robert_ancellseb128, hey08:11
seb128hello robert_ancell08:12
seb128how was your start of week there?08:12
robert_ancellseb128, question about uploading gnome updates...  Now I am MOTU can I just directly upload stable GNOME packages? e.g. Cheese08:12
seb128busy looking at the sponsor bugs ;-)08:12
seb128robert_ancell, yes08:12
seb128robert_ancell, only in universe though which is limited for GNOME08:13
robert_ancellseb128, but as long as they're in universe and in GNOME FTP then ok?08:13
seb128well, usually it's not gnome ftp but part of GNOME08:14
seb128ie following freezes08:14
seb128we don't want to upload random new crack now08:14
seb128but yes08:14
seb128if you are not sure ask there, I've been mandated to grant desktop exceptions08:14
lifelessrobert_ancell: as a MOTU you /can/ upload anything that is a) in universe b) meets policy to be uploaded given the archive state.08:15
robert_ancelllifeless, thanks, I was just checking on what is considered in the GNOME freeze exception, I wasn't sure if it extended to universe08:15
lifelesssame basic policy08:16
robert_ancellseb128, question 2:  What do I do about UNRELEASED versions in bzr? Manually updated them?08:16
seb128robert_ancell, dch -r?08:16
lifelessdifferent teams for approvals [the universe team has motus as well as the main team]08:16
seb128or change to karmic by hand if you want08:16
robert_ancellseb128, In this case I should just set it to Karmic and then do the upload - dch -r is only useful for sponsoring others packages?08:17
seb128whatever you prefer, I usually change to karmic with my text editor08:17
seb128but I think pitti for example use dch -r08:17
seb128there is not one true way there08:18
seb128just make sure you have karmic in the changelog ;-)08:18
* robert_ancell just uploaded his first ubuntu packages... Will wait for the angry emails tomorrow about breaking stuff :)08:19
seb128robert_ancell, ;-)08:22
didrocksgood morning o/08:22
seb128brb session restart after weekend upgrade08:22
didrockshey asac08:24
asachi didrocks08:26
robert_ancellseb128, perhaps we should update the versions script - it only shows packages on the cd, it should probably show packages in main?08:29
robert_ancellgtg, see you guys tomorrow08:30
seb128ok didn't go as expected, I had to reboot08:31
didrocksoh :/08:31
huatsmorning everyone08:31
huatsmorning seb12808:31
didrocksgood morning huats08:32
seb128lut didrocks huats08:32
didrocksseb128: hey o/ I hope there will still be some updates to do this evening to avoid feeling useless ;)08:32
seb128didrocks, I hope not08:32
huats+1 for me :)08:33
huatsseb128: I can do some today... if there are any08:33
seb128today is already late for updates08:33
seb128so I expect so to be uploaded earlier rather than later08:33
seb128so -> those08:33
seb128another quick sessionr restart and I'm starting on sponsoring08:34
didrocksseb128: at least, I'll upload simplecommeubuntu-9.10~prerc this evening ;)08:35
seb128didrocks, good ;-)08:35
seb128I will let you guys know if there is updates left08:36
seb128but I expect I will go quickly through those08:36
seb128especially that robert_ancell did a good bunch already08:36
seb128and not everybody will roll a .108:36
seb128you are welcome to work on the universe ones though08:36
seb128there is less hurry for those08:36
didrocksseb128: ok, keep us in touch so :)08:37
seb128will do08:38
tgpraveenBug #446146 any chance of getting this in karmic final itself. it's fix commited  just need to be released08:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446146 in linux "Huawei E169 USB dongle not working with kernel 2.6.31-12.40" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44614608:38
seb128wrong channel to ask about linux08:40
seb128it's not really a desktopish component08:40
asacits a bit related to NM ;)08:58
asacpitti has the same problem ;)08:58
asackenvandine: gwibber is in sad state today ;)09:00
asacdoes not start here09:00
pittiGood morning09:03
pittiseb128: hm, so Robert's patch wasn't applied to 2.28 branch09:03
seb128pitti, the gvfs one?09:03
pittiah, robert is already gone (sorry, I'm late today again)09:04
pittiUNRELEASED is not just for sponsoring..09:04
seb128right, but the discussion was rather on how you change it to markic09:05
seb128dch -r, manual edit, etc09:05
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loolpitti: Did you intend to revert r1588 in ubuntu.karmic r1589?09:35
pittilool: yes, I did; I just failed to commit it separately, sorry09:35
pittilool: we removed French on amd64 because of overflow, but now we kicked rss-glx (which was never meant to be on the CD)09:35
loolAck; we don't have it in UNR anyway09:36
pittiasac: epiphany pulls in seed and gnome-js-common; do we need them in main? (MIR)09:42
asacpitti: no ... the idea is to drop ephy plugin from seahorse-plugins09:43
asacso everything can go down09:43
asacif you want rather ephy and all stuff in main, let me know09:43
asacseb128: ^^ ?09:43
pittiasac: it's a b-dep of epiphany09:43
asacpitti: yes. but ephy is universe now ... its just in main because of seahorse-plugins pulling in afaict09:43
seb128I though epiphany was in universe now?09:43
asacseb128: yeah. seahorse-plugins is holding it09:44
seb128asac, right, the seahorse-plugins one is to fix, do you want to do the update and fix that too?09:44
pittiok, so shall I demote epy then?09:44
seb128there is a 2.28.1 tarball09:44
seb128pitti, yes please09:44
asacseb128: update to latest upstream? yes. i have to move to xulrunner-1.9.109:44
asacpitti: i thought that happened a while back already09:44
seb128asac, thanks09:44
andreasnmpt, what e-mail do you use for gnome bugzilla? just wanted to check I added the right one09:44
asacpitti: on friday you showed me a mismatch of ephy getting pulled in by seahorse09:45
asacpitti: so if now seed etc are in mismatch means that ephy was promosted probably because of that09:45
asacpitti: ok. so i will upload new seahorse plugins without the epiphany part ... and fixed xulrunner-1.9 -> 1.9.1 ...09:45
pittiasac: thanks09:46
asacthats also the last xulrunner-1.9 rdepend from what micagh from mozillateam researched .... so i will verify that this is really the case and then ask for permission to get rid of ffox-3.0 and xul 1.909:46
asacpitti: ^^09:46
asacthat would involve putting ffox-3.0 transitional packages in a firefox-3.5 upload09:47
asaci will check now the rdepends in sources/packages and then proceed with those two tasks09:47
asachopefully fixing the last RC issues in ffox too at that time09:47
mptandreasn, myrealbox, but I'm not getting notifications a.t.m.09:54
andreasnI cc:ed you on the gnome-policykit bug09:55
dpmseb128, just a quick note to let you know I imported all policykit-1-gnome upstream translations into LP as discussed some days ago. Sorry it took me so long.10:04
seb128dpm, thanks!10:04
dpmseb128, another question, can yo10:05
dpmseb128, another question, can you tell me a bit more about gdmsetup and its Ubuntu-specific translations? I'm the upstream gdm translator and the Ubuntu-specific strings were already translated upstream and imported into LP, so I had no need to translate them in LP10:06
seb128dpm, weird10:06
seb128dpm, could it be that somebody commited the launchpad po there?10:07
seb128with strings which are not upstream too?10:07
dpmseb128, no, the translations are marked as green in LP, so they're the same as the imported ones10:08
seb128what strings are you look at exactly?10:08
dpmseb128, the gdmsetup ones, let me have a look...10:09
dpmseb128, this one, for example -> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/gdm/+pots/gdm/ca/107/+translate10:10
dpmthe French team doesn't seem to have any strings changed in LP, either: https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/gdm/+pots/gdm/fr/+translate?start=0&batch=10&show=changed_in_launchpad&field.alternative_language=&field.alternative_language-empty-marker=1&old_show=all10:12
seb128gdm-2.28.0$ grep "_Show the screen for choosing who will log in" * -r10:13
seb128debian/patches/09_gdmsetup.patch:+                    <property name="label" translatable="yes" comments="Radio option to set login screen to prompt for user">_Show the screen for choosing who will log in</property>10:13
seb128po/ca.po:#~ msgid "_Show the screen for choosing who will log in"10:13
seb128dpm, ^10:13
seb128dpm, what you say doesn't make sense10:13
seb128dpm, could it be that launchpad doesn't consider it as an upstream string changed since it's not in the upstream po there?10:14
seb128dpm, I'm sure those strings are not in the upstream git codebase10:15
dpmseb128, LP considers the package as "upstream", it doesn't detect the tarball strings. By looking at http://l10n.gnome.org/POT/gdm.master/gdm.master.ca.po, I see:10:18
dpm#~ msgid "_Show the screen for choosing who will log in"10:18
dpm#~ msgstr "_Mostra la pantalla per a seleccionar qui entrarĂ "10:18
dpmSo the string was marked as obsolete at some point upstream10:18
seb128dpm, right, cf my grep, it's the only po where the string is listed10:18
seb128dpm, could it be that somebody used the ubuntu po and gettext marked it obsolote?10:19
seb128since it's not in the upstream source10:19
dpmseb128, I'm not sure, but it's certainly possible. So gdmsetup is an Ubuntu-only app?10:20
seb128dpm, yes10:21
dpmseb128, do upstream ship no setup tool at all, or still the old graphical setup tool?10:21
