DanaGDamn Synaptics.00:00
Lunisso yeah... why does grub2 make XP x64 crash during boot?00:00
Twigathywfm :o00:01
cwillu_at_work(works for me)00:02
* DanaG sees no point in XP64.... at least Vista64 and Win7_64 are more worth it.00:02
Twigathyworks for me00:02
cwillu_at_workLunis, exceedingly unlikely that it's making xp crash;  if xp boots at all, then grub has done its job00:02
Twigathywindows is only there for games, here. And I've no particularly exotic hardware, so drivers for xp x64 are not a problem either.00:03
Luniswell it's strange because it booted fine, then i reinstall grub, it doesn't work, so i assume i did some bad driver things, reinstalled xp, it worked fine, reinstalled grub again and the same problem, xp crashes midway through boot00:03
Lunisyeah i only have it for games and the few arcane (pardon the pun) D&D tabletop tools00:03
amon_paull: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:04
amon_see Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD00:04
Ian_CorneI use it to play wow because wine maps my 6 button to something else and thats it :p00:04
Luniswell I play too many games that don't work in wine00:05
LunisMMOs to be specific-ish00:05
Lunismainly DDO and DFO and Mabinogi00:05
jarAnyone know how to force Firefox to obey GNOME's freetype settings?00:05
jarI set GNOME to use a less blurry font setting and Firefox is still using subpixel rendering.00:06
DanaGWine also sucks at dealing with audio.00:06
DanaGOr at least it did last time I tried.00:07
Lunistrue story00:07
cwillu_at_workjar, have you restarted firefox completely?00:07
jarcwillu_at_work, I've gone through many many reboots since the change.00:07
jarIt's just still bothering me.00:07
cwillu_at_workby less blurry, you mean turning off antialiasing?00:07
jarNo, they're still antialiased.00:08
jarI just disabled subpixel rendering.00:08
* BUGabundo pokes cwillu_at_work with a big stick00:08
cwillu_at_workyou're on a crt?00:08
* cwillu_at_work is poked by a big stick00:08
jarI just hate subpixel hinting.00:08
jarIt's TOO thick.00:08
BUGabundocwillu_at_work: miss you bud!00:08
* cwillu_at_work huggles BUGabundo00:08
jarI switched it over to "Best shapes"00:08
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: is still alive!00:08
BUGabundoI didn't show up for my bday  :(00:08
BUGabundogreat party last night!00:09
bjsniderare the 100 paper cuts fixed?00:09
cwillu_at_workBUGabundo, I probably won't show up for mine either :p00:09
DanaGyou know there's an "advanced" button, right?00:09
BUGabundobjsnider: we wish :)00:09
jarDanaG, You mean me? Yes - I used to manually configure freetype via its .conf files on other distros.00:09
BUGabundoIan_Corne: and kicking00:09
jarMy font settings are fine - Firefox just isn't obeying them.00:10
jarNeither are QT apps.00:10
jarAll other GNOME/GTK apps are doing fine.00:10
jarThis was a clean install as of beta100:10
jarbeen updated since.00:10
jarClean install of Netbook Remix on my Toshiba NB205 yields the same issue.00:11
DanaGgrr, stupid ipw2200.00:11
hsarciis there any possible way to tweek the power settings even more? something similar to kde's power manager perhaps?00:11
cwillu_at_workjar, everything in firefox, or just the content itself? (i.e., do the menu's look right?)00:11
DanaGFirmware error detected.  Restarting.00:11
DanaGFirmware error detected.  Restarting.00:11
DanaGFirmware error detected.  Restarting.00:11
DanaGover and over.00:11
jarcwillu_at_work, Yes, all the XUL dialogs are using subpixel hinting.00:11
DanaGIntel better than Broadcom? Not in this case!00:11
jarcwillu_at_work, I can supply a screenshot if that would help.00:13
cwillu_at_workjar, nah, I believe you, screenshot wouldn't really add much;  just trying to work out if it's a rendering option in firefox, but it doesn't sound like it00:13
jarcwillu_at_work, Yeah - it's an issue in QT apps such as VLC too.00:14
CJHardHey everyone, I'm having some trouble booting00:14
CJHardI get to EXT4-fs (sda8): internal journal on sda8:8 and it just does not continue00:15
CJHardI think normally at this point udev is supposed to start, but nothing happens00:16
cwillu_at_workCJHard, cryptsetup installed?00:18
CJHardI'm not quite sure I've heard of that one. Is  that used to encrypt the home directory?00:18
cwillu_at_workyou know, it's probably best to ignore me right now :p00:19
CJHardif you can help me, I'd rather not ignore you00:19
cwillu_at_worknot sure I can help you, although I can certainly make things worse :p00:19
CJHardMy last successful reboot was the 15th00:20
joelleSo, it seems desktop switcher corrupted my UNR. Is there any way (the obvious didn't work) to completely remove UNR, then reinstall it?00:20
CJHardis apt-get remove and apt-get install the obvious in this situation?00:21
Lunisin my experience, the desktop switcher corrupts everything :<00:21
joelleCJHard: indeed.00:21
CJHardlast time I used the desktop switcher it just messed up my home folder00:22
CJHardtry deleting some .files and .directories00:22
joelleany specific ones?00:22
Lunisp.s. what about apt-get purge; apt-get install?00:22
joelleapt-get purge?00:22
CJHardthat won't work, if it's your personal configuration that's messed up you need to revert your settings00:23
CJHardyou may be able to back everything personal up, create a new user, and restore your personal settings manually00:23
joellethat's a damned good idea, actually00:23
CJHardI'm pretty certain that's how I fixed it for myself. It's been a while00:24
joellethough, which dot folders have the desktop config, I can just remove them00:24
CJHard.config has a bunch of junk, .gnome2, .gnome, .gconfsomethingorother00:24
haven489so what do people expect for ubuntu 9.10?00:25
CJHardjust backup the entire directory or rename it to something.bak, and logout and back in00:25
joellegood call.00:26
joelleI will be back, maybe00:26
Lunishaven489, hopefully not too much ;)00:26
CJHardif it's not the right one, restore, rinse and renew00:26
haven489Lunis: Well some more driver support for me00:26
haven489I join the testing team and i am using it right now00:26
cwillu_at_workhaven489, tears and papercuts, mostly00:26
CJHardso anybody know of any ways I can troubleshoot my troubles? I've determined it's not the kernel. I can also switch VT's so it's not a hard lockup00:27
haven489what are you trying to trouble shoot? hardware, Software, BIOS. what?00:27
CJHardKarmic won't boot00:27
CJHardit stops after  EXT4-fs (sda8): internal journal on sda8:800:28
daviscCJHard: What type of machine is it?00:28
CJHardEee PC 1000H00:28
daviscYou have an sda8? Wow00:28
CJHardThat's my root00:28
daviscThat's a lot of partitions...00:28
DanaGstupid non-working Intel2200.00:28
haven489it probably cant find the space or the specifid drive CJHard00:28
haven489submit a bug report00:29
daviscCJHard: Are you sure sda8 is accurate?00:29
CJHardYeah, I manually partitioned it myself00:29
CJHardsda1 boot, sda2 is extended, sda6 is home, sda7 is currently  unused, sda8 is my second install which is now my primary install, and sda5 is swap00:30
CJHardhome and boot were used for the old primary install. everything is located on sda8 on this one00:31
* davisc would have used LVM for a setup like that, but hey00:31
CJHardit used to be that  LVM installed Lilo instead of grub and I didn't want Lilo00:31
CJHardI dunno how it works now, it's been too long00:32
daviscReally? I have LVM on a load of machines and never had to use LILO00:32
daviscBut that's another argument00:32
CJHardI think last time I tried it was a release or two after Warty00:33
daviscSo the /boot for karmic is within sda8?00:33
daviscCan you pastebin the grub config?00:33
CJHardsure, gimme a sec00:33
jamieleshawHello, has the install slideshow reference to Ubuntu Software Center been corrected from Software Store to Software Center?00:34
FreeaqingmeI'm just staring at my clock in the taskbar, and it seems to be skipping every few secs one second, and a few secs later there's one second that lasts the time of two seconds. There's no ntpd running, any clues?00:35
BUGabundosome ppl take me out of the serious! saying ext3/4 is faster and better then ext2 on SDs ;( http://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/issues/detail?id=557#c2400:35
CJHardI'm unable to boot into any kernel, or recovery mode btw00:35
haven489CJHard: if i were you i would try and boot from the disk of what ever Linux OS you are useing make a backup of all your important files and whipe your drives00:36
DanaGhmm, you can use ext4 without a journal, by the way.00:36
DanaGNo, a total wipe is not a first-stop for fixing stuff.00:37
DanaGIt should be a last resort, after other things you've tried have failed.00:37
CJHardhaven489: I am trying to avoid that, that's my last resort solution00:37
haven489but he has been trying everything00:37
CJHardI haven't tried everything yet, just the things I can think up myself00:37
haven489well try the first part. boot from your CD or DvD00:38
davischaven489: Not so easy on an eeePC00:38
CJHardI'm talking to you from a live usb of UNR ;)00:38
CJHardlatest Karmic beta in fact00:38
DanaGhmm, what sort of error messages were you getting upon trying to boot?00:38
haven489yea, but its possible00:39
CJHardI don't recall ever seeing error messages. just the normal logging and then nothing00:39
DanCI'm trying to upgrade to 9.10 beta; I did  sudo do-release-upgrade -d and after an hour or so of downloading packages, I got:00:39
DanCDone downloading00:39
DanCException during pm.DoInstall():  E:Couldn't configure pre-depend openoffice.org-core for openoffice.org-filter-binfilter, probably a dependency cycle.00:39
daviscCJHard: So the Karmic install probably wrote the new grub config and since you don't have a common /boot, it didn't see the old kernels and didn't add them (Doesn't explain your problem, only why you don't have the option to boot into your old install)00:40
DanCknown problem?00:40
DanaGhmm, try this next time it hangs (most likely in mountall, knowing how much of a pain mountall is):00:40
DanCoh... hmm... I started again, and it's making more progress this time. unpacking lots of packages.00:40
DanaGKills upstart jobs, but doesn't nuke everything.00:41
DanaGCJHard: messages for you (so others don't get confused).00:41
CJHarddavisc: I've had this install since Jaunty00:41
DanaGoh, and boot without "quiet splash".00:41
CJHardDanaG: I will jot that down on paper. I tried a few magic sysrq keys in restore mode and couldn't make heads or tails of anything00:42
DanaGE is for "tErminate".00:42
DanaGoh, and alt-sysrq-H prints the list of possible magic sysrq keys.00:42
CJHardmountall does make sense, a few hours after my last reboot mountall was upgraded00:42
CJHardalt-sysrq-pause/break does too I think00:43
CJHard(discovered that by mistake :D)00:43
DanaGyeah... it tends to just mysteriously hang.  Especially if there are errors in fstab.00:43
CJHardshould I pastebin my fstab for judgement?00:43
DanaGSure, it's worth a try.00:43
daviscCJHard: Does /var/log/dmesg on sda8 have anything (I know it's a long shot)00:44
Lunisok so, if i just apt-get install grub will that do everything needed to make grub legacy magic happen? or are there other hacks I would have to perform?00:44
myk_robinsonany of you tried any of the alternatives to Flash? Looking for something that will comfortably play full screen video without tearing on sites like Hulu or Youtube00:45
CJHarddavisc:nothing new it looks like00:45
CJHardI don't think it's logging yet before it stops working00:46
* davisc thinks UUIDs in boot configs are more hassle than they're worth00:46
daviscCJHard: Yeah, which is why I thought it was a long shot00:46
CJHardlots of EXT4-fs stuff about cleaning up orphans and deleting unreferenced inodes...00:47
CJHardalthough the system worked for that particular boot00:47
daviscI can never quite understand how a root FS can fail to start when the kernel has been read from the same file system....00:47
CJHardmy thoughts exactly00:48
CJHardI don't think it's the root fs failing, but something that is supposed  to load after that step in the boot process00:48
CJHardAccording to my previous logs, udev starts right after the internal journal bit00:48
daviscCJHard: I've had a look at my dmesg there and "mounted filesystem with writeback data mode" is what comes after the message you get00:49
BUGabundosee you guys tomorrow. night00:49
daviscCJHard: And in my dmesg, udev starts before you get that message00:49
savidI've popped in the ubuntu 9.10 live CD to check it out on my laptop, and my laptop doesn't last very long due to it not cooling properly (it completely freezes up, my caps-lock and num-lock keys are flashing,  and the computer gets extremely hot. ).  Any ideas why this is happening?00:49
virtualddavisc: That's because the boot loader loads the Kernel and initramfs00:49
CJHardhmm. I don't recall seeing udev starting on my previous attempts to boot into recovery00:51
daviscvirtuald: You'd think if the bootloader can successfully mount and read the disk, the kernel should be able to too...00:51
CJHardexploring the thought that it may just be udev failing, is there any way I can check that?00:51
daviscCJHard: dmesg ;-p00:52
CJHardwhat if I just regenerate a new initramfs?00:52
CJHardthat would affect only one kernel...00:52
* CJHard looks at the last time initramfs was generated for all kernels00:52
daviscI have seen a wonky initramfs being created and causing big problems...00:53
CJHardall initrd.img files were generated Wednesday 14, which is the day before my last successful boot, and 2.6.31-14 was made on the 17th, the night my problems began00:54
CJHardTo put a context on this, I generated the initrd.img files manually troubleshooting some problems I was having with a custom kernel build. I eventually fixed it though00:55
virtualddavisc: Linux tries to use the root fs passed as the root= argument which should work with the same UUID as grub uses. I haven't seen your config. Is it grub 1 or 2? Btw use blkid to get the UUID00:55
DanaGFailed to load module "evdev" (module requirement mismatch, 0)00:55
DanaGxorg-edgers PPA seems screwed up.00:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sendmail00:56
ubottuMail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com00:56
DanaGhmmm, what's the simplest sendmail thingamajigger?00:56
daviscvirtuald: Oh my machine is fine. It's just something that's always confused me :-)00:56
virtualdOh ok00:56
CJHardThis is bugging me00:59
haven489CJHard: R U still trying to fix your system the eeePC?01:00
CJHardyeah. it's my baby. I can't just wipe with no disregard01:01
CJHardand by that I meant no regard01:01
CJHarddouble negatives ftl01:01
haven489well if you can get it to boot from somthing you can get the information from it before the wiping...I know you dont want to but i dont see any other alternative, unless you have a repair CD or DVD for what ever Linux you are trying to boot from...01:02
CJHardoh, I also was able to chroot and apt-get update/upgrade/force install/etc etc with no problem01:02
CJHardI'm typing from a live usb of Karmic on the machine right now01:02
haven489can you get into your hard drives media? can you mount it?01:03
CJHardyeah, no problem at all with that01:03
CJHardI chrooted to it and ran updates01:03
haven489find the files you want to keep01:03
Lunisgrub2 breaks windows. legacy grub, not so much... D:01:03
CJHardI wanna keep it all though D:01:04
haven489let me se01:04
haven489do you know what files are broken or missing?01:04
CJHardnot a clue. I'm starting to think it's mountall that's causing the trouble after it was mentioned01:05
haven489well is there a way to revert back to your old installation? i know you can do that...01:05
DanaGCJHard: oops, I missed your pastebin... I'm busy mucking around with nouveau.01:06
CJHardI need to find a deb of the previous version of mountall, chroot into the root partition, and then dpkg -i01:06
haven489like a point in time where your settings worked. It gets saved in your BIOS, but when you revert it deletes all the file that you had saved after that point01:06
CJHardDanaG: my fstab pastebin? http://pastebin.com/m29b76aa301:06
BluesKajCJHard, if you have access to a live cd , a clean install of the live cd is prolly in order and you can save your data  if you use the manual partitoning option on your /  partition.  That's how I rescued my install from disaster. You may need to reinstall some apps  but their config files will have remained intact so your settings will be retained.'01:07
DanaGCJHard: hmm, try taking out all the tmpfs ones.01:07
DanaGer, commenting out.01:08
haven489thats what ive been trying to say BluesKaj01:08
BluesKajhaven489, I just got here , guess i should have scrolled up01:08
CJHardDanaG: I'll give that a shot later. Where can I find a copy of the previous mountall deb?01:08
CJHardBluesKaj: I'm saving that as my last resort01:08
CJHardvery very last resort01:08
haven489BluesKaj: no im thanking you01:09
ikus060Hi, I wonder if any one here have experience any issue lately using the latest nvidia driver01:09
DanaGlemme find old version.01:09
BluesKajCJHard, it works , i did it twice :)01:09
haven489none here01:09
CJHardI know it works, but I've also got a few dpkg-diverts with customized icons and customized config files in /etc and all sorts of junk01:10
CJHardI regularly check to make sure they're not causing troubles on updates though01:10
DanaGweird... I know there's somewhere you can find old versions... I just can't find it.01:10
CJHardI think launchpad has it, but I have no idea how to navigate launchpad01:10
CJHardI've saved network-manager through launchpad old packages once01:11
DanaGhad to go packages.ubuntu.com -> find package -> bugs -> "overview" -> changelogs.01:12
DanaGand there, click a version.01:12
CJHardOoh binfmt_misc is optional now? That came a little late, I had to rebuild a kernel three times because I forgot to enable that by accident...01:13
BluesKajcustomized icons eh...hmm i guess we have differnt priorities :)01:13
CJHardBluesKaj: I butcher the crap out of my Ubuntu :D01:13
CJHarddowngrading mountall01:16
haven489lets see if that works01:17
CJHardif it doesn't work, I'll be back in a few minutes. if it does work, I'll be back in a few seconds. Live usb boots kinda slowly... In any case, be right back01:18
bjsniderikus060, there was an issue with the 0ubuntu5 version, but subsequent releases are fixed01:22
haven489BluesKaj: i dont think it worked01:23
ikus060bjsnider, ok. Well according to synaptic, I'm using 0ubuntu7. Is there a way to make sure There is no residual from 0ubuntu5 version ?01:24
BluesKajhaven489, reinstalling takes a while01:25
bjsniderikus060, yes, because you're using the 0ubuntu7 version. i don't know what a residual is, but you have the correct version01:26
ikus060bjsnider, by risidual I mean file from version 0ubuntu5 that are still there...01:27
CJHardthat didn't work out too well. did a lot of nothing01:28
DanaGhmm, did you try the TERM thingy?  alt-sysrq-E?01:28
DanaGDid it give you a shell, at least?01:28
ikus060bjsnider, do you have a nvidia card ? Mine is a GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS01:28
CJHardno shell either01:29
bjsniderikus060, yes i does01:29
DanaGI wonder if it's just fsck'ing.01:29
ikus060bjsnider, lately I've been experiencing crash in every application that involve opengl01:29
bjsniderbut not that old clunker01:29
ikus060ha ok01:29
CJHardit can't be fsck'ing because I fsck'ed here in the live usb and got nothing01:30
CJHardit was clean, no stalls or anything01:30
bjsniderikus060, let me explain what's what01:30
haven489well there is always my way...But well i dont want you to loose yer stuff01:30
DanaGhmm, what was the last thing it did?01:31
bjsniderikus060, nvidia's driver is supported by them and only them. so you should go to the nvforums and tell them about that. you should also get a newer card01:31
DanaGIt's possible tty1 is just not starting... and tty2 IS starting.01:31
DanaGI ran into that, also.01:31
bjsniderikus060, the 7k cards are obsolete01:32
BluesKajbjsnider, there's no reason why a GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS won't work unless he has some kernel source problem , which i suspect is the case01:32
CJHardthe last thing that shows up in the screen's log is ext4 stuff and recognition of the fact that I indeed have a harddrive and usb device01:33
BluesKajbjsnider, I'm running a geforce 7600GT without any probs01:33
bjsniderBluesKaj, i'm just saying that the chips on those old things are obsolete. his problem must be solved by nvidia, because that's their driver and we have nothing to do with it01:33
BluesKajthat card is supported by the glx-185 driver01:34
bjsniderBluesKaj, have you had console text display issues with that card in the past?01:34
BluesKajnope, just some glitches , that i managed to solve myself01:35
ElijahCMenifeewow all this time a mistyped password in /etc/ldap.secret (do not know the password, only have finger memory from years of use) that was keeping root from being able to validte users...01:35
bjsniderwell, the <8k cards had console display problems that did not happen on the newer cards01:36
bjsniderchips, that is01:36
bjsnideramongst other things01:36
BluesKajI did have to use the an nvidia supplied driver for a couple of weeks but that was due to a lag in the dev of 64 bit drivers01:36
bjsniderone day soon nvidia will stop releasing reliable drivers for the <8k stuff01:36
CJHardohey when did swap get uncommented in fstab...01:37
cwillu_at_workikus060, try reverting to the libc packages linked on bug 42900301:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429003 in eglibc "[karmic] Xorg (and anything GLX) crashes on startup" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42900301:38
CJHardI'm going to reboot with everything commented but root and proc in my fstab01:38
ElijahCMenifeenow to figure out the ldap auto-mapper stuff...01:39
BluesKajbjsnider, there are ppl here who are successfully using 6series cards on karmic01:41
* cwillu_at_work adds haven489 to his ignore list01:41
filgyhaven489: awesome yo where do i sign up?01:41
bjsniderBluesKaj, how do you define success?01:41
filgyI'm using an nvidia 6600 in karmic01:42
haven489ill put up URL01:42
filgyif that is what the discusion is about01:42
ikus060cwillu_at_work: look similar to my issue01:42
filgyworks fine01:42
BluesKajbjsnider, lets not get into define this, define that ... it works for they want01:42
filgysure sometimes a HD flash video will not play great... but that is Flash's fault not the nvidia drivers01:43
CJHardHAHAHAHAHA! I feel like the biggest dimwit alive right now01:43
CJHardswap partition is busted01:43
CJHardand I knew that already01:43
CJHardbut somehow I managed to uncomment the swap partition in fstab at one point or another01:44
CJHardI need a drink XD01:44
bjsniderlinux will work without a swap partition01:44
CJHardI think I corrupted my swap partition trying to replicate a bug in compcache01:45
haven489filgy: here ya go01:45
CJHardand didn't care enough to fix it01:45
bjsniderBluesKaj, many of the 6k folks have had problems they might not immediately think is due to the graphics card01:45
CJHardThank you everybody for your help and support01:45
filgyhaven489: thanks.. i was kinda being a troll though because of your all caps ;p01:45
filgykarmic is working pretty great right now for me... i had some pulseaudio problems where it would eat like 60-80% cpu with nothing playing.. but that is fixed since the latest PA update01:46
haven489yea my capslock was on it was an accident01:46
CJHardactually, this explains why compcache with my swap partition as a backing swap was causing problems...01:46
CJHardI feel like a moron and that makes me happy. Only Ubuntu XD01:48
haven489CJHard: NP even though i was not very resource full...01:48
CJHardyou gave it your best, it's more than anyone can expect from a complete stranger ;)01:48
filgyCJHard: sometimes with and type of *nix at first the problem appears pretty complicated... then if you think about it a bit the answer you get is super easy and works great ;p01:49
haven489CJHard: tanks01:50
CJHardI love Linux for that very reason. It's encouraged me to think more than anything else since I started using it in '0301:50
haven489CJHard: i just started using in the begining of 0901:51
filgymy first distro was redhat 4.0 ;p01:51
filgykernel 2.0.30 I think?01:51
filgybut enough offtopic01:51
