zaoul1Guest34211: what is the uid of user a? type: id to find out... then you should be able to .. ntfs-3g -o rw,uid=xxx /dev/sdb3 /media/disc\ 300:00
zaoul1Guest34211: where xxx would be the uid00:00
zaoul1Guest34211: same applies for group id.. gid, which would be shown in id00:00
Guest34211zaoul1: ok I get this output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/295766/00:01
zaoul1Guest34211: what was the command?00:02
zaoul1Guest34211: I thought /dev/sdb3 was your ntfs?00:02
phpc0anyone can assist using usb for ram on nc6000 hp?00:03
phpc0im willing to pay00:04
GlowballCan I use packages that are actually made for Debian 5.000:04
cody_netbrain: http://pastebin.ca/162608000:05
Blueyphpc0: usb can't be use as ram - it's too slow...00:05
Guest34211zaoul1: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)00:05
phpc0how can i improve performance using a repartitoned storage drive made bootable loaded with linux00:05
zaoul1zaoul1: well you would want to run id as user a00:05
zaoul1zaoul1: since that is your goal00:06
phpc0thats my hdd00:06
cody_netbrain: Brb00:06
Blueyphpc0: you can set the noatime attribute00:06
phpc0how do i do that00:07
=== ale|away is now known as alele
objornhere's my attempt to install emacs23-lucid: http://pastebin.com/m10bf3fd can someone please help?00:07
ltcabralhello guys... i installed gnome swf player first and then adobe's one... but now its using gnome swf player and not everything is working,,, how can i change to the adobe' s one?00:07
Blueyphpc0: this will tell you how -- you'll have to skim through the article to fine it  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=5100:07
mandyI am thinking of getting a radeon 3850 and was wondering how good are ati video cards in Ubuntu00:08
zaoul1ltcabral: remove gnome swf player?00:08
netbraincody_: install either of nvidia-glx-{173,180,96}00:08
Blueyphpc0: look for:  change “relatime” to “noatime"00:08
Guest34211zaoul1: I'm sorry. I dont understand. what was the command?00:08
zaoul1Guest34211: id.. but you do not want to be root00:09
GlowballCan I use packages that are actually made for Debian 5.0?00:09
zaoul1Guest34211: you want to access your ntfs with user a right?00:09
Guest34211zaoul1: yes00:09
zaoul1Guest34211: so open up another terminal that is user a and type id00:09
Guest34211zaoul1: how to do that without logging out?00:10
zaoul1Guest34211: You are not in gnome?00:10
Guest34211zaoul1: i'm in gnome00:11
zaoul1Guest34211: just open another term from applications00:11
Guest34211zaoul1: i'm a level one newb though00:11
Guest34211zaoul1: i'm logged in as root00:12
zaoul1Guest34211: I know.. read your message I sent you00:12
zaoul1Guest34211: bad00:12
log`lol, so i tried installing the fglrx driver and setting Driver to "fglrx" in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf and now everything is all messed up00:12
pcccHey, sudo as user isn't working for me: "sudo -i -u munin /usr/share/munin/munin-update" yields "env: -i: No such file or directory". How do I fix this? Thanks00:12
nikolajhey, I have just tried to install powertab software through wine and it doesn't seem to be working, anyone have any ideas?00:12
nikolaji can pastebin the terminal read out00:13
log`it said it couldn't find a screen so i edited my xorg.conf and set it back to the radeon driver00:13
nikolajthanks :)00:13
log`so now00:13
zaoul1nikolaj: did you try prayer?00:13
axisyshow do I check if my laptop can support 64bit ?00:13
zaoul1nikola: wine is black art/luck00:13
Guest34211zaoul1: how to open term with user a?00:13
nikolajzaoul1: don't know what that is00:13
log`so now it won't even startx, well it starts but it doesn't fail so i don't get an error00:14
log`just black screens00:14
zaoul1Guest34211: you should be logged into your computer as user a already00:14
zaoul1Guest34211: and you use sudo su to change into root00:14
log`try option to autofix x in recovery, no luck00:14
nikolajzaoul1: what do you suggest?00:14
zaoul1Guest34211: it is bad security practice to run as root00:14
log`someone please help me as i do not wish to reinstall at this moment00:14
Guest34211zaoul1: no. I logged out and logged back in as root00:14
zaoul1zaoul1: did you check the winehq appdb on winehq.org ? you could as in #winehq00:15
Guest34211zaoul1: ok00:15
axisyshere is the /proc/cpuinfo     http://pastebin.com/f432969ee00:15
log`i just need to fix x so i can log back in graphically and do my display settings again.. like 640x480 will do00:15
pcccHow do I sudo as user in Ubuntu? "sudo -i -u username" as stated in the documentation doesn't work.00:15
osotogarihi has anyone had any experience with nvidia-settings?00:16
zaoul1pccc: sudo su ?00:16
log`no ideas for how i can reset my xorg.conf to something benign si i can get x up and running again?00:16
trismpccc: sudo -u username commands should work00:16
pccczaoul1: hm, so if I do sudo su first then sudo -i -u username it works.00:17
pccctrism: apparently I need to do 'sudo su' first00:17
zaoul1log`: hold on a sec00:17
log`zaoul1: thanks.00:17
zaoul1pccc: what are you trying to accomplish?00:17
zaoul1pccc: login as another user from a user?00:18
pccczaoul1: I'm trying to run the munin update script as user munin00:18
log`would it be any help removing the fglrx package?00:18
__sigmaIs there a way to restart gdm or X (basically get it back up) without losing all of the running applications?00:18
Sitowlanpccc, sudo -u munin script.sh00:19
trismpccc: strange, because sudo -u postgres works fine when I'm working with postgresql00:19
zaoul1I believe he is trying to login as a real user though00:20
pcccSitowlan: 'sudo -u munin /usr/share/munin/munin-update' yields 'env: -u: No such file or directory'00:20
netbraincody_: did it work?00:20
log`zaoul1: anything?00:20
zaoul1log`: anyway you can paste me /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:20
pcccSitowlan: it works, however, if I first run 'sudo su' and then 'sudo -u munin /usr/share/munin/munin-update'00:21
Royalldoes not load for me00:21
log`gah, i'm in shell or terminal mode or whatever.. how do i start a new session so i don't have to quit irssi?00:21
zaoul1log`: ctrl+alt+f1,f2,f3,f4 are all vttys00:22
zaoul1log`: for your notes you can learn "screen"00:22
nikolajzaoul1: nobody seems to be in the IRC channel... there is nothing happening00:22
log`hold on00:23
nikolajzaoul1: on winehq sorry00:23
log`i just get a blinking cursor no prompt00:23
log`when i do ctrl+alt+f2-400:23
zaoul1log`: f1-f7 ?00:24
zaoul1log`: they could be old xorgs that you could just ctrl+c00:24
jedclog`, ctrl + alt + f400:24
zaoul1frozen xorgs00:24
log`okay i'll escape out00:24
log`hmm ctrl+c/d/x/z/q does nothing in my dead ttys00:25
zaoul1nikolaj: yea as I said wine is a black art, check the appdb? other than that you are really on  your own with it00:25
zaoul1log`: check your processes, ps -A, top ...00:25
log`screw it, ill just exit from here get the log and come back in here00:25
log`but im not sure i can access pastebin so i might have to /msg you00:26
gasmaskHi all00:26
zaoul1log`: we can install a console pastebin00:26
zaoul1log`: you would cat /blah/file | pastebin00:26
nikolajok it's on appdb00:27
=== Random832_ is now known as Random832
zaoul1log`: sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:28
=== gdb_ is now known as gdb
Random832anyone know how to make permissions work for ntfs? I mean, the fs itself _does_ have a notion of ownership, ACLs, and read write execute permission; so is there a way t make linux use it?00:28
RS-232Hi all00:28
serp__where are the shortcuts in Applications stored?00:29
RS-232I am trying to listen to mms stream audio with my brand new UBuntu 9.04 installation and Firefox does not recognazie the format, ..I have installed Totem, MediaPLayer but nothing, any idea please??00:29
zaoul1serp__: I dont follow..00:29
serp__zaoul1: there are shortcuts in the Applications menu. I want to find the file where they are defined00:29
osotogarihi has anyone had any experience with nvidia-settings?00:29
fcuk112__osotogari: what is your question?00:30
CavalierPrimers-232:  https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/index.html00:31
zaoul1serp__: they would be under ~/.gconf ... ~/.gconf/apps/00:31
fcuk112__ /quit00:32
laxI also have a question regarding Nvidia. What drivers do i choose to download from the main site? i have the choise between linux IA32, FreeBSD x86 and solaris x8600:32
zaoul1serp__: hmm maybe not the apps, but it deff seems to be around there00:33
gnoshiHi all: I am trying to get an nVidia Quadro card (Quadro FX 570 I believe) running side by side with an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT in X.00:33
qweqweqwehi - i want to limit a user's time on a ubuntu machine - is there a program for this?00:33
gnoshiIt is in a Mac Pro. I have to leave the ATI card in so I can use the boot screen etc (doesn't appear to work with the nVidia card); but once X is booted I don't care one whit for the ATI card, but really want the Quadro going.00:34
osotogari@fcuk112_: I was just wondering has anyone set up dual monitors with it?00:35
jedclax, have you tried downloading the nvidia drivers from the hardware drivers application?00:35
RS-232CavalierPrime: I am talking about MMS man.. no real player00:35
=== IVBela1 is now known as IVBela
gnoshiosotogari: I'm running dual monitors on nvidia cards.00:35
jedclax, it should find the best drivers for your system automatically00:35
gnoshiIn fact, I was running 4 monitors - two nvidia vid cards, each with 2 monitors. That didn't work so well though, but 2 monitors worked just fine.00:35
qweqweqwei'm running four monitors on twin nvidia 8500s00:35
qweqweqwewith ubuntu/gentoo/solaris etc etc00:36
laxwhat do you mean by that jedc? forgive my noobness, installed ubuntu an hour ago00:36
zaoul1serp__: yea it has to be, because the Applications icon on the panel is just a applet that reads from that directory00:36
ChaorainI use Steam for Windows how well does it work with Wine and Ubuntu 9.4? I know it depends on the game to.00:36
qweqweqwethe nvidia drivers for *nix rock00:36
osotogari@gnoshi: did you set this up with nvidia-settings or by manually editing Xork.conf?00:36
CavalierPrimers-232: make sure you have all the gstreamer plugins installed from the multiverse and universe repos, including "ugly" ones00:36
jedclax, try going to system->administration->hardware drivers in the menu00:36
Random832the manpage for ntfs-3g _says_ it supports full permissions00:36
Random832how do i get it to work?00:36
gnoshiosotogari: I installed the restricted drivers, then used the Nvidia X servers setting in X00:36
jedclax, it should have proprietary drivers not enabled and one thats recomended. you can click it and click enable00:37
zaoul1serp__:  /usr/share/application-registry/gnome-vfs.applications seems interesting too00:37
gnoshiqweqweqwe: Yes, they really do. On the other hand, it looks more and more to me like the ATI drivers are rubbish.00:37
osotogari@gnoshi: Ill give it a go00:37
serp__zaoul1: ok found what I neeed:) thanks00:37
zaoul1serp__: sure no problem.. which was it?00:37
gnoshiosotogari: There was one problem I had - it didn't work that well when using 'Right of' and 'Left of' for monitor positions; I set the positions manually.00:38
laxjedc, thank you, found it and activating now :D ubuntu has all been just a breeze so far. i expected alot more "walls", but not so far :)00:38
__sigmaqweqweqwe: http://bit.ly/3tFS4V might be of use... it's all I could find00:38
qweqweqwegnoshi, are they?  glad i got nvids then :-)00:38
gnoshiwell, I used right of/left of, then switched back to 'absolute' and used the values it put in theer.00:38
jedclax, im glad I could help :)00:38
osotogari@ gnoshi: OK ill watch out for that. Thanks00:38
gnoshiqweqweqwe: I'm trying to get a Mac Pro with ATI card going using a 3d brain data tool, and it is crap. Same thing on a Dell with a Quadro, perfect.00:39
log`zaoul1: my xorg log should be at http://sendspace.com/file/k40ysj00:39
gnoshiBut, I need to use the MacPro cos I need to 8GB of ram it has... so right now I'm trying to get at nVidia card going in it at the same time. That is the pits.00:39
log`or http://sendspace.com/file/k40ysj_00:39
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
qweqweqwegnoshi, you can00:39
zaoul1Random832 you need to apply the UID and GID of your user when you mount00:39
log`is that working?00:39
qweqweqweyou can't just move the ram out of the mac? ;-)00:40
log`can someone verify that one of my links points to a Xorg.0.log file on sendspace?00:40
cody_netbrain: Sorry, i was not at my computer. None of those even support my card00:40
gnoshiqweqweqwe: nah, I can't. It is ECC DDR3, but not of a speed the Dell can take.00:40
CavalierPrimeprob using winxp, it won't support 8gb00:40
gnoshiI'm running Ubuntu x64 on both.00:40
peemysql works fine on my server. but when I type as root »mysql« in the shell, so get the message: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) -- what I have to type in?00:41
gnoshithe software I'm using (http://www.slicer.org) doesn't come in 64 bit for windows.00:41
zaoul1log`: you should sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:41
qweqweqwepee -p00:41
jedcpee, if you have a password you need to use the -p option00:41
log`zaoul1: what does that do?00:41
zaoul1log`: but I do believe I have the file00:41
qweqweqweironic considering his username :-D00:41
log`sweet, it was a bit of a hassle to do it all in links00:41
CavalierPrimegnoshi:  you have the best proprietary drivers for the ati?00:42
zaoul1log`:  you can cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit and it will paste it for you and output the url00:42
Random832zaoul1: no, i want to do stuff like different files have different owners and permission and map to windows users00:42
log`so practical00:42
Random832the manpage for ntfs-3g _SAYS_ it's supported, but doesn't say how to enable it00:42
lauxhow can i install wireles card drivers on my hp pavilion dv6000 running on ubutu 9.04?00:42
gnoshiCavalierPrime: yup. Grabbed them and installed them. To be fair, it may be the software itself that I'm using... the issue is a weird refreshing problem, but it only shows up under the ATI, not nvidia00:43
jedcRanDom33, i think its enabled if its installed, so sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g00:43
gnoshiwell, unless it is a problem for the Mac no matter what card - I haven't gotten the nvidia running on it yet.00:43
Moopanyone got a couple of minutes to help a noob?00:43
peejedc: has mysql a central password?00:43
log`Moop: what's up?00:43
CavalierPrimelaux: do you have a networking icon up by your clock?00:43
gnoshiCavalierPrime: yeah, it is. But I have to submit my research thesis in 4.5 weeks so I'm less about the caring why, and more about the getting it working :P00:44
qweqweqwelaux, have you done this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide ?00:44
qweqweqwepee, no00:44
MoopI'm following a tutorial on modifying a system call using my TA's instructions (given here http://node99.org/150/hw1/)00:44
qweqweqwepee, you set it00:44
Moopi got to00:44
Moopcp /boot/config-2.6.28-11-generic .config00:44
CavalierPrimegnoshi: g/l man  :P00:44
jedcpee, you can set one up when you install/configure it. if you dont use the -p option it is trying without a password00:44
Moopbut that file doesn't exist :S00:44
lauxhow can i install wireles card drivers on my hp pavilion dv6000 running on ubutu 9.04?00:44
fubarificCould anyone help me out? The login screen doesn't come up when I start my netbook up. Like the background loads, but the actual prompt to log-on doesn't00:44
Moopi pretty much typed in everything as he tells us00:44
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
log`Moop: it might be a different version, try typing part of the path and autocompleting with tab00:44
CavalierPrimelaux:  right click on your networking icon up by your clock, if you have one and enable networking00:45
peejedc: ok, thanx. ^^00:45
mimilooncan anyone help me plz? how do i use "clive" to download metacafe videos; i successfully been able to download youtube videos with this program00:45
gnoshiCav: cheers. I might just go spend $800, and upgrade the lab's dell out of my own pocket and try to get reimbursed later when I've submitted, just to be able to stop fighting with this mac.00:45
zaoul1Random832: I'm guessing you would set a global GID, create the same users in ubuntu that you do in windows and add them to that group00:45
lauxis enabled im online :S00:45
log`how do i scroll up my buffer in irssi so i can see if i missed an answer from zaoul1 ?00:45
log`page up, nevermind00:45
=== alele is now known as ale|fora
Moopit has config-2.6.20-15-generic00:45
lauxi mean install the drivers of my wireless card i have internet by ethernet but i want use my wifi card00:45
CavalierPrimelaux: do you have more than one connection there?00:46
log`Moop: I guess that's the one you want then.. not sure what you're trying to do though00:46
Moopwill it work the same? I need to get the old kernel instaled00:46
CavalierPrimelaux: on my dell i have to manually switch to wireless in the network connections00:46
lauxyes, i have 2 pc but is not the problem im from the pc i want to access to internet by wifi00:46
zaoul1log`: Oh I will also need xorg.conf? you get pastebinit? cat /var/log/xorg.conf | pastebinit00:46
log`zaoul1: i'll just be a moment00:46
Moopin this class we will be working with an older version of the kernel so we have to install it...00:46
lauxthe problem is that drivers are not installed00:46
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
CavalierPrimelaux:  go to system>preferences>network connections then wireless tab and see if anything is there00:48
m3onh0x84I wan to ask: how to deltech debian package in ubuntu synaptic ?00:48
lauxis nothing there00:49
Name141Hello, I am thinking of getting an ATI video card.  Will Ubuntu have their drivers premade again anytime ?00:49
lauxbut thank you anyway im gonna forum00:49
CavalierPrime<--running ati 4850 with ati's drivers, easy to install nowadays00:50
log``zaoul1: http://pastebin.com/f66177d5f has my /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:50
zaoul1log`ok so you have an ATI card?00:51
CavalierPrimelaux:  try this if you have Broadcom   http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1753452/how_to_get_wireless_working_with_ubuntu.html00:51
zaoul1log`: and it used to work?00:51
log``it used to work just fine with the ati-radeon drivers00:51
zaoul1log`: until?00:51
MinusSevencan I say something00:52
MinusSevenis log` and log`` the same person?00:52
mimilooncan anyone help me plz? how do i use "clive" to download metacafe videos; i successfully been able to download youtube videos with this program00:52
MinusSeveni'm finding this hard to follow now00:52
qweqweqwelaux, did you read the link i sent you already?00:52
zaoul1MinusSeven: hes in a console only I believe00:52
log``i just tried installing fglrx from synaptic, and setting the Driver item in xorg.conf to "fglrx"00:52
MinusSevenzaoul1 is talking to log`00:52
MinusSevenand with 1 `00:52
Name141CavalierPrime: OK.  Could I message you for an off topic conversation about nVidia to ATI switch ?00:52
flansuseHas anyone ever used Unison before? Is it true that Unison must be the same version used on all PCs, otherwise it will not work properly?00:52
log``ya i hard to hard quit my last irssi session and it hasnt timed out yet i guess00:52
lauxim on it00:53
log``we're the same guy00:53
CavalierPrimename141: sure00:53
joseantoniordlmchi does anyone knows how to configure a IR Remote00:53
MinusSevenwanted to make sure00:53
MinusSevenok, go00:53
log``zaoul1: so everything was working fine until i tried switching to the fglrx driver00:53
zaoul1log``: what card do you have? it will work with fglrx? or it once worked with radeon?00:53
luis08hi! how can I set the correct permissions to a non-root user in fstab to mount an external HD?00:53
zaoul1log``:  lspci | pastebinit00:53
log``i don't know if it's suppsoed to work with fglrx but i know it worked with radeon00:54
log``hold on00:54
zaoul1luis08: you get the UID of the user and set UID=xx in fstab00:54
zaoul1luis08: where xx is the id00:54
mgolischluis08: use the user/users mount option, it allows for normal users to mount/umount that filesystem00:54
joseantoniordlmchi does anyone knows how to configure a IR Remote00:54
m3onh0x84how to know debian applications in ubuntu ?00:55
m3onh0x84how to know debian applications in ubuntu and ubuntu packager manager ?00:55
mgolischluis08: if its non unix filesystems like ntfs/fat32 you might want to set the uid/gid mount options to the user/group id of the user that wants to access them00:55
kn100is there a way to see if a certain app needs any dependencies on a clean install of ubuntu?00:55
joseantoniordlmchi does anyone knows how to configure a IR Remote00:55
log``lspci in http://pastebin.com/f1c1fdcd700:55
zaoul1joseantoniordlmc: install irda-utils from synaptics00:56
log``it is quite possible it does not support the fglrx driver00:56
luis08zaoul1, mgolisch thanks, I'll try your suggestions right away!00:56
Moophow do I upgrade my kernel from 2.6.20-15 to
laxi run ubuntu in a dualboot setup, is there a way for me to get files from windows 7? both OS's installed on the same partition00:56
mgolischlax: you use wubi?00:57
zaoul1log``: well to get you out of the console, try putting back driver "radeon" under Section "Device"00:57
joseantoniordlmcand how do i use it00:57
zaoul1log``: and then startx (NOT AS ROOT)00:57
mgolischlax: the windows filesystem is mounted as /host on wubi00:57
log``i tried that, it didn't work.. then i did the autofix thingy in recovery mode so it might have changed it00:57
kn100is there a way to see if a certain app needs any dependencies on a clean install of ubuntu?00:57
DeathCrawlerthe system was freezing, i disable Cooling 'n Quiet, stoping the lockups00:57
CavalierPrimelax: go to places>computer and you should see all the drives on the system00:57
log``what does it say now?00:57
laxi think so, i installed wia wubi at least00:57
zaoul1joseantoniordlmc: http://irda.sourceforge.net/00:58
mgolischlax: then /host should give you access to the windows filesystem00:58
joseantoniordlmcok thanks00:58
Commie_CaryI'm getting this error00:58
Commie_Carycary@cary-desktop-linux:~$ sudo apt-get install alsa_utils00:58
Commie_Cary[sudo] password for cary:00:58
Commie_CaryReading package lists... Done00:58
Commie_CarySegmentation fault (core dumped)00:58
FloodBot2Commie_Cary: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:58
DeathCrawleris how to disable Cooling 'n' Quiet only in Ubuntu?00:58
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
laxwhat? really not harder than that? but, doesnt ubuntu use a differnt file format than windows?00:58
mimiloonis there a page that lists all the repositories00:59
laxthanks anyway mgolisch! :D00:59
an0nmat1rwhat is that00:59
hey_joewhere can i find an up to date guide on setting up a ldap server for windows clients?00:59
kn100is there a way to see if a certain app needs any dependencies on a clean install of ubuntu?00:59
zaoul1log``: well right now its using the vesa driver since no driver is set.. and no mode is set either, what kind of monitor? ... seems kinda odd, let me look at that again.. it would be useful to have the error log when using the radeon driver too00:59
gnoshilax: ubuntu can read the windows file system.00:59
hey_joewhat would be entailed in that? ldap, samba, ntp, bind9, and what else?00:59
mgolischlax: sure it does, wubi basicaly places some filesystem images on your windows partition which contain the linux filesystems, on start the kernel mounts the windows filesystem and then from that mounts its filesystemimages00:59
apersondoes anyone here have google-gadgets working in karmic?01:00
kn100is there a way to see if a certain app needs any dependencies on a clean install of ubuntu?01:00
=== colosseum is now known as colosseum_sleep
IdleOnekn100: if the app is installed so are the depends01:00
apersonkn100, you should be able to see them in synaptic01:00
laxthey do? nice. so far, ubuntu is <301:01
zaoul1kn100: in synaptics you should be able to right click and check the deps01:01
IdleOnekn100: depending what app it may require installation of other packages to increase functionality01:01
kn100IdleOne, aperson the issue is karmic has a wierd network-manager issue that I have reported, and the only way to fix it is to either connect with a CLI which I cant do because i'm stupid or install WICD, which i can get in .deb form, but i want to be sure there arent going to be any dependencies that will bite me in the ass later01:01
gnoshiI have a shiny new problem now - Ubuntu (which was booting fine, and using my ATI vid card) is no longer booting into X. Instead it is, from all appearances, hard freezing.01:02
IdleOnekn100: wicd is in the repos01:02
IdleOnesudo apt-get install wicd01:02
IdleOneor it should be but karmic is beta and may be missing some packages. try asking in #ubuntu+101:02
zaoul1gnoshi: hard freeze meaning you must hard reset?01:03
CavalierPrimegnoshi: incorrect driver01:03
kn100IdleOne, i know. but as i just said i have a network-manager issue in karmic, so i can't do that, so i need to get it in .deb form, hence the worrying about dependency issues01:03
cody_what is the best dock for ubuntu that does not need composoting (unless it can run under xcompmgr)01:03
kn100ethernet is not an option01:03
gnoshizaoul1: yes. CavalierPrime: I deleted all driver entries from my xorg.conf.01:04
IdleOnekn100: packages.ubuntu.com has it and lists the depends also01:04
kn100IdleOne, i will try that01:04
zaoul1gnoshi: all driver entires?01:04
log`zaoul1: no luck, i still get black screens with Driver"radeon"01:04
CavalierPrimegnoshi: there should be a backup to your xorg.conf01:04
=== Abracadabr4 is now known as Abracadabra
log`you want to see the log? remind me where it was01:04
CavalierPrimesame directory01:04
zaoul1log`: /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:04
Sitowlankn100, you can  configure your internet connection manually01:05
gnoshizaoul1: Sorry, I mean all the oddball ones (fglxwhatever, nvidia, etc). Now it just has Driver "vesa"01:05
apersonkn100, what?01:05
apersonkn100, did you mean to direct that at me also?01:05
kn100Sitowlan, i know, but its WPA and connecting to a WPA network with a CLI is a pain in the ass01:05
gnoshiCavalierPrime: I rebuilt the xorg.conf using the recovery tool (which was working ok before, but not now it appears). Still happening after I pulled out the nvidia card, too.01:05
kn100aperson, erm probably not01:05
Royallokay so all of my keyboard shortcuts aren't working01:06
kn100aperson, i meant someone else, sorry01:06
magicalman315could anyone post the /etc/network/interfaces default settings for 8.04?01:06
Royallexcept for the Volume Up/Down keys and Gnome-Do01:06
apersonkn100, no worries01:06
osotogariOk I have dual monitors working but, i can not mouse over to my second screen, I am using seperate X screen and Xinerama enabled.01:06
gnoshiosotogari: You want to use twinview, not Xinerama.01:06
log`zaoul1: http://pastebin.com/f418707fb01:06
osotogari@ gnoshi: Ok ill change it01:06
gnoshiosotogari: (at least that's what I use, because I found xinerama had that effect)01:06
kn100IdleOne, that shows the deps (http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/wicd) but it doesnt tell me whether they are installed with ubuntu itself01:07
donpdonphas anyone got a windows 7 guest on virtualbox to work with sound?01:07
zaoul1For all people with XORG problems, to troubleshoot you will need 1. card type (lspci) 2. /var/log/Xorg.0.log 3 /var/log/xorg.conf 4. what happened before it broke.01:07
log`i guess we're there now :)01:07
homovitruviusI'm in a catch 22 w/ rsnapshot: the target is nfs mounted. I can write there as myself, but not as root on the machine initiating rsnapshot. On the other hand, rsnapshot needs to run as root for writing its pid to /var/run. Am I missing something?01:07
IdleOnekn100: apt-cache policy packagename will tell you01:07
kn100IdleOne, what does this tell me?01:08
zaoul1log`: ok so we got the radeon driver in, you just sent me the xorg.log after startx, and you have darkness?01:08
IdleOnekn100: ex: apt-cache policy libblahblah will return info about the package and if it is installed01:08
kn100IdleOne, ahh, so i can check the deps01:09
IdleOnekn100: yes01:09
log`i still haven't removed the fglrx package.. maybe if i remove it and reinstall the ati-radeon01:09
kn100but since i have wicd installed currently, the deps would be installed with it01:09
osotogari@ gnoshi: It works!!01:09
zaoul1log`: one more thing before I look at the log, .. what is the output of ps -A | grep Xorg   ?01:09
kn100IdleOne, hmnn01:09
osotogariVery cool!01:09
log`assuming the Xorg.0.log is always the most recent one.01:09
zaoul1log`: it is01:09
IdleOnekn100: they should be, but you are running beta os so.....01:09
log`let me get that for you01:10
kn100IdleOne, i always run the bets01:10
CavalierPrimegnoshi: you need to copy you xorg.conf.whatever to xorg.conf and that will get you back to what you had b401:10
CavalierPrimegnoshi: it's in /etc/X1101:10
IdleOnekn100: join #ubuntu+1 please for karmic support01:10
gnoshiCavalierPrime: Tried that and it didn't seem to work - I'll give it another shot (I have several backups).01:11
kn100IdleOne, the question is not just for karmic01:11
niadhI have a usb soundcard based on the cm106 chipset that sorta works under oss, i'd like to be able to get it to work under alsa if that's possible, can someone help?01:11
kn100IdleOne, hence why i came here01:11
CavalierPrimegnoshi: if you did a lot of messing around with drivers it may take a while to find the right one01:11
IdleOnekn100: ok so what depends do you think are missing?01:11
log`zaoul1: it's empty01:11
log`ps -A | grep Xorg/xorg/org returns nothing01:12
zaoul1log`: good... how many connections are on your video card?01:12
kn100IdleOne, here is my issue01:12
koudelka_how can i see if i am using UXA_01:12
anonHey guys. I need some help, apparently my wireless drivers are no longer working (Intel WiFi Link 5100) on my laptop. Could anyone help with diagnosing what may be the issue?01:12
gnoshiCavalierPrime: it is possible to revert to a 'default' xorg file though, right? the one that Ubuntu would have installed with?01:12
log`this is a laptop so there is a built in monitor and a VGA connector hooked up to an external LCD monitor01:12
gnoshiCavalierPrime: ah, here we go. I reinstalled the ATI binary driver from shell and it booted again.01:13
koudelka_i want to test uxa01:13
kn100IdleOne, never mind, i just checked each dep, they are all installed as default01:13
CavalierPrimegnoshi: good good01:13
kn100Idhan, thanks for the help01:13
IdleOnekn100: sure thing01:13
kn100IdleOne i meant, sorry Idhan01:13
zaoul1log`: i see. hold on01:13
gnoshiCavalierPrime: and now I'm taking a backup of the xorg.conf before I go trying to readd the nvidia card again :P01:14
AlamnHi, I was wondering hwo could i fix VERY Low microphone levels on ubuntu01:14
log`zaoul1: thanks for looking01:14
kn100Alamn, sudo apt-get install pavucontrol01:14
zaoul1log`: so what is the inteded output? on the laptop screen, the lcd? extended? clone?01:14
log`well anything01:14
kn100Alamn, then check sound + video > pulseaudio volume control01:15
zaoul1log`: is the external lcd still connected?01:15
lotiafolks, when using the daily build iso for karmic, can i update to the final release when it comes out?01:15
kn100Alamn, then click input devices01:15
log`as long as i can start x i can usually set it up from the display settings01:15
log`it is.01:15
zaoul1log`: unplug it and reboot01:15
Alamnkn100: ok i will try that, thanks01:15
koudelka_anyone know how i can make x11 use UXA?01:15
log`before it wao use both monitors01:16
log`was set up*01:16
kn100Alamn, sure thing01:16
log`but not clone, extended desktop kinda01:16
zaoul1log`: I understand, lets get you out of console asap right?01:16
log`but the external was my primary cause it'01:16
xrandrwell, the upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10 failed01:16
log`s on the left01:16
log`ok its unplugged let me try and reboot01:17
kennyHhello guys!01:17
ubuntuDoes anyone have a problem auto detect wireless in ubuntu 9.10 beta  ?01:17
IdleOne!9.10 | ubuntu01:17
ubottuubuntu: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:17
kennyHI think I just closed the dock on my system. How do I relaunch it?01:17
osotogari@ KennyH: Which dock?01:18
ltcabralhow do i know my glibc version01:18
kennyHosotogari, the dock with controls the opened applications at buttom.01:18
brian_everything i do my system will crash   if i run firefox it will freeze and crash what could cause this01:19
nico_uyhi everybody!01:19
CavalierPrimebrian: you do a memtest on it yet?01:20
osotogari@ kennyH: right click the top panel and click new panel, set its orientation to bottom01:20
pred2k3hi, my ethernet card does noet show upe? (atheros 81)01:20
gnoshiRight: Putting the nvidia card in again. Actually, I'm gonna try with ONLY the nvidia card but being a macpro, I doubt it will boot.01:20
nico_uyi have some problems with the network manager in Xubuntu01:21
gnoshiosotogari: how'd it go?01:21
CavalierPrimebrian_: run the memtest on the grub menu for starters01:21
stinkygnoshi, it does not like SLI, try it with only 1 graphics card, and it should work01:21
kennyHosotogari, ok, it worked, and how could I add the multiple screen controler I may have excluded ?01:21
p-fis there a non-mysql-dependent version of the apache2 package somewhere? I want postgres, not mysql, yet apt insists on pulling mysql in along with apache2...01:22
osotogari@gnoshi: its working like a dream, xchat and mplayer open in my left screen, firefox in my right01:22
osotogari@ kennyH: that i dont know, sorry01:22
p-factually, the culprit is libaprutil1, which apache2 depends on01:22
ltcabralhow do i install opengl 2.001:22
gnoshiosotogari: good to hear =)01:22
aoupiIn Keyboard Shortcuts, is it possible to have multiple bindings for one action?01:23
osotogari@ gnoshi: I assume this will degrade gracefully when i dont have my second screen plugged in?01:23
log`zaoul1: external monitor unplugged, no luck. but this time the screen went from being turned off totally to being turned on but all black a few times.. then it stayed on and was all black01:23
kennyHosotogari, ok, thank you!01:23
kennyHCould someone help me to add the spaces switcher on my dock please ?01:24
anonCan anyone help me with my network issues? My wireless and wired drivers don't seem to want to work. :x01:24
osotogari@ kennyH: sorry, i misunderstood, right click the new panel and select add to panel01:24
gnoshiosotogari: did for me.01:24
CavalierPrimeopenGL should be installed by default with you 2D drivers01:24
osotogari@ kennyH: there is a workspace switcher item in the list01:25
Alan__Kn100 i  did what u said01:25
zaoul1log`: we should add a mode line then... add mode  "1600x1200" under monitor01:25
Alan__and put input devices level to 10001:25
Alan__but its not very loud still01:25
gnoshiosotogari: actually, to be honest I was taking it a step further. I had ubuntu installed on an external machine and was switching between two machines, each with a different nvidia card (both quadro, but diff model) and both with 2 screens and it handled that pretty well to.01:25
log`should it be capitalized like Mode ?01:25
kn100Alan__, then I don't know what to say :(01:26
nico_uyHola, alguien que hable español? I have some problems with my poor english!01:26
Alan__k thanks anyways01:26
LjL!es | nico_uy01:26
ubottunico_uy: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:26
kennyHosotogari, oh yeah! Thats what I was looking forward! Thank you ! :)01:26
lauxi need t o install my wifi card but i cant see it when i typed lspci01:26
osotogari@ kennyH: no problem :)01:26
zaoul1log`: umm, I think so... my bad, its Modes too01:26
log`with an s? ok01:26
* log` brb01:27
osotogari@ gnoshi: sounds like a nice setup. I will test my setup later on when i unplug my external monito01:27
gnoshiosotogari: I don't own it :P I belongs to the lab I'm working in.01:27
gnoshiosotogari: I don't actually own a computer myself at all.01:27
CavalierPrimeltcabral:  if you are getting an OpenGL error, it is probably b/c of drivers, not the OpenGL isn't installed01:27
xrandris it possible to installing KDE4.3 on ubuntu 8.04?01:28
ltcabralCavalierPrime: yeah... i get: K2 - Fatal Error: OpenGL 2.0 not available.01:28
CavalierPrimeltcabral: openGL is default install for mesa and all the 2d junk, prob need a new 3D driver if you are getting those errors01:29
ltcabralCavalierPrime: ok what should i do? my graphic cards are ati01:30
