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Alysumhello - how can I insert the date time in my shell along with user@host? thanks00:54
crohakonSo, I have ubuntu server edition installed on a spare box just to use as a sandbox. I have it set up with LAMP. Everything seems to be working just fine except that after a while the box freezes. Can't SSH in, can't access the websites... turn on the monitor connected to it and the login prompt is frozen. Any ideas on what can fix this? I highly doubt it is an over heating issue as my basement is cold and the report it sho00:56
crohakonuld when I log in does not show dangerous heat levels.00:56
crohakonI should also add that the box ran just fine without these problems with fedora00:57
bdmurrayjdstrand: should bug 403215 be reopened?00:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 403215 in qemu "2.6.31 guest vm's unable to use virtio" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40321500:58
vraaanyone know of a good, friendly, multi-wan router? more for failover vs more bandwidth01:03
smoserkirkland, you uploaded ec2-init right?01:11
mathiazsmoser: I think so - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=01:13
mathiazsmoser: It hasn't been accepted though01:14
smosermathiaz, thanks i wasn't aware of this 'queue'.01:14
mathiazsmoser: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+queue01:14
smoserit has to be accepted by a release person ?01:15
mathiazsmoser: ^^ has the different types of queues01:15
mathiazsmoser: yes01:15
crohakonWhen I log into my server box it tells me I have x packages can be updated... how do I update them?01:22
smackdaddyi cannot figure out why i cant recieve mail on this server... i setup postfix and dovecot01:42
smackdaddywont work01:42
MTecknologysmackdaddy: error logs?01:44
MTecknologycrohakon: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade01:45
MTecknologycrohakon: you can use apt-get too01:45
MTecknologycrohakon: or you can do "sudo aptitude" then the keys to update the same was are u U g g01:46
smackdaddyMT, how do i check those01:48
MTecknologysmackdaddy: /var/log/01:48
smackdaddymail.err is empty01:50
MTecknologyhow are you trying to send email to the local machine?01:51
smackdaddyfrom myyahoo account01:53
smackdaddyand gmail account01:53
smackdaddyim wondering if its ip hostname problem... idont know.. i used the ubuntu config website and followed all the steps.. did the test and it worked ..01:55
smackdaddytelnet IP 2501:56
smackdaddyall that01:56
MTecknologyyou have it?01:56
skuldwhat web mail client would you all recommend?01:56
MTecknologymake sure you have an MX record for the domain pointing at the server01:56
MTecknologyskuld: I like claws-mail01:56
skuldis it easy to install for postfix/dovecot?01:57
MTecknologyyou mean mail server or mail client?01:57
MTecknologythe mail client is independent from the server01:58
skuldI (think) I just got my dovecot and postfix email server working.  now I want to install a web based email reader on my server too01:58
MTecknologytry roundcube or quirrelmail01:58
smackdaddythat might be part ofmyproblem.. how should the mx record look01:58
smackdaddyi have...01:58
smackdaddy                IN      MX      10 mail.example.com.01:58
smackdaddy                IN      MX      10 mail2.example.com.01:58
MTecknologywhast's the domain name?01:58
smackdaddyin the forward file01:58
Pairadimesittyhey folks, feeling helpful today?  I've got my forum framed now by editing the forum php and css with my site info, and I'm linking to the forum page by having my homepage index.htm load it with php include01:59
skuldPairadimesitty: hi!01:59
crohakonSo, I have a website hosted by a webhosting company. Is there any benefit to upgrading my home account to a static IP and doing my own hosting?01:59
smackdaddydo i need a MX for just cconnectx.com with out the mail.*01:59
Pairadimesittyskuld: hi, thanks for before01:59
MTecknology skuld aside from the two, there's some really high-end tools out there - but don't expect any ease of use...02:00
crohakonit would cost me about +$10 a month02:00
MTecknologyor installation*02:00
skuldcrohakon: the benefits are in learning a new hobby.... and for that extra $5.00 a month or whatever, you can charge others rent-space on your server...when you'r ready02:00
Pairadimesittyand there is a tiny bit of css linked to the home page that makes the home button highlight when I'm on that page and go back to normal when I click anything inside.  I love that.02:00
skuldMTecknology: I just need a basic email reader for the web02:01
MTecknologyskuld: then you want one of those; my preference is roundcube since it's skinnable02:01
MTecknologythey could both use heavy development02:01
Pairadimesittymy problem is that the forum doesn't request the cookie when I'm on the home page, so login and preferences dissapear there02:01
PairadimesittyI have to click inside the forum for them to show up02:02
skuldPairadimesitty: I thought of a possibility for your vertical...."framing" issue without using frames.  It *might* be possible to use a <div> tag, but I haven't worked with it a whole lot to know if it would work correctly...if at all02:02
Pairadimesittywow, cool02:02
skuldPairadimesitty: you're using smf, right?  you can just use <?php ssi_welcome; ?> (I think it is) and that will have your cookie info on your home page02:03
crohakonskuld; That was kind of my thoughts... once I get my sh*t down maybe offer cheap hosting to non-profits just to offset my internet costs.02:03
skuldMTecknology: cool, thanks.  I'll look into that02:03
MTecknologysmackdaddy: your DNS looks fine - but I can't connect to your system - so it's probably localhost only02:03
Pairadimesittyjust add that line to the default page?  that would rock if it was that easy, trying now02:03
skuldPairadimesitty: You also need at the very top... <?php require ('forum/SSI.php'); ?> if I remember right, and assuming your forum is located in the 'forum' dir02:04
Pairadimesitty'tis indeed02:05
skuldthat should be all you need.  If the user is logged in, they will get the number of messages they have in PM, if not then a login dialog will show wherever you place that welcome code.02:06
Pairadimesittyboth above the doctype?02:06
skuldthere is an advanced option if you don't want to see the welcome text if logged in, you can use.... ssi_welcome('array')02:06
skuldyou could try that...I usually work with PHP files only02:07
erichammondkirkland: Any chance of getting "EC2" as one the primary options on your virtualization survey?  Folks using EC2 don't really think of themselves as using Xen.02:11
jdstrandbdmurray: I'm not sure-- I wanted feedback from someone02:14
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smackdaddyMTecknology cantconnect on what port?02:18
crohakonSo, how can I install linux on a computer with no CD rom drive?02:18
crohakonalso, no floppy02:18
smackdaddyyeah every time i try it says connecting to the wrong ip02:18
MTecknologysmackdaddy: I tried with
MTecknologysmackdaddy: Can you connect to localhost:25 ?02:19
Pairadimesittyskuld: those seems to be calling something, but they throw up errors02:20
smackdaddythats the correct public iptoo02:20
MTecknologyit's likely smtp isn't listening for internal traffic02:21
smackdaddyi cant send either02:22
smackdaddytried emailing using user@IP02:22
MTecknologycheck firewall rules02:22
smackdaddywhat config for smtp02:22
MTecknologyif you have ufw enabled, etc02:22
bdmurrayjdstrand: but if it is closed who will see it? ;-)02:23
MTecknology!info courier02:23
ubottuPackage courier does not exist in jaunty02:23
MTecknology!info dovecot02:23
ubottuPackage dovecot does not exist in jaunty02:23
MTecknologyubottu: -_-02:23
MTecknologyIt'll be right around /etc/courier/02:23
MTecknologyI don't have a mail server running to check02:24
smackdaddyno firewall02:24
smackdaddyits off02:24
MTecknologyany router?02:24
jdstrandbdmurray: I figured that the subscribers would...02:25
jdstrandwho seem to be kirkland and rtg iirc02:25
MTecknologysmackdaddy: dpkg-recongigure postfix02:25
MTecknologysmackdaddy: that will let you specify who can connect02:26
MTecknologyreboot tiem02:26
bdmurrayjdstrand: I don't know I heard kirkland filters fix released e-mail ;-)02:27
smackdaddyafter this reboot?02:27
jdstrandbdmurray: heh. maybe kirkland will notice how often we are saying kirkland02:27
crohakonIs there a command to check system temperature?02:27
* jdstrand whispers bug #403215 into kirkland's ear02:27
bdmurrayone can only hope02:27
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 403215 in qemu "2.6.31 guest vm's unable to use virtio" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40321502:27
smackdaddyacpi -V or something02:28
smackdaddyMTecknology> on the part where it asks for all my domains do i need the TLD only, or mail.domain.com02:29
MTecknologysmackdaddy: I'd do localhost, domain.com, mail.domain.com02:30
smackdaddyok thanks02:30
smackdaddyshould i force synchronous updates onmail queue?02:31
MTecknologyit's up to you02:31
smackdaddyif its slower...02:31
MTecknologypersonally - leave the majority set to defaults02:32
crohakonsmackdaddy; thanks02:32
smackdaddyon the specify network blocks screen, just my public ip is all i need right.'02:33
smackdaddyor the
* smackdaddy needs ubuntu for retards02:34
MTecknologywhatever is default02:34
smackdaddyit erasedsince last time i didit02:35
MTecknologythe only thing you really need to worry about is where you selected who can use it02:36
skuldI'm back02:36
MTecknologyIt pulls all the defaults from the config02:36
MTecknologythe existing config*02:36
smackdaddyok its done02:37
smackdaddyletme try it out..02:37
MTecknologyrestart the service02:37
MTecknologyI still can't connect02:40
smackdaddyme either02:40
MTecknologysudo ufw status02:40
smackdaddyim looking in master.cf02:40
smackdaddyok ufw stats just lists the commands02:41
MTecknologysudo ufw status02:41
smackdaddyi did that02:41
MTecknologynot stats02:42
MTecknologypastebing ifconfig02:43
smackdaddywhats that url02:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:44
MTecknologythere's a command I'm looking for - for the life of me I can't remember what it is02:45
