hadsBugger, cdimage.u.c is slow from here.00:00
superm1click refresh and you get a faster mirror sometimes00:03
superm1i've gotten speeds from as low as 100K/s and up to 1.0M/s00:03
hadsYeah, I can't get above 100KB/s, reconnecting doesn't seem to help at the moment00:05
hadsMy DSL provider isn't helping at the moment though.00:06
hadsSpeeds to the US are currently maxing out at 30kB/s per TCP connection :(00:06
hipitihopIn the last week running with latest 9.10 updates, I notice although listed in recording schedule, certain programs have simply not been recorded. Anyone else experience this ? or how do I debug this ?00:22
hadsLogs would be where you start00:28
hadsArgh, I'll just use an ubuntu disk.00:33
hadsYay, that was much faster.00:39
hadsBah, now my server is being silly. No NFS or SSH but apache is still responding.00:42
hipitihophads: does that mean I need to turn on something in backend ?00:53
superm1hipitihop, logging happens automagically00:56
superm1in /var/log/mythtv00:56
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.01:02
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hadsAnyone know if there's a way to force mythfrontend to pick up on mythvideo metadata changes from another frontend? It seems I need to restart the frontend.03:00
* hipitihop tips hat to superm1and hads03:17
hadsHmm, how odd. It just seems to be this one frontend that has difficulty with some of the images from storagegroups.03:18
hadsAlso anyone know if there's an easy edit to the terra theme to increase the contrast on selected items?03:22
hipitihopmythbackend.log does not seem to have anything suggesting why a recording session never fired or failed...but can't open mythfrontend.log using text editor, what format is it in ?03:22
hipitihopthe only indication of any error so far was when I went to my tv, there were two dialog boxed saying mythbackend setup crashed03:24
hipitihopI did find the following mythfilldatabase error in dmesg but I don't know if it is related. Can someone understand what this problem is ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/295843/03:29
bobbieshas anyone ever had a problem like this? I cannot watch live TV but I can setup a recording through mythweb and it does record just fine.03:53
hipitihopbobbies: yes my initial setup had such a problem too. watching livetv simply came back to the menu, but recordings wroked fine and then after a recording via mythweb was done, live tv would work04:23
bobbieshipitihop: Nothing I do seems to allow me to watch live tv. I used to be able to but now I can't04:24
hipitihopbobbies: that doe snot mean I know why.. but yes experienced the symptom. I have not seen it for a couple of weeks now and I'm running on latest beta04:24
bobbiesI can't remember if I changed the directories before or after I last watched live TV04:25
hipitihopbobbies: that is certainly something to check, make sure the folder has mythtv:mythv user/group rights.04:26
hipitihopthat should say mythtv:mythtv04:26
hipitihopI was also going to add that it is obviously mythfrontend related issue by the sounds of it, if the back end has no problem recording using the tuner. perhaps even just some configuration regarding what front end player should be used for live tv.04:28
hipitihopI'm still a newbie to mythtv myself so just guessing.04:29
superm1tmkt, can you comment on bug 454371?05:49
ZinnBug 454371 in lirc (Ubuntu) "Hauppauge HVR-1600 Remote Not Detected" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45437105:49
superm1bug 45437105:49
ZinnBug 454371 in lirc (Ubuntu) "Hauppauge HVR-1600 Remote Not Detected" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45437105:49
[R]what creates the symlink ~/.config/autostart/mythtv.desktop06:18
minikhi everyone?11:37
jdugganhey guys14:27
jduggan9.10 beta14:27
jdugganassumes you have vdpau?14:27
hipitihopon 9.10 what is the correct way to stop and start the backend service. if I do 'dufo /etc/init.d/mythbackend stop' I get "Since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an Upstart job, you may also use the status(8) utility, e.g. status mythtv-backend mythtv-backend stop/waiting"14:31
jdugganservice mythbackend stop14:32
hipitihopjduggan, thanks, seems I also need sudo14:33
gbeeModes "1920x1080"14:34
jduggangbee: thats for me?14:34
gbeewrong channel14:34
hipitihopis there any way to tell what is causing hdd io on my sata drive ? my hdd access led constanly flickers but it does not appear to be myth sinc eI have stopped front and backend14:36
jdugganits usually the update manager afaik, im fairly recent onto ubuntu for myth myself14:37
jduggani thought it would save me effort14:37
jdugganbut infact its doing the polar opposite14:37
hipitihopjduggan: is that aimed at me ? re update manager ?14:41
jdugganhipitihop: yes14:42
hipitihopjduggan: so you are suggesting I stop that service ?14:46
jdugganlook at top14:46
jdugganps aux14:46
jduggansee whats running14:46
hipitihopjduggan: will do in 15min ...middle of recording something grrr14:47
hipitihopsomeone on #ubuntu channel also suggested to use iotop14:47
jdugganit'll show you whats writing/reading to disk14:49
hipitihopsi there any documentation about regarding how commercial flagging works15:05
darthanubishipitihop, of course16:25
darthanubisjust do a search16:27
superm1hads, have you considered trying using zsync for the iso downloading?18:03
superm1it lets you use an already downloaded daily image and some kind of binary diff magic or something to bring it up to the current daily18:04
