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lifelessjames_w: whats the plugins/builder symlink for in 'lp:bzr-builder'01:05
james_wsee the top of __init__.py01:06
lifelessthat seems awfully complex01:07
lifelesswhy not just 'bzr selftest builder'01:07
james_wbecause the directory you are in may not be in bzr's plugin path01:07
lifelessoh right01:07
lifelessI really need to get back to that01:08
lifelesssigh. ETIME>01:08
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lifelessjames_w: still up?01:34
lifelessjames_w: for daily debs, how do you manage uploading to each ppa suite?01:35
ScottKIf you find him, please ask him about uploading the updated qbzr too.01:35
lifelessScottK: to debian or ubuntu?01:35
lifelessDebian has a maintenance team, and we're always happy for more uploaders :) JFDI :)01:36
ScottKlifeless: Ubuntu, AFAIK it's not in Debian (although it ought to be)01:36
lifelessScottK: any reason you can't just upload it then? [Ubuntu]01:36
ScottKlifeless: It's not packaged and I'm not familiar with the package.01:36
lifelessoh, thats surprising01:37
lifelessis there a bug ?01:37
* ScottK is just looking at the OMG, Kittens bugs being thrown at motu-release.01:37
ScottKlifeless: 455051 is the bug asking for the upgrade01:38
garyvdmHi ScottK01:38
ScottKlifeless: 447214 is the reason it's important01:38
ScottKHi garyvdm01:38
lifelessbug 45505101:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455051 in qbzr "Update qbzr to 0.14.4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45505101:39
lifelessbug 44721401:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447214 in qbzr/trunk "Segmentation fault during startup" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44721401:39
lifelessScottK: so it is packaged, just needs an update?01:40
ScottKlifeless: Yes.01:40
ScottKjames_w TIL, but it's fair game for anyone that wants it.01:40
lifelessScottK: it should be straight forward01:41
lifelessdebcheckout etc01:41
ScottKlifeless: I would guess so, but I've got about 7 other things on my personal list that would come first.01:41
lifelessI doubt I'll get to it today, was sick for a week, so backlogged01:41
ScottKYuck.  Hope you're feeling better.01:41
lifelessover the hump01:42
lifelessnot well yet01:42
ScottKGood luck.01:45
* ScottK is off to put kids to bed.01:45
* igc doctor appointment & lunch - bbl02:40
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mwhudsonjelmer: btw i tried bzr-svn on pypy again and got this:04:23
mwhudsonbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AssertionError: Tried registering <CachingRevisionMetadata for revision 39426, path pypy/dist in repository 'fd0d7bf2-dfb6-0310-8d31-b7ecfe96aada'> as parent while <CachingRevisionMetadata for revision 39456, path pypy/dist in repository 'fd0d7bf2-dfb6-0310-8d31-b7ecfe96aada'> already was parent for <CachingRevisionMetadata for revision 39481, path pypy/dist in repository 'fd0d7bf2-dfb6-0310-8d31-b7ecfe96aada'>04:23
mwhudsonlooks like https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/343382, which is fix released though04:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 343382 in bzr-svn "svn-import fails: “Tried registering %r as parent while %r already was parent for %r”" [High,Fix released]04:25
lifelessjames_w: how do you tie bzr-builder <-> PPA's.04:32
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jkakarlifeless: I'm writing a command to run bzrlib.upgrade.upgrade on all the branches in a project on Launchpad, like you suggested a few days ago.04:48
jkakarlifeless: Can I just get a list of branches and upgrade them all in whatever order I get them, or do I need to upgrade the stacked-on branch first (or last)...?04:49
jkakarI guess I could try it on staging.lp.net and see what happens...04:49
lifelessjkakar: the order shouldn't matter04:51
jkakarlifeless: Awesome, thanks.04:52
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vilahi all07:48
bialixhello all08:18
