Guest83425I made it, thanks to everyone for ubuntu it's been slow for me took 24 hrs but I have it all installed & running, old Mach celeron 333 I,m happy00:15
rr72baudsmoke~ is gigolo working properly for you in 9.10?00:17
baudsmokewhat is gigolo?00:18
rr72filesystem mounter00:18
rr72mostly remote places.00:19
baudsmokeyep, looks good00:19
rr72you don't get unsupported typ errors?00:19
baudsmokenot at all. I only have local disc's though00:19
rr72and you can mount samba and sftp?00:19
rr72oh, the remote part is what I am having trouble with00:20
baudsmokeI added an ftp server however when I double click the new icon nothing happens00:22
rr72ok thankyou, it is not just me00:22
baudsmokeI found a terminal gvfs-open: ftp://baudsmoke@ftp.shaw.ca/: error opening location: No application is registered as handling this file00:23
rr72sound like a bug to you? EXACT same thing for sft/ssh and samba00:23
baudsmokeusing 'locate gigolo' doesnt show any configuration00:25
rr72so like an unfinished package or something?00:25
baudsmokeI was thinking I could find something in the /etc/ folder00:35
xander_hey can anyone help me with network device issues?03:13
xander_dunno what that is03:14
durtxander_, just ask the question with as much detail as possible03:14
xander_alright well i jsut installed ubuntu netbook remix on my asus eee, but it says no network devices available, and idk how to get an internet connection03:16
xander_how can i fix this, or set up a connection03:17
xander_? if you want me to ask, answer03:20
durtxander_, not familiar with the nbr interface, and this is the XFCE channel03:20
xander_english please?03:21
durttry #ubuntu, not sure if there is a channel for nbr, see ircsearch.com03:21
xander_alright thanks03:22
longtimeI was wondering if anyone would be able to point me in the direction of a set of instructions that would allow me to fine tune a Xubuntu machine I just set up. The machine is an old dell with an Intel Celeron 3 processor, running at 1.1ghz. I maxed out the ram at 512 mb. I'm just looking to clean things up a bit, get rid of any unnecessary processes, tweak it for speed and agility.04:05
longtimeStart my own Gentoo tarball you say?04:08
longtimeKinda what I thought. :-)04:08
rr72baudsmoke~ issue with debian prolly05:19
rr72or xfce cores05:19
Balsaqyo techie!05:53
techiehello bal05:53
Balsaq42 seconds from computer off to the internet05:54
Balsaqyeah huh...the old one with ubub was 3;30 sec05:54
Balsaqso wassup....what are you tearin up this AM?05:55
Balsaqknome gave me a cool terminal command and now the vids play perfect05:56
techiewhat was the command?05:57
Balsaqits a nvidia nv17 geforce mx420 in here05:57
Balsaqoh let me find it...05:57
Balsaqsudo apt-get install flash plugin-non free    i believe05:58
Balsaqlit the whole screnn up when i put that on there05:58
Balsaqsee what happened was, the istall button was not available too me at adode on a fresh instal, becasue the 6 million updates hadn't hit yet, when i took them i went to adobe again, then the install button was there but i took linux.deb or something like that, then did the command after all that06:00
Balsaqin the end it wasnt the ubu 81006:00
Balsaqi forget why i clicked the linux one but it had a word a code i liked06:01
techieso, now that you have a good computer and ubuntu... whats next?06:01
techiei mean on that system06:02
Balsaqheck i dunno does everything i do now...web cam?06:02
Balsaqmount the big flat screen to the wall06:02
techiethat would be sick06:02
Balsaqhey i got a nasty projec tfor ya if you fell like tech in me06:03
Balsaqi threw xpprosp3 in one but need drivers and dont know how to put in the lil flash thing i got06:03
Balsaqcant get to the net on it until i get the drivers...got dell to giv me the list06:04
Balsaqneed to put em in the flash and then put em inthe xp dell06:04
Balsaqthen can fire it up06:04
techieits that simple06:04
techiedownload transfer then run06:04
Balsaqwell i wanna erase the flash 1st06:04
techieonce you have ethernet on it then you can download them on the xp sp3 machine06:05
Balsaqand iwas doin it but it wasnt playing out like dell said06:05
Balsaqi got a cd burner now..but only black dvds06:05
techieaww that sucks06:05
techieyour gonna want to get a dvd burner sooner or later06:06
techietheyre handy06:06
Balsaqoh yeah real quck like maybe a few hours06:06
Balsaqim wtored now just outta work06:06
Balsaqnot gonna strugggle till i relax for awhile06:06
Balsaqa guy on ebay will make me a dsc for 5.99 plus 1.99 shipping06:07
techiea what06:07
Balsaqfined tuned for my exact model with my service tag06:07
Balsaqa driver disc06:07
Balsaqlike we have been talking about06:07
techiehes charging too much06:08
Balsaqtrue but very convenient06:08
techiethe drivers are available for free06:08
Balsaqand they have to go in order06:08
