Sir_Konradhey, do you guys moderate #ubuntu-women?01:12
Seeker`I don't believe it is classed as a main channel01:13
Sir_KonradI don't know... I just did a google search for #ubuntu and that came up.01:13
Seeker`is there anything we can help you with?01:16
Sir_Konradnope. I'm gone. kthxbye01:18
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, haven489 said: !ubottu is stupid03:28
ubottucanthus13 called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()03:30
ubottuhaven489 called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()03:30
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bazhangincoming in -ot05:04
bazhang<lenix^> bazhang: where do i troll at?05:04
bazhangmaco, he is trolling; also general opinion type questions are ot05:17
bazhangwhich is better, vista or karmic?05:18
macosock puppet?05:28
bazhangplease dont do hammertime in #ubuntu05:29
macoaw ok05:29
bazhangSniper_Jesus, how may we help you05:35
Sniper_Jesuscan u plz unban me05:35
bazhangSniper_Jesus, you are muted. I have asked you to read the code of conduct and the guidelines05:36
ubottuhifi called the ops in #ubuntu+1 ()05:40
naliothhe does not get unbanned for a while05:44
elkyand this is why we had the policy on nicks that have "jesus" in them...06:22
naliothwith what he did, he coulda been named anything06:23
elkysure, but the ratio of people with "jesus" in their nicks behaving vs not behaving is like tor's use vs abuse.06:26
miiahi maco08:04
bazhangtopyli, you around?08:38
KB1JWQCross channel pasteflood by snokat, I got it in all the channels I could, including a couple ubuntu namespace ones.  Just FYI.08:41
bazhangthanks KB1JWQ :)08:42
bazhangTm_T, you around?08:44
bazhangtopyli, Tm_T jussi01 if you are around, could use some help with miia08:46
KB1JWQThere are days I want to throttle some users...08:48
bazhangheh today has been pretty trying so far08:48
topylibazhang, i have her in pm09:19
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (xide)09:36
topylibazhang, no response09:40
topylifor the record, she has now been explained the english-ness of the main channels, and informed about our friendly finnish channels. also how to get rid of the ban: acknowledge these things09:43
bazhangtopyli, thanks! I tried yesterday with google translate. but failed10:11
topyliremains to be seen if a finn's finnish got through any better, as she did not respond10:14
MenZabazhang the translator, strikes again!11:35
bazhangMenZa, fails again more like11:36
bazhangeven a native Finnish speaker ( top yli ) did not get much of a response from her11:37
BlouBlouhi, any op free?12:07
BlouBlouthere are jully* clones in #ubuntu12:10
voxjully isnt a bot12:34
voxhe's just having connection problems12:34
bazhangthanks vox12:46
voxi actually know the guy heh12:56
KB1JWQjunruh in #ubuntu is being insulting.13:21
KB1JWQOff he wandered, stand down. :-)13:23
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: cookie is Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie! and a glass of milk :-)15:37
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:31
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (rock claude1234 are clones)18:02
ubottuCon-Trolleur called the ops in #ubuntu (rock IdleOne are idiot)18:02
ubottuCon-Trolleur called the ops in #ubuntu (rock niko are idiot)18:03
ikoniadid anyone speak to Con-Trolleur?18:19
ikoniawhat a surprise another arch troll, this time from ##arch-ftw19:27
ikoniaand an op from that channel too19:27
nikoikonia: Con-Trolleur is a know ban/kline evader on many french channel19:54
ikonianiko: thank you19:54
ikoniahe's not responded to any of the pm's I sent him about his attitude19:54
nikosome days we are near to set #ubuntu-fr +r due to things he did19:55
ikoniareally, that's a lot worse than how he was represented in #ubuntu19:56
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, judibeefl said: ubottu:  how is it breaking?21:40
* MenZa wishes #ubuntu-dk were as well-managed as the core channels.21:44
FlannelHowdy kay_, how can we help you today?22:40
kay_You can't :-)22:40
kay_not unless you by any chance happen to have some experience with udf recovery/reconstruction after my sister reinitialised a disk and destroyed the existing files.22:41
Flannelkay_: If you don't have an issue to discuss with us, please don't idle here22:41
kay_I've been here 2 minutes, and have said 2 items. Hardly idle.22:41
ikoniaFlannel: kay is a known problem using other nicks, I've got that ip on hilight22:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu+1, cwillu_at_work said: ubottu, favorite is spelled "favourite"23:45

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