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tredwhen i try to run jaunty headless, everything seems to work ok except plasma wont start, all my apps still open up onscreen. any ideashow to get plasma to start headless?00:15
roKBsorry but what is 'headless' ?00:16
Lord_Drachenbluttred: with out a monitor?00:16
OsKawhere would i find kubuntu cd art?00:16
Lord_Drachenbluttred: i'm guessing your running it in a virtualmachine and x-forwarding?00:18
roKBhow u know that 'everything open up onscreen except plasma' without monitor ?00:18
tredi use vnc to log in from my xp machine00:18
tredits a normal kubuntu install with x11vnc autostarting00:19
roKBtred: r u using x-forwarding ?00:19
trednot that i know of00:19
tredwhatever apps i had running when i shut down restart fine and i can use them and console, but the desktop itself wont start00:20
roKBtred: where r u running kbuntu, virtualmachine ?00:20
tredno virtual machine00:20
OsKai know with kubuntu one can create customized menus.  does the menu allow you to leave it on the menu, but simply hide an icon per user00:20
tredits a a separate pc00:20
roKBtred: i have a old PC whose 2 pins of monitor-cabinet socket are broken00:21
roKBtred: so it don't show good graphics, all seems too dark00:21
tredive seen where i might can make a dumnmy vga plug, but im hoping i can get it done in the software00:22
roKBtred: i think now i can access that pc from my iMac if u will elaborate little more what should i do?00:22
jhutchins_ltUm, no, that's going to be a hardware fix.00:22
tredroKB, do what i did, install x11vnx, and use tightvnc viewer on ur good pc00:23
roKBtred: no, i don't want to go near that pc except booting00:23
roKBtred: i will put my servers on that pc :)00:23
roKBtred: will it show real time desktop graphics ?00:23
nightwlkrspecially on a 100mbps network :P00:24
* roKB thanks tred for his help00:24
tredwait a sec and and i will give u the command string i use00:25
roKBnightwlkr: ofcourse i have my systems on lan not on modems :)00:25
tredx11vnc -rfbauth /home/tred/.vnc/passwd -forever -tightfilexfer00:26
tredu have to set up own passwd first00:26
nightwlkrroKB: then it will b in real time possibly with minor flickering00:26
roKBtred: its for starting vnc on kubuntu, right ?00:26
tredafter u install the x11vnc package00:27
roKBtred: i hope it usage will be in man pages ?00:27
tredif i remember right i had to change the permissions on my home/.vnc folder before it would let me set a password00:28
tredthe x11vnc homepage is good too00:28
nightwlkrnight all and good luck roKB00:29
roKBtred: thanks a lot00:29
roKBnightwlkr: thank u too :)00:29
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tredthe -forever part is needed to keep it from shutting down when first vnc wiewer leaves00:30
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tredand the -tightfilexfer lets u send files from ur good pc to the x11vnc machine00:30
tredso far only thing stopping me from being headless is plasma wont start00:32
roKBtread: did kbuntu jaunty worked well ?00:33
OsKarelease canidate comes out tomorrow?00:33
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tredi like it mostly, not too sure yet if i like the plasma desktop00:33
roKBi m using beta release with daily update00:34
tredi may install intrepid on anoth hdd i have laying around and see which one i like better00:34
roKBand starts to like plasma00:34
roKBdo u any site like futuredesktop.org which guides step-by-step to configure kubuntu to a usable state ?00:35
roKBfuturedesktop is for ubuntu00:35
tredi had trouble at first with resolution changes on reboot, but thats cuz im using a KVM switch, i edited xorg.conf and fixed that problem00:35
trednope, im just scratching my ass and digging around on the net, hehe00:36
roKBwill vnc allow me to run it full screen on my iMac ?00:36
tredit will very close to full screen00:36
tredit depends on how u have ur viewer set up00:37
roKBcan i watch movies remotely too, so i don't have to create samba share00:37
tredi dont know if the speed is good enough for that00:39
tredi think i watched a youtube vid in browser other day ok, but thats not a regular movie00:39
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roKB700MB movie RIP have bitrate of 1200kbps roughly, it should run fine on 100mbps LAN infrastructre00:49
Zuz|Kubuntuanyone know what would be similar to the "run" function in Windows in kubuntu00:54
Zuz|Kubuntuand where to find the wine directory in kubuntu00:55
OsKaZuz|Kubuntu: ?00:55
OsKawine is found in ~/home/user/.wine00:55
OsKainstalled a windows game and want to play it?00:55
Zuz|Kubuntuim trying to run x-lite 3 for windows on kubuntu00:56
Zuz|Kubuntui cant seem to get any soft phone to work with broadvoice on kubuntu00:56
Zuz|Kubuntubut i can with windows00:56
Zuz|Kubuntui installed Keiga with adept, it says its installed, but i cant find it anywhere on this laptop00:57
tredits prob in /usr/bin00:58
Zuz|Kubuntunot keiga, i meant Ekiga00:58
roKBZuz|Kubuntu: press Alt + F200:58
roKBopen konsole and type: $ which Ekiga00:59
roKBit will tell u the location of Ekiga00:59
Zuz|Kubuntutells me to run this # regsvr32 .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Common\ Files/Intel/ataplugin/ATAPlugIn.ax01:00
Zuz|Kubuntunow should i include the #?01:00
Zuz|KubunturokB: ok its working01:07
roKBZuz|Kubuntu: Ekiga working now ?01:09
rmrfslashAnyone know how to get extended desktop working on kubuntu01:09
rmrfslashall it sees is my external display in System Settings > Display01:10
rmrfslashthough the display is mirrored01:10
roKBwhat u see in "multiple monitors" under Display ?01:11
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klockworkshey how are u suppose to use this os01:47
klockworksfirst time ive ever used this01:47
klockworkscan anybody please tell me01:48
DragnslcrYou might want to ask something a bit more specific01:49
klockworkslike the the tool bar01:50
klockworksi cant find the programs i minamized01:50
klockworkso wait never mind i fixed it01:52
klockworkskubuntu is pretty cool01:54
klockworkscompared to vista it seems like the same01:54
klockworksi got a question what does Ktorrent do?01:55
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Dragnslcrklockworks- it's a BitTorrent client02:01
klockworkswhat does bittorrent do02:01
DerHorst_Its a a tool to share files02:03
DragnslcrIt's used to download files from other users that also have the file, instead of downloading over a connection to a single server02:03
DerHorst_<klockworks> compared to vista it seems like the same <--- and its not fine to say that :P02:04
klockworksuh y02:04