osotogaridoes anyone know if there is an option to tile/fit your windows to one screen save resizing by hand?01:30
chevyastrogot a question....why doesnt DeVeDe understand the video stream of an mp4 file01:30
=== roman is now known as Guest94921
trigityhello is thing working01:31
tsukiyomi_Hi does anyone knows if Splashy can be installed in xfce??01:31
zaoul1log`: yeas?01:31
trigitythanks pretty new01:31
log`zaoul1: first it said Modes was not an appropriate keyword so i tried Mode "1680x1050" (im p sure that's the resolution) instead and then it said that that was an unexpected token01:31
log`is the syntax with an x01:32
trigitycan i usually ask technical q & a here01:32
rejohnThe "Firestarter" program has disappeared from my start menu - any thoughts about why? - [running kubuntu, no answer in that channel, so I ask here]01:32
log`or should i use a space or somethign?01:32
CavalierPrimeltcabral: go to ati website and d/l driver for your card and install01:32
zaoul1log`: its in the monitor section?01:32
log`i can pastebin you the conf and the log if youd liek01:32
log`as it looks now01:33
tsukiyomi_???has anyone used splashy before???01:33
log`it seems Mode is right01:33
log`s just bugging about the "somethingxsomething"01:33
anonthanks for nothing \o/ resolved01:33
zaoul1log`: hold on hold on,01:33
konamdoes somebody knows if eclipse and the ubuntu-devs sorted out their diferences for 9.10?01:33
zaoul1log`: lets start from the top... you said you tried the generator again right? which command was that?01:34
cpjr72anyone help me out with the name of a program that can grab podcasts off the itunes store automatically?01:34
konamcpjr72 you just need to add that podcast to another music player I assume01:35
zaoul1log`: you ran xfix?01:35
lomezhi, so my friends computer was failing and i backed up his documents folder, hes on windows xp. i plug the flash drive into my computer (ubuntu 9.04) and i cannot delete the files i copied over, every file says error "Read only file system", including when i do "sudo rm -r" ideas?01:35
zaoul1hmm, funny I dont seem to have that command01:35
konamcpjr72 go to the podcast's website and they should provide a link to add01:35
log`it just removed the Driver "fglrx" line as far as i could tell01:35
konamcpjr72 for you to add to your favorite music player*01:35
cpjr72konam, hmm ok, was kinda looking for something that did subscription type thing01:35
log`didn't replace it with anything01:35
chevyastrogot a question....why doesnt DeVeDe understand the video stream of an mp4 file Ubuntu 90401:36
konamcpjr72 rhythmbox do it01:36
CavalierPrimelomez: chmod +x em01:36
osotogari@cpjr72: gpodder is nice01:36
cpjr72konam, thanks bud ill check it out :-)01:36
cpjr72osotogari, ill look at that as well, thanks01:36
docan you don't use my nick every time please01:37
lomezchmod: changing permissions of `/media/disk/John': Read-only file system CavalierPrime01:37
came0i'm getting "apache2: bad user name user" when doing "apache2ctl start"  any idea what that means?01:37
log`lol, it's 2.38 at night.. i just wanted to watch a movie but nooooo01:37
log`i had to go messing around with my graphics driver01:37
domowhat does this mean: The following packages have been kept back:01:37
domo  linux-image-server linux-restricted-modules-server linux-server01:37
zaoul1log`: try out ...  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg01:38
thiebaude!who | do01:38
ubottudo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:38
leonard-cruzevery day01:38
zaoul1log`: it happens01:38
XoopIS there a sudo apt-get to install a whole LAMP system in one shot01:38
leonard-cruzis good01:38
Gnea!lamp | Xoop01:38
ubottuXoop: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:38
CavalierPrimelomez: yeah you ahve to change the permissions on the files to delete them01:39
zaoul1Xoop: I guess you could apt-get drupal or phpmyadmin... and it would pull in all the deps01:39
log`okay im going to try that01:39
lomezCavalierPrime, i tried chmod but that was the error it gave me01:39
whocareshey everybody01:40
CavalierPrimelomez: make sure you sudo the chmod or it won't work01:40
whocaresdoes anybody know if Windows 7 and GRUB conflict if Win 7 is installed before ?01:40
arielCoHello everyone. It's a GNOME question but no one ever answers there: I installed icon-naming-utils in order to use some pre-2.2 themes, but I don't know how to use it. I killed and restarted nautilus to no avail. The README in /usr/share/doc is not useful. What now?01:40
osotogaridoes anyone have anything better than nautilus as a file manger? I am looking for something with two panels01:41
zaoul1whocares: that is generally the way you want to, you should install windows first. If not then windows would blast away grub01:41
lomezah good idea CavalierPrime but it's giving me the same error01:41
whocareszaoul1: I know01:41
whocaresbut I mean if GRUB loads NTLDR correctly as Win 7 is rather new and Microsoft might have changed something about the NTLDR (?), too01:42
Blueyostogari:  xnc01:42
arielCowhocares: as long as you don01:42
ltcabralhey when im trying to install ati drivers i get this: Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version   can anyone help me?01:42
traskbryantI'm looking for a dock to use in Ubuntu that I can put on the left or right-hand side of my screen, rather than on the bottom. Any suggestions?01:42
whocaresarielCo: ?01:43
whocaresI guess, I got only a part of your message...01:43
zaoul1traskbryant: you are using the default window manager, gnome?01:43
osotogari@ traskbryant: you can set the orientation of a panel to left and right01:43
m0r0nDoes anyone know any bugs about installing Ubuntu on a flash drive?01:43
arielCowhocares: sorry, typo. As long as you don't install GRUB on the partition (boot record), you should be able to "chainload" onto it.01:43
donpdonptraskbryant: right click on the panel. properties => set the left or right side01:43
traskbryantzaoul1, osotogari, sorry, I mean a launch bar (such as Gnome Do's Docky).01:43
arielCowhocares: in other words, install on /dev/sda, not /dev/sda2 (for example)01:44
whocaresarielCo: I guess this is a misunderstanding, I don't wanna know if NTLDR is able to chainload GRUB but vice-versa ;)01:44
osotogari@ traskbryant: sorry i dont know about launch bars :(01:44
zaoul1whocares: call microsoft ;-D01:44
whocaresI guess they won't answer the question ;o01:45
arielCowhocares: I know. When you chainload, you don't load  NTLDR but actually the boot record for the partition01:45
gnoshiCavalierPrime: I may have found one of my problems... When I used the 'hardware drivers' ubuntu thing to install the nvidia drivers after installing the ATI drivers, in the xorg.conf file it put in the PCI address of the card already in there (the ATI) with the nvidia driver...01:45
gnoshiCavalierPrime: just fixing that now and see how it goes.01:45
arielCowhocares: the boot record will take care of finding NTLDR01:45
arielCowhocares: just don't pick a partition - you must put GRUB on the MBR01:46
whocaresanybody knows how well the HD 4200 integrated graphics processor performs with Ubuntu ?01:46
whocares(possibly someone tried it already)01:46
whocaresarielCo, k I'll do that01:46
arielCowhocares: luck01:47
whocareseven if it prevents me from crypting my Windows partition with TrueCrypt :D01:47
mgv2why i cant connect the internet with guest user?01:47
* arielCo whistles01:48
=== jabagawee_ is now known as jabagawee
* gnoshi is being driven not-so-slowly insane by the evil MacPro/Ubuntu combination01:50
pinoyskull /j #ubuntu-ph01:50
yvonneylooking for help with alsa .asoundrc01:50
yvonneyhey ampz you still here?01:50
whocaresby the way arielCo, I  already think ubuntu 9.10 is exciting (even as beta) - just installed it in a virtual machine yesterday... just took five minutes including installer01:51
giorgiocome si ingaggia il disco duro al sistema ubuntu?01:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about syslinux01:51
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:51
krusckeNeed help-I tried using Wine is not working to open my exe files any other suggested software for such a task01:52
arielCowhocares, yes, I went through a lot of pain upgrading (borked my jaunty setup and had to install anew), but there are lots of improvements01:52
* arielCo is still fighting to have his webcam working01:52
gnoshiand then a miracle occurred..... (Removed the ATI card from my xorg.conf; left the nvidia one in there - and it loaded X on the nvidia card!) hurrah!01:52
whocareshow long did the upgrade take?01:52
arielCowhocares: the (failed) upgrade, about 9 hours downloading + a day trying to fix the mess. The clean install from the CD - about 30 min.01:53
krusckeany suggested software for using exe files?01:54
whocareswhat hardware are you using? thirty minutes is very long I guess... even my Athlon XP 2800+ did a clean install in around 15 minutes01:54
krusckeCan Anyone Help me?01:55
bastid_raZorkruscke: wine01:55
Billiardkruscke: wine is all there is01:55
arielCowhocares: It's the CD, though I don't remember clearly how long was it since it actually started installing packages01:55
krusckeit doesnt work for the exe file im trying01:55
giorgiocome si ingaggia il disco duro al sistema ubuntu?01:55
krusckeoh ok thanks01:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-it01:56
whocaresarielCo: may I know the hardware (just interested) :) ?01:56
alessiogiorgio, vai al channel #ubuntu-it01:56
whocaresby the way, did you hear of unetbootin? could speed up your ubuntu installs ;)01:56
giorgiograzie alessio01:56
arielCowhocares: 2 y/o laptop - Dell Inspiron 152001:56
ZykoticK9kruscke, what software are you trying?  checked the wine app database http://appdb.winehq.org/ ?01:56
whocaresfrom USB should be a lot faster01:56
arielCowhocares: pretty fast once it's up. My boot time is 38 secs from GRUB to GNOME.01:57
arielCowhocares: compiz, bells, whistles and whatnot incliuded01:57
ra21vii am using Dell Inspiron 1545, has both OS : Windows and Ubuntu.. I noticed for so many days, my HDD area gets more heated (easily noticible) just after some mins when running Ubuntu, but the HDD doesnt even feel noticibly warm when I run windows... even when I install disk heavy softwares on Windows, it is less heated than linux01:57
log`zaoul1, I have X!01:57
whocaresarielCo: Core 2 Duo T7300 ? is that right?01:57
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox To replace metacity with Openbox please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReplaceMetacityWithOpenbox01:58
ra21vihave anyone notices it?01:58
arielCowhocares: hmmm, I think - 2.0 GHz01:58
mojo_can some1 here send me the gedit.desktop? I mistakenly removed it from /usr/share/applications and even reinstall the gedit with aptitude doesn't help. Please help01:58
zaoul1log`: awesome! the reconfig command worked?01:58
log`but when i open display under preferences it doesn't recognize the built in monitor like it used to.. i can't set the full resolution01:58
whocaresmaybe I should try it out01:58
log`it worked in part.01:58
whocareshow long would it take with a Quad-Core Athlon II X4 @ 3.25 GHz :D ?01:58
Joeybradley98sebsebseb: heya01:58
arielComojo_: try dpkg --configure gedit01:58
lwizardli am wanting to remove grub and restore the boot loader to windows how do i do this01:58
whocaresshould be possible even faster :>01:59
arielComojo_: anyway, try to run it from a terminal01:59
zaoul1whocares: speeds of installs generally are bottlenecked by the hard disk :-/01:59
arielCowhocares: I suspect I could, and indeed booting is I/O-bound at times01:59
ra21vianyone having HDD heat problem in Notepad with Ubuntu??01:59
mojo_arielCo: T__T doesnt help, even with dpkg-reconfigure01:59
Alan__Can someone help? I'm trying to get my microphone to work but its so quiet (ive tried volume controls)02:00
zaoul1log`: well.. BACKUP! your xorg.conf ... /etc/X11/xorg.conf /home/log/xorg.conf-bak02:00
arielCodid you "killall gnome-panel" ?02:00
whocareszaoul1: yeah, arielCo is using a 2,5 inch Hard disk (notebook), I use a Samsung Spinpoint F3 (3.5 inch) which should be a lot faster ;)02:00
zaoul1err.. cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /home/log/xorg.conf-bak02:00
log`ok, after that?02:00
whocaresI guess the CD should be the greater bottleneck02:00
whocaresif a CD is used02:00
mojo_arielCo: Thanks for your help, one ppl here just sent me the file, it's fixed02:00
zaoul1log`: I guess you might need more mode lines?02:00
ZykoticK9lwizardl, you don't need to remove grub first - just reinstall Windows MBR and that will remove grub in the process.  ask the question in ##windows02:00
zaoul1whocares: good point also02:00
log`it took out the Driver parameter02:01
log`maybe i should put that back in02:01
arielCo lwizardl:if you have the Windows CD, it's easy enough02:01
whocaresusing USB to install should be a lot faster02:01
zaoul1whocares: almost makes me want to get a external 2.5 now02:01
arielCo lwizardl:even a boot floppy will do02:01
whocaresfor what?02:01
lwizardlok thanks02:01
zaoul1whocares: some how install off of it02:01
whocareswhy don't you use an USB Stick?02:01
whocaresshould be large enough and lots of BIOSes don't boot from devices larger than 2 GB02:02
zaoul1err yea... what am i thinking02:02
yvonneyI'm trying to get the output of skype to write to a file. any alsa / mkfifo brains here?02:02
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer02:02
CavalierPrimealan_:  you adjusted your line-in settings in volume manager huh?02:02
whocaresbecause they can't mount it as a USB Floppy02:02
amdFANBOYhey, can you guys play any of these videos?  i think its a 64 bit flash problem... http://video.nytimes.com/02:02
Blueyis there any linux media player, that will display closed captioning?02:03
Bluey64 bit flash is flakey02:03
ra21viwhy my laptop is getting heated up (especially HDD) when using Ubuntu02:03
amdFANBOYbluey, they all do, you need a subtitle file02:03
log`here goes nothing02:03
BlueyamdFANBOY: okay I'll try one -- thanks02:03
amdFANBOYyeah, 64 bit flash is flakey02:03
amdFANBOYbluey, they are srt files02:03
CavalierPrimeamdFANBOY: can't play em either, using swfdec here02:03
whocaresdoes anybody know how well Cool'n'Quiet works at ubuntu/linux in general?02:04
Supersaiyan_IVamdFANBOY, works, 64bit02:04
zaoul1whocares: well I was thinking something like using esata and then have partitions for each os you would intend to use02:04
* arielCo has to reboot - brb02:04
whocaresbut which PC has eSATA?02:04
ZykoticK9yvonney, i've never tried to.  but this link might help http://www.detector-pro.com/2008/08/how-to-record-skype-calls-on-ubuntu.html02:04
amdFANBOYhuh, i'm using adobe flash02:04
whocaresthe most don't have...02:04
StaRetjiHello, if I hide folders and files (fat32 with linux images) in Windows... are they gonna boot and operate under linux without problem? Thx...02:04
zaoul1whocares: I thought we were going for max speed? + quad cores ;-D ?02:05
zaoul1i would hope a quad core had esata ;-D02:05
amdFANBOYSupersaiyan_IV: are you on 9.10?  or 9.04?  ff3 or ff3.5?02:05
CavalierPrimeamdFANBOY: right click on the thing not playing and do "about"02:05
whocareszaoul1: if you want max speed02:05
amdFANBOYSupersaiyan_IV: i guess youre using adobe flash?02:05
=== gnoshi is now known as gnoshi_away
whocaresyou need to get one of the Intel Solid State Disks02:05
whocaresand install Ubuntu on it02:05
Supersaiyan_IVamdFANBOY, ff3.5,
zaoul1i knew u were going to say that02:05
whocaresthen you will have max speed :>02:05
log`zaoul1, i put the Driver "radeon" line back in and now i am up and running with both monitors at full resolution02:06
BilliardStaRetji: you can see hidden windows files and folders on linux02:06
zaoul1there is some video with this massive ssd array02:06
Supersaiyan_IVamdFANBOY, 9.0402:06
log`thanks so much for your help02:06
amdFANBOYCavalierPrime: yeah, it says flash 1002:06
zaoul1log`: your welcome02:06
amdFANBOYhuh, why doesn't it work for me?02:06
log`now it02:06
zaoul1log`: installing is for windows ;-D02:06
zaoul1reinstalling that is02:06
CavalierPrimesame prob for me, using 32 bit 9.04 with swfdec 0.8.202:06
log`s three am, i should go to bed02:06
log`I agree02:06
ra21viwow, found it, and thats really a surprise. No one pointed it, huh... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-tz/2009-May/000064.html02:06
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zaoul1log`: I guess you can say you know how xorg works now :-D02:06
whocareszaoul1, interested in seeing my CPU cooler ;D ... it helps me cooling the CPU down to 36 degrees with 100% load over time02:07
=== Yes is now known as MJ94
log`yup, i think i'm getting the hang of it02:07
log`anyway, thanks again.. time to watch a movie02:07
ra21viso there is nothing good for Notebook life in Ubuntu's Roadmap02:07
StaRetjiBilliard, thx for clearing that out to me, cheers...02:07
mgolischra21vi: notebook life?02:07
amdFANBOYCavalierPrime: would you mind trying it with adobe flash?  seeing if it works?02:08
ra21vimgolisch: yup, the tear and wear, you must be knowing it :)02:08
BlueyTotem dos NOT display closed captioning info......02:08
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mgolischnever had any problems02:08
=== MJBB is now known as MJ94
d33dis brainstorm.ubuntu.com OpenSourced? I want to use it elsewhere.02:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moblin02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kms02:10
mom_is there a teleprompter linux program?02:10
ubottuPost your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!02:10
gbrethenDoes anyone know if ati 3d accel will be supported on ubuntu 9.10?02:10
gbrethen I tried the beta upgrade, bot no good!02:10
gbrethen Couldn't get compiz to work02:10
d33dAnyone know if the brainstorm.ubuntu.com framework is open sourced?02:10
ra21vimgolisch: read the link : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-tz/2009-May/000064.html02:10
CavalierPrimeamdFANBOY: doesn't work with Flash for me either, same deal with some YouTube and junk too02:10
MikeChelen!ati | gbrethen02:10
ubottugbrethen: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:10
mo0nykitHi! I'm running openbox inside gnome, can I still get my compiz effects?02:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ideatorrent02:10
amdFANBOYwtf????  why does it work for him and not us?  maybe we need a codec?02:11
amdFANBOYCavalierPrime:     wtf????  why does it work for him and not us?  maybe we need a codec?02:11
soreaumo0nykit: Only one window manager can ru at any given time. Openbox is a window manager. Compiz is a window manager.02:11
CavalierPrimehe is running 64 bit, may be the diff02:11
amdFANBOYi'm on 64, you?02:12
mo0nykitsoreau: i see. so there'd be a conflict. is there a package I can use within openbox so I can get something like compiz effects?02:12
whocareszaoul1: got a second?02:12
mgolischra21vi: and?02:12
zaoul1whocares: sup02:12
soreaumo0nykit: Not to my knowledge02:13
whocaresmy CPU cooler ;o02:13
MikeChelenmom_: maybe check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114005302:13
amdFANBOYCavalierPrime:   i'm on 64 are you?02:13
mo0nykitsoreau: okay thanks :)02:13
zaoul1whocares: lols, is that the zalman ?02:13
whocaresEKL Alpenföhn Groß Clockner02:13
mom_MikeChelen, thanks!02:14
MikeChelend33d: yeah its using ideatorrent http://www.ideatorrent.org/02:14
whocaresrocks anyways02:14
zaoul1whocares: heat pipes are sweet02:14
whocaresmy CPU temps are at 36 degrees under 100% load02:14
Blueymust be 36C?02:14
sdegutistestseems to work02:15
CavalierPrimeamdFANBOY: no, 3202:15
ra21vimgolisch: what and/more u need?02:15
whocaresCPU is an Athlon II X4 620 (default clock 2.6 GHz, I OCed it 3.25 GHz and undervolted it, default core-voltage 1.4 Volt and now it runs at 1.3 Volt stable)02:15
Blueywell I can't find anything that will decode the closed captioning, suggestions?02:15
zaoul1my computer is a pos02:15
Blueytried totem and mplayer02:15
zaoul1amd xp 270002:15
zaoul1piece of sh..02:15
whocareshey :> a good old Athlon XP02:15
Blueyi have a sempron!02:16
whocaresBluey: sempron is even better than celeron *g02:16
zaoul1well at work I have the core 2 duo quad so I cant complain too much02:16
Blueyand they are cheap!02:16
Blueyi have a dual core job02:17
whocareszaoul1: If you want a nice and fast CPU for not much money take an Athlon II02:17
Blueymodel name: AMD Sempron(tm) Dual Core Processor 220002:17
whocaresdepending on you if dual-core ore quad...02:17
ZykoticK9zaoul1, whocares Bluey i think this would be better in #ubuntu-offtopic -- #ubuntu is only for support issues - not chatting really.02:17
zaoul1I have never built a intel system for my personal self, and its annoying02:17
whocareslet's continue this at #ubuntu-offtopic02:18
zaoul1ZykoticK9: srsly? ive been in here for the past 5 hours with support02:18
zaoul1and 5 mins of chat someone wants to rant02:18
IdleOnezaoul1: and that is how we like to keep it. support here and chat in -offtopic02:18
zaoul1stop the bureaucratic madness02:18
IdleOneif everybody chats for 5 minutes support gets lost02:19
Drule_I'm thinking about making my own distribution software for computer games. I'd call it "jasper Steam", and you'd only be able to LOOK at games - you wouldn't be able to play them. For that you'd need a plugin.02:19
Drule_ - gamesmasterjasper02:19
mom_MikeChelen, ok wait i think i found something simpler02:19
mom_MikeChelen, http://www.cueprompter.com/02:19
zaoul1yea yea yea02:19
bhagbirhavin trouble finding driver for wireless bouilt in adapte02:20
whocareszaoul1, Bluey, #ubuntu-offtopic :) ?02:20
Blueyi am there02:20
zaoul1whocares: im there02:21
bhagbirneed to find driver for wireless02:21
bhagbircompaq biult in wireless adapter02:22
ZykoticK9bhagbir, do you know what adapter?  be sure you have done all Ubuntu updates (with a wired-connection) - then check in Hardware and see if you wireless shows up - if it does, enable it and you're home free.  This is perfect world scenario of course ;)02:22
bhagbiranks ill tryth02:22
mo0nykitHow do I save settings in Compiz? Should I add a profile first then make my settings OR make my settings first then add a profile? I did some tests for both methods but I always lose my settings. Please help. Thanks!02:23
CavalierPrimebhagbir: you can also try this   http://penkin.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/ubuntu-804-broadcom-wireless/02:24
Alan__does anyone have a solution for low mic levels on an integrated mic?02:25
CavalierPrimealan_: try the diff drivers for sound, oss, alsa, pulse02:25
ZykoticK9mo0nykit, something that always ticked me off is if i switch compiz off from System / Preferences / Appearance - then turned it back on - all the settings where lots :(  check out fusion-icon, which adds a compiz desktop icon - it saves my settings for on/off - perhaps it could help you as well.  best of luck.02:26
CavalierPrimealan_: just open your volume control and click on preferences and change your device02:26
=== gnoshi is now known as gnoshi_away
mo0nykitthanks for the tip ZykoticK902:27
ubuntu2234_In Ubuntu 9.10 how do I kill the X server Control-Alt Backspace does not seem to work. Thnaks02:27
Alan__does anyone have a solution for low mic levels on an integrated mic?02:27
ZykoticK9ubuntu2234, ctrl+printscreen+k or alt+printscreen+k02:28
CavalierPrimeAlan_: try the diff drivers for sound, oss, alsa, pulse02:28
Blueyanyone know if they fixed the "launching http cache cleaner" annoyance caused by running kde apps under gnome?02:28
ubuntu2234_alan I have run into this problem with SuSE. To solve I logged in asroot and adjusted the alsa mixer02:28
ubuntu2234_thanks ZykoticK902:28
ZykoticK9ubuntu2234, root login is not used in Ubuntu02:28
ubuntu2234_sudo su -02:28
ubuntu2234_passwd: ****02:29
stinkyyou can install sux i think02:29
steven_is there a way to go back to the command line when ubuntu freezes?02:29
ubuntu2234_enter password02:29
Mocshi all... anyone have any experience setting up a Diku mud on Ubuntu?02:29
ubuntu2234_su -02:29
Alan__CavalierPrime: do i just download them from sypnatics?02:29
DaZsteven_: ctrl alt f1 ? :f02:29
marshahow do I identify myself to nickserve to join a channel?02:29
ubuntu2234_passwd: ****02:29
Blueysteven_: ctrl+alt+f1 should get you to console02:29
ZykoticK9ubuntu2234, you're missing the point (it can be done!) but ubuntu is designed around the basis that you shouldn't Need too...02:29
Omlettesteven_: Ctrl + Alt + F702:29
OmletteOr F102:29
CavalierPrimeAlan_:  just open your volume control and click on preferences and change your device02:29
Blueymarsha: you need an ident server hang on just a sec02:30
mankashhow to mount iso file02:30
steven_also, i heard the shortcut to restart x is ctrl-alt-backspace02:30
steven_however when I use it ubuntu freezes02:30
Alan__CavalierPrime: i onnly have a "Master device"02:30
CavalierPrimesteven_:  it is disabled in >9.0402:30
ZykoticK9!iso | mankash02:30
OmletteThat's the correct shortcut, steven_.02:30
ubottumankash: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:30
Blueymarsha: this is what you need:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=11502:30
Omlette!dontzap | steven_02:30
ubottusteven_: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.02:30
Mocsanyone have any experience installing Diku (or any other MUD) on Ubuntu?02:30
steven_yes I'm familiar with those shortcuts02:31
CavalierPrimeAlan_:  dunno, prob need to go to ubuntu docs02:31
steven_they work for me02:31
steven_but the screen just goes black02:31
steven_is it supposed to bring back the login screen?02:31
FloodBot2steven_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:31
OmletteThat's the idea, yes.02:31
osotogaridoes anyone have anything better than nautilus as a file manger? I am looking for something with muti panels?02:31
marshaBluey: why must I do that to join a python channel and not here?02:32
pist0l-fishhi all. my friend downloaded a livecd in an attempt to fsck her broken ntfs partition. Unfortunately, the livecd doesn't come with ntfsprogs. any suggestions?02:32
Blueysteven_: it will give you console access unless the machine is locked up...02:32
CavalierPrimegnome commander02:32
DaZdolphin <:02:32
ZykoticK9steven_, ctrl+alt+backspace has been X's restart - forever... but now X has changed it - so it's not simply affected Ubuntu02:32
stinkyis there a decent colecovision emulator for ubuntu 9.04?02:32
Blueymarsha: I wouldn't know - but sometimes they need it....02:32
steven_sorry about that. Alt+SysRq+K doesn't bring me back to the login screen. When I use it, I'm unable to even toggle the num key and caps lock. Is this normal?02:32
Blueymarsha: this makes 'em happy - -I had to do this in order to get onto efnet02:32
marshaI just wanted python advice....02:32
jatsZykoticK9: when did it change?02:32
Blueymarsha: I'm not the python guy sorry02:33
ZykoticK9jats, ? recently ish02:33
marshaBluey: thanks for your help02:33
ZykoticK9jats, 9.04 ubuntu time ;)02:33
fokuslee302Q: Hi i have a list with modules with full system name, how do i cut out the system path part, i only need the file name after the last os.seperator / i dont know shell02:34
mgv2does my computer is pingable?02:34
ra21viuhh, still could not find best solution to prevent my HDD from getting heated up in my Notebook.. has anyone tweaked their powersaving configs02:34
ZykoticK9fokuslee302, the command is "basename" i don't remember how to use it though -- might want to ask same question in #bash < those guys are hardcore!02:35
fokuslee302ZykoticK9, thanks i will man it02:35
mo0nykitZykoticK9: I have fusion-icon now. Do the settings save automatically? Or do I have to tinker with the profiles thing?02:35
LinuxGuy2009Anyone with JACK experience?02:35
ra21vifokuslee302: basename /path/to/a/file.ext will give u the file.ext as result.. man basename02:36
ZykoticK9mo0nykit, i believe they just save --- TEST it though!02:36
mo0nykitZykoticK9: thanks!02:36
DaZLinuxGuy2009: i turned it on once :f02:36
zopiacit has officially been 1 year since i started using Linux02:36
palomerwhat's the name of the  document viewer application?02:37
jatszopiac: congrata02:37
zopiacer, a year and a half02:38
DaZpalomer: even if it is support channel it doesn't mean you have to ask something you can  easily google ;f02:38
palomerDaZ, if you don't know the answer, please be quiet02:38
LinuxGuy2009DaZ: For some reason I cant get it working. I had to set the qjackctl launcher with gksudo for it to run without errors and thats as far as I get. Any tips?02:38
ZykoticK9palomer, evince is gnome's default02:38
fokuslee302ra21vi, can i redirect a find to it?02:38
palomerZykoticK9, thx02:38
DaZLinuxGuy2009: i used manual on arch's wiki and it worked02:40
brian1hey, will PC virus still be "ACTIVATE if i boot into Ubuntu?02:40
ZykoticK9fokuslee302, of course you "can" terminal is all based around the output of one command can be the input of another < one of the keys to unix's power -- i'm not sure on the "how" part though...02:40
LinuxGuy2009DaZ: Know the link off hand?02:40
jatsbrian1: windows-based viriuses cannot run on Linux.02:40
brian1cool, so in a away you get rid of the virus.02:41
jatsbrian1: what kind of virus are you talking about?02:41
LinuxGuy2009DaZ: NM I got it.02:41
brian1keylogger, backdoor RAT02:41
fokuslee302ZykoticK9, find DIR/LOGDIR -type f -mtime +3 -name '*LOG*' -exec basename {} \02:41
lilzeuswhat is a good app for burning a dvd iso image?02:41
ZykoticK9brian1, jats just to clarify "some" windows virus can run in wine < but most fail even there :(  poor windows viruses02:41
fokuslee302or find DIR/LOGDIR -type f -mtime +3 -name '*LOG*' | sed 's_.*/__'  > log_list.out02:42
kristofferg_hack the planet?02:42
MikeChelenlilzeus: brasero works well for me02:42
brian1botnet for the win!02:42
fokuslee302i don't really understand the sed one thou but im looking at it02:42
brian1where do you guys get your linux software?02:43
johnsbeharryhey guys is there a way to export a session in terminal to log.txt ?02:43
ZykoticK9fokuslee302, fyi your find command is gonna have errors, and i'm pretty sure you don't was that in the output02:43
kristofferg_brian1 warez.com02:43
amdFANBOYcan anyone help me figure out why these videos http://video.nytimes.com/ and really any videos that are using brightcove, don't work for me?  i'm on 9.04 64 bit with ff3, ff3.5 and epiphany  and adobe flash
jatsbrian1: unfortunately, I don't think there are any removal tools for windows viruses that run on Linux. You could try WINE, as Zykotic mentioned.02:43
bazhangbrian1, ubuntu repos02:43
ZykoticK9fokuslee302, s/was/want02:43
jatsbrian1: System > Administration > Synaptic02:44
lilzeusMikeChelen: I have brasero installed apparently, where is it?02:44
kristofferg_brian1: all really good linux software come from secret hacker severs.02:44
jatsyou're brand-new aren't you, brian?02:44
bazhanglilzeus, you may wish to try gnomebaker or k3b as well02:44
brian1linux yes02:44
lilzeusMikeChelen: nevermind, found it02:44
bazhangkristofferg_, please desist02:44
MikeChelenlilzeus: ok cool02:44
brian1hey, i got this full screen video problem.02:45
brian1it becomes choppy02:45
brian1only in full screen02:45
kristofferg_bazhang , i know. Sometimes its hard to not be silly.02:45
ZykoticK9amdFANBOY, nytimes video works for me on 9.04 64bit ff3.0.14 and ubuntu-restricted-extras as only flash plugin02:45
jatsbrian1: using "Movie Player"?02:45
walter_alguém fala portugues02:45
brian1streaming video02:46
jatsbrian1: flash?02:46
foxtrotninerthat youtube video problem02:46
walter_speak portuguese02:46
amdFANBOYZykoticK9, thanks i'll check it out02:46
lilzeusam I traitor for what I am burning? its Debian!02:46
foxtrotninerdo you have a intel video card brian1 ?02:46
foxtrotninerubuntu 9.10 karmic has fixed the intel video issue02:46
foxtrotninercurrently jaunty is kinda buggy with the intel video02:47
jatslilzeus: you're joking right? Ubuntu is derived from Debian.02:47
mo0nykitWhat file should I edit so that a certain program starts up every time I log in?02:47
foxtrotninerkarmic koala comes out in 12 days02:47
airman00I try to ./configure this file but I keep getting check system clock error. What gives?02:47
ubottuyes, I'm alive.02:47
lilzeusjats: no joke, too many problems with Ubuntu, figure I will give it a try02:47
canthus13mo0nykit: Log in? As in sign in to your desktop?02:47
foxtrotnineri have an intel video too, so i'm waiting 12 days for it02:47
DaZmo0nykit: gome session isn't enough? :f02:47
ra21vifokuslee302: what do you mean by readirect to find?02:48
lilzeusjats: my networking stopped working suddenly and nobody has been able to figure out what the problem is02:48
brian1moonkit: like msconfig in windows?02:48
mo0nykitcanthus13: Oh, I mean sign in to my desktop02:48
lilzeusso I give up02:48
mo0nykitI just installed fusion-icon and I want it to start every time02:48
canthus13mo0nykit: System > Administration > Startup Manager02:48
fokuslee302ZykoticK9, oh sorry for the confusion that was just a canned answer on google, my find is /lib/modules/<kernel ver>/ -type f -iname '*.ko' for all modules but im stying trying to understand how to use sed to cut out base name02:48
ZoeyMariemy computer keeps freezing when I try to test my external sound card. Why is this happening? :(02:48
ZoeyMarieOr, more importantly, how do I fix it?02:48
Kevin1a_What syntax do I use with tftp to reference a file on my hardrive that I am sending to my router?  I am using ">put dd-wrt.blahblah,extension"  What folder should that file be in because it keeps telling me it doesn't exist02:49
ra21vimo0nykit: are you using gnome? the to autostart a program use gnome-sessions02:49
kristofferg_Actually i have a relevant question, which inst infected by silliness. Im at a point where i would like to mess with the kernel aso. can anyone recommend some literature for "beginning kernel messing"?02:49
ZykoticK9fokuslee302, best of luck to you - sed is one of the more difficult commands to use/master <i'm an idiot at sed02:49
jatslilzeus: odd. Something might have happened to your card itself. Debian won't help in that case.02:49
skxHow to force one layout (columns, grouping by thread and so on) for all folders in all accounts?02:49
skxin evolution* :)02:50
lilzeusnetworking works fine in LiveCD, but won't on the installed OS02:50
mo0nykitcanthus13: thanks. I'm looking for something like .bashrc. Is there something like that for the desktop?02:50
jatskristofferg_: you mean rolling your own or 'compiling' your own?02:50
lilzeusjats: not the card, its onboard and I even tried an extra linksys I had laying around...nothing changed02:50
mo0nykit!kernel | kristofferg_02:50
ubottukristofferg_: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages02:50
canthus13mo0nykit: Hmm.  Probably.  I would imagine that StartUp manager is proabably a frontend for it.02:50
brian1so is everyone a programmer?02:51
mo0nykitcanthus13: Oh. I thought .bashrc is only for when you start a terminal...02:51
airman00anyone know the package thats responsible for system clock?02:51
DaZi guess it's somewhere in gconf :f02:51
=== asad is now known as Guest60430
lilzeusjats: eth0 shows that it has an IP, but my router does not show it gave it one. Also, when I try to navigate to the router( from the problem system, it displays my Apache's default page "It works!"02:51
brian1u sure its the right ip?02:52
mo0nykitcanthus13: I think I'll just use Startup Applications02:52
ZoeyMarieis there a way to test my external sound card from the command line, so there'd be a better way to kill it when/if it freezes?02:52
brian1try ifconfig02:52
canthus13mo0nykit: Err. NM. Not startup manager. Damn. I know I've set up a few programs to start on login, but I can't remember what.02:52
ZykoticK9brian1, this is a question for #ubuntu-offtopic - but i'm not02:52
kristofferg_jats: compiling i suppose. I suppose bootstrapping is a good way to learn. ^^02:52
canthus13mo0nykit: That's what I'm thinking of. :)02:52
jatsare you using dhcpclient?02:52
lilzeusjats: in fact, every address which starts with 192.168.1 returns a ping and in the browser it displays the same Apache default page02:52
brian1jats: try ifconfig02:53
canthus13mo0nykit: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/how-to-add-a-program-to-the-ubuntu-startup-list-after-login/02:53
* canthus13 hugs google.02:53
Guest60430can somebody help me real quick i need to get in administrator mode how do i do it02:53
jatskristofferg_: rolling your own = compiling. I meant or as in 'or as some call it'.02:53
lilzeuswhat do you want me to show you from ifconfig?02:53
lilzeusit looks normal02:54
lilzeussays eth0 has address
lilzeusbut my router does not show that02:54
ZykoticK9mo0nykit, canthus13, it's actually been updated in 9.04 to System / Preferences / Startup Applications ( and looks better too )02:54
