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stuqcan someone pls remind me what the name of that great perspective screenshot program is?00:18
stuqallows you to tilt shots and does reflection and whatever...00:18
nightwlkrcan any1 help me out with dvd playback?00:33
lucas_hey does anyone know what kttsd is?00:34
lucas_im getting an error cant start kttsd or something like that00:35
nightwlkri have kaffeine player installed and when i pres play dvd it gives me a message that this dvd video is encrypted and i have to sudo /usr/share/doc/kaffeine/install-css.sh00:35
nightwlkri did that but didn't change anything00:36
stuqcan someone pls remind me what the name of that great perspective screenshot program is?00:37
nightwlkrlucas_: KTTSD is a non-GUI application that accepts requests for speech from applications via DCOP.00:38
lucas_jpw can i disable it00:39
nightwlkrwell that's what i found out on google :P00:39
nightwlkrlet me check00:39
lucas_i dont know why is trying to start00:40
stuqah found it - screenie-qt00:42
stuqgreat little prg00:42
stuqweird, for some reason aptitude search screenshot didn't find it00:42
nightwlkrlucas_: http://docs.kde.org/stable/en/kdeaccessibility/kttsd/compilation.html00:42
nightwlkrdonno if it will help find out how it got into ur pc..it looks like u have to compile this to b in ur system00:43
nightwlkrso still trying to figure out how to make these dvd's play00:51
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nightwlkrfixed dvd problem :D01:18
nightwlkrkde has some problems with sata drives...01:19
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marco__quiero el canal de ubuntu en españa01:42
marco__como accedo al canal ubuntu españo01:45
carpiienglish ?01:47
marco__How to access  to canal ubuntu-es?01:48
BluesKajmarco , #ubuntu-es  click on that01:52
marco__join #ubuntu-es01:52
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CPrgmSwR2If linux could get its hardware support to improve I think linux would rock because its so fast over windows. My sound does not work and I have an HP Pavilition dv9000 laptop03:26
nameinerCPrgmSwR2: this helped on my dv4: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=104356803:30
CPrgmSwR2nameiner: daemon started failed03:33
CPrgmSwR2this is with pulseaudio -D03:33
nameinerCPrgmSwR2: I'm not using pulseaudio, skype doesn't work with it (at least not for me) so I can't help more, sorry.03:35
CPrgmSwR2nameiner: what are you using then?03:35
nameinerehem, alsa03:35
CPrgmSwR2nameiner: last time I checked pulseaudio uses alsa03:36
CPrgmSwR2and I absolutely love kde403:36
nameinerI don't know how pusleaudio works exactly, but I don't have pulseaudio installed at all03:37
duryodhanhi .. I have jdk1.6 installed and but some app I am using needs jdk 1.5 , how do I get both working together ? any ideas ?03:55
JontheEchidnaduryodhan: I personally have no insight on to how to fix your problem, but if you find asking here unsuccessful (this is a rather quiet channel) then you might have more luck in #ubuntu03:56
JontheEchidnajava is pretty much the same in both ubuntu and kubuntu03:56
JontheEchidnabest of luck :)03:57
yang__Hey can someone help me with "when" to have nsupdate run ?03:58
ner0xIs there any way to convert from .doc to .ps ?04:20
ubuntuis there a netplit going on?04:21
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ati/write faq.pas ctcp 1:*:?:$1- | Load -rs faq.pas04:24
ati/write faq.pas ctcp 1:*:?:$1- | Load -rs faq.pas04:25
luis_hey there good nite 2 u all04:36
brian_can anyone look at this and see whats going wrong  http://pastebin.com/m1bb2a26c04:37
luis_i like to get somehelp pls kopete wont connect my yahoo account how can i fix it help pls?04:37
brian_this is also what i get04:38
brian_CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:48 (NEPOMUK_ADD_ONTOLOGY_CLASSES):04:38
brian_  Unknown CMake command "NEPOMUK_ADD_ONTOLOGY_CLASSES".04:38
luis_so does any1 knows how can i fix this?04:47
webbb82im trying to compile  the raptor menu  but i get a error can someone take a look at this its pretty small  please04:52
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kumarAnybody here able to open pdf inside chromium-browser05:11
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freaky[t]hi all i got a question. if i upgrade to 9.10 from 9.4 ... how do I get the exact same desktop as fresh installs of 9.10 have. i mean the KDE design/window decorations etc.?05:29
CPrgmSwR2Its really sad how slow windows is05:29
kumarbackup and delete your .kderc and logout log back in05:30
freaky[t]kumar ok thanks05:34
freaky[t]ill try05:34
freaky[t]kumar did u mean me? =D05:34
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webbb82will running more than one activity slow down my computer05:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:11
serzholinoHi! Is it known bug that bluetooth in karmic is completely broken?07:43
serzholinosee my bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/45388507:43
kenhoob-ithello all07:47
kenhoob-itje sont nouveau ubuntian07:47
freaky[t]what's a good ssh tool for kubuntu?08:11
Mist__Hey. I am trying to get KRFB running under 9.04 Kubuntu, but when I connect to it from another box things are either distorted, or sort of double, and mouse missing, Some said to disable plasma or so. I disabled the desktop effects.. you know.. the fusion like effects.. but seems I still have kind of effects with boxes showing up while pointing at an application running in bar and so on. Anyone familiar with problems li08:12
Mist__(I tried google around for it but no luck.. then again last year I find search results started to kinda suck with google compared to earlier years)08:14
Mist__Btw.. since when did linux channels go this quiet.. 0o08:16
Mist__freaky[t]: what is the definition of ssh tool?08:16
freaky[t]some tool with which i can connect to an sshd =D08:16
Mist__ah.. a sort of ssh client tool?08:17
Mist__like.. hmm putty?08:17
freaky[t]is there anything nice for kde?08:17
freaky[t]or should i just use a termianl?08:17
Mist__I think there are stuff around like putty actually08:18
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Mist__gnome stuff tend to work in kubuntu also :)08:18
illioI'm sitting in the live cd right now, attempting to do a manual LVM encrypted setup (I need to do it like this, because the alternative cd only does it for you if you use the entire disc.. an option I don't have since I have to have Windows with Bitlocker along side this... I'm running into one issue with the official guide though.. When using modprobe to do this: "sudo modprobe dm-mod" I get this: "FATAL: Module dm_mod not found." .. any idea why tha08:20
illio be happening? I've installed cryptsetup, initramfs-tools, hashalot and lvm208:20
freaky[t]hm ok thank you08:20
Mist__freaky[t]: ah.. yes.. putty can be installed it seems through apt08:21
freaky[t]yes i installed it allready ;D08:21
Mist__nautilus also have ssh capabilities. =) And seems many popular *cough*windows*cough* applications work through wine :)08:22
