mary_qos, you sure it has something to do with nvidia?00:01
mary_have you tried remving nvidia?00:01
qosmary_, does this sound like your bug? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129034800:02
mary_qos, update to new nvidia fixed me... sry00:02
qosmary_, you solved it?00:03
mary_yeah installed nvidia from ppa00:03
qosmary_, could you take a look at the forum post and check if it sounds like our problem?00:04
xgurui'm impressed with the fact that there hasn't been any updates released in slightly over a day  :)00:04
qosmary_, and another thing ... which kernel do you use?00:05
mary_qos, ^^00:05
qosmary_, omg ... same kernel as here00:06
qosmary_, how did you install the new drivers in the ppa?00:06
mary_went into recovery mode with networking: apt-get install nvidia-glx-190 nvidia-190-libvdpau nvidia-settings-19000:07
mary_then I partied00:07
qosmary_, hmm, i will give this a try ... again ;)00:08
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sylv1hi folks00:11
sylv1anyone using arora on karmic here ?00:11
* aprilhare logged into a fresh new user account and discovers firefox crashes have mysteriously disappeared00:11
Cojimerohey guys I have a bug in the Authentication process00:12
aprilharei can't stay in this test account though. all my stuff is in the other account.00:12
CojimeroIt's not working00:12
CojimeroI am triying to configure my Network settings00:13
Cojimeroand when it ask for authentication it crash00:13
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Cojimeroany idea00:14
BluesKajCojimero, samba ?00:14
BluesKajhome network, internet /00:15
CojimeroI trying to change my DNS address00:15
Cojimerobut when ubuntu tries to authenticate my account it crash00:15
BluesKajCojimero, change the settings on your router to manual DNS configuration , then enter your dns addresses00:17
CojimeroI did already but didnt work00:17
OmnipotentEntityhello, I updated to 9.10 and now pulseaudio seems to be not working00:17
BluesKajCojimero, opendns ?00:17
Cojimerohow I do that00:18
ubottuTo set up OpenDNS in Ubuntu, see https://www.opendns.com/start?device=ubuntu00:18
Jordan_UOmnipotentEntity: Not working in what way?00:18
OmnipotentEntityJordan_U, no sound through pulse audio, but my card is working fine with I play through it directly.00:19
CojimeroI dont have Internet in that PC cuz of the dns issue00:19
CojimeroI need to fix the bug in the Authentication process00:20
CojimeroI dont work at all00:21
shiznebithow do i set up pulse to peramently use my USB Mic in ?00:21
Cojimerosorry I mean It doesnt work at all00:21
qosmary_, worked... but the flickering is still there at startup ... but the x server is able to start00:24
mary_qos, weird. flickering is completely gone for me. don't do apt-get upgrade though or use update-manager because it will reinstall 185... Something is wrong with the version scheme...00:26
mary_I had to go into synaptic and lock the versions I have and use synaptic for upgrading then it works fine (so far)00:26
qosmary_, hmm, do you use your old xorg.conf from jaunty?00:30
mary_qos, I didn't update xorg, just worked... using twinview00:30
sobersabreI'm upgrading to koala.00:31
qosmary_, same situation as here ...00:31
chomanany one playing with a "Dell Latitute D600"00:31
mary_sobersabre, congrats00:31
sobersabreis there a lot of problems I can expect ?00:31
fool_hey guys does karmic fix the intel graphic issues ?00:31
mary_sobersabre, what video card?00:31
sobersabreI am on nvidia00:31
sobersabreas of now.00:31
mary_choman, I'm playing catch with one right now... :P00:32
sobersabrebut my laptop is intel (as of now, until I retire and replace it)00:32
sobersabreI'm now trying koala on nvidia, with nForce4 chipset.00:32
mary_sobersabre, you might need to install nvidia drivers from ppa. If you get a blinking screen on startup you'll know00:32
sobersabreI mean upgrading.00:32
thiebaudesobersabre, system-admistration-hardware drivers00:32
chomanmary_: what kinda graphics card to you have in it00:32
sobersabrewhat sound arch is the default in koala ?00:33
sobersabrealsa+pulse ?00:33
sobersabreor oss+pulse ?00:33
sobersabreor what ?00:33
mary_choman, I am running 8.04 on it.. still want to know?00:33
duendeHelp:  I have a USB Tv tuner, and for some reason, i can't get the audio to play no matter what i try in the mixer.  The tuner worked fine in 9.04.  It looks like audio is coming from the tuner but not being sent to the output, everything appears unmuted00:33
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:33
chomanmary_: yeah I do00:33
sobersabrethiebaude: thanks for the response...have you noticed what I asked ?00:34
sobersabreI know it's pulse on the top.00:35
sobersabrebut what's down below ?00:35
sobersabrestill alsa ?00:35
thiebaudesobersabre, were you having graphics card problems?00:35
mary_64 MB ATi Mobility Radeon X30000:35
sobersabrewhat does pulse have to do with graphics ?00:35
thiebaudeprobably nothing00:36
sobersabreoh. ok.00:36
chomanmary_: hmm close, have you tried karmic on it yet?00:36
chomanmary_: dual boot or livecd00:36
sobersabreI have an interesting Q.00:36
sobersabrewhy do people refer to the adjective in the release code names, instead of the nouns ?00:37
mary_choman, no it's web/dns/dhcp/postgresql server00:37
sobersabreI mean in ubuntu.00:37
sobersabreif we're talking about jaunty jackalope, why don't people say "install jackalope", and instead they say "install jaunty".00:37
sobersabre ?00:37
stperesobersabre: because  it's the non silly part of it? :)00:37
sobersabremystery to me...00:37
sobersabrestpere: I like Koala more than Karmic.00:38
mary_sobersabre, it's shorter and easier to spell00:38
chomanmary_: bummer.  no worries.00:38
fool_because that's what used in apt repo names00:38
chomanmary_: check back later I guess.  someone has to have one00:40
mary_choman, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=25600:41
mary_you could try there00:41
sobersabremary_: Koala is shorter....00:43
Ademanegh, i'm getting "udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured" then "cannot open /dev/mem" when trying to boot into my karmic beta install :-/00:43
mobi-sheepsobersabre: You can use koala instead of karmic!00:44
mary_sobersabre, yes but much easier to type than jackalope00:44
sobersabremobi-sheep: thanks!00:44
mary_sobersabre, most say karmic n e way00:44
mobi-sheepsobersabre: MAY EXPERIENCE BREAKAGE! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS! :)00:44
sobersabrethere's not jackalope can be written jl00:45
Ademansobersabre: yeah my karmic upgrade just broke *horribly*00:45
sobersabrehm "there's not" can be omitted.00:45
sobersabreAdeman: shall I cancel as of now ?00:45
mary_sobersabre, if you are keeping your home partition in tact then there is very little risk. worst case scenario is you have to reinstall jaunty00:45
Ademansobersabre: just be sure to back things up, then do whatever you want00:45
sobersabremary_: I thought such crashers were supposed to be resolved initially.00:46
mary_sobersabre, all ubuntu distro's could be abbreviated with 2 letters of that release... FF GG II JJ KK00:46
sobersabredo you guys have a "feature freeze" concept ?00:46
sobersabremary_: true :)00:46
mobi-sheepBatman and Mr.Freeze! Yes yes, we know them!00:46
mary_sobersabre, crashes are common with straight upgrades... I prefer fresh installs using same /home partition00:46
sobersabreor is the last minute changes are the ones that break the unbreakable ?00:46
mary_sobersabre, feature freeze doesn't mean stable :P00:47
sobersabremary_: I do have separate home, var, boot and even tmp.00:47
sobersabreI also have a separate /media/cdrom00:47
mary_you bragging or complaining?00:48
Ademanhow can i get text from my busybox shell to another computer for a bug report?... we need netcat... lol00:48
sobersabreanyways. I wonder what would be smaller d/l: the media or the upgrade ?00:48
mary_that wasn't an option... :P00:48
mary_upgrade from jaunty on one of my test vm's was 1.2 GB!00:49
sobersabreI have a list of 2176 packagesess.00:49
mary_but lots of packages upgraded as well00:49
sobersabreok. I am off.00:49
sobersabregood night.00:50
Cojimerohey I have an issue with the authentication00:51
Cojimeroon 9.10 beta00:52
Cojimeroany idea00:52
mary_Cojimero, an issue with the authentication isn't very specific....00:53
Cojimeroyeah when I try to change any setting ..It will pop up a window that asks for my password ... that process insn't working00:54
mary_Cojimero, so it pops up the window but doesn't take your password?00:55
Cojimeroyeah it take it as normal but does not update the system or apply any change00:56
mary_so it does take the password it just doesn't make the appropriate change?00:56
Cojimeroyeah you got it00:57
mary_my questions are a waste of time. I just have to ask them because your question isn't specific enough to let me figure it out...00:57
CojimeroI just installed it in my laptop for test it out00:57
Cojimerothank you00:58
mary_have you tried doing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade in the terminal to make sure you are up to date??00:58
Cojimerook thats the main reason I want to change the network setting so I can have internet connection00:59
Cojimeroyou see00:59
mary_Cojimero, did you try to set them statically in /etc/network/interface?00:59
Cojimeroopps no .. I'll try that one and I let you know01:00
Cojimerowhat do I have to put in there or how01:02
mary_Cojimero, please google...  http://tinyurl.com/ygtjanm01:04
mary_this is ubuntu+1 if you have normal ubuntu questions ask in ubuntu. when you hit a +1 issue feel free to ask here01:05
JesperHansenIs there a current issue with telepathy-butterfly crashing? I keep getting crash reports just by having Empathy idle01:05
shiznebitI have an issue with Skype and Pulse and my Usb mic in. How do i permanently set pulse to always use my USB MIC in upon system boot01:06
mary_JesperHansen, http://tinyurl.com/yhk9lum01:06
Ademanis it possible to do *anything* useful from ash? I don't have a working pager or text editor...01:06
mary_JesperHansen, google/bing == your friend it's easier to search than to ask and wait...01:07
* JesperHansen wonders which of the 15 bugs it might be here01:07
Ademaner, let me rephrase that, what can i do to diagnose and fix what's dropped me into ash01:07
Ademanmary_: do you know what grub entries i should have after a fresh install of karmic beta? I just noticed usplash in my initrd, i thought we dropped usplash in karmic (therefore i'm wondering if i've booted into the wrong kernel)01:09
Kajros1Anyone running Ubuntu netbook Remix having issues with videos on youtube and such to play?01:12
AdemanKajros1: no, but what sort of issues?01:13
Kajros1When playing videos I see white screen and hear the audio01:14
coz_Kajros1,  do you have all of the codecs installed?01:14
Kajros1Yeah got everything installed that I can think of01:15
AdemanKajros1: have you tried with desktop effects disabled?01:15
Ademani dunno if UNR actually has compiz but, if it does, try with just metacity01:15
coz_Kajros1,   try    in terminal  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:15
Ademanwow the new gdm login is kinda need01:16
Kajros1Restricted extras installed already01:16
Kajros1Desktop effects diabled01:16
coz_Kajros1,  mm  what applicatoin are you using to play videos?01:16
Ademanegh, my synaptics touchpad doesn't work in karmic :-/01:16
Kajros1no application just stuff like youtube and any video files on internet will not play but i hear audio01:17
AmaranthAdeman: you mean the tap to click?01:17
Seventoesi have my ubuntu box connected to another that is sharing it's internet connection via a crossover cable, which worked fine in 9.04, but it doesnt seem to be working in 9.10?01:17
coz_Kajros1,   mm  not sure then if the restricted extras are installed then flash is also installed as well01:17
AdemanAmaranth: no, just the touchpad doesn't work at all, worked fine in jaunty though, gonna have to hunt that problem down01:17
JesperHansenmary_, nothing really sems fitting. Doesn't seem critical however, so ignore on that01:18
Kajros1Yeah my same thought lol.  Flash installed and extra but videos still won't play and system is up to date01:18
BUGabundoboa noite. bed time01:19
CojimeroI got internet access thank you01:19
CojimeroI'm updating now01:19
Kajros1Going to try my luck with beta UNR 9.10 slowly downloading lol01:20
Ademanok, i managed to boot into one of my kernels, see you guys on the other computer01:20
coz_BUGabundo,   portuguese?01:20
BUGabundocoz_: yep01:20
Seventoesthe internet sharing still works when i switch back to 9.04, so i know it's not the cable01:20
BUGabundoglad to hear it Cojimero01:20
coz_BUGabundo,  very cool :)01:20
BUGabundocoz_: atao pq?01:20
coz_BUGabundo,  difficutlt language01:20
coz_BUGabundo,  no01:20
Cojimerosure I'm happy01:20
Cojimerothank you all you guys01:20
Ademanso what's my best bet for restoring my old /etc/{passwd,shadow,group} ?01:26
Ademanegh, so i did the "install over everything but /home" route, it sorta looks like it saved my old kernel images... am I crazy or is this true?01:29
virtualdAdeman: That would be the sane thing to do as you can't know if the new Kernel works with your hardware. Differences between versions are huge01:32
Ademanvirtuald: well, as sane as you make it sound, those kernels blew up horribly while booting, wheras vanilla karmic kernels seem to be working :-p01:33
virtualdIt probably will work but you'll have to try it01:33
virtualdI've never heard of that before :)01:35
Ademanhaha me neither :-p01:35
Ademanthe kernel images don't seem to be represented in apt though, which is midly annoying01:35
micahghas anyone had any issues with apt-pinning in Karmic?01:37
virtualdBut i guess if you made a new filesystem it's ext4 while kernels from a year or two ago don't have stable support for that01:37
Ademanvirtuald: well that's the whole thing, i was installing over an old ext3 partition01:39
Ademandunno why it did what it did honestly :-/01:40
Ademanjust trying to clean up after it at this point01:40
Ademanalso the timestamps on my "strange" kernel images are from over a month ago, suggesting that they're indeed my old kernels01:41
Seventoesanyone know what would cause a crossover cable connection to not work in 9.10? it works fine in 9.04 with the same config :-/01:42
AdemanSeventoes: do "normal" connections work?01:44
Seventoesthe computer im connecting to is sharing its internet connection, i'm trying to use this cable to get internet01:44
Seventoesso i havent tried normal connections.. i'd have to move the computer to another room, which is a pain01:45
Ademan:-/ well that's my only thought, is that more than just crossovers are borked, but i understand wanting to explore other, less annoying options first01:45
Seventoesis there a place where logs would be keept saying why it keeps failing connection?01:47
micahgSeventoes: syslog01:47
micahghas anyone had any issues with apt-pinning in Karmic?01:49
Seventoesahh had to turn off IP6, was timing out trying to get an IPv6 address01:50
Seventoesworks fine now :D01:50
Ademanmicahg: sorry, nope, what exactly is your issue though? maybe it'll stir someone's memory01:52
micahgI have a PPA pinned at 475, but it's upgrading to a PPA pinned at 45001:52
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* nemo sighs02:13
nemoI've been doing alsa force-reload like daily02:14
Ademanooh, i haven't tested sound yet...02:17
Ademanalso ergh, "display side by side versions" that synaptic does when it encounters conflicts, is utterly useless and retarded... also allowing diffs to be viewed with a user's preferred diff viewer would be nice too02:19
b1shopknow if it's possible to boot the cd into runlevel 3?02:20
Ademanis there a way to get the indicator applet to forget about empathy? i really don't like it...02:27
Barridushi all, anyone knowledgeable with how to force a 96x96 DPI in the new X11?02:34
Barridusis there a way to force 96x96 dpi display if i have no xorg.conf?02:53
DanaGWhy force 96, anyway?02:57
Barridusvideo is the wrong aspect ratio02:58
Barridusalso occurred in older ubuntus, fix was to force 96 dpi in xorg.conf (which doesn't seem to be relevant in 9.10)02:59
DanaGhmm, that's weird.03:00
virtualdDon't you use an incorrect resolution?03:00
DanaGEDID bug?  If so, you can file a report on that.03:01
Barridusresolution is set correctly, x11 just interprets it oddly i guess03:01
Bluey1amarok 2.2 wanks!03:01
Barridusfor instance, a 16:9 video shows up roughly square.  and changing the aspect in movie player doesn't work03:02
virtualdI agree with DanaG you should file a bug.03:02
kevstiles4Any advice on updating to 9.10 beta from 9.04 running in Parallels on a MacBook?03:02
Barridustyping "xrandr --dpi 96" fixes it until shutdown03:03
Barridusadding that line to startup apps prevents the system from logging in, oddly03:03
virtualdWorks around it rather03:03
kevstiles4I try to hit 'Alt - F2', but no update panel appears.03:03
virtualdkevstiles4: Run update-manager -d03:05
Barridushmm, what package should i specify when reporting this03:06
Barridusk, that's what i figured, just wanted to make sure before my report is instantly invalidated03:08
kevstiles4virtuald, do I type that in the terminal?03:08
Barriduscrud, i should reboot to go back to whatever settings xorg defaulted to03:09
DanaGBarridus: what does xorg log show?03:09
virtualdkevstiles4: Yes, or the run dialog03:09
evilaim God damnit03:14
kevstiles4Thanks virtuald!03:14
kevstiles4Chat with you later.03:15
OmnipotentEntitySince upgrading to 9.10 I've had some trouble with my sound.  It seems that oss works, but alsa and pulse do not.  Can anyone help?03:17
CShadowRunOk, i think i just won the award for the most compiz cubes ever.03:18
DelvienAnyone else having a problem with gnome-power-manger ?03:18
CShadowRunThat was fun, i was going for 36, but it wouldn't go above 20 for some reason, so i went with 16.03:18
mobi-sheepIs Deluge slugging for anybody else? ;o03:25
Delvienmobi-sheep use transmission :)03:28
Delvienmobi-sheep i always had issues with deluge, slow, slows down network etc03:28
jimpopDelvien, what's the issue with g-p-m?03:31
Delvienjimpop its not saving any settings, and keeping default, no matter how i set it. IE, my laptops screen will turn off after 10 minutes, even though i have it set to never03:33
Delvienjust trying to determine if others experience the same issue, before i report the bug03:33
jimpopDelvien, yep, it's a bit flaky still03:33
Delvienjimpop okie, wont report it yet, will just wait :)03:33
jimpopi gave up using the g-p-m preferences dialog and went straight to using gconf-editor to set the settings03:34
OmnipotentEntitySince upgrading to 9.10 I've had some trouble with my sound.  It seems that oss works, but alsa and pulse do not.  Can point me to any resources so I can help myself?03:34
Delvienjimpop, it uses the same thing though, gpm changes gconf settings03:34
jimpopDelvien, the problem with g-p-m is that issues drag on for years before being investigated/resolved03:34
Delvienjimpop thats too bad too03:35
jimpopDelvien, but my changes via gconf-editor do work, but changes via g-p-m prefs don't ;-)03:35
Delvienjimpop im also having a problem with changing LCD brightness, as linux, for whatever reason, doesnt recognize my LCD as an LCD and the FN buttons for brightness (only those fn buttons, the others work,) fail to do anything, nor does xev pick them up03:36
jimpopDelvien, i have, in the past, had 2 significant bugs with g-p-m, both took over a year each to even get a dev response03:36
Delvienjimpop which is funny, because my laptop is a 4 year old common laptop03:36
jimpopDelvien, for brightness you can add the brightness applet to your task bar (i have to do that for my AAO)03:36
Delvienjimpop doesnt work03:37
Delvienjimpop believe me, tried everything03:37
jimpopDelvien, my g-p-m issues were with legacy Thinkpad hardware03:37
jimpopwhat's the laptop make/model?03:37
Delvieneven echo -n /proc/acpi/video/vga/lcd/brightness, but those files dont exist on my laptop.03:37
DelvienHP dv100003:37
jimpopwow, HP stuff is usually well supported03:38
Delvienthe brightness file exists in /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/brightness, but in that file it stats <not supported>03:38
Delvienanother funny thing i saw is that in the other files in that tree, it says my monitor is a CRT03:38
jimpopyou might have to tweak xorg.conf to force it to the specs03:39
jimpop(and doing that is always a pain in the rear)03:39
Delvienjimpop, I know... i had to do it back in the breezy days :(03:41
secret901I've been having trouble getting the sound to work in Firefox.03:41
jimpopDelvien, did you see this thread about using xgamma for brightness: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67394603:41
secret901Is this a known problem in Karmic?03:41
Delvienjimpop, xgamma is not brightness03:41
jimpop(i know you said you did look into the issue quite well)03:41
jimpopDelvien, but xgamma enough and you can affect brightness ;-)03:41
secret901I installed Karmic and got the sound working in every application, but not when playing youtube videos on Firefox.03:42
Delvienjimpop, if i want to not be able to read or see anything on the screen, yeah03:42
jimpopsecret901, i haven't see that yet03:43
secret901jimpop: is the sound system in 9.10 different from the other releases?03:43
jimpopoh yeah03:43
jimpopquite different03:43
secret901jimpop: is it on a per-application basis?03:44
bjsniderit's still alsa/pulse\03:44
bjsnidernewer versions of alsa and pulse03:44
jimpopthere are those here who will say that PulseAudio has been around for a while... but it has never been around this much ;-)03:44
secret901I tried playing youtube videos in Firefox, but all I get is silence.03:44
secret901Anyone know what I can do to get sound in Firefox?03:45
jimpopsecret901, have you looked at .xsession-errors or FF Error log ?03:46
secret901jimpop: no, how do I do that?03:46
Barridussubmitted my first bug report, i sure hope it isn't invalidated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/45782103:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457821 in xorg "Acer AspireOne xorg defaults to 58x135 dpi instead of 96x96 so video playback aspect ratio (avi, etc) is incorrect" [Undecided,New]03:46
ablysshi everyone03:46
secret901when I play a Youtube video and open the sound preferences window, the applications tab flickrs with ALSA plugin [firefox]03:47
jimpopBarridus, i'm betting that bug will be denied/dismissed as unsupported hardware03:47
Delvienjimpop, plus... isnt xorg in karmic and anything past gutsy persistent03:47
jimpopDelvien, it should be, but if xorg can't handle something then it can be forced via xorg.conf03:47
* jimpop wonders where all the Karmic experts are tonight....03:48
Barriduswhere is the blacklist file now?03:48
secret901jimpop: what should I look for in .xsession-errors?03:48
Delvienjimpop, "Monitor" Identifier "configured monitor" boy.. its as clear as mud03:48
jimpopBarridus, dunno, but my AAO issues with psb were modded down03:48
jimpopsecret901, recent errors related to pulse/alsa/ff/flash03:49
jimpopDelvien, ;-)03:49
secret901jimpop: I only got some error about "(gnome-volume-control:4334): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_adjustment_set_value: assertion `GTK_IS_ADJUSTMENT (adjustment)' failed"03:50
jimpopsecret901, you can ignore that03:50
jimpopBarridus, is the Poulsbo Chipset used in the AAO 751 that i have03:51
jimpopPoulsbo (Intel) is a pretty popular chipset for netbooks03:51
secret901jimpop: I only have a sound problem with Firefox...most other applications I've tested worked fine03:51
Barridusanyone know where the blacklist config file is at these days03:52
jimpopsecret901, i would try disabling all other plugins in FF, then delete the flash cache (.macromedia/* and .adobe/Flash*)03:52
jimpopsecret901, then restart FF and try youtube again03:52
jimpopBarridus, for modules?03:52
Barridusjimpop, exactly.  having a brain fart atm03:53
jimpopBarridus, /etc/modprobe.d/03:53
jimpopBarridus, if you create a new file in that dir, then it must end in .conf to be loaded03:53
georgyHello, ya'll. Does anyone know what the mp3/movie/etc etc codec package is called on 9.10?03:54
Barridusyeah, thanks03:54
Barridusi was looking in init.d >_>03:54
webbb82 i am triing to download a bunch of wallpaper at once doing this http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/10/linux-download-hundreds-of-wallpapers.html03:54
webbb82but after doig all thaT i just get a blinkin curser03:55
georgythat's pretty cool webbb03:55
xrandranyone know any good eGroupware software suites for linux?03:55
rahearnis there anything special i have to do to get my laptop's internal microphone to work?  I have a dell xps m1330,  dual booted with windows and i know the microphone works on that side03:55
xrandrrahearn: no, not really. Open up the sound mixer and make sure that the mic isn't muted03:55
OmnipotentEntitySince upgrading to 9.10 I've had some trouble with my sound.  It seems that oss works, but alsa and pulse do not.  Can point me to any resources so I can help myself?03:55
secret901jimpop: still not working03:56
georgysucks about the cursor :\03:56
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: oss not good enough? :)03:56
rahearnunder the input tab i ahve input volume cranked all the way up03:56
jimpopsecret901, where did you get Flash from?03:56
rahearnstill nothing03:56
OmnipotentEntityxrandr, it's fine, if everything didn't try to play to pulse audio or alsa.03:56
secret901jimpop: probably from Adobe03:56
xrandrrahearn: what volume control app are u using?03:56
secret901jimpop: I haven't updated this system in a while03:56
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: download xine, and gstreamer03:57
jimpopwebbb82, try "wget -r ftp://ftp.gnome.org:/pub/GNOME/teams/art.gnome.org/backgrounds/"03:57
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: usually, that makes things work :)03:57
jimpopsecret901, is it even Karmic?03:57
rahearnxrandr: just right clicked on the volume control applet and selected sound preferences03:57
OmnipotentEntityxrandr, already installed.  Should I attempt to reinstall?03:57
secret901jimpop: yes, I just upgraded it to 9.10 from 9.0403:57
georgyHello, ya'll. Does anyone know what the mp3/movie/etc etc codec package is called on 9.10?03:57
xrandrrahearn: u in gnome or kde?03:57
secret901jimpop: the audio was working in 9.0403:57
webbb82jimpop, how will i know if they are downloadin03:57
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: that's odd. What sound card?03:57
jimpopwebbb82, wget will be quite chatty in the console window03:58
OmnipotentEntity00:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller (rev a2)03:58
rahearninstalled karmic fresh from an alternate beta cd03:58
xrandrrahearn: ok,  do u have a settings menu option?03:58
bjsniderif you want flash on x64, download the plugin from adobe, unpack it abd put libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins03:58
xrandrrahearn: im in KDE right now..03:58
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: ok, check nVidia's website03:58
jimpopsecret901, try removing flash via Synaptic, then searching the file system for any old flash plugin03:59
webbb82jimpop, thanks alot03:59
OmnipotentEntityxrandr, what am I looking for?03:59
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: drivers :)03:59
OmnipotentEntitybut I already have the drivers installed?03:59
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: the ones that came with ubuntu, or the ones from nVidia?03:59
rahearnxrandr: no menu bar in the preferences window,  i have a tab for sound effects, hardware, input, output, and applications04:00
jimpopgeorgy, codec for ?04:00
OmnipotentEntityI was unaware that nvidia released motherboard drivers for linux.04:00
georgymp3 playing and all the movie codecs04:00
bjsnidernvidia didn't. others did04:00
evilaimWeird question, in compiz animations, what is the 'type' I use for 'restore'ing windows?04:00
evilaimI want to set beam up just for that...04:00
xrandrrahearn: ok, under input, do u have a mic input?04:00
evilaimburn for down, beam up for up:)04:00