canthus13Guest60430: Reboot, escape to get the grub menu, then select recovery mode.02:54
mo0nykitcanthus13: thanks for the link. I think in Jaunty it's no longer called gnome-sessions. It's System > Preferences > Startup Applications IMHO02:54
Guest60430 k then what02:54
mo0nykitZykoticK9: Oh there you typed it first :P02:55
jatslilzeus: if you've tried this before don't do it again, but you could try "dhclient eth0"02:55
canthus13ZykoticK9: Oh. I'm still using hardy. I forget there's those new-fangled short-term support releases. :)02:55
amdFANBOYZykoticK9:  can you try this one too?  http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid42408842001?bclid=42465993001&bctid=4408839400102:55
lilzeusjats: I have tried that02:55
ZykoticK9amdFANBOY,Agenda CNN Video working02:55
Guest60430 - canthus13 - what do i do after i go into recovery02:55
canthus13Guest60430: What are you trying to do?02:56
mo0nykitcanthus13: off to try out the startup thing :)02:56
GoosetovHey guy's trying to install 9.04 and it's freezing on the spalsh screen after I hit install or Try without changes02:56
lilzeusfor some reason, every single 192.168.1 address, all of them, loops back to localhost02:56
jatsactually, when I've tried dhclient, it's never worked for me personally.02:56
lilzeusand I can't figure out why02:56
jatstry 'sudo route'02:56
lilzeusI have02:56
lilzeusyou want to see it?02:56
amdFANBOYZykoticK9: thanks, i installed that package, and it still doesnt work, restarted firefox, maybe i should restart ubuntu?02:56
yourfinancialguyHi all,02:56
jatswhy not?02:56
yourfinancialguyHi all,02:57
kristofferg_jats: ah ok. Not really into the jargon. Have been messing with ubuntu for some years now. Want to take a deeper dive and get a feeling of whats what beyond the basic config files so.02:57
mo0nykitcanthus13: looking good. thanks!02:57
Guest60430 cathus13 - install ati catalyst for my graphics but i need to be an administrator or go into administrator mode02:57
ZykoticK9amdFANBOY, try "killall -9 firefox" in a terminal then restart firefox02:57
canthus13mo0nykit: No prob.02:57
yourfinancialguyThanks in advance for your help. I cant get my SANE scanner driver to work on my Epson printer.02:57
jatskristofferg_: I've always wanted to learn kernel configuration myself, but don't have the time. Learning the shell is a higher priority on my "linux skills to learn list".02:58
canthus13Guest60430: You don't have administrator access?02:58
ubottuyes, I'm alive.02:58
canthus13Guest60430: Which drivers are you installing?02:58
amdFANBOYZykoticK9: no dice02:58
lilzeusjats: http://pastebin.com/m22c65cfc02:59
amdFANBOYZykoticK9: doesnt work02:59
ZykoticK9yourfinancialguy, have you tested "gksudo xsane" in a terminal - and agree to continue at own risk?  does it see you scanner?02:59
brian1My video (FLASH)  becomes choppy when it goes full screen.02:59
ZykoticK9amdFANBOY, dunno then - works for me?02:59
mo0nykitkristofferg_: are you familiar with nLite (for Windows)? I dived into learning kernel configuration because I wanted to do the same thing in Linux02:59
Guest60430<canthus13> - i do have administrator access which is confusing i can get into synaptic and everything03:00
yourfinancialguyIm a major newbie. How do I test at the Terminal? I agree to continue at my own risk.03:00
ZykoticK9yourfinancialguy, have you also verified the statis of you epson printer on the sane page db?03:00
yourfinancialguyThe printer isnt found when I look for it with SANE.03:00
ZykoticK9yourfinancialguy, the "continue at your own risk" will come up when you start xsane with gksudo03:00
mo0nykitkristofferg_: as for bootstrapping, i think it's related to the initrd03:00
lilzeusI have also done netstat -l and uname -a in both LiveCD(which works) and the defunked system03:01
lilzeusto compare03:01
brian1yourfinancialguy: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/basic-commands/C/03:01
yourfinancialguyZykoticK9. Ok, I see what your saying. Let me test it.03:01
ZykoticK9yourfinancialguy, application / accessories / terminal then type in gksudo xsane03:01
Guest60430<canthus13> - and i have radeon x200 trying to get better graphics or something cuz i cant run this game i could before i reinstalled ubuntu03:01
GoosetovCan anyone please help me troubleshoot my installation problem...trying to swtich from windows and once i've booted the CD I hit install and the ubuntu splash screen comes up and shortly after the computer freezes03:01
phobosI have a geforce 2 card and can't get compiz working. What am I doing wrong?03:02
brian1goosetov your on a pc?03:02
cody_What is some software you cant live without?03:02
jatsI don't know how important 'metric' is, but I believe that it shouldn't be set to 0.03:02
Goosetovlaptop...kinda - dell xps m201003:02
ZykoticK9cody_, ask same question in #ubuntu-offtopic03:02
brian1goosetov: try closing some useless apps03:02
cody_ZykoticK9: Okay03:02
Goosetovi'm using the boot cd...no apps running03:03
lilzeusjats: do you want to compare that to the results of the same thing from LiveCD, which works?03:03
yourfinancialguyBrian1 and/or Zykotic... device not found is the report when I run the xsane at Terminal03:04
Goosetovit also freezes if i try to boot ubuntu directly from the cd03:04
jatslilzeus: I'm comparing it with my own and I have no metric=0 entries, nor any lo entries at all.03:04
phobosUbuntu is sane?03:04
lilzeusjats: http://pastebin.com/daad399903:04
ZykoticK9yourfinancialguy, is your device on the sane supported list?03:04
canthus13Guest60430: Hmm. Not sure, really.03:04
canthus13Guest60430: Which version are you using?03:04
yourfinancialguyI beleive so. It was working before when I loaded the drivers. But I beleive it was erased when I did a virus cleaning.03:05
mstkthis website formats a USB stick as a zip drive: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/booting-linux-from-usb-zip-on-older-systems/03:05
mstkDoes anyone know if it's possible to reverse the process?03:05
durtphobos, are you sure you have restricted drivers installed?03:05
brian1goosetov: did you try simply installing it from windows?03:05
jatslilzeus: I at kind of a loss. what have you tried?03:05
lilzeuseverything I have been told to...lol03:06
marsha_anyone here know python?03:06
phobosdirt, It keeps telling me that my card is in the supported list. I just downloaded the 190.xx drivers03:06
trismmarsha_: what's the question?03:06
brian1marsha: why?03:06
Goosetovbrian1: no I haven't, do I use WUBI ?03:06
jatslilzeus: how about pinging websites or just your router.03:06
lilzeuswebsite = fail03:06
brian1goosetov: ya03:07
durtphobos, I think geforce2 uses legacy drivers.03:07
marsha_brian1 I'm trying to write a script in autokey to do a serach in abiword03:07
lilzeusas I said, every address with 192.168.1.xxx appears to loop back to localhost...so returns03:07
phobosdurt: driversguide isn't listing a legacy driver03:07
jatsGoosetov: you cant try wubi, but I don't know that it'll work if the CD doesn't. Not sure what kind of hardware detection the WUBI installer does. Perhaps someone else knows?03:07
yourfinancialguycan anyone provide a link to the supported scanner site?03:08
durtphobos, check the readme on the nvidia website for the appropriate driver version03:08
brian1goosetov: you have windows right? just download wubi and run directly on it03:08
=== nils- is now known as nils_
brian1goosetov: open with daemontool or some other iso file.03:08
Guest60430canthus13 - so do u know what i have to type in the terminal to access administrator mode03:09
donkwho's using tux guitar in here?03:09
phobosdurt: ok. I have another question... I typed in regedit in the terminal because I wanted to make some changes, but it keeps coming back command not found. Do I need to download something for it?03:09
ZykoticK9lilzeus, when you Ping something on the first line is the TO address and the rest show FROM03:09
brian1goosetov: after download it, it toke me 30 seconds to install.03:09
canthus13Guest60430: Preface whatever command you're using with sudo03:09
canthus13Guest60430: It will then ask you for your password, and run the command as administrator.03:09
jatslilzeus: not sure if this will work: sudo route del default dev lo. Try ZykoticK9's suggestion first.03:10
MrPiracyi was accessing my psp through USB cable and deleted a few files. These files went to "trash" on the memory stick. How can i just delete this "trash" and disable trash fature for removable disks?03:10
Guest60430canthus - im installing it with wine tho not terminal03:10
kristofferg_mo0nykit the image files at / and in boot? Btw the link you sent me werent that informative ^^03:10
canthus13Guest60430: Err... You can't install video drivers in wine, can you?03:10
lilzeusZykoticK9: I am using Network Tools03:11
Goosetovalright i'm doing it now...will see what happens03:11
macman_hey all trying to mount a ext2 fs and it says its to small or something in dmesg .. any ideas ?03:11
jatsPhobos: linux doesn't have a registry per se, therefore no regedit. There is a program that is like it for Linux systems, however. Can't remember the name.03:11
ZykoticK9MrPiracy, clearing the Trash from USB type devices happens when you umount the drive in ubuntu - this only happens at certain types of unmounts as well - i know of no way to disable it03:11
trismphobos: no regedit in ubuntu unless you're using it in wine03:11
durtphobos, geforce2 needs 96.x drivers........regedit????03:11
donkwho's using tux guitar in here?03:11
nils_macman_: it's too small? The kernel is probably just setting up for a "that's what she said"-joke. Paste the actual error message03:12
trismphobos: although gnome does have gconf which is similar03:12
kristofferg_jats: i suppose shell should be more important. phew, to much i want to learn in general.03:12
syriusGOOD NIGHT ALL03:12
macman_when i do a mount -t ext2 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/folder it says bad fs .. when i do a fdisk -l it says the filesystem is linux03:12
Guest60430canthus13 - well it opened up wizard but i guess i'll try with just linux03:12
lilzeusZykoticK9: all 192.168.1.xxx address return a ping in 0.05ms03:12
MrPiracyZykoticK9: well, i switched back into windows now and i can see the .Trash folder. Isn't there a way to just delete it and restore disk space?03:12
jatskrisofferg_: probably, but the reason I'm doing it is that is where my curiosity lies.03:12
DaZwine has regedit binary <:03:13
canthus13Guest60430: I've never had to install windows drivers for wine.03:13
MrPiracyZykoticK9: the files i deleted from ubuntu didn't free any space on the memory stick03:13
Jyxtskoef_: do a revdep-rebuild03:13
mo0nykitkristofferg_: yeah i also think it isn't very informative for someone who's still beginning with kernel "messing". You mentioned you want to compile your own. there are lots of HOWTOs in the forums. I wrote one myself03:13
kristofferg_jats & mo0nykit: what are you backgrounds?03:13
cody_Hi, I am creating a bash script that will install files and requires sudo. How do i make it so it asks for the sudo password instead of just saying they need to?03:13
ZykoticK9MrPiracy, not that i'm aware of - if you manually unmount the drive in nautilus it will sometimes ask "do you want to empty the trash" and if you say yes it will free the space03:13
foxtrotninercody_, the channel you are looking for is #bash03:14
=== Random832__ is now known as Random832
cody_foxtrotniner: Okay, real quick question though, how do i quit a channel in irssi?03:14
brian_i have a weird bug im trying to install a java thing but when it says hit y to install n to abort if i hit y it will abort03:14
DaZcody_: /part03:14
mo0nykitkristofferg_: what do you mean? I'm not a CS major, but yeah, the community helps out a lot :)03:14
Guest60430canthus13 - well i dont kno what to install then cuz fglrx messes my graphics up and when i reboot it takes me to a black screen so i have to uninstall that03:15
Goosetovif I install inside windows will it be possible to remove windows and still keep ubuntu ? maybe a dumb question03:15
jatskrisofferg_: education, computer experience, ancestry? I've been using linux for about 1 year on my main computer. Probably around 3 years on old, cheap systems I having for experimenting?03:15
brian1goosetov: you want to remove windows?03:15
ZykoticK9Goosetov, no and if windows crashes you loose ubuntu as well - it's MUCH better to use partitioning03:15
MrPiracyZykoticK9: wwell, i unmounted it and nothing happened. Pluged it back in and the space left was still the same (as if had not deleted the files). I guess i will have to format the stick and start it all over again being careful not to have to delete anything from ubuntu.03:15
insomnia-Looking for some help, how would I share my wireless connection (wlan0) to my ethernet (eth0)?03:16
canthus13Guest60430: Have you read this thread yet? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113746703:16
durt!ics | insomnia-03:16
ubottuinsomnia-: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php03:16
ZykoticK9MrPiracy, remount it then browse to the mount point in nautilus (file manager) right click and unmount - you might get the question then03:16
egaudetMy friend got a dell xps 430 and is now trying to install ubuntu but keeps getting errors during installing when copying files.  Is this likely a hard disk or memory issue?03:16
Guest60430canthus13 - the game is also for linux too but when i open it up it shows up on the panel at the bottom then disappears03:16
Goosetovhmm I guess i'll see how this install goes first ...I've already been at this for a few hours and i'm getting a little annoyed03:17
egaudetHe said vista was freezing on him for no reason as well03:17
brian1goosetov: just download wubi03:17
brian1egaudet: what is the error?03:17
insomnia-durt, I've used that way. It completely disables the internet on this machine. (cause: ipmasq)03:17
MrPiracyZykoticK9: hehe, i think its too late now ... just said ok for reformating ;)03:17
MrPiracyZykoticK9: anyways, thx for the help. Now, ill spend another hour to get it the way it was before.03:17
kristofferg_mo0nykit: okay :) , im a cs student and have ambitions in the direction of security. So i figured, a dive into linux wouldnt hurt. So looking for recommendations for a good place to start understanding the lower levels of linux.03:18
jatsGoosetov: you can remove windows and keep ubuntu only if you move Ubuntu to its own partition first. Basically you backup your system, make a new partition for ubuntu, and finally use lvpm to move ubuntu to the partition.03:18
egaudetbrian1, error that the file copied doesn't match and then finally an input/output error 503:18
brian1egaudet: can you give me the the entire error?03:19
durtinsomnia-, then the only other thing I can suggest is investing some time to get to know iptables, and use a custom script, I personally love arnos-iptables-firewall from the repos03:19
canthus13Guest60430: Apparently, there are issues with x200 and jaunty.03:19
Guest60430canthus13 - should i switch to intrepid03:19
egaudetI will get the exact error in a moment.03:19
insomnia-Okay. I'll look into it. If all fails, I have to rewire my entire network, or move another computer to the new destination.03:19
brian1egaudet: i will wait03:20
canthus13Guest60430: That may fix it.03:20
Goosetovok So I got an error while trying to install via wubi03:20
GoosetovException: Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO03:20
Goosetov10-17 20:18 DEBUG  TaskList: # Cancelling tasklist03:20
Goosetov10-17 20:18 DEBUG  TaskList: # Finished tasklist03:20
FloodBot2Goosetov: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:20
Guest60430canthus13 - ok do u remember the code to get to that page where u just replace the words03:21
mo0nykitkristofferg_: that nice. yeah, the linux kernel is a wild world. have you tried getting the kernel sources? By the time you do a "make menuconfig", you'll get an idea of what the kernel is made of ^^03:21
egaudetOne thing to also note is that he had success installing ubuntu 8.10 from a cd I had sent him, but got freezing issues trying to update and upgrade.  He's booting off the usb key now, so I'm waiting on that03:21
kristofferg_mo0nykit: And no, dont know nLite. The most "messing" ive done so far was dos tweaking as a kid. Phew i used to many hours tweaking memory and stuff. Until that damn windows 95 appeared. Was so damn unstable i found other hobbies.03:22
egaudetthe usb key now drops him to (initramfs)03:22
brian1everyone: please try googling your errors03:22
kristofferg_mo0nykit: suppose compiling "something" is a logical first step yeah03:22
canthus13Guest60430: I'm not quite sure what you're referring to....03:23
Goosetovhere is the full log http://paste.ubuntu.com/295840/03:23
mo0nykitkristofferg_: here's my HOWTO if you'd like some starting point http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128674803:23
jess^hm. /etc/hostname should not contain a fqdn, correct?03:24
Guest60430you type something like sudo this or that and text editor comes up and u just replace jaunty with intrepid and save it i did it before i guess i'll have to search for it03:24
brian1goosetov: try http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090624131023AA3oa0f03:24
mo0nykitkristofferg_: I myself didn't have a "formal" starting point when learning about the kernel. Just putting together snippets of info here and there, as some pages are quite outdated, or doesn't exactly work for me verbatim03:25
XStatikwhat is the command to remove a package from unbunto03:25
XStatikSudo apt-remove packagename03:25
canthus13XStatik: sudo apt-get remove <package>03:26
kristofferg_mo0nykit: i see. :).03:26
Goosetovbrian1 : did you look at the answer ...kinda looks like malware03:27
XStatikIt said it couldnt find the package03:27
log`does anyone know how to get tty on one screen and x on another on a dual-monitor setup?03:27
Random832i don't think you can do that - which one would the keyboard control?03:27
Random832just use a full screen terminal03:27
Guest60430canthus13 - found it its gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list03:27
log`i'm p sure i've seen my friend have a setup like that03:27
Random832i doubt it03:28
Random832probably just a maximized or fullscreen gnome-terminal03:28
log`i might be wrong03:28
Random832you can get gnome-terminal in full screenw ith no menubar or scrollbar03:29
brian1goostov: try http://www.ccleaner.com/03:29
Random832well you have to go into profile preferences to disable the scrollbar03:29
insomnia-eww, windows programs :P03:29
Random832then go to the view menu to hide the menubar03:29
log`alright that's cool, i'll try that03:29
Random832then hit f1103:29
brian1goosetov: trying cleaning your register03:29
Random832it looks much nicer than a tty since it's in a truetype antialiased font03:30
log`although i kind of like the rugged look of tty :D03:30
jatsbrian1: why are you recommending that?03:30
log`D: how do i get the menu bar back :D there was no keyshort03:31
brian1jats: you help him then03:31
=== timber_ is now known as timber
log`ah just a new one03:31
jatsbrian1: just wondering why you recommended that course of action. No offense meant.03:31
brian1jats: his getting this when installing wubi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/295840/03:31
Random832log`, right-click03:32
log`hmm i ought to be able to automate this in a launcher somehow03:32
jatsGoosetov: you can connect to the internet, right?03:33
Goosetovyeah..I'm here03:33
jatsthat's right.03:33
iarpHey, someone was helping me earlier today with my LVM problem, they sent me a link to howtoforge.com03:33
iarpit was on expanding a partition, i'm having trouble expanding the partition on the main volumegroup03:33
jatsstupid question.03:34
Goosetovsomething is leading me to believe there is a problem with the disk drive...03:34
russlariarp: which part are you stuck on?03:34
GoosetovI pasted the last bit of that log into google ...which sent me here .... https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/38560203:35
iarpwell the guide has me boot to a livecd and then run "fsck -n /dev/sda1" and then "tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/sda1"03:35
russlariarp: that makes an ext2 filesystem an ext3 filesystem03:35
iarpand i get this error from it ad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda103:36
GoosetovSo i mounted the image with magic ISO and it still seemed to be extractinfg the files from the disk in the drive...at that point I took the disk out of the drive and got an error that there was no disk in the drive even though i was using the virtual drive03:36
fokuslee302ZykoticK9, oh man i give up with sed, freaking soo hard to use i just use  -exec basename {} \; it slow but its ok03:36
Goosetovmaybe this might have something to do with my problem installing03:36
lucas_hey  guys, i cant open chm... ive tried kdechmviewer but it open the chm and dont show me much of it it says something about ms-its... no idea whats wrong03:36
russlariarp: I don't think that's what you want to be doing... can you pm me the details of what you are trying to do?03:36
jatsgoosetov: maybe. Do you have the ISO file around? Assuming you burned the CD yourself.03:37
brian1goosetov: cant you simply run the file ?03:37
airman00_hey: what does it mean if it says a package is Set to Manually Installed  ???03:37
Random832log`, you can put --hide-menubar and --full-screen on the command line of gnome-terminal03:37
Goosetovread up...i tried and thats cuasing wierd problems03:37
lstarnesairman00_: it means that it won't be automatically removed when everything that depends on it is removed03:37
iarprusslar: stupid question, but i'm kinda new to irc commands, how do i open a pm03:38
lstarnesiarp: /query user03:38
brian1goosetov: also you can try installing by USB03:38
durtlucas_, not familiar with kdechmviewer, either sounds like a bad file or you can use other viewers, do a package description search at packages.ubuntu.com03:38
jatsOn the bug page you found, a commenter suggested using the ISO instead of the CD. I believe if you move the ISO into the same folder it will use that instead of the CD.03:38
lenswipedo users currently have read perms on other users home dirs?03:39
lenswipeeven if they dont have write perms?03:39
jatsbrian1, goosetov: installing via USB would likely have the same problems as installing via CD. I think installing via CD/USB might actually be the best option (easier to troubleshoot).03:39
GoosetovI mounted the ISO owith magic ISO and it still extarcted the files from the cd in the drive...when I removed the CD it said I didn't have one in the drive03:39
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:39
=== jfeole_ is now known as jfeole
brian1goosetov: sigh.. try daemon tools03:41
jatsGoosetov: an iso mounted with magic iso/daemon tools/alcohol is the same as a physical cd, from the program's point of view.03:41
log`Random832, yeah i just figured that out thanks03:41
prattamy linux ubuntu dont reconize pen drive.how do this?03:41
lenswipecan someone tell me if users currently have read only perms on other users home dirs?03:42
xrandrlenswipe: use ls -al /home03:42
prattahelp me please03:42
Goosetovjats ..the thing is it is not letting me use the mounted drive unless there is a cd in the physical drive and it is simplky using the physical cd no matter what i mount in the virtual....03:43
lenswipexrandr, well the reason im asking is im giving users access through usermin and at the moment they have read permissions on other users home dirs, if i was to chmod /home recursively to 700 would that give everyone except the owner and root permissions of 0?03:43
brian1goosetov: thats werid03:43
Goosetovyeah ...no doubt03:43
xrandrlenswipe: that's true03:43
brian1goosetov: you shouldnt need it03:43
brian1goosetov: reboot lol03:44
lenswipexrandr, so whats the default numerical permissions incase i mess up?03:44
jatsgoosetov: odd, but I'd try moving the ISO to the directory you have wubi in so it uses that.03:44
xrandrdont remember the numerical, i'd do chmod -R u+wrx /home03:44
=== stinky is now known as stinkyTaco
Goosetovso I don't actually need to mount the ISO just simply have it in the wubi folder ...correct ?03:45
Goosetovgetting same error...no disk in drive03:46
log`hmm is there a universal gnome command line parameter to start an application as "always on top"03:46
brian1screw magiciso03:46
brian1use daemontool03:46
Goosetovmagic iso is currently off....i was trying it with the iso in the folder03:46
=== lenswipe is now known as you
=== you is now known as lenswipe
psycho_oreosmagiciso is windows tool no?03:47
=== canthus13 is now known as MegaSuperUberBig
brian1ya, goosetov is trying to install ubuntu03:47
=== MegaSuperUberBig is now known as SuperUberBigTaco
jatsgoosetov: what do you have for hard drive space?03:47
lenswipexrandr, another thing is, i have all my samba stuff in /home like my public folder and stuff, what would be the effect of that command on those?03:47
psycho_oreosthe last I recall, daemontools on windows can't burn cds03:47
jatsaka do you have enough free?03:47
stinkyTacoanyone know how to do a rawdump into an ISO? i want to backup my gamecube disks before i loose another one03:47
psycho_oreosprobably a good idea is to use usb stick if you have one03:48
lenswipexrandr, is there a way of having that command ignore the folder called "samba" ?03:48
jats38 free?03:48
HiTMANHas someone here got a fix for the psybnc bug?03:48
HiTMANSomeone seems to have also made a post about the psybnc bug: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411003:48
haven489can i install suse next to ubuntu?03:48
xrandrlenswipe: no affect at all. Samba permissions are set in /etc/samba/smb.conf03:48
xrandrhaven489: why would u want to?03:48
psycho_oreoshaven489, as in another partition separate to ubuntu? yes03:48
=== Tweek is now known as MightyTweek
jatswubi should download an ISO if it can't find one.03:49
lenswipexrandr, so for example if i was to run that command on /home then it wont mean stuff happens like users cant write to public and stuff?03:49
log`no way to start a gnome app from the command line with a parameter that tells it to always be on top?03:49
=== spine is now known as sPiNe
haven489well i have a windows vista and want to install suse next to it03:49
lenswipexrandr, ah ok...03:49
xrandrlenswipe: the directives in smb.conf (allowed users, admin users) are what sets those permissions in samba03:50
xrandrif u want do a chmod -R ug+wrx  /home03:50
lenswipexrandr, right03:50
rileyhey all i have an issue with failing partitions. it feels like its been happening weekly... am noob03:50
poseidonDoes hulu desktop run really slow and lag out a lot, or is it just me?03:50
xrandrhaven489: oh, well, u can03:50
xrandrhaven489: just make sure the windows parition is the primary and the drive with the MBR03:50
xrandrwindows does not like being second to anything03:51
lenswipexrandr, what is the best way of giving users permissions of 0 on anything that they dont own, would it be "chmod -R 700 /home"?03:51
xrandrlenswipe: yes.03:51
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE03:51
lenswipexrandr, ah right ok, and if it messes up i can get it back using a chmod of 755 recursive?03:51
brian1goosetov: the way i install my ubuntu is from: Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop and open it on daemon tool and RUN03:51
GoosetovBrian I will try that as well03:51
xrandrlenswipe: or chmod -R u+wrx /home03:51
* xrandr hates remembering all the numerical stuff03:52
brian1goosetov: GOOD LUCK!03:52
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=== Grand is now known as StinkyTaco
rileyHas anyone encountered what I mentioned?03:53
arrrghhhis there anyway to get my headless music box to authenticate wirelessly automatically?  i have it login automatically, but it asks for a keyring password to connect to the wifi...03:53
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411003:53
xrandrlenswipe: letter format for chmod is   chmod [options] [(u)ser (g)roup (o)ther] [(r)ead (w)rite e(x)ecute (s)pecial/sticky ]03:53
lstarnesxrandr: s might be setuid03:54
xrandruse the letters in ( ) for your other options03:54
lstarnesxrandr: or setgid03:54
xrandrlstarnes: true03:54
rileyI have an issue where everything turns read only, i restart, and get an unclean shutdown. Once this happens i feel like i am pretty much forced to reinstall.. again this is happening weekly.. almost03:54
lenswipexrandr, heh, i prefer numbers :P to letters - the letters confuse me :)03:54
xrandrriley: what are you running :)03:54
ajhtiredwolfDo you know how to select a different metaticity theme in compiz?03:54
=== StinkyTaco is now known as StinkyTacoClippi
rileyim pretty sure ive run a bunch of distros and had the same issues. LinuxMint was the latest03:55
rileyrunning on my ubuntu livecd right now03:55
xrandrriley: ok, filesystem type?03:55
rileyi can see the drive, and my files, just cant boot to the original distro03:55
xrandrcheck your /etc/fstab03:56
rileyis that what youre asking? :) again.. i am a noob.. learning.. but still new03:56
arrrghhhriley, like ext3, ext4...03:56
arrrghhhriley, unless you installed the new beta, ext3.  ok.03:56
xrandrwell, first, i'd chmod u+w /etc/fstab03:56
xrandrgedit /etc/fstab03:56
xrandrand make sure the options ro aren't there03:56
sagaci!enter | riley03:56
ubotturiley: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:56
xrandrand make sure (readonly) isn't in parenthesis somewhere on your fstab lines03:57
rileyxrandr: can i just delete if they are?03:57
xrandryou should be able to03:57
xrandrsave a copy of the fstab first03:57
hassanakevazirXchat doesn't save my favourite channels, anyone else got this issue?03:57
xrandrjust to be on the safe side03:57
riley... how do i do that? crap i feel silly03:58
xrandrriley: cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.backup03:58
rileycan i do this from the terminal on the live cd?03:58
Goosetovbrian1 : http://they.misled.us/archives/104703:58
GoosetovWOOO it worked...time to reboot03:59
Goosetovthanks jats brian104:00
brian1YOUR WELCOME!04:00
haven489can anyone give me some help installing suse beside ubuntu or windows?04:00
jatsyou're welcome!04:00
xrandrhaven489: what do u need?04:00
rileyxrandr: i am in my fstab, its real short. there are no ro anywhere.. its set to rw04:00
Goosetovi'm sure i'll be back04:00
haven489just how to install it beside windows XP04:00
xrandrriley: ok, private message me04:00
sjinesHi, I am having a problem playing a DVD through the movie player and VLC04:01
brian1haven489: http://en.opensuse.org/Installation04:02
sjinescan anyone help me?04:03
brian1haven489: please google your questions04:03
brian1sjines: what is your problem04:03
sjinesI am having a problem playing a DVD through the movie player and VLC04:03
brian1sjines: you have to be more specific04:04
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:04
xrandrhaven489: do you have a specific question?04:04
haven489xrandr:i am getting help in #suse ty for your concern04:04
fokuslee302trying to learn vb.net, can you develop in linux and compile and run it on normal windows? there is something called mono?04:04
sjinesit only plays fragments with no sound through movie player and immediately shuts out of VLC04:05
mikobuntusjines: can you play dvd's through any app, maybe you just need to install the codecs for dvd playback?04:05
takamarouHi.  I just did a sudo aptitude full-upgrade (It's been a looong time sense I've done one).  I believe that I got upgraded to 9.10.  Now, everytime I try and open something I hear my HD spin, then everything freezes up for like ten seconds.  Anyone know what is causing this?04:05
sjineshow do i do this?04:05
StinkyTacoClippiLate last night, when the office was empty, I installed ubuntu 9.10 in the nude, Hope I did not violate the GNU licenses .04:05
macoStinkyTacoClippi: fine with the license, but a bit TMI04:06
StinkyTacoClippithanks maco :D04:06
macoStinkyTacoClippi: perhaps something you wanna keep to yourself04:06
takamarouStinkyTacoClippi: You do that too?04:06
digital-rougehey guys i need some help with firefox in ubuntu who can help me04:06
takamaroudigital-rougue: what is your problem?04:07
brian1sjines: search codec in add/remove application04:07
xrandrhaven489: no prob04:07
StinkyTacoClippiI am a CGI artist and animator takamarou04:07
digital-rougewell it keeps opening last pass along wiht my home page no mater how i have the setting04:07
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:08
takamaroudigital-rogue : You mean everytime you boot FF, it opens the home page and the last open page in a new tab?04:08
sjinesbrian1 I am in add/remove applications what do i do now?04:08
digital-rougethat is correct04:08
brian1download GStreamer ffmpeg video plugin04:08
BiNaRyCoDeAnyone familar with virtualbox ose?04:08
digital-rougenad i have the resume last session off04:09
Goosetovfroze at the splash screen....grrr04:09
takamaroudigital-rogue: So, when you close, you are not pressing "save session"?04:09
brian1did you try giving it more time?04:09
digital-rougei have that setting off and have reset my home page04:09
StinkyTacoClippiI use virtualbox BiNaRyCoDe04:09
airman00_can anyone think of why I would get error      xvinfo:  Unable to open display  , on my Linux machine04:09
digital-rougei close with only google open04:09
StinkyTacoClippiwhat is OSE?04:09
ZykoticK9sjines, "codecs in Add/Remove doesn't help - i checked" -- see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs on steps to adding libdvdread4 and installing it with the script after!04:09
GoosetovIt happened in the exact same spot as it did before...last time it sat there for half an hour...I don't think it'll make a difference04:10
takamaroudigital-rogue: what version of FF?04:10
sagaciStinkyTacoClippi: open source edition04:10
brian1goosetov: that is from USB04:10
BiNaRyCoDeStinkyTacoClippi: do you know how to add a physical device like a hardrive to the program as a mounted device??????04:10
xrandrairman00_: your display is not configured correctly in the xorg.conf04:10
StinkyTacoClippioh, that must be the one i have, i never payed for it04:10
digital-rouge takamarou: 3.0.1404:11
Goosetovwell I installed with wubi , I got past the disk drive error and the instal went fine04:11
StinkyTacoClippiI use it for windows and OSX BiNaRyCoDe04:12
takamaroudigital-rogue: Try running FF from terminal, and see if you get any errors when you close it04:12
airman00_xrandr: I followed instructions but still did not work. Could it be a driver that needs to be installed?04:12
BiNaRyCoDeOk, i installed xp on it, runs flawlessly, but can i mount a physical device so i can use it in the virtualized system??04:12
digital-rouge takamarou: whats the run command for that in a terminal04:12
xrandrairman00_: it could. what kind of card do u have?04:12
CaptSmokey6hello, i have a problem setting up a web server on Ubuntu 9.04. I am using abyss web server x2 (the paid edition) under wine, and everything works fine, but it won't listen on port 80. It says there is a listening problem on port 80. how do i enable port 80?04:12
xrandrairman00_: video card...04:12
takamaroudigital-rogue: default is firefox-3.004:13
xrandrCaptSmokey6: make sure apache isn't running on it04:13
russlarCaptSmokey6: why not use apache?04:13
xrandrCaptSmokey6: apachectl stop04:13
domoCaptSmokey6: you're wining a server?04:13
domodear lord04:13
digital-rouge takamarou: so whats that mean to new a version or somethign04:13
kphi, please give me any suggestion to install gtalk on ubuntu or any chat engine that supports gtalk04:14
xrandrkp: use pidgin04:14
guillermoHey there, I just wanna say Hi. Im Guillermo from Argentina and Im trying my xchat in my ubuntu04:14
digital-rouge takamarou: ran ff from terminal opens without erros just keeps bringing up last pass wiht it04:14
Goosetovlast time i had ubuntu on here it was with gutsy but i ditched it because there was a sound issue for my machine which was recently fixed in june....the reason i went back this time is because my vista instakk is broken and i was planning on re-formatting...i think i'm gonna go ahead and reformat vista then try to install ubuntu again...the problem i'm having may have something to do with my vista problems04:14
xrandrguillermo: greetings :)04:14
CaptSmokey6i don't have apache, and i have ported abyss when i migrated from windows.04:14
domoguillermo: hello04:14
guillermoGood night xrandr! thank you04:14
guillermoHi Domo04:15
takamaroudigital-rogue: have you tried saving your bookmarks and a reinstall?  I've never heard of this issue before.04:15
xrandrCaptSmokey6: apache is installed by default, (i think)04:15
xrandrdo a ps aux |grep apache04:15