seb128dpm, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58775010:22
ubottuGnome bug 587750 in general "GDM rewrite needs a configuration GUI panel similar to 2.20 (gdmsetup)" [Minor,New]10:22
seb128dpm, they don't ship any configuration tool10:22
seb128it would make no sense to have an ubuntu tool if upstream had one10:22
dpmseb128, that clears things up. Thanks a lot10:22
seb128dpm, you're welcome10:22
tseliotseb128: it looks like I'll have to extend my patch: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59828710:31
ubottuGnome bug 598287 in plugins "Tap-to-click should be enabled if the touchpad has no physical buttons" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:31
seb128tseliot, hum ok, not really important for karmic since we have tap on click on now10:33
tseliotseb128: did you re-enable it?10:34
seb128tseliot, still a nice thing to fix but nothing urgent10:34
seb128tseliot, yes, tape on click is on by default now10:34
seb128the no taping while typing too10:34
tseliotseb128: can you drop my patch from the package then?10:35
seb128tseliot, will do10:35
tseliotit looks like the function which detects the availability of buttons is not very reliable10:35
tseliotseb128: ok, thanks10:35
seb128you're welcome10:35
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=== crevette is now known as baptistemm
kklimondaseb128, pitti, could you tak a look at bug 444005? as there won't be a 1.76 release soon (most likely never - devs will jump straight to 1.80) there are few bugs that should be fixed in 1.75.11:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444005 in transmission "Updates for Transmission 1.75" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44400511:01
seb128kklimonda, I'm too busy in GNOME 2.28.1 too look at that software11:02
seb128you will need to find somebody else interested11:02
kklimondaat least both crashes, a potential data loss would be nice too. a removal of --auth argument is a wishlist.11:02
pittikklimonda: opened a tab for it; will have a look later today, thanks11:02
kklimondaseb128, no problem - I'll keep looking.. ok, i don't have to anymore :)11:03
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seb128pitti, do you want to do the gpm 2.28.1 update?11:28
pittiseb128: can do11:28
pittiseb128: I'm currently debugging bug 451613 which is the last of my RC bugs11:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451613 in gvfs "all disks and partitions are automounted in the live session" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45161311:28
pittiseb128: this will still take me a bit, but this afternoon I can deal with updates/sponsoring/torrent11:29
seb128pitti, I don't expect any torrent but thanks ;-)11:29
seb128pitti, .11:29
pittiseb128: bug 444005 I meant11:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444005 in transmission "Updates for Transmission 1.75" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44400511:29
seb128pitti, .1 traditionally doesn't get tarballs for everything11:29
seb128oh right11:30
seb128anyway I did catch up on updates out of gpm now11:30
seb128so let's get lunch before having new tarballs coming11:30
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mac_vmvo: hi , is there already a bug in synaptic where the cpu usage increases during checking for updates?11:56
seb128chrisccoulson, we were just speaking about you ;-)12:04
seb128chrisccoulson, hey btw12:04
chrisccoulsonhey seb12812:04
chrisccoulsoni hope you were saying nice things about me ;)12:04
seb128chrisccoulson, <slangasek> oh gar, why am I now getting a 'low disk space' pop-up every 30 seconds? :P12:04
pittihey chrisccoulson, good afternoon!12:04
seb128chrisccoulson, I was just saying that you were looking about such things12:05
chrisccoulsonhey pitti12:05
seb128not sure if you still have interest for that though12:05
seb128<slangasek> although, I'd rather he fix my crashing gnome-settings-daemon first :)12:05
seb128too ;-)12:05
chrisccoulsonthey shouldn't appear every 30 seconds - every 10 minutes at the most12:05
mvomac_v: there is/was such a bug with update-manager, I suspect its something to do with the theme in use, but I have not investiagted12:05
seb128chrisccoulson, well, apparently he clicks on ignore and get a dialog 30s later12:05
mac_vmvo: ah , just found one > is this the bug , Bug #35535512:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355355 in update-manager "Update Manager causes high Xorg CPU usage when checking for updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35535512:06
chrisccoulsonseb128 - that behaviour definately doesn't sound right - i'll speak to him later and try and figure out whats going on12:06
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks12:06
mvomac_v: do you have more info on it? is it theme dependant? does it matter if compiz or metacity is used?12:08
mac_vmvo: human theme just got a bug regarding this ...i'm testing it , checking if it has something to do with the murrine engine being used12:09
mac_vwill see if there us any change12:09
mvomac_v: I have a idea what is causing it, its not a trivial fix if it turns out to be what I think it is12:11
mac_vmvo: nope  , doesnt seem theme dependant , i tried a different engine and still x org cpu usage raises ... and your idea is? ;)12:15
mvomac_v: i think its the drawing code for the individual progresses, I have a look later today (got some other things with higher priority first)12:16
mac_vsure its no hurry , just wanted to check :)12:18
asacpitti: augeas needs to be promoted too for puppet ... i asked for getting symbol tracking or a specific shlibs version in the package in the MIR - besides from that its ok. i will check if zul can do that swiflty. otherwise will probably upload on my own12:20
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pittiasac: I did, I mentioned in the bug12:24
tjaaltonthere doesn't seem to be a bug about gdm not being able to be restarted from a vt?12:25
pittitjaalton: hm, it's not? WFM12:26
asacok read that mail now. thx12:27
pittisudo stop gdm; sudo start gdm12:27
asacwill prod zul12:27
tjaaltonpitti: it'll just flash the screen rapidly for a few seconds, then stop and no gdm running after that12:27
seb128tjaalton, you don't have one running?12:28
tjaaltonseb128: nope12:28
seb128ok, so I don't know12:29
seb128works here12:29
tjaaltonseb128, pitti: uh oh.. binary driver fail on my part, ie. a false alarm ;)12:35
pittihm, I often get Firefox complaining "sorry, restoring session failed", and clicking on "restore" works just fine..12:36
asacpitti: any errors in tools -> error console?12:37
asacalso try set extensions.logging.enabled to true and see if you get any errors on terminal if you end up in this situation12:37
pittiasac: odd that it isn't known yet; anyway, I'll file a bug (it happens pretty often for both me and also my wife)12:43
pittiasac: there are three errors12:43
asacpitti: do you see "restart required " in tools -> addons all the time?12:44
pittiasac: no, I don't12:44
asachmm. ok. then its not the bug i am currently fixing. please file a bug with those errors you see please12:45
asacbug 44625712:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446257 in firefox-3.5 "session restore does not work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44625712:45
asacpitti: ^^12:45
pittiasac: *nod*, that's it12:46
* pitti subscribes12:46
asacpitti: please post the errors you see there. thx12:46
pittiyay, fixed my last RC bug12:47
asaclucky you :/12:47
seb128asac, I do get restart all the time when greasemonkey get screwed12:47
asacbut usually there is something new whenever you think you are done12:47
seb128which is basically after every xulrunner upgrade12:47
asacseb128: yes. tahts your bug.12:47
asacand i know it12:47
asacupstream just didnt like my fix ;)12:47
asacwhich was hacky indeed12:47
pittiasac: hm, closing and reopening the console seems to wipe errors; next time it happens I'll immediatley look and copy12:48
seb128asac, oh, so you found a real bug, it's not my install being weird ;-)12:48
pittiasac: something new> yeah, already happened three times in the last two weeks :)12:48
asacseb128: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52178012:50
ubottuMozilla bug 521780 in Add-ons Manager "extension upgrade with a moved location breaks extension manager" [Normal,New]12:50
=== agateau|lunch is now known as agateau
seb128pitti, good work on the gvfs bug ;-)13:00
pittiseb128: merci13:00
asacErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/libequinox-osgi-java_3.5.1-0ubuntu6_amd64.deb13:01
asacE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:01
asacwhat is equinox?13:01
asacoh seems eclipse related13:01
asacguess i know someone to ask13:02
pittiseb128: do you get bug mail piped straight to your brain nowadays?13:02
asacseb holds back technical innovation wrt bug streaming ... i always knew it13:03
seb128pitti, no, but I'm subscribed to gvfs bugzilla and I'm polling on emails to get new tarballs today13:04
kenvandineasac, any tips on what is wrong?13:35
sweettiehee hello everyone13:40
sweettieim looking for some help.13:40
sweettie(with my desktop)13:40
seb128sweettie, hi, try #ubuntu for user questions13:40
asackenvandine: sorry i lost context. on what?13:45
asaclet me try13:45
asackenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/296810/ that what i am getting13:46
