hads4GB/hr sounds about right. It depends on the source.00:01
puffWell, yeah,I'm sure HD will take more.00:05
wolfspiritdoes anyone know where to find the frequency id of a channel?  I'm trying to add a channel manually since one channel didn't come through on the scan.  I have the xmlid and other info, I just need the frequency00:26
hipitihopJust thought I should mention (the other day I also mentioned that some recording were being missed altogether) this morning I had the Brazilian F1 GP scheduled to be recorded @ 2:45am finishing @ 5:00am and it only recorded last 19 minutes. Recorded details screen said 2:4503:32
hipitihopmythbackend.log shows no recording activity @ 2:45..... only thing I can see is a fair few "Reschedule requested for id -1." every 5 minutes or so, no idea what those are.03:43
hipitihopanyone know what this is about ? "[mpeg2video @ 0x7f501685f820]ac-tex damaged at 26 32"  ...."2009-10-19 00:16:37.587 [mpeg2video @ 0x7f501685f820]Warning MVs not available"03:44
puffEvening, I'm having a bit of a problem with mythbuntu.03:45
puffIt boots up, goes into X, starts booting up mythv, then the screen goes blank.03:45
foxbuntuhipitihop, seems like an encoder failure (i.e. tuner)03:45
puffOh, hey fox, ltns..03:45
foxbuntupuff, blank... or black?03:46
pufffoxbuntu: So I poked around for a bit and finally decided to reinstall from scratch.03:46
foxbuntupuff, ok03:46
puffBlank; the monitor goes into no-video-being-received mode, the poewr button turns orange.  ctrl-alt-shift-f1 brings up a console.03:46
foxbuntupuff, I know I talked to you, but I dont recall for what03:46
puffYou helped me add the 1TB drive.03:46
foxbuntuoh right03:46
puffAn explanation just occurred tome... I shut it down the other night, somehow, I don't recall how (we were running around like madmen getting ready for a party).03:47
puffBut I reember being surprised when the mythtv startup screen reappeared on the monitor before shutting down.03:47
foxbuntupuff, what video card are you using?03:47
puffWhich leads me to suspect maybe it's working just fine, but it's going into video-to-the-TV mode.03:47
puffDangit, I knew this at one point.03:48
puffLemme check dmesg.03:48
puffIt was a fairly decent one a few years ago, came iwth on-board video out.03:48
foxbuntupuff, lspci | grep video03:49
puffI'm mainly using this to play video, right now, still shopping for a cablecard (planning to get the HD Home Run, I think).03:49
puffHm, no output.03:49
foxbuntupuff, actually make that: lspci | grep V03:49
foxbuntupuff, yeah, the HDHR is very nice03:50
puffnvidia nv43 geforce 6600 rev a203:50
foxbuntuah ok03:50
hipitihopanyone know what ""Reschedule requested for id -1." is in mythbackend.log ?03:50
foxbuntupuff, did you select the nvidia driver or the open source driver on install?03:51
puffOne thing, will the HD come with a remote or will I have to get that separately?03:51
puffI'm pretty sure I selected the nvidia driver.03:51
foxbuntuhipitihop, Im not sure, but have you tried googling around for it?03:51
* hipitihop blushes and scrambles off to google03:52
foxbuntuhipitihop, also, asking over and over the same question in IRC is impolite, ask and wait for an answer03:52
foxbuntupuff, sudo lsmod | grep nvidia | pastebinit03:53
hipitihopfoxbuntu: acknowledged. Just wasn't sure if it was lost amongst the main question. sorry.03:53
pufffoxbuntu: So, should I reinstall with the open source driver?03:53
puffnvidia 7233756 3003:53
foxbuntuhipitihop, np, just an FYI, some people will get upset over that kind of thing03:54
puffAnd agpgart 42696 2 nvidia,intel_agp.03:54
foxbuntupuff, oh right, no internet03:54
foxbuntupuff, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep [EE]03:56
puffLotsa text :-).03:56
puffLoooks like it's the NVIDIA TV Encoder.03:57
foxbuntupuff, can you copy/paste it to pastebin?03:57
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.03:57
puffNo, still no net on that box.03:57
foxbuntuare you doing this one the console or ssh?03:57
foxbuntupuff, move to ssh03:58
puffCan't get in via ssh through the airgap firewall.03:58
foxbuntuyou dont have another device on the same network?03:58
puffI really need to find that spool of cat5 cable and run a line down here.03:58