rileyxrandr: ty04:15
xrandrmake sure it's not running04:15
guillermoThank you you guys, go on with your conversation! Bye04:15
xrandrriley: it worked?04:15
airman00_xrandr: Im using the beagelboard04:15
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:15
rileyxrandr: it did04:15
xrandrriley: excellent. Glad to hear it :)04:15
OpenBluntSurgeryso any suggestions of things I can try out with my ubuntu install?04:15
neil_dI have a few ubuntu computers here, I am using apt-proxy to reduce my downloads.  but one computer gives the error "W: Failed to fetch http://mini-cl:9999/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)"  what is wrong?04:15
digital-rouge takamarou: yes i have also tried reinstalling last pass  then i tried that04:16
CaptSmokey6i checked the package manager for apache, it's not installed.04:16
digital-rougedamn thing wont stop comming up open with all my passwords04:16
yudun1989excuse me .I've faced the problem that the xchat-gnome autoclosed. how to solve?04:16
rileyxrandr: all is back up and working, looks like this was the fix. That pesky file was still there, but deleted with no worries this time around. what was the command you had me run again? going to write it down04:16
xrandrCaptSmokey6: ok, are u running a firewall on that box?04:16
kpxrandr, how to use video chat and audio chat. I am not able to find the audio and video option04:16
xrandrriley: fsck.ext3 /dev/sda104:16
xrandrkp: oh, pidgin doesn't support that04:17
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i am not sure, how do i check for a firewall?04:17
xrandrkp: you could try Kopete...it works04:17
rileyxrandr: thanks again.04:17
xrandrriley: my pleasure04:17
xrandrCaptSmokey6: iptables --show04:17
digital-rouge takamarou: i will uninstall ff again can you tel me the command for that from a terminal04:18
xrandriptables --list04:18
kpxrandr, thank you, let me check04:18
guillermoThank you you guys, go on with your conversation! Bye04:18
xrandrguillermo: toodles04:18
yudun1989xrandr:excuseme .do you know why my xchat gnome autoclose?04:18
ubuntu1hi, i can't get my usb headset to work with skype. i searched the web but, I'm kind of at a loss. any suggestions?04:18
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i got an error, it says  iptables v1.4.1.1: Unknown arg `--show'04:18
xrandrCaptSmokey6: yueah sorry, i meant iptables --list04:19
DantonicHi, I have openssh client and server installed on my Ubuntu 9.04 box.  I cannot SSH to a school computer through the terminal.  I can do it however in my Virtual Box WinXP installation by using Putty, and the same host address.  I'm using the command ssh user@ip04:19
takamaroudigital-rogue sudo aptitude remove firefox04:19
Dantonicany idea why?04:19
xrandryudun1989: uhm, i can't say i do. Try running it from the terminal and when it auto-closes look to see if there's any error outputs04:19
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:19
xrandrDantonic: ssh -l <user> <host>04:20
yudun1989 xrandr: yudun1989@yudun1989-desktop:~$ xchat-gnome04:20
yudun1989                                Segmentation fault04:20
digital-rougeit didnt remove it04:20
xrandryudun1989: ah, remove xchat-gnome04:20
xrandrand reinstall it04:20
CaptSmokey6xrandr: everything seems to say "ACCEPT     all  --  anywhere"04:20
takamarouHi.  I just did a aptitude full-upgrade(been a loooong time sense I've done one).  I'm pretty sure i got upgrade to 9.10.  Now, everytime I open a new program I hear my hard drive spin, and then everything freezes for 10 seconds.  Anyone know what might cause this?04:20
sjinesI have the codecs installed properly. When I choose to open the DVD with VLC it starts to play and then a message pops up saying "playback failure" in red and then abruptly exits itself out and the other window too04:20
K7522Anyone had any luck getting the Instinct M800 (cell phone) to be recognized by 9.04?04:20
lstarnesyudun1989: you might need to remove your xchat-gnome settings04:20
xrandrCaptSmokey6: ok, good. That eliminates a firewall issue04:20
phobosanyone have a suggestion on how to fix this error short of a reinstall? "This might mean you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)"04:20
xrandrCaptSmokey6: do telnet localhost 8004:21
xrandror, telnet <ip> 8004:21
takamaroudigital-rogue: what did it do?04:21
xrandrsee if u get a connection refused message04:21
yudun1989I 've removed and reinstalled twice .the problem still exists04:21
digital-rougeit ran thru it in the terminal but can still open it04:21
xrandryudun1989: as lstarnes saidm you may need to remove the xchat-gnome settings file04:21
lstarnesyudun1989: try rm -r ~/.xchat2/ (warning: this will erase alkl of your xchat settings)04:22
digital-rougerestat requierd?04:22
takamaroudigital-rogue: do you have multiple installations of FF?  That may be causing a problem.04:22
infbalguem pra ajudar04:22
digital-rougei do not belive so how do i check for that?04:22
lstarnesyudun1989: or move ~/.xchat2/ to a different location04:22
xrandr!espanol | infb04:22
ubottuinfb: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:22
CaptSmokey6xrandr: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused04:22
Dantonicxrandr, still nothing it hangs, eventually asks for password, then I enter it, and it says "connection closed by <ip>"04:22
raptor2looking for help installing properly a bluetooth usb so that vritualbox can see it properly04:22
sjinesdid anyone get that?04:22
raptor2cd came only with usb drivers04:22
raptor2lsusb can see device and it will work through ubuntu but how do I install drivers for it04:23
jfeoleDigital rouge- do a pkill firefox to stop any running processes04:23
takamaroudigital-rogue:  go to home/<user>/.mozilla   is there a firefox folder in there?04:23
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:23
HiTMANI'm having the same bug as this poster would someone here know how to fix it? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411004:23
DantonicWhy would PUtty work but not the CLI?04:23
* lenswipe is logging off for the night (or morning rather :P)04:23
lenswipegoodnight all04:23
raptor2anyone able to help?04:24
xrandrDantonic: im not trying to insult your intelligence, but did u substitute <ip> for the actual IP address?04:24
yudun1989xrandr  thx,let me have a try04:24
xrandrDantonic: and what version of openssh are u running?04:24
lstarnesHiTMAN: you may need to use a different bnc04:24
Dantonicxrandr, no I appreciate your candor, and yes I did.. I am a linux newbie btw so feel free to make statements like that :P04:24
xrandrDantonic: and what version of the ssh server is your school running?04:24
lstarnesHiTMAN: znc is rather popular04:24
sjinesPlease i need help with vlc04:25
CaptSmokey6xrandr: telnet says "Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused"04:25
Dantonicxrandr, I dont know how would I check?04:25
HiTMANlstarnes i use znc but psybnc is the only one that has mult networks for one users04:25
xrandrCaptSmokey6: well, im not sure about the answer to your problem. I can say that using wine to run a server application is....unwise04:25
lstarnesHiTMAN: you can add extra user accounts for separate networks04:25
xrandrCaptSmokey6: what does this specific webserver have that apache doesn't?04:25
xrandrDantonic: ssh --version04:25
digital-rougeno there is no folder there only the doc music video folders04:26
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i paid for it while i was on windows04:26
lstarnesHiTMAN: irssi can also be used as a bouncer with multiple networks, but it doesn't support multiple users04:26
mandiriqku cpek dengan smua ini04:26
HiTMANlstarnes i know that psybnc is the only one that has mult networks on the one user like you connect to one user and all the networks are there04:26
CaptSmokey6xrandr: it also has an easy to use console04:26
xrandrCaptSmokey6: oh. I can only refer you to google. I've no experience with that webserver04:26
raptor2anyone able to help me get my bluetooth device installed?04:26
lstarnesHiTMAN: if it isn't working, it may be better to consider an alternative04:26
xrandrCaptSmokey6: apache has an easy to use console... apachectl <options>04:27
CaptSmokey6xrandr: thanks anyway04:27
Dantonicxrandr, ssh --version returns a bunch of command usages, but from the Synaptic Package manager I see the installed version is 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu104:27
xrandrCaptSmokey6: and i understand you paid for it, but understand you paid for it to run under windows04:27
=== lippy is now known as Guest52070
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i was able to port my existing license. It seems to run fine under port 81, but i want it to run under port 8004:28
HiTMANlstarnes there are no alternative's none that work the way i want it and others want it to work, there is a fix i need someoen to help me fix it04:28
=== Guest52070 is now known as mokabojo
lstarnesHiTMAN: it might not be fixable04:28
CaptSmokey6xrandr: how do i find out if another program is using port 80?04:29
lstarnesHiTMAN: it says in the forum post that you could try using an older copy of glibc04:29
HiTMANlstarnes it is fixable all you need todo is compile it with the old glibc libs04:29
russlarCaptSmokey6: install nmap04:30
Freddy_007can anyone help me with serving / running .jsp pages on Apache2 ?04:30
lstarnesHiTMAN: but that is a somewhat complicated process04:30
xrandrCaptSmokey6: well, usually telnet would tell you. But im wondering if something is holding the socket04:30
russlarCaptSmokey6: and scan your interface04:30
HiTMANlstarnes i dont know how todo that, and thats why i'm here.04:30
lstarnesHiTMAN: I'm not sure if it can be done on ubuntu04:30
HiTMANlstarnes but its worth it, there are 100s of 100s still using psybnc04:30
lstarnesHiTMAN: it would likely be easier to use something else04:31
CaptSmokey6russlar: thanks for info, i'll try it04:31
xrandrCaptSmokey6: you can also try running netstat. See if anything there is on port 8004:31
HiTMANlstarnes there is nothing else i have tryed i have even tryed making a mod for znc todo this but it not going to work04:31
HiTMANlstarnes if you can do it on ubuntu do it on gentoo.04:31
xrandrtho i bet nmap would do better04:32
lstarnesHiTMAN: when I use znc, I usually just make a separate account for another network04:32
Freddy_007can anyone give me help serving/running .jsp pages from Apache2 ?04:32
LinuX2halfmy "about ubuntu" panel is gone..04:32
xrandrFreddy_007: install tomcat04:32
lstarnesHiTMAN: I'll see if I can find any identical bug reports and detailed instructions for fixing it04:32
* Freddy_007 is away: Gone away for now04:32
HiTMANlstarnes i know thats what i do also but this is for eggdrops, so you dont need to have 5 running, also there are a number of other uses04:32
lstarnesHiTMAN: there might be a source patch somewhere04:32
Freddy_007xrandr: I installed tomcat, but I can't get it to work04:32
HiTMANlstarnes Thanks04:33
neil_dI have a few ubuntu computers here, I am using apt-proxy to reduce my downloads.  but one computer when using "apt-get update" gives the error "W: Failed to fetch http://mini-cl:9999/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)"  what is wrong?04:33
* Freddy_007 is back.04:33
xrandrFreddy_007: what error do u get? also, ask in #httpd, or #tomcat04:33
LinuX2halfwhen I look at the system and list down should list about gnome and about ubuntu but the ubuntu part is missing04:33
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i don't see anything running under port 8004:33
lstarnesHiTMAN: which version of psybnc do you have?04:33
xrandrCaptSmokey6: do this as a test ONLY04:33
HiTMANlstarnes the lastest04:33
xrandrCaptSmokey6: sudo wine webserverapp.exe04:33
lstarnesHiTMAN: what's the version number?04:33
xrandrreplace webserverapp.exe with the exe of your webserver04:34
LinuX2half!about ubuntu04:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about about ubuntu04:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntudoc04:34
HiTMANlstarnes psyBNC2.3.2-704:34
manish_LinuX2half: are you talking about the yelp?04:34
Freddy_007xrandr: thx, I'll check out #tomcat04:34
LinuX2halfmanish: whats the yelp?04:35
xrandrFreddy_007: np. I think they'll be better suited to help you04:35
=== Xoop is now known as XStatik
chuvaalguem tc ptbr aki04:35
OpenBluntSurgeryis there a common location where doc files are stored?04:35
manish_LinuX2half: try running on the terminal..04:35
lstarnesHiTMAN: supposedly a glibc freeze bug was fixed in 2.3.204:35
xrandrOpenBluntSurgery: what kind of documents? your personal ones or the system documents?04:35
manish_LinuX2half: $ yelp04:36
raptor2need help troubleshooting a usb keychain04:36
LinuX2halfmanish: it said the package is not currently installed04:36
lysander89hi, i've installed 9.10 beta on an asus f5 with atheros ar5007eg, wifi worked out of the box at first. After installing and then completing a partial upgrade as advised by the update manager my wifi is broken. It seems to recognise the device but no APs show up04:36
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i got an error. wine: /home/ken/.wine is not owned by you04:36
HiTMANlstarnes it was not, i still get it as do others, when i compile i still get a tonne warnings04:37
manish_LinuX2half: how did it gone?04:37
LinuX2halfmanish: what I'm talking about is that when you go to system there should list "about gnome" and "about gnome".....04:37
bazhanglysander89, #ubuntu+1 for karmic04:37
xrandrCaptSmokey6: ok, chmod o+rwx /home/ken/.wine/04:37
=== vorian_ is now known as vorian
xrandrthen re-run wine under sudo again04:37
LinuX2halfmanish: I don't know I think it happened when I remove man tiger04:37
OpenBluntSurgerylysander89: try WICD04:37
kphi, in skype receiver is not able to hear me properly but I am able to hear and view my video properly. please let me know if there is any additional configuration in ubuntu for skype04:37
lysander89i'll try wicd04:37
bazhangLinuX2half, lsb_release -a in terminal04:37
OpenBluntSurgerylysander89: i hate network manager I wish ubuntu would stop using it with their packages04:38
xrandrkp: depends on the camera/mic04:38
lysander89lol :P04:38
LinuX2halfmanish: Distributor ID:Ubuntu04:38
LinuX2halfDescription:Ubuntu 9.0404:38
CaptSmokey6xrandr: same error,  wine: /home/ken/.wine is not owned by you04:38
FloodBot2LinuX2half: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:38
DaZCaptSmokey6: chown user -R ~/.wine04:38
manish_LinuX2half: try getting the yelp04:39
kpxrandr, I have acer aspired 5536 with builtin cam and mic.04:39
xrandrDaZ: i think its giving him that error cause he's going to run a wine app under sudo04:39
LinuX2halfmansih: I need to install it?04:39
xrandrkp: try downloading the new beta of skype and installing it04:39
xrandrsee if it resolves your problem04:39
DaZxrandr: why does he need sudo? :f04:39
lstarnesHiTMAN: actually, instead of using a different glibc, try using an older gcc to compile it04:39
manish_LinuX2half: I had lost it in the panel.. but not in the  System -> menu04:40
CaptSmokey6DaZ: that doesn't help either04:40
xrandrDaZ: he has some weird windows webserver he wants to run. It wont listen on  port 80. Im thinking if he runs it under sudo, it might give him access to that port04:40
HiTMANlstarnes how would i do that i really dont know, compiling very well04:40
DaZCaptSmokey6: chown root04:40
chuvadont install waths?04:40
lstarnesHiTMAN: which version of ubuntu are you using?04:40
manish_LinuX2half: Then I added the item back in panel and called the yelp application from it04:40
HiTMANlstarnes ahh how do i check that i forgot now04:40
lstarnesHiTMAN: lsb_release -a04:41
* Freddy_007 is away: Gone away for now04:41
werfactis there a channel for kubuntu+1?04:41
lstarnes!away > Freddy_00704:41
ubottuFreddy_007, please see my private message04:41
HiTMANlstarnes Ubuntu 8.04.104:41
russlarwerfact: no, hang out in #ubuntu+104:41
DaZwerfact: /join #kubuntu+1 and tell us04:41
lstarneswerfact: #ubuntu+1 should work, I think04:41
xrandrAdministrador: hi.04:42
=== Administrador is now known as alex00001
lstarnesHiTMAN: try installing the gcc-3.3 package04:42
LinuX2halfmanish: but does ubuntu doc have anything to do with this?04:42
HiTMANlstarnes sudo apt-get install gcc-3.3 <-- i take it04:43
lstarnesHiTMAN: yes04:43
alex00001any one has experience on linux and the new z520 atom processor??04:43
lstarnesHiTMAN: once you have that installed, edit the Makefile for psybnc to use gcc-3.304:43
* Freddy_007 is back.04:43
Cyberthunder_hi, can anybody tell me how can i save or copy my /etc folder? i get allways the answer i had no access.04:43
terrestremy screen is quivering, could be the ram?04:44
DaZCyberthunder_: sudo cp -r /etc somewherelse04:44
lstarnesHiTMAN: or do export CC=$(which gcc-3.3) before confguring or building it04:44
bazhang!info etckeeper | Cyberthunder_04:44
ubottuCyberthunder_: etckeeper (source: etckeeper): store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.30ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 25 kB, installed size 332 kB04:44
bazhangwerfact, its #ubuntu+1 ; there is no #kubuntu+104:45
manish_LinuX2half: It is Ubuntu Help ... not the Ubuntu Documentation04:45
EddwardDoes anyone know if karmic fixes pulseaudio for games or do I need to ask somewhere else?04:46
lstarnesEddward: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for karmic04:46
bazhangEddward, #ubuntu+104:46
CaptSmokey6xrandr and daz: it's up and running, thanks very much for the help.04:46
Eddwardok, thanks04:46
Cyberthunder_thx for the infos :)04:46
LinuX2halfmanish: so there's not really a major significance for this type of option?04:46
xrandrCaptSmokey6: what was the answer?04:47
manish_kp: I have Acer aspire 5583 and mic doesnt work04:47
HiTMANlstarnes so export CC=$(which gcc-3.3) && make menuconfig && make04:47
HiTMANor something04:47
lstarnesHiTMAN: something like that04:47
BiNaRyCoDeHow do i mount a sata hardrive in ubuntu?04:47
nanotube!mount | BiNaRyCoDe04:47
SEIs there a way of installing ubuntu by using a different livecd?04:47
ubottuBiNaRyCoDe: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:47
nanotube!livecd | SE04:48
ubottuSE: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.04:48
bazhangse a different livecd?04:48
kpmanish_, is there any possibility of using gtalk in ubuntu04:49
bazhangse there is the alternate install cd (not live) the minimal iso (also not live) unetbootin (usb stick install)04:49
CaptSmokey6xrandr: did the commands daz told me (sudo chown root /home/ken/.wine), and it it made a blank response.04:49
xrandrCaptSmokey6: good, and is the webserver running on port 80 now?04:49
SEubottu  I have tried using the ubuntu live cd, however it does not seem to want to work with my usb keyboard, I cant get past the english language screen04:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
nanotubekp: pidgin supports the gtalk protocol04:49
bazhangse try the alternate cd then04:49
manish_kp: pidgin04:49
SEbazhangI have tried the alternative, minimal, but not the usb boot yet, but I dont think that this machine can do usb boot iirc04:50
xrandrmanish_: pidgin doesnt support a/v04:50
Royallokay so all of my keyboard shortcuts aren't working; except for the Volume Up/Down keys and Gnome-Do04:50
Royallanyone know why this would happen?04:50
xrandrKopete, empathy does04:50
CaptSmokey6xrandr: ken@ken-desktop:~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files$ cd '/home/ken/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Abyss Web Server'04:50
CaptSmokey6ken@ken-desktop:~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Abyss Web Server$ sudo wine abyssws.exe04:50
BiNaRyCoDeunfortunately i do not see my sata hd in the dev folder, but it shows up with hardinfo command04:50
HiTMANlstarnes started let see then :D04:50
CaptSmokey6xrandr: my webserver apps says it's up and running under port 8004:50
xrandrCaptSmokey6: i have to tell you that it's inadviseable to keep it running this way. Your webserver is running as root...04:51
nanotubekp: this table may be useful: http://www.google.com/talk/otherclients.html  according to google, that seems to be a "no"04:51
terrestrei have a twitcher screen, but its only happend with new ubuntu and up to date windows, not on the older versions, it has a on-board video card and its a old pc. any idea why this could be hpapend?04:52
CaptSmokey6xrandr: is there a way to make it run under port 80 without running it under root?04:52
bazhangse then it maybe an issue with a corrupt iso download (did you md5 it) a burn that overly fast (try again slower) also did you do the cd integrity check04:52
ZykoticK9kp, if you want video on gtalk you probably need to follow the following directions to add the ppa for 2.6+ -- i see the video options in the chat window - but haven't found any config options for audio/video - but they must be in there somewhere.04:52
bazhang!md5 | se04:52
ubottuse: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:52
ZykoticK9kp, sorry http://www.pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/04:52
russ5811hi all. i just bought an HP 1116nr netbook and put 8.10beta on it. all is fine but it does not recognize the wireless. any ideas? i can't find anything via google search.04:52
DaZCaptSmokey6: there is but noone knows it >:04:52
xrandrCaptSmokey6: not sure. possibly running it as nobody...04:52
xrandrCaptSmokey6: but running as root may be your only solution04:53
kpnanotube, manish_ , pidgin doesnot have any audio or video option. let me check with links mentioned04:53
kpZykoticK9, let me try04:53
xrandrCaptSmokey6: i strongly recommend switching to apache, unless there's something that your windows-based webserver can run that apache can't.04:53
SEbazhang the iso md5 checks out, and boots just fine, i  just dont think that it is loading the usb drivers for the keyboard, and I cannot change the bios since all i have is a usb keyboard04:54
genewitch2what console commands can i give to put a tarball into a floppy image (ie flop.img) to then use inside of vmware?04:55
CaptSmokey6xrandr: problem with apache is, i have to edit config files, and i am really bad at editing config files, this is why i am using my windows based server04:55
xrandrCaptSmokey6: I'm sure there's gui-tools for apache04:55
BiNaRyCoDeHow do i tell what sdX my sata drive is??04:55
xrandrCaptSmokey6: i do it by hand, but, still.04:55
bazhanglenix^, ??04:55
xrandrBiNaRyCoDe: is it mounted?04:56
bazhanglenix^, did you have a support question04:56
BiNaRyCoDeit doesnt give me a option to mount it04:56
xrandrBiNaRyCoDe: try dmesg04:56
CaptSmokey6xrandr: i'll look into apache. xrandr and all who helped: Thanks a lot for the help, though.04:56
lenix^no, why04:56
xrandrCaptSmokey6: no problem :)04:56
bazhanglenix^, this is support; random chat in #ubuntu-offtopic04:56
lenix^haha wtf .. calm down, it will be ok, i promise04:57
russ5811anyone have any ideas how to get wireless recognized on a HP netbook w/ 8.10?04:57
bazhang!language > lenix^04:57
ubottulenix^, please see my private message04:57
HiTMANlstarnes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/psyBNC04:57
bazhangruss5811, #ubuntu+1 for karmic04:57
lenix^wow, haven't been on freenode in along time lol .... ookay04:57
ZykoticK9BiNaRyCoDe, in a terminal ls /dev/sd <press tab key> and will show you all possible drives as letters, and the numbers are partitions04:57
xrandrruss5811: im bad with wireless stuff... if i could help you, i would04:57
russ5811ok. thanks04:57
clustycan somebody point me in the right direction on hopw to create an ubuntu package?04:59
clustyfrom a configure/make/make install project ?04:59
terrestreanyone have any idea how to copy some files into the HPA area of a HDD04:59
bazhang!packaging | clusty04:59
ubottuclusty: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:59
ZykoticK9clusty, one sec, there is something specific for make/install stuff... can't remember name...05:00
manish_kp: if you want to use the a/v options. use empathy - "http://live.gnome.org/Empathy"05:00
clustyZykoticK9, there was a method with fake_root05:00
manish_kp: Voice and video call using SIP, XMPP, Google Talk and MSN.05:01
ZykoticK9clusty, checkinstall05:01
lenix^bazhang: where do i troll at?05:01
russ5811anyone know the cmd line to find out what type of wireless card i have?05:01
bazhanglenix^, you dont05:01
ZykoticK9clusty, it will create a deb from your source code!05:01
clustyZykoticK9, sudo dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot05:02
hipitihopmy boot frequnnetly pauses while booting grub and then just waits at grub prompt. how do I diagnose what is wrong ?05:02
clustywas how i did it before05:02
xnitexcan anyone assist me in enabling ics to share dsl connection using ethernet as in and wlan0 as out?05:03
BiNaRyCoDeOk: sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk05:03
ZykoticK9clusty, check out checkinstall - it makes creating debs pretty easy - only way i've done it successfully05:03
lenix^bazhang: are you a cop?05:03
xloptoploptl./join #Hawaii05:03
xnitexi'm attempting the firestarter and dhcp3-server method found on the community forums?05:03
clustyZykoticK9, is that a make checkinstall ?05:03
bazhanglenix^, please take random chat to #ubuntu-offtopic05:03
BiNaRyCoDefrom dmseg: sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk05:04
BiNaRyCoDe, so is the sata sda???05:04
ZykoticK9clusty, i don't remember, it's been too long05:04
xnitexi'd like to share the connection from my netbook on eth0 to wlan0 so my portable wifi device can utilize the network access, can anyone assist plz?05:04
xnitexam using the guide @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:04
ZykoticK9clusty, checkinstall is something you install... sudo apt-get install checkinstall type thing...  just research it - it's cool05:04
clustygot it05:05
clustytoo bloody easy :D05:05
xnitexhelp someone?05:05
xnitexhello anyone?05:05
BiNaRyCoDexrandr, you there??05:06
xnitexnetwork interfaces on which dhcp server should listen should be eth0 in my case, correct?05:06
bazhangxnitex, what have you tried from that guide, what errors have you gotten; giving more details will get more assistance05:06
xnitexi am stuck at reconfiguring my dhcp server to listen on which device through terminal05:07
xrandrim sorry05:07
xrandrim here05:07
xnitexi should use eth0 as that is the one utilizing the internet05:07
xrandrBiNaRyCoDe: probably sda105:07
xrandrBiNaRyCoDe: type in mount in terminal05:07
xrandrsee if it has /dev/sda1 in it05:07
BiNaRyCoDeok thanks a lot!05:07
xrandrcause most likely, that's your primary hd05:08
BiNaRyCoDewell the sata is connected to a pci sata card, but my primary drive isnt05:08
EddwardWould anyone be able to coach me though a sound problem with a game? (Sacred Gold)05:09
xnitexin terminal, that is where im at, then i need to configure firestarter i suppose afterwards05:09
xnitexi am confused is why i am typing to all of you wonderful people at the moment05:09
xnitexi am newb to ubuntu still, but i am totally pleased with this distro and would like to get it configured and running properly on my system :D05:10
TreshoeoI am trying to get KDE to be started automatically with VNC on a VPS Virtual server05:10
alazyworkaholicIs there any way I can limit my ethernet bandwidth to 100 Kbps?05:10
BoxMagnetwhats the best remote desktop05:11
Treshoeowhen I connect via vnc, I get a text box where I can move my mouse, then I can start KDE, but I would like it to start automatically05:11
BiNaRyCoDexrandr: sdb1 is my primary, so would the sata be sdb2?05:11
bazhangalazyworkaholic, perhaps wondershaper ?05:11
ZykoticK9Eddward, Sacred Gold is running in wine?  do other wine games have sound?  you might have better results asking in the wine channel.  good luck.05:11
ultrateki just got a second monitor and i have my old one on the left and have tweaked and teaked but cant get the new monitor on the right to show the main gui and have the left be extended05:12
hkuieaglealazyworkaholic.man tc05:12
EddwardZykoticK9,  No.  Native.  The LGP port.05:12
ZykoticK9Eddward, download link?05:13
EddwardZykoticK9,  I bought it on cd.05:13
alazyworkaholicThanks, I'll look up both of those05:13
lenix^how does ubuntu differ from freebsd?05:13
bazhang!ot > lenix^05:13
ubottulenix^, please see my private message05:13
ZykoticK9Eddward, ahhh - sorry can't help ya then...  good luck.05:13
macolenix^: uhh well every time i use freebsd i go "ls --color...CRAP! ls -G"05:14
ultrateklenix, how it is maintained i guess?05:14
neil_dI have a few ubuntu computers here, I am using apt-proxy to reduce my downloads.  but one computer when using "apt-get update" gives the error "W: Failed to fetch http://mini-cl:9999/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)"  what is wrong?05:14
macolenix^: different kernel, different userpace command line tools. most common options to tools are the same, some of the extra ones differ...GUIs tend to be the same05:14
bornocan any1 tell me, in ubuntu has any application like yahoo messenger where i can voice chat with my yahoo friends?05:14
xrandrneil_d: check all your settingsa05:15
lstarneslenix^: the package management is different05:15
xnitex_i am getting invoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "start" failed.05:15
macoborno: kopete05:15
xnitex_in terminal output while trying to set up dhcp3-server to set up ICS05:15
ultratekcan anyone help me with my montior situation?05:15
lenix^<bazhang> !ot > lenix^ .. dude calm down, thats a legimate questions for an 'os out the box' comparison .. calm down good lord05:15
bornothanks maco05:15
bazhanglenix^, no its not. this is ubuntu support, not compare os's05:15
lenix^what about kernel level security05:15
lenix^take a pill jesus05:16
xnitex_i am getting invoke-rc.d: initscript dhcp3-server, action "start" failed.05:16
xnitex_in terminal output while trying to set up dhcp3-server to set up ICS05:16
ZykoticK9ultratek, nvidia?05:16
genewitch2what console commands can i give to put a tarball into a floppy image (ie flop.img) to then use inside of vmware? dd if=blah bs=512 of=blag.img isn't working, really.05:16
xnitex_starting dhcp server dhcpd3 fails to stop and start05:16
xnitex_starting dhcp server dhcpd3 fails to stop and start?05:16
Magnesiumborno: are you using kubuntu? cause kubuntu (KDE) has kopete. I think that ubuntu (gnome) uses pidgen05:16
neil_dxrandr: what settings?05:17
ZykoticK9ultratek, sorry can't help there.  good luck.05:17
ultratekZykoticK9: can the one on the right not be the main gui?05:17
xrandryour apt-proxy settings05:17
xrandrif there are any05:17
macobazhang: eh, "i'm a freebsd user and im new to ubuntu. what should i watch out for?" is how i interpretted it, which seems legitimate to me05:17
ZykoticK9ultratek, ati ?? don't know05:17
alves_rnhi guys. is anyone using 8.04 now?05:17
bornonop. desktop ubuntu05:17
macoMagnesium: but pidgin doesnt do yahoo voice05:17
lenix^maco: thanks05:17
xrandralves_rn: i am05:17
xrandrtho im downloading 8.1005:17
lenix^that dude needs some codience lol05:17
lstarnesalves_rn: I am, why do you ask?05:17
bornoit has pidgen but it cant05:17
alves_rndid you have some problems with gnome?05:18
alves_rnit locks when i do the login05:18
Magnesiummaco: okay thanks...didn't know that...one learns something new every day!05:18
Billiardwhich user are scripts in /etc/cron.daily run as05:19
alves_rni logged as root and everyhing is ok05:19
macoMagnesium: pidgin has traditionally been text-only. the newest version (not in jaunty) can do voice/video on google talk only05:19
lstarnesBilliard: root05:19
=== proxie is now known as bryanray
Billiardlstarnes: thanks05:19
Sakunixgot an ubuntu server that will not boot. when i boot it the fonts on the terminal are massive and I can't read the messages. can someone help05:19
alves_rndid you have the same problem?05:19
ZykoticK9Sakunix, ask same question in #ubuntu-server, good luck05:20
coronaasmy old roomate left me his 9.04 ubuntu server. i Tried running >sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade . after completion i ran >sudo shutdown -r now. upon bootup the server hangs at acpi controller saying "unknown flash type"05:20
Sakunixthanks ZykoticK905:20
bornoguys my microphone does not working in ubuntu, how can i solve it?05:20
ZykoticK9coronaas, see above same question in #ubuntu-server05:20
Magnesiummaco: I use kubuntu, so I have kopete...which is the default IM client in ubuntu? I thought i remember them changing it for karmic or something.05:21
fcukvistamy gome logout every 5 mins , how can i do ? anybody knows?05:21
macoMagnesium: i use kubuntu too :P pidgin was traditional, but karmic i think its empathy now. i dont like empathy. seems unpolished05:21
ZykoticK9macd_, Magnesium empathy in karmic for sure05:22
Magnesiummaco: do you know if empathy does any voice stuff?05:22
macoMagnesium: yes, it does jabber/google05:22
bornoi have a login problem05:22
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
macoMagnesium: that was one of the reasons for the switch to empathy. pidgin devs were still saying "someday..." and empathy has had it for a while and is the default gnome client, so...05:23
bornodon't know why, but its troubling from today morning05:23
Magnesiummaco: Yeah I guess it makes sense to go with the default gnome client, especially if it has more features, etc.05:24
=== fcukvista is now known as loveu
Magnesiumborno: whats your "login problem"? Is it with IM, or something else?05:25
genewitch2how do i loopback mount a floppy image to see the file system on it?05:25
bornowhen i'm chatting with u all here,it shows a log off screen. and every time i have to give password05:25
Magnesiumloveu: nice change of heart ;)05:25
bornoafter 2-3 minutes interval05:25
macoMagnesium: its based on telepathy, so its got some crazy-cool stuff. like check out jono's blog. he showed how he was doing desktop sharing using empathy. there are just a few things that differ from my workflow enough to keep me using pidgin05:25
batsThe government is too bureacratic and corrupt to accept the opinoin of an average American. They don't care about us, and we shouldn't care about them. We need a revolution right now. Start it with Linux. F**K the government!05:25
bazhangbats, please take that elsewhere05:26
Magnesiumborno: IRC is logging you off? Or gdm?05:26
macobats: this is not a politics channel05:26
bazhangbats, that has nothing to do with ubuntu05:26
Magnesiumbats: this is a support forum05:26
batsisnt ubuntu linux??05:26
lstarnesbats: yes05:26
bazhangbats, this is not the rant channel05:26
macobats: yes, but its nothing to do with the US or the US Government05:26
bornosometimes it does not take full password, after typing 2-3 words it opens05:26
lstarnesbats: but this is a support channel05:26
len_is there an Ubuntu remix of 1.5 ~ 2gigas ?05:27
len_for netbooks?05:27
Sniper_Jesusleave bats alone05:27
Sniper_Jesuswtf you guys05:27
bazhangSniper_Jesus, keep it family friendly05:27
datz_Hello, when I used to log into my machine through ssh, it uesed to say the last address that logged in, this isn't displayed anymore, can I reenable this?05:27
macois it the Troll Hour already?05:27
bazhanglen_, the unr is much smaller, around 700 mb05:27
Sniper_Jesusbazhang: excuse me you f*cking f*ggot05:28
batsi cant wait for obama to endorse ubuntu05:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hammertime05:28
turboneg2obama an ubuntu?05:28
len_bazhang, Ubuntu? I tried to install on my parent's netbook but it required 4 gigas05:28
bazhanglen_, ah you mean the install size05:28
ubottu━━▊ ━━▊ ━━▊05:28
bornomagnesium: i don't know why it happening....05:28
datz_anyone help me ouy?05:28
Magnesiumborno: Weird...I have no idea about your problem. My IRC client is Quassel (KDE) so I probably can't help specifically05:29
wkr4k4rne chats05:29
* xrandr curses his attempt to upgrade05:29
xrandri am so mad now05:29
turboneg2yeah someone just put forth this idea that obama's politics and ubuntu's distribution method are compatible05:29
xrandri royally screwed something up05:29
len_bazhang, the installer fit on 1 giga or 2 gigas pendrive. But during installation I ran out sapce05:29
xrandrkopete doesn't like me05:29
bornomine is xchat05:29
datz_Hello, when I used to log into my machine through ssh, it uesed to say the last address that logged in, this isn't displayed anymore, can I reenable this?05:30
ZykoticK9len_, 9.10beta UNR is 2.3G with just a default install.  don't know of anything smaller.  best of luck.05:30
turboneg2i think its very interesting05:30
xrandrempathy only has support for jabber and gtalk05:30
russlardid I just see the banhammer get lugged out?05:30
Magnesiumborno: yeah, never used xchat...sorry!05:30
turboneg2i've used xchat aqua05:30
turboneg2good client imo05:30
len_ZykoticK9, wont work for them :(05:30