klockworksok i got a quetsion how do u send private messages?02:05
Dragnslcr!pm | klockworks02:16
ubottuklockworks: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:16
klockworkspm Dragnslcr like this02:17
klockworkspm/ Drangsclr erm02:18
klockworkspm I Drangsclr ..02:18
klockworks!pm Dragnsclr ...02:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:19
klockworkspm | Dragmsclr like this02:20
KlockWorksdo i have to get a antivirus for kubuntu?02:29
KlockWorksfor a room witho  so many people its so quite02:40
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OsKahi.  schedule shows RC available?03:02
Zuz|Kubuntuanyone know a software i could use to test my mic?03:35
tredanyone know how to start plasma decently in a headless jaunty? i can leave a bash window open and start it from there after i log in on vnc, but it doesnt start quite normally03:56
lucas_ive a question... every time i run flash videos or... play some games like chess games, my intel core 2 duo runs like hell, not even in other computers running cd4 the processor works so hard, why is that?05:15
lucas_is it something about the kernel?05:16
lucas_should i use 64 bits? what should i do?05:16
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tredim no expert but are ur video drivers up to snuff?05:21
nn123im with kernel 2.6.3105:22
nn123and i guess i mean im running kubuntu 9.1005:23
nn123but it used to do like that on other versions also05:23
nn123so, i dont really know why is it05:23
tredthere may be some graphics specific drivers u need to dl05:23
tredwhat card do u have?05:23
nn123intel x310005:23
nn123i guess i have lastest intel video card drivers with this version of kubuntu05:24
tredintel has some linux drivers for that card05:24
nn123dont u know if kubuntu or ubuntu are supposed to give us those video drivers?05:25
tredi think all u get from ubuntu/kubuntu are generic drivers05:25
nn123then ill check them out05:26
tredanyone know how to start plasma decently in a headless jaunty? i can leave a bash window open and start it from there after i log in on vnc, but it doesnt start quite normally05:34
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* bolshevikgypsy trying to get the hang of kubuntu06:06
tredit might take a bit06:07
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tredanyone know how to start plasma decently in a headless jaunty? i can leave a bash window open and start it from there after i log in on vnc, but it doesnt start quite normally07:28
jussi01tred: alt+f2?07:44
Windcapehi, Kubuntu 9.04 isn't able to find one of my SATA drive in the installer, any workarounds for this? Both BIOS and Windows can recognize it, and the installer can find my other drives (which I now temporary unplugged)07:58
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treddoes gparted see that drive?08:05
Windcapeno idea, is gparted available from the live cd ?08:06
tredjussi01: no, i just leave a console window open when i shut down or reboot, and it opens fine headless and i vnc in and restart plasma from the console window08:07
tredwindy, u have to use the package mgr to install gparted08:08
tredcan u see thAR DRIVE IN DOLPHIN?08:08
treddamn caps key, i need to remap this kbd i think08:09
Windcapenot in /mnt/08:09
tredit should show in /home/media/ actually08:09
Windcapenope, nothing08:10
Windcapeand it'd be really hard to use a packet manager to install something on a CD ;)08:10
tredno, the package manager would download it from the net and temp install in ur ramdisk08:11
tredur ramdisk is ur memory08:11
Windcapegood I got a lot of memory then :p08:12
tredi have to install partimage on my livecd every time i want to do a image of this drive08:12
tredfrom my livecd08:13
Windcape"No devices detected"08:13
tredis that what gpaterted says?08:13
tredouch, gonna need someone better than me, im not all that good anyways, hehe08:14
tredlet me think a bit meanwhile08:14
treddo u have any other live cd u can use to see if they see it?08:15
tredalso did u check the livecd u have for errors?08:16
Windcapegot some different installers, but I checked with Windows, and the disks there and in good state. I checked with the kubuntu CD both before and after adding a MBR to the disk.08:16
WindcapeI think it's clean, it's only 2 hours old :p08:16
Windcapethe question is more if the installer requires the SATA mode to be AHCI or something08:16
tredim not sure, ive seen ppl talk about issues with AHCI but i didnt follow the outcome of the problem08:17
tredit cant hurt to change the mode just to see08:18
tredi had a prob sorta similar with a xp install once, it wouldnt do crap till i changed the APIC setting in the bios08:18
tredask the ppl in ubuntu channel, plenty of experts there usually08:20
Windcapexp was almost a decade ago though, not many people left with pure IDE drives in modern computers.08:20
tredlol im an antique08:21
tredim just now starting to get sata drives08:21
Windcapeno luck with ACHI, *turns off again*08:23
tredask in ubuntu channel, plenty of activity there right now08:23
jussi01tred: Im here also ;()08:26
tredok good08:27
tredhelp windscape with his sata prob. i got all night, lol08:27
Windcapefound a ubuntu cd , think it's also 9.04, lets see if it got same issues08:29
Windcapeelse I have to go hunting for my win7 cd... it's meant to be somewhere in the room08:29
Windcapebah, it's broken.08:31
tredis there a firmware update for that drive?08:34
tredor a bios update for the mobo?08:35
Windcapecan't see why either should be needed. Checked with my Win7 install disk, it can see the drives08:38
Windcapeguess I'll file a bug report later.08:38
tredjussi01: any ideas on my plasma problem?08:43
ibouhow to read dvds ?08:57
iboui use kmplayer08:57
foxy_mefisto_vlc is good09:03
antlarranybody knows how to get kdepim3-dev installed in 9.04 ?09:30
antlarror the real question, how to get taskjuggler with ical support in 9.04 ?09:30
ibouhow comes that i can't read dvds with kmplayer although i Read them with dragon player ?09:41
tredu prob need some more codecs09:42
iboutred:  i have ldvdcss2, libdvdread4 libdvdnav4 and w32codecs...09:45
tredroKB did u try vnc yet?10:57
roKBi m currently in college11:01
roKBi will try, when i will go home for winter vacations11:01
tredi sorta got headless working, i can unplug my monitor and vnc in, and start plasma after i get in, but its not starting quite right11:02
tredim prob gonna have to use a dummy vga plug11:03
roKBmeans kubuntu senses whether or not a monitor is attached11:04
tredearlier versions u could run headless, but plasma is too new, i saw where next version or version after that is supposed to run headless easy11:05
