nigel_nb_enatom_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/23536300:00
enatom_nigel_nb_, would i need to restart my laptop, after applying such changes ?00:00
nigel_nb_enatom_: thats the link to bug00:00
nigel_nb_enatom_: they've never closed it00:00
tdizzle86Is there anyone that can help me install a netgear wireless adaptor in ubuntu 8.04?00:01
Billiardtdizzle86: what model number, lspci might tell you00:01
sblunixtdizzle86: I've not used one before, but I don't think it's too complicated of a prospect00:02
tdizzle86Its a usb wn121t00:02
EnissayHi guys, how can i extract a rar file with unrar in a folder with same name and in same diractory?00:02
sblunixtdizzle86: may I recommend https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported00:02
Deathcorecan someone help me with ubuntu 9.10 netbookremix? I use the netbookremixdesktop and want to rename a application!00:03
harjotare there any credit card systems for linux?00:03
harjotsomething that people type in a pin etc... and stores "money" (its a little game that would be more fascinating if this was possible)00:03
harjoti started this fun thing for my family, which is fake papaer mooney00:03
harjotim stuck on the part where they have to enter the number i put on their card00:03
harjotand im not very good at c/ but am alright at bash00:03
harjotim trying to get the people in my family easy accress to a sort of ccredit card bank system ting00:04
Stumpiehello, I am trying to get onto the usenet, does ubuntu have a usenet server I can log into? all the free ones on google are invalid TIA00:04
harjotbut dont know how to go about it00:04
jarHas anyone noticed that Firefox and QT apps maintain the default freetype settings despite changing them in GNOME?00:04
jarIn Karmic anyways00:04
claude47_harjot mean card reader.. -_- ?00:04
Halitech!9.10 | jar,00:05
jarIf anyone knows how to make Firefox follow GNOME's freetype settings let me know. ;)00:05
ubottujar,: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:05
harjotnaaa.. to expensive, more like user input since they get excited when they have to be ''involved''00:05
jarubottu, Thanks.00:05
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:05
tdizzle86I tried to use ndiswrapper to install the adapter.  The driver is installed, but wlan0 doesnt appear when I ran ifconfig.00:05
jarer, Halitech00:05
Take0nis there a tool for resizing images that's only for that purpose? terminal based or not.. I just don't want to open gimp for 100 images if I want to resize them all at once..00:05
Goosetovwhen I install compiz , it doesn't show up in system/preferences ...what gives ?00:05
harjotubottu, lol00:05
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:05
harjotubottu, omg00:05
erUSULTake0n: mogrify or convert from imagmagick package00:06
harjotubottu, omg00:06
harjotubottu, annoy00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about annoy00:06
harjotubottu, annoyed00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about annoyed00:06
erUSUL!ccsm > Goosetov00:06
claude47_ndiswrapper install driver but u need original sys driver setup file install it..00:06
ubottuGoosetov, please see my private message00:06
mobi-sheepharjot: Having them typing in numbers manually -- There always are typos.  Card reader!00:06
harjotubottu: hello00:06
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:06
Take0nerUSUL, so I have to install imagmagick and then mogrify?00:06
IdleOne!botabuse > harjot00:06
ubottuharjot, please see my private message00:06
erUSUL!fishing | harjot00:06
ubottuharjot: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:06
claude47_when is installed can ifconfig wlan0 up..00:06
Deathcoreis someone in here that use ubuntu netbook remix? pm me!00:06
mobi-sheepDeathcore: Ask the real question.00:06
erUSULTake0n: no imagemagick only. that will install the two binaries convert and mogrify00:07
harjotno card reader00:07
Deathcorecan someone help me with ubuntu 9.10 netbookremix? I use the netbookremixdesktop and want to rename a application!00:07
harjoti cant get one00:07
harjotand i want them to type in slightly shorter numbers00:07
Take0nit seems I have already installed imagemagick.. how do I launch it?00:07
harjotthan real ones00:07
Goosetoverusul, thanks boss00:07
harjotabout 4-7 didgite00:07
DaZTake0n: it's a bunch of console apps ;f00:07
claude47_random rumber ?00:07
sblunixdeathcore: may I recommend #ubuntu+100:07
erUSULTake0n: convert and mogrify are cli utilities00:07
mobi-sheepDeathcore: Right-Click on the app and Properties? Change the name.00:08
Take0nooh I see00:08
shaunhey guys im using gnome and the thing keeps locking up00:08
Take0nthanks erUSUL :)00:08
harjotso any ideas?00:08
shaunhow do i remove and reinstall gnome?00:08
claude47_gedit is leafpad smaller ?00:08
* harjot waits00:08
mobi-sheepclaude47_: Leafpad is smaller in filesize. Leafpad --> 705k    Gedit --> 2,122k00:09
EnissayHi guys, how can i extract a rar file with unrar in a folder with same name and in same diractory?00:09
claude47_harjot try echo $RANDOM get 1-32k  :P00:09
claude47_thx mobi00:09
Deathcoremobi-sheep: when i rightklick there is only open and remove :]00:10
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mobi-sheepDeathcore: I see. How about Main Menu under Preferences?00:10
erUSULTake0n:  for f in '*.jpeg'; do mogrify -options $f; done00:10
claude47_what jpg script you makeing ?00:11
harjotclaude47_: lol that will work for making numbers up manually even though i could do it myseld00:11
harjotso now im stuck00:11
mobi-sheep!enter | harjot00:11
ubottuharjot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:11
hsarciis there any possible way to tweek the power settings even more? something similar to kde's power manager perhaps?00:12
ubuntnewi have 2 ubuntu computers on a home network, but they can't see each other.  Any help would be appreciated00:12
harjotmobi-sheep: i have now read that you will take every opportunity to !ubottu against people00:12
erUSULTake0n:  drop the '' ;) → for f in *.jpeg; do mogrify -options $f; done00:13
claude47_u need same ip address makeing seeing ohters like 192.168.0.x ips00:13
Billiardubuntnew: can they ping eachother00:13
harjot!botabuse > mobi-sheep00:13
ubottumobi-sheep, please see my private message00:13
harjot!botabuse > mobi-sheep00:13
harjot!botabuse > mobi-sheep00:13
harjot!botabuse > mobi-sheep00:13
FloodBot2harjot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
ubuntnewyeah.  which has me more confused00:13
mobi-sheepharjot: Because you're wasting our time with your silliness.  The message 'f' and '.' does not contribute to anything.00:13
harjotf refers to the spelling correction00:14
kozhi people, i need convert menu items from KDE to Gnome, it is possible?00:14
sblunix!kick harjot00:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kick harjot00:14
sblunixlol :P00:14
harjotand how do you quote ''our'' time ?!?00:14
Halitechharjot, not to mention that I doubt most see what you are trying to do as being an ubuntu issue other then you are running ubuntu00:14
claude47_ubuntnew "ifconfig eth0 192.168.0.x netmask broadcast 192.168.0.x" try this..00:14
harjot!kick harder sblunix00:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:14
harjot!kick-harder sblunix00:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:14
andre__j #ubuntu-de00:14
claude47_i using this seeing xp->ubuntu..00:15
erUSULandre__: /j #ubuntu-de00:15
claude47_and charing ics and files..00:15
sblunixharjot: I'm afraid we're not really scripters here, and this isn't really an Ubuntu glitch, why not try the ubuntu forum for coding help?00:15
harjotuve said...00:15
harjotBut do you know of any programs00:15
harjotthat i could change and fiddle with00:16
harjotmain components should be something like00:16
harjoton the server00:16
harjotshould be:00:16
harjota thingy that shares the info about money etc.. and passwords..00:16
kozanyone can help me? i need converter KDE 3.5 items menu, to gnome menu00:16
mobi-sheepharjot: Please keep everything on one line.  It's less annoying that way.00:16
harjotan online databsase whihc might work00:17
erUSULharjot: really move to #ubuntu-offtopic. unless you have a real support question00:17
ubuntnewthe only network that shows is windows... but there isn't a win network00:18
harjotis there a program or something that makes designing webpafges easy, since i have a thought about working this thing00:18
sblunixharjot: why not try www.webs.com?00:18
Jordan_U!html | harjot00:18
ubottuharjot: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/00:18
sblunixwithout the ? mark -_-00:18
harjotokay i will try]00:19
claude47_i have one but i try remember that name..00:20
claude47_frist letter is n... -_- only 3 letters..00:20
sblunixGoosetov: ?00:20
harjothow would i run an apache server on the computer here and make it like webs.com except that i use the webs.com thing to make it?00:20
claude47_web making program..00:21
puffAnyoneknow mencoder?00:21
mobi-sheepclaude47_: KompoZer00:21
claude47_harjot cannot be 2 same address in dns...00:21
sblunixharjot: None of us know, this is NOT an HTML or web support IRC, this is an Ubuntu IRC, may I recommend some googling?00:21
claude47_no smaller name..00:21
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AriadnaXhello, how do i use unallocated space in my disk  (got dual boot). I want to expand my "/" partition00:21
harjotsblunix: im doing that at the same time00:21
claude47_n x x...00:22
mobi-sheepclaude47_: http://net2.com/nvu/00:22
claude47_yeah thx00:22
Take0nerUSUL, thank you very much!!00:22
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:22
hsarciis it possible to do finger print login?00:22
erUSULTake0n: no problem00:22
mobi-sheepclaude47_: Wrong link (spam).  This is correct --> http://www.nvu.com/00:22
haven489i am test that right now00:22
erUSULTake0n: cli powa! XD00:22
puffI'm trying to use mencoder to compress a video downloaded from a tivo, I get:  Too many video packets in the buffer: (1046 in 8405100 bytes). Maybe you are playing a non-interleaved stream/file or the codec failed?00:22
Take0nyeah! :P00:23
claude47_puff try cache ?00:23
ZloboMiR_82another question00:23
puffclaude47_: Hm?00:23
claude47_normal cache is about 1024 *8...00:24
mnemonicaHey, anyone care to help me with some sound issues involving JACK, qsynth, vkeybd, and the like?00:24
ZloboMiR_82How to change my default encoding ubuntu-wide? Like Regional Settings in Windows? I would like CP-125100:24
claude47_but it can change too..00:24
erUSULmnemonica: probably more help in #ubuntustudio00:24
mnemonicaHmm, alright. Thanks erUSUL, I'll take a gander over there. :)00:24
erUSULZloboMiR_82: cp-1251 is a windows thing00:24
ZloboMiR_82No, it is not :)00:25
ZloboMiR_82windows-1251 is a windows thing00:25
ZloboMiR_82It is just the code page number00:25
ZloboMiR_82Just not all apps allow to set it00:26
claude47_mencoder -cache 1024 puff try.. :P00:26
ZloboMiR_82And it is annoying00:26
quimkaosis it this dificult to do a simple thing like using a dual monitor system in ubuntu?00:26
=== dennisp is now known as dennisP
mobi-sheepquimkaos: no.00:26
=== PhantomLink is now known as ^Phantom^
mobi-sheep!dualmonitor | quimkaos00:26
ubottuquimkaos: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama00:26
puffclaude47_: Thanks.00:26
erUSUL!xinerama | quimkaos00:27
ubottuquimkaos: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead00:27
^Phantom^I have created a two-part archive with File-roller.  It is in 7z format.00:27
ZloboMiR_82Hi Phantom00:27
sparkyhey, we're trying to dig into ubuntu for the first time, the default client download distribution. Does it support live boot or is it installation only?00:27
fearfulWhat's the wine IRC channel?00:27
puffclaude47_: Hm, same error...00:27
sparkythe one called desktop00:27
^Phantom^it named them file.7z.001 and file.17.002 though00:27
quimkaosi'm trying for 1 hour or more... i succeded and rebooted and no dual monitor again....00:27
erUSULsparky: is a livecd00:27
erUSULfearful: #winehq00:28
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:28
sparkyok, so it can do both live and installation correct?00:28
ZloboMiR_82sparky: It supports live boot00:28
sparkyit can do both right?00:28
mobi-sheepsparky: If you're downloading Live Desktop, then it's a livecd.  Ubuntu comes in multiple ISO tailored to different needs.00:28
erUSULsparky: yes00:28
^Phantom^will others be able to open that archive after I send both parts to it?00:28
mnemonicaHey, erUSUL, the ubuntustudio channel is kind of dead at the moment. Know of any other sound geek hotspots?00:28
Halitechquimkaos, did you set it up on a live cd?00:28
sparkythank you guys!00:28
ryan_join #winehq00:28
^Phantom^Or do i need to rename the first one file.7z without the .001 part?00:28
Halitechquimkaos, did you install the driver for your video card?00:28
erUSULmnemonica: no; sorry. maybe there is jack or alsa spcialized channels00:28
quimkaosi keep geting the same error00:29
ZloboMiR_82Sorry for spamming, what about changing the default encoding? :P00:29
quimkaosyes hali00:29
douglanyone know the keys to control snes9x games?00:29
^Phantom^fileroller doesn't open them :(00:29
claude47_"mencoder tivo://tivohost/1544095 -ovc divx4 -oac mp3lame -o stream.avi  "00:29
mnemonicaerUSUL, alright, thanks. I think there's an ALSA channel on another server. I'll poke around there. Thanks again.00:29
Halitechquimkaos, what error are you getting and what video card do you have?00:29
quimkaoscan' write the config file00:29
trism!locale | ZloboMiR_8200:29
ubottuZloboMiR_82: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf00:29
quimkaosunable to create new x config00:30
ZloboMiR_8210x trism00:30
claude47_if mencoder dont help try ffmpeg..00:30
mgolischquimkaos: nvidia-settings?00:30
ubuntnewany more thoughts on my wireless issue?  can ping, but they are not visible to each other00:30
erUSULmnemonica: there is an alsa channel here00:30
mgolischquimkaos: run it using gksu00:30
ZloboMiR_82permissions | quimkaos00:30
mgolischquimkaos: like gksu nvidia-settings00:30
claude47_ubuntnew wireless need lot settings..00:30
quimkaosnow it's saved ("i think")00:32
quimkaosreboot time00:32
ZloboMiR_82ok, read the --usage for locale. Please gimme the right command for cp-1251. Don't want to s*rew smth :)00:32
DaZrebooting for xorg00:33
* DaZ lol'd ;f 00:33
ubuntnewjust went wired on both boxes and still the same result00:33
^Phantom^Are there any archive programs for ubuntu that can create split archives with the filename.part.{ext} style?00:33
mgolischubuntnew: visible in what way?00:33
DaZ^Phantom^: 7zip00:33
^Phantom^rather than filename.{ext}.001, etc style00:33
claude47_then is need firewall settings..00:33
erUSUL^Phantom^: use split00:33
^Phantom^I created a 7z with fileroller and i can't open the split one.00:34
ZloboMiR_82Phantom: There should be a bulk rename, however this is a step more00:34
ubuntnewi have folders set to share on both boxes, but they don't show up.  Network only has the "Windows Network" which doesn't exist, showing00:34
mgolisch^Phantom^: what did you use to split it?00:34
claude47_iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport -s 192.168.0.x --destination-ports 445,135,136,137,138,139 -j ACCEPT00:34
^Phantom^mgolisch: File roller00:34
claude47_ubuntnew firewall block normal share folders..00:35
claude47_but iptables change, can change that...00:35
Billiard^Phantom^: you could create a script to change numbing format of all the files00:36
ZloboMiR_82trism, pls give me the command for cp-1251. Can't understand the command help00:36
w3rd_OOXML support for openoffice, anybody got suggestions?00:37
erUSULmcce11: /j #winehq00:37
ZloboMiR_82mccell:  /join #wine00:37
cavalcanteBoa noite00:37
DaZZloboMiR_82: winehq [;00:37
erUSULw3rd_: it is supported afaics. not that i use it much but the support to open office 2007 docx is there00:37
erUSUL!br | cavalcante00:38
ubottucavalcante: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:38
cavalcantegostaria de saber se podem me ajudar, estou com um erro quando abro o gerenciador de pacotes00:38
dragonWhy would ntp daemon not keep the time in sync as expected? http://pastebin.com/f2fd0611700:38
erUSULcavalcante: vaia a #ubuntu-br00:39
ZloboMiR_82hablad ingles por favor00:39
w3rd_erURSL: for .docx sure, but im running into issues with pptx00:39
erUSULcavalcante: Obrigado00:39
w3rd_Presentation gurps, and afiak ubuntu versions have issues..00:39
mgolischdragon: does it sync with some timeservers at all?00:40
dragonmgolisch: looks like it never did00:40
sblunixw3rd_: if you want, zamzar.com is very useful for conversion when all else fails00:40
w3rd_hmm.. have to check it out..00:40
mgolischdragon: did you configure it to do so?00:41
w3rd_was hoping that i could use something withing openoffice as i plan to roll out for multiple users00:41
mgolischdragon: like did you set any timeservers in its config file?00:41
dtrane33hey for some reason i am not all my other desktops are grayed out in the bottom right hand of the screen and i can only open one desktop?00:41
hikenboothello I have a radeon 7000 and was wondering for game support on wine crossover cedega scumvm , etc. am i better off using the propriatary ati driver or the open source driver?00:41
dragonmgolisch: /etc/ntp.conf looks normal, with 0.us.pool.ntp.org, 1.us.pool.ntp.org etc. listed in it.00:41
erUSULhikenboot: for such an ld card i think that the free radeon driver is your only option.00:42
DesmondOn a scale of 1 to 10 how stable would you all consider Karmic?00:42
mgolischw3rd_: what do you expect? not even ms manages to do it right. office 2007 document will never look the same in and older office even when using their converter packt thing00:42
Halitechhikenboot, if you are using 9.04 then the open source driver is your only option00:42
hikenbooterUSUL I have an option to downgrade the xserver as well00:42
dragonDesmond: 8.300:42
ZloboMiR_82dragons: Editors or users score? :P00:43
hikenbootdoes the open source driver run opengl?00:43
Desmonddragon, would you say thats enough for a switch? or would you suggest waiting it out for a bit?00:43
erUSULhikenboot: yes in a 7000 it will00:43
ZloboMiR_82I would suggest waiting00:43
hikenbootok thanks so i should be able to get games and the dynamic destop working00:43
ZloboMiR_82When it is ready, it won't be "Not recommended for production machines"00:43
dragonDesmond: if you have time to fix things if they break, then go ahead.00:44
mgolischdragon: hm, id ntpdate then start ntpd, but still if your time looses time too quickly ntpd wont be able to fix it00:44
Desmonddragon, thanks00:44
mgolischaehm your clock00:44
hikenboothad a problem due to opengl getting some of the games such as Last Chaos working and was hoping this would solve the problem00:44
mgolischmust suck to be a ati user00:45
PlainFlavoredis anyone else having their system hang on shutdown with 9.04?00:45
BoxMagnetwhat is the command to copy a whole partition to a new disk?00:45
dragonmgolisch: did that. I'm concerned about ntpd losing time again.00:45
PlainFlavoredabout half the time i have to hard shutdown00:45
erUSULBoxMagnet: use partimage ?00:45
mgolischdragon: is this real hardware?00:45
mgolischdragon: i often had timekeeping problems with virtualisation software00:46
erUSULBoxMagnet: or play with dd (at your own risk ;D)00:46
claude47_some know http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/sapphire_hd4870_vapor_x/ is good display card ?00:46
dragonmgolisch: it's real.00:46
dsnydersPlainFlavored, I don't need 9.04 for that.  I just need to leave ktorrent and firefox running long enough.00:46
w3rd_sblunix: zamzar, nice recommendation00:46
BoxMagneterUSUL, im getting a sata disk soon want to copy ubuntu from my old ide to it.00:46
BoxMagnetgoing to be on a pci-sata card00:46
mgolischpartimage or maybe just do filelevel backups using tar or rsync00:47
dragonmgolisch: time difference in my machine could be attributed to a day-long power outage a week ago, but that should have been covered up.00:47
=== banister`sleep is now known as banisterfiend
claude47_dd best way copy hh old to better hh tryed and worked..00:47
kennyHHow do I know the last Eclipse version available for Ubuntu ?00:47
BoxMagnetyea what is wrong with DD i have used it in the past00:47
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.00:47
sblunixw3rd_: just trying to help00:47
dragon!info eclipse | kennyH00:48
ubottukennyH: eclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 126 kB, installed size 420 kB00:48
erUSULBoxMagnet: is easy to foot yourself in the foot but if you are comfortable using it go for it00:48
savidI've popped in the ubuntu 9.10 live CD to check it out on my laptop, and my laptop doesn't last very long due to it not cooling properly (it completely freezes up, my caps-lock and num-lock keys are flashing,  and the computer gets extremely hot. ).  Any ideas why this is happening?00:48
BoxMagneterUSUL, ok.00:48
sblunix!ubuntu+1 | savid00:48
ubottusavid: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:48
kennyHhow do I download it? I am facing some troubles on my actual version00:48
dragonkennyH: it's 3.2, and upstream latest is 3.5. I'd recommend downloading it and placing it in /usr/local/lib/eclipse/00:49
BoxMagnetwhats an example DD command for copying a whole disk00:49
claude47_dd if=/dev/hdx of=/dev/hdy00:50
daf_Nautilus has stopped loading on startup so I have no icons on my desktop until I open a nautilus window. Using Jaunty, anyone know where nautilus should load from so I can check that it's still there?00:50
erUSULBoxMagnet: dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sdy <<< not so comfortable after all ;)00:50
claude47_copying means how fast your harddrive is it..00:50
BoxMagneterUSUL, dd if=/dev/hdx of=/dev/hdy00:51
BoxMagnetdd if=/dev/hdx of=/path/to/image00:51
dragonkennyH: visit eclipse.org for help downloading it. Pick the linux version for your architecture, download it, untar it, and mv it to /usr/local/lib/00:51
claude47_Restore Backup of hard disk copy00:51
BoxMagnetcomfortable ;-D just rusty00:51
erUSULBoxMagnet: if you are doing an image yes00:51
BilliardBoxMagnet: you should only copy one disk to another if the disck are exactly the same00:51
BoxMagnetBilliard, they are not, but i want to copy ubuntu from one old IDE to a new SATA II00:51
BoxMagnetuse part image instead?00:52
claude47_then is00:52
BilliardBoxMagnet: you shouldnt really use dd for that00:52
claude47_dd if=/dev/hdx of=/dev/sdx00:52
claude47_old hhd->new hhd00:52
BoxMagnetso dd wont work for 2 dif drives ?00:52
claude47_if= input of=output..00:52
dragon!who | BoxMagnet00:52
ubottuBoxMagnet: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:52
mgolischdepends smaler -> bigger00:52
BilliardBoxMagnet: it will work if it is smaller, but then you will have to resize the partitions00:52
mgolischbut not the other way arround00:52
BoxMagnetthe old is much smaller00:52
daf_BoxMagnet you can also use cp with the preserve attribs flag (boot from the cd)00:53
BilliardBoxMagnet: then it will work, after coping you will have to resize the partition to the full size of the disk00:53
claude47_ide using hda or hdb then sata using sda or sdb..00:53
BoxMagnetBilliard, ok,00:53
uiohi.mayb i know what is the problem of sys/stream.h NO such file or directory00:53
hedkandiguys if I write a bit of gnu software, how would I get someone to sponsor it?00:53
BoxMagnetim getting a promise sata pci controller00:53
BoxMagnetsaid to work by default in 9.04.00:53
kzettsquick question00:53
erUSULclaude47_: all disks use sdxx in recent (a couple of years even more) distros00:54
uiomay i know what is the cause of the error message: sys/stream.h : No such file or directory, sys/ptem.h: No such file or directory ?00:54
hedkandiwhat's ati in the context of discs?00:54
claude47_hmm sd[letter][number] right ?00:55
ech0s7i would that for one directory every files that i create have all the same permission, how can i do?00:55
erUSULclaude47_: yes00:55
daf_BoxMagnet http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Hard-Disk-Upgrade.html00:55
BoxMagnetdaf_, thnks00:55
uioany suggestion of any missing packages?00:55
L3dPlatedLinuxwas wondering how I would find dosbox config file or if anyone knows where it is?00:56
erUSULech0s7: not possible. permissiosn of a created file get set by the umask of the user/process creating it00:56
erUSULuio: libc-dev ? you have build-essential installed ?00:56
claude47_fast way copy old -> new livecd then dd fast way.. -_-00:57
BoxMagnetdaf_, very helpful, thanks. now if my pci sata cntroller works with my bios to be bootable ill be overjoyed.00:57
erUSULech0s7: you can make all files created under a folder inherit the group of that folder00:57
ech0s7erUSUL: it's possible, i have found a way: ACL00:58
BoxMagnetclaude47_, i hear ya ill probably follow that guide00:58
uioerUSUL: you mean libc-dev packages?00:58
BoxMagnetjust to be safe.00:58
claude47_-_- is only choise.. :P00:58
erUSULuio: yes00:58
uioerUSUL: which one should i select to install00:58
uioerUSUL: when i did sudo apt-get install on libc6-dev, it gives me libc-dec has no installation candidate00:59
erUSULech0s7: we where talking normal unix permissions.00:59
AstrayHow would I go about disabling my laptop speakers when I plug in external speakers?  I checked in the sound preferences under output devices and it only shows one device00:59
erUSULuio: install build-essential00:59
uioerUSUL, i just tried that and it return me already the newest version00:59
dtrane33hey for some reason i am not all my other desktops are grayed out in the bottom right hand of the screen and i can only open one desktop?01:00
erUSULuio: what program ask for that headers ?01:00
erUSUL!find sys/stream.h01:00
ubottuPackage/file sys/stream.h does not exist in jaunty01:00
erUSUL!find stream.h01:00
ubottuFile stream.h found in anjuta-common, anjuta-dev, asterisk-doc, autoconf-archive, bzr (and 237 others)01:00
quimkaosmmmm now i have 2 mouses?? 1 for eache x-screen01:00
erUSULo.0! 237 ???!!!01:01
uioerUSUL: i am compiling a test suite01:01
zroyschhow do i make an ssh/sshfs connection not timeout01:01
ech0s7erUSUL: ACL is not standard ?01:01
uioerUSUL: and this os_unixx.h file return me those error of sys/stream.h, sys/ptem.h and sys/systeminfo.h01:01
claude47_ctrl+c or quit or q or ctrl+d01:02
erUSULech0s7: is not the traditional unix permission system. is is supported recently01:02
uioerUSUL: http://pastebin.com/d64ad35ac01:02
bobinoI can't find any info on those  usb device errors: read/64, error -11001:03
uioerUSUL, how can i solve this problem01:03
AstrayHow would I go about disabling my laptop speakers when I plug in external speakers?  I checked in the sound preferences under output devices and it only shows one device01:03
erUSULuio: sorry i dunno what may be the problem01:03
uioerUSUL: any referecne which I can get some insights?01:03
dattathere is something wrong with my system, because when i select the human-clearlooks theme, it says the required gtk+theme 'human clearlooks' is not installed01:04
erUSULuio: the doc of that testsuit should list dependencies01:04
dattai just installed one with ubuntulooks, but cant find the human clearlooks theme and now because of that i cant even use aero01:04
DaZuio: what are you trying to build? ;f01:04
* erUSUL needs sleep01:04
uioerUSUL,DaZ: i am trying to run a test suite of GNU VIM01:05
lstarnesuio: vim is not a gnu project01:05
vigoerUsul> get some rest01:05
lstarnesuio: it doesn't even use a gnu license01:05
uiookie.my mistakes.but im trying to execute the vim test suite01:06
vigobobino: Trued lspci?01:06
bobinovigo: no01:07
bobinovigo:how do I go about that?01:07
bobinovigo: my keyboard and mouse are not responding when I boot ubuntu01:08
vigobobino: I am not certain if it will help, but will or may give you an idea of the pci devices and what there set is.01:08
vigobobino: What version?01:08
bobinovigo:everuthing is fine on vista01:08
bobinovigo: jaunty jackalope01:09
dattaplease anyone help me get a aero theme in my system01:09
dattai have been trying this for days now01:09
dattai am looking over from this site http://gnomestyle.blogspot.com/2007/05/make-ubuntu-look-like-vista.html01:09
=== evil is now known as Guest55167
dattaif this is not going to help me please tell me so that i could get it working01:09
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
LinuX2halfcan someone help me check to see if there's any wrong with my log? http://www.ubuntu.pastebin.com/d4de6ac301:10
vigobobino: Is your hardware listed in or on the Ubuntu Hardware page?01:10
rattbig up your self01:10
Mike_LaMarwho knows C++01:10
rattc or asm is my filed01:11
bobinovigo: what is that page, i'll check right away01:11
vigodatta: Tried compiz or desklets or such stuff?01:11
Mike_LaMarhow to tell between integer and non integer?01:11
stercordisdainfully avers that he knows C very will.01:11
AstrayHow would I go about disabling my laptop speakers when I plug in external speakers?  I checked in the sound preferences under output devices and it only shows one device01:11
dattavigo: no just that tutorial up and stuck with the emrald part01:11
vigobobino: let me pull it up, this is a fresh install....01:11
Mike_LaMarhow to tell between integer and non integer?01:12
ratti was search nasm ebook for linux  so can i get little help?01:12
shauno_Mike_LaMar: an integer is just a whole number.  1, 2, etc.  if you can count it on your fingers without bleeding, it's an integer01:12
Mike_LaMarC++ I mean01:13
vigobobino: This is a good place to start: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/01:13
Mike_LaMarshauno C++01:13
shauno_Mike_LaMar: ah, I thought that was too easy.  you got me there, I don't know how c++ handles types01:13
kzettsi installed ubunt 9.04 on my eeepc and the sound from flashplayer is rediculously low01:14
kzettsany ideas01:14
Mike_LaMarthanks Shauno01:14
bobinovigo: thanx :)01:14
kzettspcm colume is 100x01:14
vigodatta: ubottu know, but let me look it up on the forums, just saw some like thing earlier...01:14
vigobobino: You are welcome.01:14
dattavigo: i am searching over for a long time01:14
=== Shaun_ is now known as Shaun
puffHm, there's an x264 package in apt, do I still need to get and build from source according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78609501:15
kzettsany solution for my sound issue?01:15
LinuX2halfit seemed that my computer doesn't detect SMP motherboard and local apci also FWH01:15
DaZpuff: this post is old; f01:16
bobinovigo: I have a DELL computer so...I guess my hardware is not compatible01:16
puffso tha tmeans I can just sudo apt-get install ffmpeg x264?01:16
LinuX2halfwhen I restart the computer, I check the log viewer to see if there's any conflict and I found some errors that give me concerns01:16
LinuX2halfTo view the complete list: http://www.ubuntu.pastebin.com/d4de6ac301:16
vigobobino: Maybe not yet, there are always work arounds.01:17
=== g4br13l is now known as Dark_archer
bobinovigo: I would need the work arounds then...my hardware is not listed01:17
=== Dark_archer is now known as g4br13l
vigodatta: Do you have Compiz running?01:17
kzettssound colume of flashplayer is considerably lower than the other audio on my pc, any solutions?01:17
dattavigo: do i need it?01:18
LinuX2halfHas anyone found anything thats abnormal?01:18
Miles_How can I get the default cd/dvd burner in ubuntu to burn an iso image onto a dvd-rw?01:19
vigodatta: From the Forums it looks like a few or many have used Compiz to good effect.01:19
MenZaMiles_: Ask it to burn a disc image.01:19
dattaokay going to try that thanks01:19
vigobobino: is it an lspci device?01:19
Miles_It says it's not possible with the current set of plugins, MenZa.01:19
bobinovigo: quite frankly I don,t know what a lspci device is...01:20
Th_DoctorMiles_: try using k3b01:20
kzettscould someone please help me with my flashplayer sound issue?01:20
LinuX2halfit mostly like concerned that with that my computer can't detect intel cards of some sorts01:21
vigobobino: errm, uhmm http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/man8/lspci.8.html01:21
=== kzetts is now known as relapse
LinuX2halfThere's also seem to have an low memory corruption on my BIOS01:22
LinuX2halfit also seemed that there's some resource that can't be detected01:23
bobinovigo: can I type this in the command prompt of vista?01:24
zopiacwhen i try to unmount a device, it tellsme that there is a process using it. how do i see what process is using it?01:25
vigobobino: Not really, you can, but those are *nix specific, sorta. Those are for Ubuntu.01:25
LinuX2halfHas anyone viewed http://www.ubuntu.pastebin.com/d4de6ac3?01:26
andypiperzopica: you could use lsof at the command line01:26
bobinovigo: right....I can't type anything in ubuntu...my hardware is niot functionning01:26
sabat_how can I tell if I am running 64 or 32bit ubuntu? I used wubi01:26
celthundersabat_, uname -a01:26
zopiacandypiper: i tried but it didnt tell me anything. ill read the man page, brb01:26
andypiperwhere does the UNR (netbook) discussion happen - on this channel or another?01:26
MenZaandypiper: This channel.01:26
vigobobino: Try a Live-CD, or have you yet?01:26
andypipermarvellous :-)01:27
bobinovigo: did not try that though01:27
zopiacandypiper: i want to unmount the volume mounted at /media/disk-1, and i tried using 'lsof /media/disk-1' is this not right?01:27
andypiperso with Empathy being the default IM client in Karmic... and as an IRC client too... it would be nice if it wouldn't blink the status icon all the time when chat is going on in IRC01:28
bobinovigo:I'll boot with the cd and i'll be back01:28
andypiperzopiac: try lsof | grep /media/disk-101:28
quimkaoshow can i restart x without reboting?01:28
vigobobino: sounds good01:28
HodappCan I make my GNOME desktop show back up without restarting GNOME? I had to kill gnome-screensaver because after I entered my password it just sat there waiting without letting me in or telling me the password was wrong01:29
Miles__How can I erase all the data on my CD-RW when Ubuntu calls it blank?01:29
MenZaquimkaos: Open a terminal and do < sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart >01:29
Hodappand right now all that shows up is a white screen on the desktop01:29
MenZa!dontzap | quimkaos01:29
ubottuquimkaos: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.01:29
MenZaAlso, that ^01:29
zopiacandypiper: it tells me this " rhythmbox 21210     zopiac    7r      REG       8,33    5010155     5704 /media/disk-1/Pictures/12.jpg" what does this mean? that rhythmbox is trying to access it?01:29
zopiaci quit rhythmbox and lsof is not telling me anything anymore, i guess that was it . . . weird, though01:30
andypiperzopiac: yes, it look like rhythmbox is running and has that image open, or did and hasn't let go of it yet. Quit rhythmboc01:30
andypiperodd to have it pointing at an image01:30
zopiacbut i hadnt touched rhythmbox since i put the volume in... odd indeed01:31
dattacan anyone help me change my theme in gnome? i am having a pain in the neck now01:31
malcolm_0997is there any voice recognition software for ubuntu01:31
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.01:31
zopiacmalcolm_0997: yes, but it probably is hardly useful01:31
malcolm_0997how do i use it01:31
malcolm_0997and /or get it01:32
dattai want to know how to change it, because before i would just drag and drop the package in the theme manager but it doesn't work  now01:32
zopiacmalcolm_0997: google it? idk, it shouldnt be too hard to find, if you look. if you;ve already lookd, i dont know what to say01:32
vigodatta: Do you have the settings on Normal, or whatever?01:32
kennyHThank you guys!01:33
dattai have none01:33
dattawhen i put it to normal it gives me a error that it could not be done01:34
zroyschhow do i make an ssh/sshfs connection not timeout01:34
RanDom33I just bought a wireless printer... set it up.. to connect to my wireless access point.. gave it my wep key ..etc. Router gives it an Ip address of 192.168.1.x, i can print from my windows xp machine that I set it up with. How do I connect with my ubuntu laptop to get it to print?01:34
vigodatta: Right Click a space on Desktop. on top is Visual Effects.01:34
stercorMy system sometimes runs like molasses in January.  I used the System Monitor to find out where the problem might be.  Looks like it's the CPU.  I have an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 524 with Hyperthreading Technology enabled.  Is that a dog of a processor?01:34
dattavigo yeah there is does not work01:35
=== jabagawee_ is now known as jabagawee
dattasomething is wrong with my themes01:35
tvjudgeon My Jaunty box,  make a raid. It works, I reboot --its gone. Using mdadm RAID10 help???01:35
zopiachow do i check what a volume is in /dev/ ?01:35
stercorjabagawee: What does removing the underscore suffix from your nick signify?01:35
zopiaci have a flash drive connected but have no idea what its /dev/ name is01:35
vigodatta: Are a few choices there, to enable or make some work you need Compiz or Desklets, or whatever you prefer.01:36
jabagaweestercor, it means i changed from my alternate nick to my usualy nick01:36
dattadesklets would be better for my graphics card01:36
tvjudgezopiac try typing mount and see if it shows up there01:36
dattaso i would actually prefer that more01:36
stercorjabagawee: k.  I thought it might be an 'away' thing.01:37
Billiardzopiac: if you have given your flash drive a name you can use `ls /dev/disk/by-id -l`01:37