Kamping_Kaiserhi all. can someone look at http://pastebin.ca/1629067 ? Its bzr exploding after trying to branch a bzr repo thats been moved. I ntoe an svn error on oline 2, and wondering if its involved09:00
bialixKamping_Kaiser: you have very old bzr-svn plugin09:31
bialixmaybe your bug was already fixed09:31
bialixany reason why you don't upgrade?09:31
Kamping_Kaiserbialix: I've just installed this (debian-stable based) distro. Hadn't thought to find updated bzr repos09:32
bialixbzr v.1.5 is almost 1.5 years old09:33
Kamping_Kaiserblink. the websites changed.09:33
Kamping_Kaiseri'll have a look for the updated version, thanks.09:34
* igc dinner09:36
jelmermwhudson: There's an open bug about that error, I havent had time to look into it yet.10:23
mwhudsonjelmer: oh, i only found a closed one10:42
mwhudsonnm for now10:42
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gioeleis there a guide to bzr-git? Something that describe how to contribute to a project that uses git using bzr-git?12:45
gioelebialix: sometimes I just say hallo and idle :)12:45
bialixgioele: I don't jnow any guide12:46
bialixgioele: I don't know is there any guide12:46
bialixbut you can use guide for bzr-svn to get idea how to work with foreign branches12:46
bialixand of course you can try to ping jelmer who is one of main authors of bzr-git for specific questions12:47
bialixso, basically you need to get HEAD of git repo locally, then branch from it to work and commit, then either send patch to core devs or use merge+dpush command to push your patch into git repo12:48
bialixit's a basic workflow as I know12:48
gioelebialix: but I fear that dpush is not working with bzr-git (the site states that push is not supported, I think this includes dpush)12:53
bialixno, push and dpush is two different beasts12:55
luksdpush works12:55
luks(it's significantly simpler to implement)12:55
bialixhi luks12:56
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jammorning vila, I hope you had a good weekend15:41
vilajam: pretty good thanks, I hope yours was fine too and good morning !15:41
vilajam: any ID what a DuplicateID conflict is ?15:42
jamvila: offhand I would say it is trying to create 2 paths with the same file-id15:42
vilaThe doc string says: two files want the same file_id but the code creates the conflict with trans_ids instead...15:43
vilaHow can you create two paths with the same file_id ?15:43
vilaIf the two paths comes from different branches with the same file_id.... I hope it's a rename...15:43
vila...but that they are indeed referring to the *same* file15:45
jamvila: I don't know the internals of how to get there, but something like telling TreeTransform.add(path, file_id) 2 times would probably trigger it15:46
vilajam: that would be  a bug to me, not something the user may encounter15:46
jamvila: I think you are tracking down something that was generated via bugs15:47
jamhowever, we have it (apparently)...15:47
jamgenerally any given tree should only have a file-id 1 time15:47
jamif that isn't true, there is a bug15:47
vilahmm, ok, punting for now then :-/15:47
jamdirstate can certainly hold multiple file-ids accidentally15:47
jamInventory cannot, since it uses a dict of file_id => entry15:48
jamCHKInventory similarly keys off of file_id so can't really have that15:48
jamthough I suppose if InventoryDirectory pointed to children that weren't in the _by_id dict, you could have trouble...15:48
vilajam: I can see it occurring under weird nested trees configs... with files trying to cross the nest boundary, but I'm not going to think more about it for now15:53
jamvila: no prob, though I'm wondering what made you ask in the first place15:53
vilajam: working on resolve --interactive and writing tests for each kind of conflict, I came across that one and was wondering if it was legitimate or not (which is always harder than recognizing a known pattern :)15:54
vilajam: also, it's not documented in conflicts.txt unlike the orther ones...15:55