puffThe device isn't on a nework at all.03:58
puffThe mythbox is un-networked, until I can find 50' of cat5 cable.03:59
foxbuntuwell without seeing the log I am really unsure what to tell you03:59
puffWhat were you trying to ascertain?03:59
foxbuntupuff, can you move it to a location to get it connection for now?03:59
foxbuntupuff, m really just in discovery mode atm04:00
puffAh, okay.04:00
puffWell one thing I can test without disassembling it and carting it upstairs is just reconnecting the s-video out cable to the TV and seeing if it's sending signal to the TV.04:00
puffIt would shut off video out ot the monitor in that case, right?04:00
hadshipitihop: The error you posted "[mpeg2video @ 0x7f501685f820]ac-tex damaged a" is bad reception or something corrupting the recording04:01
foxbuntupuff, did you select TV out in the install?04:01
puffI'm not sure I remember seeing a screen where you select that.04:02
puffI remember selecting s-video out, though.04:02
foxbuntupuff, its on the same one as the video driver select04:03
foxbuntuthat will do it04:03
foxbuntuyeah, you Xorg is configured to move over to s-vid then04:03
puffYup, that's what it's doing.04:04
puffOkay, so the next step is to make sure it knows about the terabyte drive.04:04
foxbuntuwell then its not an error04:04
puffI was kinda hoping that it would spot the extra drive on bootup and offer to use it as well.04:04
foxbuntuso we need to setup that drive again eh?04:05
foxbuntubye puff04:06
puffI was just about to say, fortunately I have the notes from last week still in my irc client buffer.04:06
puffThen my irc client died :-(.04:06
foxbuntupuff, I suggest BIP for you04:08
foxbuntupuff, thats a story for another day, and frankly might be a good topic for my next blog post04:08
pufffoxbuntu: Now, /etc/fstab shows three UUIDs, one ext3 for / on /dev/sda1, one xfs for /var/lib on /dev/sda6, and one for swap on /dev/sda5.04:08
foxbuntupuff, its an IRC proxy so you are always connected and everything gets logged04:09
foxbuntupuff, you can google it04:09
foxbuntupuff, are the UUIDs all the same?04:10
puffFunny you should mention that... yeah, I have an auto-log. Cool.04:10
puffNo, the UUId ar eall unique.04:10
puffdf -h does not show the 1TB drive, though.04:10
foxbuntuthats fine04:11
foxbuntuthats what I would expect04:11
BlueSteelhey guys, I have a question related to mythtv (since upgrading from intrepid -> jaunty) my combined FE+BE is now pausing during livetv every few minutes, and it has to take another 5-10 seconds to start playing again04:11
pufffdisk -l does show it.04:11
foxbuntupuff, ls /dev/sd*04:11
BlueSteelI think the issue is filesystem/disk related, does anyone know what steps to verify this and fix it?04:11
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.04:11
hadsBlueSteel: ^04:12
BlueSteelok, i'll ssh in and try that04:12
hipitihophads: so is that likely to be just something minor and intermittent ? this is an over the air digital tuner, so occasional audio or signal based glitches are not uncommon04:12
foxbuntupuff, sounds like all we need to do is mount it04:12
BlueSteelyes it's DVB-T, I live in australia04:12
puffGot sda, da1, sda2, sda5, sda6, sdb, sdb1.04:12
puffAdd it to /etc/fstab?04:13
puffAnd mount it?04:13
hipitihophads: I assume it is just reporting that and any activity especially recording, is likely to just continue as normal ?04:13
foxbuntupuff, need to make a spot to mount it04:13
foxbuntupuff, sudo mkdir /mythtv.04:13
foxbuntuno .04:13
puffWhat's a "natural" spot for bulk data to live in mythtv?04:13
hadsNaughty foxbuntu04:13
hadsPut it under /mnt or /srv or something04:14
foxbuntuhads, yes, I personally chose doing this for a reason04:14
foxbuntuhads, I have several drives in each of my machines and use th SGs04:14
puffAny preferences?04:14
foxbuntuhads, so each drive gets mounted into /mythtv/store[n]04:14
hadshipitihop: It should continue as normal I believe04:15
puffokay, created.04:15
puffNow add to /etc/fstab?04:15
foxbuntupuff, yup04:15
hadsfoxbuntu: /srv/mythtv/store[n] or /mnt/ or something. Top level is naughty.04:15
BlueSteeloh btw, the whole system system on my TV box (FE+BE on same box) is ext3, could this be causing issues? many people seem to be running JFS or some other filesystem for their mythtv recordings / temporary recordings04:15
