robert_ancellTheMuso, is there a way to search the archive for packages that provide files in a given directory?  I want to see what packages but files in /usr/lib/deskbar-applet.  packages.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to be able to do this00:59
TheMusorobert_ancell: apt-file01:20
TheMusorobert_ancell: i.e apt-file is the package that will help you find files in packages that you don't have installed.01:20
robert_ancell_kenvandine, hey, how much do you know about pkg-config?  Can you look at bug 455614 and see if you can tell why someone would modify .pc dependencies?03:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455614 in libsm "don't mess with the pc file" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45561403:57
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al-maisanGood morning06:49
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didrockshello al-maisan07:09
al-maisanhola didrocks :)07:09
pittiGood morning07:43
didrockshi pitti07:58
huatsmorning everyone08:32
slomoMacSlow: ping? :)08:48
MacSlowslomo, ja?08:48
slomoMacSlow: hi, you know cairo well, and i saw some interesting font rendering from you iirc... what's the best and fastest way to draw only the outline of text, best when using pango? :)08:50
seb128hey slomo08:50
slomohi seb12808:50
seb128slomo, thanks for the quick gst fix!08:50
slomoseb128: np :) are your non-ac3 dvds working too now btw?08:51
seb128slomo, I didn't try again but I will do that later today and let you know08:52
seb128but looking on the bug seems it was on good track and somebody else was able to test08:52
slomoseb128: yes, but it's not optimal yet... it "should" work :)08:52
MacSlowslomo, do pango_cairo_layout_path() ... then cairo_stoke() it08:53
seb128slomo, bug #450946 is the sort of bugs you are interested to look at too?08:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450946 in totem "requires a restart to use the newly installed codecs" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45094608:54
slomoMacSlow: that's what i'm doing now, unfortunately it's very slow compared to pango_cairo_show_layout()... because pango_cairo_show_layout() does all kinds of caching and stuff that gets lost when rendering the font to a cairo path08:55
slomoMacSlow: cairo developers said to use user fonts, unfortunately pango doesn't support them yet... so i thought you might know some pango trick to do it faster for now :)08:56
MacSlowslomo, you just ask how to do it... not how to make it fast :)08:57
MacSlowslomo, also I don't know what you rendering requirements are (fps, fill-rate limits etc.)08:58
slomoMacSlow: ok, sorry :) so you don't have a better idea either? the final goal is to draw white text with black outline08:58
mvohey slomo - seb128 asked yesterday about the stability of fludendo-mp3 compared to the other one08:58
slomoMacSlow: well, just drawing the outline shouldn't take 60% of all processing time (the 30% include creating a much larger test screen, drawing the normal text, putting a shaded box around it, ...) :)08:59
MacSlowslomo, approximate it (but will not look as good)... draw with pango_cairo_show_layout() in black... decrease the size..  draw again with pango_cairo_show_layout() in white09:00
slomomvo: it's worse but has a better license (GPL vs. BSD or MIT)09:00
MacSlowslomo, how much text do you have to draw and at what frame-rate?09:00
slomoMacSlow: ok, i guess i have to do that then... and think about how much i should increase the text size. would you change the text size with cairo (cairo_scale) or with pango?09:01
slomoMacSlow: subtitles on video, so any framerate and a bit text09:01
MacSlowslomo, hm... I'd say you should certainly surface-buffer the text you draw... meaning draw it once to a surface-buffer... reuse that as long as the text doesn't change... and only re-render text tothe surface-buffer if new text needs to be displayed09:05
MacSlowslomo, I hope you don't call pango_cairo_layout_path() every frame :)09:06
slomoMacSlow: no, only everytime it changes of course :) my testcase was a bad choice here because the text changes every frame probably ;)09:07
mvoslomo: thanks, we fixed it recently to have the g-s-t meta-data and now it shows up in the codec installer. but it also sets it self as default if multiple ones are installed. is that safe/sane? or should we instead lower its priority or break it again to not show up at all?09:07
MacSlowslomo, you should certainly use surface-buffering... I don't expect subtitle-text to change every 1/24 th of a second :)09:08
slomomvo: i don't know, depends on your needs i guess :)09:08
mvoneed: no-crashes ;)09:09
mvobut thanks for the info I will think about it a bit and discuss with seb12809:09
MacSlowslomo, surface-buffering you certainly will need to do for optimizatino reasons anyway09:09
slomomvo: then better use the mad one, it's tested more ;) the only advantage of the fluendo one really is the license (or if you bought it from fluendo the patent license)09:10
seb128slomo, well, it's basically "what should user get when clicking on a mp3"09:10
seb128slomo, ok, that's what I though too, it's late for a such change now09:10
seb128there is a g-c-i bug there09:10
slomoMacSlow: as said, i do surface buffering :) it's only my testcase that has changing text every buffer (drawing the current time)09:11
seb128it shouldn't install 3 decoders for the same same thing09:11
seb128ie for a mp3 is installs the mad, fluendo and ffmpeg binaries09:11
slomoyes, it should only select the one with the highest priority and let users choose to install the others and not the one with the highest priority09:11
MacSlowslomo, ok... then you should not have an issue using pango_cairo_layout_path() and cairo_stroke()09:13
MacSlowslomo, actually guess you would want to do pango_cairo_layout_path()... cairo_fill_preserve() in white and then cairo_stroke() in black09:14
slomoMacSlow: for subtitles it's no problem, yes, but for text that changes every frame it is. that's what i'm trying to explain :)   and i really don't want pango_cairo_layout_path(), fill_preserve + stroke... it's slower than show_layout() + layout_path() + stroke09:16
slomoMacSlow: see https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=598695 for the context09:16
ubottuGnome bug 598695 in gst-plugins-base "[timeoverlay] use much CPU ressource compare to previous version" [Normal,New]09:16
MacSlowslomo, only solution is a real OpenGL-backend for cairo if you need heavy-duty text-rendering with cairo09:17
MacSlowslomo, if you can live with only the typical western set of ASCII characters you could do a "texture-map" character lookup and use that09:19
MacSlowslomo, but that would kill all unicode-sexiness09:19
MacSlowbut that would be fast as hell09:19
mvomac_v: thanks for testing the synaptic ppa version - what card are you using when the problem appears? I wonder if its driver dependant. i get about ~8% or so xorg cpu, nothing abnormal high09:23
mvowith nvidia09:23
mvomac_v: is it a intel card/driver as well?09:30
mac_vmvo: ATI x140009:31
asackenvandine: let me know09:33
asacluckily bindwood wasnt put in main ;)09:33
seb128davidbarth, hey, any clue about bug #438664?09:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 438664 in empathy "empathy should use same status icons like fast-user-switching applet" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43866409:49
seb128davidbarth, not sure if using different icons in the session menu is a design choice09:49
davidbarthseb128: we're using icons provided explicitely for this menu; the integration of these icons in IM apps was not defined in a way or another09:50
seb128ok, not sure what to do with the bug09:51
seb128is something you want to consider?09:52
seb128should somebody be subscribed to comment on it?09:52
asacArneGoetje: did you run the last po2xpi run yet?09:56
asacor is export running atm?09:57
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pittiBBL, need to repair a friend's jaunty server10:26
asacpitti: before you leave ... did the last langpack run already happen or is export still running?10:26
andreasnmpt: do you think the changes to the button-have-icons and menus-have-icons should be mentioned in the Ubuntu Karmic release notes? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/HumanReleaseNotes10:57
andreasnmpt: thanks for the notice about my blog being blocked btw, seems I had a really old wordpress install, so it got hacked10:58
* mpt wonders why that URL has "Human" in it10:59
mptandreasn, I think that would be a good idea11:00
andreasnwho do I ask for that?11:00
mptandreasn, it's a wiki page ;-)11:00
andreasnwell, I don't want anyone to slap my fingers... ;)11:01
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asackenvandine: i pushed the gwibber threading changes i had11:06