tredthere is prob a config file i can edit to hardwire the correct settings but i dont know where it is yet11:06
roKBi am new to kubuntu, so i don't know either11:09
tredits pretty useable the way i got it now, just a minor annoyance really that the tray isnt working and windows open at goofy sizes, but actually its mostly working11:11
tredim actually on my xp computer right now using vnc to chat thru my kubuntu box11:12
roKBu said last night that u have managed to change the resolution in some configuration file11:12
tredyes, i was having some probs with the resolution changing when i rebooted thru vnc, so i edited in the settings i wanted in xorg.conf file11:13
tredmy kubuntu wasnt picking up my monitor cuz im hooked up with a KVM switch right now, so i just gave it some hard settings to use instead of autodetection11:15
tred/etc/X11/xorg.conf is the file i edited11:16
tredin older kubuntu all ur possible resolutions showed up there, not sure about now, but mine was bare default stuff, so i added in what i wanted and i havent had a prob since11:18
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afeijosplit ?12:50
mckayBonjour à tous12:57
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:57
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apparlehow to access the parallel port from wine programs13:22
afeijodamn, my home machine runs faster with winxp, and slower with kubuntu 9 :(13:26
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ionut_hi.doen anyone knows an application to "record the monitor "13:29
ionut_what i see on my desktop13:29
ionut_like camstasia on windows13:29
ionut_but for ubuntu13:29
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rmrfslashLet me just fire off this question. When I am hope I have a second display, but when I am on the train (on my way to work) I have only my laptop display. I would love to be able to run a command to switch between xorg.conf configs without having a second X session open (i.e. fast user switch) rather, I would like to get on the train, open my laptop and switch to single-head mode. Get to work or home, plug in my external display, run a13:32
rmrfslash command to get into dual-head mode. POssible?13:32
rmrfslashI know that amdcccle can trigger such a switch, with limited success. That is, the displays are not properly configured (they only become mirrored even though I select Big Desktop mode) unless I reboot the machine. Logging out/back in does not work.13:34
jussi01rmrfslash: 1 word. xrandr13:34
carpiirmrfslash, its just a case of swapping your xorg.confs as you say13:34
carpiithen restart x13:34
Mr-S^b32yep its called xrender13:34
jussi01carpii: not even13:35
Mr-S^b32no need to restart x all works from teh cli13:35
rmrfslashrestarting X is an archaic way to do this13:35
apparleHow to make the parallel port accessible in programs running under wine13:35
rmrfslashwindows/os x have had this capability for the last decade13:35
carpiiyeah i agree, but you just asked for some sort of solution13:35
rmrfslashlinux you need to do everything short of rebooting the machine to accomplish this13:35
rmrfslashwell....... I suppose yes.13:35
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rmrfslashThere are so many things wrong w/ this situation I don't even know where to begin. First, why are there two applications for configuring a display?13:40
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rmrfslashxrandr, there's some System Settings > Display thing, and amdcccle13:41
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rmrfslashthen for audio there's phonon, xine, alsa, etc13:41
Mr-S^b32google on xrendr to fuind out how esay it is to use. and why there are multiple possibilities ? because its linux :)13:41
rmrfslashfor networking theres wicd, knetworkmanager, network management applet,13:42
Mr-S^b32you have the same amount iof wifi managers for windows ...13:42
rmrfslashyeah, it's linux, but it seems like there's a lot of redundancy in the development13:42
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rmrfslashand as a result there's the feeling of perpetual beta-ness13:43
Mr-S^b32not really, its about tast en options you need/want to use.13:43
rmrfslashwdym not really. no noob will even think about using kubuntu because they will attach a second display, go into System Settings > Display and see that no econd display is even detected. They're not going to know to fire up konsole and run amdcccle, or start editing xorg.conf by hand and learning randr options13:44
rmrfslashthey're just going to be like "oh well" and install windows and maybe run kubuntu in a vm13:45
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apparlermrfslash: You can't get everything you want and that also for free13:46
trijntjeHi all. I set "Restor manually saved session" in Kubuntu, but I get no option to "Save session" in my Kickoff menu. Is this a known problem?13:46
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Mr-S^b32and xrendr can be scripted for easy use. takes about 5 min to do so13:46
rmrfslashapparle: that's pretty much what I say to people when they ask me "how's linux"13:46
rmrfslashapparle: I never tell them these stories... I just kind of say "eh, for the desktop it's not quite there yet" or "you get what you pay for. though it is great on a headless server"13:47
Mr-S^b32trijntje: hit the leave button in kickoff menu, there is will be13:48
apparleBut if you're able to tweak a little and get what want for free than what's the point in paying :D13:48
rmrfslashapparle: yes, that's true13:48
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trijntjeMr-S^b32, thanks a lot!13:49
Mr-S^b32no problem13:49
apparlermrfslash: What matters is whether you have the time, patience and brains to do the tweaking :D13:50
Mr-S^b32even windows takes quite some time and applications to tweak. for me no time difference.13:50
rmrfslashIf "have the brains" means "has the time to google for a few hours" then yeah13:50
apparlermrfslash: Actually google doesn't yeild everything.............13:51
apparlermrfslash: For eg: I found nothing regarding my MoBo on any damn sites........... just people asking for solution........ so I found out mine...........(although they were simple)13:52
rmrfslashI will admit, from the desktop perspective i.e. not plugging in monitors and unplugging them, limited need for sleep/hibernation -- yeah I have no complaints w/ ubuntu13:53
rmrfslashmy desktop at work gives me no probs cuz I just leave it on. uptime of like 4000000 days13:53
apparlermrfslash: I haven't tried those things ........... but for me both sound and display were giving a lot of problem13:54