secret901jimpop: I didn't install flash from Synaptic04:01
jimpopgeorgy, there are various ones.  Use Synaptic and search for gstreamer and look at the good/bad/ugly plugins04:01
evilaimsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:01
OmnipotentEntitybjsnider, was that directed towards me?04:01
georgyOh, I see04:01
secret901jimpop: I see something called "flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound".  Is that something I should try installing?04:01
bjsniderOmnipotentEntity, yuh04:01
georgyThank you jimpop!04:01
jimpopsecret901, you will need to manually pick through the file system /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins ,etc and remove all older versions.04:01
jimpopsecret901, i recommend that you add the Canonical Partner source (3rd Party tab) and use the flash that is provided there04:02
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: sorry aboyt that. i could have sworn i saw audio drivers on their site hte last time i was there looking for my graphics driver.04:02
rahearnxrandr under input, there the volume slider and mute checkbox, a input level display that doesn't seem to do anytyhing, a "Connector" drop down with Microphone 1 and Microphone 2 as options, and a Choose a device for sound input box with only one option "Internal Audio Analog Stereo"   i've tried recording with both Mic 1 and Mic 2 selected from the connector drop down04:02
xrandrrahearn: that's odd then04:02
xrandrrahearn: it should recognize one or the other04:03
webbb82i know chromium is available to linux but did google put out a official one    or is chromium the officail one04:03
rahearnxrandr: ok, well i'll try filing a bug and see if anything can come of it04:04
xrandrrahearn: tried googling?04:04
secret901jimpop: how do I add that source?04:04
jimpopsecret901, System -> Admin -> Software Sources04:04
xrandrOmnipotentEntity: the only other option i can think of is go into Synaptic and search for all the alsa stuff...and install it04:05
secret901jimpop: I see a flashplugin-installer and a flashplugin-nonfree package.  Which one should I install?04:08
jimpopsecret901, neither.  you want adobe-flashplugin04:09
OmnipotentEntityyou may have to update-alternatives --config xulrunner-flashplugin to get firefox to use it04:09
OmnipotentEntityjimpop, it's actually called flashplugin-nonfree now. :)04:10
jimpopOmnipotentEntity, is flashplugin-nonfree the same as the Canonical Partner version called adobe-flashplugin?04:10
secret901jimpop: anyways, it worked04:11
jimpopwhat source provides flashplugin-nonfree04:11
secret901jimpop: thanks04:11
Qrawlis there any advantage to doing a reformat/fresh install of Karmic vs an upgrade04:11
OmnipotentEntityjimpop, flashplugin-nonfree downloads and installs the adobe installer04:11
secret901jimpop: flashplugin-nonfree is a transitional package, you should install flashplugin-installer04:11
OmnipotentEntitysecret901, sorry about that, that's true it is a transitional package.04:12
jimpopOmnipotentEntity, adobe-flashplugin doesn't d/l anything... it's a formal pkg provided by Canonical04:12
jimpopagain, adobe-flashplugin is in the Canonical provided "Partner" source04:13
secret901jimpop: I had Flash 10r19 installed.  The newest version is 10r3204:13
OmnipotentEntityI see, is there any advantage to using the partner source over the source in multiverse?04:13
secret901jimpop: anyhow, that solved my problem.  Thanks for your help.04:13
georgythere are a zillion gstreamers o.o04:14
jimpopsecret901, glad it's working for you now04:14
jimpopOmnipotentEntity, the only thing i can think of is that the partner version might be more stable...but that is just my thought04:14
oldude67hey i got my flash drive to work...yeah im kicking butt now..lmfao04:15
=== Whitor_ is now known as Whitor
webbb82what would the command be to uninstall chromium and install chrome04:18
secret901The release schedule says that the Release candidate comes out on October 22.  Historically, what time is it usually released?04:19
leaf-sheepsecret901: October 3204:22
secret901I mean what time during the day?04:22
jimpopTechnicaly speaking... October 32nd would be November 1st, right?04:23
jimpopsecret901, there really is no telling..04:23
leaf-sheepsecret901: Whenever when it get released, it get released. Waiting 6 hours won't hurt.04:23
thiebaudeoct 2904:24
rob0oct 31 is dec 2504:26
rob0because in octal, (3x8)+1 is 25 in decimal04:28
perlsyntaxdoes anyoneDoes anyone know bout when the releasecandidate come out?04:39
perlsyntaxfor 9.1004:39
perlsyntaxi thought come out 22?04:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about date04:40
perlsyntaxyes virtuald04:41
perlsyntaxoct 22 was the deadline04:41
virtualdWell the beta was out the day after in most time zones04:42
virtualdIf I remember correctly04:43
virtualdBut you can use todays dayly image, it's not going to be much different04:44
leaf-sheepperlsyntax: October 22, 2009.04:46
perlsyntaxreally where04:46
perlsyntaxit have pyhon 2.6.4 in it?04:46
maurer_Any idea why gtk-config is unavailable in karmic?04:46
FFForever2i broke ubuntu :(04:47
leaf-sheep!info python karmic | perlsyntax04:47
ubottuperlsyntax: python (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.6.4~rc1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 138 kB, installed size 624 kB04:47
FFForever2anyone want to double check something?04:48
FFForever2(make sure its not just me...)04:48
vangorraHey all. I'm running karmic. When I login, trackerd is eating all my disk IO it takes minutes to login. Any ideas?04:49
FFForever2open an archive with archive manager and then drag a file/folder into a nautilus window04:49
FFForever2vangorra, i don't have that issue, are you fully updated04:50
vangorraFFForever2, Updating now. I'll do that and try again. thanks04:51
FFForever2vangorra, want to test my bug?04:52
vangorrasure.. what is it?04:52
FFForever2open an archive with archive manager and then drag a file/folder into a nautilus window04:52
FFForever2nautilus crashes for me =\04:52
durtvangorra, updating isn't going to do anything about trackerd, either just wait for it to complete or remove the package04:53
vangorradurt, ok, I figure its updating something in the database. but I'll update to be sure.04:53
vangorraFFForever2, testing...04:53
vangorraFFForever2, it didn't crash on me, but it did extract the whole darn archive into the dir where I dropped the file04:55
FFForever2vangorra, hmmm it crashes for me :(04:55
vangorrakill nautilus and run it in debug mode, then try to drag drop.04:55
vangorraI'm doing that for tracker now04:56
FFForever2how do i run it in debug mode?04:56
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
vangorraFFForever2, in looking at its man page, its not there any more. (I haven't looked since Eazel days).04:58
vangorrasorry about that04:58
FFForever2Launching nautilus from the terminal didn't crash but if i logout and log back in it worked =\04:58
vangorrathat is weird04:58
Xgatesfor anyone else, when you start or reboot Ubuntu, do you get console messages, then the Ubuntu splash screen?04:58
FFForever2Xgates, not me04:58
XgatesI thought they would of had the boot up and reboot process with the Splash working nice by now and no more console messages spewing across the screen04:58
jimpopXgates, not me.  what sort of console msgs?04:59
vangorraXgates, not me either.04:59
edgyHi, kubuntu is very slow I need ehlp debugging the problem04:59
FFForever2Xgates, i get no console messages, but i think if something fails usplash defaults to showing console stuff04:59
Xgateswell this happens for me so far on two computers I've tested karmic on, one, a macbook pro and the other an older Dell Optiplex04:59
edgyX is almost 100%04:59
vangorraBoot splash is working well, but after its booted, I can't use ctrl-alt-f104:59
jimpopcertain drivers will spew messages to console at boot time...05:00
Xgatesyeah but the thing is, running a Splash screen on top of the console with it running in the background is nothing new, people have been doing it in distros for years now and anything going on stays hidden in the back, but with Ubuntu it's getting spitted out, makes the bootup process look like a mess05:00
jimpopXgates, what were/are the msgs?05:01
Xgatesthat's the whole point of the Splash screen, not to see what's going on at the console...05:01
jimpopnot really05:01
virtualdXgates: Update, reboot, if it's still there file a bug against the package05:01
jimpopthe splash screen is to hide the known and obvious05:01
Xgatesright at bootup, just after grub kicks the kernel to loading, and right when I log out of Gnome and reboot05:02
jimpopXgates, (for the 3rd time) what msgs appear?05:02
Xgatesupdate reboot? what --> update-grub?05:02
Xgatesjimpop: I have no idea what message, going by to fast05:02
jimpopXgates, k05:03
Xgatesbut I can keep rebooting till I get a idea then check dmesg05:03
jimpopXgates, are there a lot or just a few msgs?05:03
XgatesI'd say it's like 3-4 on bootup and reboot05:03
Xgatesbut again it shouldn't matter what it is or how many, again the point of the Splash screen is to make the bootup process look clean for people that aren't into looking at the Console booting05:04
XgatesI've already filed a bug report a few weeks ago on this and no word yet05:05
jimpopXgates, the entire "goal" of splash is to mask the boot seq, but that doesn't mean that all msgs should or will be suppressed05:05
XgatesI'd figure as much as into detail Ubuntu seems people would have cleaned this up by now05:05
Xgatesjimpop: well off the top of my head, one distro I know that seems to have this down at keeping everything in the background is Suse05:06
jimpopXgates, well, it may not be an Ubuntu issue05:06
jimpopit could be an upstream or a driver issue05:06
jimpopXgates, can you speak authoritively on that for all known hardware+drivers across the spectrum?05:06
XgatesWell I think it is as far as keeping things suppressed because when distros started adding a splash screen on top of the console it gave everyone the impression that this was there for the newbies who didn't care, or want to see what was going on and just give it a clean look at bootup05:07
jimpopXgates, there is no way to prevent something (an app, a driver, etc) from writing to console.  You can't turn console off05:07
Xgatesso when this Splash thing took flight many years back I was there when all this happened and I've hardly ever seen a distro spit out messages then bring up the splash05:08
jimpopXgates, it's not a distro issue... it's a hardware + driver issue05:08
Xgatesjimpop: no one said you turn off anything or suppress messages from appearing off course the console bootup process is going on, but the whole point again of the Splash is so you don't have to see it, otherwise no point in making a splash....05:09
jimpopbut that is impossible if something *wants* to report to the screen05:09
Xgateswell then maybe Ubuntu needs to talk to Suse to see how they are managing to make it happen, BEHIND the splash doing the reporting05:10
Xgatesmy understanding is you can have it report behind the splash....05:10
XgatesIn fact I've seen it personally on Suse do just that05:10
Xgatesso I know it's possible05:11
jimpopi've seen Suse NOT do that05:11
jimpopit's hardware+driver specific05:11
Jordan_Ujimpop: A splash screen can prevent anything from writing to the screen unless something actually switches ttys05:11
jimpopno it can't05:11
Xgatesthis isn't a distro thing it's a KERNEL thing, I'm just saying that the Suse team may of figured a way to keep console messages behind the splash reporting things going on05:11
RotundMy wife has an ALC861 sound card.  Alsamixer sees it no problem.  Pulseaudio is using the null driver as it doesn't see it05:12
jimpopat boot time (uid=0) anything can write to any console/tty05:12
Jordan_Ujimpop: Yes, before the splash screen starts, I thought this was about after05:12
Jordan_UMaybe I misunderstood05:12
jimpopJordan_U, Xgates issue is during usplash05:12
XgatesActually I've seen this in Zenwalk too...05:12
jimpopXgates, you are going to have to figure out *what* is writting to the screen in order to be able to help dev fix it05:13
Jordan_Ujimpop: If usplash is running why would anything be able to write to the framebuffer other than usplash?05:13
jimpopbecause uid 0 can write anywhere, anytime05:14
jimpopand modules are loaded by root (uid 0)05:14
Jordan_Ujimpop: Then why is kernel mode setting needed for the kernel to show an error when X is running?05:14
jimpopJordan_U, not following you05:15
jimpopwhat kernel mode setting?05:15
Xgatesjimpop: like I said, I've run other distros where nothing shows up, you just boot lilo or grub, get a splash screen and that's it, I've seen this going on for many years on several distros, we're not talking about something that was just created, this is been working  many years in Linux, but not Ubuntu for some reason, UNLESS the dev team is still working on....05:15
jimpopXgates, I have too, but it's not universal and depends heavily on drivers and hardware (i've said that 4 times no)05:16
Jordan_Ujimpop: I'm sorry but you don't know what you are talking about.05:16
jimpopok, whatever then05:17
Xgateswell as I'm saying, this has nothing to do with what you're using for hardware, we just talking about keeping messages behind the splash is all....05:18
jimpopthis whole issue is analogous to having Firefox running in full screen mode and declaring that nothing else should be popping up or writing on the display.... it's just not techincally possible without severly limiting the kernel and OS05:18
Jordan_Ujimpop: Why doesn't a kernel oops write a usefull message to the screen when X is running, even though the kernel developers want to?05:20
i_is_brokethis might not be the right channel, but if not excuse me, and tell me so, but im trying to install slack into a virtualbox on my karmic box, anyone else have problems with installing another linux distro in vbox?05:20
jimpopJordan_U, because the kernel doesn't understand X05:20
Jordan_Ujimpop: Why is the ability to do exactly that one of the lauded benefits of kernel mode setting?05:20
XgatesAm I being clear here or not? Let me say it this way... Let the messages appear on the console, errors or just the normal bootup messages, OK? We're not talking about suppressing anything for not working as it normally should, WHAT we are talking about is TAKING a Splash screen and just covering everything up, ok got it?05:20
Xgates :)05:20
XgatesTHEN if you want to see what is going on, you typically hit an F key to watch the console if you don't want to see the splash... :)05:21
jimpopyes, but you are mistaking the screen on F7 for the console boot screen05:21
XgatesF7 what are you talking about?05:22
jimpopvirt console05:22
jimpopdisplay :005:22
Xgatesjimpop: have you used alot of other distros?05:22
Jordan_UXgates: X is usually started on tty7, which you can get to with ctrl+alt+F705:23
XgatesWell I'm just talking about the bootup console I call it, I don't know what tty it is on05:23
XgatesX has to be started to somewhere along the lines of this bootup process and it isn't started in the beginning either, X usually falls somewhere down towards the bottom of the boot process05:24
Xgatesstarted too somewhere...05:24
jimpopso before X starts there are how many consoles?  (output displays)05:24
jimpopi'll answer:  105:25
jimpopand if anything writes to stdout... guess where it goes05:25
Jordan_Ujimpop: You can chvt long before X starts05:25
jimpopthere is no way to redirect stdout for a determined module05:25
Xgatesit's written across the console05:25
jimpopJordan_U, but not during the boot seq05:26
Xgateswe all understand we are talking about messages written across the console?05:26
Jordan_Ujimpop: Yes during the boot sequence, try it05:26
jimpopJordan_U, to be clear.. the kernel booting up... not init seq05:26
Jordan_Ujimpop: Usplash is started by init. So again, are you talking about *before* usplash starts or after it has started?05:27
jimpopJordan_U, i get usplash and xsplash mixed up... the one that display just the small Ubuntu logo05:28
Jordan_Ujimpop: That's usplash, and it's still implemented in user space05:28
jimpopwhen usplash is staring, if you add an invalid module option, that module will complain on the boot screen (on top of usplash)05:29
jimpopobviously you would have to have already added the invalid module option in /etc/modprobe.d/blah05:30
XgatesWell I'm talking before it starts, like it's lagging and should be starting sooner so that everything going on in the console gets covered by it, but it's not05:30
Jordan_UXgates: Do you have "quiet" as a kernel parameter?05:31
XgatesOH also I"m not just talking about error problems either, sometimes, all though much rare, I'll see some of the boot process going and the splash popups and starts to cover the console05:31
XgatesJordan_U: well last time I checked it's there by default05:31
Jordan_UXgates: It is05:31
Xgatesso summarized, I'm just saying the Splash isn't starting fast enough, it's allowing the console to be shown first spewing it's stuff out then the Splash comes in late and covers it05:32
jimpopXgates, in that "late" time, does the console flicker or change reso?05:33
virtualdAs far as I know usplash is only started when asking for luks password or running fsck in karmic, to not slow down the boot process.05:34
jimpopvirtuald, do you mean "not started"?05:34
Jordan_Uvirtuald: I thought that was the idea too, but I still see usplash for a few seconds before xsplash starts05:35
virtualdjimpop: No05:35
jimpopso how does one enter luks pw with usplash running?05:36
jimpopusplash is the graphical ubuntu logo on the boot screen before xsplash kicks in05:37
virtualdThe prompt is under the logo05:37
Jordan_Ujimpop: usplash can prompt the user, for instance when there is a scheduled fsck it gives the option to skip it05:37
jimpopwhat Xgates is seeing is that there is a delay before usplash starts, during which a lot of kernel msgs leak by05:37
Xgatesno flicker or anything05:38
i_is_brokeugh, i just was looking into arch linux and man thats a mess..lol think ill stick with karmic..lol05:38
Xgatesthat's the word ----> DELAY05:38
Xgatesyep that Splash has been on a delay since Karmic started, heheh05:38
jimpopXgates, have you tried purging usplash and re-installing it?05:39
virtualdXgates: Is it the white ubuntu logo on black background?05:40
jimpopvirtuald, earlier he/she said that it was05:43
Xgatesyeah the white logo black background05:43
Xgatespurging usplash?05:43
jimpopXgates, "sudo dpkg --purge usplash"05:43
XgatesHmm apt-get remove --purge05:43
jimpopsame thing05:44
Xgateswell I'll give it a shot05:44
Jordan_UXgates: I haven't tried this but adding something like "boot_delay=5000" as a kernel parameter might delay the messages untill usplash has started05:44
rahearnfyi for anyone still here from when i had internal mic problems on my dell laptop.  the workaround Luis states in this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/449781 using alsamixer to set the mic to digital instead of analog in worked for me05:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449781 in linux "[Karmic] Internal microphone does not record sound on a Dell Studio XPS" [High,Fix released]05:47
XgatesJordan_U: where would you add this delay at in /etc/grud.d?05:48
jimpoprahearn, thx.  I bookmarked that to test tomorrow05:48
Jordan_UXgates: /etc/default/grub05:49
Jordan_UXgates: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash boot_delay=5000"05:50
Xgatesok brb, going to try this05:51
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Shakti418 does anyone here have experience with the beta of Koala on fakeraid, I'm having troubles with the grub2 part of the install, it's failing.  google searches are turning up old documents and not a sniff of a howto05:52
NewbieLInux101is there any problem is u update your ubuntu to 9.10?05:53
NewbieLInux101if u05:53
Jordan_UShakti418: What is the error from grub, and what device are you passing to grub-install ( either manually or from the "advanced" menu in the installer ) ?05:53
Jordan_U!karmic | NewbieLInux10105:53
ubottuNewbieLInux101: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is BETA and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:53
c4ptdoes anyone know of a good gui firewall application of ubuntu to configure ipfw on the fly?05:54
Shakti418using advanced, I'm pointing it at the /dev/mapper/nvidia_.... partition (not MBS)05:54
c4ptapplication of = application for05:54
Xgatesok that was an improvement, I didn't see anything at the beginning or at the reboot, BUT when Usplash disappears and the Ubuntu logo appears with the spotlight, just after Usplash goes away, at that point something spits by the screen really fast then the logo with the lights appears05:54
Xgatesyeah this thing just needs cleaning up is all05:54
Jordan_UShakti418: You shouldn't install to a partition, GRUB2 can do it, but just like with grub legacy it's prone to fail later05:55
Xgatesthe boot process and the splash screens is just not smooth and clean05:55
Shakti418err msg: unable to install05:55
Jordan_UShakti418: GRUB2 won't let you do it without forcing IIRC, why not install to the MBR?05:56
Shakti418Jordan_U: I'm quite happy with my current boot manager and would rather hold on to it.  I didn't have much trouble with grub05:56
Xgatesoh speaking of Grub and installing it, I've been running Grub off my / root partition just fine, but I thought I'd install it to the MBR, how do you install Grub2 to the mbr?05:56
Jordan_UShakti418: You can install grub legacy in karmic05:56
Shakti418Jordan_U: yes, I could.. I guess I really need to read up on what, if any, benefits there are between grub & grub2 before I just blindly assume it's better.. but it's the age old case of "oooh, shiney! New!" lust ;)05:57
Jordan_UXgates: If your drive is /dev/sda then "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"05:57
evilaimOk, I feel like a tard, but I want to see this, if I dual boot windows 7, I have to reinstall grub...05:57
evilaimbut I'm using grub 2...05:57
evilaimbut does that matter if the live cd I use is karma?05:58
Jordan_UShakti418: You can install GRUB2 to a partition by passing "--force" to grub-install05:58
Shakti418Jordan: is there a howto or discussion forum on this?  I'm not finding much in my searches06:00
XgatesJordan_U: grub.cfg has --> set root=(hd0,2)06:00
Jordan_Uevilaim: Yes, if you want to restore grub legacy after windows from a karmic LiveCD you will need to install GRUB legacy in the liveCD first, if you want to restore GRUB2 to the mbr from an old LiveCD you will need to install GRUB2 on the liveCD first06:00
XgatesI did sudo grub-install /dev/sda then update-grub, but (hd0,2) isn't /dev/sda06:00
XgatesI thought that's suppose to be set root=(hd0)06:01
Jordan_UXgates: root is your /boot partition06:01
Xgatesoh ok06:01
Xgateshow do we know that grub installed ok to the MBR, just from the msg it gives after running grub-install is all?06:02
evilaimWait wait06:02
evilaimhow do I install something on a cd?06:02
evilaimcd is a read only once it's finished...06:02
Jordan_UShakti418: For the raid part: http://grub.enbug.org/LVMandRAID06:02
evilaimfrig it06:03
evilaimI'mma virtual box it06:03
evilaimI don't think I can risk screwing this system atm.06:03
Xgatesok bbl06:03
Xgatesthanks guys06:03
evilaimthere are so many mods on it now...06:03
Shakti418Jordan: ain't using lvm, using dmraid06:04
Jordan_UShakti418: Embedding in MBR vs bios partition vs GPT partition: http://grub.enbug.org/BIOS_Boot_Partition06:04
Jordan_UShakti418: GRUB ( 1 and 2 ) need to use blocklists if you install to the beggining of an msdos style partition06:07
Shakti418Jordan: yeap, was just reading that.06:07
Shakti418Jordan_U: guess it makes a good argument not to keep resizing your partitions ;)06:08
rabidweezleokay, my system only boots correctly every other time, and when I'm booting I see it complaining about /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 not mounting or something,06:08
rabidweezleit boots to a black screen06:08
Jordan_Urabidweezle: Did you enable encrypted /home during install?06:08
Jordan_Urabidweezle: Try commenting out your swap partition in /etc/fstab. Whether that lets you boot or not please file a bug report06:11
* rabidweezle nods06:11
rabidweezleit's commented out06:12
rabidweezlecan I pastebin the file?06:12
Jordan_Urabidweezle: yes06:12
Jordan_Urabidweezle: The last line is you actual swap partition ( when you enable encrypted home it also encrypts swap so that your files are never written unencrypted to disk )06:15
rabidweezlecomment out /dev/mapper line then?06:15
Jordan_Urabidweezle: Yes06:15
* rabidweezle comments it06:15
rabidweezlebrb, test booting06:16
KajrosAnyone currently running Ubuntu Netbook remix 9.10?06:18
JohnTeddyWhen is the release date?06:21
evilaimoctober 29th is schedualed release06:23
evilaimeven tho you left, I thought maybe you'd get the message06:23
rabidweezle_wow, no06:24
rabidweezle_that bricked it06:24
=== rabidweezle_ is now known as RabidWeezle
RabidWeezlethat mad it almost unfixable, even the reconvery console was fragged06:25
Jordan_URabidWeezle: Sorry06:25
RabidWeezleit's okay, luckily, ctrl+alt+f2 worked06:25
KajrosI'm still trying to get UNR 9.10 beta to run off my usb but not working lol.06:26
RabidWeezleI hope these swap issues aren't going to ship on the release06:27
* RabidWeezle hits up launchpad06:27
leaf-sheepKajros: You don't know how? :(06:27
leaf-sheepOh you want to run it off.... Hmm.06:28
KajrosI know how it just won't boot up06:28
leaf-sheep!usb | Kajros06:28
ubottuKajros: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:28
Jordan_UKajros: WHat happens when you try to boot?06:28
KajrosWell loads up then screen is black with mouse pointer on it thats it..06:29
KajrosUNR 9.04 is running great right now no issues at all.06:29
georgyI got some questions about pidgin.. when you press X it actually closes the program when it's supposed to minimize it also it doesn't go in the notification area either o.o?06:29
KajrosI use unetbootin to make all my live USBs06:30
macogeorgy: prese the minimize button?06:30
RabidWeezleJordan_U, the splash screen starts up (usplash on ubuntu-studio), it starts scrolling about issues mounting /dev/cryptswap/whatever then sometimes it boots, sometimes it goes blackscreen06:30
macogeorgy: *press06:30
georgyX = minimize not close06:30
macogeorgy: X = close. minimize = minimize. and i think it defaults to hiding for minimize06:31
leaf-sheepmaco: You're a genius! X means close! -- mean minimize. >_>06:31
georgywhen you X it, it should go to the system notify area by the wifi icon/speaker icon etc06:31
RabidWeezlesometimes it boots fine aswell06:31
georgynever in pidgin has X = close program06:31
leaf-sheepgeorgy: Change the preferences.06:31
Jordan_Ugeorgy: That's actually considered a bad default06:31
leaf-sheepgeorgy: I'm guessing you applies your old ~/.purple06:32
macogeorgy: i thought they fixed X=minimized...06:32
Jordan_Ugeorgy: It confuses new users who expect applications to close when you close them06:32
macogeorgy: what youre saying sounds like they fixed it06:32
georgyI see06:32
georgyoh >_>06:32
georgyit also doesn't have a notification icon like it used to06:32
georgyI don't see any modification for that in the prefs06:33
macogeorgy: use the message indicator applet06:33
georgyooh ^_^06:33
macogeorgy: apps arent supposed to just "hang out" in the notification area either ;)06:33
georgywell, im not sure if that's the correct term06:33
georgylike the right upper corner of your screen06:33
georgyis where it used to "hang out"06:34
evilaimwhich uses less resources, virtual box or vmware06:35
georgyvmware uses what you tell it to use06:35
georgyi never used virtual box06:35
kosharigeorgy vbox is the same06:36
koshariexcept for cpu poad06:36
georgyo i see06:36
jemarkkoshari, vbox is higher cpu load?06:36
evilaimWell, can I have a dedicated core out of my dual core set for vb?06:36
georgyhow do i get to this message indicator applet?06:36
RabidWeezlewhat would be the package name to the crypt system?06:37
RabidWeezleso I can file this bug :/06:37