zopiacthanks tvjudge01:37
zopiacit worked01:37
vigodatta: That package is in Synaptics or can be gotten with CLI or terminal.01:37
tvjudgeyw zopiac01:37
Billiardzopiac: sorry by-label i meant01:37
tvjudgeit mounts by a thing called fuse zopiac to media/[disklabel] as the mount point.01:38
vigoI have to go work on a neighbors box now, Thank you all and have fun!01:38
ana_I am having trouble in jaunty boots up fine but when i reach the desktop the screen become white and there is nothing I can do i use alt-print-k. It happens all the tim01:38
dattatyping cli gives me a lot of options in synaptics01:38
dattanot sure which one to download though01:38
ana_My other laptop fails to go to the GUI desktop01:39
Zatchariusana_: Can you get to a different tty?01:39
ana_I tried failsafe gnome the same thing happened.01:39
tvjudgeanyway has anyone here had any luck or experience with mdadm. I made 3 raids on this box and all 3 were gone after reboot01:40
Zatchariusana_: Bootup normally to the white screen and pretty ctrl+alt+F401:40
Zatchariusana_: press*01:40
Zatchariusana_: Do you get a prompt?01:40
dattaisn't there any way please with the themes01:41
ana_Zatcharius: I can get to a terminal prompt.01:41
Zatchariusana_: Is this a fresh install?01:41
ana_no its a old install the problem started after a recent update from xorg01:42
CShadowRunCan anyone help me? I'm trying to watch a video but it says that it couldn't find a plugin to decode Windows Media Audio 901:43
ana_Zatcharius: I tried what you suggested its just giving me a blank screen.01:43
Zatchariusana_: Well get to a terminal and enter sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:43
Zatchariusana_: The problem is most likely with your video driver01:44
Zatchariusana_: Also, do you have an nvidia card?01:45
quimkaoswell i give up from this distro...01:45
ana_No I have a intel gma x3100 the one which got left out by jaunty..01:45
coz_quimkaos,  give up??01:45
MrWizeGuy1983isn't control alt backspace supposed to rest X?01:46
coz_quimkaos,  why give up?01:46
DaZ!dontzap | MrWizeGuy198301:46
ubottuMrWizeGuy1983: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.01:46
quimkaoseven to setup a dual monitor is hard01:46
coz_quimkaos,  ati or nvidia card?01:46
Mp5x11hi there01:46
Zatchariusana_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117202201:46
quimkaoseverytime i nead to modify an php file from apache i have to do SU01:46
coz_quimkaos, in terminal    nvidia-settings01:47
quimkaosi did it already01:47
Zatchariusana_: Or http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/white-screen-of-death-in-ubuntu-post-nvidia-driver-install-558913/01:47
quimkaosbut now i have 2 pointers01:47
coz_quimkaos,  go to   "X Server Display Configureation"01:47
quimkaosefects are disabled01:47
ana_Zatcharius: I am on X310001:47
coz_quimkaos,   make sure both monitors are recognized there01:47
domoalright, so i have a drive that was a dynamic disk in windows.. fdisk spits errors about it having a gpt signature.. so i took some advice earlier and used parted.. but it doesnt show any partitions, so i created a new one, and fdisk still says theres a gpt signature.. what do i do?01:48
MrWizeGuy1983thanks DaZ01:48
coz_quimkaos,  then click the secondary monitor...set the resolution  then click "Configure"  click  Twinview   then apply01:48
quimkaosthey are01:48
coz_quimkaos,  see if that is what you want01:48
quimkaosthat duplicates de same monitor01:48
coz_quimkaos,  well it shouldnt duplicate the monitor unless you have set  separate xscrens in the xorg.conf file01:49
quimkaossudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:50
jodeI just installed Ubuntu 9.04 and I cant get the sound working.  What can I do to resolve this.  The computer is an Acer Aspire 50501:50
coz_quimkaos,   is this a clean install of ubuntu 9.04  ?01:50
terryHow do I share files from a windows box running windows 7, so that I can access them on my linux box? It used to work before I upgraded to Windows 7. (big mistake)01:51
kiyourajode, did you check for sound card drivers? are you using ALSA or OSS?01:51
jodekiyoura: How do I figure that out?01:52
kiyourajode, lsmod01:52
jodekiyoura: I think I am using ALSA.01:52
Nexinityhey can some1 tell me plz how to switch the channel?01:52
crazy2kHello. I decided to upgrade to Karmic. However it's downloading at 1/4 of my bandwidth's capacity. Is there a way to make it go faster? Use a different mirror?01:52
kiyourajode, you probably have to unmute it01:52
Billiardterry: this is more of a windows question i can help you in pm if you want01:53
kiyourajode, run amixer and unmute your sound01:53
terrySure Billiard01:53
jodekiyoura: I do not understand amixer01:54
coz_jode,  in terminal type   alsamixer01:55
kiyouracoz_, that's not the same as amizer?01:55
coz_kiyoura,  not really   alsamixer gives you a sort of gui representation of sliders01:55
kiyouraoh, ok01:56
coz_jode,  if anything is muted  just  move with arrows buttons to highlight that volume control and hit the letter  "m" on the key board to un mute or mute01:56
coz_jode,   controls are done with arrow buttons01:56
jodecoz_: no channels are muted01:57
coz_jode,  ok check  PCM slider to be sure it is up01:57
quimkaosanyway of making www folder in apache workable without using SU01:57
Sonjacan a 2-way sync utility like Unison be setup to be automatic01:57
coz_jode,  use the up or down arrows to adjust the volume01:57
Sonjalike whetever i edit a file on my desktop, it resyncs with my netbook, etc.01:57
coz_jode,  also be sure that alsamixer has identified your card ...it should list it at the top01:57
jodecoz_: it is up01:57
m0r0nHey, my internet is slow on Ubuntu but faster on Windows, anyone know how to toggle the settings to make it work better?01:58
jodecoz_: Card: HDA ATI SB01:58
coz_jode,   ok you may want to go into system/preferences/sound and check what is enabled there01:58
coz_jode,  test each of the settings and use the pulldown menus to set the audio preferences01:58
coz_jode,  ok01:59
coz_jode,  I am on karmic right now and the menus dialogs are a bit different here01:59
jodecoz_: I am doing this now01:59
ZiberFrom ubuntu 9.04, I want to mount the share folder of a windows computer on my LAN. How would i do that?01:59
Krahazikok is there a way to change where Ubunto looks for software updates? For some reason it seams to be hardcoaded or something to look to my other desktop ofr its software and its making it impossible to chekc or updates or use the package manager.01:59
crazy2kHello again. I decided to upgrade to Karmic. However it's downloading at 1/4 of my bandwidth's capacity. Is there a way to make it go faster? Use a different mirror?01:59
rickasaurushi guys,  I was wondering how to start pulseaudio at startup01:59
Izinucsrickasaurus: should be automatic02:00
rickasaurusit seems to be starting with gnome instead02:00
coz_Ziber,  if no one can answer here  you might want to try the   ##linux channel for a broader infor02:00
jodecoz_: nothing worked.02:00
Izinucsrickasaurus: gnome is what you look at.. pulseaudio is a backend server02:00
coz_jode,  ok then I am going to suggest going to the   #alsa channel ...just type     /join #alsa   where you type in here02:00
rickasaurusI know but when I boot my computer and ssh in02:00
rickasaurusI type aplay -l and it shows no soundcards02:00
rickasaurusbut after I log in02:00
rickasaurusit shows both of them02:00
rickasaurusthis is in jaunty02:01
coz_Ziber,   I am a real dunce when it comes to this stuff :)  so I suggest   ##linux  channel  just type    /join ##linux  where you type here02:01
Izinucsrickasaurus: so when you boot and then ssh in have you started the gui at that point  or just turned the machine on and let it sit at the uname & password prompt?02:02
rickasaurusit's in gdm02:02
clearscreenZiber: use samba's smbmount02:03
clearscreenZiber: going to be somehing like smbmount //computer/share /your/mount/point02:03
Izinucsrickasaurus: not sure what to do from here. maybe someone else can pick it up02:03
rickasaurusI sound probably just post on the forums02:04
rickasauruss/sound/should :)02:04
noelferrreiracan anyone help me with dual monitor config? i have a second monitor (lcd TV) connected int the hdmi and i am using 'separate x screens'. however i can't move any application for that seconf monitor. even if i open some aplication in the second monitor it starts in the main monitor. how can i open aplications in the second monitor using for example 'DISPLAY=:0.1 [application]' command?02:04
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
Izinucsrickasaurus: someone here may know02:05
ziomusAny1 know good convertor avi to mpeg02:05
sblunixziomus: if you feel like outsourcing http://www.zamzar.com is fine02:06
Izinucsziomus: handbreak.fr02:06
Izinucsziomus: that is www.handbreak.fr02:06
ziomusHandbreak is bad02:07
Izinucswhy do you say that?02:07
ziomusWhen i convert movies i play it in my car it cuts02:07
rezdHandbreak works for me.02:07
Izinucsme too02:08
seljeanyone here uses ebox?02:08
coz_handbrake is  reall nice02:08
rezdI have converted movies for the iPhone with no problems.02:08
rezdBesides handbreak is only using tools to give a GUI.02:08
rezdWhat is ebox?02:09
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox02:09
coz_ziomus,  i would definitly check out handbrake02:09
rezdYou need to install libdvdcss if you want to convert encrypted DVDs.02:10
ResistolWhen buying a new laptop, what parts do I need to avoid so that flash video (youtube, hulu, etc) will play without horrible framerate/stutter/tearing?  All of my computers so far have the issue (2 laptops, 2 desktops) - is it intel?  nvidia?  linux in general?02:10
Sonjawhat's the deal with Mint linux? they are trying to make "Ubuntu, but Better" type thing?02:11
IzinucsSonja: that belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic02:11
rezdebox: I use an editor to configure the servers I work on. Is it like webmin?02:11
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
Izinucsrezd: yes02:11
ziomus_I will configurate handbreak then02:11
ronartoshow can I save my current gnome desktop settings to /etc/skel to be used by new users???02:12
Izinucsziomus: insatll the libdvdcss first..02:12
Izinucs!restricted > ziomus02:12
ubottuziomus, please see my private message02:12
Izinucs!dvd > ziomus02:12
ziomus_U didnt send me any privet msgs ;/02:13
Izinucsziomus: it's accepted when it's from ubottu.. less chatter in the channel..02:14
ziomus_Umm. How about puting few mpeg movies converted into single dvd.02:14
rezdlibdvdcss is more then just restricted. You seem to have to run a script to install it.02:14
Izinucsrezd: one of those links takes you to an ubuntu dirivitive with a repo to install it.02:15
ziomus_I have few converters02:15
ziomus_I have deve program02:15
noelferrreiracan anyone help me with dual monitor config? i have a second monitor (lcd TV) connected int the hdmi and i am using 'separate x screens'. however i can't move any application for that seconf monitor. even if i open some aplication in the second monitor it starts in the main monitor. how can i open aplications in the second monitor using for example 'DISPLAY=:0.1 [application]' command?02:15
ziomus_I think thats whst its called02:16
rezdWhich graphics card do you have noelferrreira?02:17
trismnoelferrreira: might have better luck with twinview02:17
noelferrreiradon't like twinview trism02:18
Izinucsnoelferrreira: are you using xinerama?02:18
PCTeacher012Hey, i am trying to install the nvidia propritary driver. Whenever i change in xorg.conf to make it driver nvidia and not nv, it tells me: "(EE) failes to load: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//nvidia_drv.so" Then "(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" and finally "(EE) No drivers available." What do i need to do to get it to work?02:18
noelferrreirano Izinucs i disabled it but i had the same problem with xineramq02:18
PCTeacher012i tried in terminal: "modprobe  nvidia" but it didnt work02:19
PCTeacher012it succeded but i still get that error02:19
IzinucsPCTeacher012: you need to uninstall the nvidia bits you see installed in synaptic.. then install the propriatory driver after gdm has been stopped.. you can't install it while th gui is running02:19
ziomus_Do you guys know how to burn multiple mpeg into single dvd. And be able to choose what video u want to pick?02:19
noelferrreirai just want to open VDR or mplayer and watch the full screen in the second monitor, that' all, trism Izinucs rezd02:19
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay, so how do i install it when not in GUI?02:19
voxziomus_: that's dependant on the dvd player02:19
Izinucsziomus_: check out LiVeS at www.getdeb.net02:20
fcuk112_PCTeacher012: http://www.pastie.org/66002302:20
PCTeacher012Izinucs, And should i just remove or completely remove it?02:20
=== joseph is now known as crohakon
trismnoelferrreira: no idea, I use twinview to do that02:20
noelferrreiraIzinucs, i think xinerama pans the second monitor with a lower resolution to the main monitor. i want to use native resolution in the second moinitor02:20
IzinucsPCTeacher012: ctrl+alt+F2 to get to a TTy and login.. then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop .. then if the installer is saved on the desktop.. cd ~/Desktop02:21
ziomus_I have it in my car. Its in dash kenwood 510 i think plays mpeg format02:21
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay, i will do that. Let me get the driver from their site real quick02:21
IzinucsPCTeacher012: after that it's... sudo sh Nvid<hit tab for auto completition>02:21
m0r0nHey, my internet is slow on Ubuntu but faster on Windows, anyone know how to toggle the settings to make it work better?02:21
Bruce1Hi. Having a really minor soundcard issue since I updated to 9.10 beta. Sound works fine but every now and then I just hear i really small pop/crack.02:21
PCTeacher012Izinucs, okay i will02:21
crohakonI though ubuntu used kde mainly?02:22
ziomus_Bruce i have the same thing02:22
IzinucsPCTeacher012: look at screen and irssi for irc access and termainal access with no gui02:22
PCTeacher012Izinucs, I am completely removing the nvidia-glx-71 file02:22
ziomus_Like when you play movies or sound02:22
PCTeacher012Izinucs, I have irssi installed.02:22
IzinucsPCTeacher012: good .. do you have screen installed?02:22
ziomus_Sometimes it doesnt play righr?02:23
PCTeacher012Izinucs, nope. What is that?02:23
Bruce1ziomus, its not exactly that. Sound seems to be working fine, but every now and then i hear a random pop/crack02:23
IzinucsPCTeacher012: it allows you to run irssi and switch between various terminals.. but for this install you can to that with ctrl+alt+f2 and/or F3 and/or F4.. save screen for another time to get use to .02:24
=== robert__ is now known as Drex
Bruce1I can't tell if the pop cracks are random, or if they are being triggered by some event02:24
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay, i will. Now, how do i remove .ko files?02:24
ziomus_Bruce everytime u log in to ubuntu ur sound mutes?02:25
IzinucsPCTeacher012: ?? .ko? that's typically related to kde libraries.. if your in synaptic and search for nvidia you'll see all the packages there..02:25
Bruce1Nope, ziomus that's not what happens. I think we have different bugs.02:26
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay, removed everything. Now. I have the nVidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Pro. On nvidia's driver page, in product type: legacy, there is both RIVA and TNT2. Which one do i chose?02:26
IzinucsPCTeacher012: what card do you have?02:26
PCTeacher012Izinucs, nVidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Pro02:26
PCTeacher012AGP 32MB 3D02:26
PCTeacher01232MB AGP 3D*02:27
IzinucsPCTeacher012: hang on looking..02:27
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay02:27
=== g4br13l is now known as Dark_archer
PCTeacher012Izinucs, I just want the right driver so nothing goes wrong :p02:27
=== Dark_archer is now known as g4br13l
ziomus_Anyone know since i updated to 9.10 my sound go crazy everytime i log in into ubuntu the sound mutes. The sound goes on and off   in firefox when i want to watch movie the sound goes off02:28
PCTeacher012ziomus_, go to #ubuntu+1 for 9.1002:28
=== g4br13l is now known as FUI-OWNADO
ziomus_I have the 9.04 or sometimg. Is that 9.10. I updated it from 8.1002:29
IzinucsPCTeacher012: looks like this one http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_71.86.11.html02:29
PCTeacher012#ubuntu is only for and LTS that is to now, and the most current version. 9.10 is not supported in this channel02:29
PCTeacher012Izinucs, I dont have AMD, i Have Intel02:29
PCTeacher012and ziomus_, go to about ubuntu in system02:30
PCTeacher012Read for "Thank you for using $Ubuntuversion"02:30
IzinucsPCTeacher012: hand on.. that's the 64 bit.. the amd link and driver are for the intel as well..02:30
PCTeacher012Tell me the version it says02:30
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Okay, i have 32 bit x86 computer with intel02:30
ziomus_Lol i am on my phone. Driving from pa02:31
ziomus_But its as i remember 9.0.402:31
PCTeacher012ziomus_, Oh, okay, let me know when you are at your computer *chuckle*02:31
ziomus_I think its 9.0402:31
ziomus_Something with 402:32
PCTeacher012ziomus_, then we can help you in this channel since it is 9.04 (not me in particular since i have no idea what is wong lol)02:32
=== _g4br13l is now known as g4br13l
PCTeacher012ziomus_, Then it is likely 9.04. Unlikely that it is 8.04 lol02:32
PCTeacher012Do you remember if the codename was "Jaunty Jackalope?" or not?02:32
IzinucsPCTeacher012: this should be the right one.. look at the page and on the left there is a link for "supported devices".. when that opens look at the very bottom of the list. http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_71.86.11.html02:32
ziomus_Yea 9.04 cause i uploded from 8.1002:33
malcolm_0997isi t an goood idea to install open box on ubuntu02:33
IzinucsPCTeacher012: also have you just installed? if so have you fully updated the system?02:33
PCTeacher012Izinucs, Yes, it is fully updates02:33
ziomus_Jaunty i havr02:33
quimkaoswere can i config visual effects?02:33
malcolm_0997I want to use open box buti  dont know if its an good idea02:33
ziomus_So anyone can help me withe sound02:34
trismquimkaos: System/Preferences/Appearance on the visual effects tab02:34
PCTeacher012Izinucs, http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_71.86.11.html is the one that is mine lol. I have Intel (ie the ia32)02:34
ziomus_It goes crazy the sound goes on and off02:34
=== kaie is now known as Guest66979
quimkaosther you only have 3 options02:34
episodiccan anyone tell me if crossover is working well in karmic koala?02:35
quimkaosther's no other way02:35
PCTeacher012Izinucs, and: The 71.86.xx driver supports the following set of GPUs: ... Riva TNT2 ....02:35
trismquimkaos: if you want more control you can install compiz-settings-manager02:35
=== ruben is now known as Guest83934
PCTeacher012Izinucs, So not i am going into TTY02:36
episodicanyone know anything about crossover on karmic?02:36
Flannelepisodic: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic questions, thanks02:37
trismquimkaos: sorry that should be compizconfig-settings-manager02:37
=== Mike is now known as Guest32903
quimkaosaaa there you are02:38
barqsI have two computers, one desktop, one laptop. The desktop is running windows 7, and the laptop is running ubuntu 9.04. How would I go about setting up and connecting to my windows pc from my laptop using a remote desktop connection?02:39
=== g4br13l is now known as chabak_chalom
=== eBolorama is now known as _eB
=== chabak_chalom is now known as elfuser
LinuxGuy2009Anyone have experience with Jack audio connection kit? The whole idea is to get it to run for as long as possible without clicks and dropouts right?02:41
Random832is there a way to find out what is stopping me from hibernating?02:41
crohakonHow do I get the latest nvidia drivers?02:43
crohakonOr rather, where do I get the latest nvidia drivers?02:44
DaZcrohakon: nvidia.com02:45
crohakon=) You know... I really should have thought of that...02:45
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:45
krusckeis there a word describable i can download for ubuntu02:45
crohakonOkay, next question... How do I get pandora to work? =(02:46
DaZcrohakon: pandora? ;f02:46
crohakonit does not seem to work in linux version of firefox02:47
kennyHHow do I zip a file ?02:47
cappicardthis new hard drive is too quiet... i can't even hear it working. lol abit disconcerning while booting up vista02:47
DaZWe are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S.02:47
Billiardbarqs: i believe there is a package called rdesktop for remote desktop02:47
DaZwell, i can't help you ;f02:47
cody__Izinucs: Okay, so i install the nvidia package, then ran nvidia-xconfig as sudo, and now i get this error: (Sorry for doing multiple lines, but im in TTY02:48
ari_stresskennyH: use Places > Browse to your file/dir and Righ-Click > Create Archive02:48
cody__(EE) Failed to load module "type1" no module exists02:48
cody__(EE) failed to load module "freetype" no module exists02:49
cody__(EE) Failes to load module "nvidia" No module exists02:49
DaZcody__: only lines with (WW) are really bad ;f02:49
cody__(EE) No Drivers02:49
DaZwait, wrong02:49
cody__DaZ: Haha, well, still, i can not do anything :p02:49
hipitihopIf I have a pc stalling while loading grub and then falls back to grub prompt, how can I tell what's up ?02:49
DaZcody__: modprobe nvidia?02:49
cody__so Izinucs What should i do?02:49
kennyHari_stress, thank you so much! :)02:49
cody__Daz ill try that02:49
crohakonI know when I used opensuse (just installed unbuntu over it) I had to install codex stuff to get pandora.com to work correctly. Any idea where I should look for unbuntu?02:49
DaZcrohakon: isn't pandora in flash?02:50
cody__restart x DaZ02:50
crohakonI have no idea, DaZ.02:50
ari_stresshipitihop: did you do anything like installing another OS or have abnormal power shutdown?02:50
crohakonI just listen to it... never really cared how it worked. =(02:50
krusckeis there a word descrambler ?02:51
DaZcrohakon: it's flash02:51
DaZso you don't need codecs02:52
jessehow do i get rid of a partition with gparted?02:52
=== jesse is now known as Guest95833
Holyi have a question about CrunchBang linux o.o02:52
MenZa!ubuntu | Holy02:52
ubottuHoly: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:52
crohakonwell, reboot for nvidia... bye02:52
cody__okay DaZ following errors: Failed to load module type1 (no module exists) failed to load freetype (no module exists) failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//nvidia_drv.so. failed to load module nvidia (loader failed). No drivers available02:52
MenZaHoly: We can only support Ubuntu here.02:52
MenZaFor Crunchbang, try #crunchbang - or whereever they hang out.02:53
DaZcody__: you don't have the driver02:53
cody__DaZ: I just installed it02:53
Holyaccording to the site its based off of ubuntu02:53
cody__DaZ: And ran nvidia-xconfig02:53
Guest95833how do i get rid of a partition with gparted?02:53
=== Slurpee_ is now known as slurpee
DaZcody__: well, you have but something is wrong02:53
DaZit's 4 am here :f02:53
IdleOneHoly: it is based off ubuntu but the specifics are not ubuntu so ask #crunchbang02:53
cody__DaZ: Well, i can see that lol. i tried modprobing freetype and type1 but i get module $modulename not found.02:54
cody__DaZ: and modprobing nvidia did not help02:54
DaZls /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/02:54
cody__DaZ: Okay brb02:54
DaZcody__: because freetype and type1 aren't for modprobing02:54
arrrghhhdoes anyone use pulse to either multicast or unicast sound?02:54
quimkaosany sugestions for a good php editor for ubuntu?02:54
PolarinaI got the same problem on some Mitac computer, the last known ubuntu version that the sound card works is 7.10.02:54
PolarinaSorry about that.02:55
cody__DaZ: nvidia_drv.so does exist02:55
cody__DaZ: and ooooooooooh okay02:55
DaZcody__: cd /lib/modules;find|grep nvidia02:55
=== jesse is now known as Guest48382
Guest48382how do i get rid of a partition?02:56
cody__DaZ: okay (and it is actually /lib/xorg/modules ;)02:56
DaZcody__: ?02:56
cody__DaZ: The location is not /lib/modules but /lib/xorg/modules02:57
cody__and what do i type?02:57
DaZcody__: /lib/modules02:57
cody__DaZ: i didnt know that existed as well *chuckle* what command do i  type now?02:57
DaZone is kernel module, other one xorg driver02:57
cody__DaZ: aaaaaaaaah okay02:57
cody__DaZ: what command now? grep | nvidia?02:57
DaZcody__:  cd /lib/modules;find|grep nvidia02:58
DaZcopy, execute and paste the output ;f02:58
MenZahint: he wants < find . | grep nvidia >02:58
MenZaor maybe not.02:58
* MenZa goes to bed while he can still stand.02:58
cody__DaZ: there is multiple .ko and nvidia files in it. (BTW, i can not cp the result as i am in TTY)02:58
=== Xoop is now known as XStatik
cody__DaZ: if you need me to cp i can cp the xorg.conf to my home folder and use the backup02:59
magikidIs there any way to restart X from the command line since they took backspace away?03:00
cody__to cp the result*03:00
DaZcody__: nano xorg.conf and change driver "nvidia" to driver "nv"03:00
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox03:00
DaZit's in /etc/X11/03:00
Random832okay, since LinuxGuy2009 who was so eager to jump on a PM won't help me, does anyone know how to increase the space available for hibernating?03:00
cody__DaZ: Uhm, can i do that it tty?03:00
DaZcody__: nano is cli text editor ;f03:00
macoRandom832: boot from a live cd and use GParted on the CD to make your swap space larger03:00
cody__DaZ: Got it, and Driver "nvidia" is what it is already03:00
LinuxGuy2009Random832: If you dont have an equal amount of free hdd space equal to amountg of installed ram then upgrade the hdd.03:00
Random832it's clearly not using the swap space, since it sometimes _does_ work and i only have like 8mb swap03:01
DaZcody__: and change it to nv ;f03:01
cody__DaZ: Okay03:01
cody__restarting GDM now03:01
DaZnow it should "work"03:01
Random832will hibernate work with a swap file in a normal filesystem, or does it have to be a partition03:02
macoRandom832: for now, it has to be a partition03:02
LinuxGuy2009Random832: swap file is for when you run low on physical ram03:02
Random832is there a way to make it use a partition ONLY to hibernate?03:02
Random832@LinuxGuy2009, you clearly have no clue how hibernation works, so can you just stop?03:02
macoRandom832: there is experimental swap file support which *may* be turned on in karmic (i'm not sure)03:02
Random832@maco, ok, is there a way to make it use a swap partition _only_ to hibernate, and not for normal paging?03:03
cody__DaZ: It is in a resolution of 680x420?03:03
LinuxGuy2009Random832: Im sorry I do use hybernate it saves everything in ram including all running apps to disk.03:03
cody__:( It look horrible03:03
Random832since otherwise no matter how big i make it there's the possibility it runs out03:03
cody__It looks like windows D: xD03:03
DaZcody__: nv doesn't limit resolutions03:03
Random832@LinuxGuy2009, it's not just "to disk", it's to a swap partition on linux and to hiberfil.sys on windows. A very _specific_ place on disk03:03
DaZbut ubuntu sucks :F03:03
Random832and you almost had _me_ doubting it used the swap partition >:(03:03
cody__DaZ: Well, it is right now. I can not choose 1080x920 (or the default)03:04
macoRandom832: suppose you could "swap off" while youre working then turn it on for hibernate... but why is there a possibilty it runs out? it should not be using 10gb of swap for example. youd just be thrashing03:04
DaZpastebin the output03:04
cody__more to do with xorg.conf i suppose?03:04
DaZcody__: getting nvidia driver to work03:04
Random832@maco, something doesn't have to be thrashing to use a lot of swap - it could just allocate and not use for a long time. Even if it's unlikely i'd rather be certain03:04
DaZ!find wgetpaste03:04
ubottuPackage/file wgetpaste does not exist in jaunty03:04
cody__DaZ: I know. But do i need to edit something in xorg.conf to allow the better resolution?03:04
macoRandom832: standard sizing is 2-3x the size of ram. so if you have 2gb ram, 4-6gb of swap. that should fit all of ram in there...it shouldnt use 6gb of swap AND 2gb of ram03:05
cody__!find pastebinit03:05
LinuxGuy2009Random832: Do you have a seperate root and home partition?03:05
ubottuFound: pastebinit03:05
Random832and i don't want to have to have 10gb of swap to begin with03:05
macoRandom832: i usually go with 2x. so i had 2gb ram when i installed and have 5gb swap. though now i have 4gb of ram...03:05
cody__DaZ: What do i need to do to get a higher resolution?03:05
Random832if standard sizing is 2-3x the size of ram, why did the installer only give me 800mb of swap for 3gb of ram03:05
DaZcody__: nvidia-xconfig --mode=resolution03:05
mobi-sheepmaco: That is old skool.03:05
macomobi-sheep: why?03:05
mobi-sheepmaco: Because in the past, we didn't have lot of RAM memory to begin with.03:06
LinuxGuy2009maco: 2-3x size of ram is a very old rule of thumb for 1GB or less of system ram. if you got 3 or 4gb of ram you dont even need a swap.03:06
cody__DaZ: Restarting GDM03:06
macoLinuxGuy2009: yes you do, if you want to hibernate03:06
macomobi-sheep: 2x is sensible. 1/2 is where it hibernates to. 1/2 is where it pages to.03:06
crohakonSo, I cannot hear any sounds. I just installed unbuntu.... How do I enable sound?03:06
mobi-sheepcrohakon: Try "sudo alsactl init"03:07
DaZcrohakon: you have to buy ubuntu ultimate03:07
macoDaZ: lies03:07
macocrohakon: DaZ is joking03:07
=== Xoop is now known as XStatik
DaZmaco: thank you, cpt. obvious!03:07
Random832i don't get why it's such a huge thing to ask for to have dedicated hibernate space instead of having to pray that swap doesn't overflow into it03:07
crohakonI am aware.. I may be a noob... but not that ignorant. =)03:07
macocrohakon: check your mixer levels. master, pcm, front....any of those are a common culprit03:08
DigitalKiwicorrection, you have to buy ubuntu ultimate from me ;D03:08
macocrohakon: hey its feasible...03:08
Random832is there a way to automatically make it swapon before hibernate and swapoff after hibernate?03:08
Random832*after resume i mean03:08
macocrohakon: ie958 or something like that...thats another mixer element people tend not to know to check03:08
BilliardRandom832: you could change the swapiness so it doesnt swap as much03:08
crohakonmaco: First thing I checked. =)03:08
mobi-sheepRandom832: Yes, you can. Ubuntu Ultimate have that feature! Go and buy it. :303:09
cody__DaZ: Still in that resolution03:09
DigitalKiwiRandom832: have you actually had any problem hibernating or jut being paranoid?03:09
macocrohakon: neither speakers nor headphones have any output?03:09
DaZcody__: just ignore it03:09
Random832@DigitalKiwi, yes i have had problems hibernating (but that's on only 800mb swap which is what the installer gave me)03:09
macowhat is with all the Ubuntu Ultimate jokes?03:09
crohakonmaco: correct, no out put at all.03:09
Random832@Billiard, doesn't change the basic issue which is when total memory usage exceeds the available swap space03:09
crohakonUnknown hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Generic 10de ID 5" "HDA:10ec0663,104319a3,00100001 HDA:10de0005,10de0101,00100000" "" ""03:09
cody__DaZ: I cant ignore the resolution :( Its what i look at 24/703:09
crohakonthats what that command above returned03:09
macocrohakon: yeah thats not the sort of info needed....03:10
macocrohakon: what command?03:10
voxthe next person who mentions "ubuntu ultimate" or some sort of paid-for ubuntu gets a free removal.03:10
crohakonsudo alsactl init03:10
Random832whatever, i'll set up the partition to be 4gb and forget about it until the next time i fail to hibernate03:10
DaZcody__: i told you to use it because ubuntu doesn't ship wgetpaste in the repos and i need that  command output03:10
mobi-sheepcrohakon: Run 'alsamixer' and ensure everything is toggled on -- If you see any blue/gray 'M' -- Press 'm' to unmute to get green '00' then ESC to save.03:10
cody__DaZ: Okay, so what do i do right now that you need?03:10
cody__let me log in to GDM irssi03:10
DaZcody__:  cd /lib/modules;find|grep nvidia03:11
macocrohakon: oh. er...ok dunno why you were told that, but whatever. "ubuntu-bug -p linux" then file the bug. then run "apport-collect -p alsa-base 12345" (replace 12345 with your bug number) to attach audio debug stuff to it03:11
Random832@vox, hey i was the target of the joke and i could still appreciate the humor - why so serious?03:11
DigitalKiwi<3 Joker03:11
mobi-sheepmaco: You're using Karmic?03:11
cody___DaZ: I am now in GUI. what do ya need me to do03:11
DaZcody__:  cd /lib/modules;find|grep nvidia03:11
macomobi-sheep: yes03:11
DaZcody__:  cd /lib/modules;find|grep nvidia03:11
crohakonmaco: no luck03:12
Random832anyway, i gtg - that being the reason i wanted to hibernate anyway... later everyone03:12
macocrohakon: no luck what?03:12
macocrohakon: im telling you to file a bug03:12
DigitalKiwibai Random83203:12
Ap0llohey im having issues with ecryptfs, my private files arent mounting for what ever reason03:12
crohakonmobi-sheep: nothing was muted.03:12
cody___DaZ: Pastebining now03:12
mobi-sheepmaco: Okay. ubuntu-bug is not installed for final releases.  It is for development releases. In that case, he would have to install the package. ;303:12
mobi-sheepcrohakon: No sounds? :<03:12
cody___DaZ: This is the result: http://pastebin.ca/162847503:13
macomobi-sheep: O_o i thought it was a standard package. especially since bug reporting via launchpad web UI is disabled...03:13
DaZcody__: lspci|grep VGA03:13
mobi-sheepmaco: Also, I believe that goes same for apport.03:14
macomobi-sheep: apport is installed always. it just doesnt automatically launch in released versions03:14
cody___DaZ: http://pastebin.ca/162847803:14
crohakonmobi-sheep; no sounds. =(03:14
macomobi-sheep: since it had 189 processes last night using 4GiB of memory, i rather wish it didnt automatically launch in development ones either03:14
DaZcody__: riva?03:14
cody___DaZ: Yep. Old03:14
DaZcody__: what driver version?03:15
Ap0llohey im having issues with ecryptfs, i cannot access my home files03:15
cody___DaZ: 71.89.xx03:15
cody___i dont remember last 2 numbers03:15
DaZdoesn't matter ;f03:15
cody___DaZ: xD03:15
=== J is now known as Guest47762
DaZi hate this emoticon.03:15
cody___DaZ: any ideas as to how to fix this?03:15
Ap0llohey im having issues with ecryptfs, i cannot access my home files what so ever03:15
mobi-sheepcrohakon: Meh. I should give you the !sound factorid.03:16
mobi-sheep!sound | crohakon03:16
ubottucrohakon: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:16
cody___DaZ: and lol03:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:16
cody___ubottu is a bot panlin03:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is a bot panlin03:16
Ap0llohey im having issues with ecryptfs, i cannot access my home files what so ever03:16
cody___and dang, that site never helped me03:17
panlinI am just a new user of ubuntu03:17
cody___DaZ: do you got any ideas?03:17
cody___panlin: Welcome to the wonderful world of ubuntu ^_^03:17
cody___Your welcome ;)03:17
DaZcody__: maybe it's not supported anymore <:03:18
zopiaci can't figure out how to mount my Flash Drive as read/write :\03:18
DigitalKiwicody___: you're*03:18
cody___DaZ: I know it is :( 71.89.xx reports it is lol. It is in supported devices03:18
cody___DigitalKiwi: Okay. Ill retype it :p03:18
cody___panlin: You're welcome ;)03:18
DaZcody__: maybe xorg doesn't03:18
DigitalKiwitoo many codys03:19
cody___DaZ: nooooo can i get an older version of xorg and still have it work with 9.04? or maybe.. does xubuntu have compiz?03:19
cody___or something like it anywya03:19
panlinI think compiz is not useful03:19
soreaucody__: Yes, you can run compiz in xubuntu03:20
DaZcody__: you can get nouveau03:20
cody___panlin: once you use it enough, it is super worth it03:20
cody___DaZ: What is nouveau?03:20
panlinmost of the time,we do not need it03:20
DaZcody__: and xubuntu uses the same xserver03:20
cody___panlin: Cause it makes ubuntu all shiny :303:20
DaZopen source nvidia driver.03:20
DigitalKiwijust about any tiling wm > compiz03:20
cody___DaZ: O_O is it better than nv03:20
panlinyou are right, but it can make system unstable03:20
cody___DigitalKiwi: aaah okay :p03:20
cody___panlin: if you get an unstable version of compiz :p03:21
panlinmy video card can play compiz03:21
mobi-sheeppanlin: You're unstable. :P03:21
DigitalKiwiisn't that all of them? :P03:21
ring0if i add a script to /etc/cron.daily will it automatically be run or do i have to do anything else with it?03:21
DaZcody__: pastebin whole xorg log03:21
panlinmaybe it because you vedio card03:21
cody___panlin: Mine probably can, if i could get nvidia driver to work and not use the danged nv driver03:21
cody___DaZ: where is xorg log?03:21
panlinif new driver can not, old driver can not03:21
panlinbut can down the video drover03:22
ryan_Does anyone know how to disable the bell in rxvt-unicode?  I've added "set bell-style none" to my .inputrc but that did not work.03:22
cody___panlin: nv is an opensource driver for nvidia, and sucks bad03:22
cody___DaZ: ill get it03:22
barqshow do i connect to a windows 7 remote desktop from my ubuntu machine? i tried rdesktop, but i keep getting unable to connect errors03:22