rmrfslashmy laptop really elucidates the issues. though I have to say, it does take windows like 9 years to come back from sleep13:54
rmrfslashapparle: I guarantee that somewhere out there (maybe somewhere in the deep web), the answer to your question is there13:55
Mr-S^b32i never saw the point of hibernation nor sleep for machines.13:55
rmrfslashfor a laptop, it's obvious13:55
apparlermrfslash: Come on............. there can be times when the problem you face is new13:56
Mr-S^b32not to me. either i run it or but it down13:56
apparleHibernation is hopeless............. Sleep is required sometimes13:56
rmrfslashhibernation for me is only usefull when sleep doesn't work13:56
Mr-S^b32interesting ... sleep is requierd for what purpose ?13:57
rmrfslashshutting the laptop lid13:57
rmrfslashand not having to wait for the hdd to write everything to disk13:57
Mr-S^b32i just put it in lock mode and min cpu power when closing the lid13:57
rmrfslashbefore you toss it into a bag13:57
rmrfslashstill, sleep consumes less power13:58
Mr-S^b32i dont like that. still comsumes power, work files and stuff have been written down on the hard drive. saving session and restarting does the same for me13:58
rmrfslashhibernation writes to disk13:59
rmrfslashsleep just keeps memory alive and writes everything to meory13:59
rmrfslashjust open the lid and resume13:59
apparleshutting down is best13:59
Mr-S^b32i agree and the safest way for you files. had nightmerris with resume ...13:59
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rmrfslashok... I'm not going to get into why shutting down is not possible. trust me, it's annoying to shut down and boot up all the time14:00
rmrfslashnot possible as in, it's "possible" but not practical14:00
Mr-S^b32i can imagine ..14:00
Mr-S^b32and i like the boot code display :)14:00
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apparleI don't take risks will suspend............ when only 15-20 seconds to boot14:01
rmrfslashI need to read up on xrandr14:01
Mr-S^b32you will like it, works faster than ccmld and any windows app i know of14:01
rmrfslashapparle: it's just annoying to make sure you save everything, shut the machine down, then get to work or somewhere else and boot back up14:02
rmrfslashi mean it's a laptop afterall14:02
rmrfslashI use a laptop for what a laptop was meant for... not just for going from my bed to my couch14:02
apparleBut making sure you save everything ensure no risk and also what all work you have done14:03
rmrfslashI write my code, shut the lid, get to work, open it, write more code, shut the lid, go home, open the lid and resume being as pathetic as possible14:03
apparleAhhhhh I am Desktop loving guy14:03
rmrfslashi don't even know why they make me come in14:04
rmrfslashthe commute is nothing more than an inconvenience. though for them, they want to see warm bodies.14:04
rmrfslashthat's neither here nor there though14:05
rmrfslashgotta jet14:12
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SahkolihaaI guess installing KDE 4.3.2 isn't a good idea on Jaunty.14:51
SahkolihaaCompletely broke my desktop some how. Oh well, might aswell grab the 32-bit beta of 9.10 and play around with it.14:51
VroomfondleWhy? Works for me.14:51
SahkolihaaCan't right click the desktop, task tray doesn't seem to work, task bar doesn't work. :(14:51
Sahkolihaakwin it's self doesn't work - had to start up Compiz.14:51
xnockoutneed help.. im newbie.. i have problem to setting my ethernet.. any1 help??14:52
BouSahkolihaa: KDE 4.3.2 working perfectly here with jaunty, and working fine for most people afaik14:53
SahkolihaaI guess I'm one of the unlucky few then. :P14:53
Bouyep :(14:53
SahkolihaaI'm downloading the 32-bit beta of 9.10 to toy around with anyway.14:54
Bouyou're sure the upgrade finished correctly?14:54
SahkolihaaAs far as I'm aware, yeah.14:54
SahkolihaaNo errors.14:54
till__Всем привет14:55
SahkolihaaAlthough it did seem pretty quick at updating...14:55
SahkolihaaI think it updated 40 packets.14:55
Sahkolihaapackages, rather.14:55
till__есть русские?14:55
asranielokular keeps crashing since today. there where some poppler updates, could this be the problem?15:05
asranieli see in this a crash hidden plot to make me install karmic... i'm so tempted..15:12
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iderikhello, i've tried to find a kubuntu download for multicore processor, but all i find is some forum threads about it..15:55
iderikcould someone please help me find it? :)15:55
Vroomfondleall kubuntu releases work on multicore processors15:55
iderikoh ok! :D15:55
iderikis it a generic kernel? when i try to download it says i36815:56
iderik"the key for SMP support is to use a generic kernel, and not an i386 kernel."15:56
Vroomfondlethat sounds like out-of-date information15:56
iderikthanks again :)15:57
iderikso it doesnt matter at all? just choose the right archi: intel or amd?15:57
iderikone more question :D do kubuntu support 6GB ram memory?15:58
Vroomfondleiderik: i386 version supports up to (about) 3GB RAM, 64-bit edition supports more15:58
Vroomfondleif you have 6GB, get the 64-bit edition15:58
Vroomfondle(click "64bit AMD and Intel computers" on the download page)15:58
Vroomfondlehowever, you may wish to wait until the new version of Kubuntu is released in 7 days...15:59
iderikyeah! i saw that15:59
Vroomfondlethe new version has a more mature desktop environment, with far fewer bugs15:59
iderikisnt it easy to just update it?15:59
Vroomfondleyes, it is easy to upgrade15:59
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
iderikmore mature desktop environment? isnt it the same KDE4? or whats new?16:01
Vroomfondleit is KDE 4.3.2 instead of KDE4.116:01
Vroomfondlesame sort of thing, but with fewer bugs16:01
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
VroomfondleKDE4.1 was quite nice but a bit unreliable16:02
VroomfondleKDE4.3 is much more stable16:02
Half-LeftJontheEchidna: Policykit works now properly16:03
JontheEchidnaHalf-Left: cool :)16:03
iderikVroomfondle, thanks for all the help! :)16:03
Vroomfondleno problem :)16:03
Half-LeftJontheEchidna: But I'n scared, I've just seen Inkscape 0.47 pre16:03
Half-LeftJontheEchidna: I hope your build doesn't trigger the qsvg rendering bug :p16:04
iderikone more, hehe. i want to be sure i get this right. The radio button says "64bit AMD and Intel computers", but when it starts to download it says "Computer Platform: amd64". im pretty sure im using an intel and not an amd. is this still the right file for me?16:05
Vroomfondleit's still fine16:05
Vroomfondle"amd64" will work fine on an Intel processor too16:05
