ubottuIn ubottu, ejdo said: this is weird00:10
mneptokyes. yes it is.00:32
mneptokwelcome to IRC.00:32
Amaranthwow #ubuntu has been pretty quiet today00:44
Amaranthas far as calls for ops, anyway00:44
FlannelAmaranth: Don't jinx it00:47
FlannelHowdy [1]SpaceGhost05:06
[1]SpaceGhostDude do you have a problem?05:07
Flannel[1]SpaceGhost: I don't.  And I'm hoping you won't either.05:08
[1]SpaceGhostI think you're being a bit anal retentive, but that's just my opinion. I'm glad you're looking out for people. I was trying to inform him that the correct name was not vanity ip, but domain name and I communicated it in a clear manner.05:08
Flannel"learn the nomanclature, it's called a domain." isn't very friendly.  Yes, it may be clear, but it's certainly not nice.05:09
[1]SpaceGhostI can't see how you can say that humor doesn't communicate on the internet, but then assume a user is being rude.05:09
[1]SpaceGhostIt wasn't my first time letting him know what it's called. If you'd look back I said that it's called a domain name. Very nicely.05:10
[1]SpaceGhostI wasn't being rude, I was being concise and informative. But it's fine, #ubuntu doesn't need me as much as I don't need to use my time there.05:11
Flannel[1]SpaceGhost: You were the one who brought up humor.  Was your "learn the nomenclature" supposed to be in jest?05:12
[1]SpaceGhostIt's fine, you have power and quite the opinion. Why should you be wrong, and not be able to be wrong?05:12
[1]SpaceGhostDo you remember last night? Where you said that humor doesn't translate on the internet? I was applying that rule to you assuming I was being rude. I was making it clear.05:12
FlannelI'm not sure what you're saying.  Being humorous and being rude are the same thing?05:13
[1]SpaceGhostIt's totally okay, you're quite opinionated in my opinion.05:13
[1]SpaceGhostNever mind, you're just being a jerk whether you know it or not. It's perfectly okay that you can pick and choose when something is okay and when something isn't. I was being clear and concise, as in no room for error. I informaed him more than once what it was called. I wanted him to be able to communicate his need clearly. I'll just not waste my time on a channel with opinionated assholes like yourself. Have a great day, 05:15
macoso uh anyway....05:22
macothat fridge post of nhandler's....about irc council....it says "opinions from irc ops"....who counts as an op?05:23
Priceymaco: considering it also includes that from ubunteros, members, irc people etc. i'm not sure that definition is important05:28
FlannelI believe that was asking about/coaxing to DOS06:02
ubottuMagnesium_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()06:04
elkyI just lol'd at this<[1]SpaceGhost> It's totally okay, you're quite opinionated in my opinion.06:37
mneptokelky: i just did the same06:56
MenZaEyes on COOLMAN in #ubuntu - I'm trying to give him a chance to leave peacefully, but I don't think he'll be leaving by himself.08:22
ubottuIn ubottu, vanishing said: !foo is what bar15:07
geniirustytechda might be some adbot for Trillian15:09
bazhanggood point15:10
voxits not responding15:13
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #kubuntu ()16:30
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #xubuntu ()16:31
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #ubuntuforums ()16:31
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #ubuntustudio ()16:31
macocan we fix !ops in #ubuntuforums? i'm maco not macogw now16:32
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #xubuntu ()16:33
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #ubuntustudio ()16:34
Mamarokthat looks like a case for k-lining...16:34
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #kubuntu-offtopic ()16:34
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #ubuntu+1 ()16:35
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)16:35
ubottuWindowsuckscock called the ops in #ubuntu-irc ()16:36
MenZaI'll be watching -ot.16:36
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #kubuntu-offtopic ()16:40
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #ubuntu ()16:40
MenZaoh dear lord.16:40
AmaranthLook, he came back16:40
MenZaSo he did.16:41