cody___uhm... daz. I have xorg.0.log, xorg.1.log, xorg.2.log. which do i choose?03:23
cody___and xorg.3.log03:23
DaZcody__: check them for 'nvidia'03:23
cody___DaZ: *chuckle* okay03:23
ari_stressbarqs: maybe you need activate the rdesktop first in windows703:23
Izinucsbarqs: try terminal server client.. same menu..03:23
cody___DaZ: xorg.0.log was it ;)03:24
DaZcody__: pastebin ;f03:24
haven489ubuntu rocks -end of line-03:24
panlinubuntu can make the video card work, if not, you should install the driver by youself03:24
DaZubuntu sucks eof03:24
cody___DaZ: Here ya go: http://pastebin.ca/162850403:24
cody___DaZ: I wub ubuntu :303:24
rattkrkenzi kikriki evri dej03:25
rattjes i krk03:25
cody___panlin: I am installing driver myself. And it totally failed over my comp03:25
zopiachow do i mount my volume read-write? it keeps mounting read-only03:25
rattany croatia people here?03:25
panlinthat's strange03:25
panlinhow you install the driver, you follow the instruction?03:25
cody___I'm thinking of moving my comp to xubuntu since my comp has 256MB sDRAM. though EVERY program reports 512 MB Ram *chuckle*03:25
cody___panlin: Yes, i did03:26
kadajettHello I have a question03:26
* mobi-sheep chuckles too under pretentious 03:26
panlinmaybe lack some *.so*......03:26
cody___panlin: Made sure X was not running, sh Nvi*.run, let it compile module etc...03:26
kadajettIf you guys and gals don't mind03:26
cody___panlin: nvidia_drv.so exists ;)03:26
cody___!ask | kadajett03:26
ubottukadajett: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
mobi-sheepkadajett: What is it that your inquiring mind are dying to ask?03:27
sparkyif one wants to do dual boot with windows as the other os. Does one install wndows first or ubuntu first to do it?03:27
xpistoshey couls someone give me a hand mounting my samba shares? I keep getting an error message.03:27
mobi-sheep!dualboot | sparky03:27
ubottusparky: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:27
kadajettok :) well first off, I have been through the forums already... I have a dv4 1225 laptop and my sound wont work03:27
ryan_Out of curisoity, what IRC clients are people using?03:27
trismryan_: irssi03:27
=== J is now known as Guest49405
mobi-sheepsparky: Read up.  It have been suggested thousand times that installing Windows goes first.03:27
Izinucsryan_: xchat, weechat, irssi and many others.. irssi here.03:27
panlinbut my thinkpad z61t works03:27
sparkygot it03:28
xpistosryan_: pidgin and finch03:28
cody___DaZ: I think im just going to replace xorg.conf with old xorg.conf (original) and restart system (Every single GUI section is user, :0, :1, :2, and :3.03:28
cody___so bbs03:28
panlineverything goes well03:28
cody__im still here on TTY2 btw03:28
ryan_I'm using irssi and have bitlbee going for instant messaging.  I tried finch for a short time, but couldn't get used to how it was virutally a text-based GUI application.  Do you kind of get used to that?03:28
cody__DaZ: Restarting now03:29
DaZhave fun03:29
kadajettIm fairly new to linux which is obvious :P But I followed instructions on the forums but no deal03:29
jodeI just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on an Acer Aspire 5050 and the bluetooth is not working.  How can I get this wroking?03:30
Izinucsjode: did you do all the updates?03:30
panlinI have problems :(03:31
panlinERROR: "fbcon_is_softback" [drivers/video/console/bitblit.ko] undefined!03:31
panlinwhat's this?03:31
cody__im install xubuntu-desktop ;)03:31
jodeIzinucs, yes03:31
* Izinucs points to a box stating Win703:31
panlini try to built kernel03:31
BerserkurCan someone clarify... Is it still recommended to use the hdaps module from tp_smapi or is the kernel module in karmic sufficient?03:32
DaZcody__: yes, 71.86.11 doesn't support xserver 1.6 ;f03:32
sIRCtesting homemake client sIRC03:32
crohakonYou know... one thing I must say for opensuse... I never had this damned problem with sound.03:32
zopiachow do i mount my flash drive as read/write?03:32
kadajettU have a sound problem too???03:32
cody__DaZ: D: Dang, well, im install xubuntu, it is more fit for my system *Chuckle* gonna go eat dinner now ;)03:32
kadajettThats why im here03:32
crohakonkadajett: I have no sound.03:33
crohakonJust installed ubuntu for the first time.03:33
crohakonAnd being a fairly novice user this technical stuff hurts my brain.03:33
The2morrowManHow does Ubuntu (8.04 LTS or 9.04) compare to Debian lenny for a server? Speaking security/stability.03:33
mattgyverzopiac, it depends on what permissions you want root, owner, and others to have, but using chmod03:34
Izinucskadajett: crohakon double click the sound icon up by the clock in the top right of the screen.. make sure 1> it's not muted 2> that all sliders are at the top03:34
crohakonIzinucs: Already checked that...03:34
mattgyverzopiac, chmod 666 is rw for all03:34
kadajettThey are03:34
Izinucskadajett: crohakon with the same window open click edit and preferences.. you'll see more "items" you can enable for viewing.. move those sliders up as well.03:35
Spirits-Sightcan someone help me get my webcam to stream in mplayer03:35
Spirits-Sightit gives a erro when trying to access in on dev/video003:36
zopiacmattgyver: i have my drive mounted at /media/disk-1, and when i input 'sudo chmod 666 /media/disk-1 -R' the drive remains read only03:36
BlueySpirits-Sight: you got farther then I did...03:36
DaZzopiac: what fs? ;f03:36
zopiacDaZ: fat1603:36
crohakonIzinucs: I have tried all that as well.03:37
mattgyverzopiac, have you tried without -R?03:37
DaZhuh :f03:37
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: What are the permissions on /dev/video0 ? (ls -l /dev/video0)03:37
zopiacmattgyver: yes03:37
Izinucszopiac: how about sudo chmod -R 666 /media/disk-103:37
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dmhwhat are the maximum number of ports supported in ethernet bonding?03:37
brandon_can someone tell me how to get flash working03:37
brandon_in karmic03:37
mattgyverbrandon_, download and install the .deb from adobes website, thats the best way03:37
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:37
brandon_thanks matt03:37
kadajettIzinucs: I already looked throught that :) I think it has something to do with my drivers with linux03:38
Spirits-SightBerserkur: it says root "crw-rw-rw-+ 1 root video 81, 0 2009-10-18 18:20 /dev/video0"03:38
F_MadisonI have a corrupt file system, and I need to mount the partition so that I can fsck it, I'm in livecd but I can't remember the correct mount command, and my google skills are apparently more lacking than usual this evening, I'm running on like 3 hours of sleep, could someone assist please?03:38
zopiacok, now it is read-write, but only for root03:38
Berserkurzopiac: Make sure you're a part of the correct groups. You shouldn't have to change permissions03:38
Izinucskadajett: could be.. sound function is wierd on different machines.. some disable pulseaudio and reinstall alsa..03:39
BlueyF_Madison: hang on a sec...03:39
F_MadisonBluey, sure thanks03:39
miles95wat happing ??03:39
brandon_im really liking karmic03:39
brandon_my intel gfx problems have been fixed in karmic03:39
DigitalKiwineed to mount to fsck... >.>03:39
kadajetthow do I reinstall alsa?03:39
Izinucszopiac: also if you're not listed as the owner of the disk then sudo chown <username>:<username> /media/disk-103:40
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Try sudo usermod -G -a video YourUser03:40
BlueyF_Madison: this will remount /  mount -o remount rw /03:40
Izinucs!audio > kadajett  but expect breakage sometimes03:40
ubottukadajett, please see my private message03:40
Spirits-SightBerserkur: YourUser is my log name right?03:41
BlueyF_Madison: as read/write03:41
kadajettoh sry man didnt see it :P03:41
zopiacIzinucs: chown: changing ownership of `/media/disk-1': Operation not permitted03:41
xpistoshey could someone give me a hand mounting my samba shares? I keep getting an error message.03:41
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: And log out and back in03:41
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Yes03:41
Sirisian_After making a kernel without using the package way and you have the vmlinux file how do you make the corresponding ramdisk? Does it have something to do with update-initramfs? The README doesn't seem to explain this part03:41
Izinucszopiac: you have to use sudo in front of the command03:41
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: You are adding yourself to the video group with that command03:41
zopiacIzinucs: i did; i did exactly as you said but replaced <username> with a username03:42
xpistosI can access my laptop shares  from the server but not the other way.03:42
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: You can also do it via "System -> Administration -> Users and Groups" if you're using Gnome03:42
Izinucszopiac: "a" username? or your username?03:42
Spirits-SightBerserkur: it says "usermod: group '-a' does not exist"03:42
=== john is now known as Guest75044
Izinucszopiac: wierd..03:42
DaZSpirits-Sight: gpasswd -a user group03:43
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Try swiching the flags -> usermod -a -G video youruser03:44
obiwan_hi got  a question, i search and search and all i find are openvpn servers howtos, what i need is a client howto to connect to my university vpn server, pptp based03:44
mattgyverzopiac, what kind of device is it, a HDD?03:45
jodeI can't find any tutorials on how to get bluetooth working in an acer aspire anyone here have suggestions?03:45
Spirits-Sightbe back Berserkur03:45
zopiacmattgyver: flash drive03:45
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
obiwan_jode don't know, but for macs theres a ubuntu official page showing how to fix some problems, i guess there's another for acer one, it's a pretty common netbook03:46
Dracofodderits been a long time since I tried installing dual boot (linux and windows), does the installer have a way to resize the windows partition, or do I need to free up some disk space with other tools first?03:47
Berserkurobiwan_: Have you tried network-manager-pptp plugin?03:47
BlueyDracofodder: it should allow you to resize the windows partition03:47
BlueyDracofodder: what they don't tell you is - tht when you go to boot windows after re-sizing - you're going to get a bunch of windows errors - it'snormal - and windows will fix them....03:48
obiwan_Dracofodder: , if you got empty space you can resize, but if it's full you'll need to clean it up first03:48
DracofodderBluey: thanks, I was planning to give the install a try tomorrow, got a new laptop from work, but I cannot just wipe the whole thing and put something useful on it.  I have to have their stuff available.03:49
Berserkurobiwan_: sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp - And after that you should be able to connect to pptp servers via the "nm-applet"03:49
obiwan_Berserkur: , i didn't know about that pluggin, but anyway i *** hate nm hehe and openssh works great, so i thought openvpn would03:49
=== patrick is now known as Guest99641
Sirisian_okay I think I figured it out. Each kernel needs it's own ram disk so I can just use update-initramfs -c -k 2.6.28-15 to make a new one right and rename it so it matches the kernel give or take and then run update-grub and it should make everything work right? It's odd that the kernel readme doesn't explain this stuff.03:49
Dracofodderobiwan_: thanks, figured that. new machine, should be good.  I was just worried I would have to go huntin some third party resizing tool. its been years since I have had to be careful to preserve the windows stuff.03:50
BlueyDracofodder: best of luck03:50
DaZSirisian_: you can do this without a ramdisk03:50
DaZsomehow [;03:50
miles95how is every103:50
obiwan_xP i think my thanks were to Bluey  !:D03:51
Sirisian_DaZ, you're very helpful :P I'm just looking for the correct way. Apparently this is supposed to be one of those "obvious" steps that doesn't require documentation03:51
Berserkurobiwan_: Well you can always just install the pptp client03:51
Omen20hi. I've always heard 32bit OSs top out at around 3GB of RAM. What does 64bit Ubuntu top out at?03:52
obiwan_thanks to me? nope, i mean that draco thanked me instead of you  haha it's surely a typo xd03:52
Spirits-SightBerserkur: it says "An erro occurred   Location not found" thats what mPlayer is saying when I try and stream the webcam into it http:///dev/video003:53
obiwan_Berserkur: ok, but can't i do it with openvpn? openssh works just so good.... hehe03:53
Zaptorman how the hell are tarballs even usefull? they are just stupid its like u need the sudo apt for it to install anything03:53
Blueydoes anyone know any linux media players that will decode closed captioning on DVDs?  Totem and mplayer do NOT!03:54
cody__rebooting into XFCE03:54
jph_2 questions: 1.) If my SSH session, for lack of a better word, "times out" when I don't do anything for a bit; how do i change that "timeout" time?  2.) now that a session has timed out, when i start a new session and run the command 'who' it returns 2 users both me... How do i log the other dead session out?03:54
Sirisian_DaZ, do you know how to do it with the ramdisk way? I'm getting an error like "update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd." ...03:55
DaZSirisian_: i don't but ramdisk is easy03:55
obiwan_jph_: about second i got no answer, about first maybe in the ssh config file /etc/ssh/ssh_config there's some entry for time out03:56
DaZSirisian_: i'm using mkinitcpio and it's just -g path03:56
DaZbut i'm not sure if ubuntu has it ;f03:57
jph_ok i will go look right now03:57
jph_anyone else?03:57
metalacHey guys, not a linux newbie, but have a weird problem.  My board's SATA can't work without the acpi=off option during boot, so i decided to use the add-on sata card instead, but for some reason i still have to do acpi=off any idea why?  i think acpi=off is causing my problems witch are basically slow I/O be it sata, usb etc.  Thanks03:58
psinetichey guys. I'm trying to get gyachi to encode webcam screenshots automatically. i went ahead and ran in terminal: sudo apt-get install mencoder and it installed, but i can't seem to find any instrucitons on what to do after that. anyone can help please?03:58
Zaptorso i have got a question... who makes linux stuff? is it like universitys or what?03:58
psineticzaptor, it's everyday people like you and me03:58
Sirisian_DaZ, I guess I find it odd that the README explains how to set everything up but doesn't explain how to set up the ram disk. Can you just use ramdisks between kernels if they are the same kernel version or something?03:58
DaZZaptor: it just magically appears03:58
psineticanyone know any answers to my question?03:59
DigitalKiwilinux software is like dwarfs, they just pop up from holes in the ground03:59
Spirits-SightBerserkur: it says "An erro occurred   Location not found" thats what mPlayer is saying when I try and stream the webcam into it http:///dev/video0  I ran the cmd u said and switched the flag and it worked, restart system and get the above errror03:59
DaZSirisian_: you should use your own ramdisk imo :f03:59
Sirisian_DaZ, can I just make a copy of another one? I mean the command doesn't work apparently to make a new ramdisk.04:00
psinetichey guys. I'm trying to get gyachi to encode webcam screenshots automatically. i went ahead and ran in terminal: sudo apt-get install mencoder and it installed, but i can't seem to find any instrucitons on what to do after that. anyone can help please?04:00
obiwan_i didn't remember your nick Berserkur thanks to spirits i can ask again :P do you know how openvpn can join pptp vpn networks? if not, then i can try pptp04:00
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Ok, then it's not a permission problem. Show me the mplayer command04:00
vtec_Hey my speakers keep randomly stop working, I have ALSA I took out pulse audio a few months ago, but like when I turn my pc on I hear the Ubuntu log on sounds but sometime when I go to my music player (Rythmbox) or youtube, my sound doesnt work, ive tried using sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart and the problem keeps happening04:01
Spirits-SightBerserkur: I am doing it from the GUI user open location04:01
psinetichey guys. I'm trying to get gyachi to encode webcam screenshots automatically. i went ahead and ran in terminal: sudo apt-get install mencoder and it installed, but i can't seem to find any instrucitons on what to do after that. anyone can help please?04:01
DaZSirisian_: you can try, but it makes compilation pointless imo <:04:01
Sirisian_DaZ, what do you mean?04:02
=== miranda is now known as fleshconsumption
Sirisian_hmm DaZ I'm getting somewhere I tried passing kernel version 2.6 and it said "kernel 2.6 too old for initramfs on i386"04:03
jph_obiwan_: thanks but i just read that file... didn't see anything about time out? any other ideas?04:03
DaZidk ;f04:04
psineticonce i install a new application, where do i go in linux to find it?04:04
jph_wait i might have lied04:04
DaZpsinetic: menus or console04:05
panlinlocate **04:05
psineticdaz, no, i mean browsing it04:05
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Right... Well, I haven't tried a webcam from mplayer. Have you tried vlc?04:05
Spirits-SightBerserkur: I just tryed using the term also and not able find location or something like that04:05
DaZpsinetic: list package files04:05
Spirits-Sightone sec will try04:06
vtec_Hey my speakers keep randomly stop working, I have ALSA I took out pulse audio a few months ago, but like when I turn my pc on I hear the Ubuntu log on sounds but sometime when I go to my music player (Rythmbox) or youtube, my sound doesnt work, ive tried using sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart and the problem keeps happening04:06
psineticDaz, I=ubuntu newbie, and i have no idea what you just said04:06
psineticif i'm using nautilus, how do i find my apps04:06
crohakonHow do I get root access in my terminal window?04:06
Spirits-SightBerserkur: what do I type for that program?04:06
vtec_croha type sudo before your command04:06
psineticcrohakon, sudo -i04:06
metalacHey guys, not a linux newbie, but have a weird problem.  My board's SATA can't work without the acpi=off option during boot, so i decided to use the add-on sata card instead, but for some reason i still have to do acpi=off any idea why?  i think acpi=off is causing my problems witch are basically slow I/O be it sata, usb etc.  Thanks04:07
kadajettHey I downloaded a program and I got a .so file04:07
kadajetthow do i use it?04:07
DaZmetalac: unfortunately this channel is for newbies >:04:07
thiscomputerdoes any one know how i can change the names of the applications menu and perhaps get the windows key to launch the applications menu04:07
panlincp *.so /usr/lib ???04:07
vtec_thiscomputer right click applications on ur panel and then hit preferences04:08
Sirisian_DaZ, I got it working. Thanks for helping me to bounce ideas around04:08
metalacDaZ: damn :), but mine is definitely a newbie problem, i just can't figure out what is wrong04:08
psinetichow do i find my applications using nautilus (browsing for them directly)04:08
Mike_lifeguardHi, I'm trying to get svnserve up & running, but it is denying authentication attempts from clients when the client is definitely using the correct password. Has this been encountered before?04:08
kadajettUmmmmm well I downloaded flash tar . gz04:08
kadajettand I got an so file04:08
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durtpsinetic, binaries are usually installed to /usr/bin04:09
psineticthank you04:09
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: sudo apt-get install vlc04:09
DaZmetalac: have you tried any other distro? :f04:09
jph_Ok I have a section in sshd_config talking about lifetime and size of ephemeral version 1 server key dose that have anything to do with my issue04:09
metalacDaZ: nah, not on this box, but I just found this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI might help me narow down what the real problem is since acpi=off is kind of broad04:09
panlincopy it to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins04:10
obiwan_jph_: i searched a little and can't find anything helpful, but i read that servers can timeout clients if they not work in some time, maybe you're getting fired by the server04:10
psineticGAH!!!! it's not even in there >_> i'm trying to set mencoder to automatically encode my webcam screenshots in the yahoo messenger alternate, gyachi. >_>04:10
panlinkadajett , copy copy it to /usr/lib/mozilla/pluginsit to04:10
Spirits-SightBerserkur: I did that and ran vlc dev/video0 and got this http://pastebin.com/d1aeb5fdb04:10
obiwan_please anyone will help me to join a vpn pptp net with openvpn?04:11
panlinkadajett,copy it to copy it to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins04:11
jph_obiwan_ thats what it acts like04:11
obiwan_i love openssh so i'd like to use openvpn04:11
DaZpanlin: lolwut?04:11
obiwan_jph_: what i found is a setting for keeping alive connections, if you don't do antyhing in a time, yuor client sends a signal to esver so it won't throw you out04:12
psineticnvm looks like no one knows anything about mencoder or gyachi in here. i'll just go back to google where no one knows anything about it there either.04:12
kadajettohhhh tyyyyyy lol04:12
kadajettproblem #100000 fixed lol04:12
panlinthen you can use flash player04:12
kadajettIll remember that :P04:12
DaZpanlin: i herd you like copying04:12
DaZso i put cp in your cp so you can copy while you copy ;f04:13
panlinthanks :(04:13
DaZcool dots04:13
panlinoh my god, my english is poor04:14
BlueyI'm trying to find a Linux Media Player that will decode closed  captioning on DVDs. closed captioning != subtitles  I have tried:  totem, mplayer, and vlc -- they do subtitles, but NOT  closed captioning.04:14
panlinthen you can use smplayer04:14
Blueypanlin: not tried that one...04:14
Mike_lifeguardBluey: Would you please make sure there is a bug filed against VLC for that? It should do it.04:14
kadajettit said I dont have the right permitions04:15
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panlinwhen i use slackware, it works well04:15
vtec_Hey my speakers keep randomly stop working, I have ALSA I took out pulse audio a few months ago, but like when I turn my pc on I hear the Ubuntu log on sounds but sometime when I go to my music player (Rythmbox) or youtube, my sound doesnt work, ive tried using sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart and the problem keeps happening04:15
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Just open vlc normally and select Media -> Open capture device04:15
BlueyMike_lifeguard: not a bug -- it's a feature that's not present04:15
pfifohow can i broadcast pre-recorded video clips to an rtmp server, specifically livecast.com04:15
psinetichey guys. I'm trying to get gyachi to encode webcam screenshots automatically. i went ahead and ran in terminal: sudo apt-get install mencoder and it installed, but i can't seem to find any instrucitons on what to do after that. anyone can help please?04:15
psinetichey guys. I'm trying to get gyachi to encode webcam screenshots automatically. i went ahead and ran in terminal: sudo apt-get install mencoder and it installed, but i can't seem to find any instrucitons on what to do after that. anyone can help please?04:15
FloodBot2psinetic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:15
Mike_lifeguardBluey: Sure, but we still call them bugs (it is shorter that "enhancement request")04:16
obiwan_jph_: ServerAliveInterval 5 for example to send every 5 idle seconds a signal to server04:16
panlinwhen you built mplayer, you can get mencoder04:16
crohakonhow do I change file permissions without being logged into root?04:16
Blueyvlc version VLC media player 0.9.9a Grishenko04:16
MindSparkhi, does anyone know what exa/axa/uxa in the driver section of xorg.conf are ?04:16
kadajettpanlin: it says I dont have the right permissions04:16
bostongeek24is there a problem with 9.0.4 netbook remix04:16
bostongeek24i cannot burn the image to a cd04:17
panlinwhat permissions?04:17
pfifocrohakon, same as if you were root, chmod, but it only works on files you own04:17
Spirits-SightBerserkur: Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'v4l2://dev/video0'. Check the log for details.04:17
bostongeek24when i try i get an error saying the file is currpted04:17
kadajettidk lol I tried draggin and dropping it04:17
bostongeek24the md5 checksum is the same04:17
obiwan_jph_:  echo ServerAliveInterval number_in_seconds >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config04:17
pfifohow can i broadcast pre-recorded video clips to an rtmp server, specifically livecast.com04:17
bostongeek24but when i try to burn a fedora image it works fine04:17
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Paste that into a terminal and try the same thing again: LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so" vlc04:17
psineticpanllin, that doesn't tell me how to encode the files, or set gyachi how to do this automatically04:17
bostongeek24so i think there some there wrong wit the netbook remix images04:18
obiwan_jph_: watch out for >> , not >, second will kill your file04:18
panlinI'am , i dont know04:18
obiwan_please anyone will help me to join a vpn pptp net with openvpn?04:18
psineticdoesn't seem like anyone else knows either. go figure04:18
Spirits-SightBerserkur: here the things thats confusing, I can see the video in guvc?04:19
Berserkurobiwan_: I don't think pptp is supported by openvpn04:19
bostongeek24can someone help me?04:19
obiwan_Berserkur: but vpn is for pritave networks right?04:19
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:19
obiwan_Berserkur: my university has a vpn ,04:19
ubuntuHello, i tried to create a bootable usbdrive (persistent) i used the "usb startup disk creator" through a liveCD but im not sure if it will be persitent, because on boot it asks if i want to install or04:19
kadajetthow can I change root files?04:19
kadajettit wont give me permission04:20
bostongeek24can someone help me please04:20
Berserkurobiwan_: pptp is a microsoft protocol and it's rather unsecure. The encryption is weak04:20
pfifowelcome back everyone04:20
MindSparkok, now that we're back...04:20
MindSparkhi, does anyone know what exa/axa/uxa in the driver section of xorg.conf are ?04:20
ubuntuus this a netsplit04:20
bostongeek24i need help04:20
bostongeek24can somene help me04:20
ubuntuboston with what?>04:20
obiwan_Berserkur: yeah, but i'm just a student i can't ask them to change it04:21
ubuntuim scared haha04:21
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Yes, the thing is; There is a specific library that programs should be using for webcam support but not all packages have been modified to use it04:21
Mike_lifeguardMindSpark: They are different acceleration methods04:21
obiwan_Berserkur: anyway, if openvpn is a vpn client, it should join vpn networks right?04:21
Mike_lifeguard!intel | MindSpark04:21
ubottuMindSpark: Ubuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.04:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about FloodBot304:21
=== ubuntu is now known as brok4
macoBerserkur: meaning v4l?04:22
Mike_lifeguardMindSpark: That will have info04:22
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: So some programs work and some dont, right now. You should be able to run them with this LD_PRELOAD thing in the front04:22
Berserkurmaco: Yes04:22
MindSparkMike_lifeguard, thanks !04:22
bostongeek24@ubuntu i am trying to burn netbook remix to an dvd but the program im using is saying the image is currpted but the md5 checksum is the same however i tried burning a fedora diisk using the same program and it works so i think theres a problem with netbook remix images04:22
bostongeek24@ubuntu i tried different mirros04:22
brok4wait was that a netsplit?04:22
Spirits-SightBerserkur: what I am trying to do is get zoneMinder to work and was told if can't get work in other program it would be easer to get it work with other program then it should be fine in Zone Minder04:22
brok4Hello, i tried to create a bootable usbdrive (persistent) i used the "usb startup disk creator" through a liveCD but im not sure if it will be persitent, because on boot it asks if i want to install or "try"04:23
crohakonOkay, so I finally got sound to work... however, not with my head phones. Kind of. I have to not fully plug my head phones in to hear sound from them. They work fine in windows.04:23
LinuX2halfCan GRUB boot CDs?04:23
Berserkurobiwan_: That's fine. You can use a linux pptp client04:23
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Berserkurobiwan_: But openvpn does not support pptp to my knowledge04:23
brok4i think lilo does? i might be wrong...04:23
shawn_Anybody know anything about tunneling browser traffic through SSH on Ubuntu>?04:23
pfifobostongeek24, try burning it in a different program04:23
obiwan_Berserkur: ok then04:24
panlinyou can use k3b04:24
bostongeek24@pfiflo i did04:24
obiwan_Berserkur: i'll try pptp brb to tell u hehe04:24
bostongeek24@pfiflo the disk wont boot then04:24
brandon_Anyone around able to help me with a webcam issue..?04:24
testehi all04:24
pfifobostongeek24, can you mount the image?04:24
bostongeek24@pfifo haven't tried04:25
bostongeek24@pfifo how do i do that04:25
pfifobostongeek24, sudo mount -o loop image.iso /mnt04:25
bostongeek24@pfifo im using windows to do this not linux04:25
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bostongeek24can someone try download netbook remix and see if they can burn the image04:26
testewhere is file of configuraction to inetd on ubuntu?04:26
pfifobostongeek24, ohh, then you cant mount it04:26
brok4im booted into the usb right now... is there anything i can do to get grub or lilo or anything on here04:26
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brandon_Looking for help with a webcam04:27
dfthow can I reset hte startup manager settings?04:27
brok4whats up brandon_04:27
pfifobostongeek24, dose your file end with .iso or .img04:27
dftI was mucking around with a new splash screen and buggered everything up04:28
bostongeek24@pfifo .img04:28
bostongeek24@pfifo im redownloading it using firefox instead of ie04:28
dftnow all I get is the boot text04:28
pfifobostongeek24, thats not meant to be burned to a cd, its meant to be copued to a flashdrive (sort of)04:28
bostongeek24@pfifo so how do i burn it?04:29
pfifobostongeek24, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles04:29
pfifofollow that link04:29
DigitalKiwibostongeek24: you don't burn it04:29
Spirits-SightBerserkur: did you get my last post?04:29
bostongeek24thanks evetyone04:30
bostongeek24that definetly solves the problem04:30
brok4Any help04:30
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Yes, I'm just playing around with my webcam04:30
pfifohow can i broadcast pre-recorded video clips to an rtmp server, specifically livecast.com04:31
gafirHello, I would like to know the command to free space in /tmp -- thanks for your help04:31
Spirits-SightBerserkur: thanks04:31
joseph_how do I switch to root in terminal?04:31
X-Sleepy-XHi! Why is it that in the main menu the shortcut for GIMP uses gimp-2.6 %U but when I use that command as a keyboard shortcut GIMP complains about the directory?04:31
pfifojoseph_, `sudo -s`or `su`04:31
hipitihopIf I have a pc stalling while loading grub and then falls back to grub prompt, how can I tell what's up ?04:32
brooksbpdoes anybody here use dwm?04:33
Jordan_Uhipitihop: No error message?04:33
pfifohipitihop, possibly cheak out /boot/grub/menu.lst and see what exactly your trying to boot04:33
panfisthow do i install a newer kernel04:33
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=== phrenology is now known as cfedde
pfifopanfist, through update manager04:33
panfistpfifo ahead of the distro04:34
panfisti need a driver that requires 2.6.3204:34
Jordan_Upanfist: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/MainlineBuilds?action=show&redirect=KernelMainlineBuilds04:34
gafirbtw: freeing space in /tmp means removing files correct?04:34
pfifopanfist, if you really want todo that youll have to compile by hand04:34
panfistthanks jordan_u04:34
Jordan_Upanfist: np04:34
panfistpfifo if thats what i gotta do, then thats what i'll do04:35
joseph_what should /etc/modules be chmod as?04:35
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: try LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so" mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:fps=30:device=/dev/video0 tv://04:36
pfifojoseph_, 064404:36
peterrrhi people04:36
pfifojoseph_, thats what mine is by default04:36
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: You might need to correct some typos in there04:36
joseph_perfect, thanks =)04:37
Spirits-SightBerserkur: that worked, now will that make things work in other apps or not?04:38
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: No, this only shows you the webcam04:38
Spirits-SightBerserkur: it worked :-)04:39
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Putting this LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so" in front of webcam programs will often make things work04:39
bobinoProblem connecting usb devices on jaunty jackalope keep getting device descriptor /64 error 11004:40
xpistoshey guys, I installed LXDE but when I am in GNOME it is using pacman as my file manager and I want nautilus as the default fm in gnome?04:40
gafirwhat is the command used to know % free of a directory? Thanks04:41
pfifogafir, freespace of a directory? to get freespace for every 'partition' use `df -h`04:41
mrnicelupeBy the sounds of it he wants to clear it out, pfifo?04:42
pfifogafir, boot up a live cd, mount your partition and then delete everything in /tmp, to make things even tidier, add an entry in /etc/fstab to mount a tmpfs on /tmp04:43
peterrrhey guys, I'm new to Linux and I'm trying to partition an external hdd so I can wr on Linux and Mac, is there such file system that allows that?04:43
bobinoneed work around for dell keyboard and mouse not loading with jaunty jackalope04:43
StockBrianbobino, generic Dell k/m ?04:44
pfifopeterrr, i use fat32 for win/linux compatibilty, i assume mac supports fat3204:44
shauno_peterrr: I believe the mac's filesystem should work fine, as long as you don't opt for the 'Journaled' option04:44
peterrrpfifo, yes, but you can't transfer files over 2GB04:44
bobinostockbrian: I believe so yes04:44
pfifopeterrr, windows has drivers fr ext2/3, there are probbally something similar for mac04:45
bobinostockbrian: how do I find out?04:45
XStatikAnyone here have any suggestions for what to use to run a mail server on ubuntu04:45
StockBrianbobino, are they both USB?04:45
bobinostockbrian: yes04:45
anarki2004anybody know why one of my HDDs is no longer visible? It was initially visible but inaccessible and now I cant see it at all. I remember the original error mentioning something about the partitions on the drive04:46
pfifoXStatik, yes, i use EXIM4 for sendmail binary for use with php5's mail() function, it installed smoothly and was up and running in no time (that is if your looking for a MTA)04:46
peterrrshauno: I'll give it a shot, but I partitioned this drive before using MAC and it was READ-ONLY04:46
StockBrianbobino, I've seen generic Dell K/M's load up fine on many versions of Linux. Forgive the silly question but you've done all the silly troubleshooting like swapping USB ports and stuff?04:46
crohakonI have sound, but if I plug in my headphones I hear nothing. Any ideas on why it is not working? I already checked to make sure they were not muted. They work fine in windows.04:47
bobinostockbrian: I just don't want to have to buy logiteck or microsoft04:47
bobinostockbrian: yes04:47
shauno_peterrr: I've had it working in the past, with 'mac os extended', but no case-sensitive or journaled.  I don't remember what it took, however04:47
XStatikpfifo, just looking for something i can run with a drupal system so users can register and make accounts04:47
XStatikThe registration system isnt working because my server doesnt have a mail system going on it04:47
shauno_peterrr: you can use ext2 via macfuse also, if you want to try the other way around04:47
necr0tikanyone know about configuring proftpd? I am having some issues when I issue a MKD, it says the perms are wrong when I log in as adminftp. config @ http://pastebin.com/f163e5c6b04:48
pfifoXStatik, drupal is php right, exim4 works great, let me see if i can find that howto i followed04:48
bobinostockbrian: in the boot sequence the errors strart popping up after ''loading blue tooth''04:48
peterrrshauno: nothing less then ext4, what I read ext2 corrupts files badly so as ext3, just read about it, didn't test it04:49
StockBrianbobino, I'm not sure that's related.04:49
Spirits-SightBerserkur: is there something I can do to fix this so that that not need to be done?04:49
bobinostockbrian: then I get device can't read adress 4 or somethibng like that04:49
BerserkurFor hdaps; What is the recommended module to use. Is it the kernel one (2.6.31) or is it still the tp_smapi modules?04:49
pfifoXStatik, no, i cleared my history, but the only think i had to do is allow remote email in the configuration, and the configuration was ncurses based so it was a breeze04:49
* cappicard watches XP install in virtual box04:50
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Not that I know of. I don't know to much about this webcam stuff. It will be fixed in future releases. For now I think you need to use it that way04:50