foxbuntuhads, I know...but I like naaaaaughty04:15
puffFrom my log:  /dev/sda1       /mythtv/ ext3    defaults       0       004:15
foxbuntupuff, you got t04:15
foxbuntupuff, actually04:15
hadsMake the last 0 a 2 also04:16
foxbuntuhads, why is that?04:16
* foxbuntu is not 100% with fstab04:16
hadsThat way if it's a dirty filsystem it will get fsck at boot.04:16
puffCool, mounts with no errors.04:16
foxbuntupuff, cool04:17
foxbuntuhads, ah alright04:17
hadsfoxbuntu: / entry should be 1 then all others > 104:17
hadsUnless you want no check then 004:17
puffOkay, so now I have to tell mythtv about the disk, right?04:17
foxbuntuhads, for me, I would want no check...but thats me04:17
foxbuntupuff, yup04:18
foxbuntupuff, mythtv-setup04:18
hadsfoxbuntu: No check is fine, it just means it won't mount if it's dirty.04:18
foxbuntupuff, then its Storage Directories04:18
puffWell, mythtv is already running X on the svideo-out UI.04:18
foxbuntuhads, yeah...I am ok with that for my system...most might not04:18
foxbuntupuff, then use ESC to close out of it04:18
hadsBlueSteel: ext3 is okay, there are other choices but ext still works.04:19
foxbuntupuff, then in the Applications > System > MythTV Backend Setup04:19
hadsfoxbuntu: Yeah, the only problem in some situations if it doesn't mount and the user doesn't notice then a recording can fill up / and make bad things happen.04:19
foxbuntuhads, agreed04:20
foxbuntuhads, I will besure to tell users 2 from now on :)04:20
foxbuntu(or higher)04:20
hadsAnd... no top level weird directories :)04:20
foxbuntuhads, lmao04:20
puffWhoops, I was off mucking with mythtv and didn'tsee what you said.  I ended up opening a terminal in the s-video out screen and running mythtv-setup.   Is tha tokay?04:20
puffThis would be easier if I could use the keyboard while seeing the screen :-).04:21
foxbuntuhads, I will have all users uninstall xfce, install irssi and watching TV matrix style, does that work for you?04:21
puffI really need to rearrange stuff here.04:21
foxbuntupuff, no close them both out then open mythtv-setup back up04:21
puffClose "both"?04:21
foxbuntupuff, from what I read you left mythfrontend open?04:22
puffI exited out of the mythtv UI, but it was still sending X to the Svideo out.04:22
foxbuntuoh ok04:22
foxbuntuthen you are fine04:22
foxbuntumy misread04:22
puffI think at tht point I was on the x desktop.04:22
puffAt least it more or less acted like the X desktop.04:22
foxbuntupuff, well its Xfce on X server04:23
hipitihophey BlueSteel, where are you based ? I'm on Sunshine Coast, QLD ... have you got grabber setup and which are you using ?04:24
puffOkay, so now storage directories, it's listing default, hitatch (the 1TB), create live TV group, create db backup group, create new group.04:24
foxbuntupuff, now you know where it is, here is what I generally do....04:25
foxbuntupuff, I create a directory structure like /mythtv/store0/recordings/  livetv/ db_backups/ ect ect04:25
puffright, create that at the shell or through this menu?04:26
foxbuntupuff, then you just add those paths to the Storage Groups that already exist04:26
puffAre there any storage groups that already exist?  default?04:26
foxbuntupuff, you can add them in there first if you like, but it will complain04:26
foxbuntupuff, default is the recordings04:26
puffSo, a) create the directory structure with mkdir04:26
foxbuntupuff, and *add* it is key so it will use both drives04:27
puffb) select Storage Directories, then [create new group]?04:27
puffI don't see an option labeled add.04:27
foxbuntupuff, edit the existing groups04:27
foxbuntupuff, then you will see an option to add an entry04:28
foxbuntu...inside the existing groups04:28
puffI don't see an edit option.04:28
foxbuntujust highlight and hit enter04:28
puffI have at the top, 1. general 2. capture cards, 3. video sources, 4. input connections, 5. channel editor, 6 storage directories.04:28
foxbuntuhighlight default04:29
foxbuntuht enter on default04:29
puffWhen I select storage directories, I see a title at the top, Storage Groups, then default, hitatchi, create livetv group],04:29
