mac_vtedg: hi , do the xchat im bubbles append? or does it display as separate queued bubbles?05:53
mac_vthey dont seem to append for me :(05:53
tedgmac_v: I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing they don't append.05:53
tedgI just uploaded my patch to make liferea append though :)05:54
mac_v;) tedg link to branch? 05:54
tedgI didn't branch it, they're still in SVN, but the patch is on the upstream bug: bug 45786905:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 457869 in liferea "Liferea should support notify-osd's append feature" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45786905:56
mac_vtedg: awesome thanks , ....  is there a known bug , where the evolution new mail does not get indicated in the indicator applet?05:59
mac_vthe icon doesnt change for the evo mail alone , but empathy new events trigger icon cange06:00
tedgmac_v: Uhm, I've heard people say that. But everytime it was that they didn't know that the icon didn't have a literal "green dot" on it :)06:00
tedgDo the indicators for the various inboxes have counts above zero in them?06:01
mac_vtedg: yup06:01
mac_voh , no!06:01
mac_vthe count stays zero!06:01
tedgIt only represents mails that are "unviewed" not "unread"06:02
mac_vso it would be a evolution-indicator bug?06:02
mac_vtedg: yeah, the unviewed is always zero06:02
tedgWhich I'm curious if we should change...06:03
tedgmac_v: If the unviewed is always zero, then that's an evolution-indicator bug.06:03
tedg(assuming of course that people mail you) ;)06:03
mac_vlol ;)06:03
* mac_v files an evolution-indicator bug06:04
tedgOkay, it's bed time.  'night folks!06:06
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agateauping agateau-test09:15
agateausorry for the noise, preparing screenshots :)09:15
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* MacSlow -> lunch12:38
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ScottKdavidbarth: If you or agateau have anything to add to the RC release notes, time is getting short.16:59
davidbarthScottK: sorry, stuck in a debug session; we have a screenshot at least and i'll submit small paragraph now17:07
ScottKdavidbarth: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/RC/Kubuntu17:10
davidbarthScottK: can i contribute some content to mention the notifications into the paragraph?17:21
ScottKdavidbarth: I'd make new paragraph for that.17:22
ScottKdavidbarth: How about right after the messaging indicator paragraph?17:22
davidbarthScottK: doing that, by email17:25
ScottKdavidbarth: We're short on time.  It's a wiki, so please just add it in.17:26
ScottKI'll give it a quit edit pass when you're done.17:26
davidbarthScottK: ok17:26
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davidbarthScottK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/RC/Kubuntu?action=diff&rev2=53&rev1=5217:37
ScottKThanks.  Looking17:37
davidbarthScottK: feel free to fine tune that with the rest of the notes (or tone down the Ayatana praises ;)17:38
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