wkr4k4rdoes anyone here know how to run fly 2 or il-2 1946 on ubuntu?05:30
bornoi have also xchat Gnome. should i try that 1?05:31
Magnesiumborno: I'd give anything a try, IMO05:31
Magnesiumflyin blind here, haha05:31
batshey who else here hates windows users05:31
batsgod they are so lame05:31
turboneg2well, i try not to hate anyone05:31
turboneg2but they really get me peeved sometimes05:31
bornoIMO, how i ll get it? via add/remove?05:32
Magnesiumbats: I don't hate anyone other than trolls...like you05:32
wkr4k4rya windows really went down hill after vista05:32
jfeoleDantonic:  Solved from here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+question/7646905:32
batsMagnesium wtf?05:32
wkr4k4rjust kidding its always been bad05:32
turboneg2what happened?05:32
batsu dont just throw accusations like that around05:32
Dantonicthanks so much jfeole for helping me fix the problem!05:33
Magnesiumbats: I think folks would agree with me that you are not discussing support issues in the channel.05:33
hkuieagleer did linus ever come here?05:33
wkr4k4rdoes anyone here know how to run il-2 on ubuntu05:33
=== loveu is now known as Love^O_0^
wkr4k4ror fly 205:33
turboneg2i disagree emphatically magnesium05:33
batsuh Magnesium your the one arguing..05:33
turboneg2microsoft's corporate agenda creates many support issues for ubuntu users05:33
batsso shut up05:33
bazhangbats, please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic05:33
Magnesiumbats: I am not arguing. Simply stating a fact.05:34
turboneg2nice subjective fact05:34
wkr4k4rmagnesium im trying to discuss with bats what the best fix for my flight simulator issue would be and you are just attacking him05:34
batsuh u just called me a troll05:34
osx5hey can anyone point me to a tutorial that teaches you how to setup a mailserver for cli05:34
osx5for ubuntu05:34
datz_when I used to log in with ssh it would tell me -> last log on from: " this is gone, can I turn it back on?05:34
shintaroosx5: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi05:35
datz_I checked ssh config, and PrintLastLog  is on05:35
wkr4k4rdatz_: my reccomendation, is to uninstall ubuntu and buy vista05:35
batsim being oper abused05:35
ryguyecho "I'm at the end of the file" >> ~/test.txt appends to the end of a file, but how do I preform this command on files that need root, such as /etc/apt/sources.list?05:35
datz_wkr4k4r, I have vista05:35
osx5shintaro: that's for irssi?05:35
wkr4k4rthen get mirc05:35
Magnesiumwkr4k4r: Sorry...I was referring to his numerous comments earlier that were not related to ubuntu support.05:35
sagacibats: do you have a support question05:35
datz_wkr4k4r, who are you talking to?05:35
shintaroosx5: yes05:36
turboneg2why would you need to know the last time you logged into your shell?05:36
turboneg2its kind of needless information really05:36
osx5shintaro: im not trying to setup email in irssi lol, i'm trying to learn how to setup in cli, in general. what apps do i need?05:36
datz_turboneg2, more like who05:36
wkr4k4rturboneg2: he probably has stolen shells he wants to know how long they have been inactive05:36
turboneg2yeah, seriously05:36
datz_wkr4k4r, you guys are great...trolls05:36
batshow do i play the sims 2 in ubuntu05:36
datz_plase leave the channel05:37
Random832ryguy: sudo sh -c 'echo "I'm at the end of the file" >> ~/test.txt'05:37
wkr4k4rdatz_: you are asking for irssiadvice on vista05:37
wkr4k4rirssi doesnt work on vista duh05:37
batsdatz_ is a troll dont respond to him05:37
wkr4k4rirssi on vista?05:37
datz_wkr4k4r, huh, what? I asked for no irssi advice, and btw, I have irssi on vista05:37
wkr4k4rwhat a fool05:37
osx5all you trolls stfu05:37
turboneg2please calm down05:38
BoxMagneti think the real question is who wants to use vista05:38
Random832or do echo something | sudo tee -a filename05:38
turboneg2this is an ubuntu support channel05:38
lilzeusany experts want to take a shot at my mysterious networking problem?05:38
turboneg2for people with issues05:38
datz_I'm here for help, wkr4k4r has mistaken me for someone else05:38
batsya vista is a piece of shit garbage hole05:38
synapseby all05:38
lilzeusso far, several have not figured it out05:38
shintaroosx5:sry, guess I mis-read your original question, you say you want cli email or IRC client?05:38
osx5turboneg2: I'm trying to find out how to setup a mail server and what apps I need, I am on ubuntu. these trolls are distracting people05:38
osx5cli email05:38
Magnesiumthank you turboneg2 for reminding everyone of thatt05:38
=== YBH__1 is now known as YBH_1
osx5i'm on irssi right now lol05:38
wkr4k4rdatz_: if you are here to help why are you asking questions?05:38
osx5shintaro: its ok05:38
Xeon3Dosx5, mutt pine...05:38
FloodBot2osx5: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
shintaroosx5: you want either alpine or mutt, they are both good05:39
osx5shintaro: is it hard to config em?05:39
datz_wkr4k4r, I'm asking for help05:39
wkr4k4rthen how are you here to help05:39
bazhanglets get back on topic please05:39
lilzeusanyone want to figure out how all 192.168.1.xxx addresses in a browser manage to loop back to my localhost page in Apache?05:40
bazhangdatz_, wkr4k4r please lets move on05:40
lilzeusand how I have no internet/networking05:40
shintaroosx5- well no, not really hard, their are plenty of tutorials on how to set them up05:40
wookienzif i want to move one fs to another drive can i just DD the entire thing acorss and then moake the new drive bootable?05:40
aeonorisI'm trying to make a persistent USB 'LiveCD' of Jaunty.  The guide I'm following - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent - has a hell of a lot more entires in their syslinux.cfg file than I do.  I'm unsure how to proceed.05:40
turboneg2does anyone have a good link for compiling a kernel in 6.06 "dapper drake"?05:40
osx5shintaro: ill check em out05:40
axisyshow do I tell if my laptop has 64 bit capabilties? here is the cpuinfo -> http://pastebin.com/f116a806205:40
BoxMagnetlilzeus, take a look at /etc/hosts05:40
shintaroosx5: you bet05:40
* xrandr is going to do a clean install of 9.04 on his machine05:40
datz_ok, back to my original query, I'd like the last log in to print when I log in with ssh05:41
lilzeusBoxMagnet: how?05:41
lilzeusin nautilus?05:41
Magnesiumaxisys: all the core 2 duo's are 64-b...so you're good to go!05:41
BoxMagnetlilzeus, gksudo gedit /etc/hosts05:41
Dr_Willisaeonoris:   check out the pendrivelinux.com site. or just use Unetbootin then add a persistant save to it.05:41
axisysMagnesium: is there a tool that tells you so as well? like isainfo in solaris does ?05:41
Dr_Willisaeonoris:  or just use the usb-creator tool in the system->admin->usb startup disk  entry05:42
lilzeusBoxMagnet: ok, now what?05:42
ryguyRandom832: That doesnt seem to be working..05:42
lilzeuswhat am I looking for?05:42
Random832ryguy: ?05:42
BoxMagnetlilzeus, well, you could go to www.pastebin.com and paste it05:42
datz_PrintLastLog yes  <- I have this setting. It appears to be broken05:42
BoxMagnetso everyone can take a look.05:42
lilzeusI can't...lol...that machine has no networking!05:42
sagacililzeus: or, cat /etc/hosts05:42
Magnesiumaxisys: sorry, you mean a tool that can say yes or no as to if you have a 64-bit cpu?05:42
ryguyRandom832: sudo sh -c 'echo "I'm at the end of the file" >> ~/test.txt'05:43
lilzeusI guess I could copy it to a usb thumb drive, bring it over here, and paste it05:43
aeonorisDr_Willis, the usb-creator tool doesn't create a bootable USB stick for me.  However, Unetbootin did, I just didn't realize that it could be persistent.  I will look up a guide now, thanks05:43
axisysMagnesium: yes .. or some output that can suggest it05:43
Random832@ryguy, well if it has ~ in the name it'll go in root's homedir, not yours maybe?05:43
BoxMagnetdoes the first line match the second of yours05:43
lilzeusBoxMagnet: correct05:43
BoxMagnetlike in mine.05:43
GodfatherofEireGuys, is there any way to get "Shiretoko Web browser, to display the same as firefox (in menus, gnome-do, etc)?05:43
lilzeusand there is another05:43
ryguyRandom832: I'm editing /etc/apt/sources.list05:43
BoxMagnetlilzeus, what does it say05:43
=== cordor_ is now known as cordor
Dr_Willisaeonoris:  yea you have to make a 'casper' save file and edit the default syslinux.cfg entry fro,m what i read. Odd that usb-creator dident work but unetbootin did. they both do basicvally th eexact same thing05:44
lilzeusBoxMagnet: "       ubuntu-webserver"05:44
Random832yeah but you said it didn't work with "~/test.txt"05:44
ZykoticK9GodfatherofEire, system / preferences / main menu -- edit the entry05:44
Dr_Willisaeonoris:  ive had  unetbootin install syslinux a little differently where it did work.. and THEN usb-creator worked if i had it install to the same flash drive. It was just a matter of how the bootloader got installed.05:44
GodfatherofEireZykoticK9, would that change its reference throught the system though?05:44
BoxMagnetlilzeus, hmm, should be if that box is the server05:45
BoxMagnet127.0.0.1 = Lo, or local host or, you.05:45
Magnesiumaxisys: hmmm...not that I can think of off the top of my head, other than what you did, and just use the fact that the core 2 duo's are 64-bit05:45
ZykoticK9GodfatherofEire, that takes care of the menu part -- i don't use gnomedo so don't know there?05:45
lilzeusBoxMagnet: = localhost05:45
lilzeus127.0.1.1 = ubuntu-webserver05:45
Blueyjota-: hi05:46
sagaci!hi | jota-05:46
ubottujota-: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!05:46
Magnesiumaxisys: now, you could run uname -a and see if an x86-64 version of *linux* is installed, but I don't think that's what you wanted.05:46
aeonorisDr_Willis, everything that has a syslinux.cfg file seems to have it in a somewhat different format than mine...  Mine's really simple, and theirs are long and use capitol letters a lot05:46
BoxMagnetlilzeus, ok so what exactly is the problem.?05:46
jota-I'm having provlems with my home directory, everytime I try to perform any operation on it the involved app hangs forever05:46
aeonoris(By "everything that has it", I mean every site that has it)05:46
lilzeusBoxMagnet: I have no internet or networking, and all 192.168.1.xxx addresses loop back to localhost05:46
axisysMagnesium: no.. i installed the standard desktop version of ubuntu.. i guess i will reinstall using 64bit version of ubuntu on my laptop05:46
datz_can someone help me fix my my ssh config, PrintLastLog is on, yet last logon is not printed05:47
anilalurubuntu 9.10 xorg has 100% CPU usage on intel 915, anybody facing the same isssue ?05:47
ZykoticK9axisys, Magnesium if intel had 64 somewhere in there cpu name we'd know05:47
hsarcidoes anyone know of any audo players for gnome that support ampache???05:47
BoxMagnetlilzeus, is it a wifi card05:47
bazhanganilalur, please join #ubuntu+1 for karmic support05:47
lilzeusBoxMagnet: negative05:47
anilalurbazhang: ok thanks05:47
axisysZykoticK9: here is the cpuinfo -> http://pastebin.com/f116a806205:47
xrandri thought 9.10 wasn't released yet05:47
lilzeusBoxMagnet: it works fine in LiveCD05:47
MagnesiumZykoticK9: well, 64-bit is a property of the hardware series, so *all* core 2 duos are 64-bit05:47
BoxMagnetlilzeus, ok, try commenting the ubuntu webserver line05:47
Billiarddatz_: restarted ssh ?05:47
axisysZykoticK9: does that tell you if the cpu is 64 bit ?05:47
jota-If I do ls -l ~ it hangs, if I go to my home using nautilues it hangs05:47
lilzeuswith a #?05:48
Dr_Willisaeonoris:  different entries with different options.  readup/learn about syslinux and figure out what its doing and what you need.  You could use the ubuntu usb-creater tool;s syslinux.cfg and replace the  one made by unetbootin with it.  for more 'normal' ubuntu menus also.05:48
ZykoticK9axisys, yes - and if intel had "64" in there name we'd all see it in cpuinfo - but because they don't - we have to research the chips name...05:48
jota-anyone has any idea why is this happening?05:48
datz_Billiard, yep, it's been this way for awhile05:48
xrandris 9.10 still in development?05:48
BoxMagnetlilzeus, yea05:48
Magnesiumaxisys: There's no real need to install 64-bit...A 64-bit processor can run either a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system05:48
lstarnesaxisys: see if the flags for the cpu contain lm05:48
Dr_Willisaeonoris:  i made a 8 OS flash drive the other month  :) syslinux is fun to play with.05:48
lilzeusBoxMagnet: complete, now what?05:48
BoxMagnetlilzeus, save it, then... /etc/init.d/networking restart05:48
BoxMagnetneed to use sdo05:49
mb_again_axisys, magnesium: close, the lm flag indicates the 64 bit capability, and yes it is there in the pastebin05:49
axisyslstarnes, mb_again_ : it does .. sweet!05:49
hsarcidoes anyone know of any audo players for gnome that support ampache???05:49
BoxMagnetlilzeus, ok, does ubuntu see the NIC card05:49
axisyslstarnes, mb_again_  thanks guys .. that is what i was looking for.. so what does the `lm' mean ?05:49
Magnesiummb_again_: thanks, I just saw the "core 2 duo" part and moved on. But thanks for the info! I just keep learning on this channel...05:49
lstarnesaxisys: long mode (64-bit addressing)05:50
axisyslstarnes: uh huh!05:50
aeonorisDr_Willis, I think I'll try that USB-creator/unetbootin thing.  Thanks for the help.05:50
xrandrwhen i install 9.04 should i go with an ext3 flesystem, or an ext4 ?05:50
mb_again_lm? who knows. somewhere there is an index of cpu capabilities ...05:50
ZykoticK9jota-, the permission to your home directory might be incorrrect!  "ls -l /home" and see if your username is the owner of the directory.05:50
BoxMagnetxrandr, ext4 has improvements over ext3, its faster etc.05:50
BoxMagneti am very happy with it.05:50
xrandrBoxMagnet: and it can be used in 9,04?05:51
lstarnesxrandr: ext3 works well enough05:51
lstarnesxrandr: yes05:51
BoxMagnetxrandr, yes, just finished insalling05:51
BoxMagneton my media server05:51
GodfatherofEireZykoticK9, doesnt change it in the window either05:51
lilzeusBoxMagnet: "unable to resolve host ubuntu-webserver" "ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"05:51
BoxMagnetxrandr, ull need to setup partitions manually.05:51
Magnesiumaxisys: sometimes you may get better performance with a 64-bit OS on a 64-bit processor. But it's kinda debatable...there are actually certain things that are *faster* on a 32-bit OS.05:51
GodfatherofEireStill displays as <Insert Page Name Here> - Shiretoko05:51
xrandrBoxMagnet: well, i plan to use the full disk anyway so...05:51
BoxMagnetxrandr, ok, if you got enough ram you dont need a swap anyway05:52
ZykoticK9GodfatherofEire, ahhh no i woulnd't imagine it would change that...  sorry man i gots nothing.05:52
xrandr2GB ram05:52
joeneedshelphello every one could some one help me out plz05:52
axisysMagnesium: 64 bit will eat more memory.. i have only 3GB on this laptop (max is 8GB) .. so I may not benefit w/ 64 bit05:52
xrandrbut i always put like 2GB swap05:52
BoxMagnetxrandr, hmm, i don't know I have 3 on my laptop and i dont use one05:52
lstarnesxrandr, BoxMagnet: if you use hibernation, you need at least as much swap as ram05:52
lilzeusBoxMagnet: ubuntu does see the NIC card05:52
lilzeusto answer your question from above05:52
BoxMagnetlstarnes, yea, i don't use hibernate05:52
xrandrim on a desktop :)05:52
Blueyxrandr: man if you have to swap 2 gigs -- ouch!05:52
xrandrno hibernating05:52
BoxMagnetlilzeus, um ok, can you open a PM with me05:52
GodfatherofEireAnybody else know how to change Shiretoko back to Firefox (I know its the same program, but I want the old name back, including in the window name etc)05:53
diesel_I just recently changed my bios and only enabled HDMI as the sound card.  How do I set the system default sound card to be the HDMI card.  For example, if I want to play a video, normally I would just type mplayer video.mpg, but not I have to type mplayer alsa:device=hw=0.3.  I don't want to do this with just mplayer, but have vlc and xine recognize the new default as well05:53
jota-ZykoticK9, yes I am the owner. I had also tried running ls as root anyway05:53
lstarnesGodfatherofEire: I don't think it can be done05:53
Magnesiumaxisys: that's exactly what I mean...plus, the processor has to send more information through it each clock cycle, so that can slow it down.05:53
joeneedshelphello every one could some one help me out plz05:53
ZykoticK9jota does it start off something like drwx... ?05:53
arashubuntu i love you!05:53
BlueyGodfatherofEire: shiretoko is the name for ff 3.505:54
GodfatherofEireIstarnes, well, if it can display it as Shiretoko instead of firefox, I'll bet it can05:54
xrandrwell, im off05:54
xrandrtime to install :)05:54
lstarnesGodfatherofEire: it's using the development branding instea of the official branding05:54
BlueyGodfatherofEire: maybe if you find a binary editor05:54
GodfatherofEireBluey, Not according to the source code05:54
xrandrwish me luck05:54
FloodBot2xrandr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:54
CoziY or N question, is it possible to switch distro without losing too much user data and/or applications?05:54
lstarnesGodfatherofEire: only official builds from mozilla should use the official branding05:54
Magnesiumaxisys: Now, my desktop has a core 2 quad, and 3 GB of RAM. I run 64-bit linux, and I've tried 32-bit, and i found that I liked 64-bit better.05:54
BlueyCozi: yes if you backup /etc and /home05:54
Magnesiumaxisys: Didn't seem to use that much more ram either.05:54
GodfatherofEireIstarnes, the ones in the repos for 3.0 use it05:55
theophilusHey! can anyone help me with getting the sugar gui set up? I'm having a little trouble getting logged into it05:55
axisysMagnesium: hmm.. good info..05:55
jota-ZykoticK9  -> drwxr-xr-x 56 jota jota 4096 2009-10-18 00:23 jota05:55
len_is there any gadget or widget that measures the PC's temperature?05:55
axisysMagnesium: do you know where can I get 64bit desktop ubuntu ?05:55
Blueyaxisys -- hand on05:55
Magnesiumaxisys: If you go the 64-bit route, I would recommend using 64-bit flash as well. Google it...you'll find a bunch of stuff.05:56
axisysi probably should wait 12 days.. and install the 64 bit of karmic instead?!05:56
ZykoticK9jota-, (that looks good so long as your loggin in as jota right now) and if you go into the directory?  can you do regular commands like ls, cd inside the jota directory?05:56
Blueyaxisys: here -- scroll down and choose 64 bit -- http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download05:56
axisyswhat you meant by 64 bit flash ?05:56
axisysBluey: thank05:56
axisysBluey: thanks05:56
Magnesiumaxisys: You can download 64-bit ubuntu from the same place you downloaded the 32-bit version. There's a little radio button you can select for 64-bit05:56
Blueyaxisys: you are welcome05:56
Magnesiumaxisys: okaym bluey gave you the link...thanks Bluey!05:57
jota-ls is actually the one that is failing, everything else seems to be working fine (cd, mkdir )05:57
=== fcukvista is now known as DFSF
jota-the auto completion feature is also failing05:57
Blueyjota-: whwn you so la what happens?  can you see it in nautilus?05:57
Magnesiumaxisys: I mean the 64-bit flash plugin, for firefox etc. There are some issues I think getting 32-bit flash working with 64-bit firefox.05:58
jota-nope Bluey, nautilus also hangs when I try to go into /home/jota/05:58
Blueyjota-: why I can't type for beans tonight -- when you do ls what happens?05:58
axisysMagnesium: oh i c..05:58
theophilusHey, can someone help me with getting the sugar gui working? I've installed it via apt-get, but when I select "Sugar" at the log in screen, it won't load properly05:58
Blueyjota:  it locks up or doesn't display?05:59
ZykoticK9Magnesium, axisys 64bit flash has been a non-issue for a while, it's no harder then the 32bit version now.05:59
jota-it hangs, it doesn print enything but I don't get the prompt back and I cannot kill it with Ctrl-C05:59
Magnesiumaxisys: the 64-bit flash plugin comes from adobe, but it's only for linux. They say it's an alpha version, but I have been using it for a long time, and it has been extremely stable...05:59
=== sarah is now known as Guest99103
Blueyjota-: have you looked in the system log?05:59
axisyswill ubuntu apt-get automatically pick up the 64bit pkgs .05:59
Magnesiumaxisys: more stable than 32-bit flash on windows, haha05:59
ynkis there a reason my cd burning keeps failing?? everytime it fails, i get the error message, "try a slower burning speed". i've tried 3 lower than the maximum now. anyone suggest a specific burning tool besides using the "write to disc" option?05:59
bazhangynk, what are you using now06:00
lstarnesaxisys: apt-get always gets packages for the installed architecture06:00
scuniziynk: k3b06:00
Guest99103i have a teamspeak prob can anyone help06:00
Dr_Willisynk:  i find the default burning tool inubuntu - flakey. I perfer k3b06:00
axisysMagnesium: anything is more stable than windows06:00
axisysMagnesium: hehe06:00
Blueyynk try k3b06:00
axisyslstarnes: thanks06:00
Dr_WillisIm not sure the use of the words 'flash and stable'  in the same sentance - is proper. :)06:00
Magnesiumaxisys: 64-debs...yep, you won't really notice any big differences up front...it'll get 64-bit everything for you.06:00
axisysMagnesium: tahnks06:01
jota-Bluey  it just started working again all of a sudden...06:01
Magnesiumaxisys: well said...windows stability... :(06:01
Blueyjota-: do you know how to check the sytem log?06:01
Blueyjota-: no06:01
jota-how then?06:01
MagnesiumOkay...time to leave...bye!06:01
ynkbazhang, scunizi, Dr_Willis, Bluey: I was using the default burning tool. By popular request, i shall now give k3b a shot. you guys are awesome!! now to figure out how to apt-get this thing. ;D06:01
Blueyjota-: tail -f 150 /var/log/messages | more06:01
whatis6x9ynk, k3b is awesome. Also nero is amazing.06:02
Blueywhatis6x9: i have nero 4 for linux - it's great06:02
whatis6x9I hate to say it, but if youve finicky hardware for burning sometimes nero is the only one that works06:02
theophilusHey, can someone help me with getting the sugar gui working? I've installed it via apt-get, but when I select "Sugar" at the log in screen, it won't load properly06:02
whatis6x9Bluey, ;-)06:02
scuniziynk: sudo apt-get install k3b06:02
Blueywhatis6x9: it's great because it's the same programme in window -- so zero learning curve06:03
ynkBluey, is Nero 4 for linux free? (highly doubt it) :[06:03
panfistis it possible to set up a desktop environment on one machine and clone it on an arbitrary machine?06:03
ynkscunizi, thanks buddy.06:03
Blueyynk no it's like $30 iirc06:03
ynkBluey, ah. that's not too bad.06:03
Blueybut my upgrade was cheap -- because I had version 306:03
jota-Bluey  I think dmesg does pretty much the same as the command you suggested06:04
Blueylet me see if I can find the page ynk just a sec06:04
jota-Nothing there that seems to be realted to the problem I was having though06:04
SEpanfist  arnitary is pretty tall order, but for most personal computers yes06:04
theophiluspanfist: do you mean like a thinClient kinda thing?06:04
ynkBluey, it's alright. my googling fingers are working tonight. ;] thanks pal.06:04
Blueyynk: http://www.nero.com/enu/downloads-linux4-trial.php06:04
Blueyynk: you can d/l a trial to see if it works.06:05
theophilusHey, can someone help me with getting the sugar gui working? I've installed it via apt-get, but when I select "Sugar" at the log in screen, it won't load properly06:05
Blueytheophilus: sorry I've never heard of the sugar gui06:05
ynkBluey, ah even better. i'll do that the minute k3b fails me.. i hope it doesn't. >:/06:05
silver_surfer_44when I type Ctrl + V for pasting something on Gmail Mail composing editor or blogger editor, firefox automatically closes, what is the problem here and any of you know a solution :(06:05
Blueyynk: k3b is pretty solid06:05
silver_surfer_44I'm using UBuntu06:06
silver_surfer_44thats why I thought to ask it here06:06
Blueysilver_surfer_44: could be keyboard maps -- or wrong type of keyboard in locale06:06
theophilusBluey: it's OLPC's desktop enviroment... it's "sugar" in the repos06:06
panfisttheophilus that would be the next step, but for now i'd settle just to get some way to clone what i set up on home pc, onto my work pc06:06
Blueytheophilus: I've never seen it so I can't help -- sorry06:07
Dr_Willisynk:  id say k3b is more solid then Nero For Linux.06:07
theophilusok... Has anyone here  heard of it?06:07
Pairadimesittyanyone here got a minute for some trying to set up a web server for the first time?06:07
BlueyDr_Willis: I'd argue that...06:07
silver_surfer_44Bluey: how can I check what are the keyborad mappings?06:08
scuniziPairadimesitty: have you already installed apache and php & mysql?06:08
Dr_WillisBluey:  proberly depends on the task you are doing. :) i will admit last i used nero for lin was some mo ago.06:08
ynkDr_Willis, thank you for strengthening my confidence in free software, my friend.06:08
Dr_Willisynk:  theres always the command line tools. :)06:08
Blueysilver_surfer_44: system/preferences/keyboard/layouts06:08
ynkDr_Willis, perhaps i should look into the command line tools.. i just had an epiphany. thank you for your enlightenment! :]06:09
Supersaiyan_IVdoes the new nvidia 190.40 fix any kde issues?06:09
BlueySupersaiyan_IV: good question....don't know06:10
ynkDr_Willis, doesn't the command line use the same type of method as the default burning tools? o_O i'm confused now..06:10
scuniziPairadimesitty: Open synaptic package manager and go to .. Edit > Mark packages by Task > choose LAMP and install06:11
Supersaiyan_IVBluey, from changelog → "Fixed a memory allocation problem with pre-GeForce 8 GPUs that caused GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap clients (e.g., Compiz, KDE 4) to display incorrect contents."06:11
DaZSupersaiyan_IV: do you have any issues in mind? :f06:11
Supersaiyan_IVno, im looking for feedback06:11
Pairadimesittyscunizi: I'm following this guide http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-9.04-ispconfig-3-p406:12
Supersaiyan_IVthe driver is only 2 days old anyways06:12
DaZi'm using .40 and i don't see much of a difference06:12
Supersaiyan_IVDaZ, oki06:12
Dr_Willisynk:  right.  for the most part the guis all use the same basic tools.    Not sure thy the gnome frontend is so flakey for me. It seems to Burn fine.. it just alwyas complains about the verification.. even tho i can verify the data in some other tools and they verify fine. it still complains about how its verifying the data06:12
scuniziPairadimesitty: If it's your first it's much easier to just use the method I mentioned.. then later you can tweek it fro the guide06:13
BlueyDr_Willis: I've just the opposite problems with kde06:13
=== fcukvista is now known as daf1
insmodany video Graphic card people Here?06:14
DaZcrab people only.06:14
mo0nykitWhere can I get a list of fonts that are installable from the repos?06:14
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer06:14
DaZmo0nykit: don't they have any prefix, like ttf- ? :f06:14
Dr_Willismo0nykit:  also check google. theres a LARGE # of free 'unofficial' fonts out you can get. if you want decorative fonts. or just love to collect fonts.06:15
Dr_WillisImust have a collection of 8+gb of fonts from over the years. :)06:15
mo0nykitDaZ: yes I did some tab completion with apt-get ttf-, I can't find them in synaptic search ttf :(06:15
ZoeyMarieCan anyone here help me troubleshoot my audio problems? (Tascam US 122, crashes/freezes, JACK won't work, etc...)06:16
wookienzif i install gub using root (hd0,0) does this mean my devoce needs to be hda or can it be sda/06:16
ZoeyMarieAnd is there an easy way to reinstall the driver for a piece of hardware that I installed?06:16
insmodnvidia is broke in 9.04 good before and with other distro's debian is fine etc just not 9.0406:16
Dr_Williswookienz:  hda used to refer to ide drives.. and sda  scsi or sata - but now a days sda is used  for ide drives also.  you rarely see hdXX used.06:17
Blueyinsmod: I'm running 188 and no problems06:17
insmodnvidia and nv driver06:17
Blueysorry 18006:17
insmod<Bluey>I get black patches -- i have reinstalled 3 times06:17
DaZblack patches? :f06:17
Blueyinsmod: what type of card to you have?06:17
insmod<Bluey>happened from upgrade then I d/l disk same06:18
Blueyinsmod: lspci | grep VGA will tell06:18
panni__hey_: i want to integrate ubuntu server 9.04 CD into ultimate boot disk 5 beta (ubcd). works pretty well using syslinux or grub4dos using install/vmlinuz and install/initrd.gz. problem is, when i burn the ubuntu server installation disk i get a menu with "install" "recover os" etc. how can i get that into my custom DVD?06:18
panni_seems like i'm booting with the wrong options in syslinux06:18
Blueyinsmod: you are installing 180 yes?06:19
insmod<Bluey>did them all06:19
insmod<Bluey>works on every distro but this06:19
Blueyinsmod: some drivers require a reboot did you try that?06:20
insmod<Bluey>well it did prior to 9.0406:20
DaZnone of the drivers require reboot <:06:20
insmod<Bluey>yes off course06:20
Blueyinsmod: okay that's what I'd always done after installing a driver...06:20
insmod<Bluey>or just restart X06:20
Blueyinsmod: yes06:21
Blueyinsmod: what is your refresh rate and display size?06:21
insmod<Bluey>I get black patches Square ones06:21
insmod<Bluey>I have done all that06:22
ynkSUCCESS! k3b burned successfully on first attempt. life is good again. :D06:22
Blueyynk: woo hoo06:22
insmod<Bluey>I have used linux since 199606:22
bazhangynk, good to hear06:22
panfisti'm in ubuntu...i'd like to try kde4...whats the easiest way to do that?06:22
Blueyinsmod: let me think....06:22
OpenBluntSurgeryis there another option besides emerald?06:22
bazhangpanfist, install kubuntu-desktop package06:22
insmod<panfist>apt-get install kde*06:23
OpenBluntSurgerywhat does ubuntu have installed by default since emerald is not installed?06:23
insmod<Bluey>only the new ubuntu's burn06:23
hsarcii switched from KDE to gnome and now I have default KDE cursor and no gnome cursors even work....any ideas?06:23
MagnesiumOpenBluntSurgery: metacity06:23
Freddy_007 06:23
bazhanghsarci, jaunty?06:24
insmod<Bluey>and i have some experience - i helped re-write the trident driver in 9806:24
mo0nykitwhat is the font viewer program for ubuntu?06:24
Blueyinsmod: you said 5600 yes?06:24
OpenBluntSurgeryMagnesium: could this be causing conflicts with emerald? how do I disable metacity?06:24
Blueyinsmod: thanks06:24
ZoeyMarieis there a good way to test an external sound card's recording capabilities NOT in preferences > sound ??06:24
hsarcibazhang, karmic06:25
macoZoeyMarie: just try it with gnome-sound-recorder (i think thats hat its called)06:25
MagnesiumOpenBluntSurgery: once you've installed emerald, you should be able to run emerald --replace06:25
Magnesiumthat should work06:25
datz_Hello, for some reason I can't get PrintLastLog to work in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, any thoughts?06:25
macohsarci: #ubuntu+106:25
insmod<ZoeyMarie>use audacity or audour06:25
hsarcialready asked in there...got no response06:25
OpenBluntSurgeryMagnesium: great stuff thanks06:26
Magnesiumno problem06:26
Blueyinsmod: reading this - http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-450433.html  might be what's happening to you...06:26
iarpis there a command that'll show all main computer info(cpu/mem/hdd/etc...)06:26
Magnesiumbye all06:26
stebalieniarp:  hwinfo06:27
Blueyinsmod:  now this is odd:  I have 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (rev a2)06:27
Bluey and no problems06:27
panni_anyone on my syslinux problem?06:29
datz_wow, hwinfo is a bit extensive06:29
mo0nykitWhat is the font viewer program for ubuntu?06:29
=== datz_ is now known as datz
insmod<Bluey>nVidia Corporation C51PV [GeForce 6150] (rev a2)06:30
ZoeyMarieis there a way to reinstall the drivers for my external sound card? because it keeps crashing my system. :(06:30
skreevesmoOnykit: specimen?06:30
Blueyinsmod: ihave slightly different card - -but almos the same - this is really odd06:30
zega_mo0nykit : charmap06:30
insmod<Bluey>only happens on new ubuntu not old or other distros06:31
iarpdatz: wow you weren't joking, thats a crap load lol06:31
insmod<Bluey>i even d/l other disks06:31
ph33rwhen I set key bindings to open nautilus in ccsm (Commands) it's does'nt open anything, but opens when I set for "gksudo nautilus" could anyone guide me where I am going wrong ?06:32
Blueyinsmod: I'd try posting in the ubuntuforums....06:32
insmod<Bluey>I think it is the xorg to nvidia06:32
iarpis there any other programs that'll show you main computer info(cli only)06:32
datziarp, yep...lol06:32
datziarp, try iostat06:32
datzinstall lm-sensors06:32
insmod<Bluey>I don't have time i will just dump it06:32
mo0nykitzega_: thanks. In charmap, what should I choose in the Script list to view English characters? I can't find "English" or "International" or "United States"06:33
insmod<Bluey>and say good distro ... BUT06:33
Blueyinsmod: i mean we practically have the same card -- it could be that the card is bad -- do you have another video card?  I had a flakey nvidia card I swapped with an old ati -- random booting problems went away06:33
OpenBluntSurgeryMagnesium you still around?06:33
insmod<Bluey>as I sad it wors on all other distros06:33
insmod<Bluey> i installed debian worked06:34
Blueyinsmod: indeed yu did...forgot that...sorry06:34
Blueyinsmod: I don't know sounds like you have all your bases covered....06:34
zega_mo0nykit : Use Latin06:34
mo0nykitzega_: thanks a bunch!06:35
iarpdatz: getting there lol, there was a program i used earlier and forgotten that damn name and thought it was good. h something06:35
lilzeusdid BoxMagnet leave?06:35
ph33rwhen I set key bindings to open nautilus in ccsm (Commands) it's does'nt open anything, but opens when I set for "gksudo nautilus" could anyone guide me where I am going wrong ?06:35
insmod<Bluey> i  think the xork is in conflict with the nvidia I may just d/l it from nvidia it may work06:35
lilzeus2where for art though BoxMagnet!06:35
Blueyinsmod: worth a try...06:35
DigitalKiwiiarp: htop?06:36
ZoeyMariehow would I uninstall the drivers for my external sound card?06:37
=== techie is now known as _Techie_
iarpDigitalKiwi: thx thats it06:37
DigitalKiwiiarp: you're welcome06:40
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, what external card you got?06:40
blindOkay, I have sort of a weird problem. If I click a download link on a website, Firefox tells me there's not enough room to store my file and won't download, but I can Save As... and my torrent files will not open. what could cause this?06:41
ZoeyMarieit's a tascam us-122... I used these (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TASCAM_US-122) instructions to get it to work... only, it doesn't work so well, so I found a different set of instructions to follow... but I don't know how to start from scratch so that I can follow the other ones...06:41
unitheoryIf a bash script is running as root, how can it set the currently logged on user as a variable?  If I'm not in the right place, please direct me...06:42
datzanyone else not getting PrintLastLog when logging into ssh?06:42
Mehedii use ubuntu 8.10. how can i download latest version of pidgin?06:44
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: is there anything that I can do, or do I need to reinstall ubuntu? :(  are there some files I can delete or something.,. haha. :/06:44
blindMehedi, System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager06:44
unitheoryMehedi, you can add the pidgin repos: http://pidgin.im/download/ubuntu/06:45
Mehedihow can i download through comand?06:45
blindsudo apt-get install pidgin06:46
legend2440Mehedi: http://www.getdeb.net/search.php?keywords=pidgin06:46
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, lemme see that site06:46
Xeon3Djust a sec06:46
Xeon3D(computer is slow)06:47
ValdroneSSo I just installed ion3 on my xubuntu laptop. Now I haven't a clue how to configure the wireless, especially not on a WPA network. Can anyone help?06:47
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, did u do the udev stuff?06:48
Mehedihow i can remove my old version of pidgin????06:48
ZoeyMarieXeon3D no, for some reason, mine stays initialized without those steps. :/06:49
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: I did them, but then I deleted the file, actually.06:49
yoophglupwhen you press full screen using flash 10 does your screen completely fill or does it just load the video in the middle of the screen and blank out the rest? my does and i cant find any help with it????06:49
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, whats the other set of instructions you found?06:50
Mehedihow i can remove my old version of pidgin????06:50
Xeon3Dcause there are some steps there that aren't easily undone.06:50
