Saj0577hey guys/girls anyone around got few questions :)00:36
LaserJockSaj0577: shoot00:37
Saj0577just looking at the website (as well as the xubuntu) and noticed the content is not exactly upto date and just wondering who responsible for keeping it up to date really is it the commmuinity or canonical00:38
LaserJockthe community00:39
LaserJockand yeah, there is some out-datedness for sure00:39
Saj0577yeah seems the ubuntu one is the only one thats kept upto date which is a bit poor00:39
LaserJockwell, they have a full time webmaster00:40
LaserJockand a number of marketing people00:40
Saj0577is it because people forgot or there just simply is not the people to do it do you know?00:40
Saj0577only seems to be the blog/news thats kept upto date on the variants00:41
LnsSaj0577: take a look at the edubuntu-users list and you'll find some discussion regarding the website updates00:54
Saj0577Lns: okay il take a look now. cheers.01:02
LaserJockSaj0577: it's quite a bit of work to keep everything going01:03
LaserJockSaj0577: and since we're all volunteers with limited time it's often a matter of "getting around to it"01:03
LaserJockwe're also not professional website maintainers for the most part01:04
LaserJockso not a lot of hands, not a lot of time, lots to do, and a lot of other things that need doing01:04
Saj0577LaserJock: well if thats the case do you guys need a hand? I would not have a great deal of time to provide to edubuntu as a whole but i could certainly keep the website upto date in some spare time i coudl find.01:05
LaserJockSaj0577: that's certainly something that could be discussed. I'd email the edubuntu-devel lists with your thoughts01:25
Saj0577LaserJock: cheers. is it a open ML i.e so i dont have to wait to be authorised01:26
LaserJockSaj0577: as long as you subscribe to the list first you can post freely01:27
Saj0577oright cool cheers.01:27
LaserJockeverybody is more than welcome to participate on edubuntu-devel01:27
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LaserJocksbalneav: ping02:43
jbichaLaserJock: good evening03:36
LaserJockjbicha: hi03:41
jbichaLaserJock: I'm a bit worried that we'll know how to do what you do as you're leaving to focus on other things03:42
LaserJockI don't plan on never returning email03:42
jbichaI can go ahead and ask in #ubuntu-devel if anyone's willing to sponsor my moodle pre-depends patch, right?03:43
LaserJockI'm going to hopefully spend this weekend with sbalneav and stgraber at a conference03:43
LaserJockjbicha: I think it's too late for Karmic03:43
LaserJockjbicha: but for sure it would be good to look at that first thing for Lucid03:44
LaserJockjbicha: I'm concerned that there might be something deeper going on03:44
LaserJockfor instance, we're moving it from Recommends to Pre-depends03:44
jbichaScottK said yesterday (today your time) that bug fixes don't need feature freeze exception up until ~Sunday03:45
LaserJocknow Recommends should mean that it (the DB servers you've moved) shouldn't be necessary to run03:45
jbichamy patch seems pretty simple to me03:46
LaserJockobviously we have a situation where moodle won't even *install* without them, which makes me wonder what has gone on03:46
LaserJockthe patch itself is simple03:46
LaserJockbut this late in the game I'm very hesitant to upload something that invasive03:46
LaserJockI tried to ask the release manager before, I'll try again now03:47
jbichaok, thanks03:47
LaserJockbut we kind of have some bigger issues too right now03:48
LaserJockI have yet to have a successful install of what is supposed to be our Release Candidate03:48
jbichareally? it works for me03:48
LaserJockthere are all these language packs03:49
LaserJockand packages are not getting removed as they are supposed to03:49
LaserJock*and* the LTSP install I just did is completely borked03:49
LaserJockit won't even start GDM03:49
jbichamy Acer Aspire One won't really start GDM off the Ubuntu live CD...but it actually runs the installed Karmic fine03:50
jbichaI thought the lang pack issue was partly the ubuntu-edu-primary and -preschool's fault recommending the gcompris languages03:55
jbichawhere do you even fix the DVD issues?03:55
LaserJockjbicha: !!03:58
LaserJockjbicha: you're absolutely right03:59