asacthe UI never shows up13:46
asackenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/296811/13:46
kenvandinedo you have facebook configured?13:46
asacthere is dbus problem13:46
asackenvandine: yes. facebook13:47
kenvandinelooks like it is failing to fire up the daemon13:47
kenvandineis the daemon running?13:47
kenvandinei bet it is already running and hung13:47
kenvandinewhich is that damn facebook bug13:47
asackenvandine: well. i think i didnt really start it until this morning13:47
asacbut let me kill it13:47
kenvandinefor some reason, sometimes it hangs on a connection to facebook and never times out like it should13:48
asackenvandine: yeah. there it is13:48
kenvandineit is better with pycurl than it was with urllib213:48
asackenvandine: are we using pycurl now?13:48
kenvandinebut ryan can't seem to figure out why it fails to timeout13:48
kenvandinecause it was more reliable with facebook13:48
kenvandineonly the facebook module is using it13:48
kenvandineit failed frequently with urllib213:49
kenvandinejust never times out13:49
kenvandineryan spent weeks on that... and got nowhere13:49
kenvandineit is more reliable with pycurl, but still fails to timeout sometimes13:49
asackenvandine: facebook.py stillin includes urllib13:49
kenvandineyeah, but not urllib213:49
asacon lp:gwibber13:50
kenvandineit isn't using it for the connection13:50
kenvandinethere was some other reason for it13:50
kenvandineurl parsing or something13:50
asackenvandine: where is the call done?13:51
seb128gnomefreak, hey, nobody else is getting your gnome-panel issue, we have thousand of bugs happening only on one broken config, we can't mark those blockers13:51
kenvandineboth urllib2 and pycurl supposedly force some timeout so this can never happen13:51
kenvandinebut they both have the same problem, only with facebook13:51
kenvandineasac, if you have any insight... i am sure ryan would jump for joy :)13:52
kenvandineryan was threatening disabling facebook all together13:52
kenvandinebut facebook is far to popular :/13:52
gnomefreakseb128: understood i would really love to know where to start to figure it out. it seems like this bug is giving me a alsa bug as well due to killall gnome-panel13:53
asackenvandine: he uses httplib.HTTP ... in api there only is HTTPConnection13:53
seb128gnomefreak, could you summarize the bug there?13:54
kenvandineasac, oh...13:54
asackenvandine: is that an alias?13:55
kenvandinei would think this would just blow up13:55
kenvandineso perhaps13:55
gnomefreakseb128: going to look at bug13:55
asaclet me try if i get timeouts with just 1 second ;)13:55
kenvandineasac, oh13:56
kenvandinethat isn't used13:56
kenvandinethat is for photo uploads13:56
kenvandinewhich gwibber doesn't do13:56
kenvandinepart of the library he embedded13:57
asacok found the curl call13:57
kenvandinein the Facebook class13:57
gnomefreaknot a bad option to add ;)13:58
kenvandinehehe... lets make facebook work better first :)13:58
kenvandineasac, so i think c.perform() never returns13:58
asackenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/296823/14:00
asacthat works for me14:00
asaci got a timeout14:00
asacwhen using 114:00
kenvandineyeah, he was able to get timeouts14:01
kenvandinesometimes on the facebook connection he doesn't14:01
kenvandineand could never figure out why14:01
asackenvandine: well. atm there is no timeout set at all14:01
kenvandinethere is a default14:01
asackenvandine: so lets use that one instead of nothing14:01
asacyes. the default is the socket timeout of system i guess14:01
kenvandinewell, he said there is14:01
asacand thats probably 120 seconds or even 5 minutes14:01
kenvandinehe played around with different values14:01
gnomefreakseb128: you wanted me to ad dmore to summry on bug or you wanted me to do it here?14:02
kenvandinethat is way too high14:02
seb128gnomefreak, can you summarize it there?14:02
asackenvandine: so in other http libs i know its always the system default for socket/dns14:03
asacthats far too high14:03
asacso we should definitly set something there14:03
asackenvandine: also we should set CONNECTTIMEOUT14:04
kenvandineit would be good to do that too14:04
kenvandinebut connecting isn't where the problem was14:04
kenvandinebut it looks like setting the timeout to something lower should do what we want14:04
kenvandinemaybe it just never thinks it is done with the download14:04
asackenvandine: thats what i would suggest14:05
kenvandinedunno... i have never looked at it... just know ryan spent weeks on it :)14:05
asackenvandine: does gwibber loop every X seconds?14:05
kenvandineis the default fresh14:05
kenvandineotherwise it just has a mainloop and threads14:05
asackenvandine: so why does gwibber frontend get no reply? because its polling on demand or because the main thread is just blocked?14:05
kenvandineso if a call takes 5m, it causes havoc14:05
kenvandinemain thread is blocked14:06
asackenvandine: thought thats in a separate thread?14:06
asacwhat operation is done in main thread? the full http call?14:06
kenvandinewell, the microblog operation is in a separate thread14:06
kenvandinewhich shouldn't block the main thread14:06
* seb128 grrrr at bzr and pitti14:07
kenvandinethe exception you got was from scheduling operations with the microblog backend14:07
kenvandinewhich is what is blocked14:07
kenvandinemoving that scheduling to the backend would help allot14:08
kenvandineplanned for lucid :)14:08
asackenvandine: so scheduling involves initiating a connecting?14:08
asacor does it block until the previous work was done?14:08
kenvandineyeah, something has to connect to it currently14:08
kenvandinewhen it connects, it calls the scheduler to schedule the default operations14:08
kenvandinewhich doesn't really make sense14:08
kenvandinethe backend should have that logic14:09
kenvandinethere was some debate about that, like the guy writing the cli interface14:09
kenvandinei think he wanted to be able to control that a little more from the client14:09
kenvandinewe are going to move all that out of the client for lucid14:09
asaci dont get what is done in the thread ,)14:09
asacdoes it just update db and stuff there?14:09
kenvandineperforming the operations14:09
asacand does all the io in the main thread?14:10
kenvandinecalling the microblogging services, etc14:10
kenvandinethe main thread just dispatches14:10
asacwhat is that compared to what __call__ does?14:10
kenvandinethe main thread isn't what blocked your call14:10
asacthe main thread is the one processing dbus, isnt it?14:11
kenvandinethe client was calling the microblogging stuff14:11
asacshouldnt it be returning stuff?14:11
asackenvandine: oh. so the client directly calls into the other non-main thread?14:11
kenvandineimo it should be processing all of that14:11
kenvandinei think so14:11
gnomefreakseb128: im not sure what more i can add or change to be anymore helpful. I am adding the alsa bug link to bug report14:11
kenvandinewhich we want to prevent14:11
kenvandineso moving more of that logic out to the backend14:11
asacis dbus actually multi-threwading ready?14:11
seb128gnomefreak, do you get the issue at every session start? does it happen in a guest session?14:11
kenvandinewill keep the client from ever calling those14:11
kenvandineasac, perhaps not... i really don't know14:12
kenvandineryan did most of that... and i know he was getting very angry :)14:12
asackenvandine: ok. so the facebook threads handles network for facebook and also is responsible for processing dbus?14:12
kenvandineat least that is my understanding14:12
kenvandinewhich is kind of crappy14:12
asacwhats our dbus timeout?14:12
asacdoes the UI at least do async dbus ?14:12
asacoh no14:13
asacit doesnt14:13
asacnow i know14:13
kenvandineit does for somethings14:13
asackenvandine: can i send python a signal so it dumps backtraces for all threads?14:13
asaci know i could do something like that for java14:13
kenvandinei haven't seen a way14:13
kenvandinethat would be very cool though :)14:14
asackenvandine: what i am trying to understand is whats the perfect tune for those timeouts14:14
kenvandineasac, understand14:14
asacso if dbus sends a call ... and has a timeout of 10 seconds... and that synchronously calls the facebook server14:15
asacthen we need to use a timeout lower than the dbus call14:15
asacwhich can be quite short i guess14:15
kenvandinewe don't set a timeout14:15
kenvandineso it is the default14:15
asackenvandine: for dbus you mean?14:15
asacThe default timeout in dbus-daemon is 25 seconds at the time of14:15
asacok let me run this with a really short timeout for a while and see if the UI breaks completely.14:16
asackenvandine: so ... but still gwibber forntend seems not to like those timeout exceptions14:16
asacthought we tackled that ;)14:16
asactimeout exceptions == dbus timeouts14:16
kenvandinenot really... we tackled the biggest culprit for needing those timeouts14:17
asacthe nameownerchange14:17
kenvandinethe exception handling needs to be factored in, which is too big of a beast to tackle for karmic14:17
kenvandinethat solved a ton of problems14:17
asacok let me see how crazy gwibber UI goes if facelib always times out14:17
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
kenvandineso part of the refactoring for lucid will include lower level exception handling14:17
kenvandineasac, the real key though is to commit the timeout and get it to the users14:18
