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Seventoesi have a crossover cable connecting to my other computer which is sharing it's internet connection.. worked fine in 9.04 but its not connecting in the latest 9.1000:47
Seventoesanyone know what might be causing it? everythings set up the same afaik00:52
Seventoesas far as i can tell*00:52
Seventoestrying to install emulators sucks without apt-get :(01:19
kaeleshave you tried refreshing your dhcp leasE?01:20
Seventoesno DHCP, i set the IPs manually since it's just a 1-1 connection01:21
rhpot1991Seventoes: make sure you set things like the gateway or dns01:25
rhpot1991also verify if it can see other internal computer or not01:25
Seventoesit won't connect at all01:25
Seventoestries and fails01:25
tmktbtw...what was the point of dontzap change?01:27
Seventoesuhg this is agrivating01:39
Seventoesahh.. checked syslog, had to turn off IPv6 for the connection. was timing out trying to get an IP for 601:50
ToeBeewell sound survived upgrades. IR did not :)02:43
ToeBeehmm where do all the files in ~/.lirc/ come from?03:29
superm1it creates them03:30
ToeBeehmm I don't see an option in mythbuntu control center for a straight devinput remote03:31
superm1was there one previously during 9.10?03:32
ToeBeedon't think so03:33
ToeBeeyeah the only button that the lirc-generator seems to recognize from the devinput lircd.conf file is play/pause03:49
ToeBeeah yeah looks like the button dictionary in core.py doesn't know about the key names used int he devinput lirc conf file04:07
ToeBeeit uses "KEY_?" for most of the buttons04:07
ToeBeelike "KEY_1" instead of just "1" like a lot of them use04:08
superm1ToeBee, actually you know what, i might have a fix for that...04:19
superm1would you mind testing it?04:20
ToeBeesure. Was thinking about trying my own hand at it after I finish my cookies04:21
superm1ToeBee, okay, if you can grab the bzr branch: "bzr get lp:~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-lirc-generator"04:21
superm1and then "cd mythbuntu-lirc-generator"04:21
superm1and then "dpkg-buildpackage"04:21
superm1you'll have a deb with my improvements in place04:22
ToeBeebah! no bzr installed by default in beta versions?! :)04:23
superm1haha, it's a development tool04:23
superm1you probably won't have the stuff for dpkg-buildpackage either04:23
superm1but it'll tell you what's missing04:24
ToeBeeyep. dpkg-dev04:26
ToeBeehmm ok04:32
ToeBeeI see a warning... where does it put the final package?04:33
ToeBeeah looks like one directory up04:34
ToeBeewell that looks much more promising04:36
ToeBeehmm odd. My rewind button works but not the fast forward04:39
superm1ToeBee, well it's quite possible i'm still missing some stuff04:44
superm1those changes were to improve one of the antec remotes04:44
ToeBeeok buttons that didn't get mapped: KEY_1, KEY_PLAYPAUSE, KEY_STOP, KEY_FASTFORWARD04:44
superm1so if you've got some more to propose adding, i'm happy to accept a diff :)04:45
ToeBeelooks like KEY_1 got mapped as KEY_102ND04:45
ToeBeenot familiar with python although I have thought about learning it. Might be the opportunity I've been looking for :)04:49
ToeBeeI'm assuming you added in the business about key_split=button.split('KEY_')04:52
superm1yeah i did04:52
superm1just follow the stuff at the top of core.py and mythtv.py04:52
superm1it should just be another 3-5 lines you've gotta add for your extra keys04:52
ToeBeewell I see why it didn't catch the fast forward button but it looks like it should have caught the KEY_STOP, KEY_PLAYPAUSE and KEY_104:58
superm1there is a problem with the remapping of some keys05:00
superm1where you can't have a key mapped twice05:00
superm1so it might have gotten caught on something else05:00
ToeBeewell the devinput lircd.conf file does have a lot of extra buttons that my remote doesn't have so that could be complicating things05:01
ToeBeeI see it mapped KEY_CLOSE and KEY_CANCEL to "Escape" for mythtv but not KEY_STOP05:02
superm1Yup that's the double key issue05:02
ToeBeeheh. yeah if I comment those two out in lircd.conf then it assigns KEY_CLOSECD and KEY_ESC05:05
ToeBeeso basically for my situation the devinput lircd.conf file is just too broad05:07