iderikoh! i bought three 2GB memories, and it said "recommend for i7 core processors". do i damaging the memories by not using a i7 socket?16:06
Vroomfondleiderik: it's just that AMD released their 64-bit consumer processors first so "amd64" became the common name for them16:06
Vroomfondleiderik: no, you won't damage anything16:07
Vroomfondlejust as long as your motherboard supports the kind of memory you bought16:07
iderikwie! :D16:07
komutahi, I have a question about kde notifications16:16
komutaI'm on karmic, and there seems to be a regression in the notification during file transfer16:17
komutawe used to get information about transfer speed, but not anymore16:17
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:18
komutaI can't find a bug report anywhere, but when it comes to kde4 notification applet, I don't really know how to identify it as a software16:18
geniikomuta: Please visit the #ubuntu+1 channel, as indicated by the channel bot, to discuss 9.10/Karmic issues. this channel is for release versions and not beta16:19
komutaok, thanks16:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco16:30
macoWindowsuckscock: please use a more family-friendly nick16:31
jussi01Windowsuckscock: what can we do for you?16:31
robin0800jussi01: yesterday why did I have to wait 1 second?16:33
jussi01robin0800: sorry, I got distracted. I run the floodbots, but I had a look at konversation and couldnt find what I was after, so couldnt help16:34
robin0800jussi01: thats alright I don't think Konversation can block them I've tried everthing16:35
jussi01robin0800: they are channel modes, so Im pretty sure they can be turned off - I know quassel can do it16:38
robin0800jussi01: if that's true why can't Konversation16:40
the_madmanrobin0800: It can, at least, the one I'm using - right-click a name, modes menu.16:41
robin0800the_madman: you have to be ops to use most of those16:43
the_madmanrobin0800: My bad.16:44
LjLjussi01, it would really help if the kubuntu floodbots had their own set of channels. that'd reduce the modespam from +e to almost  zero16:46
Mamarokjussi01: watch out, he changed name, and I am not in irssi right now16:46
sobczykwhen the rc .iso will be available?16:47
Riddellsobczyk: later today16:48
sobczykI always wondered why is it so hard to navigate to a page with unstable installation .iso's on (k)ubuntu website even the wiki on KK does not have the links16:50
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nightwlkrhellow all17:14
nightwlkrcan any1 help me with configuring a network between 2 kubuntu computers?17:15
nightwlkri have 2 kubuntu platforms both connected to the same network, with internal ip's set up and installed samba..but they can't find each other in network17:16
Mamaroknightwlkr: if those are linux machines you don't need samba17:17
Mamaroksamba is for connections with windows shares17:17
nightwlkrso what do i use instead?17:17
Mamarok /cs access #kubuntu list17:18
Mamarok /msg Chanserv access #kubuntu list17:18
Mamarokwhat is wrong with quassel?17:19
Mamaroknightwlkr: sorry, I am not a networking person17:22
nightwlkrok thnx Mamarok17:22
llutznightwlkr: what do you want, share files? use sftp or nfs17:23
=== KatanaX is now known as CupofDice
CupofDicehey guys, I am switching back to kubuntu 9.04 after 2 years of using windows. I've been out of the loop, so I have a few questions. 1. I have 3 gig of ram, what should my swap be? 2. What should my root be (I have 400gb HD)? 3. Ext3 or ext4?17:33
jamesjedimasteryour swap can be up to 1GB, and use ext317:36
=== julien is now known as ijT
kewixhello everybody17:36
CupofDiceokay, thanks James. About my root? what is a good size?17:36
llutzCupofDice: if you want to use hibernation (suspend to disk), swap needs to be equal or bigger as RAM17:37
CupofDiceah, okay llutz, really needed to know that! Thanks17:37
jamesjedimasterthe / can be from 20 or 30GB17:37
the_madmanCupofDice: Mostly depends on what you do, really.17:38
CupofDiceAh, I do install a lot of apps. I managed well with 10gb or so in the past17:38
kewixi'm trying to install kubuntu but i have a white screen in ubiquity... and do not know what to do... i change my graphics card is a nvidia 8400. Any suggestions ?17:39
llutzCupofDice: mine is /dev/sda2              19G  4,6G   14G  25% /                but i have 700GB data-partition. all depends on your usage (i still prefer ext3)17:40
ijTwhat is the mex value in a shell var?17:41
CupofDicedidn't understand that llutz. lol. so 20gb root, 3gb swap, and rest for /home should not be a problem? Okay, thanks. Sorry of annoying! been ages since I used linux17:42
ijTwhat is the max value in a shell var?17:44
reagleBRKLNare there any RC images available?17:51
the_madmanreagleBRKLN: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/Beta/Kubuntu17:53
robin0800reagleBRKLN: http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/17:54
the_madmanreagleBRKLN: Sorry about that first one... miss-struck the key >.<'17:54
reagleBRKLNrobin0800: i looked there before lunch, but see it just went up!17:55
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apparleI want to access parport0 without sudo what to do18:01
lucypherHi anyone that can help me recover my personal GPG key?18:08
lucypherI've moved my home directory and I don't know how to recover it.18:09
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BluesKajlucypher, open dolphin/places/root .. home should be listed18:28
moj0risingHi. Can anyone tell me why Kmail might strip out all spaces in an HTML e-mail?18:30
=== lucas_ is now known as localuser
moj0risingExample of what I mean at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8142748#post814274818:30
moj0risingI've checked on the web and the forums but can't seem to find anything on this issue.18:31
moj0risingThe problem doesn't occur when composing mail in plain text.18:31
thisherehey anyone from Frankfurt Germany?18:34
BluesKaj!de | thishere18:41
ubottuthishere: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:41
Tscheesy_hm someone should teach the bot #ubuntu-ch18:46
LjLTscheesy_: does -ch provide support? i thouht not. last time i checked, its topic explicitly said explicitly support was to be found in other places18:48
Tscheesy_yes - it does support  - but sorry - it's in English18:49
Tscheesy_cause we have 4 languages here18:49
LjLand anyway the bot has a !ch factoid in the first place, though  don't quite understand why it's in german18:50
trijntjedoes qtparted still exists in the repo's under that name?18:58
thisherei am not used to IRC anymore I just wanted to get into a rom where people from Germany are so Ican find a sysadmin for a clinet in GErnay19:01