freaky[t]btw, why do i have a blue shadow arround windows?08:22
Mist__freaky[t]: could maybe be some graphical glitch with desktop effects shadows and video driver?08:23
freaky[t]hm i dont know08:23
kenhoob-itis it easy swicth from ubuntu to Kubuntu and viceversa?08:23
Mist__freaky[t]: 9.04 Kubuntu?08:24
Mist__ah :) Then it could also be a beta issue atm :)08:24
freaky[t]no i had the same problem with 9.408:24
Mist__freaky[t]: hmm.. did you try disable desktop effects and see if it resolved?08:25
Mist__it is under kmenu > computer > system settings > First tab: Desktop > First in list: Desktopeffects > and the checkbox to the right in first tab.08:26
freaky[t]ok umm08:27
freaky[t]i disabled it08:27
freaky[t]then windows only have a blue border08:27
freaky[t]if i enable effects they have blue "glow" (shadow) effect08:27
freaky[t]i want it to be dark08:27
Mist__freaky[t]: in same place are box for shadows also.08:27
Mist__freaky[t]: ah :)08:27
freaky[t]but in the settings for the shadows there is a dark color08:27
freaky[t]but it's displayed blue08:28
Mist__freaky[t]: around the same place in menues there are settings for the windows behaviour and appearance also.08:28
Mist__btw.. how are 9.10 so far? Havent tried it myself yet ^^08:31
freaky[t]i like it08:31
freaky[t]but i havent used 9.4 much so08:31
freaky[t]i dont know of many differences08:31
freaky[t]just a few new widgets08:31
freaky[t]newer kde08:31
mobi-sheepfreaky[t]: SS? :308:32
freaky[t]what's aconadi btw08:32
freaky[t]what's SS?08:32
Mist__9.04 worked very well being kubuntu. I am very pleased he h :)08:32
freaky[t]im not using any of the new widgets08:32
freaky[t]you want a screenshot of my desktop?08:32
mobi-sheepYes. Newer KDE thing. I'm more of Gnome user but I always have been wanted to give KDE a whirl sometimes as soon as I set up the other machine up.08:33
Mist__only thing I still being annoyed of in all distros of gnu/linux is the poor handling of sound which can be way confusing, and network handling like samba and permissions.. he he.08:33
Mist__But these things are coming along well it seems.08:35
freaky[t]how do i use nepomuk desktop search?08:36
freaky[t]im not using samba08:36
freaky[t]if i used it i would use it over vpn etc.08:36
freaky[t]but i cant setup an vpn server with only 1 network card supporting broadcasts08:36
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Mist__Got my Asrock ION 330 htpc box here a couple days ago.. Installed kubuntu 9.04 och xbmc and it flows.. oh yes it flows and works very nice.. *drool*08:36
Mist__freaky[t]: oh yes.. network been a bit confusing as well. Where one had to go edit network files manually to get static to work and so on. The network handling still being really odd in kubuntu.08:38
freaky[t]i have a dedicated server08:39
freaky[t]i would like to set up vpn on it but08:39
freaky[t]it just doesnt work the way i want08:40
freaky[t]with broadcasts08:40
freaky[t]i cant see other machines08:40
Mist__If I ever touched anything with network manager since 8.x network stopped working and the likes. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it happened on all boxes.08:40
freaky[t]how can i move applications in the favourites tab in the kmenu?08:41
freaky[t]when i try to move firefox in there08:41
Mist__Main thing is though.. it can be fixed :)08:41
freaky[t]it doesnt show up08:41
Mist__I been handling windows boxes etc. through my days and got message boxes telling me a dot "." about network drivers and settings failing, logs shows nothing and there you stand.. and clueless..08:42
Mist__So, I am kinda pleased with gnu/linux. There haven't even near yet been a problem that haven't been fixed with some patience. And that is something good ^^08:43
Mist__Remember the HUGE problems we had when working on ISP back in 1996 with windows DNS's. GNU/Linux saved our behinds bigtime when we tossed in linux and bind. Talk about santa entering the server space :P08:45
Mist__So when the winnuke issue emerged, we weren't affected as well :P08:46
mobi-sheepMist__: och?08:47
Mist__mobi-sheep: och? :)08:47
mobi-sheepMist__: Yeah. och? I'm guessing it's a typo if you don't know what och is. :)08:47
mobi-sheepI too have HTPC -- Zotac ION Dual-Core 330 + XBMC SVN :)08:48
Mist__mobi-sheep: oops.. might been my swedish that accidently slipped in.. "och" is translated like "and" :)08:49
mobi-sheepMist__: Ah I see. och that's cool too! :308:49
Mist__mobi-sheep: lol08:49
mobi-sheepIf people start throwing in few phrases there and there, we'll all know different languages more!08:50
Mist__mobi-sheep: I am really impressed how well ION 330 works so far. It is really strong piece of hardware handling sharing of 10 torrents quite good, but at the same time can show off 1080p decoding with almost no stuttering. My jaw dropped when it did that :P08:51
Mist__Was a bit to get the sound working, but after figuring out alsamixer and enable 0,3, edit some config file and reset order of devices in kubuntu, and set xbmc to correct settings it is joy all the way.08:53
mobi-sheepMist__: That is what happen when you introduce a piece of sweet hardware to a strong beast.  They multiplied and came out a series of ION.08:53
mobi-sheepI'm 100% happy with my ION setup!08:54
Mist__mobi-sheep: now.. I plugged in the bluetooth usb interface, and configured wminput so I am using one of my wiimotes as airmouse and gyromote for the system :P08:55
mobi-sheepIs it easier to navigate that way?08:55
mobi-sheepI wonder...08:56
freaky[t]what's this lancelot application launcher? is that new?08:56
Mist__Thing is.. when you need the pointer.. you point.. if you dont, then you just dont point at screen and use the d-pad and navigate with the up down left right buttons :)08:56
mobi-sheepI do have a USD bluetooth laying around.  I ought to borrow a wiimote from a buddy and see how it goes. I'm using Microsoft Xbox remote control. It's a classic. Costs me 10, 5 for cable, 5 for remote control on eBay.08:57
Mist__And it is fully configurable so you can tell it not to use the ir pointer, and set buttons to what keykombo one like. And also like most gyromotes just use the tipping gyro.. like tip down, tip up, shake it hard, twist left or right and so on :P08:58
Mist__mobi-sheep: I used this guide to get started: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-535659.html08:58
Mist__mobi-sheep: yeah I noticed the MS xbox remote been really popular :) But I figured to have the wiimote thing a try before getting a IR sensor or so for my logitech multimotes or so, and now I can't get away from the nintendo grip :D09:00
Mist__(mario own my all my base there..)09:01
Mist__imho, they should implement native support for wiimotes into kubuntu, like they done with wacom boards *cough cough*09:02
mobi-sheepHalo3 and ODST for me! (FPS Guy!)09:02
Mist__mobi-sheep: oh.. did you noticed the VFGPU thingie nvidia released only for linux whoch xbmc utilize? Was that only linux? Felt like.. nvidia tried a step there to see reactions.09:03