MTecknologyI'm scanning your system - just fyi02:47
MTecknologyevery single port - I want to at least see one of them filtered02:47
MTecknologyis this a static ip on the system?02:48
MTecknologyor is it sitting inside your house?02:48
smackdaddyno, im moving to static next week02:48
smackdaddyjust want to get everything working athome first02:48
MTecknologydrop the project until next week02:48
MTecknologyport 25, 80, and others are blocked until you get that02:48
smackdaddymail wont work on dhcp?02:48
MTecknology99.999% of all ISP's block it02:49
smackdaddyohmy web server ftp ssh works02:49
MTecknologyport 80?02:49
smackdaddyand vsftpd02:49
smackdaddyare working02:49
MTecknologyok - your isp doesn't do that then.. ok02:49
MTecknologythere - 25/tcp filtered smtp02:50
MTecknologyit's being blocked somewhere02:50
MTecknologyyour server, your isp, idk02:50
smackdaddyfor my domain name, registered with netfirms.. i set a custom ns,  ns.cconnectx.com, and made a A record for it, and setup bind9 also on this box...02:50
smackdaddydns is working great02:50
smackdaddyjust not mail02:51
smackdaddyits wierd02:51
MTecknologysomething is blocking it..02:51
smackdaddycould be02:51
smackdaddyill assume its them til next week02:51
MTecknologycan another system inside the same subnet as the server get into the server?02:51
MTecknologythen it's something on the server02:52
MTecknologypastebin main.cf02:52
MTecknologyhome_mailbox = Maildir/02:54
MTecknologyIt's not standard, but I usually to .mail/02:55
smackdaddyfor users hom dir02:55
smackdaddymynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128 192.168.0/2402:56
smackdaddythat part should have a public ip too?02:56
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MTecknologythat .mail/ keeps it hidden from the user which seems to help against accidental deletion02:57
MTecknologysmackdaddy: This is beyond what I have the time to debug for you..02:59
MTecknologysmackdaddy: try in #postfix02:59
MTecknologySorry I can't help you more03:00
MTecknologyI gotta run03:00
smackdaddyno problem,thanks  alot03:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #457788 in php5 (main) "package php5-cli 5.2.6.dfsg.1-3ubuntu4.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45778803:06
kirklanderichammond: hmm, ec2 made it on there in a few places....  we can't very well change it now that some people have answered the survey.  but nijaba will be conducting a much more comprehensive survey soon.  he can take that feedback into account03:18
kirklandsmoser: yes, i did upload it.  it's waiting for approval from the release team to be "accepted"03:19
smoserright. discussion of that in #ubuntu-release03:19
kirklandjdstrand: bdmurray: that's fix-released03:20
kirklandjdstrand: bdmurray: are you still having trouble with virtio?03:20
kirklandjdstrand: bdmurray: i'm using virtio across the board in karmic; very solid03:20
Pairadimesittyskuld:I gave up and switch to a redirect03:29
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skuldPairadimesitty: what? LOL03:32
Pairadimesittysorry, I mean this <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://epicdatanet.co.cc/forum/">03:34
Pairadimesittyit lacks the handy home button alternate hilighting, and it's lazy, but I'm dumb so it'll have to do03:35
skuldah.  give it some time, you'll figure it out. :)  I know what you want can be done03:35
Pairadimesittythe advice you gave only spat out errors, it seemed to reference things from the wrong paths or something03:36
Pairadimesittythough it was definately the right thing to do, I'm just missing something important03:37
skuldI don't have my php pages in front of me so I had to guess from memory03:38
Pairadimesittyhow's your situation coming?03:38
Pairadimesittysounds lovely03:39
Pairadimesittyneed a Reese's Cup?03:39
skuldwhy can't people who build email packages just set up by default to do the thing that people setting up the email servers want to do:  send email from authenticated users on the server to anybody else inthe world?03:40
skuldI think I need a bag of those Dark Chocolate ones LOL03:40
PairadimesittyI don't have any dark, sorry, I do have some Ghirardelli white chocolates with vanilla specks.03:41
skuldoooou  :)03:42
Pairadimesittyjust call me a romantic guy...03:42
Pairadimesittyit sounds better than glutton03:42
Pairadimesittyoh, I was changing the button hilight color of all the buttons and links in my forum theme from blue to my site's red shade, and I missed the bored navigation line03:44
jdstrandkirkland: yeah, we know it is fix released. I added a comment to it today because the default install failed for me today and it looked similar to that (see my last comment)04:35
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crohakonWhat is cpanel?05:41
twbcpanel is basically a manage your (virtual?) server via a web UI.05:41
twbe.g. "I can't fix that because I don't have ssh access, only cpanel"05:42
crohakonI see it is not free..05:43
twbCorrect; it is a proprietary product.05:43
crohakonI am just looking for something to play around with so as to help me expand my knowledge. Not willing to pay for the education at the moment. =) broke.05:44
crohakonKnow of an alternative?05:44
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com05:44
twbRUTE, and perhaps the Ubuntu admin guide, are the best resources I know of for learning more about Unix system administration in general.05:45
crohakonoh, no, I mean I am trying to learn how to set it up so I can host for others. Mostly friends and non-profits. But, still, just to learn how to do it.05:46
twbWeb management isn't so much training wheels as it is a black box -- you do something via the UI and have no idea what is really happening under the hood.05:46
twbcrohakon: you want to learn how to set up cpanel?05:46
crohakonOR something like it.05:46
twbWe generally discourage web-based system administration here.05:47
twbFSVO here = in this channel.05:47
twbSome FOSS solutions include ebox (which is supported for Ubuntu server) and webmin (which is definitely NOT supported).05:47
twbFSVO = For Some Value(s) Of05:48
twbPersonally I have been extremely unimpressed with webmin and (what little I've seen of) ebox.05:48
crohakonWell, like I said, I only ask because I want to learn how to set the stuff up. Just to learn without having to fork out a lot of money to do so.05:49
twbI suppose you could steal a copy.05:49
twbMaybe cpanel also provides gratis temporary licenses.05:50
crohakonI suppose I could, but I try to remain as legal as possible.05:50
twbYou could talk to the cpanel people about that.05:50
crohakonthere is a 15 day test license for free.05:50
crohakonAnyway, it is bed time for me. Goodnight05:50
crohakonThanks for the help.05:50
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MTecknologyholy crap - it was like at first the kernel .config was like 4,760 lines, and now it's like 2,57605:56
MTecknologyand at first it was all like 3.8MB and now it's all like duuude (1.7MB)05:57
MTecknologythen I wuz just like OMG! n like, omg we gotsta like make it smaller and like, ya no wut i meen?05:58
twbMTecknology: plonk05:58
MTecknologytwb: :)06:00
MTecknologytwb: I was confused. I couldn't figure out why you were in this channel... then I noticed what channel I'm in...06:00
smackdaddyhow can i setup webmail for my server with postfix06:02
MTecknologysmackdaddy: squirrelmail and roundcube are pretty common06:02
smackdaddywhat 1 would you say is more userfriendly06:04
MTecknologypersonally, roundcube can be skinned easily enough - but squirrelmail is more expandable06:05
MTecknologypersonally I use google apps and use claws-mail - try them both and see what you like best06:05
smackdaddyok cool06:06
smackdaddyduring install i selected use landscape conicle.. do you know how to change that back to automatic update06:07
MTecknologynot offhand06:07
smackdaddyahcus it charges for landscape06:07
syncrondiHas anyone here installed OpenVZ on Jaunty?06:09
syncrondiOr any other nice alternative to jails06:14
twbI have used OpenVZ on Hardy.06:16
twbSomeone else did the install, though.06:17
syncronditwb: I understand it's a bit of a bear?06:31
twbOpenVZ blows.06:32
twbI would not recommend it to anyone who can run KVM on 10.0406:32
twbOpenVZ is primarily useful if you need a very large number of VMs (like, hundreds or thousands), and you have no hardware virtualization support in your CPU.06:32
syncrondiI don't have physical access to my server at the moment06:33
syncrondiSo a lower-level type of virtualization is out of the question06:33
syncrondiAnd I just need a couple VMs06:34
twbRunning VMs in a VM is not going to work well06:35
twbIf by "physical access" you actually mean the ability to pick up the box in your hands -- you don't need that for hardware virtualization.06:36
syncrondieh? Well, I don't need full virtualization.. just something like solaris zones06:36
syncrondifor me, all I have is ssh06:37
twbWell, I guess you might need physical access to turn on VT-x in the BIOS.06:37
twbsyncrondi: even if you don't NEED full virtualizaton, I would still recommend KVM over OpenVZ.06:37
twbIME it's more reliable, and it allows you for flexibility (e.g. "now I need unionfs support" or "now I need a RHEL VM") later.06:39
syncrondiDoes it require a fresh install?06:39
twbDoes what require a fresh install?06:40
twbNo, it's built into the kernel.06:52
twbAlso, openvz receives no support from Ubuntu, whereas kvm got 18mo (hardy) and lessee...06:53
Boohbahwe've run VZ since 200606:55
twbBleh, maintenance-check is taking WAY to long to fetch the jaunty seeds06:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #329852 in pptpd (main) "pppd or pptpd fails when client try to connect" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32985207:01
twbHmm, it's also 18mo in Jaunty.07:04
twbThis is not good!07:04
twbOh, that's because jaunty isn't an LTS.07:04
twbPresumably the next LTS will have kvm in main, and thus will get 5y support.07:04
poningrutwb, question re: openvz07:13
poningrudoes it really support arm?07:13
twbI don't know.07:13
twbOpenVZ is a bunch of patches to the Linux kernel, so in theory it should be architecture-independent.07:13