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: It's not that horrible. Just do LD_PRELOAD="toLazyToTypePath" <program>04:52
BerserkurWithout the <> of course04:52
webbb82im trying to compile  the raptor menu  but i get a error can someone take a look at this its pretty small  please04:52
SilverFo1I'm trying to help a friend fix a sound problem remotely, and it seems as though su can use the sound device, but my user cannot.  I've able to run a player with sudo successfully, but not as my user account: http://www.pastebin.ca/162869904:53
pfifoso many comcast users in here, poor guys04:53
SilverFo1is this because I'm not in a needed group, or because something in /dev has the wrong permission/ownership?04:53
Spirits-SightBerserkur: I don't see how to do this with zoneminder04:53
Spirits-Sightits a web interface04:53
StockBrianbobino, Keyboard and mouse do not work? Are both plugged independently into USB ports/04:54
webbb82it says  include could not find load file:04:54
webbb82    NepomukAddOntologyClasses04:54
bobinostockbrian : yes, everuting works fine when I boot in vista04:54
bobinostockbrian: its only ubuntu...04:55
BerserkurSilverFo1: Try sudo usermod -a -G audio YourFriendsUser04:55
StockBrianbobino, understood. thanks..   one sec04:55
necr0tikanyone know about configuring proftpd? I am having some issues when I issue a MKD, it says the perms are wrong when I log in as adminftp. config @ http://pastebin.com/f163e5c6b04:55
hipitihopJordan_U: not anymore afaik, kids reckon it was complaining about not enough disk space but when I grabbed the drive (it is a usb attached hdd) and looked on my machine it seemed to have plenty of freespace... now just sits at loading grub then drops to prompt04:55
=== restor_ is now known as mau_restor
BerserkurSilverFo1: And log him out and back in04:56
FlannelBerserkur, SilverFo1: `adduser username group` is easier than usermod04:56
SilverFo1Berserkur: that was it.  Thanks, you saved me some time randomly trial/erroring.  :)04:57
SilverFo1Flannel: does that work with existing users though?04:57
pfifohipitihop, can you get it to boot through the grub menu?04:57
Jordan_Uhipitihop: From the prompt try running "configfile (hd0,0)/boot/grub/menu.lst"04:57
BerserkurSilverFo1: You're welcome04:57
FlannelSilverFo1: Yes.  useradd when used as "useradd username group" adds username to group04:57
webbb82and it says CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:9 (include):04:58
webbb82  include could not find load file:04:58
crohakonAnyone know a good place to get gnome themes?04:58
DaZcrohakon: gnome-look? :f04:58
BoxMagnetcrohakon, gnome-look.org04:58
BoxMagnetarg parrot.04:58
Jordan_Ucrohakon: art.gone.org also04:58
pfifowebbb82, are you trying to compile something from scratch?04:58
Jordan_Ucrohakon: *art.gnome.org04:59
webbb82raptor menu from source04:59
webbb82pfifo, this is what im doing    http://www.raptor-menu.org/download04:59
Spirits-SightBerserkur: I just found this does this help in figure out how to make it work just by doing mplayer /dev/video005:00
Spirits-Sightmplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video005:00
DaZ!find raptor05:00
ubottuFound: libraptor1, libraptor1-dev, libraptor1-doc, raptor-utils, kraptor (and 1 others)05:00
DaZpf ;f05:00
pfifowebbb82, im not familiar with raptor but my biggest problem with compiling packages on ubuntu is having to install all the -dev packages, like for example php needs libjpeg which i have on my system but the include files are in a package called libjpeg-dev05:00
BerserkurFlannel: Thanks, will check that out05:00
StockBrianbobino, don't paste back, but try "lsusb" in the terminal, are any devices showing error?05:01
steve2can anyone help me with my ubuntu 9.04 im new to this software05:02
bobinostockbrian: in the vista command prompt?05:02
pfifowebbb82, it says its still expermental, but did you install kdelibs from the svn?05:02
Lance342  /j linux05:02
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: No, you either always use the command that I gave you or put the settings into a config05:02
StockBrianno, the linux terminal.05:02
StockBrianum.. like the Linux Command Prompt05:02
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: You can probably put it into ~/.mplayer/config05:02
bobinostockbrian: I can't get in Linux because my mouse and keyboard are not responding...05:03
keith_I have 2 mouse buttons mapping to the same thing. anyone know how to fix that?05:03
Jordan_Usteve2: Ask a question and if anyone can help they will :)05:03
StockBrianbobino, ah.. sorry, I assume it's not a laptop..05:03
pfifowebbb82, yeah it says you need to get the absolute latest source for kdelibs, which requires you to use subversion to fetch the package05:03
bobinostockbrian: no05:03
Spirits-SightBerserkur: thanks05:03
bobinostockbrian: desktop05:03
webbb82pfifo, ddo you know where i can find that05:04
steve2wondering why I cant put my password into my terminal when I am trying to install somthing05:04
DaZlatest stable kdelibs <:05:04
StockBrianbobino, many internet searches show that after booting into Linux, unplugging and replugging keyboards sometimes works.05:04
Flannelsteve2: You can, it just doesn't display anything while you're typing it for security reasons05:04
StockBrianbobino, it's not a solution, but it might allow further troubleshooting.05:04
Rabbitbunnysteve2: It doesn't show what you type, you are typing.05:04
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: You could make a script and put it in /usr/local/bin05:04
=== shauno_ is now known as shauno
steve2I just typed in k ill check05:04
pfifowebbb82, no not off the top of my head, i would goto kde.org and take a look around the site, look for the development snapshots05:04
bobinostockbrian: at one poitn I saw the LED flash for a split second un der my mouse...but that it05:05
steve2just says try again05:05
steve2its blank05:05
Rabbitbunnysteve2: enter the user password, not the root password.05:05
steve2thats what I am trying to do the curser doesnt move nothing its like my keyboard freezes05:06
bobinostockbrian: worst case scenario: i'll have to buy a new mouse and keyboard05:06
steve2I just reinstalled with a clean install05:06
Rabbitbunnysteve2: Right, the cursor won't move.05:06
Rabbitbunnysteve2: quit looking at the screen and type it.05:06
steve2i typed it in and it just says try again i only used 1 pass when i set it up so I figure that should be it05:07
StockBrianbobino, yeah, without any inquiries to linux, I can't see what's wrong. I suggested digging more around the internet for options.. many say unplug-replug works...   Good Luck.05:07
mb_again_bobino: when you hit numlock/capslock/scrolllock on your keyboard does the light change state?05:07
bobinostockbrian: cab you give me some references I could use?05:07
StockBrianbobino, sure one second.05:07
steve2now it worked thanks05:08
pfifosteve2, its definatly your keyboard, try putting it in the dishwasher to clean it ;)05:08
kilocan anyone tell me where/how I can create a new crontab?05:08
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: try sudo echo "#/bin/bash" > /usr/local/bin/webmplayer ; sudo echo "LD_PRELOAD=\"/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so\" mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:fps=30:device=/dev/video0 tv://" >> /usr/local/bin/webmplayer05:09
steve2lol this is my 3rd one in the last year damn kids keep pulling off my desk05:09
bobinomb_again: didn't try that05:09
pfifokilo `man corntab` rtfm05:09
bobinomb_again: when I try to type my password...nothing happens though05:09
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Nevermind that. I'll give you a pastebin05:09
steve2thanks guys im out05:09
ChrononSo, after rebooting my Eee PC running Jaunty won't run in anything but 800x600.  I restored xorg.conf and it didn't help.  I currently suspect my monitors.xml needs fixing. . .05:10
mb_again_kilo: crontab -e will edit the crontab of the current user. When you save the file you will have a new crontab. It is usually better for hourly/daily scripts to link them into cron.hourly etc and let the system babysit them05:10
pfifoChronon, i have an eeepc and have always used the exact same xorg.conf for all installs, works like a charm05:10
ChrononYeah.  I don't think it's an xorg.conf problem.05:11
StockBrianbobino, one good one I use all the time is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs05:11
Sirisian_When I use make to create a kernel rathern the package method the file type of vmlinux is "ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1" Shouldn't it be: "Linux kernel x86 boot executable RO-rootFS, root_" ?05:11
=== Sirisian_ is now known as Sirisian
Chrononpfifo: The current one and my backup look the same.  Restoring my backup xorg.conf didn't help.05:12
mb_again_!xorg > Chronon05:12
ubottuChronon, please see my private message05:12
pfifoChronon, well im still using 8.04 on my eee, so i cant really say for sure. I can pastebin my xorg.conf if you like05:12
BerserkurSpirits-Sight: Are you still there?05:12
bobinostockbrian: wow thanx....so much info...hours of reading...fun05:13
kilomb_again_, how do I link them? I'm trying to get GNUCash to check stock prices daily / hourly... I have the command, just need to know how to let the system run it every so-often05:13
mb_again_Chronon: ubuntu generally sidesteps the xorg files and sets up the screen anohter way05:13
Chrononubottu: I'm consulting the link you sent me.  Thanks05:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:13
zcat[1]hmmmm.. if I preorder karmic cds from shipit I'm not going to have them in time for a release party on the 31st am I?05:14
pfifoubottu, your sexy and intelligent05:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:14
StockBrianbobino, It's all searchable... Good Luck.05:14
distrohopperubottu: you just have low self esteem05:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:14
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:14
crohakonWhats a good mp3 player?05:15
StockBrianWindow Media Player.05:15
distrohoppercrohakon: do you want something minimal? audacious05:15
Rabbitbunnycrohakon: rhythmbox05:15
prince_jammys!players | crohakon05:15
ubottucrohakon: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:15
zcat[1]ROFL wmp...05:15
pfifoi use mplayer for litterally everything05:15
Sirisianoh that's why I get a vmlinux and a vmlinux.o file. Maybe I'm not supposed to use the make command? I'm just following the readme though which looks like it's wrong then.05:15
pfifowinamp runs perfect in wine too05:15
mb_again_kilo: write the shell script (perl bash whatever) the normal way so it does the work and either writes the result to a known location or prints it as standard output. Put the script in /usr/local/bin. When all is working clean, you go to, say, /etc/cron.hourly/ and do ln -s /usr/local/bin/myworkerscript that creates the symlink. Then the cron process picks it up just after every hour and runs it. As said above, details in all the man05:15
mb_again_ pages05:15
|biovore|mplayer is nice.. it will even play pancakes.. :-P05:15
mankashis there any package like avimerge05:16
peterrrI like Audacious05:16
distrohopperI think this channel has no sense of humor05:16
prince_jammysit has a smidgeon05:16
mb_again_kilo: if you have the script output the results to standard output (write them) then cron will mail you the results05:16
distrohopperone time at band camp..05:16
zcat[1]I used to like amarok but then they 'improved' it and it really sucks now.05:16
peterrrdistrohopper: it's a teradork channel ;)05:17
kilomb_again_, ok thanks... I think I get it...05:17
distrohopperlol peterrr05:17
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest71841
anon^_^Is anyone familiar if theres a key combination to lock the screen --> screensaver05:18
anon^_^rather than selecting it in the top right corner05:18
|biovore|locks the screen05:18
pfifoanon^_^, yeah alt+f405:18
anon^_^Thanks lbiovorel05:18
distrohopperpfifo: that worked back in the day with mIRC05:18
zcat[1]anon^_^, alt-L05:18
anon^_^pfifo, not falling for that05:18
kilomb_again_, couldn't I just copy the script directly into /etc/cron.hourly?05:18
pfifo|biovore|, thanks that will come in handy05:18
mb_again_(wow it does, thanks pfifo)05:19
pfifokilo, yes05:19
kilopfifo, ok cool, thx05:19
pfifokilo, chmod 0755 too05:19
panfistis there an easy way to benchmark basic 2d performance?05:20
mb_again_kilo: sure you could do that, but then I would have to find out where you live and come over and kill you. Using a symlink dodges certain errors.05:20
StockBrianQUESTION: I have an RPM package to install but Jaunty doesn't recognize it. Any help?05:20
Roastedwhats the terminal command for adding a user to a group05:20
zcat[1]StockBrian, alien?05:20
kilomb_again_, LOL ... thanks05:20
mneptokStockBrian: what is the package?05:20
zcat[1]!alien | StockBrian05:20
StockBrianArchive Type not supported.05:20
ubottuStockBrian: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)05:20
pfifoStockBrian, get the *.deb package05:21
RabbitbunnyRoasted: addgroup groupadd, something like that.05:21
mneptok"dangerous" being an understatement05:21
StockBrianpfifo, thanks, I'll try.. not sure if it's offered.05:21
pfifodebian > redhat05:21
Naddixi have been having some trouble with the iwl3945 drivers and was trying to install ipwraw-ng drivers but am getting module error05:21
distrohopperTest #151, how to get kicked from #ubuntu.. say VAGINA!05:22
pfifoTest 151: Failed05:23
distrohopperfo sho05:23
distrohopperI'm actually in shoock05:23
distrohopper*shock too05:23
Naddixis it posible to install a older kernel in a newer version of ubuntu05:23
Jordan_UNaddix: Yes but there might be problems, why?05:24
pfifoNaddix, yes, are you talking 2.4 tho?05:24
Naddixwell just cause im not sure how to go about this ipwraw driver05:24
pfifoNaddix, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68836705:26
hipitihoppfifo: it doesn't actually get to the menu.05:26
Jordan_Uhipitihop: Did you try the command I gave you?05:27
pfifohipitihop, are you trying to use it with aircrack or just use the card?05:28
FloodBot2Rikcardo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
crohakonHow do I get that neat 3d cube effect?05:28
pfifoohh my bad, 2 different people05:28
Naddixpfifo thanks i will see what happens05:28
kilowhat would this tag to at the end of a crontab?  "  /dev/null 2>&1"05:28
hipitihopJordan_U: not yet, machine not handy, going to see it now.05:28
zcat[1]kilo, sends output and errors to /dev/null so you don't get an email every time it runs05:29
FloodBot2Rikcardo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:29
kilozcat[1], sweet... thank you!05:29
hipitihoppfifo: not sure what you mean..... this machine worked fine for a while booting from this usb hdd (only hdd on machine). then started to develop this problem05:30
FloodBot2Rikcardo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
quimkaosguys i installed apache, everything seams to work good but i can't wright anything in www folder? what can i do? do i nead to re-enable root or something?05:30
zcat[1]sigh, can an op please just ban the flooder already?05:30
FloodBot2Rikcardo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
kilook, so in a crontab (if I'm making a generic one) the first few digits are the time? so like "0 16 * * 5 " is 16:00 on fridays?05:31
MrDarkUserhi, I05:31
hipitihopJordan_U:  would it still be (hd0,0) even though it is a usb attached drive ?05:31
pfifohipitihop, off the top of my head i bet the UUID in menu.lst dosent match the UUID of the drive, but it could also be that it cant find the kernel or initrd.img05:31
Jordan_Uhipitihop: If it's the only drive then I think yes, but try tab completion to list the drives05:32
hipitihoppfifo: so is it just as easy to boot from live cd desktop and somehow reinstate without losing current installation05:32
usser_kilo, that is correct05:33
MrDarkUserm using the ppa for intel xorg on a dell mini 9 ... ubuntu 9.04,  and the last update made it so it doesn;t run at full screen resolution.  I regenerated the xorg.conf using dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg   and it still only runs at 800x600 ... xrandr doesn;t show 1024x600 as an option... and I believe its using fb mode rather than intel05:33
pfifohipitihop, no, you just need to ensure that you menu.lst has the correct info in it.05:33
MrDarkUserI don05:33
pfifohipitihop, and that your kernel and initrd are on the drive05:34
kilousser_, thank you.05:34
MrDarkUsert know how to check what server is reallyt running...   I looked at the logs, and that.s why I think its fb05:34
Jordan_UMrDarkUser: /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:35
K_DallasHi guys! Is it easy to install Ubuntu (9.10 for instance) on a new MacBook? Any guides/tutorial ? Thanks05:36
jwfoxjris it possible to have the openssh daemon listen on 2 different on ip's with different ports?05:36
domohuge problem: installed ubuntu 9.10 beta.. trying to copy windows to a samba share from a windows box, and it fails with "too many files currently in use"05:36
domocopy files to *05:36
Jordan_U!karmic | domo05:36
ubottudomo: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:36
domoill download it on 29th05:36
domoand it will fail05:36
hipitihoppfifo: & Jordan_U: This time it seems to have got further complaining about having to run fsck manually so doing so now. possibly the drive is having problems05:37
pfifoMrDarkUser, try using 'displayconfig-gtk' that works for me05:37
zaouljwfoxjr: probably would need to run two different sshds05:37
pfifohipitihop, ohh thats an easy fix, run e2fsck on your drive05:37
Jordan_UK_Dallas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook05:37
K_DallasJordan_U, excellent. Thank you05:37
jwfoxjrzaoul: but probably wouldn't be too tough to have spawn multiple daemons?05:37
Jordan_UK_Dallas: np05:37
MrDarkUserpfifo: thanks, installing now, using netbook remix05:37
zaouljwfoxjr: probably need to edit /etc/init.d/sshd , make two start() functions and have the second load a secondary /etc/ssh/sshd.conf05:39
MrDarkUserpfifo: it won't install, not available, I have universe, multiverse etc enabled05:39
jwfoxjrzaoul: thanks - I'll give it a shot05:39
pfifoMrDarkUser, came on my system by default05:39
MrDarkUserpfifo: 9.04 netbook?05:39
naddixpfifo no luck05:40
DaZerror: net/ieee80211.h: No such file or directory :f05:40
pfifoMrDarkUser, im on 8.04, im not sure what package its in05:41
DaZ!find ieee80211.h05:41
ubottuFile ieee80211.h found in linux-headers-2.6.28-11, linux-headers-2.6.28-11-generic, linux-headers-2.6.28-11-server, linux-headers-2.6.28-13, linux-headers-2.6.28-13-generic (and 11 others)05:41
DaZdo you have linux-headers? :f05:41
pfifonaddix, looks like your missing a development package05:42
naddixi got the headers05:42
KajrosI am curious why is it when Grub loader boots up it shows 2 versions of ubuntu but I only have 1 installed?05:43
n8tuserMrDarkUser-> does your menu.lst has  fb  or vga settings?05:43
n8tuserKajros-> its only on the menu, you get to choose05:43
pfifoKajros, the second entry is recovery mode05:43
BlueyKajros: It's the previous kernel versions05:43
Jordan_UKajros: Those are older kernel versions. Whenever there is a kernel upgrade the old versions are kept in case there is a problem with the new one, you can always boot the old one if you need to05:44
BlueyKajros: I had issues with v 15 and had to use v 14 for awhile - this easily gave me that option05:44
KajrosThanks just curious made me feel a bit uneasy lol05:44
BlueyKajros: naw, that's normal....05:45
StockBrianQUESTION: What's the equivalent to "ipconfig" in a Linux prompt?05:45
macoStockBrian: ifconfig05:46
lilzeusif you install hardware, like a sound card, does ubuntu recognize it and automatically install the drivers for it?05:46
BlueyStockBrian: ifconfig05:46
KajrosJust making sure. I rather enjoy Ubuntu Netbook Remix switched over from LinuxMint05:46
=== jade is now known as Guest95938
StockBrianthanks thanks and thanks05:46
pfifoi use 'ip addr' myself05:46
StockBrianpfifo, oo. I'll try both05:46
Blueylilzeus: if it's one that is recognised - yes05:46
lilzeusBluey: how do I tell?05:46
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:46
Pelolilzeus, yes it will unless it is very very new from a company that's making weird drivers then you might find some new issue05:46
macolilzeus: drivers are usually generic so the same driver is used for all audio devices05:46
Blueylilzeus: the hardware compatibility list05:47
=== Mike is now known as Guest31565
StockBrianpfifo, that does seem a lot cleaner05:47
lilzeusBluey: where is that?05:47
nathan406can someone help install my ati radeon x1200 series card on ubuntu05:47
lilzeusI will look it up05:47
lilzeusits a Soundblaster Audigy05:47
Blueylilzeus: scroll up, it's right after I did the !hcl05:47
Pelo!hcl > lilzeus look for a private windows05:47
ubottulilzeus, please see my private message05:47
pfifoifconfig dosent come standard on all distros, but ip seems to always be there05:47
Pelolilzeus, soundblaster should be fine05:48
lilzeusdid soundblaster get bought out?05:48
lilzeusI don't see them on the list05:48
Blueylilzeus: not that I am aware of they are owned by creative05:49
lilzeuscreative labs05:49
Pelolilzeus, that list is mostly problem hardware and solutions,05:49
Pelolilzeus, your soundblaster card should work without issue,  soundblaster has been around long enough05:49
Blueylilzeus: I have a creative zen -- their equiv. of an ipod -- works well with gnomad205:49
lilzeushmm, I don't have any sound05:50
KajrosAnyone currently using Ubuntu netbook Remix?05:50
nathan406can someone help install my ati radeon x1200 series card on ubuntu05:50
Pelolilzeus, got an onboard soundcard on your mobo ? get into the bois and disable it05:50
brijithyesterday I installed ubuntu 9.10 ... Everything seems fine except my mobile broadband connection05:50
Pelo!ati | nathan40605:51
ubottunathan406: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:51
lilzeusPelo: I have done that05:51
Pelobrijith, 9,10 is a beta ask in #ubuntu+105:51
Jordan_U!karmic | brijith05:51
ubottubrijith: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:51
lilzeusthe sound on it didn't work either...but that was a known issue05:51
nathan406ubottu: thanx, gonna check it out05:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:51
lilzeuscan I see if ubuntu recognized and installed the sound card?05:52
joshspylilzeus i believe ati offers the drivers on their web site.05:52
Pelolilzeus, hold on05:52
lilzeusfor a soundblaster audigy?05:52
Pelolilzeus, that wasn'T for you ,  this is  gnome-device-manager  put that in the terminal see if you can find your soundcard in there05:53
joshspyohh i thought you were talking about the x1200 graphics card.05:53
bastid_raZornathan406: in 9.04 i have the package xserver-xorg-video-radeon installed.. 3d and some openGL work fine.05:53
Blueywow I was curious this doesn't tell me much:  00:05.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP61 High Definition Audio (rev a2)05:53
lilzeusPelo: put what in the terminal?05:53
crouchingpenguinrunning xubuntu hardy. have conky 1.5.1. need conky 1.7.1 can someone advise a repository or location for suitable binary?05:53
Pelolilzeus, open a termianl and type or copy  this  >  gnome-device-manager05:53
nathan406bastid_raZor: really05:53
pfifobluey, i have the same card on my PCChips a15G mobo05:54
nathan406bastid_raZor: can you tell me how to get it done05:54
lilzeusnot installed05:54
Jester86hey is anyone on here?05:54
Blueypfifo: I have an hp system maybe a year old...05:54
PeloJester86, several ppl are yes05:55
Jester86i need some quick help.. i know its not software related but I need someone to help me decide on a laptop05:55
kilook, so if I have a script link in /etc/cron.hourly, it'll run the script every hour (on the hour presumably) as if I had typed "./[script]" ?05:55
* Take0n kalimorning greece05:55
mneptokJester86: PM me05:55
PeloJester86, try asking in #hardware05:55
bastid_raZornathan406: which version of ubuntu are you on?05:55
lilzeuswtf just happened?05:55
Jester86its more of just a judgment call Pelo05:55
lilzeusI was just logged out05:55
nathan406bastid_raZor: 9.0405:56
Pelolilzeus, you got disconnected,  put this command in the terminal    sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager  that will install it05:56
pfifokilo, yes it should, so long cron.hourly stuff is listed in crontab to be run, also ensure crond is actually running05:56
lilzeusPelo: I was logged out for some reason05:56
PeloJester86, mneptok offered to help05:56
bastid_raZornathan406: install that package then relog.05:56
mneptokJester86: i'm willing to provide help, but not on-channel, as it's offtopic05:56
Pelolilzeus, it happens05:56
lilzeusPelo: my install does not require me to log in05:56
Jester86i tried to PM u mneptok05:56
nathan406bastid_raZor: i am dont want to05:56
kilopfifo, sorry, ultra new user here... how do I ensure that?05:57
Pelolilzeus, are you running as root ? bad idea but it's your funeral , apt-get install gnome-device-manager05:57
nathan406bastid_raZor: the screen is going to turn blank05:57
pfifopsaux | grep crond05:57
PeloJester86, give him time he's a busy guy05:57
nathan406bastid_raZor: i did it before05:57
* Pelo hasn'T does this in a while , this place is realy hectic 05:58
kilopfifo, or would I just be better off creating a crontab with a timestamp on it?05:58
crouchingpenguinis my only option to compile from source?05:58
lilzeusnot sure I I am logged in as root05:58
lilzeusI think its done05:58
Pelocrouchingpenguin, to compile what from source ? usualy no , look in menu > system > admin > synaptic package manager05:58
MrSchmoanyone know of good addon for firefox to remember your last open pages/taps. firefox built in setting always seem to get wipe for me05:58
pfifokilo, they both work equally well, wait a few hours and see if it updates, if not then start trouble shooting05:58
t0show do i remove the login screen on startup? where i can just log straight into ubuntu05:59
bastid_raZornathan406: you've installed the radeon driver before?05:59
kilopfifo, kk, thanks!05:59
Pelolilzeus, then put gnome-device-manager in the terminal and see if you can find your audio card in there05:59
lilzeuscan't find it05:59
Pelolilzeus, close it , in the terminal type lspci  see if you see the card listed05:59
Pelolilzeus,  is this an internal card or a usb one ?06:00
teolicyHi. I'm moving from OSX to Ubuntu, and am trying to replace my old apps with new. One of the apps I'm missing is OSX's "Secure note" feature, where I can use my password to access a few text only notes, view/edit them, and when I close them they're re-encrypted.06:00
lilzeusno joy06:00
lilzeusI think I may try a different slot06:00
crouchingpenguinPelo: i have installed conky 1.5.1. it is the latest version in my repositories. i need one point seven or later. im hoping someone knows of a more up to date repository. new to ubuntu. running xubuntu hardy.06:00
nathan406bastid_raZor: yes and wen i restart the screen was blank and kept that way and i had to uninstall it from the command line06:00
felixsullaWhat do I need to save all my programs/packages and load them on a new Ubuntu installation?06:00
surgyhey my dpkg is locked06:00
teolicyI used it mostly for passwords, but not only. I feel the various password managers I sampled are clunky, what more, that I'd prefer something usable from the commandline. VimCrypt is cumbersome and forces me to type the password twice. Other suggestions?06:01
surgycan you help me?06:01
Pelolilzeus, turn off the comp, open the box and make sure the card is properly slotted in06:01
t0salso i just installed ubuntu 9.10 beta and i seem to be missing the icons in system menu06:01
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.06:01
Pelosurgy, you have another package manager opened , close all of them06:01
bastid_raZornathan406: you sure you have the x1200 card? lspci | grep VGA06:01
=== DaZ is now known as pasculhaxxur
felixsullaWhat do I need to save all my programs/packages and load them on a new Ubuntu installation?06:01
bastid_raZor!clone felixsulla06:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:02
Pelocrouchingpenguin, try www.getdeb.net see if you can find it there , if not you'll need to compilie it manualy, ask in #conky for help06:02
bastid_raZor!clone | felixsulla06:02
ubottufelixsulla: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate06:02
lilzeusPelo: the case it open, I just installed the card, its quite solid06:02
crouchingpenguintyty, Pelo06:02
crohakonhow do you use screenlets?06:02
ravinduAre there any free capacity planning software for Linux?06:02
nathan406bastid_raZor: how do i check that06:03
Pelolilzeus, any jumpers you need to set ? any power you need to plug into the card directly ? check the card's documentation , if it is plugged in , it should at lest show up in lspci06:03
bastid_raZornathan406: lspci | grep VGA  .. type that in a terminal06:03
lilzeusPelo: I will try a different slot06:03
Peloravindu, can you be a bit more explicit ?06:04
nathan406bastid_raZor: its a acer aspire 551706:04
Pelolilzeus, best of luck06:04
nathan406i know that much06:04
ZykoticK9felixsulla, also FYI packages are stored in /var/cache/apt/archives -- copying this folder can save a lot of downloading :)06:04
bastid_raZornathan406: i think you have the HD card. i have 5515.06:04
bastid_raZortry the radeonhd driver instead.06:04
Peloravindu, check for keywords in menu > applications > add/remove at the very bottom06:04
crohakonHow do I use screenlets in gnome?06:05
crouchingpenguini have a new problem. it needs libc6. ive been down this road before and i usually end up breaking my system.06:05
Pelolater folks,  got to go to bed06:05
crouchingpenguini have a feeling this package is made for karmic :\06:05
ravindu<Pelo> i can not understand06:05
ravinduI want to get reports on server utilization in a servers in system06:06
nathan406bastid_raZor: wow! i have the Radeon HD 3200 Graphics card06:06
ravindulike IBM CDAT tool?06:07
testeHI ALL.06:07
testei need help of tcp/ip06:07
Goosetovcan anyone explain how I would add a script at boot time ? specifically the post made by blackr2d on 09/10/02 ...how do I do what he is saying on here : https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=340306:08
lilzeusPelo: sound works, it was the slot06:08
matthew1I have a hard drive that I took out of my previous laptop. It is now in an external case. I want to format it but I can't figure out how. I try to delete things but somethings are "undeletable". Any ideas?06:09
testeHelpe - me? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:09
testei need help of tcp/ip protocol ;/06:09
pfifoteste, what is the question?06:09
Jordan_Umatthew1: You can use gparted to format it06:09
lilzeusI just wish the onboard sound worked...06:10
i_xCan you guys help me install a bootloader on my USB with ubuntu. i installed it through a ubuntu live CD06:10
i_xusing the program preinstalled on the live CD06:10
ElijahCMenifeeAHHA! have gotten ldap working in karmic for logins and autofs had to report bug in autofs-ldap wrong permissions on file kept autofs from connection to ldap06:10
matthew1Jordan_U...so I have to use the live cd?06:11
Goosetoveffff sometimes it's hard to get help on here06:11
testei need book of tcp/ip advanced... what i find about subject only benniger...06:11
^Phantom^Is there any way to restart the service that reads sd cards in an sd card slot?06:11
testepfifo, i need book of tcp/ip advanced... what i find about subject only benniger...06:11
Jordan_Umatthew1: You can't format a drive you are booted from, but if you can unmount all of the partitions then you can use gparted without a liveCD06:11
crouchingpenguinokay... compiling from sorce. ./configure checks compiler default output filename, but has a configure error: c compiler cannot create executables06:11
ElijahCMenifeenow the only problem is my home directory settings do not play nicely with my real home directory from my OpenSolaris ZFS->NFS export for Desktop and so fourth...06:11
matthew1Jordan_U...ok I got it thank you!06:12
Jordan_U!build | crouchingpenguin06:12
ubottucrouchingpenguin: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:12
Jordan_Umatthew1: np06:12
pfifoteste, well there is the whitepaper google search RFC793 and RFC79106:12
pfifoteste, that should be all you ever need as far as 'advanced' goes06:13
babaki installed graphic card but now when i want use visual effec this error appear Desktop effect could not be enable06:13
testehmm ok... i read tutorial of tcp/ip benniger... is hard find text advanced.06:14
nathan406bastid_raZorRadeon HD 3200 Graphics card. What do you suggest that i do06:14
=== sscoble is now known as theholiz
Jordan_Ubabak: What graphics card?06:14
pfifotest, anytime you see the word 'protocol' there is a RFC white paper to describe it in detail so programmers can implement it06:14
babakJordan_U: gtx 26006:15
Goosetovcan anyone explain how I would add a script at boot time ? specifically the post made by blackr2d on 09/10/02 ...how do I do what he is saying on here : https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=340306:15
testethanks anyway06:15
nigel_nb_Goosetov: what script is that?06:15
crouchingpenguinall this crap for pretty conky rings. maybe i should reassess my priorities >.<06:15
redwoodI have a question regarding UNR 9.10 Beta and the broadcom 4312 wifi card- after two days, I still cannot get it to show any networks06:15
NeoTubNinjacrouchingpenguin: that is false06:16
pfifoGoosetov, put the script in /etc/init.d and link it to /etc/rc2.d/SXXmyscript where XX is a number 00-9906:16
Jordan_Ubabak: Have you tried System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?06:16
babakJordan_U: yes06:16
testepfifo, OK thank!06:17
Goosetovpfifo ... i'm very n00b... more detail please06:17
testepfifo, OK thanks!06:17
Jordan_U!karmic | redwood06:17
ubotturedwood: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:17
nigel_nb_Goosetov: check this link out http://nixcraft.com/shell-scripting/956-script-file-run-when-linux-boot.html06:17
NeoTubNinjababak: what about System > Administration > Nvidia X server settings06:17
nigel_nb_should help you06:17
Goosetovthanks boss06:17
babakNeoTubNinja: there is no problem in nvidia x server setting06:18
pfifoi just took my sleeping pills, time for sweet sleep06:19
NeoTubNinjababak: I faintly remember about 6 months ago I had something similar and had to reset to the default x-server settings06:19
MadSeaDogany big poker site compatible linux?06:20
prince_jammysMadSeaDog: pokerstars works under wine.06:20
pfifoMadSeaDog, i play myspace poker natively06:20
babakNeoTubNinja: how can reset x-server?06:20
pfifoMadSeaDog, yeah you can always install ie6 under wine06:21
crouchingpenguinouch... this thing cant locate my X any ideas?06:21
crouchingpenguinhave updated my compiling stuff and now it hangs and says it cant find X06:21
hsarcihow do i stop lock screen on resume?06:21
lilzeusthis is going to sound strange but, youtube insterts some kind of hidden space in all the comments...if you copy/paste a person's comment into a comment of your own(a reply) it puts that space in, but Youtube rejects it because of the weird space character...how do I get those to show up in a simple text editory, notepad in windows does06:21
MadSeaDogok thanks folks... see ya on the poker room...06:21
lilzeusgedit does not show the character06:22
babakhow can restart x-server?06:22
crouchingpenguinhold on.. ill pastebin the output06:22
testepfifo: how i to start one daemon with inetd?06:22
pfifobabak ctrl+alt+backspace06:23
prince_jammyslilzeus: they are likely carriage returns.06:23
NeoTubNinjababak: yes, but i was referring to the settings06:23
pfifoteste, sorry, im not familiar with inetd, try `man inetd` and see if that helps06:23
redwoodthe karmic irc channel seems to be... dead06:23
NeoTubNinjababak: you can do it through the nvidia by going to x server display config and hitting reset i believe06:23
testepfifo: ok thanks06:23
lilzeusprince_jammys: I don't think they are, the occur in the middle of lines06:24
naddixwell pfifo i been workin on this for 3 days, so i think im just going to stick bt3 for this stuff06:24
NeoTubNinjababak: i would try to make a backup of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf because i think thats what its resetting, not sure if it backs it up automatically06:24
prince_jammyslilzeus: cat -e the_file_with_what_you_copied  and see what appears.06:24
pfifonaddix, i got lucky my eeepc just worked with aircrack06:25
babakNeoTubNinja: when i use ctrl+alt+ backspace nothing do06:25
naddixwell my card does but injection is not right06:25
pfifonaddix, have you tried any of the livecds?06:25
naddixoh yeah, injection works perfect in bt306:26
naddixbut not 406:26
NeoTubNinjababak: that just resets the server, do you have the nvidia server settings open?06:26
nathan406how do i install ati radeon hd 3200 graphics driver06:26
babakNeoTubNinja: no06:26
naddixthere is still a issue with the iwl driver and injection06:26
NeoTubNinjababak: you have it though right?06:26
naddixbut ipwraw is perfect for me06:26
nathan406can some one me install ati radeon hd 3200 graphics driver06:27
naddixI just hate bootin into another os06:27