kenvandinewe went days without reproducing that bug14:18
kenvandineit was very hit and miss... like certain behaviors on facebook servers14:19
asaci can simulate what happens on timeout ;)14:19
kenvandinei think that shouldn't break the ui14:19
asacso first thing that happens is that authorization fails14:19
kenvandineit will just show up in the error stream14:19
asacand then it gives up14:19
kenvandinethat blows...14:19
kenvandinemakes you re-auth14:19
asacnow i need to somehow make this so it doesnt bail out on authoriization14:19
asackenvandine: how many calls does it do for authorization?14:20
kenvandinei think only one14:20
* kenvandine doesn't know the facebook code though14:20
asackenvandine: want to like do 3 times normal and then 1 second to see what happens if content pulling times out14:20
kenvandineif you hit it too many times facebook disables you and makes you re-auth anyway14:20
rickspencer3hey all, what's the word on the street?14:30
seb128hey rickspencer314:30
rickspencer3bonjour seb12814:30
seb128still looks good I would say14:30
seb128I've been running the indicator message during the weekend and now wait for ted ;-)14:31
seb128am I the only one to not notice new messages because the icon change is to subtle there?14:32
rickspencer3seb128, probably not14:32
chrisccoulsonseb128 - you're not the only one ;)14:32
rickspencer3I saw lots of uploads, not not too many bug reports today14:32
seb128it sort defeat the purpose of the indicator14:32
pittihey rickspencer3, good moring14:32
seb128I've also issue that pidgin get autokicked out of the launcher list14:32
pitti"morning" even14:32
rickspencer3hi pitti14:33
seb128and that missing control and piding conflict if you run empathy and switch back to pidgin14:33
rickspencer3seb128, are there bug #s for those?14:33
seb128ie if you use the session menu status pidgin displays a "you connected from an another client, closing those accounts"14:33
seb128rickspencer3, not sure I wanted to check with ted before file bugs14:34
* rickspencer3 runs bughugger14:34
gnomefreakseb128: i need to re enable log in screen but cant find it in gconf do you know the path off hand to do that? i want to make sure of something14:38
seb128gnomefreak, login screen?14:39
seb128gnomefreak, use gdmsetup to change the option?14:39
gnomefreakseb128: will try14:39
gnomefreakseb128: thanks that should work14:40
seb128gnomefreak, you can also use a guest session from the session menu14:40
gnomefreakseb128: i made new user, needed one anyway. but log out than in with new user made it work but that was after logging out with panel working for most part.14:41
dobeyseb128: hey14:42
seb128hi dobey14:43
dobeyhow's it going?14:43
seb128busy with GNOME 2.28.1 updates but good otherwise14:43
dobeyalright. i did bug #453328 on friday, but doesn't look like it's been sponsored yet...14:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453328 in ubuntuone-client "1.0.2 update" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45332814:44
seb128dobey, I will have a look, not surprising since most canonical people don't work during weekend14:46
seb128hey tedg14:46
tedgGood morning seb12814:47
seb128pitti, could you have a look to the debdiff on bug #455181 when you have a moment? it's trivial but syncs would bypass the queue14:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455181 in gnome-common "Update to 2.28.0" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45518114:47
seb128tedg, so I've several issues with your components, can you tell me which are known?14:47
seb128tedg, the pidgin launcher get quick off regularly, I think that's when I reboot with pidgin running, does it make sense?14:47
seb128tedg, I also tried empathy and went back to pidgin, but now when I change my status in indicator session it says an another client has connected and pidgin disconnect14:49
seb128tedg, I guess mission control is running and indicator session change the status there which conflict with the pidgin one14:49
seb128tedg, and the indicator applet icon change it to subtle but you probably have bugs about that14:50
tedgseb128: Uhm, no it should blacklist itself when rebooting.14:50
tedgseb128: That doesn't make sense :)14:50
seb128there is a bug there and an annoying one14:51
tedgYeah, so you can recreate it then?14:51
seb128I got it twice since friday so it's easy to trigger14:51
seb128can we just turn the code which dynamically drop launch off for karmic?14:51
cassidyseb128, thanks for the forwarded crash reports. I fixed a bunch of them; fixes will be in 2.28.114:51
seb128tedg, well I think it has been after session restarts or reboots14:51
seb128cassidy, I've seen, thanks for the good work, maybe I will find empathy good enough to use it next cycle ;-)14:52
tedgseb128: It is odd though, I don't understand what could be causing it.14:52
cassidyseb128, :p14:52
seb128tedg, is the code useful for something?14:52
pittiseb128: replied14:52
tedgseb128: I wonder if one of those cases we're getting a "disable" signal from Pidgin.14:52
cassidyseb128, are you going to ship 2.28.1 ?14:52
seb128cassidy, if you roll a tarball today yes14:52
cassidyI will14:52
cassidydeadline is today so...14:52
seb128cassidy, just to not be only a troll what make we switch back to pidgin this weekend is that empathy handle very poorly disconnects14:53
tedgseb128: Well, the idea was that you could remove lauchers by removing the feature in Pidgin.  The harder part is determining when you've removed the feature in Pidgin.14:53
seb128cassidy, ie you don't even have a try again button is the list, so once your internet is back you have no way out of closing it and starting empathy again to reconnect14:53
seb128and it seems to never retry by itsefl if you wait14:53
cassidyseb128, Empathy should rely on network manager14:53
seb128cassidy, I never disconnected from the network it's just the gateway which was down14:54
LaneyI've found that Empathy tries to reconnect *too much* if I move to another machine14:54
Laneykeeps stealing the connection back14:54
cassidyseb128, MC tries to reconnect using an exponential backoff iirc14:54
seb128pidgin has a "retry" next to the error in the buddy list14:55
seb128so when you know you have fixed your network you can retry14:55
seb128I might not have waited long enough14:56
cassidyseb128, seems a good thing to have. Please open a bug suggesting to add such button14:56
seb128cassidy, will do14:56
seb128thank you for all the work you are doing ;-)14:56
seb128tedg, ok, I don't fancy to reboot my box now to try that indicator thing again, I should try in a vm14:57
Laneycan someone have a look at the ndesk-dbus sync? 45427314:57
seb128tedg, is the mission control fight with pidgin when empathy not running known?14:57
tedgseb128: When you reboot, is the timestamp on the file when you logout, or when you log back in?14:57
tedgseb128: It's somewhat inevitable with us supporting both clients.14:58
seb128tedg, I will have to check14:58
seb128tedg, well, you could look if empathy is running before changing the mission control status14:58
seb128tedg, or not change it if pidgin is running14:58
tedgseb128: We couldn't check that before because Empathy wasn't registered on the bus.  But, I didn't check that in Karmic.14:59
seb128tedg, and pidgin?14:59
tedgseb128: Well, it is possible that someone would want to run Pidgin and Empathy simultaniously.14:59
tedgseb128: I don't think we can be exclusive like that.14:59
seb128well I expect you will rather run in cases where mission control is running for some reason and pidgin is used as im rather than in cases where 2 im are running15:00
tedgAh, cool.  Empathy is on the bus now.  With the object "EmpathyMoreThanMeetsTheEye" :)15:01
tedgTo be honest.  My plan is to use Empathy for Jabber and Pidgin for other protocols.15:01
seb128your plan as an user?15:01
tedgEmpathy's IRC support is just too bad.15:01
seb128why do you insist on using an IM client for IRC ;-)15:02
seb128install xchat-gnome15:02
tedgXChat is just too ugly.15:02
seb128that's why we have the -gnome version15:02
tedgI wonder if we're getting registered with Mission Control as a client because we're using libempathy.  When in reality, we shouldn't be a client at all.15:03
cassidyseb128, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-gabble/+bug/451984 would be good to have btw15:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451984 in telepathy-gabble "FFe: Sync telepathy-gabble 0.8.7-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New]15:04
tgpraveenseb128: cassidy that bug requiring a "retry" option to be present is already filed and also there were some comments on how it should be done iirc15:05
seb128cassidy, looking15:07
seb128pitti, ^ could you have a quick look to the telepathy-gabble debdiff too, same reason, it's a sync request15:10
seb128pitti, thanks!15:10
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
pittiseb128: replied (ack'ed); do you want to process those syncs yourself, or need help?15:12
seb128pitti, I'm doing those but thanks15:12
pittiseb128: ok; I'll update gpm now, and then debug bug 42541115:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 425411 in gnome-power-manager "Computer suspends immediately after resuming if power is unplugged while suspended" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42541115:13
seb128pitti, ok thanks15:13
