gary0that's what it's for  =)00:00
JanCright  :-)00:01
gary0i've got a hardware RAID card with 4 drives, and room for 4 more. i wanna store my uncompressed HD on here so i can access it via OpenVPN from work.00:01
gary0but i'm not good with deleting, so i'll prob need to add drives over time to the full 8.00:02
JanCdo you also use LVM?00:02
BilgeLUKS doesn't partition drives, it formats them00:03
gary0i didn't think i'd need to, since this will be the only partition on the RAID array.00:03
BilgeYou might be getting confused between LUKS and LVM00:03
gary0i encrypted the standalone drive, too, and used LVM to cut it up into a few ext3 partitions for some VMs.00:03
JanCI think LVM is what you would need to be able to enlarge "logical disks"00:04
gary0yeah, LVM let's you resize live partitions dynamically.00:04
gary0but since i'm only going to have the one partition on the RAID, i don't *think* i need it.00:04
gary0the only think that made me pause was when i realized that i wasn't sure if i could add more free space to the encrypted partition.00:05
gary0linux's handling of partitions is new to me... with windows, it's all much simpler.  =P00:07
JanCgary0: it's not simpler, you just have less options  ;)00:07
gary0i mean, if i just drop encryption and format the drive as XFS, i can add new free space to the XFS partition.00:08
JanCI'm not an LVM expert, but I think you'd want to use it for the purpose you're describing00:09
gary0i first heard of LVM 2 days ago, when i started researching all this.00:09
JanCwindows has something like LVM too, it's just less powerful  ;)00:10
JanCand on linux/unix, people like to put things into layers00:10
gary0i noticed.00:11
gary0in the installer, i took the standalone drive and set it as a 'physical volume for encryption'00:11
gary0which crated a new drive.00:12
gary0then i took that and created an LVM group in that.00:12
gary0then in the group i created the actual partitions.00:12
gary0it certainly makes sense.00:12
JanConce you get used to it00:13
gary0and i'm pretty sure i found info on how to add another physical drive to the encrypted volume... which i can then include in the VG, and then in the VPs00:13
gary0but i couldn't find anything on adding existing free space on the existing physical drive.00:14
gary0or maybe i did and just didn't know that i'd found what i was looking for.00:14
JanCexcept that currently your data on the RAID isn't inside a LVM layer?00:14
gary0well i don't have any data on the RAID yet, even.00:14
gary0i'm still at the installation screen  =P00:14
JanCoh, in that case00:14
JanCnot sure about the installation screen00:15
gary0right now, i've partitioned the system drive... and i was about to partition the RAID when this worry came up.00:15
gary0ubuntu server's automated installer that comes on the CD00:15
gary0well, the CD image on the site.00:15
JanCI'd certainly make sure you use LVM in that case, if not possible during the install, then afterwards (or set up from the live CD before)00:16
gary0that's the guide i found for setting up an encrypted partition.00:17
gary0i guess using LVM doesn't hurt regardless of anything.00:17
gary0it adds a layer, but as long as i can figure it out, it's not an issue.00:17
JanCevery layer slows things down a very little bit, but if you want encryption, that slows things down a lot...  ;-)00:19
gary0well since i'm gonna be accessing this over the LAN, even with jumbo frames i won't get transfer rates higher than 60-70MB/s00:20
gary0so the access time isn't an issue.00:20
JanCtranser rates != access times, but whatever  ;-)00:21
gary0however, i was hoping to also use the server (Phenom II x2) to do transcoding and run a few VMs, so if encryption increases the cpu usage a lot, that will definitely affect me.00:21
gary0i just meant that i can't imagine 4 drives in a RAID5, even with a slowdown due to on-the-fly encrypt/decryption, dropping below the 70MB/s read throughput.00:23
gary0unless you meant slow things down as in the system itself...00:23
JanCgary0: that's exactly the sort of thing only you can determine; every layer slows things down, and encryption slows things down considerably, but if the slow-down  is acceptable for your purpose, that's okay! ツ00:28
JanCit's a cost/benefit decision00:29
gary0i have no idea how much of an effect it'll have.00:30
gary0i guess i'll have to try and see.00:30
gary0can i remove the encryption once it's in?00:30
gary0or would i need to back up the data and repartition everything from scratch?00:30
JanClast option, I fear00:31
JanCif you have spare diskspace, you can move things around of course00:32
JanCI doubt encryption would be an issue though00:33
gary0i guess we'll see..  thanks for the help  =)00:36
luddite33hi all - just wondering if anyone is running 9.10 beta with a apache/mysql setup up thats in production yet?02:15
jmarsdenWhy would anyone with any sanity run a beta OS on a production server? :)02:27
KurtKrautjmarsden, the high adoption of Windows on servers (and even desktops) shows how people are tolerant with system failures.02:36
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seljeebox users?03:07
uvirtbot`New bug: #285439 in backuppc (main) "backuppc does not play nicely with updatedb" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28543903:12
DKcrosshello, some know any tool with i can read what is the distro of any server?03:30
DKcrossI'm trying with nmap03:30
DKcrosssudo nmap -O
qman__DKcross, nmap is about the best you can get, since that information is (for good reason) not explicitly reported by remote hosts03:39
qman__properly configured firewalls further obscure the information03:40
DKcrossqman__, thanks, my dude is for one reason.... i have hosting server, but i'm not sure what distro use...03:40
qman__DKcross, if you have shell access, check /etc/issue03:40
DKcrossis linux but i don't know if centOS or redhat..i'm no sure03:40
qman__and uname -a03:40
qman__centOS and redhat are quite similar03:41
DKcrossqman__, Linux pikachu #10 SMP Sat Oct 3 10:27:32 PDT 2009 i686 GNU/Linux03:41
DKcrossthis line is about uname -a03:42
qman__probably a custom kernel, I don't know of any distros code-named pikachu03:42
qman__cat /etc/issue, if it's there03:42
qman__might tell you03:42
DKcrossis debian server03:43
DKcross[pikachu]$ cat /etc/issue03:43
DKcrossDebian GNU/Linux 3.1 \n \l03:43
qman__personally, I really dislike redhat and derivatives03:44
DKcrosswhat is your favorite o prefere?03:44
qman__ubuntu, naturally03:45
qman__but I like the debian way far better than the redhat way03:45
qman__I'll even take BSD over redhat03:45
DKcrosswhat about open suse like server?03:46
DKcrossyes i know is similar to red hat.. because is a derivatives..03:46
qman__I've actually never used suse03:47
DKcrossohh ok.03:47
qman__I've only used redhat 9, fedora, RHEL and centOS03:47
qman__didn't much like any of them03:47
DKcrossRPM systems03:48
qman__I much prefer apt/dpkg to yum and rpm, and I like the way debian does init scripts and conf files over redhat's tools03:51
qman__and just a number of other bits about how the systems are configured03:52
DKcrossqman__,  +103:58
proteusguydoes Ubuntu offer a system I can run locally that let's me build my own private cloud supporting EC2 apis? i want to be able to migrate back&forth between my own cloud and EC2.06:58
erichammondproteusguy: Take a look at Eucalyptus in Karmic.07:37
MazuGrazusHellow, does ubuntu fully run cloud computing? what can i do using ubuntu cloud?07:47
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proteusguyerichammand: this is what i've heard of but does it let me migrate my environment between my local cloud & ec2?08:05
Bryliesommer: thanks for writing the ubuntu server guide :-)08:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #454521 in eucalyptus (main) "Eucalyptus installer should skip range-of-public-ip's question in favour of DHCP" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45452109:02