asackenvandine: we just got rid of all threads, but the worker thread11:06
asacthink should be all clean now ... though you cannot say for sure ;)11:06
asacgwibber is always good for surprises11:07
asaci found a dead function in frontend code that also starts a thread .... havent removed it, but it should definitly go away11:07
pittiasac: back11:07
pittiasac: I think it's scheduled for today 2200 UTC (finish)11:07
pittiasac: so I'll start building them tomorrow11:08
asacpitti: does arne do a test run before uploading?11:10
pittiasac: ArneGoetje is off sick, I'll do them11:10
pittiasac: I usually do a local build of the German before11:10
seb128pitti, I though we agreed to standard language to try was french? ;-)11:12
andreasnmpt: looks sane now?11:12
asacok. all ok then.11:13
mptandreasn, yep, thanks11:13
andreasnpretty much copied the notes from gnome 2.28 release notes and changed some wording11:13
asacis there some files system option that would prevent flock from working?11:14
mptandreasn, though once again we're suffering from a problem that we don't know who the target audience is for the release notes11:19
mptivanka, we should figure that out one day11:19
ivankampt: yes, indeed11:20
rodrigo_is gwibber supposed to send replies to facebook messages? because it doesn't seem to work at all for me11:35
czajkowskirodrigo_: only if you have it set up to do so in the settings11:39
rodrigo_czajkowski: I have11:39
rodrigo_it just fails silently, I write the reply, press ENTER, and wait, but my reply never shows up11:40
davmor2rodrigo_: check if it shows up in fb11:40
czajkowskirodrigo_: ah ok I've mine set not to reply to fb, ohnly post otherwise would be noisey11:40
rodrigo_davmor2: it doesn't11:41
rodrigo_czajkowski: hmm, I only have 'Receive' and 'Send', no 'post/reply'11:41
rodrigo_maybe I'm using an old version...11:42
pittiasac: we just tried to configure a manual eth connection here (no DHCP); I added a new connection type, but that won't actually appear in nm-applet's dropdown list11:42
pittiasac: I'll just file a bug now, unless you say that's already known?11:42
pitti(I didn't quite find a related one)11:42
asacnot known11:42
asaci tested various options and didnt get any such feedback11:42
asacpitti: what does "i added a new conneciton type" mean?11:43
pittiasac: s/type//11:43
asacpitti: killall nm-applet -> nm-applet -> appears?11:43
pittiasac: connection editor -> edit connections -> cable -> add -> add a static one11:43
pittiasac: lemme try11:43
davmor2pitti: jockey is showing my nvidia gfx anf bcm wifi on live cd but on installed system I get nothing displayed says there are no drivers for this system.11:43
pittiasac: confirmed, it's there now11:46
pittiand even working11:46
pittiasac: want a bug report for that?11:46
asacpitti: please file a bug, yes11:47
asacthere is something racy11:47
asaci always ha the suspicion there is11:47
Laney \#11:48
asaccould also be a glib-dbus bug (e.g. signal not delivered)11:48
kenvandineasac, which function?12:16
asackenvandine: on_oldsearch12:17
asacor something. ... that spawns a thread ... the whole code of this should go away imo12:17
asacif its used we want to see that ... as we definitly dont want to run a thread like that ;)12:18
asacbut i couldnt find any call to on_old_search12:18
asackenvandine: maybe just check if thats still used. i can remove the parts then.12:18
asacnot sure with all the other on_ ... functions12:18
asacmaybe those should be reviewed too12:18
asacguess not for karmic both though12:19
cassidyseb128, about https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=593086  which LP bug attached the log file?12:20
ubottuGnome bug 593086 in General "empathy crashed with SIGABRT in empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message" [Major,New]12:20
asackenvandine: i was too dump to figure out where the hell the image tags/css are set12:20
asaci didnt look for long12:20
asacbut thats a nasty thing12:20
asacimo it should just use the http:// urls12:21
asacand let webkit do the caching12:21
asacunless webkit doesnt have a cache on its own of course12:21
asacbut then i couldnt find anything related to those images12:21
asacthe image cache definitly isnt used anymore ;)12:21
asaci removed all images in there and it stays empty12:21
seb128cassidy, bug #40853012:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40853012:22
seb128cassidy, it the bug which has been original forwarded and is listed in the first bugzilla comment12:22
asackenvandine: what i found was ./gwibber/microblog/identica.py:    self.image = user["profile_image_url"]12:22
asackenvandine: but thats not set anywhere12:22
cassidyseb128, thanks12:23
seb128cassidy, you're welcome12:23
kenvandineasac, that might be the old code which isn't used anymore12:24
asacyes. i get the feeling that half of the code is old ;)12:24
asackenvandine: but what code is used? does it use a custom url handler?12:25
asacor just webkit ?12:25
asaci dumped the html snippet for message to the terminal and it didnt have any sign of a image12:25
asacthen i stopped looking as i clearly don't understand whats done there ;)12:25
Ngare you guys going to be pushing any more gwibber fixes into karmic? :)12:29
asacNg: please test trunk12:31
asacNg: bzr branch lp:gwibber; cd gwibber; (stop gwibber UI); killall gwibber-daemon; ./bin/gwibber-daemon + ./bin/gwibber12:31
asacNg: not sure what your issues are though ;)12:32
asackenvandine: btw, you can now ctrl+c gwibber-daemon ;)12:33
asaclet me check the quit thing now12:34
Ngasac: bug #383759 is the most immediately annoying bug I have atm :)12:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 383759 in gwibber "bug with font size as int" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38375912:34
asacNg: no hangs of daemon?12:35
asacNg: ok that can be taken12:35
Ngasac: I have been seeing hangs, but this one stops the UI from starting12:35
Ngasac: \o/12:37
asacNg: stops the UI?12:37
asacdoes that throw an exception?12:37
Ngyeah, I just added a comment to the bug with the traceback12:38
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Ngasac: I'm running trunk now, will leave it going and see how it goes :)12:39
asacNg: where do you set that font size ... in gnome?12:40
asacjust wonder if they get a similar problem if you onfigure font size like 12.2px ;)12:41
asacrather than point12:41
Ngasac: yeah, in gnome, so it's a point size. you just type in the size rather than select one from the list12:41
asacso most likely pixel sized font sizes will make this choke too ;)12:42
asacanyway this one should be good12:42
asacfor its part of the bug12:42
Ngare pixel sized font sizes legal in a fontconfig world?12:43
NgI have no idea how one would configure gnome to use such a thing ;)12:44
asacNg: committed12:45
Ngasac: sweet, thanks12:45
asaci will check that noww with px12:45
Ngnow I just have to persuade MacSlow|lunch to love floating point font sizes in notify-osd :D12:46
asacNg: i have this /apps/gwibber/preferences/default_font12:47
asacin gconf-editor12:47
asacis that the font in question?12:47
MacSlow|lunchNg, I've some local fixes partly based on your branch12:47
asachmm. how broken is notify-osd with font sizes?12:48
asacjust does "rounding" ... or fails completely?12:48
MacSlow|lunchasac, can get tiny... but does not crash or anything like that12:48
MacSlow|lunchasac, but I've to put the change to thorough testing and need to talk to davidbarth  too12:49
asacMacSlow|lunch: tiny like "rounding" ... or "nulling out"?12:51
asacjust curious12:51
Ngasac: I think it relates to /desktop/gnome/interface/font_name12:57
NgMacSlow|lunch: I appreciate it :)12:58
Ngasac: rouding, I think it parses 6.5 as 512:58
asacas 512:58
Ngbut I suck at coding, so I could have read that wrong12:58
asacNg: it splits by . and uses the second particle?12:58
Ngasac: I'm not sure, I didn't pay too much attention because my position is that the parsing is unnecessary, but like I said, I suck at coding. The clue being that I'm not paid to write code and you guys are ;)13:00
asacNg: ok. but it parses?13:02
Ngasac: yeah13:02
asackenvandine: isnt the idea that if you quit gwibber, it usually still runs in background and spits out notifications/indicator stuff?13:03
asacjust wondered if the -quit is really what we want13:03
asacNg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/299006/13:10
asacthats with 13.333px set manually in gconf13:10
asac/gnome/interface/font_name == Sans 13.333px13:11
asacok guess this needs more fixage13:11
Ngasac: is that a legal value for font_name?13:12
Ngthere seems to be a bit of a lack of exact specification around this stuff, but AIUI they're basically just strings that pango can parse13:12
asacNg: font_name is just a pango_description13:15
