mrooneyyeah, well I saw YokoZar seems to be a maintainer of the PPA but also works on the Ubuntu package, so I thought I'd ask how to handle it00:03
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YokoZarmrooney: jdong: If it's a packaging bug it's basically my problem alone so wherever I see it would be good.  I look at launchpad more than winehq so i would prefer it there.01:06
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denndaHi. Any intention of getting the latest VTK (5.4) into karmic? at the moment, there is no vtk at all13:12
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ScottKdennda: We do have VTK: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vtk/5.2.1-10ubuntu1 - At this point the only way I think we'd update is if it fixed the build failures with 5.2 and someone could test the reverse depends.16:35
SquideshiUnder what circumstances should one seek to have a package included in the Ubuntu repositories, rather than the Debian repositories?16:45
wrapsterwhat is the difference in using dpkg-buildpackage -k<keyid> and -p<sign cmd>16:46
RainCTSquideshi: almost none :)16:48
wrapsterdidnt quite understand it..16:48
RainCTSquideshi: basically only if the package is Ubuntu specific or it has some weird licensing which Debian doesn't accept but Ubuntu does16:49
SquideshiRainCT: That's what I suspected, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the confirmation.16:50
denndaScottK: reverse depends?16:54
ScottKdennda: Packages that use VTK16:54
denndaScottK: i imagine that's quite a few packages16:54
denndawhat does 'testing' include here?16:54
denndai'd be happy to help if we can get it into karmic16:54
denndaScottK: i guess python-vtk are the python bindings for vtk?16:55
denndait wasn't shown to me for karmic on packages.ubuntu.com16:55
RainCTwrapster: -k is used to specify with which key you want to sign the package, -p is used to tell it what gpg binary to use16:55
denndaperhaps i forgot to adjust it16:55
RainCT(according to the manpage, had never heard about -p before)16:55
denndaah yes, my fault, karmic has it16:56
wrapsterRainCT: actually im a little confused myself.. thats y asked.16:56
denndaScottK: well i can help with testing if you have a list of programs that use it and some 'testing means this, styleguide'16:56
ScottKdennda: apt-cache rdepends <packagename> for each binary in VTK will give you a list.16:57
denndafor each binary? Oo16:58
ScottKdennda: Also reverse-build-depends <packagename-dev> for the -dev packages (reverse-build-depends is in ubuntu-dev-tools)16:58
RainCTwrapster: well, you shouldn't need -p for anything, and unless you're a MOTU you don't need -k either (you just need to export DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME variables in your ~/.bashrc)16:58
ScottKThe way I'd do it is put the new VTK in a PPA and rebuild the reverse-build-depends in the PPA, install and test all the rdepends.16:58
ScottKdennda: I don't have a specific "test means X", but it doesn't need to be extensive.16:59
ScottKdennda: I'm going to be offline for the next several hours, so I can't give more specific advice than that.16:59
denndaScottK: i'm neither a motu nor am I by any means familiar with packaging, so *I* can't do that ppa17:00
ScottKdennda: Perhaps someone here can help you.17:00
denndaScottK: well it's not *that* urgent17:00
* ScottK really away now.17:00
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Zhenechcould anyone have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/mini18n/+bug/450821 and pull the fixed package from Debian sid?17:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450821 in mini18n "Yabause crashes with segmentation fault on launch" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:38
dtchenjdong: ugh, that "how-to" page is so bad. don't they know that they can just use hda-analyzer and hda-emu?18:01
dtchenbdrung_: that's pretty fantastic work RE eclipse18:08
macodtchen: you were right. file not found.18:10
macoso what do i do? try a newer svn snapshot?18:10
dtchenwell, if you want to dig in upstream's VCS, you could read the commit logs if you're really sick. Does upstream have a bug tracker?18:11
macoits hosted on kde.org, so i suppose so18:12
macoor at least the svn is on kde.org18:12
macouh... no, no bugtracker18:13
macojust svn18:13
* maco tries to remember kde svn credentials18:14
Laneyhey cool18:14
Laneydoes eclipse work now?18:14
dtchensuperm1: ping, what's the issue with mixer levels not being restored? What audio codecs are in use? Can you drop in http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen/alsa-utils for /etc/init.d/alsa-utils and paste the output in the bug(s)?18:15