techienot neccesarily06:08
Balsaqhey is my vid card any good?06:08
techielemme research it06:08
Balsaqproly was a looonnggg time ago06:08
Balsaqi am getting the linux command book06:09
techienot too bad06:09
techielinux command boot = man06:10
Balsaqgonna buy one after i figure which one has ALL the terminal commands06:10
Balsaqthats where it at......TERMINAL06:11
techieyoull never fit them all into a book06:11
techieand it will never be up to date06:11
Balsaqcause they keep writing more06:11
techieyour card isnt too bad, it is getting a bot on the old side but overall it should be fine for what you need06:12
Balsaqthey'll take 2g of rdram06:13
Balsaqgot a feeling a lot more06:13
techieyou should have to play the RAM game06:13
Balsaqand each one can have 2 hard drives and 2 opticals06:14
techiemy cel D only has 1.5g in it and it does most things i need06:14
Balsaqthis is flying with 512?06:14
techieyou could go up to 1gig06:14
Balsaqwill soon06:14
techiemaybe a bit more, but anything higher wont really be used06:15
Balsaqactually this model uses the 1066 speed ram so it says only 1.506:15
Balsaqthe 8200 can do 2g but its 800 speed06:15
techiebetter than mine06:15
techieclocked down to 33306:16
Balsaqthe fsb is 53306:16
Balsaq400 fsb on the 820006:16
techiewhat socket type?06:16
Balsaqi dunno let me look06:16
techieYAY RUNESCAPE!!!06:17
Balsaqintel 850e?06:19
techiesocket 478 it would seem06:19
Balsaqp4 R06:20
Balsaqcant find socket06:20
techieits a socket 47806:22
Balsaqis that any good06:22
Balsaqcan it be maniplulated06:22
techieits alright but as far for a faster processor your not gonna be able to get much faster than 3ghz without an overclock06:23
Balsaqit loaded xubu the other day in 22min06:24
Balsaqmay 30 or so for xp06:24
Balsaqdebating ...do i hard wire the xp pro machine or just put a wireless adapter on it06:29
techiedepends on what your gonna use it for and how much you want to spend06:30
Balsaqif i wire it i got to drill a hole in the florr and run 40ft cable...06:30
Balsaqprolly bu the adapter06:30
Balsaqthis one is wired in the basement06:31
Balsaqccant believe i retired the 400mgz..06:32
techiei gotta go, tea will be ready soon06:37
=== techie is now known as _Techie_
Balsaqfor some reason these came with optiplex driver discs...must be there mistake06:37
Balsaqso i didnt put em in till i ask the IT guy06:37
Balsaqso what did i lose when i went with xubu...cant tell yet?06:40
ValdroneSo I just installed ion3 on my xubuntu laptop. Now I haven't a clue how to configure the wireless, especially not on a WPA network. Can anyone help?06:44
_Techie_is ion3 a network manager?06:56
_Techie_oh, its a WM06:57
_Techie_i would suggest using a network manager such as wicd, im not sure if it integrates with ion3 though06:58
_Techie_or you may be able to use wifi-radar if wicd doesnt integrate properly07:00
rubensethi :)13:01
rubensetwhat day is the new version of xubuntu?13:10
Sysisame as ubuntu13:11
rubensetthanks :)13:11
Sysi12 days or something..13:11
Sysican't remember13:13
nikolamdoes anyone testing new xubuntu release?15:03
Sysii will soon, if i get it installed15:04
Sysihard without usb-boot or cd15:05
likemindeadQuick question: Best webcam(s) for Linux? Go!15:05
MGP92yay i got xubutnu installed! hahaa15:08
likemindeadhttp://linux-uvc.berlios.de/#devices :-)15:16
rr72Sysi~ how do you plan on installing? network boot?15:44
Sysibooting from hard drive15:45
Sysibut fedora's grub seems dumb15:46
rr72interesting, care explaining a little? Maybe i do know what you are talking about but am blanking right now or don't know how to explain my random thoughts(as usual) lol15:47
rr72!enter > me15:47
ubotturr72, please see my private message15:47
Sysii've extracted .iso to hard disk partition15:48
Sysipxe images didn't work15:49
Sysiof course there's netbook but that need to be stable for school15:52
rr72pshaw, school requires dozers15:52
Sysii like fedora but xdmcp seems easier with ubuntu15:52
juggleHi y'all...can Xubuntu be shipped free outside US?17:07
nikolamjuggle, where you live?17:14
jugglenikolam:East Africa17:14
nikolamjuggle, I think that Ubuntu is shipped worldwide17:14
nikolamAfter recieving ubuntu cd , yuu can install xubuntu packages ono top of it17:15
nikolamapply for recieving ubuntu cd17:16
FelineCan someone help me: I don't know how to log in as root. I am the only user of this computer and I've just set the root password, but when I try to log in at the login screen I'm presented with the message "The system administrator can not log in from this screen." So how do I log in?17:16
jugglenikolam,but at their site,they say that you must pay for shipping....I can't download it17:16
SysiFeline: do not login as root17:16
nikolamjuggle shipping is free. i recieved 3 cds when i started using x/ubuntu17:16