uvirtbot`New bug: #454540 in eucalyptus (main) "DHCP requests for public IPs should use DHCP options" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45454009:02
uvirtbot`New bug: #455246 in eucalyptus (main) "Unnecessary depend on "ecj" adds too many packages to server CD" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45524609:16
blinkizHi. Am trying to automate installation of a package from repository. It asks three questions with debconf style. I know I can pre define these answers with debconf-set-selections. problem is, I don't know the string to set with debconf-set-selections. How can I find out what the package are questioning about? I guess it's in the source package and debian directory?10:27
blinkizoh, found it. debconf-get-selections.. Okay. That was not so hard ;)10:29
nijabattx: I have finished testing/updating UECInstall, should we proceed doing the switch with UEC?10:33
nijabathat is on help.ubuntu.com/community/ of course10:34
ttxnijaba: can't look right now, but that seems like a good idea, if the right pointers are present10:36
nijabattx: right pointers?10:36
ttxThe "UEC" doc should stay to cover multi-component install ?10:37
ttx(granted, it needs some fixes right now)10:37
ttxmaybe rename UEC -> UECmanualinstall and UECinstall -> UEC ?10:38
acalvoanyone know if the keyserver.ubuntu.com is down?10:42
acalvobeen trying to get a gpg key for about an hour or so and still not able to10:43
nijabattx: renaming to UEC/PackageInstall10:44
nijabattx: pointer is already in place10:45
ttxnijaba: ok, cool10:45
sorenacalvo: I've had problems as well. Try another one instead.10:47
sorenacalvo: Like subkeys.pgp.net or something.10:47
nijabattx: done10:52
acalvosoren: thanks10:56
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* soren lucnhes11:18
soren..and lunches11:18
_rubensounds like a plan11:19
* nijaba lunches and goes get a haircut :P11:26
J_Phi all11:44
J_Ppeople, how I change in clock time of BRT to BRST?11:45
sorenJ_P: You don't. It happens automatically.11:53
J_Psoren: yes, if as configured corectaly when was intalled. So agaim, how I change the timezone?11:54
sorenJ_P: You don't.11:55
sorenIt happens automatically.11:55
J_Psoren: here not happen11:55
sorenYou don't have to manually  take care changing anything when daylight savings time kicks in.11:55
J_Psoren: here not happen11:55
sorenJ_P: What does "date" say?11:55
J_Psoren: Seg Out 19 07:55:54 BRT 200911:56
J_Psoren: in other machine I have right clock: Seg Out 19 08:56:40 BRST 200911:57
sorenJ_P: Which version of tzdata do you have installed?11:57
J_Psoren: I don't know, where I see?11:57
sorendpkg -l tzdata11:57
J_Psoren: ii  tzdata                            2007e-0ubuntu0.7.04               Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data11:58
sorenYou're running Feisty?11:58
J_Psoren: yes, feisty = 7.0411:59
sorenFeisty has not been supported for almost a year.11:59
sorenThat's your problem.12:00
J_Psoren: yes, I know12:00
J_Psoren: is a joke, I need updagrade just because tzdata is not upgrade12:00
sorenYour tzdata version does not have correct information about when Brazil has daylight savings.12:00
J_Psoren: yes, But I can update just tzdata, and not entire distribuition right12:01
sorenJ_P: Feisty is not supported anymore. At all.12:01
J_Psoren: ok, thanks12:01
sorenYou're likely vulnerable to a whole bunch of security problems.12:01
sorenYou really, /REALLY/ should upgrade.12:01
sorenBut yes, you can probably grab tzdata from a later ubuntu version and install that.12:01
sorenBut you really, really, really should upgrade ASAP.12:02
J_Psoren: ASAP?12:02
sorenAs Soon As Possible.12:02
J_Pahh ok12:02
sorenLike... Right now.12:02
sorenYesterday, if you can.12:02
J_Psoren: I a server, is more complicated..12:03
J_Psoren: because this , Now I just use ONLY LTS in servers12:03
sorenThe version of tzdata you have is not even the most current one for Feisty.12:03
sorenTry installing that one and see if it fixes it.12:05
sorenJ_P: ..but you should still upgrade.12:05
J_Psoren: ok12:06
J_Psoren: I just copy /etc/locatime from 8.04 to 7.04 and works :-)12:27
J_Psoren: but I will upgrade it.. :-)12:29
BilgeHow could I get a file from a package without installing the entire package12:36
BilgeFor example just the init.d script12:36
sommermornings :)13:22
OmahnHello all. Would this be the correct please to ask someone to follow up on a sponsorship request for bug 341256?13:36
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 341256 in unattended-upgrades "RFE: unattended-upgrades should identify host." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34125613:36
OmahnThat one :-)13:36
UnixDawgmorning any of the server devs here13:36
OmahnAh, cool. Any takers? :-)13:36
UnixDawgI need help with some php mods I am not fimding in the repos13:36
UnixDawgphp5-xml php5-json php5-xmlwriter php5-xmlreader php5-posix php5-iconv php5-hash php5-simplexml php5-pcre php5-filter php5-dom php5-session php5-spl13:37
acalvoUnixDawg: apt-cache search <string>13:37
acalvois what I usually do to find packages13:37
UnixDawgI did they are not there13:37
acalvoor use aptitude13:37
UnixDawgthats the issue13:38
acalvoUnixDawg: I'd do apt-cache search php xml13:38
UnixDawgdont find them and I need them13:39
greenkernel1I would like to run a file server. could someone help me please?13:40
UnixDawguse nfs or samba13:40
acalvogreenkernel1: take a look at the ubuntu community help about samba13:40
UnixDawgyour chooice13:40
greenkernel1I'm not using ubuntu server edition currently. I'm using desktop version. but, I like to add a software to help my machine runs like a server.13:41
greenkernel1is that possible?13:42
acalvoUnixDawg: did you take a look at php5-cli? it includes several packages13:42
acalvogreenkernel1: in fact is easier if you're using the desktop version13:42
UnixDawgI have it installed13:42
acalvojust create a folder13:42
acalvoand check share permissions13:42
acalvothat'd run as a file server13:42
greenkernel1okay .. what software should i install?13:43
UnixDawgbut looking in the/usr/lib/php 1/2 the modules are not listed in the extensions.ini13:43
acalvogreenkernel1: nothing, just try to do that and it'd tell you what needs to be installed13:43
greenkernel1try to do what? sorry .. I'm quite new to networking.13:44
acalvogreenkernel1: just create a folder and try to share it13:44
acalvoit will pop-up a dialog about options13:44
greenkernel1share with who?13:44
acalvoshare across the network13:44
UnixDawgnone of these php mods show up13:44
UnixDawgphp5-xml php5-json php5-xmlwriter php5-xmlreader php5-posix php5-iconv php5-hash php5-simplexml php5-pcre php5-filter php5-dom php5-session php5-spl13:44
UnixDawgnone of them show up in the repo list or in the php modules dir13:45
UnixDawgthey are missing13:45
greenkernel1okay .. I think I need to tell you what I want to do exactly first. I want to share my files with my friends.13:46
zulttx: have you seen the likewise open evenlog bug? bug 45416413:46
acalvoacross the network or across the internet?13:46
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 454164 in likewise-open5 "likewise-open5-eventlog doesn't properly install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45416413:46
acalvogreenkernel1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba13:46
greenkernel1and I don't want to upload my files to another server like hosting services.13:46
VK7HSEanyone have a LAMP installed in Karmic? if so what is the result from ...   php -r 'var_dump(function_exists("gzopen"));'13:46
ttxzul: yes, I saw that. I need to look into it13:46
greenkernel1across the internet.13:46
UnixDawgwell this makes deb unuseable for the project13:47
UnixDawgthis sucks13:47
UnixDawgto many pkgs missing13:47
acalvogreenkernel1: ok then, you'll need to install a ftp server13:47
zulttx: just making sure13:47