jamah, k15:55
moldycan i merge changes by file?15:56
jammoldy: you *can* do 'bzr merge ../branch/single/file'15:58
jamhowever, it shows up as a 'cherrypick' and thus isn't recorded as a 'full merge'.15:58
jamjelmer: are you around? I'm trying to figure out if we need a new bzr-svn for the 2.1.0* series.16:15
moldyjam: sounds ok, thank you16:20
bialixhello jam16:25
jamhi bialix16:25
bialixGary and me prefer to have qbzr 0.15 bundled into both windows installers, pretty please16:26
jelmerjam: hi16:27
jelmerjam: I haven't seen any particular changes that would require a new release16:27
jamjelmer: we bumped 'api_minimum_version' wouldn't that be an issue?16:28
jambialix: I thought 0.14.4 was the stable release?16:28
jamwe certainly can, but I'd like to be conservative if possible16:29
jelmerjam: ah, hadn't seen that16:29
bialixjam: yes, 0.14.4 is stable and fine for bzr 2.0.116:30
bialixjam: but qbzr 0.15 uses new improvements from 2.1.0b116:30
bialixjam: if you prefer to bundle different versions in different installers it's ok16:30
bialixjam: because I've built and uploaded windows installer for 0.1516:30
bialixso in the end your choice will be final one16:31
bialixbut AIUI, Gary want to see 0.15 in 2.1.0b116:32
* bialix hopes Gary on vacations somewhere near warm sea or ocean, because he appears in i-net very sporadically16:33
jambialix: well, he is in South Africa, and as I understand it, his internet connection is pretty spotty. I know he's ran into issues with upload caps, etc.16:34
jamI forget what he said exactly, but something like. "For large downloads, it is cheaper to fly to AU, download, and then fly back."16:34
bialixin his last e-mail he wrote:  Sorry - computer access is a bit of a problem for me at the moment (I feel like I'm in the dark ages....) I'm currently borrowing someone laptop (luckily I had previously installed ubuntu for this person...) Once again - sorry for my inactivity.16:35
vilaCan PQM run on windows ?16:36
bialixI dunno what it means exactly but it seems he's away from his personal computer16:36
bialixvila: I dunno16:36
vilabialix: thanks16:36
vilaAny other ?16:36
bialixlast time I've heard it's non-trivial to install and setup it even on Linux, so I have big doubts that anybody managed to run it on Windows16:38
mathepicNothing "really" works on Windows.16:39
jamvila: I would guess that it can, as it is written in python. I'm not sure about the setup difficulties as bialix mentioned.17:06
jamHowever, I think it is configured to "run this command", which should be pretty platform agnostic17:07
vilajam, bialix: thanks, nothing urgent, I just wanted some feeling17:07
jamI would guess you'd run into problem with "C:\Program Files\Foo\foo.exe" having a space in it versus wanting to run "make check"17:07
jam(arg parsing versus executable path is often an issue on Windows)17:08
jamand needs explicit support, etc.17:08
abgalphabetis there any gitk equivalent in bzr?17:20
dashwhat's gitk do? :)17:20
jamabgalphabet: 'bzr qlog'17:20
jamor 'bzr viz'17:20
jamdash: gitk is actually the adaptation of 'bzr viz' if I remember the timelines correctly17:20
jamqlog is now nicer, IMO17:21
abgalphabeti tried bzr viz or bzr vis..it's quite good17:21
abgalphabetbut it doesn't show relationship btn branches17:21
abgalphabetbzr qlog?17:22
dashSo. I've got a project in a bzr branch, and a separate project that chose to copy the contents of the working tree at some revision into its branch. both projects have made a lot of changes to the once-shared code.17:22
jamabgalphabet: you need to supply multiple branches, or the base of a shared repo, iirc17:23
jam'bzr qlog' is from the qbzr plugin17:23
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dashI'm trying to undo this and merge both variants.17:23
abgalphabeti tried bzr vis branch1 branch2. but it only show branch217:23
dashI'm wondering if there's a better way than shuttling diffs back and forth; some way to replay the revisions from the second project into the first?17:25