CJHardI've used Ubuntu since Warty Warthog. Before that I started with Fedora Core 3 Test 2, and before that I used Red Hat 9 in a virtual machine to get accustomed to Linux01:51
filgyubuntu is great because it is based on debian... debian is super awesome except for the long release cycle... so far the ubuntu devs have done above and beyond what can be expected for a stable distro release every 6 months01:52
DanaGMy first Linux distro was Suse 9.2.01:52
DanaGOr maybe even 9.1.01:53
haven489cant wait for suse 11.201:53
* DanaG CAN wait.01:53
CJHardI tried SuSE sometime between Red Hat and Fedora C3T2, but didn't care much for it personally.01:53
DanaGI don't much like either Fedora's or SuSE's package managers.01:53
BluesKajrpms ain't my cuppa tea01:53
filgydebs with apt are by far the best package management system imho01:53
CJHardI wholeheartedly agree01:53
haven489ubuntu is better for that01:53
CJHardSynaptic is the best thing to ever happen to Linux since Linus Torvolds ;)01:54
shawn_Does Karmic use Compiz?01:54
DanaGhmm, what is kde4 like, nowadays?01:54
filgynow.. before apt.. when you had to use dselect... that was NOT fun :) debs were still superior to rpm at that time though01:54
DanaGWhen Gnome-Shell rolls around, I'm going to ditch it... I refuse to give up Compiz.01:54
haven489Shawn_: yes it does01:54
shawn_haven489 Does it use the same compiz extras thing as Jaunty?01:55
CJHardDanaG: Another whole hearted agreement from me ;)01:55
haven489shawn_:mostly, there are 3 or 4 bugs yet to be fixed01:55
DHowettHmm.. i seem to be left completely without a -usable- IM client on a fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10beta.01:56
haven489yes i know01:56
CJHardDHowett: No empathy? It's not that bad01:56
haven489i had to DL Pidgen01:56
shawn_haven489 Ill wait then01:56
DHowettCJHard: oh.. i didn't know that passed for usable :-/01:56
DHowettCJHard: any idea why the switch was made? :(01:56
CJHardI don't mind it personally01:57
haven489shawn_:wait for it to come out and then wait for about 1 month most bugs are fixed my then01:57
CJHardI think because Empathy got video chat before Pidgin01:57
CJHardbut then Pidgin got it and everyone freaked out01:57
haven489what i want to know is why...01:58
DHowettCJHard: thanks01:58
kklimondaDHowett, pidgin developers weren't responsible, using empathy as default now helps testing it before LTS etc.01:58
bjsniderDanaG, you're going to ditch what?01:58
DHowettkklimonda: weren't 'responsible'?01:58
cwillu_at_work10.04  should be a good lts release, I think we've gotten all the really scary changes in, with plenty of time to get things stable for the actually important release :p01:58
haven489So what is empathy?01:59
haven489ive never used it01:59
bjsniderDanaG, you cannot be serious01:59
CJHardI wish BFS made it in...01:59
DanaGWell, if they block out Compiz, then yes, I am serious,01:59
DHowettIt just seems odd to switch from something featureful to something lacking, and make that choice for all new users.01:59
kklimondaDHowett, dunno if they are now but in the past there were various problems in communication between pidgin devs and users or downstream (distributions)01:59
DHowettkklimonda: ah, alright.. thanks01:59
CJHardcwillu_at_work: Brain Fuck Scheduler by Con Kolivas01:59
cwillu_at_workCJHard, he's back is he?02:00
CJHardyeah he is! :D02:00
CJHardI learned how to compile my own kernel because of that guy02:00
haven489can someone tell me what empathy is?02:01
bjsniderkolivas does not want bfs merged02:01
CJHardI'm using his BFS patch on my netbook and my phone and it feels so much more useable, and animations in compiz are so smooth02:01
kklimondahaven489, IM software that replaced pidgin in 9.1002:01
CJHarddoesn't have to go mainline, I just want it default in Ubuntu02:01
shawn_Anybody else's sound fuzzy with Karmic?02:01
bjsniderbfs is an expermeint designed to provoke changes in the cfs, which it has already done02:01
haven489oh i see, i just DLed pigden didnt even look into empathy02:02
haven489i saw it but didnt know it was an IM02:02
cwillu_at_workCJHard, disabling dynamic ticks is a nonstarter though02:02
kklimondahaven489,  "IM Client" in its description is a pretty good hint imo ;)02:02
CJHardhow so?02:02
DanaGoh yeah, I started Empathy, and went automatically to add-new-account wizard........02:03
DanaG.... and there's no option for IRC!02:03
haven489i know02:03
cwillu_at_workCJHard, battery life is determined largely by how long the cpu can be in the lowest sleep states;  turning off dynamic ticks and going to 1000hz means you're guarenteed 1000 wakeups per second02:03
haven489kklimonda: just didnt like change02:03
* haven489 hides in a corner02:03
cwillu_at_workCJHard, by comparison, my laptop sits at about 17 wakeups per second, and that's high due to the broadcom wireless02:03
cwillu_at_workDanaG, empathy has irc02:04
DanaGNot in the first-run wizard.02:04
DanaGIt's odd.02:04
DanaGIF you quit the first-run wizard and go back to add an account... only there does it show IRC.02:04
CJHardcwillu_at_work: My battery still lasts 5 hours and 20 minutes according to gnome-power-manager02:05
bjsniderDanaG, i predict you will not abandon gnome02:05
DanaGWell, I damn well won't give up Compiz, as long as Mutter has the animations it had last time I tried it.02:05
haven489Gnome is the best, alot more stable the KDE02:05
cwillu_at_workCJHard, and according to the actual clock time till it turns off? :p02:05
DanaG"Shrink to center" for close, open, minimize, and unminimize.02:05
DHowettDanaG: suppoedly you have to manually install protocol backends? not sure02:05
cwillu_at_workCJHard, (gnome-power-manager will be estimating off the historical life)02:06
DanaGTotally makes no sense... a "minimize" should NOT feel the same as a "close"!02:06
CJHardcwillu_at_work: I don't know, it's never turned off on me. My battery lasts too long :P02:06
DHowettIs there some place where we can complain about this :P02:06
haven489cwillu_at_work: lol02:07
haven489DHowett: IDK maybe ill search02:08
DanaGugh, if I click a button on my taskbar... I expect the window to move TOWARD THE TASKBAR.02:08
DHowetthaven489: i'm looking in launchpad02:08
CJHardcwillu_at_work: I do understand where you're coming from however. I did think about battery life when I first injected this patch into my kernel, but I have an 8-cell battery on a netbook so decided to throw caution to the wind ;)02:08
DanaGwait, the close has changed... at least that's a bit better.02:08
cwillu_at_workfair enough02:08
DanaGBut you still can't tell "open" apart from "unminimize".02:08
haven489DHowett: ill google it02:09
cwillu_at_workCJHard, I used sd (and rsdl when it was still called that) a few years ago, actually needed it to make a system work properly (multiseat, with cpu intensive emulators on each seat)02:09
cwillu_at_workCJHard, I have no fond memories of maintaining a custom kernel though :p02:09
DHowetti maintain a custom kernel, but found the experience SERIOUSLY frustrating on ubuntu :-/02:09
cwillu_at_workCJHard, such that I'd actually have to set up a double-blind test before I'd consider maintaining it long term02:09
CJHardthis is my first time actually successfully building a kernel with a customized config and even patches to boot02:10
cwillu_at_workDHowett, just use the upstream kernel02:10
cwillu_at_workDHowett, pretty much a one-liner02:10
theacolyteIf I were to install 9.10 beta now, will there be an upgrade path to release?02:10
cwillu_at_worktheacolyte, apt-get upgrade :p02:10
CJHardI removed a lot of things, injected bfs, baked in some modules that I made use of, etc02:10
alteregoayes just update daily02:10
DHowettcwillu_at_work: i specifically need to make modifications though02:10
theacolytecwillu_at_work: that's essentially what I was hoping02:10
cwillu_at_workCJHard, there's no reason to bake in modules though, it won't save you any time or performance really02:11
DHowettcwillu_at_work: like, to the motorola usb modem driver, and the sdhci driver (to ignore the read-only status of the card :P)02:11
CJHardI also updated my wireless modules with a custom patch to be compatible with .31, and put compcache in the mix02:11
alteregoathe kernel freeze is
cwillu_at_workCJHard, in _very_ tight memory, you can gain some memory back, but beyond that the only reason to compile in a module is if you can't even boot the kernel without it02:11
haven489I have a ubuntu 9.04 OS on my laptop and want to install Empathy what file do i mark for install??????02:11
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
CJHardcwillu_at_work: baking in the intel gpu drivers with kms made a small difference in the bootup. kms activates earlier now02:12
cwillu_at_workCJHard, frankly, I don't believe you :p02:12
alteregoawell tehre are paches using framebuff as swap02:12
CJHardit's true though. I noticed it when troubleshooting that problem earlier switching from kernel to kernel in recovery mode02:13
DanaGframebuffer as swap?  what?02:13
CJHardo_O I've never heard that one before02:13
DHowettthat seems a little weird?02:14
cwillu_at_worknot sure fb actually has enough bandwidth on the return trip to make that sensible02:14
habananyI need help brothers, I'm getting this message (Because "Failed to execute gpg: Broken pipe", you may need to select different mail options)02:14
DHowettespecially since you could just disable the framebuffer and reclaim that memory?02:14
cwillu_at_worki.e., I'd rather do compressed swap to main memory02:14
cwillu_at_workDHowett, presumably we're talking discrete cards here :p02:14
DHowettcwillu_at_work: ah true02:14
alteregoait uses the vga memory02:14
DHowettoh. well then.02:14
CJHardwouldn't that cause corruption on screen?02:14
alteregoaif you keep 2d02:15
DHowettVGA FB is used for 2d as well..02:15
DHowettthat is slightly different02:16
DHowettthan what you described :P02:16
alteregoayeah but it can be modified with some geekyness02:17
ResistolDoes anyone know yet what causes things like youtube to fail horribly when I try to watch them in fullscreen?  I've read things about hardware accelleration, but still have seen no fixes in sight...02:18
CJHardI see what's going on here. If you enjoy using the vesa driver then more power to you, but I prefer to use the drivers that make use of the gpu's memory to make things look nice ;)02:18
DanaGOr, if you have two gpus, that works too.02:18
ResistolAlso, what parts should I avoid buying in the future to avoid the issue?  Is it an intel thing, an nvidia problem?  Or just linux in general and flash?02:18
CJHardResistol: We gave up full screen youtube for 4096 CPU support02:18
kklimondaResistol, flash is one of those applications that still fail miserable on linux in some users cases..02:18
DanaGCJHard: ah, xkcd?02:18
bjsniderDanaG, what specifically does gnome-shell+mutter fail to give you that compiz provides at this point in time?02:19
CJHardAlso the inspiration for CK's return with BFS btw02:19
DanaG"Scale Windows" feature.02:19
Resistolhah thanks CJHard02:19
cwillu_at_workResistol, incidently, all (well, most) flash videos will show up as /tmp/Flashxxxxx, which you can play in totem just fine02:19
cwillu_at_work(fullscreen and everything :p)02:20
bjsniderDanaG, and what if gnome-shell gives you those features by 10.04?02:20
bjsniderwell, gnome 3 really02:20
Resistolkklimonda, I've had 4 computers including this one that have the issue - some using ati cards, some with intel integrated cards, and one with nvidia gts8600... all of them fail, especially with hulu02:20
DanaGOh, and what about lamp and "vacuum", and cube?02:20
ResistolI've gotten a totem workaround to work for youtube, but it will not work for other sites like hulu...02:21
* cwillu_at_work pokes Resistol with the did-you-read-my-comment stick02:21
CJHardI can't live without lamp and vacuum!02:21
CJHardI came up with vacuum!02:21
DHowetti love lamp..02:21
DanaGI have menus set to vacuum, and min/unmin set to lamp.02:21
DHowettoh, you mean the effect02:21
DanaGThen it's like the mouse slurps up the menus.  =þ02:21
kklimondaDanaG, you really compare desktops based on effects they provide? :)02:21
DanaGLike a noodle.02:21
Resistolcwillu_at_work, yeah, i found a plugin workaround using scriptmonkey to replace youtube's player with a totem player in browser - works great for youtube, but not other sites02:21
DanaGYeah, I have my specific preferences... and if gnome-shell won't give me what I want, I won't use it.02:21
DHowetthooray for lxde without any visual effects :P02:22
DanaGResistol: mind linking to that greasemonkey script?02:22
ResistolDanaG, lemme find it...02:22
bjsniderDanaG, you do agree that the k desktop environment is tremendously bad right?02:22
CJHardResistol: I saw that on the forums somewhere02:22
DanaGI don't know... I haven't used it in a while.02:22
DanaGI never really found it "bad"... just bulky.02:22
kklimondabtw, do anybody have a recent gnome-shell screenshot?02:22
CJHardI haven't used KDE since that time I tried SuSE02:22
DanaGAnd that should be fixable with qgtkstyle.02:23
kklimondadoes it still look like a bucket of tar? ;)02:23
DanaGBulky as in pixels, not memory.02:23
CJHarddoes it still look like someone puked up a copy of Windows XP's default theme?02:23
bjsnidermore or less02:23
cwillu_at_workResistol, yes, but that's not what I told you to do02:23
* DanaG also doesn't like OS X.02:24
DanaGHey, you see that window in the lower-right side of the screen?  Make it bigger without going off the edge... in just one operation.02:25
bjsnideryou cal poly guys are ornery02:25
DanaGYou can't.... resize is from lower-right only!  Same sort of "lack of control" thing.02:25
Resistolcwillu_at_work, do I have to watch the whole video on hulu in crap fps, then go to that folder to re-watch it in totem?02:25
DanaG<insert update-manager rant here>02:25
yang__Hey, can someone help me with a permissions issue?02:26
cwillu_at_workResistol, no, you have to leave the player open but muted, and watch it in totem as it gets streamed into that file02:26
cwillu_at_workResistol, yes, it's a pain :p02:26
stpereyang__: elaborate please02:26
ResistolDanaG, tada!  http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/5077102:26
cpjr72anyone know if you can use empathy to use gizmo?  says it supports SIP protocol but I cant find how to setup the account02:27
yang__cat /var/syslog ....  " requested_mask="a::" "02:27
yang__setting updynamic dns .. client auths correctly. bind is having trouble writing file..02:27
Resistolcwillu_at_work, that method really won't work for my plan "get mom and grandma to use linux" - hulu and flash games are probably 90% of what they do online02:27
ResistolDo the flash games also suffer significantly?  My little cousins are key players in the decision to get mac/linux - they are 6 and 1102:29
DanaGgoogle for "flash vdapu"02:29
bjsniderflash does not yet use vdpau02:29
bjsniderit might with 10.102:29
yang__stpere: you there?02:29
bjsnideradobe never makes official statements like that though02:29
* DanaG wonders about xvba-video02:30
CJHardDoes anybody know if those flash accelerator cards in HP netbooks actually help Flash's performance?02:30
fluvvell? xserver-xorg-ati02:31
bjsnideryour new job is posting phoronix links02:31
DanaGoh, you mean the Broadcom thing?  Well, seeing that it's Broadcom, I kinda' doubt it.02:31
CJHardyep, that's exactly the one I'm talking about. I was very skeptical about it when I heard about it02:32
CJHardif it works, I'm selling my 1000H and buying an HP mini02:32
cwillu_at_workResistol, it's the bitmap scaling that's an issue afaik, I don't think games are hit that badly when fullscreened02:32
ResistolAlso, are there any good parental controls apps out?02:33
CJHardDoes the NVIDIA ION work well in Linux yet? the new Mini 311 uses ION02:33
bjsniderResistol, are there any for windows?02:34
Resistolnone that i know of ;-)02:34
bjsnideri know a good one. say "you can't ever use this computer"02:35
o_portista17i have a problem with PhP and the ram usage, can someone help me out? http://codepad.org/qlMRNhDQ02:35
DanaGCJHard: I like ATI for the openness, but I believe the Ion should work just as well as any.02:36
bjsnidero_portista17, how is this a karmic issue?02:36
DanaGyes, more phoronix.  =þ02:36
o_portista17a friend of mine, tried to change the ram usage, on 9.04, and it's working on his computer02:37
o_portista17but if it's not then...sorry ;x02:37
bjsnidero_portista17, did you restart apache after you made that change?02:37
CJHardI rarely make it past page 3 on phoronix.com02:37
o_portista17yes, i couple of times02:38
DanaGhandy hint: skip to the end.  =þ02:38
episodicanyone know how crossover is running on karmic?02:38
DanaGRead the first and last pages; all else are less important, usually.02:38
bjsnidero_portista17, that's an absurd maximum file upload size02:39
CJHardhow's nvidia treating kms and compiz lately?02:39
o_portista17i know, that was just to make sure, that the upload size, was not the issue02:39
Resistoli gotta run guys, but thanks for all of your help02:39
bjsniderCJHard, compiz works perfectly, no kms ever02:40
CJHardthat kms thing may be the deal breaker. I've gotten quite accustomed to it of late with my Intel 94502:40
bjsniderkms works perfectly with the newest nouveau driver, but there's no 3d at all with that02:40
episodicanything about crossover i should know before i install on karmic?02:40
CJHarddoes compiz count as 3D?02:41
CJHardGuess I'll just have to  stick to my trusty 1000H02:41
DanaGoh, google for flash va-api02:41
DanaGperhaps that'll help?02:42
DanaGthat's Intel's thing.02:42
bjsnidero_portista17, try the #httpd channel02:42
o_portista17ok, thank's for the help02:42
bjsniderva-api is a company called splitted desktops, from france02:42
ransomdoes anyone know if there are karmic nightly binaries around anywhere?02:43
bjsnidernightly binaries of what?02:43
* PlainFlavored rimshots02:43
CJHardcdimages.ubuntu.com is what I meant to type02:44
bjsniderkarmic is not a binary02:44
ransombjsnider: good point, i meant to say nightly images02:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about daily-live02:45
bjsnidersure you do, stupid bot02:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about daily-livecd02:45
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/02:46
ransomit's okay, i found daily live images on the website that CJHard provided (thank you!)02:46
bjsnidernow i'll have to give you a fist beating02:46
CJHardlol no prob ;)02:46
CJHardI used cdimages.ubuntu.com earlier today to make a live-usb on another computer02:46
PlainFlavoredi didn't know that ubuntu betas come in live cds02:46
CJHardI'm going to log out. I have to work tomorrow morning. Follow me on twitter or facebook or something google.com/profiles/cjhard02:53
MrKeuneranyone experiencing a lagging right click action using a bluetooth mouse on Karmic?02:59
MrKeunerright click works fine on my touchpad but it does not (always) on the bluetooth mouse. The bluetooth mouse functions fine otherwise03:01
webbb82i went to do a system update and it said it could only do a partial upgrade, there were 77 packages   what should i do , update or not03:11
kklimondalaunch apt-get dist-upgrade and see what packages are going to be removed03:12
kklimondait may be that the new pulseaudio is conflicting with rtkit03:13
webbb82kklimonda, ok03:13
webbb82should i do a apt-get update first?03:14
kklimondait won't hurt03:14
test34webbb82, I just had a partial upgrade also03:16
webbb82i was told never to do a partial03:16
webbb82rtkit will be removed03:17
webbb82kklimonda, good guess03:18
jimpopwhat exactly is rtkit?  (google implies that it's a rootkit)03:18
kklimondajimpop, it's a daemon that give realtime for applications upon request03:18
jimpopkklimonda, what types of apps?   I'm trying to determine if I need rtkit.03:19
kklimondajimpop, you don't - it a) doesn't work and b) is used only by pulseaudio03:19
kklimondaa) is the reason why it's being removed03:20
jimpopkklimonda, ah, ty03:20
webbb82kklimonda, should i do the partial upgrade or remove rtkit03:20
kklimondawebbb82, yes03:20
kklimondaoh, wait - it wasn't yes/no question :D03:20
* jimpop wonders if pulseaudio will be removed, like rtkit, since it also doesn't work :-)03:20
kklimondawebbb82, doing partial upgrade should remove rtkit03:21
kklimondajimpop, actually PA works in many user cases ;)03:21
kklimondawebbb82, you can safely remove it - doesn't work anyway ;)03:21
jimpopkklimonda, I know.  It is actually working well for me now... but since I've long complained about it, the habit is hard to break03:21
kklimondajimpop, I guess - I still see a lot of people removing PA "just in case".. :)03:22
jimpopkklimonda, it's a hold over from having so many Windows problems that you continually hate them despite them working well (Win7) now.03:23
dtchenoh don't worry. if it's not users ranting about PA in Ubuntu, it's upstream ranting about PA in Ubuntu. :-)03:23
dtchenI wonder who cares enough to actually fix PA in Ubuntu if it's so horribly broken. :-)03:24
haven489Ubuntu rocks -End of line-03:24
stpereplenty of stuff to get better03:24
kklimondadtchen, Lennart still does? I though he has stopped after ranting about how bad it was in 8.04 :)03:25
mobi-sheepAsk the right person and he will tell you any *nix is the right choice. ;303:25
stperemobi-sheep: wrong? then why will we (they) work on 10.04?03:25
dtchenkklimonda: he just blogged about how much of a travesty PA is in 9.1003:25
kklimondadtchen, I was suprised about the rtkit removal myself :) and I don't see what's insulting about the first patch.. and what was the reason to disable flat volumes after all?03:29
dtchenkklimonda: seb mentioned (and I noticed) that many people are confused by the behavior of flatvol03:30
doogluscan anyone help me getting USB mass storage devices mounted in karmic please?03:32
kklimondadtchen, but aren't they still going to be confused about it in the 6 months? Or have you decided to not enable it by default.. forever? :)03:32
dooglusI used to be able to just plug them in and have them get mounted automatically, but no longer03:32
kklimondadooglus, try "ubuntu-bug storage"03:33
dooglusubuntu-bug storage03:33
kklimondain terminal or alt+f203:33
dtchenkklimonda: I understand its semantics, some others do, but yet still others don't?03:34
dtchenkklimonda: it would have been disabled for Karmic regardless03:34
doogluskklimonda: that's cool03:35
dtchenkklimonda: a lot of people miss out that these decisions aren't made lightly03:35
stperekklimonda: if it's confusing, and still is in 6 months, why include it? :)03:36
dtchenstpere: well, that's one argument that was made for disabling it03:36
dtchenat this point everyone's complaining, so finding a middle ground is ... trying.03:37
stpereKarmic to this point reminds me Badger03:38
dtchenBreezy was a stellar release for audio :(03:38
dtchengranted, that was only by virtue of stuff being much simpler03:39
stperehmm.. wait03:39
stpereI mean gibbon03:39
dtcheneven with Gutsy, it was simpler :-)03:39
stpereBadger was great yes03:39
dtchenI worked through them all, but I spent less time for Hardy03:40
stpereah yes03:40
BluesKajdtchen, as I said earlier , there just too many cooks in the Linux-audio kitchen03:40
jimpopBluesKaj. amen03:40
dtchenBluesKaj: heh. Well, it's well busy now, so I suppose we get to deal with it.03:41
Lenin_Catfor some reason when I upgraded to karmic I lost my sound03:41
stperethe problem is that it's hard to get people aboard if they don't have their say in the decision03:41
stperetheir word*03:41
dtchenLenin_Cat: completely (as in a linux problem) or just partially (as in a volume setting problem)?03:42
dtchenLenin_Cat: please use http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh for starters03:43
Lenin_Catfor some reason when I upgraded to karmic I lost my sound03:46
Lenin_Catmy installation crashed about 2/3 through03:46
Lenin_CatI repaired most of my system03:46
Lenin_Catbut I dont know how to repair my sound03:47
dtchenLenin_Cat: please use http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh for starters03:47
Lenin_Catand were is xorg config located?03:48
dtchenLenin_Cat: it won't exist, normally03:48
Lenin_Catdtchen, no, the one in /etc03:48
dtchen/etc/X11/xorg.conf remains the location03:48
Lenin_Catand what exactly is that script for?03:49
dtchenLenin_Cat: it gathers sound debugging information03:49
dtchenLenin_Cat: if you don't want to use that, just use "ubuntu-bug alsa-base"03:49
dtcheneither way, please do it quickly, because I'm leaving for work soon.03:49