kosharijemark dunno, my host hardly uses many cycles at all, its the guest that uses the cycles.06:37
kosharijemark besides its not able to use both procs so it can hammer one of the cores and the system still reponds ok06:38
leaf-sheepRabidWeezle: crypt system?  Full system encryption or you're using that ecrypt thing?06:40
RabidWeezlenevermind, I got it06:40
RabidWeezlejust doing it through launchpad instead of that other app06:40
RabidWeezlesince it's a bootup bug06:40
georgyhow do i get to this message indicator applet? o.006:41
leaf-sheepgeorgy: Look for Mail icon on the top-right corner of the panel where the notification areas can be seen working the street06:44
georgyyeah, i use gnome-shell06:44
georgynot normal gnome06:45
ArkoldThossomeone have google wave invitation for me :>?06:45
georgyleaf-sheep: you mad? lol.06:46
leaf-sheepgeorgy: No. Why would I be? ^_^06:46
v3traegood evening fellas =)06:47
RabidWeezleleaf-sheep, what's the name of the package of the full system hard drive crypt?06:47
leaf-sheepRabidWeezle: cryptsetup06:47
evilaimSo, what's up?06:48
v3traeSo, having trouble getting dual monitors to work. Works fine until X is restarted, then it reverts to the 1 monitor setup.06:49
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
v3traedont suppose anyone has any ideas06:50
v3traei think i just figured it out and i'm an idiot. Been far too long xD06:52
testi_Will RC1 arrive today?06:54
leaf-sheeptesti_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule06:54
testi_Remarkable response time :)06:56
RabidWeezlehas anyone been able to get nvidia's drivers to compile?06:56
alankilaI generally do that via dkms with no problems for ages.06:56
leaf-sheeptesti_: Hi! I'm ubottu's favorite pet sheep, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:57
rabidweezleso is there a way to... take off the encryption now since it's on?07:24
zmjjmzanyone using 9.10 on a dell mini 9?07:26
rabidweezleno, but what problem are you having?07:26
zmjjmzsuspend doesn't work07:26
rabidweezlereport a bug to launchpad for it07:27
zmjjmzit doesn't even get to suspend07:27
zmjjmzit just hangs with the backlight on and the LED in normal07:27
zmjjmzI've done so already07:28
zmjjmznothing's been fixed07:28
zmjjmzI'm installing new updates now though07:28
rabidweezlebrb, rebooting, pray for me07:31
timboyI upgraded to +1 64-bit and postgresql isn't working :|07:31
timboyI've tried uninstalling both postgresql8.4 and postgresql8.3 and they both still exist at /etc/init.d/postgresql8.x ?07:32
om26eri invite many of my winodws friends to ubuntu and many of them say that we like it but it don't have yahoo and msn audio video calling07:33
om26eri guess telepathy-butterfly 0.5.1 will bring audio video to msn07:33
zmjjmzamsn has video07:34
zmjjmzyahoo video is supported by kopete, to an extent07:34
om26erzmjjmz: video without audio??07:34
timboyom26er, wrong channel... but emeseneworks with windowsl live messenger07:35
om26erand yahoo07:37
tgpraveenom26er: amsn,emsense for msn audio video, even empathy has msn av chat support07:40
tgpraveeneven empathy with using telepathy ppa has msn av chat support07:41
tgpraveenfor yahoo gyache has av support07:41
tgpraveensearch for it on forums07:41
oops67do they even have empathy straightened out yet..or is it still acting weird?07:42
chibihogoshinoany one know of a way to get karmic to hibernate ?07:44
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Did hibernation work for you in jaunty?07:51
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Does it freeze when hibernating or resuming or something else?07:53
chibihogoshinoit kinda start to shut down ..  it disconnects from the network and i think tryed to spin the hd down.. but dosnt go any forther07:54
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Can you reboot with magic sysrq at that point?07:54
Ian_Cornehibernate works for me07:54
Ian_CorneIt does take long07:55
chibihogoshinoi dont really need to reboot .. i still have access to the system07:55
chibihogoshinoi just reconnect to get network and its like i didnt do anything07:55
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Ok, do you get an error message about hibernation failing?07:55
chibihogoshinoi dont think so..07:56
chibihogoshinothat wouldnt happen to popup on screen would it ?07:56
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Yes it would07:56
chibihogoshinoahh. well i dont remember seeing anything about that07:56
mysticdarkhackrc going smoothly07:56
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: There may also be something usefull in "dmesg"07:57
chibihogoshinoi know there was a bug that it wouldnt work if you didnt have a swap partition but i do have one07:57
chibihogoshinoill try it now.. maybe i just didnt wait long enough07:57
mysticdarkhackwish they would choose a different gdm background07:57
mysticdarkhackalthough ubuntu is heading in the right direction07:59
Jordan_UI really like where they are going with the pannel icons07:59
chibihogoshinothat was interesting ..08:00
mysticdarkhackwould be nice if they have icon for fusion-icon and dropbox icon to match the theme08:00
chibihogoshinothe hd and fan spun down, the network disconnected and then the screen flickered ..08:01
Jordan_Umysticdarkhack: Why create icons for the comptetition ;)08:01
chibihogoshinobut  no hibernation08:01
Boohbahchibihogoshino: i'm trying it now on my eeepc. i can get it to hibernate but not wake up08:01
chibihogoshinothat is odd08:01
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Did it lock the screen ( Did you have to enter your password ) ?08:01
mysticdarkhackJordan_U, lol08:02
chibihogoshinothe most that happened is that the screen ficked off then of08:02
mysticdarkhackgeez, now I need to get vmware working again08:02
chibihogoshinothe hd does crank and the swap file went up by about 40%08:02
mysticdarkhacklater all08:04
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: Can you pastebin the output from "dmesg" and /var/log/pm-suspend.log ?08:04
chibihogoshinoshur .. where is that ?08:05
Boohbahwhere is what?08:06
Boohbahwhat hardware and kernel do you have?08:06
chibihogoshinolenovo t6108:06
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/pm-suspend.log && dmesg | pastebinit08:06
chibihogoshinook so whats that do  /08:07
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: That sends debug info to a waebsite and outputs url's to give us so that we can access them08:08
oops67anyone know of a book that might be in the local library on learning ssh and putty and stuff...?08:10
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: I'm not sure what is happening, please file a bug report with "ubuntu-bug pm-utils" and mention that it's a regression ( since it worked in 9.04 )08:14
Boohbahoops67: why not use the internet? http://www.electrictoolbox.com/article/applications/ssh-putty/08:14
chibihogoshinonever  mind. i should of waited 30 more seconds..08:16
chibihogoshinomy swap partition was turned off for some reason08:16
tgpraveengnome bug #59308608:17
ubottuGnome bug 593086 in General "empathy crashed with SIGABRT in empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59308608:17
chibihogoshinoi dont remember turning it off .. but i just turned it back on and now it works fine.08:17
oops67Boohbah, thanks, but it just seems that when im sitting here in front of the computer, someone has me working on something for them and i rarely have time to do squat on it i want to...almost worse then a job.08:17
oops67Boohbah, but i did book mark that page and thank you.08:17
=== oops67 is now known as change
=== change is now known as oldude67
chibihogoshinonow they just need to get rid of pulseaudio08:19
oldude67chibihogoshino, i havent  had an issue with pulse in a while now.08:19
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: What problem are you having with pulseaudio?08:19
chibihogoshinoit lags when i try to play games08:20
chibihogoshinofor general use like playing music and watching movies its fine..08:22
chibihogoshinoi just dont know why they had to change it alsa, even oss worked fine.08:22
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: That's probably Ubuntu's fault unfortunately, see: http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/pa-in-ubuntu.html08:23
chibihogoshinothanks for your help..08:26
alankilaI'm happy that OSS is dead and buried. People who pine after that don't really observe how primitive an API it really is.08:26
alankilaeven 4front's OSS4 seemed to suck, the last time I examined its documentation. For instance, with OSS4 you had an ioctl for setting latency. But there were no hard values in it. You could say you wanted a little or latency or a lot of latency and the intention clearly is that you try various values and see which works for you. Whoever designs OSS4 is a fool.08:27
rashed2020When's the RC supposed to be coming out?08:28
alankilathen there were a few methods that actually yielded accurate information about the state of buffer fill-up and these methods were all marked with "don't use this, you are probably doing some advanced application and you should know that's Bad and Wrong."08:28
alankilaI mean, a patronizing API. *sigh*08:29
chibihogoshinoill just have to get used to it.. do they have a good mixer for pulse ?08:29
chibihogoshinoi cant stand the one that is in the gnome applet08:29
alankilain pulse there's just one mixer control: the volume of an application, I think.08:29
Jordan_Uchibihogoshino: System > Preferrences > Sound is pretty good in Karmic08:30
chibihogoshinoyeah.. thats the same one.08:31
Deathvalley122so karmic is getting released on the 29th eh?08:45
Ian_CorneSo i've heard08:46
Deathvalley122fun =/08:47
Ian_Cornetoday release candidate08:47
Deathvalley122so is it true that there is a different filesystem in karmic?08:48
DaZDeathvalley122: ext408:50
DaZif you mean default filesystem :f08:50
Deathvalley122will that get switched over when updating to karmic?08:51
DaZDeathvalley122: ext3 can be mounted as ext408:52
FrickelpitDeathvalley122: no08:52
DaZbut it doesn't hava all the goodies08:52
Deathvalley122hmm interesting08:53
Deathvalley122any new features besides the bug fixes?08:54
DaZDeathvalley122: yes08:54
DaZbut google it because i don't remember right now ;f08:54
DaZDeathvalley122: but you can enable them manually08:55
DaZbut it requires umounting the partition and works only on new files08:55
foxy_mefisto_so ext4 will be the default in karmic?08:59
digdeephi, could someone look at this --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1296090&highlight=firefox+chromium09:01
sagaciwhen's the rc due09:01
cwraighi all how can i turn back on the change workspace on mouse scroll09:12
Ian_Cornedigdeep: check your /etc/resolv.conf09:13
Ian_Corneor that your DNS is working09:13
Ademanwhat's the new login screen controlled by? and how can i modify it?09:35
digdeep"/etc/resolv.conf" --> nameserver
v3traegood evening, anyone figured out how to put custom GDM themes on Karmic?09:38
nick125v3trae: You'd have to downgrade GDM, since the new GDM doesn't support themes (as fars I know of)09:38
Ademanv3trae: funny, i was just asking that more or less09:38
v3traeHah, that would explain it then.09:38
Ademannick125: well what we see can't be all hard coded, where are the background files and such kept?09:39
v3traeAdeman: i haven't found anything on it, i dont NEED to do it though.09:41
v3traeBut as far as Karmic goes, i'm extremely impressed so far.09:42
nick125Ademan: Not sure.09:42
Ademanv3trae: yeah i don't *need* to do it either, i just want to change the stupid background to a different color though :-p09:42
v3traeAdeman: haha, i rather like the new login and boot screen, just wish it was a bit more high-res09:43
Ademanv3trae: if you're feeling particularly dedicated /usr/share/gdm/gdmsetup.ui is a gtkbuilder-looking xml file that seems to describe the interface, i don't see any references to other media that it uses though09:43
nick125What about..../usr/share/gdm/themes/Human/background.png ? :)09:43
Ademannick125: i don't think i have that... but that sure sounds like it lol09:45
nick125Ah, nevermind. It's a left-over on my system from the old GDM.09:45
Ademanah, found it though09:46
Ademanv3trae: /usr/share/xsplash !09:46
Ademaner, /usr/share/images/xsplash09:46
v3traeAdeman: thats the background file?09:47
Ademanv3trae: it's a directory containing all of the background files, the logo, and the little progress bar thing09:48
v3traeAdeman: beautiful09:49
benstedoes someone know at what time karmic RC will be available ? - preferable in CET :-)09:51
v3traeAdeman: you been messing with compiz at all?09:52
Ademanv3trae: naw, i never used compiz for long, it doesn't do a couple of things that metacity does, and I don't really need the flair09:52
tavastibenste, beta was out around 22:00 CET09:53
v3traeAdeman: ahh, never used metacity, and i like the flare ;)09:53
tavastiso I would bet rc won't be earlier09:53
benstewhat the ? that's kindda late in my calender release is scheduled as a whole day event and Win 7 is available since shops opened ;-(09:54
benstetavasti: v3trae so is there anything else than the cdimages.ubuntu.com iste I could check ?09:54
tavastiit's just question you are living on wrong place, move to Tahiti09:55
tavastithat beta came out 23:00 in my time, so hardly on right day09:55
benstetavasti: - where do you live ?09:56
bensteLondon ?09:56
bensteBur if it will come out ~ 22:00 CET it will be on next day in US woun#t it ?09:57
tavastiFinland, near Tampere09:57
benstetavasti: doesn't finland have CET too ?09:57
tavastiI suppose rc is out when http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/910rc doesn't give error09:57
tavastiFinland is EET09:58
benstetavasti: sorry I  messed up time zones - so the autralians will get it one day later :-909:58
alankilaDId you know that Ubuntu's statement "linux for human beings" is tantamount to endorsing nazism? I did not.09:59
benstetavasti: what about http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ - this one should include karmic RC if it's available shouldn't it ?09:59
alankilaBut someone made the argument that this means users of other linux distributions aren't humans and that this is step 3 of Gregory Stanton's "Eight Stages of Genocide". Oh boy.09:59
alankilaSo when you see troops coming for Fedora Core, SuSE and other users, you know that this one poster called it.10:00
tavastibenste, most likely yes, but sometimes there might be non-final/testing files available there10:01
RussellAlanAny reccomendations for themes for kubuntu?10:01
RussellAlanor site?10:01
tavastiat least for me (and many others) beta works fine, install it and upgrade10:01
bensteRussellAlan: http://kde-look.org/10:02
benstetavasti: I've made my own experience with test version upgrades the last releases, all is mostly fine (isntalled Alpha4 last time) but those huge ammount of upgrades slows down the system a lot even after they're installed10:03
=== SevetAway is now known as Sevet
benstetavasti: but it looks like this is my only chance to install today - since I'm in germany10:03
tavastithere should be some daily-image available, but don't know where10:04
tavastilatest daily should be ~same as rc10:05
benstetavasti: I've never tried daily images - what's the difference ?10:05
tavastias it says, built every day, includes latest updates10:06
tavastias you can see, there has been more than 1 daily :-)10:06
bensteor ?10:06
tavastilive-cd is for running from cd10:07
ratpoisonHello! Gnome Karmic amd64 user, fully updated. amarok won't run!10:07
ratpoisonError Message: Bus Error (Core Dumped)10:08
Ademanratpoison: unlikely, but is dbus not running?10:12
ratpoisonI see them in top10:13
ratpoisonAdeman, dbus-daemon & dbus-launch are the processes I see10:14
RussellAlanwhere do i find theme manager10:14
Ademanratpoison: yeah sounds like that's fine10:14
RussellAlani'm new to themes ;-)10:14
AdemanRussellAlan: system->preferences->appearance10:14
RussellAlani thought so.10:14
ratpoisonAdeman, how do I debug?10:15
RussellAlanWhen I'm in appearance... I'm in the colors, where do I go for full on themes10:17
ratpoisonRussellAlan, if you want access to new themes, go to www.gnome-look.org10:18
ratpoisonRussellAlan, or find ones in synaptic10:18
ratpoisonthey'll appear under, well, themes tab10:18
bartmonHi! Can someone check the version of vlc in karmic for me? apt-cache show vlc | grep -i version10:19
ratpoisonbartmon, sure, you could also do a web package search10:19
ratpoisonbartmon Version: 1.0.2-1ubuntu210:19
v3traebartmon: 1.0.2-1ubuntu210:19
bartmonratpoison v3trae: thanks! Finally the 1.0! :D10:20
ratpoisonbarmon: if you're in an earlier version, try the PPA10:21
bensteby the way what does the "Nominate for release" button in launchpad mean - does it mean > should be pushed into next release ?10:21
trijntjeis the dontzap package removed from karmic?10:22
bartmonratpoison: I think I will. I'm really tired of the bug which causes Xvideo output to be in a separate window from the controls. Supposedly it's fixed in v1.0+.10:23
rippstrijntje: not necessary, ctrl+alt+backspace can be configured from a the keyboard control panel10:23
rippstrijntje: System->Preferences->Keyboard->Layouts->Layout Options->Key sequence to kill the X server10:24
ratpoisonhmmmmm this looks like I can't start ANY qt4 apps10:24
ratpoisonI've just tried it with subdownloader, amarok & k3b10:24
RussellAlanratpoison: where's this themes tab in synaptic dm?10:25
trijntjeripps, i'm on kubuntu. It should be under system -> display, but its not there10:26
ratpoisonRussellAlan, It's not a tab per se, Synaptic Package Manager just downloads new packages, and there are some packaged themes in there10:27
rippstrijntje: oh... no idea about kde, you'll need to change a hidden file in your home directory10:27
ratpoisonRussellAlan, an appropriate search key should show you. For example, "Gnome gtk themes" or "Gnome Icon Themes" or whatever you want10:27
rippstrijntje: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-enabledisable-ctrlaltbackspace-in-ubuntu-9-10-karmic.html10:27
ratpoisonRussellAlan, also, use the community contributed documentation, it has loads of info on Eye candy10:28
trijntjeripps, thanks for your help, but I need a "GUI way" to do that, ill ask again10:29
rippstrijntje: the page says how to do it with kde10:29
rippstrijntje: systemsettings->Regional & Language->Keyboard Layout->Enable Keyboard Layouts->Advanced->Key sequence to kill the X server10:31
trijntjeripps: thanks a lot!10:32
trijntjeripps, I needed the gui way because i'm working on kubuntu-docs, not because i dont want to type ;)10:36
slalomsk8erpulse guru needed - 9.10 on a hp 2133 falls back to dummy output - trigger unknown - user in audio group10:37
rippsslalomsk8er: have you filed a bug report with ubuntu-bug?10:42
slalomsk8erripps: no i first want to have a better understanding of the problems source10:43
rippsslalomsk8er: hard to diagnose the problem with all the logs and hw info that ubuntu-bug provides10:43
slalomsk8erok i will add what I find to a bug and post the url here10:44
trijntjeHow can I disable the systembeep in Konsole? (or is it off by default)10:50
rippstrijntje: http://linux.about.com/od/kubuntu_doc/a/kubudg13t05.htm10:52
iceroottrijntje: only for the konsole or system-wide?10:52
trijntjeiceroot, only for konsole10:53
trijntjeripps, i get settings -> edit profile (and some unrelated options), and there are no options related to the beep sound in that screen10:54
rippstrijntje: I don't use konsole, so I'm relying on my google-fu.  How about:  Konsole > Settings > Configure Notifications > Bell In Visible Session.10:55
visik7where is the gdm config panel ? I can't find it anyomore10:59
=== ccooke_ is now known as ccooke
trijntjeripps, that it, thanks a lot again11:02
rippsvisik7: no, not really. You can setup autologin stuff with gdmsetup11:03
visik7ripps: yes but there was a big panel with many options for example themes settings and stuff like that11:04
visik7ripps: where is it?11:04
rippsnobodies bother to make a new gdm control panel since they rewrote gdm11:04
visik7so how can I choose which session to log in ?11:04
rippsvisik7: it should be configureable from the bottom tool bar in the login screen11:05
rippsvisik7: some other settings can be changed in gconf11:05
visik7mm ok11:05
karmichow to disable wireless card??11:10
coz_hey guys... can anyone tell me if any of the "visuals" in karmic are going to change?  specifically the  white ubuntu symbol when booting and that black image with white     "ubuntu" and snappy progress bar?11:14
Ian_Cornei doubt that11:15
coz_Ian_Corne,   oh that's not good news11:15
Ian_Cornealtho I liked the progress bar too11:16
prunusDulcishello, is this the correct channel if I am having problems with wireless in ubuntu karmic beta?11:17
coz_Ian_Corne,   well out of "all' ubuntu versions this combination  of colors and lack of colors is the most  lack of vision... and doesnt tie in with the actual system colors...also I expected..the first time I booted into karmic that the desktop was going to be as dark as that dark screen...11:17
coz_prunusDulcis,  it is yes.. however if no one can answer your question or solve the issue right now you might want to try  ##linux channel as well11:19
ripps!ask | prunusDulcis11:20
ubottuprunusDulcis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:20
rippscoz_: The splash themes are finalized.11:22
coz_ripps,  oh no!  well I assume they can be individualized?11:22
rippscoz_: I don't know, you used to be able to change usplash, but I'm not sure how easy it is change either usplash or xsplash are now11:23
rippscoz_: what's wrong with them? I think they're pretty slick11:23
coz_ripps,  they are not consistent with the system colors in any manor...they imply a different  look to the system11:24
coz_on first boot11:24
coz_from then on its just irritating to look at :)11:24
rippscoz_: well, gdm doesn't have config tool anymore, so good luck trying to change it. If your unhappy with ubuntu's design decisions, try using another distro, or even an ubuntu direvitive like mint11:27
coz_ripps,  well no that's not a good solution...11:27
prunusDulcisthank you all for the helpfull suggestions (I'm a newbie to IRC)! The issue has been resolved by the help of the German channel :-)11:31
rippscoz_: right now, due to upgrades and changes to how boot up works, it's not very easy to customize it to your liking. If you want, you can figure out how to change everything manually, or you can help upstream by helping make a new customization tool for gdm, etc.11:38
coz_ripps,  yeah I have been on the art team for a few years but didnt see this one coming   thanks11:38
virtualdmy fast user switch applet fails to start and i suspect it doesn't start because gnome-panel isn't ready. when i have no apps session saved it starts as it should11:53
acusterhey all, in natulius with usb keys, why is the 'eject' button not tied to the 'safely remove drive' action?12:10
acusterthe action is fantastic to have, it seems silly not to use it by default12:10
vistakiller1i see that now you cant preorder cd's12:10
vistakiller1i collect cd from dapper12:11
vistakiller1is option to buy them from canonical shop?12:11
vistakiller1i see that there you can buy ony 5 and not 112:11
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qos_hey guys. whats about the new behavoir of nautilus. it now offers all mountpoints of /etc/fstab imediately. i like the old behavior more. is there a possibility to revert it back?12:13
trijntjeHi all. I set "Restor manually saved session" in Kubuntu, but I get no option to "Save session" in my Kickoff menu. Is this a known problem or can someone verify this for me?12:18
cjsSo how do I set gdm not to display all the valid logins in, what's this one?, kissing koala?12:18
cjstrijntje: Ubuntu (or Gnome, more likely) broke all the saved session stuff ages ago, like before 9.04.12:19
trijntjecjs, i'm on Kubuntu, or is it broken there too?12:20
cjsAh, that's another world; you're using another session manager.12:20
cjsBut heck, the KDE guys may be trying to keep up with Gnome breakage. :-)12:20
slalomsk8erpulseaudio problem at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/458078 help appreciated12:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458078 in pulseaudio "audio card vanishes in the pulseaudio mixers and playback stops if I try to record" [Undecided,New]12:22
cjsAnyway, no hope for just the "type your name in here" login screen?12:23
cjsIt's a security issue; I want to be able to get through US Customs. :-)12:24
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jonnorcjs: wth?12:25
trijntjeHi all. I set "Restor manually saved session" in Kubuntu, but I get no option to "Save session" in my Kickoff menu. Is this a known problem or can someone verify this for me?12:27
Dr_WillisKickoff? Hmm.12:28
Dr_Willis!info kickoff12:28
ubottuPackage kickoff does not exist in karmic12:28
* Dr_Willis is not sure what kickoff even is.12:28
Dr_WillisIt sounds familer.12:28
cjsjonnor: ?12:28
trijntjethe main menu button in KDE12:29
jonnorcjs: how is said behaviour a requirement for getting through US customs?12:29
Dr_WillisHmm.. I dont use kde4 enough to be sure.. but i think there was some session settings to ask on exit, or auto-save.12:29
=== Whi_away is now known as Whitor
cjsGah, and logout gives me a dialogue box.12:29
vistakiller1i use kde and i have the save session12:30
vistakiller1save in ram12:30
vistakiller1save in diski12:30
cjsjonnor: So one can log in to a non-suspcious-looking account in front of the guy, and let him troll your hard drive (or what he can access of it) through some visual, windows-like interface.12:30
vistakiller1i have this options12:30
trijntjevistakiller1, no, its about 'saving' the running programs so that they start the next time you log in12:31
vistakiller1take look then in system settings12:31
vistakiller1but i dont know if this option still exist in kde 412:31
cjsReally, if you try to explain that you use a heavily customized fvwm2, and there's no nautilus available, they start to get antsy, and then just decide to take away your computer for a few weeks to "evaluate" it.12:31
vistakiller1i remember it in kde312:31
jonnorI wonder what they would do to me with my tiling wm setup.12:32
qos_hey guys. how can i hide unmounted volumes from nautilus side panel in karmic?12:33
Dr_Willisqos_:  thers some gconf setting for that i think. It may been in that ubuntu-tweak program i saw. But i think that hid them from the desktop and the side panel.12:34
cjsjonnor: It's pretty simple: they're not Linux experts, so they take away your computer, give it to a forensic guy, and if he finds things are ok and there's not a whole lot of encrypted shit he can't access, you can pick it up a couple of weeks later.12:34
Dr_Willisactually mine  are in the side panel and not the desktop now.. when did that start happening..12:34
cjsSo there's no freaking way of getting that login off the gdm screen in 9.10?12:35
qos_Dr_Willis, yes i know what you mean. Thats not the one i am looking for. There are ssh & smb mountpoints in my /etc/fstab and these are always shown. very annoying ...12:35
DanThirstI'm looking for some one that might be able to help me with clock, and auto syncing12:35
jonnorcjs: and what are they looking for in the first place?12:35
jonnorAnd is this actually something one should be concerned about when going ot the US?12:36
cjsjonnor: I dunno. "Suspicous" things. The software equivalant of box-cutters, presumably.12:36
cjsAny file full of liquids greater than 3 oz.12:37
slalomsk8ercjs: by a new hdd and format it with the manufacturers rescue cd and get over the border with that and reinsert your work hdd after you are in12:37
cjsThis is not rational shit, you understand.12:37
Dr_WillisYou culd use a login manager OTHER then gdm...12:37
cjsslalomsk8er: Yeah, I've got ideas like that...12:38
jonnorNo, that plane went in 2001.12:38
cjsDr_Willis: Hmm! You might have an idea there. Although I'm getting tempted to just freaking switch off of Gnome; they seem to lose features with every release. Anyway, what are your suggestions?12:38
