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d33danyone around? I just wanted to say I'm ready to contribute to the "Ubuntu Community Learning Project" and I've signed up :D01:37
Saj0577hey d33d im here but real tired if want to aks anything :)01:38
d33dim in the same boat - i was just looking for someone to quiz me and approve me for the launchpad team?01:39
d33dthey "quiz" - well more like "tell you how it is" in the fedora project when you want to be a contributor01:39
Saj0577d33d: well i cant approve you on LP team. but what you looking to help out with any particular area?01:40
d33dno, i like to teach.01:40
d33dand learn :D01:40
Saj0577okays. you got any areas your a boffin on?:)01:40
d33dlol well i'd say i at least know hot to use ubuntu. desktop and some server-side (ubuntu as a web app server)...01:42
Saj0577okay cool stuff.01:42
d33dand I'm learning python01:42
Saj0577hey BiosElement01:42
d33djust a smathering01:42
BiosElementHey Saj0577. ^_^01:43
Saj0577d33d: okays. well if you stick around im sure someone whos awake can talk to you a bit more heh :) as i said here if want to ask anything01:43
d33ddoctormo, ping01:45
doctormod33d: pong01:45
d33ddoctormo, I'm looking at the SystemAdminTopics classes and I'd like to help in anyway I can. I'd like to learn and critique :D01:45
d33djust says you're looking to attract people from IRC and various blogs (planets) :D01:46
cprofittd33d, sounds great.01:46
cprofittwe can use all the help we can get.01:46
Saj0577hey cprofitt not see you there.01:46
cprofittwe are...01:46
cprofittare there questions I can answer d33d ?01:47
pleia2welcome d33d01:47
d33dnot really - I think I'm just going to tackle these classes a bit this evening and get back to you - unless....you can approve me on LP01:48
Saj0577d33d: well il leave you with these people goodnight for now take care (and everyone else im here if need me but just chillen)01:48
pleia2sure I'll approve you, sec01:48
d33dSaj0577, peace out01:48
cprofittI can do that d33d01:48
pleia2lp is sooo slow01:49
d33dpleia2, is that your password? lol hope not.01:49
BiosElementIf it was, it isn't anymore. Anyway, it's too short >.>01:49
pleia2d33d: haha, no, switching windows in irssi01:49
cprofittwhich perso are you d33d ?01:49
d33dAlex Lutz01:49
d33dsorry - should i change it to d33d instead?01:49
cprofittnah... it does not matter01:50
d33dwhy thank you Elizabeth Krumbach01:50
d33dwhich is ???01:50
cprofittsomeone else processed it 3 seconds before I did01:50
BiosElementhaha, that was pleia probably.01:50
d33dpleia2, i think did01:50
pleia2cprofitt: I said I'd aprove him first ;)01:50
d33dI like you guys.01:50
cprofittsorry... did not see that pleia201:51
pleia2hehe, it's all good01:51
d33dthis is a good community project.01:51
d33dyou're all too nice :P01:51
cprofittthanks d33d01:51
cprofittlet me know if you want a walk through with Moodle01:51
cprofittdoctormo, or BiosElement can help with asciidoc01:52
cprofittpleia2, with IRC01:52
* Saj0577 hopes cprofitt does not give him them fab videos to look at lol01:52
d33dactually - probably - no familiarity with moodle at all - however, i have to travel home first. :D01:52
BiosElementYep, I'm around to help with asciidoc/bazaar if you need it. Though I may be a tad slow as I'm running basically on dialup.01:53
d33dI'm also a fedora project contributor - but they make it so freakin' hard to get around.01:53
d33dthere's like 12 different websites for 3 things. Its just confusing.01:53
cprofittnah... I think that course has to go now Saj057701:53
BiosElementI doubt it's as bad as kde. I can't even find their mailing lists. >.>01:53
d33dnot brining up fedora for "fightin" words.01:53
d33dBiosElement, lol.01:54
d33dmailing lists were easy to find.01:54
d33dgood luck with that.01:54
pleia2I had a nice time chatting with the fedora guys at the conference I went to this past week01:54
cprofittd33d, I am a Fedora Ambassador01:54
Saj0577cprofitt: what a shame hehe. we need to make a new one you think is there one in process not bene on the site for a few days just been workingn on locla machine getting ideas together.01:54
d33dcprofitt, Same here.01:54
cprofittSaj0577, yeah... we need a better one...01:55
d33dSaj0577, you from the UK?01:55
doctormoWelcome d33d, sorry for the delay, setting up openldap here and we failed again, (6th week running) but we're very close!01:55
Saj0577d33d: sure am.01:55
cprofittdoctormo, what issues are you having?01:55
d33ddoctormo, ah the "trial and error method"01:56
BiosElementd33d: There's another method? >.>01:56
d33dSaj0577, never heard the term boffin - wikipedia filled me in :D01:56
