DarxusJust started building.00:01
Darxusfeniix: Hah.00:01
DarxusOh, neat, all the ppas.00:02
DarxusLooks like 3,158 of them.00:03
Darxusfeniix: My updated linux-bfs-bfq packages just finished building in my ppa.04:32
tiger2wanderHello everybody!06:24
tiger2wanderCould you talk to me what new in Ubuntu Karmic kernel?06:25
tiger2wanderMy current version is: 2.6.31-14-generic #4706:26
hyperairis anyone here involved in the PM stack of the kernel?08:53
hyperairi've been trying out tuxonice for the past few days and have noted that tuxonice resumes *extremely* fast compared to uswsusp and the kernel method ubuntu uses. however, for some reason or other tuxonice won't get accepted in the mainline kernel.08:55
hyperairsomething i've noted however is that while tuxonice appears to take less time, it's mostly because uswsusp and the kernel method take ages to swap out stuff after resuming08:55
hyperairas in, it resumes for ~half a minute, and then it swaps out for another two to three minutes.08:55
hyperairso anyway, something i was thinking about was that if more pages are copied out of the swap during the resuming process instead of allowing it to all be swapped out later, it'd end up faster.08:57
hyperairor we could just have the tuxonice patch applied onto the ubuntu kernel and use that instead, since it appears to have support for usplash and works really fast (we're trying to get ubuntu to work faster after all)08:58
AceLanhyperair: hihi, I also using the tuxonice patch on karmic kernel, it's really good09:32
hyperairi was hesitant while i didn't compile kernels, but as long as i'm using PHC, i'll have to continue compiling kernels so i figured i might as well test out tuxonice =p09:33
AceLanhyperair: I have a tuxonice branch, if you would like to keep up with karmic, you can try to use my branch # http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=acelan/ubuntu-karmic.git;a=summary09:34
hyperairnah, i'm following the zen kernel09:34
hyperairbut thanks anyway =)09:34
hyperairbut i think it'd be really beneficial to ubuntu if we used the patch in ubuntu09:35
AceLanyou can raise this issue on ubuntu kernel mailing list09:35
hyperairhmm maybe i should eh09:35
AceLanso that we can discuss this further09:35
hyperairare there any discussions i should know about before doign that, though?09:35
hyperairi mean when i was having my uswsusp vs kernel method arguments with some other ubuntu developers, it seemed as if it was discussed a lot already and for some reason or other (that i still don't understand) we're using the kernel method and no other09:36
AceLanI don't know if the kernel team discuss this issue before09:37
hyperairwho's in charge of PM stuff anyway?09:37
hyperairwhen i was still poking around, i saw a bunch of random names, but no real team working on it09:38
hyperairand when it comes to hibernating/suspending issues, there really are a lot09:38
hyperairaside from hibernating being painfully slow by default09:38
AceLanI think Tim Gardner is in charge of karmic kernel now09:39
AceLanand after karmic released, Stefan Bader will take over it09:39
hyperairthe kernel or suspend/hibernate or both?09:40
hyperairi see09:40
AceLanbut I think it's too late to add tuxonice to karmic kernel09:40
hyperairyes, i understand that.09:40
AceLanmaybe lucid09:40
AceLanthe 10.1009:41
hyperairso there is a possibility then09:41
AceLanreise this issue early has more chance to add it09:41
hyperairif someone could raise it at some UDS or other it'd be awesome09:42
hyperairand since i'm at the other end of the world, i don't exactly feel up to dropping by uds09:42
AceLanplease send an email to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com , I'll followup add some comment09:42
AceLanI'll attend UDS and maybe make an demo to kernel team09:43
AceLanbut my English is not so good09:43
AceLanso... I don't know if I could make enough attention09:44
hyperairit's worth a try imo09:46
AceLansure, I'll try it09:46
* AceLan &09:49
hyperairAceLan: i've just posted09:59
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