abgalphabetoh. it actually shows in the message/text description. but not visually intuitvie than gitk17:25
abgalphabethow to use the bzr to interact with cvs?17:26
abgalphabetgitk cvsimport seems working in synchronize changes in cvs into the git mirror by git cvsimport17:27
Milo-sooo.. 'bzr server' has no password protection?17:32
abgalphabetany ideas in bzr cvs workflow?17:32
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jamvila: how about another 200MB memory savings? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.1-peak-mem-tweak/+merge/1358217:43
jamI'm still not at 50% though... :(17:43
vilajam: that's already very good news, don't be too hard with yourself :)17:44
* fullermd wonders what the chances are vila will say "No thanks"...17:44
jamvila: my biggest concern right now is the 'dark memory'.... I haven't figured out how I'm going to find that yet17:45
fullermdBe all like, "No, sorry, thanks, but now I have too much memory to run bzr..."17:45
jamfinding the zlib stuff was a fluke17:45
jamfullermd: well he does have a 16GB machine :)17:45
vila12GB.... don't exagerate17:45
fullermdOh, really?  Hm.  You get his arms, I'll go for the kneecaps...17:45
jamvila: you went cheap on me... :)17:45
jamanyway, I've set myself a goal of getting to 2:1 memory size for 2.1.0b2, so I'm trying hard to get there17:46
* fullermd hopes you mean "1:2" ;>17:47
vilahmm, fullermd will tell you that it will not work for 2.2....17:47
jamfullermd: old:new17:47
fullermdPfft, ruin all my fun, why doncha...17:47
vila. o 0 (Why did I have to give "him" credit for a joke I found myself.... See how grateful "he" is now...)17:48
Milo-is there any future planning for password protected smart server over bzr-protocol?17:54
fullermdMilo-: In the vague sense that "someday we should".17:55
fullermdIt punts on AAA pretty much completely now.17:56
Milo-last time I used sftp for centralized repo purposes, bzr messed up all permissions in the repo for some reason17:57
Milo-and friend can't connect using bzr+ssh, his windows fails for some reason.17:57
LarstiQMilo-: you could try ClueBzrServer17:57
* Tak commit ChangeLog in the conservatory, with the candlestick18:00
vilajam: I'm about to EOD so I won't review your patch today (just so you don't wait for me)18:02
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dashis there a way to exclude files from the current view?18:51
dashor create a view that excludes stuff. all I see is inclusion18:51
beunodash, I know there's filtered views18:53
beunobut I don't know any specifics18:53
mferPilky: ping19:03
* rotty has a problem with repo corruption: http://pastebin.com/m5f16cba119:15
rottythis repository used to work fine, but fails with newer bzr:s. I assume it was borked from the beginning (Arch import several years ago), but bzr started to notice just now.19:16
rottyI've googled quite a bit, but couldn't turn up a solution19:16
beunorotty, have you tried "bzr reconcile"?19:16
rottybeuno: "revision history ok", the what seems to be the same error.19:17
rottys/the what/then what/19:17
beunojam may know19:17
rottybeuno: btw, the branch is publically available: "bzr branch lp:~rotty/g-wrap/dev"19:20
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beunoabentley, hi!19:20
rottyit's fine to branch, but "bzr check" and e.g. "bzr log" fail19:20
abentleybeuno: hi19:20
beunomaybe you would know how (or id) it can be fixed ^19:21
rottythat would be awesome...19:23
abentleybeuno, rotty: I don't know of an automatic way to fix that.19:23
beunorotty, otherwise, try the mailing list, where all devs can walk you through it19:24
rottyabentley: I've seen some scripts floating in several bugs, but they seem only tangentially related19:24
abentleyrotty: It looks like corruption at a pretty low level.19:25
rottyabentley, beuno: I'll drop a mail on the bazaar list19:30
mferanyone familiar with the status of BazaarX?19:30