mobi-sheepI like the Microsoft remote control, yes, but it is annoying too.  Especially when you're fiddling around in dark.09:04
Mist__mobi-sheep: yeah.. we don't like the dark ^^09:04
freaky[t]are you guys using the normal kmenu or that lancelot launcher?09:04
* mobi-sheep is taking a peek at http://tinyurl.com/ygro6jr rig 09:04
Mist__reminds me, they should stop argue and get that The Hobbit movie just done before I die.. :)09:05
mobi-sheepMist__: VGPAU is awesome.09:05
Mist__mobi-sheep:  :)09:05
Mist__freaky[t]: I am using the new menu. Didn't like it at start, but now I got used to it and like it :P09:06
Mist__Somehow I never like the kickermenus out there..09:06
_Pete_somehow I never liked any kde4.xx09:07
_Pete_luckily this 3.xx still works as expected09:07
Mist__even though the mac look alike one is really neat, it is.. most for show.. and not for organising in a good way..09:07
Mist___Pete_: huh? Lately my kde work very well. Since after 4.1 it been like day and night09:08
Mist__my huge problem on one machine was mainly.. ATI card and the drivers for it.09:08
_Pete_Mist__: to be honest, havent tried latest 409:08
_Pete_but what seen doesnt convience me09:09
_Pete_last time I tried it09:10
Mist__after going nvidia, I had no whatsoever problems even get the drivers and dri to work. Sad because ATI have good thing, but I refuse go back to windows. Things work for me and work good. And that is way more it ever did in windows for 20 years. Virus scans, security issues and more drove me crazy almost.. =/09:10
_Pete_when playing games (3D)09:10
_Pete_fps was totally low09:10
Mist___Pete_: yeah, that can be an issue especially with the desktop effects like compiz fusion etc turned on.09:11
_Pete_it was just basic settings09:11
mobi-sheep_Pete_: Ask yourself a question "What can I do for KDE4?" instead of "What can KDE4 do for me?" It's not always all about you. :309:12
Mist__and when it comes to WINE, I would recomend compiling WINE native and not install it out of the box. But there are things on that area yeah :)09:12
_Pete_mobi-sheep: that's easy question, I can not to use it09:12
* mobi-sheep took in a critical attack. -100 09:13
_Pete_I will not use it unless it works as good as kde309:14
_Pete_simple as thagt09:14
Mist__and.. even if kde looks like windows.. it is a relearning curve. KDE is not windows. It is.. way more. It is.. like being covered in silk and landed gently in GNU/Linux and receive the touch of a gods breath :P Ok maybe not but the freedom is there :P09:14
mobi-sheepWindows is not KDE.09:14
mobi-sheepI'm under the impression that many people thought they're using KDE.09:14
mobi-sheepAnd later cried when they find out it wasn't Windows.09:14
mobi-sheepErr, It wasn't KDE. ^^09:15
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: I agree09:15
Mist___Pete_: but.. there are still issues.. I admit to that. But they are noticed, being fixed, and can be fixed with a bit of patience or help of a guide or medium techie :P09:15
CPrgmSwR2just wish my damn sound worked09:15
_Pete_Mist__: good then09:16
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: ah the sound issue. Those are cykling ones :)09:16
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: I don't understand why09:16
_Pete_luckily I can do something in near future too since work is going to QT09:16
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: Is it an exotic combo of hardware?09:16
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: Its nivida hardware09:17
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: ah.. hdmi?09:17
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: Yes09:17
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)09:17
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: You might be in luck since I resolved no sound on a asrock ION 330 .. ah yes.. same as I have.09:17
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: are you using the analogue as source of via hdmi?09:18
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: or maybe using the fiber?09:18
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: the weird part is that it worked in kubuntu 9.04 bu a fresh install of 9.10 = no sound09:18
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: thats what is pointed to yes09:18
_Pete_In my opinion kubuntu moved to 4 was very bad move09:18
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: Is there a way to re-direct to the digit one09:18
CPrgmSwR2_Pete_: Kde4 just kicks ass09:19
_Pete_and force use kde4 even bigger09:19
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: Ok.. lets see.. what u need to do is to unmute the device 0, and channel 309:20
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: this can be done either if you open a shell and sudo alsamixer09:21
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: when I lunch alsamixer - everything is unmuted though09:21
_Pete_CPrgmSwR2: really? even simple konsole doesnt work09:21
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: if you go into sound/multimedia in kubuntu09:21
CPrgmSwR2_Pete_: It works fantastically well for me09:22
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: the systemsettings. You will have a list of hardware09:22
_Pete_CPrgmSwR2: wierd, for me it usally some reason losts profiles09:22
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: there should be 3 lines and a last 4th line telling pulsaudio there09:22
_Pete_and anyway is much harder to use than kde3 konsole09:22
CPrgmSwR2HDA NVidia (CONEXANT Analog) is primary09:22
CPrgmSwR2I have PulsaAudio as third09:23
_Pete_and doesn't have all options kde3 have09:23
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: The one with HDMI in..09:23
CPrgmSwR2actually  HDMI does not show up09:23
Mist__select that one and hit the button test below.09:23
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: and aplay a wav file does not work which has nothing to do with KDE09:23
_Pete_but enough of ranting :)09:24
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: no that has to do with that aplay is trying to play through PCM0,0 probably.09:24
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: okay09:25
drgonzohey guys09:25
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: is there a way that I can play through lplay09:25
drgonzocan anyone tell me if its possible to get CA0106 with pulseaudio working with a microphone?09:26
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: and those settings tell the order of what to play through. HDMI is on 0.3 so on need to tell for example vlc and xbmc to use 0,3 instead. Also one then need to move HDMI 0.3 to top for system sounds and all applikations using KDE settings to top I noticed.09:26
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: I have a guide on other box for this.. brb :)09:26
ankan_CPrgmSwR2: okie :) Lets see..09:28
CPrgmSwR2ankan_: lets see what?09:29