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:01
apparleHow to see the size of gfx memory19:05
thishere /join #ubuntu-de19:09
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ragnarokkhello are you here ?19:46
Tecumsehyes I am here19:47
DiceyXHey guys. Installing Kubuntu 9.04, wiping out windows for good. Should my root, swap, and home all be primary? I don't expect to create more partitions.19:49
apparleEverything can be on single partition except for swap why to create multiple paritions19:50
sobczykDiceyX: doesn't matter19:50
DiceyXokay, thanks sobczyk. I want three separate partitions for for my /home so I can always switch to another linux os19:51
DiceyXthat's the way it works right?19:51
sobczykyou can have one /home so when you switch the distributions you'll have the setings19:52
DiceyXAlso, what about beginning? I should choose beginning on all right? Not end?19:52
DiceyXBeginning for 'location for the partition' I mean.19:52
sobczykit all depends how you want the partitions to be cofigured, it won't influence how the system works19:52
DiceyXokay, thanks sobczyk19:53
apparleHello guys19:53
apparleanyone expert with windows here19:53
sobczykfor a begginder I'd choose "/" to be primary and the rest (/home swap) on a logical19:53
DiceyXI used linux years ago. Do you mean if I want to reinstall windows, I should choose logical for the two?19:54
sobczykyou want dual boot?19:55
DiceyXGetting rid of windows19:55
Tecumsehreally sure about it?19:55
apparlePlz help.........anyone expert in windows............ coz linux users are better with windows than original windows users.......that's why asking here19:56
Tecumsehthen go with 1 primary for / and 2 logical for swap and home, or use 3 primary's19:57
sobczykDiceyX: if you'll have only 4 paritions then they can be all primary19:57
DiceyXokay, thanks Tec19:57
geniiapparle: Ask in ##windows19:57
Ev0luti0n_anybody having problems running gisomount? or gmountiso?19:57
DiceyXthanks sob, will only use 3 partions, all of them can be primary19:58
roKBapparle: yo, redmond expert here            :)19:59
sobczykformat c: helps alot ;)19:59
apparleroKB: what is yo and redmond20:00
ward__Hello I wonered if here are PHP developers ? And what IDE that they are using ?20:00
DiceyXWeird. It won't let me choose 15000mb for the partition size20:00
roKBapparle: redmond is the place where Microsoft have headquarter20:01
DiceyXah, was my fault20:01
geniiapparle and roKB - Please remember this is not a Windows support channel, ##windows is20:02
roKBgenii: sorry20:02
apparlegenii: Don't worry I am not exactly trying to get support for windows............I was just wondering is there any config file like xorg.conf to configure the display drivers in windows :)20:03
roKBapparle: u have to tweak with registry20:03
apparlejust for timepass ..... since there is not much activity going on20:04
KlockWorkshow do u put a icon on the desktop?20:09
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KlockWorksdoes anybody know?20:14
roKBmeans ?20:14
KlockWorkshow do u puta icon on the desktop?20:14
sobczykuse folderview20:15
KlockWorkseh folderview?20:15
apparleKlockWorks: you want a shortcut to application?20:16
KlockWorkslike a trash20:16
sobczykfolder view is a plasmoid that can display files in a directory and shortcuts to applications20:19
DiceyXthanks for the help guys. Kubuntu is now installed. fast.20:21
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
apparleI want a tool which alert me of new mail in my Gmail account................our college has a very restrictive firewall ...so something which will go through it20:53
apparleand I don't want o use a mail client just mail alerts20:54
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jhutchins Results 1 - 10 of about 21,800,000 for GMAIL ALERT LINUX. (0.22 seconds)20:58
=== sshc_ is now known as sshc
apparlejhutchins: didn't get.................I am looking for a simple KDE solution21:14
apolhi, there's a kubuntu user that just sent me an email asking for how to do some things with kubuntu21:15
macos0101: missed your /join?21:15
apolwhere should I point him to?21:15
macoapol: here?21:15
macoapol: wiki.kubuntu.org?21:16
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.21:16
apolmaco: i guess he will prefer e-mail, since he used email to contact me21:16
macothere's a kubuntu forums somewhere too21:16
macoapol: oh. then in that case...21:16
* maco finds link21:16
jhutchins_ltapparle: Add kde to the search string.  I mean, twenty eight million hits.  You're bound to find something useful.21:16
macoapol: ^21:18
apparlejhutchins_lt: but if someone can tell me exactly what I want by typing just 1 line then why google and find what is relevent21:18
jhutchins_ltapparle: Nobody knows what's right for you.21:19
apparleanyways I found what's right for me in our repos21:20
jhutchins_ltapparle: You need to decide for yourself.  With that many hits, there's more than one answer out there.  If there were only one I'd be the first to tell you - if I knew.21:20
jhutchins_ltapparle: Which is it, and why do you like it?21:20
apparlekgmailnotifier.......... its the first one which worked21:20
apolthanks maco, I sent it21:20
apparlebut found a problem in it again.......... it asks my password every 60sec...... even when I have asked it to store password21:22
DoubleD84So i just replaced my motherboard and now kubuntu is locking up intermittantly. I'm going to assume it's the board swap since win7 would only show me a blue screen. I'm wondering whats the best approach to get some stability?21:22
apparlenew mobo21:23
DoubleD84apparle: it is new21:24
apparleI mean swap21:24
jhutchins_ltDoubleD84: I would definitely check all the connectors, power, RAM, cards, etc.  Then you might want to install/re-install the kernel.21:24
jhutchins_ltRemind me what ubuntu's equivalent of kudzu is for hardware detection?21:25
DoubleD84jhutchins: everything is connected well I've already gone over it to make sure nothing was loose21:25
DoubleD84I attempted to reinstall the kernel but it's locking up before i can get anywhere21:25
=== Drachenblut is now known as Lord_Drachenblut
DoubleD84I want to lose windows all together but there are apps which i use on a regular basis that don't have an equivalent in linux. Is there a better way to run virtulization so there isn't such a performance cut?21:34
=== sammy is now known as Guest74391
apparleDoubleD84: try them in wine21:37
s0101how can i add a personal message for blocked websites that comes up instead of acces prohibithed in dd-wrt?21:38
DoubleD84ya that's worth a shot.. i played around with apps in the past and didn't have much luck.. that was a few years ago though21:38