superm1well get me a diff for your missing key and i'll try to investigate a better solution for the double mappign05:10
superm1unfortunately that was introduced a month ago (debian/changelog:)05:10
superm1    - Merge together remotes if two of the same named remotes are05:10
superm1      defined in the lircd.conf set.  Unfortunately this has the side05:10
superm1      effect that if two buttons that perform the same action are05:10
superm1      defined with a different name, only the first gets selected.05:10
ToeBeewell I think the only one of mine that needs tweaking in core.py is the KEY_FASTFORWARD. just need a |^fastforward added on line 3705:12
ToeBeethere is fastfwd and fforward but no fastforward05:13
ToeBeeI was somewhat amused that the "zoom" button on my remote actually worked :)05:13
ToeBeeooh I just made frontend crash too!05:22
ToeBeeboo! nothing fun in the log05:23
superm1didn't happen then :)05:26
superm1got a crash report in /var/crash?05:26
ToeBeeyeah after commenting out everything except for the buttons that my remote actually has, things are much better. Only complaints are the fast forward and some mappings I personally would prefer to be different based on my usage but probably make sense for most other remotes05:26
ToeBeeyes there is05:27
superm1Wonderful, you can be a guinea pig for our testing of the crash reporting mechanism05:27
superm1can you backup that crash report somewhere and then run "ubuntu-bug FILE"?05:27
superm1I'm asking to back it up because it would automatically be removed after filing otherwise05:28
superm1mrand, ^05:28
ToeBeeholy crap it wants to send 447 MB :)05:30
ToeBeethe crash report was 5305:30
hadsYeah that may take a while05:32
ToeBeehmm it sure is greedy. Looks like it grabbed the entire frontend log05:33
ToeBeecouldn't that be trimmed down to, say, just the last 1,000 lines or something?05:33
superm1it's not really 44705:33
hadsYeah, I noticed that too05:33
superm1it will be about 4705:33
superm1there's something wrong with the way it calulates it05:33
superm1calculates even05:34
ToeBeeheh. "I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something. I always do that. I always mess up some mundane detail"05:35
ToeBee-- office space05:35
superm1the most important thing is the coredump, the rest can really care less bout05:35
ToeBeeok well I'm uploading it now05:36
mrandWell, the stack trace would be nice too.05:36
mrandgood call on backing it up, superm105:36
superm1well a stack trace should be generated from the core dump05:36
superm1a bettererer stack trace at least :)05:36
ToeBeenot like I'm on dialup or anything05:36
mrandBut considering that the stack trace is the output we're really interested in, it would be nice to see what things produce usable output.05:37
mrandsuperm1: Does he need to run apport-retrace himself?05:37
superm1ToeBee, are you?05:37
superm1if so, then maybe this is a bad exercise for you05:37
superm1mrand, i was figuring we'd do that right after he gets launchpad to process her05:38
ToeBee30% complete05:38
mrandgood.  not too slow then.05:38
ToeBeenah. I can usually sustain about 100 KB/sec up05:39
mrandAnything to change to this, superm1?1. if you have something in /var/crash, install the appropriate ddebs from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/multiverse/m/mythtv/   (hint: you might need libmyth-0.22-0, among other more obvious ones, and some [like mythplugins] may be in a directory higher)05:39
mrand2. while doing that, install apport-retrace05:39
mrand3. After above two steps are done, execute "sudo apport-retrace -s /var/crash/CRASHFILE"    perhaps use -sv if you are on a slow connection.  -p <package>  (like -p mythvideo) may provide even more info.05:39
mrand4. attach output to a ticket (same ticket you just created would be fine)05:39
mrandI distilled down what you'd written last night05:39
superm1mrand, well i think we need to figure out whether (1) is actually necessary05:40
superm1apport-retrace might do it all for you, i'm not sure05:40
mrandah, I misunderstood.  I thought you were saying that with regards to something else.05:40
superm1but otherwise that sounds concise (and might just need some experimentation)05:40