pittiunless you have something more urgent15:13
seb128pitti, I'm handling updates and sponsoring mostly good now15:13
pittiI'll do some sponsoring tonight as well15:13
seb128pitti, so if you can keep waiving things I upload in we are on track ;-)15:13
pittihehe, thanks15:13
* seb128 hugs pitti15:14
* pitti hugs back seb128, great work15:14
seb128cassidy, telepathy-gabble update synced15:14
cassidyseb128, thanks15:15
seb128cassidy, thank you for pointing it ;-)15:15
slomoseb128: hi, until when is it possible to sync NEW packages to universe? :) and what's your oppinion on the gst-plugins-good0.10 sync?15:17
seb128slomo, hey, I did backport the gst changes earlier today15:17
seb128I didn't sync because we have local changes and the gudev change is a bit late in cycle now15:18
seb128I did took the debdiff from you update yesterday and applied it to karmic though15:18
slomoseb128: ok, thanks :)15:18
seb128slomo, NEW, I don't think it's possible, is the NEW queue public now?15:18
seb128slomo, btw do you know if somebody is working the bug #597198?15:19
seb128gnome bug #59719815:19
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 597198 could not be found15:19
ubottuGnome bug 597198 in don't know "Totem hangs while loading a video with .srt sub from nautilus" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59719815:19
seb128slomo, it gets quite some duplicates15:20
slomo_seb128: *sigh* the network here is really bad15:22
slomo_seb128: no, i meant, is it possible to get a NEW package into karmic at this point?15:22
slomo_seb128: i would need boost1.39 or boost1.40 (parallel installable with the current 1.38 in karmic)15:22
seb128slomo_, can't you just upload to universe? you are still motu no?15:22
slomo_seb128: sure, but i don't need any changes over the debian package :) and i don't know if it could still get accepted15:23
seb128slomo_, we can't sync from NEW and I can't sync things directly now anyway due to the freeze in action for karmic15:24
seb128syncs would bypass the review queue15:24
seb128so if you want it in karmic feel free to upload a fake sync and wait for review15:24
seb128or open a bug and subscribe r-t to it15:24
slomo_seb128: it's accepted in debian, the "NEW" part was meant for ubuntu :)15:25
seb128oh ok15:25
seb128could you open a bug and subscribe the motu r-t to it?15:25
slomo_seb128: sure15:27
seb128slomo_, thanks15:27
seb128slomo_, btw did you get my ping about this subtitle bug?15:27
seb128slomo_, gnome bug #59719815:27
ubottuGnome bug 597198 in don't know "Totem hangs while loading a video with .srt sub from nautilus" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59719815:27
seb128slomo_, it's getting quite some duplicates, do you know if it's being worked15:28
pittislomo_, seb128: you need a new boost in universe?15:28
pittiI object to a new package in main at this point, but sync to universe is fine15:28
pitti(in main because of the version duplication)15:28
seb128pitti, it's for universe if I understood slomo_ correctly15:28
slomo_pitti: yes15:29
pittisounds fine then15:31
seb128pitti, ok, should we just sync it then?15:32
slomo_ok, do i still need to file a bug? launchpad is slow here, i'm still not at "enter bug" *sigh*15:32
seb128ok, I will do that in a bit if nobody else does it before then15:32
slomo_ok, thanks :)15:32
seb128I closed my rookery session for now and I've a slughish internet due to download15:32
seb128slomo_, which source do you need synced?15:33
slomo_seb128: "boost1.40"15:33
slomo_1.39 would work too though15:33
seb128what is the difference?15:33
Laneyif you're doing syncs....15:34
slomo_many bugfixes :)15:34
* Laney whistles15:34
slomo_seb128: but no bugfixes that affect me, so i don't care... it would be better to sync boost1.40 ;)15:35
seb128no, I'm doing GNOME updates right now15:35
seb128slomo_, ok15:35
seb128pitti, do you think you can do the sync? I've having latency issues due to rsync run15:35
slomo_seb128, pitti: great, thanks :)15:35
pittisure; slomo_, which package?15:35
seb128pitti, just a sync-source -b slomo boost1.4015:35
slomo_pitti: "boost1.40"15:35
seb128pitti, thanks15:36
pittioops, seems there are pending syncs in the queue15:36
Laneyyeah looks like it hasnt been done for a while15:36
seb128Laney, what? syncs?15:36
Laneywe had a banshee one for a few days15:37
Laneyhmm, was done, just that LP is lagging15:37
seb128hey pedro_15:37
seb128pedro_, what?15:37
pedro_kenvandine, do you know of any way to kill the gwibber daemon from the ui when you quit the application?15:38
pedro_seb128, hello dude15:38
pedro_nothing just gwibber annoying me15:38
pedro_if i quit the application i'm still getting messages on the notification bubbles15:38
kenvandinepedro_, no... but i really want to do that15:38
seb128seems lot of people there are web2 addicts and run gwibber ;-)15:38
kenvandinebut it isn't as trivial as you would think15:38
pedro_if i quit the application is because i don't want to receive those anymore15:38
seb128I manage to open facebook in firefox once a week now15:38
seb128I still have to learn ;-)15:38
pedro_seb128, facebook is way weird to use the first weeks15:39
pedro_too many options and crazy stuffs15:39
pedro_kenvandine, alright guess 'kill' would solve it for now15:40
pedro_found bug 43976715:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439767 in gwibber "Gwibber-daemon can not be closed from the Gwibber window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43976715:40
dobey(as in ugh, why would you want to close the daemon)15:42
slomo_seb128: for the subtitle bug, i'll take a look at it tomorrow. is that new after my decodebin2 changes?15:43
seb128slomo_, no15:43
seb128slomo_, thanks15:43
seb128or I don't think so let me check15:44
seb128slomo_, right first bug was opened before the changes15:45
rickspencer3kenvandine, pedro_, seb128 - if we wanted to make such a change to gwibber, we could do it after Karmic releases, right? as it is in universe and all15:46
popeyuhm, was there a discussion about how notify can tell you stuff you dont want to know, as soon as you power up the machine? e.g. I found out the forumla one result because someone tweeted it. I opened up my laptop on Sunday evening and had no way to stop the notification before it appeared. Do we really want notify to default on?15:46
seb128rickspencer3, in lucid you mean right?15:47
seb128rickspencer3, when karmic is switched stable it's for universe too15:47
rickspencer3seb128, no, I mean in Karmic15:47
rickspencer3but I thought universe for a stable release had much lower bar for updates15:47
seb128right, for srus it has15:47
pedro_rickspencer3, well an sru is always welcome, i woudn't put a lot of efforts into that now15:47
seb128I'm not the one granting exceptions there though15:48
seb128if the update doesn"t add a new option or string15:48
pittislomo_: boost1.40 synced/source NEWed15:48
seb128ie doesn't break string freeze15:48
rickspencer3probably best to channel resources into Lucd atm15:48
rickspencer3well ... really, fix bugs in Karmic this week15:48
dobeypopey: notifications for things from twitter/etc.. that aren't @you seems broken to me15:48
rickspencer3quiting the daemon seems more a feature request than a bug15:48
rickspencer3but my point is, I would rather work on crashers, and if it turns out this quiting the daemon thing is a serious pita for users, we can sru that easily, as it's just a universe app15:49
popeydobey: this wasnt @me15:49
slomo_pitti: perfect, thanks :) how/when will someone look at the NEW queue?15:49
pittislomo_: every day usually (archive days), but feel free to poke me when they built and it's urgent for you15:50
dobeypopey: right, i presumed it wasn't. i'm just saying it sounds like a bug to me. getting notifications of every single tweet/dent/fbupdate is going to be annoying15:50
slomo_pitti: ok, tomorrow is early enough... thanks again :)15:50
popeydobey: thats less of a concern to me, I am more bothered that I can't turn it off15:50
dobeypopey: i'm pretty sure you can turn it off15:51
popeydobey: i was just sat down to watch the F1, I'd stayed away from news/irc/radio, and then up pops someone telling the whole world the result in my notify15:51
dobeypopey: i understand your pain15:55
rickspencer3kenvandine, have empathy sounds not been uploaded?16:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400485 in ubuntu-sounds "Empathy sounds not in default ubuntu theme" [Low,New]16:13
rickspencer3seems to be fixed for me16:13
seb128rickspencer3, TheMuso did an upload to fix that bug16:14
rickspencer3or it just that there are two still missing?16:15
seb128rickspencer3, why do you ask if it's working?16:15
rickspencer3seb128, because the bug is New, but seems that sounds started for me some days ago16:15
rickspencer3the bug is targeted, so wanted to know if there was still work for it16:15
seb128rickspencer3, see recent comments there16:16
seb128seems message-sent-instant and phone-outgoing-calling are not there16:16
seb128that's why it has been reopened16:16
seb128and phone-hangup too16:16
seb128but the freedesktop sound theme doesn't have those16:16
seb128so I guess it's not something which will change before karmic now16:16
seb128the theme has sounds for new messages and users login in and out16:17
seb128I guess that's what most users need16:17
rickspencer3ok, Iid like to take it off the list, but I can't set to invalid until I can assign it to Lucid I guess :(16:17