apparleDoubleD84: then try again coz wine as well as linux are growing fast21:39
DoubleD84it's certainly come a long way since i first attempted to use it21:41
lucasicfdoes someone know how to change my eth0 IP graphically?21:44
apparlelucasicf: did you try System settings21:44
s0101how can i add a personal message that comes up instead of acces prohibithed in dd-wrt?21:45
lucasicfapparle: yes.. i didn't found any configuration for network devices (eth0)21:45
lucasicfjust for network connections21:46
apparlelucasicf: did you see network management21:46
geniis0101: Ask in the #dd-wrt channel21:46
apparlethe last on on left side21:46
lucasicfapparle: yes i did.. nothing.. :(21:47
apparlelucasicf: try with wicd then21:48
apparle!info wicd > lucasicf21:48
apparle!info wicd >> lucasicf21:48
apparle!info wicd : lucasicf21:48
ubottu':' is not a valid distribution: dapper, dapper-backports, hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, medibuntu, partner21:48
apparle!info wicd | lucasicf21:48
ubottulucasicf: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB21:49
lucasicfi did it with ifconfig, but i was searching a graphic solution21:49
geniis0101: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/ Their forum seems probably the best place then to ask if the #dd-wrt channel here is quiet21:51
apparlelucasicf: wicd is a diffrent network manager .......... maybe it will do your job.....21:51
apparlebye guys see you later21:51
howitzer`Is Kubuntu Karmic Koala _the_ KDE release? (it should be)21:56
ward__Hello I'm trying to create a qtscript plasmoid now when I try to run it I get: cannot create javascript scriptEngine21:59
ward__anybody any idea? Missing dependecies?21:59
CupofDiceDoes anyone here use Akregator and Google Reader together? Is the feature not yet working?22:09
Tscheesy_howitzer`: http://ubuntu-user.com/Online/Blogs/Marcel-Gagne-Orbiting-Planet-buntu/Karmic-Koala-Ubuntu-Gets-The-K (from the Planet)22:12
agustin_no me va la wifi22:13
agustin_no me va wifi atheros ar5600eg en kubuntu 9.0422:14
Tscheesy_!es | agustin_22:14
ubottuagustin_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco22:15
macoLymphocyte: what?22:16
Lymphocytedo !ops22:16
macoLymphocyte: what do you want?22:16
Lymphocytemaco do !ops22:16
macoLymphocyte: i am an op. what do you want?22:16
Lymphocytei am a lymphocyte and can adapt22:16
Lymphocyteso ban me22:16
Lymphocytei will turn into a cytotoxic t cell22:17
howitzer`Tscheesy_: Is that not untrue?22:17
macooh god, youre a bad biology joke?22:17
Tscheesy_howitzer`: ;)22:17
Lymphocyteoh i am sorry22:17
nikoplease can you stay in topic :)22:17
Lymphocyteim bored22:17
maconiko: this person's been trolling all day22:18
maconalioth: i thouht someone suggested not banning the people who ask to be banned?22:18
nikomaco: use !ops so22:18
maconiko: i am an op22:18
geniiIt's the same guy who was trolling another day as macrophage or so22:18
macobut i thought....22:19
maco<jussi01> dont ban him or remove him any more - he seems to be on a crusade to get banned. unless of course he continues in the channel <---!!!!22:19
macogenii, nalioth see?22:20
phoenixzI just received a Huawei 3G USB modem for my laptop (Dell D620). I connected it, network manager seems to recognize it and all, I add a new entry, and it shows in the knetworkmanager list.. Then I want to select it from that list but I can't, its as if the entry has been disabled.. How can I get this to work?22:23
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morecrowmade the switch to 4.3 last week after four years of gnome, little things here and there are still blowing my mind, you guys have really come a long way since 4.0, its just about perfect22:34
morecrowjust realized this was #kubuntu, not #kde, but still, kudos to all22:36
Tscheesy_phoenixz: on Jaunty ? i had to use a Karmic-Kernel for my Stick22:36
phoenixzTscheesy_: Karmic, Im cheating with 9.10 :)22:37
phoenixzTscheesy_: but, the thing is that knetworkmanager won't let me select it.. do I actually need a phone number, name, etc?  because first off, I don't have those. I filled in some values as a test (phone number *99#, for example) but knetworkmanager still wont let me select the @#$(* modem from the connection list22:38
phoenixzSo how did you get yours to work?22:38
phoenixzIm on carrier "Telcel" in Mexico.22:39
Tscheesy_*99# or *99## and an Accesspoint from your Provider and the PIN22:39
Tscheesy_APN here for example is <mobileoffice3g> - google shuld know yours22:41
ward2Anybody here that can help me with plasmoid/Qtscript bugs in kununtu?22:44
Tscheesy_phoenixz: (without the Brackets ;) )22:46
phoenixzTscheesy_: I figured :) Im looking now for that data, but its not easy to find for telcel...22:47
=== carlos is now known as Guest72278
phoenixzTscheesy_: problem remains though, I see the "telcel" connection in the knetworkmanager list, but I can not select it.. I click on it, nothing happens22:48
e66hello, I use #kubuntu. Now I want to install a minimal #ubuntu. what package(s) should I install?22:49
phoenixze66: difference betwween ubuntu and kubuntu is only the display manager, really..22:51
Tscheesy_e66: ubuntu-desktop - and if you like to switch the login-Manager its another Meta22:52
e66yeah I know.22:52
phoenixzbut since many graphical programs on top of that use specific display managers, yeah, you see different programs.. Any and all shell programs, services, etc etc, are equal22:52
phoenixze66 use apt-cache search, I think its called ubuntu-destkop or somethign.. but dunno what "minimal" means for you22:52
e66But installing a ubuntu-desktop will install lots of applications that I really dont need22:52
phoenixzsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop22:53
Tscheesy_e66: it's like kubuntu-desktop - it installs a standard-environment based on a Toolset22:54
phoenixze66: you could remove those later if you wish.. Not sure what to do for minimal22:54
e66phoenixz: It will install mono, brasero, evolution, evince and lot more stuff. I really dont need them22:54
Tscheesy_e66: try to use the --no-recomends Option22:54
phoenixzTscheesy_: any reason why I should not be able to select the 3G modem connection from the knetworkmanager list?22:55
kristina_hi, I have two computers on my network, which I can see under network, but when I click on the computername[...].workstation file I get that the file or folder not found... any ideas?22:56
zoraelHow can I get ksnapshot to run when I hit printscreen?22:56
Tscheesy_phoenixz: what's in dmesg and lsusb ?22:56
e66Tscheesy_:  that works. downlaod size reduced. :D22:57
