DanaGIs xorg-edgers supposed to have a mismatch between core and evdev versions?01:01
DanaGooh, you can suspend and resume now!  sweet!02:24
DanaGMouse cursor disappears on resume, though.02:24
DanaGoops, meant that for #nouveau.02:26
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jnevesanyone else having problemas with 2.9.0-1ubuntu2~xup~1 in jaunty?08:49
jnevesxserver-xorg-video-intel in x-updates08:50
hyperairwhat problems?08:52
jneveshyperair: failing to start X with a virtual of 2048x2048 claiming not enough memory from the video card08:58
jneveshyperair: and when I remove the virtual, it seems to start gdm somewhere else - I hear the drums but the screen is all black08:58
jneveshyperair: Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller in a Dell Latitude D61009:00
hyperairhmm O_o09:01
hyperairnever heard of a problem like that09:01
* hyperair uses 96509:01
* hyperair uses xorg-edgers09:01
jneveshyperair: it was the latest build on x-updates09:05
jneveshyperair: the black screen is a regression09:05
hyperairwell poke sarvatt.09:05
hyperairwhen he's around, that is09:06
hyperairi think he's the one who uploads these09:06
* hyperair has nothing to do with X or its drivers09:06
jneveshyperair: I've gone back to the distribution ones - they just stop playing video at virtual widths over 204809:06
jneveshyperair: Tormod Volden09:06
jnevesaccording to launchpad09:07
hyperairi see09:07
jneveshyperair: thanks09:07
hyperairhmm come to think of it i haven't seen/heard from sarvatt for some time.09:08
hyperairwhat happened to him i wonder?09:08
jneveshyperair: sorry, just a user here - can't help you with that09:19
hyperairi was just wondering aloud09:20
tormodjneves, with 2.9.0-1ubuntu2~xup~1 you were probably running the vesa driver, try ~xup~314:55
jnevestormod: ok, will try later - project delivery at the moment - thanks - will give you feedback as soon as I have it15:05
tormodhi albert23, thanks for following up those intel/x-updates/xorg-edgers issues16:20
tormodI think I have sorted them all out now16:20
albert23tormod: no problem16:22
tormodwhat is the preferred way to create a minimal xorg.conf?19:45
tormodor, if it only contains a Device section, will it be used?19:46
tormodjcristau, thanks19:47
tormoddo you know if it is still true that "The  Identifier and Driver entries are required in all Device sections." ?19:50
jcristauit is19:50
Duke`you just want to put options in the device section?19:50
Duke`don't you need also a Screen and a ServerLayout sections?19:51
Duke`for a minimal xorg.conf19:51
tormodjcristau, is there a package with xcb-dri2?22:29
tormodintel trunk wants it for building xvmc22:31
jcristauit's only in xcb-proto and libxcb master22:31
tormodsince 5 hours ago... :)22:33
tormod(sigh) it's getting harder and harder to track intel development...22:34
jcristaubah.  who needs xvmc anyway22:35
tormodI don't know, is there no big deal to drop it?22:35
jcristaudropping it temporarily until the xcb part is released is fine imo22:36
tormodthanks, I'll do that. just was worrying about the uproar from xvmc fans22:38
bryce__tormod, as long as xvmc works in the distro itself I would think they'd be ok22:39
bryce__tormod, and there's plenty of time before we would think about pulling new intel bits into the distro (bug would be worth tracking tho)22:40
tormodok, pushed xvmc-free -intel to xorg-edgers :)22:46
jcristauwhat server does edgers have?22:50
jcristauno 1.7 yet then?22:51
tormodsarvatt was looking at it in his xorg-testing ppa but he hasn't updated it for quite some time22:53
tormodwe were talking about following trunk instead, but wait for Lucid Lynx22:53
jcristaui should get a ppa with my udev branch in it :)22:54
tormodthat's a branch of xserver 1.7?22:58
tormodoh http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~jcristau/xserver/log/?h=libudev I guess22:58

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