ankan_CPrgmSwR2: try this guide for sound over HDMI. http://www.drbig.co.uk/2009/06/26/asrock-ion-330-hdmi-sound-xbmc/09:31
ankan_CPrgmSwR2: and there are additional information in this one also further down in the sections around sound: http://www.xbmc.org/forum/archive/index.php/t-54705.html09:35
CPrgmSwR2ankan_:  I wonder if the problem is that the hda channel is pwoer down after 10 seconds09:35
cybor0slow access to samba share from windows09:37
cybor0someoen help09:37
_Pete_is the access slow only with samba?09:38
CPrgmSwR2sorry my computer froze up09:40
CPrgmSwR2is there a way to reprobe for sound09:42
_Pete_CPrgmSwR2: is this that fantastic working as you said above?09:42
CPrgmSwR2_Pete_: its a sound issue that doesn't even work at the command line09:43
CPrgmSwR2_Pete_: I would be in this boat if I was in gnome09:43
cybor0_Pete_  yes access is slow only to samba09:47
CPrgmSwR2it didn't work09:47
_Pete_cybor0: then I would go to seek samba settings09:47
CPrgmSwR2_Pete_: I think my card is broken by the kernel upgradeds09:49
CPrgmSwR2infact I am missing /dev/ds09:49
CPrgmSwR2infact I am missing /dev/dsp09:49
_Pete_too bad :(09:50
CPrgmSwR2If only hardware makers would support linux this would not be an issue09:51
_Pete_currently this 9.04 is rock solid09:52
_Pete_never had this long uptime with my desktop09:52
CPrgmSwR2other than this sound issue everything is working09:54
cybor0_Pete_ http://wklej.org/id/179419/09:57
_Pete_cybor0: sorry, I dont use samba myself so no much experience09:57
cybor0some help with samba09:57
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: I think I saw somewhere that issues like that could be fixed by removing pulseaudio and then installing it again.09:57
cybor0slow access from windows09:58
cybor0samba config file09:58
_Pete_cybor0: what are the speed with samba and on what network ?09:58
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: I tried that09:59
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: ah =/09:59
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: I have been dealing with this issue for a while now09:59
cybor0100 Mb should be10:00
cybor0but is about 8 Mb10:01
cybor0all hardware is 100% 100Mb/s10:01
cybor0from linux to samba10:01
cybor0transfer is oke10:01
cybor0but from windows to samba is ver very slow10:01
Mist__CPrgmSwR2: oh.. /dev/dsp is OSS, not ALSA I just remembered10:04
CPrgmSwR2Mist__: Oh okaay10:05
CPrgmSwR2I got /dev/dsp showing up10:05
CPrgmSwR2I am going to bed10:06
CPrgmSwR2I am going to wait and see if an update will fix the issue10:06
freaky[t]are there any cool apps for kubuntu i should install? =D10:26
Boufreaky[t]: yakuake?10:28
kenhoob-itCan I import kvirc settings from windows to ubuntu?10:28
freaky[t]i installed it allready ;D10:28
Bouhehe :)10:28
kenhoob-itCan I import kvirc settings from windows to ubuntu?10:28
jussi01is the a good kde/qt alternative to GNUcash?10:31
jussi01kenhoob-it: Id assume so, but dont know. you may have better luck with Mr google ;)10:32
ArkoldThoswhats the name of the twitter plasmoid? :o10:36
suovainaja_jussi - you mean like skrooge?10:38
ArkoldThosthe plasmoid crashes plasma D:10:40
ionut_hi,i want to start programming with php (i use linux ubuntu 8.04 ) and i don't know which application i must install first (i use netbeans 6.7 on windows to program in php,so i thought it will be good to use it also here) but for server what can i use (in windows i use xampp)10:40
suovainaja_you mean to run the php?10:41
ArkoldThosionut_, sudo apt-get install apache2 php510:41
ArkoldThosionut_, and libapache2-mod-php510:42
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suovainaja_ionut, or just install phpmyadmin and it will automatically install server with php10:42
ionut_is better to install phpmyadmin ('cause i know how it works)10:43
ionut_so i must just install phpmy admin and will also install the server automatically?10:43
suovainaja_thats how I always do it10:43
ionut_and it works fine ?10:43
suovainaja_after that 'localhost' should work10:43
ionut_good,i must to start myself the server or it will start automatically10:44
suovainaja_it will start automatically10:44
ionut_nice.the phpmyadmin (i run this command sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin?) then it will install the newer version ?10:45
suovainaja_the newest version available in your distribution10:45
ionut_ow,thx so much10:45
suovainaja_which is pretty old thou10:45
suovainaja_no problem10:46
ionut_one question (web server to configurate automatically  apache2 apache apache-ssl apache-perl and lighttpd ) which i should select?10:46
ionut_apache2  no?10:47
ionut_done,how can i check if the server is on ?10:47
suovainaja_if you want phpmyadmin to be usable, you might still need to install package 'mysql-server'10:47
suovainaja_type localhost in your browser url bar10:47
ionut_IT WORKS xddd10:48
ionut_u know where is located the folder (in windows is htdocs) here wich is ?10:48
suovainaja_you propable need to make it editable by regular user10:49
ionut_how can i do that?10:49
suovainaja_there is a comman line for that but I dont remember10:49
suovainaja_you can also run 'sudo nautilus' and do that via context menu10:50
ionut_so i must to give the permission to all users (chmod ?)10:50
suovainaja_chmod it was10:50
ionut_if i remember good chmod 755 for folders and chmod744 for files10:51
ionut_is that right?10:51
suovainaja_might be, I usually do it via GUI so I dont screw it up xD10:51
ionut_a,got it,one more question and i'm done. i must install also 'mysql-server' ?10:52
suovainaja_if you wish to run mysql stuff like phpmyadmin10:53
suovainaja_but you can try it now @ 'localhost/phpmyadmin'10:53
suovainaja_if it works normally all is installed10:53
ionut_it doesn't work10:54
ionut_it sayes that no phpmyadmin was found10:55
suovainaja_are you sure you didnt make it unaccessible with chmod?10:55
suovainaja_http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ is the address on my computer10:56
ionut_Not Found10:56
ionut_The requested URL /phpmyadmin/ was not found on this server.10:56
ionut_maybe because is not started10:57
suovainaja_it should find the page without mysql too10:58
suovainaja_but it doesent harm to try to install 'mysql-server', since you need it anyway10:58
suovainaja_if its already installed, no harm10:58
ionut_is this the line command sudo apt-get install mysql-server ?10:59
suovainaja_can you give me the chmod command you used so i can test it?11:00
ionut_for folders i used chmod 755 and for files chmod 74411:02
ionut_i've installed the mysql server but it doesn't work not even now11:04
ionut_maybe the apache server is not started11:04
suovainaja_it is if it sais "It Works" on localhost11:05
suovainaja_can you please give me the exact chmod lines you used? I dont remember the syntax11:05
ionut_then it is11:05
ionut_for example i want to give all the permissions to a file that is in www11:05
ionut_then i go myself (in command line) and i type "chmod 744 * "   *=for all files (if u want to give permissions to  a specific file u make "chmod 744 filename"11:06