twbOf course, the guest OS would also have to be supported on that CPU.07:13
twbSo you couldn't have an ARM gaol on an x86-64 server, but you could have ARM gaols on an ARM server.07:14
poningruah ic07:14
syncronditwb:  so you need to access the bios for sure during install of KVM?07:14
twbsyncrondi: it's common for VT-x to be disabled by default in the BIOS.07:14
poningrusyncrondi, well if its already turned on then no07:15
poningrusyncrondi, check /proc/cpuinfo07:15
syncrondiI see. Thanks twb07:15
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twbponingru: of course, any time the guest architecture isn't native, you lose any VT benefits.07:15
poningrutwb, right07:15
twbi.e. you HAVE to do full userspace virtualization.07:15
poningrusyncrondi, egrep '(vmx|svm)' --color=always /proc/cpuinfo07:15
twbThe () are unnecessary07:15
mneptoksuch kernel patches usually require virtualization extensions in the CPU. AFAIK, ARM doesn't have such things.07:16
twbmneptok: OpenVZ doesn't use hardware virtualization at all.07:16
mneptoktwb: ewwww ...07:16
syncrondiponingru: that doesn't return anything, I'm afraid.07:16
mneptoknow i know why i never palyed with it :)07:16
twbmneptok: OpenVZ is an extension of the chroot approach to include /proc and network segmentation.  ALL code runs natively.07:16
poningrusyncrondi, yeah its turned off then or your cpu doesnt have it07:16
poningruwhat cpu do you have?07:17
twbYou also cannot have a different kernel inside an OpenVZ gaol.07:17
syncrondiponingru: dual p4 2.807:17
twbAlso, OpenVZ has poor support for e.g. NFS and completely hangs the entire machine when you try to use either unionfs or aufs.07:18
poningrusyncrondi, depending on the gen it probably has vt07:18
poningruerr I mean doesnt have vt07:19
twbIf all you're gonna run in your gaol is a different version of Apache and PHP and MySQL, then OpenVZ is probably not so bad.07:19
smoserbug 45188107:19
uvirtbotsmoser: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out07:19
syncronditwb: that's basically all. I just wanted to separate a new development environment from existing.07:20
twbsyncrondi: given that you lack VT support in your CPU, OpenVZ becomes a more reasonable choice.07:20
syncrondibut I've been working with another server that's running a jail for the same situation and weird errors come up at times07:20
twbsyncrondi: however you may prefer to look into pbuilder07:20
twbsyncrondi: if you're just doing DEVELOPMENT07:21
syncrondidevelopment that could move into production07:21
poningrusyncrondi, also virtual box if you have X on it07:22
poningrunot sure if virtual box requires X07:22
syncrondiYeah, no X07:22
twbAFAICT virtualbox is ill-suited for server gaols.07:22
twbIt's really intended for jackasses who want to run IE or something on their ridiculously over-specced personal laptop07:23
syncronditwb: I tried it on my windows and also on an OpenSolaris install and it seems a lot like VMwarez07:23
twbsyncrondi: yeah, VMware falls into the same category.07:23
Boohbahif you want a virtualized web server, openvz or xen07:23
twbYou could sum up my gripes with virtualbox as "it tries to be like vmware"07:23
Boohbahxen with swap is good (required) for java07:23
syncronditwb: haha, yeah, for sure.07:23
twbXen is also a good choice compared to OpenVZ, if all you need are gaols.07:24
Boohbahponingru: i didn't know virtualbox could run without X, thanks!07:24
Boohbahtwb: what is this 'gaol' you speak of?07:24
twbBoohbah: IIRC the trick is to put it in an xvfb, which is pretty fugly07:24
syncrondiA coworker was showing me solaris containers and I was pretty impressed with that07:24
twbBoohbah: "jail" is a neological spelling of "gaol".07:24
Boohbahor rather "gaol" is archaic "jail" :)07:25
Boohbahi see07:25
BoohbahNorman-derived gaol (preferred in Britain)07:25
twbIt's not archaic.07:25
Boohbahit's just preferred in Britain?07:26
twbIt's "English" as opposed to "American" :-P07:26
twbBoohbah: and everywhere else in the commonwealth.07:26
Boohbahrubbish colour armour boot bonnet aluminium07:26
twbGood gods, how do Americans say "bonnet"?07:27
poningruin India we used to call the boot/trunk dickie07:27
twb"Headscarf" or something?07:27
poningrutwb, hood07:27
twbOh, you mean of an auto.07:27
poningruhehe yeah07:27
poningruits funny my gf is from scotland and she taught me that in gb/uk (depending on who you ask) the queens english is considered proper07:28
poningruwhile here in the US there is no 'proper' english07:28
poningruhow you speak is proper for you07:28
twbIt depends if you're a language instructor, or a linguist.07:28
twbLanguage instruction is prescriptive; linguistics is descriptive.07:29
poningrugranted exceptions do popup for the neds/hicks07:29
* poningru gives twb a glassgow kiss07:30
poningrunn guys07:30
Boohbahi almost forgot this wasn't #defocus07:30
Boohbahponingru: good night07:30
syncrondiI'm out too.. thanks for the advice07:31
poi77Hi! I am running Ubuntu w/ sw raid. I run mdadm to check status. At the end of output there is    " Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State" and then my RAID devices. What does this data mean?07:34
Boohbahpoi77: http://linux.die.net/man/8/mdadm07:36
poi77Boohbah: thanks, I am wondering whether the "major" "minor" values have any significance and if they indicate errors?07:37
twbpoi77: run "cat /proc/mdstat" to check status07:39
twbmajor and minor ar ethe block numbers.07:40
poi77twb: thanks, [2/2] would mean normal, right?07:40
twbsee e.g. the mknod(8) manpage07:40
twbIt's not a quality status07:40
twbit's a name, like "sdd2" means "fourth SCSI disk, second slice"07:41
twbA major and minor number of "2, 7" means "I'm the seventh component of the second device"07:41
poi77twb: many thanks for your explanations!07:42
* soren breaks07:51
smosermathiaz, its bad... hacky, but heres what i have right now07:58
smoseram running that with input: x86_64 us-east-1 ami-7132d11807:58
mathiazsmoser: yop - seems good to me07:59
smoserit actually worked!07:59
smoserfired off a bunch of instances, then waited, then sshed to each of them08:00
mathiazsmoser: ec2-describe-images doesn't have the proper information to infer the availability zone from the output08:00
mathiazsmoser: as well as the list of types08:00
mathiazsmoser: I think we can infer everything from the name of the bucket/image08:00
mathiazsmoser: the bucket as the -us/-eu -> region08:00
mathiazsmoser: the image name has amd64/i386 -> type list08:01
mathiazsmoser: the best call would be: test-ec2.sh ami-7132d11808:01
smoseryou can't get bucket/path without knowing region08:02
smoserother than by trying both08:02
smoserwhich would in all likelyhood be sufficient08:02
mathiazsmoser: oh - you're right08:02
mathiazsmoser: you need to set the region08:02
smoserbut arch isn't needed.08:03
mathiazsmoser: well - you could use ec2-describe-region08:03
mathiazsmoser: ec2-describe-regions08:03
smosermathiaz, right, you could use that to get a list and then look in each for that id08:03
mathiazsmoser: and then try to find which one has the ami ;)08:03
smoserunlikely, but possible that an id existed in multiple regions08:03
smoseryeah. it would be good enough08:03
mathiazsmoser: that's true - but the ami path would be completly different08:04
smoserthose tests you wrote probably cost a couple bucks per region to run08:04
mathiazsmoser: it would probably not match the bucket name08:04
smoserthe bucket names are different. manifest name is the same. (ie, basename)08:04
smoseri think i'm going to go to sleep now08:05
mathiazsmoser: yeah - we can discuss improvments at UDS :)08:05
smoseroh. the goal is nightly automated tests with logs08:06
smoserits all doable.08:06
* mathiaz nods08:06
smoseri've just spent the time doing the publishing portion of it all08:06
smoserif you dont have a build out there, you can't test it :)08:06
mathiazsmoser: yop - one step at a time08:07
smoseri will say that at 3:00 am eastern, us-east-1 performs fairly well08:07
smoserstarted 17 hosts in like < 50 seconds08:07
smoseranyway, good night.08:08
dru_can someon point me to the quick low down "drop all iptables"08:54
twbdru_: what about it?08:54
dru_iptables must die08:55
th0mzthe song is invaders must die08:55
dru_i need to basicly disable all tables for a test on our local network08:55
cemcdru_: you could try to remove all modules08:55
th0mzif you need to clean08:55
cemcdru_: lsmod, then rmmod everything iptables-related08:56
sorendru_: for chain in INPUT OUTPUT FORWARD; do sudo iptables -P $chain ACCEPT ; done ; sudo iptables -F ; sudo iptables -X08:56
dru_can I just "/etc/init.d/iptables stop" ?09:01
sorendru_: for chain in INPUT OUTPUT FORWARD; do sudo iptables -P $chain ACCEPT ; done ; sudo iptables -F ; sudo iptables -X09:02
sorendru_: That's it.09:02
dru_bash: syntax error near unexpected token `done'09:03
twbYou should not use iptables(8), because it is not atomic.09:03
twbAlways use iptables-restore and iptables-save.09:03
sorenI don't see how atomicity is really important in this case?09:04
twbsoren: suppose you have a script in /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/00firewall that runs a dozen iptables rules09:04
sorendru_: Are you sure you copy/pasted it correctly?09:04
sorentwb: I don't. I'm clearing all rules.09:04
sorentwb: That's it.09:04
twbsoren: admittedly, it probably doesn't matter in THIS case, but it is a good habit to encourage.09:04
sorentwb: "in this case" being the operative part of my question.09:05
sorentwb: I'm just arguing against your "never", which seems quite out of place here.09:05
twbsoren: well, you could conceivably have another sysadmin logged into the box09:05
dru_guys guys...09:05
twbIt's just very very unlikely that you'd hit that race condition :-)09:05
sorendru_: That command line works for me. You mistyped, or miscopy/mispasted.09:06
twbIt would also mean that you couldn't accidentally set the default policy to ACCEPT, and then make a typo after your loop, such that you had all the rules still in there.  Given that you're trying to flush all the rules, that's also unlikely (but not strictly impossible) to be an issue.09:07
