ZachK_nigel_nb_, is new guys....want's to get into the team01:06
nigel_nb_hello guys01:07
* starcraftman waves hello.01:08
ZachK_nigel_nb_, is new starcraftman01:08
ZachK_starcraftman, nigel_nb_ is also my paddy01:08
starcraftmanI noticed. I'm in lots of channels :)01:08
ZachK_as am i01:09
starcraftmanLike the omnipresent eye of mordor, except less ominous I suppose. One day I'll have an army though, hehe.01:09
starcraftmanSo, doc, what makes ya wanna get into it nigel_nb_ ?01:09
* nigel_nb_ waves hello to starcraftman 01:09
ZachK_starcraftman, easy boy.....01:10
ZachK_starcraftman, we still have a war to wage you an i01:10
starcraftmanZachK_, I'd continue, but best to keep witty retorts and random conversations to bt area, doc is a lil more official :)01:11
ZachK_starcraftman, haha..i know01:12
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I'd like to help, and I write blogs.. so docs would be easier01:12
starcraftmannigel_nb_, so.... my question? Long time interest in writing? What draws ya to doc? Not grading your answers or anything, just asking.01:12
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I tried helping live, but no so sure01:13
starcraftmanhehe, I got a bit impatient there.01:13
nigel_nb_starcraftman: Docs are something I'm sure I can write properly and neatly01:13
starcraftmannigel_nb_, I see, any experience writing on wiki's or documentation before? And also, have ya seen the wiki fg and doc team page?01:14
nigel_nb_starcraftman: not yet.. ZachK_ is taking me through them01:14
starcraftmanboth are good resources for staying to date.01:15
ZachK_starcraftman, i had him join the doc contributors group on lp btw01:15
starcraftmanZachK_, good, but no need to rush to contribute. The docs ain't gonna be completed tomorrow. :)01:16
ZachK_starcraftman, i know....just trying to get him half way there because i'll be starting my job in the next week or so...third shift... ten pm to seven am01:17
starcraftmannigel_nb_, The wiki guide explaining, markup, formatting and styles to use > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide01:17
starcraftmannigel_nb_, Documentation Team home page covering wiki and system doc contribution. System docs are the help files come with linux.01:18
ZachK_starcraftman, i just sent him https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki01:18
starcraftmanZachK_, aye, that is good. That's just for beginners team though, we integrate into Doc team as a sub group in a sense. That's just our lil corner.01:19
ZachK_yeah i know.....01:20
ZachK_starcraftman, thanks for the help...really appreciate it01:20
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I did stumble through the formting for my page01:20
starcraftmanright, k. About it then, read up and feel free to dig right in.01:21
starcraftmanAlso sign up mail list for doc team. Just to stay in formed at least01:21
nigel_nb_i thought it was only for "members"?01:22
starcraftmannigel_nb_, Doc team is an open team, there aren't really formal members like beginners team. More of simply a seniority thing internal to team. People contribute openly what they want.01:22
starcraftmannigel_nb_, course has management, mdke is the lead.01:22
starcraftmandarn, now I pinged him >.>01:23
starcraftmannigel_nb_, Mail list for doc team > https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc01:23
nigel_nb_starcraftman: heheh01:23
starcraftmannigel_nb_, don't be shy to ask questions, here or in beginners area, someone usually answers.01:25
nigel_nb_starcraftman: sure01:25
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