=== diehaai is now known as thefish
suovainaja_does it work if you make a new php file in /var/www and run it in browser 'localhost/file.php'11:10
ionut_yes it perfectly works11:11
ionut_i've pasted an old project done in php and it works11:11
ionut_thx so much souvainaja11:11
ionut_now ill install netbeans 6.711:11
ionut_what u use to program in php (if u use any application11:12
suovainaja_I like the default text editor in KDE, Kate11:12
suovainaja_in Gnome I used bluefish11:12
ionut_is that good ? ( i mean  u can make packages , a lot of classes ,etc) ?11:13
suovainaja_I do just simple stuff :)11:13
suovainaja_so I cant say11:13
suovainaja_but now I screwed my own computer, I cant enter my own root xD11:14
ionut_what u did?11:14
ubuntucan anyone help me with this ubuntu?11:15
suovainaja_I screw up with chmod :D11:15
=== ubuntu is now known as tweek900
ionut_what have u done?11:16
tweek900can anyone in here help me with ubuntu?11:16
ionut__tweek900 what do u need help for11:16
tweek900well i cant figure much out. i've used windows for the past 17 years lol11:16
Bouionut_: netbeans is fine for php11:16
ionut_then i'll use netbeans 6.711:17
tweek900was told to give this a try and i'm totaly lost. i cant figure out how to install teamspeak and such11:17
ionut_tweek900_ to learn much about ubuntu visit http://ubuntu.com11:17
Boutweek900: sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client (type this in a console)11:17
ionut_first u need to learn much about the console11:18
tweek900bou Package alsa-oss is not available, but is referred to by another package.11:18
tweek900This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or11:18
tweek900is only available from another source11:18
Bouyou maybed need to activate universe/multiverse repo11:20
tweek900idk what that is lol11:20
tweek900ionut_:  i see nothing about learning the console11:21
Boutweek900: from K menu, search for "kpackagekit"11:21
tweek900alright bou got that11:22
Boutweek900: launch it, and in the configuration, activate the "universe  and "multiverse" lines11:22
Boutweek900: Configuration in sidebar > then the modify button11:23
tweek900i dont see configurations or modify button11:23
tweek900i have settings but that doesn't show modify11:23
Bouwhat is shown in settings?11:23
tweek900edit software sources11:23
Bouthat's it11:23
tweek900alright lol11:24
Bousorry i translate from my French install,11:24
tweek900oh n ice11:24
Bouand modify = edit more or less :p11:24
Bouthen check in it the universe and multiverse lines11:24
tweek900where is that?11:24
tweek900third-party software? lol11:25
Boufirst tab of the popup11:25
tweek900i see nothing about multiverse lines11:25
Boumust be something like "Kubuntu software" or "Kubuntu applications" i guess11:25
tweek900yeah i'm there11:25
Boudo you see the list of checkbox?11:25
tweek900i have 5 checkboxes11:25
Bouunder "Downloadable from Internet"11:25
tweek900i see it ok11:26
Bouin parenthesis at the end of each line11:26
Bouso check the universe and multiverse11:26
Bouit will extend your list of installable software11:26
tweek900did that then close11:26
Bouapply and quit11:26
tweek900idk this is going to be a lot to learn =\11:26
tweek900i hope it gets easier11:26
Bouthen in console:   sudo apt-get update (to take your modification in account)11:26
Bouand sudo apt-get install teamspeak-client11:27
tweek900its already updating something11:27
Bou(and now i have to leave for lunch sorry)11:27
Bouanyway, the "sudo apt-get update" won't hurt11:27
tweek900thanks a ton for the help11:27
Bouhave to go11:27
Bouno problem11:27
tweek900take it easy11:27
FloodBotK2Bou: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:27
=== Bou is now known as Bou_lunch
ionut_i've downloaded netbeans 6.7 and now how can i install it on my ubuntu 8.04 (netbeans-6.7.1-ml-linux.sh)11:36
jussi01ionut_: is there a reason you are not using the netbeabs in the repositories?11:37
ionut_net beans in the repositories is 6.0 i need 6.7 (i need php platform)11:38
jussi01ionut_: to install .sh files usually just: ./netbeans-6.7.1-ml-linux.sh11:39
ionut_i must run it in che command line ?11:40
ionut_look "-bash: ./netbeans-6.7.1-ml-linux.sh: Permission denied"11:41
jussi01ionut_: chmod a+x netbeans-6.7.1-ml-linux.sh11:41
jussi01then try again11:41
ionut_i must install jdk first11:42
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper11:43
ionut_jussi01_ i know what means chmod , but a+x what is for ?11:45
jussi01ionut_: man chmod11:46
jussi01ionut_: though just a shorcut, a= all users and x= the executable flag.11:48
ionut_thx,do u know how can i install JDK from the console ?11:49
ionut_i've installed it( Java(TM) SE Development Kit 6 successfully installed.) but look (11:51
ionut_Java SE Development Kit (JDK) was not found on this computer11:51
ionut_JDK 6 or JDK 5 is required for installing the NetBeans IDE. Make sure that the JDK is properly installed and run installer again.11:51
ionut_You can specify valid JDK location using --javahome installer argument.11:51
FloodBotK2ionut_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:52
ArkoldThosthere is something like kmix that works with kde 4 apps? :o like amarok, kaffeine, etc12:21
ionut_does anyone knows from where i can download some nice icons ?12:33
jussi01!themes | ionut_12:34
ubottuionut_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:34
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nameinerJust installed the karmic beta and I can't get X to work. It still worked on an alpha (fully updated) before I installed the beta. Any ideas how to fix that?13:41
Bobencetonameiner: what graphic card do u have?13:43
nameinerBobenceto:  the error message says: VESA(0): No valid modes   and    Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration13:45
Bobencetowhat exactly nvidia?13:51
nameinerBobenceto: GeForce 6800 XT13:52
BluesKajhey all13:53
BobencetoI think you should wait final version13:54
Mamarokhi BluesKaj13:54
BluesKajhi Mamarok13:54
Riddell** testers needed for k3b in karmic, ping me if you can help13:56
nameinerBobenceto: it's a bit odd, that it worked with the alpha before I reinstalled the beta. But now If I install the alpha again and update it breaks too.13:56
Bobencetoi know13:56
Bobencetoprobably some X org issues13:57
BluesKajnameiner, do you have the nvidia-glx-185 driver installed ?13:57
Bobencetomaybe he should reinstall it13:57
nameinerBluesKaj: not yet, but it should at least start with vesa13:58
nameinerBluesKaj: but I will install it now and try again13:58
BluesKajreinstalling won't help to purge it, stop X , then install agian13:59
BluesKajlemme rephrase that . purge it first , then drop to a TTY , stopx , sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop14:00
BluesKajthen install the driver ,and sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start14:00
BluesKajnameiner, did you get that ?14:02
nameinerBluesKaj: yes, but it doesn't start x, it ends booting into a TTY14:03
nameinerthere is no x at all14:03