acalvoUnixDawg: look http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/php5-cgi13:47
greenkernel1I've already installed vsftpd and tested .. it didn't work for me.13:48
acalvothis modules are already in this package: bcmath bz2 calendar ctype date dba dom exif filter ftp gettext hash iconv json libxml mbstring mime_magic openssl pcre posix Reflection session shmop SimpleXML soap sockets SPL standard sysvmsg sysvsem sysvshm tokenizer wddx xml xmlreader xmlwriter zip zlib.13:48
acalvogreenkernel1: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html13:48
UnixDawgI have installed all the php5 libs that are in the repo and still the modules/extensions I have klisted do not show up13:49
greenkernel1I just want to share my files to others (no write access to my drive). some people said it's better to run a http server.13:50
greenkernel1is that right?13:50
acalvogreenkernel1: ftp means file transfer protocol, so I'd point to use FTP instead of HTTP13:50
greenkernel1and before we discuss further, some people said I'm behind a NAT. is it possible to run a ftp server for me?13:51
UnixDawgso deb lacks alot of the php extensions13:51
UnixDawgO well13:52
acalvogreenkernel1: it is, if you have access to the policies of your router and you can map the port 21 to your machine (or any other port you want to use)13:52
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UnixDawgroot@ubuntupbx:/usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs# ls curl.so    mysqli.so  pdo_mysql.so  pdo_sqlite.so  tidy.so mcrypt.so  mysql.so   pdo_odbc.so   sqlite3.so     xmlrpc.so mhash.so   odbc.so    pdo.so        sqlite.so      xsl.so13:53
greenkernel1I think I don't have access to change the policies of the router.13:53
greenkernel1how could I check if I have access to the router?13:53
UnixDawgis all the php extensions that are installed13:53
UnixDawgphp5-xml php5-json php5-xmlwriter php5-xmlreader php5-posix php5-iconv php5-hash php5-simplexml php5-pcre php5-filter php5-dom php5-session php5-spl  are missing13:53
UnixDawgand I have looked for them13:54
acalvoUnixDawg: why don't you try to create a test file with the modules you need and see if they're already there?13:54
UnixDawgand with out these extensions the php app wont work13:54
acalvogreenkernel1: you should know the IP of your router, and the user/password to access the router configuration13:55
UnixDawgI am a bsd person  trying to learn deb server . I dont know how to make pkgs on deb13:55
greenkernel1okay .. how could I find the IP of the router?13:55
UnixDawgthere not there13:55
acalvoUnixDawg: I don't think you'll need to create deb packages...13:55
UnixDawgthey would be listed in the extensions dir if they where13:55
uvirtbot`New bug: #454263 in backuppc (main) "Update of backuppc (server) crashed on update (dup-of: 445154)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45426313:56
BilgeHow could I get a single file from a package without installing the entire package first?13:56
pmatulisBilge: 'apt-get source foo'13:56
UnixDawgcd /usr/src13:57
BilgeDoes source mean source code only or would it include package maintainer's files such as init.d scripts13:57
Guest76209greenkernel1: Run "route" and look at the default route's IP13:57
pmatulisBilge: everything needed to build the package13:57
pmatulisBilge: what package and what file are you after?13:58
Bilgeznc as it happens13:58
Bilgeinit.d script13:58
BilgeDoes it make any difference?13:58
acalvoUnixDawg: from what I can see, almost all your packages are or inside the -cli, -cgi or standalone (like -dom or -json)13:58
UnixDawgwell I would need a .deb for each module so I can install them on other servers when we build13:58
ttxsmoser: re:"Low" : will be fixed, but not in karmic13:58
greenkernel1okay .. this is my route result >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/296819/ .. can you take a look please?13:59
acalvogreenkernel1: ifconfig should tell you more about your network13:59
pmatulisBilge: i'm curious13:59
pmatulisBilge: what release?13:59
acalvogreenkernel1: should be
smoseroh, and one other poke i forgot to put in that response... "if your product claims itself as 'EC2 compatible cloud'" then bugs like "this doesn't act like EC2" are kind of important, ttx13:59
UnixDawgI have searched the system for the extensions they dont exist13:59
greenkernel1okay .. how should I connect to that address?14:00
UnixDawgso there for it means they where not installed14:00
UnixDawgso they are not in any deb pkg14:00
ttxsmoser: yes, I just wasn't sure how common it was to crawl the metadata service like this14:00
Bilgepmatulis: 8.0414:00
smoserprobably not too common. admittedly.14:00
acalvoUnixDawg: I wouldn't say that14:00
acalvoUnixDawg: check the forums, the community, google...14:00
Guest76209greenkernel1: Try browsing to it in a web browser -
zuljdstrand: ping about bug #453453 (libvirt and pulsearmor) can that be closed now since the fix 453329 has been uploaded?14:01
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 453453 in libvirt "libvirt sometimes hangs when using pulseaudio" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45345314:01
greenkernel1I can't connect to that address >> the connection was reset.14:02
Guest76209greenkernel1: Are you at home or on a bigger network managed by someone else?14:03
greenkernel1I'm at home.14:03
uvirtbot`New bug: #455293 in eucalyptus (main) "UEC management interface still has Eucalyptus as title" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45529314:03
greenkernel1but, I'm using a mobile broadband.14:03
UnixDawgI have been I am not finding them anywehere14:03
UnixDawgI have spent 4 days searching for answers and very little true help14:04
Guest76209greenkernel1: Is it Telstra (Aus)?14:04
UnixDawgwith these php extensions14:04
greenkernel1no .. it's StarHub (Singapore).14:04
Bilgepmatulis: I don't think it has any init.d script > http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/amd64/znc/filelist14:04
VK7HSEis there any love for Bug 43940714:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 439407 in zlib "Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43940714:05
Guest76209greenkernel1: OK, well with Telstra the way they have it set up is all the mobile users join a massive "LAN", with a private IP address (10.x.x.x). This makes it impossible for you to run a server on that connection and have it accessible from the outside.14:05
Guest7620910.64.64.64 would be a machine managed by your ISP14:06
greenkernel1I have inet addr: 10.xx.xx.xx.xx when using ifconfig.14:06
greenkernel1does that mean I can't run a server?14:06
Guest76209That doesn't mean anything14:07
pmatulisBilge: yeah, i was looking at the same14:09
pmatulisBilge: interesting problem, let me know how you make out14:09
greenkernel1some people said 10.xx.xx.xx is a private network and usually behind a NAT. that machine could not run as a server. is it true?14:09
UnixDawgI have search the repos and the full system for the extensions14:09
UnixDawgthey are not installed and they are not in the repos14:09
acalvoUnixDawg: post in the forums, mailing lists14:09
UnixDawgso with ot them it makes ubuntu useless for our project14:10
Guest7620910.64.64.64 could be an externally accessible server, but your computer will not be thanks to your ISP's configuration14:10
VK7HSEgreenkernel1: as long as you set up port forwarding in your router it will work...14:10
Guest76209He doesn't have a router - it's wireless14:11
greenkernel1yes .. i have no router.14:11
VK7HSEOh! ok...14:11
VK7HSEforget I spoke! ;)14:11
Guest76209You'd need a land connection with a static IP14:11
greenkernel1is there any solution to switch my current network to be a static one?14:12
VK7HSEGuest76209: or a DynDNS (or similar service) to forward your IP ...14:12
Bilgepmatulis: it's not a problem, I've written init.d scripts before, I just thought I'd save myself some time, but all I did was waste it instead14:12