lilzeusprince_jammys: this exposes the character, here is what it looks like in the terminal "M-oM-;M-?"06:27
pfifook i have to go06:27
NeoTubNinjanaddix: i love booting into windows, its the best part of my day06:27
testesomeone know tcp/ip advanced to me take doubt?06:27
naddixi dont use windows06:27
NeoTubNinjanaddix: every virus is like a present06:27
prince_jammyslilzeus: yuck. i wonder what that is.06:27
NeoTubNinjanaddix: christmas all year long06:27
lilzeusin notepad it looks like a square06:28
erpoI just got a kernel panic (everything locked up, flashing capslock light). How can I find the cause?06:28
prince_jammyslilzeus: probably a multibyte character like the fancy << >> quote characters.06:28
lilzeusfor some reason, in gedit and other text editors, it is hidden, yet it remains there when you copy it back06:28
=== rsc____ is now known as rsc___
quimkaosany sugestion for an virtual cd for ubuntu?06:29
Jordan_U!iso | quimkaos06:29
ubottuquimkaos: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:29
lilzeusI think I recall it being something like an empty space character?06:30
Kajros1Why do you like windows so much?06:30
lilzeuszero width space?06:30
testeOk, i m out bye bye all.06:30
lilzeusI think its unicode?06:31
lilzeusis there an app in ubuntu that can view unicode characters?06:31
erpolilzeus: Character map?06:32
nigel_nb_lilzeus: Character map...install it from Synaptics06:33
=== moon_ is now known as Moon_Doggy
lilzeuserpo nigel_nb: the character map which is under Accessories?06:33
eisenhowercould someone tell me how to change the default browser in ubuntu?06:34
lilzeushow do I use character map to view characters I have copied into a gedit document?06:35
ElijahCMenifeeeisenhower, what do you find under System->Preferences->Preferred Applications?06:35
eisenhowerElijahCMenifee, ty06:36
DigitalKiwi10100100 sparky06:36
lilzeusin html it is &820306:36
sparkyhe he06:36
hkaishello all06:37
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
hkaissince few days my sound is missing. any hints? I hava a T61 lenovo06:38
joshspyas least you had sound at one point...06:38
RadicalRQuick question, have anyone been reporting NTFS disks being turned to RAW disk after force mounting them in Linux?06:38
kraitoi can't mount my ipod?06:39
alex87hey guys, what is the difference between the ati and radeon drivers?06:39
kraitodoes anybody know how to get the original source.list that ubuntu had? i think that might be the problem i changed it so i could have more things to download.06:40
hkaisjoshspy: yes it was working fine for months on 9.04. I think there has been an update of a soundlib in the past days. maybe...06:40
RadicalRHmm, I take it that's a negative then?06:42
RadicalRThis is troublesome.06:42
joshspyi have not encountered that problem in a ibm before06:42
kraitoi can't mount my ipod, can anyone help to refer me to a different room?06:42
joshspykraito: what is the error06:43
hkaiskraito: sorry, but I am not using a product from the golden cage ;;-)06:43
firevaihi eveyrone... i have a Hp compaq cq40 laptop and am having sound issues, and dvd playback issues.. can someone help pleeeeease?06:44
hkaiskraito: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/09/mount-iphone-ipod-touch-in-ubuntu-how.html06:44
=== jade is now known as Guest14326
hkaisgoogle maybe help06:44
nithinlooking for a good mp3 player for ubuntu with equilizer, can anybody suggest?06:44
firevaii cant get alsamixer to come up either.. i get an error06:44
firevaii've googled, and forumed myself almost to death06:44
hkaisfireval: maybe a similar issue to mine?06:44
joshspyis th cq40 a newer laptop?06:45
hkaisI have lost my sound after it worked for months06:45
nithinWilliam-Ubuntu: does it have equilizer?06:45
lilzeuswhen adjust Main Menu items, why when I check Debian does it not show up?06:45
MrDarkUsern8tuser: no, my menu.1st does not, I haven06:45
firevaiyeah sound worked the other day and had to reinstall, and now it doesnt.. i found a fix, and redid it, but now it wont work..06:45
firevaialsamixer wont show.. and i believe i have everything set right06:45
William-Ubuntunithin i don't know, i just feel it is good for me06:45
MrDarkUsert modified it even.  Only 9.04 netbook... but i am probably breaking things by trying the ppa for intel06:46
lilzeusor the one that says 'Education'06:46
nithinWilliam-Ubuntu: yeah its good, having a nice search too.. But i am looking for an app having eq06:46
ZykoticK9nithin, Songbird (available from getdeb) has an equalizer now06:46
hkaisis there a install history of debs?06:47
nithinWilliam-Ubuntu: ooh.. thanks, i will have a try06:47
kraitothat's weird i went to places> and then click on my ipod and it mounted it.06:47
kraitois suppose to mounted automaticaly, right?06:48
joshspyyes if it is a mass storage device06:48
firevaiso any ideas why my alsamixer doesnt show?06:48
DareDevil0Hola alguien ha usado gns3 en ubuntu?06:48
kraitoalso my firefox turned to shiretoko, is that normal?06:48
=== locky_ is now known as locky
durt!es | DareDevil006:49
ubottuDareDevil0: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:49
necr0tikanyone know about configuring proftpd? I am having some issues when I issue a MKD, it says the perms are wrong when I log in as adminftp. config @ http://pastebin.com/f163e5c6b06:49
DareDevil0durt, sorry06:49
DareDevil0Does anybody has use gns3?06:50
ZykoticK9kraito, shiretoko is firefox3.5 in Ubuntu06:51
psypher246hi all, pls help. i have several issues with karmic on my dell mini 9. nr 1. turned on autologin and now i cannot get back in. is there a way to turn it off via console?06:51
ZykoticK9psypher246, ask the same question in #ubuntu+1 <- Karmic support channel06:52
hkaishere one person more with the sound issues http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129411506:52
psypher246k cool06:52
hkaissame here, I think it is since libsndfile1 upgrade via ubuntu-update06:53
hkaisthe sound has gone06:53
=== jony123 is now known as jony123_away
lilzeuscan gedit display utf-8 characters?06:58
CoJaBo-Aztecit should06:58
lilzeusor rather, can it be set up to expose zero-width spaces?06:59
lilzeuszero-width non breaking space07:00
lilzeusnotepad doesn't know how to display them, and so exposes them as the empty-box character07:00
lilzeusI would like to be able to see them07:01
kd0feo?join #ubuntu,beryl07:01
kd0feois anyone else able to get in that chan?07:01
=== jony123_away is now known as jony123
KajrosAnyone on UNR thats having issues with videos playing correctly?07:05
lilzeusis there an app which can expose zero-width spaces?07:08
Blueylilzeus: I'll bite - what's a zero-width space?07:08
lilzeusBluey: its a utf-8 character07:09
lilzeussome call it a zero-width nonbreaking space07:09
Blueylilzeus: I know what utf-8 is...07:09
Blueylilzeus: but I'd never heard the phrase "zero-width" character...do you mean null?07:10
lilzeusso apps which know how to display a zero-width space character will show you nothing...it will be invisible, apps that don't, like notepad, replace it with something else so you can at least find them07:10
CoJaBo-AztecIts a 0-width charactor.07:10
CoJaBo-AztecWhich show up as junk in the most unexpected places lol07:11
lilzeusno, I do not mean null07:12
lilzeusCoJaBo-Aztec has got the idea :)07:12
lilzeusI need to find them, so I can eliminate them07:12
* CoJaBo-Aztec also hates nonbreaking spaces. Basicly- they show up as spaces, unless they dont :P07:13
MrSchmohey guys there is going to be a new version ubuntu coming out in a matter of days. how do you guys do a fresh update and have your pervious setting intact. i think do a upgrade might be buggy07:13
forceflo1MrSchmo: uninstall all packages you don't need07:13
lilzeuscommonly abbreviated zwsp07:14
forceflo1MrSchmo: remove residual config using synaptic07:14
=== forceflo1 is now known as forceflow
CoJaBo-Azteclol @ image07:15
ghostbrcomo leio os arquivos capturados pelo kismet07:15
ghostbre tem como eu ler o que as pessoas estão escrevendo07:15
mcmlxxiI have a problem. whenever I plug in my usb flash drive, tracker applet gives me an error saying it can't index stuff. why?07:15
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:16
c0l2ehow can I refresh the gnome desktop in ubuntu ??07:18
c0l2eI mean using it in a script07:18
nigel_nb_c0l2e: how do u want to refresh?07:20
* ElijahCMenifee is away: I'm busy07:21
nigel_nb_c0l2e: the same as F5?07:21
Kalidarni've got a qt application here, packet tracer it's a binary application it seems that the fonts in it don't want to anti-alias although VLC and everything else tha'ts Qt does just fine.07:21
Kalidarnis that because it's using binary libs that came with it? i used getlibs to get the libs for it as it's a 32bit application (and im running it on an amd64) system07:22
Kalidarnseems to listen to the set theme07:22
Kalidarnin qtconfig07:22
nigel_nb_!ask | sami__07:23
ubottusami__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:23
mneptoknigel_nb_: ummm ... i don;t thik that was the factoid you wanted07:24
jony123How do i change a files owner.  whats the command?07:24
Appiahchown jony12307:24
mneptok!hi | sami__07:24
ubottusami__: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:24
nigel_nb_mneptok: ooops07:24
nigel_nb_sami__: sorry07:25
sami__this is the first time to login this Xchat , they told me might got help here07:25
sami__is that right ?07:25
nigel_nb_sami__: yes it is07:25
mneptoksami__: quite right. but you have to ask a question forst.07:25
sami__i have little problem with graphics in ubuntu 9.0.407:26
Kalidarnmore detail plz07:26
nigel_nb_sami__: what exactly is happening?07:26
sami__i cant change the resolution07:27
mneptoksami__: if you waer glasses, be sure they are on your head.07:27
c0l2e nigel_nb_: i'm creating a script with something that create's symlink07:27
nigel_nb_sami__: whats your graphics card?07:27
Kalidarnsami__: people will get pissed off if they have to prompt you for every bit of info07:27
Kalidarnand won't bother helping you.07:27
Kalidarnso you need to say what your problem is/hw etc what you've tried etc.07:27
sami__sorry for being late because english is not native language07:27
mneptokKalidarn: be patient with new users, please.07:27
c0l2e nigel_nb_: and after the script the folder link display odd like it's not available.. but when you refresh.. its good.. so I just need to add the refresh action in my bash script07:28
sami__my card is nvidia fx 550007:28
mneptoksami__: look in the menus at the top under System > Administration > Hardware drivers07:28
revengewhats the easiest way to upgrade my dosbox 0.72 to 0.73 in terminal?07:28
revengei installed it on add/remove programs07:29
Kalidarnalso due to the large amount of users leaving and joining channel it's best to put all your info in one message not spread it out amongst 5 or 6 or it gets lost.07:29
Kalidarnpeople don't usually scroll through flood07:29
sami__<mneptok> i look on it the driver is activated07:29
nigel_nb_c0l2e: I'm still hunting for something07:30
Shaan7_I have a Microdia CCD PC Camera (PC390A) webcam which is listed at http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/USB_GSPCA_SONIXJ.html . So how to install the drivers?07:30
mcmlxxiI have a problem. whenever I plug in my usb flash drive, tracker applet gives me an error saying it can't index stuff. why?07:30
mneptoksami__: install the nivida-settings package07:30
KalidarnShaan7_: try enabling the required chipset stuff in kernel07:30
Shaan7_Kalidarn: how to do that ?07:31
Kalidarnor probing the moduled07:31
sami__you mean the x server setting ??07:31
mneptoksami__: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings07:31
Kalidarnit might not be in the actual default kernel Shaan7_07:31
mneptoksami__: ^^ in a terminal ^^07:31
KalidarnShaan7_: you need to possibly recompile your kernel and make sure it's above 2.6.2807:32
sami__if you mean x server setting ,it's installed already07:32
Kalidarn"modprobe gspca_sonixj" should be enough07:32
mneptoksami__: no, i mean the specialized package for adjusting the settings of nVidia cards07:32
Shaan7_Kalidarn: ok btw the kernel is 2.6.28-15-generic07:32
* ElijahCMenifee is back (gone 00:11:29)07:32
sami__also i cant change the resolution from there07:32
sami__ok i'll try07:32
mneptok!away > ElijahCMenifee07:32
Kalidarngo into the kernel ie /usr/src/linux07:32
ubottuElijahCMenifee, please see my private message07:32
Kalidarnit should be and do make menuconfig07:32
Kalidarnand then check in the menu for CONFIG_USB_GSPCA_SONIXJ07:32
Kalidarnand then make && make modules_install (although there's probably a specific thread on how to compile a kernel in ubuntu)07:33
KalidarnShaan7_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile07:33
sami__it tells >>>>>> nvidia-settings is already the newest version.07:33
nigel_nb_c0l2e: nothing07:33
Shaan7_Kalidarn: ok, thanks will follow that ...07:33
nigel_nb_c0l2e: I have no clue07:33
KalidarnShaan7_: it looks like actually u can access it through linux-headers packages07:34
mneptoksami__: look in the System menu for the nVidia settings preferences07:34
KalidarnShaan7_: If you want to install a new kernel without compilation, you can use Synaptic, search for linux-image and select the kernel version you want to install.07:34
KalidarnShaan7_: look for that module it might be installed.07:35
Shaan7_Kalidarn:"linux-image-2.6.28-15-generic" is installed. what else to look for ?07:35
sami__i didn't find , just the nvidia x server setting is there !!07:35
wobutuhow to make menu like openuse gnome's?07:35
mneptoksami__: and does your monitor support the resolution you are trying to use?07:36
lilzeusI'm looking for an app which will expose zero-width spaces, anyone know of one?07:36
sami__i think that the problem is in the xorg.conf file07:36
sami__am using LCD 21 inch monitor07:37
sami__it works with windows perfectly07:37
sami__but here is i went to display option it tells that the monitor is unknown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:38
hsarcican open office open .doc files or .docx files?07:38
springsteensami__ : in terminal, type gksu nvidia-settings and then you set from there07:38
Shaan7_Kalidarn: "look for that module it might be installed." what will the name be like ?07:38
sami__springsteen also cannot  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:39
chemjeffHi!  Does anybody have a moment for an X windows/Open GL question?07:39
sami__but here if i went to display option it tells that the monitor is unknown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:40
sami__but here in ubuntu if i went to display option it tells that the monitor is unknown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:40
mcmlxxiwill firefox-3.5 come with karmic?07:40
insmodBluey: here?07:41
hsarcican open office open .doc files or .docx files?07:41
Blueyinsmod: sup?07:41
insmodBluey: I figured out how to make ubuntu play nice with the vid card07:41
sami__any clue ????????07:41
chemjeffAnyway I am trying to run a program requiring OpenGL and I get the error: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".  What does this mean?07:41
Blueyinsmod: what did it turn out to be?07:42
insmodBluey: funny only happened on 9.04 no other07:42
springsteensami__ : u have problem with screen resolution?07:42
Polarinachemjeff: Try installing the restricted drivers first.07:42
insmodBluey: no idea i installed 9.10 worked with 8.x so I figured 9.10 should -- and it does07:42
wobutulooking for opensuse-like menu under gnome.07:43
chemjeffPolarina: Which restricted drivers?07:43
Blueyinsmod: wow that's weird - thanks for passing that along!07:43
Polarinachemjeff: What restricted drivers are available to you? ;)07:43
sami__springsteen >  i can't change the resolution even from the nvidia x server setting !!!!07:43
insmodBluey: I installed 9.04 4 times never worked even with the nv driver07:43
chemjeffPolarina: I am not sure what you mean.  How can I find this information?07:43
springsteensami__ : i told you before you should open the terminal and then type gksu nvidia-settings and then you choose the screen resolution you desire and then apply and close07:43
Blueyinsmod: I remember you saying that....07:43
sami__yes i did07:44
Polarinachemjeff: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers.07:44
chemjeffPolarina: Do you mean nvidia drivers?07:44
Shaan7_Kalidarn: I tried the menuconfig thing it said "This feature depends on another which has been configured as a module. As a result, this feature will be built as a module." when i tried to include the driver. What to do?07:44
tehbautwhen I try to make a new login in a window, I get an error about X failing07:44
Polarinachemjeff: Yes.07:44
sami__i can't change from there also07:44
Taroven1sami__: Does it not change the resolution at all, or does it change but then revert later?07:44
insmodBluey: which is funny because they say they don't modify debian that much -- but debian worked07:44
tehbautany ideas on what the issue could be, and how to fix it? (the error suggests something may be wrong with the X config)07:44
chemjeffPolarina: I am not using a Nvidia card.  System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers yields that I have no proprietary drivers in use.07:44
Polarinachemjeff: Are there any drivers you can install?07:45
tehbautI do have rotation set to CW in xorg.conf if that might be an issue07:45
chemjeffPolarina: I used to have a Nvidia card but it failed and now I am just using the onboard video card.07:45
chemjeffPolarina: No.07:45
Blueyinsmod: truly weird. - but otoh I've had some horror stories too - things worked on SuSE but NOT ubuntu07:45
sami__there are no high resolution just there are two options 640x43007:45
Polarinachemjeff: Does the onboard card support OpenGL?07:45
sami__and the other is lower than07:45
chemjeffPolarina: I don't know.  How would I know if it does?07:45
crazy2k_I deleted my xorg.conf and I thought it would be regenerated, but it wasnt't. However, when I restarted X, everything worked perfectly. xorg.conf isn't needed anymore?07:45
insmodBluey: :) cheers07:45
Polarinachemjeff: What onboard card do you have?07:46
chemjeffPolarina: I don't know.  How would I find this out?07:46
Polarinachemjeff: Pastebin the output of lspci.07:46
glickexcuse me, what could cause my desktop to sudenly not be able to establish a network connect to a wired router?07:46
ActionParsnipcrazy2k: hal does a lot now, you can still use it though if you need the control07:46
chemjeffPolarina: I get: VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)07:46
glickafter i enabled susepend after 1 hour of inactivity i got problems07:46
chemjeffPolarina: How do I pastebin?07:47
sami__<Taroven1> are you with me please ??07:47
glickhowever, even after i do a complete reboot, it cant establish a network connection07:47
ActionParsnipglick: router turned off, break in cable, kernel dumps the driver, dhcp fail after lease expires07:47
Polarinachemjeff: http://codepad.org/07:47
sami__<Taroven1> i entered the nvidia x server setting there are just two options for resolution and they are too low !!!!!!07:48
Shaan7_I have a Microdia CCD PC Camera (PC390A) webcam which is listed at http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/USB_GSPCA_SONIXJ.html . So how to install the drivers?07:48
Blueyinsmod: I spent 6 months trying to figure out why my scanner worked with SuSE and mmmVista, but NOT ubuntu07:48
chemjeffPolarina: http://codepad.org/UhtBtqYC07:48
ActionParsnipsami__: did it give an error about not finding the driver?07:48
insmodBluey:what was it07:48
Taroven1sami__: Weird. My displays autodetected just fine.07:49
insmodBluey: xsane is good07:49
=== shinobi is now known as Guest6242
Polarinachemjeff: Pastebin the output of glxinfo.07:49
sami__the driver insttaled correctly07:49
ActionParsnipsami__: ok then run: gksudo nvidia-settings    you can then click "Write to X config file"07:49
Guest6242smuxi enters here by default haha, and im an ubuntu user to boot. ;]07:49
Blueyinsmod: in desperation I copied the .sane files from suse to ubuntu - and it worked -- I don't know the original problem in ubuntu - but that fixed it - only took 6 months to figure out...07:49
ActionParsnipsami__: you can then run: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf      and make the resolution whatever you like07:49
chemjeffPolarina: http://codepad.org/Vu6UTtnn07:50
Taroven1sami__: If you're getting low options for your resolution settings, that usually means that the monitor's accepted resolutions aren't being detected.07:50
insmodBluey: ah you had to edit the config07:50
Blueyinsmod: when I compared the files one used the usb reference, and one didn't07:50
Taroven1sami__: I had the same problem with an ATI card till I changed over, but I have no idea how I fixed it. >.>07:50
insmodBluey: hmm07:50
Polarinachemjeff: Pastebin the content of /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:51
Blueyinsmod: SuSE used the usb reference, but NOT ubuntu  and that fixed it..07:51
chemjeffPolarina: http://codepad.org/9Kr8GRDZ07:51
insmodBluey: cool debian thinks my web cam is the scanner07:51
sami__i think the problem is with the xorg.conf file07:51
sami__because there are now more details on it07:52
Blueyinsmod: I never got my webcam to work - they wanted my to d/l an old version of the compiler - the whole thing made no sense07:52
Polarinachemjeff: Append the following to the bottom of /etc/X11/xorg.conf:  http://codepad.org/qL78ka4T07:52
insmodBluey: uvc webcams I find the best07:52
insmodBluey: I use cheese07:52
sami__i tried to put the high resolution and restart the machine i got the "out of range " message on the screen07:53
Taroven1Got an evil script issue if anyone can help out... I'm trying to set a script up to spawn 6 terminals at startup. When I run the script manually it works fine, but if it's run at startup only one terminal starts at all.07:53
Blueyinsmod: I have a logitech webcam07:53
chemjeffPolarina: Okay so do I need to recompile the program?07:53
Polarinachemjeff: No, just restart the computer. If the X server refuses to start for some reason, delete these lines you appended.07:53
ActionParsnipsami__: sounds like you have the wrong driver installed for your nvidia card07:53
tehbautwhen I try to make a new login in a window, I get an error about X failing... any ideas on what the issue could be, and how to fix it? (the error suggests something may be wrong with the X config, and I do have rotation set to CW in xorg.conf if that might be part of the issue, but just curious to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue with window-based logins)07:54
insmodBluey: is it uvc -- no they write there own drivers07:54
chemjeffPolarina: Okay, be right back!07:54
Blueyinsmod: let me see if I can find the page just a sec07:54
ActionParsnipsami__: what is the output of : lspci | grep -i vga07:54
Shaan7_Polarina: Kalidarn told me that "modprobe gspca_sonixj" should work for my camera. I did it, do i need to do some insmod thingy after that ?07:55
kostashi se olous07:55
PolarinaShaan7_: You got the wrong person.07:55
sami__<ActionParsnip> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1)07:55
sami__this is the output07:55
ActionParsnipsami__: ok which driver did you install?07:55
Shaan7_Polarina: err. sorry for being impatient, asked because Kalidarn seems to be away.07:56
PolarinaShaan7_: I don't even know what you're talking about. :P07:56
sami__<ActionParsnip> same07:56
sami__<ActionParsnip> version 17307:56
macoadamsubuntu: cat?07:56
DesertEaglehello all07:56
ActionParsnipsami__: sounds good to me, tried the 180?07:56
kostaseinai kaneis edo?07:57
Shaan7_Polarina: ok, just in general manpage says that modprobe adds/removes modules. so, is it customary to run some insmod after that ?07:57
DesertEagleanyone know why my mouse keeps acting up? it seems like after a while, it just won't grab window focus07:57
PolarinaShaan7_: A module should work from the moment it is modprobed.07:57
adamsubuntuubuntu? im on wubi its a virtual07:57
Taroven1Got an evil script issue if anyone can help out... I'm trying to set a script up to spawn 6 terminals at startup. When I run the script manually it works fine, but if it's run at startup only one terminal starts at all.07:57
sami__<ActionParsnip> i tried but it can't installed correctly i dont know why !!!07:57
maco!gr | kostas07:58
ubottukostas: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes07:58
DesertEagleTaroven1: where are you launching it from?07:58
want_to_learnu got an error07:58
ActionParsnipsami__: try: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18007:58
DesertEaglewant_to_learn: i did?07:58
Taroven1DesertEagle: I've got the script in my home directory, added the startup entry via System-Preferences-Startup Apps07:59
sami__<ActionParsnip> i should do one by one right ????07:59
want_to_learni got an error srst failed errno=16 ata=107:59
Taroven1DesertEagle: The script does run, but only the first terminal is started out of 6.07:59
Jester86yay for ebay :) and getting laptops more than half off :)07:59
want_to_learnon ubuntu 8.10 and i cant boot to my kernel...they prompt me to ash and what should i do07:59
ActionParsnipsami__: no, the ;s mean it can be all one line07:59
tehbautanyone know of any reasons why I cannot move Thunderbird from Internet to Office in the Main Menu editor?08:00
DesertEagleTaroven1: pastebin your script08:00
Taroven1DesertEagle: One moment08:00
sami__ok i'll try to see08:00
ActionParsniptehbaut: do you mean move your settings, or the actual app itself?08:01
Jester86I just bought a laptop w/ an intel c2d 2.0ghz, 4g ddr3, Nvidia 9600M ... think it'll be able to support ubuntu? ;)08:01
sami__<ActionParsnip> it's begin to download now !!08:01
tehbautthe app shortcut (in the main menu(08:01
tehbautit's the only app that I cannot seem to move08:01
ActionParsniptehbaut: or do you mean in just the menu08:01
Taroven1DesertEagle: http://pastebin.com/d4a312e1f08:01
tehbautjust in the menu08:01
amaureaI suddenly have an odd problem with the header pthread.h: whenever I include it, even in an otherwise empty program, I get error messages starting at line 390: "/usr/include/pthread.h:390: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before ‘*’ token". This is with version 4.3.3 on ubuntu. Said line is part of the declaration of pthread_attr_setaffinity_np, and is the first place in the while where the type "cpu_set_t" appears.08:01
Taroven1DesertEagle: Tried with and without the amps at line ends08:01
ActionParsnipsami__: it basically removes ALL nvidia stuffs, then will install you the 180 driver from fresh08:01
anaojwm windowmanager autostart problem solved08:01
anao add jwmrc <StartupCommand>program</StartupCommand>08:02
ActionParsniptehbaut: tried alacarte08:02
tehbautno, what's that?08:02
DesertEagleTaroven1: have you tried with only one per line?08:02
sami__<ActionParsnip> lest hoping this will solve the situation !!!!08:02
ActionParsnipsami__: me too08:02
Taroven1DesertEagle: Ack, no, gimme a sec to try that. XD08:02
DesertEagleTaroven1: ok, LOL08:03
tehbautbtw, I'm not entirely fond of the default panel functionality in 9.04 ...it's okay but very quirky08:03
chemjeffPolarina: Thank you, it worked like a charm!08:03
Polarinachemjeff: Great! :D08:04
sami__<ActionParsnip> after that i should restart the machine right ???08:04
tehbautActionParsnip: ah, yes looks like I am using alacarte (which is where I'm having the issue)08:04
=== spartan is now known as Guest34396
ActionParsnipsami__: indeed08:05
chemjeffGood night08:05
sami__<ActionParsnip> so how can i return to here ???  cuase i dont know how i entered heheheh !!!!08:05
ActionParsniptehbaut: its usually just drag and drop, if that fails, just make a new launcher in the right place and delete the stubborn one08:05
ActionParsnipsami__: load your client and join irc.freenode.net08:05
tehbautok, but I /was/ trying to avoid that :P08:06
amaureaactually, never mind. I tracked it down to a conflict between two different versions of sched.h08:06
ActionParsnipsami__: you can then join #ubuntu08:06
sami__<ActionParsnip> ahaa08:06
=== cp is now known as Guest25639
Taroven1DesertEagle: That worked, but the sleep isn't firing.08:06
Taroven1DesertEagle: I can live with that. =P08:06
DesertEagleleave 2 for the sleep line08:07
DesertEagleshould work08:07
firdau5I saw much offtopic words08:07
DesertEagleif not... you'll live with that :P08:07
DesertEagleanyone know why my mouse keeps acting up? it seems like after a while, it just won't grab window focus08:07
Taroven1DesertEagle: Hehe, yeah, just wanted to make sure the terms were starting after compiz kicked in, but it turns out they do with no timer anyway08:07
DesertEagleTaroven1: glad it worked for ya08:08
Taroven1DesertEagle: Are you sure clicks are working at all when it starts acting up?08:08
DesertEagleyeah, but not on the window i click them on... but rather the previous one08:08
babakin update manager when i check for update this error appear  W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278308:08
tehbautwhat is the name of that nautilus extension pack that supports running a new terminal instance from the currently browsed folder (among other things)08:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpgkey08:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about key08:09
DesertEaglei have to constantly right click on the root window to get it aligned08:09
firdau5sorry all08:09
ActionParsnipbabak: sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring08:09
firdau5I got prove08:09
firdau5I got problem08:09
ActionParsnipbabak: i suggest you read guides to the end, you may break your system08:09
navap!ask | firdau5 08:09
ubottufirdau5 : Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:09
Taroven1DesertEagle: Afraid I can't help ya there... I'd say it sounds like a driver issue but I really have no idea.08:09
ActionParsnipbabak: you will get a warning but the medibuntu-keyring gives the gpg key for the repo08:10
DesertEaglei appreciate the intention :)08:10
firdau5my Network manager didnt start automatically everytime when I boot up the ubuntu08:10
tehbautwhy does Synaptic Package Manager display the 'get screenshot' button if there is no screenshot available? :/08:10
DesertEagleit seems noone can figure it out :(08:10
ActionParsnipfirdau5: add nm-applet to your startup items08:10
DesertEagletehbaut: to taunt us08:11
lilzeusActionParsnip: hello08:11
firdau5how to?08:11
FluxDIs there a way to restrict a certain application from accessing the internet?08:11
tehbautalso, there should be a pref to just download the screenshot :/08:11
ActionParsnip!startup | firdau508:11
ubottufirdau5: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot08:11
surfzoidi would like to use the "create USB OS" tool, and use the function, keep space to save data, (an USB running system) , what is the best ISO to download for that ?08:11
DesertEagleFluxD: yes08:11
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto08:11
babakif i want know what versio of ubuntu have use what command write?08:11
ActionParsnipFluxD: you could set its to have a proxy of some made up IP, it wont connect then08:11
Taroven1tehbaut: It's more efficient that way. While a little confusing, from a programmer's perspective it's a choice between yet another check when the package's description is loaded or the more cpu-friendly "Let's just display the button and try to load the screeny anyway" approach.08:12
ActionParsnipbabak: lsb_release -c08:12
FluxDActionParsnip, what if it doesnt have proxy support?08:12
lilzeusActionParsnip: do you know of an app which can expose zero-width spaces, the unicode character, so that I can delete them?08:12
DesertEagleFluxD: block it by port08:12
ActionParsniplilzeus: grep possibly08:12
FluxDDesertEagle, how do I figure out what port it uses?08:12
ActionParsnipFluxD: then you will have to configure your firewall to block the app / port it uses08:13
tehbautTaroven1: as I said, there should be a preference that allows auto-downloading (just so we can minimize the annoyance) ;)08:13
FluxDI want to block it before it connects to internet?08:13
Taroven1tehbaut: Agreed, heh.08:13
firdau5i got no 'session' on my preference panel08:13
mneptokDesertEagle: do you have FFM turned on?08:13
lilzeusActionParsnip: is grep a gui app?08:13
DesertEaglemneptok: what's that?08:13
mneptokDesertEagle: Focus Follows Mouse08:13
FluxDlilzeus, a gui version fo grep is gnome-search-tool08:13
ActionParsniplilzeus: hell no08:14
babakActionParsnip: for more info what command use example version ..... ?08:14
mneptokDesertEagle: System > Prefs > Windows08:14
DesertEaglemneptok: where do I check?08:14
DesertEaglelet me check08:14
ActionParsniplilzeus: all commands with real power are in cli08:14
ActionParsnipbabak: i dont understand the question08:14
mneptokActionParsnip: that's a bit of an overstatement08:14
Taroven1tehbaut: On the bright side, the software center in 9.10 does load the screenshot every time a package is selected. Click the image to zoom in, etc.08:14
ActionParsnipbabak: you can use: lsb_release -a; uname -a    if you wish08:14
=== lenix^ is now known as hawaiiantrash
lilzeusis gnome-search-tool in synamptic?08:15
aporetici don't suppose there's any reason why i should be unable to switch icon themes in my fresh 9.10 install?08:15
ActionParsnipaporetic: you can switch them all you like, if yuo need help with 9.10 head to #ubuntu+108:15
lilzeusis it called tracker-search-tool in synaptic?08:15
surfzoidit is this one http://ubuntu.mirrors.proxad.net/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img ?08:15
DesertEaglemneptok: i'm running OpenBox, does that make a difference?08:16
DesertEagle(i get obconf when i click on Sys>Prefs>Windows)08:16
Taroven1lilzeus: gnome-search-tool is included in gnome-utils08:16
mneptok!info gnome-search-tool08:16
Taroven1(which is on synaptic)08:16
ubottuPackage gnome-search-tool does not exist in jaunty08:16
Taroven1!info gnome-utils08:16
ubottugnome-utils (source: gnome-utils): GNOME desktop utilities. In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.0-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 4809 kB, installed size 20528 kB08:16
Taroven1That one.08:16
DesertEaglewhy don't people like locate? it rocks! :D08:16
tehbaut|Taroven1: is the new Software Center a merge of Synaptic and 9.04's Add/Remove Apps?08:16
mneptokDesertEagle: yes. make sure you have "<followMouse>no</followMouse>08:17
=== tehbaut| is now known as tehbaut
mneptokDesertEagle: yes. make sure you have "<followMouse>yes</followMouse>"08:17
Taroven1tehbaut: Kinda. It's a much more intuitive version of 9.04's Add/Remove.08:17
ActionParsnip!info findutils08:17
ubottufindutils (source: findutils): utilities for finding files--find, xargs. In component main, is required. Version 4.4.0-2ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 376 kB, installed size 1528 kB08:17
mneptokDesertEagle: that's from my rc.xml08:17
DesertEaglemneptok: i'll check08:17
Taroven1tehbaut: It's easier to use and find things in, has more packages, etc.08:17
adamsubuntuim on xchat08:18
=== ubuntu is now known as illio
Taroven1adamsubuntu: Hullo.08:18
tehbautTaroven1: well as you probably know, Synaptic PM has a ton of pkgs08:19
tehbautbut I assume most of them have no screenshot anyway :P08:19
adamsubuntutimed out omg08:19
DesertEaglemneptok: but that just made the window focus get grabbed on mouse over, rather than on click ( i prefer it to get focus when i click)08:19
Taroven1tehbaut: Yeah. I never do count on a screeny when I'm in synaptic looking for something.08:19
adamsubuntuwho uses msn?08:19
adamsubuntucuz i do08:19
adamsubuntuyes i do08:20
tehbautTaroven1: does SC support upgrades, like newer versions of FF, etc (although I assume FF won't have any yet, since 3.5 is the current stable)08:20
DesertEaglewhat's your question then?08:20
adamsubuntudunno whats yours08:20
illioI'm sitting in the live cd right now, attempting to do a manual LVM encrypted setup (I need to do it like this, because the alternative cd only does it for you if you use the entire disc.. an option I don't have since I have to have Windows with Bitlocker along side this... I'm running into one issue with the official guide though.. When using modprobe to do this: "sudo modprobe dm-mod" I get this: "FATAL: Module dm_mod not found." .. any idea why that08:20
illio be happening? I've installed cryptsetup, initramfs-tools, hashalot and lvm208:20
Taroven1tehbaut: Actually not sure. I haven't messed with it too much, but I don't see an obvious option to check for upgrades.08:20
DesertEagleknow how to fix a window focus issue i'm having?08:20
mneptokadamsubuntu: do you need assistance with something? this is a support channel.08:20
sami__<ActionParsnip> are you there ??08:21
adamsubuntuwho uses mebo?08:21
adamsubuntui do08:21
ActionParsnipsami__: sup08:21
sami__i did what ever you said08:22
mneptokadamsubuntu: please stop polling what people use. if you have a support question, ask it. if not, use #ubuntu-offtopic.08:22
DesertEaglemneptok: well it seems that switching back and forth fixed the issue.... for now :(08:22
sami__but after restarting i got no driver on the hardware list08:22
Taroven1illio: Try "modprobe -l dm-mod" just in case08:22
ActionParsnipsami__: but does nvidia-settings    work ok?08:23
Taroven1illio: Also try with an underscore instead of a hyphen just in case08:23
sami__also not work08:23
illioTaroven1: hmm.. no return.. what was -l supposed to do?08:23
=== rsc____ is now known as rsc___
adamsubuntuim using wubi08:23