asacNg: try to change it ... your font on desktop should adjust ... some apps are buggy, but all apps usually start13:15
asaclet me check what websettings can accept for values13:16
asacunfortunately there is nowhere a real api doc for webkit ... at least not in my search engine horizon13:16
* asac getting source13:16
asacok webkit has default-font-size really as an integer for point sizes only13:20
james_w"Martin Pitt is the heart and sole of the desktop team." <- I don't find Martin leathery at all13:21
kenvandineasac, that was the original idea, but there have been complaints about there not being a way to quit the daemon at all13:28
kenvandineand people keep saying that should be wired up to the client quit13:28
kenvandinewe need to think that through in the UI for lucid13:28
kenvandinefor example, people don't want to be able to hide notifications13:28
kenvandinei was thinking that would be cool to do if you set your IM status to away or busy13:29
kenvandinesomething like that13:29
kenvandineand make it configurable13:29
kenvandineso then to make it "quieter" you just set to busy or away13:29
kenvandineasac, but just an idea13:30
kenvandineasac, so my quit branch makes the quit button and quit menu item quit the backend as well, but closing the window doesn't13:30
asackenvandine: how about adding that to the indicator ;)13:31
kenvandinei bet there would be resistance to that :)13:32
asacyeah. i think configuration would be good13:32
asacnot sure how to best stop gwibber daemon13:32
kenvandineasac, anyway, that is a situation we need to give some thought too13:32
asacif they dont want it to be in indicator it probably needs to be in tray13:32
kenvandineasac, on my list for the next refactoring :)13:32
kenvandineand easier now that i understand what interests are in the indicator13:33
kenvandineasac, so interesting observation with your threading fixes13:33
kenvandineordering is whacky for multiple services13:34
kenvandinefor example i have a facebook post that says 11h ago, followed by a flickr image 6d ago followed by a dent 2h ago13:34
kenvandineand i confirmed that didn't happen in r46713:35
kenvandineasac, it looks like everything from the same service is in the correct order13:35
kenvandinebut intermingling them isn't right13:36
kenvandinelike all my dents are in the right order but not properly aligned with tweets and suck13:36
asackenvandine: sureits a regression? i dont see it in my messages13:36
asachave twitter/facebook and idnetica13:36
asacall properly ordered13:36
kenvandinemost noticable with flickr since those aren't posted often13:36
kenvandineasac, no i just reverted to r467 and they ordered properly13:36
kenvandineupdated again and they are out of whack again13:37
asacthats the last one?13:37
kenvandinewith your curl fixes13:37
asackenvandine: you reverted all?13:37
asacthought just one commit13:37
kenvandinemy dents, tweets, and facebook are all nearly in sync but looking closely i see they aren't ordered right13:38
asaci mean ... i cannot think of why reall yold stuff should be different13:38
kenvandinei wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for this whacky flickr feed13:38
kenvandinethe recent tweets, fb, and dents are wrong too i just wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for flickr13:38
asachmm. my order is a strict order13:38
asacjust went through all i see13:38
asacnothing goes back13:38
asackenvandine: can you just revert the lightweight OperationManager commit?13:39
kenvandineno worries13:39
* kenvandine does it13:39
kenvandineasac, oh this might be noteworthy13:40
kenvandinei do have one message getting dropped for a bad time13:40
kenvandineDropping message with bad time attribute: {'username': 'Ken VanDine', 'account': <gwibber.config.Account instance at 0x992b8ac>, 'client': <gwibber.microblog.facebook.Client instance at 0x992b6ec>, 'protocol': 'facebook'}13:40
kenvandineTraceback (most recent call last):13:40
kenvandine  File "/home/ken/src/gwibber/gwibber/microblog/facebook.py", line 39, in __init__13:40
kenvandine    sender = profiles[data["actor_id"]]13:40
kenvandineKeyError: '41911143546'13:40
asacdef get_messages(self, filters, count): data = list(self.filter_messages(filters)) data.sort(key=operator.itemgetter("time"), reverse=True) if count == 0: return {"count": len(data), "total": len(data), "messages": data} else: return {"count": count, "total": len(data), "messages": data[:count]}13:41
kenvandinenot sure if that could mess up the whole order13:41
asacthats the code for get_messages13:41
asacso its alaways sorted before sending over the wire13:41
asacmaybe the timestamps are a bit off13:41
kenvandinethat looks sane13:41
kenvandinei wonder if the client is doing anything weird13:41
* kenvandine thinks there is way too much logic in the client13:42
asackenvandine:         if not hasattr(message, "time"):13:43
asac          print "Dropping message with bad time attribute:", message.__dict__13:43
asacso does flickr set a time attribute?13:43
kenvandineit must13:43
kenvandinebut the dropped one is flickr, and it looks like it has the time as the key13:44
asackenvandine: i dont see the time in the dump from above13:44
asackenvandine: does self.time = parse_time(data["dateupload"]) mean that its also there as self['time'] ?13:46
kenvandineno, that would be weird13:46
asaci dont see any place where "time" is set13:49
asacexcept one exception handler in microblog/__init13:49
asacwhich sets it to current time13:49
asacguess itemgetter is supposed to look at that field13:55
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
asackenvandine: can you dump all messages before the sorting?14:16
asackenvandine: also try the last commit for the lightweight handler ... if thats enough14:17
kenvandineasac, i am doing something like that, it looks like the one without the time is nearly blank14:24
kenvandinelike only my data14:24
kenvandineno message data14:24
kenvandinenot even a sender14:24
asackenvandine: in get_messages in init that message shouldnt be there14:26
asacwould be interesting to dump all the messages send out there14:26
asacto see why the time sorting doesnt work14:26
kenvandinei will do that first14:27
kenvandinethe traceback was bugging me :)14:27
asacwhat i could imagine is that there is a bogus time somewhere14:30
asacthat can bust up the whole sorting if it breaks strict order properties14:30
asacand if thats the case the order how stuff gets inserted could make a difference14:33
seb128ok, empathy bug list cleaned now14:33
asacwhich probably happened by the idle_handler refactoring14:34
rickspencer3asac, ccheney, kenvandine, pitti, Riddell,  seb128 - what's the word on the street?14:38
kenvandinegood morning14:39
seb128rickspencer3, nothing to signal there I would say14:39
pittihey rickspencer3, good morning14:39
seb128things look good14:39
pittiall quiet here14:39
pittiexcept.. OMG!!!14:39
rickspencer3quiet ... too quiet14:39
* rickspencer3 eerie music14:39
kenvandinerickspencer3, asac did some nice threading fixes to gwibber :)14:39
rickspencer3kenvandine, lol - just as you said that I was closing a gwibber apport window14:40
asacin mozilla we found out that we compile system sqlite with wrong flags :/14:40
rickspencer3arg, so need to rebuilt mozilla? is this a security issue?14:40
asacno i told them that we cant do that for release14:40
asacneeds a carefuly SRU14:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457791 in firefox "Build sqlite3 with SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE" [Unknown,Confirmed]14:40
ubottuMozilla bug 445164 in Private Browsing "Private data not properly cleared from SQLite database" [Major,New]14:41
asaci dont feel comfortable to just pump that into our libsqlite without thorough testing.14:41
asacits not really breakage of functionality though14:41
asac"just" privacy concerns14:41
seb128seems people there care about gwibber rather than karmic nowadays14:42
kenvandineasac, it looks like replies might be messing up the ordering14:43
kenvandineat first glance of the data14:43
* kenvandine needs more coffee.. bbiaf14:43
Riddellrickspencer3: pleasingly good, we got some fresh faces for the ISO testing round and no problems found that we didn't already know14:47
rickspencer3Riddell, great news14:47
rickspencer3good buzz in the blogosphere regarding Karmic Kubuntu14:47
asackenvandine: replies have a differnt time format?14:53
asachi baptistemm14:54
baptistemmHi asac14:54
baptistemmis there a way to remove piding from indicator-applet as I don't use it?14:54
chrisccoulsonhi baptistemm14:54
baptistemmhi chrisccoulson14:54
seb128baptistemm, disable the indicator option in pidgin or uninstall it14:55
seb128hey baptistemm btw14:55
seb128or ask tedg14:55