Guest76209VK7HSE: Won't work, he's only joining a bigger LAN which is using a 10.x.x.x gateway, which is managed by his ISP14:13
pmatulisBilge: by problem I meant finding the script online or otherwise14:13
greenkernel1That means I can't run a server with my current network?14:13
Bilgepmatulis: I assume it doesn't exist14:13
Guest76209greenkernel1: Correct14:14
Bilgepmatulis: http://doomclaw.de/index.php/2009/08/18/run-znc-at-boot-with-an-init-script/14:14
VK7HSEGuest76209: I was referring to your comment "You'd need a land connection with a static IP"14:14
VK7HSEI don't have a fixed IP (from ISP) but I use DynDNS instead! ;)14:15
greenkernel1So, no one is able to connect to me directly?14:16
Guest76209I manage a company's network as part of my work... and their ISP stopped their landline ADSL connection and said they couldn't supply it any more. They told them they can run servers on their wireless product (3 year contract), which they can't. I had to move their mailserver offsite and now I can't even remotely managed their network.14:16
aubreare there daily ISO updates? where can I get them?14:17
VK7HSEGuest76209: was that a Telstra suggestion?14:17
VK7HSEGahh! typical... maybe have a look at Internode they are very good for business plans...14:18
greenkernel1can you connect to me directly if you know my IP address?14:18
Guest76209Their ADSL started dropping out. They reconnected it multiple times but it kept dropping out almost immediately. Then they said they can't do it, despite them having used it for years before.14:18
pmatulisaubre: for karmic?14:18
Guest76209greenkernel1: No14:19
aubrepmatulis: yes, I was wanting to test the latest UEC CD install14:19
pmatulisaubre: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/14:19
Guest76209Internode wouldn't work either. They're right on the edge of the exchange reach14:19
greenkernel1okay .. you can't connect to me .. but, can I connect to you if I know your IP address?14:19
greenkernel1ham .. I can connect to you .. but why can't you connect to me?14:20
Guest76209Because when you connect out your ISP's router remembers that you sent a request. When it gets a response for that request it sends it back to you.14:21
Guest76209If I try to connect to you, I reach your ISP's router and it doesn't know who I actually want to connect to, so it won't work that way.14:21
greenkernel1you have my IP address to connect with, right?14:23
Guest76209If you went to www.whatismyip.com it would tell you the external IP of your ISP's router14:24
Guest76209Another user on your ISP's mobile service would get the same IP14:24
Guest76209And your computer's IP is a private address (starts with 10.x.x.x), so I can't connect to it14:25
greenkernel1so how does our ISP's router know what the IP address of my machine is?14:25
Guest76209You connect to it when you turn on your wireless device14:26
greenkernel1can you connect to me using that device's address?14:26
Guest76209No, it's a private address14:26
greenkernel1private address means one way traffic .. outgoing only?14:27
Guest76209Sort of14:28
Guest76209There are a few IP ranges which are officially private addresses and shouldn't be assigned publically14:28
Guest76209One is the 10.x.x.x range14:28
Guest76209My own network could use a 10.x.x.x range14:28
Guest76209And if your public IP was, how would my computer know whether I mean in my own network, or the public address?14:29
Guest76209Answer: it wouldn't, which is why private addresses aren't allowed to be assigned publically14:30
greenkernel1can you assign your machine that is not your network but, another private network?14:31
Guest76209Would be nice if you could though14:32
nijabattx: soren: still get "EC2 responded with an error for DescribeInstances" in ElasticFox connecting to a 1.6 clc...14:32
ttxnijaba: euca version ?14:33
Guest76209To connect to a specific machine in a different network you'd connect to their external address (router) on a port, say port 80 which is web traffic14:33
Guest76209Then your router forwards port 80 to a machine in the network, which is configured in the router14:33
nijabattx: 1.6~bzr931-0ubuntu314:34
Guest76209But your ISP manages their router and they won't configure a port forward just for one user14:34
ttxnijaba: that one should be alright14:34
ttxnijaba: Neil Soman upstream has been testing this, maybe he could give some insight14:35
greenkernel1okay ... so, there is no way to connect to me directly?14:35
nijabattx: is he in #eucalyptus?  what nick?14:35
ttxnijaba: no clue, you can use email though14:36
Guest76209greenkernel1: Correct, unless you got a different type of internet connection such as landline ADSL14:36
Guest76209I have to go to bed14:36
nijabattx: ok, I will14:37
greenkernel1bye Guest7620914:37
greenkernel1have a good dream.14:37
greenkernel1and good night.14:37
greenkernel1thanks a lot for your help.14:37
Guest76209Oh yes, I dream about internet routing and IP addressing14:37
uvirtbot`greenkernel1: Error: "^" is not a valid command.14:37
aubreI think the latest version is 1.6~bzr931-0ubuntu514:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #454566 in chkrootkit (main) "False positive for SucKit" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45456614:47
jdstrandzul: 453453 is not fixed. apparmor didn't cause the problem. fixing #453329 only makes #453453 noticeable. I talked to kirkland about it at length on friday. he said he was able to reproduce it, though I don't recall how14:50
zulso im gonig to set it to confirmed14:51
jdstrandzul: that sounds fine. I invalidated the apparmor task14:51
zulthanks for the heads up14:51
ttxkirkland: Depending on "ecj" instead of "libecj-java" was introducing all GCJ on the server CD, extra 25Mb. I uploaded a new eucalyptus to fix that15:06
ttxkirkland: also the release team asked me to fix urgently the transitional packages in qemu-kvm (that also resulted in breaking UEC Node install completely)15:07
ttxkirkland: bothe fixes are in, new ISo spin should arrive in the next hour15:07
kirklandttx: thanks so much15:08
ttxkirkland: hopefully everything RC should be fixed in that one -- until the next issue is found :)15:08
ttxkirkland: when you'll have caught up with email, I'd welcome a short session on euca bugs with you, to validate the RC/targets-of-opportunity nominations we have so far.15:10
kirklandttx: sounds good, give me a few minutes to catch up on email, and make some coffee15:11
ttxkirkland: i.e. what we need to solve, and what we could solve before release15:11
OmahnAny server devs free to sponsor me on bug 341256?15:11
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 341256 in unattended-upgrades "RFE: unattended-upgrades should identify host." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34125615:11
ttxOmahn: I can try to do it tomorrow if noone else gets to it before15:16
Omahnttx: That would be great, thanks. I have an evening ahead planned on reading about the MOTU processes and structure so I might have a better idea tomorrow of the procedure anyway :-)15:17
nijabattx: are we aware that the cloud controller services do not restart correctly after a reboot?15:32
ttxnijaba: define "do not restart correctly" ?15:32
nijabattx: got error trying to connect to the admin interface, add to manually restart the services for it to work15:33
ttxnijaba: bug 444352 ?15:33
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 444352 in eucalyptus "DB deadlock on reboot prevents UEC from working, temporarily" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44435215:33
ttxnijaba: please look for DEADLOCK / Resetting hard messages in cloud-output.log to confirm15:33
nijabattx: this is what I am doing15:34
ttxnijaba: if you reproduce, try to connect 6 times in a row and see if that persists15:34
ttxnijaba: and if that's the same issue, I'd raise prri on this bug (so far I was the only oen to reproduce it)15:35
