lifelessbarry: ping01:00
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barrylifeless: pong02:03
lifelessbarry: wanted to talk about python 2.6.3 & boost02:26
lifelessbarry: and karmic releasing just around the corner02:26
barrylifeless: hi.  i'm here for a little bit longer.  let's talk02:52
lifelessbarry: well, mainly wondering if there is anything we can do to 'fix' things safely, as the release is days away02:53
barryi only just heard about the __doc__ issue today.  is there anything else affecting boost?02:54
lifelessnot that I know of02:54
lifelessI'm not personally involved, was just trying to get the right folk discussing stuff02:55
lifelesswhich is really you, slangasek/doko and on #ubuntu-devel ;)02:55
barryah, are they chatting about it now? (probably not, it's doko's bed time :)02:55
barryi'm also not yet convinced that the boost failure is a python 2.6.3 regression02:56
lifelesswell, __doc__ becoming readonly buggered some code of ours in bzr too, IIRC.02:57
lifelessanyhow, like I say, not personally involved, and if you're aware of the issue now/already - great.02:58
barryyep.  the problem comes down to this: if we try to revert the change or make a further patch, then we won't release python 2.6.4 on the 25th.  it'll have to go through another rc, meaning at least another week after that.  otoh, if this really is a serious regression, then we have to address it.02:59
barrypython bug 7183 tracks this, though i think it was caused by the fix for but 589002:59
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/6890)02:59
barrylifeless: can you tell me, was the problem in bzr extension code, or pure python?03:00
lifelessbarry: offhand, from memory, pure python03:01
barrylifeless: i'd love to have a short reproducible pure python example03:01
lifelessbarry: I'll have a quick peek at our log and see if my offhand memories are real; if so I can probably find our diff03:04
barrylifeless: awesome03:04
barrylifeless: if we're going to hold up 2.6.4, we will have to do it in the next day or two03:05
lifelessplease wait o/~03:05
braiampi wanna report a disbanded LoCo04:26
lifelessthe community council would be the right place to mail04:27
braiampok, give me the mail please04:27
braiampi have it04:28
braiampi dosent read all04:28
braiampthe info04:28
nhandlerI'm not really sure where corrections for help.launchpad.net should go, but you need to s/Freenode/freenode/g (Replace freenode with freenode). I just saw https://help.launchpad.net/Feedback, but I'm pretty sure it is on some other wiki pages05:11
MTecknologynhandler: hm?05:37
MTecknologywhy should Freenode be lower case?05:37
MTecknologyI thought because Freenode is a proper noun is should be upper case..05:38
MTecknologynhandler: You're obviously he expert - I'm jsut curious about the reasoning. I can't do anything either way..05:40
al-maisanGood morning06:49
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faleis normal that If I upload a package with the architecture "all" it compiles a cross platform package, put it in every architecture/Packages file but the Lp User Interface shows it only for i386?07:49
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mwhudsonfale: arch all packages are always built on i386 machines08:25
mwhudsonfale: is that what you're asking?08:25
falemwhudson: no, I'm asking why from the user interface it seems like the package is only available for i38608:26
mwhudsonah, don't know about that08:26
wgrantfale: The LP UI shows the *builds*, not the archs on which it is available.09:36
wgrantIt is rather confusing, but arch-indep packages have only an i386 build.09:36
falewgrant: I see.. I think it is a little bit confusing.. but I can see the result09:36
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garyvdmHi - I googled this, but was not able to find an answer. Is it possible to see the number of people who have selected the "This bug affects me"?12:15
garyvdm... for a bug.12:15
nhandlerMTecknology: I cannot remember the reasoning at this time, but trust me that it is freenode12:19
mrevellgaryvdm: I'm afraid there isn't, yet.12:20
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intellectronicagaryvdm: you can get the number using the API, but not using the web UI12:34
intellectronicaso if you want to collect statistics or something like this you can write a script using launchpadlib that will get the number of affected users12:35
garyvdmintellectronica: I have no more high importance bugs, and I'm trying to see which bugs should be high.12:39
intellectronicagaryvdm: you can sort search results by the number of affected users. you won't see the number, but you can still use it to prioritize12:40
garyvdmintellectronica: I did a search order by the number of people it affects, but I don't know where the list of 0's start.12:40
