doktoreashello folks..Surfing on my personal page, I noticed that my laptop is registered 2 times13:51
doktoreashow can I check the right one?13:51
doktoreasalso if I try to rename a folder, it rename back to name.u1conflict14:12
gnutshello. is the bug in the title why I can't seem to add my second jaunty computer?16:20
trothigarOn the website I'm getting a 404 error on the contacts page16:46
lamalextrothigar: ditto16:49
jgblancoI can't get connected to ubuntuone using the desktop client17:29
jgblancothe notification icon appears but nothing else17:29
gnutsjgbanco: check the first link in the title if you are using jaunty17:33
gnuts*jgblanco - sorry17:34
faganIm getting a 404 not found here https://one.ubuntu.com/contacts/ is this just not implemented yet?17:34
faganOh I should have read the above comments17:35
jgblancofagan: me too17:36
jgblancothanks gnuts, sorry for not reading the topic17:36
faganStrange, id say it isnt implemented17:36
jgblancoMaybe it's deactivated if you share no directory17:40
faganI am sharing the directory17:45
fagandoes canonical have a policy regarding developing programs for ubuntu one20:28
faganIm making a program and I could use ubuntu one in it for something cool20:29
faganill ask tomorrow, the canonical guys are probably not working at the moment20:30
dobeywhat are you wanting to do?20:33
faganI am making a parental control system. I want parents to be able to share the blacklists with each other via ubuntu one20:38
faganAnd have a backup for themselves too :)20:39
dobeythe protocol is open source20:41
dobeyso you don't need to do anything special to write another app that uses it, other than abide by the rules of the license20:46
dobeyif you want to contribute code into ubuntu one, you need to sign the canonical contributor's agreement20:47
faganWell I dont think ill have to submit code to ubuntu one itself id say I could work around it20:58

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