Tscheesy_phoenixz: ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ) ;)22:58
phoenixzTscheesy_: one sec, gathering info22:59
Tscheesy_phoenixz: dmesg |grep hs23:00
phoenixzhttp://pastebin.com/f3ab5915b for dmesg23:00
phoenixzhttp://pastebin.com/f4d93a5ca for lsusb23:00
phoenixzTscheesy_: dmesg | grep hs didnt return anything23:01
Tscheesy_k.. - lsusb is listing it.. reading dmesg..23:03
phoenixzTscheesy_: its all at the end of dmesg AFAIK23:04
phoenixzTscheesy_: I also tried wvdial, but that one keeps saying "No carrier"23:04
tredfirst question, i dont know what key combo i hit but pc speaker is now beeping every letter i type, how do i undo that?23:06
tredbesides reboot23:06
phoenixztred: oh but that must be fun! :)23:07
tredits funner than shit, lol23:07
sobczyktred:  rmmod pcspkr23:07
Tscheesy_phoenixz: it's attachached to ttyUSB0 or ttyUSB1 as it seems23:07
tredok, what damn combo dit i hit to start it?23:07
sobczykthat command removes the pc speaker driver :)23:08
phoenixzTscheesy_: wohoo! I gottit to work with wvdial, its not great, but it works for the moment.. still want it with knetworkmanager though..23:09
tredi dont want to remove the driver, i want to remove what i did to activate it on keypress23:09
phoenixztred: though it may not be a perfect solution, at least it will remove the anoying beeeeeeeep for the moment..23:09
tredso will rebooting23:09
phoenixztred: it should leave your normal music audio intact23:10
phoenixztred: true, true.. but I dunno what could cause this one.. had it myself once, reboot didit..23:10
tredi want as much to remove the cause as i do the effect23:10
tredguess im gonna do the reboot bit, this is annoying at best23:12
tredback with real question shortly23:12
sobczykthe cause will be removed with using a reboot but if youre lazy you can remove the effect23:12
sobczykand continue working23:12
tredmo betta23:15
sven_oostenbrinkTscheesy_: it looks like its working with wvdial... since I disconnected my UTP network cable, and Im using the E160 :)  knetworkmanager won't take it though :(23:15
tredno more ditty-bop23:15
tredmy real question is about plasma, imtrying to set up a headless jaunty, and most of it works, but when i x11vnc into the headless pc plasma has not started, no biggie, i can still open a konsole and start sudo start plasma, which gets most things working, except now everything on desktop is in root user, and i cant figure out how to switch to normal user, or how to start plasma as root FOR normal user23:19
Tscheesy_sven_oostenbrink:  yes - no mixed connections here too - under different Operating Sytems.. what tells you : lshal|grep hso and usbtty0/1 instead of hso23:19
sven_oostenbrink lshal|grep hso shows nothing23:20
Tscheesy_sven_oostenbrink: sry - ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB123:21
tredi alway get a get a kick out of linux acronyms, like foo etc, im still waiting to see fukt, lol23:21
sven_oostenbrinklshal | grep tty | pastebinit, see http://pastebin.com/f4ee3b92823:21
sven_oostenbrinktred: you mean foo | bar? :)23:21
tredthat 2 lol23:21
Tscheesy_sven_oostenbrink: thts to big for now - i need to sleep .. do ttyUSB23:22
Tscheesy_ah no - mom23:22
sven_oostenbrinkonly returned 1- entries or so23:22
Tscheesy_k - they are there - ttyUSB 0 and 1 - one of them could be a little ROM form the supplier and the other the modem23:24
tredare there other options to apt beside apt-get?23:25
tredapt-trash maybe, as an uninstall23:26
Tscheesy_sven_oostenbrink:  actually here it's bound to hso0 - http://pastebin.com/m3c5f8a0d23:27
Tscheesy_sven_oostenbrink: is it a new Device ? perhaps too new for the Kernel ?23:30
talvikbug 1#: when installing i've set the user to auto login, restarted, then i got a xmessage "defaut "X... --session" not found, changing do default", when I dismissed the message, kde loaded23:39
lun4tictalvik: beta?23:44
lun4ticif yes: did you get the latest updates?23:45
talvikjust installed23:45
talvikcouldn't wait another weak23:45
lun4tici had something like this a week ago with the beta23:45
lun4ticdid you update your RC? :D23:46
geniitalvik: This usually happens when for instance you used to have Gnome desktop environment installed, then installed another one (like KDE) then de-installed the Gnome one without changing the default selection of the Gnome desktop in the window manager (gdm or kdm, etc)23:46
talviknot yet23:46
talvikits not config23:46
talvikreally CLEAN install23:46
lun4ticwhat hapens if you don't use autologon?23:47
talvikhaven't tried23:47
talvikbut probably will work fine23:47
talvikI think it tried to auto login23:48
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talvikwithout having a default DE set23:48
talvikand is the default font size supposed to be 9!23:51
lun4ticso did you try to logon normally setting DE to KDE and THEN set to autologon and relog? :F23:51
talviki'll try23:51
tredas far as login goes, how can i start a sudo app as a diff user when im root?23:52
lun4ticthere was that one command...23:53
lun4ticwait a sec23:53
talvikmy user's default DE is 'gnome'23:53
lun4ticxhost +23:53
tredim trying to do a headless jaubty, but i cant get plasma to be have, i can start it as sudo when i get in, but then everything is root and i cant change it to normal user23:54
lun4ticbut with that command even "nobody" could connect to the xserver23:54
geniignome-session is usually the DE name23:54
lun4ticso it's not very secure23:54
tredim using kde23:54
lun4tictred: xhost - is for setting it back to normal23:54
tredi can vnc in as normal user, but i have to sudo plasma to start desktop23:55
lun4ticwhy is everything root?23:55
lun4ticdid you login as root?23:55
lun4ticyou shouldn't do that23:55
tredand i cant get out of root after that with plasma running for normal user23:55
tredi logged in as normal user23:56
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tredwhy is everything root, cus i started plasma from sudo, only way i can start it so far23:56
lun4ticwhy can't you start plasma as normal user?23:57
tredwhen i log in on vnc, first kinsole i start says normal user23:57
tredthats what im asking23:57
tredpermissions on plasma file say everyone read, executable23:58
lun4ticso you get a normal user console after login via vnc and then when you start IN that terminal window plasma its run as root?23:58
lun4ticsounds wheird23:58
tredno, the only way i can start plasma is via sudo23:58
lun4ticwhat does it say when you try to start it as normal user?23:59
tredi cannot start plasma as user i logged in as23:59
tredcommand not found, or something like that23:59
lun4ticdoes it work locally?23:59

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