Dr_Williscjs:  no idea what you are doing.. but you could just not use gdm and login via console. :)12:39
Dr_Willisor use xdm, or qingly, (sp?) or some of the other Xdm alternatives.12:39
slalomsk8ercjs: i like qingy12:39
cjsjonnor: Yes, exactly. And they are going to make sure that never happens again, even if it never will. (Even if it started failing sometime around 11 a.m. on 2001-09-11.)12:39
Dr_WillisI dont even know if qingy works with 9.1012:39
slalomsk8erDr_Willis: it will work but if you will have the nice look, that I don't know ;)12:40
Dr_Willissounds like a good reason to use netbooks and easially replaced os's installed to flash drives :)12:40
cjsYeah, I used to be a "startx" guy myself, so I'm familiar with that sort of stuff. But this GUI stuff is a bit complex; what buttons do I push to just get a new login manager? Or, ideally, just get a uid>1000 user out of the list?12:40
Dr_Willisgdm used to have configs to hide specific users. but no idea about the new gdm12:41
Dr_Willisits configs are in xlm format and vie not expored them12:41
cjsHmm, yes, go at the config files. Which appear to be a bit gone. (No /etc/*gdm*, /etc/*/*gdm*, etc.) Or is it not called gdm any more?12:43
Dr_WillisErr.. i have /etc/gdm herre12:44
Dr_Willisand several files/dirs in it.12:44
cjsOn 9.10?12:44
slalomsk8ercjs: it is gnome so try gconfedit12:45
cjsAh, it's there. Ok. My typo.12:45
cjsslalomsk8er: You really think so? I'm pretty familiar with that sort of stuff (though I usually just edit XML files under my .gconfd and, rather unsuccessfully, keep them in revision control). Gconfedit strikes me as mostly a user-specific sort of thing.....12:51
Dr_Willistheres the gnome custome - but ive no idea what settings are even aloowed in it.. It might take the old gdm settings12:51
Dr_Willishas potential :)12:51
DanThirstok did any one suggest any thing about my clock issue12:52
Dr_WillisDanThirst:  i dident see a real question asked.. other then 'help with clock and auto syncing'12:53
cjsDr_Willis: That gives me just what the System/Admin/Login Screen menu gave me: i.e., no way to change whether we display user names on the login screen like we used to be able to do in 9.04 and earlier.12:53
Dr_Williscjs:  yep. checking the docs also.. dont see much in that area documented12:54
DanThirstyeah it isn't working12:54
cjsI think they just removed it. I've been watching the Gnome guys remove shit version by version for about three releases now.12:54
BluesKaj!language | cjs12:55
ubottucjs: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:55
Dr_Willisgoing to have to forke gnome to have a 'gnome-with-settings-you-can-actually-change' some day? :)12:55
cjsubottu: Sorry.12:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Sorry.12:55
Dr_Willisfrom a forum post.12:55
Dr_WillisBasically the old gdm.conf-custom entries now need to go into /etc/gdm/custom.conf;12:55
Dr_Willisbut i  would have to find an old gdm.conf to see what settings hid specif users12:56
cjsI don't want to hide specific users, I just want a "type username here, password here" dialog box.12:56
cjsAnd I can't find a gdm.conf-custom file on my 9.04 box. :-(12:57
Dr_Willisyou make it..12:57
Dr_Willisgdm reads gdm.conf, then gdm.conf-custom if it exiss12:57
Dr_Willischeck gdm.conf for what stuff should be in a gdm.conf-custome12:58
Dr_Willisbut what you want is more of a theme thing Im thinking.12:58
theadminHello. When Karmic will be released what would be a best way to upgrade? Via manager or via alternative-install CD?12:58
cjsWell, given that I've changed some of this stuff (e.g., don't show dots for password chars when typing it), you'd think it'd be there already. But I configured it all through System/Administration/Login Window in 9.04, so I have no idea where that information went.12:58
Dr_Willistheadmin:  depends on  the specifics. and if you want to bother gettting a cd/iso  or just want to do a net upgrade.12:59
Dr_Willistheadmin:  and the # of pcs you are upgrading12:59
ptlwhere could I have a good upstart tutorial?12:59
Dr_Willisptl:  ive not really seen one.12:59
Dr_Willisptl:  the upstart wiki page is more hard-core-system-programer focused.12:59
theadminptl: read manuals and yelp12:59
Dr_Willisbeen trying to track down a 'upstart for dummies' guide :)13:00
Dr_WillisI understand it - but think i am missing some fundamental/imporntant/basic things about upstart.13:00
thopiekarI can't find "system-config-services" in the ubuntu repos.. is that normal?13:00
trijntjeHi all. I set "Restor manually saved session" in Kubuntu, but I get no option to "Save session" in my Kickoff menu. Is this a known problem or can someone verify this for me?13:00
cjsMaybe I should just change my UID to be below 1000.13:00
theadminDr_Willis: Now. I'm upgrading one comp. I don't really care about the method. I just want stuff to work fine without problems that an update could cause.13:01
ptlDr_Willis: ok...13:01
ptltheadmin: which section?13:01
sH0cKwAVei can't upgrade to 9.10. pressed alt+f2 then typed update-manager -d and it says "your system is up to date"13:01
Dr_Willistheadmin:  then it wouldent matter how you do it.  Upgradeing can cause issues..  or it may work fine.. if you want fewest issues a clean install may be the way to go.13:01
theadminptl: If you're just new to linux, go to linuxmint.com and download their tutorial PDF. Mint is very alike ubuntu13:01
sH0cKwAVewhat i'm doing wrong13:01
Dr_Willis!upgrade | sH0cKwAVe13:01
ubottusH0cKwAVe: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading13:01
theadminSH0ckWave: It's not yet released, you have to wait.13:02
ptltheadmin: I am reading initctl manpage, will try following that.13:02
Dr_Willisat this time - yea. i would say wait for release.13:02
Dr_Willisptl:  yep - i need to read that manual someday also :)13:02
sH0cKwAVety all13:03
cjsOk, I give up. Time to shut down 9.10.13:03
thopiekarno answers to my question?13:03
Picitheadmin: Thats not correct.  update-manager -d should upgrade you to the latest development release.13:03
BluesKajcjs, only a week to go ..don't give up yet13:04
theadminOh. Also... will they give me the lamp back in Karmic?13:04
Dr_Willis'the lamp' ?13:04
theadminLike, upgrade manager notification area icon, as it was in interpid.13:04
cjsBluesKaj: What, like they're going to suddenly reverse the "remove features I use" trend I've been seeing since 8.04? And anyway, it's Gnome, not Ubuntu, that's doing this.13:04
Dr_Willisi see an icon every so often saying i have 44 updates and so forth..13:05
BluesKajok , well sorry to hear that, I'm on kde and things are going well so far13:05
theadminDr_Willis: You see a real icon? I just see upgrade manager window popping up instead.13:06
sH0cKwAVe"To upgrade to Karmic from Jaunty, just run (Alt+F2) "gksudo update-manager -d" but still can't upgrade13:06
cjstheadmin: Ah, I get the window instead of the icon too, in 9.04.13:07
dodododoHello guys, when can we expect the release candidate ISOs13:07
Dr_Willistheadmin:  ive seen a littel Star icon. not sure where its comming from. Ive installed so much stuff on here13:07
theadmindodododo: 7 days before release.13:07
* Dr_Willis begins to count the times people ask when the RC will be out.. :)13:07
Dr_Willisthats 1. :)13:07
sH0cKwAVehow do i force upgrade from jaunty to karmic beta?13:08
Dr_WillisRC is scheduled for today i thought.. or was it tomorrow.13:08
ubottuA schedule of Karmic Koala (9.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule13:08
Dr_WillisThe release candidate is a production-quality pre-release one week before the final release. In an ideal world, it would be (functionally) identical to the final release.13:08
dodododoDr_Willis, it is today I think / hope13:08
theadminsH0ckwAVe, run upgrade manager with -d flag.13:09
Dr_WillisYep supposed to be today.  when its done it will be done.13:09
theadminsh0ckwave: As in, "update-manager -d"13:09
dodododoDr_ Willis you idiot13:09
sH0cKwAVethe admin: it says - system is up to date (translated from my language to english)13:09
sH0cKwAVeor system is not needed to be upgraded13:10
sH0cKwAVesomething like that13:10
theadminsh0ckwave: Type this to a terminal "sudo killall update-manager ; update-manager -d"13:11
Italian_Plumberis it planned/expected that there's a (major?) kernel update one week before a release?13:11
Dr_WillisItalian_Plumber:  i would find that supriseing.13:11
sH0cKwAVetheadmin: it wasn't running, killall returned: process not killed13:13
theadminOk, then just what on earth? Let me try this one out.13:14
sH0cKwAVetheadmin: lunched update-manager -d again, and the same result13:14
theadminsh0ckwave: I get this: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/2012912/Screenshot.png13:15
Italian_Plumbershock: what are you trying to do?13:17
theadminsh0ckwave: check Admininstration -> Software Sources -> Updates. "Release upgrade" should have "Normal releases"13:17
jonnoris "Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud" the minimal server install (previously jeos) or that Amazon EC2 thingy (eucalyptus)?13:26
jonnorif the latter,how do I install the minimal server?13:26
blackxoredhi there's this issue with conky i set alignment top_right in my conkyrc, and still aligns to left hiding my desktop icons, if I run it with conky -a top_right it works, any clues?13:28
Picijonnor: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso is the minimal install CD.13:28
jonnorpreviously the "minimal virtual" or "jeos" (server) was bundled with the server image. This is no longer the case?13:30
qos_how can i hide unmounted volumes from nautilus side panel in karmic? i have lots of smb entries there ...13:31
Picijonnor: I'm not sure, sorry.13:32
Dr_Willisblackxored:  i see the same issue here13:32
blackxoredDr_Willis, what's odd is that at home it displays properly and is karmic too (except for 21 updates, mostly ruby libs), so I'm lost13:32
jonnorordinary server it is then.13:33
qos_blackxored, take a look at mine. its working as expected ... http://de.pastebin.ca/163712013:33
Dr_WillisNo idea. im just testing out some of my old conky configs. they are not going to the left side monitor like they used to13:33
blackxoredqos_, I'll check I think it's something about window dock or something like that13:34
Dr_Willisblackxored:  you sure its using your config file?  and not the default config?13:34
Dr_Willisblackxored:  never mind. .it IS working properlly. I was using the wrong config file13:35
blackxoredI just "s/(own_window_type) dock/\$1 override" and worked thank you guys13:35
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
Dr_Willistoo bad i cant get conky to easially to go to the top right of monitor #1 :)13:37
ActionParsnipyo yo o13:38
sH0cKwAVetheadmin: http:/img199.imageshack.us/img199/1189/25567545.png13:38
iokahow can i find out what partition do i have and how to mount them in terminal?13:39
theadminsh0ckwave: Странно %) :D13:39
iokaand where to mount them13:39
ActionParsnipioka: sudo fdisk -l    will show you them13:39
ActionParsnipioka: you can mount them ANYWHERE  you like13:39
ActionParsnipioka: just not in /proc13:40
trijntjeHi all. I set "Restor manually saved session" in Kubuntu, but I get no option to "Save session" in my Kickoff menu. Is this a known problem or can someone verify this for me?13:40
iokaI get /media/shared mount point does not exist13:40
ActionParsnipioka: you need to create the folder first13:40
theadmintrijntje: Don't flood... also, ask that in #kubuntu13:40
jonnortrijntje: I would ask #kde or #kubuntu13:40
ActionParsnipioka: it is not mounts responsibilty to make the mount point first13:40
sH0cKwAVethe admin: unreadable :(13:41
dakirahas anyone ever got openvpn working with network-manager in karmic? (hint: error: no vpn secrets)13:42
Dr_Willis!mount | ioka13:42
ubottuioka: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:42
trijntjetheadmin, jonnor, I only care about the awnser for Karmic13:42
Dr_Willis!fstab | ioka13:42
ubottuioka: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions13:42
jonnortrijntje: Karmic uses a specific version of KDE, and the KDE guys made it so they probably know if this is expected behaviour or not.13:46
cemcis it just me or are things crashing all the time in Karmic?13:54
Dr_WillisNot here.13:54
Dr_WillisSo its You. :)13:54
iokaif I wanna download someting to a different partition do I have to start ff as a root.It looks this is the problem13:54
cemcI can't open the System / Preferences / Main Menu, it does nothing, then a popup appears with 'Main Manu closed unexpectedly'13:54
Dr_WillisI can tell FF where to dowload things to...13:54
cemcit's a fresh Karmit x86_64 isntall13:54
Dr_Willisor use some of the many FF download file manager extensions to enhance it.13:55
Dr_Willisioka:  if you want to WRITE as a user to a diffrent filesystem. then the directorys on the filesystem  have to be OWNED by that user.13:55
Dr_Willisioka:  or mounted in a way to allow the users access13:55
shadeslayerhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/RC/Kubuntu <<<--- Kubuntu RC released?13:55
Dr_Willisor some other way to set the permissions to allow the user access.13:55
iokahow to mount them in a way accssable to the other users13:55
Dr_Willisioka:  totally depends on the filesystem you are using13:56
Dr_WillisThen you have to use the proper mount optiuons. perhaps install/run ntfs-config and check the 'allow users' box' then remount the filesystems.13:56
iokafat32 is the target partition I wanna mount and make it accessible .13:56
shadeslayerso is the RC official?13:57
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  offical what? Its officially teh RC. :)13:57
iokahow to start FF from terminal?13:57
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE13:57
Dr_Willisioka:  command would be 'firefox'13:57
shadeslayerDr_Willis: i mean the topic for the channel hasnt been updated....13:57
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  Ive not heard it mentioned yet. by anyone.13:58
Dr_Willisshadeslayer:  ive not been looking. :) i updated about an hr+ ago with no updates.13:58
thiebaudeDr_Willis, 2 days and no updates for me13:58
dakirahas anyone ever got openvpn working with network-manager in karmic? (hint: error: no vpn secrets)13:59
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  Hope it will stay that way. :)13:59
thiebaudeDr_Willis, true13:59
Dr_WillisIn theory there should be no updated after RC.. but we know how that goes.13:59
carmelitaI have a problem with KDE 4.3 and old files, I don't know why, but in that particular folder I haver hundreds of files and folders that will be shown with "?" instead of the accented vowels or "ñ". That will not bother me, but Dolphin and Krusader cannot open them, copy them or modify them, every time I attemt to, I'll get a message: the files doesn't exist. From the console I can copy them or modify them, but they are too much to modify them13:59
carmelita manually. How can I correct this problem for all the files in the folder?13:59
Dr_Willislast time i saw ? in file names. it was due to the filesystem beung Currupted. but ive never used accented letters...14:00
Italian_Plumbercarmelita: Interesting... I am having the exact same problem and was just looking at it.14:00
shadeslayerDr_Willis: same here14:00
Italian_Plumber'cept mine is on a system without KDE (a GUI-less server)14:01
carmelitaItalian_Plumber: Where you able to find a solution?14:01
Italian_Plumberno I actually haven't looked yet.  I was going to search the forums14:01
carmelitaI just discovered that I can rename them manually from the console, but they are too much files and folders, that will take me weeks!14:02
Italian_PlumberI was just thinking it's probably not something unique to KDE14:02
carmelitaItalian_Plumber: It must be, because from the console they work14:02
carmelitaDolphin and Krusader are not capable of opening files with unknown characters, that's definitely a BUG!14:03
carmelitaThey should be able to open it, modify it, etc.14:03
carmelitanot regarding which character they are named with14:04
Italian_PlumberI guess I haven't tried to delete them.14:04
Italian_Plumbernope I can't delete them either14:06
Dr_Willistry a different file manager.. like 'mc' or 'rox-filer' perhaps.14:06
shadeslayerDr_Willis: oh haha,i go to download the RC and it redirects me to the Beta download14:10
carmelitaDr_Willis: That doesn't solve the problem, we use KDE and we want them to work in KDE. The solution will be to be able to rename all files and folders that have the weird characted "?".14:10
ransomdoes anyone know if the RC is available yet?  I've prodded around on cdimages.ubuntu.com and haven't found it.14:13
Italian_Plumberoh... and my problem is on a Hardy server.... sorry.14:13
carmelitaItalian_Plumber: Hardy Server? What do you mean?14:15
Dr_Williscarmelita:  it could be a problem with the kde file manage and not the filesystem.. if other file managers show the names properly. then it would point ot a KDE issue.14:15
Dr_Williscarmelita:  so at one time the fancy names DID show up  in kde's file manager?14:16
Italian_Plumberit's not on 9.10 Karmic Koala14:16
carmelitaDr_Willis: What do you mean, I can see the files listed, but I cannot edit them, open them, modify them, because as soon as I try, I'll ge tthe error message: the file doesn't exist.14:17
carmelitaDr_Willis: But I can rename, copy, move, etc them from the console.14:18
carmelitaDr_Willis: So I'm assuming the problem is in the KDE 4.3 Filemanagers14:18
cemcmy new Karmic doesn't show any grub menu or 'ESC' key or timeout, it just boots. How can I get it to show me the menu ?14:18
shadeslayercemc: edit : /etc/default/grub : and then : sudo update-grub :14:19
Italian_Plumbercarmelita, can you run "ls -lash" on the console and post the results?  Possibly of just one of these errant files.14:20
carmelita 32K -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root  32K 2009-10-21 09:30 Las Energ?as Curativas de la M?sica.kwd14:22
carmelitaThat was one file, as example14:22
carmelitaThe problem are the "?" characters14:22
carmelita   0 drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  264 2009-10-21 09:31 Tarjetas de Presentaci?n14:22
carmelitaAnd that is an example of a folder, also the problem are the "?" characters14:23
Italian_Plumberah.. .yes that's different than what I'm experiencing14:23
Italian_Plumber   ? d?????????  ? ?     ?        ?                ? Ultimate 90's - 199914:23
Italian_Plumberthat's what mine looks like14:23
carmelitaIf I change the name manually in the console, they just work fine, but they are hundreds, maybe thousands14:24
om26erActionParsnip: so u move to karmic?14:24
carmelitaIn my files the "?" just replace original vowels with accents or "ñ".14:25
ActionParsnipom26er: while ago, yes14:28
testi_the gnome mixer in ubuntu falsely changes PCM (to 99 percent when set to 100) when i change master volume to any other value14:35
ActionParsniptest_: volume on 100% makes yuor music sound crap, sould be at most 80%14:36
ActionParsniptesti_: low source, then amp it up14:37
benstehi, just installed karmic - and ended up with the fact that restricted hardware manager doesn't want me to install proprietary nvidia driver , should I install in manully from apt ?14:38
|Dreams|anyone know what time RC will be released14:40
PiciWhen its done.14:40
|Dreams|great answer14:41
testi_ActionParsnip - however i don't wish to change PCM when I try to change maser - not even a single percent.14:41
ActionParsnipbenste: sudo apt-get install nvidia-185-modaliases nvidia-glx-18514:41
Pici|Dreams|: Its the truth.14:41
ActionParsniptesti_: log a bug then14:41
ActionParsnipPici: thats like my answer to people enquiring of sting lengths14:41
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=== NAKKEL is now known as Nakkel
benste|Dreams| I was told this morning that it will be out ~ 22:00 CET14:42
bensteActionParsnip: is it a bug in restriced manager or is this normal ?14:42
ActionParsnipPici: Q: How long is a piece of string? A: twice as long as half its length or 2(x/2)14:42
nemobenste: worked fine for me14:43
* nemo shrugs14:43
ActionParsnipbenste: isnt the driver thing called jockey14:43
|Dreams|ok thanks14:43
|Dreams|think I will just install beta then update to RC14:43
ActionParsnipbenste: i always install it like that, except i use the 190 driver to match the other bleeding edge stuff i have.14:44
bensteActionParsnip: possibly it's jockey, for me it was a translation from german to english - which would be ~ restricted hardware manager14:44
ActionParsnipbenste: yes i believe the app is jockey-gtk14:44
ActionParsnip!info jockey-gtk14:44
ubottujockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5.5-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 8 kB, installed size 160 kB14:45
benste|Dreams| that's what I've just finished :-)14:45
benstenemo: what nvidia card do you have - possibly mine is too old (3 years)14:45
ActionParsnipthe 190 works on my onboard 6150 512Mb14:46
ActionParsnipcirca april 200414:47
bensteActionParsnip: my problem isn't that it woun't work it's simply that jockey doesn't ask me to isntall it14:47
ActionParsnipbenste: its just going to run the command i gave you14:47
bensteActionParsnip: and additionally the login screen looks very damaged withouht it :-)14:47
ActionParsnipbenste: log a but with jockey and run the command I gave, you will reach the same goal14:48
bensteActionParsnip: so it's no bug in jockey ? - i would prefer for normal users to be adivsed to install automaticly14:48
benste- by the way why don't I get a notification in empathy if someones writing my name ?14:49
ActionParsnipbenste: if jockey isnt doing its trik then i'd say it was a bug, have you updated the system to ensure you have the latest jockey?14:50
bensteActionParsnip: nvidia-185-modaliases nvidia-glx-185 will be automaticly updated to 190 ?14:50
ActionParsnipbenste: no but i can give you a repo for the 90 if you wish14:51
bensteActionParsnip: no thx i'll stay to 185 if possible14:52
bensteand I'll file a bug against jockey-gtk now14:52
ActionParsnipsure, the 185 is the latest stable14:52
benstethanks for your advises14:52
ActionParsnipnp man14:52
mbeierlok - the grub splash screen - that's called "usplash"?  what about the boot progress screen - what's that called?14:53
bensteActionParsnip: it's kindda nice 5 mins after karmic install was finished I've already filed 3 bugs14:53
nadador_tiohi there14:54
ActionParsnipbenste: keep it up :)14:54
bensteActionParsnip: wasn't there a specific tag we should file for karmic bugs ?14:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:56
benste1ActionParsnip: hope you didn't write something new since my last post, I was kicked ??14:57
=== Kraln- is now known as Kraln
MythBorkHey all. I recently upgraded to 9.10 and now my external USB soundblaster isn't working. "aplay -L" and aplay -l" show nothing.  Can anyone help?15:03
macsimhi, on karmic I try to configure my vpn but I need to add a certificate, I'm unable to find where I can attach my certif to my vpn configuration on nm-applet, any idea ? thanks15:04
nemoMythBork: no clue, but anything in dmesg?15:05
macsimnemo, I found, just forget to install network-manager-openvpn :)15:06
macsimnemo, thanks anyway15:07
MythBorknemo - if I disconnect and reconnect the soundcard I get this -15:08
MythBork[  147.542295] usb 5-1: USB disconnect, address 215:08
MythBork[  159.964067] usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 315:08
MythBork[  160.219729] usb 3-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice15:08
benste11how can I get back my old nick - it's blocked cause my connection failed15:10
xguru./nickserv release nick pass15:10
MythBorkbenste11, it will unlobk in a few minutes when the old nick dies15:10
xgurui think...its been awhile15:10
bazhangyou can ghost it benste1115:10
benste11bazhang: ?? what's ghost ?15:11
bazhangbenste11, /msg nickserv help ghost15:11
lucahi everyone15:17
antricis there a key i can press at boot (like Esc in grub legacy) to access the boot menu? im trying to get into recovery mode and cant boot otherwise, hence being unable to edit the grub config and add the option that way15:19
Dr_Willisshift or escape i thought15:20
Dr_Willisor boot live cd and chroot in, alter /etc/default/grub and disable the hidden menu option15:20
Dr_Willisthen rerun update-grub15:20
antricthe problem is the data is encrypted and i cant boot all the way :(15:21
antricluks unlocks after entering my passphrase, but then kde fails to load saying root is full and freezes up15:21
ha1331Amyone else having problems with video on smplayer playback after upgrade? My problem is that sometimes after revinding or forwarding the picture freezes, or more accurately the player seems to be on pause even if it actually isn't. Putting it to pause and hitting play wont help. Playback sometimes resumes if I seek more. Sometimes it only works for couple of seconds after the freeze, sometimes it works fine for the rest of the movie.15:22
karmichow to close port 631 (ipp) ?15:22
Dr_Willisha1331:  i noticed the pausing a few days ago. but not noticed it lately.15:23
Dr_Willis!ufw | karmic15:23
ubottukarmic: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist15:23
iokaguys does anyone know how to deal with grub 2 since it does not have a menu.list file?15:24
ha1331Dr_Willis: any idea what would fix it?15:24
Dr_Williskarmic:  thats the cups port? or samba? i forget. :) cups you can set the configs to waht interface to lisiten to.. same with samba i recall15:24
karmiccups @ willis15:24
Dr_Willisha1331:  i never noticed a fix. it just acted up a few times. Ive not seen it do it the last few days15:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub215:24
Dr_Willisbbl byee..15:25
drs305ioka - later today the ubuntu help wiki will have a GRUB 2 page.15:26
karmicwhat does '!' do when typed in front of a command in terminal ?15:27
ha1331Funny thing by the way. Somewhere I read that karmic was supposed to boot faster, but I'm thinking that Jaunty booted faster on my machine.15:27
karmickarmic is booting faster on my machine :)15:28
Raydiationis gnome-shell already in the repos?15:28
MythBorkHello all, I upgraded to Karmic yesterday and I cannot access my USB external soundblaster now. Worked fine in 8.10 and 9.04. Nothing appears in the hardware tab of the sound configuration tool. but cat /proc/asound/cards shows the card! Can anyone help?15:29
robin0800Raydiation: yes its available from the software centre15:31
mercutioi'm on an eeepc here. Mouse click is taking forever to have an effect. How come?15:33
Martin_vWmvo: my software update is hanging again... this time it's not update-manager though, but software-properties-gtk. What interesting though: ps afx shows a zombie process "[gpg] <defunct>" underneath /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk... I believe that could be the cause.15:36
asranielhi there. how "save" is it to install the current kubuntu? (i know, it's not released, but is there a big horrible bug i should know of?)15:40
eternal_pmorning all..quick question...I have an intel wireless card (n) in my laptop, connecting on B/G worked perfectly, connecting on N, I connect, get an IP address, but cannot browse or do anything (can't even ping) any thoughts?15:43
Martin_vWasraniel: I'm running karmic on several computers and I haven't noticed anything serious, except for the "locked screen vanishes after entering 5 wrong passwords" issue and some minor annoyances like that the window list won't always react to clicks.15:43
Martin_vWYou can't be sure though whether an application that is mission critical for you will still work as expected.15:43
macoeternal_p: id guess the driver's still not quite there. im surprised you can even get an IP15:44
eternal_pmaco: me too15:44
macoMartin_vW: O_O did you just say if you screw up unlocked the screen 5 times, itll unlock anyway?15:45
asranielMartin_vW:  thanks, wanted to be sure there are no dataloss bugs or similar. the rest i can handle15:45
Martin_vWmaco: yes, this was a bug a week ago in karmic. Not sure though whether it's fixed by now.15:45
macowow thats a bad bu!15:45