Bobencetosudo apt-get install xserver-xorg14:04
BluesKajtry those commands anyway , the kernel source/module will open X14:04
nameinerOK, I did, now I'm installing the nvidia package14:06
BluesKajthe xorg file is no longer necessary , that's why it doesn't exist14:07
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nameinerBluesKaj: nvidia-glx-185 is installed but nothing changed14:12
BluesKajdo an update , then upgrade14:14
nameinerBluesKaj: will do that but it will take about an hour (slow connection and a lot of updates). I'll get back to you when it's done. Thanks so far.14:15
BluesKajnameiner, that method worked for many ppl stuck after the devs forgot to load the fix a couple of weeks ago , but it's on the repos now with the upgraded 185 driver , so it should work for you14:17
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nameinerBluesKaj: I'll let you know once the update is done14:18
BluesKajnameiner, ok14:19
luiz_hi all14:40
luiz_i need help with kubuntu 9.0414:42
BluesKaj!ask | luiz_14:43
ubottuluiz_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:43
luiz_ok thanx14:43
luiz_installing samba get this error samba.conf file not found ...14:45
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nameinerBluesKaj: after installing all available updates including updated nvidia-glx-185 I still end up on a TTY15:27
nameinerBluesKaj: startx comes back with the same error as before15:27
BluesKajnameiner,  sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start15:28
nameinerBluesKaj: comes back with an error15:30
nameinerlet me try to get the message pasted15:31
nameinerno sorry15:31
nameinersudo /etc/init.d/kdm start told me to use sudo start kdm instead but I forgot sudo15:32
nameinerkdm is running now15:32
nameinerbut startx still doesn't work15:33
BluesKajforget startx15:33
BluesKajwhat do you have on the scrn now ?15:34
nameinera TTY15:35
BluesKajok, reboot15:37
nameinerBluesKaj: reboot ends after the splash on TTY115:39
BluesKajnameiner, sorry to hear that...you may need to do a partial reinstall , unless someone more knowledgeable can help ...anyone ?15:41
nameinerBluesKaj: partial reinstall? I just did a fresh install this morning, the system is as green as it gets.15:42
BluesKajnameiner, ok let's try the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ...as a last resort15:42
nameinerok, done, only took a second.15:44
BluesKajnameiner, ok what have you got now , a dialog box ?15:45
nameinernothing, still on tty115:45
nameinerscreen flickert a couple times after the prompt came back15:45
BluesKajalright,  sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg15:46
nameinertells me: xserver-xorg is already the newest version15:46
BluesKajnameiner, sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf , check to see what driver is installed15:48
nameinerI just did a ls /etc/X11/ and there is no xorg.conf15:49
BluesKajunder device itshould say something like , nvidia,and underneath that , nvidia corporation15:50
nameinerthe file doesn't even exist15:51
nameinerI wondered about that before but since I heard it's not used like it used to be I thougth they kicked it out completely15:51
BluesKajok when did you install the nvidia driver , before updating or after ?15:52
nameinerbefore, then I updated and just to make sure updated again and it installed a newer version of the nvidia driver15:52
BluesKajlet's purge it , then reinstall15:53
nameinerthat were just my thoughts15:54
BluesKajthe driver15:54
rmrfslashdoes kubuntu (kde 4.3.2) work w/ extended display?15:58
rmrfslashi.e. if I plug an additional display into my laptop.15:59
rmrfslashnever tried this15:59
Bourmrfslash: yes15:59
Boui'm using it right now15:59
rmrfslashbut I'm thinking about purchasing another display15:59
Boutest it with some display before purchasing another one..16:00
Bounot sure it works for everyone out of the box16:00
nameinerBluesKaj: no changes, I rebooted and still end up on tty116:02
Bounameiner: you don't any error message at any time?16:04
Bou*don't have16:05
nameinerBou: no, it shows the splash and after that goes straight to tty116:05
ionut_hi.i have one problem. i have an audio system 5.1  (with 5 casses and 1 bass booster) and i have sound just from 2 of them.how can i activate all of them (what must i install or configurate?)?16:05
Bounameiner: did it work before?16:06
nameinerBou: I had an alpha installed and updated in which it worked, Now I installed fresh from a beta CD and it doesnt work anymore16:07
Bounameiner: are you sure the installation finished correctly?16:08
nameinerBou: I'm pretty sure, I didn't see any error messages while installing16:08
Bouwhat happens if you do a sudo apt-get update, and then sudo apt-get upgrade ? does it propose some updates?16:08
ionut_hi.i have one problem. i have an audio system 5.1  (with 5 casses and 1 bass booster) and i have sound just from 2 of them.how can i activate all of them (what must i install or configurate?)?16:08
nameinerBou: I already updated everything. That didn't help16:09
nameinerBou: are you on 9.10?16:09
Bounope, 9.0416:09
nameinerbou: I just noticed that there is no xorg.conf file on my system16:10
nameineryeah, I'm wondering too16:10
Bouweird, i thought sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg would have created it16:11
Bounameiner: you have an nvidia card?16:12
nameinerBou: yes, GeForce 6800 XT16:12
Boutry sudo nvidia-config16:12
Bousudo nvidia-xconfig  <-- nameiner16:13
nameinerBou: that worked16:14
* BluesKaj recalls that step now ....my old memory failed me that time16:14
nameinerbou: BluesKaj: thanks a lot16:15
nameinerhow can there be no xorg.conf on the system, it looks like it needs it16:15
BluesKajnameiner, thank bou ...I should have thought of that step16:15
nameinerwell, you both helped16:17
BluesKajnameiner, do you have a desktop now?16:17
nameineryeah, it was the missing xorg.conf, nvidia-xconfig complained about it and created one and now it works16:18
Bounameiner: great :)16:19
* BluesKaj places that command in the text file for nvidia cmnds16:19
Bounvidia tools saved my life quite often16:19
Bouyou can try nvidia-settings then16:19
Bouto configure it16:19
nameinerI didn't need the tools before, I'll file a bug about the missing xorg.conf if it doesn't exist yet16:20
BluesKajok gotta run some errands ..bbl16:21
=== ocs is now known as faLUC3
nameinerBou: it's good to know they exist though16:24
Bou nameiner : i find it very useful to configure twinview actually16:25
nameinerBou: I don't use a second monitor so I never had the need to use the nvidia tools16:30
basyHi are there any Rapidshare download tools for KDE?16:45
Mamarokhi arcanjo16:58
arcanjodo you work?16:59
Mamarokarcanjo: this is a support question, do you have a support question?16:59
Mamaroksupport channel*16:59
arcanjothis irc..for questions for thinclints etc?17:01
arcanjoour someone this irc?17:01
Mamarokarcanjo: for questions regarding the Kubuntu distribution17:01
magatzi've installed kubuntu 9.04 inin enlish bit id'd like to add a speller for italian.17:01