nijabattx: yep, that's the case.  Trying to reprodice15:35
* ttx shouldn't try to type on two keyboards at the same time15:36
ttxnijaba: please comment on that bug if it looks the same.15:37
nijabattx: grr... can't reproduce15:37
nijabawill try again15:37
ttxnijaba: did you get those DEADLOCK things in your logs ?15:38
nijabattx: yep I did15:38
nijabattx: was rebooting after an apt-get upgrade though15:38
ttxnijaba: even if you can't reproduce, please comment on the bug, so that I don't look like the only idiot with that bug.15:38
nijabattx: nobody would ever consider you are an idiot!!15:39
ttxnijaba: yeah, right...15:39
kirklandttx: okay, bug scrub?15:43
ttxkirkland: yay15:43
ttxkirkland: at that point there is no RC-targeted bugs for eucalyptus (release blockers), and a few karmic nominations (targets of opportunity in those frozen times): bug 453456, bug 444352 and bug 45529315:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 453456 in eucalyptus "excessive logs in /var/log/eucalyptus" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45345615:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 444352 in eucalyptus "DB deadlock on reboot prevents UEC from working, temporarily" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44435215:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 455293 in eucalyptus "UEC management interface still has Eucalyptus as title" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45529315:43
* kirkland opens15:43
ttxI was about to remove the deadlock one when nijaba reproduced it15:43
ttxso I'm not sure about it15:43
ttxI think at that point it would be a SRU15:43
kirklandttx: yeah, i think we should leave that one as a placeholder for now15:44
kirklandttx: i think there is probably something wrong15:44
kirklandttx: it's probably just complex to reproduce15:44
ttxRemoving as a karmic target then15:44
kirklandttx: we may get users reporting it15:44
kirklandttx: agreed15:44
ttxkirkland: you agree that the other two may still get fixed ?15:44
kirklandttx: regarding logs ...15:44
kirklandttx: nurmi says that eucalyptus rolls its own logs15:45
kirklandttx: i didn't see anything in logrotate.d so I didn't know that15:45
kirklandttx: he says that they definitely *won't* grow indefinitely15:45
ttxyes, they do... but they are still too noisy by default15:45
kirklandttx: right, the noisy thing is related, and should also be fixed15:45
kirklandttx: i don't think it's release critical15:46
ttxkeeping it as a target of opportunity15:46
kirklandttx: if there was *no* rotation, then i think it's more importatn15:46
ttxoh its definitely not release-critical15:46
ttxbut we could still attempt to fix it15:46
ttxsince a saner conffile default is good to have out of the box15:47
kirklandttx: okay, i agree with that15:47
ttxbug 455293 is harmless and we may have another branding round anyway, so keeping it as a target of opportunity as well15:47
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 455293 in eucalyptus "UEC management interface still has Eucalyptus as title" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45529315:47
ttxkirkland: anything in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus that we might still try to fix before release ?15:49
ttxI think anything else is quite risky at that stage.15:49
kirklandttx: yeah, i was hoping friday's uploads were the *last*15:50
ttxkirkland: sorry :)15:50
kirklandttx: i don't see anything as critical as the tmpfile or the network/ip address issues we solved on friday15:50
kirklandttx: the branding stuff is perhaps 'critical' from a business perspective15:50
kirklandttx: at least that is low risk15:51
kirklandttx: as for the ecj issue, my apologies15:51
kirklandttx: at some point during my testing i realized that i only needed libecj-java15:51
kirklandttx: and i built a test package with that, but forgot to commit that into the source tee15:51
uvirtbot`New bug: #361169 in xinetd (main) "[jaunty] xinetd upgrade invokes itox incorrectly" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36116915:51
kirklandttx: my fault, very sorry15:52
ttxkirkland: just test the heck out of 20091019.1 when it's out15:52
ttxkirkland: since I couldn't do any testing today15:52
kirklandttx: okay15:52
kirklandttx: yeah, our roles have reversed :-)15:52
kirklandttx: and thanks for the qemu-kvm fix; i just took that one from james_w15:53
ttxkirkland: ok, so nothing else in that list that we might /try/ to fix before release ?15:53
ttxkirkland: yes, not your fault :)15:54
nijabakirkland: just added my comment and log to the deadlock bug15:54
kirklandttx: i'm looking...15:54
ttxjames_w can make errors, apparently. I used to think he was immune to that.15:54
kirklandttx: the dpkg-stateoverrides one is clearly wrong, easy to fix, high risk of regression; defer to lucid15:54
uvirtbot`New bug: #359473 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder crashed with NameError in deploy()" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35947315:55
uvirtbot`New bug: #378639 in vm-builder (universe) "firstlogin script can't be executed because the permission of /root directory is 0700 in the virtual machine created by python-vm-builder " [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37863915:55
kirklandttx: we do need an NC upstart script; but also should defer that to lucid15:55
ttxkirkland: if they are not nominated to karmic, they are lucid targets now15:55
kirklandttx: okay15:56
kirklandttx: the one-NIC bug kinda sucks15:56
kirklandttx: but i don't think we should touch the installer right now15:56
kirklandttx: i had a look at fixing that one; it's harder than it sounds15:56
ttxkirkland: definitely *not* a good idea :)15:56
ttxkirkland: on another subject, you have bug 443080 nominated to karmic15:57
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 443080 in mountall "ecryptfs mount does not support -f (fake mount)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44308015:57
ttxis it still something you expect to land in karmic ?15:57
kirklandttx: i'm not fixing that for karmic15:57
ttxok, removing nomination then15:57
kirklandttx: it's marked won't-fix15:58
ttxfor some reason it's appearing in your buglist15:58
kirklandttx: how do i un-nominate?15:58
ttxyou did it right, it's the mountall part that fucks the buglist up15:58
ttxkirkland: see http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-server-assigned-bug-tasks.html15:59
kirklandttx: yeah, i'll fix that upstream, at some point15:59
kirklandttx: before lucid, but not right now15:59
ttxkirkland: it appears in that list15:59
ttxas Wishlist/Triaged/KK15:59
ttxprobably a bug in the report.16:00
ttxkirkland: I opened bug 455411, and its still a target of opportunity for karmic16:01
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 455411 in qemu-kvm "Conffiles from kvm are left around on upgrade from Jaunty" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45541116:01
ttxkirkland: its a leftover of the transition packages migration as well16:01
ttxkirkland: slangasek asked me to fix urgently the RC portion of it, so I left that part out16:02
kirklandttx: okay16:02
kirklandttx: thanks for the tracker16:02
ttxkirkland: just so you know it's still a target of opportunity16:02
kirklandttx: right16:02
ttxdefinitely not release critical, since its harmless16:02
kirklandttx: i spent the second half of friday trying to fix sound in qemu-kvm16:03
ttx20091019.1 is out16:03
uvirtbot`New bug: #408298 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.5.5-1.1 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus post-installation script a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40829816:03
kirklandttx: syncing16:03
ttxkirkland: doublecheck MD5sums since sometimes the current/ link is outdated16:04
ttxI should have time to do basic testing before I stop for the day.16:05