dru_really I dont want to change any of the tables...I just need to diable them for a test as to why my centreon server isnt able to "catch snmp commands for client hosts09:07
twbdru_: you cannot "disable" the iptables in the kernel without modifying them.09:07
twbdru_: if you want to restore them later, dump them to a file first using iptables-save.09:07
sorentwb: How would you create the input file for iptables-restore?09:08
twbsoren: with a text editor?09:08
sorenFrom scratch?09:08
sorenI don't even thing the format is documented anywhere.09:08
twbIt's not, but it's easy to run "iptables-save" and see what you get.09:09
sorentwb: But that would require you to use the dangerous, never-use-it iptables command directly first.09:09
twbI mean, you can still using iptables(8) directly on a machine that's not *in production*.09:09
twbsoren: yep -- because some other idiot used iptables(8) directly before you got there.09:09
dru_soren: im running root so :"iptables -P $chain ACCEPT ; done ; iptables -F ; iptables -X" was the used syntax . and  "bash: syntax error near unexpected token `done'"09:09
dru_was the return09:10
twbdru_: you have omitted the start of the for loop.09:10
cemcdru_: you forgot the for chain in... part09:10
sorendru_: ...09:10
soren08:02:31 < soren> dru_: for chain in INPUT OUTPUT FORWARD; do sudo iptables -P $chain ACCEPT ; done ; sudo iptables -F ;  sudo iptables -X09:10
twbHmm, does -F only apply to a single table (i.e. -t filter)?09:10
sorentwb: Well, /someone/ has to prime the it so that you can see what the format looks like.09:10
cemcdru_: the command begins at 'for' :)09:10
sorentwb: I believe so.09:11
twbYou ought to flush any other tables that are in use, too.09:11
dru_thanks soren, that semed to have worked09:11
sorentwb: You're right. I was typing just that when you started your "never use iptables, always use iptables-{restore,save}" rant. and I got sidetracked :)09:12
sorenSo really, it ought to be:09:12
twbsoren: granting that there are exceptions to the "rule of thumb" that I stated as an absolute, *I* would still use iptables-restore to flush tables.09:13
sorenfor table in filter nat mangle; do for chain in INPUT OUTPUT FORWARD; do sudo iptables -P $chain ACCEPT ; done ; sudo iptables -F -t table;  sudo iptables -X -t $table ;done09:13
twbsoren: that code will create empty nat and mangle tables if they were previously unused.09:13
sorenI might actually use iptables-apply instead, actually.09:13
twbWhich doesn't really matter, it just makes iptables-save output a bit verbose09:14
twbAlso, you missed the raw table09:14
cemcand loads some extra modules09:14
twbcemc: yeah, that's what I meant09:14
sorenThe dude wanted his iptables cleared. I'm not going to sit here writing a 100 line shell script to make sure all that shit is taken care of so that he doesn't load an extra module or so.09:15
twb"Run iptables-save, change the policy of all : lines to ACCEPT, comment out all -A lines, and then pipe it into iptables-restore"09:15
twb...apart from the user changes, where the policy is and stays "-".09:16
sorentwb: He managed to miscopy/mispaste a perfectly good command line. I think asking him to mangle a text file like that may be asking for more trouble.09:16
cemctwb: to that the response would probably be: "huh??" :)09:16
twbcemc: shrug.09:16
Sorellhey guys, is ssh turned off by default?09:17
twbSorell: ssh is not installed by default.09:18
twbSorell: if openssh-server is installed, it will start by default and accept connections from anywhere, to any user, by default.09:18
twbIMO this is a horrible default behaviour, but what can you do?09:18
twbI *think* dropbear is also "on by default" after you install it.09:18
Sorellidk that one.09:19
twbdropbear is just another sshd/ssh implementation09:19
twbHm, is iproute installed by default?  If so, when was it first installed by default (on ubuntu-server, not desktops).09:20
Sorellno idea09:24
Sorellhey twb, can you try something for me?09:25
dru_hey...please stop useing me as a subject of conflict09:25
SorellI'm setting up a Eucalyptus server09:26
Sorellcan you tell me if you can see it?09:26
twbSSL error: error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)09:28
twbSorell: you're using a crypto function that is blacklisted now09:28
twb(IIRC what that error really means)09:28
twb3-DES or whatever09:28
twbLemme see if I can find a server that doesn't track security.d.o nor hardy-security09:29
Sorellany quick way to turn it off?09:29
SorellI just got the DL of 9.10 server installed.09:29
twbTurn what off?09:29
twbYou can't un-blacklist a crypto function without recompiling libopenssl/libgnutls09:30
Sorellnot something I would want to do right now.09:31
twbOn a Fedora Core 3 machine, neither lynx nor curl will connect at all.09:31
SorellI'm having issues with firefox / konquor too09:31
twbSorell: you shouldn't be using that crypto method in the first place!  If you're gonna futz it, you should be futzing eucalyptus to use a modern crypto algo.09:31
Sorellbut only if I'm not on the LAN09:32
twbSorell: no, anywhere.09:32
SorellI just used the standard install.09:32
twb"It's OK, I'm behind a firewall" really means "I am only protected by one layer of security"09:32
twbSorell: report a bug against eucalyptus, then09:32
twbSorell: note: this assumes I'm diagnosing the problem correctly.09:33
sorentwb: Since day 1: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.karmic/revision/109:33
SorellI'm going to try to ask on ubuntu-cloud09:33
twbsoren: day 1 = karmic?09:34
sorentwb: Warty.09:34
twbOh, I see, that's just the branch name09:34
twbsoren: OK, thanks.09:34
soren2004-11-02 17:11:1509:34
soren"import warty seeds from the Ubuntu wiki"09:34
twbYeah, I was just looking at the URI initially ;-)09:34
SorellI'm confused, is this the bug list?09:37
Sorellthe link you posted09:37
twbSorell: he's in another thread09:37
twbIRC doesn't thread well09:37
sorenSorell: Bug list? No, it's the list of packages that got installed in the very first Ubuntu release 5 years ago.09:38
twb19:20 <twb> Hm, is iproute installed by default?  If so, when was it first installed by default (on ubuntu-server, not desktops).09:38
sorentwb: Sorry, then I lied, actually. Ubuntu server did not exist until Breezy.09:38
twbYeah, I nearly asked that :-()09:39
twb* :-)09:39
twbFat-fingered oaf that I am...09:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #458001 in eucalyptus (main) "Changing LOGLEVEL in eucalyptus.conf doesn't affect log verbosity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45800109:57
mdzttx, good morning10:41
mdzttx, do you know what was resolved with regard to the EC2 images and bug 451881?  I know that Scott uploaded the fix but do not know if there was a respin10:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 451881 in ec2-init "ssh public key fingerprint not available on console in UEC environement" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45188110:42
mdzttx, I checked http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/karmic/current/karmic-uec-i386.manifest and confirmed that the fix is there10:43
mdzis 20091022 the build we are releasing for RC?10:43
mdzttx, ah, ok, I was able to cross-reference the build number with the AMI ID (which is in the ISO tracker) and confirm10:44
mdzthe fix is in RC10:44
ttxmdz: I verified it10:46
ttx(on UEC images)10:46
ttxmdz: updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/ReleaseStatus with current status10:47
mdzttx, thank you10:47
ttxmdz: mathiaz found bug 457866 -- I think this needs to be fixed for release10:47
ttxas it has security implications10:47
uvirtbotttx: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out10:47
ttx"Security disabled for universe in UEC/EC2 images apt/sources.list"10:47
ttxmdz: we didn't get much feedback on the recent bugs filed against eucalyptus, in particular the one nurmi said he would look into10:48
mdzttx, argh10:48
mdzttx, can we not fix 457866 for RC?10:49
mdzthe idea of RC is that we have no known blockers for release :-)10:49
ttxmdz: I wouldn't try without smoser10:49
ttxmdz: but that might still be doable10:50
ttxsince testing is relatively fast10:50
ttxand the fix should be relatively harmless10:50
ttxmdz: -> #ubuntu-release ?10:51
tramsei_anyone available to help me wiuth ubuntu and dhcp10:57
ttxsoren: what's the status for bug 410886 ? It's our only remaining release-targeted bug.11:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 410886 in vmbuilder "VMBuilder doesn't work with grub2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41088611:07
sorenttx: I just need to upload a new VMBuilder snapshot.11:08
sorenttx: Is it right-now urgent?11:08
ttxsoren: not sure, asking in #ubuntu-release11:09
ghhi cant login to vsftp server keeps denying access, anybody know whats stopping me?11:14
=== ATuin is now known as A-Tuin
* soren lunches11:37
=== gamla_ko1san is now known as gamla_kossan
nijabakirkland: good morning :)12:42
ttxkirkland: tested cloud power features this morning. Goes to sleep ok but I can't seem to be able to wake it up. WakeonLan enabled in BIOS and showing up on ethtool (WakeOn g), but wakeonlan or powerwake fail.13:03
ttxprobably some hw issue on that Dell13:03
=== UnixDawg____ is now known as UnixDawg
=== aubre_afk is now known as aubre
smosersoren, i agree that vmbuilder on nectarine should be pulling from something non-trunk13:47
sorensmoser: Yeah. I didn't want to make the change, as I wasn't sure if it was referenced anywhere else (I at least saw the README, that had the url in it).13:49
smoserrather than an 0.11 branch, i'd just as soon create a "karmic-stable" branch13:50
smoserexplicitly named for this13:51
kirklandttx: can you wake-on-lan that machine independent of eucalyptus/powernap/powerwake?13:54
ttxkirkland: no13:55
kirklandttx: hrm, well, that stinks...  have you googled for info about that hardware and wakeonlan?13:59
kirklandttx: there are some quirks, sometimes ....13:59
ttxkirkland: I wonder if my green switch is playing tricks13:59
ttxkirkland: I'll have to troubleshoot that sometime in the future13:59
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
kirklandttx: d-link green switch?  I have the same one...13:59
