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tgpraveenBug #446146 any chance of getting this in karmic final itself07:19
ubot3Malone bug 446146 in linux "Huawei E169 USB dongle not working with kernel 2.6.31-12.40" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44614607:19
tgpraveenit's fix commited  just need to be released07:19
tj83_!weather 3088413:25
ubot3Factoid weather 30884 not found13:25
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h00kI've been in here once explaining a problem that I'm having16:49
h00kthat I've narrowed it down to the kernel or nvidia 185 drivers16:49
h00kI am unable to open a bug in launchpad because I'm getting "Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad."16:50
h00kMy laptop is freezing up sporadically, I've done memtest, its not overheating, HD is good, hardware is good.16:51
h00kI'm not having linux-crashdump generate any crashdumps after I panic/freeze16:51
h00kI'm also not having any problems since I've gone back to Jaunty.16:53
h00kI should have also specified, these problems were in the latest kernel/nvidia driver in Karmic.16:54
* h00k frustratedly sighs16:55
h00kI'm hoping that nobody else is having this problem, I'd also like to report it but Launchpad isn't allowing me to.16:59
Nafallohmm. is e1000e on 8086:1049 (rev 03) known broken or is my laptop dieing? :-/18:15
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hggdhis  bug 417757 kernel-related?19:51
ubot3Malone bug 417757 in network-manager "[karmic regression] all network apps / browsers suffer from multi-second delays by default due to IPv6 DNS lookups" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41775719:51
jk-hggdh: doesn't look like it19:56
hggdhjk-: thanks19:57
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