lamontzul: 408298 is, near as I've been able to figure out, someone nuking /etc/postfix and then upgrading postfix and wondering why it doesn't work16:12
zullamont: ok *sigh* ;)16:12
uvirtbot`New bug: #327348 in kvm (universe) "keep losing ability to type in guest" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32734816:12
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uvirtbot`New bug: #321049 in ntp (main) "clock skew causes ntp failure on boot" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32104916:18
nijabaCongratulations, server team, new Gartner linux market analysis from Gartner lists us among the leading distro!16:18
nijabaGeoges Weiss to present this Gartner Datacenter Conference at the start of December16:19
ttxnijaba: \o/16:22
LordBurritoG'day.  Got some Dell 1750 rack-mount servers with PERC 4/Di RAID controllers.  Any show-stoppers on this platform with 8.04 LTS?16:48
uvirtbot`New bug: #386619 in multipath-tools (main) "*** stack smashing detected ***: /sbin/mpath_prio_hds_modular terminated" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38661916:51
addisonjmost likely no, use google to find out though16:54
addisonjonly possible problem might be the raid controllers16:54
iBLuCKy [HowTo] Fix Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04) Intel Graphics Problem and pules audio problem when i install graphic drivers?? please help16:54
iBLuCKyi tryed the other room and no one is helping me wtf16:55
addisonjthats because no one know how to help you16:55
addisonjgo back there and specify what your actual problem is16:56
addisonjthe more info, the more likely you are to get help16:56
iBLuCKythats the thing i new to linux16:56
iBLuCKyi dont know how to say it16:56
iBLuCKyeverything is fine untill i install the graphics16:57
iBLuCKythen i reboot16:57
iBLuCKyand it make me run in low graphic16:57
LordBurritoaddisonj: I'll just have to give it a go.  It's the MegaRAID controller, so it *shouldn't* be a problem, I'm told.16:57
addisonjmost likely no, ubuntu has lots of raid support drivers16:57
SyLam I able to use a 2.6.28-6-server kernel in karmic?16:58
addisonjand since it is hardware raid you should be able to use normal install, software raids need the alternate install disc16:58
LordBurritoaddisonj: Tnx16:59
ttxkirkland, nijaba: just hit bug 452556 in ISO testing17:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 452556 in eucalyptus "euca-authorize default failing" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45255617:05
nijabattx: just do a run-instance, it will work right after !!17:05
ttxyes, I saw that17:06
* soren pauses for dinner17:06
nijabawas there a known install problem for NC on 20091019?  I have a journalist that is reporting an issue17:07
* nijaba does not know how to view history on iso.qa.ubuntu.com17:07
ttxnijaba: yes17:09
ttx20090919.1 is the one to use now17:09
nijabattx: ok, thanks17:09
ttxnijaba: bug 455114 preventing Node install to succeed17:09
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 455114 in qemu-kvm "builds uninstallable package 'kvm'" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45511417:09
ttxkirkland: amd64 tests passed / added my results to the ISO tracker17:10
_BuBUHi there17:28
_BuBU I've a problems with number of group apache users belong under ubuntu... don't know if that's an issue for apache or for ubuntu17:29
_BuBU cat /proc/sys/kernel/ngroups_max17:29
_BuBUand I've several user/groups, basically 1 per virtualhost17:29
_BuBUand apache belongs to all that groups17:29
_BuBUrights on html files are user_xxxx:grp_xxxx and 0640 same for all images (jpg, ...)17:29
_BuBUbut seems first users sites are working fine.. and not after a certain number17:29
_BuBUand if I update the group to have only apache to belongs to that non working user... it is working ! :(17:29
_BuBUany idea ?17:29
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spydmobileHi folks I am still trying to get my UEC operational, the backstory is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/296974/ Can anyone point me to a next logical step?18:16
Family_Is there anywhere I can study/learn the use of ubuntu server, other than ubuntu server guide18:25
Family_or any linux manuals that would help understand using linux18:25
Family_help in ubuntu server usage18:26
pmatulisFamily_: books (there is an official ubuntu server book) and/or online courses (offered by canonical) are options18:26
Family_how much for the book, where from and do the courses cost18:28
pmatulisFamily_: courses: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=21&osCsid=034c980130591292bc3c0a2dcc42aa2f18:29
spydmobileFamily_: More here: http://www.ubuntu.com/training18:30
Family_Theres a couple of books about ubuntu sever18:35
Family_which would be the best for me with no experience of linux18:36
MagicFabFamily_,    http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Official-Ubuntu-Server-Book/Kyle-Rankin/e/978013703603518:37
Family_u sure?18:38
Family_what about http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Ubuntu-LTS-Server-Administration/dp/1430210826/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255973777&sr=1-518:40
pmatulisFamily_: i wouldn't go for a server-specific book if you're just starting out with Linux18:41
Family_yes but i must use a server specific OS18:42
Family_so isint it best to get a book that is also one18:42
spydmobileFamily_: If you are targeting Ubu Server, dont settle for one book, get a few, these mentioned above for sure....18:42
pmatulisFamily_: well, learn about the basics of Linux and then move on to server-specific material18:43
spydmobileFamily_: also if you are new to it all, then perhaps a third edition on server 8.xx is a better approach than a first edition on 9.xx18:43
Family_but im using 9.04, does things for 8.xx work for 9.0418:45
MagicFabpmatulis, Family_ the book I cited starts from zero, literally18:45
MagicFabcheck the ToC or sample chapters.18:45
pmatulisMagicFab: thank you18:46
nijabakirkland: regarding your email, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/PackageInstall would be the closest we have to that, but would need quite a bit of rewriting to cover multi-cluster18:51
holddiggaHas anyone here successfully used KVM with a VMWare disk image? I tried to boot one up and it just pegged the host CPU at 100% and never booted (I left it going overnight). I was using Server 9.04 (Intrepid).20:20
EtienneGmathiaz, kirkland: do you know if we still need to have an entry for "mailhost" on the CLC for the email to be sent correctly in Eucalyptus 1.6?20:26
mathiazEtienneG: hm - no20:26
mathiazEtienneG: technically eucalyptus tries first localhost, then mailhost20:26
mathiazEtienneG: however postfix is installed by default now20:27
mathiazEtienneG: so the first try with localhost should succeed20:27
EtienneGmathiaz, ok good - you had to on 1.5 (the clc was forwarding mail through an MX by the name of "mailhost")20:27
EtienneGmathiaz, on 1.5, it would not even try localhost20:27
mathiazEtienneG: reading through the code, it should try localhost first20:27
EtienneGso just having postfix installed was not even, you had to add an entry to /etc/hosts20:28
* mathiaz nods20:28
EtienneGmathiaz, that's good news (although it should really be configurable, if you ask me)20:28
* mathiaz nods20:28
EtienneGmathiaz, while there, what are the tags you should use on a eucalyptus-related bug?20:29
EtienneGlike, on reported against another package but related to eucalyptus20:29
mathiazEtienneG: hm - if it's a problem with an image, use uec-images20:30
mathiazEtienneG: if it's a problem with euclyptus20:30
mathiazEtienneG: use eucalyptus20:30
EtienneGmathiaz, ok, thanks, reporting a wishlist bug against d-i regarding the installer integration20:30
mathiazEtienneG: right - try to use the eucalyptus tag then20:31
zuljdstrand: thanks for testing the sru (vblade) ;)20:35
EtienneGit's weird that the cluster controller installer ask for the public IP range, but not for a private one20:35
