dpichey, i think i have something newsworthy for next week's issue23:42
johnc4510dpic: hey there23:53
johnc4510what do you have?23:53
dpicso basically playdeb.net has added support for karmic23:54
dpicand has packaged Yo Frankie! which is an *important* game, (blogspam:) http://blog.thesilentnumber.me/2009/10/yo-frankie-now-available-for-masses-in.html23:54
johnc4510ok, that looks good, i'll add the link as soon as i set up the new wiki page for the next issue23:56
* johnc4510 asks if someone has been changing the fridge setup recently?23:57
johnc4510before today, i could log in and the hits for each article would show up at the bottom of the piece23:58
johnc4510however now that is not showing23:58
johnc4510i use that to guage the hits on the UWN and other stories23:58

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