magatzis iti possible?17:01
Mamarokmagatz: yes, just add the Italian language packages17:01
Mamarokarcanjo: not exactly...17:02
magatzi've tried the òanigage-pack-kde-it but it's marked as a blocked update17:02
magatzi've tried the language-pack-kde-it but it's marked as a blocked update17:03
Mamarokmagatz: it usually says also why, I guess you lack some dependencies, which KDE do you use?17:03
magatzkde 4.3.2 karmic backports17:04
arcanjoaptitude install language-support-writing-it17:04
arcanjoi use kde4 in portugues-br17:04
arcanjoi installed languagens.....17:05
Mamarokarcanjo: please, if you are not sure, just don't, that is not a package name17:05
magatzdoes this package support spelling in kmail composition?17:06
Mamarokmagatz: it's language-support-it, this should drag in all the necessary packages17:06
arcanjofor languagens package language for italian language17:06
Mamarokmagatz: you then add Italian to the used languages in the systemsettings17:06
angздрасет вам17:07
Mamarok!ru | ang17:07
ubottuang: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:07
ang<Mamarok и что дальше17:09
Mamarokang: English only, please17:09
angт.е. ты меня не понимаешь?17:10
Mamarokang: please stop, we do not speak Russian here, go to #ubuntu-ru17:10
ang<Mamarok> ок , но и с вами тоже прикольно ))17:11
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zoraelHow do I switch between using plasma-netbook and plasma-desktop? Both are starting automatically atm, after having installed the netbook packages onto a normal installation17:25
kynarionhi, I've got a strange problem installing libboost-system-dev: no installation candidate. BUT: other boost libs at the same install work properly17:27
kynarioneg. serialisation17:27
Mamarokzorael: if you don't have a netbook you should remove plasma-netbook17:28
Mamarokzorael: and please ask in #ubuntu+ on for Karmic related questions17:29
Mamarok#ubuntu+1, sorry17:29
zoraelMamarok: roger17:29
Mamarokkynarion: which KDE version?17:29
genii!info libboost-system-dev17:32
ubottuPackage libboost-system-dev does not exist in jaunty17:32
kynariongreat... wtf?17:32
genii!info libboost-system1.37-dev17:32
ubottulibboost-system1.37-dev (source: boost1.37): Operating system (e.g. diagnostics support) library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.37.0-3ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 129 kB, installed size 1512 kB17:32
kynarionuniverse is active17:33
kynarionwhat can I do?17:33
geniiLooks like it doesn't have some metapackage named libboost-system-dev17:33
geniikynarion: Try the libboost-system1.37-dev17:34
kynarionit will remove ALL old boost builds17:36
geniikynarion: You have older 1.35 installed of other libs?17:37
kynarionseems to be 1.3417:37
kynarionbut it's fresh installed :-|17:37
kynarionyesterday bypt-get libboost-dev17:38
Mamarokkynarion: current packages in Karmic will be 1.38, even17:38
geniikynarion: Does: apt-cache policy libboost-dev    show both versions of 1.34 and 1.37 or just the older?17:39
kynariononly 1.3417:40
kynarionas candidate, installed <none17:40
genii!info libboost-system1.34-dev17:41
ubottuPackage libboost-system1.34-dev does not exist in jaunty17:41
* genii sips his coffee and thinks17:41
heberthbuenas a todos17:44
macoheberth: english?17:44
geniiToo late17:45
kynarionwell, it seems to work now, thank you117:47
kynarionbye :)17:49
jimmy51_i'm running kubuntu 9.04.  if i leave a flash video open (such as youtube vid) and come back later, my sound stutters like crazy until i kill the offending process.  is this a known issue?18:12
jimmy51_(firefox as browser)18:12
tsimpsonit's more likely a flash plugin issue18:14
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amgarchIn9how do I avoid UbuntuOne applet starting in KDE sessions? Caannot get rid of it!19:09
Bouanyone under Karmic around?19:11
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njathanis it just me or is it a bug with korganizer in kubuntu 9.04? My "Day", "Week" and "Work Week" in korganizer are blank. However, i can see my events in month view...19:42
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kakohhello guys19:53
jmolinaalguien de mexico20:00
jmolinamm creo que nadie vea20:04
jamesjedimaster!es | jmolina20:04
ubottujmolina: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:04
jmolinaahh ok gracias soy primeriso jeje20:04
jamesjedimasteror #ubuntu-mx20:05
NeremorI try to add a function to play dvd's with vlc media player. to the device-action list. I create a new action called "Play DVD with VLC". Then I click "Edit" and use the same conditions like they are used for "Play DVD with kaffeine". As Command I enter "vlc -vvv %f". When I click OK to save my changes, i get the error that either the action-name or the command or the symbol or one of the conditions is wrong. Any Idea why?20:07
Zuz|Kubuntuhey guys, i installed a voip software called Ekiga but i cant find it anywhere in the menu, but when i look into the installers it says its installed20:15
Neremoror could at least tell me anyone where i can manually add an action to the device-actions? i mean where is the config file therefore saved?20:21
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ionut_does anyone knows the link for ubuntu romanian irc?20:38
jamesjedimaster#ubuntu-ro ?20:41
sourcemaker_I have a urgend problem with firefox... firefox does not ask me for rember the passwords...20:42
sourcemaker_so the button "remember password" is not visible after a enter a new password20:42
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ionut_sourcemaker_  you may have ecxeptions for some sites20:49
sourcemaker_no... I haven't20:49
ionut_maybe u have ur cache full20:50
ionut_try to clean it20:50
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bulletxthi, does the alternate cd of kubuntu offer an installation type with ltsp?20:58
=== vlad is now known as fedor126
bulletxtsomeone knows?21:02
ionut_what is an Itsp (an acronim?)21:02
bulletxtionut_: Linux Terminal Server Project21:02
bulletxtif you press F4, it shows up a list of stuff. Ubuntu has ltsp in that menu, im not sure of kubuntu though21:03
bulletxtpress f4 at the live boot menu21:03
ionut_ok,i'll try21:03
ionut_thx for the info21:03
ionut_i didn't knowed21:04
bulletxtionut_: are you able to try it now?21:05
bulletxtI could download the iso and test it by myself, but if you already have it you'll do me a favour :)21:05
ionut_i have ubuntu 8.0421:07
ionut_i have not kubuntu21:07
bulletxtok no problem, I'll download the iso and test it21:08
webbb82can i install flash and shockawave  from synaptic21:12
bulletxtwebbb82: there is no shockwave for linux, for flash install "flashplugin-installer"   from synaptic21:13
webbb82bulletxt, thanks21:15
webbb82would i need to reboot to get the flash to work21:18
OsKahi.  how do i tell if a bluetooth adapter is installed?21:19
OsKalsbluetooth ?21:19
OsKait's connected via usb21:19
vistakillerhi i have problem with akregator in karmic21:20