smosergreen as in "consume less power" ?14:02
smoserit would be somewhat funny if a switch marketed as green had problems with wake on lan.14:03
smoserttx, so what are we doing with bug 45786614:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457866 in ec2-init "Same components for every pocket in apt sources.list" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45786614:03
smoseroh good, you're back ubottu14:04
smoseroops. uvirtbot14:04
ghostlinesI'm trying to umount a volume, but I can't because it's in use, I stopped all processes from using it except the mount process14:04
ghostlineswill killing the  mount process be risky?14:04
ghostlinesdon't want to risk losing any files14:04
ttxsmoser: fix it post-beta14:04
ttxpost-RC I mean14:05
ttxsmoser: see slangasek decision on #ubuntu-release14:05
smoserso it should be targetted somewhere ?14:05
ttxsmoser: it's not critical, so no14:06
ttxsmoser: just "very good to fix"14:06
ttxso, nominated for karmic14:06
smoserok. well, theres a patch attached for it.14:06
smoserwe're expecting then that we want that in like tomorrow or saturday ?14:06
smoseror like karmic-updates14:07
ttxlike tomorrow14:09
ttxso that dailies can be validated asap14:09
ttxkirkland: I did a pass on the doc, looks good. Fixed a few pointers in moreInfo (was mentioning old /etc/init.d things)14:12
kirklandttx: excellent!14:13
kirklandttx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/VirtManager14:13
kirklandttx: i did that yesterday14:13
kirklandttx: i was going to do something similar for virsh14:13
ttxkirkland: looking at PackageInstall now14:13
kirklandttx: PackageInstall was fun, as I hadn't installed that way previously14:13
ttxkirkland: you validated it with current packages ?14:13
kirklandttx: i was going to do a PowerManagement one too, with PowerNap instructions14:13
kirklandttx: current as of Tuesday, yes14:14
ttxkirkland: good14:14
kirklandttx: i created that while doing the install14:14
kirklandttx: there's on funky part that could potentially use some improvement14:14
kirklandttx: ssh key distribution14:14
kirklandttx: i used ssh-copy-id14:14
kirklandttx: but that required that I set a eucalyptus password on the node(s)14:14
kirklandttx: i gave instructions for setting it, then un-setting it14:15
ttxreading right now14:16
nijabattx: who has a muti-node setup to try reproducing a bug intel is having14:18
ttxthis part is a little dependent on what the user already has installed, obviously. If they disabled password auth on their SSh server that would fail. But I think that's a sane default instruction14:18
ttxnijaba: maybe etienneg/mathiaz14:18
nijabattx: it seems that as long as vm are launched, autodiscovery of additional nodes fails as the wrong ip is returned via avahi14:18
nijabattx: can't verify it with only one node :(14:19
ttxnijaba: you filed a bug already or you wait to reproduce it ?14:19
nijabattx: I have asked Paul @ intel to file it, so that he can follow up to request for additional info14:20
nijabattx: he now has a lab with 4 nodes running14:21
ttxnijaba: that will make asking for reproduction easier14:21
nijabattx: he also eventually can give us access to it if needed14:21
nijabattx: an uec is his current #1 priority for the weeks to come14:22
ttxnijaba: that sounds great !14:24
smoserok, ttx, i'm not going to be here tomorrow, nor around the interweb until monday AM. so bug 457866 probably be assigned to someone who will be here to fix it (soren, zul)... really it just needs a upload. if it goes into archive by 01:30 UTC tomorrow it will be in 20091023 builds automatically.14:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457866 in ec2-init "Same components for every pocket in apt sources.list" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45786614:25
zulsmoser: its got a debdiff attached to it?14:28
ttxsmoser: could you brief zul on the required action ?14:28
smoserwell, a bzr diff: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/34144024/bug457866-set-karmic-security-apt-sources.diff14:29
smoserit would be nice if mathiaz someone could just take a look at it also, to make sure i'm not fat fingering anything14:30
smoserand that my understanding of the bug is what needs to change.14:30
smoserbasically, all i did was s/restricted/universe/14:30
sorensmoser: Ah, right. Good catch.14:33
aubreare y'all reliably able to attach UEC SC volumes to your UEC instances ?14:43
aubreI'm considering reinstalling everything using ext3 , I can't figure out why this isn't working for me14:44
aubrebut if I know it is working for you , that would help me14:45
smoseraubre, i have not tested that. i think that kirkland might have.14:46
aubresmoser: could you just create a SC volume and try mounting it? it's fairly easy to test14:46
aubrefor example:14:48
aubreeuca-create-volume -s 1 -z vcl14:48
aubreeuca-attach-volume -i i-43440758 -d sdb vol-32DF04AE14:48
aubreif it shows14:49
zulsmoser: looks reasonable14:49
smoseraubre, sure. i'll test that.14:49
aubresmozer: thanks14:49
smoserthanks for spelling it out for me :)14:49
aubresmoser: if euca-describe-volumes shows "in use" you suceeded, if it still shows "available" you failed14:50
aubresmozer: if you succeeded, in the above example, you should be able to ssh into the instance and look for /dev/sdb, and then be able to fdisk /dev/sdb14:50
aubresmozer: and create a mountable partition, etc etc14:51
aubrein euca-create-volume -s is size in GB , and -z is zone14:51
ttxaubre: smoser with an "s"14:55
aubrettx: ty14:56
aubresmoser: sorry14:56
smoserok, so euca-describe-volumes shows 'available', and i'm about to type14:56
smosereuca-attach-volume -i i-4AA8096D -d sdb vol-32F804B014:56
aubresmoser yep14:56
aubresmoser: yep14:56
aubreI'm a troublemaker lol14:57
smoser$ euca-describe-volumes14:58
smoserVOLUME  vol-32F804B0     1              sm-zone-1a      in-use  2009-10-22T13:53:04.836Z14:58
smoserATTACHMENT      vol-32F804B0    i-4AA8096D      unknown,requested:sdb   2009-10-22T13:56:42.522Z14:58
smoserand in the instance14:58
aubresmoser: looks good14:58
smoserdmesg | tail showed a new 'sdb'14:58
aubresmoser: you win14:58
smoserand i just : mkfs.ext4 -F /dev/sdb14:58
aubresmoser: ok, I will try to reinstall my cloud14:58
sorensmoser: Is the VMBuilder branch used on nectarine referenced anywhere other than the README and in the branch metadata of /home/vmbuilder/ec2-daily/vmbuilder/ ?14:58
aubresmoser: thanks so much14:59
sorensmoser: I'd like to update it right now. I have some changes I'd like to make to VMBuilder for the appliance stuff, and they could start landing in the trunk at any time.14:59
=== aubre is now known as aubre_afk
smoserseems like it is good, aubre. i just mounted and wrote a file there and unmounted and mounted and verified it wsa still there.15:00
aubre_afkaubre_afk: thanks man15:00
smosersoren, bin/bzr-pull . thats what i do to pull all the updates.15:00
aubre_afkaubre_afk: I will reinstall15:00
smoseroh. but all it does is 'bzr pull' in the appropriate directory15:00
smoserso if you fix that it will change.15:00
sorenOk. I'll fix the README as well to avoid confusion.15:01
smoserright. please do.15:01
smoserwhat branch name are you using ?15:01
smoserdid you see my suggestion of karmic-stable15:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #458163 in eucalyptus (main) "[regression] euca_rootwrap fixes broke eucalyptus power management (powerwake)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45816315:01
sorensmoser: lp:~ubuntu-virt/vmbuilder/0.1115:01
sorensmoser: 0.11 is what we have in Karmic.15:02
sorensmoser: It will not be developed any further (i.e. it's in bugfix only-mode).15:02
sorensmoser: So that branch is stable.15:03
smoser... i would prefer explicit. but ok.15:03
sorensmoser: I'd like to keep the branch names of VMBuilder free of Ubuntu-like names.15:03
sorenhttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/vm-builder has the appropriate metadata.15:04
soren...which reminds me I need to add 0.11.2 to Launchpad.15:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #273930 in qemu-kvm (main) "oosplash.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in splash_create_window() under KVM" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27393015:09
smoseraubre_afk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/299078/15:09
smoserkirkland, ttx, see above15:09
smoseris that known behavior? user error ?15:09
smoseri think i might have been missing some step to explicitly release /dev/sdb from the guest (maybe 'eject /dev/sdb' or something)15:10
kirklandsmoser: the stack trace on detach?15:10
kirklandsmoser: i've seen that, clearly wrong, but I haven't noticed any mal-effects15:10
kirklandsmoser: file it, and mark against upstream qemu too15:11
smoserkirkland, file against kvm ?15:12
smoseror eucalyptus ?15:12
kirklandsmoser: file against the qemu-kvm package, and add a task for the upstream QEMU project15:12
zulsmoser: do you want me to upload that ec2-init fix for you?15:19
smoserzul, if you can upload it, and it wont magically be pulled into archive and piss people off about release, then yes.15:20
zulsmoser: hmm...ill wait til tomorrow then ;)15:21
smoserwe want it in "as soon as possible after release". so if you can accomplish that by upload now, then please do.15:21
smoseri think there are gates on what gets pulled, and that it requires an explicit ACK at the moment15:21
smoserso that upload wouldn't hurt15:21
smoserbut i'd maek sure someone more process knowledgable than i agreed.15:22
zulsmoser: yes someone has to ack it but I wait til rc is out just to be sure15:26
smoserno problem.15:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #348633 in qemu-kvm "Fails to boot from CD after reboot: CDROM boot failure code: 0003" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34863315:27
* soren takes a break15:30
smoserbug 45820115:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458201 in qemu-kvm "kernel stacktrace on volume detach in kvm guest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45820115:33
kirklandsmoser: okay, thanks15:34