Pilkymfer: you rang?19:44
mferPilky: hey. I was wondering what's going on with BazaarX19:44
mferPilky: I have hope for a usable OS X ui. there isn't anything at the moment and I think that's a big deal19:44
Pilkymfer: well I've reset it and when I finally get round to it I'll be releasing 0.119:45
Pilkywhich is basically just packaging it up, what is in the repo atm is basically 0.119:46
mferPilky: what is in the 0.1?19:47
Pilkybasically it will show all the branches in a repo, the status of a branch and let you add, remove and commit19:47
Pilkybut only locally19:47
Pilkythe next two versions are going to be log and then mv/push/pull19:48
Pilkythough I'm not sure which will be 0.2 or 0.3 and have no time frame for when I'll work on them19:48
mferPilky: how much work will it take to bring these in? what kind of time table are you looking at?19:49
mferPilky: are you thinking in terms of weeks or months?19:49
* mfer hopes its not years :)19:49
mferPilky: are you working this alone?19:49
PilkyBazaarX is more a part time project really that I work on as and when I need it19:49
Pilkyone or two people contribute a few bits of code, but mostly knowledge19:50
mferare you looking for others to help with it?19:50
mferThe lack of a good mac gui is going to stop bazaar from getting into a lot of places and one that i'm interested in.19:50
Pilkysure if you're interested in helping out19:51
mferPilky: i can't garuntee anything but i'll see if there's anything i can do or anyone i can ralley19:51
mferthanks for the update19:51
Pilkydo you have much Cocoa experience?19:52
mferPilky: nope. but, i'm a quick learner. :)19:53
Pilkyheh, well BazaarX is 100% Cocoa/Obj-C and Objective-bzr (the API that BazaarX uses which is being developed along with it) is about 80% Cocoa/Obj-C and 20% Python19:54
Pilkybut yeah, even if it's only putting forward ideas for how a feature should work or filing bugs it'd help a lot19:55
mferI'd rather start by getting some others in on it. Like a UX person for the gui/features, some Cocoa codes to help there, etc19:57
mferthat's better than me picking it up and having at it19:57
Pilkywell sure, I mean I've quite good at UX stuff but I have been struggling with BazaarX so any help in that area would be great19:58
Pilkybut like I say, for me it is currently a side project I work on in my free time19:58
PilkyI might try to get 0.1 packaged up this week19:59
Pilkybut at the moment my commercial software is taking precedent19:59
mferPilky: paying the bills is important. I understand that19:59
BergeCheers! I've got a bzr repository which suddenly grew from a couple of GB. It's supposed to contain relativly small XML files.20:12
BergeI'd like to find out when and where this happened. The last diffs are all quite small.20:13
BergeCan bzr show me the size of a given revision, for instance?20:13
BergeThis is bzr 1.5 from Debian lenny, using python
BergeUhm, the repository grew from a couple of hundred KB to about 7GB.20:17
lifelessBerge: ouch20:38
lifelessBerge: there is a 'repository-details' plugin, but it doesn't have the ability to query by revision20:39
lifelessBerge: you could try:20:39
lifelessbzr push /tmp/measure -r 120:39
lifelessdu -sh /tmp/measure20:39
lifelessbzr push /tmp/measure -r 220:39
lifelessdu -sh /tmp/measure20:39
BergeHm, yes.20:39
BergeI'll try and see.20:39
BergeAha. Somebody actually commited a few GB in a given revision, and managed to hide it in a large diff.20:43
Bergelifeless: Cheers, found it.20:43
lifelessBerge: 'ouch'20:44
Bergelifeless: Indeed.20:45
BergeBut I'll happily nudge someone. Glad to find out.20:46
BergeHave a wonderful evening!20:46
dashin a lightweight checkout, how do I do something like svn's "svn up -r 123"?20:58
LarstiQbzr revert -r 123 ?20:58
dashthat registers as a change to the working copy though20:58
dashrather than just sucking in the revisions20:58
dashI was able to use "bzr co --lightweight -r 100" to create the checkout20:58