superm1which is why it's good we have ToeBee here to help out :)05:40
mrandgotcha.  I need to run for now... hopefully ToeBee can help us narrow that down!05:41
ToeBeeyay testers05:41
ToeBeeok so I should go ahead and install apport-retrace?05:42
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ToeBeewell the upload finished05:46
ToeBeeuh-oh. I think I broke launchpad. Just got a "Please try again" message while trying to visit the URL it gave me05:47
superm1oh crap, you hit that too?05:47
superm1try hitting refresh05:48
superm1we might need to narrow down the stuff that's getting attached to the bug since launchpad apparently hates us05:48
ToeBeeyeah browser waits for about 50 seconds then displays the error message05:48
ToeBeeooh got a different message this time05:50
ToeBeesomething about edge servers?05:51
ToeBee"As a member of the Launchpad Beta Testers team..." wait, when did that promotion happen?05:51
superm1Oh you're on edge?05:53
superm1edge has a quicker timeout05:54
superm1can you switch off of edge?05:54
ToeBeeyeah it has a button to disable it for 2 hours. No clue what edge is or how I got on it but hey... :)05:55
superm1if you can't get this uploaded in a few minutes, don't worry, just do the retrace locally05:55
superm1and hopefully that will get the right information filed05:55
ToeBeewell that time I got an apache "502 Proxy Error" page05:57
ToeBeeif I keep crashing it, is Shuttleworth going to come break down my front door?05:58
superm1I hope so05:59
superm1because that means that it'll probably get fixed too05:59
ToeBeeyeah I don't think this is going to work06:00
ToeBeeso what's this retrace business all about?06:01
superm1so install the package apport-retrace06:02
superm1it will locally run the trace that launchpad normally would06:02
superm1and get you a stack trace that you can post to the bug06:02
superm1so run it like mrand said "sudo apport-retrace -sv CRASHFILE"06:03
ToeBeelooks like the file in /var/crash/ is still there06:03
superm1hopefully it will install the dependencies for retracing automagically, but if not will walk you through doing so06:03
ToeBeeyeah looks like it is doing something with the repositories06:05
ToeBeebunch of warnings about incompatible packages06:05
superm1should be fien06:06
superm1as long as it's grabbing debs for you for the debug symbols06:06
ToeBeehmm I got a stack trace... was I supposed to capture the output to a file or did apport-retrace crash?06:07
superm1capture the output06:08
superm1you can use the -o flag instead of -s i think06:08
superm1probably should have said that06:08
ToeBeehmm I do see a bunch of "No symbol table info available" messages06:08
ToeBeeand I don't see any output indicating that it actually installed anything06:08
superm1hopefully they're in irrelevant places06:08
superm1oh, well if it didn't install anything then that probably won't work06:09
superm1can you add the repo as indicated in https://wiki.edubuntu.org/DebuggingProgramCrash ?06:09
superm1mrand, somehow i got lucky enough to find a piece of hardware that reproduces bug 45272506:12
ZinnBug 452725 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity-dm crashed with XStartupError in run()" [High, Incomplete] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45272506:12
superm1it looks like a race condition, i think i've got a fix for it06:12
ToeBeeok apport-retrace is actually installing things now06:14
superm1so our steps for a local retrace need to include adding that repo first then06:15
ToeBeeso it would seem06:15
ToeBeelot of stuff to install. I guess it's doing all dependencies from the ground up?06:17
superm1well anything it would need for this retrace06:17
ToeBeeok yeah that stack trace definitely looks different06:19
superm1good! :)06:19
ToeBeeso now I create a launchpad ticket and attach that? I'm guessing since launchpad crashed on me earlier that one is of no use06:21
superm1ToeBee, see how this core.py handles ya06:51
superm1i need to make sure there are no regressions in using it with one of my remotes, but i think it will DTRT06:52
ToeBeebug 45789007:04
ZinnBug 457890 in mythtv (Ubuntu) "mythfrontend crash while stopping a recording" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/45789007:04