kirklandttx: okay, i'm now confirming your db error :-/15:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #458198 in bind9 (main) "host crashed with SIGSEGV in start_thread()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45819815:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #293898 in vmbuilder "regression: vm-builder lacks --security-mirror option" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29389815:37
smoserttx, kirkland zul i'm going to step out for ~ 1h. if you need me, call cell phone (kirkland has it)15:38
zulttx: ack15:39
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uvirtbotNew bug: #458201 in qemu-kvm "kernel stacktrace on volume detach in kvm guest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45820115:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #458203 in eucalyptus (main) "euca_conf is missing command-line completion" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45820315:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #458211 in eucalyptus (main) "eucalyptus.conf is confusing and underdocumented" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45821115:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #355410 in qemu-kvm "kvm crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc_consolidate()" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35541015:53
ttxkirkland: I don't know if I should rejoice :)15:58
kirklandttx: on my confirming your db error?15:58
ttxkirkland: yes15:58
ttxkirkland: talking to the euca guys it sometimes feeled like I was the idiot with a weird error noone ever saw15:59
ttxfelt like, even15:59
* ttx jumps from call to call15:59
kirklandttx: nope, i'm with you now16:00
ttxyay, lets do a LP group16:00
kirklandttx: however, it just started working again, eventually16:00
ttxkirkland: oh yes, its pretty transient16:00
ttxjust someone might abandon after hitting that error on the first commands used, so better releasenote it16:00
ttx(and fix it)16:00
ttxIt a "Low" but desirable-to-fix bug16:01
mdzkirkland, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/eucalyptus/+bug/45797816:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457978 in eucalyptus "terminate request during instance start-up can SEGFAULT the NC (shows up under heavy load)" [High,Fix committed]16:41
smoserzul, at some point you and i need to go through all of canonical's published images (a{krm}i and clean up) there a bunch of cruft16:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! infinity, soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom16:43
zulsmoser: sure16:44
kirklandmdz: read the bug...  what's up?16:44
mdzkirkland, that's the bug that dmitrii mentioned on the call, they're not sure if it affects the KVM configuration or not but I asked that they give us the bug number and we would check into it16:47
mdz(it's a heads up)16:47
smoseraubre_afk, kirkland is 'euca-attach-volume' really supposed to work ?16:54
smoserthat should have said 'with --device'16:54
smoser --device : local device name (inside the guest VM) to use.16:55
smoserthat seems like a very hard thing to accomplish (requiring help from the guest)16:57
nijabahas anyone played with security groups with euca?16:59
nijabaseems that when I add authorization to another group than default, they are never effective when I start an instance in this group17:00
uvirtbotNew bug: #458274 in apache2 (main) "unnecassary dependencies of apache2 modules" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45827417:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #283888 in autofs (main) "strange Conflicts list" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28388817:02
ttxsmoser: I attached a device succesfully17:07
ttxnijaba: not really, not above the default group17:08
nijabattx: I opened a bug17:08
ttxnijaba: you can ping the eucalyptoids in #eucalyptus to get a quick opinion17:09
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
nijabattx: in a bit of a rush atm :(17:09
smoserttx, you attached it, yes, but is it actually supposed to attach with "local device name (inside the guest VM)" used ?17:10
smoserjust doesn't seem reasonable to me.17:10
nijabattx: and it seems to be a LS bug.  Works fine when doing the same with efox17:10
nijabattx: landscape17:11
ttxnijaba: ah17:11
* ttx will pop up again later tonight17:13
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darkphadertrying to clean up old kernels getting errors17:18
darkphaderErrors were encountered while processing:17:18
darkphaderas the directory was manually deleted17:18
darkphaderhow to remedy?17:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #458284 in eucalyptus (main) "New security groups are not applied" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45828417:26
jmedinaanyone using bacula 3.0.2?17:36
nekro_nijaba: I haven't seen that issue with security groups. Just tried it against the source.18:17
nijabanekro_: forget about it, was a landscape problem18:18
nijabanekro_: thanks for chekcing though18:18
nekro_nijaba: oh okay. np18:18
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=== crimsun is now known as jono
nijabagrrr: just ran into bug #45728318:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457283 in eucalyptus "x86_64 images should be presented a /dev/sdb, not a /dev/sda2" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45728318:25
SyLis there a command to reconfigure the network in commandline/18:29
SyLthat / was suppose to be a ?18:29
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jmedinaSyL, AFAIK, there is no such a program, you can use your favorite text editor and modify /etc/network/interfaces and then reload networking rc script18:37
=== mrchrisadams_ is now known as mrchrisadams
sorenSyL: There might be "third party" tools to do it, but the network configuration stuff you see in the installer only exists in the installer.18:52
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nijabaIs there a "trick" to have smaller images? I did an euca-bundle-vol of a running instance that took only 3.2G on disk (in /var/lib/eucalyptus/instances/admin/), and when I instanciate this new image it now takes 11G on disk!19:14
sorennijaba: Lower the disk size in the admin console.19:15
sorenYou probably set it to 11 to fit the old 10 GB images.19:15
sorenDoes that sound about right?19:15
nijabasoren: i did use -s 10240 in the bundle-vol.  I should not have?19:16
nijabasoren: and when you say "in the admin console", you are talking about the web interface?19:17
sorennijaba: Yes.19:18
sorennijaba: But the -s 10240 is probably also significant.19:18
nijabasoren: I would think so because in both cases (before and after) I used the same instance type.19:19
nijabait took 22 minutes to start this instance, yeah!!!19:20
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aubresmoser: I think that's how euca-attach-volume is supposed to work19:24
aubresmoser: some of the help commands for euca* need to be refined for sure19:24
smoseractually doing that, saying "add sdb" and expecting for '/dev/sdb' to show up in the guest is going to be *really* hard to maintain19:26
smoseracross linuxes, not to mention non-linux.19:26
smoserif, instead 'sdb' means "second scsi device on first scsi controller" or something like that, then its not so bad.19:27
aubresmoser: it should also be clearer  imo that you use "sdb" as the device name in the command line as opposed to "/dev/sdb"19:27
aubresmoser: I agree19:28
sorensmoser: The problem is that Xen lets you specify the device name an attached disk will have in the guest. libata does not.19:28
aubresmoser: aha19:28
sorensmoser: ..and this is difficult to emulate.19:28
smosereven in xen, thats is not possible19:28
sorensmoser: Uh... Why?19:28
smoserbecause it is dependent upon udev rules in the guest (in linux)19:29
smoserin freebsd or windows i have no idea how that is done19:29
sorenTry it on EC2. Attach an EBS, ask for it to be called /dev/xdm6 and it will be so.19:29
smoserit will be so based on a limited set of udev rules19:29
sorenWell, /dev/xdm, at least. I'm not sure if you can specify it as a "partition".19:29
sorenI'm quite sure udev just accepts whatever the kernel tells it.19:30
smoserand i'm quite sure that it doesnt have too19:30
sorenIt adds a bunch of symlinks (for UUID, id, and path based access), but the base name sticks.19:31
sorenOf course it doesn't have to.19:31
sorenYou can change anything you like with udev.19:31
sorenForget it. I didn't think it was going to be that sort of argument.19:31
aubrewow I started downloading from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/20091020.3/ way before lunch and it still has 16 mins to go :/ I had to double-check to make sure a new cd hadn't been released while I was downloading19:31
smoserso then, asserting "the guest will name this device XXX" cannot be expected to be correct 100%19:31
smoserits not "that kind of argument"19:32
smoserremember adding and removing usb keys say 3 years ago ?19:32
sorenIt very much is.19:32
smoserremember what a pain it was ? sometimes it came up as /dev/sdb, you take it out, add it in, this time its /dev/sdc19:32
sorenI know.19:32
sorenIt wasn't udev coming up with those names.19:33
sorenIt was the kernel.19:33
smoseri would suggest that documentation indicate that you are specifying which scsi bus/controller is to be attached (simliar to what kvm takes).19:33
* jmedina remembers that hell...19:33
sorenbut whatever. Forget it. I can tell right now this is not going to be a useful argument.19:33
aubresmoser: well when you remove an ethernet inteface on a vmware 3 image of ubuntu server 9.04 you don't necessarily get the same device name when you replace it. But I am used to that and it doesn't bother me.19:33
sorenaubre: If it has the same MAC, it should.19:34
sorenaubre: If not, it shouldn't.19:34
sorenBy design.19:34
aubresoren: it won't19:34
smoserso anyway, i just think its silly to say "this is the name the guest will call it"19:34
smoseras 'sdb' that might work19:34
aubresoren: vmware assigns a new mac each time, I probably could override it19:34
sorenaubre: I'd like to see udev logs as well as /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules from a system where that happens. It's a bug and should be fixed.19:34
