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keesjdstrand, mdeslaur: ok, quick meeting18:19
keesI'm working on regression testing for the karmic rc, and some more kernel security updates tests18:19
keesdoing triage this week, generally trying to hit RC bugs over the head18:20
keesthat's all from me18:21
mdeslaurmy turn18:21
mdeslaurI'm doing poppler updates, and will do iso testing thursday18:21
jdstrandmy turn?18:22
mdeslaurand am on community18:22
mdeslaurjdstrand: yes18:22
jdstrandI'm in 'happy place' this week. I'm going to work on elinks and pygresql. I also plan to do iso testing and bug squishing18:23
jdstrandif I have time, I'll try to work on the gnutls regression (that no one in Ubuntu has complained about yet)18:23
jdstrandthat's it for me18:24
mdeslaurkees: could you look at bug #45545118:25
ubottuBug 455451 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/455451 is private18:25
mdeslaurkees: since you did the original update?18:25
keesmdeslaur: sure18:26
jdstrandany other items?18:26
keesanyone on channel have any questions for the security team before we end the meeting?18:26
jdstrandkees: shall we adjourn?18:30
keesjdstrand: yup, sounds done.  thanks!18:32
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