doctormocprofitt: It logs on via ssh ok, but fails via gdm01:56
d33dBiosElement, no. its just the best method. because most likely you will fail, and learn a heck of a lot more than you would if it just "worked"01:57
Saj0577d33d: oright hehe. :P i will come up wit many terms trhat you probably think WHAT to while your here hehe.01:57
d33dgood. I'll learn more UK terms, and use them here and people will be like WTF?01:57
d33dits good.01:57
d33dwell - its time for me to depart for a bit, be back later01:57
cprofittsee ya d33d01:58
doctormoOK, so it looks like we're heading out here01:58
Saj0577d33d: cya laters take care01:58
doctormod33d: Go through and pick a course, I'd be happy to have you aboard either writting one of the missing classes or editing existing ones.01:58
Saj0577whats the topic? i cnt see when next meeting is cos i use irssi it dont show it all02:00
BiosElementIt still thinks the "next" meeting is on the 19th. I don't know when the next one is. >.>02:01
Saj0577oright thanks02:01
pleia2yeah, we haven't planned one yet02:03
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Saj0577i really should head ot bed soon lo02:04
BiosElementSaj0577: Previous meeting logs are here if you want them. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/10/20/%23ubuntu-meeting.html02:08
BiosElementI'm actually just finally getting a chance to read through them.02:08
Saj0577BiosElement: thanks its on my to do list already lol02:09
BiosElementhaha, great.02:09
Saj0577its one pretty big list right now hopefully weekend will help me reduce it lol02:10
BiosElementYou should see my list...It's got over 700 entries. I never actually get a chance to read most of them :S02:10
Vantraxhrm, from the wiki: We are planning on two kinds of materials for a given course. The first is a set of materials which closely follow the lesson topics, including challanges, further information and so on, this is the standard course materials that will be conducted by a trainer. The second part is background materials, information about topics which people will need to understand in order to grasp what they are going to be doing in a l02:28
Vantraxesson. This could be generated information or information already present in the wiki and help documentation and some topics my only require one part.02:28
Vantraxis that still valid?02:28
Vantraxprobably needs to be updated to include offline materials via asciidoc02:28
Vantraxor pdf i guess02:29
BiosElementI'm not sure how valid it is but I can tell you that as far as I know, it hasn't been taken into consideration with the asciidoc formatting. pleia2 would probably know better then I would.02:36
VantraxIt was written back at the start of the project, but i think it needs to change to cater for the offline options02:44
VantraxBiosElement, I hear your the man for asciidoc, any chance you can prepare a tute on how it works02:44
BiosElementVantrax: Well I could make a quick guide to it but the problem is without the proper formatting it won't be anything more then the commands to compile asciidoc and a link to the markup page.02:46
Vantraxwhat do you recommend then?02:47
BiosElementWell currently doctormo and I are holding everything up. And I'm waiting on doctormo's revised system so I can't do much. But I'll make up a quick Getting Started with AsciiDoc at least.02:48
Vantraxthat would be a nice start02:54
VantraxI know that people are interested in it, just dont really know alot about it yet02:54
BiosElementYeah, I'm not quite sure where doctormo's at with it >.>02:55
Vantraxyeah, i havent been able to catch him for a few days02:58
BiosElementWell I've had a cold so I was rather outta it for a bit. >.<03:01
BiosElementVantrax: this is a 'very' rough draft but it should help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/298730/03:01
BiosElementI'm also working on a python script to compile asciidoc files so course creators won't ever have to actually enter commandline.03:02
Vantraxvery nice, the easier it is the better it will be03:07
Vantraxsounds like you have it all sorted, nice work03:10
BiosElementWell that's the idea. Lemme know if you try it out. FYI that paste is a valid AsciiDoc file.03:12
Vantraxhrm, you reference pdf, but dont say how to export to pdf03:15
BiosElementNope, it's a bit trickier but I did it a few times during testing. I just haven't re-installed the packages yet.03:17
Vantraxjust the first question i had after reading it03:23
BiosElementIIRC pdf's need converting asciidoc to latex and latex to pdf. But the results were good anyway. And apparently asciidoc to pdf support is also working but I don't remember how >.>03:24