Lenin_CatTraceback (most recent call last):03:50
Lenin_Cat  File "/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk", line 16, in03:50
Lenin_Cat    from apport import unicode_gettext as _03:50
Lenin_CatImportError: cannot import name unicode_gettext03:50
dtchenLenin_Cat: apt-get --reinstall install apport-gtk03:51
Lenin_Catim currently installing a load of things in apt-get03:51
Lenin_Catoh, its done03:51
dtchenLenin_Cat: make sure that you're using 2.6.31-14-generic, not 2.6.28-xx-generic03:51
Lenin_CatI wub binary03:51
Lenin_Catsame error03:52
alteregoai got a vince clarke error03:52
dtchenLenin_Cat: then please use alsa-info.sh03:53
yang__Hey can someone help me with client side ddns?03:53
yang__server is all set up and i can do it manually03:53
yang__but when to automate is my question03:53
Lenin_CatI hate how console has no ctl c03:54
Lenin_Cat./alsa.sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'03:54
Lenin_Cat./alsa.sh: line 1: `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'03:54
dtchenLenin_Cat: it should be alsa-info.sh, not alsa.sh?03:55
Lenin_Catok I renamed it03:56
Lenin_Cat./alsa.sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'03:56
Lenin_Cat./alsa.sh: line 1: `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>'03:56
Lenin_CatGOD DAMN IT03:56
Lenin_Catsudo: ./alsa-info.sh: command not found03:56
kklimondaLenin_Cat, do it:03:56
kklimondawget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash alsa-info.sh03:56
dtchenalso, you don't need to use sudo for it03:56
Lenin_CatAutomatically upload ALSA information to www.alsa-project.org? [y/N] :03:57
dtchenLenin_Cat: whichever you want03:57
dtchenif you choose no, it should be in /tmp/alsa-info.txt03:57
dtchenyou can then pastebin that file03:57
Lenin_Catdtchen, K03:58
Lenin_Catdtchen, Ill just redo it and click y03:58
MrKeuneranyone experiencing a lagging right click action using a bluetooth mouse on Karmic? right click works fine on my touchpad but it does not (always) on the bluetooth mouse. The bluetooth mouse functions fine otherwise03:58
MrKeunerwhat is the nae of the X utility to see mouse clicks?03:59
kklimondaLenin_Cat, looks like you are running a wrong kernel03:59
Lenin_Catthere are such things as bluetouth mice?03:59
kklimondaLenin_Cat, you should use 2.6.31-1404:00
Lenin_Catkklimonda, I dont see that option in grub04:00
kklimondaMrKeuner, xev can display mouse clicks04:00
Lenin_Catwhat is the apt package04:00
kklimondaLenin_Cat, well, it looks like your system is still pretty much broken..04:00
Lenin_Catit is04:00
Lenin_Catit crashed when updating to karmic04:01
Lenin_CatI repaired apt-get04:01
Lenin_Catso I have basic system04:01
Lenin_Catkklimonda, now what package04:01
kklimondaLenin_Cat, install linux-generic04:01
kklimondabut from the state your apport is in I'm not sure if reinstalling karmic from scratch wouldn't be a faster option04:02
Lenin_Cat A new version of /boot/grub/menu.lst is available, but the version   │04:02
Lenin_Cat    │ installed currently has been locally modified.04:02
Lenin_Catkklimonda, well, unetbootin isnt overwrighting my files, and I keep burning discs badly04:03
kklimondaLenin_Cat, you should choose option to replace it with version shipped in package unless you made some heave changes in your menu.lst04:03
Lenin_Catso no choice really04:03
Lenin_Catkklimonda, I added windows 7 chainboot04:03
Lenin_Catkklimonda, but I can add that later04:04
Lenin_Catbrb rebooting04:05
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
Lenin_Catkklimonda, sound still dosent work04:08
Lenin_CatI would of heared "welcome comrade" at sign it04:09
kklimondaLenin_Cat, do alsa-info thing aain04:09
Lenin_Catkklimonda, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e5d0c85af8a1f50cad3784fb3c601d785151923704:10
Lenin_Catmy sound works again04:11
macoLenin_Cat: speak too soon?04:11
Lenin_Catsystem sounds dont work04:12
Lenin_Catbut firefox dose04:12
Lenin_Catdear god, I love how mad I mess up my system04:12
Lenin_Catlooks like I need to reinstall fglrx too04:13
Lenin_Catkklimonda, nah, I dont need to do a fresh install04:13
Lenin_CatI just need to fix my video drivers and ill slowly fix the rest as I run into issues04:13
Lenin_Catthanks for your help04:14
kklimondano problem04:15
Rortyhello I was wondering if mpx (multi pointer server) will run under karmic ?04:36
Jordan_URorty: Not by default04:41
Rortybut doable?04:41
Jordan_URorty: Yes, if you install a later version of Xorg with MPX enabled04:41
td123Rorty: if ubuntu uses xserver 1.7 then it's possible04:42
oldude67hey all hows it going tonight?04:42
thiebaudeoldude67, great04:42
thiebaudeoldude67, falling asleep04:42
oldude67still trying to set this dual p3 up from the way i had the old celeron ..didnt think i made that many friggin changes..lmao04:43
RortyJordan_U & td123 thnx for info, 10 more night untill karmic :)04:44
savidHi, so I've just installed 9.10.  first boot wasn't pretty, couldn't get into X until I deleted the xorg.conf it created for me (it tried to configure for nvidia w/o installing nvidia driver :-P).04:49
savidAnyways, I like the xsplash,  but I'm wondering how I can get the initial small white ubuntu logo during the early boot process, as in this vid:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m64J8L4FdXo    ?04:49
savid( I like to see the least amount of console junk as possible during boot )04:50
savid(using beta amd64)04:50
thiebaudesavid, have you done updates since you installed 9.10?04:50
rob0Ha, back in my Windows days, I had reinstalling win95 down to a science, and one of the first things I always did: delete logo.sys !04:51
Jordan_Usavid: You shouldn't see any console output during boot, even if you don't see the Ubuntu logo04:52
savidthiebaude,  no updates yet04:53
webbb82im trying to compile  the raptor menu  but i get a error can someone take a look at this its pretty small  please04:53
keith_an update messed up my mouse I think. it's detecting my mouse wheel click and middle mouse button as being the same thing. How can I fix this?04:53
jdsbluedevlhi, is anyone else here experiencing sound trouble with the alsa-base package?04:53
savidJordan_U,  odd, because I'm seeing console output up until xplash..  I'll see if I can record it to show you what's happening04:53
keith_The reason this is annoyi04:53
jdsbluedevlit was fixed, then broken agin04:53
savidalthough I suppose I should run updates first?04:53
keith_The reason this is annoying is because my "middle" click is actually my right click04:53
Jordan_Usavid: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline" ?04:54
savidJordan_U,  BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-11-generic root=UUID=85f989a2-eb80-4596-8651-6c9e0ad7b589 ro quiet splash04:54
thiebaudekeith_, did you check mouse preferences?04:54
webbb82it cant find NepomukAddOntologyClasses04:54
savidJordan_U,  I do remember seeing a couple of odd-looking usb-related errors... not sure if that's why I was seeing console output04:55
savidthiebaude,  is there any reason why I shouldn't run update manager after I install beta?04:56
thiebaudesavid, its always better for me to04:57
keith_thiebaude, I have , though I'm not sure what you're expecting me to find in there. It's seems like a driver issue to me.04:58
jdsbluedevlmy problem is reported in bug 451900.  Has anyone looked into it yet?04:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451900 in alsa-driver "Sound not working, master volume resets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45190004:58
thiebaudekeith_, ok04:58
savidOk, when I run update manage it says "Not all updates can be installed "  and to "Run a partial upgrade".   Should I do the partial upgrade?04:59
Jordan_Usavid: Yes04:59
savidk, thanks04:59
keith_thiebaude, I have a vertical mouse which is effectively a three button mouse, but the middle button is intended to be used for right clicking (how it used to be) then, all of the sudden the third button is the right click and the middle and wheel are mapping to the same thing05:00
keith_thiebaude, well... it's actually a 5 button mouse... but that's not completely relevant05:01
virtualdIt is relevant. X sees a mouse with a scroll wheel and two button as a 5 button mouse05:04
muri_oneI've recently noticed that whenever I hit a key on my keyboard my mouse lags for a second and doesn't repond to any clicks or motion05:04
Jordan_Umuri_one: Is it a touchpad?05:05
muri_oneJordan_U: yup05:05
jdsbluedevlhello, can anyone tell me if anyone is having trouble with the sound in Karmic?05:05
Jordan_Umuri_one: At least the not responding to clicks is intentional, otherwise you will always accidentily tap to click with your wrist while typing05:06
test34My uspash.conf has: xres=1440, yres=900, but I still get the following error: usplash: Setting mode 1152x864 failed, usplash: setting mode 1024x768..05:07
muri_oneJordan_U: oh, how do I disable this feature? It's not so great when I am trying to use blender :)05:07
test34any idea how to fix it?05:07
Jordan_Umuri_one: I don't have a laptop to check, is the option in System > Preferences > Mouse ?05:09
muri_oneJordan_U: yes sir, I just found it05:09
muri_oneshould have checked before asking05:09
muri_oneThank you05:09
Jordan_Umuri_one: np05:09
jdsbluedevlis anyone here having problems with sound?  This has been really bugging me the past few days, with it being broken, then fixed, then broken again05:09
thiebaudejdsbluedevl, no problems here05:10
jdsbluedevlhow is it that I'm having problems?05:10
jdsbluedevlwhat the hell is wrong with my alsa-base?05:10
test34jdsbluedevl, my sound is fine, which applications are your using that play sounds?05:11
jdsbluedevltest34: rhythmbox, mplayer, basically anything05:11
jdsbluedevlI don't even get the bongos at the login screen05:11
jdsbluedevland alsamixer goes haywire05:11
test34jdsbluedevl, what sound card?05:11
jdsbluedevltest34: 'Live'/'SB Live! 5.1 (rev.8, serial:0x80641102) at 0xe800, irq 18'05:12
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: Have you filed a bug report?05:12
jdsbluedevlyes, bug 45190005:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451900 in alsa-driver "Sound not working, master volume resets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45190005:12
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: Does it only break / fix itself after updates?05:14
jdsbluedevlJordan_U: only after the right update.  Rebooting doesn't fix the problem.  I am checking an old kernel right now, though, to see if it might be that, but I doubt it05:14
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: If an old kernel does fix it try doing a git ( or bzr ) bisect and see if you can narrow it down to a single commit05:16
jdsbluedevlJordan_U: well, whatever the subsequent updates have done to my sound, they've also prevented me from being able to book my previous kernels05:21
jdsbluedevlJordan_U: only the most up-to-date kernel will boot05:21
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: What happens with the ones that don't boot?05:21
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: Any error message?05:21
jdsbluedevlwell, the one left over I have from Jaunty now starts flickering on my screen, like the newer 386 kernels have been doing to me, and the 31-13 kernel I have just gets stuck on a blank screen after the splash05:22
jdsbluedevlJordan_U: nvm, 31-13 was able to boot after a long time.  But either way, still no sound05:27
jdsbluedevlJordan_U: so the problem isn't kernel-specific05:29
LapinuxI'm currently trying out 9.10 64 bit live cd on my latop and in system ->preferences ->network connections I'm trying to set up wireless security but the "apply" button is greyed out.  Has anyone else ran into this?05:36
Lapinuxactually, it greyes out after i pick wpa & wpa2 personal05:38
brijithI cannot connect my mobile broadband after installing ubuntu9.10. it was working fine in ubuntu 9.0405:53
brijith I cannot connect my mobile broadband after installing ubuntu9.10. it was working fine in ubuntu 9.04. Please help me ....05:55
t0si just did a clean install on the beta, but i seem to be missing icons in the system menu06:03
brijith I cannot connect my mobile broadband after installing ubuntu9.10. it was working fine in ubuntu 9.0406:03
alteregoai got a vince clarke error in ubuntu06:03
Ian_Cornet0s: updated?06:04
t0sIan_Corne, clean install06:04
Ian_Cornewell, make sure to update, this is a work in progress...06:04
t0sim thinking some things didnt install completely, like in the themes manager when i click the "new wave" theme it says the "Human" icon theme isnt installed06:05
brijithIan_Corne:was that for me ...06:05
Ian_Cornebrijith: if you're not up to date, it might help too06:06
t0sone last thing, how do i remove the login screen? where i can boot straight into ubuntu without logging in with password06:06
Ian_Cornet0s: did you check the iso/CD for errors before installing?06:06
brijithIan_Corne:ok thanks06:06
kblinbrijith: what exactly is the problem, anyway? how are you trying to connect to the phone? does that part work?06:06
t0sIan_Corne, nope i didnt06:07
Ian_CorneSystem->admin->login <indow t0s06:07
t0sbut i can boot in the cd and check cant i?06:07
brijithkblin:actually I am using .. USB modem06:07
kblinok, and you dial in how? using ppp? if so, check the ppp logs06:08
brijithkblin:in ubuntu9.04 when I plugged in my usb model something in tray started revolving ...06:08
brijithkblin:after that it said offline06:08
kblinah, ok, I don't know a thing about gnome-network-manager, sorry06:09
brijithkblin:that time I set my user name and password by editing it06:09
brijithkblin:then It worked fine in ubuntu 9.0406:10
kblinbrijith: as I said, no idea about gnome-network-manager06:11
kblincheck the settings of that program06:11
brijithkblin:but when I do the same thing in newly installed ubuntu 9.10 it is not working06:12
kblinso I figured06:13
kblinagain, check the application. I can't help you with that I'm afraid. I'm not even a Gnome user06:14
brijithkblin:Hope this will be solved when it actually release06:14
ElijahCMenifeewow all this time a mistyped password in /etc/ldap.secret (do not know the password, only have finger memory from years of use) that was keeping root from being able to validte users...06:15
ElijahCMenifeeAHHA! have gotten ldap working in karmic for logins and autofs had to report bug in autofs-ldap wrong permissions on file kept autofs from connection to ldap06:15
ElijahCMenifeenow the only problem is my home directory settings do not play nicely with my real home directory from my OpenSolaris ZFS->NFS export for Desktop and so fourth...06:15
kblinbrijith: file a bug about it, to make sure?06:15
brijithkblin:I am new to all these stuff, can you tell me how to file a bug .??06:17
ElijahCMenifee!bug | brijith06:17
ubottubrijith: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots06:17
redwoodhello, looking for advice on broadcom 4312 drivers for karmic06:18
redwoodcan't get it to work on a Dell Mini 10v06:18
redwoodtried b43-fwcutter, but that obviously does not work for the 4312 card06:19
redwoodhello anyone?06:22
ElijahCMenifeeredwood, sorry not familar with that hardware, continue waiting and maybee someone else will know06:26
redwoodit's the wifi card for the Dell Mini 10v. from what I've read, wifi should work natively with karmic, but I cannot make it work.06:27
panfistis the fglrx driver available in karmic?06:28
panfistthe package is installed but i dont see the driver in the restricted driver admin gui06:29
ElijahCMenifeeredwood, Assuming that it is not broken because of beta the wifi support should be much better but I would still look into NDIS wrapper stuff06:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:37
RussellAlananyone have experience with ps3 and kubuntu?06:37
ripps_well, overall, not alot of people having difficulties this beta, I remember this channel being unbearably busy last release06:37
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
RussellAlanyup, not to many problems.06:38
ElijahCMenifeeRussellAlan, yes but it was some time ago, gave up playing with it and wanted the space back for the gameos06:38
RussellAlanyeah definitely, ElijahCMenifee i think im going to try karmic on it.06:38
redwoodtrying NDIS wrapper now...06:39
RussellAlanone problem, i cant download and iso burners on my other laptop... somethings up with my cable, im getting 0.16mbs down and .44mbs up06:39
ElijahCMenifeeIs there a powerpc build already? Have not looked recently, used to seem to lag behind x86 stuff...06:39
RussellAlanyes, i saw it on a forum.06:40
RussellAlandownloaded it06:40
RussellAlannow just need to either hack magic iso or fix my router06:40
RussellAlanoh ait, here it goes! 20kbs ! w00t lol lame06:40
ElijahCMenifeecan you not local copy it to the machine with the cd-burner?06:40
RussellAlanim trying to burn the cd with my laptop that has a cd burner but, no iso burner06:41
RussellAlanmagiciso is only 300mb or less on trial06:41
ElijahCMenifee!info cdrskin | RussellAlan06:42
ubottuRussellAlan: cdrskin (source: libburn): command line CD/DVD/BD writing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-1 (karmic), package size 60 kB, installed size 204 kB06:42
RussellAlanits a windows machine.06:43
RussellAlanmy kubuntu laptop has no cd writer and i cant find power chord to external writer lol06:43
RussellAlanmaybe i should call the cable company.06:43
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:44
RussellAlanys, i know how to dual boot, although its not my laptop, dont want to take it over to the light side06:44
ElijahCMenifeeswap hardrives?06:45
RussellAlanand im all about overkill06:45
ElijahCMenifeeusb pen of DSL with cdrecord ?06:46
RussellAlanjust wanna put karmic on ps3 lol, did you ever do any emulation on it?06:46
ElijahCMenifeeNo, i was playing with HPC on the cell. but then nvidia released cuda so I took back the space for my gameos06:47
ElijahCMenifeeHPC=High Performance Computing, PS3 cell is a realtivly cheap way to play with vector kernel computing but NVidia's cuda stuff ment I could do some similar stuff on my 8800.06:49
RussellAlanahh gotcha06:49
RussellAlanyeah i got the hpc part but didnt understand your realavence to nvidia06:49
ElijahCMenifeeThe nvidia option made more since(never finished the project) because we also have nvidia at work and was working on some image recognition stuff (also has word kernel in it for culling but in no way related to OS or a HPC kernel run) to speed up some OCR stuff.06:52
psypher246hi all, pls help. i have several issues with karmic on my dell mini 9. nr 1. turned on autologin and now i cannot get back in. is there a way to turn it off via console?06:53
ElijahCMenifeepsypher246, try editing /etc/gdm/custom.conf and set AutomaticLoginEnabled to false06:55
psypher246would the reason i wasn;t able to get back in be due to the encrypted home directory? ie no autologin with encrypted home?06:56
ElijahCMenifeepsypher246, That would be a good guess, however I have not fooled around with encrypted home and do not know how it undecrypts it.06:57
psypher246cool, another thing, i keep getting weird, my hard drive is failing, errors on boot? only 6 mnths old dell mini with 4GB06:58
ElijahCMenifeepsypher246, are they actual hard drive errors or just filesystem errors?06:59
psypher246seems to be actula hard drive erroers, says that my drive is being used outside of it's design parameters. looked it up, found something about it being installed on a 4GB drive, but worried, got those errors even b4 installing07:00
ElijahCMenifee!info gsmartcontrol | psypher24607:02
ubottupsypher246: gsmartcontrol (source: gsmartcontrol): graphical user interface for smartctl. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.4-2 (karmic), package size 524 kB, installed size 1440 kB07:02
ElijahCMenifeewhat does the HD S.M.A.R.T. info list?07:02
redwoodblech, I'm just going to try a full reinstall of karmic, see if it works then07:03
redwoodif not, I can wait two weeks07:03
ElijahCMenifeeredwood, good luck07:03
t0si just did a clean install on 9.10 beta, when grub starts it shows grub 1.97 beta 4, is this correct?07:09
ElijahCMenifeet0s, yes that is grub2 pre-release07:11
tgpraveen!info wvdial07:11
ubottuwvdial (source: wvdial): PPP dialer with built-in intelligence. In component main, is optional. Version 1.60.1+nmu2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 184 kB, installed size 496 kB07:11
EtuGeh, I got a bug.07:12
Etuqtruby is briken07:13
ElijahCMenifeethats ruby for you...07:13
t0salso i did all the updates and all and i still seem to be missing icons in the menus, there isnt a icon beside search and recent documents in Places and in System the first 2 and the About etc is missing icon beside them07:14
Etubroken*my ruby works, but not the qt bindings07:14
Etugeh, bad keyboard07:14
ElijahCMenifeeEtu, sorry was just getting a dig in about ruby it is broken regardless of if it is actually working... ;-)07:16
EtuElijahCMenifee: stfu, I realy like ruby :)07:17
psypher2461ElijahCMenifee: where exactly is that?07:18
ElijahCMenifeepsypher246, type `sudo apt-get install gsmartcontrol` and after it is installed type `gksu gsmartcontrol`07:20
* ElijahCMenifee is away: I'm busy07:21
xenon_how to turn off ipv6?07:27
alteregoaare you afraid?07:28
alteregoai am LANDRU07:28
xenon_how to disable ipv6??07:29
alteregoago to modprobe.conf07:30
alteregoaand add alias net-pf-10 off07:30
alteregoaah debian its /etc/modprobe.d/aliases07:30
alteregoafind the line alias net-pf10 ipv6 and replace to alias net-pf-10 off07:31
alteregoaand add alias ipv6 off07:31
redwoodfor whatever reason, reinstalling karmic completely fixed whatever was making the pre-installed wifi driver fail07:31
xenon_there is no file aliases.07:31
redwoodso now I've got wifi, hooray!07:31
xenon_should i create it?07:31
alteregoayou can go to /etc/modprobe/blacklist07:32
alteregoaand add a line07:32
alteregoablacklist ipv607:32
* ElijahCMenifee is back (gone 00:11:29)07:32
alteregoaseveral ways directs to rome07:32
xenon_got it. thanks07:33
alteregoayeah remember in two years to enable it back07:33
alteregoabecause in 700 days there are no more ipv4 adresses available07:33
xenon_i wud reinstalled so many times by then07:34
alteregoai install for 5 years07:34
alteregoathen i buy new HW07:34
xenon_i format every 2-3 months07:35
alteregoafor what kind of reason?07:35
xenon_was on windows before07:35
alteregoawell my longest install was OS/2 with 10 years07:36
alteregoaon a ham radio related machine07:36
alteregoai was running some DOS apps on those machine, and multitasking didnt work fascinating with windows 9x07:36
alteregoawell good luck07:37
xenon_try windows 707:37
gsevilHow can i disable the splash screen while loading in ubuntu 9.10, I want it to show the text07:38
ElijahCMenifeexenon_, watch your language this is a linux channel ;-)07:38
serzholinoHi! Is it known bug that bluetooth in karmic is completely broken?07:39
serzholinoAt least using USB dongle07:40
xenon_is linux channel offended by just taking the name of windows 707:40
serzholinosee my bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/45388507:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453885 in bluez "bluetooth in karmic is nonfunctional" [Undecided,New]07:41
ElijahCMenifeegsevil, try removing the quite splash values from the linux line before booting07:42
serzholinoin short adapter is detected ok, but doesn't function07:42
redwoodalright folks, goodnight- looking forward to the 29th!07:42
serzholinobut it works in jaunty and WinXP07:42
gsevil ElijahCMenifee: I've done that, I want to remove the new Karmic boot screen, which has a light run from left to right07:46
topylihow do you safely "overclock" an eeepc 701 to 900MHz on karmic? none of the scripts and hacks i know are updated for karmic yet07:47
ElijahCMenifeegsevil, not sure yet looking at the grub and splash info now to get more details07:48
topylii'm using eee-acpi-scripts right now, but they are not (nor will be) updated for karmic, and my system sometimes locks up when changing the fsb speed07:48
topylialteregoa, more like un-downlclock :)07:48
alteregoaincrease the voltage07:48
topylithe eeepc is downclocked to 630MHz by default07:49
alteregoafor a double of clock you need 4x more voltage07:49
Ian_Cornetopyli: what eeepc do you have?07:49
topylialteregoa, no. the trick is to safely change the fsb from 70 to 10007:49
topyliIan_Corne, 70107:49
