cprofittping pleia201:59
Saj0577cprofitt: she at meetings all weekend i think02:10
cprofittI got part of a course done... want to review Saj0577 ?02:10
Saj0577yeah sure linky?02:10
Saj0577i managed to do a bit more today but mailing list mods need to forward my messages :(02:11
cprofittyou can use liveID to login.02:11
cprofittdo you have an account on the learn.ufbt.net site?02:12
Saj0577cnt remember mine 2mins02:12
Saj0577nope i dont02:12
cprofittUse the openID option and I will grant you rights then02:12
Saj0577argh right just do the info page02:13
cprofitthold on...02:13
cprofittI need to make an account for you it seems02:13
Saj0577hang on i just created one cprofitt02:14
Saj0577but you will need to give me rights etc i assume?02:15
cprofittshould be set now to look at it02:17
Saj0577nope will log out and back in02:17
Saj0577working now02:18
Saj0577so you done the review quiz as well?02:19
cprofittyes -- just for the first section.02:19
cprofittI still need to do the others...02:20
cprofittyou can 'take' the quiz if you want.02:20
Saj0577take it now then see what it like :)02:20
Saj0577its good i like it and im liking the idea :)02:22
Saj0577so could i create quizes liek that for people to do after i taught them my lessons?02:22
cprofittif you plan on running an IRC lesson...02:22
cprofittwe would setup a course...02:22
cprofittyou could link them to resources to read prior to the live session02:22
Saj0577cprofitt: yeah, im planning on doing most of the courses via irc.02:23
cprofittor create resources inside the course02:23
cprofittthen give the live session02:23
cprofittthen have them go do a quiz or an activity02:23
cprofittYou can even give them assignments...02:23
Saj0577and could i check their scores afterwards that possile?02:23
cprofittand have the live sessions be 'help' assignments02:23
cprofittyes... scores can be recorded02:23
Saj0577cool make it so much easier and better :D. cos giving them each a quiz over irc could take hours lol02:24
cprofittI will create more inside that course over the next 24-48 hours02:25
cprofittI also have to work on some security courses.02:25
Saj0577so if i plan the FG courses, will i be able to get a section on there where i can keep the FG resources?02:26
cprofittYes... I can upgrade you to a course author...02:29
cprofittthen you can make courses.02:29
cprofittYou might want to go through the two moodle courses02:29
cprofittthen ask me to upgrade your account.02:29
Saj0577okay will do02:29
cprofittsorry... only one02:30
cprofittthe other was a test course I walked pleia2 and doctormo through02:31
Saj0577which link do i click on that page lmfao!02:31
cprofittthere should only be one now02:32
cprofittvideo training02:32
Saj0577these bit of a joke lol02:33
Saj0577that must be a computer voice! lol02:34
cprofittsounds real to me ... real bad02:35
Saj0577poor wife listenig to that lol02:36
* Saj0577 *yawnss*02:38
Saj0577if our videos are this bad we will be hated haha02:40
doctormoSaj0577: What bad?02:41
Saj0577doctormo: just doing the videos on ufbt website02:41
doctormoah ok02:42
Saj0577im only on lesson 2 jeez02:42
Saj0577the noise of him typing is annoying too lol02:43
cprofittits one of the things we need to replace...02:47
cprofittbut it was a good 'example' course...02:47
cprofittand if you can get past the 'sound' it does have the information02:48
Saj0577seriously it make su sleepy lol02:48
Saj0577self explanatory most of this02:49
Saj0577on this course page there is a spellingmistake it says videeo02:52
cprofittthat would be my mistake02:52
cprofittactually... no...02:53
cprofittnot seeing the error...02:53
Saj0577 Add a Document Videeo02:53
cprofittgot it02:53
Saj0577he sounds as if he getting tired haha02:54
Saj0577cprofitt: also adding a link video is actually the video for adding a document02:56
cprofittthat was on the course creator...03:01
cprofittanything inside was uploaded...03:01
cprofittsounds like we should scrap that one03:01
Saj0577yep/ almost done :D03:01
Saj0577yeah a few of the videos are identical03:03
Saj0577all done WOOOO03:06
cprofittso we need to re-write that course...03:08
Saj0577yeah definately. there are a 3/4 videos that are identical.03:09
Saj0577the url and title right etc but the flash or w/e it is is wrong thats embedded03:09
cprofittupgraded your account to course creator...03:09
cprofittyou can add a course now and play with making one.03:09
Saj0577okays. wow the page changed a bit there before i read what you put.03:10
Saj0577cprofitt: got a quesiton if you got a minute?03:19
cprofittshoot Saj057703:32
Saj0577Right the LP group for the FG is moderated but can i make a branch in it that anyone can upload to?03:32
cprofittNot sure... I have not done that.03:33
Saj0577hum il have a fiddle around03:33
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