seb128pitti, do you have any opinion about http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=ee29f7a34a56808a558b9114ce499c47cbe35972?16:17
seb128rickspencer3, what list? I though that low bugs were not on any list16:18
seb128pitti, it's the only change out of translation updates in the g-d-s update16:19
seb128pitti, not sure if that's something that would work well with your change or that we should get now or just ignore16:19
rickspencer3seb128, I track everything that's targeted, though I don't expect anything but High+ to be fixed16:20
rickspencer3if it's targeted though, that assumes that the assignee still wants to work on it16:21
seb128rickspencer3, unassign it?16:21
rickspencer3I already wasted too much time on it, but good to understand what's up ;)16:21
seb128rickspencer3, I've no good reply for your isue16:21
rickspencer3it's a launchpad thing16:21
seb128the bug is valid and can't be closed16:21
rickspencer3I don't want to close it, just untarget it16:22
seb128you can't16:22
rickspencer3right, that's what I was venting about16:22
rickspencer3but it's not a problem really16:22
james_wyou need to mark it "Won't Fix" to untarget it16:23
rickspencer3it's just me being overly tidy16:23
rickspencer3james_w, right, at which point users go crazy because I won't fixed a valid bug16:23
rickspencer3or upstreams sometimes too ;)16:23
james_wjust leave a comment saying that it is "Won't Fix" only for karmic tracking16:23
seb128james_w, there is no other task16:24
james_wit will be fixed later, and maybe even for karmic16:24
rickspencer3james_w, we've been down this path :)16:24
james_wseb128: the untargetted task reappears when you wont-fix the targeted one16:24
rickspencer3in any case, let's just drop it, and focus on real issues that we can fix before Thyr16:24
rickspencer3Thursday even16:24
seb128james_w, you don't expect us to note those bugs manually and go over after karmic+1 opening to open new tasks?16:24
james_wyou don't need to16:24
seb128are you sure it reopen the untargetted task?16:25
seb128we had the case on an empathy bug the other day and I don't think it did16:25
pittiseb128: oh, I think it makes sense; it's the remaining case of confusion which we have for gdm keyboard layout I think16:30
seb128pitti, it's changing the same code as your patch and you know how to test those change, do you think you could do the update?16:32
pittiseb128: yes, can do16:32
seb128pitti, thanks!16:32
dobeyAmaranth: compiz is working again! hooray! :)16:39
seb128cassidy, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=593086 seems to be a frequent issue17:45
ubottuGnome bug 593086 in General "empathy crashed with SIGABRT in empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message" [Major,New]17:45
seb128cassidy, do you know if anybody is looking at it?17:45
seb128cassidy, see the number of duplicates on bug #40853017:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40853017:45
cassidyseb128, we already looked at it and have no clue of what the problem could be :(17:48
seb128cassidy, could you ask for logs, details or something?17:48
cassidyseb128, I'd be interested to know if it still happen in 2.28.1 though as it COULD be a side effect of another bug we fixed17:48
seb128roll 2.28.1 and I will get you testing ;-)17:48
cassidyso let me know if you have dup with this version17:48
cassidyseb128, distchecking atm :)17:48
seb128cassidy, cool!17:49
seb128cassidy, will do17:49
seb128it's going to be late for karmic if it's not fixed though17:49
cassidyyeah :\17:51
cassidyit's a nasty one17:51
and471mpt: hi17:57
and471mpt: I was wondering whther you could give me a quick answer on this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/45532717:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455327 in software-center "Dependency Dialog is untitled " [Undecided,Confirmed]17:57
mptand471, done (short answer: modal with no title)18:04
and471mpt: okay thanks18:05
pittikenvandine: can you please have a look at bug 437828 and check whether we want/need this?18:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437828 in telepathy-butterfly "[FFE] Please merge telepathy-butterfly 0.5.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43782818:05
pittikenvandine: (please just reply on the bug)18:05
mac_vseb128: hi , why is this a icon theme bug ? Bug #454013 , the reporter has said that the documentation doesnt match18:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454013 in humanity-icon-theme "Incorrect Icon Displayed in Empathy Account Manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45401318:07
kenvandinepitti, ok18:07
seb128mac_v, I didn't read carefully the bug I though he was complaining about the icon used there18:07
seb128mac_v, feel free to close the bug18:07
seb128mac_v, you can't expect the documentation to adapt dynamically to your theme18:07
mac_vseb128: or is it a documentation bug?18:08
mac_voh ok ;)18:08
mac_vseb128: but seems the docs havent been updated since the humanity theme was used , the trash can was never used in humanity theme , i suspect the docs still use the human theme18:09
seb128mac_v, the documentation is probably upstream one and use the gnome theme18:09
mac_vseb128: ah , so the Ubuntu docs havent been updated , so it would be a bug in which package?18:10
seb128mac_v, you don't expect us to patch every package documentation to have ubuntu screenshots do you?18:11
mac_vseb128: aernt the docs supposed to do that? they need to be updated accordingly18:11
seb128mac_v, there is screenshots for like 15 locales in every package18:11
seb128mac_v, it would be one month of work every cycle for the desktop team or something to do that18:12
seb128thousand of screenshots to distro patch18:12
seb128you are not being realistic there18:12
chrisccoulsoni thought mac_v just volunteered to patch all the screenshots there ;)18:13
* mac_v hides 18:13
didrockseven for a book, it's difficult to redo everytime all screenshots :)18:13
seb128and didrocks can tell ;-)18:13
didrocksoh yes ^^18:13
chrisccoulsondidrocks - if your book has lots of screenshots, then i might understand it :)18:14
didrocksespecially this time, I suffered a lot for post-beta theme changes :/18:14
didrockschrisccoulson: approx. 300 images (130 from softwares and games)18:14
didrocksso, let's say 100+ to change every 6 monthes :)18:15
chrisccoulsonthat's quite a bit of work ;)18:15
didrocksindeed :)18:15
mac_vseb128: i'm not sure what to close the bug as! the reporter's request is reasonable , users do get confused when different icon themes are used in the help screenshots... but surely it is a tough task for the docs team to update the docs... not sure what to do :(18:16
seb128mac_v, you can start by asking in which documentation he saw those18:17
mac_vhmm , ok18:17
seb128if that's in the empathy package we are not going to change it18:17
seb128changing binaries in a source is lot of work18:18
seb128and it would require changing screenshots for all locales there18:18
seb128if that's in the ubuntu documentation you can reassign as a wishlist there18:18
seb128it sort of sucks but we don't have the manpower nor the tools to do easy screenshot changes18:18
seb128didrocks, chrisccoulson: you can pick any update not done yet and work on it if you want18:19
* seb128 is away for sport and dinner, bbl18:19
seb128I will do sponsoring and some updates later18:19
chrisccoulsonseb128 - no problem. i'll have a look at some updates in addition to the milestoned bugs as well18:19
seb128chrisccoulson, oh right, maybe start with the g-s-d bugs ;-)18:22
seb128I think pitti said he would do the update though18:22
seb128so check with him before starting on it if you want to do that one18:22
pittiI did18:22
pittioh, did I forget to upload? darn18:22
and471mvo: I have just done some work in my branch fixing my bugs (merge please :-] ) https://code.launchpad.net/~rugby471/software-center/software-store-andrew18:22
seb128see ;-)18:22
pittiargh, I got distracted after testing18:22
didrocksseb128: ok, I'll try to tackle some :)18:22
pittiseb128, chrisccoulson: g-s-d 2.8.1 pushed and uploaded18:23
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i'll start with g-s-d bugs. i can't recreate slangasek's issue though. i think i'll have to give him a special build to get more info about what is happening18:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks:)18:24
=== bratsche_ is now known as bratsche
pittichrisccoulson: can I ask you a favor? Would you mind to commit my patch in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=596897 ? It just got approved18:29
ubottuGnome bug 596897 in plugins "Ignores variants in $GDM_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT" [Major,Unconfirmed]18:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, can do18:30
didrockstaking gnome-themes18:32
pittigood night everyone18:36
kenvandinelater pitti18:36
mvoand471: cool, looking18:37
chrisccoulsonpitti - done18:38
chrisccoulsonpitti - would you mind closing the bug? (i can commit to GIT, but i can't edit gnome bugs) ;)18:40
* chrisccoulson really needs to request those permissions18:41
didrocksgood night pitti18:41
mvoand471: hm, after the merge I have two on_database_rebuild_handler s in my app.py - could you please have a look?18:41
and471mvo: really? I didn't touch that...18:43
mvoand471: maybe some sort of merge conflict?18:43