ToeBeegot a little distracted but I eventually got it posted :)07:04
hadsOo that was tricky. When I shifted the DB and master BE to a new host I didn't define a Defualt storage group on that host. So when I added a card to the new master it got messed up and tried to record to a non-existant path from the slave.07:06
ToeBeesuperm1: want me to try that with the full lircd.conf or just with the buttons on my remote?07:07
superm1ToeBee, full lircd.conf07:08
superm1i think it should map everything correctly now07:08
ToeBeewell the files are noticably larger07:09
ToeBeewell the config file looks ok. Trying to restart mythfrontend to actually try and use it07:12
ToeBeeand it froze on the "do you really want to exit" screen :/07:12
ToeBeeactually it has done this to me before07:12
ToeBeeI'm wondering if it doesn't like me restarting lirc while it is running07:13
superm1i certainly don't like that.  i'm sure myth doesn't either :)07:13
superm1Fixing that actually has the added side effect that the "back" button on my mceusb finally works too! :)07:14
kaelesfor some reason the jamu scripts aren't on my backend, but they are on the frontends for the diskless stuff I setup, from the instructions I've read, its supposed to be run on the backend, is there a package I didn't install or something?07:17
superm1they come in the mythvideo package07:17
ToeBeeI think everything is working now... except KEY_POWER07:17
kaelesi installed mythvideo on the backend, and they aren't there either07:18
superm1ToeBee, well KEY_POWER we don't have anything good for it to do though07:18
superm1i'm too scared to make it really halt the system07:18
kaelesI'm blind, I'll go from here, thanks07:18
ToeBeeheh yeah that probably wouldn't be good07:18
superm1that makes it way too easy for my dog to sabotage my recordings for the night07:18
superm1maybe a good action would be to spawn mythfrontend though if it's not already running?07:19
superm1and if it is, just dont do anything07:19
ToeBeehmm yeah that might work07:20
ToeBeeand of course I will probably remap the fastforward and rewind buttons to skip instead but that just depends on personal preference and how many buttons your remote has07:21
ToeBeenow that I actually know how lirc works a little I may try to program the blank slot on my universal remote to something random and make THAT control my mythfrontend :)07:23
ToeBeebut hey at least I helped something along the way!07:24
jtmoneyi noticed the daily builds repository isn't working... is there another repository? i'd like to try 22 RC1 out... i'm running ubuntu, not mythbuntu, btw07:25
superm1jtmoney, run dpkg-reconfigure mythbuntu-repos07:26
superm1and try a different mirror07:27
superm1which one were you using though?07:27
superm1try the PPA repo instead07:27
superm1tgm4883, ^07:28
hadsP.S. Mythbuntu is Ubuntu07:53
ToeBeeoh huh. Windows 7 is out07:59
* ToeBee yawns07:59
jtmoneyanyone know if 9.10 will come with 22 RC1 or not?08:01
superm1it will likely be a little later of a snapshot than 0.22rc108:02
superm1hopefully gold is out by then, but if not it will be just before gold08:02
hadsAFAIK yes, either rc1 (currently) or another -fixes08:02
hadsOh, what he said.08:02
jtmoneyi seemed to have screwed up my machine by going from 0.21 to 0.22-fixes08:03
jtmoneyi guess i'll just wait for 9.1008:03
jtmoney(the frontend isn't communicating w/ the backend... sudo /etc/init.d/mythbackend restart didn't fix it)08:03
hadsYou can upgrade now, there's not much changing.08:03
hadsLook in the logs to see what the problem is.08:04
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.08:04
jtmoneyokay, let me play around with it08:05
jtmoneydpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/mythtv-theme-blueosd_1%3a0.22.0+fixes22550-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2_all.deb (--unpack):08:05
jtmoney trying to overwrite `/usr/share/mythtv/themes/blueosd/position-indicator.png', which is also in package mythtv-common08:05
jtmoneyanyone know how i can resolve this?08:05
hadsOkay well that's nothing to do with mythbackend.08:05
jtmoneyi know... just noticed it though08:06
superm1oh that's a packaging bug for during the upgrade08:06
superm1fun fun08:06