tedgbaptistemm: The command line way is "mkdir -p ~/.config/indicators/messages/application-blacklist ; cp /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/pidgin ~/.config/indicators/messages/application-blacklist"  Long paths.14:57
baptistemmah thanks :)14:58
seb128tedg, do you have a stock reply for it yet? ;-)14:58
tedgseb128: heh, actually the first time I've been asked :)14:59
baptistemmI just doubt someone could use both but I'm certainly wrong14:59
seb128I use both15:00
baptistemmI'd tend to think using one should remove the other :)15:00
seb128or rather I try to use empathy but it annoys me I go back to pidgin15:00
baptistemmso I'm wrong15:00
tedgbaptistemm: Yes, but the solution there is that we shouldn't INSTALL both.  :)15:01
seb128tedg, we don't15:01
seb128tedg, we just don't uninstall on upgrade15:01
tedgseb128: Effectively we do as I'm sure most of our users are upgrades.15:01
baptistemmIt is true I upgraded from the previous version15:01
baptistemmnow empathy is the default client?15:01
kenvandineasac, no but looking at the list those are the ones out of order15:02
kenvandineafter the sort15:02
kenvandinewhich is very weird15:02
seb128tedg, we should ask users to reinstall, less upgrade issues ;-)15:02
seb128baptistemm, yes15:02
kenvandinedebugging  something else now... will get back to it15:02
chrisccoulsonbaptistemm - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/TechnicalOverview#GNOME :)15:02
asackenvandine: do you have a dump of the messages you culd paste?15:02
kenvandineasac, yeah but it is huge15:02
kenvandinehang on15:02
tedgseb128: Hmm, I'm thinking that if you get that policy past mvo will buy you a cookie :)15:03
chrisccoulsoni reinstalled this cycle15:03
mvotwo cookies and a banana15:04
chrisccoulsonbut i normally upgrade15:04
chrisccoulsoni upgraded through 4 releases without a reinstall:)15:04
asacpitti: is karmic-proposed open for pocket copy already? when do we xpect that to happen?15:05
mvomy old laptop is upgraded all the way from warty to hardy - then intel came along and rewrote the x driver so hard that the good old i830 is a pain on anything newer than hardy15:05
pittiasac: it's open for uploads (unapproved), but you can't actually put anything into it yet (thus no pocket copying)15:06
pittiasac: it will open after final release15:06
asachmm ok15:06
seb128chrisccoulson, I should try once the pitti's way15:08
seb128reinstalling while keeping the user dir15:08
kenvandineasac, gonna email it... firefox is hosed here15:08
kenvandinei think bindwood is making it hang15:08
asacdont tell me that ;)15:08
kenvandinethat is what i am looking at now :)15:08
pittiI do that several times per release15:08
asackenvandine: with the new bug fixes?15:08
seb128I never dir I don't trust the thing to not wipe my datas15:08
seb128I need to do backups of everything before trying15:08
kenvandineasac, new bug fixes make it not screw up your bookmarks :)15:08
pittiseb128: I have a separate /home, but reinstalling with not wiping data works well, too15:08
kenvandinebut is making it hang15:08
kenvandineasac, so the time issue in gwibber15:09
pittiseb128: you just need to ensure to do manual partitioning and _not_ format the root partition15:09
kenvandineit is somehow client related15:09
seb128pitti, that they say! I read too many bugs to ignore that software can behave strangly sometime for one user ;-)15:09
kenvandinestill pasting...15:09
chrisccoulsonseb128 - my karmic install was a fresh install but keeping my old /home15:09
pittiseb128: I don't know what you are talking about :)15:09
kenvandineasac, so when changing views in the client, it is changing the time15:09
chrisccoulsonbut i did have a backup of /home in case the install erased it ;)15:09
kenvandineand they aren't all the same format15:09
seb128pitti, jedi wave, *there is no such things as bugs in ubuntu*15:10
baptistemmI wish t reinstall my laptop to have ext415:10
kenvandineso on first run, when the messages are put together the times are right and the order is correct15:10
pittiseb128: but a backup is a good idea either way; HDs suck15:10
baptistemmdoes grub2 is installed for new installation in karmic?15:10
kenvandineasac, but then if you switch views a couple times the backend sees the times like this15:10
* pitti hugs rsnapshot15:10
pittibaptistemm: yes15:10
kenvandine2009-10-16 22:19:35.0015:11
kenvandineasac, i added a for look in get_messages that prints message["time"]15:11
kenvandinewhen get_messages gets run the first time they are all right15:12
kenvandinethen when i click around in the UI, get_messages gets called again and the time formats vary15:12
kenvandineso look at populate_view and update_view in client.py15:12
kenvandinesee what they are doing to it15:12
* kenvandine goes back to bindwood and u1 folks15:12
asackenvandine: you sure only on client side?15:12
asackenvandine: yes. go back15:13
kenvandineyeah... well clicking around in the client changes the message_store i guess15:13
kenvandinelike changing the times, no idea why it would do that15:13
kenvandinei doubt the client itself is changing the times, but it is calling some method that is doing bad things :)15:13
kenvandineemail coming your way now15:14
baptistemmpitti, why does rsnapshot depends on openssh-server?15:15
pittibaptistemm: it recommends it, I guess because it's meant to do pull-style backups from clients15:15
pittiI don't use it that way, though; I rsnapshot locally into /var/backups/, and rsync that to my server in a cron job15:16
baptistemmapt-get wants me to install openssh-server :)15:16
pittibaptistemm: --no-install-recommends15:16
chrisccoulsonyou don't already have openssh-server installed?15:17
chrisccoulsonthat's the first thing i install on a fresh install15:17
pittime too :)15:17
seb128same here15:17
baptistemmI only have one computer15:18
chrisccoulsonbaptistemm - me too, but i can SSH from my G1 if things get really bad15:18
chrisccoulsonand i also use SSH between virtual machines a lot as well15:19
pittichrisccoulson: hah, thats's what I do as well (G1)15:19
pittiin the times when X used to freeze very often15:19
baptistemmI don't have G1 nor VM, I'm just a dumb user15:19
pittialso, I told my router to open port 22, so that people (or me) can access my box from outside15:19
pittibaptistemm: yes, nevermind; if you don't need it, don't install it15:20
chrisccoulsonpitti - i don't open my router at the moment, but i used to15:20
chrisccoulsonit's amazing how many brute force attempts you get on port 22 ;)15:20
pittichrisccoulson: yeah, for that reason I changed the default port on my server15:20
baptistemmyeah, my synology showed me that too15:20
kenvandineasac, i just sent you more informative output15:20
asackenvandine: email? thx15:21
chrisccoulsonpitti - i ran IPCop for years on an old PC, and that used to have 10-20 brute force attacks per day15:21
kenvandineyou will notice there are more than one dumps of data15:21
asaci will see ;)15:21
kenvandineand after each print of data, there are lines printing each time15:21
kenvandineso each time you see data printed is when i changed the view15:21
kenvandinein the client15:21
kenvandineyou will see the times get screwy15:21
kenvandinelike some of them are 18000.015:22
kenvandinebut when it starts they are all nicely ordered :)15:22
baptistemmpitti, if you want to enhanced the rsnapshot package one's can uncomment "#cmd_cp         /bin/cp" in the default configuration15:24
baptistemmI can look at it tonight15:25
baptistemmI want to setup proper backup15:25
pittimy home dir doesn't have any of those fancy things (pipes, etc.), though15:25
pittiwe should enable that by default on our package, though15:25
pittiwe know that we are on linux and have GNU cp, after all15:26
pitti(in debian)15:26
rodrigo_hmm, flash player in firefox seems to be broken after last update15:27
asackenvandine: ok. where exactly did you print those timestamps?15:28
asacjust bzr diff will be enough i think so i can see what place you got those odd formatted things from15:28
kenvandineasac, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299090/15:29
asacok so on backend side15:30
asackenvandine: http://pastebin.com/f7825b5a415:33
asacthough the 18000.0 feels like its coming from somewhere else15:34
asacmaybe a bad time from some online service if we are lucky15:34
kenvandineasac, but that wasn't in there the first pass15:34
kenvandineand it worries me that there are multiple formats of dates15:35
asackenvandine: i think flickr is really broken15:35
asacjust tested it15:35
asac<mx.DateTime.DateTime object for '1970-01-02 10:12:03.00' at b76016e8>15:35
kenvandinei see your diff15:35
asacand with ticks15:35
asaci am not sure if "t" is in ticks in the first place and if this needs normalization somehow15:36
asacbut should be a good start15:36
asacmaybe its even15:36
kenvandineit should be ticks15:36
kenvandinewell going in i am not sure15:36