alteregoaor something07:49
Ian_CorneI don't have any problems without those acpi scripts got a 1000H07:50
redwoodoooone more question: which download should I use to install skype on karmic?07:50
topyliIan_Corne, that's because it's not underclocked to begin with07:50
alteregoaredwood: ubuntu 9.04 works07:50
alteregoathe debian packet of 9.0407:50
alteregoaor ubuntu, whatever its almost the same07:51
ElijahCMenifeegsevil, what happens if instead of removing 'silent splash' you change it to 'nosplash'?07:52
psypher2461ElijahCMenifee: i did that already, what i mean is where exactly in that app is what you are looking for, smart basic test says disk is fine07:52
gsevilElijahCMenifee: i'll try , thanks for helping07:53
ElijahCMenifeepsypher2461, when gsmartctl is running does it list your drive?07:54
topylirephrasing: how do you change the fsb speed? i don't need a set of scripts, just this one command really07:54
psypher2461ElijahCMenifee: yes07:54
Taroven1Got an evil script issue if anyone can help out... I'm trying to set a script up to spawn 6 terminals at startup. When I run the script manually it works fine, but if it's run at startup only one terminal starts at all. (not necessarily 9.10 specific, but the main ubuntu channel is hard to get help in)07:55
psypher2461overal health self-assessment test: passes07:55
ElijahCMenifeepsypher2461, when you double-click on the drive  waht do the error log tabs say, and do anything in the attributes show up as red07:55
psypher2461device does not support error logging07:55
psypher2461error smart error log read failed07:56
psypher2461all errors bout not being able to read logs07:56
ElijahCMenifeepsypher2461, ugh i was hoping it might contain info on what was causing that error message to show up :( did you check the Attributes tab for any pink/red lines?07:57
Ian_Cornetopyli: have you check the bios?07:57
psypher2461no data available :(07:57
psypher2461mustn't i 1st turn smart on in the bios?07:58
ElijahCMenifeepsypher2461, is it an actual harddrive or an SDD drive?07:58
topyliIan_Corne, i know it doesn't support it. it has to be done in software. also, i don't want to run at higher speed all the time, only when i need a very high resolution for my external monitor (i don't care about processor speed, i'm upping the fsb for the video chip"07:58
ElijahCMenifeepsypher2461, ah that might be the problem then, if you have been heavily writing/erasing it or files on it it could be an SDD wear level warning07:58
psypher2461but surely the lifespan is longer that 6 months, haven't even done that much read writte07:59
psypher2461how can i be sure?07:59
psypher2461i don;t think an fsch is comprehensive enough08:00
ElijahCMenifeedepending on the manufacturer there may be some special programs/leveling areas that monitor the erase cycle usage but other then that not sure.08:01
u-fokahy there!08:01
u-fokanow I'm switched to karmic on my everyday used pc to test it more deeply :) and I fond that udev somehow wont work :(08:02
u-fokaI mean I can't change my wlan card from eth1 to wlan0 editing the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file, because after restart I got a new line with the same card again as eth1 (wlan0 line still exists but seems ignored)08:04
EruditeHermithi, can anyone on karmic check to see if they have the dmraid package installed?08:04
EruditeHermitcan I safely remove the dmraid package?08:05
u-fokaAnother strange thing is that I installed usb_modeswitch to switch my huawei e1750 modem into data mode, and it's udev rule (/etc/udev/rules.d/usb_modeswitch.rule) does nothing :(08:05
u-fokaany ideas?08:05
Guest34396has anyone else has issues with the latest udev update?08:09
u-fokaGuest34396, I don't know if it's related to the last update, but i have strange problems with udev :S08:11
u-fokaI've installed from a daily build from oct 15 (and now up2date)08:11
Guest34396when i try to boot the latest kernel udev throws a couple of erroes, then the kernel can't find /dev/ram08:12
u-fokaGuest34396, and won't boot at all?08:13
aporetichey guys, i appear to be having some issues with my fresh 9.10 install -- trying to switch icon themes in gnome (to 'iris', as it happens) with no effect08:16
steve__I'm having a brain fart here.  What is the command that shows the results from all of your devices?  I'm blocking on mdist, but that ain't it.08:17
Guest34396right, it drips to busybox08:17
aporeticsteve__: lspci?08:18
pradeepcan i upgrade to karmic now..can't wait??08:18
u-fokapradeep, update-manager -cd08:20
u-fokagod luck08:20
wektwhat is a nice graphical software for viewing Man pages?08:20
wektbesides konqueror08:20
pradeepu-foka: wat?? does that mean08:20
EruditeHermithey, has anyone profiled their boot with bootchart?08:21
wekteeek!  it's a tk app!08:21
pradeepwekt: why u need graphical interface08:21
wektscroll bar, nicer font handling.08:21
gsevilI add nosplash to grub, but it still shows the splash after I enter password to login, is that usplash ?08:21
u-fokapradeep, you can enter that command "update-manager -cd" into the run dialog (alt+f2) to upgrade from jaunty08:22
u-fokagsevil, that is xsplash ;)08:22
pradeepu-foka: is it bug free now08:22
gsevilhow can I disable it?08:22
wektpradeep: viewing man pages is something i do often, so i like to have it be as comfortable as possible08:22
pradeepwekt: tkman then08:22
u-fokapradeep, we all having strange troubes :(08:22
pradeepu-foka: any serious bugs08:23
u-fokai have problems with both udev and devicekit :(08:23
u-fokaif I connect my usb mouse after boot, it wont work08:24
u-fokabut if it's connected at boot, I can put it in another usb port and it works after...08:24
gsevilu-foka:  how can I disable xsplash?08:24
u-fokaanother issue that udev somehow ignores the persistent net rules and an other rule that should switch my 3g modem too :S08:25
u-fokagsevil, sorry I can't help you with that, it's really new stuff and I don't know how it works08:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about FTBFS08:27
EruditeHermithow long does it take you guys to boot?08:28
agent538i dont know08:28
u-fokaI feel karmic boots faster than jaunty08:29
agent538but i know, that spme programas dont work anymore, i no update  karmic maybe it helps a little08:29
agent538do people have the same problem her, some prog. of my dont start up anymore08:30
tgpraveenanyone else feels karmic boots faster than jaunty? most people seem to be getting slower boots08:30
tgpraveenagent538: give some egs. of the progs08:31
EruditeHermittgpraveen, do you have a bootchart?08:31
EruditeHermitit boots slower for me08:31
EruditeHermitby a minute08:31
u-fokai will measure it next boot08:31
tgpraveenagent538: examples08:32
agent538for me its important that everything works08:32
agent538tgp i'm now updating08:32
agent538i shall give you de info if i start again oke.08:33
gsevila few week ago, I partially upgraded to karmic, but today, I fully upgraded, it load so slow, especially after enter password, really hate the slow xsplash08:33
agent538i must reboot08:33
u-fokawill be back!08:34
cousin_mariohow do you get the session buttons in the system menu instead of a separate applet?08:35
gsevilhow can I save my authentication for some root activities, like mount ntfs partition, I don't remember disabling what, but it asks me everytime08:37
agent538tgpraveen,  if i start gpar2 and i push the todo button it dispears08:39
agent538cheese cant not find my webcame anymore08:40
agent538it say no webcame08:40
agent538but two days ago i did use my webcame08:41
ElijahCMenifeegsevil, Are you talking about the splash inbetween the GDM login screen and your desktop screen?08:41
gsevilhow can I disable an upstart service ?08:53
gsevillike apparmor?08:53
Taroven1Anyone tried compiling Grumbel's xboxdrv under 9.10? I'm getting a build error.09:00
CPrgmSwR2I have to say the wireless drivers have gotton a lot better09:14
ElijahCMenifeeanyone know about support NFSv4?09:15
KruyKazehi guys09:16
=== geser_ is now known as geser
PlainFlavoredso i'm sure you guys are aware of the bad sector bug in Palimpsest09:19
PlainFlavoredshould i still be concerned about my drive?09:19
topyliPlainFlavored, yes. you should always assume all your hard drives will fail soon09:32
topylibecause sooner or later, they will :)09:32
jarnosSuspend to RAM does not work or gives errors even if it worked in Jaunty. What is going on?09:45
tgpraveen!info pulseaudio09:50
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.19-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 586 kB, installed size 4200 kB09:50
|eagles0513875|!topic | jarnos09:55
ubottujarnos: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:55
|eagles0513875|jarnos: be aware you are using beta software09:56
silver-bulletSorry for the noob question, but how do I check if a bug I want to report has already been filed?10:01
silver-bulletit's about video playback colours looking 'inverted' for want of a better word.10:03
tgpraveensilver-bullet: go to launchpad.net10:04
tgpraveenin that select ubuntu then go to bugs10:04
tgpraveenthen search there10:04
tgpraveenbtw I think I saw that issue being discussed long ago10:04
tgpraveenI thouhg it would have been fixed by now10:05
silver-bullettgpraveen: Thanks, I thought it would be fixed by now too :(10:05
PlainFlavored!info palimpsest10:06
ubottuPackage palimpsest does not exist in karmic10:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about palimpsest10:06
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.10:07
=== evansonnemans is now known as exalt
|eagles0513875|hhahaha LSD|Ninja10:07
LSD|NinjaAnyway, where should I be looking for issues related to NetBIOS name resolution?10:11
cousin_mariodo I have to close session from an applet?10:11
tgpraveen!info gnome-disk-utility10:11
ubottugnome-disk-utility (source: gnome-disk-utility): manage and configure disk drives and media. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.0+git20091012-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 421 kB, installed size 6672 kB10:11
cousin_marioLSD|Ninja: possibly firewall?10:11
tgpraveeneagles0513875: ^^ :-)\10:11
|ns|nR8LSD|Ninja, whats the prob10:12
LSD|Ninja|ns|nR8: It doesn't work :P Seriously though, Nautilus won't browse the Windows network because it claims it can't find the share list or something and trying to list the server using smbclient gives me "NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME" using the NetBIOS name, but works fine with the IP address10:13
LSD|NinjaI can probably fix it with a /etc/hosts kludge, but I'd rather know what the actual problem is as it worked a few days ago10:15
rwatis it just me or has sound configuration taken a step back on karmic?10:15
rwattrying to get sound going in a sensible manner to my usb audio device is much harder than it was in jaunty10:16
LSD|Ninjaadministration tools have been disappearing since at least Hardy10:16
rwatit seems that I'm back to the idea of having only one sound source at a time10:17
rwatwhich is so last century10:17
mortalwill karmic get 2.6.32?10:18
rwatI don't understand this "let's remove all the console tools" approach. If it continues I'll be off back to debian.10:18
exalteventually maybe10:19
exaltyou can do it yourselve :)10:19
rwatI seem to have managed to set my usb sound card as the default - anyone know I get multiple things to play to it at the same time?10:21
rwatBBC iPlayer doesn't seem to want to talk to it at all :/10:22
silver-bullettgpraveen: Thanks for the help with video colours earlier - fixed now - just needed to adjust the hue settings - D'oh!10:23
tgpraveensilver-bullet: hehe gr810:24
jarnos|eagles0513875|, yeah I am. I am just tired of reporting about bugs caused by people fixing something that was not broken.10:29
|eagles0513875|jarnos: :( wish i could help you in regards to your issue but im not to versed in bugs and certain programming languages10:30
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:31
|eagles0513875|yo ActionParsnip10:36
ActionParsnipis there a way I can take a single service out of the shutdown script but leave it in the startup?10:37
exalthow stable is ubuntu karmic nowadays?10:38
|ns|nR8wait 4 days for the rc10:38
|ns|nR8thats what im doing10:38
|ns|nR8had enough of it breaking10:38
ActionParsnipexalt: worked fine here since alpha210:39
exaltActionParsnip: what kind of laptop?10:39
ActionParsnipexalt: its a desktop, asus p1-ah2 pundit10:40
ActionParsnipexalt: with 100% compatile wifi pci card10:40
exaltokj ty10:40
ActionParsnipexalt: why did you assume it was a laptop?10:40
exaltActionParsnip: i hoped it was, because im willing to install ubuntu on a friends laptop10:41
ActionParsnipexalt: if you'd asked it would have een  better option10:41
ActionParsnipexalt: if you run it from liveCD or USB you can test to see how it will go10:41
exaltActionParsnip:  yes probably10:41
exaltActionParsnip: well thats not totaly true10:42
|ns|nR8running the updates has always caused me probs10:42
ActionParsnipexalt: course it is, you can install and setup drivers on the USB as if it were the internal drive10:42
ActionParsnipexalt: many do it, sure usb is painfully slow but you can investigate the hardware at least10:43
ActionParsnipexalt: and see if they actually like it too10:43
ActionParsnipexalt: whyis it not totally true?10:44
exaltdear ActionParsnip ive had so much times that a livecd works just fine10:44
exaltbut the install wont10:44
c4ptis anyone having a problem with gunzip on koala with tar.gzś?10:45
ActionParsnipexalt: did you verify the ISO before burning? Did you run the CD self tester? Did yu burn the CD as slow as possible?10:45
exaltActionParsnip: yes ofcourse10:45
ActionParsnipc4pt: tar zxvf <file.tar.gz>10:45
ActionParsnipexalt: not everyone checks them dude, i assume nothing10:45
ActionParsnipexalt: ok so at what point does the install fail?10:46
c4ptActionParsnip: http://www.pastie.org/66035510:46
ActionParsnipc4pt: why are you root? Is the file ok?10:47
c4ptActionParsnip: its pretty much doing this with any .tar.gz i download10:47
ActionParsnipc4pt: sudo apt-get --reinstall install bzip2 gzip10:48
ActionParsnipc4pt: have you tried not being root and doing it as a normal user like you are supposed to10:48
c4ptActionParsnip: yes10:48
c4ptActionParsnip: i just ran the sudo command you gave me to install and reinstall bzip2 and gzip same thing10:49
FinnishHow to update to karmic via terminal, I'm on 8.10 at the moment10:49
ActionParsnipwell it just reinstalled the commands10:49
ActionParsnipFinnish: sudo update-manager -d10:49
ActionParsnipc4pt: does it work as another user?10:50
nareshFinnish: do-release-upgrade -d10:50
c4ptActionParsnip: i exited in terminal back to my regular user10:50
ActionParsnipc4pt: if you make a fresh user is it ok there10:51
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo10:51
ActionParsnipc4pt: if its bad in the new user,log a bug, if its good in the new user then its your profile10:53
c4ptActionParsnip: tar zxvf didnt work in the newuser either10:54
c4ptActionParsnip: are you running koala?10:54
c4ptActionParsnip: does tar zvxf work for you with tar.gz?10:55
ActionParsnipyes and has done for all time10:56
gsevilhow can I enable timidity in karmic?10:56
c4ptActionParsnip: tell me a different tar.gz file to download that works for you10:56
ActionParsnipc4pt: i'd log a bug and write everything you have tried as well as the outcomes10:56
ActionParsnipc4pt: sure, sec10:56
c4ptActionParsnip: so i can verify that it is at least working before i do a reinstall10:56
coz_gsevil, i am not sure  however did  you try the same guides for jaunty to see if that works?10:57
ActionParsnipc4pt: http://pkl.net/~node/software/alsa-patch-bay/alsa-patch-bay-0.5.2.tar.gz worked fine10:57
c4ptActionParsnip: ok the file unzipped10:58
c4ptActionParsnip: very strange10:58
ActionParsnipc4pt: then your file is orrupt and needs redownloading10:58
c4ptActionParsnip: i got this file that i am trying to unzip from sourceforge.10:58
ActionParsnipor is misnamed10:58
ActionParsnipc4pt: does file <file name> say its a gzipped tar file?10:59
c4ptActionParsnip: http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/adzap-20070317.tar.gz10:59
c4ptActionParsnip: http://adzapper.sourceforge.net/11:00
c4ptok ill be back11:00
c4ptActionParsnip: thanx for your help11:00
ActionParsnipc4pt: i get the same error as you trying to extract the file11:01
ActionParsnipc4pt: mmm11:01
ActionParsnipc4pt: its a tar11:02
ActionParsnip\c4pthe retards called it a tar.gz when its not11:03
c4ptActionParsnip: oh o11:03
ActionParsnipyou should email them to laugh and point11:03
c4ptActionParsnip: oh ok11:03
ActionParsniptar xvf ./adzap-20090301.tar.gz11:03
ActionParsnip!ifo adzap11:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifo adzap11:04
ActionParsnipc4pt: better?11:05
c4ptActionParsnip: just going to use squid and adzapper from apt-get....11:06
hetaumais any1 having troubles installing addons on firefox? it takes ages and then it gives a downloading error11:11
ActionParsniphetauma: can you give the output of: ls -la ~/.mozilla11:24
ActionParsniphetauma: use http://pastebin.org11:25
ActionParsniphetauma: http://pastebin.com/ sorry11:26
hetaumaand firfox gives a download error -22811:27
hetaumait takes about 3mins to "start" the download and another 5 to give the error11:28
hetaumaI thought that it might be a problem with firefox servers but other people can install addons without any problem11:28
coz_hetauma,  are you trying to update firefox other than via the repositories?11:29
ActionParsniphetauma: ok well that looks good11:29
hetaumacoz_, nope11:29
ActionParsniphave you tried closing all firefoxes and renaming ~/.mozilla   to see if its better11:30
hetaumaActionParsnip, so firefox will make a new profile?11:30
coz_it should11:30
hetaumagimme a sec to do that11:30
ActionParsniphetauma: yeah, worth a try, you can rename back too so you have a rollback path11:31
hetaumahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/296742/ that's the error it gives11:32
hetaumaActionParsnip, same thing after making new profile11:35
ActionParsniphetauma: are you using download helper?11:37
hetaumaActionParsnip, no addon installed at all11:37
hetaumaexcept from those that were installed with ubuntu11:38
coz_hetauma,  ok I just tried that plugi here  and it did install   ?11:39
coz_hetauma,   out of curiosity   have you done  sudo apt-get update  and then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   ?11:40
hetaumasystem is uptodate an 9.10 was a clean install11:40
coz_hetauma,   mmm11:40
coz_hetauma,  have you already gone into synaptic and try a reinstallation of firefox ?11:41
hetaumacoz_, nope will do that now11:41
ActionParsniphetauma: what version of ffox do you have installed?11:42
coz_hetauma,  hit the search button  type in firefox   and reinstall all of the pacakges listed there11:42
vistakiller1with the last update akregator crash every time that read feeds11:42
vistakiller1with that error11:42
vistakiller1file retriever error: 11411:42
vistakiller1any idea?11:42
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: try removing it, then putting it back in (use --purge too)11:43
vistakiller1i try to reinstall it11:44
vistakiller1what about the feeds?11:44
vistakiller1i have to take a backup?11:44
hetaumacoz_, reinstalled no luck, then made a complete removal and new installation and still the same problem11:45
coz_hetauma,   damn something is seriously wrong with that install then11:45
hetaumaI'm searching launchpad to find something about that11:46
coz_hetauma,   did you check the cd either with the live cd check or the md5sums after downloading the ISO image11:46
vistakiller1it seems it work now11:46
vistakiller1i remove it with purge and now it works :P11:46
hetaumacoz_,  yes11:47
coz_hetauma,  then I am puzzled11:47
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: mustve updated bad, or the settings for the old version were broking the new11:47
coz_that sounds reasonable :)11:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:48
coz_vistakiller1,  one way to test that next time is to delete the .conf file for the application    and restart it11:48
vistakiller1anyone else use kubuntu karmic?11:49
ActionParsnipi use lxde + karmic11:49
vistakiller1do you have the problem with the flash player buttons when you run kwin effect?11:50
vistakiller1or compiz11:50
ActionParsnipyeah compiz can kill clicks in flash11:50
vistakiller1and kwin the same11:50
coz_vistakiller1,  i am on karmic right now11:50
coz_but not kde11:51
vistakiller1and pulseaudio in kubuntu kill sound in flash :P11:51
Andy80hi all11:51
vistakiller1this flash have problems in linux11:51
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: runs perfect here with 64bit alpha11:51
vistakiller1in kubuntu i have problems first with sound and i have to remove pulseaudio11:52
mcnesiumhey ive been running karmic since beta was released and it was working fine, then i ran the update manager, while the update the system crashed and after that my system looks like this: http://www.vimeo.com/708265711:52
Andy80sometimes karmic fails to detect my sound card, so I don't have any audio and I don't see anything in Sound Preferences --> Hardware, applet... how can I fix this? What package is involved, so I can submit a properly bug? thanks11:52
vistakiller1and now with the buttons11:52
vistakiller1Andy80 try to remove pulseaudio11:53
coz_mcnesium,  are you saying the screen has dimmed?11:53
mcnesiumcoz_: no wait and see, the screen output starts blinking11:54
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: is your ubuntu 64bit?11:54
mcnesiumand i cant enter the password11:54
vistakiller1yes kubuntu 64bit11:54
mcnesiumcause it actually takes the keys pressed only once in a while11:54
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: have you tried the alpha  flash plugin?11:54
Andy80vistakiller1: do you think it's a reasonable solution?!11:54
coz_mcnesium,  did you by chance hear a loud pop when it crashed?11:54
vistakiller1i dont know Andy80 but pulse have still many problems11:55
vistakiller1ActionParnship no i have 32 flash with libs11:55
coz_mcnesium,    I see ...that looks really bad.... can you hit   ctrl+alt+F111:55
coz_mcnesium,  can you get into  text console?11:55
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-   extract the .so   to your browsers plugin folder (remove the flash packages first)11:56
coz_bernardo,  hey guy11:56
ActionParsnipvistakiller1: i always put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins11:56
mcnesiumcoz_: this is the text console11:56
coz_mcnesium,  well if I were in that position I would just simply reinstall11:56
bernardofirefox only opens here with sudo privileges, any idea why? from the shortcut it just dies after a time, without opening11:57
mcnesiumcoz_: i am wondering if i should report this as a bug11:57
coz_mcnesium,   apparenlty the crash happened  when important updates were needed11:57
coz_mcnesium,  i dont think this is a bug    .... do you know why it crashed?11:57
mcnesiumno, i wasn paying attention, and obviously i cannot read the logfiles11:58
coz_mcnesium,   from what you say the crash happened while doing an update correct?11:58
mcnesiumcoz_: thats right11:58
coz_mcnesium,  then ... unless a vital piece of hardware   ie the video card  has gone bad  and caused a crash...whatever made this crash also prevented needed libraries to be installed for a proper boot11:59
coz_mcnesium,   anything important on that install that you need to back up?12:00
coz_mcnesium,  i would put in the live cd  to see if it does boot normally...that might be a quickk way to tell if it is hardware12:00
mcnesiumcoz_: no its no productive system, i might as well leave it for now and wait for the final release of karmic12:00
bernardohi guys, firefox only works here if I do sudo firefox, else it goes startinhg firefox for 15s and then nothing happens12:00
coz_mcnesium,  check it with the live cd to see if it boots normally12:01
mcnesiumcoz_: as is said i was wondering if this has happened before somewhere and reporting a bug might help12:01
coz_mcnesium,   at this point it doesnt sound like a bug  ...but   which video card are you running on that system?12:01
mcnesiumcoz_: a pretty old one i think something like geforce mx 200 or so12:02
mcnesiumbut it did work out with compiz fusion effects \o/12:02
wekthow do you prevent Koala or Gnome from automatically mounting media?12:03
