshal - but I'm not sure which one is the proble,18:36
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micahgxteejx: it's ubuntu-bug :)19:15
penguin42ok my vga quirk is already there against pm-utils as #374389 (I just confirmed it) - although it could be hal that's wrong19:18
xteejxmicahg: awake now then? lol :)19:24
micahgyeah :)19:24
xteejxno-ones been on all day, been needing help19:25
micahgah, yeah, same as last night, it's the slow time :)19:26
xteejxwhys that? thought it would be more active so close to release19:26
dtchenxteejx: we have lives19:31
dtchenmeaning, not everyone wants to work on Ubuntu in their non-work hours ;)19:31
xteejxdtchen: of course, just thought at least 1 person in europe triaged, i.e. daytime hours in the UK19:34
micahgnot on sunday :)19:34
dtchenSunday is not a work day in most Western cultures19:34
xteejxi keep forgetting its a sunday, i been doing that all weekend lol19:34
xteejxi'm in a western culture ;)19:35
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andbeloI found a problem in the karmic beta, could someone tell me what would be the right package to file a bug against? The bug: Nautilus keeps showing a LVM2 volume to be mounted when the partitions are all aoready mounted.20:42
mrooneyandbelo: hm that is a good question, perhaps gvfs or nautilus20:49
mrooneyYou could use ubuntu-bug to file it against nautilus initially, then open up a task for the suspected gvfs20:49
mrooneybut having a task for nautilus means the nautilus person will see it and probably know the right one if it isn't nautilus' fault20:49
andbelook, thanks for the answer mrooney. I think I'll try "ubnrutu-bug gvfs" because I find weird Nautilus be the direct responsible...20:50
mrooneyright, the idea there is that if it isn't the nautilus maintainer probably knows what is20:51
mrooneybut your call :)20:51
arandI recently reported a bug against brasero, and looking through the data in coredump there is far to much there that brasero has no business in, even less so logging and sending with a bugreport, should this be reported against the brasero (ubuntu) package?21:24
BUGabundog'nuit guys21:33
joaopintocan someone reproduce bug 454879 ?21:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 454879 in hedgewars "hedgewars process uses 100% cpu with libsdl1.2debian-alsa installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45487921:35
KmosCould someone make bug 427828 public?21:44
ubot4Kmos: Bug 427828 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/427828 is private21:44
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dtchenwhat is this? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/352732/comments/6323:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 352732 in pulseaudio "[jaunty] Sound muted after boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:43
dtchenerr, sorry23:43
dtchenspam? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/94005/comments/723:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 94005 in firefox "firefox crash [@NP_Shutdown] [@_dl_fini] ... [@gdk_x_io_error] [@_XIOError] (dup-of: 69931)" [High,Incomplete]23:44
ubot4Launchpad bug 69931 in firefox "MASTER firefox crash [@NP_Shutdown] [@Flash_EnforceLocalSecurity] -- libflashplayer.so" [Unknown,Confirmed]23:44

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