illioTaroven1: oh, so returning nothing is in this case a bad thing :-)08:23
illioTaroven1: underscore didn't help either08:24
Taroven1illio: Yeah. Try with a wildcard in there, ie: modprobe -l dm-*08:24
Taroven1actually modprobe -l dm*08:24
Taroven1Might get a lot of results, but SOMETHING should pop up08:24
sami__<ActionParsnip> so how !!08:24
illioTaroven1: dm-crypt, dm-zero, dm-raid, dm-mem-cache, dm-region_hash, dm-message, dm-loop and dm-bbr .. dm-crypt I've already loaded08:24
ActionParsnipsami__: can you uit with the exclamation marks, its very redundant08:25
ActionParsnipsami__: try with nvidia-glx-96 instead08:25
illioTaroven1: removing the - gave dmfe, dm9601, dm1105, dmx3191d and dme1737 with the things I said before also08:25
sami__i didn't got your point08:25
Taroven1illio: It's definitely not installed then.08:26
ActionParsnipsami__: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-9608:26
tehbautare there any decent screenshot apps that support scrolling windows/regions?08:26
mneptokillio: the LVM encryption on the alternate installer encrypts partitions, not disks08:26
tehbautlooking for a good techsmith replacement08:27
illioTaroven1: any idea how to get it installed? .. According to the official Ubuntu page here, it was supposed to be in the packages cryptsetup, initramfs-tools, hashalot and lvm2 .. somewhere.. But apparently it isn't.08:27
Taroven1illio: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lvm2/+bug/343147 ... there's a start.08:27
sami__<ActionParsnip> ok i'll do08:27
Taroven1Ah ha08:27
illiomneptok: No .. the only way to make it install encrypted LVM for you is to use the entire disc.. checked the alternative installer yesterday..08:27
FluxDtehbaut, I know one for firefox08:27
Taroven1illio: "Load the LVM module - modprobe dm-mod. You can skip this step in Jaunty (9.04) because the dm-mod module is compiled into the kernel."08:27
tehbautFluxD: I really need one for the whole system08:28
illioTaroven1: oh.. nice :-) ..thanks.. hadn't seen that08:28
Taroven1illio: Glad to be of service. Hopefully that helped.08:28
mneptokillio: incorrect08:28
Taroven1Well, helps.08:28
illioTaroven1: I believe it did :-) ..08:28
Taroven1Cool. :)08:28
mneptokillio: LVM encryption should not include /boot, as you may need a kernel for LVM disaster recovery08:28
mneptokillio: that's obviously impossible if you encrypt the entire disc.08:29
illiomneptok: then show me where, because according to every guide I've seen the alternative installer assumes it can use the entire disc..08:29
mneptokillio: i'm using it now08:29
illiomneptok: well of course it can't encrypt /boot.. but it still demands the entire disc to setup encrypted lvm.. it doesn't allow you to have other systems running alongside Linux08:30
=== anthony is now known as Guest87121
mneptokillio: it *can* encryot /boot. you just shouldn't.08:30
illiomneptok: you won't be able to boot if you do.. so that would not make much sense08:31
mneptokillio: like i say, i'm using dm-crypt now. and only 2 of 4 partitions are encrypted08:31
illiomneptok: just found the direct quote from the interface (Under Partitioning method:): "Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM" ..08:32
Jordan_Uillio: That if you choose guided08:33
Jordan_Uillio: You can still choose to instead set it up manually08:33
illioJordan_U: yeah okay.. sure that you can do.. but the installer still doesn't really do it for you.. that's not really much easier than just doing everything yourself form the live cd.. but sure if that's what mneptok meant, then yes.. then you can use the alternative installer08:34
=== kb is now known as Guest15893
hsarciis there a better menu for gnome???08:36
DaZhsarci: which menu ;f08:38
hsarciDaZ, the application launcher menu08:38
DaZhsarci: slab08:38
hsarciDaZ, ill look it up08:39
hsarciDaZ, also, do you know about getting avant intalled on karmic?08:39
DaZhsarci: i'm not a gnome person08:39
Blarghey. For some reason, thunderbird starts up before compiz, and thus prevents compiz and desktop in general from loading up, so I have to close thunderbird before I can do anything else. (Ubuntu 9.04 and thunderbird2+lightning addon that is connected to gnome-panel clock applet). Any ideas how to solve this, got no idea what to even google for....08:39
ActionParsniphsarci: sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator     i believe08:42
ActionParsnipBlarg: make a script to launch thunderbird, but have a sleep command at the tart of it08:43
hsarciActionParsnip, yeah i just tried that too, thanks08:43
de9ine|twoI'm trying to install ubuntu 9.04 but the installer dies and leaves me with a blackscreen and "_" without a prompt after /casper/initrd.gz..........[...] ready08:43
ActionParsnipde9ine|two: did you md5 test the iso?did you run the cd self-verifier08:43
BlargActionParsnip: but I don't wanna start thunderbird at all in startup08:44
ActionParsnipBlarg: then take it out of your startup items / ~/.config/autostart08:44
Blargit isn't there08:45
ActionParsnipBlarg: then go into the startup items menu and tell gnome to not remember the items you had running08:45
BlargActionParsnip: kk, I'll try that08:46
patbamhi, i'm getting constant short freeze-ups (no mouse response, screen freezes) on my fresh jaunty install, makes the system mostly unusable. trying to figure out what the problem is; suspecting maybe firefox or flash but...08:46
BlargActionParsnip: atm, it isn't set to remember the items I had running ._.08:47
ActionParsnippatbam: when it unfreezes, open a terminal and run: dmesg | tail08:47
patbamActionParsnip: ok08:47
Blargstill only thunderbird does this, for some reason08:47
patbamActionParsnip: what about just running dmesg |tail -f08:47
ActionParsnipBlarg: not sure then those are the 3 things I know will make stuff run at startup08:47
ActionParsnippatbam: because we only need the last few lines surrounding the freeze08:48
ActionParsnippatbam: if yuor command gives better info, go for it08:48
Blarg...and startup, at least before, starts the desired apps after the desktop (and compiz) had loaded08:49
patbamActionParsnip: ok, will get a pastebin link in here when i get some data. thanks08:49
patbamActionParsnip: hmm, just got a freezeup but nothing came up in dmesg08:50
Blargany ideas what to google for? what could this be related to? so far I've only found about problems where it doesn't start at startup as desired08:51
patbamActionParsnip: xorg seems to be showing up a lot in top, could that be relevant?08:51
ActionParsnippatbam: very possibly08:51
surfzoidnobody never use the USB creator tool ?08:52
ActionParsnippatbam: have you installed video card drivers?08:52
patbamActionParsnip: not that i know of, it's just a standard install08:52
AppiahI used it surfzoid08:52
Appiahand I'm sure plenty more people have08:52
ActionParsnippatbam: that may be why, get your video drivers installed fully and it should help08:52
patbamone datum that mightbe relevant is that i bough the monitor (a samsung 16:9 ratio) and the machine separately08:52
patbamActionParsnip: hmm interesting08:53
lilzeuscan anyone help me use a filter I installed to remove u+FEFE from the paste-buffer...maybe assign it to a keyboard shortcut?08:53
patbamok i will try to figure out my video card08:53
surfzoidAppiah: what is the best iso to download, to have an USB key with ubuntu on it and be able to save pref and data ?08:53
ActionParsnippatbam: lspci | grep -i vga     will tell you what it is (bets its some intel rubbish)08:53
Blueyinsmod: are you here?  internesting news08:53
Appiahsurfzoid: I dont understand how an iso could be better then another one?08:53
patbamActionParsnip: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 210008:53
ActionParsnippatbam: 2nd choice08:53
AppiahI dont see what that has to do with the USB Creator tool at all08:54
patbam :)08:54
sahilskis it possible to search item in a image??08:54
ActionParsnippatbam: k lets wesearch how we get this on08:54
surfzoidAppiah: because some iso are live, dvd .... and i see an USB iso for netbook !!08:54
Appiahwell select the one you want to use then08:54
patbamActionParsnip:  found this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver (thanks so much for your help, btw)08:54
Appiahcheck the box and use the slider to select how much space you want to use08:54
Appiahif you dont like it you can just download another iso and use it08:55
AppiahIt's not like a CD-R which you cant change08:55
sahilskpdf to image and then searching into it. is it possbile??08:55
AppiahI never used a netbook so I cant say good or bad about it08:55
surfzoidAppiah: what about http://ubuntu.mirrors.proxad.net/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img i m not sur to understand if i can use the live cd one and will be able to save data or if i use the NRU08:56
ActionParsnippatbam: cool, np man08:56
patbamActionParsnip: should i try installing ATI binary X.Org driver? it's in synaptic08:56
ActionParsnipits free to try, you can always uninstall it08:56
patbamActionParsnip: okay, i think i will give that a shot now08:57
surfzoidAppiah: so if i take the http://ubuntu.mirrors.proxad.net/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso i will use the tool and after i will boot on the usb pen, answer a few pref question, and then the next time it will boot as an normal ubuntu install on all PC ?08:57
Appiahit would be the same as if you made it into a CD08:58
Appiahwith saved files08:58
paolob_Hi guys! older ubuntu versions had a menu item to configure shared volumes (nfs), but I can't find it in jaunty. Has it been removed?08:58
Appiahplaces -> connect to server paolob_ ?08:58
mattgyverpaolob_, do you mean like sharing folders?08:59
icarus-c_how to specify the file browser to be opened in GNOME Places on the menu ?08:59
paolob_mattgyver, yes08:59
Appiahsurfzoid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent here's a wiki for all your LiveUSB needs09:00
paolob_Appiah, no, that item only connects to servers09:00
icarus-c_how to specify the file browser to be opened in GNOME Places on the menu ?09:00
mattgyverpaolob you should be able to right click the folder in nautilus and select 'sharing options'09:00
surfzoidAppiah: so you mean, each time i will boot on the USB, i will setup all, keyboard langue ....09:00
Taroven1Anyone tried compiling Grumbel's xboxdrv under 9.10? I'm getting a build error.09:00
Appiahsurfzoid: no , please read the link09:00
mattgyvericarus-c_, do you want to add menu items?09:00
mattgyveror like, add folders in the places menu, im confused09:01
KB1JWQ!karmic | Taroven109:01
ubottuTaroven1: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:01
icarus-c_like when i clicked Places ->  Documents,  thunar jumps out instead of nautilus09:01
Taroven1KB1JWQ: Quite aware.09:01
mattgyverAhh... that i dont know but maybe check within the gconf-editor09:01
Taroven1Nobody's responding there though =P09:01
mattgyvermight be a key you can change there to call thunar as opposed to nautilus09:01
KB1JWQTaroven1: AKA "We don't talk about that here."09:01
sami__ActionParsnip > are you there ??09:02
mattgyverpaolob_, ive learned over time that nautiuls really kinda just sucks for file sharing, if you have the time to figure it out look into setting the shares up directly within samba's smb.conf09:02
icarus-c_mattgyver: and it opens nautilus if i click on icons on desktop09:03
mattgyvericarus-c_, maybe you can go into preferred applications in the preferences menu somewhere09:03
mattgyverno you cant09:04
mattgyverhey icarus-c_ i think i found it out09:04
icarus-c_mattgyver: huh?09:04
mattgyveropen gconf-editor and go to desktop>gnome>applications>component_viewer09:05
mattgyverchange exec to 'thunar %s'09:05
icarus-c_mattgyver: i'm looking at browser O.o09:05
mattgyverbrowser would be for internet though09:05
paolob_mattgyver, I haven't smb, but nfs shareas09:05
icarus-c_mattgyver: well, actuall i want to use nautilus09:05
icarus-c_mattgyver: and it is already nautilus %s there09:06
mattgyveryeah it should be09:06
mattgyverSo...You dont want to change nautilus to thunar?09:06
abhilashm86Promote ubuntu 9.04, add tweet ribbon ubuntu symbol to your profile photo,http://twibbon.com/join/ubuntu-910-karmic-koala-3,go on twitter users, make it success09:06
icarus-c_mattgyver: interesting thing is that when i click on Places -> Documents,  it opens thunar instead of nautilus. but if i click on desktop icons, it opens nautilus for me09:06
abhilashm86Promote ubuntu 9.04, add tweet ribbon ubuntu symbol to your profile photo of twitter,http://twibbon.com/join/ubuntu-910-karmic-koala-3,go on twitter users, make it success, its really cool to do..............09:07
mattgyvericarus-c_, do you really need both, my next thought is remove thunar all together09:07
mattgyverim not really sure why you have both anyway, are you on xubuntu?09:07
icarus-c_mattgyver: sh....  i'm on Arch09:08
mattgyverOh okay, its our secret09:08
icarus-c_it is the number of people on this channel attracted me :P09:08
mattgyverIts hard to say why its doing it, is thunar the default in arch?09:09
=== dejavu is now known as ergun
Signeanyone wants lockerz invites?09:09
mattgyveri want a google voice invite :(09:10
icarus-c_mattgyver: there is no default09:10
mattgyvericarus-c_, oh okay, im not too sure then, im fresh out of ideas09:10
icarus-c_mattgyver: isn't google voice doesn't support linux ?09:10
mattgyvericarus-c_, that i dont know but probably not, i need it for my android phone though09:11
scorpionfoothello, anyone fancy solving my random ubuntu problem?09:11
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: ask directly09:11
icarus-c_mattgyver: is android sexy?09:11
paolob_mattgyver, nautilus in karmic doesn't have that options for sharing any more09:12
mattgyverit gets better and better ;)09:12
=== ahma_ is now known as ahma
icarus-c_mattgyver: i was about to build it but it doesn't like Java jdk6....09:12
scorpionfootcirca 2005 medion mim2120 laptop , intel graphics i think 915 no backlight09:12
icarus-c_mattgyver: and is there proper C++ support on android yet?09:12
Lintwhy Ubuntu cannot show current date properly in the end of 2009?09:12
enochhi all09:12
testeHi all.09:13
goodboyis there chinese man ?09:13
enochi have to install ubuntu on an ex "windows-pc"09:13
testeI need help.09:13
icarus-c_goodboy: 說英語09:13
enochis  better to install the 9.04 or the 9.10 beta?09:13
scorpionfoottried using 9.04 and 8.0409:13
scorpionfootsame result even with live cd09:14
testesomeone help me?09:14
icarus-c_enoch: if you think you are good, go with 9.1009:14
mattgyvericarus-c_, that i kdont know09:14
icarus-c_enoch: but don't cry like baby when you got issue on your own09:14
scorpionfootalthough at start of live cd picture is backlit09:14
testesomeone mean of inetd?09:14
scorpionfootand start of boot after install09:14
icarus-c_mattgyver: i heard that android doesn't even got iostream09:14
enochicarus-c_: i'm good but the pc is not for me, i wanna know if it will be upgraded right when the stable release will be out09:14
Lintwhy Ubuntu cannot show current date properly in the end of 2009?09:14
scorpionfootmany thanks if anyone can help me09:15
mattgyvericarus-c_, dunno, all i can tell you is that for a mobile platform its the best there is09:15
icarus-c_enoch: helping other to install? from my experience, it is better to install LTS for them09:15
NehtaroHello.  Could someone help me with a problem I have involving sound?09:15
icarus-c_mattgyver: yay Open source ~.~09:15
icarus-c_mattgyver: + linux kernel09:16
testeok i exit09:16
testebye bye09:16
scorpionfootdo laptop intel gpus work with ubuntu?09:16
purplefoolmy video chip-set has an access_control.file at /dev/dri/card0.  here there is a file but i cannot access it or change it.  is this normal?09:16
pkhow to install lamp on kubuntu?09:17
enochicarus-c_: thanks09:17
icarus-c_pk: just apache + mysql + php/perl09:17
scorpionfoot@pk full circle , the free ubuntu pdf mag on the net did a good lamp article09:18
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: you mean integrated chip ?09:18
NehtaroI'm hoping yes.  I'm running 9.10 beta, fully updated.  My left speaker is much, much more quiet than my right; I've gone to sound preferences and balanced out the left and right speakers, and the problem persists no matter what hardware profile I use, or sound I listen to.09:18
macopk: install tasksel, then run "sudo tasksel" and select "LAMP Server"09:18
scorpionfootyeah icarus, as in an intel gma 91509:18
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: intel chip usually works fine09:18
* icarus-c_ should study english grammar ...09:18
pkis it good to give sudo apt-get install php httpd mysql php-mysql?09:18
macointel's a lovely manufacturer who actually releases open drivers09:19
icarus-c_maco: yay yay09:19
scorpionfooti am about to try karmic but after that if backlight still doesnt work after boot splash i will have to go back to eindows09:19
lstarnespk: you should use apache2 instead of httpd and add libapache2-mod-php09:19
Nehtaroanyone think they can help me out, at least identify whether the speaker has lost potency or it's a software issue?09:19
icarus-c_maco: i will buy laptop only with intel chip&graphics09:19
macoicarus-c_: ditto on wireless09:19
icarus-c_maco: sure thing :P09:20
macoicarus-c_: both my laptops are intel wireless/graphics09:20
scorpionfootthis laptop mim2120 is about 200509:20
icarus-c_but sadly i havn't buy any laptop yet..09:20
pki gave install php apache2 libapache2-mod=php mysql php-mysql      but got error  "couldnt find package php"09:20
scorpionfootall i did was standard install of ubunut then run updates09:20
icarus-c_at least its not up to me to make the decision09:20
macopk: just do the tasksell thing i said09:20
scorpionfootshould i have to manually add a gfx driver?09:20
purplefoolNehtaro, had this problem with windows a long time ago and it turned out the speakers where bad...how old are yours and do they work with other systems?09:20
macopk: it gets all the pieces09:20
icarus-c_pk: maybe php509:21
icarus-c_not sure09:21
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: No.09:21
pkhwo to install taskcell?09:21
scorpionfooton launchpad i have seen many mentions of backlight problems with intel yet cant find a fix09:21
ketaraxif i install 8.04, will dist-upgrade to 9.04 first get 8.10?09:21
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: that would be about acpi, not intel driver09:21
lstarnesketarax: you will need to manually go to 8.10 first09:21
icarus-c_*i suppose09:22
scorpionfootso i should just look at  acpi settings somewhere ?09:22
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: well, bundling with acpi settings is quite geeky09:22
Nehtaropurpefool: they're about 4 years old, and didn't have problems until recently.  Of course, I've had Ubuntu for a while, so it's probably either a problem with 9.10 or the speaker just dying down.  I have no other computers or OSes to test it with, but would testing it in virtualbox work?09:22
pkmaco : how to use tasksell?09:22
scorpionfooti have mac os leopard on my pc if that tells you im a geek haha09:22
scorpionfootproblem is i have about 6months ubuntu experience but only vms09:23
macopk: "sudo apt-get install tasksel && sudo tasksel" then just use space/arrows/enter to select LAMP09:23
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: you thief!09:23
scorpionfoothey i bought leopard and the apple sticker is on the case -jobs aint got a thing on me!09:24
macoscorpionfoot: sure you dont have a button for it somewhere? my intel-based laptop has a "turn off the backlight now" button09:24
scorpionfootyes i do on the keyboard -u mean like a fn and F5 key?09:24
macoscorpionfoot: yeah usually a fn key09:24
macoscorpionfoot: maybe you just need to press that09:25
Nehtaropurplefool: it's a Creative SBS260 fyi09:25
scorpionfoothaha as if i havent tried those keys already09:25
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: maybe http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Acpid#Laptop_Monitor_Power_Off09:25
scorpionfootatm im having to hook up a crt display09:25
maco*shrug* ok ten09:25
macowell im going to bed. good luck.09:26
=== vlt is now known as bobby_tables
scorpionfootcheers anyway maco adios09:26
pktasksell   : aptitude failes(100)     this error after pressing lamp server09:26
scorpionfootthanks icarus09:26
LintWhy Ubuntu doesn't have system-wide internationalization support in 2009?09:26
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: espanol? : P09:27
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: but apparently you come from UK09:27
scorpionfootno english but say adios a lot to peeps09:27
drgonzohello all09:28
scorpionfootsorry for the confusion09:28
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: yea, adios is sweet :P09:28
purplefoolNehtaro, what i was thinking is that it could be your speakers...not sure what a sbs260 is but if your speakers work elsewhere then that would help with diagnosis...09:28
drgonzoanyone know if it's possible to get a microphone working with a CA0160 Card and pulseaudio?09:28
scorpionfooti have just read that link icarus however does that deal with enablinbg the backlight09:28
=== bobby_tables is now known as vlt
scorpionfootthe bit u had anchored seems to refer to lid states09:28
Nehtaropurplefool: alright, I'll hook them up with a laptop tomorrow or something.  Thanks for your help09:29
LintIs there an applet for Gnome to show current date and time? Standard one is junk09:29
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: i'm not sure whether that arch stuff is compliant with ubuntu09:29
scorpionfootlint get google desktop widgets for linux09:29
LintI don't want widgets. I want a gnome-panel applet09:30
scorpionfootah well i have just seen a bit of code saying force on09:30
scorpionfootso i will try that anyway09:30
scorpionfootdr pepper...whats the worst that can happen lol09:30
scorpionfootfair enough lint09:31
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: backup the whole acpi conf folding before :P09:31
scorpionfootanyone using the karmic alphas on intel gpus?09:32
m0RrEscorpionfoot: karmic beta09:33
scorpionfooton a laptop morre?09:34
m0RrEVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller09:34
m0RrEeee pc 90109:34
scorpionfootwhats year u get the latop?09:34
m0RrEthis year09:34
scorpionfootdid you  use ubuntu versions earlier than karmic on it?09:35
scorpionfootif yes id the backlight work fine?09:35
Flannelscorpionfoot, m0RrE: Karmic discussions should happen in #ubuntu+1, thanks09:35
icarus-c_scorpionfoot: working?09:35
=== eli_ is now known as Elirips
scorpionfooticarus when i said done to copying i thought it had copied09:35
nutterpcgeneral question guys, is there an easy way for me to update my system from i686 to x86_64 without reinstalling?09:35
nutterpcdidn't think so, was hoping :P09:36
scorpionfootbut in gnome i click copy on acpi folder then go to click paste yet it is greyed out...?09:36
Viki27Hello , when i compile package using the make command . can i force "make" to use other version of g++ ? such g++-4.1 ?09:37
icarus-cscorpionfoot: working?09:37
clocksys1i'm trying to install vlc from PPA rep, but can't figure out the apt-sources part09:38
koolheadclocksys1: add the repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list file09:39
goodboy_is there chinese man?09:39
=== Ricky_ is now known as Guest78317
scorpionfootback sorry please type last msg to meagain anyone09:39
clocksys1koolhead: right, this is the locations how should this be formatted > https://launchpad.net/~c-korn/+archive/vlc/+packages09:40
icarus-cscorpionfoot: got it working?09:40
* icarus-c wonders how many people is in the ban list on this channel09:41
koolheadclocksys1: what does sudo apt-cache search vlc gives you09:41
clocksys1koolhead: oh nevermind i just found a drop down that gives me the format09:41
koolheadclocksys1: :P09:41
clocksys1it shows the .9 version09:41
clocksys1lol yeah missed the drop down menu on the page09:42
scorpionfooticarus i just found this link09:42
scorpionfootso im working on it still right now09:43
fcuk112_!cn | goodboy_09:43
ubottugoodboy_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:43
* silver-bullet wishes he understood Chinese... beautiful looking language, eh?09:45
nutterpcpart of the many wonders of installing a new kernel, fine tuning it to your liking09:45
scorpionfootnope didnt help09:45
icarus-csilver-bullet: i can teach you that :P09:45
scorpionfootwhich file in acpi governs the backlight settings09:45
goodboy_me too09:45
silver-bulleticarus-c: Thanks for the offer, but I'm not clever enough :(09:46
icarus-csilver-bullet: 您好 means Hi (formal)09:46
jvainiohello, i have problems with adding anything to my internet blog... and to go around this i am trying to use windows with vmware, but its a pia to do it......... can i get this working09:46
=== MadMax is now known as MaxSid
icarus-csilver-bullet: copy these 2 symbols and tell people to can speak chinese09:46
jvainioi mean, when i go to add picutres the system just wont see any files09:46
jvainioalthough there are lots09:46
jvainiosame with videos09:46
optimizerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz0PaPpmGa8 <-- anyone know if the language is japanese or korean?09:47
icarus-coptimizer: ja[s09:47
icarus-coptimizer: japs09:47
jvainiodoes anyone know why my system is not seeing the picture or video files while trying to add them on a website, as they show up normally when i just look them locally - they are of supported formats so that cannot be it....... heeeelp09:49
=== peter is now known as Guest91529
purplefoolhas anyone here ever used envyng before?  does it work with chip-sets?09:55
clocksys1koolhead: ok got the rep and key added, can u explain this part? > You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:c-korn/vlc to your system's Software Sources09:55
Ispanaklhi, installed gnomenu but its search function on panel is inaccessable. any idea how to activate it?09:56
=== abc_ is now known as Guest47385
wavezI'm not getting any sound in my new Ubuntu install. The tests say, "Could not open audio device for playback". My computer is an XPC. I'm trying to determine the audio chipset. One page says it has, "6-channel audio via 865G ICH5 and RealTek ALC650 codec"09:58
wavezdoes that mean 865G ICH5 is my chipset?09:59
LSD|NinjaNT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME. What causes it and what can I do about it?10:00
luiX_i'm trying to make a metadistro based on Ubuntu Server Hardy (because of the LTS) but i'm having touble adding some packages to my custom cd, i have to get the debs i want to include, but... is it the same if i get the packages (.deb) from an Ubuntu Jaunty? or can i just change the sources.list files to hardy to get them? any ideas?10:00
gsevili have ATI xpress 200m, use opensource driver, when resume from suspend, the screen splash , must restart the machine, how can I fix this?10:01
rabidweezlegsevil, don't suspend ;)10:05
frogzoogsevil: basically - don't suspend or use the proprietary driver10:07
vincenzo_buongiorno chi mi può aiutare10:09
denndaHi. How do you checkout http://public.kitware.com/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/?root=CMake ? I never did something with CVS up to now, and the quick n dirty guide fails to explain this 'intuitive' tool (am familiar with svn, git, hg, bzr tho...)10:09
mobi-sheepDoes anybody here use XBMC and was able to get their PS3 Bluetooth remote control to work?10:09
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:10
icarus-cIspanakl: right click @ panel -> Add item?10:12
=== csc_ is now known as TeTeT
mattgyverI know you can do this manually but, is there a package that lets you dock a window to the desktop... like embed it into the wallpaper?10:13
akeripper_should you remove nvidia drivers if you are temporary switching to a ati card?10:15
blinkizHi. Am trying to automate installation of a package from repository. It asks three questions with debconf style. I know I can pre define these answers with debconf-set-selections. problem is, I don't know the string to set with debconf-set-selections. How can I find out what the package are questioning about? I guess it's in the source package and debian directory?10:15
mattgyverakeripper_, you probably dont need to you, might just require that you temporarily disable the card... probably someplace in x.org10:16
mattgyveri think i mean xorg, im really tired10:16
wavezwhy do I need to compile libs after I download (or compile) my ALSA driver?10:17
icarus-calsa driver?...10:18
icarus-cakeripper_: yes you better remove nvidia driver10:19
wavezsound driver10:19
icarus-cakeripper_: coz afaik, nvidia comes with their own libgl10:19
icarus-cwavez: what is your sound card10:19
scorpionfootim getting karmic10:19
icarus-clspci -v10:19
icarus-cscorpionfoot: is it 9.10?10:20
scorpionfooti will return on here in an hour or 2 to let u know if the karmic kernel fixes backlight issue10:20
wavezicarus-c: lspci -v10:20
wavezicarus-c: SMBus: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R)10:20
gsevil scorpionfoot: what backlight issue?10:21
wavezicarus-c: the realtek website indicated that I should download ALSA 0.9.410:21
scorpionfootintel gpu backlight issue in most kernels on many laptops10:21
the_undefineddoes ubuntu 9.04-desktop ship with a running apache2 by default?10:22
the_undefined(or in other words: Where can I find a list of pre-installed packages?)10:22
icarus-cwavez: better forget about downloading driver from vendor's website with linux...10:23
mattgyverthe_undefined, no apache is not included with 9.04-desktop, i dont even think its included with server10:23
lucentthe_undefined: dpkg --get-selections10:23
lucentsomething like this10:23
icarus-cwavez: what is the output of  sudo "lspci -v"10:24
the_undefinedmattgyver, lucent: thanks, Then one of the hundred packages I just installed had a dependency it should not have had10:24
scorpionfootin a few icarus and cheers for all your help so far10:24
mobi-sheepthe_undefined: Take a peek at ubuntu-desktop10:24
icarus-cscorpionfoot: adios10:24
scorpionfoothaha adios10:24
wavezicarus-c: which item in the output am I looking for? I don't see any mention of sound10:25
lucentthe_undefined: Ubuntu as an OS is a pretty fast moving target10:25
lucentwho's to say right or wrong on how to install... anything at all?10:25
jpdsthe_undefined: The desktop CD does not come with Apache, no.10:26
lucentyou'll try things repeatedly until you find a method that works for you10:26
icarus-cwavez: Audio10:26
the_undefinedI figured it out. Seems like the 'php5' package installed it, I guess I just want php5-cgi & php5-cli anyway10:26
the_undefinedso thanks for the help10:26
lucentI saw a mouse (and not the computer kind)10:27
lucentwaiting for it to snare itself in one of my many peanutbutter laced death machines of epic trap-i-ness10:27
frogzooMars Bars works pretty good too10:28
* lucent takes note10:28
wavezicarus-c: it only lists the host bridge, VGA, 5 USB controllers, PCI bridge, ISA bridge, 2 IDE interfaces, SMBus, Ethernet, and FIreWire10:28
whyzhey. anyone sees any difficulties in replacing dhclient with dhcpcd?10:29
mattgyverwavez, what are you trying to find again?10:29
frogzoowhyz: one's a client, one's a server...10:30
whyzfrogzoo, no, dhcpd is the server, dhcpcd is the client10:30
roothDoes anyone know how to disable the blinking of the WLAN-LED on my HP Compaq 8710w laptop? Whenever there is traffic on the WLAN the LED blinks, and since it is located on the top of the keyboard/computer it bugs me =( Did not have this in my older installation, 7.10, some things may ...10:30
rooth... have happend since then though =)10:30
wavezmattgyver: trying to make my audio work. Can't figure out what chipset I have.10:30
lucentrooth: electrical tape. yo.10:30
roothlucent: =)10:30
lucentI point out the most easiest way that is easy, and lazy.10:31
frogzoorooth: take a look in /etc/acpi10:31
lumisrooth: electric tape worked for me too =3 do it10:31
frogzoopfft @ fixes in hardware10:31
lucentthere's no reason to warn you away from hacking your software10:31
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:31
lucentit's just a pain10:31
tstebutId like to do aptitude search on an exact name10:32
frogzootstebut: apt-cache search ###10:32
lucenttstebut: use regexp?   like uh aptitude search ^exactname$10:32
tstebutthat's all, is it possible, cause the FM don't help10:32
tstebutoh ok10:32
roothfrogzoo: ok, thx *looking*10:33
tstebutyeah I like your regexp tip, yhank you all10:33
mattgyverwavez, sorry i was afk, try an lshw (might need to install it) and look for the multimedia section, see if that helps10:34
lucentI grep therefore I am.... lazy.10:34
wavezmattgyver: np. Thanks, I'll try that.10:34
ActionParsniplucent: i'd say smart, rather than lazy :)10:34
ActionParsnipdo servers like mondays these days?10:35
mattgyverwavez, the more i look through my output the less i think its gonna show10:36
wavezmattgyver: it looks a lot the same as the lspci list. I notice *-serial UNCLAIMED10:36
mattgyverthe chipset anyway... it might show you enough detail to figure it out10:36
wavezdescription: SMBus10:36
wavezcould that be related?10:36
mattgyverI dont think so10:37
wavezsome of my searches indicated that the ICH5 chipset (?) is related to my audio10:37
wavezI'll paste it. It's from a page which lists specs on my pc10:37
wavezaudio: "6-channel audio via 865G ICH5 and RealTek ALC650 codec"10:37
tstebutOh, I've got a list of packages to install , that are available on Oracle, RedHat and Suse (oracle), but I can't find exact correspondance in aptitude repo on my Ubuntu....what 'd be the good practice for me to install'em ?10:38
zirodaytstebut: manually10:39
tstebutaptitude show libaio110:40
* sampaths wave10:40
mattgyvertstebut, if there are rpm's available anywhere for them you could use alien to install them10:40
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)10:42
nutterpcif my Core2 does support LM (Long Mode) I can still use the AMD64 install disc to install a 64bit distro can;'t i?10:42
acalvois the keyserver.ubuntu.com down?10:43
acalvocan't get a gpg key10:43
jvainioumm i am downloading a .rpm for vmware player10:43
jvainioshould i have taken .bundle file instead10:43
c4ptis anyone having a problem with gunzip with .tar.gzś on koala?10:43
jvainioor what10:43
jvainioif rpm will not install for this ubuntu10:44
mattgyverjvainio, i dont even know what a .bundle file is so i think the answer is no10:44
mattgyverBut... what is vmware player?10:45
roothfrogzoo: what's the tosh-prefix on some of the entries in /etc/acpi ? I fail to see where too look for the LED-blinking, all I see are the events that'll happen once I press the key(s) and how I can remap those.10:45
jvainioit is a software for running windows under linux10:45
jvainioand i want to use windows because this piece of .... doesnt want to show my pictures when i try to add them to an internet site10:45
jvainioeg. the files show ok in the file browser10:46
jvainiobut when i try to go to the site and press add and then go to the dir, no files10:46
frogzoorooth: grep -i led * ?10:46
mattgyverjvainio, so its just vmware then10:46
jvainioeven though they are of supported format10:46
mattgyverI prefer virtualbox10:46
mattgyverand its in the repos10:46
mattgyverwait, no its not, its on suns site as a .deb10:46
jvainiomattgyver - i think its a lighter version or osmething, as i have only seen vmware on windows before and it was of a different look10:46
* Blizzerand huggles ubottu10:46
reeniginEesreveRwhat is the difference between A-Record and CNAME?10:47
mattgyverno pda10:47
roothfrogzoo: so the way to move forward would be too look at the Asus-entries even though I have a HP/Compaq?10:47
jvainiobut yeah the reason why i am using vmware is a stupid thing10:47
jvainioi figure no-one here can know answer to my superadvanced question10:47
jvainiowhich is too bad..10:47
mattgyverjavinio, ask10:47
frogzoorooth: could well be10:47
mattgyverim sure i cant, but try10:47
mattgyverreeniginEesreveR, im no expert but I think an A-Record is in reference to website hosting10:47
roothfrogzoo: OK, I'll dig further, thank you for the pointer.10:48
frogzoorooth: another thing, try 'ps aux |grep ledcontrol'10:48
mattgyveran A-record is the highest level website, and i think somehow someway always prioritized by DNS servers.. something crazy like that.10:48
wavezmattgyver, icarus-c, I gotta hit the hay. Thanks for your help fellas. Any quick suggestions where I should begin my searching when I'm able to work on this next time?10:48
VilinyHey, im running crunchbang from a usb stick here - how can i access remote windows shared files? I need to contact a file server but i haven't found any way to browse the network10:48
jvainiomattgyver is it ok to private message you10:48
mattgyverjvainio, yup10:49
ArkoldThoshow I can use a remote controller that came with the computer with Kubuntu?10:49
=== abc_ is now known as Guest18103
patbamActionParsnip: that driver didn't work out as planned, i'm on a livecd now :)10:50
patbamActionParsnip: can i uninstall that driver from this livecd?10:50
ActionParsnippatbam: if you boot to recovery root console from grub, you can remove the package there using apt-get10:51
=== JaredWigmore is now known as JaredW
patbamActionParsnip: ah... i shall look up how to do that. i just ended up wtih a bit of fuzz on a black screen, btw.10:51
frogzoorooth: or yet again, it may be an option passed to the driver10:52