superm1so for example i started with the 10-17 iso, and ran zsync http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/daily-live/20091018/karmic-desktop-i386.iso.zsync, and now it only needs to download about 13% of the image to produce the 10-18 iso18:05
gandalfcomeMy mythfilldatabase doesnt run automatically. I'm running 9.04. any ideas?18:31
superm1gandalfcome, there is a setting in the frontend for that19:05
gandalfcomeokay will do that19:06
hadssuperm1: Nice, I didn't know about zsync. Thanks for the tip.19:51
superm1hads, np.  i saw the .zsync files being generated for a while but had no idea what they were until i read the man page and tried one19:55
superm1very cool stuff19:55
ToeBeegah! keyboard got switched to german layout19:59
hadsI installed that frontend with an Ubuntu disk in the end. 7 mins to download instaed of several hours works when you aren't patient :)20:00
superm1why was the ubuntu disk any faster?20:01
superm1it's the same server that keeps them!20:01
hadsNah that was from a country local mirror which doens't have mythbuntu20:02
hadsISP is having International speed issues.20:02
hads(we only have one main pipe to the rest of the world)20:03
ToeBeethe tubes are clogged!20:06
* hads reads about southern cross cables - 295 gigabit/s aparantly.20:08
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jeffjeffdejeffi seem to have lost the graphics when logging into mythweb.  it's now all text. any suggestions?20:56
jeffjeffdejeffahh, added ?RESET_TMPL=true to the url.  was stuck after i used my mobile to record a show.21:01
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gunnisuperm1: There?22:22
gunniOk, if you read later: We talked about the early start of mythbackend. After i rebooted today its back again. Here is a log snippet where you can see, that mythbackend started about 6 seconds before registering of the dvb card has finished: http://pastebin.com/m669d5cc922:25
superm1gunni, oh that's not good22:25
gunniI know. Restarting mythbackend helps of course22:26
superm1i'm not sure how to potentially improve it either22:26
gunniI will file a bug on launchpad then, maybe someone else finds a solution22:26
superm1gunni, well at this point, you can perhaps build cx88 into your initrd22:27
superm1gunni, okay i've got another idea22:28
gunniWouldnt it be better to fix it somewhere else, than working around for my individual setup?22:28
superm1can you modify /etc/init/mythtv-backend.conf22:28
superm1change start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=lo) to be start on (local-filesystems and udev and net-device-up IFACE=lo)22:28
superm1er no not to that22:29
superm1to e start on (local-filesystems and started udev and net-device-up IFACE=lo)22:29
gunniIts "start on (local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE=lo)" now22:29
superm1so it should be "start on (local-filesystems and started udev and net-device-up IFACE=lo)"22:30
superm1if that doesn't work consistently then please try "start on (local-filesystems and started udevtrigger and net-device-up IFACE=lo)"22:30
gunniIsnt there a rule for waiting on video or dvb device?22:30
superm1not that i know of right now22:31
gunniok, i try a reboot now22:31
superm1but udev or udevtrigger should hopefully be what's normally loading cx8822:31
tmktsuperm1: gotta work with jrod again i guess...something installed that overrode his changes, and his directions on lirc mailing list didn't seem to solve it22:33
superm1tmkt, could you at least respond to that person about what's up since you've got a better understanding atm?22:34
gunniArgh .. ok, now it worked. I will test this some more times (had some problems with networkmanager messing my ethernet up, and nameserver was gone, so thats what lasts so long)23:05
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tmktto what person?23:24
tmktwasn't paying attention23:24
gunnitmkt: remote did work only a short time, but stopped working long ago (about 2 years ago), and i never found a solution, and did not get any help from dvb maintainers23:44
gunniFor me and my HVR 130023:47
puffI have been setting up mythbuntu and have run into some minor problems with using an additional 1TB drive, but I'm not in front of the machine right now, so I'll ask about that later.23:48
puffMeanwhile, I'm wondering about two things; ripping and writing DVDs.23:49
puffOn ripping, I have a few hundred DVDs that I'd like to scan in and put on my mythbox.23:49
puffIs there anything to help automate/ease this process23:49
tmktwith ubuntu 9.04 and lirc 0.84a hvr-1600 remote worked fine23:49
puffIdeally just something that I start running and then it just pops open the drive when its done, I put a new one in and close it, it continues on.23:50
puffFor writing... I have some mpegs I pulled off my old tivo.  Well, they save foo.tivo, but I'm told it's really just an mpeg.  It's pretty large, 4246575061.23:51
superm1gunni, so it's working with udev added?23:53
superm1or udevtrigger?23:53
superm1or just as was?23:53
puffAnyway, so I'm wondering a) does the tivo/mpeg file really need to be that large, or can I shrink it down without losing significant quality.23:56
puffAnd b) if the answer is "yes", does that mean that about 4G per hour is a reasonable estimate of how much space stuff is going to take up on my mythbox?23:56
puffand c) if I want to write a show out to DVD, what's the best way?23:57

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