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r0dzillais there a way to browse launchpad projects via a hierarchy like games, gnome apps, kde apps, etc..?14:20
salgador0dzilla, nope14:24
r0dzillaso you have to already know the name of the project...14:27
jmlr0dzilla, that's right.14:39
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zuguI cannot browse launchpad, I get timeout errors15:40
zugulike this: Our edge server has a lower timeout threshold than launchpad.net, so we can catch those before they hit a wider audience. As a member of the Launchpad Beta Testers team, you're more likely to experience them. If this is blocking your work, you can disable redirection.15:40
zuguthere's a button to "disable redirection for 2 hours", but it solves absolutely nithing; and I don't remember signing up for any beta testing15:41
zugucan anyone tell me what to do to solve this?15:41
_stink_i'm trying to update the description of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/45690215:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456902 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "Karmic stops responding a few minutes after log in" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:45
_stink_but when i click the green check to submit my changes, i get a spinny busy wheel and the textarea is surrounded by a red border... and it sits like this forever.15:46
_stink_dunno if this is a launchpad bug or not.15:46
_stink_i've tried it twice, same result.  my changes don't end up in the bug report15:46
zuguis anyone alive in this channel?15:59
_stink_there's a teeny-tiny bit of text at the bottom of the red box that says "Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document."16:01
_stink_even if i 1) click to edit it, then immediately 2) click to submit it unchanged, i get the same red border and JSON error.16:03
beunozugu, what's your Launchpad username?16:03
beuno_stink_, could you file a bug please?16:03
_stink_beuno: yep, doing now.16:07
_stink_beuno: looks like it's this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/33199016:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 331990 in launchpad-foundations "The inline editor widget reports a JSON error when saving non-ASCII characters" [High,Fix committed]16:11
beuno_stink_, thanks16:12
_stink_comments say it's in edge but not release.16:12
zugubeuno: why doe it matter?16:14
_stink_awesome, worked fine in edge.16:14
beunozugu, so I can find out why you're on edge16:15
zugubeuno: my username is zugurudumba16:15
beunozugu, so, you're not a beta member16:16
zugubeuno, that's what I thought16:16
beunoyou probably ended up on edge because you followed a link nthat had edge in it16:17
zugubeuno, how do I know if I landed on edge?16:17
zugubeuno, and what can I do to solve this?16:17
beunozugu, the URL has the word "edge" in it on the beggining16:18
beunojust remove the "edge." from the URL16:18
zugubeuno, no it has no "edge" in it16:18
zugubeuno, and it never had16:19
beunoso you're not on edge16:19
zugubeuno, I can't even submit a bug16:19
zugusame error occurs even when i'm logged out16:22
zuguthere's something definitely wrong with the site16:22
beunozugu, yes, we are under particularly high load16:23
beunoit's being solved today by adding more hardware16:23
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zuguif that is true, I shouldn't be he only one experiencing timeouts16:24
zugu*the only one16:24
beunozugu, you are not16:24
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larsemilhow do i create a main branch for my new projekt?17:12
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larsemilnone that can give me a hint in the right direction?17:18
LarstiQlarsemil: I'm not sure I understand your question17:18
LarstiQlarsemil: in launchpad, you can set any branch as the development focus for a series17:19
LarstiQlarsemil: is that what you meant?17:19
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jcastroHi, so it looks like someone is changing upstream links on projects to point to this: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubslax18:58
jcastroand it's affecting our ability to link to upstream bug links18:58
Martin_vWI've uploaded a package to my PPA, but update-manager always displays a warning that the package is unauthenticated, although I've imported the key. I looked into the repository and noticed that there is no Release.gpg file... could this be the problem's source? http://ppa.launchpad.net/martin.von.wittich/libwnck-nodimming/ubuntu/dists/karmic/19:03
beunosinzui, jcastro has an interesting problem ^^19:03
jcastrosomeone told me lack of acl's was a feature on this, but I would like submit this as an argument for having such things. :D19:04
jcastro(I'm fixing the upstream links now)19:04
jcastrotrying to fix the link to gnome-desktop give me an oops: (Error ID: OOPS-1391EC431)19:05