Martin_vWhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/446395 - "Fix released"15:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446395 in gnome-screensaver "Screen lock unlocks after 5 wrong attempts" [Critical,Fix released]15:47
mvoMartin_vW: hey! thanks for letting me know, what was the last action you performed before the hang?15:49
mvoMartin_vW: I will try to reproduce that15:49
Martin_vWmvo: I don't think I did anything before that; I'm working on my main computer, and the affected notebook was idling before I attempted to run the software-properties-gtk dialog. After killing and restarting it it works proplerly again though, and I haven't encountered this bug on my 2 other karmic machines :/15:50
fbnhi, at which time will the release candidate be on the servers for download?15:51
Picifbn: When its done.15:51
fbnPici: so it could delay until tomorrow?15:52
Picifbn: Probably not15:53
Martin_vWmvo: Now I've started update-manager, and it's hanging again. But there is no gpg process, instead there are 3 /usr/lib/apt/methods/http processes, all showing a single line "select(1, [0], NULL, NULL, NULL" line in strace. Looks like these could actually be two different issues.15:54
mvoMartin_vW: started and clicked on "check" I assume?15:55
Martin_vWmvo: yes, exactly15:55
Martin_vWthe dialog "Paketinformationen herunterladen" (damn, why did I switch back to German again?) popped up, but the UI doesn't update anymore.15:56
mvoMartin_vW: the ui of the download dialog? or the parent of that dialog? or both?15:57
Martin_vWmvo: both15:57
Martin_vWor well, actually only the dialog15:58
Martin_vWall controls of the main window are of course disabled, but if I move it off the screen, it will still display properly when moved back.15:58
Martin_vW"Paketinformationen herunterladen" instead is just plain gray, no UI except the window border is visible.15:58
mvoMartin_vW: what does strace of the partent of the http processes show?16:01
darkhamkarmic rc?16:02
Martin_vWmvo: "restart_syscall(<... resuming interrupted call ...>", just this single line.16:02
* mvo scratches his head16:03
mvoMartin_vW: if you sudo gdb -p and do a backtrace in the gdb prompt, anything interessting?16:03
Martin_vWmvo: http://pastie.org/665162 - the first one is from the parent process synaptic, the second one from one of the http instances.16:13
tarzanno java 1.5 on karmic? what happened?16:14
Dr_WillisHmm.. you install it as an extra package same as every re4elase ive used.16:14
Dr_Willisinstall ubuntu-restriccted-extras to get java + flassh + more16:14
Dr_Willisor is it just a specific version you need?16:14
mvoMartin_vW: thanks, that looks a lot like the last one you showed me, again the accessability inside the backtrace16:15
mvoMartin_vW: is that the same machien (iirc it got a pen input?)16:15
tarzanDr_Willis: ubuntu-restricted-extras does not include java...16:16
Dr_Willistarzan:  err... it installed java here on the 3 machines ive been beta testing,16:16
Martin_vWmvo: yes, it is16:16
Dr_Willisas one of its dependencies.16:16
tarzanDr_Willis: yes, but there is no java 5 in karmic, just 516:17
tarzanjust 616:17
Dr_Willisi cant keep java version #' straight. so no idea on what versions are what.. or why i would evne need 1.5 over 1.616:19
komuta I have a question about kde notifications16:20
mvoMartin_vW: thanks again, I think I need to find a way to reproduce16:20
darkham karmic rc?16:20
komutaI'm on karmic, and there seems to be a regression in the notification during file transfer16:20
komutawe used to get information about transfer speed, but not anymore16:20
komutaI can't find a bug report anywhere, but when it comes to kde4 notification applet, I don't really know how to identify it as a software16:20
ck773it bugs me that software centre doesn't show transfer speed...16:22
dan_MAnyone else still seeing issue when resuming from sleep after removing the power cord?16:22
tarzanDr_Willis: because android for example does not build an 1.616:22
Dr_Willisdan_M:  what issue?  or just general problems?16:23
denndaHi. The RC image files still contain the 'beta' keyword. is that correct?16:24
dan_Mdr_willis: When resuming from sleep on AC power the notebook is fine. But, remove the AC adapter and then resume and sometimes it just goes back to sleep so I push the power on button. Other times it is worse and gets hung up on the 2nd resume and I have to do a hard reset.16:25
Dr_Willisresumeing whild just on battery hmm..16:26
Dr_Willisnot tried that.16:26
Dr_Willisi rarely use resume/hibernate.. tried it today and i dident notice any issues. but i had it plugged into the wall :)16:26
dan_MYeah fun stuff I have a bug# somewhere just wanted to see if it was still widespread as with the freeze time is now focused on bugs.16:27
dan_MI think the bug is mainly thinkpads though16:27
darkham karmic rc?16:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412363 in linux "ThinkPad T500/X200s fails to resume when AC adapter is removed" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:28
dan_Myep that one16:28
dan_MFun times16:28
Dr_Willispersonally i have had such hassles wih suspend/sleep/hibernate under all os's  i rarely use the feature16:29
Dr_Willisim amazed it works at all :)16:29
dan_MIt works great in 9.0416:29
dan_MWell for me at least16:30
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jussi01 /abrn Windowsuckscock16:35
Dr_Willishe dident like his own nick?16:35
rob0Fast op action, very nice. :)16:37
thiebaudeDr_Willis, how long is a ban?16:41
Dr_Willisany faster they would have ESP16:41
Dr_Willisthiebaude:  no idea. :) i rarely get banned16:41
thiebaudeyea, me too16:41
mbeierlhe requested it :) you don't call ops unless you need to16:41
Dr_Willisif only every troll was so nice. :)16:42
mbeierlwhile it vaguely amuses me, I don't see what the fun of this particular exchange could have been...16:43
_btany eta on RC?16:46
hifiis there a complete ubottu syntax reference somewhere?16:49
ikt<_bt> any eta on RC? <- they never give an answer besides 'soon'16:49
_btok cool, nearly end of working day for me today. heh. will have to be tomorrow now :)16:50
mbeierlhifi: no, but you can chat with it privately.  Full of philosophical wisdom about love, life and other such matters...16:55
mbeierlubutto: love16:55
mbeierlubottu: love16:55
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.16:55
mbeierljust don't get him started on life...17:01
carmelitaHow can i rename files with "�" character? I have the problem that in a folder all the accented vowels and "ñ" are now "�" and filemanagers can't open or modify them.17:01
carmelitaThe problem is that there are thousands of folders and docuements, I can't do it manually17:02
Hukkacarmelita: You should be able to glob them17:02
HukkaHm, it won't work them. Saying textfile* is globbing17:02
Hukkaiconv was for converting text files, but I'm sure there was a tool for renaming too17:03
carmelitaHukka: I don't understand what you mean.17:03
Hukkacarmelita: Never mind, it wouldn't work in your case17:03
carmelitayes there is rename, mmv, etc17:03
HukkaAh, there it is17:03
carmelitaBut I have tried them without success17:03
Hukkacarmelita: apt-cache search rename utf-817:03
Hukkacarmelita: Just so you know next time :)17:04
carmelitaI know!17:04
carmelitaI have tried all that17:04
carmelitaIt doesn't work17:04
carmelitaAll files are UTF-817:04
carmelitaAnd I cannot rename them using the "�"17:04
Hukkacarmelita: convmv doesn't work for you?17:04
carmelitaSo, I don't know what to do17:04
rob0Your console does not support UTF-8?17:04
carmelitaYes, but they are already UTF-817:05
carmelitaI don't really understand what I should do17:05
Hukkacarmelita: You haven't explained why convmv doesn't work for you17:05
rob0If your console DOES support UTF-8, rename(1) and shell globbing will work.17:05
carmelitawell, I converted all to UTF-817:05
carmelitaBut the � is still there17:06
carmelitaI have Kubuntu 9.1017:06
carmelitaI was using PClinux before17:06
carmelitaAnd all the files in my home directory have the � in every non ascii character17:07
theyCallMeJohnnymenu.lst is gone, how do i add windows to the boot menu?17:07
theyCallMeJohnnyit wasnt detected automatically17:07
carmelitaAnd Dolphin or Krusader cannot edit, modify or do anything with those files17:07
hifimbeierl: I meant the syntax how you interact with it17:07
carmelitaHukka: Do you understand?17:08
rob0for X in x y z ; do for Y in a b c ; rename $X $Y * ; done ; done17:08
theyCallMeJohnnyk done17:08
rob0where you put a list of bad characters in place of "x y z" and the ones you want to replace with in place of "a b c"17:09
carmelitarob0: I'll try that17:10
Hukkacarmelita: You didn't say how you actually converted them to uf-817:10
rob0nested for loop, won't work quite right17:10
carmelitaHukka: They are already UTF-8!!17:10
Hukka19:05 < carmelita> well, I converted all to UTF-817:10
HukkaSounds like you ran some command17:10
rob0but anyway, you can run the rename one character at a time17:10
rob0I could come up with a one-liner to do this, but it's not worth my time right now. :)17:11
HukkaThis isn't really about Karmic anyway17:11
carmelitarob0: I only have one character that is making the problems: �17:12
carmelitarob0: Will this be ok? for X in � ; do for Y in _ ; rename $X $Y * ; done ; done17:12
carmelitaI want to change all � to _17:13
carmelitaShould that work?17:13
rob0okay, my terminal is not seeing what you want to change from17:13
dan_M<carmelita>try it and see17:13
rob0you are running one command, you do not need the for17:13
rob0and definitely not the nested for17:13
rob016:10 < rob0> nested for loop, won't work quite right17:14
carmelitaI want all files that have � to be changed to _17:14
rob0rename BAD GOOD *17:14
rob0rename x _ *17:14
rob0I can't see what you want to use for "x"17:14
Guest15392Hello, i was redirected to this cannel for support with Karmic. Nice to meet you guys. I have two questions, could someone help me out, please?17:15
carmelitai GOT THE FOLLOWING: Unrecognized character \xEF in column 1 at (eval 1) line 1.17:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:15
Guest15392okay, got it ubottu ;)17:15
Guest15392Thank you Takeon. My first question: I have enabled Vsync in Ubuntu via Compiz, without it, the tearing was just too much. It's okay now, for the desktop, but I still have minimal tearing in videos - especially on a 26" fullhd. I have also enabled it in the nvidia-settings for both, opengl and video, those settings don't do anything at all. So, how can I enable full vsync for videos? My second question: I am using karmic beta right now, couldn't wait.17:15
Guest15392copied and pasted it17:15
carmelitarob0: reanme doens't get the special character that you cannot see in your terminal17:16
rob0try quoting, enclose it in '', if that does not work, I don't know.17:18
carmelitaIt,s a questionmark inside a Rhombus17:18
rob0enclose the special character17:18
carmelitarob0: I always get the following: Unrecognized character \xEF in column 1 at (eval 1) line 1.17:19
dan_Mcarmelita: $man sed or awk17:20
rob0Or maybe the kind folks in #bash will have ideas.17:21
rob0If UTF-8 isn't working for rename(1), it probably won't work for other GNU coreutils.17:21
Dr_Willisa ? inside a box  hmmm17:22
carmelitaDr_Willis: Yes but the corners are on top and bottom17:22
Dr_WillisWell thats not the same thing ive seen with bad filesystems.17:23
Dr_Willisi dont use other languages at all. so not sure if it could be a language setting or not.17:23
carmelitaDr_Willis: I can move the files with mv from the console17:23
Dr_Willisbut the funny char stays?17:24
Guest15392Hm, that vsync thing seems to be a problem. Anyone a suggestion? I have read through a bunch of guides and tipps but nothing seems to help. It's strange though, because the nvidia options do have a setting for that, but it doesn't seem to work. I had the same problem with Jaunty.17:24
Dr_WillisId be curious if you made/tried a totally new user - if the names would look right to him.17:24
Half-LeftOK, I'm about to cry or blow up with anger because you guys decided to ship Inkscape snapshots.17:25
Dr_WillisDemand a refund ? :)17:25
rob0"You guys"?17:25
Dr_Willis!info inkscape17:25
Half-LeftFor sure!17:25
ubottuinkscape (source: inkscape): vector-based drawing program. In component main, is optional. Version 0.47~pre4-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 18961 kB, installed size 82608 kB17:25
* rob0 hands Half-Left a tissue17:25
Dr_Willispre-4  thats somthing ive not seen befor.17:26
Half-LeftI hope it gets to stable before your out od beta17:26
Half-LeftBecuase yet again it's useless for me, since you ship a version with breaks qsvg17:26
HukkaHalf-Left: You do realize that when you say "you" it means _you_ as much as everyone else on this channel17:26
IdleOneI had nothing to do with so don't mix me in with them17:27
vanishingsup everybody17:27
IdleOneI told them but they would not listen and said we don't care we want to make Half-Left's life miserable :P17:27
Dr_WillisHalf-Left:  i doubt if the version is going to change in the next 7 days17:27
Half-LeftRight, I'm blaming everyone :)17:28
Dr_WillisBlame me for everything.. My wife does...17:28
vanishingdid anyone try firefox-3.7 in karmic?17:28
IdleOneDr_Willis: we married the same woman?17:28
* Half-Left points at Dr_Willis17:28
* Dr_Willis has a Tee shirt - 'You dident listen to me.. but its still MY fault?'17:29
Half-LeftDr_Willis: I hope it gets fixed before release because it will make many KDE4/Qt people doing artwork pissed.17:29
sykthey must be about to release rc17:29
Dr_WillisHalf-Left:  rc1 is out today - so i doubt if anythign is going to change.17:29
sykdownload page for desktop is down for me17:30
SoftwareExplorerHalf-Left: all you can probably do is hope for a different version in backports17:30
Guest15392Okay, maybe someone could help me with something else. When I try to change and save my monitor changes in nvidia-settings I get this error: Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!   PS: Is the rc out already? I am on Karmic beta, how can I upgrade to the rc?17:30
Dr_Willisservers have been getting updated  I think. Been down/slow for a lot of people.17:30
Dr_Willis25th person to ask if the rc is out... so far.17:31
Dr_Willisbut whos counting.17:31
Dr_Willisand YES you can upgrade.. thats a MAIN point to the package manager system17:31
Guest15392hehe, well, that happens, when you get to love Ubuntu ;) (okay, mybe not love, but ...appriciate it)17:31
Half-LeftSoftwareExplorer: Well Fedora have done the same, the bug has been reported to them, so hopefully it will go upstream17:32
HukkaGuest15392: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/28642417:32
SoftwareExplorerI don't think it is out yet because ubuntu.com/testing/910rc is still saying page not found.17:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286424 in nvidia-settings "nvidia-settings crashes when user clicks Save To X Configuration File" [Medium,Confirmed]17:32
Dr_Willisthats means it will be fixed in the next 6mo release :)17:32
Dr_Willisevery time someone asks if its out.. they delay it another 1/2 hr.17:33
Hukkaubottu: Good boy!17:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Good boy!17:33
SoftwareExplorerDr_Willis: Yikes!17:33
* Half-Left will have to get a 0.46 deb from somewhere17:33
Guest15392Hm, I see. I'm still working on everything, I am one of those windows and mac switchers :) All new territory for me. Thank you ubottu, what does that mean? Is there a workaround av. ?17:33
ArmageddonGuys, Bluetooth used to work on 8.10 but stopped working for a while on 9.04 and back again for a while, I updated then it stopped working, and on Karmic it doesn't anymore either, any idea ? I have AMD64 with x86_64 Kernel and a Phoenix BIOS17:33
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:33
HukkaGuest15392: If you read the page you can notice that running gksu nvidia-settings should help, IIRC17:34
Guest15392Great, I was talking to a BOT - awesome ^^17:34
Guest15392Ah, thank you for the tipp Hukka! =)17:34
JeruvyGuest15392: you could do worse ;)17:34
Dr_WillisIn most cases you always want to run gksudo nvidia-settings (or run it as root some other way)  -  Unless of course you want some setting just for a specific user i guess...17:34
SoftwareExplorerGuest15392: So he passed a turing test for awhile17:35
HukkaGuest15392: At least I think I resolved it that way. Or maybe I created the xorg.conf manually... not sure17:35
HukkaSoftwareExplorer: Failed only by being honest :)17:35
Dr_WillisI had to copy over my old xorg.conf from 9.04 to get nvidia-settings working right for me.17:35
Guest15392I see, Dr_Willis. I'll try it out right away and tell you, if it worked. Btw, do you guys have any vsync probs with videos? Do you get any tearing at all?17:35
pitwalkerhow can I switch back GRUB's delay?17:36
SoftwareExplorerHukka: Yep! :)17:36
Dr_Willisi get tearing in every video on every os :) i dont even notice it much any more :)17:36
HukkaGuest15392: Nope, none17:36
Dr_WillisI even notice it on my PS2/Wii :)17:36
Cyr4xany solution for that?17:36
* Half-Left wishes distros wouldn't ship stable versions and not snapshots or alpha/beta software with impending stable releases.17:37
Cyr4xnvidia card + 185 drivers17:37
HukkaGuest15392: What kind of monitor/connector do you use?17:37
Cyr4xglx in xorg is loaded17:37
Cyr4xxorg.conf i mean17:37
Cyr4xreinstalling drivers doesn't help17:37
Dr_Willisreinstalling to 'fix' things is windows thinking. :)17:37
HukkaDr_Willis: And nVidia is closest to windows you can get in linux...17:38
Dr_WillisHukka:  i think ati is closer.. :)17:38
HukkaCyr4x: Have you used the nvidia provided installer?17:38
HukkaThat usually breaks things quite well17:38
Cyr4xi'll try17:38
Guest15392On every OS? Oh, thats not good ^^ On my mac and Vista I didn't have anything of that, that's why we noticed it so fast. I want to get my school to move to Ubuntu, but they watch videos all the time, so it would be nice, if videos wouldn't get that tearing. Vsync in Compiz helps out for the windows, but the videos, thats a big "?" for me ^^ I wonder why the nvidia settings don't apply it to the videos. Hukka, I am using a Fujitsu Siemens 26" fullhd vi17:38
HukkaCyr4x: No! Don't!17:38
HukkaCyr4x: Just wanted to check if you already had :)17:38
Cyr4xi'll try to install v17317:39
Cyr4xmaybe it will help17:39
HukkaGuest15392: You're lines are a tad too long if IRC17:39
Cyr4xbut i've used 180 in 9.04 and was ok17:39
Dr_WillisI doubt if most people even notice the tearing. of course many video players also have features that help reduce it as well. vlc/mplayer and so on have a lot of filters/enhancements.17:39
Cyr4xafter upgrade to karmic isn't17:39
HukkaGuest15392: "using a Fujitsu Siemens 26" fullhd vi" and a break17:39
sykrc is ready17:39
ArmageddonGuys, Bluetooth used to work on 8.10 but stopped working for a while on 9.04 and back again for a while, I updated then it stopped working, and on Karmic it doesn't anymore either, any idea ? I have AMD64 with x86_64 Kernel and a Phoenix BIOS, if no one knows then tell me...17:39
Guest15392ah okay, the rest was: Hukka, I am using a Fujitsu Siemens 26" fullhd via VGA.17:40
HukkaGuest15392: Ah, VGA :/17:40
HukkaGuest15392: Why not digital?17:40
HukkaMaybe that would help?17:40
Dr_WillisIf you can use DVI.. use DVI :) definatly17:40
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment17:40
Hukkaubottu: Sorry, too busy17:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Sorry, too busy17:41
HukkaI wonder if it would be difficult to have ubottu reply with eliza logic for everything not in database :?17:41
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:41
vanishingHukka: lol..he is just a bot..17:41
Guest15392Dr_Willis, on big screens, you see it right away. I did, it's because one is used to it. Once it's gone, you see it right away. Switchers tend to see that kind of stuff ;) I am using a laptop for the two screens. The internal laptop display is connected digital, but it doesn't help much. Tearing is still there.17:41
Hukkavanishing: Of course he is, but he still has feelings!17:41
frewsxcvis the relase candidate out yet?17:42
* Dr_Willis adds +1 to the count of people asking if its out yet..17:42
Dr_Willisthat delays it another hr. :)17:42
sykits out17:42
sykim downloading17:42
Hukkafrewsxcv: And you check here, not from the website, because...?17:42
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases17:42
mbeierloh.  is today getting close to some sort of release?  Is that why there are no updates recently?17:43
frewsxcvHukka, because i don't know if this is the release candidate? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/17:43
Half-LeftDr_Willis: Can you consider shipping 0.46 of Inkscape?17:43
Dr_WillisHalf-Left:  I can consider it.. but it wont do any good.. since i dont even use inkscape :)17:43
blueglassesI'm having some aparent security issues related to cups (definitelly), pulseaudio (strange behaviour) and possibly samba17:43
Guest15392I have also tried it with a FX 5900 Ultra and DVI, it still got the tearing. So, I guess, it has to be something else.17:44
mbeierlsyk: btw, that's not the release.  It's an RC, which is still half-beta.  Gamma, maybe?17:44
HukkaHalf-Left: In case you missed the sarcasms, we are just a bunch of people here17:44
blueglassesgnome has just restarted without asking17:44
sykmbeierl, yeah17:44
HukkaHalf-Left: In no way do we represent the release team nor every single packet17:44
HukkaHalf-Left: Hell, or even Canonical! At least I don't17:44
Dr_WillisSome of us are barely even human.17:44
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!17:45
Half-LeftNo no one works here for Canonical?17:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moo17:45
ck773yeah...i would say point them to http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/17:45
HukkaHalf-Left: Even if they did, you think they could answer the question about a particular packet with a high probability?17:46
Dr_WillisIve never seen anyone in here claim they worked for Cononical17:46
ck773cause the file says rc17:46
mistyahi there,17:46
ubottulife is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic17:46
mistyaI want move the "notify-osd" for pidgin higher. How do I do?17:46
HukkaHalf-Left: If you really care, why don't you go to launchpad17:46
mistyaAre too low17:46
Dr_WillisTheres very likely PPA's for the lastest release of many packages also.17:46
JoshuaLthe top panel stays on top when watching a movie full screen in mplayer17:46
gotunandanI think its better to spread the use of the torrents rather than the ISO images ?17:47
mbeierlmistya: I think it's supposed to be there - change your volume or brightness and those notifications show in the topmost pos17:47
JoshuaLcan anyone confirm this?17:47
Half-LeftHukka: So ok, I'll create 50 bug report accounts for each distro that ships the same buggy Inkscape version, right....17:47
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:   which mplayer? gnome-mplayer   no gui mplayer, or smplayer? Ive not noticed that issue here.17:47
eminhi all17:47
Dr_WillisHalf-Left:  go for it!17:47
JoshuaLthe default one in 9.10 Dr_Willis17:47
HukkaHalf-Left: Are you telling me that you are complaining about this on 50 different distro channels, all full of normal users like you?17:47
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  the default video player is Totem. not mplayer I think17:48
JoshuaLmost likely gnome-mplayer then17:48
HukkaTalking about !life...17:48
mistyambeierl, OK, but I do not like. I want everything up.17:48
mbeierlmistya: I hear you, I'm just reporting that it appears to be intentional by the ones who wrote it...17:48
Half-LeftHukka: I was being sarcastic and I'm not a "normal" user17:48
JoshuaLDr_Willis, ohw you are right17:48
JoshuaLits totem :)17:48
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  i hate totem. :)17:48
HukkaHalf-Left: Hell, so you're a dev then! Why did you ship a broken DKMS in Karmic beta!17:49
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  i perfer vlc. heh. or gmplayer. or smplayer. Good Luck17:49
JoshuaLbut you have the same issue too with mplayer? i have it with totem17:49
duncan_sometimes I really wonder why I bother with 64 bit *shakes head*17:49
emindoes anyone know how i can fix the brightness problem. the brightness is going higher and lower every second.17:49
JoshuaLDr_Willis, normally i use vlc :)17:49
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  ive never noticed the issue. I watch videos full screen all day at work. :)17:49
mistyambeierl, You're saying that it is a feature not a bug?17:49
Half-LeftHukka: I'm a KDE games/plasma graphic artist17:49
mbeierlduncan_: 'cos you can laugh at all those people that have 64 bit pcs with 32 bit os's like Windows17:50
HukkaHalf-Left: So, you're saying that you are on this channel and even so you are not responsible for what was shipped in Karmic?17:50
mbeierlmistya: yes, I think it's on purpose.  I have not looked to see if there's a bug reported about it17:50
mistyathere is a way to change this feature/bug?17:50
duncan_mbeierl, yeah but it seems hollow when nsplugin crashes left and right, to the extent I want to slam my head into the desk... and the 64bit alpha of flash can't even load anything but youtube for me without crashing firefox entirely17:51
Half-LeftHukka: I'm asking for info and if anyone can help the situation. Obviously Ubuntu didn't test that package17:51
mbeierlmistya: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1277268 for a discussion of it :)17:51
mistyambeierl, thanks. I owe you an orange17:52
HukkaHalf-Left: So here's the info, go to launchpad if you want the relevant people to know!17:52
mbeierlduncan_: there's a problem with gtk that makes flash and java have some issues too... where the mouse click gets swallowed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+2.0/+bug/45293817:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 452938 in gtk+2.0 "Left mouse button click in (java|flash) does not work." [Low,Triaged]17:53
HukkaAsking for info? "I'm about to cry or blow up with anger because you guys..."17:53
Martin_vWmvo: I've now disabled the assistive technologies on my tablet. I'll alert you in a few days whether this has changed anything.17:53
Half-Leftugh, so yet another bug report then17:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449198 in gdm "not able to change GDM screen on Karmic" [Wishlist,Confirmed]17:53
leftyfbanyone have a fix for that yet?17:53
leftyfbcan't believe it's not fixed in RC17:53
wamty7 days until new ubuntu!17:53
duncan_mbeierl, aye, when I have compiz turned on I get that, yet when using mutter or metacity with no compositing my mouse clicks go through17:53
HukkaHalf-Left: What did you expect? That launchpad is there just to decoy lUsers and all the real communication happens here on #ubuntu+1?17:54
HukkaHalf-Left: People here can help with problems with sw, but we don't have any more influence on the releases than you do17:54
mbeierlduncan_: really?!?  I gotta try that 'cos I'm a java programmer by trade and Eclipse is nearly unusable right now :(  (Stupid me puts Karmic on his primary work laptop)17:54
kaddihi guys. I was wondering if anyone has been using a WD passport essential under ubuntu and if it's running fine? Official info only says compatible MS/Apple.17:54
leftyfbkaddi: it's just a mass storage device, it should be fine17:55
Guest15392Okay, I am BACK. I fixed the problem with the "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!" error. If someone else should ask, all you have to do is -> sudo nvidia-xconfig  and then it should detect the "error" (default display/screen was missing) and make a new file for you to write in. Then you do the normal sudo nvidia-settings and save your settings a usual.17:55
ck773yeah, they warned you not to put it on production machines17:55
duncan_mbeierl, I have karmic on my primary work laptop :) but 32bit, running 64bit on my desktop17:55
Guest15392First prob. gone :)17:55
Half-LeftHukka: I wanted to talk to a dev about it a bug report is useless because it doesn't stop them shipping a buggy snapshot17:55
* mbeierl just thinks that even alpha Ubuntu is more stable than released MS17:55