d33dI'm back03:30
Saj0577welcome back d33d still here still not in bed i know lol03:34
d33dSaj0577, slacker.03:35
d33dwho wants to give me a tour of moodle?03:35
d33done sec, i have to put my clothes back on.03:35
d33dJUST KIDDING.03:36
* Saj0577 is worried03:36
d33dwas it doc?03:37
Saj0577it was c profitt03:37
d33dcprofitt, are you awake?03:38
cprofittbut headed off to sleep03:46
cprofittnight all03:46
BiosElementWow, I've just noticed the Ars Technica comments are nearly slashdot/4chan quality...>.> I can see why they're reluctent to make linux posts often now...04:22
pleia2the internet became a much better place when I decided to stop reading user comments04:32
pleia2(I still do sometimes, usually regret it)04:33
BiosElementHeh, True. One "person" just claimed picasa had no linux alternative...Erm, I'm pretty sure picasa was ported and even if it wasn't digikam is awesome >.>04:33
pleia2I quite like f-spot04:34
pleia2and picasa for linux runs in a wine wrapper04:34
pleia2you download the linux version from google, they put the wine wrapper on it04:34
BiosElementEh, I "like" f-spot but it just kinda felt clunky for me. And I thought so.04:35
pleia2yeah, I hear the clunky complaint about fspot a lot04:35
BiosElementFigures. Sad thing is I can't even think of anything to improve it.04:37
BiosElementReading these comments reminds me of why I finally installed ubuntu. Lost the bloody driver disks. Ubuntu however doesn't have any problems. >.>04:40
BiosElementAnd I must admit, I never knew that nearly every single ars reader was an "open source developer and contributor". Strange that I've yet to read what projects they work on... *cough*04:45
paultagpleia2, BiosElement, do you have greasemonky?04:45
BiosElementpaultag: I've used it, but I don't have it currently. Why?04:45
paultagpleia2, BiosElement, http://www.julien-oster.de/projects/feyntube/04:46
paultagpleia2, BiosElement, get greasemonky. The internet becomes better with that plugin04:46
paultagpleia2, BiosElement, turns all youtube comments into Richard Feyn quotes04:46
Vantraxoohhh I like it04:46
pleia2I don't use firefox :\04:47
paultagbrilliant :)04:47
paultagpleia2, aww04:47
BiosElementWhat 'do' you use pleia2?04:47
paultagpleia2, port greasemonky to browser x over there04:47
pleia2BiosElement: the chromium linux build04:47
BiosElementpleia2: Ahh, Nice. I was playing with that before I swapped to kubuntu.04:47
Vantraxpleia2 same here04:48
pleia2BiosElement: nice and fast with javascript rendering, which is nice because I spend most of my day in gmail and goog reader04:48
BiosElementpleia2: Yep. Only reason I didn't use it as primary was I have too many firefox extensions to go without. >.>04:49
pleia2yeah, I never used many04:49
BiosElementIt's a tad clunky on kde but not 'too' bad. I'm loving the technical basis of kde but if they don't get a good browser, it's not going to get far. >.<04:52
swoodyGood morning Learn-eritos :)14:46
doctormohello swoody15:41
swoodyhow is the day treating you, doctormo ?15:41
doctormoWell, I had a bit of a tricky heart, got up early (3am?) to get some asperin, but we were out.15:42
swoodydoctormo, ouch, sorry to hear that :(15:42
doctormoI wanted to make some breakfast to try and wake up some more, but the kitchen was a dump, so I had to just overhaul it (and I do mean, take everything off the counter, clean and put things back)15:42
doctormoStill haven't eaten, lol15:42
swoodywell that stinks :/15:43
doctormoI started that at about 7am, just finished15:44
swoodywow, that sounds like it was fun ;)15:44
swoodybut that's why I got myself a nice Greek girl ;)15:45
swoodyshe loves cooking, and takes out her stress from work by cleaning :D15:45
doctormoProving once again that I am the embodyment of light arseburgers and OCD all rolled into one package.15:45
swoodyhaha, well I'm sure it's in much better shape now15:45
doctormoOK so my geeky _wife_ will cook, loves to, loves to bake and make the most amazing food. But has some kind of blind spot for tidy.15:46
pleia2oh goodie, do greek boys clean too?15:46
doctormoAlthough she does go mental at me for moving things, even if the way I reorder things takes up 10% of the space.15:46
swoodypleia2, no idea, you'd have to ask one ;)15:46
swoodytry #ubuntu-gr :D15:47
pleia2I'm sure that would go over so well :)15:47
swoodyhaha, I could only imagine...15:47
doctormoIt would be an interesting social experiment.15:47
swoodyhaha, I think 'interesting' is an understatement, but I would like to witness it :)15:54