kenvandinebut that is just in parse_time, should be used for display right?15:37
asackenvandine: he other date function used is DateTimeFromTicks15:37
asackenvandine: pares_time is used to set ["time"[15:37
asacif its used elsewhere we can also do15:37
kenvandineok, well we assume ticks everywhere else15:38
asacgood. so we should actually do15:38
asackenvandine: ^15:38
asactry that maybe15:38
asacif that gives you reasonable time displayed and proper sorting15:39
kenvandinei am15:39
asackenvandine: also the last one? e.g. with DateFromTicks?15:39
* asac waits for a confirm before pushing15:40
kenvandinei did that15:41
kenvandineworks much better15:41
kenvandineand they all stay in order now and the times don't get tweaked15:42
kenvandinehowever... after changing the view the last 5 times printed are 18000.015:42
kenvandineand they are not from flickr15:42
asackenvandine: can you find what backend that is?15:42
kenvandinei think we have one more place busted :)15:43
asacpushed flickr (rev 473)15:43
* kenvandine looks at the code15:44
dobeyasac: hey15:46
asacdigg uses some odd way ... probably should be done in same way15:46
asacnot really looking, so if you see it fix it ;)15:46
asacdobey: hi15:47
dobeyasac: any idea how one might determine why firefox doesn't have all my passwords in it that i told it to remember, and which used to be there and working fine in 3.0?15:47
asacdobey: first step is disabling all extensions to see if that breaks something15:47
asacif you have any extension besides from what we ship by default15:48
asacdobey: why do you think it doesnt remember? is it that it just doesnt fill the form or have you looked in the db to see they are not there?15:48
asacaka in preferences -> security -> saved passwords15:49
dobeyall extensions are disabled15:49
dobeyasac: it didn't fill in the form, and it wasn't in the saved passwords dialog15:49
dobeyit was saved in 3.0, but now that i'm having to use 3.5, it's no longer there15:49
asacdobey: and if you save the password again it doesnt work?15:51
asacor just migration issue?15:51
dobeywell i don't recall the password right now, so i can't just go save it again15:52
dobeywhich is why i saved it in the first place15:52
asacdobey: ok. so what i think happened is this: a) you installed firefox-3.5 in the past15:52
asacand kept on using 3.015:52
asacthen you got asked when we made 3.5 default if you want to migrate your settings15:53
dobeywell, karmic installed 3.5 in the past, and i saw it was not my desired experience, so i continued using 3.0 yes15:53
asacyou either said yes or no ... but that doesnt matter. in case you added that password afterwards its in your firefox-3.0 profile15:53
asacbecause we didnt migrate another time15:53
dobeyi never got asked if i wanted my settings migrated15:53
dobeythere's a different profile?15:53
asacdobey: ls -l ~/.mozilla/ ... paste that please15:54
asacdobey: yes. 3.0 and 3.5 are different profiles. you definitly got asked if you installed firefox-3.5 before we made it the default15:54
asacbut paste that15:54
dobey[dobey@lunatari:run-tree]: ls ~/.mozilla15:55
dobeyappreg  default/  extensions/  firefox/  mozver.dat  plugins/15:55
asacdobey: yeah. then you didn tuse ffox 3.5 before it was the default16:03
asacdobey: so that might be a bug from going back and forth16:03
asacthe version16:03
asacdobey: you can check out the db directly to see if your password is in there16:03
asacin profile16:04
asacdobey: open that file in sqlite3 and run select hostname from moz_logins;16:05
asacsee if that hostname is there16:05
asacdobey: if not check if its in signons.txt16:05
asacdobey: signons3.txt16:06
asacdobey:  i what i would do is to backup your whole .mozilla profile and remove the .sqlite file from profile before starting16:06
asacmost likely your passwords were added to signons3.txt in ffox 3 after you first ran ffox 3.5 which created the .sqlite from your signons3.txt at that time16:07
asacso removing the sqlite will create it again with the latest16:07
dobeyok, removing the sqlite file seems to have fixed it16:11
kenvandineasac, i just pushed the digg fix16:18
kenvandinedigg and flickr have been broken for ages i guess, i think your sorting fixes brought it to the surface :)16:18
kenvandinewell i mean your sort is better :)16:18
asackenvandine: the threading fixes i guess ;)16:20
kenvandineprobably all for the better :)16:20
asackenvandine: thanks. so we are good for a new release ... want to wait for one more daily run to get some feedback?16:20
kenvandinegive me a few16:20
kenvandinelooking at something16:20
kenvandineok, i think it is good16:22
kenvandineasac, go for it16:23
kenvandineasac, how about merging the quit branch?16:26
kenvandineasac, opposed?16:26
kenvandineactually hold on, don't push anything yet maybe your threading fixes fixed my shutdown problem16:27
asackenvandine: ctrl+c works now16:28
asacso most likeyl it works good16:28
asackenvandine: i wasnt sure if we wnt to do the quit branch16:28
asackenvandine: i think if we want to do that we should fix that using the window close thing16:28
asacwe should go to tray rather than closing16:28
asacotherwise you wont get notifications if the ui is closd16:28
kenvandineno you will16:28
asacimo we can do that if you want16:28
asackenvandine: huh?16:28
kenvandineclosing the window doesn't kill the daemon16:29
asacgwibber-daemon isnt running if we close UI ... right?16:29
kenvandineonly quit does16:29
asackenvandine: sure that we dont run through the same quit code?16:29
asacif so it looked fine.16:29
* kenvandine looks again, but is certain he accounted for that16:29
asackenvandine: otoh, i think that all daemon bustage issues should be fixed now by threading. i think that the multithreading access to self.messages in the operation result handler was the painful thing that caused havoc16:30
asacanyway. if the quit thing isnt run on window close thats fine16:30
asacand something i would think we want16:30
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ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)16:44
Hobbseecytotoxic: what?16:44
Amaranthwow lag16:45
AmaranthHobbsee: guy is going to every ubuntu channel calling for ops, trying to get klined16:45
HobbseeAmaranth: yeah, i noticed after i asked.16:46
AmaranthHobbsee: Expect him in devel and motu as well16:46
Laneyalready been in devel16:46
Hobbseehe already hit devel16:46
czajkowskiand  now -meeting16:47
seb128cassidy, http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2452416:48
seb128cassidy, is there a GNOME bug about that?16:49
ubottuFreedesktop bug 24524 in tp-glib "empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in strcmp()" [Normal,Resolved: notourbug]16:49
cassidyseb128, don't think so; feel free to open one16:49
seb128cassidy, ok thanks16:49
Amaranthlaunchpad is telling me I'm not allowed to see bug 458086 but I'm subscribed to it (getting bugmail)16:54
ubottuBug 458086 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/458086 is private16:54
chrisccoulsonAmaranth - i can't view it either16:55
chrisccoulsonit's wierd that you're getting bug mail though16:55
Amaranthit actually has a compiz task open16:55
james_ware you subscribed to ubuntu-reviews@?16:57
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Amaranthstaying on this time16:57
mvoAmaranth: I can't see it16:57
james_wsomebody unsubscribed ubuntu-bugcontrol from the bug16:58
james_wso you won't get any more mail16:58
kenvandineasac, so my quit code wasn't getting run on window close, but looking at that uncovered window visibilty toggling bugs16:58
kenvandineasac, i'll fix that16:58
Amaranthjames_w: d'oh16:58
kenvandineasac, the on_window_close method wasn't connected to anything16:58
james_wand there is no compiz task16:58
Amaranthhrm, I thought bryce_ said he added one16:58
AmaranthI wonder why it is private anyway16:59
james_wit's not been retraced yet17:00
pittiretracers crash all the time these days due to LP timeouts17:07
seb128mvo, do you have any gnome-app-install upload planned for karmic?17:07
seb128bug #45675717:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456757 in policykit-gnome "Missing .mo translations files into the (now in universe) policykit-gnome and gnome-app-install packages" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45675717:07
seb128they need rebuilds to not be stripped from the mo files17:07
seb128since they moved to universe17:08
mvoseb128: no, but I can do that17:10
seb128mvo, you could perhaps to a po update upload?17:10
seb128ie get a rosetta export and upload?17:10
seb128mvo, thanks ;-)17:10
* mvo prepares the upload17:11
mvoseb128: perfect task before going for dinner :)17:11
seb128I guess that's the visible one, there is no reason to use polkit-gnome on karmic17:11
seb128mvo, ;-)17:11