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: the other ones that I was gonna try next were: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Tascam_US-12206:51
datzMehedi, how are you planning on upgrading?06:51
Mehediby command06:51
iarpusing rsync, does windows require cygwin to backup stuff on my ubuntu server 9.04 to the windows machine, like say just have it dump the backup onto the windows shared folder06:52
yoophglupAnyone: when you press full screen using flash 10 does your screen completely fill or does it just load the video in the middle of the screen and blank out the rest? my does and i cant find any help with it????06:52
hsarcihow can i make it so that a window doesn't try to go to a different desktop when i drag it to the edge of the screen?06:53
xrandrok, so i just installed 9.0406:53
datzMehedi, what command?06:53
vertoletПривет чуваки06:53
xrandrand the only thing im displeased with is that the nvidia settings is not recognizing my 1920x1200 resolution06:53
xrandrhow do i get that to work?06:53
Mehedihow can i do that?/06:53
vertoletчуваки вы меня слышите06:53
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, both guides are more or less the same thing.06:54
vertoletчто за дибильный IRC06:54
tomdavidsonHello, i have installed ubuntu studio 8.04 to use with campcaster studio. my arch is amd64 but campcaster is i386. im reading through the forums but am seeing lots of stuff from 3-4 years ago06:54
FloodBot2vertolet: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:54
vertoletвы меня слышите ?06:54
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, what you can do is to stop usx2yloader by doing: ps -aux | grep usx2yloader06:54
scatterphi does any one use avg here?06:54
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, and then kill -9 PID-of-usx2yloader06:55
datzMehedi, try #pidgin06:55
ZoeyMarieXeon3D one uses an earlier version of the alsa firmware, and doesn't install the Tascam firmware from the "langerland" site...06:55
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: what do those things do?06:55
hsarcihow can i make it so that a window doesn't try to go to a different desktop when i drag it to the edge of the screen?06:56
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, they stop the loader from loading the firmware06:56
=== naruto is now known as Guest61271
yoophgluphas anyone visited youtube and pressed the fullscreen button, if so did it fill the entire screen using flash 10 and jaunty???????06:56
Dr_Willishsarci:  thats a compiz setting if you are using  compiz. install ccsm and check the 'wall' settings (i think)06:56
scatterpany one here use AVG command line version (avgscan) ?06:57
hsarciDr_Willis, thanks a lot06:57
Dr_Willishsarci:  desktop wamm -> edge flipping06:57
preecheryoophglup,  on ubuntu 9.04 my screen fills when pressing fullscreen with flash 1006:57
Dr_Willisoops Desktop Wall -> edge flipping06:57
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: The first command said "bad ps syntax...." and the second one said "arguments must be process or job IDs"06:58
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, ps -aux should give you a list of processes06:59
DaZXeon3D: ur doin it wrong.07:00
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: something worked, 'cause now nothing is happening when I plug in the drive... did that uninstall the drivers, or just uninitialize the hardware...07:00
DaZkillall -9 something or kill -9 `pidof something` is faster :f07:00
yoophglupthanks for the reply preecher can i ask what video card you have?07:00
Xeon3DDaZ, for the second you need to know pid and that's what ps -aux was for.07:00
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, you uninitialized07:00
panhajoin cambodia07:00
DaZXeon3D: pidof.07:00
JimmioHello all, I have a dilemma. I use Ubuntu 9.04 x64 and I'm trying to link a 32 bit nasm compiled file. Is there an LD parameter to allow this?07:00
preecheryoophglup, ati07:00
DaZXeon3D: and killall doesn't need pid07:01
Xeon3DDaZ, indeed. but I don't like to use killall07:01
Xeon3DDaZ: whatever. What I said worked perfectly here.07:01
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: now is there a way to point it to the other drivers?07:01
hsarciis there a more comprehensive power manager available for gnome?07:02
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, just follow the other guide and use the same paths for the same things. They'll overwrite.07:02
mimiloonhi everybody, is it wise to merge debian repositories with ubuntu repositories?07:02
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: do you think that'll help my problems?07:02
Xeon3DZoeyMarie,  but since it's using a older version of alsa, I don't think it'll work any better.07:02
scatterpany one here use AVG command line version (avgscan) ?07:02
yoophgluphmm i have nvidia fresh reinstall of juanty, flash 10 and my doesn't do anything but make the screen black with the video in the center07:03
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: what do you think I should do?07:03
xrandrOk, in ubuntu 8,04 i was able to get a 1920x1200 resolution in X. in 9.04, the highest its seeing is 1360x768. How can i change this?07:03
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, I have no idea. Never fiddled with external sound cards in my life.07:04
Xeon3Dxrandr, install drivers for your graphics card?07:04
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, I think if that solution in the ubuntu wiki site works, you should go for it.07:05
DaZxrandr: do you have ati or graphic card? :f07:05
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: The first one?07:05
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, the one on the ubuntu site.07:06
Xeon3Dmaybe check if there is a newer alsa-firmware package07:06
yoophglupi am using 1600x1050 in 9.0407:07
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: That was the one that I used, and when I try and test the sound card under preferences > sound, or in qjackctl/jackd, it freezes more often than not...07:07
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=== Guest74165 is now known as panfist
Billiardwhat is the proper way to remove the source files after using "apt-get source"07:10
panfisti installed some new packages and now booting into gnome ends up frozen at a display of a distorted splash screen. can i reset my config or something to get back into gnome?07:11
lstarnesBilliard: remove the files manually with rm07:11
Billiardlstarnes: ok thanks07:11
hsarciis there a more comprehensive power manager for gnome?07:11
lobservateurhi every body am sorry but it's my one to use ubuntu can you give me advices. i know that is not the debate bur please help me07:11
gamerxmy navagation bars have gone missing, anyone know where to turn them back on07:12
gamerxin nautilous07:12
yoophglupyour windows borders?07:13
=== asad is now known as Guest47995
gamerxno like where it has buttons [var] / [www] or [/]07:13
gamerxor [home]07:13
roflparrotlocation bar?07:13
OpenBluntSurgeryhow do I install a new Icon pack?07:13
roflparrotview > location bar07:13
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: I found an updated version of the alsa-firmware, and I downloaded it... how do I get it to overwrite the previous one?07:13
gamerxGuest47995, can you not yell?07:13
Guest47995was that yelling my bad trying to get some attention07:14
gamerxroflparrot, thanks, that was easy :P07:14
gamerxGuest47995, what help with win, try #winehq07:14
alokito!yell | Guest4799507:14
ubottuGuest47995: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:14
roflparrotno problem07:15
BoxMagnetcan anyone help me get tightvncserver setup ( cant connect )07:15
AlgorithmistI got a user A, and I've set up user B. I'd like to mirror the environment settings from A to B; instead of going into the user B's account and changing the desktop, panel features, number of workspaces, etc.. all one at a time, is there an easier way? ie: is there a file I can just copy from user A's settings to B's ?07:15
roflparrotGuest47995, what is it that you are having trouble with? Is uninstalling software not working?07:16
alokitoAlgorithmist, there isn't a single file where all user settings are saved, different apps save their preferences in different folders07:16
BoxMagnetcan anyone help me get tightvncserver setup ( cant connect ) but got ports forwarded07:17
alokitoAlgorithmist, the user preferences are usually saved in the /home directory of a user07:17
Algorithmistalokito, sure, I'm aware of that... like ~/.folder - okay, just thought maybe there was an easier way... as user A is very configured07:17
Billiardlstarnes: after deleting the source files manually, when attempting to redownload them it says "Skipping unpack of already unpacked source" and i dont get the source files extracted07:18
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  when doing vnc over the internet you should set up a ssh tunnle. not just forward ports. (tunnle = secure, port forawring  = not secure)07:18
ZoeyMarieis there a way to test my sound card that is NOT the preferences > sound way? like, maybe from the command line??07:18
Dr_Willis!vnc | BoxMagnet07:18
ubottuBoxMagnet: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX07:18
Algorithmistthank you alokito07:18
alokitoAlgorithmist, u can copy the preference directories of the apps you want from one user to another from the /home dir07:18
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, this is over my LAN07:18
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, my ubuntu laptop to my ubuntu desktop media thin07:18
alokitothey are hidden so u have to change ur file manager preference to show hidden files and folders07:19
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, it should be but it says cant connect07:19
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  turn off the firewall perhaps.  and see if it works.. also it should be perhaps?07:19
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, does tight vnc have default user?07:20
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  I normally install tightvncserver, run it to set up a password,  then close it..  (using vncserver -kill :1 or :0)07:20
panfisti installed some packages and my system fails to boot; it seems that when the splash screen is about to chnage to the system log in prompt, it gets distorted and then hangs. i can choose recovery mode from the grub menu and get a terminal. how can i fix my graphic envrionment?07:20
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, so what do I do?07:20
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  You run tightvncserver as the user you want.. then you connect. after you have it properly setup07:20
mimiloonhi everybody, is it wise to merge debian repositories with ubuntu repositories?07:21
datzhi, is there a separate log for PrintLastLog with ssh?07:21
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  make sure you got a vncserver password set. and check your .vnc/xstartup  so its running  a proper window manager. gnome can be sluggush.07:21
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  i perfer icewm or flwm for my vnc sessions07:21
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, i cant connect at all though07:21
yoophglupi hate flash this is stupid fullscreen should be fullscreen07:21
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, i got 5800 and 5900 forwarded to the vnc box07:21
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  check your .vnc/whatever.logs07:22
alokitomimiloon, why would u need that? I think ubuntu has most of the apps current version where debian stable has the older versions07:22
coz_panfist,  in the terminal   try   sudo /init.d/gdm stop   then   sudo apt-get update   then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:22
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  disable the firewall as a test. vnc starts at port 5900 and goes UP one port per screen. it may want 5901 also..07:22
coz_panfist,  then   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:22
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, what firewall?07:22
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  you are the one saying you got ports forwared.. that only makes sence if you have a firewall going07:23
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, ok 5901 worked07:23
alokitocoz_, a shortcut way to do that is alt+sysreq+k07:23
panfistcoz_ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade didn't do anything07:23
iarpi'm trying to setup rsync as a service, and i'm following the guide on ubuntu's community website, it says to make a file called rsync in xinetd.d but i dont have that i have init.d. In init.d i already have a rsync file buts its packed with alot of something07:23
coz_panfist,  did sudo apt-get update  run through?07:23
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  each vnc 'desktop' goes to its own port. based on teh # of the desktop07:23
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, it should have started at 5900 though07:23
mimiloonalokito: because some of the software that i need are available in debian repositories; (or can you help me locate all the repositories list on one page plz?)07:23
alokitopanfist, try update-manager -d from alt+f2 window07:24
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  no.. your local desktop screen is :007:24
yoophglupwell off to windows since no one here can help me and i've searched all the stupid search sites and checked adobe and nothing.turned off compiz, turned off emerald, installed alternate browser and still no full screen07:24
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  your first vncsession is :1  and so on07:24
coz_panfist,  ok   one more time  time sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  if that doesn work again   then try   sudo  /etc/init.d/gdm restart07:24
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, so, if i opened another it would be 590207:24
panfist"could not open display07:24
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, how can port 5901 work when its not forwarded though07:24
panfist@ alokito07:24
alokitomimiloon, search http://getdeb.net07:24
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  you got forwarding on the brain.. i use vnc with NO FORWARDING setup at all..07:25
alokitopanfist, ?07:25
coz_panfist,  ok which video card are you using07:25
mimiloonalokito: thanks07:25
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  ive4 no idea what you are actually doing when you mean 'forwarding' if the pcs are on the local kan and no firewalls theres no need to forward anything.. they open ports to each other as needed.07:25
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, hahahaha so it was just 5901 the whole time cause of +107:25
panfistalokito i could not open update-manager, it could not open a display07:25
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, ok so i can close those ports?07:26
coz_panfist,  nvidia ?07:26
alokitopanfist, what happens when you run update-manager -d from alt+f2?07:26
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  close? you said you had no firewall - thus no need to open/.close anything.07:26
alokitopanfist, aren't u running a xserver?07:26
cafreehow do you check/display what mods are installed in apache?07:26
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, this is my router07:26
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  if the pcs are on the same side of the lan  then the router isent doing anything.. the forwarding is from the WAN (outside interenet) to the inside machines.. Not  on the internal lan07:27
WackyManI got a bug of somekind with gthumb, it won't find any pictures on its own. If I open one from nautilus with it it displayes it ok, but when I hit the close to see move to browser window it only displays a thumbnail of the picture I opened. If I search for pictures with it doesn't find any. Koala beta amd64 - I checked permission already and eyeofgnome works fine..07:27
datzfigured it out with some help guys, lastlog was missing from /var/log/07:27
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, you install it the same way you did the other one07:27
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  you are fowarding outside traffic to the pc;s  - You dont want to do that.07:27
allenbradleyI was uninstalling kde when kdm was to be removed. When I clicked Yes, X shutdown and now, there are a bunch of kde programs left. How do I cleanly remove it?07:27
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, ok understood, now how do I get vnc to show something besides a terminal ( i have the startup file open ready to edit )07:28
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: I followed the second directions (http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Tascam_US-122) only I used the most recent alsa-firmware version (1.0.20), only now there is no sound, and it's still freezing when I try and test it. :(07:28
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  i perfer icewm or flwm for my vnc sessions07:28
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, ok, lets say using icewm07:28
alokitoallenbradley, you have to remove the programs from synaptic or using sudo apt-get remove command07:28
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  look at hte last line of the xstartup07:28
Dr_Willismake it exec icewm07:28
Dr_Willismake it 'exec icewm'07:29
allenbradleyalokito, each and every one of them manually?07:29
BoxMagnetjust exec icewm07:29
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, see? you should have followed the ubuntu one.07:29
alokitoallenbradley, you can remove many programs at once, not one by one07:29
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  what is the last line?07:29
allenbradleyalokito, I have to check them off right?07:29
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: that was the first one I followed, and it didn't work either. :(07:29
alokitoallenbradley, to easily find which programs are to be removed, see the details of kubuntu-desktop package07:29
ZoeyMariehow do I revert it and try again from the ubuntu one? (if that's what I should do)07:30
allenbradleyalokito, ahh.. I'll try that out and post back07:30
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, twm &07:30
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  and twm is NOT installed by default.. thats the whole issue. :)07:30
panfistcoz_ i tired /etc/init.d/gdm restart and my system locked like it did from a normal boot. i rebooted and within recovery mode did an "xfix" to attempt to automatically fix the problem. i resumed normal boot, and saw something like: "DKMS auto installation .... for fglrx: fail" as the mesg was scrolling...then it crashed again.07:30
Dr_Willischange twm & to be 'exec whateverwindowmanageryouwant'07:30
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, you don't need to revert anything (apart from erasing that udev file), you can just re-do the steps. it'll overwrite07:30
coz_panfist,  looks like a bad install of the ati driver  ?07:31
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, do i still keep the exec icewm at the top07:31
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: Should I keep this more current version of the alsa-firmware, or write over it?07:31
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, or recomment it07:31
panfistso how can i replace it with software rendering for now?07:31
alokitoallenbradley, there might be a package to remove all kde packages at once but I don't know its name, to remove ubuntu-desktop completely there's a package named libgnome or something07:32
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  top? it goes at the end. its the last command ran. anything passt exec WHATEVER will not get ran.07:32
coz_panfist,   you could try reverting to the default driver  but with ati i am not sure how that is done in the xorg07:32
=== eights is now known as Guest83653
alokitoallenbradley, you can ask in #kubuntu channel if such package exists07:32
coz_panfist,   I am sure someone here more familiar with ati   can help07:32
Dr_WillisBoxMagnet:  sample xsetup => 2 lines07:32
Dr_Willisxterm &07:32
Dr_Willisexec icewm07:32
Dr_Willisdone. :)07:32
FloodBot2Dr_Willis: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:32
lilzeusBoxMagnet: do you think Dr_Willis could figure out my problem?07:32
* Dr_Willis hides07:33
BoxMagnetlilzeus, probably yes,07:33
BoxMagnetdid that not work?07:33
simion314hi, i had burn i hybrid iso  image to my usb and now i do not know how to format my drive(to create a large fat32 partition windows compatible), gparted sees my usb drive as a cdrom and offers to format with loop ...07:33
DaZallenbradley: remove qt+dependencies07:33
lilzeusBoxMagnet: no, it did not07:33
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, his wired NIC does not work with the HD install but works on live-cd07:33
BoxMagnetso i had him try to copy the settings07:33
BoxMagnethis HD has a bunch of weird stuff07:33
DaZif xserver died when you were uninstalling packages you should reinstall them first07:33
BoxMagnetunder interfaces07:33
coz_simion314,   if no on has an answer here you may want to try the ##linux channel for a broader  information base07:34
lilzeusBoxMagnet: not anymore! I copied the settings over :)07:34
Dr_Willislilzeus:  on the live cd see what modules are getting loaded with 'lsmod'  and be sure the same one sare getting loaded on the installed system. Is about all i can suggesst07:34
allenbradleyalokito, I just searched for kde in synaptic07:34
allenbradleyalokito, Now I'm completely removing them07:34
alokitoallenbradley, hmm that might not find all the packages07:34
=== d0wn_ is now known as d0wn
lilzeusDr_Willis: how do I go about doing that?07:35
simion314coz_, thx i will try there07:35
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, whats the command to kill vncserver07:35
allenbradleyDaZ, I might need qt.. Won't that affect packages like Qtoctave?07:35
alokitoallenbradley, did you try DaZ's suggestion?07:35
DaZallenbradley: it will <:07:35
allenbradleyalokito, I might need qt07:35
DaZallenbradley: then remove kdelibs+kdebase07:35
allenbradleyDaZ, in synaptic?07:35
DaZallenbradley: if you want to07:36
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, you should use the latest versions always.07:36
JimmioIs there any way to mount a floppy image without super user privileges?07:36
lilzeusDr_Willis: it would seem my networking is caught up in some kind of loop back, every ping to 192.168.1.xxx address returns in 0.05ms, and every address 192.168.1.xxx in browser loops back to localhost of Apache's default "It works!" page07:37
lilzeusDr_Willis: I am unable to ping any other addresses07:37
lilzeusor rather they fail07:37
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, that config file did not work.07:37
allenbradleyDaZ, thanks for the tip07:38
allenbradleyI think KDE's finally going out07:39
DaZallenbradley: but kde is great, you know? :f07:39
alokitokde4 is my favorite07:40
allenbradleyDaZ, with my intel graphic card, nothing's great07:40
Xeon3DZoeyMarie, anyway off to bed now. Wish you good luck with it. You also might find some help on the ALSA channel.07:40
allenbradleyDaZ, I regressed back to the terminal just to get things done07:40
DaZhuh <:07:41
alokitoallenbradley, whats the conflict between kde and intel grafix card :-/07:41
ZoeyMarieXeon3D: thanks for the help... it's still not working, but thank you anyways. :)07:41
alokitou can turn of kwin if grafix isn't smooth07:41
lilzeus| lsmod07:41
lilzeuswhat is lsmod?07:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lsmod07:42
DaZalokito: last time i checked, kde conflicted with old nvidia drivers07:42
alokitolilzeus, i think it shows hardware information07:42
allenbradleyalokito, The windows continually tear, and the "peek" function gets completely screwed07:42
allenbradleyalokito, It's a conflict between X and the card, not KDE alone07:42
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, im lost with the config file07:42
alokitoallenbradley, use metacity in kde :P07:42
alokitoalt+f2 metacity --replace07:42
allenbradleyalokito, still, it isn't worth the pain.. I started using a tiling window manager and in love ever since07:43
Jimmioallenbradley: "awesome", isn't it?07:43
alokitoallenbradley, what window manager?07:44
allenbradleyJimmio, exactly!07:44
DaZthere's tiling patch for kwin iirc <:07:44
Jimmioallenbradley: Yeah, awesome is pretty... dare I say it... awesome.07:44
alokitoi haven't used anything else than metacity, compiz, kwin and xfce4 wm :(07:44
allenbradleyallenbradley, a window manager (KWin in KDE ) manages the way windows are rendered in X ( at least, the way I know )07:44
SirisianAnyone know much about modules? I'm looking through them atm trying to figure out the point of certain ones. What's the "DRM shared core routines" one. It's listed as drm in the lsmod list. Is it a driver or something?07:45
allenbradleyalokito,  a window manager (KWin in KDE ) manages the way windows are rendered in X ( at least, the way I know )07:45
alokitoallenbradley, I know that...07:45
allenbradleyJimmio, Amen man, Amen07:45
allenbradleyalokito, awesome07:45
allenbradleyalokito, <embarrassed>07:45
allenbradleyDaz, still isn't worth it. It defeats everything which KDE stands for07:46
alokitoallenbradley, I asked the name of the window manager u are using now, or is the name "tiling window manager"?.. :-/07:46
allenbradleyalokito, It is called awesomewm.07:46
Jimmioalokito: It's name is awesome. Package name awesome.07:46
alokitolol, ok :D07:46
alokitoill give it a try07:46
allenbradleyalokito, If you are on Jaunty don't use repo07:46
allenbradleyalokito, Use karmic or jaunty backports for awesomev307:47
alokitoallenbradley, im in windows xp now, but I can try in vbox07:47
alokitoI have karmic in vbox07:47
allenbradleyalokito, Then enjoy :)07:47
allenbradleyJimmio, what do you use?07:47
Jimmioallenbradley: I'm currently in Gnome because I'm more used to it. Awesome is just a bit too awesome for me sometimes. xP07:48
allenbradleyalokito, Once you're on awesome, use irssi for irc, mcabber for jabber and mutt for email. You'll never leave the terminal again!07:48
allenbradleyJimmio, Gnome3?07:49
alokitook :)07:49
Jimmioallenbradley: the default installed one in 9.04. *shrugs*07:49
alokitois gnome3 release yet? :-/07:49
allenbradleyJimmio, Meh. Fair enough. Probably good enough07:49
allenbradleyalokito, PPA's are up, i guess07:50
allenbradleyalokito, you're on vbox right? switch to gnome 307:50
alokitoallenbradley, yes07:50
patbamhi, i just installed ubuntu from windows and i ae defaults; somehwo the partition for ubuntu is way small (just 250mb left). how can i resize stuff? i want to shrink windows to near-oblivion :P07:51
mneptokalokito: G3 is not due until next spring07:51
allenbradleymneptok, You mean the final stable?07:51
alokitomneptok, no beta available?07:51
mneptokallenbradley: i mean "anything approaching usable"07:51
alokitoguess i have to install karmic, i have jaunty installed in vbox not karmic :(07:52
Jimmioallenbradley: Try guessing what I'm doing in Gnome xP07:52
mneptokalokito: Karmic uses GNOME 207:52
allenbradleymneptok, when I saw the cool screenshots on the web _ and_ a burst of activity in the Gnome community, I presumed too early07:53
Jimmioalokito: Just add the karmic repos for a bit, install awesome, then remove the repos. Don't update everything.07:53
alokitomneptok, well can't I add a repo and install gnome 3 beta07:53
allenbradleyJimmio, Uhhh....running KDE in vbox?07:53
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, why not just use emacs? It even includes a kitchen sink, single terminal with buffers for everything, no need for X or multiple consoles....07:53
alokitoJimmio, ok, thanks07:53
alokitoallenbradley, kde runs fine in vbox in my pc07:53
fiberhello, I'm trying to format a disk to hfsplus, but when I do I get the error: "mkfs.hfsplus: /dev/sdb1: partition size not a multiple of 4K."... I checked with fdisk and the partition _is_ a multiple.... can anyone help me?  maybe I am doing something wrong.07:54
Jimmioallenbradley: Nope, writing a kernel for a science project some friends and I are working on xP07:54
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, You a vim kinda person? Cause its really hard to detect sarcasm on the interwebs07:54
patbamthis is what my partitions look like http://i.imgur.com/WcMxO.png07:54
allenbradleyalokito, Blessed art thou, who can run kde smoothly. You should write a tutorial07:54
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, No actually use emacs in viper-mode best of both worlds...07:54
patbami want to reallocate DATA to ubuntu. is that possible?07:54
mneptokalokito allenbradley: http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentyseven07:55
fool_vim ftw!07:55
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, With lisp?07:55
alokitolol, with desktop effects disabled it runs pretty fine07:55
allenbradleyJimmio, From GeekOS or modding linux?07:55
allenbradleyfool_, that's fo real!07:55
Jimmioallenbradley: Writing one by hand. From scratch.07:56
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, truth is I hate lisp, so i either find modules that do what I need or ask the local lisp expert how to add functionality to my emacs...07:56
allenbradleyJimmio, heavens. Unix-like?07:56
xrandrok. i have read alot of the forums about the display modes stuff in X07:56
Jimmioallenbradley: Of course. Unix is the way to go.07:56
xrandri still cant get 1920x1280 working07:56
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, All this while vim has its very nice little scripts?07:56
allenbradleyJimmio, So what can the kernel do?07:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:57
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:57
Jimmioallenbradley: See pm.07:57
JimmioSorry for offtopicness.07:57
xrandrgonna try one more time07:58
allenbradleyOops. Got the message.07:58
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, does vim at this point support all the buffers, sql connection client, email and so forth? if so I might take another look at it, emacs at the time lured me away from vi (vim was very imature at the time)07:58
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, I'm not a vim ninja, so I can't confirm that. The buffers part, yes. Email, no.07:59
snokatsnokatýòî ñàéò âêîíòàêòå07:59
snokatsnokatýòî ñàéò âêîíòàêòå07:59
snokatsnokatýòî ñàéò âêîíòàêòå07:59
FloodBot2snokat: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, does it support easy support for shelling out in a buffer (ex running mutt in a buffer)08:00
* patbam weeps08:00
lilzeuscan I re-install over a current install?08:01
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, not any easy way I know of08:01
DaZlilzeus: ?08:01
Desmondlilzeus: it will destroy you old install, one suggestion is create a seperate partition for /home08:01
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, I use screen, so I never explored these parts in vim08:02
lilzeusDesmond: that is how I have set it up the first time08:02
Desmondlilzeus: then you can carefully install without formatting your /home and just installing the rest08:03
lilzeus3 partitions: /home swap and the filesystem08:03
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, Sorry for the n0obness, but I could probably let you know after I ask a few friends08:03
lilzeusDesmond: ok08:03
shintaroif you have to work in the console, vim is efficient, but if you want an editor that works graphically, as in supporting mouse clicks and having mulitple windows, then it would be stupid to not use emacs, emacs does everything a normal graphical editor does08:03
snokatmy icq 162727708:04
h32Lghi everybody08:04
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, good point do like screen, of course I use vim(basic vi commands that I used before I learned emacs) when ssh from phone or on high latency systems08:04
rytyshintaro, I've always been a fan of vim-gtk08:04
allenbradleyshintaro, emacs -nw?08:05
audaxlilzeus: and don't forget the boot partition08:05
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, ssh from phone? You still do that? Amazing!08:05
Machtinhey guys.. i just googled for a while but didn't succeed in finding a decent tutorial on how to rip a movie out of a blu-ray-untouched.iso.. could anyone give me a tutorial for that or so?08:05
ElijahCMenifeeallenbradley, out on the road when a server goes belly up no choice ;-)08:06
lilzeusaudax: what do you mean?08:06
pradeepany one knows how to fix sleep and suspend functions on my laptop08:06
icarus-cpradeep: detail08:07
* patbam gives up 08:07
shintarowhat happened?08:07
audaxlilzeus: i just did a new install with these partitions - 8 gb swap; 200 mb /boot; 200 gb /home; 260 gb /08:07
allenbradleyElijahCMenifee, :)08:07
audaxthe ' / ' partition is where the bulk of the OS goes08:08
audaxaka root08:08
pradeepicarus-c: whenever i select suspend and sleep it successfully suspends/sleeps but i cant resume later.. I have to restart08:08
lilzeusI did not set mine up that way08:08
ElijahCMenifeeaudax, actually /usr is where the bulk goes...08:08
lilzeusjust 3: /, /home and swap08:08
audaxbut thats under /08:08
pradeepicarus-c: It's not working from a month or so.. was working till then!!08:09
audaxyeh, but you'll need a small ext3 partition for the boot-loader (ie GRUB)08:09
ElijahCMenifeeaudax, depends on layout I guess technically everything goes under / regardless of partions08:10
lilzeusso I don't need extra one for boot?08:10
audaxlilzeus: yes you do08:11
audaxotherwise the bootloader won't be installed to boot into the OS08:11
bangobobhi folks, my apt-get says its got an unresolveable issue with package list. i was wondering how I can fix it?08:11
ElijahCMenifeemost newer bios, with grub should support /boot from root partion hanging at end of drive, LILO was terrible about kernel having to be in first part of disk thus the common seperate /boot partion at begining of drive08:12
lilzeusaudax: I did not do that for any install of ubuntu I have used08:12
shintaroI keep getting booted, sorry I missed your comments on vim/emacs08:12
lilzeusor installed, rather08:12
audaxfair enough, thanks ElijahCMenifee08:13
hsarcihow do i uninstall something that was installed with "make install"??08:13
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, does it have a make uninstall target?08:14
hsarciElijahCMenifee, i tried that, it doens't08:14
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KB1JWQsnokat: Please stop that.08:14
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ElijahCMenifeehsarci, what was its default dir from autoconf?08:15
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, better yet what were you building from source?08:16
hsarciElijahCMenifee, Listen music player08:16
hsarciElijahCMenifee, where do i find the autoconf information?08:16
johntronis there anything besides iptables and firestarter in ubuntu? something like PF for FreeBSD would be nice08:17
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, one moment looking into the software to better answer your question, was that from www.listen-project.org and was it the latest 0.6.3?08:18
hsarciElijahCMenifee, yes, thank you08:19
seyfarthHey guys, trying to get samba running on my HP netbook, which is running their variant of ubuntu 8.04. I did "sudo apt-get install samba", but I can't find a gui anywhere. anyone know how to pull one up?08:20
johntronnvm. looking into ufw08:20
Slart!samba | seyfarth08:21
ubottuseyfarth: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:21
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, did you use a 'PREFIX=? make install' or just a make install08:21
RoastedHow do I check if a drive is currently mounted PRIOR to executing an rsync script to that same drive?08:21
hsarciElijahCMenifee, just make install08:21
SlartRoasted: there are some commands that list mounted drives.. you could probably use the "mount" command and parse the output08:22
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, If you have a bit of time give me a few moments to look into getting everything setup for compiling/installing and Ill look into what it takes to remove the proper set of files08:23
morphlesso i used gdmflexiserver to start another login screen on other (tty or whatever way i should say this, you know what i mean ctrl+alt+f*), anyway turns out it doesnt refresh when it is incative(that very sensible imho :D) but i need it to be less sensible and refresh(draw appearign windows, etc)  even when im in other X/tty/vty/whatever, aynone imagines if such stuff is possible and how?08:23