and471hmm. give me a sec18:44
and471mvo: actually could you just use the app.py that you had before the merge, I haven't made any changes to it18:45
and471mvo: or manually add the changes I made today18:45
cassidyseb128, released!18:47
cassidyseb128, http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/telepathy/2009-October/003944.html18:47
dobeympt: do you still have the oauth-login.log to correspond to bug #450386 ? it seems apport or something stripped the attachment (or failed to attach it)18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450386 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client-applet crashed with AttributeError in from_token_and_callback() (dup-of: 423383)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45038618:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423383 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client-applet crashed with AttributeError in from_token_and_callback()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42338318:49
dobeyi guess not18:58
dobeycrap crap crap19:32
dobeyguess i have to do another upload19:33
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=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacseb128: there? do you have this "restart required" behaviour atm?20:27
seb128asac, there now21:00
seb128asac, no21:01
asac;) ok21:01
seb128asac, it seems to happen mostly after xulrunner updates21:01
asacseb128: how do you fix it?21:01
seb128and I usually clean things by hand because I need greasemonkey to work21:01
asacwhat cleaning exactly are you doing?21:01
seb128rm ext* in the profile directory21:01
asacyeah ok thats the hard way ;)21:01
seb128I don't know how any other21:01
asacseb128: for you its perfect way ;)21:02
seb128and greasemonkey is the only non standard thing I use21:02
seb128so it's easy enough ;-)21:02
seb128kenvandine, do you work on the empathy update?21:05
seb128kenvandine, I was starting on it and noticed your bug21:06
kenvandineseb128, yup21:06
seb128I will find something else to do21:06
kenvandinejust pushed :)21:06
kenvandineyou can sponsor it :)21:06
seb128don't forget to close the bugs pending I did forward a bunch upstream which got closed21:06
seb128ok looking21:06
kenvandineit fixed quite a few bugs :)21:06
seb128yeah, shame that nobody forwarded crashes earlier21:06
kenvandinei had to update the patches slightly21:07
seb128I forwarded some 6 a week ago and they fixed most of those21:07
kenvandinecool... thx!21:07
seb128thank you for the update ;-)21:07
seb128I'm still pondering dropping the toggle change ;-)21:08
seb128but I guess I will not since it's a design choice and late now anyway21:08
seb128I'm wondering how trivial it would be to have a gconf key for that one21:08
kenvandineprobably not hard21:10
kenvandinejust add a gconf looking with an if statement21:10
kenvandinefor lucid we should split that code up, so we can have different behavior for the icon and the indicator21:10
kenvandinehold off sponsoring that21:10
kenvandinelooking at the symbols21:11
kenvandineseb128, there was a symbol added21:16
seb128kenvandine, that's ok, addition are fine we just don't want breakages21:17
kenvandinei added it to debian/libempathy30.symbols21:17
kenvandineand pushed21:17
seb128oh ok21:17
seb128updating and starting a new build21:17
seb128chrisccoulson, pitti: you guys should real sort your lack of bug edit or git commit rights21:24
seb128something is putting my screen on sleep after one minute since I updated21:27
chrisccoulsonhey seb12821:31
chrisccoulsonyeah, i definately need to sort out my bug edit rights for gnome ;)21:31
seb128hello chrisccoulson21:31
seb128didrocks, thanks for the updates you did!21:37
seb128kenvandine, libempathy-gtk28.symbols21:40
chrisccoulsonheh, i really should do some updates tonight!21:40
seb128+ empathy_location_manager_dup_singleton@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu121:40
seb128+ empathy_location_manager_get_type@Base 2.28.1-1ubuntu121:40
seb128kenvandine, is that normal you didn't add those?21:40
seb128chrisccoulson, ;-)21:40
kenvandinei didn't see that21:40
seb128kenvandine, it's in the build log there21:41
seb128and in the symbols diff between libraries21:41
kenvandineit's not in my log... weird21:42
kenvandinei only had the libempathy30 one21:42
kenvandineplease add them :)21:43
seb128Amaranth, hey, I think one of the recent changes is borking compiz focus there21:49
seb128often when opening and closing a new dialog, like a text editor from a command line and close it the focus doesn't goes back where it was21:50
rickspencer3seb128, huh, that is easy for me to reproduce right in xchat-gnome21:51
rickspencer3only if I use the mouse to close the dialog21:52
rickspencer3so Alt+I, C opens the Connect dialog, and Alt-C closes it, focus back to main window21:52
seb128I do use the mouse in those case because ctrl-w doesn't close gedit21:53
rickspencer3so Alt+I, C opens the Connect dialog, close by clicking with mouse, nothing has focus21:53
seb128it just close the document which is open but let gedit on screen21:53
seb128so could be the same yes, let me play a bit with it21:53
Amaranthseb128, rickspencer3: I can't seem to reproduce either one of those22:07
seb128Amaranth, open a g-t, gedit txt, type, close using the wm button22:07
rickspencer3Amaranth, hmm, i can repro seb128's22:07
seb128the focus doesn't go back to your command line22:07
rickspencer3seb128, your's repros when you use Alt-F4 as well, at least for me22:08
seb128and I'm using basic compiz standard profile with no change22:08
AmaranthI randomly have focus switch to mouse focus when opening and closing terminals22:08
AmaranthBut I've had that forever and it's very random22:08
seb128I get it every single time today22:08
Amaranthmeaning it seems like click to focus is off22:08
AmaranthWhich is also what happens when you don't run a WM22:08
seb128so it probably started with the upgrades you did before the weekend22:08
rickspencer3yes, it happens every time for me, but I have no idea when it started22:09
AmaranthI don't think we even had any focus changes :/22:09
seb128Amaranth, right, if the cursor is over the other dialog I can type22:09
seb128but the decoration is not drawed as focussed either22:09
rickspencer3uh, this repros everwhere for me22:10
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i had to update the patch for bug 409621 at the weekend, as the upstream one we uploaded last week didn't fix the issue. not sure if you want to sponsor that when you have some spare minutes?:)22:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 409621 in libxklavier "The program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error. During on a FreeNX server suring a session." [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40962122:10
rickspencer3New mail message in evo for example22:10
seb128chrisccoulson, will do thanks22:10
Amaranthseb128: so in that case it seems compiz is still running but perhaps the X window stack and the compiz one have gotten out of sync or something22:13
AmaranthNo clue22:13
* Amaranth stabs X22:13
seb128Amaranth, I get the issue in a guest session too22:16
Amaranthhmm, seems typing in gedit is the important part to reproduce22:17
Amaranthah, not typing, the unsaved changes window22:21
AmaranthSo perhaps after the modal window closes we try to give focus back to the parent but it parent is gone22:21
seb128I don't have an unsaved changes dialog22:22
seb128I do save my changelog changes before closing22:22
seb128(I'm doing package updates today)22:22
AmaranthI can only trigger it if I have that dialog open up22:23
seb128I get it in reliable way in a guest session22:23
Amaranthif I open an existing file, edit it, and save the focus is fine22:23
seb128did you try there?22:23
AmaranthI fear it's caused by the fix to make windows not move up when closed though22:23
seb128open a command line, gedit, click on the corner button22:23
seb128the command line decorator is uncolored22:23
seb128ie it doesn't get the focus back22:24
seb128I don't need to touch the keyboard or edit22:24
rickspencer3Amaranth, what seb128 said22:24
rickspencer3it's totally reliably for me to repro22:24
seb128Amaranth, I can try to roll back that change if you want22:26
Amaranthsure enough, guest session reproduces without typing at all22:26
Amaranthhmm, it also happened on VT switch...22:26
* Amaranth starts backing out commits22:26
=== TheMuso` is now known as TheMuso
AmaranthYeah the changes to fix windows moving on close are the only ones in core that seem to even be capable of causing this22:48
AmaranthI got pulled away so I haven't tested yet though22:48
seb128Amaranth, do you want me to try without that one?22:48
Amaranthseb128: well there are two commits for it22:49
Amaranthone that fixed that problem and a second that fixed minimizing windows after that one went in22:49
seb128well I can drop the patches from the package and rebuild easily22:49
AmaranthI'm worried about the second (one line) fix22:49
Amaranthit's not patches in our package22:49
seb128oh ok22:49
seb128let me know if you have a diff to try though22:50
Amaranthwell if these commits are the cause we can't just back them out22:51
Amaranthso I'll probably have to talk to cornelius1 about it if I can't figure it out22:52
seb128do you have a webgit diff or something for those?22:52