dashI could just delete it and do it again20:59
LarstiQah like so20:59
dashbut i thought there might be a thing20:59
LarstiQthat would be `bzr up -r`, when implemented20:59
dash"when implemented". Right. :)20:59
dashokay then, guess i'll just repeat20:59
bialixhi garyvdm21:07
lifelessdash: hi21:08
garyvdmHi bialix21:08
lifelessdash: update -r 123 is available in a patch in the bugtracker21:08
dashit's not a big deal21:09
bialixgaryvdm: about your mail: about 1/3 of changes in 0.15 is good for me21:09
bialixgaryvdm: some performance improvements, many bugfixes21:10
garyvdmbialix: You don't want to use bzr 2.1?21:11
bialixit's beta, right?21:12
garyvdmbialix: 2.0.0 release with 0.14. And the idea for 2.0 it is ment to only have bug fixes. If bzr 2.0.1 has qbzr 0.15, then it has new features...21:14
garyvdmThat dose not stop someone from using bzr 2.0.1 with qbzr 0.15.21:15
bialixhow long we have to support 0.14 then?21:15
garyvdmAs long as bzr 2.0.x is supported (I think 6 months)21:16
garyvdmbialix: We don't have to, but I think it would be good.21:18
bialixI'm a bit confused21:19
bialixsee my answer21:22
garyvdmbialix: Yes - bug fixes should be in 0.1421:23
bialixif you so strong about supporting 0.14 then I'll better to switch to it as my main qbzr version and will start to backport fixes21:25
jfroy|workjelmer: ping?21:32
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mwhudsonso on launchpad we have a branch that won't branch22:50
mwhudsonbut check is fine22:50
mwhudsonand if i copy it using lftp locally, it's ok too22:50
james_wmwhudson: bug 437626 has the same error message23:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437626 in bzr "exceptions.AssertionError: second push failed to complete a fetch set" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43762623:14
james_wprobably not helpful though23:14
james_wthough it does have some dupes23:15
james_wso it may not be just an error you hit in various situations23:15
mwhudsonjames_w: looks like the same problem indeed23:15
mwhudsonspiv: i can help you reproduce 437626 right now23:16
mwhudsonspiv: are you awake yet?23:16
jelmerjfroy|work: hi23:19
jfroy|workjelmer: hey. so I think I solved my problem, but I can ask anyways.23:19
jfroy|workAs a best practice, how do you initialize a new Subversion repository from a Bazaar branch?23:20
jfroy|workWhat I did this particular time is use svn to mkdir trunk, branches and tags.23:20
jelmerjfroy|work: I don't mkdir trunk, I just push to trunk23:20
jfroy|workThen used push --overwrite from the bazaar branch to push to trunk.23:20
dashjfroy: don't you use bzr svn-serve instead? :)23:20
jfroy|workJust pushing correctly complained that the branches had diverged.23:20
lifelessmwhudson: spiv is usually another 40 minutes away or so23:20
mwhudsonlifeless: ok23:20
jelmerjfroy|work: creating a branch with mkdir is the eqiuvalent of creating a branch with a single commit it in23:21
jelmerjfroy|work: so it is correct that you get an error about diverged branches23:21
jfroy|workdash: eh, no, the source does need to go in that svn server, it's backed up offsite and integrated into the build system, etc etc.23:21
jelmermoin lifeless23:21
lifelesshi jelmer23:21
jfroy|workjelmer: ah, I didn't you know you just push to a non-existing directory.23:21
lifelessyour ignore patch - you'll need to explain more about it I think23:21
jfroy|workParticularly since the branch has several tags which I wanted to appear in /tags23:22
jfroy|workpush --overwrite seemed to work pretty well though.23:22
mwhudsonlifeless: yeah, i knew that much :)23:23
jelmerlifeless: did you see my email about supporting .hgignore,.gitignore and .bzrignore files?23:23
jelmer(an RFC to the list a couple of months ago)23:23
lifelessjelmer: i think I saw it go past23:24
jelmerlifeless: Basically I'd like to add a mechanism to support the use of .hgignore and .gitignore files in native bazaar working trees23:24
lifelessjelmer: would you want to support .hg files in Git trees?23:25