superm1to fix it temporarily, remove that theme package and finish the upgrade08:06
superm1you can install it afterward again08:07
hadsIt may seem so but removing packages doesn't need to be scary, it won't break things.08:07
jtmoneyok, thanks08:08
superm1i just committed something to bzr that should help with that08:09
superm1(for people in the future builds)08:10
jtmoneywow, that was odd08:10
jtmoneymy backend host was set to "localhost"08:10
jtmoneyi changed it to and that fixed it08:11
superm1where did you have to make that change?08:14
jtmoneysettings, general08:35
jtmoneyby the way... installed mythbuntu-repos, enabled testing, etc... ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade... but mythfrontend is still 0.2108:36
jtmoneymythfrontend version: 0.21.20080304-1 www.mythtv.org08:37
jtmoneythat's strange... i selected the 0.22 branch08:38
jtmoneymaybe i have to apt-get remove mythtv-* first? :-X08:41
superm1did you have jya's stuff enabled at one point?08:49
MythBorkHello all, I upgraded to Mythbuntu 9.10 yesterday and I cannot access my USB external soundblaster now. Worked fine in 8.10 and 9.04. Nothing appears in the hardware tab of the sound configuration tool.Can anyone help?14:01
BicchiI have a question regarding connecting my mythbuntu box to my tv.15:07
Bicchimy mythbuntu only has a DVI output15:08
Bicchimy tv only has HDMI15:08
Bicchican i use the converter here to output from the DVI to a HDMI15:09
Bicchii just want to know if it will work and if the quality is good? Any drawbacks to using this method?15:22
superm1hdmi == dvi + extra lines for audio15:26
superm1so you'll have the same results just no audio on the cable15:26
superm1so all those splitters really do is null terminate the audio lines15:26
superm1you can get them from amazon too without screwing around with auction stuff15:26
MythBorkHello all, I upgraded to Mythbuntu 9.10 yesterday and I cannot access my USB external soundblaster now. Worked fine in 8.10 and 9.04. Nothing appears in the hardware tab of the sound configuration tool. but cat /proc/asound/cards shows the card! Can anyone help?15:27
superm1MythBork, you're probably best off filing someting on the forums15:28
superm1!forums | MythBork15:28
ZinnMythBork: The Mythbuntu forums are located at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=301.  If you aren't getting a timely response here, there are lots of very active individuals there that may be able to help.15:28
Bicchisuperm1: thanks for the amazon tip. i was just looking for a picture to show my point.15:29
Bicchisuperm1: i get the audio through my sound card that has a cable with a Y-splitter for left/right channel.15:30
Bicchii was want to make sure that the signal strength from the DVI is good enough for the TV15:31
superm1Yeah definitely15:31
superm1enjoy! :)15:31
ToeBeeBicchi: I use a DVI-to-HDMI converter15:31
ToeBeeworks fine. I do use a standard 2.5mm stereo patch cable for audio15:31
Bicchigood to know. my TV last night took a dump and the one i just bought doesn't have s-video output15:31
Bicchiwhich i find weird since it has 2 RCA inputs15:32
BicchiRCA video being worse than S-video15:32
ToeBeemy TV only listens to the analog audio on HDMI115:32
ZinnSorry I don't know about ops16:47
MythBorkmrand, ?17:19
mrandMythBork: Thanks for submitting your bug report, but it doesn't have anything about what version you are installing... I think you said it was the mythbuntu rc (that you picked up from the daily directory??).17:21
MythBorkmrand, I upgraded by using update-manager -d on 10/21/0917:23
MythBorkfrom version 8.10 running 0.21 fixes17:23
mrandThe bug report doesn't include what kernel version you're running.  However, I see Linux 2.6.28-15-generic ehci_hcd EHCI Host Controller listed, which seems wrong to me for a 9.10 system.17:23
superm18.10 can upgrade to 9.04, not 9.1017:23
MythBorksuperm1, it happened yesterday  :)17:24
MythBorkmrand, what kernel should be running?17:24
MythBorkhmmm, my desktop is on 2.6.31-14-generic, and the mythbox is on 2.6.28-15-generic17:26
superm1MythBork, it sounds like you upgraded to 9.04 tbh17:28
MythBorkupdate-manager clearly said 9.1017:28
mrandDid you upgrade to 9.04 first?  There may be an error in the update manager.17:28