coz_mcnesium,  ok   thats old but it should work... as I said my first concern would be hardware   and I would    first run the live cd to see if it boots normally...if not  ..then I shutdown  and open the system and pull the video card to see if any of the capacitor have popped12:03
coz_mcnesium,   the live cd would be a goog troubleshooting start12:03
coz_good not goog12:03
wektI found out where to turn of application launching, but that seems not to be sufficient12:04
wektThe nautilus settings i have changed already.12:04
ActionParsnipok y'all if i have an ati card and hal is using the wrong driver, how can I tell it to use something else if their is no xorg.conf file??12:04
mcnesiumalright i will check that tonight, thx for now coz_12:04
coz_mcnesium,  I am interested in finding out the outcome of the live cd trial12:04
mcnesiumcoz_: i'll come back in here12:04
coz_mcnesium,  cool :)12:05
coz_mcnesium,  if you dont find me here I will always be in #compiz and #cairo-dock12:05
ActionParsnipis there an option file for hal to use certain drivers for certain hardware12:05
ActionParsnipor am I doomed to find a virgin xorg.conf as there isnt one currently12:06
ActionParsnipits so crippled12:07
wektActionParsnip: there is a way to disable hal for xorg12:08
wektActionParsnip: would you like to do that?12:08
ActionParsnipbut te file is still none-existant or blank12:08
ActionParsnipthis is my point12:08
wekti don't know how to configure hal.  it is going away anyhow12:08
wektwith the halsectomy12:09
ActionParsnipwhat if i have a funky mouse, hal doesnt pick it up riht and I have a nice config stored that I can use that makes it perfect12:09
wektwhat is the problem using that config?12:09
ActionParsnipwell there is no serverlayout or other biots that are useful to pull the server together12:10
ActionParsnipso the single parts do nothing, so users have to scour for efaul xorg.confs12:10
ActionParsnipwhen removing it is "supposed" to make things easier12:11
wektthat is not supposed to be so, but it might be.  evdev driver in xorg tends to do extra things.12:13
wektwell it is so.  The only remedy is to change the evdev driver in xorg or disable hal12:13
wektdisable hal in xorg.conf12:13
ActionParsnipthe file just needs leaving in so it is an option12:16
GutZuWiSSeN_ i just updated to karmic .. and got a problem with pidgin: i cant receive messages. (but i can send them) .. any ideas?12:27
ActionParsnipbad pidgin profile maybe12:30
shadeslayeranyone know what the make status widget in kde does?12:30
GutZuWiSSeN_its working again :)   ... removed the .purple folder and recreated the accs12:37
ActionParsnipgood way i find12:38
ActionParsnipalthough renae gives you a rollback path12:38
test34GutZuWiSSeN_, tried empathy?12:41
GutZuWiSSeN_test34, yeah, but its not that good i think.12:41
GutZuWiSSeN_im missing especially a small feature: send msgs with ctrl  + enter  and enter = new line12:42
GutZuWiSSeN_in pidgin i can do that with a gtrkc file12:42
test34try shift+enter12:43
hsarcii just updated/upgraded my packages now when i click on a folder from "places" i get a "no applciatoin registered" error....any ideas?12:50
CShadowRunHas anyone noticed that ekiga has unusable sound quality in karmic?12:56
CShadowRunLike, for every 5 seconds of playback, you might have 1 second that's actually audible12:56
debug1Wonder if Ubuntu 9.10 will be able to support the Intel DP43TF MB.12:59
* Dr_Willis wonders why this one machine always shows grub2 'entering rescue mode' and booting up to the normal desktop.13:00
HoopyCatdebug1:  you can try the beta livecd and see how it goes13:00
debug1Already tried the beta ver and it didn't work well13:00
Dr_Willisits booting fine. Just no grub menu. and it always says entering rescue mode13:00
debug1Had to revert back to server ver w/gnome gui13:01
junkY_Sanhey, i'm using ubuntu nbr 9.10. i want to establish a pptp connection. but when i click on the setup connection nothing happens. /var/log/messages says nothing about pptp13:02
AceKingAnyone else having a problem with "Movie Player" having a purple tint after upgrading to 9.10? It almost looks like a negative.13:02
CShadowRunAceKing, yup, go to edit, preferences, display, reset to defaults13:03
debug1I have no problems w/movie player, but I am running server ver- for what it's worth.13:03
CShadowRunAceKing, (i bet you hue is not centered13:03
AceKingCShadowRun: Thanks!! I've been asking for a week now!13:04
gdm_diehello. i just installed 9.10 , and i cannot get in X window. gdm dies and try to restart again and again. it shows no response to my operation. Er... where is the log ?13:04
CShadowRunAceKing, yw :)13:04
CShadowRungod alone knows why they have that setting, it causes nothing but grief13:04
CShadowRunif i wanna change the hue of a video, i'll open up a movie editor or something13:04
debug1CShadow, why not just change it on the monitor itself?13:05
AceKingCShadowRun: You ROCK!!! That was it! Thank you13:05
CShadowRunAceKing, yw :)13:05
CShadowRunhad the same problem myself...twice13:06
CShadowRunsuch a stupid/pointless setting :P13:06
AceKingIt was driving me nuts for a week13:06
gdm_dieActionParsnip: usually it should be there the log. but i cannot find it anywhere.13:06
debug1time for work, chow.13:14
DelvienI cannot change the brightness on my LCD for an HP dv1000 laptop. through /etc/acpi I only see scripts for Asus and toshiba13:15
Dr_WillisHmm.. My dv2000 works. with teh keyboard buttons at least.13:15
Delvienthe Fn buttons didnt work :(13:16
hsarcidoes rc.local run after resume?13:18
Dr_Willishsarci:  i do not think it woule13:18
Dr_Willisrc.local is ran by one of the system services at boot time.13:18
hsarciwhere can i put a command that i want to run after resume?13:18
Dr_WillisThere are some scripts ran after resume/suspend - i recall. but ive no idea what/where13:19
Dr_WillisI never use resume/suspend.  acttually Standby button worked on this pc.. but i dont know if thats 'hibernate' or 'suspend' or sleep, or whatever they call it now.13:19
hsarcihibernate and sleep are different13:22
hsarcihiberante stores a ram image to the hdd then turns off13:22
hsarcisleep just puts eveyrthing in super low power mode but machine still remains on13:22
zniavrehello/bonjour how to disable this applet please? >http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/2705/screenshot2ae.png13:22
c4pttrying to use twinview with nvidia settings13:28
c4ptwhen i set the second monitor with nvidia settings to 1024x768 it still goes out of sync to 1280x102413:28
c4pteven though nvidia settings are set to 1024x76813:28
iokahello guys13:29
iokawhen I try ssh I'm asked first to accept dsa key.I do that then insted of asking me for a login I'm asked straight for a password.What password should I use?13:30
iokaIt is not my account password13:30
iokaI tried it a couple of times.then it says Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive)13:31
mzzioka: by default ssh uses your local account name as username on the remote system13:32
iokaoooo this is bad13:32
mzzioka: if those names don't match do something like "ssh yourremotename@remotehost"13:32
iokaI'll try that.13:33
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)13:33
mzzioka: you can use ~/.ssh/config to save some typing: if you put "host remotehost", "hostname remotehost.org", "user remotename" in ~/.ssh/config you can then do "ssh remotehost" instead of "ssh remotename@remotehost.org"13:34
Dr_Willisuse ssh-keygen and ssh-copy-id and you can have passwordless logins13:34
mzzhey, I didn't know about ssh-copy-id for some reason, I was doing that by hand13:35
Dr_Willisit pays to read ssh docs/books/guides :)13:35
iokawhat does this sign mean before the forward slash ~/.ssh/ .It looks like a small wave13:36
mzzioka: shorthand for /home/you (the shell expands it)13:37
Dr_Willisbash basics = thats a tilda = ~13:37
Dr_Willis~ = /home/yourcurrentusername13:37
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:37
iokathere is no file config in the directory ~/.ssh Should I create it?13:38
mzzif you want that shorthand then yes13:38
Dr_Willislogically.. yes. :)13:38
Dr_Willistheres lots of configs that dont exist by default13:38
mzzyeah, this is a general rule of sorts: for most apps no config file and an empty config file are equivalent (all defaults)13:39
Dr_Willisor you find the system config.. copuy it to the users dir/right name. then alter it.13:39
mzzit varies a little, but I think it being safe to create a (mostly) empty config if it didn't write one automatically is the more common case13:40
Dr_Willisie: --> cp   /etc/ssh/ssh_config  /home/username/.ssh/config13:41
mzzbut you don't have to do that here, since I'm pretty sure it just reads both, with ~/.ssh/config winning if both files specify something13:42
Dr_Willisif you want one to look at :) for an example13:42
mzzthat's true13:42
ioka10x for the help.i need to read the manual pages :)13:46
Dr_Willisreading docs is good..13:48
* gnomefreak tries to figure out -> read docs -> get mad -> try to figure out -> read docs...... until i get tired13:51
Travis-42everytime I restart I get a message about a kernel problem and a window to report it, when I click report, it tells me that it's not a genuine Ubuntu image. What might be going on?13:51
Dr_WillisHmm..never seen that message befor.13:51
Dr_Willischeck forums perhaps or bug reports?13:52
mzzTravis-42: so what kernel are you booting?13:52
gnomefreakTravis-42: did you build any options into kernel or get it somewhere else?13:52
mzzTravis-42: (check dmesg and/or uname -a)13:52
BluesKajhey all13:53
Travis-42Linux travis-desktop 2.6.31-11-generic #38-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 11:06:40 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:53
Travis-42I didn't do anything custom to it13:53
mzzhmm, lemme see13:53
Travis-42I freshly installed ubuntu karmic beta when it came out, and have updated since13:54
Dr_WillisLinux blacky 2.6.31-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 15 03:42:30 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:54
Dr_Willisthe kernel ya got is a little old.13:54
mzzTravis-42: do you know the exact message (so I can grep for it)?13:54
Dr_WillisI would update. upgrade, dist-upgrade13:54
Travis-42ah, didn't realize I had to dist-upgrade as well13:55
Travis-42mzz: "The problem cannot be reported: This is not a genuine Ubuntu package"13:55
Travis-42with window title: "Problem in linux-image-2.6.3...."13:55
mzzTravis-42: also, can you pastebin the report?13:55
Dr_Williswithout dist-upgrade kernels sometimes get held back13:55
Travis-42yea, Dr_Willis , it says that it is held back for me with upgrade13:56
Travis-42mzz, how do I get the report?13:56
mzzshould be in /var/crash13:56
mzzbut what Dr_Willis said might be it13:56
Travis-42maybe I should try that first13:57
Dr_Willisi always dist-upgrade also. :)13:58
Dr_Willisnot sure why you wouldent want to.. i guess  for some stability reasons [erhaps.13:58
Travis-42I guess I thought dist-upgrade was only for actually switching between things like jaunty and karmic13:58
Travis-42but I see14:00
Dr_Willisyou dont want to use dist-upgrade to change releases :)14:00
Dr_Willisit dont do that properly14:00
Dr_WillisFrom what i hear14:00
Travis-42yea, -1 to me for not reading the docs on it, I just assumed based on the name :-)14:00
Dr_Willisfor debian it might..but ubuntu has specialized tools for that14:01
aprilharewant to perform update - wants partial upgrade - part of which apparently requires rtkit to be removed. would this be bad?14:04
bullgardWhere has the GNOME menu item System > Einstellungen > Sound > Sound Preferences > Devices > Audio Conferencing gone in Karmic?14:05
aprilhareooooohhhh ic "  * debian/control: Add a Conflicts for rtkit so we force removal, and hence get more testing coverage between now and Karmic final"14:07
kindofabuzzis the add-apt-repository command not in 9.10 server?14:09
mzzdoes ubottu have something apt-file-ish?14:10
mzzkindofabuzz: apt-file search says it's in python-software-repositories14:10
aprilhare!info firefox14:10
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.5): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu4 (karmic), package size 71 kB, installed size 128 kB14:10
aprilharemzz: answer your question?14:10
mzzkindofabuzz: apt-file search says it's in python-software-properties, I meant14:10
mzzaprilhare: no14:10
mzzaprilhare: that's apt-cache, not apt-file14:10
aprilharegrrr firefox keeps on crashing all of a sudden14:11
mzztry without plugins, try without extensions if you have any binary ones, try to get a stack out14:11
aprilharemight be a plugin or it might be drop bear karmic yet again14:11
aprilhareproblem is its crashing in gmail. and i'm not prepared to offer them a dump containing anything from gmail.14:12
mzzso get just the backtrace, with the argument values scrubbed if you think they're problematic14:12
mzz(not a full apport report)14:13
aprilharei notice pdf plugins don't work14:13
aprilhareand the download functionality seems to be somewhat crippled14:13
aprilharei.e. i can download stuff but i can't have it automatically opened in an app, or open the directory its in etc14:13
aprilharefirefox is a mess14:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nividia14:14
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment14:14
oldude67!info nividia14:14
ubottuPackage nividia does not exist in karmic14:14
aprilhare!info nvidia14:14
ubottuPackage nvidia does not exist in karmic14:14
Dr_Willis!nvidia is the factoid14:15
aprilhareyay for factoids!14:15
Dr_Willis info would show the package database description14:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvdia14:15
Dr_Willis'!find' searches the database14:15
aprilhareyou get the feeling some people have problems spelling nvidia? :)14:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment14:16
bullgardWhere has the GNOME menu item System > Preferences > Sound > Sound Preferences > Devices > Audio Conferencing gone in Karmic?14:16
wild_oscarregarding bluez, do you know what has replaced hidd to pair bluetooth devices?14:17
wild_oscarbecause hidd is in a package containing "deprecated programs"14:17
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
Dr_Willisgnome-bluetooth - GNOME Bluetooth tools14:19
Dr_WillisHmm.. Huludesktop fo linux.. is jerky. :(14:21
om26erkarmic rulzzz big time14:21
wild_oscarDr_Willis: from the command line, that is14:22
Dr_Willisbtscanner - ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices14:23
Dr_Willisthat may pull in any extras upi meeded14:23
funkyHatAny apparmor people around? is bug 454758 valid or should I just modify the profile to fit my requirements?14:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454758 in apparmor "firefox profile stops firefox from loading if profile dir is not in a standard location" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45475814:28
bullgardWhere has the GNOME menu item System > Preferences > Sound > Sound Preferences > Devices > Audio Conferencing gone in Karmic?14:29
legend2440anyone get Ubuntuone to work? i can't even upload a small jpg file without internal server error14:29
Dr_Willisit has issues14:31
sajiHey, My sound is not working, after upgrading to Karmic..14:32
wild_oscarDr_Willis: cheers, I'll try it14:32
sajioutput of alsactl init is-14:32
sajiUnknown hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC262" "HDA:10ec0262,17aa3837,00100002 HDA:10573055,10573055,00100700" "0x17aa" "0x384e"14:32
sajiHardware is initialized using a guess method14:32
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:51: control element not found14:32
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: missing closing brace for format14:32
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: error parsing CTL attribute14:32
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: invalid rule14:32
Dr_Willishmm 8984 seeders for a file.. and ktorrent says its 'stalled' *sigh*14:33
Dr_WillisThere we go...14:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP314:34
mzzsaji: file doesn't look obviously corrupt here, what's the sha1sum of the version you have?14:34
sajimzz, how do i find that?\14:35
sajimzz, version of what?14:35
=== IdleOne is now known as KarmicOne
mzzsaji: sha1sum /usr/share/alsa/init/default14:35
mzzsaji: should be a935...14:36
mzz(unless I missed an update)14:36
sajimzz, lemme see that....14:36
sajimzz, ya its a93520893a561cc2af956b0a16b0743f2f8ecc2714:36
mzzoh well, was worth checking14:37
mzznot sure what's up then14:37
sajimzz, how will i initiate or restart the sound device?14:37
=== KarmicOne is now known as LucidOne
* mzz needs to stop doing this14:38
* saji mzz don't stop helping me..14:38
mzzsaji: I had one obvious thing I figured I'd checked. I don't know what your problem is.14:38
mzzI'd check, even14:38
mzzbleh, grammar14:39
sajimzz, ok... So no idea how to restart it...14:39
sajiHey... How'll restart on reinitialise my sound device?14:39
mzzbut check if "alsactl init" is actually a thing you want to run14:40
sajimzz i had tried that..14:40
* mzz rephrases14:41
mzzsaji: your sound doesn't work, and apparently you're trying "alsactl init" in an attempt to fix this. Are you sure "alsactl init" will actually help with whatever problem you have?14:41
mzz"sound doesn't work" is more of a symptom, try to figure out what's actually broken14:41
sajiOutput of that is-14:41
sajiUnknown hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Realtek ALC262" "HDA:10ec0262,17aa3837,00100002 HDA:10573055,10573055,00100700" "0x17aa" "0x384e"14:41
sajiHardware is initialized using a guess method14:41
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:51: control element not found14:41
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: missing closing brace for format14:41
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: error parsing CTL attribute14:41
saji/usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: invalid rule14:41
mzzmay be pulse, volume levels, kernel drivers, ...14:41
sajihow'll I find that out?14:42
mzzthat SoundTroubleShooting link ubottu gave sounds promising, although I don't know if it's up to date for karmic14:42
BluesKaj!intelhda | saji14:42
ubottusaji: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto14:42
mzzI haven't done any sound debugging recently, but just from what you said in here it sounds like "sound doesn't work, so I'm trying some random commands" :P14:43
sajimzz, that's true... I'm trying random commands related to sound..14:43
DasEiwhat happened to the partners repositories ?14:44
Dr_WillisThey are not up yet?14:46
Dr_Williswaiting for release perhaps.14:46
BluesKajDasEi, I still have them , maybe they're commented in your sources.list14:46
DasEiDr_Willis: I couldn't find them in sources.list14:46
Dr_WillisIve not noticed anything being in them..14:46
Dr_WillisI though i saw them in the comments14:46
* DasEi waiting update, looking again14:47
Dr_Willis## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from Canonical's14:47
Dr_Willis## 'partner' repository.14:47
DasEi^ is what I missed14:47
Dr_Willisdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu karmic partner14:47
Dr_Willisdeb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu karmic partner14:47
DasEisecond, runnning...14:47
Lugia010719d1Hi.. Is there a release date announced for Kubuntu 9.10?14:49
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases14:49
Dr_WillisWhen its done14:49
thiebaudeLugia010719d1, Oct 2914:50
Lugia010719d1thiebaude: ok thanks :) I tried to find info on release date on the internet but did not find anything specific14:51
DasEihttp://paste.ubuntu.com/296858/  , alternate installer, right adding manually then, thanks for the sources above, Dr_Willis , BluesKaj14:51
thiebaudeLugia010719d1, np14:51
* Crashbit reiniciando servidor14:55
=== LucidOne is now known as IdleOne
temporarytaohi, just did an upgrade and now my usb drives do not automount and suspend got broken15:08
temporarytaocan someone help me please?15:08
=== alex88[sleep] is now known as alex88
eokeHi quick query, what would you guys/gals suggest trying if Ubuntu 9.10 started got as far as the desktop but didn't display any gnome panels etc.15:10
temporarytaoeoke, try if alt+f1 or alt+f2 works15:11
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
eoketemporarytao, alt F1 and alt F2 have no effect.15:12
eoketemporarytao, I should also mention it's colleague who's just trying it out remotely rather myself it's working fine here.15:12
eoketemporarytao, So there might be slight delay between us trying things.15:13
temporarytaoeoke, that's as far as i can go for you. the alt f1 would'v shown the gnome menu and the altf2 would've been the run menu15:13
BluesKajeoke, was he updating/upgrading ?15:14
eokeCheers, temporarytao yes that's what I was expecting.  BluesKaj yes he upgraded from a clean 9.04 install.15:14
temporarytaoeoke, maybe he can go to one of the tty's and do a 'top', see if something that's supposed to be running isn't running15:15
t0si just did a clean install on 9.10 beta, and installed all the updates but i seem to be missing icons in the panel menu, im missing icons in System menu, like theres no icon beside Administration, Preferences, About etc15:16
eokeCheers all, he's just announced he's going to go back to 9.04.  Thanks for all your help.15:16
BluesKajeoke, try this in the terminal , sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start15:16
eokeBluesKaj, tried a gdm restart.15:17
BluesKajeoke, drop to a TTY if possible , sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop , then, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start15:18
eokeBluesKaj, we've tried that it came straight back up to the logon again but then after logon went to a desktop with no panels again.15:19
eokeBluesKaj, The cursor is visible.15:19
eokeI think I'm going to get hold of the hardware myself and see if I can diagnose the issue after a fresh install of 9.10.15:20
BluesKajhmm, that's a new one15:20
t0sis there a way to take a screenshot with the system menu clicked down? it wont let me prntscreen if ive clicked the menu15:21
temporarytaodid an upgrade and now my usb drives do not automount and suspend got broken. help?15:21
BluesKajt0s, try ksnapshot15:22
BluesKajor the gnome equivalent15:22
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
BluesKajgnapshot > :)15:23
temporarytaodid an upgrade and now my usb drives do not automount and suspend got broken. help?15:24
tormodtemporarytao: there was a recent automount fix, bug 451613, try reverting to the previous package version15:26
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/451613/+text)15:26
tormodtemporarytao: (and please don't repeat the same questions over and over)15:27
temporarytaotormod, thanks...and sorry for the repeat. won't happen again15:27
bullgardWhere has the GNOME menu item System > Preferences > Sound > Sound Preferences > Devices > Audio Conferencing gone in Karmic?15:28
t0sany idea why there are no icons here http://i34.tinypic.com/o8ferc.png15:29
legend2440t0s: open system>preferences>appearance then Interface tab  put check in box Show Icons in Menu15:31
t0sahhhh ty legend244015:31
t0swas just weird, that was the only spot where they wasnt :P15:31
lfaraoneSystem-config-printer hangs for me when I attempt to add new printers in Karmic. While using --debug, it seems to be stuck at "Got Devices"15:34
tormodt0s: if this is not consistent please file a bug report15:35
lfaraoneAny ideas?15:35
iokaguys why do I have two kernel headers directories in /usr/src  one linux-headers-2.6.31-14 and the other one linux-headers-2.6.31-14-generic.Which one of these is for my kernel.Uname says ...generic15:36
IdleOnelegend2440: did they remove the blank space where the icons normally are in the menu?15:36
Ian_Cornehmm, i'm gonna miss applets in the gnome-shelf thing15:36
t0stormod, where do i do that?15:36
IdleOneioka: the generic headers would be the one15:37
legend2440IdleOne: there is a space where the icons go. enabling icons fills the space15:37
IdleOnelegend2440: ok, thought it would be nicer when icons disabled for that space to not be there15:37
mbeierlexaile does not support iPods anymore?!?15:39
tormodt0s, I am not sure which package, but run: "ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center" and check for duplicates15:39
t0salso my "notifications" popup seems to be out of place shouldnt it be at the very top right hand corner? mine pops up a space under where i think it should be15:40
