rockstarmwhudson, I'm going to request a review of you in just a bit.  You can get to it after lunch.00:21
mwhudsonrockstar: okay00:22
abentleymwhudson: Cool.00:29
thumperbarry: hey, hows the 2.6 going?02:06
barrythumper: sort of good ;)  i'm very confident we'll be on py2.5.  we have an intermediate branch that is zope toolkit + 2.5 and if that goes well, we'll concentrate on ztk + 2.6.02:07
thumperwhat's the zope toolkit stuff focusing on?02:08
thumperas in02:08
thumperwhat is different02:08
barryit gets us to a blessed combination of zope.* packages02:08
thumperblessed by zope corp?02:08
barryor the zope community02:08
thumperwhat does it give us in reality?02:08
thumperanything useful I would use?02:08
mwhudsoni guess it means things probably don't break in exciting and unexpected ways02:09
barryi think that's right.  also, we had to do it if there was any hope of getting to py2.602:09
thumpermwhudson: I'm having a weird lazr-js issue02:09
thumperbarry: makes sense then I guess02:09
thumperbarry: how much work is the zope toolkit stuff?02:10
mwhudsonthumper: talking to anyone else is likely to be more use than talking to me :-)02:10
barrythumper: a surprising amount.  we're making good progress, but api's have changed02:10
thumpermwhudson: heh02:10
thumpermwhudson: I was going to file bugs, and then chase flacoste02:10
mwhudsonthumper: good plan02:10
wgrantHow much ex-Z3 stuff does LP use from outside ZTK?02:40
thumperfuckity fuck fuck02:59
thumpermwhudson: I created a new branch and al02:59
thumpermwhudson: but the remote side is packs02:59
thumpermwhudson: and mine is 2a02:59
thumpermwhudson: lazr-js that is03:00
mwhudsonthumper: doom, i think?03:00
* thumper makes a local packs repo03:00
mwhudsonwell, maybe a diff and apply it to a local copy03:00
thumperah ffs03:01
thumperI can't branch it into local....03:02
thumpercan I merge uncommitted from a different repo?03:02
thumperI could uncommit03:03
thumperthen grab the changes03:03
mwhudsonworth a try03:03
wgrantbzr merge --uncommitted?03:04
wgrantAlthough that might care about richrootiness.03:04
wgrantI don't remember.03:04
thumperugly as sin03:04
thumpermwhudson: I'd file a bug saying lazr-js is still in packs format, but it'd just be me fixing it03:05
mwhudsonthumper: most likely03:06
rockstarmwhudson, thanks for the review.  How long are you going to be about?04:09
mwhudsonrockstar: probably quite a while yet04:09
mwhudson(when i stop working i really need to write my kiwipycon pypy talk so i'll be by the computer...)04:10
rockstarmwhudson, great.  I'll respond to your review in a bit.04:10
* mwhudson boggles04:11
mwhudsondoes anyone recognise this error? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/298762/04:11
mwhudsonoh nm04:12
mwhudson(i still don't know what that's about, but i don't think it's my fault)04:13
rockstarmwhudson, so, switching to get_transport(self.branch.getPullURL()) gives me: NoSuchFile: No such file: u'/tmp/tmpSIhIst/lp-hosted/~person-name9/product-name4/branch11': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/tmpSIhIst/lp-hosted/~person-name9/product-name4/branch11'04:41
mwhudsonrockstar: you need to pass hosted=True to create_branch_and_tree i think04:41
rockstarmwhudson, ah.  So my test didn't ever really work.  :/04:42
mwhudsonwell it did04:42
mwhudsonjust the understanding about where the branch is was a bit off04:43
rockstarmwhudson, so, when you lock_write, and then move the .bzr branch, you get: Exception exceptions.UserWarning: <exceptions.UserWarning instance at 0x284dd40> in <bound method _LockWarner.__del__ of <bzrlib.lockable_files._LockWarner object at 0x735f190>> ignored04:56
mwhudsonrockstar: yeah, i wondered if you might04:57
mwhudsonrockstar: i guess we should talk to a bzr developer about this04:57
rockstarmwhudson, okay.  lifeless?04:57
* thumper EODs04:58
lifelessrockstar: you'll need to unlock the branch object05:19
lifelessrockstar: and yes, there will be a race condition05:19
rockstarlifeless, well, yeah, but we want to lock it so we can replace it.05:19
rockstarlifeless, actually, I could probably get away with unlocking it right before rename('.bzr', 'backup.bzr')05:20
lifelessthats what I mean ;)05:21
rockstarlifeless, gotcha.05:21
lifelessit is a race condtion05:21
mwhudsonfilesystems need to grow transactions already05:21
lifelessbut its tolerable small05:21