RoastedSlart - I have the drives mount automatically with fstab. It's just, in the event of a drive failure, I want the rsync script to fail before it can even start.t I want a day for the computer to say YES, the drive is mounted and active. Then = execute rsync command.08:23
SlartRoasted: cat /proc/mounts also seems useful08:23
hsarciElijahCMenifee, thank you so much...i will wait08:24
RoastedSlart - Im not familiar with cat /proc/mounts... is there a how to for what Im asking>?08:24
BoxMagnetI am sharing a folder on one ubuntu pc using samba, but i can't find it with my other computer08:26
Roastedboxmagnet - how are you trying to access the folder from the other pc08:26
Roastedand what OS is on the other pc08:26
BoxMagnetthey are both ubuntu08:26
BoxMagnetRoasted, by going to network08:27
tredis there an edit i can make in F2 terminal window to change my resolution back to 1680x1050? i set it too low and now plasma is crashing before i can try to reset it08:27
Roastedboxmagnet - do you then go to windows network?08:27
BoxMagnetRoasted, yea08:27
BoxMagnetbut nothing shows up08:27
Roastedhave you rebooted since sharing the folder out?08:27
BoxMagneti have to reboot?08:27
Roastedtry this08:28
Roastedsudo /etc/init.d/samba restart08:28
BoxMagnetthat sounds not like linux lol08:28
BoxMagnetahh there08:28
Roastedrun that in terminal.08:28
supertimmyHi all. I am having some serious isses at the moment. My ubuntu system keeps crashing, occasionaly it will just close everything and log me out, other times it will just hang and the caps and scroll lock keys will flash. I am getting segfault errors in the messages when this happens. I have just rebuilt ubuntu on a new hardrive and done no updates. Example error: gnome-panel[5287]: segfault at 0 ip b7df743a sp bfc59180 error 4 in libbonobo-2.so.0.0.0[b7d08:28
BoxMagnetRoasted, did not work though08:28
SlartRoasted: not that I know of... but here's a simple idea.. first you make sure that this drive you're syncing ends up being mounted to the same folder every time.. then you create a zero length file with a special name.. something like "my_magic_file" in the root of your external drive.. last thing is to create a bash script that looks something like this   "[ -e /your/mount/path/my_magic_file ] && Run_your_sync_thingy"08:29
supertimmyubuntu 9.04, any one of any ideas?08:29
RoastedSlart - the drives mount by fstab automatically upon each boot, so they hit the eaxct same mount point every single time. My rsync script is a bash script. I have it set up in crontab and everything.08:29
SlartRoasted: here's some info on the conditional stuff.. it's available in "man bash" as well but a webpage might be easier to read http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/find-out-if-file-exists-with-conditional-expressions.html08:30
RoastedSlart - It's just... If a drive fails, I want the rsync script to fail08:30
RoastedSlart - if a drive fails, then /media/backup simply gets linked to my root partition instead of the proper hard drive in question.08:30
SlartRoasted: well.. if the drive fails then your magic file won't exist any more.. and then the script won't run08:30
RoastedSlart - which means it'll try to push 380gb to my 20 gb root partition08:30
BoxMagnetRoasted, any idea08:31
Roastedboxmagnet - can you pastebin your smb.conf?08:31
reZo_is it possible to create a cifs share on ubuntu, to view in windows?08:32
Slart!samba | reZo_08:32
ubottureZo_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:32
reZo_does that use SMB protocol or cifs?08:32
BoxMagnetRoasted, http://pastebin.com/m3c39f02008:32
reZo_they are two different protocols right, or am i wrong?08:33
Roastedboxmagnet - I see your path is /home/pete/storage, does that exist? Do you have a storage folder in your home directory?08:33
=== csb_ is now known as C-S-B
SlartreZo_: read the link and you'll see08:34
BoxMagnetRoasted, that is a mount point08:34
BoxMagnetand yes.08:34
reZo_Slart: okay thanks08:34
BoxMagnetit has alot of media in it08:34
Roastedis there anything within the storage folder, or is it an empty folder08:34
Roasteddo you have a samba user set up08:35
BoxMagnetRoasted, yea, me08:36
Roasteddo you have a windows computer you can test to connect to it?08:36
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, ok I have got it compiled and installed to a special prefix, so I can find all the files...08:38
BoxMagnetRoasted, um yea, a vista laptop08:38
hsarciElijahCMenifee, thanks...take ur time08:38
Roastedhave you tried hitting your file server from the laptop?08:38
=== GutturalTardMoan is now known as chriscreasy
BoxMagnetRoasted, im on my ubuntu laptop, the server is a dell box with ubuntu, im trying to share files from my laptop to the server so i can copy my media08:39
BoxMagneti can remote desktop / ssh in to the server etc08:39
BoxMagnetso i know it works08:39
RoastedRight. It's jus tsomething on the samba side that's goofy.08:40
RoastedYet everything seems to check out...08:40
BoxMagnetk trying from vista08:40
RoastedIf Samba is running and active, when you hit network - windows network - you should see your file server.08:40
Roastedin vista, hit start - run - \\your server... see if it shows up08:40
BoxMagnetit works08:41
BoxMagnetwhat the heck08:41
chriswaterguyHi folks - how easy/hard is bluetooth on Ubuntu? I think https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup is out of date.08:41
grawitychriswaterguy: On 9.04 (GNOME) it's easy08:41
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, could you do a `which listen` so I can figure out what the default prefix is since you did not specify one?08:41
hsarciElijahCMenifee, ok..one sec08:41
zegachriswaterguy : Bluetooth is very easy on Ubuntu and works fine08:41
BoxMagnetRoasted, wait, so hit \\NCIS-SERVER08:42
hsarciElijahCMenifee, /usr/bin/listen08:42
tredis there an edit i can make in F2 terminal window to change my resolution back to 1680x1050? i set it too low and now plasma is crashing before i can try to reset it08:42
Roastedis NCIS-SERVER is the name of your Samba machine, yes08:42
BoxMagnetk does not work.08:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffmpeg08:42
Roastedboxmagnet - are these machines in the same workgroup08:42
BoxMagnetRoasted, should be i have never changed it, how do i check08:43
Roastedboxmagnet - what workgroup ist he vista laptop in08:43
AnirbanHazradoes anyone know abt how to install ffmpeg in hardy ?08:43
zegatred : you can change the resolution on the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to what ever u want08:43
chriswaterguyzega, grawity: thanks. (For now I'm using 8.10 - Crunchbang actually. But will upgrade in November.)08:43
BoxMagnetRoasted, WORKGROUP08:44
zegachriswaterguy : bluetooth has been working on ubuntu from even earlier versions...08:44
Roastedboxmagnet - okay, thats good... your smb.conf says the samba config is set ot workgroup too...08:44
ghhany1 help with bind?08:44
Roastedboxmagnet - how recently did you set up this samba machine08:44
ghhtrying to manage 2 domain names on 1 box08:44
BoxMagnetRoasted, when i go to network under vista, everything shows up, the UPNP server on the ubuntu server, my xbox 360 etc. just not the share08:45
chriswaterguyzega, grawity: so I should be able to just put the bluetooth phone near my laptop and expect it to auto-detect?08:45
BoxMagnetRoasted, i installed samba today,08:45
tredok, thx, i;ll see if i can figure that out, if not back soon08:45
Roastedboxmagnet - I see. I only ever access my samba share through start-run, so Im not familiar with seeing it through network like you describe.08:45
chriswaterguy(zega, grawity, anyone else who knows bluetooth): do I need to think about drivers etc? I'm using a ThinkPad R6008:45
zegachriswaterguy: if u use bluetooth-applet then you can easily set up your phone to comm. with pc.08:45
patbami used wubi to install ubuntu from windows, btu the partitions got screwed up. now i want to just wipe the whole disk and install ubuntu. what'st he best way to do that? i can't figure out how to reboot from the cd, because i end up in grub08:46
BoxMagnetRoasted, ok08:46
Roastedboxmagnet - Im not too sure, to be honest. Have you posted on the forums?08:46
FNDhi there - when I booted this laptop today, my screen resolution was limited to 1024x768 (normal is 1280x800)08:46
FNDI've googled a lot, tried various xrandr commands and xorg.conf modifications, but nothing fixes it08:46
FNDany help would be extremely appreciated08:46
AnirbanHazradoes anyone know abt how to install ffmpeg in hardy ?08:46
zegachriswaterguy: if u have installed the bluetooth apps on the machine it shouldnt be an issue08:46
BoxMagnetRoasted, no, i just started setting up the dell box as a media server today, this was my last step, to actually copy the media to it...08:46
lisrmiregistry help needed..anyone?08:47
Roastedboxmagnet - the samba daemon is running, the smb.conf checks out in my opinion, everything in the same workgroup, the share exists...08:47
bazhanglis, what version of Ubuntu and what is rmiregistry08:47
BoxMagnetRoasted, does capitilization matter in workgroup, ie WORKGROUp08:47
chriswaterguyzega: cool, thanks!08:47
BoxMagnetsamba is workgroup all lower case08:47
Roastedboxmagnet - 1 sec08:47
lisRPC for Java08:48
Roastedboxmagnet - no08:48
Roastedboxmagnet - my smb.conf is lowercase workgroup, while my win 7 behind me is all caps08:48
BoxMagnetRoasted, ok im stumped08:48
Roastedboxmagnet - the only thing I can think of, and Im not sure of this, is I know windows takes a certain amount of time to acknowledge other names on the network.08:48
BoxMagnet2 ubuntu machines that wont communicate...08:48
alabdGood day everyone , How to take picture from a windows in ubuntu (grab current window not desktop) with that brown band ?08:48
Roastedboxmagnet - shit, forget that08:49
Roastedboxmagnet - I forgot youre doing ubuntu/ubuntu too08:49
grawityBoxMagnet: NetBIOS workrgoups are case-insensitive.08:49
BoxMagnetum ok so where do I go from here...08:49
Roastedgrawity - what we're doing I don't think is case sensitive.08:49
chriswaterguynow I have to figure out if bluetooth-applet will work with LXDE... since I'll probably be using Lubuntu (or maybe Crunchbang, which is also largely LXDE-based)08:49
Roastedgrawity - since mine arent the same and mine work.08:49
grawityRoasted: <Roasted?> boxmagnet - my smb.conf is lowercase workgroup, while my win 7 behind me is all caps08:49
grawityRoasted: Was talking about this - the case doesn't matter.08:49
Roastedgrawity - OH, you said insensitive.08:50
Roastedgrawity - my bad. its 4 am, I have no idea why I read that wrong :P08:50
zegachriswaterguy: not familier with LXDE but the general apps should work on any variation imho08:50
Roastedboxmagnet - lket me think a minute08:50
Roastedboxmagnet - now, let me just poke at your setup here a bit.08:50
Roastedboxmagnet - that smb.conf you posted, what machine did that originate from08:50
BoxMagnetmy ubuntu 9.10 laptop / NCIS-SERVER08:51
Roastedboxmagnet - cause you said you were on your ubuntu laptop, yet your desktop is the server08:51
chriswaterguyzega: cool. How do I actually use it - just put the device near the laptop and expect something to pop up?08:51
Roastedboxmagnet - so wait, are you on your ubuntu laptop right now?08:51
zegaalabd: take a full screenshot with prtsc then use gimp to cut the part u want08:51
chriswaterguyI want to buy a new phone, and this affects which phone I purchase.08:51
cycrosismBoxMagnet: Do you mean the remote BSOD?08:51
BoxMagnetcycrosism, what08:51
cycrosismBoxMagnet: Do you mean the remote BSOD?08:51
BoxMagnetRoasted, yes08:51
BoxMagneti dont know what remote BSOD is08:51
alabdzega that way is not good08:52
Roastedboxmagnet - the smb.conf is what controls your exact machine as the server.08:52
cycrosismsmb is that python script thing that does the remote bsod thing on vista/win7?08:52
cycrosismor is that smbo08:52
Roastedboxmagnet - for example, the computer I'm on RIGHT NOW is my ubuntu file server (samba).08:52
zegachriswaterguy: run the bluetooth-applet on a cmd line. u will see a bluetoooth icon on your menubar. put the phone in visible mode and then right click the applet icon. And u will know what to ne next ;-)08:52
Roastedboxmagnet - and it has its own smb.conf.08:52
Roastedboxmagnet - my other file server, also ubuntu using samba, has its own smb.conf that sdifferent from this one08:52
BoxMagnetRoasted, this laptop, the one with the movies on it, is the samba server08:52
hsarciElijahCMenifee, I'm going to retart be right back....08:53
BoxMagnetRoasted, the ubuntu server, is really the client right now08:53
Roastedboxmagnet - aka, if your ubuntu desktop is the file server, you need to set up the desktop with samba08:53
BoxMagnetnothing is a file server08:53
Roastedboxmagnet - whatever has samba installed ahs the capability of acting like a server.08:53
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, ok still building file list08:53
BoxMagnetim just trying to copy some movies.08:53
chriswaterguyzega: cool! didn't realize it was so simple! (I'm a semi-newbie on Linux, complete newbie with bluetooth)08:53
BoxMagnetfrom my laptop, to my desktop08:53
zegaalabd: my 2 cents. its easy and takes only a few secs08:53
Roastedboxmagnet - if you just need to share out 1 folder, did you try doing that through just right clicking the folder and sharing it out instead of using samba?08:54
Roastedboxmagnet - because it doesnt sound like you want a true file server setup, whcih samba easily obtains08:54
aaron111Can someone tell me why my you tube videos are black. I've installed the new Flash 10 and its just black no error message08:54
banister`chemisti have a mouth-ulcer, anyone here ever direclty applied salt to a mouth-ulcer and found that it worked?08:54
banister`chemistworked as in healed it08:54
alabdzega thanks but there is need to take photo of many windows ... any way esle ?08:54
BoxMagnetRoasted, can you open a PM with me please.08:54
chriswaterguyzega: btw, the applet thing worked08:54
zegachriswaterguy: ;-)08:55
=== hsarci_ is now known as hsarci
zegaalabd: try ksnapshot. it should work08:56
JimmioYumm... Linux flavored Mayo?08:58
hsarciElijahCMenifee, I'm back....08:58
Balsaqwell howdy doo08:59
aaron111Helo im having spam coming on my msn account in pidgin basicly about sex and nudity please tell me a way to stop these messages08:59
grawityaaron111: Look for "Block" in menus.08:59
grawityaaron111: Also "Tools -> Privacy"08:59
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, have list of files creating shell script that will remove them all....09:00
hsarciElijahCMenifee, awesome! thank you so much09:00
chriswaterguyzega: when I do setup, "device search" should detect nearby devices, right?09:00
aaron111grawity: thanks09:00
chriswaterguy(zega: sorry for asking the obvious - should have checked when my brother was here with his bluetooth phone.)09:01
cividalebuon giorno ragazzi vi posso chiedere un consiglio su quale tipo di versione ubuntu sia meglio installare09:01
zegachriswaterguy: yep any device with bluetooth visibility on should be seen09:01
cividaleho un notebook acer aspire09:01
zegachriswaterguy: no worries..09:01
artistxewould anyone happen to know where I can find a cheap refurbished laptop ( besides ebay) for a recipe/surf computer for my wife (installing Puppy)09:02
bidoulitoo bad he quit i got tha answer09:03
banister`chemistbidouli: hey man how do you deal with mouth-ulcers when you get them?09:04
banister`chemistbidouli: im in alot of pain here09:04
alabdzega thanks but that is 36 mg09:04
bidoulidepends banister09:05
bidoulii use synthol09:05
chriswaterguythanks zega! happy to find friendly responses here too.09:05
xrandrok, i give up. I can't understand how ubuntu 8.04 can understand/accept my 1900x1280 resolution, and 9.04 can't09:05
bidouliwhen it hurts09:05
bidouliotherwise a toothbrush is good09:06
Mocshas anyone here had any experience setting up a Diku Mud (or any mud) on Ubuntu?09:06
banister`chemistbidouli: you brush the ulcer?09:07
SirisianI'm trying to build in some modules that I see in lsmod to play with things. When I go into make menu config I can use / and search but the lsmod names aren't the actual module names. They don't seem to correspond to exact thing in the config. So how do you go from an lsmod item and find it in the config list?09:07
HazeFazexrandr: whant kind of video card are you using? and which ubuntu is currently running?09:07
xrandrHazeFaze: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS, Ubuntu 9.0409:08
HazeFazewhich driver have you installed?09:08
xrandrbut i wonder, if there's a way to update that driver09:09
HazeFazewith the help of the "restricted driver" panel?09:09
xrandrHazeFaze: which is where?09:10
HazeFazehow did you install?09:10
xrandrHazeFaze: via cd09:10
xrandrdownloaded the cd, installed09:10
HazeFazeI mean the nvidia driver how was it installed09:11
Mocsdoes anyone have any experience installing Diku Mud (or any mud) on Ubuntu?09:11
xrandrHazeFaze: it was installed by ubuntu when it installed the OS09:11
HazeFazexrandr: the panel should be in System>admin>Restricted drivers manager09:12
HazeFazecan you please check if there is anything marked or greyed out09:13
xrandrim in kde, hang on09:13
HazeFazeno wait09:13
MocsI'll take that as a "no".... <sigh>09:13
HazeFazein kde you can start sudo jockey-kde09:13
HazeFazeMocs: maybe you point your question more to the problem than asking for experience09:14
xrandrit is starting09:14
xrandrHazeFaze: it shows 2 nvidia drivers09:14
xrandrversion 173, and 18009:14
xrandrits using 180..09:14
HazeFazeok thats normally okay09:15
xrandrshould i try 173?09:15
HazeFazemaybe, but first deinstall the driver09:15
xrandrthe 180 one?09:16
HazeFazeyes, just to be sure there is no conflict09:16
HazeFazeotherwise you should check to install the linux driver packages from the nvidia web page09:17
alabdin what color should a windows be to have a best black-white print in book paper ?09:17
xrandrdownloading and installing09:18
HazeFazeat xrandr if 173 does not work check this howto ->  http://iainbuclaw.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/howto-manually-compile-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu/09:19
Slartalabd: why not to a screenshot, convert to black and white in gimp and see what it looks like... anything more advanced you would need to ask the printing people instead09:20
RoastedHow do you restart samba with samba4? the regular command does nothing.09:21
lorindoes anybody know why i get this when i first start firefox: http://twitpic.com/m03pq ?09:21
HazeFazexrandr: after the 173 gets installed you have to restart the X server or reboot the host to be sure the new module gets loaded09:21
telequitojoin ubuntu-es09:21
alabdthanks start09:21
alabdthanks slart09:21
xrandrHazeFaze: thanks09:22
BoxMagnetRoasted, lol full reboot worked09:22
JeruvyRoasted: samba4 isn't part of ubuntu..yet, you may want to ask in #samba09:22
Roastedboxmagnet - gotta love it :P09:22
BoxMagnetRoasted, not rly, pretty windows-esque09:22
Roastedboxmagnet - I got curious and installed samba4, and now I cant get my windows box to recognize it.09:22
BoxMagnetRoasted, hah.09:22
Slartlorin: you might want to specify what is wrong with that picture...09:22
Roastedboxmagnet - well, you have to realize, you installed server-service. It's not exactly a light duty app.09:22
zmagryhow can use linphone09:23
BoxMagnetRoasted, ah. now my remote desktop the the other box is not working... laugh09:23
Roastedboxmagnet - whenever you make changes in samba, 90% of the time they work instantly. The other 10% require a service reboot in terminal.09:23
Roastedboxmagnet - lol, did you reboot the desktop?09:23
Roastedis it logged in?09:23
zmagryany idea for linphone09:23
BoxMagneti didnt manually log it in,09:24
BoxMagnetgoing to have to make it do that.09:24
lorinSlart: Instead of flash player i get only a download link, which is not working09:24
Roastedboxmagnet - I was just about to ask that. I had that happent o me too.09:24
HazeFazezmagry: hav you installed linphone already?09:24
Roastedboxmagnet - I gotta reboot. I need to see if rebooting fixes my samba4 problem.09:24
BoxMagnetRoasted, its going to be headless09:24
Slartlorin: is the flash player installed?09:24
BoxMagnetRoasted, k09:24
lorinSlart: yes, it is installed09:24
zmagryi most to rconfig sip 4 or 6 i dont no09:25
Slartlorin: what version of the flash player? you can check in about:plugins09:26
zmagryhazefaze: you speak german?09:27
zmagryim not gud in englich09:27
lorinSlart: This seems to wappen only on the first start of firefox after boot, if i close and start firefox again it is working fine09:27
Roastedboxmagnet - now that I got curious and moved to samba4, my shit doesnt work :P09:27
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:27
BoxMagnetRoasted, sorry dude.09:27
lorinSlart: It is
Roastedboxmagnet - Im sure its something Im overlooking09:28
BoxMagnetRoasted, yea, and i thought moving to linux meant no more rebooting to solve stupid problems --- wrong09:28
matteo1990Hi to all, i had a problem with resolution on my laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 and now i can't select the previous settings (no more in the menu). Anyone know hot to restore the installation values? Thanks alot09:28
Slartlorin: hmm.. that is odd.. there's nothing in the syslog about any errors? segfaults or similar?09:28
Roastedboxmagnet - dont let one time fool you. I never reboot linux. Ever.09:28
Roastedboxmagnet - rebooting one time to get samba rolling isnt anything too comparative of windows09:29
BoxMagnetRoasted, when that desktop gets setup completely im plugging it in to a battery backup and its not going down for 1yr09:29
SlartRoasted: wow.. you're running Ubuntu ... 6.06 ?09:29
Roastedslart - no?09:29
BoxMagnetwhat is he talking about09:29
Roastedboxmagnet - Im sure you could have rebooted all of the services in terminal if you knew what they were09:29
Roastedno idea09:29
BoxMagnetyea but thats a waste of time09:29
Roastedbut when youre rebooting youre rebooting all services anyway09:30
BoxMagnetdude when my girl got her brand new vista laptop09:30
BoxMagnetit had to be rebooted 7 TIMES09:30
BoxMagnetbefore it was done updating09:30
Roastedoh yes, its a pain in the ass09:30
RoastedI had similar findings with win 709:30
BoxMagnetRoasted, is it better than vista? cause she has a free upgrade disk on the way09:30
BoxMagneti never touch her laptop, cant stand vista.09:31
Roastedboxmagnet - I like 7 more than vista, but I like xp more than 709:31
BoxMagnetyea..... dont get me started on how xp which is like 10 years old now? is better than vista.09:31
JeruvyBoxMagnet, Roasted, your moving quickly off topic.09:31
xidesum1 help me09:31
BoxMagnetJeruvy, so? you see anyone in here09:32
ElijahCMenifeehsarci, have script written, now to do some testing before I turn it loose (do not want to make mistakes while removing files...)09:32
BoxMagnetRoasted, funny part is, i wasted all ur time if i had just rebooted when it did not work the first time LOL09:32
Roastedboxmagnet - just make sure of a few things when youre in here... if you're talking about samba on ubuntu, too bad, go to the samba chat. If you're talking about network troubleshooting on ubuntu, too bad, go to the network troubleshooting chat. If you need help with an intel driver for ubuntu, too bad, go to the intel driver chat.09:32
BoxMagnetyea people take stuff too far.09:33
hsarciElijahCMenifee, cool thanks!!09:33
Roastedboxmagnet - for every fricken problem in here, you should be in the chat for it, lol?09:33
BoxMagnetRoasted, when people tell me to go to +1 i just ignore them.09:33
Roastedboxmagnet - its all good. I had a feeling that when you were setting up samba for the first time that a reboot may have been necessary09:33
=== jc is now known as Guest34927
Roastedboxmagnet - but the truth is I installed samba like forever ago so I forgot what I had done sicne then. Plus since I dual boot (gamer) I reboot often enough to not even notice if a reboot would have helped me09:34
BoxMagnetRoasted, sounds like you need a dedicated linux box09:34
Roastedboxmagnet - money talks, man09:35
BoxMagnetI have my 360 for games.09:35
chriswaterguyRe "you see anyone in here" - there might be helpful folks ready to answer questions... staying on Ubuntu related chat seems like a reasonable request.09:35
BoxMagnetchriswaterguy, i have spent hours in here helping people my self09:35
Jeruvy!ot | Roasted09:35
ubottuRoasted: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:35
BoxMagnetso i'm ok.09:35
xidei need 9 ppl to register at this link, that's kinda of a promotion in the russian facebook) sum1 do me a favour, spend 2 minutes of ur life and follow this link http://vk.com/reg48018009:36
Slart!ops | xide09:36
ubottuxide: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:36
icerootRoasted: stop that09:36
xidesorry but that's really urgent (09:36
BoxMagnetwhy do people take the interweb so seriously09:37
lorinSlart: Under log, syslog seems to be good, but syslog.1 is displaying lots of things but i can't understand all of them09:37
chriswaterguyself-promo and defensiveness are indeed hogging up the screen09:37
BoxMagnetRoasted, im in bed now lol so im not going to go login the other pc, but if i can see it under network in this computer then its working i guess?09:38
Roastedboxmagnet - I guess it was a samba4 thing.09:38
Roastedboxmagnet - I just put the older samba in and it worked on the fly without even rebooting the service09:38
KB1JWQxide: Inappropriate here, kthx.09:38
Slartlorin: syslog should be the most recent one.. so if you're not seeing anything in there it should be ok.. I have to run now so I can't help you any further, try asking the channel again09:38
BoxMagnetRoasted, the .conf ?09:39
BoxMagnetor the package09:39
Roastedboxmagnet - the .conf never changed.09:39
Roastedboxmagnet - just the package.09:39
BoxMagnetRoasted, i backed my .conf up haha.09:39
Roastedboxmagnet - in synaptic it auto prompted me about the packages that would be installed or removed.09:39
lorinSlart: ok, thank you very much :) bye09:39
matteo1990Hi to all, i had a problem with resolution on my laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 and now i can't select the previous settings (no more in the menu). Anyone know hot to restore the installation values? Thanks alot09:39
Roastedboxmagnet - oh I do too. I backed mine up before I even touched samba4, but it didnt wipe it anyway so I was good either way09:39
BoxMagnetmatteo1990, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg09:40
minik hello everyone I wonder if anyone in here can help me or point me to a how to09:42
minikI have a digitalnow dual digital pci tuner I need it running in ubuntu 9.04 so I can then configure it in mythtv09:42
icerootminik: mythtv and vdr have a support-database for tv-cards imo09:43
minikyeah but it isn't working in ubuntu to start with09:44
Mocshas anyone ever installed koalamud?09:44
icerootminik: and the support-database tells how to install it or it tells its not working09:44
miniklink?  I have spent the past 2 days googling09:45
MocsI tried to sudo apt-get it, like the info says, but it says package not found... but the direct link works...09:45
icerootminik: google mythtv support-database09:45
icerootminik: have no browser here so i cant search for you09:45
Mocsanyone have any idea why apt-get wouldn't find it?09:46
hsarciElijahCMenifee, restarting again09:46
icerootMocs: apt-cache search koalamud  says there is nothing that sounds like koalamud in jaunty09:47
icerootMocs: and the koala sounds like 9.1009:48
SteveHillSomething that I did broke my ability to play videos.  I'd like a troubleshooting scheme, so I can fix it.  I'm running Jaunty.  Any video meister online?09:48
steven_Is the Synaptic package necessary in Ubuntu 9.10 given that now one has Ubuntu Software Center?09:49
Mocshuh... well koalamud WAS available for dapper... here is the link I found it on, and the links ARE active... would it be possible that it was ONLY for dapper? http://packages.ubunut.com/en/dapper/i386/koalamud/download09:49
iceroot!info koalamud09:49
ubottuPackage koalamud does not exist in jaunty09:49
iceroot!info koalamud dapper09:50
ubottukoalamud (source: koala): distributed MUD server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.2a-4 (dapper), package size 74 kB, installed size 328 kB09:50
Mocsthat looks like it09:50
iceroot!info koalamud karmic09:50
ubottuPackage koalamud does not exist in karmic09:50
icerootMocs: looks bad09:50
Mocsiceroot: so I take it that koalamud was a dapper only release, and by this won't work in jaunty?09:51
icerootMocs: apt-cache search mud server    to find an alternate09:51
icerootMocs: correct09:51
Mocsiceroot: thanks!09:51
icerootMocs: maybe there is a *.deb or tar.gz at there website09:51
icerootMocs: for jaunty09:52
=== jony123_ is now known as jony123
Mocsiceroot: there IS a deb on the site, direct download... not sure I would know how to manually install it09:53
Mocsiceroot: but... it is possible the direct download is only for dapper09:53
Mocs!info penmush09:54
ubottuPackage penmush does not exist in jaunty09:54
Mocs!info pennmush-mysql09:55
ubottupennmush-mysql (source: pennmush): text-based multi-user virtual world server with MySQL support. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2p8-1 (jaunty), package size 412 kB, installed size 1036 kB09:55
Mocswe may have a winner09:55
Mocs!info tinymux09:56
ubottutinymux (source: tinymux): text-based multi-user virtual world server. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 625 kB, installed size 1884 kB09:56
kbmaniacis there a ubuntu karmic list ?09:56
matteo1990I entered sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it asked me only about keyboard... I need to restore all default settings in particular resolution!09:57
Kartagishow can I check if my mic is working?09:57
icerootMocs: norally you can use deb from the website. just download it and click on the deb09:58
matteo1990I entered sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it asked me only about keyboard... I need to restore all default settings, especially resolution!09:59
icerootmatteo1990: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:59
icerootmatteo1990: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart09:59
[-jon-]any idea sas to what would cause me to get a permission denied error when trying to cd into a folder that I own?10:00
[-jon-]I was thinking a failing drive?10:00
icerootmatteo1990: use the second command i posted10:01
Kartagishow can I check if my mic is working?10:03
icerootKartagis: using skype-audio-record, team-speak or something else and speak in the mic10:04
icerootKartagis: e.g. skype has a test-call-account10:04
kbmaniacanybody got audio to work for the listen media player in karmic ?10:07
ZorobyteAny specific tips for ubuntu on Macbook?10:07
Zorobytetap on trackpad doesn't work10:07
matteo1990Ice, it worked very fine may you write again the command so i  save it on a textfile for the future? Thanks alot!10:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bonus10:09
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:09
icerootmatteo1990: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old && sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart10:11
ubottuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.10:11
ubottuUbuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.10:11
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support will end in June 2011. See !upgrade for upgrade instructions10:12
bazhangspiffwalker, please /msg ubottu10:12
iceroot!botabuse | spiffwalker10:12
ubottuspiffwalker: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:12
spiffwalkerdidnt know everyone could see that..10:12
spiffwalkermy b10:12
chrow1does anyone know how to upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 using apt-get?10:12
icarus-cchrow1: that would be a night mare10:12
spiffwalkerwouldt apt-get upgrade do it?10:12
bazhangchrow1, you need to go through 8.1010:12
matteo1990thanks iceroot, how to send message to specific person on irc chat?10:12
icerootchrow1: you must go 8.04 - 8.10 - 9,0410:12
icerootmatteo1990: /msg nickname message10:13
chrow1I can't get it to upgrade to 8.1010:13
StockBrianHello Room, I need some VNC help, can I get an audience?10:13
spiffwalkerwhat kind of vnc help?10:13
iceroot!ask | StockBrian10:13
ubottuStockBrian: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:13
arlhi all10:13
StockBrianMystery on failed connection. I have a lot of troubleshooting down and can list them, but I wanted to make sure I'm in a good spot.10:14
Jurgsterhi all10:14
arlquestion: I need to change the home-directory for a user; I tried usermod -d /new/home $username but this didn't worked out10:15
chrow1I think it might have to do with the fact that the only have hardy urls in my software sources list10:15
icerootStockBrian: nmap -p 5900 serveradress   from the client says what?10:15
icarus-carl: move the old home to the new one10:15
iceroot!upgrade | chrow110:15
ubottuchrow1: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:15
Jurgstercan someone help with a pointer to how i can make ubuntu place apps or games in thier sub catorgorys?10:15
arlicarus-c: usermod -m???10:16
icarus-carl: first assign the new home with usermod, then move the /home/$OLDHOME  to /home/$NEWHOME10:17
icarus-carl: usermod just change the /etc/passwd file afaik10:17
StockBrianIceroot: forgive me, I'm a bit new to Linux. tried what you said in terminal but "nmap" isn't installed. What did I miss?10:17
rjbhow can i get the lastest PHP, MySQL and Apache versions with apt-get?10:17
Dr_WillisStockBrian:  install nmap if you want to use nmap10:18
lilzeusmy shit works, it works!!!10:18
StockBrianVNC problem: Two identical laptops can connect with UltraVNC through WinXP just fine. One laptop has the Non-partitioned Ubuntu install 9.04 (jaunty) and I"m trying to use inlcuded VNC to connect to XP (and vice versa, neither works)10:18
lilzeusand I have NO idea why!!10:19
chrow1these instructions worked for me: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades10:19
lilzeusI will prove it, watch this!10:19
StockBrianDr_Willis: Thanks, that wasn't the source problem though. VNC is. =(10:19
rjbdo you know any repository where i can get the latest PHP, MySQL and Apache versions? I have Jaunty10:20
BoxMagnetDr_Willis, zeus  got it  working?10:20
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.10:20
lilzeushere I am10:20
lilzeuson the system that didn't work!!!!10:20
erUSUL!yay | lilzeus10:21
ubottulilzeus: Glad you made it! :-)10:21
lilzeusall I did was disconnect the drive, install Debian on another drive, plug them both back in, and now this install of Ubuntu is working!10:21
lilzeusmaybe Ubuntu got jealous that I had installed Debian, and decided to fix itself10:21
StockBrianiceroot: Should I go get nmap then?10:22
BoxMagnetlilzeus, ...............10:22
StockBrianiceroot: it didn't seem to come pre-packaged with 9.04 jaunty10:22
lilzeusthis is the messed up system/install10:22
frozenkittieshello all10:23
lilzeusI can't explain it10:23
lilzeusit just works now10:23
BoxMagnetdoes ubuntu autodetect sata controller cards?10:23
arlhmm strange, it seems that the user uses his new home-dir but when I ran cronjobs with $HOME in the cmd the job still uses the old home10:23
lilzeusyou are asking me??10:23
BoxMagnetlilzeus, pastebin /etc/network/interfaces10:23
StockBrian(What is good policy?) How long do I wait before I repeat a question in this forum?10:24
tehbautis there a better weather app for the panel?10:24
hipitihopif I have a pc suddenly getting stuck booting grub menu and drops back to grub prompt, how do I see what's failing ?10:24
lilzeusits only 2 lines10:24
lilzeusauto lo10:24
tehbautideally something that pops up as a menu or overlay, that disappears when you click away from it, unlike a full window10:24
lilzeusiface lo inet loopback10:24
grawityStockBrian: It's called a channel - and it's best to wait at least 10 minutes :| But remember that if nobody answers, it simply means nobody knows.10:24
lilzeusremember, we did that10:25
lilzeusbut even after we did it, it did not work10:25
StockBriangrawity: Thanks, I'm sure this is a simple problem- I'm just in need of some networking/Linux education.10:25
BoxMagnetlilzeus, i dont know how to explain your situation10:25
lilzeusme either10:26
erUSULhipitihop: it usually gives an error mesg with a numeric code. that can be looked up in the web10:26
grawityStockBrian: To get nmap, sudo apt-get install nmap -- it's in repository.10:26