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #ubuntu-devel ()16:43
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()16:43
MenZahe hit -server16:43
Mamarokgah, that's really a case for staff16:44
MenZayes, yes it is.16:44
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #ubuntu-meeting ()16:44
ubottucytotoxic called the ops in #ubuntu-desktop ()16:44
Piciall of my windows are flashing red16:44
macohit kernel too16:44
MenZamine too, Pici16:45
* MenZa keeps his eyes firmly locked on window 716:46
MenZaI'm tempted to just ban now, to spare the hassle.16:46
jussi01dont ban him or remove him any more - he seems to be on a crusade to get banned. unless of course he continues in the channel16:48
AmaranthI'm guessing he did /whois on us to find more channels16:48
MenZaOr maybe he's just systematically going through the list of channels on the wiki :p16:48
macoi was thinking id ban before ze got a chance to say anything if ze showed up in -women16:49
MenZaI don't see why we'd even let him into the channels.16:49
MenZaI mean, I tidy my bans quite often, so it's just a matter of removing it soon.16:49
jussi01well if you all are set +i he wouldnt get the info would he...16:50
MenZaI'm pretty sure I'm not +1.16:50
MenZaI don't mind people knowing what channels I'm in.16:50
Amaranthjussi01: I forgot to set it this time16:53
Amaranth(my client won't do it automatically)16:53
MenZabullgard4 was back.16:57
ubottuBacteria called the ops in #ubuntu-desktop ()16:57
MenZaoh lawd16:57
jpdsI leave for five minutes and nuclear war takes place.16:58
MenZaCompletely, jpds16:59
Mamarokfdoving: hi, can we help you?17:13
Mamarokfdoving: are you an op?17:14
jpdsMamarok: /cs access #kubuntu list17:17
ikoniawho is claydoh ?17:31
jussi01ikonia: kubuntu opo and general kubuntu guy, why?17:37
=== niko is now known as Guest97125
=== nik0 is now known as niko
fujisanPricey are you here?19:37
fujisanIs it okay if i idle until i get to speak to Pricey dear ubuntu-ops?19:37
MenZafujisan: Can anyone else assist you with this issue?19:47
fujisani will just ask him in IM later19:47
fujisanbu bye19:47
Picinickspoon: Happy birthday20:00
nickspoonPici: Thanks! :D20:00
topylioooh happy bd nickspoon <320:01
nickspoonThanks topyli <320:01
Tm_Tnickspoon: what's the number now, 15? (;)20:20
nickspoonOh, you are cruel. 17 :)20:20
Tm_Tah, kids...20:20
jussi01Tm_T: what are you now, must be about 145, no? :P20:26
ikoniajussi01: never heard his name, that's all20:50
Tm_Tjussi01: 114 in last count (;)20:58
jpdsikonia: He's from way back.21:00
ikoniait's cool, just didn't recognise the nick21:11
macohey folks21:13
macoanyone in -ot?21:13
macoi'm not sure whats up with Defacer21:14
ikoniaI'm active21:14
geniiDefacer is acting very odd.21:18
gordit looks like someone new21:19
macoyeah ikonia's watching21:19
mrsaI am a lymphocyte22:15
=== mrsa is now known as Lymphocyte
LymphocyteI kind adapt22:15
ubottuLymphocyte called the ops in #kubuntu ()22:15
* genii makes a note in his black book about lymphocyte/mrsa/macrophage22:19
macogenii: was bacteria earlier too22:20
macoand cytotoxic22:20
* genii sips22:21
* MenZa nods22:28
MenZaI say we ban *!biology@* from the namespace.22:29
MenZaWho's with me?!22:29
* genii sips and thinks about mold22:34
macooh i get it22:40
macomrsa = that skin thing22:40
macothe form of staff22:40
macoer staph22:40
geniiHeh. "staff" as mistaken for "staph" seems somehow appropriate22:48
Flannelgenii: mold, eh?22:49
* MenZa moulds genii 22:50
geniiFlannel: That black stuff. I'm finding it in the basement near my office22:50
* MenZa slides genii a coffee to get his mind on more important things.22:50
MenZalike coffee.22:50
geniiMenZa: I'm on the beer actually22:51
* genii guzzles22:51
MenZagenii: Irish coffee ):22:52
naliothmaco: if the person is being disruptive, they should be banned - whether they are literally asking for it or not22:55
naliothotw, they'll continue disrupting the channel22:56
geniiThe same character was here another day just doing same crap in every channel in turn23:01
ubottuAtomicSpark called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()23:57
MenZaSweet $DEITY23:58

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