dtchensuperm1: ("the output" -> /var/run/alsa/timestamp)18:16
superm1dtchen, well it's been reported with a variety of machines, but i was able to just reproduce it on a virtualbox install18:16
superm1dtchen, you go and say set master to 91% w/ alsamixer, and then click applications->logout->restart, and check alsamixer and it's not 91%18:16
superm1it's back to the 80something18:17
superm1other people have been reporting it in the fashion of they set IEC958, and it won't stick18:17
dtcheninteresting, that would mean that restore_levels() fails18:18
dtcheni can't reproduce it locally at all18:18
macosame with both gdm and kdm18:19
dtchenmaco: and with startx18:19
dtchenabout the only vector i haven't tested is ltsp18:19
randomactionZhenech: request a sync (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess)18:19
superm1dtchen, i'm doing a fresh install in vbox with last night's daily, i'll attempt reproduce it again with your alsa-utils script and attach that output to the bug18:20
Zhenechrandomaction, ok, will do18:23
dtchensuperm1: thanks18:23
macodtchen: nothing in the svn changelog saying "created Darkroom.cpp" :-/ also the svn snapshot is almost a year old18:27
maco(it does exist in current svn)18:27
dtchenmaco: so, build infrastructure mess18:28
macothat's not a sentence18:28
dtchenoh, ouch. upstream changed the semantics for alsactl restore!18:28
dtchenmaco: sure it is. "so, [there is] build infrastructure mess"18:28
macoah see, now you have a verb!18:28
macobut i still dont understand18:29
dtchenit means you have something broken in your CMake infrastructure18:29
dtchenaha! indeed Intrepid users aren't experiencing this issue, because init isn't implied18:30
* dtchen cheers not announcing behaviour changes18:31
superm1dtchen, /var/run isn't a persistent fs, so that file isn't going to stick post reboot18:33
superm1dtchen, but indeed /var/lib/alsa/asound.state isn't getting made18:33
dtchensuperm1: that's fine, use /var/lib/alsa/18:34
dtchensuperm1: ok, so /var/run/alsa isn't populated on a fresh install?18:35
superm1dtchen, /var/lib/alsa isn't, but /var/run/alsa has a notstoredall file in it18:36
macodtchen: i think its more like "that file should exist, but the orig.gz is busted"18:37
macobecause it DOES exist in current svn18:37
dtchenthis is so ugly18:37
dtchenso it's because we umount stuff before it can write18:38
maconevermind. none of the cpp's are in there in pbuilder though theyre there in the extracted source :(18:38
superm1dtchen, so you can reproduce it then?  would that explain racy behavior re it too?  it seems all of a sudden...18:40
bdrung_dtchen: thanks18:41
dtchensuperm1: I can't reproduce it, but it's pretty glaringly obvious now that I stare at /etc/rc[06].d18:41
dtchensuperm1: ok, one more test point: if you call alsactl store now, are the levels still not restored on next boot?18:43
superm1dtchen, just tried.  calling alsactl store manually, they are indeed properly restored on the next boot18:45
dtchenok, right, so i need to make two changes to debian/init18:45
dtcheni'll have a test deb in a few minutes18:45
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dtchensuperm1: sorry, i'll ping you in ~1 hr19:03
porthosebdrung_, great I will email david and let him know ty :)19:08
bdrung_porthose: i already talked with him ;)19:11
porthosebdrung_, oh ok even better :)19:11
bdrung_porthose: he wrote patches for audacity (which i maintain). so i already knew him.19:12
porthosebdrung_, cooool :)19:13
bdrung_porthose: i got your mail and i thought that his name seemed so familiar19:15
porthosebdrung_, purely luck of the draw :)19:16
porthosebdrung_, haha I have a few more if you would like another19:16
bdrung_porthose: one is enough :p19:17
dtchensuperm1: changes are in my alsa-utils branch19:53
dtchensuperm1: if that still fails, i'll just make a specific -save upstart job19:53
dtchenthe latter would be a crackload easier to debug than this mess19:54
superm1dtchen, what's "your alsa-utils branch" url?19:54
dtchensuperm1: it's in the bug report that you filed19:55
superm1cool thx19:55
jdongheh something seems to have left a udevadm.upgrade dangling on this machine...19:58
jdongkinda scary when udev tells you on bootup that trigger can't be used when udev is unconfigured :)19:58
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vorianno body gonna breaka my syle20:01
vorianstyle too20:01
voriana week and a half more of moving/training and I should be settled in our new home20:02