smoserwhat if i name it wackJob12319:34
Reepicheepsoren: smoser,  I haven't really been following to much of what your talking about but I specify partitions with xen.. It's always seemed to work19:35
smoserits not going to work. so you shouldn't document or imply to the user that it will.19:35
Reepicheepfor example:19:35
Reepicheepdisk = [ "phy:vg/VM-Peter-root,sda1,w", "phy:vg/VM-Peter-swap,sda2,w" ]19:35
smoseractually, even that doesn't always work.19:35
smoserdepending on kernel you may see that has 'xda1'19:35
sorenaubre: That's what I'm saying. If it gets a new MAC, it'll get a new name. If it gets the old mac, it'll reuse the name. This is intentional.19:35
NivexThe release notes for Karmic indicate that installing to root on iSCSI is now supported, but my test install says otherwise (bug 457767)19:36
aubresoren: That makes a lot of sense.19:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457767 in debian-installer "karmic: iSCSI root: boot hangs on starting iscsid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45776719:36
jmedinaReepicheep: it also works for hot plug dissk using block-attach, the guest machine will get the disk using the name you used to attachit from the dom0 machine19:36
aubresoren: I just didn't know why it happened, but now I do - thanks :)19:36
Nivexseems like a problem handing off from iscsistart to iscsid19:36
sorenaubre: sure :)19:36
flagg0204nivex - had problems with iscsi install as well19:36
smoserthe short of my argument is that the hypervisor should not guarantee to the user that a guest will behave in a certain way.19:37
crohakonhow do I unzip a file in console?19:37
smosercrohakon, unzip19:37
aubreunzip filename19:37
sorensmoser: I'm not saying you can give it arbitrary names.19:37
crohakonoh, really? haha19:37
Nivexflagg0204: yeah, I've been working with #ubuntu-installer to clear a lot issues up, but now it's failing inside the installed environment19:37
Nivexit's so close to the line I don't know where it is19:37
flagg0204nivex - do you know if its possible to specify a iscsi initiator name?19:37
sorensmoser: I'm saying that with paravirt Xen, within certain specifications, you get to decide the block device name in the guest.19:37
aubreI haven't had a chance to test iscsi yet but I do intent to use it if/when we go to production19:38
Nivexflagg0204: afaik, not yet19:38
flagg0204when dealing with a netapp it uses the initiator name to determine what target you can use19:38
smoser"within certain specifications" is useless to depend on19:38
sorensmoser: See. It's "that sort of argument".19:38
flagg0204and since the installer uses a random initiator name, its impossible to predict19:38
NivexI have the feeling that will be sometime after karmic19:38
Nivexseeing as the internal bits aren't even functional yet :(19:39
flagg0204nivex - i fgured as much, ah well. guess its nfs root for now19:39
smoseranyway. sorry to have derailed into "that kind of argument".  it is obvious that eucalyptus is neither trying to nor capable of making a device appear in the guest as a given name19:39
smoseror at least not making a good effort at it. so it shouldn't imply in its help that it can.19:39
sorenThe amount of hacks it would have to apply to make it happen with kvm (or hvm Xen) is no fun at all.19:44
crohakonhow do you delete all the files in a directory?19:44
smoseri agree. so i think the documentation (and interface) should be more like kvm's.19:44
sorenIt's kind of like file descriptors. You can't just say that you want to open something as file descriptor 10. You have to make sure 10 is free, and an 0-9 are taken, and then open the file.19:44
smoserand euc has basically no way of knowing if 'sdb' is available19:46
soren...so if you wanted sdm, they could attach a dummy sdb, sdc..., sdl, and then the real sdm, and detach sdb..sdl. ..and assume that people have not installed special udev rules.19:46
smoserbut it does know if the second block device on controller 1 is taken19:46
zulsmoser: rc is out im going to upload it now19:46
aubre"if I knew it was going to be this kind of party I would have stuck my **** in the mashed potatoes." Mantan Moreland19:46
sorenPeople have root access to these things. They are free to shoot themselves as much in the foot as they please.19:46
sorenIf they don't, we can make reasonable guesesses as to what the names are going to be in the guest.19:47
mathiazzul: the archive is frozen until release - you could have uploaded what ever is needed before19:47
skuldToday's project:  get my email working LOL.  I think I've got an authentication issue with postfix19:47
sorenThe point is: This is good enough. The worst enemy of "good enough" is "perfect".19:48
Nivexmathiaz: who do I talk to about something that's busted and might need a freeze override?19:49
zulsmoser: done19:49
zulmathiaz: safer than sorry19:49
mathiazNivex: the release team19:49
mathiazNivex: I'd suggest to start by filling a bug19:50
smoseri disagree with "good enough".  indeterminable behavior is not good enough.19:50
jfb_h2oin Karmic I can't open X display. I thought it's related to DisallowTCP, but there is no file /etc/gdm/gdm.conf, suggestions?19:50
smoserthe interface gives no way for something more intelligent to drive it.19:51
Nivexmathiaz: bug's in already.  no traction yet :(19:51
sorenWhat do you mean?19:51
sorensmoser: ^19:51
EgonisI cannot seem to find a pppoe-client howto for Ubuntu Server anywhere for after-the-fact installs. Can someone point me in the right direction?19:52
sorenEgonis: pppoeconf - configures PPPoE/ADSL connections19:52
Egonissoren: Which packages do I need to install?19:53
jmedinaoh that the one19:53
smoserif the interface was like kvm's it would be possible to program.19:53
smoserpci_add auto|[[<domain>:]<bus>:]<slot> nic|storage|host [[vlan=n][,macaddr=addr]19:53
smoser[,model=type]] [file=file][,if=type][,bus=nr]... [host=02:00.0[,name=string][,dm19:53
smosera=none] -- hot-add PCI device19:53
Egonissoren, jmedina: Ahh, thank you!19:53
smoserpci_add auto|[[<domain>:]<bus>:]<slot> nic|storage|host [[vlan=n][,macaddr=addr] [,model=type]] [file=file][,if=type][,bus=nr]... [host=02:00.0[,name=string][,dma=none] -- hot-add PCI device19:53
smoserits less "user friendly", but more determinable.19:53
sorensmoser: Well, we're stuck with the "fantastic" EC2 API. Deal.19:53
smoserthat argument just isn't going to work indefinitely19:54
EgonisAnother dumb question (recently left Gentoo environment) -- how do I add a /etc/init.d script to startup?19:54
smoser"ec2 sucks, so eucalyptus has to also"19:54
sorensmoser: Maybe this will surprise you, but amazon actualy gets away with having tools that let you specify the device name, and somehow, magically, despite the fact that people can put random shite in their udev rules to change the name of block devices when they turn up, it works for on EC2.19:55
smoseri dont think that it does.19:55
smoseri think their documentation is incorrect, and that people probably find that out, and deal with it in the guest19:56
sorensmoser: What do you base this on?19:56
sorenWhat would the motivation be to add those weird udev rules?19:56
sorenThe amount of people who even have the skill to write them is astonishingly low.19:56
smoserso if i just say "add shc", it works ?19:57
sorenthe few who do, I'm sure can deal with the consequencees.19:57
sorenNo. xdc, for instance.19:57
smoserhow about xed19:57
sorensmoser: "within certain specifications"19:57
smoserwhich is valid.19:57
sorenMaybe xed.19:57
sorenI don't know.19:57
smosermaybe xed19:57
jmedinaEgonis: just like any other sysv distro, creating symlinks, for ubuntu you can use update-rc.d19:58
smoserif i had previously added xda-xdh and then xda-xdd19:58
smoseror some silliness like that19:58
smoserif you've previously done no volume attaches in ec2 to your instance19:59
smoserand then you say "attach xdd"19:59
smoserthat will "just work" ?19:59
jfb_h2ofixed: edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf19:59
sorensmoser: That's what I've been saying *all along*.19:59
smoseri dont think it will across even all of ubuntu's images19:59
smoserlet alone all images on ec219:59
smosereven that extremely simple case19:59
sorenGive me one good reason why it wouldn't work.19:59
smoserbecause my experience of device hotplug in linux indicates that things are lss than determinable20:00
sorenIf you say "the admin may have made a udev rule to override it", I /will/ kick you when I see you.20:00
nijabaweird, my cloud seems to have forgotten how to route all my public ips, apart from the first one20:00
sorensmoser: Well, that's paravirt Xen for you.20:01
sorensmoser: There are perfectly valid explanations why USB disks get the names they do.20:01
=== aubre is now known as aubre_afk
smoseri bet it doesn't show up as /dev/xdc on windows.20:01
sorensmoser: It's not like it's random.20:01
sorenForget it.20:02
* soren rolls eyes and leaves20:02
smoseryes, that was off the wall.20:02
smoserbut the point is, hardware (and a hypervisor managment platform is emulating "hardware") should be "hardware" and not make assertions about how the softwrae that runs on it will act20:02
sorenI'm not here, remember?20:03
smoserwhen you say "plug a volume into that instance" its like telling a sysadmin to walk over and attach a device.20:03
smoseri'lll agree with you its silly20:03
smoserhave a nice night soren20:03
sorenFor paravirt Xen, it's nothing at all like that.20:04
sorenSorry, but it just isn't.20:04
nijabaany clues on what might be going with this routing being lost?  I do see the public ip of all my instances when I do an 'ip addr', but I can only ping the first one.  Of course, all instances are from the same image and in the same security group...20:07
nijabawhen I say ping, it is also the same for ssh20:07
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mathiaznijaba: are you pinging/sshing from the CC?20:13
ruben23hi i have setup nfs on a server and client, im able to mount and view the server directory i share in my client problem is when i reboot i got this error and the mount directory is gone..------>http://pastebin.com/m447cd3e620:13
