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ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)16:44
ubottuHelp! Seveas, Hobbsee, LjL, ompaulafk, Keybuk, mdz, sabdfl, janimo, ogra, mdke, dholbach, or jono16:44
Seveascytotoxic, ?16:45
MenZaHe's been hassling a number of channels now, jono/Seveas16:45
MenZa#ubuntu, #kubu-ot, -server, etc.16:45
jonothanks Seveas16:45
Seveas(will unban in a few mins)16:45
MenZaSeveas: Second time he's hit with different nicks.16:45
MenZaAnd masks, I believe.16:46
mdzSeveas, MenZa, is that someone trying to get their friend's computer banned or something?16:47
MenZamdz, not a clue.16:48
Seveasmdz, or just someone with too much time on his hands :)16:48
jpdsHmm, MC meeting.17:03
jpdsmaco, mdeslaur; any of you two around?17:04
jpdsWe don't seem to have a quorum.17:04
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macojpds: wrong spelling? he's mako17:09
jpdsmaco: Sorry, I'm reading from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Council/Meeting17:10
jpdsAnd it seems my calendar got the time, sorry.17:10
macono i think its right time...17:10
macoim signed up for next meeting though :)17:11
mdeslaurjpds: I'm here17:11
macodholbach is doing the airplane thing, so i guess he's missing17:11
mdeslaurjpds: isn't the meeting at 1700 UTC?17:11
jpdsmdeslaur: Yes, sorry about that.17:11
gesermdeslaur: your first test for core-dev: fix jpds' calender to show the correct meeting time :)17:12
* mdeslaur -> back at 170017:14
* highvoltage peeks in18:00
jpdsDo we have a quorum?18:01
* geser is here18:01
gesersoren, persia: are you here?18:01
geserhighvoltage: as you applied also for package upload right, could you please add a list of package for which you want upload rights to your application?18:04
highvoltagegeser: ok18:04
* soren is sort of here18:07
highvoltagegeser: my sponsor suggested that I apply for MOTU but per-package upload rights would also be fine for now, I can't get hold of him so I just added a link to those packages to my application page18:09
sorensoren, geser: Is it just you and me?18:11
gesersoren: jpds is also here, but still no quorum18:11
sorenAh, right.18:12
geserhighvoltage: no hurry, it looks like this meeting isn't happening due to missing quorum18:12
gesersoren: our hope is persia to reach quorum, anyone else is either travelling or don't have time (don't know about persia)18:13
highvoltagegeser: ok. is there any chance for feedback so long? and also, will you reschedule or would we wait until next month this time?18:13
geserhighvoltage: we will probably do it per mail18:13
jpdsIt's midnight in Japan.18:13
highvoltagegeser: ok18:13
* soren wanders off for a bit18:16
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