LaserJockdarn it darn it darn it03:59
LaserJockhow am I going to fix this?03:59
LaserJockI didn't read all the way to the end of your bug report, sorry04:00
jbichasorry I didn't emphasize it more; I usually skim-read myself too04:01
LaserJockso the options are04:01
LaserJock1) revert the change of adding the lang packs to the gcompris-sound-*04:02
LaserJock2) only have ubuntu-edu-* depend on gcompris-sound-en and put the rest as .debs on the DVD04:02
jbichait looks like the "incomplete language packages" add up to 408MB / 1425MB installed04:07
jbichayeah, why does gcompris-sound-pt for instance depend on language-pack-gnome-pt-base ?04:08
LaserJockjbicha: the release manager said we want Depends, not Pre-depends04:08
LaserJockto get the translated text04:08
jbichaLaserJock: Debian has the same issue with moodle in sid, at least04:14
jbichabecause I tested both my bugs with sid04:16
jbichaLaserJock: what they're saying is that the moodle packaging needs to check if the database is running, and if not, to start it ?04:22
jbichaLaserJock: I can try adding the db as just a depends instead of recommends, unfortunately I have to leave for work soon04:27
alkisgsbalneav: ping?04:30
LaserJockjbicha: yeah, go for it04:30
alkisg_workGood morning07:41
LaserJockanybody try installing LTSP from the DVD?15:04
jbichaLaserJock: "depends" works fine for the moodle issue16:50
LaserJockjbicha: k16:51
jbichaLaserJock: sorry for the trouble, I do understand depends a bit better today though16:58
LaserJockwell, it didn't occur to me that depends would be different than recommends that way17:00
jbichaI think slangasek is happier with the patch now too17:02
LaserJockyeah, I would imagine17:05
LaserJockok sweet, we got 100% testing coverage17:22
LaserJockhighvoltage: you here?17:30
highvoltageLaserJock: yep17:31
LaserJockhighvoltage: we need to start working on the release notes and release announcement17:31
LaserJockand getting the website ready (front page and download page at least)17:31
highvoltageLaserJock: ok, I'll be spending focus on the MC meeting in just a few minutes though17:32
highvoltageLaserJock: in terms of website it feels apprpiate though to start over17:32
LaserJockis that in #ubuntu-meeting?17:32
highvoltageLaserJock: I think it's mc meeting in a few minutes17:32
* highvoltage scrambles for diary and wiki pages17:33
highvoltageLaserJock: yes, in ~27 minutes, #ubuntu-meeting17:33
jbichaI don't know if it's appropriate for release notes, but SchoolTool does not yet work with the upgraded Zope packages in Karmic, so anyone dependent on that should hold off on upgrading17:51
LaserJockyeah, I'm not sure if that's something we should mention or not17:52
LaserJockpresumably SchoolTool will fix that at some point17:52
jbichathey've begun work on fixing that, and they said their goal is to be in the official repositories for Lucid17:56
LaserJockit's been a long time17:56
jbichasince they aren't in the repos now, it probably doesn't meet the threshold, but how popular is it anyway?17:56
LaserJockI have no idea17:57
highvoltageLaserJock: imho it would be something quite important to mention17:57
LaserJockSchoolTool is not an Ubuntu problem17:57
LaserJockand if they fix it in a month or two17:57
highvoltageoh wait, schooltool isn't in the archives? yeah then you're right17:57
LaserJockthen our release notes are then wrong17:57
LaserJockI'd rather them just fix it :-)17:58
highvoltageIt's been a while since I used schooltool so I didn't realise it's not in the archives anymore, my bad17:58
LaserJockit hasn't been in the archives for a few years now ;-)17:58
LaserJockthey never could get it to work with Ubuntu's version of zope17:59
LaserJockso they forked it17:59
highvoltageheh, I think I actually last used it when it was still installed with edubuntu by default :)17:59
highvoltagezope sounds so messy. it's supposedly very good but it seems to cause lots of pain for those who use it18:00
LaserJockI'm kinda worried that LTSP install won't work from the DVD18:03
LaserJockdavmor2 didn't have problems but in my Virtualbox installs the resulting desktop won't log in18:03
LaserJockit just throws a bunch of gconf errors18:03

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