* darthanubis agrees with mbeierl 17:56
HukkaHalf-Left: Telling the dev "You fucked up" doesn't sound like a much better approach17:56
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:56
iokais there an easy way to go back to old grub loader where there is menu.list17:57
Half-LeftHukka: Doesn't it? You shipped a buggy snapshot of unreleased software with your stable release, right....17:57
kaddileftyfb: yes it should be, but I would like to be sure before I blow a heap of money on something that won't work under ubuntu ;)17:57
iokanoone has written tutorial about the new grub.All the info in the net is about menu.list and old grub17:57
iokaI need to go to the old one17:57
mbeierlioka: don't know about going back, but the grub menu is controlled by /etc/default/grub17:57
HukkaHalf-Left: I can't believe this... Here you go again blaming other users for what happens in ubuntu releases17:57
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:57
Half-LeftHukka: It's the lastest craze putting users at risk.17:57
Half-LeftHukka: Not just Ubuntu actually17:58
JeruvyHalf-Left: even on release day there will be bugs, and updates will be released17:58
rob0Half-Left, you keep saying "You," and I wonder who you think you are addressing?17:58
darthanubisioka, noone? http://grub.enbug.org/Manual17:58
darthanubisleave the FUD at the door17:58
PolitikerNEUmbeierl: Sorry, but IMHO even beta Windows 7 was more stable than Ubuntu 9.10 RC - and Ubuntu 9.04 for me17:58
Half-LeftJeruvy: That's the typical excuse yes17:59
darthanubisPolitikerNEU, hillarious17:59
UnNaturalHighAnyone here having major problems with iwl wireless drivers?17:59
UnNaturalHighthis is the first time I have been able to connect wirelessly in two days17:59
iokaubuntu will have a lot more satisfied new users if it comes with the old grub.17:59
JeruvyPolitikerNEU: I'd disagree, but everyone has there own experiences.17:59
darthanubisioka, get over it17:59
Half-LeftJeruvy: Why not use that excuse and ship alpha sofeward for stable releases, oh wait, distros do.17:59
iokaI'll propose to packed it up with old grub, not the grub2 or grub-pc17:59
ck773and they complained when we switched from lilo to grub...18:00
darthanubisioka, you'll be rightly ignored18:00
JeruvyHalf-Left: not excuse, fact of life.   But I'm failing to see what your actual point is.18:00
* darthanubis I see trolls18:00
Half-LeftJeruvy: The pint if distros shipping unstable, unreleases sofwtare with their stavle version18:00
Half-LeftPoint is*18:01
iokathank god there is a grub in software channel18:01
rob0I guess he's ignoring me. I think the point is valid, but what is silly is coming in here to fuss about it, this being a user channel.18:02
Half-LeftIf I didn't have a point, I wouldn't be in here but I see the usual excuses are here ready.18:02
Hukkadarthanubis: I'm leaning to the same conclusion18:03
mbeierlioka: why do you think NEW users will know the difference between grub and grub-pc?18:03
Half-LeftNever mind, nothing you can do about it as said18:03
darthanubisHukka, I think the Windows 7 release today might have a lot to do with it?18:03
rob0Half-Left, vote with your feet.18:04
darthanubisexit stage LEFT18:04
NRVatemicrosoft ships alpha software as a stable release every other distro18:04
NRVatelook at vista sp0, win2k sp0, win95 sp0, etc..18:04
darthanubisNRVate, +118:05
NRVateim still laughing at win718:05
NRVatewhy win718:05
NRVateits WIN 6.1!!!18:05
Guest15392I am one of those new users and I can assure you, a lot of things aren't that important. The first impression counts. It has to look good, be fast (not the fastest) and stable. I think the new bootup stuff awesome. Beeing a windows and mac power-user, it really looks nice.18:05
HukkaWhy talk about win anything HERE!18:05
NRVatebecause it makes me giggle hukka :D18:05
darthanubisThats what trolls do18:05
Jeruvy#defocus is more suitable :)18:05
darthanubis!off topic18:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about off topic18:06
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.18:06
NRVatek, good luck with your release then.18:07
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!18:09
u-fokaHow can I enter to the grub menu if it won't shown at boot by default?18:10
u-fokagrub2 :)18:10
darthanubisu-foka, have you tried ESC?18:10
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:10
joaopintou-foka, shitft18:10
joaopintodarthanubis, that link does not help with grub218:11
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub218:11
u-fokadarthanubis, yes... my note started beeping because of the full input buffer, and then a normal boot occured :(18:11
u-fokathanks joaopinto18:11
benste11hi, I plugged in my camera and it is detected as digital audio player which contains music and photo files, what could I change to let the system detect this cam attached to USB as camera ?18:11
darthanubisjoakim-, didn't think it would sine it did not say grub2. But you type faster than I, so it all worked out18:11
darthanubisjoakim-, sorry that was for joaopinto18:13
spasticteapotDoes anyone know if support for USB and firewire soundcards has been improved?18:14
mbeierlu-foka: it's SHIFT, not escape18:14
Bodsdaanyone got the download link to hand?18:15
snowballanyone type gnome-shell yet? let me know your thoughts18:15
spasticteapotIs anyone here using a FireWire soundcard?18:16
duncan_snowball, I'm liking gnome shell alot aside from the fact task switching and viewing open windows without hotkeys is nearly impossible (I use hotkeys but I like to be able to see what I have open in a workspace)18:17
duncan_nor is opening the overview a sane solution each time you want to change windows18:17
snowballduncan_: have you try alt+tab and hovering over your apps18:18
spasticteapotIs anyone here using an external soundcard?18:19
duncan_snowball, alt tab works fine, best implementation of it I like, but I'm missing my taskbar with open windows listed, and as for non power users, using hotkeys isn't intuitive to switch windows18:19
ninjahThe default system beet is set to full blast. How do I fix this?18:20
darthanubisninjah, turn it down18:20
ninjahhow do I do that?18:20
duncan_snowball, or rather, best implementation of alt tab I have seen18:20
darthanubisninjah, you know, with volume controls?????18:20
mbeierlninjah: are you talking about the "pc speaker" beep?18:20
ninjahdarthanubis: Doesn't seem to have an effect18:20
snowballduncan_: got it, maybe including the option to add custom panels that would auto update on each desktop?18:21
ninjahmbeierl: I think so.18:21
mbeierldarthanubis: if it's the pc speaker beep that's outside of volume control18:21
darthanubismbeierl, I know this18:21
mbeierlninjah: what I ended up doing was removing the pcspkr module because mine kept giving me a heart attack:  sudo modprobe -r pcskpr18:21
ninjahmbeirerl, darthanubis: Its the beep I get in a terminal window or in empathy18:21
duncan_snowball, correct, and have the option to have the panel list windows in workspace or all, as I prefer to keep my workspaces seperate but I know people who like to be able to alt tab and click through items in all workspaces at once18:22
ninjahmbeierl: Sweet! I'll give that a try. And ya, I'm gonna get a heart attack my self.18:22
mbeierlninjah: sorry that should be "sudo modprobe -r pcspkr" not pcskpr18:22
snowballducan_: super for all, all for single workspace?18:23
snowballducan_: alt*18:23
=== jono is now known as crimsun
mbeierlninjah: you can add that to /etc/rc.local to prevent it from coming back after reboot, or (and I did not figure this one out) you could blacklist the module18:23
=== crimsun is now known as jono
duncan_snowball, sounds about right18:23
ninjahmbeierl: that didn't work18:23
mbeierllsmod | grep pc18:23
snowballducan_: thanks for the feedback18:23
mbeierlninjah: ^18:24
duncan_snowball,  :) no problem18:24
spasticteapotDoes anyone here know if JACK works with 9.10?18:24
ninjahmbeierl: I got a bunch of snd_ modules18:24
darthanubismbeierl, the terminal and empathy does not use the PC speaker18:24
mbeierlninjah: but no pcspkr.  Ok, so that confirms it - like darthanubis said - it's not the pc speaker then, sorry18:25
darthanubisninjah, install gnome-alsamixer and play with those levels18:25
ninjahdarthanubis: Okay18:25
darthanubis!info gnome-alsamixer18:25
ubottugnome-alsamixer (source: gnome-alsamixer): ALSA sound mixer for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7~cvs.20060916.ds.1-2 (karmic), package size 52 kB, installed size 588 kB18:25
ninjahdarthanubis: The sound controls don't have any effect. Installing gnome-alsamixer.18:26
Martynnow that we have the RC release .. I was expecting to have to do a dist-upgrade18:27
Martynno updates in 48 hours though.18:27
darthanubisMartyn, I keep up with updates, so I have nothing to update at the moment18:27
darthanubisMartyn, as far as we are concerned, we are probably already at RC;)18:28
mbeierlMartyn: usually the rc is announced after a period of inactivity to ensure that the rc is going to be stable.  no sense in putting in a last minute change, announcing, then realizing that there's a bug18:28
ninjahdarthanubis: Sweet! alsamixer works. I checked mute on pc beep18:29
ninjahno more beep18:29
martalliThey probably also want to make sure that the CDs themselves will be fine18:29
darthanubisninjah, ;) told ya:)18:29
ninjahNow I can get work done without getting shocked every few minutes18:29
MartynAFIK I'd agree .. but I downloaded the RC dist, and did various md5 file comparisons.. there are differences18:29
ninjahdarthanubis: I did that in the sound prefs but it didn't work18:29
mbeierlso technically we're at the rc slightly ahead of the announcement if we're keeping up to date18:29
Martynso the RC available on the testing site != the installed state of this karmic beta machine after updates18:29
ninjahGuess the sound prefs are kinda broken18:30
ninjahThanks all... Back to work I go18:30
=== lucas_ is now known as localuser
Martynmbeierl: It would be a BIT late now, wouldn't it?  Now that the various rsync'ed repositories have snatched the RC?18:30
Martyn(to do a last-minute anything)18:30
localuseris ibm lotus symphony goin to be in 9.10 repos?18:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about symphony18:31
mbeierlMartyn: what I meant was there are no updates for a while, then the RC is announced/released18:31
Martynlocaluser : Why would it be in the repos?18:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lotus18:31
Martynmbeierl: Ahh .. yes, sure.   So it's the same as a freeze18:31
localuserMartyn: because its been in them, and i loved that soft18:31
darthanubisproprietary stuff usually is NOT in the repos18:31
martalliSupposedly, IBM and Canonical are going to work together to get more corporations on Linux instead of Windows18:31
localuserthey were18:31
Martynlocaluser : That kind of thing is in the thirdparty repos18:32
martalliIt might be included in the partner repo, though18:32
mbeierlMartyn: yes.  so that's what I meant by technically updated beta users get the rc and final slightly ahead of the release announcement18:32
localuserubuntu partner repos i believe18:32
Martynlocaluser: So, I assume anything in the thirdparty repos that 9.10 doesn't break, will still be there18:32
Martynmbeierl: Then I'm worried.18:32
localuseri hope they add it18:33
mbeierlMartyn: why?  I didn't quite follow what you were saying about noting a difference in md sums18:33
localuserlotus has better ms office support than openoffice18:33
MartynI just did a full system md5 checksum on files .. there's about 8% files that are different on a 16GB installed desktop.. all of which are files tracked by dpkg18:33
MartynI would expect my beta system w/ updates to be the same (signature wise) as files that are coming in from the CD18:33
Martyn(not including configuration files, etc)18:34
frandieguezSorry for the noise... but when karmic rc will be released?18:34
mbeierlMartyn: unless... they held back a package or two maybe?18:34
Martynfrandieguez: It's already released18:34
BluesKajlotus 123 ..hated it18:34
Martynmbeierl: I think so.  quite a few packages from the look of it18:34
martalliMartyn, updated packages won't have the same MD5 sum as the original packages on the CD, right?18:34
Martynmartalli : Yes, they will.   If the dpkg is the same, the files should be identical18:35
joaopintolocaluser, right, but lotus is also much worse from an usability perspective18:35
localuserthat deppends18:35
frandieguezMartyn, I have beta installed but doesn't appear any update...18:35
localusersome users like me would find it quite usefull18:35
Martynoh gods, look .. take the lotus flamewar elsewhere.  that discussion belongs in a standard #ubuntu chat channel at BEST18:36
localuserlike some users find gnome more usefull than kde18:36
Martynfrandieguez: I was also commenting on the same thing18:36
Martynfrandieguez: However, it seems that we are at 'rc' a little earlier than the CD release18:36
martalliThe old Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS had quite a heinous interface, but when you consider the limited screensapce, the minimalist interface was actually a pretty good idea18:36
Martynfrandieguez: Via the updates mechanism (and that's why there have been no updates for 36 hours)18:36
mbeierlfrandieguez: there has not been update for 24-48 hours now as there was a bit of a freeze prior to releasing the RC.  they want to give time to ensure the rc as sent out to us via updates is going to be stable18:36
BluesKajno updates yet , but the RC is supposed to be released today...sometime or other18:36
localusernever mind, i dont mind the opinion about lotus, just wondering if it will be in the repos or not18:37
MartynBluesKaj : Its already released ... you can download the CD images (and torrent them) right .. this .. seconed18:37
MartynSomeone needs to change the topic18:37
localuseri know some developers are here18:37
mbeierland then once the RC is out for a bit, the floodgates open and WHAM you're gonna see a bunch of updates again :)18:37
Hukkalocaluser: I don't know about anything, but considering the IBM-Canonical deal, I think it will18:37
localuseri cant wait until final release or download the .deb from lotus web page18:37
Martynlocaluser : Let me ask you a different question -- have you installed karmic?  and did you look to see if that package was there?18:37
BluesKajMartyn, I'm not installing images , I'm upgrading from the repos18:37
MartynIf it's not, we're getting to the point where it's much too late to add it18:38
MartynWe really REALLY need to update the topic18:38
Hukkalocaluser: Eventually18:38
localuserMartyn: yes, im on karmic right now, they were on jaunty18:38
Martynlocaluser : If it's not in the karmic repository, then it's probably not going to make it in18:38
localuserok, ill download them then18:38
Martynlocaluser : There may have been a dependency that the karmic update broke (like the switch to the latest glibc and all packages compiled with gcc 4.x )18:39
localusermmmmmmmm ill check that out18:39
martallirc now showing on the "beta" download site18:40
localuserby the way, nice job ubuntu has done... quite stable, fast... i like it18:41
PhilippePare the packages for karmic rc already  .?18:41
benste11where can I get grub2-gfxmenu ? - thought this would be in karmic by default but it seems like it's even no where in the sources18:42
martalliThere are ISOs for the rc showing up at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview18:42
=== PolitikerALT is now known as PolitikerNEU
MartynThey have been there for a bit now18:43
Martynmost sites have rsynced18:43
Martynand I'm still pulling 400KB/sec18:44
mercutio22is there anyone using karmic on EeePc?18:44
Martynmercutio22: I am, using the Remix18:44
PhilippePOk thanks ... let's upgrade then ..18:44
Martynmercutio22: Which MODEL of eeePC do you have, however?18:44
mercutio22Martyn: are you having problems clicking dialogue buttons? I have to hold the touchpad button for like 3 seconds to see an effect sometimes18:45
Martynnone at all18:46
benste11mercutio22: I'll install next week, would be nice if you'd share your experiences after isntall with me18:46
mercutio22Martyn: I don't understand. Maybe I messed up with the mouse config. Which model is yours?18:47
seiflotfy1hey guys18:47
seiflotfy1any1 familiar with ubuntu-moblin-remix18:47
mercutio22seiflotfy1: no. linky?18:48
benste11seiflotfy1: Martyn just installed it18:48
seiflotfy1Martyn: i cant get it to even work live form my usb stick18:48
seiflotfy1i choose to open it live18:48
seiflotfy1and ntohign happens18:48
mercutio22Martyn: eeepc 1000ha18:50
seiflotfy1i got an acer revo18:51
seiflotfy1a nettop18:51
bensteno one using grub2-gfxmenu ?18:51
Martynseiflotfy1: Worked here18:51
seiflotfy1wiht nvidia chipset18:51
MartynI'm on a dell precision T7500 workstation18:51
seiflotfy1as in atom+nvidia18:51
seiflotfy1whoa what18:51
MartynOH!  the moblin-remix doesn't work18:51
MartynI tried that recently too18:51
MartynSorry, answering too many questions at once18:51
seiflotfy1hmmmmmmmmm so sad :/18:51
MartynI have the latest eeePC (1101HA) through the dev work I do18:52
MartynI also have an ARM based netbook, using the i.mx51 processor18:52
Martynboth seem to work pretty well using Ubuntu-netbook-remix with the new RC18:53
Martyninstall took <30 mins18:53
seiflotfy1ok got it to boot18:53
MartynI haven't tried livecd/liveUSB yet though18:53
Martynwhat was the issue?18:53
Jeruvyoh ya rc came out ... (goes to grab).  Forgot about that.18:55
seiflotfy1Martyn: i cant find where ot install it once boted18:56
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jbgrr.. everytime I change a network connection to "Manual" from "DHCP" and hit apply, it automatically goes back to DHCP in 9.1019:06
jbanybody else notice this?19:06
PolitikerNEUjb: Hmm? What's the problem with that? But I have a similar problem with shared connections: they only work for me if I don't make them available for all users19:08
Lazyjb: My "Network Connections" also behaves strangely. Even though it says that IPv6 is set to "Ignore" I still got an IPv6 address and IPv6 works.19:10
debug1Will the finished new ver be able to support the Intel DP43TF MB? The current beta does not.19:10
brian_i am trying to install the new avant window navigator  it says its version 0.4.0 but in the repo its called 0.3.9  is that the rite file  or is it called 0.4.019:11
nick125jb: I remember there being a bug where NM won't save changes...I'm not sure if its been fixed, though.19:12
=== rmcbride_ is now known as rmcbride
mbeierljb - not sure if it's relevant, but ipv6 is built into the kernel now and cannot be easily disabled....19:13
debug1I know that Ubuntu server w/a Gnome gui gets around it, but the Beta Ubuntu desktop cannot go online with it.19:15
debug1Not internal workings savy enough to determine the differences between the two which would cause one to work and the other to not work.19:16
jbheh.. gnome network manager is garbage.19:17
menzzaajb: why is that?19:18
nperryjb: never had a problem!19:18
jbwell, its segfaulting..19:18
jband won't let me configure a static interface19:18
jbon a clean install19:18
menzzaajb: well it should work if you have the beta19:19
jbi do19:19
menzzaajb: I had the same problem but that was with alpha 619:19
assoguerozen_sxguys, my ubuntu doesnt respect what i configure in sysv-rc-conf19:20
assoguerozen_sxfor example, if i took off all fields about gdm, it keep booting with gdm on19:21
assoguerozen_sxi made myself clear?19:21
PiciUbuntu doesnt use the sysv init system, it uses upstart.19:21
Piciassoguerozen_sx: sudo update-rc.d gdm remove     would stop gdm from starting19:21
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:21
assoguerozen_sxso i look for some management software to upstart19:22
assoguerozen_sxdamn, didnt know about this19:22
thiebaudehi everyone19:22
c_kornwhy can't I choose the MP3 profile in sound-juicer ?19:25
assoguerozen_sxbut, no easy way to management upstart?19:25
assoguerozen_sx'update-rc.d remove this and that' is too dirty ._.19:25
joaopintoassoguerozen_sx, mv /etc/init/gdm.conf /etc/init/gdm.conf.disabled19:26
joaopintoafaik there is no tool to manage upstart services yet19:26
doggutsjoaopinto: "bum" ?19:27
JackDupdate-rc.d deffo don't work19:28
nekohayohey there, could anyone help me regarding a package that refuses to uninstall? it's a .deb driver package for my scanner (brscan2), taken from http://solutions.brother.com/Library/sol/printer/linux/dlf/brscan2-0.2.4-4.i386.deb ; Synaptic insists on removing it before doing anything else, but fails, thus I can't do nothing with apt or synaptic anymore. Failure: http://pastebin.com/d1b1feaac (and dpkg -p: http://pastebin.com/d58c531f )19:29
nekohayoping me if you have any idea, since I'm kinda stuck at not being able to test karmic properly because of this19:29
assoguerozen_sxbum either doesnt work, like sysv-rc-conf19:29
joaopintodogguts, bum does not handle upstart19:30
=== Rect is now known as TCor
c_kornsudo apt-get install lame gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse dd19:31
c_korndid the trick19:31
nperrynekohayo: dpkg --remove --froce-remove-reinstreq name.deb19:31
assoguerozen_sxso lets get hands dirty19:31
nekohayonperry, same error19:32
nperryHumm, i had that problem and it worked for me19:32
nekohayoit almost looks like the apt/dpkg database is borked up19:32
CyberCodis there an IRC channel for the shipit team?19:33
benstewhere can I find a pastebin for pictures to report an bug during boot time here ?19:34
CyberCodbenste: photobucket?19:34
c_kornbenste: ubuntu-pics.de19:34
nperrynekohayo: sorry, just noticed a typo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq brscan219:35
nekohayonperry, nah indeed, I did correct those commands myself ;)19:35
nekohayootherwise I'd have gotten a different error19:35
nperryTrue :)19:35
nekohayoit's weird19:35
benstec_korn: Fehlermeldung: 002  es wurde keine datei hochgelaen19:36
benstec_korn, CyberCod - I'm searching for a free solution withouht  registration an e-mail19:36
rohanwas there some problem with 9.10 RC? it was due to be released today19:37
assoguerozen_sxit is released19:37
c_kornbenste: the email address is optional. but the page is german only as I see. so just use imageshack.us19:37
rohanand i just got the mail.. talk about foot in the mouth19:37
benstec_korn - actually I am german like you :-)19:37
c_kornbenste: well then, where is the problem ? choose an image to upload, accept the rules and upload19:38
nperrynekohayo: is there a /var/lib/dpkg/info/brscan219:38
nperrysorry /var/lib/dpkg/info/brscan2.postrm19:39
oldude67hey anyone know whats the easiest way to get the codecs for amarok to update?19:39
nekohayoyeah, and its contents are... interesting19:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449198 in gdm "not able to change GDM screen on Karmic" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:39
benstec_korn: that's what I did but looks like somthing is wrong with my pic - imageshack doesn't accept it either19:39
leftyfbanyone have a fix for that yet?19:39
nperryset the contents to exit 019:39
nperryand try to remove then19:39
nekohayonperry, http://pastebin.com/d4b0547a419:40
benstec_korn: lol - and I know why, f-spot has linked to my cam which is already swithced off :-)19:40
nperrycomment it out and just have "exit 0" nekohayo19:40
assoguerozen_sxhum, starting to know about upstart19:42
assoguerozen_sxhas been used since 6.10, lol19:43
Travis-42Gnome-do, even though I have set it in the preferences to start on startup, won't start in 9.10. Anyway to diagnose this?19:43
nekohayonperry, my hero19:44
nperryTake it worked :P19:45
bensteso finally could someone help me with this error message during boot ? - http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/6292/dsc00733gh.jpg19:45
mzzbenste: so does the recovery shell work and what's in /etc/fstab?19:46
nperrypastebin /etc/fstab19:46
benstei didn't try the recovery shell19:46
bensteI'll do19:46
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) discussion channel | Karmic is NOT RELEASED and may break your system | Schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule | Please join #ubuntu for all other support questions | RC Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview | This channel is not a replacement for filing bugs
Travis-42which log file would detail attempts to startup applications?19:47
Travis-42er, during boot19:47
benstemperry, mzz: http://pastebin.com/m2b46653c19:48
benste@all where can I reset the autohandling of filetypes in nautilus, e.g. if a camera is attached, I've choosen to automaticly launch f-spot which I want to revert now19:48
acusterhey all, anyone know why the 'safely remove' action is not tied to the 'eject' button in Nautilus for USB keys?19:49
benstemzz: /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0 is new to me what's it ?19:49
mzzbenste: I'd just temporarily comment out the swap partition in fstab and see if it boots. If it does you can start debugging (most likely cryptsetup isn't starting properly for some reason)19:49
mzzbenste: encrypted swap19:49
Ademananyone know how to modify where gdm-simple-chooser looks for backgrounds and such??19:50
mzzbenste: the installer sets that up for you if you picked encrypted homedirs19:50
benstemzz and why the h. does I have encrypted swap ? - I've only choosen encrypted home dir19:50
mzzAdeman: not conveniently (pretty sure there's no gui). The theme used is configured in the gdm user's gconf19:50
benstemzz: will get access to my acc if I remove this encrypted swap ?19:51
mzzbenste: because swap isn't zeroed out during normal usage or shutdown, so you can leak arbitrary amounts of info in there (or you can leak the encrypted homedir's key in there, rendering the encryption useless)19:51
Ademanmzz: ew, well i'm not concerned about a gui, i spent a while tracking down /usr/share/images/xsplash, so the config belongs to the gdm user? that's kinda crap honestly...19:51
Jordan_Ubenste: If your /home is encrypted but your open files are being swapped out unencrypted to disk it defeats the point, hence if you choose encrypted home it also makes encrypted swap19:51
mzzAdeman: err, what? xsplash runs well before gdm-simple-chooser does, right?19:52
mzzbenste: you can just revert that if you don't care19:52
benstemzz: and encrypted swap is part of the real swap ?19:52
mzzbenste: it replaces your regular swap.19:52
mzzbenste: familiar with cryptsetup at all?19:52
benstemzz. never heared of that ;-)19:52
Ademanmzz: oh, you may be correct, i'm trying to figure out how the new login system works.  but xsplash seems to run at least before *and* after the chooser (as you're logging into your account)19:53
benstemzz: only the general usage of crypted things is known by me, nothing special.19:53
Jordan_Ubenste: You are the second person in this channel that has had this problem, please check launchpad to see if it's already been reported and if not report it yourself. I'd hat to see this get into release if it is affecting many people19:53
mzzbenste: normally you run mkswap on a regular partition. What happens here is cryptsetup provides a virtual block device (/dev/mapper/cryptswap1) using a random key (picked at boot), and (still at boot) mkswap is run on that and it's used as your swap partition19:53
mzzAdeman: yep, gdm-simple-chooser chats to it over dbus afaik19:54
benstejordan_U - which one of my bugs - I've already reported 8 today :-)19:54
mzzAdeman: I don't know how xsplash finds its images, but I'm pretty sure gdm doesn't tell it because it runs before it19:54
Jordan_Ubenste: The swap bug19:54
mzzbenste: cryptsetup can also be used to encrypt entire regular partitions, with a passphrase entered by you before you mount. In this case it uses /dev/random instead of a passphrase (the passphrase is only kept in memory)19:55
bensteJordan_U, just filing a bug with the pic - against which package ?19:55
Jordan_Ubenste: I'm not sure19:55
Ademanmzz: egh, cause i think I'm wrong about gdm, i mean i'd like to change the gtkrc it uses, but i'm more interested in changing what images xsplash uses, i guess i'll look for some docs19:56