lifelessupgrade has a similar one05:21
lifelessyou can't lock stock and barrel replace the locking mechanism05:22
lifelessand have it keep locking05:22
lifelessthe bootstraps are not large enough05:22
rockstarlifeless, yeah, it seems like the time between unlock and move is pretty trivial.05:22
rockstarmwhudson, updated mp - https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/launchpad/branch-upgrade-out-of-place/+merge/1374705:36
rockstarI apparently also accidentally voted on my own proposal.05:37
spmrockstar: the question then becomes - did you vote yay, or nay?05:52
rockstarspm, obviously, I voted yay.  I'm my own best friend.05:52
spmjust checking. might have been .... interesting otherwise. ;-)05:52
lifelessis the puller/mirror/scanner failing at the moment ?06:23
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr-builder/blocking has been pushed too but claims nothing06:23
mwhudsonlifeless: graph looks ok to me, spm could check more closely though06:30
spminteresting. the puller* is working fine afaict; but I can't find any matches in it's log for 'bzr-builder/blocking'06:35
lifelesswell its not even showing 'updating this branch'06:35
spmand only 1 match for 'bzr-builder'06:35
lifeless:!bzr push lp:~lifeless/bzr-builder/blocking06:35
lifelessNo new revisions to push.06:35
lifeless:!bzr info lp:~lifeless/bzr-builder/blocking06:36
lifelessRepository branch (format: unnamed)06:36
lifelessso there is data there06:36
* lifeless tries hitting it harder06:36
spma bigger hammer usually works - vs just harder. ??06:36
lifelessno change06:37
lifelesscan you manually trigger a mirror?06:37
spmnot sure I understand your meaning? to manually trigger?06:38
lifelessthe scanner and puller06:38
lifelessfor this branch06:38
lifelessmwhudson: any ideas about how to recover [short of rming the branch]06:38
mwhudsonlifeless: something that will lock and unlock it06:39
mwhudsonlifeless: (i don't think push with no revisions to push does that)06:39
lifelessit does06:39
lifelesswe take a lock before finding out there is nothing to push06:39
lifelessotherwise race conditions06:40
lifelessstill, let me do it manually06:40
lifelessmwhudson: ^06:41
mwhudsonlifeless: no idea, sorry, have to plead nearly-19:0006:42
lifelessfair 'nuff06:42
lifelessoh I see06:44
lifelesstickled the 'sometimes we push a checkout' bug06:44
al-maisanGood morning06:49
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al-maisanwhat's the easiest/quickest way to get an empty storm result set?08:02
al-maisanfound it: from storm.store import EmptyResultSet08:04
adeuringgood morning08:19
al-maisanGood morning adeuring08:20
adeuringhi al-maisan!08:20
jmlgood morning09:33
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deryckMorning, all.11:01
jmlderyck, good morning.11:05
mrevellyo deryck11:13
mrevellIs "OOPS" an acronym?11:27
intellectronicaoperational ongoing problem symptom11:31
jmlintellectronica, you're making that up.11:34
intellectronicaany better suggestions?11:35
jmlno, that one is pretty good.11:35
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mrevellI wonder why we capitalise it, then12:09
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mrevellIf anyone knows, matsubara will know if OOPS is an acronym :)12:10
wgrantThe rest of the characters are full-height, so it would look strange if it wasn't allcaps.12:10
matsubarathat's a good one intellectronica12:10
intellectronicai think it's capitalized because it's SERIOUS12:11
mrevellPerhaps it's Portugese12:12
mrevellObridgado Oh Problemo Superioro12:12
jmlmrevell, I think it's partly because 'OOPS' in the code itself is capitalized.12:16
jmlmrevell, so we talk about OOPS Reports, rather than Oops Reports.12:16
jmlmrevell, IIRC it's not capitalized in the code.12:17
mrevelljml: I think you've contradicted yourself but maybe I've misunderstood. Either way, if it's not an acronym I don't need to explain it anywhere :)12:18
jmlmrevell, oh sorry.12:18
jmlmrevell, we have OOPS codes and we also have source code to handle OOPSes.12:19
mrevellOooh, right.12:19
jmlin the later, I think it's OopsHandler rather than OOPSHandler, for example.12:19
mrevellI see12:19
jmlbut then we also say getUrl12:20
matsubaramrevell, it's not an acronym12:23
mrevellthanks matsubara12:28
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sidneii guess it's "OOPS, something went wrong" :)13:03