puffAh-hah, /var/lib/mythtvrecordings and (add new directory)04:30
foxbuntuadd new :)04:30
foxbuntuthere you have it figured out04:30
puffSo, 1) create the directories iwth mkdir, 2) add them here..04:30
foxbuntuI know that menu is less than intuitive04:30
puffWhat's store0 about?  Just chunking them up?04:30
foxbuntupuff, no need to actually do that, just habit for me04:30
puffOkayOkay, so just mkdir /mythth/recordings04:31
foxbuntupuff, also: sudo chown mythtv:mythtv -R /mythtv/04:31
puffWhat's db_backups about?04:31
foxbuntupuff, sorry, thats a later version of mythtv04:31
foxbuntupuff, there are many more Storage Groups in the next version of mythtv04:32
foxbuntuonly create the directories need for the groups you already have04:32
puffOkay, added.04:36
foxbuntuthen you should be set04:37
foxbuntuit will handle putting the data where there is free space04:37
puffcreated /mnt/mythtv/recordings, chown -R mythtv.mythtv, went to UI and added new directory.04:37
foxbuntupuff, is your 1TB mounted to /mnt/mythtv ?04:37
puffSo, now I just copy the media files over from the old drive onto the terabyte drive?04:37
puffAnd it's in /etc/fstab so it should automatically mount in the future.04:38
puffYes it's mounted.04:38
foxbuntuI mean what media files?04:38
puffOh, I have a bunch of movies such.04:38
foxbuntuold recordings? dvds/videos/music?04:38
puffmovies and such.04:39
puffWe were using them with a mac mini and a svideo out adapter dongle and vlc.04:39
foxbuntuwell you have a few options04:39
foxbuntugo create a Storage Group (which I suggest)04:39
foxbuntuor just create a directory04:39
puffI created a storage group, I thought.04:39
foxbuntuyou did04:40
foxbuntufor recordings04:40
foxbuntuyou need one for videos04:40
puffSo create another one for directly uploaded media..04:40
foxbuntuso same steps again04:40
foxbuntubut this time create your own SG then add the directory to it04:41
hads0.22 Storate groups are cool.04:41
foxbuntuhads, indeed they are04:41
puffSo, mkdir, chown, then esc back out of default and make a new group, enter that group, add the new directoryd?.04:41
foxbuntuhads, you will be coming all the way to UDS right?04:42
hadsToo far away for me. Where is it this year anyway?04:43
foxbuntuDallas, TX, US04:43
puffOkay, added the new group and added the directory04:43
foxbuntupuff, alright, now you will have to configure that in the mythtv UI04:44
puffOkay, so exit out of myth-tv setup, then run mythtv again?04:45
foxbuntupuff, Utils/Settings > Settings > Media > General04:45
foxbuntupuff, yup04:45
hadsOdd, I've never seen a splitter stop working before.04:47
foxbuntuhads, RG6?04:48
hadsJust a standard splitter with F-Connectors.04:48
hadsSuddenly stopped working.04:49
hadsReplaced it with another and everything is fine.04:49
foxbuntuhads, is it grounded or no?04:49
pufffoxbuntu: Hm, it says "Cannot create a file /mnt/mythtv/videos//.test - directory is not writable?"04:52
puffAnd the same thing for /mnt/mythtv/recordings//.test and then a duplicate error message /mnt/mythtv/videos//test04:53
hadsThat kinda says it all doens't it?04:53
puffAlso, I'm not sure I actually did this, but I noticed that there was a storage diretory under the hitatchi storage group, named /mnt/mythtv/videos04:53
puffhads: Does it?04:53
foxbuntuhads, one thing I have run into is static build up, if you pull the source side out from the wall/ant/whatever and touch the copper to ground it out and plug it back in, it sometime will fix it04:54
puffI edited the directories and saw there were trailing backslashes, deleted them and clicked okay.04:54
karatekickzI borked my mythbuntu box trying to update to .22 can someone help me w a course of action to fix it?04:54
hadsWhatever it is, I'm assuming the backend, can't write to that directory. You need to check the ownership and permissions.04:54
hadsfoxbuntu: This one is broken broken, I've moved it to a different place and tried it there too.04:55
hadskaratekickz: You need to state what borked is.04:55
foxbuntuhads, ah...04:55
puffThey all belong to user mythtv, group mythtv, but they're not group-writable.  I guess I should chmod g+w?04:55
karatekickzI tried to update via a repo that I dont think is compatible with mythbuntu04:56
