i_am_nullis xubuntu pronounced zoobuntu or shoobuntu ?03:30
RadicalREvening all.06:34
RadicalRGot a spot of trouble, if anyone would be kind enough to help?06:34
RadicalRAfter force mounting one of my hard drives (NTFS) under xubuntu, XP now sees it as a RAW disk.06:36
RadicalRChkdsk sees it as a NTFS disc06:36
RadicalRdisk, rather.06:37
RadicalRbut Windows will not allow anything to be done with it.06:37
RadicalRXubuntu is able to access the disk fine.06:37
nikolamI have a small question about memory consumption showed in top11:21
nikolamthere is RES memory and VIRT memory11:21
nikolamMy question is: Why xfdesktop is using 73m in RES and 652m in VIRT?11:22
nikolamAlso Why xfce-menu-plugin uses 59m RES and 446m VIRT?11:23
nikolamagain, update maanger kills my productivity for 3 minutes or something12:15
nikolameverything freeze when it runs12:15
Sysiset lover priority to that12:16
RadicalRIs anyone awake?12:30
nikolamSysi, how, when it is started from system tray12:30
nikolamnice of course but where12:31
RadicalRQuick question, have anyone been reporting NTFS disks being turned to RAW disk after force mounting them in Linux?12:35
Sysinikolam: in "task manaager" orwhatitwas12:35
nikolamSysi, no way to do that after process is started. machine behaves like a 200KG Swine during update12:35
knomenikolam, hey, don't insult... uh... swines ;)12:36
Sysihmm, of course thats also possible from command line12:36
nikolamSysi, yes, command lines takes 25 seconds to open12:37
Sysiit's not that long time :P12:37
nikolamwe need solution for stopping using all machine in first place12:37
nikolamSysi, I do it every day, believe me, radio stops working, desktops not changing, apps.. whole World is stopped for update12:38
Sysiand howw long updating takes?12:38
nikolamRadicalR, neve heard of it.. maybe just something is chamged in MBR, like partition ID12:39
Sysii just install updates when there aren't anything important to do12:39
nikolamSysi, well depending of update, 5 mins of Hell or more12:39
Sysirunning level can be setted but dunno if that helps at all12:39
nikolamSysi, thats not the solution12:39
Sysifor me it is :P12:40
nikolamLike, I chat with you and suddenly letters begin to display, like 1 letter every 6 seconds12:40
Sysimaybe we get different for you12:40
nikolamHow to set running level? thats like basic system task, update and package install12:41
Sysilet's see..12:42
nikolamAlso it seems all that are running LTS suffer from that12:44
nikolamalso xfdesktop and xfce4-panel are leaking like dead pigs in LTS12:45
nikolamseamonkey never gets its memory back etc etc12:45
Sysiwith nice you ca start prgram with cerain priority12:46
Sysithere are stages from -20 to 1912:46
Sysibigger number means lower priority12:47
nikolamSysi, stop saying that about niceness. nice is not applicable when system functions are affected. Those are not user apps, it is system that is piggy-like12:47
Sysiit's not about one process using all resources?12:48
Sysiif there's a bug, report it to launchpad12:49
nikolamgreat its a t-rex12:56
Pres-GasGood morrow, all.14:10
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ed__hi, everyone - have time for a noob question, please?16:32
ed__not sure if this is working (major noob here)16:36
ed__I'm going to migrate from Windows to Xubuntu 9.04, and I'm wondering whether there are any instructions specific to Xubuntu (found a tutorial for Ubuntu, seems simple enough) - thanks16:38
ed__for migrating Outlook Express email to Thunderbird, I mean16:39
Pres-Gased__, if the tutorial is from Ubuntu and for T-bird it should work.  You got a link for us to doublecheck?16:43
ed__Thanks, here's the one I found:  http://www.howtoforge.com/importing_outlook_express_into_thunderbird_evolution16:46
ed__seems pretty non-specific, so should work, just thought I'd ask the experts first16:49
ed__gotta get running - I'll give that tutorial a try.  thanks, Pres-Gas, g'day17:08
likemindeadThoughts? -- http://imagebin.ca/img/YfvYjuh7.png20:37
Sysimaybe different font20:39
Sysiotherly very good :)20:39
SiDidefinately another font ;)20:39
Sysithat koala is great20:39

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