mzzbenste: not sure what's up with it actually, I installed off the alternate beta cd and didn't hit this bug19:56
mzzAdeman: good luck with that :(19:56
bensteJordan_U: but if I'll file against the whole ubuntu system no one will discover it before next week19:56
mzzAdeman: the gtkrc gdm uses is picked through the theme it uses, which is set in its gconf19:56
benstemzz: I've used the alternate beta too19:56
Jordan_Ubenste: You could ask for help in #ubuntu-bugs19:56
Ademanmzz: haha thanks, so far off to a bad start "No manual entry for xsplash" lol19:56
bensteJordan I'll do19:56
Ademanmzz: ah thanks for that one, how do i set another user's gconf keys? especially one without a home directory?19:57
mzzbenste: anyway, I'd disable swap temporarily, then look into cryptsetup (checking what ended up in /etc/crypttab for starters)19:57
mzzAdeman: it has a home directory19:57
bensteJordan_U: and you said this should be filed special because it's security relevant for next release ?19:57
Jordan_Ubenste: Not security relevent19:57
mzzAdeman: grep gdm /etc/passwd, it's just in /var instead of /home19:57
mzzAdeman: and you can run gconftool through sudo19:57
benstemzz: where is the cryptsetup, or could I just change it reboot and you'll guide me ?19:58
Ademanmzz: ah, alright cool, thanks19:58
mzzAdeman: (at least that's what I've seen in bug comments, haven't used it myself)19:58
Ademanmzz: i expect you're correct19:58
mzzbenste: no, I'm saying comment out your swap partition in /etc/fstab so it'll boot19:58
Jordan_Ubenste: I don't know that it should be filed specially but when two people report the same problem here within a short period of time it's likely that it affects a lot more19:58
bensteJordan_U: mzz: do you know when RC updates will be out ? - maybe I'll better wait for them first19:59
PiciThe RC is already out.19:59
Jordan_Ubenste: It's out now19:59
Ademanby the way, when i first installed the beta, i using the users and groups utility, I was unable to change user's home directories, or change the gid for groups... i had to do things through usermod19:59
mzzbenste: rc's out, although last time I checked (a few hours or so ago) it wasn't on all mirrors yet19:59
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Jordan_Umzz: benste: Just to warn you, I gave the advice about commenting out swap to the last person ( who said boot failed every other time ) and after commenting out swap boot failed *every* time19:59
bensteI'll update first - lol it's warning that I'm runngin on battery20:00
mzzJordan_U: that's weird, I wouldn't expect it to mind not having swap. how'd it fail?20:00
bensteJordan_U: mzz I think theres kindda missunderstanding, - my system boots up, only a bit slower than expected cause it's showing the error on bootup - but anyway i'll update first now20:01
mzzbenste: ah. In that case: is swap available, and what's in /etc/crypttab?20:03
ausimageHello I am curious to know what is being done to solve "WARNING: Unhandled message: interface=org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable, path=/, member=Introspect" with gnome applications in Karmic....20:05
ausimageI have noticed this warning on few different gnome apps on LP Bugs...20:06
ausimageI am bitten by this particularily with Epiphany...20:06
Jordan_Umzz: You can see the log of the conversation here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/10/22/%23ubuntu+1.txt starting at [06:08]20:06
ausimagewhich makes it unusable IMHO20:06
ausimageEpiphany also lacks a file bug in the help menu ?!?20:07
Amaranthausimage: afaik only the things we ship in main have that20:08
ausimagehow do you file a bug then without a crash...20:09
ausimageit seems the file bug is well hidden now :/20:09
Jordan_Uausimage: ubuntu-bug empathy20:09
ausimagek... any one understand why the dbus error is occuring ?20:10
ausimageand has low hit counts 'cept for LP bugs ?20:10
HEIKKI123can i use 2 names like: ubuntu-bug file-roller nautilus20:11
HEIKKI123or better: how will i do it20:11
HEIKKI123because the bug appears when i use those 2 programs together20:12
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: What is the bug?20:14
robotti^I need help with my ubuntu karmic koala installation20:15
HEIKKI123Jordan_U: when i try to "drag and drop" extract files from a zip file, the nautilus filemanager window will close when i move the mouse over it20:15
robotti^I have installed,  but no networking after first boot20:15
robotti^on my macbook 5,120:15
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: Can you trigger it with other apps that drag and drop?20:16
Sir_Brizzis anyone here using gizmo?20:16
HEIKKI123Jordan_U: hmm, nope20:16
HEIKKI123i can drag and drop fron mautilus to gimp20:16
HEIKKI123it might be a nautilus bug20:17
HEIKKI123i will file the bug20:17
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: Can you drag and drop from gimp to nautilus?20:17
HEIKKI123hmm, what could i drag&drop?20:17
rezdwhat is the easiest way to install from a USB?20:18
HEIKKI123rezd: you need to install ubuntu to a usb drive first20:19
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: Try taking a screen show with Applications > Accessories > Screenshot and drag the thumbnail into nautilus20:19
rezdThanks HEIKKI123.20:20
HEIKKI123doesn't crash20:20
HEIKKI123or, close, i mean20:20
HEIKKI123so, works 100%20:20
rezdI wanna get on the Karmic wave.20:20
Martyn*groans* at his own tech pun20:21
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: I'd say use ubuntu-bug nautilus but mention that only file roller seems to do it20:21
habananygo karmic20:22
HEIKKI123Jordan_U: ok thanks :)20:22
Jordan_UHEIKKI123: np :)20:22
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HEIKKI123Jordan_U: the bug is already in launchpad :)20:28
HEIKKI123but... it says fix has been released :O20:29
Xgatesdo any developers hang here?20:30
darkhamkarmic rc ?20:31
Xgatesthe bootup/reboot is a mess and it needs fixing and with what, 8 days to go, it's not looking good20:31
DopeGhotiCongrats on the RC release!20:32
=== funkyHatHat is now known as funkyHat
Jordan_UXgates: Remember that not everyone will have the same issues as you, I don't get any text flood at boot20:33
Jordan_UXgates: Did "boot_delay=5000" help?20:34
XgatesJordan_U: it's more then just that, I also get the console login displaying at bootup and reboot, and no one should be seeing that20:34
Xgatesyes boot delay only helps a bit20:34
HEIKKI123a-ha, it will only crash when i try to move something to a usb-flash drive20:35
frandieguezTwo days ago I have reported this two bugs (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/457001 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/457007 and I have tested it on RC iso and the bugs continues there!! How can I fix this for the final release??? please help me because are two strings with a lot of visibility on the menues20:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457001 in ubuntu-translations "Wrong translation on galician (gl_ES) to the app name" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:36
macofrandieguez: you can fix them in launchpad20:36
frandieguezhow? I'm very new on launchpad20:36
Jordan_Umaco: He's already provided the correct translation, it's just not committed yet20:37
macoJordan_U: in rosetta?20:37
frandieguezJordan_U, that's correct20:37
frandieguezmaco, yes20:38
frandieguezmaco, https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/software-center/+pots/software-center/gl/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=Centro+de+software+de20:38
macoah ok. then just need to wait for a lang pack rebuild20:38
macolemme see when those happen20:38
frandieguezso, this will be fixed for the final release?20:39
frewsxcvwhat advantage would there be to using AMD64 linux distro as opposed to x8620:39
macofrandieguez: i dont know how often they're rebuilt. im asking a translation guy20:39
frandieguezok, thanks!20:39
XgatesYou know I understand there are going to be a lot of bugs but I would of thought that when you put up a bug someone in a day or two would reply to that bug and let you know it's being looked into. I personally don't find it good to post bugs and not know what is going on. At least if people are going to post then the DEV team should have someone reply to the bug report within 48 hrs as a consideration to the poster20:40
mbeierlfrewsxcv: if you have a 64 bit chip, then amd64 will use all the capabilities of the 64 bit bus: >4gb memory, plus any math intensive work will be much faster20:40
frewsxcvmbeierl, are those the only advantages?20:40
Jordan_UXgates: Ubuntu is swamped with bug reports unfortunately20:40
mbeierlfrewsxcv: more than I can enumerate: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=765428 gives a good overview20:41
macoplease, learn to triage and dig through upstream commit logs and such and help get these things fixed20:41
XgatesJordan_U: I understand that, BUT they should have a system in place where at least there is an auto reply or something....20:41
XgatesWhat's the point of making a bug report, when it's a bad bug and weeks later the bug is still there? Doesn't sound like bugs are getting worked on like they should...20:42
macoXgates: remember, we're volunteers20:42
macoyou can be one too!20:42
Xgateswell someone is making money somewhere, LOL...20:42
HEIKKI123oh, the bug was fixed in a package that is not found in karmic20:42
Xgatesnah I don't work for free, been there done that, waste of time...20:43
frandieguezmaco, ok! I'm just learning. sorry for the problems.... ;P20:43
macoXgates: maybe 1/5 of people involved are paid. and most of them are paid to make *launchpad* better, i think....20:43
HEIKKI123why don't they put the fix in karmic? :( https://bugs.launchpad.net/nautilus/+bug/38988820:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389888 in nautilus "crashes when using dnd from file-roller to a directory" [Medium,Fix released]20:43
rob0Another thing to think about is that millions of people don't understand how things work, so what seems like a bug to them is often, in actual fact, just a misunderstanding.20:43
macoXgates: so why do you think we should work harder in our spare time when you are unwilling to work in yours at all20:43
naraon a win-xp+jaunty machine. Tried Alt-F2 to upgrade to karmic, but this just gets to the bios?20:43
rezdIt's not a bug, it's a feature.20:43
XgatesA misunderstanding, LOL, that's a good one, we have a lot of misunderstandings then20:43
DopeGhotiIf I had been running 9.10 beta, and am up-to-date with respect to apt-get up{date,grade}, I'm already running the RC, correct?20:44
macoXgates: i did come across one bug where someone thought "sed -ir" was behaving wrong...when if theyd read the manpage, theyd know it was doing exactly what it says it should20:44
macoDopeGhoti: yes20:45
rob0Xgates: I was going to offer to look at your "bug", but I have lost interest.20:45
DopeGhotimaco: thought so, thanks :)20:45
PiciHEIKKI123: That bug *has* been fixed.  The new version was just published about a half an hour ago,.20:45
macofrandieguez: dpm says he talked to you about it being a bug in the app not a translation problem20:45
BUGabundoboas noites20:45
rob0"19:43 < Xgates> nah I don't work for free, been there done that, waste of time..."20:45
Xgatesmaco: I'm not a Linux newbie I know how it works, not asking anyone to work harder for free, and I'm doing a part, I'm using it and I'm reporting bugs, BUT when I see a BUG that effects the performance of the system and there is no precedence to fix this, well then I'm not happy, because performance is a priority that someone seems to be overlooking20:45
naraanyway to upgrade jaunty->karmic using just update mgr?20:45
HEIKKI123Pici: yea :)20:46
DopeGhotinara: update-manager -d20:46
macoXgates: bug squad is almost entirely volunteers. asking for all bugs to be responded to within 2 days? yes, that is asking us to do more work in our spare time20:46
DopeGhotinara: as with any such upgrade, back up your data, etc.20:46
rezdSo when is the final freeze for the Koala?20:46
robotti^are there anybody who can help me? :)20:46
Xgatesrob0: don't look at it, see if I care, it only hurts Ubuntu not me, so with an attitude like that you're not helping anyone. AND I didn't mean my reply to sound the way it did, LIKE I said I'm using Karmic and reporting bugs, so give a guy a break, I'm helping out :)20:46
macotriaging bugs does not take *negative* time20:46
naradopeghoti, tx, backup is done; keep my fingers crossed on upgrading ;)20:47
DopeGhotinara: worked fine for my Eee, so you should be golden.  good luck!20:47
mbeierlrobotti^: what is your question?20:47
rob0Xgates: I am not a Ubuntu developer or volunteer, merely a user, and you're the one who probably comes across with the bad attitude. Ignored, bye.20:47
naradopeghoti, tx, ready to give it a shot20:48
TwigathyYou can apply an SLA to a project where people work in their spare time20:49
Twigathyit just won't work20:49
XgatesWell I'm not saying to jump within 2 days, I'm just saying to let people know someone has checked them is all...20:49
Jordan_UXgates: I understand that it's frustrating, it's incredibly frustrating for me too often. But I also understand that there is no easy solution, and no one at fault. It's just an unfortunate reality and complaining about it does nothing but waste time and discourage the people who are trying to triage and fix bugs20:49
Jordan_UXgates: And if nobody has checked them?20:50
XgatesNo one is complaining, I'm trying to talk about it to find a solution, sorry if it came across as just a whine fest....20:50
Xgatesbut let's face it in IRC when you try to have a serious talk about anything people jump on your ass and get all pissy20:51
mbeierlXgates: THAT'S NOT TRUE.  Now Stop Being So TOUCHY20:52
* mbeierl couldn't resist ....20:52
Xgateswhat IRC and assholes? not true?20:52
mbeierlI lose20:52
Xgatesmbeierl: I've been on IRC since the day it was born, so please don't tell me about the attitudes of people on IRC20:53
TwigathyDid you employ RFC 1149?20:53
* mbeierl regrets feeble attempt at humour....20:53
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
darthanubis!language | Xgates20:53
ubottuXgates: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:53
jcastrofrandieguez: setting bug #457632 to confirmed would be a good start if you're seeing the problem20:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457632 in ibus "Desktop entry needs the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain key" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45763220:53
Xgatesyeah my bad...20:54
mbeierljcastro: OH.  I thought only the devs should "confirm" a bug.  Cool!20:54
jcastroanyone who sees the bug should set it to confirmed20:54
jcastroif a bug is stuck in "New" no one will ever get to it20:54
mbeierlgreat!  That's what I get for not reading any guidelines :)20:55
mbeierlit helps to listen to what others are saying....20:55
robotti^mbeierl: My question is about my wireless on ubuntu karmic koala 9.10. On installation it worked. But after boot it does not work anymore20:56
robotti^mbeierl: my computer is macbook 5,120:56
mbeierlrobotti^: ooh.  sorry - not sure I can help.  Have you explained the problem here already?20:56
robotti^I am not sure20:57
robotti^it is about restricted wireless driver20:57
robotti^it can reload on installer20:58
mbeierlrobotti^: ok, does the network interface show up at all after reboot - or is it that it cannot connect20:58
robotti^but not anymore on installed system20:58
robotti^no, there is no interface20:58
robotti^I am now on mac os x, because I can not connect to INternet without wireless20:59
BreetaiHey, I am running kamric and I added kde-desktop how do I get the ubuntu splash during boot back? the old update-alternatives usplash-artwork.so does not do it. Thanks for the help if anyone knows.20:59
robotti^mbeierl: should I download release candidate21:00
phoenixzHi there, I have a Huawei E160 3G mobile broadband USB modem, trying to get it to run in Karmic.. How do I do this? Network manager seems to recognize it (the mobile broadband tab goes from disabled to enabled when I connect it) but then?21:00
phoenixzI select add, I get GSM or CDMA.. Which of the two should I select?21:00
mbeierlrobotti^: it would be worth a try.  How long ago did you download the beta?21:00
phoenixzThen I need to fill in a phone number, username and password.. But I have not gotten these supplied, are these needed? can't find anything about  it in the documentation they supplied with the modem21:00
robotti^mbeierl: I downloaded it yesterday21:01
mbeierlrobotti^: there is almost no difference then between it and the RC21:01
robotti^On installer it worked21:01
robotti^I think it is about too old driver?21:02
MightyTweekphoenixz: you'll probably need to Google "t-mobile usb internet ubuntu" (substitute the name of your provider for t-mobile) or something like that to find the settings21:03
robotti^mbeierl: should I use then ndiswrapper?21:03
phoenixzMightyTweek: Already did so, found quite a bit, but nothing that helps :(21:03
MightyTweekall right, who is your provider?21:04
DanThirstIt doesn't look like when i set my time zone in the admin panel for "time and date" it isn't storing it so my clock is losing time.  how do i fix said issue21:04
benstemzz: I'm sorry to come back this late, but empathy blocked me to join this channel, cause it was in favorites.21:05
leoncismeckIs there a list of current issues with ubuntu+1?21:05
robotti^has anybody experience with macbooks?21:06
MightyTweekleoncismeck: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91021:06
leoncismeckBecause there are some major problems with the live disc that I'm running into21:06
leoncismeckMightyTweek: I mean anything more recent21:06
leoncismeckbooting the live disc drops me at a login ubuntu/ubuntu is not the login details21:07
MightyTweekleoncismeck: what issues are you seeing? you could always search launchpad for a bug report21:07
mbeierlrobotti^: I am not sure ndiswrapper will work is that is designed for "MS Windows" drivers.  Anyone else working on mac book here?21:07
leoncismeckand booting the live disc to go to "Install" drops me at the desktop, icons are missing and I'm told that there is no hard drive space21:07
leoncismeckactually, this could be a problem... parallels may not be expanding the disc properly...21:07
benstejordan_U - mzz has been gone ?21:08
robotti^mbeierl: but using windows driver for my wireless?21:09
mzzbenste: still somewhat here21:09
benstemzz the problem is that empathy didn't get your nick with TAB :-)21:09
bensteI already hate this in comparision with pidgin :-)21:09
benstemzz: I've searche for updates but my system looks up to date last look 1h ago21:10
benstemzz where can I see whether I have RC or Beta ?21:10
mbeierlrobotti^: is there one?21:10
macobenste: if your updates are installed, you have RC21:10
mzzbenste: what maco said, and I don't know a convenient way to see what you installed from (which might matter here)21:11
DanThirstIt doesn't look like when i set my time zone in the admin panel for "time and date" it isn't storing it so my clock is losing time.  how do i fix said issue21:11
macoDanThirst: are you sure your CMOS battery's not dying?21:11
robotti^mbeierl: http://en.opensuse.org/Installation_on_MacBook21:12
DanThirstit is21:12
benstemzz: who's maco and when did he say what ?21:12
DanThirstbut the holder is broke as well21:12
benstesry :-)21:12
DanThirstbut trust me there is still a problem21:12
DanThirsti don't think its storing the time zone21:12
mzzbenste: what? sounds like you might need to come back with a saner irc client21:12
macobenste: maco is me and she said that here: <maco> benste: if your updates are installed, you have RC21:12
benstemzz  I thought lsb_release -a would give somethin useful but it doesn't21:12
mbeierlrobotti^: sounds like you might be on to something there.  Do you have your OSX install dvd?21:13
benstemzz: the couple of IRC bugs is now know by me and launchpad, so all is fine if you know where they are :-)21:13
robotti^mbeierl: It is over 15km here21:13
robotti^mbeierl: too far away21:14
robotti^where to need it?21:14
benstemzz: you still have the time to help me ? - so I'll reboot now21:15
DanThirstso i'm on my own on this one tonto21:16
benstemzz: now I've got 5 updates,some nautilus and some telepathy which is part of empathy as far as ai know21:17
mbeierldo you have the Windows drivers for the wireless card?  the page you referenced said you need them and one place to get them is from the OSX install disc.21:17
mbeierlrobotti^: ^21:17
benstembeierl: who are you talking ?21:18
mbeierlbenste: started typing before I remembered to whom I was talking ;)21:18
robotti^mbeierl: yes I know. but ubuntu installer does not need them because it copy them over Internet21:19
DanThirstOk, am I not providing enough information why isn't any one attempting to even try and help me ? or this just isn't what you guys care about right now ?21:19
robotti^but I can use windows drivers too21:19
mbeierlrobotti^: when you run the ubuntu live cd - what modules are loaded?  "lsmod" from a terminal - and look if there is one that looks like "bcmXXX" or something that might be able to use your wireless21:20
mbeierlrobotti^: when booting back into installed Ubuntu, go to a terminal and try "sudo modprobe bcmXXX" (from the output) and see if that wakes up the card21:20
* thiebaude its quiet today21:24
cmwslwis the karmic rc on the USA server yet?21:25
thiebaudecmwslw, i dont know, i burned mine yesterday21:26
leftyfbdid you look?21:26
leftyfbthiebaude: the RC wasn't out yesterday21:26
cmwslwi ran update-manager -d and it said 9.10 was available21:26
thiebaudeleftyfb, i know,lol21:26
cmwslwbut on the readme it still said it was beta21:26
cmwslwalthough beta might mean release candidate too21:26
leftyfbcmwslw: look at the iso filename21:27
mbeierlupdates are starting to come in via apt.  RC must be well pushed out now ;)21:27
leftyfbif it says rc, it's rc21:27
robotti^mbeierl: some restricted modules are loaded on install21:27
cmwslwleftyb: i'm not downloading the iso, i'm upgrading21:27
robotti^mbeierl: I can check installer21:27
macocmwslw: it means someone forgot to change the text21:28
cmwslwmaco: i know that's a possibility, but are you sure that it is the rc i'm looking at?21:28
macocmwslw: if you checked for updates, it is. the repositories wont have the week-old packages anymore21:29
ror_hi, getting loads of dbus error messages while updating, is this normal?21:32
mbeierlrobotti^: did you try checking for restricted drivers when ubuntu was running after install?21:32
mbeierlrobotti^: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers/21:33
cmwslwhas any irc clients with notify-osd support made it into karmic?21:33
undeconstructedhas anyone else had ridiculously loud audio stream opening noise on karmic?21:33
cmwslwi'm hoping notify-osd is actually used more in karmic - programs didn't have time to implement it before jaunty21:35
sebsebsebcmwslw: notify-osd isn't part of upstream Gnome21:35
ror_shame, one thing that was nice about the old amarok over rhythmbox was the better use of osd21:36
mbeierlror_: just did update here - only gnome-app-install libcairomm-1.0-1 libnautilus-extension1 nautilus nautilus-data telepathy-butterfly to update - and no dbus errors at all.21:36
mbeierlundeconstructed: do you have intel sound card? there was a bug/workaround somewhere about pops/clicks and noise on start/stop of audio...21:37
ror_hmm, thanks mbeierl; I got this when timer was (approx) "40 mins left" starting from "2hr40"21:37
ror_it hasn't stopped my upgrade, it's still going21:37
ror_but every 2-3 seconds it logs this error21:37
undeconstructedmbeierl: no, some nvidia onboard hda thing...21:38
mbeierlror_: ah - I see you're doing a big update.  I was on alpha->beta->today so there were only 5 updates for me today :)21:38
ror_process 28326 in question is chipcardd21:38
XgatesThe DEV team needs to look at this bug:  45852721:38
ror_and there's 2 "chipcardd" processes running, could that be a cause?21:38
leftyfbXgates: the dev team needs to look at a lot of bugs21:38
ror_sorry, chipcardd421:38
robotti^mbeierl: I am now on installer21:39
robotti^How I know what is that module21:39
mbeierlrobotti^: lsmod from a terminal - maybe save the output to a usb stick or somewhere21:39
Xgatesleftyfb: yes they do, even though this might be cosmetic, it sets the tone for how people are going to perceive the distro, as polished or a mess21:40
mbeierlrobotti^: first look for any that match bcm like "lsmod | grep -i bcm"21:40
robotti^mbeierl: or on hardriver_21:40
ror_has gnome fixed the "reversed volume slider" bug yet?21:40
robotti^mbeierl: I have 30megs fat partition21:40
robotti^for configs and screenshots21:40
ror_pet peeve of mine; it claimed ot be fixed upstream but never saw it fixed in Jaunty21:40
mbeierlrobotti^: that ought to do it :)21:40
ror_I'mma kick up a fuss if it's still broken in karmic D=21:41
mbeierlror_: you know what would really get people's attention?  If you joined the team and helped push it through ;)21:41
fbn_Hi, I can not find some software packets in the new software installation tool. sun-java jdk is not available for example21:42
fbn_any reason for that?21:42
gbrethenquestion about ubuntu 9.10 - why does it keep freezing after about 10 mins?  is this a known issue?21:42
fbn_do I have to enable some view first?21:42
ror_I tried, heck I even downloaded the source before it was fixed upstream but work commitments have been crazy lately21:42
robotti^mbeierl: bcm597421:42
ror_so I'd rather just grump at those with more time :p21:42
fbn_gbrethen, no, not for me here21:42
TDJACRWhen is the RC out?21:43
v3traeTDJACR: motd.21:43
sebsebsebTDJACR: It's out21:43
gbrethenI have installed it twice now, did an update, but that doesn't seem to remedy the problem.21:43
thiebaudefbn_, did you sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk?21:43
sebsebsebv3trae: What does that mean?21:43
fbn_thiebaude, no, I tried the GUI in Karmic21:43
mbeierlrobotti^: it looks like that's in the kernel.  try rebooting into the install and from a terminal "sudo modprobe bcm5974"21:43
v3traesebsebseb: read the message of the day? it has the schedule link in it.21:43
fbn_thiebaude, Software Center21:43
thiebaudefbn_, ahh,ok21:43
fbn_thiebaude, I see with apt-cache that sun-java6 is available but Software Center does not show it. Do you see it on your system?21:44
TDJACRThe website still says beta21:44
thiebaudefbn_, i have never seen it in software center, that was 3 days before Oct121:44
ck773the file name says rc21:45
thiebaudefbn_, i hope they do include it21:45
hacknslashrobotti^, are the restricted drivers activated in System > Administration > Hardware drivers ........21:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rc21:45
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic21:45
TDJACRTopic != MOTD21:46
robotti^hacknslash: yes they are on install21:46
fbn_thiebaude, I think Software Center only shows "free" software by default21:46
fbn_but I did not find any way to select "all"21:46
robotti^hacknslash: it is Broadcom STA wireless driver21:46
gbrethennot sure why, but after 10mins, the system freezes and I have to do a hard reboot21:46
ror_anything in logs that might indicate a problem?21:46
robotti^mbeierl: on that restricted driver panel it is Broadcom STA wireless driver21:47
thiebaudefbn_, i dont know they show adobe in other section of software center21:47
mbeierlrobotti^: from install still or after reboot?21:47
HEIKKI123Sorry, the page you are looking for was not found21:47
HEIKKI123the RC link in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule21:47
robotti^for bcm4311, 4312, 4321, 432221:47
hacknslashSystem > Administration > Hardware drivers ........actually shows the STA driver as Activated21:47
robotti^I must reboot21:47
TDJACRIs there a fix for MacBook Pro 5,3 sound yet?21:48
ror_linux/ubuntu is disgustingly good; how many people upgrading other OSes can sit on IRC diagnosing any problems while doing it? :o21:48
* mbeierl suddenly feels the urge to reboot too21:48
mbeierlror_: it ROCKS!21:48
DanThirstror_: why would all of them be able to ?21:48