vistakillerafter the last update it crash with file retriever error:21:20
vistakillerany idea?21:20
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:22
vistakilleranyone have idea with akregator?21:24
vistakillerwhat error is this?21:24
high-rezvistakiller: Only thing I can recommend is to get a backtrace and add it to a bug report...  I've updated his morning and its working for me...  Sounds like a bug though, even if you had a corrupt reference it should still handle the error condition without having to assert etc.21:24
vistakillerit works before one day fine21:25
vistakillerin the morning i do it --purge remove and after i insall it again and it works21:25
vistakilleri have logout after and now it crash again :P21:26
vistakillerwhy linux is not having a good rss reader21:26
vistakillerall the programmes is buggy21:26
vistakillerand liferea is worst..21:26
high-rezvistakiller: There's nothing stopping you from debugging the core and providing a patch.  I've done that a number of times for applications I had issues with...21:28
vistakillerbut i dont know to do this..21:29
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vistakillerand sometimes i think that none use this programmes or not a developer..21:29
SadlyHello, can someone tell me the apt line of Universe and Multiuniverse... I can't see them in my list21:29
high-rezThen the next best thing to do is to file a bug report, I think...  If you provide all of the appropriate data, somebody will look at it.  *ubuntu people seem to be fairly good at squashing bugs, though it seems sometimes its easier to take it directly to the application developer.  At the end of the day, if you've found a bug and can't fix it yourself, the next best thing is to report it to the right people - because you may have triggered a scenario th21:31
bulletxthigh-rez: http://pastebin.com/m2ae4bf621:32
bulletxtsorry, it was for Sadly http://pastebin.com/m2ae4bf621:32
high-rezNo worries ;)21:33
Sadlyohm thanks, I am going to see it21:33
vistakillernow i see that it crash and when i do right click to an rss ...21:33
vistakillerwho have dmg the programme so hard? was working fine before the update..21:34
Sadlybulletxt it say IT.etc..... It is italian??? Am i going to install all in italian??21:35
bulletxtSadly: lol, no. that's just a mirror.21:35
Sadlyoh ok21:35
fedor126    /part #kubuntu21:35
Sadlythen I add all the lines in the APT LINES...21:36
bulletxtSadly: yea, then run sudo apt-get update21:36
bulletxtSadly: or Reload if you are using snaptic21:36
Sadlyoh ok...21:36
Sadlyi am with... 4th line21:36
Sadlythanks, i will tell you if it works...21:37
bulletxtthere aren't reasons for it to not work21:37
Sadly(i need universe and multiuniverse to "sudo apt-get install unrar" works...) really??21:37
bulletxtput that lines in /etc/apt/sources.list , then run sudo apt-get update. or put those lines in synaptic and then do reload21:37
bulletxtSadly: are you on ubuntu 9.04?21:38
bulletxtSadly: those lines are for ubuntu 9.0421:38
vistakilleranyone else running kubuntu karmic in the planet earth?21:39
Sadlybulletxt i am in Kubuntu 8.0421:40
bulletxtSadly: then those lines aren't ok for ubuntu 8.0421:40
bulletxtSadly: they are, but you must replace "jaunty" string with "hardy"21:41
SadlyI only want to install unrar and rar...21:41
Sadlyok, hardy... it is most easy21:41
BluesKajvistakiller, check #ubuntu+121:41
Sadlyi am going to try21:41
bulletxtSadly: are you on ubuntu 8.04 32bit?21:42
vistakilleri have look and there with no luck :(21:42
Sadlybulletxt i am in Kubuntu 8.04 32bits21:42
bulletxtSadly: then look, just download this deb and you're done:  http://mirrors.cat.pdx.edu/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/u/unrar-nonfree/unrar_3.7.8-1_i386.deb21:43
BluesKajvistakiller, #ubuntu+1 is karmic support21:43
Sadlyok, i am going to try21:43
bulletxtSadly: do as I said and you're done. if you gave me correct information just download that deb21:43
Sadlybut something of hardy universe is updating in APT GET..21:43
bulletxtSadly: that deb is the exact same deb synaptic will download.21:44
Sadlyi need ubuntu-restricted-extras to codecs???21:44
Sadlythat is UNIVERSE too? is it?21:45
Sadlywell, first i am going to see the unrar..21:45
SadlyIt is installing... but say "non-free-edition"21:47
SadlyI hope it is not expiring..21:47
alanpI recently upgraded to Karmic from Jaunty.  When I click the Application Launcher, for some reason it aligns at the TOP LEFT of the screen instead of the bottom left.  My desktop is completely broken with a grey and white checkered background that has no functionality.  Also, no open applications add themselves to the task bar.  I've tried removing .kde with no luck also.  What's going on?21:50
BluesKajalanp, #ubuntu+1 is karmic support21:54
Sadlythank u so much, i just finished the installation22:00
SadlyGood night everybody22:00
Sadlysee you soon22:00
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Zuz|Kubuntuman Adept tells me this software is installed butI cannot find it anywhere...  Anyone know a way to find out?  im talking about Ekiga22:04
jamesjedimastertry executing it via Terminal22:10
gigasofti have a problem with audio capture, everything works from hardware22:15
gigasoftwith skype is mu pain ..22:15
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Zuz|Linux_anyone around?23:13
Zuz|Linux_im still having problems finding that program23:13
tredwhat program?23:14
Zuz|Linux_i downloaded a software with adept, it says its installed and all, i just cant find where it is23:14
xakerВсем привет23:14
tredu may have to use dolphin to search for it, but it is probably in /usr/bin23:15
tredthen u need to add it to ur kicker menu23:15
EqualizeR_keep in mind that Ekiga uses gtk23:17
Zuz|Linux_let me try to find23:17
Zuz|Linux_alt+F2 doesnt do anything mcuch23:17
Zuz|Linux_i type Ekiga in it and nothing happens23:18
geos_dewhat does sudo apt-get install ekiga say?23:19
tredi have to manually search then add stuff to kicker after installing it sometimes23:20
geos_deekiga ist voip isn't it?23:20
Zuz|Linux_its installed23:21
geos_dehave you tried twinkle? Works fine here...23:21
Zuz|Linux_havent tried that23:22
tantrahi, i need help. i can't play poker on facebook. i already install flash & java and also try several browser from opera, chrome to firefox. what did i miss? thank you23:22
Zuz|Linux_but i wanted to do23:22
gigasoft_Najteze je prvih 9 meseci.23:23
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Zuz|Linux_i still cant find it23:43
Zuz|Linux_not even on the /etc folder nor on bin folder23:43
Zuz|Linux_this is weird23:43
tredlook in /usr/bin/23:46
EqualizeRdo you tried running it from the shell?23:47
treduse the dolphin search tool to look, use *ekiga* in searrch field and use file:\\\ as directory23:48
Blackwingggyssh** again23:49
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Tweek900i need help23:58
Tweek900anyone here in the helping mood?23:59

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