foxbuntupuff, try this sudo chmod 775 -R /mnt/mythtv04:56
karatekickzso I think I need to do a complete un install re install04:56
puffShould I remove the hitatchi storage group?04:56
hadspuff: If you were following foxbuntu's advice then didn't you put them in /mythtv rather than under /mnt?04:56
hadsOr did that get changed.04:56
foxbuntupuff, naw04:56
puffhads: He suggested /mnt/mythtv04:56
hadsOh okay.04:57
puffOkay, so did chmod -R g+w /mnt/mythtv, now they're all group writable.04:57
puffDo they need to be group executable, too?04:57
karatekickzused these instructions http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/40229404:57
hadskaratekickz: You can uninstall through any of the package managers.04:57
hadsThen fix your sources, update the package lists and reinstall.04:57
karatekickzyeah I know04:58
hadsBeware that if you updated the mythtv version without a database backup then you won't be able to downgrade.04:58
hadsThe only way is up.04:58
karatekickzno worries04:58
karatekickzI figured this was the process...04:58
puffOkay,no complaints this time when exiting, though it wants me to fill the daatabase, etc.04:58
puffAnd now I run myth frontend?04:59
karatekickzso sort the package manager by repos04:59
foxbuntupuff, yup04:59
karatekickzthen uninstall all of them?04:59
karatekickzcould I have added a mythbuntu repos source?04:59
karatekickzI just tried to install the mythbuntu-repos.deb file05:00
puffWait,d o I have to start mythtv backend?05:00
foxbuntupuff, no it does it all on its own05:01
puff Okay.  Utils/Settings/Media/General05:01
puffI'm there.05:02
puffDoes mythtv/ubuntu come with screen capture support?05:02
foxbuntuyou should see the directories for videos and so on05:02
puffE.g. can I run through this again, sometime, and take snapshots for a tutorial?05:02
foxbuntupuff, print screen should do it05:02
puffHm, I think that's under media settings.05:03
karatekickzremoving all packages atm... can I add a testing repo for .22?05:03
puffI selected general and it has a, screen about dataabses, then another one, then about audio... exited back out to the menu that contained general, ait also had media.05:03
foxbuntupuff, there are two settings menus05:03
foxbuntupuff, as in from top menu its Settings > Settings > Media > General05:04
puffUtilities / Setup => Music Tools, Video Manager, Edit Keys, Setup, Mythbuntu Logs05:04
karatekickzoh... looks like I already did w that .deb file05:04
foxbuntupuff, sorry, setup05:04
puffSelect setup => General, Appearance, Screen Setup Wizards, TV settings, Media Settings, Info Center Settings, Mythbuntu.05:05
puffSelect General and i get stuff about database.05:05
puffSelect Media and I get stuff about directories.05:05
foxbuntuthats the one05:05
puffThe second? Media?05:05
foxbuntuIm doing this al off memory since I am using my myth boxen05:05
puffMyth boxen?05:05
* foxbuntu is clear as mud tonight05:06
hadsWhat are you setting up?05:06
puffMedia gives me Music SEttings, Videos Settings, images Settings, Archive Files Settings.05:06
foxbuntuhads, he just needs to setup his videos directory in mythfrontend05:06
puffhads: I added a 1 TB drive to my freshly installed mythbuntu box.05:06
foxbuntupuff, videos settings05:06
hadsIf you're using 0.22 and have setup the mythvideo storage groups that's all you need to do. Or are we talking 0.2105:06
foxbuntuhads .2105:06
puffVideo Settings => General Settings, Player Settings, File Types, Rip Settings.05:07
hadsOh, okay then :)05:07
puffYeesh, maybe I shoulda downlaoded a newer version.05:07
hadsAll this storage groups talk confused me.05:07
foxbuntupuff, General05:07
foxbuntupuff, its not released yet05:07
puffOkay, Directories that hold videos:  /va/lib/mythtv/videos05:08
foxbuntupuff, its safer for you at this point as a newish user05:08
puffDirectories that holds movie posters, Default View.05:08
foxbuntupuff, change the videos one to the directory you created05:08
foxbuntupuff, then you can just dump you videos in there05:08
karatekickzI have everything from the borked repos uninstalled....05:08
karatekickzI have entries for the weeklys... from the .deb I installed mythbunto.org05:09
puffSo will tihs entirely side-step the 250GB drive?05:09
karatekickzbut no listings of packages05:09