EtienneGI guess it defaults to
jdstrandzul: heh-- I spent too much time trying to get vblade/aoe working in my hardy multipurpose vm for regression testing and didn't want someone else to do the same20:35
mathiazEtienneG: it's a debconf question - priority medium20:36
mathiazEtienneG: so won't be shown by default during the install20:36
EtienneGmathiaz, ok, I guess the default is exotic enough not to be a problem20:36
jdstrandzul: there was an article on it in Linux Journal recently, so I also updated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ATAOverEthernet for Hardy as well20:36
zulcool thanks20:36
jdstrandzul: though perhaps an SRU for adding /etc/udev/rules.d/60-aoe.rules to aoetools wouldn't be a bad idea. it isn't needed for jaunty, but aoe won't create /dev/etherd without it20:37
jdstrandzul: see my entry in the wiki for details20:37
QwellSo, apparently I'm supposed to be asking here..  I'm a little confused about why Karmic will be shipping with an RC version of Asterisk 1.6.2.  Anybody able to comment on/discuss that?20:37
sorenDaviey: ^^20:38
sorenQwell: Daviey's the mastermind behind asterisk here :)20:39
zuljdstrand: good idea20:43
EtienneGmathiaz, kirkland: the cluster controller install target ask for the private net interface *after* the dialog about the installation being finished.  Is that a known bug, or should I report it?20:47
EtienneG(have not seen it in my bugmail, but I am not subscribed to d-i)20:47
mathiazEtienneG: *after* ?20:48
mathiazEtienneG: like just before rebooting?20:48
mathiazEtienneG: are you installing from an iso?20:48
EtienneGmathiaz, yes.  You answer the question, and then it goes on to reboot.  very weird.20:48
EtienneGyes, from today's ISO20:49
EtienneGmathiaz, I understand this is an unreported bug then ...20:49
mathiazEtienneG: yes - I think so20:49
EtienneGlemme try it again in a vm20:49
aubreWhen I use the latest UEC iso on the cloud controller it configures the private interface to use dhcp - is it expecting a dhcp server of some kind to be running on the private network?20:50
aubreor do I need to manually set a static ip for it? I ask because I am trying to follow http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC20:50
aubreand this issue is not addressed20:50
mathiazEtienneG: hm - I think I know why20:50
mathiazEtienneG: do you have 2 network interfaces on the system right?20:51
EtienneGmathiaz, of course20:51
aubreEtienneG: mathiaz : I noticed this as well20:51
mathiazaubre: how many physical network interfaces do you have on your CC?20:52
aubremathiaz: 6 but I am only using 2 atm20:52
mathiazaubre: right20:52
mathiazaubre: well - the default for the installer is to setup a dhcp interface20:53
mathiazaubre: independently of UEC20:53
aubremathiaz: now I know I can set up my CC to use static private IP addressing, and I can set up static IPs on my nodes, but it needs to be clearer in the documentation20:53
EtienneGaubre, the debian installer always configure only the primary interface.  with the UEC installation target, the primary is considered to be the public facing one, and the interfaces are left unconfigured.  I *think* this is of no consequence (the CC will run a dhcp server on that interface just for instances, using the eucalyptus private net range)20:53
mathiazaubre: right.20:54
aubremathiaz: can we make it clearer in the docs/online install ?20:54
QwellDaviey: Please nick highlight me when you're around, if you could.  I'm going to try to ignore this channel.20:54
aubremathiaz: or give the user the option to set up a static address on eth1 for example?20:55
Qwell(until then, anyways)20:55
mathiazaubre: at this time of the karmic cycle documentation is the only option we have to work on20:55
aubremathiaz: ok20:55
mathiazaubre: hm - well - the UEC install will actually always set the private interface to run on dhcp if the private interface is different from the public interface20:57
aubremathiaz: also want to be sure to edit /etc/sysctl.conf and uncomment net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 too right? or is that not necessary?20:58
aubremathiaz: ok, maybe we just need to make sure that if that isn't going to work for some people that it shows up in the documentation20:58
mathiazEtienneG: could you file a bug about your issue?20:58
mathiazaubre: no - it's not needed anymore20:59
aubremathiaz: good20:59
mathiazaubre: ipv4 forward is automatically taken care of when the CC starts20:59
aubremathiaz: thanks for the help20:59
EtienneGmathiaz, yep, reproducing it first to confirm21:01
mathiazEtienneG: right - I see why it does so21:01
EtienneGmathiaz, I am starting to doubt the wisdom of defaulting to MANAGED-NOVLAN21:01
mathiazEtienneG: I'm not sure however why the prompt comes *after* the message to reboot is given21:02
EtienneGSYSTEM was so much more straightforward ...21:02
mathiazEtienneG: I think the main issue with MANAGED-NOVLAN is to get the network environment setup properly21:02
EtienneGmathiaz, I trust this bug will be shallow to cjwatson21:02
EtienneGmathiaz, indeed ... but moreover, there are external dependencies (not running DHCP on the "private" lan, etc)21:03
EtienneGmathiaz, this seems like a recipe for disaster21:03
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EtienneGmathiaz, and there is a couple of "architectural" decision to be made that really do not have a good one-size-fit-all default21:03
mathiazEtienneG: well - the default configuration assumes that the private and the public interfaces are the same21:03
mathiazEtienneG: right - the more experience we get know the better decision we'll be able to make for Lucid :)21:04
EtienneGmathiaz, you're so Zen!21:05
mathiazEtienneG: I guess that what happens when you turn 30 ;)21:05
EtienneGmathiaz, was it your birthday recently?21:06
mathiazEtienneG: yeah - like today :p21:06
EtienneGmathiaz, hey, happy birthday!21:07
EtienneGyou are not in Mtl today, right?21:07
mathiazEtienneG: I am - ask cr321:07
EtienneGdamn, i have something tonight - beer would have been good otherwise21:08
EtienneGmathiaz, I am faberglasted.  Installing a node, after the partition table change prompt, there are no other prompts (not even the last one, "installation finished, remove cd, blah, blah").  It just goes on and then reboot.21:14
EtienneGis that intended?21:14
mathiazEtienneG: yes21:15
mathiazEtienneG: the prompt for the private interface only goes on the CC21:15
mathiazEtienneG: the assumption (I guess here) is that the NC are supposed to be on their private LAN anyway21:15
mathiazEtienneG: like a CC21:15
mathiazEtienneG: hm - like a cluseter21:15
mathiazEtienneG: *cluster*21:16
EtienneGmathiaz, ok, I see, but not even "installation done, rebooting" prompt?  I mean, that's kind of unsettling21:16
mathiazEtienneG: well - that's experience we wanted to have IIRC21:16
mathiazEtienneG: as few prompts are possible21:16
EtienneGmathiaz, hurmm ok21:17
mathiazEtienneG: that being said it may be a bug/whishlist to have the 'installation done, rebooting' prompt21:17
mathiazEtienneG: file a bug :)21:18
DavieyQwell: ping?21:18
QwellDaviey: one sec21:18
EtienneGmathiaz, I got a few to file, and little time.  I will skip that one.  Surely someone else will report it21:18
mathiazEtienneG: well if everyone would think that way, we'd have zero bugs in LP :)21:19
EtienneGmathiaz, imagine, a bug-free Linux distro!21:19
QwellDaviey: I wanted to figure out why Karmic will be shipping with an RC of Asterisk21:19
mathiazEtienneG: well - I would probably loose my job then :D21:20
DavieyQwell: Well i'm really hoping it hits stable before release.  If it doesn't, i'm hoping to propose an SRU for when it is.21:21
QwellDaviey: It won't21:21
EtienneGmathiaz, that is just one step removed from saying you are purposefull yintroducing bugs for the sake of job security - I would be careful!21:21