iokais the kernel headers directories actually the kernel source?15:44
iokaif they are not how can I install kernel source for 2.6.31-14-generic kernel?15:45
* Blues-Man hola15:46
mzzioka: I'd expect apt-get source to do the trick, but are you sure you need the full source?15:47
mzzioka: (what are you actually trying to do?)15:47
topylias a rule of thumb, you almost never need the kernel source15:48
mzzonly if you're doing a scary kind of debugging or are building a customized kernel, and both are rare15:48
iokaI was told that I need to patch mac80211 drivers.I was told that i need the kernel source to do that15:48
mzzdefine "I was told", and are you sure you don't want to patch backports-modules instead?15:49
iokaat least I am missing the file which needs to be patched15:49
iokathe patch patches tx.c file which is located in diff --git a/net/mac80211/tx.c b/net/mac80211/tx.c15:50
ioka   And I do not have such file15:50
mzzsee previous questions15:50
iokaI asked guys from aircrack-ng.They told me that15:51
iokathat the b43 and ath5 driver needs to be patched15:52
mzzspecifically: if this is a patch that's already applied in the wireless-testing tree I'd definitely try linux-backports-modules-wireless-karmic-generic first15:52
iokaI told them my kernel version15:52
iokahow to be sure that patched is already been applied15:52
topylito build drivers, you only need the kernel headers not the full source15:53
mzzif you really, absolutely, positively must patch by hand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild may be of use15:53
iokawell there is no tx.c file in net folder from kernel headers15:53
mzztopyli: he's patching an in-tree driver15:53
topyliah okay15:54
mzztopyli: so he does need the source for the driver, although it should be possible to rebuild just that driver15:54
C-S-BAARRRGHHH i hate you skype, I hope you die.15:54
mzzbut again: I strongly recommend you check if the patch is already in wireless-testing15:54
mzzif it's *not* in wireless-testing you might not actually want it15:54
C-S-Banyone else not got skype mic working with karmic and skype 2.1 beta15:55
iokawhat is wireless-testing  site, develepment group?15:55
C-S-BCan't see any solutions on the web. :(15:55
topyliC-S-B, just throw it away, use sip15:56
C-S-Bi wish, it's for talking with F&F15:56
mzzioka: this is going to sound a bit rude, but if you can't figure out what wireless-testing is even though the first and second google hit for "linux wireless-testing" give you that information I don't think you should be patching kernel-level stuff15:56
topyliC-S-B, who is this super-important f&f person, and why can't she use sip?15:56
C-S-Bfamily and friends, they aren't enlightened and im half way round the world from them15:57
iokayes ok.10x for the info.I 'll try to do it.15:57
topylido them a favor, enlighten them :)15:57
joaopintoC-S-B, skyp works fine here, i just had to go into sound settings, selecting the correct device and increase the volume to make it work15:58
C-S-Bi will, when I'm there to do so, as of now I'm limited.15:58
C-S-Bjoaopinto, which version of skype?15:58
joaopintoC-S-B, the current deb from their site15:58
joaopintoI am not on my home pc right now15:59
C-S-Bjoaopinto,  2.1 beta?15:59
iokalast question.If i got an kernel update.After the update do I need to patch again the driver?15:59
mzzioka: probably15:59
joaopintoC-S-B, I think so15:59
joaopintoioka, if the update package version is higher than yours, yes you will get your kernel overriden16:00
mzzioka: (unless it's already in wiress-testing/compat-wireless! then you'd get an update to that automatically, afaik)16:00
C-S-Bjoaopinto, the only audio options i can pick are pulse16:00
joaopintoioka, wiress-testing is the easy way to have the latest wifi drivers, like mzz already told you, patching the kernel is complex and you shouldn0t do it16:01
C-S-Bjoaopinto, audio recording works in gnome recorder16:01
joaopintoC-S-B, same here, skype does work with pulse, now you just need to set the proper device for pulse, from gnomes, System -> Sound16:01
mbeierlanyone have a recommendation for an ipod manager in Karmic - what do people use as the itunes equivalent?16:01
joaopintoon my case it was set to the wrong device, and it was muted there16:02
C-S-Bjoaopinto, im pretty sure i have it selected correctly16:02
C-S-Bthere's not really anything else I can select.16:02
oldude67ok who fubarred the auto detect for the usb flash drives???16:04
C-S-Bjoaopinto, there is nothing else to select16:05
oldude67whats the command to see if it the computer sees the flash drive?16:07
oldude67wait ill be back maybe its a lxde thing..log into kde and see.16:08
joaopintoC-S-B, can't help you :\16:12
mbeierl'nother question: anyone have problems getting rhytmbox to rip to mp3?  I can't get that profile to show up in the menu... disabled all other others and just left that one and the profile list now comes up empty16:13
IdleOneJust downloaded and burned 9.10 Live CD. took a few minutes to finally load. made it to desktop and when I clicked on Ubuntu one the app loaded and then mouse,keyboard froze. could not get to a tty and had to shut off the computer. this has been my experience since alpha4. any ideas what could be causing this?16:14
PolitikerNEUHello, everyone, does Intel-chip-based WLAN not work for any of you either in karmic?16:14
oldude67well its not seeing my flash in kde either...guess ill have to do some snooping ...ugh and there goes all my music..:(16:19
oldude67mtrr: no MTRR for f4000000,2000000 found, whats this mean, i got that from unhooking and hooking up flashdrive in dmesg16:21
tormodIdleOne: what graphics card?16:24
duffydackis hooking up a 2nd hd and issuing dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb  really that simple16:25
tormodIdleOne: daily-live from today?16:25
alankilaoldude67: mtrr is a cpu property set for memory. It's most commonly seen in association with graphics card related memory which is special from system viewpoint anyway.16:25
tormodduffydack: if the hds are relatively similar16:25
alankilait controls what kind of caching is permissible, or if write combining is allowed, and perhaps some other things. Anyway, that's what it is about.16:25
IdleOneIntel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)16:25
IdleOnetormod: ^^16:25
tormodIdleOne: kubuntu?16:25
tarzanhi. after googling around i did not find an answer. how do i enable strg+alt+backspace again?16:26
tormodIdleOne: got all latest mesa updates?16:26
duffydacktormod, actually its a vbox vm.  i want it to use a smaller static hd image16:26
oldude67alankila, thanks not use to messing with nvidia16:26
IdleOnetormod: this is while running live cd. after starting ubuntu one I was frozen. could not do anything but turn off the computer and reboot16:26
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.16:27
tormodIdleOne: today's daily-live?16:27
IdleOnetormod yes16:27
alankilawhat it means in relation to your specific issue is harder to say, though. One potential cause is that the system wanted to set up MTRR for that region but was unable to do so because all MTRRs are already in use. There are 8 of them. But that's just a guess. Could be something else.16:28
alankilaone should probably take a look in /proc/mtrr to see how many are already in use.16:29
tormodIdleOne: that's bad :( you said since alpha-4 so it's not because of the new mesa, can you ssh into it (you'll need to install openssh-server and make password for the live user)?16:31
oldude67alankila, there seems to be only one running.16:31
alankilaoldude67: well, that theory is out then. I don't have other ideas.16:31
IdleOnetormod: only have one machine here16:31
oldude67alankila, ill take a look around and see what i can poke holes in and come up with..thanks for shedding a little light on whats going on tho.16:32
tormodIdleOne: is it only with UbuntuOne?16:33
IdleOnetormod: no it happens with any app I try to run. the app loads and then everything freezes16:34
mbeierlNo-one using mp3 and rhythmbox out there?16:34
tormodIdleOne: please fill a bug and provide as much information as possible, so we can track it16:35
IdleOnetormod: against what package?16:35
t0smy "notifications" popup seems to be out of place shouldnt it be at the very top right hand corner? mine pops up a space under where i think it should be16:36
tormodIdleOne: xserver-xorg-video-intel would be my best guess16:36
topylimbeierl, install ubuntu-restricted-extras and get all those sweet non-free shiny things and inferior audio codecs :)16:36
IdleOnewill do. thanks for trying tormod16:36
mbeierltopyli: thanks! ... trying now :)16:37
Heikki123hmm, i think karmic-team is busy fixing all the bugs now... because no'one cares to confirm the bugs i reported :)16:41
thiebaudeHeikki123, i think your wrong about the last part of what you said16:42
Heikki123well... the bugs are not in "confirmed" -state, that's why i said it :)16:43
thiebaudesebsebseb, hello16:44
Heikki123and those bugs are easy to reproduce16:44
mbeierltopyli: urrrg.  Nope - thanks for the tip, but I still cannot get rhythmbox to show mp3 as a ripping format16:44
sebsebsebthiebaude: hi16:45
thiebaudeHeikki123, but you are wrong when you say nobody cares16:45
Heikki123well, i didn't mean nobody cares in general16:46
topylimbeierl, hrm. well i'm not sure what package you need but LAME is the mp3 encoding library for linux16:46
topyliLame Aint an MP3 Encoder :)16:46
savidanyone know what npviewer.bin is?  It's taking up quite a bit of cpu on my box16:46
Heikki123sorry, maybe i used a wrong word :) "nobody can do it right now"16:46
mphill_wine is not an emulator either16:46
topylimbeierl, either that, or maybe you could view this as an opportunity to go free and play ogg!16:47
mzzsavid: iirc that's nspluginwrapper, so probably flash16:47
topylimphill_, the difference is, wine really isn't an emulator :)16:47
mzztopyli: I'm still a bit ashamed I didn't check for ogg support when I got my current mp3 player :(16:47
mphill_savid: if you are using 64-bit, i would STRONGLY recommend you use the native 64-bit version of flash16:47
savidmphill_,  yeah I'm using 64-bit.  I just installed flash-plugin-nonfree or whatever16:48
ikoniamphill_: why ?16:48
savidmphill_, is there a different pkg for 64-bit flash?16:48
ikoniasavid: that is the standard supported package at this time16:48
mphill_well, the wrapper totally sucks for starters16:48
ikoniamphill_: no - it doesn't16:48
mzzis native 64 bit flash out of beta yet?16:48
ikoniamzz: no, it's not16:48
mphill_ikonia: yes, it does16:48
ikoniamphill_: many people have very positives with it, it does have bugs, but so does the beta version16:49
=== Whitor is now known as Launchpad
Heikki123or, "nobody cares" because they don't have time... but anyhow :D16:49
mzzI've had the beta crash firefox a few times16:49
mzzthat might've been the previous beta though, it's been a while16:49
mphill_ikonia: I know many people that have been plagued by the 32 bit, and never looked back after converting. myself included.16:49
ikoniamzz: as with the wrapper, it can work very well, but it does have buggs16:49
ikoniamphill_: yes, that's not a blind reason to suggest it as an option16:49
ikoniamphill_: there is a reason mainstream distros aren't packaging it up.....yet16:50
ikoniait sure is getting better16:50
savidno kids, let's not fight :)16:50
thiebaudeHeikki123, its all good:D16:50
mzzit appears adobe doesn't want to spend resources improving the 64 bit flash on linux situation (or the flash on linux situation in general, arguably)16:51
savidI'm going to try 64-bit and see if that cures my problem -- if so, I'll stick w/ that :)16:51
mphill_savid: i would help you, but my windows computer is in the process of crashing and i can't start firefox to get you instructions.16:51
ikoniamzz: what gives you that idea16:51
mzzI think I read a post on their linux developer's blog where he said the wrapper has known bugs, but at the same time they don't have a reliable native version either16:51
mphill_if you google "adobe flash 64-bit linux" you should get the site, copy the .so file to your ~/.mozilla/plugins/16:51
alankilaI've had good experience with the 64-bit flash myself. Much better than the nspluginwrapper crap which never registered mouse clicks within the flash window area properly16:51
mphill_make sure you remove all flash packages, run dpkg -l | grep flash and verify its all gone16:52
savidsomeone should make a ppa for it16:52
mphill_alankila: I totally agree, it runs very well.16:52
mphill_youtube would seriously fail like for 50% of loads, now its 100% all the time16:53
mphill_100% success rate that is for page loads16:53
savidmphill_,  I've noticed issues trying to play embedded videos, as well...16:53
alankilaYes, I've also seen the 32-bit thingy to somehow lock up necessiating a browser restart before it would work again16:53
mphill_savid: if the plugins directory does not exist in your .mozilla directory, just create it16:53
mphill_alankila: also, the audio dies after like 2 seconds16:54
mphill_savid: you can issue the command mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins and copy the .so file into that directory16:54
natewiebe13so anyone else have this issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/44584916:54
mphill_you have to make sure you remove all the other flash packages, i can't stress that enough.  The system will try to use the 32-bit version for some reason16:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445849 in pulseaudio "Highpitched Rattling like Sound with 5.1 Surround Configuration on Karmic Koala" [High,Confirmed]16:55
natewiebe13^ bug #44584916:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445849 in pulseaudio "Highpitched Rattling like Sound with 5.1 Surround Configuration on Karmic Koala" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44584916:55
Aruzaim having a problem booting into 9.10 after i install and reboot i get a message saying "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key", i did notice that grub installed but it doesnt seem to be working. Has anyone had similar issues?16:55
timbersyndaemon doesn't work?16:57
addisonjalright, upgrading, chances of breakage?16:59
Heikki123i upgraded 10 minutes ago17:00
Heikki123still working17:00
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addisonji have not done too much customization, so should be good17:02
mbeierltopyli: Thanks for the info... it was error-between-keyboard-and-computer.  I didn't realize that rhythmbox went to the tray on "X" - and therefore was not restarted after I installed the restricted packages.  mp3 shows up now :)17:08
sdgI just got my laptop back from Asus but I can't seem to connect to Wi-Fi now. :(17:09
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »17:17
Dr_WillisShowed him i guess.. .:)17:18
zoraelHow do I "toggle" between using plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook? Both start automatically atm, after having installed the netbook packages onto a normal installation17:21
t0smy "notifications" popup seems to be out of place shouldnt it be at the very top right hand corner? mine pops up a space under where i think it should be17:21
AlanBellis anyone seeing avatar corruption/missing avatars in gwibber?17:21
mbeierlt0s: that's where my notifications show up too17:22
t0sis it normal?17:22
mbeierldon't know - I just know that's where mine show up in Karmic17:22
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EvanCarrollWas the sole reason for moving to empathy video-chatting?17:30
EvanCarrollIt seems like it is missing a bunch of functionality17:30
Aruzaim having a problem booting into 9.10 after i install and reboot i get a message saying "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key", i did notice that grub installed but it doesnt seem to be working. Has anyone had similar issues?17:30
macoEvanCarroll: also, its gnome's client. also, it can do desktop sharing17:31
macoalso, it uses the telepathy framework which is aware of and integrates with other parts of the desktop17:31
maco(dont ask me to specify what though. im a kde user)17:31
maco(but i tried it the other day, and i agree it is very unpolished)17:33
ibuclawAruza, had someone have that the other day, I resolved it for him ...17:35
topylimbeierl, ah. good good, all's well that ends well :)17:35
ibuclawI could walk you through steps?17:35
Aruzaibuclaw: that would be great17:36
ibuclawAruza, are you in the Beta LiveCD now?17:36
EvanCarrollyea, i mean it lacks litterally all but the bare bones but then it has this apparent major leg up for video chatting.17:37
ibuclawAruza, which partition did you install Ubuntu Beta in ?17:37
macoEvanCarroll: i just think the interface is ugh17:40
Aruzaibuclaw: i installed on a separate HDD than any other installation17:40
ibuclawAruza, sda? sdb?17:41
EvanCarrollmaco: functionality sucks too, no logging, single line for entry, themes are totally broke (none of them work), no pseudo-nick containers, or nick-alises for the aim network17:41
macowhat i saw with themes was that 4 were listed but in reality there were only 217:42
EvanCarrollthe notification bubble doesn't even work for it17:42
EvanCarrollmaco: I tried all ,none worked for me17:42
macodunno what you mean by single line for entry17:42
Aruzaibuclaw: i dont remember, im on that computer now booted into windows from another drive17:42
macobut the inabillity to mark 2 nicks as 1 person...yeah...ugh17:42
EvanCarrollmaco: open up the message dialog17:42
macofor themes, the first two are blue. the second two are off-white17:42
ibuclawoh, ok. Would it be possible for you to reboot into the Ubuntu Beta LiveCD Aruza ?17:43
maco(i might be used to single line text entry since i use IRC much much more than i IM)17:43
Aruzaibuclaw: i tried that and it wont boot all the way to the cd, it stops as it starts loading the desktop17:43
ibuclawhmm, difficult, it will be without that...17:45
wild_oscarbtw: any thoughts on why they changed the default IM from pidgin to the gnome one whose name I don't recall?17:46
wild_oscargranted, I only use pidgin to gmail and irc because their msn client sucks17:46
wild_oscarbut the new IM 's irc support is really lousy17:46
macowild_oscar: we were just talking about that17:47
wild_oscardoesn't even seem to have commands (you can't /j #channel)17:47
ibuclawwild_oscar, same reason as debian switched from glibc -> eglibc? ... or not17:47
macowell not the IRC part of it, but ...wait, pidgin had crappy IRC too17:47
* maco likes quassel17:47
ibuclawxchat is perfectly fine for irc17:48
wild_oscarmaco: I've used pidgin's irc for about 2 years now. don't know how it could be better, as it has all the basic functions17:48
macowild_oscar: like i said above, empathy/telepathy are better on desktop integration, and they can do desktop sharing (like you and a friend edit in OpenOffice via an IM session)17:48
wild_oscarat *least* you can write commands!17:48
macobut yes, the client is rather icky so far17:48
ibuclawbut with time and attention, that will change soon17:49
wild_oscarI haven't followed pidgin's development, but it seems like a much more mature app17:49
ibuclawwild_oscar, I never honestly like pidgin. It just didn't meet my demanding needs17:49
nanamini've been using 9.10 beta and wanted to provide feedback to whomever17:49
wild_oscarso replacing it with a clearly recent and rough shaped application doesn't seem an evident choice17:50
nanaminwild_oscar: agreed17:50
nemonanamin: if you've run into issues, or enhancements, a bug report is probably the best17:50
ibuclawwild_oscar, for example, I'm connected to 12 channels as we speak.17:50
nanaminnemo: well help me figure this out then17:50
ibuclawpidgin would just go crazy with all the memory leaks17:50
nanaminnemo: im using a lenovo thinkpad t400 and "sometimes" ubuntu won't come back from a suspend state17:50
nanaminnemo: it says there's a serious kernel error and "click here to report," but i can't report because it's beta.17:51
nanaminnemo: where would i get information that would be useful in a bug report17:51
wild_oscarI'm not particularly attracted to pidgin either - just to think they haven't implemented direct file transfers in msn is beyond me... (so you transfer files at 2 kbps. add a spice girls tune and you're back in the 90ies)17:52
nanaminand other than this bug, my only comment is that I *hate* empathy17:52
nanamini agree that *many* people don't think pidgin is perfect17:52
nanaminbut it's about the best thing out there in my opinion17:52
nanaminand lack of OTR in an IM app is a deal-breaker for me17:52
nanamini think that if users don't like pidgin, they can remove it and put empathy or whatever else with fewer features that they prefer17:53
nanaminbut that pidgin is a good default for joe user17:53
nanaminOTR = off the record. encryption of IMs17:53
nanaminIMs are sent as cleartext over the network. at college/work/etc this is bad17:53
nanaminespecially since I got to a technical school where plenty of people want to become penetration testers and so forth :P17:54
nanaminso otr prevents people from snooping in on what you're saying17:54
wild_oscarwhat, they want to join the porn industry?17:54
I7uoHeokai need a help. i'm russian. i can win iPod nano 8GB if you help me. please register -> http://vk.com/reg1051946 . 14 users need. (sorry, my english is very bad)17:54
topylihmm i don't know many people who think pidgin is perfect. it's just good enough for many things17:54
Aruzaibuclaw: ok it looks like im booted to the live disk now17:54
nemonanamin: anyway, WRT suspend, I think there are a number of bugs with suspend out there17:55
nemonanamin: nvidia card?17:55
wild_oscarsorry, had to laugh when I read "they want to become penetration testers"17:55
nanaminnemo: no. the graphics come back on just fine .just the mouse and keyboard stop working17:55
nanaminnemo: integrated graphics. might be an nvidia chipset? but that's not the issue17:55
nemonanamin: can you move the mouse?17:56
nemo(cursor moves)17:56
nanaminusually what happens is this17:56
nanamini'll open the laptop, screen comes on17:56
nanaminmouse/keyboard don't function for several seconds (20?)17:57
nanaminthen everything starts working17:57
nanaminsometimes the mouse/keyboard functionality *never* returns17:57
nemonanamin: you know, this level of detail would help earlier :)17:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 346310 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Keyboard/mouse unresponsive for several seconds after resume" [Medium,Triaged]17:57
nemonanamin: looking for similar bugs17:57
nemonanamin: I would search launchpad if I were you, and subscribe/comment in any similar ones17:57
nemohopefully you could get some suggestions17:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421538 in linux "Built-in keyboard and mouse non-functional after resume" [Undecided,New]17:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429249 in gnome-power-manager "[Karmic] keyboard locked/freezed unable to type anything" [Undecided,New]17:58
nemohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/433268 (specifically mentions keyboard and mouse in the bug)17:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 433268 in linux "On resume from suspend, system is unresponsive" [Undecided,New]17:59
nemonanamin: anyway. looks like quite a few related bugs17:59
RanDom33Is there a way to enable the "right click" encrypt/decrypt option in karmic?17:59
topylisuspend bugs in a linux distro? no way17:59
Dr_WillisRanDom33:  You could check out the various Nautilus Scripts that are on the web theres some to do differnt tasks like that18:00
Aruzaibuclaw: i managed to get the system to boot to the live disk, is there a file that i need to edit?18:00
nanaminalright thanks for your help18:00
nanamini had to talk about it, i think, to figure out what details were important. . .since there's no obvious log/terminal feedback that I'm aware of18:00
nanaminalso -- is it common with laptops + ubuntu that sometimes you can't connect to any wireless networks until rebooting? I've had this happen with ubuntu 7.whatever on another laptop as well as this one18:00
RanDom33Dr_Willis, thanks .. will do18:00
Dr_WillisHibernate/suspend can crash some drivers.. wireless and video are often the big problems.18:01
nanaminnemo: thanks18:01
nanaminlast thing18:01
nanamini seem to have problems installing truecrypt in 9.10beta 64 bit18:02