karatekickzI didnt reboot yet05:09
foxbuntupuff, yes, for videos05:09
puffOkay, cool.05:10
puffThen it can use the 250 for recordings.05:10
karatekickzailed to fetch http://US.weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu/trunk-0.22/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found05:10
karatekickzSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.05:10
puffkaratekickz:  USe a pastebin.05:10
hadsURLs should be lower case.05:10
karatekickzsorry man05:10
foxbuntupuff, 2 lines is ok05:10
puffOkay, so now it should be all good, I just plug in the portable drive and copy my media files across under /mnt/mythtv/videos?05:11
hadskaratekickz: You're using Jaunty?05:11
puffkaratekickz: 's cool, just don't want you to get into trouble.05:11
hadsI'd just upgrade to karmic if it were me.05:11
karatekickzmy thinks05:11
pufffoxbuntu: And will it matter if I the videos I'm copying over are in subdirectories?05:11
foxbuntupuff, nope05:11
pufffoxbuntu: e.g. I'll have /mnt/mythtv/videos/movie1, /mnt/mythtv/videos/movie2, etc?05:12
karatekickzI had no idea btw there was a weekly build thing going on... that would have saved me 3 hours ... now that I borked it doing it from some other repo05:12
puffAnd then they'll just show up in the mythtv Video Manager interface?05:12
foxbuntupuff, yup05:13
hadsIf you're wanting to use 0.22 then karmic will be stable enough for you.05:13
karatekickzso should the repos installer have an icon? or does it do it via the package/update manager?05:13
pufffoxbuntu: Yay!05:13
foxbuntupuff, sounds like you have reached your goal05:14
pufffoxbuntu: Commencing to do some mighty disk-to-disk copying.... back in an hour or two to try it oy and let you know how it's all worked out.05:14
foxbuntupuff, sounds great...gl05:14
karatekickzalright so myth is totally removed my from my mythbuntu ATM05:15
foxbuntukaratekickz, great..now you have a buntu05:15
Casper0082karatekickz:  I had issues using the US.weeklybuilds.  I edited my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list and removed US. from weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org05:15
karatekickzI have repos in my package manager to the .22   can I use that to install myth wo reinstalling .21? installing05:15
karatekickzTY CASPER05:15
Casper0082I was then able to apt-get update05:16
karatekickztrying now05:16
karatekickzthere they are !05:17
karatekickzits one thing after another05:17
karatekickzthey need to fix the .deb file me thinks??>?05:17
Casper0082Not sure.  Might be that the US mirror is down05:17
karatekickzwhen you refreshed were all of the packages preselcted for install for you?05:18
Casper0082Well, since you removed them, you need to manually select them05:19
karatekickzthey appear to be select05:19
Casper0082Oh.  Okay :)05:20
karatekickznow it says I have a broken package05:20
karatekickzmy package isnt broken it just hasnt been tested for awhile! <rimshot>05:20
karatekickzis there any known issues with the nvidia 172 drivers btw?05:24
karatekickzand myth05:24
Casper0082Did you fix your broken package issue?05:26
karatekickzin the process of installing now05:27
karatekickzman I had no clue there was a weekly repo05:28
Casper0082I'm not sure about the nvidia drivers.  Been using 180.05:28
karatekickzthis would have saved me so much time05:28
karatekickzI always have issues with vid drivers... tried to install the 190's from 172 and no dice05:29
karatekickzgonna reboot brb thx for the help so far05:33
karatekickzwell it seems to be working... missing the icons ... and a couple skin graphics though05:39
karatekickzwish I would not have borked it though cause likely I am going to run into problems down the road that are over my n00b head05:40
karatekickzI used to have an icon for a window based configuration program... what is that called again?05:41
Casper0082mythbuntu-control-centre or mythtv-setup?05:45
karatekickzman this should have been so easy05:48
karatekickznow I dont even know where im at05:48
karatekickzany idea why I am missing icons? and a couple skin graphics?05:48
karatekickzjust found the mythbuntu control... and am installing05:49
karatekickzalright cool got that back thx to you... now the only problem is the missing icons and why05:51