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bacsinzui: what if the release notes on the download page was a collapsible field?13:39
bacsinzui: i like that as it would give symetry with the changelog13:40
bacand would address your concern13:40
sinzuibac: maybe. How large is the bz/+downloads page now, and how large will it be. Are we making something too big to Au and China to load?13:41
* bac looks13:42
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sinzuibac: I am off to my appointment.13:43
bacsinzui: ok.  stand up delayed until your return?13:43
bacor i'm glad to host13:44
sinzuibac: you may host. I have meetings at 10 and 11 today.13:45
sinzuibac: I landed my +ubuntupkg fixes. I am starting on bug 19346913:45
mupBug #193469: Unlink (Ubuntu) package from series <package-link> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged by sinzui> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/193469>13:45
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al-maisanI am trying to optimise a page and see quite a few of the following queries:14:04
al-maisanSELECT ValidPersonCache.id FROM ValidPersonCache WHERE ValidPersonCache.id = %s LIMIT 1', (2116775,)14:04
al-maisanCan somebody explain what these are?14:04
al-maisanProbably a question for the LP foundations team? gary-sprint maybe ^^14:05
gary-sprintal-maisan: I'm afraid I don't know.  Stuart is back tomorrow.  Asking salgado :-)14:10
salgadoal-maisan, most likely from IPerson.is_valid_person14:11
al-maisanOK, thanks14:22
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flacostejml, sinzui: coming to the TL meeting?15:03
flacostebeuno: ^^^15:03
beunoflacoste, yes, thank you15:03
jmlflacoste, yes.15:04
jmloh crap15:04
leonardrbarry (or anyone), random launchpad question15:27
leonardri used to be able to do this but have forgotten how15:27
leonardri'm trying to test a new version of launchpadlib. right now it can only be tested within the context of launchpad15:28
leonardractually, nm. i bet i have to modify buildout.cfg now15:28
leonardri was trying to change the symlink in sourcecode15:28
jmloh! that reminds me.15:33
jmlleonardr, I'll review your branch.15:34
leonardrjml, thanks15:34
jmlleonardr, do you think it would make sense to have an exception in lazr.restfulclient that signals "permission error"15:38
jmlleonardr, the launchpad coding standards warn against raising ValueError, IIRC.15:39
leonardrjml: a "permission error" would logically be a 401 response from the server15:39
leonardrin theory these two problems could have the same exception but i question whether it's worth it15:40
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* jml looks at the context15:41
jmlleonardr, a 401 response is raised as an HTTPError, right?15:42
leonardrthis error "you're trying to access something that's not a real url. but i happen to know what this non-url string is, and i can tell you what you're doing wrong"15:42
jmlthat probably comes under the aegis of ValueError then15:43
jmlI really don't like raising ValueError though. :)15:43
leonardri can make up an exception15:43
jmlthat's ok. I can't enforce my aesthetics all the time :)15:43
matsubaraChex, bigjools, gary-sprint, danilos, rockstar, sinzui, allenap: LP production meeting in 15 min @ #launchpad-meeting15:44
bigjoolsI hate Thursdays15:44
danilosmatsubara: thanks15:44
danilosbigjools: why, my day consists of only 3 calls and one meeting :)15:44
bigjoolsdanilos: quite :)15:45
jmlleonardr, that'd be great, thanks.15:45
jmlleonardr, I've approved it with options for you to make that change.15:45
jmlleonardr, thanks again for doing this patch.15:45
gmbjml: Question: If I use ec2 land on a merge-proposal targeted at lp:launchpad, how do I ensure it lands on devel and not db-stable (or whatever lp:launchpad points at)?15:46
jmlgmb, you can't, I don't think. lp:launchpad points at db-devel iirc.15:48
jmlgmb, it'd be fairly easy to add an option to override the MP though.15:48
gmbjml: Ah, so I'm better off just using ec2 test to submit the branch, then?15:48
leonardrderyck, flacoste sent you an email a little while earlier about your <dd> parser15:48
jmlgmb, exactly15:48
gmbjml: I'll file a bug.15:48
jmlgmb, use --dry-run to assemble the commit message, perhaps.15:48