DavieyQwell: well that was the *hope*.. Do you have any idea when 1.6.2 will be stable?21:22
QwellWhen it's ready. :)21:22
QwellI *really* don't want to have to deal with the bug reports that will come to the bug tracker if a major distro ships with an RC.21:23
EtienneGbad news is that karmic will be shipping with an RC of Asterisk.  Good news is that the Asterisk RC will get tested.  Oh well!21:23
Davieyit is my understanding that most people who use Ubuntu+Asterisk actually build from source.. which i dislike :(21:24
Qwellsure, it's great for ubuntu.  They don't have to deal with the flurry of reports of the same (known and fixed...) issues.21:24
QwellWe, however, will.  That doesn't exactly please me. :)21:24
mathiazQwell: if the issues are fixed, they can be fixed in Stable Release Updates21:24
DavieyQwell: The installation does strictly state that reports should be reported to Ubuntu fwiw.21:25
mathiazQwell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates21:25
QwellDaviey: in theory that's great, but in practice...  they go to upstream.21:25
DavieyQwell: What do you feel is the timeframe for 1.6.2 being tagged stable?21:26
QwellDaviey: when it's ready...  I can't say anything beyond that, because we simply don't (and can't) know21:26
erichammondttx, smoser: I regularly browse the EC2 meta-data tree manually to see what values are available.  I would miss this ability if I were using Eucalyptus.21:27
DavieyQwell: Well the options are, either ship rc* and propose an SRU when it hits stable / or revert to an earlier stable release.21:28
DavieyIt is worth noting, that the -server team feels that non LTS versions are "technology previews" for an LTS..21:29
DavieySo many suggest that non-lts releases aren't used for critical tasks21:29
Qwellthe -server team doesn't have to handle all the bug reports upstream gets. :)21:30
DavieyAll my PBX's are nstill Hardy.21:30
DavieyQwell: What timezone are you on btw?21:30
Qwellcentral US21:31
DavieyQwell: The banner is customised to be:21:33
DavieySo, i ereally was trying to shield you from bugs..21:34
DavieyThe hope is to triage them in Ubuntu, and forward them upstream when it is confirmed, and the correct information is provided.21:34
DavieyQwell: I'm keen to try and get a good working ethos with upstream on this.21:35
DavieyI should really dash, I'm on UTC+1 and family commitments mean i'm getting my ear bending at the moment.21:36
DavieySo if we can thrash this out tommorrow, I would really appreicate it.21:36
QwellDaviey: that's fine..  you can msg me or I'll be in #asterisk-dev21:37
smosererichammond, but do you know of any tools that would expect that index on / or /<api-version>21:38
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erichammondsmoser: Yes, wget, curl, GET, etc.21:39
erichammondI'm not saying it should be more important than "Low", but I'm agreeing that API compatible should be compatible.21:40
aubrewhee after setting up static IPs, nodes were detected no problem by euca_conf21:40
aubreI like the new services page :)21:42
aubresweet, the new setup was super easy, except that I had to set up my static IPs on my private network. Good work folks :)21:46
aubreI'll be testing EBS/SC support tomorrow21:46
jjohansensmoser: I have uploaded some new test kernels using just minimal config changes Bug #42869221:47
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 428692 in linux-ec2 "ec2 kernel needs CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=y and other config changes" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42869221:47
aubreI'll wait till tomorrow to register images :)21:48
aubreI could ask Mark Spencer about Asterisk. He's a friend.21:56
aubreI dropped Mark an email. I'll let y'all know what he says.21:59
smoserjjohansen, thanks.22:00
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ruben23root@Dbase:/usr/src/astguiclient/trunk/www# cp /usr/src/astguiclient/trunk/www/agc/ /var/www22:02
ruben23cp: omitting directory `/usr/src/astguiclient/trunk/www/agc/'22:02
qman__ruben23, -r22:04
ruben23qman__:  ive done it with -a22:04
* soren calls it a day22:12
ruben23hi anyne done performance tuning of kernel to optimize ubuntu server.>?22:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #452900 in asm2 (main) "Please run testsuite during build" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45290022:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #452926 in c3p0 (main) "Warnings during build" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45292622:46
uvirtbot`New bug: #452939 in cglib2.1 (main) "Please run testsuite during build" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45293922:46
nijabaFirst version of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/ElasticFox completed. Feel free to add to it.23:12
* nijaba -> bed23:12
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cjwatsonmathiaz: is anyone in a position to test a fix for Etienne's question ordering bug, if I provide one? It would involve some manual messing around in d-i23:17
mathiazcjwatson: yes - I should be able to test such a fix23:17
mathiazcjwatson: however - how important is this to get it fixed in karmic for release?23:17
cjwatsonthat's up to you guys I think23:18
cjwatsonit's a wart23:18
cjwatsonI wouldn't expect it to be a fatal wart23:18
mathiazcjwatson: right - It seems to be cosmetic23:19
mathiazcjwatson: it doesn't break things23:19
cjwatsonwell, if you decide you're interested, branch pushing up to lp:~cjwatson/eucalyptus/question-ordering at the moment23:20
mathiazcjwatson: oh cool23:21
cjwatson... actually, I was just writing out directions and realised that it's painful to test23:21
mathiazcjwatson: right - a new iso needs to be respun IIUC23:21
cjwatsonnot actually true23:22
cjwatsonbut it's more fiddly than usual23:22
phoenixzAnybody here who could tell me if ubuntu can use fibreoptic cards?23:22
phoenixzTo be specific, lspci gave me this : Fibre Channel: Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. 415 4Gb/815 8Gb PCIe FC HBA (rev 01)23:22
cjwatsonI think what you can do is build the package, put the udeb somewhere wgettable, write a preseed file that says 'd-i preseed/early_command string wget http://url/to/eucalyptus-udeb_1.6~bzr931-0ubuntu7_i386.udeb && udpkg -i eucalyptus-udeb_1.6~bzr931-0ubuntu7_i386.udeb'23:23
phoenixzI have multiple of those and need to get them to work with powerpath23:23
cjwatsonbut then the tricky bit23:23
cjwatsonyou have to start the installer in expert mode, run through it until right before the "Select cloud installation mode" menu item, *but then* scroll down the menu and select "Download debconf preconfiguration file"23:24
cjwatsonafter that, you can select "Change debconf priority", set it back to high, and continue as normal23:24
cjwatson(obviously I meant 0ubuntu8 not 0ubuntu7, you get the idea)23:24
mathiazcjwatson: right23:24
mathiazcjwatson: thanks for the instructions - I'll paste them in teh bug23:25
mathiazcjwatson: and will try to find hardware to test the fix23:25
KentukyCan anybody help me with streaming my music collection?23:25
cjwatsonmathiaz: if you regard it as purely cosmetic, though, perhaps we shouldn't waste time on it23:25
mathiazcjwatson: well - I'll discuss this with kirkland and ttx23:26
mathiazcjwatson: and we'll decide whether it's worth getting into the release23:26
KentukyI'd really like an answer that'll allow my windows pc and linux laptop access my ubuntu server.23:26
cjwatsonmathiaz: branch finished pushing23:29
mathiazcjwatson: great - thanks!23:29
uvirtbot`New bug: #455873 in apache2 (main) "mod proxy causes duplicate query strings when nocanon option is used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45587323:39
Kentukyanybody here use gnump3d or mpod?23:40
The2morrowManDoes Ubuntu 9.10 promise to bring anything to the non-cloud server arena over 9.04?23:45

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