ActionParsnippatbam: esc when grub shows up, select recovery mode, select root10:52
patbamActionParsnip: ah ok. off to try that. thanks!10:52
mobi-sheepDoes anybody here use Deluge GUI to access their headless server?10:54
fantomashi all10:55
fantomasI can't make Ubuntu access WebDAV while cadaver successfuly logs in and lists files. One more broken thing in Ubuntu?10:55
fantomasIt tells me: HTTP Authorization Required. While I definitely specify username and password10:56
roothfrogzoo: no hit on ledcontrol, unfortunately. I think you're right that it is a driver thingie. I'm amazed though that there is so few relevant hits on Google for this issue.10:57
frogzoorooth: http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-precision/2008-February/001316.html10:58
sampathsHow does mplayer ubuntu package block gnome screensaver, by changing the original code, or by heartbeat-smd10:59
lumissampaths: heartbeat command I think11:00
hellmitreanybody know much about dancer-ircd?11:01
hellmitrejust set up an IRC server on my home machine and I want to set up ops and get nickerv working11:02
Vilinyhow can i pass username and password with fusesmb?11:02
lucentViliny: it's not in the man page?11:03
O__ohow to change setting in gconf-editor?11:03
mattgyverO__o; i think you have to run as root, but run gconf-editor and make the change and close11:04
icarus-cmattgyver: no11:04
O__osudo gconf-editor?11:04
mattgyvericarus-c, am i wrong?11:05
icarus-cO__o: run as the user you want to make change11:05
mattgyvero ok11:05
icarus-cgconf are user specific11:05
icarus-cif you do sudo gconf-editor, it would change the config for root11:05
icarus-cO__o: just run gconf-editor11:05
einstein1969i have a question for kernel rt. I wont use a clocksource=acpi_pm (now use TSC) for overclock my FSB. There is problem with this clocksource?11:06
O__obut when i check /apps/compiz/general/screen0/options/sync_to_vblank in gconf-editor, the next time i open gconf-editor it is unchecked again11:07
lucentO__o: something is unchecking it.11:08
lucentthat's the logical answer here11:08
O__olucent, what is?11:08
lucentin more direct terms, you're good to modify that with gconf-editor11:08
O__odo u guys experience some screen tearing when playing back video?11:09
lucentbut the underlying setting is being set another way11:09
lucentO__o: amongst other visual glitches, sure11:09
O__owhen i boot into windows all video r fin11:10
lucentam running intel gma hardware though11:10
icarus-cO__o: maybe something else is doing that?11:10
icarus-cO__o: that is about xorg driver option11:10
icarus-cmaybe EXASync could solve it11:10
O__oi have geforce 7600 GT11:11
icarus-cconsult nvidia manual11:11
O__ogeforce7600 GT using non-free driver, screen tearing with or without compiz11:11
O__ointel crappy card in dell netbook with ubuntu but no screen tearing11:12
O__ois it just nvidia?11:12
icarus-cis it just intel is nearly perfect :P11:12
O__ointel is crap i cant play HD video there11:13
lucenticarus-c: it only made me wait 2 years to get proper compiz support11:13
icarus-cintel got UXA :D11:13
lucentyeah that too11:13
lucentstill an occasional glitch here and there11:13
lucent1420n inspiron dell11:14
andypiperdon't suppose anyone has thought about making an Ubuntu theme for Chrome yet11:14
coz_andypiper,  Chrome   you mean google chrome?11:14
lucentI know Googlers who still cling to Firefox heh11:15
andypiperto which I suppose the answer is, it's non-free so...11:15
coz_andypiper,  well as far as I can see  google chrome uses the gtk2 theme you h ave  going11:15
O__ocan u install chrome browser in ubuntu?11:15
andypiperwell... yes but it looks wrong on UNR11:15
=== PuTrA_caem is now known as co_senang
coz_O__o, yes11:15
Fish__O__o, why would u want that?:D11:15
andypiperI installed a darker theme to match Dust and Human Netbook a bit better but the tabs are still blue11:16
coz_O__o,   http://www.ghacks.net/2009/06/06/install-google-chrome-on-linux-and-why-you-should/11:16
O__ojust wanna try it out11:16
andypiperI find Firefox chews cpu on the Aspire One11:16
eracoonwhen will ubuntu rule the world?11:16
Fish__eracoon, TOMORROW!11:17
eracoonof course11:17
coz_eracoon,  the more you advertise it and show people what it can do the more it will rule :)11:17
icarus-cO__o: maybe give  AccelMethod  exa  & EXASync yes a try?11:17
O__oubuntu is so great and easy to use but dont know why people keep using windows11:17
icarus-cO__o: or nvidia-settings11:17
lucentandypiper: *huge* improvements are being made in Firefox resource usage with newer codebase, that is to say it was pretty damn embarassingly sluggish in most releases that people are using today :/11:17
eracoonI allready converted 3 users :P11:17
icarus-cO__o: those people are helpless11:17
O__oicarus-c, what r those11:17
coz_O__o,   applications  for windows and many games11:17
icarus-cO__o: xorg.conf stuff11:17
eracoonthe rest is not ready to be unplugged... from windows11:18
icarus-cbetween, it is not just ubuntu is easy to use anyway11:18
andypiperlucent: don't get me wrong I'm a FF fan... but it just seems to spin my CPU when I'm not touching it11:18
lucentUbuntu is not all that amazing, either, just to be honest11:18
coz_eracoon,  very cool    but explain to them that linux is "essentially " virus free and spyware free and ALL of the software is free11:18
lucentit sucks less than the alternatives that I have seen11:18
lucentif it breaks, I can fix it11:18
lucentI mean really fix it like change the code11:19
icarus-cO__o: try nvidia-settings first11:19
O__oicarus-c,  how?11:19
icarus-cO__o: run  nvidia-settings11:19
lucentthe people I know who cling to windows installations have no desire to use their computer anyways11:19
lucentthey just want to get through their work day without something going horribly wrong11:20
O__oi dont have that11:20
zetheroowhy do I get a command not found message when doing this: sudo ./AlsaUpgrade-1.0.x-rev-1.16.sh -i11:20
coz_O__o,   in a terminal      lspci | grep -i vga11:20
lucentzetheroo: no slash bang?11:20
O__ocoz_, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7600 GT] (rev a1)11:20
coz_zetheroo,  dont use the ./11:20
zetheroocoz_: tried that already11:21
coz_O__o,  ok and did you install the nvidia driver?11:21
O__ocoz_, yes11:21
einstein1969i have a question for kernel rt. I want use a clocksource=acpi_pm (now use TSC) for overclock my FSB. There is problem with this clocksource and rt patch?11:21
zetheroolucent: slash bang?11:21
coz_O__o,   open a terminal    nvidia-settings11:21
lucentzetheroo: sudo su;  then you want to do /bin/sh ./commandname11:21
O__ocoz_, there is no nvidia-settings11:21
Weust`_hi, is there a reason why ubuntu has a 'rename' in /usr/bin that is a perl script while on another distro this is a elf-binairy (they act differently....)11:22
icarus-czetheroo: do you have that in your $PWD ?11:22
coz_O__o,  how did you install the nvidia driver?11:22
Weust`_which kind of sucks for scripts11:22
icarus-czetheroo: and have you chmod +x ?11:22
O__ocoz_,  in administration | hardware drivers11:22
coz_zeroXten,  or right click that .sh  permissions and tick the execute  box11:22
Prunewhat is an emacs editor?11:22
lucentzetheroo: I would add that running anything as root is probably setting a course for FAIL island11:22
jribWeust`_: why does it suck for scripts?11:22
zetheroolucent: ok that's working11:22
icarus-cPrune: http://www.google.com/search?q=emacs11:22
coz_O__o,  and did you reboot the system after installing that driver?11:23
Weust`_jrib: for instance: rename 'foo' 'bar' * does not work in ubuntu11:23
coz_O__o,  open system/administration/hardware drivers  and see if it is activated11:23
O__ocoz_, of course, i have it enable like a year ago11:23
lucentzetheroo: "slash bang" is a phrase, maybe it is ...  programmer, or admin phrase11:23
Prunethanks icarus11:23
zetheroolucent: yeah well I have done this about 3 times in the past and its safe ... but I still would like it to work without the sudo so part11:23
lucentzetheroo: normal user won't know what that means11:23
coz_O__o,  then you should have nvidia-settings11:23
jribWeust`_: right, because as you noticed they are different programs.  You can usually find debian/ubuntu's rename as prename in other distros.  Try mmv to get similar functionality11:23
icarus-cWeust`_: forget that rename and just  mv11:23
O__ocoz_, it is activated11:23
prince_jammysWeust`_: the rename utility is nonstandard. i think there are two major ones (what you mentioned) don't use it if you need it to be portable11:23
=== sivel_ is now known as sivel
coz_O__o,  then I dont understand...nvidia-settings should be installed along with that11:24
icarus-cWeust`_: mv  fileA  newname11:24
coz_O__o,  which driver version did it install?11:24
O__okelvin@orz:~$ nvidia-settings11:24
O__oThe program 'nvidia-settings' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:11:24
O__osudo apt-get install nvidia-settings11:24
O__obash: nvidia-settings: command not found11:24
FloodBot1O__o: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:24
O__oi dont know how to check version number11:24
coz_O__o,  then  sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings11:24
lucentzetheroo: when a file is set with the +x executable permission bit, then your shell will read the first bytes from it as you try to execute it11:24
coz_O__o,  however that is odd it was not installed automatically along with the driver11:25
Weust`_jrib: it is a script on a server, but the rename that it has, i don't know from which package it comes11:25
icarus-czetheroo, lucent and have the #!/usr/bin/perl at the first line (correct me if i'm wrong)11:25
lucentzetheroo: if the first bytes are hash bang .... it uses this path to execute the file11:25
icarus-ci mean ..11:25
jribWeust`_: check the source on that distro...11:25
lucentzetheroo: #!/bin/bash11:25
icarus-cthe thing gonna interpret the script11:25
O__ocoz_, i installed it now11:25
O__ocoz_, whats next?11:25
lucentzetheroo: like that in a script, with execute, and it will do /bin/bash /path/to/your/script11:25
coz_O__o,  ok now run it   nvidia-settings11:26
coz_O__o,   what are you wanting to do with this ?11:26
erUSULlucent: the shebang thing is done by the kernel not by the shell afaik11:26
icarus-cWeust`_: mv  fileA fileB  == renaming11:26
O__oi dont know11:26
jribWeust`_: for instance on arch, rename seems to be part of util-linux-ng11:26
coz_O__o,  oh :)11:26
SmokeyD1hey people, what is the default screenshot app for ubuntu/gnome?11:26
lucenterUSUL: ORLY? :o11:26
O__oi experience screen tearing when playing video11:26
SMSshock4itaj 4uzhije sms vsego za 0.15 sant. -- >  www.chitay-sms.tk11:26
SMSshock4itaj 4uzhije sms vsego za 0.15 sant. -- >  www.chitay-sms.tk11:26
FloodBot1SMSshock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
coz_O__o,  well with nvidia settings you can  set up dual monitors with twinview if you have a secondary monitor or change resolutions of your monitor on the fly11:26
Weust`_jrib: it is an SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP111:26
jribWeust`_: so use whatever tools suse provide to find out where it comes from11:27
icarus-cO__o: find your way out to install nvidia-settings11:27
Weust`_basically i need to achief this: strip a certain string from an filename11:27
O__oicarus-c, i have installed it now11:27
Weust`_or i should use sed with an forloop11:27
Weust`_but rename 'tostrip' '' * IS NICE11:27
lucenterUSUL: I'll leave it to you if you would like to support that notion with document or URL link :P11:27
prince_jammysWeust`_: 's/tostrip//' *11:28
jribWeust`_: use whatever tool you want.  The rename in ubuntu uses regex, so... rename 's/tostrip//g' *11:28
lucentWeust`_: global?11:28
Weust`_yeah but isn't ther a _universal_ way that works on all distro's? whatever rename version it has11:28
einstein1969hi, there is any way to measure the clock tick?11:28
Weust`_kind of stupid the rename (perl version) does not support the old syntax11:29
Weust`_lucent: global what ?11:29
prince_jammysWeust`_: no. you'd have use the shell (or sed, or whatever) to work with the text, and then mv.11:29
erUSULlucent: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shebang_(Unix) <<<11:29
lucentWeust`_: sed -e 's:find:replace:g'11:29
lucentthat's global11:29
jribWeust`_: they are different programs.  You can't assume a program is the same if it has the same name unless there is some sort of standard11:29
lucentthanks erUSUL11:29
* lucent stabs gnome-terminal11:29
erUSULlucent: you know i was about to use the let me google that for you website but wikipedia is enough11:30
Weust`_jrib: ok, but i did expect that if a utility like rename gets reinvented, it is at least compatible with the other syntaxes11:30
jribWeust`_: apparently rename.ul on debian/ubuntu should be the util-linux rename that I'm guessing you are talking about from suse.  Or use mmv which is similar11:30
Weust`_but i'll guess i'll loop trough filenames and sed them out11:30
erUSULlucent: before you jump; in linux the program loader is part of the kernel and no they are not refering to the shell11:30
lucenterUSUL: unless I am mistaken, this ... oh11:30
Weust`_i'll man mmv11:30
lucenttoo late, I am in the ocean ;P11:31
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:32
O__odo you guys have Sync to VBlank on display device checked or not?11:32
erUSULlucent: :)11:32
icarus-ceinstein1969: what do you mean ?11:33
Weust`_btw jrib this seems to work also11:35
Weust`_for i in $(ls); do echo mv $i ${i/foo/}; done;11:35
Weust`_to remove foo from sting11:35
jribWeust`_: sure11:35
prince_jammysfor i in *; do mv "$i" "${i/foo/}"; done11:35
Weust`_prince_jammys: it was just test :)11:36
einstein1969icarus-c, i want understand how to measure the current CONFIG_HZ, and the relation whit the parameter clocksource=acpi_pm or tsc.11:36
Balsaqthank you ubuntu techs...i have ironed out most of my issues with your help, thank you.11:36
* erUSUL just found out that rename has alternatives in ubuntu o.011:37
=== sivel is now known as sivel_
icarus-ceinstein1969: no idea11:38
=== Xero is now known as Guest79437
mobi-sheepAnybody know what port Avahi use to discover devices?11:41
=== sivel_ is now known as sivel
O__oif i change something in nvidia-settings, do i need to re login to see effect?11:43
ActionParsnipO__o: no, click apply and its applied11:44
idenzeltest msg11:44
ActionParsnipO__o: if yuo write the settings to the x config file you will need to restart X to test11:44
Pef^advice is to run it fm terminal with sudo nvidia-settings usually it wont be able to tave the configuration to x otherwise11:44
AlvinwareWhere to find monopoly game for ubuntu?11:44
Pef^crap i cant spell =/11:45
lucentAlvinware: there's a monopoly like game but the name I forget11:45
ActionParsnipAlvinware: http://gtkatlantic.gradator.net/screenshots.html    http://kapitalist.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html11:45
frogzoogtkatlantic - Game like Monopoly11:46
ActionParsnipor get a nes emu and play it on there :)11:46
AlvinwareActionparsnip, yeah, gtkalantic, but after the installation, it didn't show up in the game menu, and is the server in it is correct, cause no people?11:47
nikolamAGAIN that update makes my computer totally USELESS during background package install..11:47
ActionParsnipAlvinware: you can use alacarte to makethe menu item11:48
HazeFazesry :)11:49
nikolamlike we don`t have multitasking on Linux anymore, if regarding moments of package installing, Grrr11:49
HazeFazeidenzel: what are you testing?11:49
AlvinwareActionParsnip, If i plan to try the Kapaitalist, i should download the client, not the server, right?11:49
ActionParsnipAlvinware: no idea, i simply found the links11:50
hsarciI just executed "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" then I restarded and now when I click on a folder from "Places" menu i get an error saying "no application is registered to handle this file". Nautalis is still installed and it works fine. any ideas?11:54
bernardohi guys... firefox only opens here with sudo privileges, any idea why?11:55
bernardoif I try to open from shortcut, it says starting firefox and then dies11:55
hsarcibernardo, you try reinstalling?11:56
bernardoyes, I have tried11:56
hsarcitry purge?11:56
fantomasIs there a quick way to switch language of UI to EN?11:57
hsarcisudo aptitude purge firefox* && sudo aptitude install firefox11:57
Fishiehello ppl, is there a way to Force Quit fullscreen programs?11:57
fantomasI'm posting a problem to ubuntu forums and need dialogs in English11:57
FishieFor example, I was playing Frets on Fire :) but then it crashed, and I had to force shut down my PC11:57
bernardook, will try that, thanks11:57
hsarciI just executed "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" then I restarded and now when I click on a folder from "Places" menu i get an error saying "no application is registered to handle this file". Nautalis is still installed and it works fine. any ideas?11:58
=== ghost is now known as Guest3251
jvainiohey anyone has any idea why virtualbox is not booting my image11:59
jvainioit boots like half11:59
jvainioeg the first windows loading bar goes11:59
jvainiobut then nothing, just a blank black screen11:59
jvainioand ive been waiting for like 30mins now11:59
bernardonope, purging didn't work11:59
=== przemek_ is now known as Smok_Mlekopij
arandFishie: hmm, what i would do is switch to tty (ctrl+alt+F2 {ctrl+alt+F7 to get back}) and then use the "killall" command or a combination of "ps" (get process number) and "kill" (send (termination) signals to process number)12:00
bernardohi guys, firefox only works here if I do sudo firefox, else it goes starting firefox for 15s and then nothing happens12:01
bidossessibernardo, run the command in a console and see what debug info it gives you12:01
bernardobidossessi, which command? `firefox`?12:02
bidossessibernardo, obviously :)12:02
arandFishie: or if the whole desktop has locked up it can normally be restarted by using alt+sysreq(/printscreen)+K12:02
bernardonothing happens, it goes to the next line bidossessi12:02
bidossessibernardo, i suggest moving your .mozilla folder to .mozilla-bak and trying again12:04
bernardobidossessi, where is it located please?12:04
bidossessibernardo, in your home folder12:04
bernardowow bidossessi, that worked!12:05
bernardowhy such weird bug bidossessi? thanks a lot12:05
bidossessibernardo, well, you will have temporarily lost all bookmarks and extensions, so i suggest getting them back one by one from your backup mozilla folder to minpoint which one created the problem12:06
AlvinwareHow to remove Kapitalist?12:06
bidossessiAlvinware, install 'communist'? lol12:06
bernardobidossessi, no worries, I didn`t have much installed... thanks a lot!  cya12:06
deepakhi guys.. how do i configure my pidgin to be able to send file to gtalk client??12:06
cappizsomeone knows of a good php / mysql music streamer/jukebox?12:07
AlvinwareKapitalist is a monopoly-like game.12:07
bidossessiAlvinware, did you install it through synaptic?12:07
quimkaosdeepak is that possible with the gtak client12:07
quimkaoscouse i was never able to12:07
milligan_Could anyone recommend me a program or similar that could pop up a reminder on my monitor on day X at time Y with a message I specify?12:07
heoa____What can be the reason that the command "lprm -Pprinter -" does not work?12:08
Alvinwarebidossessi, no, i installed it from .deb package download from it website.12:08
deepakquimkaos: ya that's possible with a gtalk client.12:08
enatom_How do i Eject a CD ?12:08
Eliripsmilligan_: can't you do at with the calendar from evolution?12:08
enatom_The FN keys on my laptop are not being recongized12:08
deepakquimkaos: but with pidgiin that gives file transfer error.12:08
kennyG_I am looking forward to a google wave accound, could someone invite me please :)12:08
enatom_How do i eject my CD12:08
enatom_Hod do i remove my CD12:08
quimkaosright click on cd  >unmoutn12:08
bidossessideepak, gtalk uses an implementation of xmpp. since you are in different subnets,  you'll need to check which proxy google uses for media transfer...12:08
jribkennyG_: please don't ask for that here12:08
Gravitonenatom_: Right-click the icon on your desktop and press "eject"12:08
milligan_Elirips, I don't use evolution12:08
kennyG_jrib, ok, sorry12:09
quimkaosyap deepak12:09
milligan_Elirips, doing to give kalarm a go.12:09
deepakbidossessi: means google doesnt use xmpp servers.12:09
Eliripsmilligan_: yes, or the calendar from kontact, or something like this..12:09
enatom_Graviton, its not coming out, there is not Eject, only unmount12:09
quimkaosdeepak maybe it works with anouther protocol like msn12:09
enatom_How do i get my CD out ?12:10
enatom_There is no eject button12:10
quimkaosnot with gtalk i think12:10
enatom_and unmount does nothing12:10
bidossessideepak, gtalk is xmpp with a few additional whistles and bells12:10
ikoniaenatom_: "eject" is the command12:10
fcuk112_enatom_: is there a small hole on your drive?12:10
ikoniaenatom_: you need to make sure you don't have anything using the device12:10
hsarciI just executed "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" then I restarded and now when I click on a folder from "Places" menu i get an error saying "no application is registered to handle this file". Nautalis is still installed and it works fine. any ideas?12:10
enatom_a hole fcuk112_ ?12:10
enatom_ikonia, i have a CD in there12:10
fcuk112_enatom_: on your dvd drive.12:10
fcuk112_enatom_: the physical drive.12:10
enatom_ikonia where do i write the command12:10
gajopcan anyone please post their /etc/init.d/pulseaudio script? my current distro doesn't have it, and i'd like to see how it's done somewhere else so i can adapt it to my own12:10
bidossessigajop couldn't google help for that?12:11
deepakthere must be something that helps me configuring it that way .. a 3rd party software or so ..12:11
ikoniaenatom_: open a terminal12:11
gajopbidossessi: maybe, i'm just getting bug reports for it :P12:11
enatom_fcuk i do not have a hole in my drive12:11
Gravitonenatom_: Try opening a terminal and type in eject12:11
ikoniaenatom_: control your language12:11
enatom_yeah the eject command WORKED!!12:12
enatom_im using ubuntu 9.1012:12
enatom_man, ubuntu has a long way to go, for being mainstream12:12
ikoniaenatom_: 9.10 discussion should be in #ubuntu+112:12
enatom_ok ikonia12:12
quimkaoslol couse of the eject?12:12
Alvinwarebidossessi, i recall my memory back, use sudo apt-get remove kapitalist, then complete it with ubuntu tweak.12:12
enatom_quimkaos, my brightness control doesnt work either12:13
=== jean is now known as Guest73743
Alvinwarelol, in here, i help myself, lol.12:13
enatom_but i wont bother with asking fr help with that one12:13
Eliripsgajop: http://pastebin.com/m109ff6ed12:13
deepakeveryone: can i ask any of my queries related to ubuntu here ??12:13
quimkaosyours or the screen brightness12:13
gajopElirips: thanks12:14
hsarciI just executed "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade" then I restarded and now when I click on a folder from "Places" menu i get an error saying "no application is registered to handle this file". Nautalis is still installed and it works fine. any ideas?12:15
=== Guest73743 is now known as Jean
=== Jean is now known as Guest91505
Pef^hsarci, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51071 ?12:16
Pef^i think its mentioned in that thread somewhere, might be usefull to read12:17
=== D is now known as Guest67440
=== nitrohax is now known as Guest98140
lorenz_ask! how do i install flashplayer amd 64 on jaunty??12:19
=== Guest98140 is now known as Nitrohax
icarus-clorenz_: grab the 64bit alpha from adobe12:20
erUSULlorenz_: the same way you do in 32 bit. installing flashplugin-nonfree package12:20
lorenz_icarus-c: i didn't find any...12:20
KenBW22does anyone know an app that can back up SMSs from a phone's sent box12:22
ziroday!flash | lorenz12:22
ubottulorenz: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash12:22
ActionParsnipKenBW22: depends how they are seen to ubuntu, if the inbox is simply a file, you can copy iy12:23
ActionParsnipKenBW22: it will vary wildly so you will have to investigate whats what first12:23
KenBW22ActionParsnip: I can use Wammu for backing up the messages but it doesn't transfer the dats and times - only for the inbox12:24
ActionParsnipKenBW22: its not something I do tbh12:25
GutZuWiSSeN_hmmm .. i just updated to karmic .. and got a problem with pidgin: i cant receive messages. (but i can send them) .. any ideas?12:25
ActionParsnip!karmic | GutZuWiSSeN_12:26
ubottuGutZuWiSSeN_: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:26
GutZuWiSSeN_k sorry :)12:26
CJ_____babak, hey!12:28
tehbautdoes 7zip or rar packages work with the nautilus context menu shortcut?12:29
tehbaut(extract here)12:29
babaki update my kernel to 2.6.28-15 my previous version was 2.6.28-11 on 2.6.28-11 i installed graphic card now in new version i have problem with graphic card now do i have to another install it in new kernel?12:30
ActionParsnipbabak: you may need to configure it, did you use envy by any chance?12:32
Neremorhello! when i try to mount an iso, i get this error: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error12:32
babakActionParsnip: i don't config it how can i do?12:32
icarus-ctehbaut: you need to install 7z and unrar12:33
RadicalRQuick question, have anyone been reporting NTFS disks being turned to RAW disk after force mounting them in Linux?12:33
ActionParsnipNeremor: sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /mount/point12:33
Neremorto mount i'm using this comand: sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 isofile.iso /media/targetdir12:33
=== CJ_____ is now known as S3NTA
ActionParsnipbabak: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga12:33
RadicalRI have seen one such report on the forums.12:33
icarus-clorenz: google adobe 64bit flash12:33
icarus-clorenz: google adobe 64bit flash linux12:34
=== S3NTA is now known as |
lorenzicarus-c: can i pm you?12:34
icarus-clorenz: ok12:34
=== | is now known as Guest64932
babakActionParsnip: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT200 [GTX260-216] (rev a1)12:35
icarus-clorenz: put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins12:35
ActionParsnipbabak: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-install-nvidia-190xx-drivers-in.html12:35
=== Guest64932 is now known as |
ActionParsnipbabak: the 185 is stable, the190 is beta12:35
xandhello all, can anyone please help me with a white screen issue with compiz due to Xorg somehow reverting back to Vesa driver ?12:35
=== | is now known as Guest16369
=== niko is now known as Guest44249
=== [NikO] is now known as niko
gamerxhey guys12:37
gamerxwhere does flash.so go (plugin)12:38
gamerxfor mozzila12:38
ActionParsnipgamerx: it can go in ~/.mozilla/plugins12:39
quimkaosanyway to import firefox/thunderbird configurations from an instalation in a windows partition?12:40
=== kLiNiKaL|A is now known as kLiNiKaL
gamerxActionParsnip, im wondering, if i put it there it does not work12:41
gamerxdebug1, night12:42
icarus-cquimkaos: maybe copy the config file from My Documents12:42
ActionParsnipgamerx: you need to uninstall the flash packages you have installed12:42
gamerxActionParsnip, hang on12:42
ActionParsnipgamerx: all, including gnash and swfdec12:42
icarus-cnot sure what things are like on windows12:42
icarus-cgamerx: have you tried ?12:42
ActionParsnipgamerx: and flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfree, aLL out12:42
Exilehey guys I've just had to do a reinstall of my server and I used webmin. last time I was in here someone suggested something better, does anyone have any idea what that may have been?12:43
ActionParsnip!webmin | Exile12:43
ubottuExile: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.12:43
Halitech!ebox | Exile12:43
quimkaosfor bookmarks i can just export it to a html and acc too12:43
ubottuExile: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox12:43
Exileebox thats it12:43
Exilecheers mate12:43
Exileforgot what it was called12:43
quimkaosnot 4 folders and mails12:43
gamerxActionParsnip, im uninstalliung them now12:44
ActionParsnipgood, thats why it didnt work12:44
xguruis there such thing as free voip on ubuntu?12:46
Exileanyone know why 'sudo apt-get install ebox-all' isnt working in 9.04?12:46
fcuk112_xguru: you mean like skype?12:46
quimkaosjust 1 more thing we can update to 9.10 from 9.04 or we nead upgrade?12:46
Exilenever mind 'sudo apt-get install ebox' seems to work12:47
joaopinto!kamirc | quimkaos12:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kamirc12:47
xgurufcuk112_: yes something like skype, but i thought they charged $30 for incoming and $38 for outgoing12:47
joaopinto!karmic | quimkaos12:47
ubottuquimkaos: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:47
Halitechquimkaos, it would be an upgrade12:48
Halitechxguru, skype is free for computer to computer calls, calls to landlines are usually around 5cents or less a minute depending on where you call12:49
xgurufcuk112_:  i guess it would be alittle different then skype, computer to lan line, so in that case i guess there isn't a free service :)  ?12:49
debug1Wonder if Ubuntu 9.10 will be able to support the Intel DP43TF MB.12:49
Halitechxguru, http://www.skype.com/prices/12:49
xandhello all, can anyone please help me with a white screen issue with compiz due to Xorg somehow reverting back to Vesa driver ?12:49
amigamiai have a feeling that my server has been compromised and i think i need to start with a new one. is seveas here?12:54
amigamiai know it has been compromised i can tell by the activity with iptraf and top12:55
ActionParsnipamigamia: try setting the driver in xorg.conf to what you expect12:55
amigamiawhat do you maen ationparsnip?12:55
xgurufcuk112_, Halitech : chick this out.    http://www.ghacks.net/2009/07/24/make-free-calls-from-your-computer-with-google-voice/12:55
amigamiawhat is the diff command used for?12:56
amigamiawhy would squid be hanging so badly?12:56
ActionParsnipamigamia: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    set the driver line to what you expect (you said it was switched to vesa)12:56
ActionParsnipamigamia: comparing 2 files12:56
PiciActionParsnip: You're responding to the wrong person.12:56
amigamiano i didint actoinparsnip12:56
amigamiai am on a different plane of meditation12:57
amigamiawell this diff is running at like 70%12:57
=== bembmb is now known as robbe
amigamiai dont know what for?12:57
debug1Wonder if Ubuntu 9.10 will be able to support the Intel DP43TF MB.12:58
icarus-cdebug1: you may grab the kernel and try12:59
Picidebug1: 9.10 discussion is in #ubuntu+112:59
amigamiai see all these udp connections and i dont have a clue what they are or where they are from?12:59
amigamiawhy are they here?12:59
amigamiathey are like from romania and north korea. why?13:00
mgolischno idea13:00
DelvienIs there any way to change the brightness on an LCD (laptop) manually? I cannot change the brightness with FN keys...13:00
ActionParsnipamigamia: if you are torrenting, that willl do it13:00
amigamiai am not torrenting13:00
amigamiai did13:00
PiciYou seem to be able to tell that they are there, what program is using them?13:00
amigamiado you think that is the problem?13:00
amigamiai was torrenting13:01
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:01
frogzoo1Delvien: look in /etc/acpi13:01
* root 13:02
=== root is now known as Guest10654
oclaudiozciao a tutti13:02
amigamiado you think that the torrenting is what attractied all this activity?13:02
=== Guest10654 is now known as gdm_die
amigamiado you think i am infected?13:02
amigamiai feel i probably have to reimage.13:02
amigamiaany comments?13:02
Delvienfrogzool doesnt have anything really....13:02
gdm_diehello. i just installed 9.10 , and i cannot get in X window. gdm dies and try to restart again and again13:02
ActionParsnipamigamia: depends what apps you are running, you need to dig around to see whats running and where it connects13:02
gdm_diewhere is the log file ?13:03
Picigdm_die : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/9.10 support/discussion.13:03
ActionParsnip!9.10 | gdm_die13:03
ubottugdm_die: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:03
Viki27Hello , after i compiled package using "make & make install" how can i remove the package ?13:03
icarus-camigamia: infected...13:03
amigamiaactionparsnips what can a run to determine that?13:03
Piciamigamia: Does sudo netstat -taunp say the program that is using those connections?13:03
icarus-cViki27: I'm afraid *you can't*13:03
Delvienfrogzool only specific laptop model stuff13:03
icarus-cViki27: that's why we need package13:03
ActionParsnipamigamia: ps -ef | less     will help13:03
amigamiais there like a catchall type thingy i can do?13:04
amigamiais there some command i can use to make some kind of something?13:04
gdm_diePici: thanks13:04
icarus-cViki27: *unless* you install to a special root  like  ~/.local13:04
amigamialet me tri pici thank you13:04
* ale_ hi13:04
amigamiathat diff is running again13:04
amigamiait is up to 90% mem13:05
ActionParsnipwhom owns the process?13:05
amigamiatop says so13:05
amigamiait just came back again13:05
amigamialet me look13:06
amigamianow squid is showing up again13:06
ActionParsnipno, what user is the owner?13:06
amigamiait dissapeared again13:06
icarus-cmaybe run a "who" command  first if you don't feel good :P13:07
amigamiaseems like something is funny with postfix13:07
RanDom33Can anyone help me with setting up my wireless printer? I have tried every option with CUPS, used generic and the driver that is listed for my printer and it still will not work. The printer does work though as i can print from my xp machine.13:07
amigamiai ahve to load another putty brb13:07
dA-kiNgI got some problem, can someone help me please?13:07
icarus-cRanDom33: have you started the cups daemon?..13:07
Pici!ask | dA-kiNg13:07
ubottudA-kiNg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:07
HalitechRanDom33, what printer?13:07
RanDom33Halitech, brother mfc-495cw13:08
icarus-cRanDom33: and have you select a proper driver for your printer?13:08
marcrieraHello everybody. I'm looking for a software to deploy unatended versions of debian, ubuntu and windows to a bunch of blades. Anyone is using 'something' to manage large racks of servers. Open source is requiered by our fundation policy. thanks13:08
dA-kiNgI got a problem, which that is, i install ubuntu in the pc and in that pc the internet connection is by wireless, and i have the cd to install but the ubuntu dont execute the cd, its gives some error. :\13:09
RanDom33icarus-c, * Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd                         [ OK ] ? so i am guessing it is running13:09
RanDom33icarus-c, i have selected the driver that was installed from the drop down list.. i downloaded one from the Brother website13:09
RanDom33icarus-c, and that is the one i have been selecting, i also tried generic... and also cups-pdf13:10
icarus-cdA-kiNg: don't miss the most important part, what is the exact error?13:10
* raid0 alloz 13:10
icarus-cRanDom33: what printer is it13:10
dA-kiNgicarus-c can you wait 2mn , ill check it ok?13:10
amigamiai dont understand what it is revealiing. i probably need to just put in a new drive and install fresh i think.13:10
HalitechRanDom33, I don't see a linux driver for that machine13:10
amigamiathen i can mess about with the other one and hopefully save some of the emails and stuff.13:10
RanDom33icarus-c, brother mfc-495cw... i used the guide on the brother website and it failed13:10
icarus-cmarcriera: i don't understand totally, but maybe virtualization?13:11
RanDom33Halitech, there is one on the brother website13:11
RanDom33Halitech, http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/download_prn.html#MFC-495CW  i used that.. but it didnt work13:11
HalitechRanDom33, sorry, just found it, they have it buried ... http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/before.html .. did you follow the instructions they have listed?13:12
amigamiait came back again13:12
amigamiait says root is running diff13:12
icarus-cmarcriera: i don't understand what is meant by "unattended version"13:12
marcrieraicarus-c: virtualization is not an option. We play with CUDA and GPU , with virtualization we loose lot's of MIPS and this makes a great difference13:12
amigamia 3317 root      18   0  288m 209m  388 R  1.0 85.2   0:03.30 diff13:13
amigamia85.2 % memory13:13
RanDom33Halitech, yes.. i have tried all that.. and then some... about 12 hours or so of working on it13:13
joaopintomarcriera, try clonezilla13:13
dA-kiNgicarus-c the error is about13:14
marcrieraicarus-c: by unatended I mean a kind of PXE deployment, something that I can prepare and then I use it as many times as I need. I know I can do some anaconda scripts for Redhat based distros , but we play with debian and ubuntu, so I don't know if there is something like redhat-network or redhat-satelite on debian based distros13:14
HalitechRanDom33, you say you are trying to do it wirelessly, do you have the IP address of the printer?13:14
RanDom33Halitech, i will even go through and do the directions again, if you like13:14
marcrierajoaopinto: clonezilla. mmm I'll check it out.13:14
dA-kiNgit says that i havent the zip file or something, its opens with Archive manager :\13:14
RanDom33Halitech, yes. its assigned via dhcp by my wireless router.