jelmerlifeless: sure, why not (if there is no .gitignore file)23:26
lifelessjelmer: do you mean to union these things together, or support one at a time?23:26
lifelessjelmer: and what about globals? do you mean to union all the git hg bzr global/default ignores, or take each systems one?23:27
jelmerlifeless: support one at a time23:27
lifelessjelmer: so, putting aside whether this sounds nice to me or not23:28
jelmerlifeless: it seems to make most sense to use the matching global one (global hg ignore file if using .gignore)23:28
lifelesswe have an existing interface on tree23:28
lifelessif you want to make that do indirection, select an implementation etc, then that would be ok23:29
lifelessI don't think a separate 'ignores' module is very discoverable, and having different bits of the code base talk to that rather than tree would allow skew and confusion23:29
lifelessplus there is important state - the compiled matching rules - that tree maintains23:31
lifelessso for all those reasons, I really think that the interfaces to work with ignores should be on MutableTree23:32
lifelessand you can dispatch behind that layer to a registry or whatever.23:32
jelmerlifeless: having those interfaces on MutableTree seems to make sense to me23:37
jelmerlifeless: What value does get_ignore_files() have though? Its return value is highly dependent on the underlying .*ignore file that is being used23:39
jfroy|workUrg, I think I self.shoot(self.foot)23:39
jfroy|workI have A -> B -> C (A is parent of B, is parent of C)23:39
jfroy|workoh, they're branches23:40
jfroy|workUnfortunately, C has nothing to do with B23:40
jfroy|workC should have been a child of A.23:40
jfroy|workIs there a way to rebase (I guess that's what I want?) C unto A at the point C was branched from B?23:40
jfroy|workMy ultimate goal is to land C on A.23:41
jfroy|work(but only C)23:41
spivmwhudson: hey23:45
lifelessjelmer: well, 'are the ignore files versioned', for instance23:45
mwhudsonspiv: hello23:45
spivmwhudson: please capture a tarball of the repo if you haven't already23:46
lifelessjelmer: I'm not trying to defend that particular interface; but I think we need the patches to be clearer about how they fit into the overall structure.23:46
mwhudsonspiv: which end?23:46
spivmwhudson: local is probably more important23:46
spivmwhudson: but both if you don't mind! :)23:46
lifelessjfroy|work: rebase yes23:46
lifelessjfroy|work: or a cherrypick merge23:46
spivmwhudson: but it seems to be pretty easy lose the ability to reproduce by doing other things to your local repo, so taking a copy is good start23:47
mwhudsonwell i don't have a local repo so that part is easy23:48
spivmwhudson: huh!23:48
mwhudsonspiv: can you access devpad https urls?23:48
spivI think so23:48
mwhudsonspiv: https://devpad.canonical.com/~mwh/uk1.tgz is what i end up with in my local repo23:49
mwhudson(about 97 megs)23:49
jelmerlifeless: hmm23:50
jelmerlifeless:  I was trying to avoid making this too broad23:50
mwhudsoncurrently trying to grab the branch over sftp tpp23:50
spivmwhudson: thanks23:50
mwhudsonseems to be getting further, at a guess23:50
lifelessjelmer: because from your description of the patch I got 'move a function from wt to the ignore module because its implementation specific'23:50
lifelessjelmer: and as wt's *represent implementations* that doesn't make sense.23:50
mwhudsonspiv: yeah, branch over sftp worked fine23:51
lifelessjelmer: on the tastefulness of this side, I think it will make debugging ignores harder23:51
lifelessjelmer: so I think you need to spend some time thinking about how this polymorphism will be shown in the UI, - and all the docs that will need to be updated to tell people about it23:52
jelmerlifeless: hmm23:56
igchi spiv, lifeless, mwhudson, jelmer23:56
mwhudsonhello igc23:56
jelmerhi Ian, Michael, Andrew23:56
garyvdmHi igc23:57
igchi garyvdm23:57

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