leonardri can help you do things the right way. let me know when you want to talk it through15:48
gmbjml: Ah, yes, good idea. Thanks.15:48
jmlgmb, np.15:48
deryckleonardr, yes, indeed. let's talk.  chatting with flacoste about this now.  then we can talk.15:49
jmldanilos, I was talking to someone about translating documents the other day15:56
jmldanilos, and they told me that some people break docs up into strings and then use Launchpad to translate them. Is this true?15:56
danilosjml: cool, what kind of documents?15:57
danilosjml: of course they do, I've even written one tool to do that that is used by GNOME and ubuntu-docs (xml2po)15:57
jmldanilos, wow.15:57
jmldanilos, I hope this isn't a silly question, but why not provide a way to translate documents in Launchpad without doing that?15:58
danilosjml: heh, time and effort involved, that's the only reason :)15:59
jmldanilos, it's a good reason :)15:59
danilosjml: fwiw, I am spending some of my time to make the mess that is xml2po today (it is python, but with very lousy high level acceptance tests) a much more nicely modularised, so we should be able to reuse it in Launchpad at some point in the future :)16:00
danilosjml: but, I wouldn't hold my breath just now :)16:00
jmldanilos, cool :)16:00
jmldanilos, and don't worry, I won't.16:00
danilosjml: there's other interesting stuff there, like handling images and such... many people are interested, and Kyle (from OEM) has started a doctemplate project to make a template translatable documentation project ("doctemplate" in LP) and we'll be discussing it during UDS (we already did some bits during our translations sprint)16:02
gmballenap: What's the deal with ec2 giving me import errors about PQM? (ISTR you mentioning this before; can't remember when or why).16:10
gmbAh, it's to do with python2.4, isn't it.16:13
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EdwinGrubbsbac: sinzui assigned me bug 458169, which is very similar to your bug 455812. I was wondering if you had any more information than what I commented on in my bug.16:34
mupBug #458169: Distroseries:+index page timing out <timeout> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged by edwin-grubbs> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/458169>16:34
mupBug #455812: distroseries milestone timeout <timeout> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/455812>16:34
adeuring1can somebody give me a clue how to run the inline tests in lp/testing/__init__.py , and only those test?16:35
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sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: Bac: I am very confused by the fact that this is a 3.0 problem given that we did not update the code for distroseries. Both pages are generally changes to the position of the portlet16:35
bacEdwinGrubbs: i have not yet looked at it.  we can talk after i return from lunch16:36
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: Bac: I am sure that when we make one query for the distroseries, all will be better16:36
EdwinGrubbsbac: sure16:36
jmladeuring1, what do you mean "inline tests"?16:36
adeuring1jml: the tests in docstrings, e.g., in time_counter16:37
adeuring1I want to add a little function there, but that one should be tested ;)16:37
jmladeuring1, I don't think there's a way to run the tests in time_counter16:37
jmladeuring1, personally, I think it would be a good idea to add lp/testing/tests/ and put in some unit tests16:38
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: I was able to load older Ubuntu series and milestones. There may be some clue in that16:38
* jml regrets not writing the factory with unit tests to begin with.16:38
adeuring1jml: you might be right... But I like the idea that you can at the same time doument and test16:38
jmladeuring1, sure. in which case, I think you'll still need to add lp/testing/tests/ I think and then add a test_doc to that which scans lp/testing/__init__ and runs the tests there. Gimme a sec to confirm.16:39
jmladeuring1, http://docs.python.org/library/doctest.html#unittest-api -- you need to have something like the code snippet there in a test_suite() method in a file with a name starting with 'test_'16:42
jmladeuring1, you only want to build a suite object and return it.16:42
adeuring1jml: thanks!16:42
jmladeuring1, my pleasure.16:51