swoodypleia2, also, I want to thank you for your support and kind words last night :)15:55
pleia2swoody: of course :) you do great work15:55
swoodywell thank you. Coming from you, that's a very nice compliment :)15:56
pleia2you're quite welcome15:56
doctormoWhat happened last night?16:19
pleia2swoody became an ubuntu member16:20
doctormoCongratulations swoody16:29
swoodythank you doctormo :D16:29
doctormoNow you can get a CD16:29
swoodya CD?16:31
doctormoIt's ok, it's a in joke with the LoCo contacts list16:32
swoodyah, ok :)16:33
d33dhello world17:40
d33dSaj0577, ping - come back and wake up17:42
* ZachK_ imitates world, waves hello to d33d 17:42
d33dZachK_, hey what's up?17:42
ZachK_not much my mahn17:42
d33ddo you know much about Bzr?17:43
ZachK_ah no17:43
ZachK_don't know what that17:43
ZachK_not familiar..know the name17:44
d33dah. that's ok.17:44
d33dso ZachK_ what do you do? Where do you fit in to the #ubnuntu-learning crowd?17:44
ZachK_d33d, well doc work mainly.....17:45
ZachK_d33d, here's my wiki... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Zachk1817:45
d33dZachK_, can you explain zenix?17:52
swoodyhello d33d and ZachK_ :)17:52
d33dswoody, waaasssuuupppp!!! (still love it after 9 years)17:53
ZachK_d33d, zenix? it's by bodhi_zazen ....what more do you need to know17:53
swoodyd33d, haha, not too much, thank you :)17:53
swoodyand you?17:53
d33dsorry - <=== newb? i need to know what it is.17:54
d33dZachK_, Might i become a young padawan learner?17:54
ZachK_d33d, on what?17:55
ZachK_d33d, the bt team?17:55
d33didk - just says you're a mentor on your wiki17:55
d33dyeah, bt. i guess.17:55
ZachK_pm me17:55
doctormod33d: welcome back18:17
d33ddoctormo, :D18:20
doctormod33d: So, what is it you would like to do?18:21
d33ddoctormo, do i have to choose?18:22
d33dI want it ALL!18:22
d33di'm a dirty american18:22
d33ddoctormo, are you open to constructive criticisim?18:31
d33ddoctormo, heading out for lunch however - I think something like this needs to be included when newbies are being taught the command line. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/2002/crapva.jpg18:43
doctormod33d: We can include something like that, I'd want to draw one slightly differently, but it's a good idea to include.18:57
doctormowoot! my tiny toon adventures came through netflix! now for some serious unwinding.19:12
d33dso it looks like no one is doing the structuring of the content?20:41
pleia2everyone is20:57
pleia2we do it on the wiki, it evolves as people tweak it20:57
swoodypleia2, so for right now, are you still looking to just gather links for the 'How to Use Ubuntu' section?21:27
swoodyIs there much else that I could tackle at this point?21:28
pleia2swoody: that and we're starting to organize the sections some21:28
pleia2it's all just ideas tossed up on a wiki right now, we want to start making the structure so it makes sense21:29
swoodypleia2, how do you mean? Just trying to avoid over-lap with the structure?21:29
pleia2swoody: moving items around on the wiki21:29
swoodyah, ok.21:30
pleia2if you want to start on the desktop topics, that's cool21:30
swoodypleia2, moving them around? I'm not quite sure what you're going for with that :/21:31
pleia2swoody: to have an actual structure for the course, right now the list is just a bunch of ideas21:32
swoodypleia2, ok, so you're looking to actually start creating 'outlines' for each topic? And fleshing them out a bit?21:33
pleia2swoody: yep :)21:34
swoodypleia2, ah, ok. So basically just saying what's going to be in each topic?21:34
pleia2well, the rough ideas tossed on the wiki now say what is going to be there, we're looking for actual structure now21:36
pleia2like "desktop basics should go before how to use open office"21:36
swoodySo say with 'handling files w/ command line' you'd just want the different commands that would be covered?21:36
swoodyah, ok. I think I get what you're saying :)21:37
swoodyso you just want to re-organize it by what order topics should go in?21:37
swoodypleia2, are the topics set as they are, or might it be a good idea to merge a couple topics?...21:47
swoodylike possibly including 'connecting to the internet' with 'Shopping, chatting, and email'?21:47
pleia2swoody: merge away :)21:48
swoodypleia2, sounds good :)21:48
swoodypleia2, definitely not final-draft, but let me know what you think22:41
swoody(when you have the time)22:41
swoodyI think I can cut out some of the details of some sections...22:46
swoody(i.e. the device sections)22:46
Vantraxdoctormo, nice work with the ubuntu marketing emails23:25

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