Casper0082Not sure what you mean by missing icons05:51
karatekickzsorry my linux lingo is n00b but the icon that represents myth in the launcher05:52
Casper0082Did you try add/remove? :)05:53
karatekickztrying to change now in the main menu.... it has it pointing to some blank .png file mythtv_logo.png05:53
karatekickzcan you check the path of your icon in the Main Menu under preferences?05:55
karatekickzI am using gnome though05:55
karatekickzu prolly are using xfce05:55
karatekickzcould anyone tell me the path of the launcher icons for myth?05:59
karatekickzfigured it out06:01
karatekickzit was using icons from an old .21 theme06:01
karatekickznever updated06:01
karatekickzthis is so weird... when I go to install some .22 themes... it says I need to install the whole app others.. its fine thoughts?06:06
karatekickzuninstall the whole app that is06:07
karatekickzim out for now thx for  the help all!06:19
daniel32708Hello!  Is there another alternative to Schedulesdirect.org... free?07:21
superm1you can use EIT data for some OTA stations07:24
superm1but it's usually only 1-2 days out07:24
superm1schedules direct is fairly inexpensive for a year's service07:24
daniel32708thing is I aint in the US07:25
superm1Canada or elsewhere?07:26
superm1in canada you can still use schedules direct.  elsewhere, xmltv provides data for some areas07:26
daniel32708Costa Rica, Central America07:26
daniel32708ill try xmltv07:27
daniel32708thx man07:29
kaelesok, I upgraded my backend to .22,  its telling me the client only recognizes protocol version 50 and the server uses version 40  in the backend setup... any clue ? I checked the apt-cache policy and the mythtv backend is at version .22 build 2251711:21
kaelesim not sure what client it means, I'm only trying to get into the backend setup11:24
hadsSomething is still old or hasn't been restarted.11:30
kaelesi rebooted the machine, but I seem to be having some issues getting the db update11:40
hadsYou need to run mythtv-setup or mythbackend to do the update.11:41
hadsmythfrontend won't do it11:42
kaeleswhen I run mythtv-setup it breaks11:46
kaelesthats when I get the error about the client version11:47
kaelesi haven't even touched a machine that has a frontend on it yet11:47
=== Mysterious1 is now known as Mysterious
kaelesok, got the db working but the backend setup is only showing options 1. 3. and 5. is mythtv .22 supposed to be missing options in the backend setup?12:16
hipitihopI've noticed occasional errors in mythbackend.log related to deleting certain recordings. "Error deleting '/var/lib/mythtv/recordings/1088_20091014120000.mpg' could not open eno: Permission denied (13)" When I look at those files, the owner is 0 and -rw-r--r-- instead of like others with owenr of 104 and -rw-rw-rw. Anyone know what causes those files to have wrong owner/permissions ?13:00
tmktmythexport expert here today?14:18
rhpot1991tmkt: yepper14:18
rhpot1991I forget where we left off so you will have to remind me what you were checking last14:19
tmktso put debug on14:20
tmktand it can't seem to find the proper executable14:20
rhpot1991tmkt: is that all from the same log, or multiple logs?14:22
tmktmytbackend..and mythexport14:22
rhpot1991tmkt: ok can you modify it and put what came from where14:22
rhpot1991and then pastebin your /etc/mythtv/mythexport configs14:23
tmktsure thing14:23
rhpot1991also I have a meeting in a few so I'll ping you when I'm back14:23
TimReichhartnow if I install mythbuntu can I still play videos lets say I download one off the net can I still play it on mythbuntu20:17
gandalfcomewhat window manager does mythbuntu use.21:03
gandalfcomeIt seems to be the xfce one but I have trouble finding the network plugin21:18
superm1gandalfcome, in the taskbar network manager is running21:28
gandalfcomesuperm1: thanks21:37
P0luxDoes somebody know if there is a project to do a "Emuzed Angel USB TV Tuner" driver for mythbuntu ?22:22
mrandP0lux: I've gotta run, but I don't think so.  Nor in the Linux community at large.22:31
P0luxok, and is it a place where I can make the suggestion ?22:31
P0luxI think I'm just gonna buy one compatible22:36
P0luxthank you !22:36
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