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: flocoste pointed out that distroseries.currentseries can cause the problem. That is not a good method--it is taking a guess. We can either fix it or use a cachedproperty in the view. I favour a lower fix because this is a reoccurring issue16:52
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barryabentley, rockstar ping17:11
rockstarbarry, pong17:11
abentleybarry: pong17:11
barryabentley, rockstar: hi.  i'm working on our python 2.5 + zope toolkit branch and we're seeing a ton of failures in the codehosting smoke test.  stepping through the code, i see this output in the bzr subprocess that gets called:17:12
barryabentley, rockstar any clues would be greatly appreciated! :)17:12
rockstarbarry, abentley would probably know more about that than I.17:13
barryrockstar: cool17:13
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abentleybarry: I think the warning on line 2 can be ignored.17:13
barryabentley: k17:14
abentleybarry: I'm not sure what the one on line 7 would be caused by, but it's in our VFS implementation.17:14
barryabentley: any ideas where i should start to look?17:16
abentleybarry: lib/lp/codehosting17:16
=== EdwinGrubbs is now known as Edwin-lunch
barryabentley: does this call xmlrpc?17:17
abentleybarry: Yes.17:18
barryabentley: hmmm17:18
abentleybarry: It looks like the message is due to raising InProcessTransport in lib/lp/codehosting/vfs/transport.py17:21
abentleybarry: This may be an error in bzr's error reporting, rather than the underlying bug.17:23
barryabentley: otp, thanks, will respond shortly17:24
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barryabentley: okay.  can you think of any issues related to python 2.5 or 2.6 here?17:32
barryabentley: i guess the question is: if this doesn't fail in py2.4, what would make it fail in 2.5?  and would it still fail in 2.6?17:32
barryabentley: do you mean that there's some other failure going on that is being masked by this?  and if so, can you think of a strategy to debug it?17:34
jmlg'night all17:36
mrevellnight jml17:37
abentleybarry: I'm not aware of any issues with 2.5 or 2.6 on the bzr side, so I would expect it's a codehosting or twisted issue.17:43
abentleybarry: You can debug it by changing the sites that raise InProcessError to return '' instead.17:44
abentleybarry: There should also be logs / oopses for the twisted server, so it would be worth hunting those down.17:46
abentleybarry: You can test it using "make run_all".17:46
beunobarry, quick question:  can we let people unsubscribe from the ML archives?  or is that getting too much into perl?17:48
barryabentley: thanks for the tips.  i'm going to look into this more after lunch17:48
barrybeuno: you mean an "unsubscribe" link in the archives?  i think you're deep into perlworld17:49
beunobarry, I suspected as much, thanks17:49
* sinzui wonders if the QA fairy will visit sinzui's landings17:54
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sinzuibarry: you make need to make use of utilities/make-lp-user to get a working ssh key for bzr branch pushing17:57
beunobigjools, ping18:04
bigjoolsbeuno: I am about to leave for the day, is it quick?18:05
beunobigjools, it is18:05
beunowith private PPAs18:05
beunoI see the deb lines ifI don't have permissions18:05
bigjoolsah yeah there's a bug about that18:05
beunoand need to go to another page to see the lines with the tokens18:05
beunowhy don't we just hide them if you don't have permissions, and show you the debs with the tokens if you do?18:06
beunowhy do we have a separate page?18:06
bigjoolsit's a page that shows all your tokens for all subscriptions IIRC18:06
bigjoolsso has a slightly different use18:06
bigjoolsbut yes we can put the specific one in the PPA page18:07
beunoperfect answer18:07
beunolast one18:07
* bigjools knows all about beuno's "quick" things18:07
beunoin what situation can I access a private PPA, but not have permissions?18:07
bigjoolsbeuno: there should be no situation like that18:08
beunobigjools, can I have permissions but not have a token yet?18:08
bigjoolsI think18:08
beunobigjools, ok, good enough, thanks18:09
beunobarry, ping again18:09
beunoprivate mailing lists18:09
beunoare they exposed on the team's page, but the archive blocked for users without permissions18:09
bigjoolsbeuno: actually I am talking tripe18:09
beunoor completely hidden?18:09