nanaminno issues in previous versions18:02
nanaminbut i'll check the bug reporting sytstem18:02
blueglassesMy sound is extremelly low18:02
ibuclawAruza, ok! can you figure out which drive the root filesystem is?18:02
ibuclawwhen you do:18:03
ibuclawsudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt18:03
ibuclawreplace sda1 with the name of the partition18:03
blueglassesMy sound is extremelly low wich is strange, because it worked fine before, I'm using karmic18:03
Aruzaibuclaw: yeah i mounted the drive and can view the files18:03
ibuclawAruza, ok, next18:03
EvanCarrolldoes anyone elses's firefox now close entirely on Ctrl+W?18:04
zoraelHow do you stop services from starting automatically at boot now with upstart? Stuff seems to be started even without having any symlinks in /etc/rc*.d/18:04
ibuclawsudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev18:04
EvanCarrollI could have /sworn/ that this was taken out in 2.518:04
blueglasseshow do I see the hidden options for sound in sound preferences, or what is the configuration file i should search for?18:04
Aruzaibuclaw: hmmm i get mount point does not exist18:05
topyliEvanCarroll, i'm not known as a big firefox user, but ctrl-w is supposed to close a window in gnome18:05
ibuclawAruza, did you mount it in /mnt ?18:05
iokahere a bug I found.When I use my usb wificard I get wlan1.when I unplug it and plug it back I get wlan2. After 6 time plug-unplug now I have wlan6.I think it should stay wlan1 all the time.Naming after its father wmaster118:06
topyliEvanCarroll, more precisely, a document. in a tabbed window, it will close the window if there's only one document18:06
ibuclawAruza, if not replace that path with the path you mounted it in18:06
ibuclawo/ JoshuaL18:06
literalhm, the latest version of evolution-common in amd64 karmic depends on a version of evolution-common that doesn't exist18:08
EvanCarrolltopyli: more precisely, in firefox it will close the application if there is only one window.18:08
literali.e. they upgraded evolution-common but not evolution, so now it's uninstallable18:08
rictecwindows network stop working too18:09
blueglassesis it safe to uninstall evolution if you only use webmail?18:09
rictecnow i have to do a smb:// to get there18:09
literalof course it is18:09
literalthat's like asking if it's safe to install an IRC client if you only use twitter18:10
jimpopblueglasses, yes (it's also stupid that a base OS installs a mail client)18:10
rictecwebmail is browser based18:10
nanaminblueglasses: applications are pretty much stand-alone. you can keep/add what you want. i think ubuntu's package manager will make sure sure you aren't removing a dependency for something else too18:10
blueglassesyou are right jimpop18:10
ibuclawAruza, be right back in 30 seconds18:10
nanaminjimpop: isn't that the point of a distribution though? if you don't want it, use archlinux or somesuch18:11
ibuclawcreating a custom LiveCD failed =)18:11
JoshuaLThe following packages have been kept back:18:11
JoshuaL  evolution-common18:11
JoshuaLi get that message, even after doing a apt-get dist-upgrade18:11
mbeierlBUT... didn't they depend ubuntu-desktop on evolution?18:11
jimpopnanamin, the desktop environment shouldn't depend on applications18:11
literalJoshuaL: I just got that as well, then I used a different ubuntu mirror and did "aptitude update", and it was fixed18:11
nanaminjimpop: so use a distro that doesn't?18:12
blueglasseswhats the purpose of gvfsd?18:12
jimpopnanamin, or push to change this one back to what it once stood for ;-)18:12
mbeierlso removing evo removes the desktop metapackage which makes further dependencies more difficult18:12
nanaminjimpop: it does'nt *depend* on evolution I think. it's just included by default18:12
jimpopnanamin, it does depend on evo-server-blah-somethign or another18:13
nanaminjimpop: i always thought ubuntu "stood for" being a linux that was easy for joe user, almost a windows replacement18:13
mbeierlblueglasses: gvfsd is the "daemon" that allows gnome virtual filesystems to be mounted18:13
nanaminjimpop: whereas other distros have other distinct philosophies, like gentoo or arch18:13
ni1sblueglasses, virtual file system daemon, does transparent ftp,samba, etc transfers and stuff18:13
JoshuaLliteral, will try that ty18:13
jimpop"About Me" is a Gnome (Desktop) application that depends on another application to work18:13
blueglassesthank you18:13
jimpopnanamin, me too, however it's lately becoming more bloated than Windows....18:14
degotHi, All... How to configure LVM in 9.10 desktop amd64 correctly? what tools of 9.10 i should use?18:15
nanaminjimpop: agreed.18:15
nanaminjimpop: I have been using ubuntu (after a switch from gentoo) for years because it is convenient etc. but so many problems now that I may switch :-\18:15
nanaminjimpop: i really don't *want* to though18:15
rictecdont replace something you dont like ..just get something you do like18:16
jimpopnanamin, it would be nice to see a solid distro over one that is a spot-for-spot match for MS Windows.18:16
JoshuaLnanamin, i switched from gentoo to ubuntu because i have less problems with it :)18:17
jimpopreally now, one can't best Microsoft solely by matching Windows functionality18:17
nanaminJoshuaL: that's why I did too. Gentoo was very nice for learning etc, but after a while so many things start to cause problems with each other18:17
nanaminjimpop: right. I always liked linux because it was a step *ahead*18:17
ricteci think thats cos is huge now18:18
jimpopnanamin, in everything except hardware support ;-)18:18
nanaminmaybe not always with drivers (it's gotten GREAT about that), but with features/functionality, and obviously security18:18
* jimpop has a AAO that is unsupported by Ubuntu18:18
nanaminjimpop: i just bought a really obscure wifi dongle for my desktop on ebay. needs drivers to install, pain in the ass to get it working in windows. works out of the box on ubuntu18:18
nanaminahh generic chinese hardware :-)18:18
jimpopThe Chinese love Linux and despise Windows18:19
degot=( Guys, can you help me with LVM in 9.10 ?18:19
ricteci do have a mythbuntu working witha tunner card no windows driver for it18:19
nanaminon the other hand, i omitted webcam and fingerprint reader on my laptop because i'm pretty sure they wouldn't work on linux even if i needed them18:19
jimpopdegot, what's the issue?18:19
nanaminokay could someone tell me what you think about this issue? it's come up on google but not in this context and I didn't see a solution to it18:20
degotjimpop: i configured LVM`s VG and LG during installation of 9.10 Desk amd64....  how i can mount them now?18:20
nanamini'm trying to install truecrypt 6.2a on ubuntu 9.10beta. i run the package, gdebi opens, I hit "install package," and get this error: dpkg: unable to read filedescriptor flags for <package status and progress file descriptor>: Bad file descriptor18:21
jimpopdegot, encrypted or not?18:21
degotjimpop: not18:21
nanaminalso gdebi freezes and I can't kill it afterwards18:21
zoraelHow do you stop services from starting automatically at boot now with upstart? Stuff seems to be started even without having any symlinks in /etc/rc*.d/ ...18:21
jimpopdegot, did you mkfs them?18:21
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto18:21
zoraelActionParsnip: thanks18:22
Aruzaibuclaw: ok i think i got what you sent me already18:22
degotjimpop: i`ve formated them during installation ... but i forgot to set mouning point =(18:22
jimpopdegot, k18:22
jimpopdegot, "sudo fdisk -l" will show you the partitions18:23
mzzbut those aren't all that interesting if you're using lvm18:23
mzzdegot: does the system boot?18:23
jimpopmzz, oh right.18:24
degoti know them sdb1 and sdc1 .... system boots from sda1 -> simple sata ext4 partition18:24
jimpopdoes Disk Utility show LVMs?18:24
mzzdegot: that is: is your problem just that you need to add them to /etc/fstab?18:24
degotmzz, jimpop: sdb1, sdc1 are Linux lvm -> they are in Logical group... datalg... how cat i mount this logical group?18:25
mzzdegot: just like any other device, using /dev/<vgname>/<lvname> as the device18:25
jimpopdegot you have to use the lv cmd to list the logical volumes and then specify the lv in /etc/fstab18:26
degotmzz, jimpop: lv shows nothing and there is no /dev/<vgname>  ((18:27
jimpopdegot, it's a command like lvdisplay that will show the logical volumes (i don't have a LVM system as i despise layers of re-direction)18:28
jimpopdegot, google for "LVM display logical volumes"18:28
mzzdegot: huh, they're normally activated by default. Does "vgs" see your volume group?18:29
pmcclellandhaving some trouble getting mod_python working with 9.10 can someone give me a hand?18:29
degotmzz,jimpop: lvdisplays shows me /dev/vgname , but ls -l doesn`t18:29
mzzdegot: weird. Anything in /dev/mapper?18:30
degotmzz: yes, vgs shows vgname18:30
degotmzz: ls /dev/mapper -> only "contol"18:30
mzzdegot: does running "vgchange -ay" make a difference?18:31
degotmzz: yes....now, i can see /dev/vgname/lgname18:32
mzzdegot: hmm, I was expecting it to do that by default18:32
mzzdegot: you can mount that, but I'm not sure if it'll work properly if you reboot. Sec.18:32
mzzdegot: hmm, weird. I don't know what happened there. My root partition is on lvm, so here the initramfs has to activate the vg or it can't boot at all. I'm not sure what's supposed to happen if your root partition isn't on lvm on ubuntu.18:34
mzzdegot: if (part of) this vg is on a device that wasn't present when you booted having to run vgchange -ay is normal, afaik18:34
degotmzz: ok, i`ll try to reboot18:35
mzzdegot: sec18:35
degotmzz: what i must add to /etc/fstab18:35
degotmzz: sudo mount /dev/vgname/lgname /data0 worked fine18:35
mzzdegot: might want to run update-initramfs -k all18:35
mzzdegot: yeah, you can just mount those like you'd mount a partition18:36
zoraelAre linux-image-rt packages generally/always a few versions behind linux-image-generic? (currently -9 vs -14)18:36
overboost7667hi there - i already filed a bug, but nobody picked it up in the last two days. since the upgrade to the .14 kernel my T43 throws kernel crash notifications, yet it remains stable and runs like before. Anybody out there with the same problem ?18:37
mzzzorael: those versions don't match. See the changelog.18:38
mzzzorael: that is: the current linux-image-rt is actually synced up to v2.6.31-14.47 of the generic kernel18:39
mbeierlrob0: I knew linux ran on a lot of older hardware, but that's a new one ;)18:41
zoraelmzz: Ah, I see. The changelog of linux-image-rt seems to be pretty nonexplanatory, but the dates seem to match18:41
mzzzorael: my bad, I meant the changelog.Debian.gz of linux-image-2.6.31-9-rt18:41
mzzzorael: (not the linux-image-rt metapackage one)18:42
rob0Don't ask me, ask overboost7667 ... "my T43 throws kernel crash notifications ..."18:42
rob0Safer than what the Red Army T43's threw, I suppose.18:42
overboost7667That's a ThinkPad FYI18:42
iainbuclawAruza, ?18:42
zoraelmzz: there it is, thanks18:42
Aruzaiainbuclaw: yes18:43
rob0Ah, I have an old Thinkpad, it is built like a tank, FWIW.18:43
savidboo, I like pidgin better :-(18:44
iainbuclawAruza, sorry about that, I appear to have had a series of unexpected crashes ;)18:44
Aruzaiainbuclaw: lol it happens18:44
Aruzaiainbuclaw: i did get the drive to mount as you said before18:45
iainbuclawAruza, was just extracting a squashfs from a ISO mount, and it died with a NULL pointer reference in the kernel ;)18:45
iainbuclawAruza, where is the mountpoint of the filesystem?18:45
MindSparkdoes anyone know what this means: (Reading database ... 10%dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:18:45
MindSpark files list file for package 'python-zope.interface' is missing final newline18:45
MindSparkE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)18:45
Aruzaiainbuclaw: i basically ran the commands you sent me but the drive is sdf1 instead of sda118:46
iainbuclawAruza, ah, ok... and it is mounted in /mnt18:46
iainbuclawAruza, and you ran:  sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev18:47
iainbuclawok! now we are up to speed (sorry)18:47
iainbuclawsudo chroot /mnt18:47
Aruzait changed my prompt18:48
iainbuclawmount -t proc none /proc18:48
iainbuclawmount -t sysfs none /sys18:48
iainbuclawmount -t devpts none /dev/pts18:48
iokais there an alternative to adobe-flashplugin? It does not work well on linux18:49
cemcI just upgraded to Karmic, and I my screen resolution width is double of the real resolution, using fglrx. I have no resolution set in xorg.conf. where else could it be?18:49
Heikki123for me it works perfect18:49
Aruzaiainbuclaw: ok ran those three18:49
Heikki123flash, i mean18:49
iainbuclawioka, flash10 is ok ... it depends on the graphics drivers you are using, the kernel, and the distribution specific configuration ...18:50
iainbuclawAruza, okies: lastly, where do you want to install grub?18:50
Aruzaiainbuclaw: i think just to the same drive the 9.10 install is on18:51
iainbuclawsdf then18:51
Heikki123same drive or same disk?18:51
Heikki123drive as in partition18:51
iainbuclawgood point Heikki12318:51
Aruzayes same partition18:52
Heikki123you don't install grub on a partition18:52
Aruzathe only other thing on the drive is the swap partition18:52
tiger2wanderHi all18:52
iainbuclawAruza, in the MBR (sdf) or on the partition header (sdf1)18:52
tiger2wanderHow I can reset runlevels for a service?18:52
iainbuclawAruza, to boot from the disk, via BIOS Bootloader, it needs to be in the MBR18:53
Aruzaok, yeah i wanna put it in the mbr18:53
Heikki123i have never installed grub on a partition, instead in the mbr of the disk, that is sdf18:53
iainbuclawAruza:  grub-install /dev/sdf; update-grub218:53
Aruzaok it found a linux image, initrd image. memtest, and windows18:54
Trevizedo you know anything about special repository with Win software for wine?18:55
iainbuclawAruza, once it's finished, should be OK to reboot and test that it worked18:56
Aruzaalright, here we go18:56
iainbuclawgood luck =)18:56
nanamini have a question18:58
nanaminI'm currently running 9.10 beta. when the RTS comes out. . .is there a way to upgrade to it, or will I have to reinstall18:58
nanaminis it as clean to do an upgrade? or will i still have beta issues18:58
Aruzawell i got grub to come up, thats an improvement, and there is the login screen!!!!18:58
rsknanamin: you won't have ext418:58
Aruzathanks iainbuclaw!18:58
rsknanamin: else it should be as a regular new install18:58
nanaminrsk: i do have ext4. or it said so during the install.18:59
nanaminare you sure beta doesn't include ext4?18:59
rskright then then you have it18:59
rskbeta have ext418:59
MindSparkcan someone help me out please ?18:59
MindSpark(Reading database ... 10%dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:18:59
MindSpark files list file for package 'python-zope.interface' is missing final newline18:59
MindSparkE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)18:59
rskMindSpark: what's the command you are trying to run?18:59
MindSparkI am getting this when I try to do any package manager task18:59
iainbuclawAruza, no probs18:59
rskMindSpark: have you fiddled with sources.list?18:59
MindSparkrsk, I get this when updating, I get this when trying to install a new package18:59
MindSparkrsk, what do I do ?19:00
rski don't know what you are doing19:00
rskplease answear my question19:00
Schugyivewm doesn't work, no toolbar19:01
MindSparkrsk, ok here's an example: sudo aptitude install bluefish19:01
rskMindSpark: still not answearing my question19:02
MindSparkrsk, can you please repeat your question ?19:03
ricteci will be back ...later19:03
Schugyany idea why icewm doesn't load completeley?19:04
rsk19:59 < rsk> MindSpark: have you fiddled with sources.list?19:04
mzzMindSpark: sounds like corruption. Can you pastebin your /var/lib/dpkg/info/python-zope.interface.list ?19:06
mzzMindSpark: mine's http://paste.ubuntu.com/297000/ and if yours is truncated from that you might want to fix it up manually19:06
amgarchIn9how do I avoid UbuntuOne applet starting in KDE sessions? Caannot get rid of it!19:08
MindSparkrsk, no I didn't do anything with sources.list, but I just chose to choose another server, maybe that will fix it ?19:09
MindSparkmzz, ok one moment, thanks19:09
MindSparkmzz, the file looks like a binary to me after catting it19:11
mzzMindSpark: it shouldn't be. Got any reason to expect filesystem corruption?19:11
Schugyany way to increase ext2 write speed on sdhc except noatime,nodiratime? 100 mb updates will take long time to install19:11
MindSparkmzz, do you think I can use your file instead ?19:11
mzzMindSpark: might want to touch /forcefsck and reboot19:11
MindSparkmzz, I just had a manual fsck because the system wouldn't boot19:11
MindSparkalthough last time I had the eee on was while doing an update19:12
MindSparkand I did a clean shutdown19:12
mzzMindSpark: ah. I guess you could grab my version of that file fairly safely, but if one file got corrupted others might also have19:12
=== dream_ is now known as Dream-Ubu
MindSparkmzz, I believe so... do you think another fsck would fix this ?19:12
Dream-Ubusorry, lost connection19:12
mzzMindSpark: no19:12
MindSparkmzz, can you maybe send me your python-zope.interface.list ?19:13
mzzMindSpark: but if you've found one corrupted file like this I'd worry about others. I don't remember the command but I think there was a way to compare checksums of installed files to what they should be19:13
mzzMindSpark: I figured you could just copy from the pastebin19:14
MindSparkmzz, a dpkg command ?19:14
mzzhmm, lemme see19:14
MindSparkmzz, you pasted the directory content, not the actual file content19:14
mzzMindSpark: I did? ugh, must've typoed19:15
mzzMindSpark: nope, that's really what's in that file (the file contains a list of files belonging to that package)19:16
uffohello i have one question do kubuntu comes without pulseaudio, i am very glad if there is NO pulseaudio?19:16
MindVirusWhen will the new hulu FE be added to the repos?19:16
MindSparkmzz, ah, ok19:16
mzzMindSpark: compare to some other .list file to see for yourself :)19:16
mzzuffo: hmm, judging from "apt-cache rdepends pulseaudio" probably not, although I might be missing some weird indirect dep.19:17
MindSparkmzz, alright, I think I'll try to restart and see how that goes19:18
uffomzz: so you say kubuntu has pulse terror too???19:18
mzzMindSpark: if you already ran a fsck since your last unclean shutdown (and it found stuff) that's probably not necessary or helpful19:18
mzzuffo: I meant it probably does not have pulseaudio, although it might have some other sound server (I don't run kde)19:19
PiciMindVirus: A new package that isn't already in the repositories has very little chance of making it in before release.19:21
MindVirusPici: I know this.19:21
MindVirusPici: How much time, though?19:21
trothigarWhen is ubuntuone couchdb support going to be finished?19:22
PiciMindVirus: It would need to be packaged first, but they probably wouldnt upload it into the ubuntu repositories until lucid is open. Nevertheless, it probably would go into a PPA first.19:23
Aruzaanyone here good with configuring nvidia graphics cards? i can get the first card to work the way i want but when i go to activate the screen on the second card and save the settings file i get a cannot parse file error and the nvidia app crashes19:24
PiciMindVirus: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages if you want to start to get the ball rolling.19:24
MindVirusPici: OK. How long do you think it will be until it is packaged? How hard is it to package something?19:24
MindVirusPici: I would love to.19:24
bjsniderAruza, the old nvidia-settings 180.25 doesn't work with current xorg.conf files19:24
Aruzabjsnider: that would explain it, is there a work around or new nvidia software?19:25
MindVirusPici: Nevermind. It is too complicated.19:25
bjsniderAruza, nvidia fixed the problem awhile back but the newer nvidia-settings has not been packaged by canonical. there is a new one in the nvidia-vdpau ppa19:27
bjsnidercreated by me i think19:27
bjsnidereither me or batman19:27
Aruzabjsnider: ok, im kinda new to this, how would i get the new package?19:27
bjsnidergoog nvidia-vdpau ppa and you'll find the link to the page where there are instructions19:30
Aruzabjsnider: lol just did that, i just have to add it to the software sources correct?19:30
bjsnideryou do19:30
elvirolohi everyone19:35
elviroloin kubuntu karmic, the network manager widget should be in the plasma widget list, right ?19:36
habanany_hello, icedtea web browser plugin vs the java (tm) plugin java SE 6 .....19:39
habanany_i'm using karmic in 32 bit19:40
darthanubishabanany_, do you have a question?19:42
=== mint is now known as tgpraveen
=== tgpraveen is now known as tgpraveen11
dupondjeevolution broken atm19:49
dupondjein package depends way ;)19:49
elviroloplease, could anyone tell me if the network widget works under kubuntu ?19:49
tgpraveen11ubottu: !info empathy19:52
tgpraveen11!info empathy19:52
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 114 kB, installed size 448 kB19:53
dupondje!info evolution19:53
ubottuevolution (source: evolution): groupware suite with mail client and organizer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.0-0ubuntu4 (karmic), package size 2543 kB, installed size 7508 kB19:53
dupondjeah not updated yet :P19:53
arand!info brasero20:07
ubottubrasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 642 kB, installed size 11924 kB20:07
DelvienHi, having issues getting my LCD brightness to change, my FN buttons do not work, and within /proc/acpi/GFX0 the "brightness" script only has <not supported> Yet I cannot change the brightness via FN buttons or in the bios (no settings, handled by OS)20:12
DelvienI am using a dv1000 HP laptop on karmic fully updated20:12
DelvienAnyone have any ideas?20:13
DelvienIT used to be handeled by /proc/acpi/video/VGA/LCD/brightness, but those files no longer exist, and I cannot make a dir nor insert the scripts into that seciton20:13
PolitikerNEUHello, has anyone the problem that Wireless network is disabled in nm-applet an it cannot be enabled?20:14
intokNot again... hadn't updated the beta in a few days but just  did, and now I lost sound from my logitech PS2 usb headset, I have it set in the sound prefs as well as in multimedia systems selector and still no joy...20:15
anilalurwake up doesn't work, it abruptly shutdown , how can I debug ?20:15
Delvienanilalur, when you boot back into ubuntu, it should give you a bug report20:17
Delvienanilalur, if not, check dmesg and search launchpad for similar messages with karmic20:17
gorthaugwhen i try to log in Gnome it say me "Installation Problem: not installed correctly the power manager settings" and drop me to a rudimentary gdm log window... what can i do?20:24
arandRemoving rtkit to upgrade pulseaudio, sane and safe thing to do?20:25
Pepelïðèâåò âñåì20:29
zen|taoI agree with Pepel ;P20:31
aliendude5300As some of you may remember, a few days ago, I said that I had an extreme performance regression in Karmic, and my system randomly locked up. That is still happening, however, after doing some research, I think I may know why... The problem is in the process called gvfs-metadata. Prior to my system freezing, I notice that gvfs-metadata is using around 1.7GB of RAM. It starts to take up as much RAM as it can as soon a20:31
aliendude5300s I log in... and once it crashes, and terminates, the system returns to an almost stable state, until the problem randomly occurs again. This happens quite frequently... I have no idea what I should do.20:31
aliendude5300The issue is still occuring after a full fsck on my linux partition, and installing ALL available updates.20:32
spotterany idea why I don't have sound in flash anymore?20:35
Pepelhelp me20:36
* Pepel aykaet20:37
PiciPepel: Don't do that please.20:37
spotterwhat package provides the volume control applet?20:39
spotterI don't see it anywhere20:39
larsemilquestion: in 9.04 as i connected my phone the computer asked me what provider i called with and set it up as a modem automagicly. In 9.10 i did not have that at all(neither in 9.04 after upgrading to kde 4.3) is there a fix for this?20:41
Picispotter: gnome-volume-control-pulse perhaps?20:41
spotternot available20:42
spotternot in the archive anymore20:42
spotterthats what I would have thought though20:42
spotterany other ideas?20:43
spotterhmm, never mind, found it20:44
spotterfor some reason wasn't inthe list of things to add, ran it manually20:44