superm1that's what it's sounding like to me17:28
mrandIf you go to system -> about ubuntu, what does it say?17:28
superm1can you try to run update-manager -d again?17:29
MythBorkmrand, no I did not17:29
superm1and lsb_release -a17:29
superm1lsb_release -a will tell you what branch you are on17:29
MythBorklsb_release shows:17:30
MythBorkDescription:Ubuntu 9.1017:30
superm1MythBork, okay then somehow you are booting into the wrong kernel?17:32
mrandOk, sounds like a bug in update manager when run with -d on an older system.  It didn't update your kernel, or maybe just didn't update grub.  Check and see if there is a newer version of the kernel in /boot that grub isn't show you.17:32
superm1what's uname -a say?17:32
MythBorksuperm1, seems so17:32
superm1MythBork, can you install linux-image-generic?  that should get you the latest kernel17:33
mrandI'm lagged17:33
superm1and linux-headers-generic too17:33
superm1and if after a reboot you are still on the wrong kernel, then something si wrong with your grub setup17:33
MythBorkseems a 2.6.28-15 is there, but not in grub17:33
MythBorkI'm going to update grub and reboot17:34
superm1well that's still a 9.04 kernel not a 9.10 kernel17:44
superm1something about your system is a bit messed up17:44
superm1can you file a bug using "ubuntu-bug update-manager"17:44
superm1that should gather a bunch of information about the upgrade scenario for debugging17:44
MythBorksuperm1, mrand - updating kernel fixed problem18:15
superm1MythBork, so you are at 2.6.31 now right?18:16
MythBorkyes, just updated the bug report18:17
MythBorksound works fine now18:17
superm1wonder what went wrong in that upgrade though18:18
superm1it would probably be a good idea to file a separate update manager bug and explain what you had to do18:18
superm1(sudo ubuntu-bug update-manager)18:18
olejlmrand: thanks for the pointers yesterday. I had already left the computer, but tried again today. The problem is that there isn't any dbgsym package for the version I'm running.18:20
olejlIs it possible for me to create the dbgsym package myself?18:21
superm1olejl, are you running a build from the PPA?18:27
superm1in theory those should have debug symbols built into them (and not necessitate -dbgsym packages)18:27
superm1so can you try to apport-retrace without installing symbols and see if the trace is useful at all?18:27
olejlapport-retrace -s /var/crash gives me report file does not contain required fields: CoreDump Package ExecutablePathreport file does not contain required fields: CoreDump Package ExecutablePath18:31
olejlgdb mythfrontend.real gives me: Reading symbols from /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real...(no debugging symbols found)...done.18:31
superm1shame okay so something is STILL wrong with the PPA builds not getting us debug symbols :(18:34
olejlI haven't updated today though18:37
olejlI'm running r2254718:38
olejlmaybe I will just compile mythtv myself. What should I uninstall before doing so?18:40
superm1basically mythtv-*18:44
superm1it's too bad we can't seem to get these packages to build right though :(18:45
olejlI will give it a shot18:47
bobbob1016I see the RC is released on mythbuntu.org, I currently have the beta, how would I update to the RC?  I tried "update-manager -d" and nothing.19:12
superm1bobbob1016, make sure that you are doing regular apt-updates and you'll be at RC19:23
ToeBeehmm the mythbuntu "RC is out now!" page points to a dead link on ubuntu.com :)19:26
bobbob1016ToeBee, Not here, I get "Changes from beta" and the usual19:32
ToeBeebobbob1016: yes, the page itself is fine. But it links over to a nonexistent page on ubuntu.com19:36
ToeBeethis line: Underlying Ubuntu updates (see http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/karmic/rc)19:37
ppwwhi, folks. hope everyone's doing well today.  i'm struggling with major problems in the last couple days' builds of 0.22-trunk on 9.04-amd64.  0.22.0+fixes22517 was the last "good" build for me.19:55
ppwwI'll start out with an easy one though... is gray-osd now part of one of the base packages? Its separate package is no longer compatible with the rest, but even without it installed, I can choose it from the Playback OSD menu, and seems to work fine.  Probably it should be removed from Control Centre, so that doesn't try to install/uninstall the separate package, ending up with a "broken package cache" error.19:58