seb128so I can try without them and tell you if that works22:52
seb128or can look to that one?22:52
Amaranthhttp://git.compiz.org/compiz/core/patch/?id=8dcfbb256322565228cbcda5230de95343887fac and http://git.compiz.org/compiz/core/patch/?id=0a28ca484a8a72060b580e0ccc75ea20f3ddab1a22:52
Amaranthyou have to back them out in that order22:52
AmaranthI'm building with the first one backed out now22:54
seb128I forget that you need to install kde to build compiz22:55
seb128I will try first then ;-)22:55
Amaranthseems more people are using karmic now22:57
Amaranthgetting more bug reports :P22:57
seb128hey robert_ancell22:58
robert_ancellseb128, hey22:58
seb128it's weird to see you so earlier since the dst change ;-)22:59
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I keep going in the evenings - "where is everyone?"22:59
robert_ancellseb128, bug 443312 - is that marked appropriately to use the Debian version?23:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 443312 in system-tools-backends "Package 2.8.2" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44331223:01
seb128robert_ancell, syncs are fine but you need to add a debdiff to the bug since those can't be synced without bypassing the freeze now23:02
robert_ancelland is that included in the exception?23:02
seb128ie people who do review need to have a debdiff on the bug23:02
seb128yes, it should be fine to update as long as it's a bug fix version23:02
seb128robert_ancell, not sure if updates like the gnome-games one are worth doing23:05
Amaranthok so it's not that first commit...23:05
robert_ancellseb128, the -extra-data or the main package?23:06
seb128robert_ancell, gnome-games23:06
robert_ancellseb128, why not?23:06
seb128reading the news summary on the ftp list, it's only clutter aisleriot changes23:06
seb128and some translations23:06
seb128do we use clutter for aisleriot now?23:06
robert_ancelland it's pretty buggy23:06
seb128oh ok23:07
seb128I didn't realize that we needed clutter to play card game now23:07
robert_ancelloh, no aisleriot is using the non-clutter version - I was thinking on gnometris23:07
seb128so the update is pretty useless for us, better to focus on ones fixing bugs23:08
robert_ancellwhat about the translations?23:08
Amaranthseb128: it's that second commit I linked to23:08
seb128but if we run out of useful ones we can still look at those23:08
seb128robert_ancell, I doubt they will travel to rosetta and back to language packs before the freeze now23:08
seb128but I might be wrong, I didn't check this cycle23:08
AmaranthSo right now the choice is a cosmetic error (without that commit) or a focus issue (with it)23:09
seb128it was taking several days to have an import export rounds previous cycle23:09
robert_ancellseb128, how do you debdiff a Debian package?23:09
seb128robert_ancell, debdiff current.dsc update.dsc23:09
seb128ie apt-get source on karmic23:09
seb128dget the debian.dsc23:09
seb128and debdiff both23:09
rickspencer3Amaranth, is there a bug report for the specific cosmetic issue?23:09
rickspencer3the focus issue is very annoying23:10
seb128and agreed with rick, we should fix the focus one23:10
rickspencer3btw, Amaranth you rock, thanks for tracking this down so quickly23:10
rickspencer3well, I'd like to see the bug # before we pass judgment too quickly ... but focus problems can have bad problems for people who can't use mice for whatever reason23:11
rickspencer3so accessibility-wise, focus problems are pretty evil23:11
seb128I can use the mouse but it's totally breaking my workflow23:11
seb128and I expect I'm not the only one expecting to be back to the command line when closing an editor23:12
seb128rickspencer3, bug #44483623:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444836 in compiz "broken close animation when closing window with compiz activ (window moves)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44483623:12
* TheMuso pricks up his ears.23:14
rickspencer3Amaranth, seb128 so the compiz patch is supposed to keep this from happening:23:25
rickspencer3I can't even tell what the issue is, but this seems an unsupported compiz effect, right?23:26
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3 - when you press the close button, the window jumps up by about the width of the title bar23:26
seb128not sure if that's happening in the default config, I didn't notice it there but in some case you are the dialog shitfting on closing23:27
seb128are -> have23:27
rickspencer3does this seem an incredibly minor issue?23:28
rickspencer3or am I missing something?23:28
seb128it seems minor to me yes23:28
rickspencer3ok, so breaking focus breaks accessibility, so that's a major issue for sure ;)23:28
rickspencer3Amaranth, so you can safely revert that patch?23:29
* rickspencer3 hates making changes this close to release23:30
rickspencer3even little things make me nervous ;)23:30
* TheMuso notes that a lot of blind/vision impaired users using speech will not likely use compiz.23:30
robert_ancellseb128, there are literally no changes in gucharmap 2.28.1 except for the version bump.  They really like to make releases...23:36
seb128robert_ancell, ok, don't bother with it then23:39
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I'm really having to look to find anything worth updating here23:39
seb128robert_ancell, I'm doing the libsoup update now if you didn't start23:42
robert_ancellseb128, looking at gnome-terminal23:42
seb128robert_ancell, chrisccoulson just said he started on it23:42
chrisccoulsoni have:)23:43
seb128whoever do an update could you tell it on the channel too?23:43
seb128the versions page updates only every half an hour23:43
seb128it gives margin to duplicate work too23:43
robert_ancellTheMuso, are you doing mousetweaks?23:45
seb128robert_ancell, you can do eog if you want23:46
robert_ancellseb128, ok, I got to the bottom of the versions list.  You guys all need to go to sleep so there's some left for me :)23:47
seb128robert_ancell, I'm done after the libsoup one23:47
TheMusorobert_ancell: Mousetweaks done, gok done, orca done.23:48
* robert_ancell wants to integrate versions into LP...23:48
seb128TheMuso, hey, not sure how busy you are today but if you could sponsor robert_ancell's updates during your day23:48
TheMusorobert_ancell: If/when gnome-media pops up, feel free to do it, and prod me for sponsoring. I have other things that I want to look at today, so am happy for someone else to do that.23:49
TheMusoseb128: Yeah I can do that.23:49
seb128slangasek want to try to roll images early european time tomorrow23:49
robert_ancellTheMuso, ok, will do23:49
TheMusoBut yeah happy to sponsor23:49
seb128so it would be nice to have those built earlier23:49
TheMusoseb128: I saw that.23:49
seb128TheMuso, thanks23:49
robert_ancellwhat feed are people using to see new packages come in?  I'm following the announce list which seems to be behind the tarballs which are behind what you are tracking23:50
TheMusorobert_ancell: gnome-ftp list23:50
TheMusoI was the same at the beginning, using the annoucne list, but seb128 suggested gnome-ftp, which is much more useful.23:50
seb128not every maintainer write an announce email23:51
seb128and sometime they do hours after the upload23:51
TheMusoSorry, I was referring to the mailbox I have it going into. :)23:51
Amaranthrickspencer3, seb128: The cosmetic thing is not as important for using compiz but users were for some reason freaking out about it23:51
seb128the ftp list is the one true way ;-)23:51
rickspencer3Amaranth, what do you think is the right thing to do?23:51
AmaranthPeople kept telling me how terrible compiz was23:51
seb128Amaranth, I would not say freaking out but yeah, it got several duplicates23:51
Amaranthrickspencer3: Wait until tomorrow so I can try to fix or talk to cornelius1 about it23:52
rickspencer3personally, I never noticed it, did I have the wrong plug in?23:52
seb128if we have to pick the focus issue or the cosmetic one pick the cosmetic one23:52
seb128we can sru the cosmetic issue after karmic if required23:52
Amaranthof course23:52
rickspencer3Amaranth, I think we are past the point of going forward on fixing issues23:52
rickspencer3I would suggest that we role back the change and wait for a fix after we release23:52
rickspencer3make sense?23:52
Amaranthrickspencer3: eh, not really...23:53
rickspencer3(note that our RC is in three days!)23:53
AmaranthIf we have a fix tomorrow and it's small and obviously correct...23:53
seb128well, if the fix is a one liner and we can get it tomorrow I think it's fine to get it23:53
seb128what Amaranth said23:53
AmaranthIf we have a fix tomorrow and it's a 200 line diff on the other hand, skip it23:53
seb128we are still getting GNOME 2.28.1 updates23:53
seb128they have many bug fixes, I don't see that one much different23:53
rickspencer3I'll log a bug on the focus issue, and target it23:54
Amaranthalright, thanks23:54
Amaranthmarked as High, of course23:54
Amaranthotherwise I'll lose it in the flood of New23:54
rickspencer3I don't want to forget about it until the last minute23:54
rickspencer3Amaranth, assign to you?23:54
AmaranthSo looking at this diff it seems to be what I originally thought, the compiz window stack and the X one are out of sync23:56
AmaranthI can toss in a function to force them to sync up again as a worst case fix23:57
Amaranths/function/function call/23:57

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