pittiseb128: at some point we should probably just remove all the old cruft (gnome-volume-manager, gnome-mount, policykit-gnome); but right now, blueman and gnome-lirc-properties still need them17:15
pittiuh, and libgksu-polkit0 (which should die along; we have pkexec)17:15
seb128pitti, right17:16
james_wcould I get a review of http://pastebin.ca/1637611 please?17:20
pittijames_w: from reading the diff it looks good to me (haven't actually tried it); thanks for working on this!17:32
pittiI'm a bit torn whether it's adequate for a post-RC update, though17:32
james_wI don't like it being this late17:35
james_wI've tried to minimise the changes and the impact as much as possible, but still...17:35
pittijames_w: btw, we'll break translations either way, due to how translation export -> rosetta -> langpacks work17:37
pittibut we can fix that in the  first langpack SRU17:37
pittiwith your careful patch they will at least immediately be imported into Rosetta17:38
dpmpitti, but if the translations would get imported before the langpack export tonight, it would be transparent, wouldn't it?17:39
dpm(for those languages there was a translation of the string for)17:39
pittidpm: it starts at 2200 or finishes at 2200?17:39
pittijames_w: I think you should upload it to the queue, and I'll talk to slangasek17:39
dpmpitti, it starts at 22:00 IIRC, ArneGoetje^?17:40
james_wpitti: ok, I'll upload right now17:41
james_wand thank you dpm17:41
pittidpm: ArneGoetje is off sick; but I think "starts" is correct17:41
dpmjames_w, no worries, thank you for caring about translations :)17:41
james_walso, I checked ubuntu-docs and they already point to gnome-about-me for changing your own password17:42
james_wso I don't think this breaks that either17:42
dpmpitti, yeah, "start" (Arne was in for a bit today) -> <peteris> hi people, how long today translations will be accepted?17:43
dpm<ArneGoetje> peteris: shortly before 22:00 UTC17:43
=== davidbarth is now known as davidbarth-afk
rickspencer3has anyone tried USB creator lately?18:05
rickspencer3seems someone ran into bug #45833418:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458334 in usb-creator "Fails repeatably with "DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.NotFound: The given volume was not found"" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45833418:06
pittirickspencer3: I'm using it all the time; last time was yesterday18:06
rickspencer3pitti, good to hear18:06
seb128rickspencer3, works fine there too I used it yesterday18:09
rickspencer3thanks guys!18:09
=== jono is now known as crimsun
=== crimsun is now known as jono
pittiTheMuso: so do we need the keyboard bell for anything a11y related?18:28
pittichrisccoulson: I assigned bug 388250 to you, you seem to work on it (all milestoned bugs need an assignee now, or need to become unmilestoned)18:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 388250 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with signal 5 in gdk_x_error()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38825018:43
pittichrisccoulson: did you see Steve's last reply about the dupe which has a trace?18:43
pittikenvandine: bug 442120> is there a package being prepared?18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 442120 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with RuntimeError in find_port__linux()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44212018:44
mdzis there a straightforward way to reset my panel to the default layout?18:45
kenvandinemdz, yeah, one sec18:45
halflinegconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel18:46
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks. i'm still waiting on more info from slangasek on that one18:46
pittichrisccoulson: ah, ok; the bug looks like he's waiting on an answer from you18:47
chrisccoulsonyeah, we've been discussing it on IRC. i should probably leave a comment on the bug too18:47
kenvandinemdz, you might want to back up first18:48
mdzhalfline, thanks18:48
mdzkenvandine, always ;-)18:48
kenvandinegconftool --dump /apps/panel > panel.dump18:48
kenvandineand to restore gconftool --load < panel.dump18:48
kenvandinemdz, did that get you the session applet?18:55
mdzkenvandine, nope19:05
kenvandinedid you restart the panel?19:06
mdzkenvandine, I suppose I should try booting UNR from USB to check19:06
mdzkenvandine, yes19:06
kenvandinelool, ^^19:06
kenvandinelool, ideas?19:06
mdzhearing from lool that it works for him in a fresh install would ease my mind19:06
asackenvandine: let me know when you think your -quit fixes are ready. thanks19:08
kenvandineasac, will do19:08
kenvandineasac, well my quit fix is fine19:09
kenvandinebut in checking the window close behavior, i found that it isn't hooked up to do what it should do if you are using the status icon19:09
kenvandineasac, should have that fixed in a few19:09
dobeypitti, kenvandine: do you guys think i should try to apply for ubuntu membership for the next round?19:09
kenvandinemdz, i am downloading unr now19:09
asacvery good19:09
kenvandinedobey, yeah19:10
kenvandineasac, the status icon case right now is very broken :/19:10
kenvandinemdz, but looking at unr  gconf defaults and package manifest, it should be there19:10
kenvandinemdz, do you have indicator-applet-session installed?19:10
* dobey will look into that :)19:11
kenvandineit is in the manifest for the cd19:11
mdzkenvandine, I do19:11
kenvandineok... we need lool19:11
kenvandineor my download to finish... in 3 hours :/19:11
mdzI will make a USB key and check it myself19:11
kenvandinemdz please let me know19:12
mdzthe new accessibility logo totally looks like the burning man logo19:16
asackenvandine: status icon case?19:20
dobeymdz: the davinci thing?19:20
kenvandineif you aren't using the indicator19:21
mdzkenvandine, it's there in the live session19:21
kenvandinemdz, great19:21
kenvandinenot sure why it isn't working for you :)19:21
kenvandinethat is strange19:21
kenvandineunsetting it should19:21
pittidobey: oh, sure!19:21
dobeypitti: cool, thanks :)19:23
asackenvandine: if you can describe the symptoms a bit more explicit i can check if i find it later tonight19:30
CyberCodis there an IRC channel for the shipit team?19:34
kenvandinei have it fixed19:40
kenvandineasac, ^^19:40
kenvandinetesting all the cases now19:41
kenvandineasac: pushing now19:46
kenvandineasac: pushed to trunk19:52
kenvandinebut i did my merge backwards, so revision is now 470 :/19:52
kenvandinecollapsed your's down into a merge19:52
chrisccoulsonyay for RC!19:59
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asackenvandine: thats bad habit ;)20:08
asackenvandine: cant you uncommit ?20:08
kenvandinei could... but then i would have to push that20:08
kenvandinei'll do that20:09
asackenvandine: well. we moved backwards20:09
asaci think within 5 minutes its ok20:09
asaceven though ugly20:09
kenvandinepitti, bug 44121020:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441210 in xsplash "boot and gdm "wallpaper" is not dithered" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44121020:09
asaci think there was some kind of way to configure bzr branches to not allow that kind of thing20:09
kenvandinethat should be the default :)20:10
asackind of a ugly feature imo20:10
asacyeah i think uncommitting is really better. the dailies already picked up the 47320:13
pittikenvandine: hi20:16
pittikenvandine: need sponsoring?20:16
kenvandinepitti, yeah... not sure how critical it is20:16
kenvandinebut seems harmless20:17
kenvandineand should make it smaller :)20:17
pittioh? Mat told me it'd get bigger20:18
kenvandineit is a bigger image20:18
kenvandinebut only one20:18
pittijames_w: bug 307019 has a s-t-b task as well, does that need to be changed for this?20:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307019 in gnome-system-tools "ecryptfs Private directory not mounted after changing password in users-admin" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30701920:18
kenvandineremoved all the sized ones20:18
pittikenvandine: was that tested in different screen resolutions?20:19
kenvandinebratsche, ^^20:19
pittinot that next time someone comes along and says it looks ugly when being scaled20:19
kenvandineasac, can you just overwrite with your branch?20:20
kenvandinebacking out this way is painful :)20:20
bratschepitti, kenvandine: I tested it at 1680x1050 and 1600x120020:21
kenvandineshould get it tested on a netbook20:21
kenvandineshould be fine though20:21
pittishould be tested at 1024x768 in kvm and on a widescreen20:23
bratsche1680x1050 is a widescreen isn't it?20:24
bratscheOr maybe not.20:24
pittiah, yes20:25
* kenvandine tests in kvm20:25
pittiI'm currently reviewing the unapproved queue (46 uploads, ugh), that'll still take me a while20:25
bratscheSorry to dump this one on you guys at the last minute.  I had forgotten about it since I moved on to Lucid stuff, and mt just reminded me this morning.20:25