dtchenwell, that's easy. you have no syle!20:02
voriantrue enough20:02
vorianI'm stuck in denver at the biggest and loudest ariport on earth20:02
vorianand a lot of people smell too20:03
dtchenI used to think that, too, and then I realized that it was just my computer burning my pants.20:03
vorianoh crap!20:03
vorianyour right20:03
macoand his left20:04
vorianhow was OLF?20:04
voriani was tres sad to miss it20:05
macoi stayed up til 3 saturday night watching doctor who with some folks in the hallway :P20:05
vorianI must say that kne is quite good20:06
vorianI was worried about not bringing the full size lappy, but kne is doing very well so far20:07
vorianit will be nice to actually be nice to help work on it with lucid20:07
* vorian says nice too much20:07
dtchenhuh? no, my right is still my right.20:07
macodtchen: yeah so i dont see anything in the CMakeLists.txt that says "rm *.cpp"20:09
superm1dtchen, well do you want the good news or the bad news?20:09
dtchensuperm1: bad first20:09
dtchen(do i have a choice?!)20:10
superm1dtchen, haha trick question.  it's all bad20:10
superm1didn't work still :)20:10
dtchensuperm1: does alsa-utils stop work?20:10
superm1dtchen, no it would appear it doesn't20:11
dtchensuperm1: ok, does it give FAILED?20:11
superm1Shutting down ALSA... [fail]20:12
dtchensuperm1: and what's in /var/run/alsa ?20:12
superm1dtchen, i've been seeing notstored0 sometimes and notstoredall sometimes20:13
dtchenok, and now i begin the initscript-sectomy20:14
dtchenbasically, /etc/init.d/alsa-utils is useless. we don't need it to be an initscript at all.20:14
superm1dtchen, well before you go into breaking that down and switching everything into upstart, it looks like you are assuming that TARGET_CARD gets set by "$2" right?  well stop isn't normally called with any arguments like that I thought?20:16
superm1so surely rm -f $FLAG$TARGET_CARD isn't going to DTRT20:16
superm1er rm $FLAG$TARGET_CARD20:16
dtchensuperm1: in that case, yes, but the real issue is that you're getting either 0 or ""20:17
dtchensuperm1: i.e., it's completely legitimate for the sysadmin to use stop 020:18
superm1dtchen, right i see20:19
jetienneq. i look for example of website installed by .deb. The only one im thinking about is phpmyadmin. any others ?20:37
porthosejetienne, ampache, gallery2, drupal5, drupal6 are some others20:53
jetiennejdong: porthose: ok thanks20:53
dtchensuperm1: changes pushed to bzr (r36)21:39
dtchensuperm1: actually, hang a sec21:39
dtchensuperm1: ok, r37 is go21:41
superm1dtchen, awesome.  just tested it, and it's definitely DTRT now, no more troubles21:51
superm1dtchen, would you like me to sponsor it into karmic?21:52
dtchensuperm1: yes please21:53
superm1dtchen, okay uploaded.  you may want to merge lp:~superm1/alsa-utils/new-release to  your branch (it's just s/UNRELEASED/karmic and tagging the release)21:55
Zarel_Hey, guys.21:56
Zarel_I just realized it's October already. Which stage of releasing Karmic are we at?21:56
dtchenTheMuso: ^^^21:57
superm1dtchen, oh i had thought your branch was the main one getting tracked.  is it an ~ubuntu-dev branch somewhere?21:58
superm1i'll merge it in there if so21:58
superm1nothing is listed in debian/control21:58
Zarel_Hmm, the website says "11 days to go". Is there still time to update a package to the latest version?21:59
dtchensuperm1: ~ubuntu-core-dev/alsa-utils/ubuntu.new IIRC22:00
dtchenbeen a while since I had commit privileges to ~ubuntu-core-dev ;)22:00
superm1dtchen, how come you don't reapply for them?22:01
dtchenno time, really22:01
dtchenthe process is a hindrance, and i'd rather just fix the bugs22:01
superm1says the man who is spending eons of time on audio :)22:01
superm1i thought for people who had them previously it's not much of a process, but i dont know for sure22:01
dtchenno idea, and i don't care at this point. my plate is overflowing.22:02
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TheMusosuperm1: thanks a bunch for doing that.22:32
superm1TheMuso, np.  is there a particular reason that bzr branch isn't advertised in debian/control?  would have avoided the confusion in the first place22:33
TheMusosuperm1: hrm I thought we had it there, so probably just hat we have never added it in, or if we did, it got dropped along the way.22:34
quentusrexAnyone know how to get a package to STOP trying to fix permissions???22:57
quentusrexI have configs on an NFS server, and they are set to full permissions, but the package upgrades keep failing because it can't fix the permissions22:57

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