beunobigjools, I will assume you mean nonesense18:10
bigjoolsbeuno: you can't see the web page at all, ever, with a subscription, and you need to get a token to see the repo18:10
bigjoolshowever we want to allow users with tokens to see the new user-focused page18:10
bigjoolsand now I really have to go18:10
bigjoolsgood night!18:10
beunobigjools, so if I don't have permissions, i never even see the link to the PPA?18:11
bigjoolsyou don't18:11
beunobigjools, thanks.18:11
beunogo before I think of something else18:11
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mrevellnight all18:18
rockstarabentley, ping18:33
abentleyrockstar: pong18:33
rockstarabentley, so, I'm writing this script to run branch upgrades.  How do I run the cronscript?  I assume there's some fancy helper here.18:36
abentleyrockstar: The current state of the art is in update_preview_diffs.py18:37
rockstarabentley, yeah, I used that as my template, since it seemed to be the most up to date.  How does it actually get run though?18:38
abentleyrockstar: That is, subclass JobCronScript, specifying config_name and source_interface.18:38
abentleyrockstar: It is run by cron.18:38
rockstarabentley, yeah, so how do I run it to test it?18:38
abentleyrockstar: bin/py cronscripts/my_script_name.py18:39
rockstarabentley, ah, okay, cool.18:39
abentleyrockstar: You'll probably want to specify LPCONFIG=development as well.  That will force it to use the development config files instead of the production ones.18:40
rockstarabentley, okay, thanks.18:41
abentleyrockstar: But of course, you then have to create development config files.18:41
rockstarabentley, yup, chasing that now.18:41
barrysinzui: thanks i wonder if that's it18:42
barrybeuno: correct.  the archives are blocked by our openid plugin18:42
sinzuibarry: I found that I could not connect to the ssh server because changed the user name of our leader to ~mark18:43
beunobarry, but you can see the link to it?18:44
barrybeuno: well, no because if you're not a member of the team, you shouldn't even be able to get to the team page18:46
beunobarry, so you can't have a private mailing list in a public team?18:47
beunoif you can see the link, you can see the archive?18:47
barrybeuno: no, currently not though there's a bug open on that (a use case i agree with)18:47
beunobarry, cool, thanks. I just wanted to know if you could ever get in a situation where you clicked ona link that you could not access18:48
barrybeuno: i don't think so18:48
barrybeuno: well, modulo openid bugs of course :)18:48
beunobarry, that clears it up for me, thanks18:49
sinzuibeuno: I am looking at the SP page for a packaging link that needs to be deleted: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hoary/+source/jedit18:51
beunosinzui, I'm having a hard time understanding what that is18:53
beunoor how you ended up there18:53
sinzuibeuno: 1) "Upstream release series" appears to be redundant with "Upstream associations", 2) I am surprised that in the https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jedit, we do not ask the user to confirm the removal of the link. 3) I expect the unlink action to look like (-) Remove packaging link.18:54
sinzuibeuno: you can get the the SP page from the productseries index or +packages (https://edge.launchpad.net/jedit/+packages)18:55
sinzuibeuno: you may be familiar with this: https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr18:57
sinzui^ The extra edgy link is a data error. I want to allow users to remove the bad link to the SP.18:57
beunosinzui, so how do upstream associations happen?18:57
beunoare they inferred from series linking?18:58
sinzuihttps://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/trunk <-  (+) Link to Ubuntu package  and (+) Link package18:58
beunowow, I'm confused18:59
beunowhy do we have (+) Link to Ubuntu package *and* (+) Link package?18:59
sinzuibeuno: not inferred, explicitly set, though SP links cannot be deleted, only DSPs. Since there will never be a DSP because this is an error, it is not possible to correct the mistake. there are 81 broken SPs in production18:59
beunosinzui, so it sounds like you need to delete the link when the DSP are deleted19:00
sinzuibeuno: that is point 4) Should re rename (+) Link to Ubuntu package to link the the current Ubuntu series? It is takes most of the thinking out of the task. The other one can link to any distro and you can specify primary or include package relationships19:01