ppwwThe rest may be upstream mythtv issues:20:12
ppww1. Playback of HD recordings using XVideo locks up the X server (nvidia 7050PV chip) after a second or two.  Tried both ffmpeg & libmpeg2.  X server process pegs the CPU at 100%, mythfrontend.real at 35%, screen frozen.  Requires killing mythfrontend.  OpenGL works, but jerky playback, so I really need to get back to XVideo.  (XvMC never worked reliably on my hardware, but it also locks up now.)20:12
ppww2. Program Guide during LiveTV has disappeared.  I only get a completely gray screen (with live playback continuing in the upper corner as expected).  Program Guide from the Schedule Recordings menu is fine.20:13
ppww3. Regardless of theme used, mythfrontend rather consistently consumes 15% of the CPU when sitting idle at the main (or any other) menu.  Seems that something is waking up the main event loop more often than expected?  Just noticed it because my box used to be cold when idle, now it's warm, sort of a waste.20:16
ppwwOh yeah, and US.weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org seems to have been down this week, but UK is fine.20:27
ToeBeehmm I think I've noticed the idle CPU spinning but only sometimes. Never really looked into it20:28
ppwwyeah, that part has been happening for a few weeks now, since I first transitioned to 0.22, so it's not as new a behavior as the rest.  possibly related to the new qt4.5 framework?20:33
ToeBeeI think I was seeing it back on .21 actually20:34
ppwwmaybe it's mythweather or something else grabbing updates. guess i should turn off all plugins and see if that makes a difference.20:38
tgm4883ppww, that is because US.weeklybuilds.... is the wrong address. I'm testing the fixed package now20:40
ppwwreally? well, then "dpkg-reconfigure mythbuntu-repos" inserts the wrong info then.20:43
tgm4883ppww, what did i just say?20:50
tgm4883"I'm testing the fixed package now"20:51
ppwwoh, you meant the mythbuntu-repos package.... thanks much.20:51
tgm4883give me a few minutes and i'll push the update20:53
]OscarI'd like to build a diskless client, just as MCC do, but not using it. I tryed with just ltsp-build-image but the client works as a thin client, using server's cpu, etc. which is the trick?21:44
tgm4883ppww, which version of mythbuntu-repos do you have installed?21:48
ppwwthe file timestamp is 2009-10-04 11:49, grabbed from http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/mythbuntu-repos.deb21:49
tgm4883ppww, do this21:49
tgm4883dpkg -l mythbuntu-repos21:49
tgm4883ppww, ok try this21:50
ppwwwhich is odd, since i'm running jaunty21:50
tgm4883ppww, thats fine actually ;)21:50
tgm4883do this21:50
tgm4883apt-get update and apt-get install mythbuntu-repos21:51
tgm4883ppww, actually, it just got published, so you may have to wait a few minutes21:52
ppwwgot it, now 6.1-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu~jaunty, and it retrieved http://weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org Packages files ok.21:53
tgm4883good deal21:53
tgm4883you didn't have to dpkg-reconfigure it did you21:53
ppwwnot sure, i just did the reconfig automatically, assuming it would have remembered my previous "UK" selection.21:54
tgm4883yea it should have remembered your previous selection21:54
tgm4883do another apt-get update21:55
tgm4883because it shouldn't be using weeklybuilds.m.o unless you have US selected21:55
ppwwlike i said, i already did dpkg-reconfigure, and selected US, that's why. so it seems fine.21:57
tgm4883ppww, yea, except I just found another problem ;)21:57
tgm4883so you aren't really using a US server, but i'll fix that tonight21:57
ppwwis PPA the primary source, and the country-specific sites just mirrors?21:58
tgm4883ppww, if you want, you can manually edit the sources.list.d/mythbuntu-repos.list to use us.autobuilds.mythbuntu.org/21:59
tgm4883ppww, yea it is, but PPA is pretty slow21:59
ppwwok, manually setting us.autobuilds.mythbuntu.org works too22:05

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