Sysithat's definately unwise17:16
nikolamjuggle, https://shipit.ubuntu.com/17:17
Sysifor administrating you can use su, sudo or gksudo17:17
jugglenikolam,for Ubuntu is free but not Xubuntu17:17
FelineA game I want to install says I will only get the full screen option if I install while logged in as root. Why should I not log in as root?17:17
jugglenikolam,that site is for Ubuntu:)17:18
nikolamjuggle, I just explained that you can get ubuntu and then add packages to make it work like xubunut. Maybe someone near you can just write cd for you and send it for free? Contacted nearby Loco?17:18
jugglenikolam,http://www.xubuntu.org/get is for Xubuntu17:18
SysiFeline: it isn't enough to run onlu the game as root?17:19
Sysilogin as root is unsafe17:19
Sysiseen on windows17:19
nikolamjuggle, when I started using Xubuntu, I downloaded 6.10 and 7.04 with modem. ;)17:19
jugglenikolam,i want to run Xubuntu on a 128 RAM pc...so i can't install UBUNTU in the first palce:-[17:20
FelineSysi: How do I run only the game as root?17:20
jugglenikolam,internet charges are high here...so the cd is better17:20
nikolamjuggle, why not installing more Ram, is it SDRAM in machine? I could maybe send you one 128MB SDRAM together with that CD, DVD :)17:20
nikolamjuggle, whaqt country are you in? :)17:21
nikolamjuggle, Nice, what city/place?17:21
jugglea town called KISUMU:-D17:22
nikolamnice juggle17:22
FelineSysi: I figured it out now. Thanks for your help!17:22
Sysii'm writing too slowly..17:23
jugglenikolam,i will add more RAM later :)...for now,need the OS17:23
nikolamMaybe you can fill in that frame and request shipping of Xubuntu CD free of shipping costs etc17:25
nikolamand request one desktop and one server cd of ubuntu at the same time17:25
jugglenikolam,i have UBUNTU:)17:26
nikolamask them to send you alternate cd, since it allows installation with less ram then desktop cd17:26
nikolamoh, you have :)17:26
juggleI here that making a special17:26
nikolamI tjink I just found Ubunu kenya mailing list :)17:26
nikolamMaybe some of them will burn one cd to you? :)17:27
juggle:)..let me try17:28
nikolamYpu have  David Scannell in Kisumu17:29
nikolamjuggle, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenyanTeam/Members17:29
nikolamAlso, there is a facebook Kenya Ubuntu page :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenyanTeam/Members17:30
juggle:)...never knew all this.Where are your from?17:31
nikolamKisumu, :)17:31
nikolamI just found this on google.com I typed:  ubuntu kenya on google :)17:31
nikolamI am from Eirope, Serbia, Belgrade :)17:31
juggle:)...sure nikolam?17:32
nikolamjuggle, there is also #ubuntu-ke IRC channel here :)17:32
juggleOk....Hope Edubuntu becames open free17:33
juggleha....a kenyan chat??17:33
nikolamDavidScannell`s mail is: ubuntu@umoja.co.uk17:33
nikolamjuggle, type /j #ubuntu-ke17:33
jugglenikolam,why have you left Ubuntu chat?17:40
nikolamjuggle, I have some personal things to do?17:41
nikolamdid you found your answer woth them?17:41
=== kancerman_ is now known as kancerman
jugglenikolam,still negotiating:)17:42
nikolamnice :)17:43
nikolamstick to them ant you can get more people from your town to form u club and share, etc17:43
juggle:)...yeah,i'm starting to show them this OS because most of them use illegal Windows17:45
nikolamjuggle, be Legal and be FREE :)17:46
jugglenikolam,the problem is that most apps are Microsoft W favoured17:47
jugglenikolam,thats why many copy it17:48
nikolamjuggle, in that case, one can use Virtualbox and install windows XP inside X/Ubuntu17:49
nikolamonly for those windows-loving apps17:50
nikolamand do all other work with X/Ubuntu :)17:50
nikolamJust you need more Ram.17:50
jugglenikolam,but i need to download other packages e.g. i can't play videos on totem17:51
nikolamyou can search for apps on packages.ubuntu.com17:51
nikolamjuggle I play every video on planet with vlc player :)17:51
jugglenikolam,internet cost:-[17:51
nikolamalso add codecs with medibuntu repository17:51
nikolamjuggle, , well, you have dvd, right? :)17:52
juggledoes VLC need more repositories?17:52
nikolamAnyway, codecs need to be get from inernet17:52
jugglenikolam,which DVD?UBUNTU or any other?17:53
nikolamubuntu dvd. those are the same packages, thay can install on all variants of ubunut17:54
jugglenikolam,Hmm...I will try find one17:56
SiDi!info empathy18:54
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.26.1-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 280 kB, installed size 1092 kB18:54
SiDi!info empathy karmic18:54
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 114 kB, installed size 448 kB18:54
MoonTigerdoes somebody know how to remove the suspend and hibernate buttons from the logout dialog? i did it before but i cannot remember now ... thnx :)20:36

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