sinzuibeuno: the DSP is a binary. there is not any code, so the DSP will not be made19:01
beunosinzui, so one is for Ubuntu, and the other one is for any distro?   wouldn't it make sense to have one page?19:02
beuno(or widget)19:02
sinzuiI tried and failed19:02
beunosinzui, code-wise or UI-wise?19:02
beunoI can help you with one of thse19:02
sinzuibeuno: I think I need a lot of work to reconciile the history operation that is not present in the any packaging operation. we do not know Fedora's history19:03
beunosinzui, so one is to link 2.0 <> karmic19:04
beunoand the other one is 2.0 <> bzr2.0~ubuntu1?19:04
sinzuibeuno: one is for the Ubuntu who cares about what they are doing right now, the other is really for projects who care about supporting any project19:06
beunosinzui, and what's the benefit (or use case even) of the latter?19:07
sinzuimaking packages for debian or fedora, to indicate that your PPA provides a backport  for hoary19:08
beunosinzui, but we don't have any of those pacakges in Launchpad19:09
beunoso it's more of a modeling thing, right?19:09
sinzuibeuno: Yes.19:10
beunosinzui, "external distribution links"?19:10
sinzuibeuno: And I should not that I am only working on this to kill the root cause of many kinds of oopes in production. Because we let users create invalid links, user create oops trying to delete, remove, transfer the problem19:11
beunook, so the sane thing to do is not let userscreate invalid links19:12
beunobut you already know that19:12
beunoso I'm struggling here  :)19:12
sinzuibeuno: 1) I can add  [Delete link] to each item in this table https://edge.launchpad.net/jedit/+packages for the project side19:14
sinzuibeuno: 2) For the distro side I can add [Delete link] to the SP...then I saw the duplicate portlet in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hoary/+source/jedit19:15
* sinzui has already updated the packaging logic to not allow users to create duplicate links.19:16
beunosinzui, so why not just delete them on the DB and get it over with?19:16
sinzuibecause the example I am showing is not a db error, it is a mistake that cannot be fixed19:17
sinzuioh, and I need this feature to fix the 81 items in the db19:17
beunosinzui, remove links on the SP page seems fine19:19
sinzuibeuno: why do we not confirm the removal of a linked DSP?19:20
beunosinzui, oversight is my best guess19:21
sinzuibeuno: actually, can I try to change the button on https://staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jedit to look like the remove icon (-) ?19:21
sinzuibeuno: I know the relink is easy if you know what the correct series is, but if you do it by accident, you need to know about staging to look up the answer right away19:22
beunosinzui, please do19:22
mzzabout how much ram does bzr 2.0.0 need to grab the launchpad trunk? I didn't give this vm all that much ram, if it needs more than about 500mb I should just ctrl+c it now...19:42
mzz(it's "Inserting missing keys" while hitting the vm's swap heavily)19:43
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mzzbah, it's used about 2/3 of the vm swap now. I'll just abort it and give it some more ram20:02
mwhudsongood morning20:21
thumpermwhudson, abentley, rockstar: I need to drop Rachel down in town today, so stand up will be delayed slightly, perhaps by 15m or so20:23
mwhudsonthumper: fine with me20:23
abentleythumper: okay20:24
EdwinGrubbsbac: ping20:32
* mwhudson takes delivery of his new phone, apologies if i don't get any work done today...20:56
rockstarmwhudson, :)20:59
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bacEdwinGrubbs: ping21:25
EdwinGrubbsbac: hi21:25
* thumper is back21:26
thumperabentley, rockstar, mwhudson: conf call or skype?21:26
abentleythumper: Skype please.21:26
rockstarthumper, I'd prefer the conf21:26
thumpermwhudson: tie breaker?21:27
mwhudsoni'd prefer skype if it works21:28
thumperabentley: now?21:37
abentleythumper: works for me.21:38
* rockstar stabs skype with a dull rusty spoon21:38
mzzis it ok if I add "the file to edit is /etc/apache2/sites-available/local-launchpad unless mentioned otherwise" to https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/RemoteAccess or would that be incorrect?21:41