DanThirstOh i see what your saying ifxing the problem with your os21:49
DanThirstwell no one has helped me yet :( and i keep telling them there is something wrong21:49
ror_well what's wrong DanThirst?21:50
benstemzz, I'm back again, strange things happened now, no errors on bootup but the TTy8 indicates that cryptswap is running, I'll post you two pics21:51
DanThirstclock wont stay synced21:51
benstemzz, Jordan_U: usual boot: http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/7154/dsc00740v.jpg21:51
ror_which kind of clock?21:51
macoDanThirst: does wont stay synced = always off by the timezone, or drifting? or always says 12:00 on boot?21:51
ror_or are we talking cpu clock i.e. core speeds?21:52
benstemzz: Jordan_U boot after commenting out the cryptswap part in /etcfastab21:52
DanThirstI don't reboot, yes i know my motherboard battery is dead, but the auto sync for the clock is not working21:52
ror_DanThirst, how are you syncing, ntp?21:52
wildweathelNTP might need a working motherboard clock.21:53
durtDanThirst, you might want to replace ntpdate with ntp.21:53
DanThirstit worked find before upgrading to karmic21:53
ror_run ntptime, what's your output?21:53
DanThirstalright durt thank you21:53
DanThirstlemme check21:53
tiagoboldtHi, I have an up to date karmic by my side, and I'm not able to use the wlan0 interface, using the rt61pci driver. I've installed 2.6.29 from kernel-mainline and it works without any problem. From that point on.. nothing. Ideas?21:53
DanThirstntp_gettime() returns code 5 (ERROR)21:53
DanThirstnm i'll paste bin it21:54
DanThirsti have ntpdate and ntp installed21:56
DanThirstcould that be the issue21:56
Deathvalley122is x11 still enabled?21:56
Jordan_Utiagoboldt: What happens when you try to use wireless with the karmic kernel, does wlan0 exist at all?21:56
benste@all my camera is detected as music/ media player AND media containing photos, how can I tell nautilus not to see it as music ?21:56
tiagoboldtbut iwlist scan reports nothing21:57
Jordan_Utiagoboldt: Any messages in dmesg?21:57
tiagoboldtif I remove the module and insert it again, it finds the network, but only 1 beacon, and then the last beacon time increases and it disapears, reporting nothing else21:58
v3traeas far as i know i'm running the 9.1 beta, update manager doesn't say a new build is available for me, does this mean it's already done all the updates when it patches nautilus and what not earlier this morning?21:58
tiagoboldtdmesg reports this-> http://pastebin.com/m6f628bc921:59
DanThirstdurt: you see my messages?22:00
DanThirstror_: ?22:00
ror_not sure DanThirst, what is in your ntp.conf?22:00
durtDanThirst, I always thought ntp and ntpdate conflicted each other.22:00
DanThirstwhere is that located22:01
ror_durt, maybe, but I have both installed and working ok?22:01
ror_erm, /etc/ntp.conf I would guess22:01
DanThirstmaybe your internal clock is fine so it it isn't and you dont' know :p22:02
DanThirstyeah thas where it is ror_22:02
DanThirstthank you22:02
durtMaybe I'm wrong, but my lappy's cmos battery is dead and just running ntp works for me.22:05
ror_you have no server listed!22:06
ror_under the line "#you may need a server listed or 222:06
ror_oh wait you have them all at the bottom nvm22:06
ror_didn't scroll down far enough, bloody elinks :o22:06
DanThirstyeah i have like 10 because it was ticking me off22:06
DanThirstit didn't work with 222:07
DanThirsti don't see where its storing the time zone but i think thats the issue,22:07
DanThirsti think if i just ditch the conf file and pick ntpdate or ntp it'll prolly fix it22:07
ror_you could try that; or try to find out what ERROR(5) refers to22:07
DanThirsti'll look and see what that is first22:08
durtDanThirst, timezone is a local setting, IIRC 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata' to change that.22:08
durtalso are you sure you are allowed to contact those servers? for sure ntp.ubuntu.com works.22:10
bensteJordan_U: mzz: still here ?22:11
ror_"removing ttf-bitstream-vera" < for real? that's my favourite font!22:12
mzzbenste: only a little bit22:12
Ademanis there a way to browse the source code of a project hosted on launchpad? (xsplash in this case)22:12
benstemzz: so your adivse was to look into something next after commenting it out right ? - where whould i look for what - you got the pics ?22:13
mzzbenste: pastebin /etc/crypttab iirc22:13
G_A_C <durt> DanThirst, I always thought ntp and ntpdate conflicted each other. - I don't think so, they somewhat complement each other; ntpdate will do a one-off set of your system clock to match that of your target, no questions asked while ntp (or at least ntpd) runs constantly to keep your clock in sync with tiny steps22:13
ror_ok, brb restarting cos my upgrade has finally finished, wish me luck! (in particular I've unblacklisted my wireless card which always ran really really slow on the kernel modules in gutsy and I've been manually recompiling every kernel since! gonna try the supplied ones again)22:14
benste# <target name><source device><key file><options>22:14
benstecryptswap1 /dev/sda6 /dev/urandom swap,cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha25622:14
benstethat's all22:14
mzzthis'd probably go better if I still had cryptsetup installed myself, but hang on22:14
benstemzz: looking at the screenshots it looks like cryptswap is working without fstab entry22:15
bensteno prob22:15
mzzbenste: I don't follow. Do you mean you still get those complaints at boot even after commenting out the swap line in fstab?22:15
bensteno i don't get those comments but pre commenting out TTY8 looked like this:22:16
bensteand after it looked like http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/3219/dsc00743m.jpg22:16
mzzbenste: neither is problematic. What was the actual problem again?22:17
robotti^hacknslash: Hello!22:17
benstemzz: the problem was that I got those messages, and boottime seemed to be long22:18
rojhi i'm trying to install karmic 9.10 from the live cd. I have an nvidia 7600gs GPU but when it boots into x to get the desktop my monitor goes out of range, any ideas?22:18
hacknslashrobotti^, hi22:18
mzzbenste: I'm confused. I saw a screenshot earlier about failure to enable swap and having to hit esc for a recovery console. I was assuming that was preventing boot.22:18
bensteroj: did you already install nvidia restricted modules or not ?22:18
mzzbenste: also, how large is that swap partition?22:19
rojno this is from the live cd, i have nothing installed on the pc yet22:19
benstemzz: NO it's not preventing boot, it just slows down and gives this message 5 or 6 times22:19
rojits a clean install22:19
roji can't get to an x session to install the restricted drivers22:19
robotti^hacknslash: wait a second22:19
hacknslashrobotti^, okay22:19
bensteroj you don't need X-session to install restricted :-)22:20
bensteroj: I guess you saw the white ubuntu logo and afterwards it was out of range ?22:20
roji tried changing the f6 options to boot vga=791 but that just changed the framebuffer22:20
rojyes thats right benste22:20
DanThirstany idea how often the time gets updated?22:21
rojis there a way to do a text based install?22:21
robotti^hacknslash: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5d2ffcc4 <-- without wireless22:21
rorwow, almost painless!22:21
rorand I no longer have to manually connect to my router every boot! woohoo22:21
benstemzz: you explained to me earlier that without cryptswap my data woun't be save, but my 2nd screenshot with uncommented crypt entry in fstab looks like it has been started anyway doesn't it ?22:21
robotti^hacknslash: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d4687f5d9 <-- and with wireless22:21
robotti^hacknslash: and on installed system I do not have network22:21
jdahmHow stable is Karmic Koala for everyday use?22:21
robotti^I am not sure what is that module should load on installed system22:22
bensteroj: do you have wired or wirelss connection ?22:22
mzzbenste: the encryption part did start, but you should not have any swap active currently (check using "free -m" or something)22:22
jdahmis there a bugtracker I can see what tickets are still outstanding?22:22
DanThirstjdahm:  so far i haven't had any problems other than my clock >_>22:22
hacknslashrobotti^, i'm reading the pastebin22:22
DanThirstthis has been 3 or 4 days22:22
DanThirsti upgraded from 9.0422:22
benstemzz:              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached22:22
bensteMem:          2517       1290       1227          0         60        78422:22
benste-/+ buffers/cache:        444       207322:22
bensteSwap:            0          0          022:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic22:22
BUGabundobenste: pastebin please22:22
benstejust thought 3 lines would be ok22:23
mzzbenste: so you currently don't have any swap, but the encryption bits still happen (you just don't actually use the provided encrypted block device anymore)22:23
DanThirstany thing over 1 isn't ok22:23
jdahmbenste: sorry to yell ;)22:23
mzzbenste: I told you to turn that off because I was assuming it wasn't booting (the device never became available)22:23
benstemzz you'r right just dicovered that Ive got no swap anymore ;-) ROFL22:24
mzzbenste: if it *is* booting, just a bit more slowly, there's a few things that could cause that: you're bottlenecked by cpu, io or entropy. And I'm guessing it's the last one.22:24
mzzbenste: err, wait. It's already using /dev/urandom, so it's actually not entropy.22:24
robotti^hacknslash: what you think?22:24
mzzbenste: which leaves cpu or io. How large is that swap partition?22:25
benstemzz: what's entropy ? - for me the whole problem looks like it's trying to get the swap before it is crypted22:25
benstemzz: swap is 3 Gb22:25
mzzbenste: that's about twice as much as I'd have, but that's just me. Easiest way to find out what's actually slow might be to install bootchart and reboot (with swap re-enabled in fstab)22:25
jdahmDanThirst: uh, does printing to postscript printers work for you from GTK apps?22:26
benstemzz apt-get install bootchart ?22:26
jdahmDanThirst: the bugtracker https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic says thats broken still22:26
mzzbenste: entropy's innocent, it's already using /dev/urandom. It's "randomness", which systems can run out of, requiring you to do random things like use the keyboard/mouse to refill the pool.22:26
mzzbenste: and yes.22:26
DanThirsti only have one gtk app that i really use, and i don't even print really that often22:26
mzzbenste: if it was using /dev/random instead of /dev/urandom it'd block if it ran out of randomness.22:26
hacknslashrobotti^, did you ubuntu install use the bwcutter app22:27
roji have a wired connection benste22:27
robotti^hacknslash: yes22:27
benstemzz just install and reboot ?22:27
benstewith enabled swap22:27
robotti^hacknslash: Or I think so22:27
mzzbenste: that's what I said, yes, iirc.22:27
robotti^hacknslash: but I think it does not work on final install22:27
bensteroj, you'll see options in the boot menu below to switch to a text based install as far as I remember - or try CTRL + ALT F1 when your're out of range - I'll be away for some mins , just rebooting22:28
robotti^I do not have network on when booted hardrive22:28
rojok thanks22:28
robotti^broadcom 43**22:29
hacknslashrobotti^, just a sec22:29
benstemzz: does bootchart have a gui '?22:29
robotti^ Card Type:AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x8D)  Firmware Version:Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
benstemzz: I'll reboot now22:30
DanThirstok not exactly sure what i did, but it looks like its working now!22:31
DanThirstand turns out this other clock is a minute off :P22:32
benste1mzz: I'm back again - where can I find the logs of bootchart ?22:34
mzzbenste1: run "bootchart<tab>" iirc22:34
rorDanThirst, I've missed some of the convo but it may have been that your clock was too far out for ntptime but ntpdate sorted it?22:34
mzzbenste1: or pybootchart. Either should be able to generate an image.22:34
hacknslashrobotti^, what shows if you type ifconfig in a terminal22:34
benste1mzz what the is iirc - you repeated that word now the 3rd time or so22:34
DanThirstno it was only 5mins behind22:34
mzzbenste1: "if I recall correctly". I haven't had to use these tools recently.22:35
DanThirsti think it was a bad config file, or maybe one of the two ntp packages weren't correct for karmic22:35
benste1mzz thx - guess you meant pybootchartgui22:35
robotti^hacknslash: when?22:35
DanThirstbecaues i removed them and reinstalled them and removed the conf file after that it started working22:35
DanThirstbecause *22:35
robotti^hacknslash: If networking is working, there is eth1 and ip22:36
robotti^if not, there is no interface22:36
rorah ok, well glad you got it working22:36
G_A_CDanThirst: if your hardware clock is broken, the best thing to do is set the timezone right, have a startup job that runs ntpdate (one off sync, will set your clock regardless of how far out it is) and then starts the ntp daemon which runs in the background but will only change the clock by about a minute at a time22:36
robotti^hacknslash: and when it is not working I cannot load that restricted driver22:36
benste1mzz: pybootchartgui: error: insufficient arguments, expected at least one path.22:37
G_A_Cthen while your system is up and running your clock can't drift too far off the ntpd reference clocks, but if you do shut it down then ntpdate will take care of making sure it's set correctly during the bootup process22:37
mzzbenste1: /var/log/bootchart/something iirc22:37
linuxguy2009What exactly does RC mean? Does it mean its finished but just not officially released or what?22:37
mzzlinuxguy2009: "release candidate"22:37
DanThirstG_A_C: thats a cool idea that is way to much work to do, see sounds a lot like going and getting a battery to fix the whole issue.  and this machine doesn't ever get shut off unless power goes out22:37
linuxguy2009mzz: yeah I know what the letters mean. But I mean what does that mean?22:38
macolinuxguy2009: RC is like "if nobody finds a release-critical bug in this, this is it"22:38
G_A_Cthat's a good point, a battery would fix it also...why do I always overlook the simple things? :)22:38
linuxguy2009maco: ah ok cool.22:38
benste1mzz: looks really nice shoul i pastebin the image for you ?22:38
mzzlinuxguy2009: "candidate" for "release"-ing. If nothing critical is found it'd be released as is.22:38
hacknslashrobotti^, i have followed these instructions for two mates and found the problem after half a dozen steps, http://swik.net/broadcom+Ubuntu, I have not followed them all the way to the end22:38
robotti^hacknslash: and what is problem?22:39
linuxguy2009Has there ever been any critical bugs in past release RC images?22:39
benste1mzz: this image shows me that I would have had an overall boot time of 80 s ? - this can't be true22:39
linuxguy2009Or is it pretty rare?22:39
robotti^hacknslash: I have installed that B43-fwcutter22:40
mzzbenste1: iirc you can upload the file in /var/log/bootchart/22:40
mzzbenste1: (it's probably smaller than the image)22:40
benste1i'll do22:40
hacknslashrobotti^, after the reboot do you have a choice of restricted drivers to activate22:40
mzzbenste1: and it starts running shortly after the linux kernel takes over from grub, and keeps going for a while after you log in22:40
robotti^hacknslash: it does not activate. I have tested22:41
benste1mzz I'll upload the iamge as this is 3 times smaller than the log22:42
robotti^hacknslash: it only activates on install22:42
robotti^but not on when system is installed22:42
mzzodd, I thought the log was compressed and not too huge22:43
mzzoh well22:43
DanThirstalright thanks for all the help guys22:43
DanThirstlater ya'll22:43
benste1mzz : http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/1420/vaiofe31mkarmic20091022.png22:44
lamalexDoes anyone have a good alternate dvd player? im getting bit by https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libdvdnav/+bug/44598022:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445980 in libdvdnav "totem 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 crashes when playing DVD video: crashed with SIGSEGV in pthread_mutex_lock()" [Medium,New]22:44
robotti^hacknslash: I can try that configuring22:44
benste1mzz : and i'll have to relog again, cause my panels dissapeared after replacing compiz cause of a crash22:45
Jordan_Ulamalex: vlc22:45
lamalexJordan_U: does vlc support menus?22:45
Jordan_Ulamalex: Yes22:45
hacknslashrobotti^, is the network manager wireless option checked22:46
linuxguy2009Is there an RC of netbook-remix yet?22:47
benste1mzz: here I am once again - got the image ?22:48
mzzbenste1: I wonder what that 6 seconds sleep during a resume attempt is for22:48
geniiProbably to sync22:48
benste1mzz: i dunnow22:49
mzzbenste1: other than that nothing really stands out, it's just doing a ton of io (I'm assuming your hd isn't *that* fast)22:50
benste1mzz it's only a 560022:50
benste1my next one will get  a 7200 one but this one is 3 years old now and as student ...22:51
mzzbenste1: you can try without encrypted swap just to see if it makes a difference (comment out the line in /etc/crypttab, replace /dev/main/cryptswap1 with the actual partition in /etc/fstab, and run mkswap on the actual partition after cryptsetup is done with it (I forgot the command for that, but a reboot would also do it))22:51
mzzbenste1: but I think the encrypted swap is mostly innocent (costing you a few seconds or so but nothing insanely huge) and it's mainly just boot not liking slowish drives much22:52
robotti^hacknslash: when I try load those modules22:52
robotti^hacknslash: it just say no such module22:52
robotti^hacknslash: module name is wl22:52
hacknslashrobotti^, i gotta go fetch my son, back in a bit, then we can check this out, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx?action=show22:52
hacknslashrobotti^, okay22:52
benste1mzz: so i'll disable encrypted swap first22:52
robotti^hacknslash: I think that is reason why not wireless does not initialize22:53
hacknslashrobotti^, hope to be back soon22:53
benste1mzz: there is no /dev/main22:54
mzzbenste1: sorry, meant /dev/mapper/22:54
benste1mzz and cryptswap file within is empty22:55
mzzbenste1: err, don't edit that22:55
mzzbenste1: I said "replace /dev/main/cryptswap1 with the actual partition in /etc/fstab"22:56
benste1which would be what ?22:56
benste1need the fstab again ?22:56
mzzbenste1: I meant "open /etc/fstab in a text editor, locate the text "/dev/mapper/cryptswap1" in it, and replace that text with the actual partition name (/dev/sdsomething)"22:56
benste1but which is the actual partiotion sda6 ?22:57
benste1take a look at http://pastebin.com/m4f4edd0722:57
mzzfstab doesn't know, that's why you have to edit it in the first place22:57
mzzcrypttab does have that name22:57
benste1so ones again for lunatics - where should i place sda6 ?22:58
benste1mzz ?22:59
benste1sry got it now22:59
mzzbenste1: if you're this confused by all this consider just leaving it all alone22:59
mzzor finding someone who has the time to explain to you how all the bits and pieces fit together23:00
benste1maybe it's just a bit late23:00
benste1but I'll try i just understood it - time brings wisdom :-)23:00
benste1mzz now my fstab is changed23:01
benste1I've made a copy of the original line and commented the old one23:01
benste1now rebooting ?23:02
benste1mzz ?23:02
mzzbenste1: unless you remember how to tell cryptsetup to release the actual partition: yes23:03
mzzbenste1: you probably need to run mkswap on the actual partition, but I don't recommend trying that before cryptsetup lets go of the device23:03
benstemzz: I've got a sawp now and no errors :-923:09
benstebut I huess it's not encrypted now right ?23:09
mzzbenste: the messages should've gone away, but I don't expect it to help boot time all that much.23:10
mzzbenste: correct23:10
benstemaybe a bit but I'm about to look into boot things23:10
mzzbenste: personally I turned the encryption back off because I wanted hibernate to work23:11
bensteso hibernation will work if I'll turn off ?23:11
mzzbenste: last time I checked it won't resume if your swap is encrypted (which makes sense)23:11
benstemzz: mine woun't hibernate anyway :-)23:12
benstenow the cahrt looks very different23:12
benstethe 5 sec at begginning disapeared23:12
bensteI'll post you23:12
mzzI don't know what that delay is. It might be worth a bug23:13
lamalexHi people, I'm trying to play a dvd, totem crashes when I try to play it (known bug) but vlc won't play it either!23:14
benstemzz should be filed against which packet ?23:14
benstemzz - by the way where are you from ?23:14
benstemzz - sry the waiting time is still there23:15
benstebut all in all the period is shorter23:16
bp0what is Marvell Dove?23:16
robotti^it does not work :(23:17
benstemzz: If I recall correctly I#m now in the position that home is encrypted, but may be decrypted by a professional who may find an decryption key in swap right ?23:17
wgbHi! My Ubuntu 9.10 RC alternate install hangs at 26% under "Finishing Installation". Any suggested solutions?23:18
mzzbenste: yes, but I'd expect that to be hard. Easier would be fishing some random document that ended up being swapped out out of swap.23:18
mzzbenste: I wouldn't expect the encryption key to make it to swap most of the time (unless you hibernate)23:19
bensteok so i'll finish for today, I'll write a blogpost asap about it, and may consider a to file a bug23:19
bensteshould I mention you somewhere there ? - cause for me it looks like you're the expert here who did the work from remote on my machine :-)23:20
mzzbenste: I decided just having my homedir encrypted is good enough for my needs, since anyone who *really* wants my data can just wait until I'm using the laptop and then steal it (without giving me the time to lock it)23:20
macodoes firefox lack an icon in the menu for any of you?23:20
macosame quesiton again for kubuntu users?23:20
BUGabundomaco: yes23:20
maco(i'm using kubuntu and i dont know if this is just on kubuntu or everywhere)23:20
* BUGabundo waves gnome flag23:20
mzzbenste: and/or threaten me with violence until I give up the password23:20
=== HEIKKI123 is now known as Heikki123
benste:-) I'm sure my sisters woun't do :-)23:21
mzzmaco: I see a firefox icon (using gnome)23:21
BUGabundoerr I don't even see Firefox in there :(23:21
benstemzz: should I mention you in my blogpost, or link something of you ?23:21
BUGabundojust minefieled23:21
mzzbenste: shrug, I don't mind either way23:21
macoi have the "icon not found" icon in kubuntu23:21
mzzbenste: I don't have a pretty site for people to link to currently23:21
* mzz needs to grow one of those23:22
AaronMTIs the 9.10rc out?23:22
brian_is there any advantage or anythin  differant between the beta thats been upgraded or the rc that was realesed today23:22
BUGabundoAaronMT: yes23:22
benstemzz: that's like me, I just use an odd blogger template writing there for fun but my friend made me to write english and register to ubuntuwebblogs.org :-)23:22
AaronMTfound it23:22
benstemzz: so if you don't like, I just thank you here for the great chat which lets a t least flow away this error23:23
benstemzz have a good night if you're in CET like me23:23
mzzthat I am23:23
bensteso it's late for you too23:23
benstemzz - you're not from germany ?23:24
brian_is there any reason to do a fresh install of the RC or just update23:24
benstebrian_: from 9.04 or from BEta ?23:24
lamalexanyoen able to play dvds on karmic?23:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rc23:24
benstelamalex: you need to install w32codecs and libdvdcss2 which is in medibuntu23:24
BUGabundo!daily | AaronMT23:24
ubottuAaronMT: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/23:24
BUGabundohumm wait23:25
BUGabundothat's it23:25
AaronMTI already found it http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/rc/23:25
brian_benste, from the beta23:26
lamalexbenste: i have libdvdcss2 (you dont need medibuntu, i dont know why everyone thinks you do)23:26
wgbAny reason why my Ubuntu 9.10 RC alternate install should hang at 26% under "Finishing Installation" when it's creating userdirectories etc.23:26
benste!medibuntu | lamalex23:26
ubottulamalex: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org23:26
lamalexi know what medibuntu /is/23:26
bensteI didn't know that you knwo :-)23:26
lamalexbut you dont need it for libdvdcss23:26
benstelamalex: thought this would be for copy protetion - I've installed those and DVDs are working now23:27
AaronMTI'm getting 8mb/sec off this link http://ubuntu.media.mit.edu/ubuntu-releases/karmic/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso23:27
lamalexbenste: i think there's a bug in the vlc package23:27
AaronMTmit ftw23:27
benstebrian_: there are about 3 updates or so between beta and RC, so I guess no need for full install23:27
benstelamalex: y ?23:27
benstewhy ?23:27
benstelamalex: VLC is working fine with DVD for me too - but I prefer to use gxine23:28
JeruvyAaronMT: you should use a bittorrent client for speed.23:28
bensteonly totem seems to have some problems rendering the image of the video23:28
AaronMTJeruvy: Too many leechers23:28
benstelamalex: but I'll leave now - in my opnione just install those three packages (3rd is restricted-nonfree) and you'll be don23:29
robotti^me need help23:29
bensteGood Night everybody23:29
robotti^good night23:29
benste!robotti^ | benste23:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about robotti^23:29
benste!robotti | benste23:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about robotti23:30
robotti^benste: :D23:31
robotti^I do not have wireless networking on Karmic Koala23:32
VarthI'm trying to update to the RC from the beta, and it's failing because it's 404-ing on some of the packages. Is anyone else having this problem?23:32
MightyTweekVarth: try a different mirror23:32
robotti^maybe I should download that latest rc23:32
robotti^should I use 64-bit or 32-bit karmik koala?23:33
robotti^on my macbook?23:33
TDJACRrobotti^: 6423:33
robotti^thank you23:33
TDJACRNo problemm23:33
robotti^only thinking, because I am not sure about restricted drivers23:34
BUGabundorobotti^: how much ram?23:34
robotti^2g. But planning to expanding to 423:34
robotti^I have now installed snow leopard, I have also installed Karmic Koala beta. Networking does not work.23:35
robotti^on karmic koala23:35
BUGabundorobotti^: go with 64bits then23:35
mzzhuh, my virtualbox shared folders won't mount ("protocol error", guest and host both karmic). Anyone seen that?23:36
CynthiaI'm trying to find a bug report related to this Totem bug I have, but can't think of the right words to look for. Basically, Totem, 2 files in playlist, start playing both, and it stops at 0:00 on the second file, refusing to play. Any ideas, or confirmations of this bug?23:37
Barridushey all, anyone might have a clue as to why grub2 or w/e no longer counts down and boots ubuntu by default (the other os is xp), it just sits at grub waiting for me to pick one ever since some updates i think23:37
mzzargh, that's just bizarre23:39
mzzapparently something expands "mount -t vboxsf blah /mnt" to "mount -t vboxsf /home/me/blah /mnt" because my current working dir is /home/me and it has a blah folder23:40
=== jimpop_ is now known as jimpop
u-fokaHy! Anyone has the issue that totem plays video files when opened with it's open dialog, but freezes when opened from the players command line (from nautilus for ex)23:49
Kajrosi am currently having issues with Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 beta loading.  When I try to run it from a live usb it gets to the loading screen and after about a minute gooes to a black screen saying something about Fatal module error.  What may be the problem?23:52
wirechiefKajros does it pass the integrity check ? of the media ?23:58
mzzu-foka: I've had it freeze when opening a second video file without restarting totem (but I can't really reproduce it at will)23:58
mzzu-foka: I'll try its file/open instead of nautilus to see if that makes a difference23:59
robotti^are there mac users?23:59

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