amigamiawhat is beam?13:14
icarus-cdA-kiNg: i hate you13:15
abhilashm86i'm getting a suexec error while installing mooshak, http://pastebin.ca/1629571 see this error, how to solve that error?13:15
babaki update my kernel to 2.6.28-15 in new kernel alt+f2 not work  ehat is problem?13:15
HalitechRanDom33, do you know if it has a web interface you can try to load in a web browser?13:15
gamerxis there any way to use my fingerprint scanner for anything usefull on linux13:15
RanDom33Halitech, that i do not know about13:15
RanDom33i can try13:15
icarus-cbabak: if you want to switch from X session to tty console, you need  ctrl-alt-f[1..6]13:16
amigamialet me start to rebuild13:16
dA-kiNgicarus-c why u hate me ?13:16
HalitechRanDom33, try it and see13:16
RanDom33Halitech, no web interface13:17
icarus-cdA-kiNg: that *exe* pissed me off13:17
icarus-cwubi huh?13:17
HalitechRanDom33, can you ping the printer?13:17
RanDom33Halitech, printer has an lcd screen on it.. so have to do everything through that13:17
RanDom33Halitech, yes, i can ping.. and nmap shows that it is the printer13:17
HalitechRanDom33, ok, in cups, can it find the printer if you search for new printers?13:18
hsarcidoes rc.local run after resume?13:18
abhilashm86any help freinds? what is suexec error?13:18
RanDom33Halitech, i was going back through those directions again.. wanted you to see something.. i will pastebin.. one second13:19
Halitechabhilashm86, looks like it doesnt know what m2 is and is saying to install as sudo13:20
HalitechRanDom33, okay13:20
RanDom33Halitech, http://pastebin.com/d7ac6311f13:20
babakicarus-c: also ctrl+alt+ f(1--6) not work in new kernel13:20
abhilashm86Hailtech: so what should i do now?13:20
RanDom33Halitech, that was on step 4 of these instructions http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/instruction_prn1a.html13:20
HalitechRanDom33, looks like the issue is right here "package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)"13:21
RanDom33Halitech, there was no 64 bit driver13:21
abhilashm86Halitech: even if i do it as sudo ./install, the error is same..........13:22
RanDom33Halitech, the printer shows up in cups13:22
RanDom33Halitech, it just does not work13:22
HalitechRanDom33, trying to get a 32bit driver working on a 64bit OS is not going to work very well if at all13:22
xandhello all, can anyone please help me with a white screen issue with compiz due to Xorg somehow reverting back to Vesa driver ?13:23
DexterLBhello. I followed this guide: http://tinyurl.com/c5p63g13:23
RanDom33Halitech, sigh.. so solution is run vnc server on my xp machine... and print from it? ;)13:23
DexterLBI did the step sudo tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/XXXX13:23
DexterLBbut now when I try to do an e2fsck fsck says that doing an e2fsck on a mounted filesystem can cause severe damage.13:23
DexterLBBut this is partition is mounted to /home so gparted doesn't allow me to unmount it. What should I do?13:23
FloodBot1DexterLB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:23
HalitechRanDom33, it might show up but if it can't use the 32bit driver in your 64bit OS, its not going to work13:23
DexterLBsorry about flooding :S13:24
HalitechRanDom33, that or get a machine that has 64bit support13:24
grawityDexterLB: Usually, when dealing with system partitions, you need to boot from a LiveCD (which has its own virtual /)13:24
hylmanhave anyone tried karmic moblin remix?13:24
DexterLBcan I do this now?13:24
soreauxand: Can you come to #compiz so we can help you with the white screen problem better?13:24
DexterLBor if I shutdown something bad will happen?13:24
grawityDexterLB: If you have the Ubuntu install disk, just insert it and reboot. Then run gparted.13:24
abhilashm86Hailtech: hey the error was in install script it was /usr/sbin!! i changed it to /usr/bin, all installed, good day:)13:24
RanDom33Halitech, well i just bought that printer.. so cant really get another.. i could run ubuntu in a 32 bit vm and print right?13:25
=== zand_ is now known as xand
William-Ubuntuoh, god, i don't know how to change the default size of gnome-terminal13:25
HalitechRanDom33, you might be able to take it back, just tell them it doesn't work with your system ... not sure how the vm would work13:25
RanDom33Halitech, well i do appreciate it ;)13:26
William-Ubuntui resized it close and open again, it return13:26
HalitechRanDom33, at least now you know why its not working :)13:26
RanDom33Halitech, haha.. well i do appreciate it13:27
hsarcidoes ANYONE know how to run a command after resuming?! it cant be that hard....ive been trying to figure it out for 3 days now13:27
babakmy alt+f2 key not work how solve problem?13:27
yangerdoes ubuntu64 require all the software to be in 64bit? or can it run 32bit processes as well?13:27
xandyanger: 32-bit should be ok13:27
hylmanis this the right place to ask about karmic moblin?13:27
xanddepending on what it is13:27
yangerxand shoutcast?13:28
Halitechbabak, what kind of keyboard?13:28
pshr_nVidia graphic card screen flickers for every few seconds why ?13:28
hsarcidoes ANYONE know how to run a command after resuming?! it cant be that hard....ive been trying to figure it out for 3 days now????????13:28
Halitech!patience | hsarci13:28
ubottuhsarci: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:28
hsarci!patience | hsarci13:29
ubottuhsarci, please see my private message13:29
pshr_nVidia graphic card screen flickers for every few seconds why ?13:29
babakHalitech: it worked but when i update my kernel alt+f2 not work13:29
Halitech!patience | pshr_13:29
ubottupshr_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:29
hsarciHalitech, i said ive been asking for 3 days....you dont think thats paitience?????13:30
hylmanis karmic moblin remix going to be released on the same day with karmic ubuntu?13:30
hsarciwho are you, king of ubuntu channel?13:30
mankashdoes anybody  know any software to  merge avi files13:30
Halitechbabak, thats fine but what kind of keyboard13:30
VVhiteMANubuntu 9.04 don't recognize left ALT on hp 6715b .. how to fix it ???13:30
xandyanger: I'm not familiar with that program... I'd suggest trying it13:30
xenon_when i hibernate in karmic koala, it rather goes into sleep mode. can someone help?13:30
grawityhsarci: Neither are you.13:30
babakHalitech: microsoft13:30
xandmankash: mencoder, if you mean join them together?13:30
VVhiteMANubuntu 9.04 don't recognize right ALT on hp 6715b .. how to fix it ???13:30
icarus-cbakarat: ctrl-alt-f213:30
grawityhsarci: /etc/acpi.d/ has the ACPI event scripts, including on-resume, IIRC.13:30
Halitechhsarci, but whats the point of continuing to ask if no one answers you?13:30
icarus-cbabak: ctrl-alt-f213:31
icarus-csorry bakarat13:31
Halitechbabak, is there a key in the upper right beside the Fn keys that says F Lock ?13:31
babakicarus-c: not work13:31
hsarciHalitech, grawity, of course im not king, thats why i dont use ! commands on people.....point of reasking is incase no one saw my question in the first place...13:32
Halitechhsarci, and when your last post is still on the screen, people can see it13:32
VVhiteMANubuntu 9.04 don't recognize right ALT on hp 6715b .. how to fix it ??? please help somebody !!!13:33
hsarciHalitech, my screen is the same as yours? or the same as everyones in the world? cool i didnt konw that13:33
hsarcigrawity, theres no /etc/acpi.d/ only /etc/acpi13:33
meffhey its shyla meffs wife does anyone know him here?13:35
=== Naaw is now known as BashAddict
meff meff passed away this morning. thanks to all who knew and loved and supported him. I  k now he relied on this channell for help with his server and hope he helped those here as well13:38
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=== BeardedAdmin_Awa is now known as BeardedAdmin
Halitechmeff, sorry to hear that and my condolences on his passing13:39
cak054rest in peace13:39
fcuk112_meff: sorry to hear that, may he RIP.13:39
meffthanks fcuk112_ i really ap preciate it13:40
Prunehaving a heck of a time finding a suitable editor.  nano is installed but won't run for some reason.  other two aren't quite to my taste.   is emacs suitable for non-programmers to use?13:40
Pruneis emacs complicated?  I want something that's like BBedit is over on the mac13:41
sweettiehello everyone13:41
sweettiehello mery13:41
merynu entiendoooo13:42
pshr_meff, my condolences to him13:43
Linoobhey I have a wierd network configuration.. my server has a LAN ip and has a internet IP assigned at the external router.. so ethernet configuration of that server has only LAN IP and now I want to host a half life dedicated server on it.. and I'm trying to bind that server to its external IP its shopwing me an error because half life couln't find that external IP in the ethernaet configuration13:44
Feueriedâñåì ïðèâåò )13:44
Linooband If I bind it to internal IP its not working from internet13:44
grawityLinoob: Try to bind it to (this means "all IPv4 interfaces")13:45
Linoobsure let me try it and shall ping you back13:46
Feueriedãîâîðèò êòî íèòü ïî ðóññêè ?13:47
Linoobgrawity: hlds wet well but the hlds port is open only when I do nmap on local iP adn not internet IP13:47
Linoobgrawity: but the namap oninternet IP still shows the port 80 web server13:47
c10ud8hey, does anyone know a good media server for streaming videos to a ps3 for ubuntu13:47
Linoobgrawity: sorry about my typos. Have a bad keyboard here.13:48
mattgyverc10ud8, might not be the best but you could probably look into jinzora, xbmc, geexbox (perhaps), or actually.. you can stream with VLC13:49
mattgyverVLC has a web inteface too..13:49
c10ud8oh k so i just use the ps3 web browser?13:49
mattgyverYeah, pretty much13:50
c10ud8for xbmc web ui13:50
c10ud8sound good?13:50
tj83_I have a general question. I use Evolution mail. I think its pretty ok, I realize it may not be the best. It serves all my needs except one.  I use Evolution on my laptop as well as my desktop, How can I keep my Contacts that I add albeit from the laptop/desktop sync'd? If I add new contacts to my laptop they are not added to the Desktop. :( ideas?13:50
mattgyverIve never used xbmc but its suppose to be really good, it was made for xbox, now used on everything..13:50
c10ud8oh yeah i used to have it on my modded original xbox its awesome13:50
mattgyverhowever, i dont know if xbmc has a web interface13:50
c10ud8its come a long way since i used it13:51
mattgyverYeah if your familiar with it its probably the best way to go13:51
mattgyveryeah, it basically rivals windows media server13:51
Prunehaving a heck of a time finding a suitable editor.  nano is installed but won't run for some reason.  other two aren't quite to my taste.   is emacs suitable for non-programmers to use?13:51
Prune I want something that's like BBedit is over on the mac13:51
mattgyverAnd its very close to mythbox capabilities now a days13:51
hsarcidoes ANYONE know how to run a command after resuming?13:51
mattgyverPrune, what about pico?13:51
mattgyverI think thats pretty basic too13:52
Prunetj83, I keep all my contacts on a server, in a text file, so I can access from any of my computers.13:52
Prunepico, I'll check13:52
mattgyverPrune, it might already be installed by default too13:52
tj83_Prune, hmm... so you ssh to get email addresses? seems like hassle. what if you couldnt?13:52
Prunemattgyver, doesn't look like pico's available, even in adaptic manager.   I'll look to download.  Hope you can help me install.13:53
c10ud8what is a good http proxy for ubuntu13:53
BilgeHow could I get a single file from a package without installing the entire package?13:54
Bob_DoleI'm setting up an LTSP server, and I'd like to know if it is possible for all users to have the same username, and still be able to run the same program on every machine. Firefox sees it is being run, and won't open. (so I don't literally have 1000+ accounts on a single machine)13:54
Bob_Dolec10ud8: I use privoxy, but squid is good too13:54
Prunetj83, here on ubuntu, I open my server in the morning, then its a window on my    home page.... double click on whichever address database I want and it opens.   then I get the address.  if adding, I just save directly up to server.   ask if question13:55
c10ud8Bob_Dole, can you limit the bandwidth for different logins13:56
Bob_Dolec10ud8: that isn't the problem13:56
Bob_Dolec10ud8: oh, you're responding to my answr xD13:56
c10ud8yeah.. lol the 2nd one13:56
Bob_Dolec10ud8: I don't use advanced features. :/13:57
hexecutewhats a good irc client to use, preferably not a terminal one?13:57
Bob_Dolehexecute: xChat.13:57
Halitechhexecute, xchat is nice for me13:57
zaggynlxchat is okay13:57
zaggynlthough screen + irssi is bliss13:57
iwm_eddiehexecute: Xchat-gnome is simple13:58
hexecutethanks, I just installed irssi, but Im abit lost :)13:58
zaggynltakes some getting used to13:58
c10ud8i use xchat13:58
iwm_eddieIrssi is only useful with screen13:58
iwm_eddieWell mot only, but very useful with screen13:58
dA-kiNgWhat is this "open a Terminal..."?13:59
dA-kiNgOpen a terminal ?13:59
grawitydA-kiNg: Click it and see.13:59
=== serpp is now known as serp
c10ud8dA-kiNg, a terminal is a black thing that executes commands14:00
iwm_eddieIt opens a text console in the current folder14:00
dA-kiNgIm getting a problem with my wireless card14:00
dA-kiNgAnd here says to open a terminal14:00
dA-kiNgits like Ms-dos right ?14:00
c10ud8yeah sort of14:00
brian_endpointis there a significant difference between 9.10 beta and the production release *once* the production release is final... IOW, if I've installed 9.10 beta is there any reason I would need to wipe it and re-install when 9.10 final is out or is making sure I've updated any changed packages sufficient?14:00
Bob_Dolein that it doesn't have graphics, yes, it's like MS-DOS, dA-kiNg, but it is much more powerful.14:00
grawitydA-kiNg: It's a command line - a little like Windows' "Command Prompt", or MS-DOS command.com, but very different.14:01
c10ud8click applications>accessories>terminal14:01
c10ud8and u will see14:01
kLiNiKaLor press ALT+F2 and type xterm :)14:01
dA-kiNgOk, coz im have problems with my wireless card, cant install it. ( http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-79914.html )14:01
Bob_DoleI'm on a command line only system right now. :/14:01
grawitykLiNiKaL: gnome-terminal is prettier. (This is #ubuntu, remember)14:01
kLiNiKaLtrue lol14:01
c10ud8i use guake terminal its awesome14:02
c10ud8press f12 and boom it flips down from the top semi transparent14:02
grawityc10ud8: F12? Why not ~?14:02
kLiNiKaLyeah i use that also14:02
kLiNiKaLpersonally i use OpenBox, so i dont have Gnome-Terminal :)14:02
c10ud8grawity apt-get install guake14:03
c10ud8kLiNiKaL, what is openbox?14:04
grawityc10ud8: thanks, but 1) I already tried guake, tilda, and yakuake; didn't like them. 2) I have no apt-get. 3) Quake used the ~` key, that's why I was wondering.14:04
c10ud8oh.. hm well i guess you could change the trigger key14:05
kelohippigrawity: sorry but why not have apt-get?14:05
grawityc10ud8: It's your own preference which key to use. I was just wondering.14:05
kLiNiKaLopenbox is not really for the faint hearted or linux newcomer c10ud814:05
erUSULbrian_endpoint: when 9.10 final is out making sure you've updated any changed packages is sufficient14:05
grawitykelohippi: Because I'm not using Ubuntu...14:05
Bob_DoleSo, re-asking about the LTSP thing, tell me if I'm doing it a bit too early. I'm at a high school, setting up an LTSP server. I want every student to use 1 account, "student" but when I attempted that, and tried to open firefox on multiple clients, firefox complained it was already running, and wouldn't open on the second client. There's ~1000 students at this high school, I don't want to have to give them all accounts.14:05
brian_endpointerUSUL: thanks!14:05
c10ud8kLiNiKaL, sweet ill check it out14:05
grawitykelohippi: I'm just helping here sometimes.14:05
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:06
kelohippigrawity: hehe. aight. i was just wondering cause im just installing my first ubuntu.14:06
gamerxwhenever i go to guest session it just goes black screen, and i have to do a forced shutdown to get back14:07
tehbautanyone have any tips for watching netflix instant movies on ubuntu?14:08
gamerxcan soneoine hlp me14:08
gamerxwhat r they?14:08
gamerxtehbaut, what r they14:08
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RanDom33Halitech, just wanted to update ya.. i got the printer working.. with some help... turns out with the 32 bit libs it will work ;) its up and running14:12
HalitechRanDom33, cool, what did you do to get it working?14:13
sajiGlowball, Hi..14:13
GlowballWould 11 GiB be large enough as root directory to have both GNOME and KDE installed?14:13
RanDom33Halitech, installed the 32 bit libraries14:14
HalitechRanDom33, the ia32-libs?14:14
sajiGlowball, for the base system that may be enough, but a larger parttion will be nice if you want to use diff. software...14:14
RanDom33Halitech, yes i do believe that is what it was.. i can check though14:15
RanDom33Halitech, yes that is the correct ones14:15
bastidrazorGlowball: yes, doing a dist-upgarde later on may be a bit tight.14:15
HalitechRanDom33, ok, I think thats the name, glad it worked for you, I'll have to keep that tidbit locked away in case it comes up again14:15
GlowballI could add 2GiB more if I replace my swap partition though..14:15
sajiGlowball, How much RAM do you have?14:16
RanDom33Halitech, not a problem, just wanted to update ya ... i appreciate your help ;)14:16
bastidrazorGlowball: 11GB should be fine. just monitor your usage.14:16
Glowball4GiB, so actually, I rarely use my swap14:16
GlowballI won't be using KDE very intensively anyway, so I won't have a lot K-apps installed14:16
zz__Does there have any chinese?14:16
zetheroomy webcam is no longer working in Jaunty14:16
HalitechRanDom33, welcome and thanks for letting me know14:17
Glowball4GB* and 2GB* btw, but that doesn't matter *that* much14:17
tehbauthow fast is 7z decompression, anyone know?14:17
zetheroowas working fine and then I did an update and now its useless14:17
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
sajiGlowball, with 4 GB ram you need not have the Swap partition at all, but if you're using the hibernate feature that may be required...14:18
Sonjadoes Ubuntu One work on other distributions of linux?14:18
sajiGlowball, that does mind... What if 1GB??14:18
GlowballAbout that: my laptop doesn't hibernate when there are applications open..14:18
GlowballSaji: I know it does, but not 'that much' ;)14:18
sajiGlowball, I think for hibernation we require a swap parttion as large as the RAM size or more....:)14:19
=== administrator is now known as kiaas2
GlowballSo that's why14:19
bastidrazorGlowball: swap is really important if you plan on suspending your box.l14:19
GlowballThanks, I'll make it 4GB then :)14:19
sdwrageHey all14:19
GlowballGoing to re-install on 9.10 anyway14:19
sajiGlowball, sure try it...14:19
sajiGlowball, That's better than updating.. I screwed up my system for some time by updating..14:20
bastidrazorsaji: hibernation uses the harddrive, suspend uses RAM.14:20
sdwrageI am opening my terminal and I hit up but it just adds in this: ^[[A14:20
sdwrageanyway to fix that?14:20
SonjaI'm looking at PowerFolder, Ubuntu One and SpiderOak as easy ways to keep my netbook and desktop documents always synced14:20
GlowballSaji: it's mostly because I want to reconfigure my disk usage and because it's a safer way to upgrade to ext414:20
sajibastidrazor, sure. that's exactly what i pointed out...:)14:20
sajiGlowball, 9.04 works well with ext4..14:21
GlowballI know, just haven't upated yet14:21
joaopintoGlowball, it's better to backup and reformat the FS14:22
GlowballAnd with 9.10 coming, I could just do it on reinstall14:22
sajiGlowball, I'm saying that it is better to reinstall than update..14:22
GlowballJoaopinto: I'm planning to do that ;)14:22
sajiGlowball, Atleast till the official release my opinion is not to update, but reinstall...14:22
GlowballSaji: I know, but it's more waste of time14:22
sajiGlowball, surely.. I had updated, and it took more time for me to fix things up.....14:23
GlowballSaji: I never use beta OS's, except in a VM14:23
erUSULSonja: dropbox ?14:23
sajiGlowball, Tht's the best decision..14:23
GlowballSo yes, I'll wait till the official release ;)14:23
emilyshi guys. can you help me installing grumblr? http://themactep.com/grumblr/14:24
sajiGlowball, I used Beta OS for the first time...:)14:24
emilysi try but it says the command not found14:24
sajiGlowball, ya..14:24
emilysthank you14:24
Halitechemilys, what command is not found?14:25
sdwrageI am opening my terminal and I hit up but it just adds in this: ^[[A14:25
sdwrageanyway to fix that?14:25
GlowballBtw, in case you were interested: those 'great boot speeds' of Windows 7 appear to be bullshit: it's faster at showing the desktop, but I've read an article saying it takes even longer than Vista to be ready for action.14:26
emilysHalitech : do you see the url i give ? i paste the line on terminal but it says command not found14:27
HexTasy_yay, I R WINNER. got 9.04 live-desktop to netboot with NFS on my powerpc's14:27
Halitechemilys, yes I have the page open but which command are you trying to run that it says is not found?14:27
sajiGlowball, that's great news...;) Windozz is alwys bullshit..14:27
sdwragecan anyone help me with my above issue?14:27
GlowballHow did 9.10 progress btw?14:27
bastidrazoremilys: did you do the 2nd part of that page? you have to copy a few things and make a symbolic link for the binary to run14:27
emilys$ sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev rubygems ruby-gnome2 libxml-ruby  libxml2 libxml2-dev libopenssl-ruby14:28
emilysbash: $: command not found14:28
sajiemilys, simply command not found.. or a specific command is told?14:28
sajiemilys, ok..14:28
jribemilys: no $14:28
emilysand what should i do to make it works?14:28
Sonjadoes 64bit ubuntu still have problems with Flash and things like that?14:28
jribSonja: no14:28
Sonjai remember a year ago i was told to install 32 bit on my 64 bit computer14:29
jribSonja: (not for a long time actually)14:29
sajiGlowball, As good as 9.04 with ext4... Much much faster than Vista.... Less than 20 secs...14:29
Sonjathanks jrib! so not since which version of ubuntu?14:29
jribSonja: yes, that's the default setup still.  Though adobe has released a beta 64bit version of the plug-in as well14:29
jribSonja: years14:29
eikeanyone know the easiest way to dual boot windows7 and ubuntu (9.10) on one 160gb hard-drive (fresh install)? should i use the win7 shrink tool or gparted?14:29
GlowballLess than 20s?14:29
GlowballThat's great :)14:29
ZiberHow can I make shared network directories on ubuntu?14:30
GlowballWhen somebody says "I'd check it, but I don't have time, it'll take too long for me to boot", it's always fun to say "Oh, I'll boot mine, we'll have plenty of time" (a)14:30
silbermmhas anyone else had trouble with ubuntu one on Karmic?14:30
jrib!karmic | silbermm14:30
ubottusilbermm: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:30
silbermmthx jrib14:31
emilysjrib : thanks, sorry i'm new with ubuntu things.14:31
jribemilys: notice your prompt already has a dollar sign :)14:31
SirStan2jrib: thats because ubuntu comes iced out and pimped to the 9's14:31
IdleOne!flash64 > Sonja14:31
ubottuSonja, please see my private message14:31
emilysjrib : yep. it is now downloading14:31
jribSirStan2: heh14:32
SirStan2real users have a  '#' prompt anyways.14:32
Sonjathanks IdleOne14:32
SirStan2sudo is for wimps.14:32
Sonjai'm learning Ruby and playing a lot in it14:32
Sonjamakes me want to switch back to linux14:32
Sonjawindows is not the best environment for that kind of development14:33
lavishhi all14:33
SirStan2OSX seems to be the best supported in terms of toolsets for Ruby14:33
lavishwhy pypanel has been removed from jaunty? It was there on intrepid...14:33
sajiGlowball, ya less than 20secs, and they're now aiming for 10 secs...14:34
GlowballSaji: I know, I hope they make it :)14:34
SirStan2Coldboot is overrated.  I want my 'PC' operating system to resume from S1 or S3 as fast as a mac.14:34
zetherooanyone know how to get a webcam to show better picture? My picture is super dark14:34
shift_wreckzetheroo, try using more ambient light14:35
SirStan2shift_wreck: is that a hardware fix?14:35
Dr_Willisive notice some kinds of lights make mycam greenish also.14:35
pshr_zetheroo, see if this helps14:35
pshr_!cam | zetheroo14:35
ubottuzetheroo: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras14:35
=== IdleOne is now known as KarmicOne
zetherooshift_wreck: got plenty of light already14:36
zetheroopshr_: yeah been through that14:36
pshr_then i pass..:)14:36
zetheroovery upsetting that hardware which worked in a previous release simply stops working in the next14:37
zetherooanything but stable14:37
shift_wreckzetheroo, your saying that even with direct light pointed at your face it is still too dark?14:37
sajiGlowball, I too hope for that...14:37
=== KarmicOne is now known as LucidOne
shift_wreckzetheroo, we call it "progress" :)14:38
sajiBut even now Ubuntu is far better in boot time versus any Window version...14:38
zetherooshift_wreck: believe me when I say there is plenty of light - I should not need a light shooting right in my face!14:38
zetherooshift_wreck: and as I mentioned already, it was working fine previously14:38
shift_wreckim just trying to understand the nature of your problem. not trying to be a smart a$$ necessarily...14:39
SirStan2zetheroo: Is there a toolkit for your camera to adjust the sensitivity?14:40
kottletthi! I want to write init.d scripts for two services, where the second service depends on the first one. is there a how-to around for telling the system this dependency? so if I restart the first service, the second service is automatically restarted, too?14:40
zetherooSirStan2: would be nice if there was ...14:40
Dr_WillisYou might want to learn how to do 'upstart' scripts for them kottlett  - the init.d stuff is getting phased out.14:41
zetherooseems like webcams and Linux is still generally a black hole14:41
emilysjrib : Couldn't find package  libxml214:41
gamerxhey when i select guest session all i get is a black screen, anything anyone can think of?14:41
Dr_Williskottlett:  updstart has the dependency stuff you are looking for.14:41
zetheroofunny thing is that this webcam is supposed to be fully supported