asackenvandine: yes20:27
asackenvandine: oh the problem is that the branch has no problem with that20:28
asacas it thinks all is fine20:28
kenvandinepitti, bratsche: working fine in kvm at 1024x76820:29
asackenvandine: so what we can do is rename branch and push ... not sure if ryan kills us ;)20:29
kenvandinethat is fine... unless he is working on it right now20:30
kenvandinewhich isn't likely :)20:30
kenvandineyour branch is still at 473?20:30
kenvandinego for it :)20:30
asaclet me rename and push again20:30
asacand hope that the lp:gwibber doesnt get auto moved20:30
asacso yes20:31
asacit happened20:31
asaclp:gwibber is now "merged.backup"20:31
asacand we are probably not driver so we can retpoint20:32
asacanyway...pushing and then trying to fix the series20:32
asackenvandine: ok should be there now20:33
kenvandinepitti, also bug 45602420:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456024 in evolution-couchdb "Cannot delete multiple (potentially any) contacts from Ubuntu One Couch DB address book" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45602420:33
asackenvandine: and i was able to fix series20:33
* kenvandine merges again20:33
asackenvandine: take care ;=)20:34
asackenvandine: oh. all the merge requests have moved to the backup location20:36
asac8 in total20:36
asacguess we should go through and rerequest20:36
kenvandinepushed r47520:38
kenvandinei'll fix the merge requests :)20:38
asacok let me check20:39
asaci will poke it a bit and then upload if you dont say you found a bug20:40
kenvandineasac, i think it is pretty solid20:40
kenvandinedefinately no worse than it was :)20:40
kenvandinepitti, i didn't target 45602420:41
kenvandinewhat do you think about that one?20:41
pittikenvandine: seems low-prio, but the patch is reasonably small; I guess yuo tested it already? or still investigating?20:52
dpmpitti, (or anyone else), I want to make sure I understand this correctly. The language packs being exported today, they are the ones which are going to be included in the ISOs, aren't they?20:52
pittidpm: corretc20:52
dpmpitti, thanks20:52
pitti(more correct than my spelling, anyway)20:52
dpmcorrect enough for me to understand it :-)20:53
kenvandinepitti, yes i tested it with a couple contacts20:55
kenvandineseemed to work as advertised20:55
kenvandinepitti, should i milestone it?20:55
pittikenvandine: let's just upload it20:55
pittibut I let Steve accept that one20:56
kenvandineseems worth it20:56
pittikenvandine: please subscribe me to the two bugs when they are ready, I'll sponsor them when I'm done with queue poking21:00
pittikenvandine: hmm, did you uncommit on bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/evolution-couchdb/ubuntu/ ?21:14
pittikenvandine: I was pulling, and got "diverged"21:14
pittiah, probably I forgot to push the "releasing version 0.3.2-0ubuntu1" change, sorry21:14
pittikenvandine: evo-couchdb uploaded21:25
loolmdz, kenvandine: Sorry was away for dinner21:28
mdzlool, as you should be at that time of the evening ;-)21:29
loolSo indicator session > the only difference should be that we dont have gdm-guest-session21:29
loolmdz: Is there a bug with the indicator session issue?21:30
james_wpitti: it does not need to be changed with this fix.21:31
mdzkenvandine, lool, what is supposed to happen when you select 'New session...' from the session indicator?21:31
mdz(for me, it just turned on the screensaver)21:31
loolmdz: Gah it's supposed NOT to be there21:31
loolI guess indicator-session doesn't support lack of guest session21:31
loolmdz: The screensaver turning on is just an effect of screen being locked to switch to the other session, but as the guest session isn't there it fails21:33
kenvandineoh... that is bad21:33
loolIt's really easy to add gdm-guesst-session support to UNR, it just didn't make sense to we excluded it21:33
kenvandineNew session... should be hidden if guest isn't there21:33
loolBut it's probably the least intrusive fix21:34
kenvandinethat would be easier than fixing indicator-session21:34
kenvandinetedg, ^^21:34
loolYes, less intrusive21:34
tedgWe check to see if CK reports that user switching is available, can't you just tell CK that?21:35
loolmdz: Actually on a startx session I dont see New session (which is correct)21:36
loolThis is not about guest session actually21:36
loolThis is about switching user21:36
loolWhich probably doesn't work if there is no other user or something along these lines21:37
mdzlool, I saw it in the live session21:37
mdzI don't see it in a normal session21:37
loolIn a live session, I see switch user which returns to an useless gdm21:41
* lool quickly reinstalls in virtualbox21:43
loolmdz: Did you see "New session" in a live session or "Switch user"?  I only see the latter21:44
mdzlool, "New session" I saw in the live session21:44
mdz"Switch user" I see in my session right now21:44
loolOdd I can't reproduce New session in a live session21:45
seiflotfy1hey guys21:47
seiflotfy1i need help21:47
seiflotfy1i want to modify the session from a terminal21:48
seiflotfy1as in gdm should not automatically log in21:48
seb128hi, try #ubuntu for user question21:48
pittikenvandine: do you know the status of bug 423383 ?21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 423383 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client-applet crashed with AttributeError in from_token_and_callback()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42338321:50
pittidobey: ^ or you?21:50
kenvandineno i don't21:50
pittikenvandine: bug 442120 seems like we just need a cherrypick?21:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 442120 in desktopcouch "desktopcouch-service crashed with RuntimeError in find_port__linux()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44212021:50
dobeypitti: it's a server "semi-issue"21:51
* kenvandine checks with chad21:51
pittidobey: ok, so can be fixed independently from the u1 package? good21:54
dobeypitti: it's a timeout threshold setting in python-oauth in the OAuthServer class, that gets compared against21:55
dobeypitti: for that specific bug anyaywa21:55
kenvandinepitti, that dc fix wasn't uploaded, but they are preparing another one now21:56
chrisccoulsontedg - does the indicator-applet need libgnomeui for anything?22:05
tedgchrisccoulson: I think it uses it for the libpanel stuff?  Honestly, that's part of the panel-applet boilerplate stuff that I'm not too familiar with.22:06
chrisccoulsonoh, ok. the only reason i ask is because it means that it connects to the session manager22:06
chrisccoulsonand if you do session saving, it gets saved in the session, and supplies a bogus restart command22:07
chrisccoulsonso gnome-session spits out a warning on subsequent logins that it can't start indicator-applet and indicator-applet-session22:07
tedgchrisccoulson: Hmm, seems we should be able to avoid that.  Probably too late for Karmic though.22:08
tedgchrisccoulson: We might have put session stuff in when it was "FUSA" more directly, and not pulled it out when we pulled that code out.22:08
chrisccoulsonyeah, i think the FUSA might have done this too22:09
chrisccoulsonnot using libgnomeui would be ideal (if it's not used for anything else). it doesn't seem to make sense for applets to connect to the session manager anyway22:09
pittigood night everyone22:09
seb128'night pitti22:09
chrisccoulsonbut the alternative is to set the RestartStyleHint to RestartNever, so it never gets saved22:09
chrisccoulson'night pitti22:09
chrisccoulsontedg - thinking about, the old FUSA had to do this, as it originally used GnomeClient to log out anyway22:11
chrisccoulsonbut that's not necessary now:)22:11
tedgYeah, I'm wondering if there's some stale code in there.22:11
chrisccoulsontedg - i think so, but that's for next cycle now22:12
asac21:42 < lifeless> asac: bzr help configuration, look for append_only22:18
asackenvandine: ^^22:18
kenvandineoh... cool22:19
asachmmm ... terminal behaviour is a bit odd for bzr configuration ;) ... cannot scroll up22:19
asacah ... term was just busted22:19
asacIf set to "True" then revisions can only be appended to the log, not22:20
asacremoved.  A branch with this setting enabled can only pull from22:20
asacanother branch if the other branch's log is a longer version of its22:20
seb128tedg, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-applet/+bugs22:25
seb128tedg, could use some triaging looking at the list22:25
TheMusopitti: I don't think so, but others might.22:27
seb128rodrigo_, kenvandine: do you watch evolution-couchdb bug list on launchpad to see private crashers?22:38
rodrigo_seb128: yes, I think I get all evo-couchdb bugs22:38
seb128rodrigo_, launchpad doesn't email about private bugs22:38
rodrigo_hmm, it doesn't?22:39
