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ftajdstrand, i can't create a guest os for kvm because of apparmor01:05
ftajdstrand, operation="open" pid=11396 parent=1 profile="libvirt-16b5a997-ff4f-a3bf-94a4-1841414ab5cf" requested_mask="::rw" denied_mask="::w" fsuid=0 ouid=1000 name="/data2/qemu-vms/foo.iso"01:06
jdstrandfta: actually, that should be bug #453335 and the iso is readable05:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453335 in libvirt "libvirt via virt-manager tries to write to a readonly ISO image" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45333505:09
jdstrandfta: it should still work (it certainly does here)05:09
jdstrandfta: I'm giong offline, but if you are having problems, please add apparmor deny messages and any other pertinent info to that bug05:10
jdstrandfta: let me clarify. when you create a new vm using the iso, if you see the guest boot the iso, then everything is ok despite that error (ie the guest clearly can read the iso)05:15
jdstrandfta: if the guest doesn't boot at all, try disabling apparmor by adding 'security = "none"' to /etc/libvirt/qemu.conf, then do 'sudo /etc/init.d/libvirt-bin restart'. if the guest still doesn't boot, it isn't apparmor. if it does, then please add info to the bug05:17
jdstrandfta: (boot the iso that is)05:17
micahgjdstrand: I just gave you another apparmor/ff bug05:21
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eagles0513875morning guys08:20
nikolamI think Seamonkey2 is ready to be included in Ubuntu for testing.10:08
nikolamWhat do you think (it is ar RC at the present and it works just fine)10:09
ftajdstrand, hi, if it's not apparmor, i don't know what's wrong then. i create a vm from an iso, it creates the volume, puts some files in it, then it wants to reboot, but after reboot, i see the bios, then nothing, black screen with a cursor14:47
nikolamseamonkey leaks after few hours of use, and leaks very bad14:48
ftajdstrand, i had a guest os on that box before, it was working fine, but it can no longer boot. that's why i want to create a fresh one. maybe it's another problem..14:48
nikolam1.1.17 and previous 1.1x14:49
eagles0513875fta: i find that i have bugs that surface in a vm that dont on my duelboot on my laptop14:53
eagles0513875you cant accuratly trust vms it seems like14:53
ftait used to work just fine.14:54
eagles0513875i have random lockups on my vbox vm with karmic fully updated where the mouse dont work14:55
nikolameagles0513875, i think karmic is not released yet.14:56
nikolamplease go to #ubuntu+114:56
nikolamand do report a bug about14:56
eagles0513875nikolam: tyvm i know bout that channel im just saying is vms will give bugs that a duel boot wont14:57
nikolameagles0513875, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs14:57
nikolamand create launchpad account so you can report bugs in future14:57
eagles0513875nikolam: that mouse bug is a known bug from what i was told in +1 and i already have one14:58
eagles0513875i have been using kubuntu for quite some time fyi14:58
nikolameagles0513875, sorry, I was thinking I am on #xubuntu, sorry14:59
eagles0513875its ok nikolam14:59
eagles0513875fta: you have a duel boot machine you can test on14:59
ftaeagles0513875, i don't have any dual boot machines. i've been using linux only for a very long time15:04
eagles0513875same here but im finding the mouse issue only surfaces on my vm not on duelboot itself15:05
eagles0513875if there is anything i can teset let me know15:05
jdstrandfta: I'd look in the list of open bugs in libvirt and see if others are having the same problem. while I wrote the apparmor security driver for it, I'm not the maintainer and not sure what the problem could be15:25
jdstrandfta: feel free to open a new bug or bring it up in #ubuntu-virt15:25
jdstrandmicahg1: ack15:25
ftajdstrand, ok. i guess i'm stuck for today then15:27
jdstrandsorry :/15:27
jdstrandfta: the way you described it, it sorta sounds like a guest/kvm interaction issue. you could try starting the guest without libvirt with kvm, and then with qemu to try to narrow down the problem15:28
ftakvm does the same, and qemu complains about missing /dev/kqemu15:34
jdstrandfta: so it is a kvm bug15:35
jdstrandfta: kirkland is who deals with those15:35
jdstrandfta: with qemu, try with '-no-kvm'15:36
ftano such option15:39
fta-no-kqemu ?15:39
ftait boots in loop15:39
jdstrandfta: I don't know why it is complaining about /dev/kqemu, since it isn't available in karmic. possibly another bug15:45
ftamicahg1, just added you to my bot watchers list for umd (moz daily ppa) and usd (songbird daily)16:17
ftamicahg1, let me know if you want to receive the FTBFS emails, i can relay them to you16:18
micahgfta, thanks19:18
ftamicahg, you should have received 2 emails19:22
micahggot them19:24
ftathere are a few things to check in those emails, like verify that new tarballs are not too big/small compared to the previous ones; check the reasons when the title doesn't say OK, etc..19:32
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BUGabundog'nuit guys21:33
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