muri_onehurray. they finally fixed the workspace switcher to work with non metacity window managers20:47
KnifeySpooneyFor the past two days, I've been getting a warning about a partial upgrade so I just decided to wait another day, but it keeps telling me the same thing. The only package being removed is 'rtkit'. Do I need this?20:47
DelvienHow do i change the LCD brightness by command line?20:48
macogo ahead and remove it20:48
KnifeySpooneymaco: so it won't hurt anything?20:48
macoKnifeySpooney: it was installed before but isnt supported by the kernel, so now theyre trying to push it back out20:48
macoyeah theres no kernel support for it, so its been installed and doing nothing20:48
KnifeySpooneyOk. Thanks20:49
larsemilquestion: in 9.04 as i connected my phone the computer asked me what provider i called with and set it up as a modem automagicly. In 9.10 i did not have that at all(neither in 9.04 after upgrading to kde 4.3) is there a fix for this?20:50
muri_onedamn, I installed kubuntu-desktop to try it out. I was hoping when I removed it would mark the packages it pulled for autoremoval.20:51
KnifeySpooneymaco: I installed the upgrade and now it's asking me if i want to remove the obsolete package "gnome-app-install". Is this ok to remove too?20:52
macoi dont know what that is20:52
* maco not a gnome user20:52
macoi THINK its the add/remove thats being replaced with the software center20:52
KnifeySpooneymaco: yep, just checked if it was that program and it is. thanks.20:53
Twigathywill `grub-install' still work with grub2?20:56
shentinoHas anyone besides me had trouble using ext4?20:58
vistakillerwhat happen with akregator with the last patch crashes20:58
vistakilleri try to remove it before with --purge20:58
vistakillerhe works fine20:58
vistakillerbut now is crashes again20:59
muri_oneshentino: people have had none ubuntu specific trouble.. I have never had any myself. You probably need to be more specific20:59
TwigathyI'm using ext4 on a CompactFlash card ^_^21:00
coz_vistakiller,  akregator is on kde right?21:00
TwigathyGoing to probably burn through the write cycles with the journal though, heh21:00
vistakillerkubuntu have many problems in karmic21:00
vistakillertoo many error report21:01
coz_vistakiller,  mm  I dont use kde any longer  and it may well be a kde/ubuntu issue21:01
vistakillerbut it works fine before one day21:01
coz_vistakiller,  it could also be that karmic is still in beta and these things should be expected until release21:01
coz_vistakiller,  the sensible thing would now be to open akregator with the terminal.... watch for the errors and report them on the bug site21:02
vistakillerwait i have an update for akregator21:02
shentinook, my current problem with ext4, both on karmic beta AND jaunty, is sporadic corruption.  I recently had to give up on it when a spate of errors of somesort knocked out the fs journal, and once fsck got done mopping up after the journal getting nuked (with live changes still inside), I had to rummage around in lost+found to get my data back21:02
coz_shentino,  yikes21:03
shentinosomehow my ext4 journal got borked while there were live changes still uncommitted.21:03
shentinoyou can guess what a big mess that would create21:03
coz_shentino,  for sure... I am  using karmic as we speak and have had no problems so far as   ext4 is concerned  so this is somewhat puzzling21:04
shentinoWell the actual "mother of all borks" happened under jaunty.  I'm curious if there were any major bugfixes to ext4 that would be unique to karmic21:05
coz_shentino,  I cant answer that but I am sure someone else here can21:05
coz_shentino,  I am still getting up to speed with grub2 :)21:06
shentinono prob21:06
mbeierlanyone know if ip forwarding or masq has changed between 9.04 and 9.10?  my vmware workstation no longer seems to be able to use NAT21:06
shentinoI'm just, well, not keen on trusting ext4 until I'm sure that I hit old cruft that has since probably been fixed21:06
PolitikerNEUHello, has anyone the problem that Wireless network is disabled in nm-applet an it cannot be enabled?21:10
fluvvellmbeierl, I don't know about vmware as much but with virtualbox you needed to update the kernel code when you installed a new kernel21:11
vistakillerthe problem still exist21:16
vistakilleri have this error when the akregator crash file retriever error: 11421:17
vistakillerwhat is this error that have akregator21:18
vistakillertoo many error with file retriever21:18
vistakillerand after it crash21:19
webbb82 after installing flashplugin-installer  would ioi have to logout and then backin to get it to work21:20
wirechiefUbuntu karmic daily boots to blank screen, how do i configure x so it will boot to desktop21:21
wirechiefhmm maybe a boot cheat is in order...21:22
topyliwebbb82, no21:23
mbeierlfluvvell: thanks - I am up to date with the kernel mods, it's just that for some reason I am no longer able to do nat stuff21:28
mbeierlis it still not possible to turn off ipv6 in karmic?21:29
kane77ubuntu one seems to work :)21:29
shentinombeierl:  Is v6 support compiled into the karmic kernel by default?21:30
vistakilleranyone else running kubuntu karmic?21:37
vistakilleranyone else running kubuntu karmic in earth??21:39
vistakillerlarsemil akregator is working in your system?21:40
BluesKajakregator works on mine21:46
vistakilleri just remove the akregator file from .kde/apps21:46
vistakillerand after i have import my rss manual21:46
BluesKaj<---kubuntu karmic 64bit beta21:46
vistakillerit works now21:47
vistakillersame here BluesKaj21:47
Ian_CorneErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/libjaxp1.3-java_1.3.04-5ubuntu1_i386.deb21:47
Ian_Cornedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libjaxp1.3-java_1.3.04-5ubuntu1_i386.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/java/xml-apis.jar', which is also in package libxalan2-java 0:2.7.1-2ubuntu121:47
BluesKajtrying to install java ?21:49
vistakillerthanks BleusKaj :) for your support21:49
=== funkyHat is now known as funkyBass
* BluesKaj shrugs21:51
lotiaanyone here experiencing the screen brightness bug that causes the brightness to jump up and down for a while after boot21:52
lotiawith karmic that is. i experienced it with the netbook remix21:53
dupondjesending files disabled in Empathy ?21:54
=== funkyBass is now known as funkyHat
alanpI recently upgraded to Karmic from Jaunty.  When I click the Application Launcher, for some reason it aligns at the TOP LEFT of the screen instead of the bottom left.  My desktop is completely broken with a grey and white checkered background that has no functionality.  Also, no open applications add themselves to the task bar.  What's going on?21:56
alanpThis is kubuntu21:56
=== DaZ is now known as sdfg
=== sdfg is now known as DaZ
addisonjhello, just upgraded, my vmware workstation got broked, trying to rebuild modules, which fails21:57
shentinoafter my e4 crash I tried to reinstall jaunty...but the CD was bad so now I'm bumped all the way back down to hardy :P21:58
mzzalanp: no kde here, but it sounds like removing and re-adding the relevant elements to the panel might be worth a shot. And if that doesn't help I'd see if the same thing happens in a fresh user account.22:00
dupondjedude, Empathy is going to Replace pidgin? But file transfer doesn't work ? Chats doesn't get shown directly, users logging in doesn't work it crashes at random ? ...22:01
* mzz is weird and doesn't use either22:02
mzzdupondje: in general I'd say file bugs if there aren't any yet22:02
joaopintodupondje, it will replace at some point it time22:02
dupondjeso nobody can send files with it ?$22:03
mzzdupondje: pidgin's still there if you want it, but this is one of the things in karmic that I think it's really desirable to give feedback (bug reports) on so it'll work better in the next (lts) ubuntu22:03
shentinoI'll be happy as long as IRC channels belonging to two different networks are properly segregated ala konversation22:03
dupondjeIt is possible to send files only using the following services: Jabber,22:04
dupondje       Google Talk and People Nearby.22:04
dupondje    22:04
Monika|Ktoday's update say it wants to remove ktorrent, that seems strange to me ... is that okay?22:04
dupondjelol :)22:04
* mzz wants to try to hack something up that gives him empathy-style notifications on top of his usual irssi irc clietn22:04
mzzclient, even22:04
dupondjebtw, anybody else finds the networkmanager icon damn ugly ? ;)22:05
mzzthe gray one? I kinda like it22:06
dupondjeits not gray ...22:06
mzzwhich one then?22:06
dupondjeblack with grey border22:06
joaopintoI didn't liked it at the beginnning, it looked disabled, now I am used to it22:06
dupondjelike a UTP plug ...22:06
joaopintoit's grey for me22:06
mzzit's grey with a transparent background here22:06
joaopintosame here22:06
mzzbut I messed around with the theming a little. Lemme boot that laptop and screenshot it.22:07
dupondjewhat icon set ?22:07
mzzbut humanity's the same with a different shade of gray22:07
dupondjebtw about bug reporting, reported a extremely annoying bug in karmic https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/39103522:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391035 in aptitude "aptitude stops displaying downloads" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:07
dupondjeand will never get fixed it seems22:07
mzzbasically I took the standard human/humanity theme and made the panel background dark (which meant forcing the text displayed on it to be light)22:08
dupondjeHuman looks bad22:08
dupondjeHumanity is nice, but doesn't fit with other icons then :s22:09
joaopintono one uses aptitude :P22:10
mzzhttp:// is my slightly tweaked panel22:12
mzzdoes that have the same networkmanager icon that bugs you?22:14
dupondjeno, that Humanity22:16
dupondjetry Human theme :)22:16
dupondjethen you'll have a quite ugly icon ;)22:17
Twigathyhttp://www.uploadthis.co.uk/uploads/twigathy/karmicdesktop-twigathy-2009-10-19.png <-- my current desktop, complete with a big black square for no reason. Thanks a lot nvidia drivers!22:19
Twigathy(It all displays fine onscreen, but screenshots don't always work)22:20
BUGabundohey guys and galls22:20
* BUGabundo tickels Twigathy22:20
* Twigathy explodes22:20
addisonjanyone using vmware workstation and getting it to work:?22:21
Twigathyhey BUGabundo, you might know this. I installed Karmic to a 500GB disk, then copied it to a 16GB CompactFlash using gparted. How do I make grub2 work on the new boot disk? Right now I have to have the 500G one plugged in to boot the 16G disk and it's just silly...22:21
BUGabundo(re)install grub on the CF22:23
Twigathydoes grub-install still work?22:23
mzzTwigathy: just running "grub-install /dev/sd<whateverthecfis>" might do the trick22:23
legend2440in jaunty there was a fsck progress bar and i presume if there were errors it would be reported on that screen also. how would you know if there were any fsck errors with karmic? it works in the background22:23
TwigathyI'll give it a go :)22:24
mzzTwigathy: I've run grub 2's grub-install exactly once though, so no guarantees on that one22:24
Twigathy*grin* ok22:24
mzz(once manually, that is. The installer and/or other tools might also be running it)22:24
mzzlegend2440: bug 446596 (and notice "fix committed")22:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446596 in mountall "fsck does not show progress during boot" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44659622:25
dupondjewhere can I find the svn repo from aptitude?22:25
legend2440mzz: ok thanks22:25
mzzapparently I have the wrong kind of fingers to use a touchpad. Does anyone have any spares (either better fingers or a touchpad less sensitive to dirt or whatever it is)?22:26
bjsnidermzz, is that what they call a rhetorical question?22:27
bjsnideror do you want someone to chop off their fingers?22:27
mzzyeah, I'm not sure how the spare fingers thing would work myself22:27
mzzhmm, perhaps there's a sensitivity knob in the driver I can tweak22:28
rob0mmm, finger sandwiches!22:28
rob0Those go well with Wendy's chili, I hear. :)22:29
* Twigathy tries a reboot...22:31
Heikki123hey, i just installed my printer to karmic and i saw that if i share it in internet, it will be shared without password protection22:32
Heikki123by default22:32
Heikki123imho it should be "authenticated" mode by default22:32
Twigathywahey, it worked22:33
Twigathythanks all :)22:34
rob0What would the default password be? And how is having a default password any better than having no password?22:34
mzzalso why would you share your printer to the internet22:35
Heikki123rob0: no default password of course. it is using the system user passwords22:36
Heikki123mzz: because i am printing from my laptop thru wlan22:37
Heikki123rob0: and i never said default password22:37
rob0Oh, I guess you're talking about CUPS?22:37
Heikki123what did you think i was talking about then? :)22:38
rob0How much does Ubuntu customize CUPS?22:39
Heikki123i think not so much22:40
Heikki123if at all22:40
Heikki123or, well... anyhow22:40
nicklas_hello, anyone knows why they have changed from pidgin to empathy in the new ubuntu that is coming? and are there any other changes?22:44
Heikki123nicklas_: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/720iq/empathy_vs_pidginwill_empathy_replace_pidgin_in/22:45
huff42hello, I'm curious if anyone might know a fix for the wireless problem with moblin and the msi wind netbook?22:53
vvarderHi all, quick question.  When booting from the Beta Live CD (via a USB key created by Ubuntu) I get a screen with just a computer icon, and it says "ubuntu".  If I click on that, it says "ubuntu karmic (development branch)".  I want to test via the live cd to confirm a bug has been fixed, am I missing something obvious?22:53
FunnyLookinHatvvarder, stfu.22:53
histoIs there a way to remove the obsolete packages that apt shows when you do an update?22:54
daviscapt-get autoremove22:55
histoI ran a sudo aptitude update earlier and it said several pacakges where obsolete after it updated the repos22:55
histodavisc: autoremove won't get rid of them. its mostly old kernels that are installed but now its not complaining about them.22:55
histoThis is odd behavior22:55
rob0apt-get needs a rid-of command :)22:57
shentino...don't be rude22:57
histoI guess I could run aptitude and see if it lists them there.22:58
vvarderFunnyLookinHat has suggested it might be the USB key, I shall format and try again22:58
shentinohisto:  I noticed that myself23:02
shentinoMy guess is:  That the kernel is so ubercritical that it leaves behind obsolete versions on purpose for you to fall back on if something goes screwy23:02
shentinokinda like driver rollback in windows23:02
mzzI don't really care for that feature myself, although it hasn't bugged me enough for me to find out how to turn it off23:03
voidmageHas the mouse clicks not registering in flash been fixed yet?23:03
mzzmy reasoning is that there's at least a handful of other packages that would leave the system at least as unusable as a broken kernel23:03
NinjaPlimsollsis the PPA keyserver down for anyone else here?23:03
NinjaPlimsollsi cant auth23:03
nemomzz: any that keep you from getting to busybox? :)23:03
mzzarguably more so, because if I can't chroot in it's harder to fix stuff than if the main kernel doesn't boot23:03
mzznemo: well, busybox itself was the main one on my list23:04
nemomzz: also, doesn't Computer Janitor offer to clean up obsolete kernels?23:04
mzznemo: also most stuff that goes in initramfs, since my root is on lvm23:04
mzzso that's at the very least busybox and lvm, and I suspect there are more23:04
nemomzz: fortunately busybox doesn't change much23:04
mzzoh, and grub23:04
nemomzz: I do agree upgrading grub can be super bad times.23:05
nemohowever, still happens a lot less often than kernel23:05
* NinjaPlimsolls waits23:06
mzzI haven't had ubuntu kernels fail catastrophically yet, but I'm still relatively new to the system23:06
nemomzz: I've had to roll back several times w/ karmic23:06
mzzNinjaPlimsolls: the ppa what?23:07
histonemo: aptitude will do it but you have to use the interface it won't do it from cli23:07
mzzNinjaPlimsolls: I was assuming "the ppa keyserver" was keyserver.ubuntu.com, but that doesn't fit with "I can't auth"23:07
mzzI've been apt-get purge-ing stale kernels by hand, but iirc computer janitor does offer to do it too23:08
NinjaPlimsollsusing sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7558DD0 nothing happens23:08
voidmagethat's a weird workaround for the flash mouse bug23:08
NinjaPlimsollsit sits for 40-50 seconds then says it timed out23:08
mzzNinjaPlimsolls: that looks like a typo23:08
mzzspecifically, iirc key ids are normally 8 chars long23:09
NinjaPlimsollsuh, no, I copied it from the PPA website23:09
NinjaPlimsollsoh, a 7 is missing from the copied text23:09
NinjaPlimsollsstill doesnt do anything23:09
mzzNinjaPlimsolls: where?23:10
hipitihopif I were to install clean on a machine from a current bet live cd, will I be able to do just uptdate && upgrade when final release or will I need to completely reinstall23:10
NinjaPlimsollsdoes the keyserver use a specific port number?23:10
histohipitihop: yes just update it23:10
mzzNinjaPlimsolls: I'll try here, but I'd prefer to use the same key id23:10
NinjaPlimsollsaah its ok, just turned on DMZ on my router and it imported the key :P23:10
histohipitihop: you can also download a daily build to be current as of today23:10
NinjaPlimsollssilly NAT firewall23:10
mzzhmm, weird23:10
mzzI wasn't aware of keyserver communication being an annoying protocol for NAT to handle23:11
* NinjaPlimsolls shrugs23:11
NinjaPlimsollsworking now23:11
hipitihophisto: thanks, link to daily build ?23:11
vistakillerwhat is the best antispam filter to put in kmail?23:11
koshariwill the desktop live disc be ready come showtime?23:15
NinjaPlimsollsok, ive got the key now, but I cant see the ppa repo in my origin list in Synaptic, any idea why its not there?23:17
mzzdid you add it to sources.list?23:17
mzzand did you apt-get update?23:17
NinjaPlimsollsyup :)23:17
mzz(or click the equivalent button in synaptic)23:17
mzzand did that succeed?23:17
NinjaPlimsolls.....yup ;)23:18
mzzthen I don't know and I'd try to manually install something (or apt-cache show something) that's supposed to be in the ppa23:18
mzz(I don't normally use synaptic, I don't know if there's a synaptic-specific step I'm overlooking)23:18
NinjaPlimsollsi added the gnome-do ppa23:18
kevin123how do i get to advanced osund settings?23:28
kevin123i need to turn my mic up, or enable it for that matter23:28
siegieSometimes when i close kontact, it's still there in ps aux. The result is that i can't start kontact again.23:28
hsarci_so im not really sure what happened but whenever i boot now im presented with a graphical terminal that is in a small framless static windows on the top lefthand corner and the rest of my screen is black23:32
delightI got a little problem with karmic ... just wanted to ask if somebody else experienced similiar problems23:33
hsarci_!does anyone | delight23:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about does anyone23:34
hsarci_!anyone | delight23:34
ubottudelight: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?23:34
delightI use 64bit karmic + sun-jdk6 ... when i tryed using eclipse 3.5.1 64bit from eclipse.org I experienced problems  clicking on the buttons of the dialogs ... create new java-project for example23:36
delightit would only "click" a button by usind the space-bar instead of trying to click with the mouse23:36
mzzbug 442078 perhaps?23:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 442078 in gtk+2.0 "Buttons in Eclipse not working correctly with GTK+ 2.18.1-1" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44207823:37
delightI'll have a look ;) and add my experience if not ;)23:37
histohipitihop: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/23:38
histohipitihop: thats teh alternative install23:40
Berzerkeris there a way to keep sound flowing the my sound system so it doesn't have lag in detecting sound? Logitech Z-5500s with an X-Fi23:40
histohipitihop: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ is the live cd23:40
xrandrso, who has success stories for 9.10?23:42
BUGabundoxrandr: mine has been working for 5,5 months23:43
Berzerkerxrandr, no problems here, on a desktop and UNR23:43
BUGabundoI consider that a success23:43
xrandrHow good is the nvidia support for it? I went from 8.04 with good nvidia support to 9.04 with horrible support. I used to have 1920x1280 resolution on 8.04. On 9.04 i can get 1600x1200 max without it looking all messed up23:43
BUGabundonvidia close source driver23:44
BUGabundo*always* worked good for me23:44
Berzerker185 works fine for me.23:44
BUGabundoand seem really nice now23:44
BUGabundoeven on multi monitor23:44
BUGabundoor even projectors23:44
xrandrI had to fight to get the 1600x1200 resolution23:45
xrandrtho fighting consisted of plugging in the DVI cable23:45
xrandrbut im on VGA. I don't like the HDMi->DVI conversion (thats the cable i had)23:45
BUGabundoxrandr: tip: $ xrandr --auto23:45
BUGabundois a life saver23:45
hipitihophisto, thanks, downloading now.23:46
rob0haha I was thinking the same thing23:46
xrandrwell, im downloading 9.10 now23:46
Berzerkerxrandr, HDMI -> DVI conversion is not really conversion.23:46
Berzerkerit's just a change of connectors.23:46
xrandrwe'll see how it goes. It's gonna be a fresh install23:46
Berzerkersince HDMI = DVI + S/PDIF23:46
xrandrlet's see what xrandr --auto does now :)23:48
xrandrabsolutely nothing :)23:48
xrandrscreen didn't even flicker23:48
BUGabundoguess there's nothing to be done23:48
BUGabundousualy it updates all devices23:48
BUGabundoand turns them on23:49
xrandryeh, but as i said... 8.04 i had 1920,x1280 resolution. In 9.04 i only have 1600x1200  (which isn't horrible)23:49
hsarci_whats the name of the applet in the top right with username and a powerbutton icon???23:50
BUGabundoxrandr: pleanty of drivers and X options for you now23:51
BUGabundojust take a look at x-squad PPAs23:51
BUGabundoyes plural23:51
xrandrBUGabundo: what are they?23:52
BUGabundonot sure23:52
hsarci_whats the name of the applet in the top right with username and a powerbutton icon??? please someone just look at there applet list23:52
BUGabundoneed to google them :)23:52
BUGabundohsarci_: FUSA23:52
legend2440hsarci_: indicator applet session23:52
* xrandr does like the new KDE desktop though :)23:53
mzzhsarci_: FUSA is the old (up to jaunty) one, indicator applet session is the new (karmic) one23:53
hsarci_thanks guys23:53
xrandrI've always been torn between KDE and GNOME. So I use both :)23:53
mzzalso, am I the only one who thinks having the username in there is annoying? I got rid of it here23:54
t0syeah i always thought the name went there not username23:54
t0show do u get rid of it mzz?23:54
mzzwell, my full name is in the menu that shows up when I click the button, which I'm ok with23:54
mzzt0s: I patched indicator-session :)23:55
hsarci_i just feel like the top bar is wasted space so i like to have things up there even if i dont use them much23:55
mzzhsarci_: I tend to get rid of one of the two panels, so I need the space (or I am left with a really tiny windowlist)23:56
=== alex88 is now known as alex88[sleep]
hsarci_what i really want is a spotlight-ish quick search...or even a search box that is simply embeeed into the panel in a flush-like way23:57
mzzI'm also considering hacking up gnome-panel to get rid of the "System" menu23:57
mzzhsarci_: assuming you tried deskbar-applet and it didn't quite do what you need?23:57
nemomzz: I renamed my combined menu23:58
nemoto Apps/Locs/Sys23:58
mikehhI can not get my numeric keypad to work in 9.10 beta (updated) amd64 - it works in 9.04 - any ideas?23:58
nemomzz: took up way less space23:58
nemomzz: I also reduced the height of top nav to 20px23:59
mzznemo: I got rid of "Applications" completely, it's just an icon now (it's right in the corner, so it's not like it has to be large to hit it)23:59
nemowhich required rescaling the ubuntu logo23:59
nemomzz: oh. I wanted the 3 menus still.23:59
legend2440mikehh: try  shift+numlock key23:59
nemomzz: I didn't care for the combined menu23:59
mzznemo: I do still have three menus, but the left one is just an icon23:59
nemoah. gotcha23:59
nemomzz: you know. that makes sense...23:59
nemogood idea :)23:59

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