Ursinhajcastro, let me see19:06
jcastrono worries, let me know how I can help.19:06
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jcastroUrsinha: the person responsed to my mail and just was confused, so I don't think it was malicious or anything19:17
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chomwitt_hi. i subscribed and sent a email to a list one day and a half ago but still i cant see it in the lists archive and i didnt get it in my mailbox. Where can i test to see whats wrong?20:35
webm0nk3yhas anyone noticed that karma isn't working anymore?20:53
sorenwebm0nk3y: How do you figure that?20:56
webm0nk3ysoren, in our project ubuntuone-servers, the karma doesn't seem to be changing for anyone20:59
sorenwebm0nk3y: https://edge.launchpad.net/~statik/+karma as an example seems to have gotten karma for recent actions.21:00
webm0nk3ysoren, perhaps its the karma display on the project page then21:03
andres24there is some problem with launchpad server?21:09
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james_whow do I unmark a bug as private?21:52
james_wit's not in the global actions on the bug page21:53
james_wand not a link next to the information that it is private21:53
micahgjames_w: There should be a little foot next to the statement this is private21:54
micahgin the top right21:54
james_wI'm pretty sure there isn't21:54
james_wis it a browser issue? can you see it?21:54
micahgwhat browser?21:54
micahgwhich bug?21:54
james_wwell, you can't see the bug :-)21:56
james_wI'm in chromium at the moment21:56
micahglet me check a private bug I can see21:57
james_w<a class="sprite edit" id="privacy-link"21:57
james_w       href="/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/458086/+secrecy"21:57
james_w       title="Change privacy/security">21:57
micahgappears in firefox 3.6b1 in edge and production21:58
micahgI'll try chromium21:58
james_wyeah, I can see it in firefox21:58
micahginteresting it appeared for half a second and disappeared21:59
micahgI'd say file a bug in malone22:00
micahgsomething is different about that control than the other ajax ones22:00
stevecrozzI could use some help building packages using PPA. I'm building php with a patch that requires another package from my PPA22:18
stevecrozzhow do I tell launchpad to depend on and build against that package22:18
micahgstevecrozz: if it's in the PPA it'll be used22:19
stevecrozzoh, cool, thanks22:19
stevecrozzmicahg: does it automatically create the dependency? so that when people apt-get install my php5, it'll automatically get the other package too?22:20
bodhi_zazenOK, I asked yesterday and was told it would be fixed automagically , but alas still borken22:21
bodhi_zazenI activated a ppa22:21
bodhi_zazenhere : https://launchpad.net/~zenix-shravaka/+ppa-packages22:21
bodhi_zazenbut the package I uploaded is not showing (as you can see)22:22
bodhi_zazenit shows here : https://launchpad.net/~zenix-shravaka/+archive/ppa22:22
bodhi_zazenso, how to fix the first link ?22:22
stevecrozzlooks like i can add that in debian/control22:26
wgrantbodhi_zazen: That page shows packages that the person has uploaded. The team has not uploaded any.22:45
wgrantNote that it *does* show up on https://launchpad.net/~bodhi.zazen/+ppa-packages22:46
bodhi_zazenOK, so how does a "team" upload packages rather then a person ?23:10
wgrantbodhi_zazen: They don't, normally. That barely makes sense.23:10
wgrantWhy do you want it to show up on that page?23:10
bodhi_zazenWell , on this page https://launchpad.net/~zenix-shravaka23:11
bodhi_zazenis a link "PPA packages"23:11
bodhi_zazenase well as a link which goes here : https://launchpad.net/~zenix-sangha/+ppa-packages23:11
wgrantThat's gone now (if you look at https://edge.launchpad.net/~zenix-shravaka)23:11
bodhi_zazen so why would a team have a ppa page if they can not upload packages ?23:12
wgrantA bug. It shared code with the normal person page.23:12
bodhi_zazenAh, if it a bug, how do I fix it ?23:13
bodhi_zazenor do I report it ?23:13
wgrantIf you look at the page I just linked to, you'll see that it is already fixed.23:13
wgrantOn edge, which runs the latest code, the link is gone.23:13
bodhi_zazenThank you23:14
bodhi_zazenit makes sense now23:14
bodhi_zazenmay I ask for another bug fix ?23:14
wgrantYou should probably file a bug. What is the bug?23:14
bodhi_zazenthis url https://launchpad.net/zenbuntu23:14
bodhi_zazenI would like to change it to23:14
bodhi_zazenI filed a bug on it23:15
wgrantThat's not a bug. You should ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, and an admin will do it.23:15
bodhi_zazenI asked on that link a week or so ago, no resonse23:16
bodhi_zazenHow long should I wait to bump that ?23:17
wgrantThat's odd.23:19
bodhi_zazenadvice , if any ?23:35

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