rodrigo_all ubuntu one server bugs are private, I think, and I get notifications for those22:39
rodrigo_well, I think so22:39
rodrigo_seb128: is there any bug we overlooked?22:39
seb128rodrigo_, not really, but evolution-data-server is crash land22:40
seb128there is over 130 bugs where there was 50 previous cycle22:40
seb128and a good part of those seems to be due to couchdb so I started reassigning22:40
rodrigo_e-d-s itself, or evo-couchdb?22:41
seb128I wanted to make sure somebody will look at those22:41
rodrigo_seb128: ok, yes, reassign them to me22:41
seb128rodrigo_, e-d-s is the binary crashing but it crashes in libebookbackendcouchdb.so calls22:42
seb128rodrigo_, I guess that makes the bug one on your side not in upstream e-d-s no?22:42
rodrigo_seb128: yes, they're mine22:43
seb128rodrigo_, bug #451347 is one example22:43
rodrigo_I guess I should watch e-d-s bug list then22:43
ubottuBug 451347 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/451347 is private22:43
seb128rodrigo_, would be nice, I'm cleaning a bit for now22:43
seb128watch evolution-couchdb for the ones I reassign22:43
rodrigo_seb128: can't access that one, so yeah, please assign them all to me22:43
seb128so you don't have access to private bugs22:44
rodrigo_not to evo-couchdb bugs, no22:44
rodrigo_I guess it just allows access to the team members?22:44
seb128can you talk to pedro when he's around to see if you could get that?22:44
seb128you are "rodrigo" on launchpad?22:44
rodrigo_rodrigo-moya, I think22:44
* rodrigo_ checks22:44
rodrigo_yeah, rodrigo-moya22:45
seb128rodrigo_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution-couchdb/+bugs22:45
seb128you should see some extra bugs now22:45
rodrigo_will look at them in the morning22:46
seb128there is no hurry anyway it's late to get updates in karmic now22:46
rodrigo_right, but we want to fix those in updates post-karmic release :)22:47
loolmdz: I tried on two different hosts and couldnt get "New session"; I did a full install in virtualbox too and it worked on the installed system too; I guess you had a hard to trigger heisenbug22:49
loolkenvandine: ^22:51
kenvandinelool, ok22:52
popeykenvandine: someone pointed me in your direction about an avatar bug in gwibber.. you know of it?23:04
popeybasically avatars don't appear23:04
popeybug 455943 is one23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455943 in gwibber "Avatars don't appear" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45594323:05
czajkowskipopey: only avatar coming through for me at present is the ubuntubug one23:07
seb128hey robert_ancell23:08
popeysame here czajkowski23:09
czajkowskipopey: slightly ironic and confirmed bug, should I add a screen capture also ?23:12
popeydunno, i suspect it's a dupe23:12
popeycan't imagine I'm the only one who has spotted it23:13
czajkowskipopey: nope had this conversation last night in here23:13
robert_ancellseb128, hey23:14
seb128robert_ancell, how are you?23:14
robert_ancellseb128, good, just on the phone to rick23:15
seb128oh k23:15
seb128do you have anything on your todolist for today?23:15
robert_ancellseb128, can i get back to you in a sec23:16
hggdhseb128: do you run Evo?23:17
hggdhand hi23:17
seb128hggdh, hey and yes23:17
hggdhseb128: cool. I was looking at gnome bug 59538923:18
ubottuGnome bug 595389 in Miscellaneous "SQLite cache is code-forced to 100 pages, with performance implications to large folders.db" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59538923:18
hggdhand need volunteers for a test ;-)23:18
seb128but not for today, it's past midnight and the week has been busy23:19
hggdhno prob. I expected you to say no tonight -- too late for you already23:20
seb128ie I'm waiting for robert_ancell to be there to chat with him and then all it a day23:20
seb128I will give a try to that later, you might want to ping pedro too tomorrow if he's around23:20
hggdh:-) I will. I am going to go fishing for volunteers23:21
seb128hggdh, oh, it doesn't require a rebuild?23:23
seb128hggdh, what do you want to be tested?23:23
seb128see there robert_ancell_ will blame his isp again when he just want to have an excuse to not get tasks for the day ;-)23:24
hggdhseb128: (1) stop Evo; (2) from a terminal run 'env CAMEL_SQLITE_DEFAULT_CACHE_SIZE=2000 evolution';23:24
hggdh(3) see if it feels faster23:24
seb128hggdh, hard to say23:26
seb128I don't find it too slughish usually23:26
hggdhthe difference will be on usage of the infamous folders.db, and will (I guess) heavily depend on how much email you have stored23:27
hggdhfor me, for example, it is strickingly faster on startup to scan all folders23:28
seb128the main annoyance in evo is that it doesn't do multi tasking well23:28
seb128ie if you do send&receive and start reading emails in a imap box it will often hang loading until it's done fetching a summary23:29
seb128ie you do have spam filtering on too you can be stucked for several minutes without it being able to fetch one email content23:29
hggdhwell, I am not sure what can be done in this case, since a connection to IMAP is already in use23:29
seb128I don't really have issues due to the indexes23:29
hggdhOK. Back to spam -- you use spamassassin or bogofilter?23:30
hggdhweird. I do not see that23:30
hggdhoh, wait -- I use a lot of gmail, and it filters most of my spam23:31
hggdhand my IMAP is local, so there is not much of network overhead23:31
seb128I get some hundred spams a day in my inbox23:32
seb128and imap is not local23:32
seb128I should try thunderbird just to see if handle that better23:32
hggdhheh. I get about one spam per day...23:32
_Trinity_has anyone gotten empathy doing voip to a msn client on windows?23:32
hggdhtry claws-mail also23:32
seb128or read how imap work to see if a client can open several connections23:33
seb128to read emails while updating indexes for example23:33
seb128_Trinity_, no but we don't enable msn av in karmic23:33
hggdhIMAP should support it, its evo that does not23:33
seb128ok, what I though but I was not sure about your what can be done23:33
seb128well evo sort of do multi actions23:34
seb128it keeps fetching indexes while filtering spam there23:34
seb128the things is that if you do a few extra one, ie try to load some emails23:35
seb128you can get in an almost stucked state23:35
seb128I often have to cancel some actions to get it unstucked because it's trying to do everything for minutes without any move23:35
seb128if you tell it to forget about the email loading indexes loading etc unstuck23:35
seb128ok, enough work for today now23:36
seb128rickspencer3, robert_ancell: still on the phone there?23:36
rickspencer3seb128, no, but we're chatting in irc23:37
rickspencer3what's up?23:37
seb128robert_ancell, I'm waiting for you to ping me back to call it a day23:37
rickspencer3robert_ancell's phone broke23:37
rickspencer3seb128,  sorry!23:37
seb128rickspencer3, I wanted to chat with robert before going to bed, he said he would come back to me after your call23:37
rickspencer3bye bye23:37
seb128but he didn't23:37
robert_ancellseb128, sorry!23:37
rickspencer3we're almost done23:37
seb128oh ok, you are doing your call over IRC23:38
seb128I though you finished the call and were just chatting now ;-)23:38
robert_ancellseb128, done23:38
rickspencer3seb128, well, now we're just stalling to annoy you23:38
rickspencer3seb128, have a great weekend!23:39
seb128rickspencer3, I'm not annoyed but I'm tired ;-)23:39
seb128rickspencer3, thanks!23:39
seb128robert_ancell, alright I don't have a lot to say23:39
robert_ancellseb128, just feel free to email me anything you think needs looking at any evening23:39
seb128robert_ancell, they might still accept some 2.28.1 update tomorrow23:39
seb128so you can try doing the few interesting one if you want23:40
seb128ie brasero seems to fix some bugs that would be nice to get fix in karmic23:40
robert_ancellseb128, I had one question - bug 43716723:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437167 in deskbar-applet "libdeskbar-tracker does not install the module at the right place" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43716723:40
seb128gnome-utils too23:40
seb128if you want to do the update and try to get pitti to sponsor tomorrow23:40
robert_ancellok, will do23:40
seb128we will upload those as stable updates if they are not accepted otherwise23:41
robert_ancellnot sure if this is gnome or not, not sure if needs a SRU or anything23:41
seb128robert_ancell, it's not in the default installation so should be ok23:42
seb128can you ping slangasek about it or drop an email to pitti?23:42
robert_ancellseb128, ok, will do23:42
seb128or subscribe ubuntu-release to the bug23:42
seb128have a good friday and weekend!23:42
robert_ancellseb128, you too!23:43
* seb128 call it a week now, taking a holiday tomorrow23:43

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