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rockstarmzz, that seems right to me, although I'm not the expert.21:42
mzzit's definitely what I ended up editing here, and it seems to have worked, but I have no clue if this is different on different versions of ubuntu (I'm using karmic)21:43
rockstarmzz, no, that's been the standard place for a long time.21:45
mzzok, thanks21:46
abentleythumper: https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad/PolicyandProcess/EmergencyChange/Experiment21:46
mwhudsonthumper: have you read flacoste and deryck's mails on the list ?21:49
rockstarmwhudson, is it policy that each script runs as it's own db user?21:58
mwhudsonrockstar: yes21:58
rockstarmwhudson, where is the db user file?22:00
mwhudsonrockstar: you mean database/schema/security.py ?22:02
mwhudsonrockstar: security.cfg i mean22:02
al-maisancan somebody please help me figure out this test failure: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299311/ ?22:04
al-maisanit's a page test using 'user_browser' and it fails to access EmailAddress.email for <test@canonical.com>:22:05
al-maisan    Unauthorized: (<EmailAddress at 0x13aef490 <test@canonical.com> [Preferred Email Address]>, 'email', 'launchpad.View')22:05
mwhudsonal-maisan: well maybe that user has their email address hidden?22:06
al-maisanmwhudson: aha, how would I find that out? Is that in the associated Person record?22:07
thumperflacoste: ping22:07
mwhudsonal-maisan: i don't know, i guess i'd look at the person-index.pt template to find out22:07
thumperor deryck: pign22:07
al-maisanmwhudson: thanks for pointing that out, I believe this is the property: IPerson.hide_email_addresses22:08
mwhudsonal-maisan: sounds promising22:08
al-maisanmwhudson: :)22:09
rockstarjml, didn't you write a plugin that would tell me which of my branches had been merged already and could be deleted?  What is that plugin called?22:10
al-maisanmwhudson: thanks again, your idea saved my evening :)22:15
mwhudsonal-maisan: np!22:15
thumperrockstar: skype?22:20
thumpersinzui: when are we talking?22:20
thumpersinzui: are we talking today22:20
sinzuiWe ca22:20
sinzuiIt has been a while.22:20
sinzuido you still have plague?22:20
thumperrockstar: I'll talk with you after curtis22:21
rockstarthumper, yes, if skype doesn't drive me mad with delay...22:21
rockstarthumper, :(22:21
abentleyrockstar: next time we chat, we should try disabling pulsaudio first.22:21
rockstarabentley, yeah, I suspect pulseaudio might be our culprit.  It may not like the USB headsets.22:22
abentleyrockstar: Considering there's ALSA between it and our headsets, it really shouldn't care.22:28
rockstarabentley, I don't think so.  I think it just has an ALSA compatible API.22:29
* rockstar is not the expect. Ask crimsun22:29
thumperrockstar: call?22:48
rockstarthumper, yessir22:48
deryckthumper, hey23:39
deryckthumper, I can just reply on list to your questions.23:40
thumperderyck: I've found it now anywy23:40
thumperbut thanks23:40
thumperit works23:41
thumpernot convinced yet that we are doing the right thing23:41
thumpernot patching just the commit message23:41
deryckthumper, ok.  I've got to fix the textarea widget to not need formatter, that was the just of my earlier mail.  but I'll do that fix.23:41
thumperderyck: I've also been tweaking the lazrjs widget in23:42
deryckthumper, you really should just need to define the python bit that spits back xhtml, like bug_description_xhtml_representation in lp.bug.browser.bug23:42
thumperderyck: yes, exactly did something like that23:43
deryckthumper, so if you're tweaking the formatter part, I wouldn't waste time there.  it won't matter with my changes coming.23:43
thumperI'm not changing the formatter23:43
thumperbut allowing null to start with23:44
deryckthumper, null what?23:44
thumperderyck: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299348/23:45
deryckthumper, ah, ok23:45
deryckthumper, I'll be back in a couple hours to do my stuff on this.  kids to tend to right now. :)23:46
thumpersinzui: can I get you to look at some pics for me>23:46
sinzuiwith horns?23:47
thumpersinzui: just realised that I have to go get Maia23:47
thumpersinzui: lemmie paste you some pics23:47
sinzuithumper: the pics are nice editing implies trailing whitespace. Is that stripped?23:51

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