lilzeusubuntu is on disk1, disk2 was empty, I disconnected disk1, plugged disk2 into its spot on the mb, installed Debian, shut down, put both back in their place, restarted...and here I am10:27
matteo1990Can i record Tv Programs from a Tv? I have an hard disk with this feature but i dunno how to pick an output from the tv... Any tips?10:28
lilzeushow do I modify grub so I can boot into that Debian?10:28
StockBriangrawity: Awesome, that worked. Let me get iceroot's nmap info request now. =))))10:28
icarus-cmatteo1990: "hard disk with this feature" ........10:28
tehbautwhere can I browse and download more panel appliets/objects?10:29
StockBrianiceroot: Starting Nmap 4.76 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2009-10-18 02:28 PDT10:29
StockBrianNote: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -PN10:29
StockBrianNmap done: 1 IP address (0 hosts up) scanned in 2.35 seconds10:29
grawityStockBrian: Well, try adding -PN as it says.10:29
fefiI have a question !10:29
grawityStockBrian: And avoid pasting a lot of text to the channel. One line or two is okay, but for more there's http://paste.ubuntu.com/10:29
grawityfefi: Then just ask.10:30
fefihow to install fgrun-1.5.1 ?10:30
joaopintoStockBrian, you don't need nmap to test a 1 port service, just telnet to the vnc  port nr10:30
StockBriangrawity: Thanks again- I'll get this right before long. =)   Forgive a newb, but what does -PN do?10:30
lilzeuscan anyone help me modify grub for a dual boot?10:30
matteo1990Can i record Tv Programs from a Tv? I have an hard disk with this feature but i dunno how to pick an output from the tv... Any tips?10:30
icarus-clilzeus: i don't think so10:31
joaopintoStockBrian, and btw, you did try to ping the host first, right ?10:31
grawityStockBrian: Tells nmap to skip the "is host up?" checks (which sometimes fail), and go directly to portscanning.10:31
BoxMagnetlilzeus, you do know there is no way that fixed the problem10:31
erUSULlilzeus: you want to add windows ?10:31
icarus-cerUSUL: debian10:31
fefihow to install fgrun-1.5.1 ?10:31
StockBrianjoaopinto: You lost me. Come again?10:32
lilzeuserUSUL: no, I have 2 hd, this one has ubuntu, the other has Debian installed10:32
joaopintoStockBrian, did you checked connectivity between the vnc client and server with a "ping host" ?10:32
StockBrianYes, pinging all directions from all sources works.10:32
icarus-clilzeus: so which disk is now the the first disk10:32
StockBrianVNC from XP in both directions works from Ultra VNC as well.10:32
lilzeusicarus-c: this one10:32
fefiplease help me10:32
erUSULicarus-c: so you want to use ubuntu managed grub to boot debian... just make and stanza like the ubuntu ones but changing the kernel and initrd lines to match the debian install10:32
joaopintoStockBrian, but it fails with the stock vnc from the same system ?10:33
icarus-clilzeus: it is rather easy, disk1 = hd(0,X)  disk2= hd(1,X)10:33
icarus-clilzeus: and you have MBR on disk 1 right?10:33
icarus-clilzeus: i mean MBR with grub stage110:33
fefihelp me! please !10:33
icarus-clilzeus: and disk 1 is ubuntu?10:33
lilzeusI just power up and here I am10:33
StockBrianIt only fails with the jaunty VNC (it's possible I don't know how to use it right, feel free to assume idiot)10:33
joaopintoStockBrian, telnet vnc_server_ip 590010:34
stercorI did a 'sudo apt-get update' and got this message 'W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278310:34
stercorW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems10:34
stercorI added this public key to my key ring, and got the same message.  Where to from here?10:34
StockBrianJoaopinto, sorry, I should be addressing you.10:34
icarus-clilzeus: i see 2 ways to fix your problem. #1  modify the grub menu.lst on ubunut(disk1) to add an entry for debian. #2 chainload to disk210:34
joaopintoStockBrian, with telnet you can check connectivity to a specific port10:34
joaopintoStockBrian, 5900's is VNCs default port nr10:34
lilzeusI will take #1 please :)10:34
lilzeusFTW...ugh, somebody slap me for using that10:35
icarus-clilzeus: well, study the grub menu.lst on the debian system then10:35
icarus-clilzeus: actually, you can save yourself from this if you didn't install debian  with disk1 unplugged :P10:36
erUSUL!gpgerr | stercor10:36
fefihow to install this file:///home/fefi/Desktop/fgrun-1.5.110:36
ubottustercor: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys <key> && gpg --export --armor <key> | sudo apt-key add - »10:36
StockBrianjoaopinto, AH.. ok I just caught up. I was typing the nmap command wrong. NMAP reports 5900/tcp poen vnc10:36
lilzeusyeah, too late!!10:36
lilzeusicarus-c: so I study it, how? and then what?10:36
BoxMagnetStockBrian, its 590110:37
StockBrianI'll try 5901 also.10:37
BoxMagnettrust me10:37
stercorerUSUL: Thanks!  I'll do it!10:37
BoxMagnetif ur trying to vnc, it will be 590110:37
StockBrianer... even in XP BoxMagnet?10:37
StockBrianVNC problem Linux Client to XP Server.10:37
icarus-clilzeus: um.. copy the title debian to disk1 's menu.lst and modify hd(0,X) to hd(1,X) // replace X with proper value10:37
icarus-clilzeus: BACKUP BEFORE YOU OVERWRITE10:38
BoxMagneticarus-c, is he running the old grub10:38
BoxMagneticarus-c, better remember it starts from 010:38
lilzeushow do I find out?10:38
joaopintoStockBrian, so it's not a network issue10:39
joaopintoStockBrian, what error do you get ?10:39
icarus-clilzeus: um.. keep X with the original value should be good10:39
icarus-clilzeus: is your ubuntu on hd(0  or 1 ?10:39
lilzeusso, I am looking at the menu.lst for disk1 here10:40
StockBrianjoaopinto, Whoa..  now it works.. the only change was installing nmap....  weird or understandable?10:41
lilzeusso, you are saying, copy the title section from the disk2 to this one, on disk1?10:41
joaopintoStockBrian, it is not related to nmap in anyway10:41
Jurgsterfile:///usr/share/gnome/help/system-admin-guide/C/system-admin-guide.xml#_auto-gen-id-38 gives me answer after all to menu sorting10:41
StockBrianOk, well just like at the Auto Repair Shop.. once it works, I can't figure out why it wasn't.10:42
BoxMagnetlilzeus, you also BETTER remember that version of grub counts from 0, so if ur hd is 1, to grub its 010:42
stercorMy release is Jaunty.  Is there a more current release, or when is the next release coming out?10:42
joaopintoStockBrian, something else changed10:42
icarus-clilzeus: Yes10:42
StockBrianjoaopinto, Thanks for the attention.10:42
joaopintoyw :)10:42
lilzeusI dont see any entries in these 'title' sections that use that hdm,n nomenclature10:42
icarus-clilzeus: and then modify the debian (disk2) entry10:42
xrandrHazeFaze: still no go. all i get is 1368x76810:43
StockBrianjoaopinto, the only error was "failed to connect to server" from XP to Linux, and "5900 is closed" from Linux to XP. However, both directions work now.10:43
* BoxMagnet is glad he is using the new grub, and UUID10:43
hsarcianyone here running amarok on gnome??10:44
* xrandr is fuming at 9.0410:44
fefi_how to install fgrun?10:44
StockBrianhsarci, I've got gnome, however I'm pretty new.10:44
hsarciwell im asking about if anyone is currenty running an application called "amarok" on gnome, amarok is a kde application so it doens't quit mesh too well with gnome10:45
BlouBlouhsarci: kde applications works fine in gnome10:45
hsarciBlouBlou, yeah but everyone time launch amarok it launches all these other unnessarcy processes that show up in the task  bar and stall for about a minute10:46
lilzeusok, so I have copied the title section from the debian(disk2) menu.lst, I need the root value to be 'hd1,0', correct?10:46
lilzeusthat would be the 2nd hd, first partition10:46
lilzeuswhich is where Debian is located10:47
bazhanghsarci, what version of ubuntu10:47
hsarcibazhang, 9.1010:47
icarus-clilzeus: yea,  hdX,Y   where X = ubuntu's +1 and  Y = original10:47
lilzeusthe grub for ubuntu does not have a 'root' value10:48
grawitylilzeus: But it has 'uuid'.10:48
grawityWhich is a little more reliable.10:48
lilzeusuuid = a bazillian characters10:48
lilzeusok, I made a backup of ubuntu's grub file10:50
lilzeusjust called it menu.lst.backup10:50
StockBrianNext VNC issue: (issue is true in both directions) VNC Connection from XP to XP is fast and clean, however (same system) connection from XP to Linux or vise versa is very slooow and choppy. Thoughts on a fix?10:51
lilzeushow do I edit the other one for disk2/debian?10:51
lilzeusfor the ubuntu one, I used sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst10:52
FiReSTaRTdo we have a channel where you can give/get advice on packages for ubuntu (eg. if you're looking for an alternative to rhythmbox)?10:52
lilzeusbut I do not know how to navigate to the other10:52
=== bambam is now known as Guest35744
Mocs!info diku10:54
ubottuPackage diku does not exist in jaunty10:54
Mocs!info dikumud10:54
ubottuPackage dikumud does not exist in jaunty10:54
Mocs!info mud10:54
ubottuPackage mud does not exist in jaunty10:54
iceroot!botabuse | Mocs10:54
ubottuMocs: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:54
Mocsahhh, well, ok10:54
icarus-clilzeus: you don't need to edit debian one10:54
lilzeusI guess its just called /media10:55
icarus-clilzeus: you have added the debian entry to ubuntu's right?10:55
ArelisHow do I install ubuntu-server with a LiveCD?10:55
icerootArelis: ubuntu-server has no livecd10:55
lilzeusI don't need to change the 'root' value to match what is in Ubuntu's grub?10:55
lilzeuscuz it still says hd0,010:56
Arelisiceroot, yes, but I mean installing ubuntu-server WITH the liveCD. A bare-bones ubuntu.10:56
icarus-cArelis: well, ubuntu-server is just about a bunch of server daemons10:56
icerootArelis: not possible10:56
icerooticarus-c: also  different kernel10:56
icarus-clilzeus: debian's grub won't be even read10:57
lilzeusah, that is what I was thinking10:57
icarus-ciceroot: i didn't know that10:57
lilzeuswell, lets hope so anyways :)10:57
lilzeusI am going to restart and give it a shot10:58
stercorHow do I get a program from 'Programs/Applications/...' to an icon on the desktop?10:59
=== xrandr is now known as Guest49697
icarus-cstercor: draq and drop10:59
Guest49697HazeFaze: well, i get the resolutioni want with HDMI10:59
Guest49697but it worked under VGA before i upgraded to 9.0410:59
ElijahCMenifeestercor, right click and select desktop10:59
stercoricarus-c: Thanks!  I'll do it!10:59
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=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
icarus-cstercor: you are talking about the gnome menu right?11:00
stercoricarus-c: I believe so.11:01
=== ben is now known as Guest48225
stercoricarus-c: But it didn't work as advertised.11:01
stercoricarus-c: My next try is c/p.11:02
ElijahCMenifeestercor, did you try right click?11:02
stercorElijahCMenifee: yes.11:03
lilzeusI am back, and, that did not work11:03
lilzeusDebian did not start11:03
lilzeusall kinds of errors about stuff not being found11:03
bazhangstercor right click drag should do it11:03
stercorElijahCMenifee: Right click == Left click.11:03
junruhDer Nonni ist nett11:04
bazhangstercor, right click and highlight add to desktop11:04
stercorbazhang: Nope.11:04
lilzeusare you sure I do not have to modify the menu.lst file on disk2(debian)?11:04
FloodBot2junruh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:04
invitingdopemanhow do i open BIOS11:04
bazhangjunruh, yes11:05
icerootinvitingdopeman: press del at startup11:05
icerootinvitingdopeman: also read the instructions at startup the pc11:05
stercorbazhang: nope.11:05
bazhangstercor, what version of ubuntu11:05
invitingdopemanwere are these instuctions located11:05
icerootinvitingdopeman: at your screen11:06
bazhangstercor 9.10?11:06
icerootstercor: there is no 9.0911:06
stercorbazhang: Jaunty.11:06
ElijahCMenifeeiceroot, invitingdopeman depends on hardware, DEL or F1 or END or F12...or CTRL-S and sometimes with bios splash screen instructions are not displayed....11:06
invitingdopemanwere at my screen11:06
invitingdopemanthanks elijah11:07
icerootElijahCMenifee: of course there are instructions, also with splash screen11:07
Pairadimesittyanyone here use ProFTPD?  I'm just trying to give my user (and only my user) full ftp access read/write.11:07
icerootPairadimesitty: at them to the ftp-group11:07
bazhangstercor, this is gnome? right click on the item will bring an extra menu that has choices of add launcher to panel and add icon to desktop11:07
ElijahCMenifeeiceroot, my toshiba did not have instructions I had to the the Manual off there support site to find its bios combination11:07
Pairadimesittyiceroot: totall noob here, I need something to copy/paste to terminal11:08
icerootElijahCMenifee: my toshiba says (bottom of the screen) press del to enter bios-setup11:08
stercorbazhang: That has not been my experience.  I'm in icewm.11:08
icevesselduitsland 囲碁 championship games are relayed at КГС now.11:09
ElijahCMenifeeiceroot, guess you did not own a satelite 1405-S17111:09
tailwhipis it advisable to install kubuntu-desktop over ubuntu?11:10
bazhangstercor, ah wished you had mentioned it not being gnome a bit earlier11:10
stercorbazhang: It isn't?11:10
BlouBloutailwhip: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop11:10
tailwhip@bloublou: i know how to do it, but i want to know if it is advisable or maybe i will get swamped by too many application options...11:10
stercorbazhang: I thought (and preferred) it to be gnome.11:10
bazhangstercor, icewm and gnome are not the same11:11
BlouBloutailwhip: yes, kde applications will appear in gnome, and gnome's in kde11:11
xgurutailwhip: you will get alot of apps in your menus...and its hard to take away, but if you have the disk space its always good to have different choices11:11
invitingdopemanhow do i find out what the specs of my hardware is11:12
stercorbazhang: I know that.  I thought that icewm uses gnome under the covers.11:12
erUSULinvitingdopeman: "sudo lshw | less11:12
tailwhipthe only thing i dont like about having many applications is that updating them all takes much of my bandwidth...11:12
hogren_who have already actived Direct Rendering on a Inter GM965/GL960 ????11:12
jetienneso when is the next ubuntu released ?11:12
stercorbazhang: Which desktop should I choose at login to get Gnome?11:13
xgurutailwhip: what kind of connection are you on?11:13
BlouBlou!kar,oc | jetienne11:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kar,oc11:13
bazhangstercor, what are the choices11:13
BlouBlou!karmic | jetienne11:13
ubottujetienne: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:13
tailwhip@xguru: 1mbps11:13
stercorbazhang: I'll check. brb.11:13
jetienneBlouBlou: thx11:13
tailwhip@xguru: is there an easy way to mass uninstall kubuntu apps after i got them installed?11:14
xgurutailwhip: unless you have serious issues with patience it should be a problem11:14
ElijahCMenifeeicewm!=metacity!=compuwiz but I believe all three WMs are gnome11:14
el_adapterHi, how can I prevent any applications from stealing the focus? It's always like this: I start <application> and switch the focus to the terminal, then I start with the su command and while I'm typing the password, <application> steals the focus; consequently I don't know what characters are written and what are missing.11:14
el_adapterit's extremely annoying because it happens all day11:14
el_adapterI want to grab the fucking computer and throw it out of the window11:14
xgurutailwhip: if your on 9.04 yes, but i have had trouble with removing it from 9.10.....some of the packages are different11:14
icerootElijahCMenifee: watch your language11:14
icerootElijahCMenifee: wrong nick sorry11:14
icerootel_adapter: see above11:15
ElijahCMenifeeel_adapter, what ubuntu version?11:15
tailwhip@xguru: how? what if i want to mass uninstall kubuntu-desktop related packages?11:15
el_adapterElijahCMenifee: the most recent version. I'm using the Terminal application with fluxbox in it and the problem occurrs when running also GTK and QT apps.11:15
ElijahCMenifee8.04 had a nasty steal focus bug maybee it needs regression testing11:16
invitingdopemanhow od i make the stright up and down symbol11:16
xgurutailwhip: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome11:17
xgurutailwhip: just copy and paste the top line11:17
tailwhip@xguru: excellent. many thanks.11:17
el_adapterElijahCMenifee: for example I start opera in the Terminal by typing 'opera &' in there. Then I switch the focus using the ALT+TAB shortcut to Terminal and five seconds later Opera steals the focus from the Terminal and opens some kind of 'Would you like to update to Opera 10? Opera 10 is out!' dialog.11:17
bazhangtailwhip, what version of ubuntu11:18
xgurutailwhip: no problem11:18
invitingdopemanwad up11:19
ElijahCMenifeeel_adapter, I am reviewing the bug but not sure if what you are complaining about is the same as the bug, does blackbox have an option for focus follows mouse?11:19
el_adapterElijahCMenifee: I think it does11:20
grawityel_adapter: What WM is fluxbox using? Just "fluxbox"?11:20
el_adaptergrawity: yes11:20
grawityel_adapter: Then google for "fluxbox focus stealing prevention". It depends completely on the WM, not GTK or anything.11:20
ElijahCMenifeefluxbox is the WM11:20
el_adaptergrawity: fluxbox is a Window Manager and I googled11:20
el_adaptergrawity: but the problem is I found nothing11:20
=== bambam is now known as Guest90347
el_adapterIf I was in a rude mood, I'd say I found a fu**ing sh*t11:21
bankixThe intel xorg video drivers were updated yesterday. No good idea, because they're broken at least for i386.11:21
ElijahCMenifeeit has been about 4 years since I last used fluxbox,blackbox,or enlightenment...but usually if a WM has option for focus follows mouse the only window that will ever have focus is the one your mouse is over11:22
lord_of_computinhello, how can I share a USB modem over my network? I am using wvdial to connect.11:22
erUSUL!ics | lord_of_computin11:22
ubottulord_of_computin: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php11:22
bankixShould I just file a bug? Or is anybody from the team around11:22
lilzeusthis dual boot is a fail11:22
ElijahCMenifeeI believe tvwm will not even actually open/display a window untill you click the mouse for the positioning info....11:22
bazhangbankix, which version of ubuntu11:22
el_adapteranyways, it sucks when there is nobody taking care of the terminal-preferring users.11:22
lord_of_computinthanks erUSUL, I forgot about firestarter firewall GUI :P11:23
erUSULlord_of_computin: good luck11:23
bazhangbankix, iirc they have been broken for all of jaunty11:23
mara_buona domanica a tutti11:23
bazhang!it | mara_11:24
ubottumara_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:24
el_adapterWhy the hell have some dicksucking motherfucking stinking shitty frigging faggotass jerk-off clown bastard ever decided to make applications steal the focus while typing in the Terminal by default?11:24
el_adapterI'd like to know at least the reason...11:24
BlouBlou!language | el_adapter11:24
ubottuel_adapter: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:24
erUSUL!ohmy | el_adapter11:24
bazhangel_adapter, that is not appropriate for here11:24
ubottuel_adapter: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.11:24
bankixbazhang: Okay, to go into deeper detail: With the drivers so far, you had some limitations, mainy speed issues. But you saw all of your desktop11:25
lilzeussda1: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional feature (240)11:25
erUSULel_adapter: do not use closed source software.11:25
grawityel_adapter: Because your very simple WM (fluxbox) does not have focus stealing prevention.11:25
grawityerUSUL: It happens with _all_ programs, not just Opera.11:25
bazhangbankix, I would definitely file a bug; do you know how to do so? it has changed a bit11:25
bankixbazhang: With the driver from yesterday, the desktop is unusable. The size of the desktop is doubled horizontally, so you only see the left part of your desktop.11:25
bazhangbankix, sounds horrific11:26
invitingdopemancan i get free ubunt merch11:26
bankixIs horrific11:26
lilzeuswho was helping me with that dual boot?11:26
bankixI had to download and reinstall the old driver via commandline11:26
bazhanginvitingdopeman, that is outside the scope of this channel, please /join #ubuntu-offtopic11:26
bazhang!bugs | bankix if you decide to file one11:27
ubottubankix if you decide to file one: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:27
ElijahCMenifeegoodnight people11:27
bankixI think I should just file it.11:27
bankixHopefully not too much less eperienced users will be trapped.11:28
bankixLosing the graphical desktop means for many of them not to be able to work at all and to reinstall.11:29
el_adaptergrawity: I use only the Terminal. If Gnome and KDE had no stupid panels / menu bars and other crap, I'd give 'em a shot.11:29
grawityel_adapter: You don't need to go 100% GNOME just to use Metacity or Compiz.11:29
el_adaptergrawity: I am a bit wondering, is it possible to run only the Terminal in Gnome or KDE and disable all the bloated useless crap?11:29
grawityel_adapter: Right now I am using Xfce's xfwm4 with xfce4-panel and GNOME's Metacity window manager.11:30
grawityel_adapter: (And gnome-terminal.)11:30
el_adaptergrawity: OK, I can imagine high memory usage by those applications.11:31
grawityel_adapter: Not at all.11:31
el_adapterI used to use them myself with Slackware11:31
grawityel_adapter: I'm running on 256 MB, right. I wouldn't use anything memory-intensive.11:31
el_adaptergrawity: wow11:31
el_adaptergrawity: can you also disable all the panels and menu bars?11:32
stercorbazhang: It worked!  Now, how do I make another desktop or two?11:32
grawityel_adapter: Of course. Just make {gnome,xfce4}-panel not start.11:32
=== jade is now known as Guest20630
lilzeuscan someone look at this: http://pastebin.com/m3385eed2 and explain why the debian boot has mount failures?11:33
erUSULel_adapter: grawity i found odd that the behavior was not configurable searching gives this --> session.screen0.autoRaise: false11:33
bankixThanks for now, I'm off again.11:33
grawityerUSUL: That's a fluxbox setting?11:34
bazhangstercor, the cube type, or the workspace type11:34
el_adaptererUSUL: But I have 'session.screen0.autoRaise:      false11:34
erUSULgrawity: yep; probably need to be acompanied with --> session.screen0.clickRaises: true11:34
stercorbazhang: Workspace.  What's the cube type?11:35
el_adaptererUSUL: I have session.screen0.clickRaises:    true11:35
erUSULel_adapter: then nevermind it does not do what i think it would11:35
el_adaptererUSUL: I think that QT and GTK apps have to be configured on some other place11:35
el_adaptererUSUL: they have some qt-config and gtk-config, right?11:35
grawityel_adapter: This does not depend on Qt or GTK, I think.11:36
el_adapterI don't want any application to ever take over the focus. It must be configurable somewhere.11:36
erUSULel_adapter: the window manager is the one responsible for windows behavior. gui toolkits do not know a wit about windows11:36
bazhangstercor, the workspace type is right click preferences and up the number, the cube is install compizconfig-settings-manager and do it there11:37
grawityel_adapter: Yeah, in the WM.11:37
IgramulHi, is there an example for the use of lircd to send a keypress to a specific window (which has not neccessarily the focus).11:37
el_adaptererUSUL: grawity: OK, I'll try the other sucking WMs11:38
toxichello, I'm having troubles compiling a programm with a non-standard directory for curl... I'm trying to install transmission, and the ld linker fails : http://pastebin.com/m2a0f37cc . But the "file" he seems not to find is actually there, but it's a directorx, and contains curl.h ... I don't see the problem, any help ?11:38
erUSULtoxic: what0's wrong with the transmission in the repositories ?11:39
stercorbazhang: I don't see preferences.  I clicked on all the icons around the screen.11:39
toxicerUSUL: I have no admin right on the machine, si I can't use the repositories... Otherwise I wouldn't be compiling !11:40
erUSULel_adapter: and session.screen0.focusModel:  ????11:40
bazhangstercor, the two tiny windows on the bottom panel to the right hand ?11:40
stercorbazhang: s/clicked/right clicked/11:40
erUSULtoxic: ok; fair enough11:40
MyWayhi, i need user www-data and user myuser to have read/write permission under /var/www, how can i do?11:40
toxicso, any other Idea ?11:40
el_adaptererUSUL: session.screen0.focusModel:     ClickFocus11:40
invitingdopemanwhats the difference between ubuntu 9.04 and ubuntu 9.1011:41
bazhangstercor, next to the trash? if not you can add it right click add to panel workspace switcher11:41
bazhanginvitingdopeman, check the release notes11:41
invitingdopemanok thanks11:41
FiReSTaRTinvitingdopeman: you could also go to #ubuntu+1 they'll be more inclined to answer your question.. this # is for support questions for the current release11:42
erUSULtoxic: would help if you paste the error doing this « LC_ALL=C make »11:42
mgolischalso ld errors have nothing to do with ehader files11:43
grawityCan someone using Ubuntu pastebin their /boot/grub/menu.lst?11:43
boscopwhy is ubuntu so slow compared to windows xp?11:44
mgolischboscop: is it?11:44
erUSULgrawity: i'm using grub2 at the moment :( soz11:44
StockBrianboscop, it's not. Where do you see it?11:44
boscopI have 2 Ghz, and when I run a youtube video in opera, it's really occupied11:44
erUSULboscop: i found it faster but YMMV11:44
toxicerUSUL: where do I add LC_ALL=C ?11:45
boscopplaying 4 videos simultaneously doesn't work11:45
mgolischflash sucks11:45
=== banister`chemist is now known as banisterfiend
boscopand I had to give up on firefox already11:45
erUSULboscop: so it is the *Adobe* flash plugin the one that is slower not the OS11:45
mgolischblame adobe11:45
toxicerUSUL: to the ./configure ?11:45
boscoperUSUL, mgolisch: no, it's with other apps, too11:45
boscopit takes more time to react to input11:45
mgolischwhat apps?11:46
bazhangboscop, please some error messages or specify in detail11:46
boscopstarting time for apps is also more than on xp11:46
FiReSTaRTboscop: the flash plugin can  be a bitch.. just create a launcher with the following command "killall -9 npviewer.bin /usr/lib/opera/operapluginwrapper-ia32-linux /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so"11:46
FiReSTaRTboscop: that'll kill both the flash plugin for firefox and for opera11:46
erUSULtoxic: use it with all the commands you want us to read the output. that will make give al the messages in the original language (english)11:46
Jarelinux and flash, what a nightmare11:47
toxicerUSUL: ok, thx !11:47
boscopI noticed when I do nothing, only have xchat, emacs and opera running (10 tabs, no flash), on windows it is at nearly 4%, on ubuntu it's 35%11:47
ssssss./server irc.tophi.biz /server irc.tophi.biz11:47
ssssss./server irc.tophi.biz11:47
ssssss./server irc.tophi.biz11:47
ssssss./server irc.tophi.biz11:47
ssssss./server irc.tophi.biz11:47
FloodBot2ssssss: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:47
StockBrianReally? Are Linux and Flash secret enemies?11:48
mgolischboscop: what uses up the cpu?11:48
boscopand I already switched to xfce for performance reasons :(11:48
erUSULtoxic: no problem (i0m spanish btw do not think i hate foreing languages or such just that this is a english channel)11:48
dddddddddddddddd./server irc.tophi.biz  ./server irc.tophi.biz11:49
dddddddddddddddd./server irc.tophi.biz11:49
mgolischboscop: run top in a terminal, it should tell what app uses up the cpu time11:49
toxicerUSUL: no proble, I'm French, working on German computer...11:49
boscopwhen I look at the system monitor, it is the highest prog, with ~17%, opera has 10%, the rest <= 2. the sum of them is often smaller than the cpu load displayed in the graph!!!11:50
toni___ye, its works11:50
boscopand opening a terminal is 6 secs11:50
PairadimesittyI'm an idiot11:50
FiReSTaRTboscop: chances are it's the flash plugin for opera... the launcher that i gave you will kill it... i click on it as soon as i hear the fan on my computer coming on :P11:50
Pairadimesittyturned out to be a chmod issue11:50
Jarethe latest flash update actually fixed my problems with npviewer.bin using 100% of cpu time on a single core11:51
DoomStoneHello, could one of you guys help me set up the optical audio output on my linux pc, i am pritty lost :D11:51
StockBrianOptical out?11:51
DoomStoneDigital :D11:51
DoomStoneBut it is a optical output port :D11:51
StockBrianThe fiberglass connection, no?11:51
StockBrianOk, card or builtin on mb?11:52
DoomStoneThe analog sound "connection" workes fine, but there are no audio on the digital11:52
boscopFiReSTaRT: I killed flash already in system monitor, it's still that high11:52
DoomStonebuiltin on mb11:52
DoomStone2 sek getting the name11:52
boscopit oscillates between 25% and 50% in idle state11:53
DoomStoneit is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 with a ALC 889A soundcard build in11:53
StockBrianDoomStone, was the system soley Linux or did XP ever run on it? (better question, did you ever get the optical-audio out to work before?)11:53
DoomStoneYes, it is my Media Center, just switched from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 9.04, the digital audio was working just fine in windows11:54
DoomStoneWith the default windows driver even :D11:54
=== kb is now known as Guest66081
DoomStoneI haven't realy found any guides about this problem :D11:57
DoomStone"Should" the digital output work by default? :D11:57
boscopwhen I sum the cpu %s up, I get 18%, but the number below graph says ~50% ????11:58
Matr|xgrub and partions who can help me with i installd windows after ubuntu and11:58
boscopand now it searches for updates and is at 100% ???11:59
StockBrianDoomStone, check out linux drivers? (I'll send you a /msg)12:00
mgolischMatr|x: iam sure the wiki has some guide on howto reinstall grub12:00
Matr|xi larady renstall grub12:01
Matr|xbut now windows i cant log12:01
mgolischMatr|x: whats the problem then?12:01
Matr|xsee plz12:01
Matr|xthis my menu.lst12:01
Matr|xi cant go to windows and i have some work to do ther12:01
mgolischMatr|x: what happens if you use the windows entry?12:02
Matr|xstarting up and stop12:02
mgolischMatr|x: also is windows realy partition 2 on the disk?12:02
Matr|xi dont know brother im very new to ubuntu12:02
Matr|xsome thing happend after i installed windows12:02
mgolischMatr|x: nopaste the output of sudo fdisk -l on a nopaste12:03
=== nutterpc_ is now known as nutterpc
c0p3rn1cis there anyone using checkgmail in here ? I noticed that my password is viewable in my browser history after clicking on links in this program :s12:03
Matr|xu got it ?12:05
xguruis there an easy way to start ubuntu without x?  like just have it boot to the tty screen and login there, then if i want startx?12:07
grawityxguru: The graphical login screen is displayed by 'gdm'.12:07
m0RrExguru: remove gdm12:08
grawityxguru: If you want 'startx', remove that completely.12:08
Mocsok, let's say I have a .db file, and I want to install it, and apt-get wont get it.... how would I do it?12:08
xguruwill it conflict with updates, and upgrades to 9.10?12:08
grawityxguru: Shouldn't.12:08
jribMocs: what are you trying to install?12:09
Mocsjrib: dikumud12:09
jribMocs: link to where you obtained it?12:10
Mocsone moment...12:11
Matr|xim back12:12
Matr|xits syaing start up  loading stage 2 and back to the boot menu again brother12:13
HukkaGrub: "error: file not found\n Failed to boot default entries"12:13
HukkaTrying Karmic, didn't install any custom kernels or anything, just rebooted12:14
HukkaIs there a way to get to the normal grub menu in Karmic? Now it just tries to autoboot something and fails miserably12:14
xguruwhen i go to remove gdm, it also wants to remove ubuntu-desktop?  is that normal?12:14
jrib!karmic | hukka12:14
ubottuhukka: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:14
mgolischxguru: aehm why remove gdm?12:14
HukkaAh, +1. Thank you12:15
mgolischxguru: just disable the service12:15
grawitymgolisch: He wants to use 'startx'12:15
grawityxguru: Then... just disable it, with update-rc.d12:15
xguruah ok12:15
Mocsjrib: great... the bleedin page is giving an error now...12:16
jribMocs: yeah, that's why I asked you for the link :)12:16
alabdGood day everyone , installing ubuntu with vortualbox fails .. why ?  have installing ubuntu with vbox ?12:19
alabdGood day everyone , installing ubuntu with vortualbox fails .. why ?  have installing ubuntu with vbox ?12:19
BlouBlou!repeat | alabd12:21
ubottualabd: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.12:21
Ingraterhi, I'm trying to change my password for my user acc. Unfortunatley it does not work. I can change the password but when I log in with the new password it results in a black screen which does never go away. I encrypted my home directory during the install. Maybe it has to do something with that?12:21
LeonBrusselsalabd: What fails? Maybe you could give a bit more detail...12:21
LeonBrusselsIngrater: Are you using Karmic?12:22
alabdLeonBrussels: BlouBlou whenever it starts installing ... in 5% step  it fails ..12:22
LeonBrusselsalabd: What error?12:22
alabdLeonBrussels: no error just windows closes ..12:23
Ingraterkarmic? I'm using ubunt 9.0412:23
LeonBrusselsIngrater: No idea... Can you still log in with your old password?12:23
Mocsjrib: no... the http page that had the link to where I downloaded it... is now an error... not a good sign from the beginning12:24
Ingraterif I change the password back to the old one I can log in with the old one again and it works12:24
Ingraterit has do to something with the encrypted home directory12:25
alabdLeonBrussels:  but while partitioning manualy however home partition is 3 gig it says /home does not have enough space ... what do u think ?12:26
Iimitkhello all12:26
Iimitkphp5 settings in ubuntu januty are confusing me12:26
LeonBrusselsIngrater: Hm, no idea really... You could check if there is something in the syslog...12:26
Iimitkextensions are loaded and working fine but no mention to to most of them in php.ini12:27
phoenixandthorHello everyone, fresh install of Jaunty 64 bit on custom build from a barebones kit (AMD Athlon 64 x2 on Biostar all in one board). I'm having a problem with both hibernate and suspend. When I chose either of them from the shutdown box in GNOME (or run pm-suspens pm-hibernate in terminal) it seems to work okay, but instead of turning off or remaining in sleep mode, it wakes back up. I can't find any errors in any of the logs, so what gives? All recen12:27
Ingraterhow would I do that?12:27
timbercould you please show me how to auto mount a linux partition?12:27
LeonBrusselsIngrater: sudo cat /var/log/syslog12:27
LeonBrusselsI think12:28
Iimitkwhere do they get loaded and configured from? extension_dir directive is altogether commented out12:28
LeonBrusselsalabd: You could try installing to a bigger drive and see if it works then... Pinpoint the problem12:28
Ingraterwill this syslog still be there after a reboot?12:28
alabdLeonBrussels:  with automotic partitioning it also have problem and fails at 5%12:29
Ingraterthe problem is when the screen wents black I can't do anything. I can't switch to a console ore anything else the system is simple stuck12:30
LeonBrusselsIngrater: no, but you can switch to another term. WHile the screen is black, press ctrl-alt-f1 and you will get a login shell in text. there you can cat the syslog and see whats wrong12:30
IngraterI mean that12:30
LeonBrusselsIngrater: You can't even switch to a console? That's weird12:30
Ingraterwenn I press ctlr-alt-f1 there stands "Loading please wait...."12:30
LeonBrusselstry f212:30
phoenixandthortry hitting F2 in that command instead of F112:30
voxjully2: fix your connection already :P12:31
Ingraterblack with blinking crusor in left top12:31
LeonBrusselsf3? probably the same...12:31
Ingraterif tried everything. With f7 i get back to black screen with mouse pointer all others are the same12:31
phoenixandthoryou switch between all 7 terminals with ctrl alt and the match F key12:31
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Ingraterit has to do something with the encryption12:32
Ingrateris there a console command to change the login password of the keyring?12:32
alabdLeonBrussels: it has been solved with not installing from live part ...12:33
Ingrater@LeonBrussles what you mean?12:33
IngraterI have to reintall using the alternate cd?12:33
phoenixandthorIf you are trying to install on anything not considered 'normal'12:34
phoenixandthoris RAID, LVM, encryped patitions, and anyother uncommon configs, you need the alt isntall disk12:34
debuggerboyhow to install google chrome on ubuntu hardy-heron?12:34
Ingraterif I know it right I installed from the alternate cd, because I installed ubuntu on a usb-drive12:35
phoenixandthoryou running from USB instead of normal hard drive?12:35