nijabamathiaz: both from the CC and from my desktop -> same result20:13
ruben23any idea on the error20:13
mathiaznijaba: try to look at the iptables rules for the nat table20:14
mathiaznijaba: this is where the public <-> private mapping is done20:14
mathiaznijaba: iptables -nL -t nat20:14
mathiaznijaba: can you ping/ssh into the instances using their *private* ips?20:15
nijabamathiaz: not the ones I cannot reach on their public ip20:16
nijabamathiaz: iptables looks good.  Do you want a pastebin?20:16
mathiaznijaba: sure20:16
mathiaznijaba: not the ones I cannot reach on their public ip? do you mean that the you cannot reach these via their private IPs as well?20:17
nijabamathiaz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299266/20:17
nijabamathiaz: I can ping and but not 101 and 320:17
mathiaznijaba: is the .3 guest running correclty?20:18
mathiaznijaba: can you get the console-output?20:19
nijabamathiaz: yep20:20
mathiaznijaba: can you paste the output for iptables -nL20:21
mathiaznijaba: and route -n20:21
* smoser heads out for the night. I'll check in later.20:22
smosermathiaz, its a trivial change, but could you just verifiy that the patch on20:22
nijabamathiaz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/299268/20:22
smoserbug 457866 is what you were wanting20:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 457866 in ec2-init "Same components for every pocket in apt sources.list" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45786620:23
jmedinaruben be sure portmap is running before nfs tryes to mount20:23
sorenjdstrand: Around?20:23
RobEssHi, has anyone been unable to upgrade the server version to 2.6.24-25 kernel? I'm running 8.04 version. The workstation flavor had no problems updating. The sources.list files seem identical between the two. Thanks!20:23
nijabamathiaz: hold on.  I just restarted the 2nd instance.20:23
=== WALoeIII_ is now known as WALoeIII
nijabamathiaz: and of course, now it works....  /me scratches his head...20:25
mathiaznijaba: you're becoming a koala... ;)20:26
nijabamathiaz: instance 1 : m1.xlarge, instance 2: m1.large: both work20:28
nijabamathiaz: but it the 2 instances and m1.xlarge, the second one does not work!!!20:28
* nijaba can't start to imagine what's going on...20:29
mathiaznijaba: are you using the same image?20:30
nijabamathiaz: of course I am20:30
mathiaznijaba: how many NC do you have?20:31
mathiaznijaba: you may run out of ressource (like memory or disk space) when you run two m1.xlarge instances20:32
nijabamathiaz: only one20:32
mathiaznijaba: which you wouldn't run into when you use m1.large and m1.xlarge20:32
nijabamathiaz: 5G, 8 core machine...20:32
mathiaznijaba: disk sapce?20:33
EgonisWhich is the typical preferred firewall/masquerade method in Ubuntu Server? I have typically used Shorewall, although am not sure what the Ubuntu standard is20:33
nijabamathiaz: df shows plenty of space left20:33
mathiaznijaba: how much?20:33
ScottKEgonis: ufw20:33
nijabamathiaz: 60G20:33
mathiazEgonis: depending on what you wanna do, ufw or shorewall20:33
nijabamathiaz: out of 6620:34
mathiazEgonis: ufw is great for host based firewall20:34
mathiazEgonis: if you wanna setup a gateway with complex routing scheme (such as DMZ and public/private zones) you'd better invest some time in shorewall20:34
mathiazEgonis: you could do it with ufw - but it doesn't support everything yet for the gateway/router use case20:35
nekro_"it is obvious that eucalyptus is neither trying to nor capable of making a device appear in the guest as a given name"20:35
mathiaznijaba: can you reproduce the failure with 2 m1.xlarge?20:35
nekro_smoser: it works with xen20:35
nekro_smoser: does not work with kvm20:35
mathiaznijaba: and the success with 1 m1.large and 1 m1.xlarge?20:36
nekro_smoser: euca2ools are supposed to be compatible with Amazon and Eucalyptus. Amazon uses xen20:36
RobEssEgonis, if you're going to run the firewall on a separate box, take a look at smoothwall. It's really easy to configure.20:36
nijabamathiaz: yes, 3 times already20:36
EgonisRobEss: Thank you, I will check that out.20:36
Egonismathiaz: Thank you20:36
smosernekro_, i still disagree that it works with xen. it works for maybe 16 strings or something (xda->xdd)20:36
mathiaznijaba: could you double-check that the failing instance (.3) in m1.xlarge gets the correct IP address?20:37
mathiaznijaba: is there another dhcp server on the network?20:37
sorensmoser: What are you basing this on? And how is xda->xdd 16 strings?20:37
nekro_smoser: ok, it works in most cases.20:37
mathiaznijaba: that would server dynamic ip addresses?20:38
ruben23hi i have setup nfs on a server and client, im able to mount and view the server directory i share in my client problem is when i reboot i got this error and the mount directory is gone..------>http://pastebin.com/m447cd3e620:38
nijabamathiaz: nope, isolated net, no dhcp20:38
nekro_smoser: I don't want to get into this argument because it is a hypervisor level issue, but to blame it on the client tools is a bit erroneous.20:38
nijabamathiaz: how would I check the ip of an instance I cannot connect to?20:38
jmedinaruben23: did you read my message about portmap?20:38
smosernekro_, it doesn't work in most cases. "most cases" would be > 50% of possible input strings20:38
mathiaznijaba: try to log on the NC and look at the kvm command20:38
smoserin which case no way.20:39
mathiaznijaba: it should have the MAC address20:39
mathiaznijaba: on the CC look into the dhcpd lease file for eucalyptus20:39
smoserwhatever xda->xdd is . (it was a typo above).20:39
mathiaznijaba: and check if the MAC address is there20:39
ruben23 jmedina: i ahvent see it20:39
smoserat very least the help should tell you to use something like "sdX"20:39
jmedinaI see20:39
smoserthat would make me happy20:39
smoserit would still be broken and indeterminable but at least less so20:39
EgonisRobEss: I was also hoping to run Postfix for a simple Filtering gateway, can I install this into smoothwall?20:40
sorensmoser: Well, Xen does not name stuff sdX. It names it xdX.20:40
jmedinaisnt it xvdX?20:40
smoserwell, goign with your "ec2 sucks so so should euca" argument, then we should just say "xda" is what it should take20:41
sorenjmedina: Err... could be. I'm not sure.20:41
smoserbut anyway20:41
smoseri have to go. soren you shouldn't have started up again. both of us have better things to do. at least i'd think you do :)20:41
ruben23 jmedina:..? whats your message..?20:41
sorenOh, I do. I really do.20:42
jmedinaruben23: scroll up, I answer two times20:42
nekro_smoser: I'm not making that argument. In fact, I am making no argument. We will fix software if there are legitimate bugs. File a bug if you think it is a bug. Based on how priority it is, it will be fixed at the appropriate time.20:42
smosernekro_, thank you.20:42
RobEssEgonis, I'm not sure. Smoothwall comes as a self-installing ISO. It is not Ubuntu-based.20:43
ruben23 jmedina: portmap should be runnning, how do i check it20:43
nijabamathiaz: which file.  /var/lib/dhcp3/dhcpd.leases is empty20:44
mathiaznijaba: right - that's not the eucalyptus lease file20:44
mathiaznijaba: I think it's somewhere in /var/lib/eucaluptys/20:44
mathiaznijaba: or /var/run/eucal/20:44
mathiaznijaba: if you do a ps -ef20:44
mathiaznijaba: and look for dhcpd processes you'll fine the eucalyptus lease file20:45
ruben23 jmedina:  i think its running----->daemon    3952     1  0 11:55 ?        00:00:00 /sbin/portmap20:45
mathiaznijaba: as it's specified on the command line20:45
jmedinaruben23: you need to be sure it is running before you try to mount nfs share20:45
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nijabamathiaz: /var/run/eucalyptus/net/euca-dhcp.leases20:45
jmedinayou didnt say how did you mount it, or how are you tring to auto mount it20:46
mathiaznijaba: right - that's it20:46
ruben23mount  /home/cron/RECORDINGS20:47
nijabamathiaz: it is empty :(20:47
ruben23jmedina: on my fstab i have this --->http://pastebin.com/m431e8a5f20:48
jmedinaruben23: sorry I have to go :S20:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #291590 in vm-builder "--iso option ignored?" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29159021:08
ka3uwwHey I guys I installed Ubuntu server and changed to a faster box. Now it doesn't see the new nic card. Can anyone help???21:33
_rubenka3uww: sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules (or alter the mac address(es) listed in that file, then reboot21:35
ka3uwwTNX _ruben! I am trying it right now.... TNX agn!21:38
ka3uww_ruben TNX... IT WORKS!!! TNX...21:40
ruben23hi if i have serverA and ServerB then i want to copy files form my serverA to server B where should i installed the FTP server to do it..?21:55
guntbertruben23: I don't think it matters21:56
_rubenjust use rsync instead21:56
ruben23 _ruben: what if ill used FTP...?21:56
ruben23what it would be21:56
ruben23where should i install the FTP server21:56
_rubenthe server you wont initiate the copy from .. which, again, leaves it up to yourself21:57
_rubenone will be server, one will be client, data can be transfered both ways either way21:57
SyLis there a link for a howto to get eucalyptus working in karmic? I remember seeing one, but I can't find the link21:58
aheSyL: you mean this one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC ?22:02
jdstrandsoren: hi! I noticed your vmbuilder upload and installed it. However, I can seem to boot the karmic vm after it is created. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/299317/22:10
jdstrandsoren: it just sits after the BIOS post with 'Booting from Hard Disk...'22:10
SyLok, maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not seeing any keys in /var/lib/eucalyptus/keys/ on the frontend or the nodes. any ideas?22:11
jdstrands/I can/I can't/22:12
jdstrandsoren: s/I can/I can't/22:12
sorenjdstrand: I'm working on that right now.22:15
sorenjdstrand: ..but I'm surprised you're seeing it.22:15
jdstrandsoren: why surprised? output not what you expected?22:16
sorenjdstrand: /me must be barking up the wrong tree22:16
jdstrandsoren: if it helps, I have grub installed, but not grub222:16
sorenjdstrand: No, I was seeing the same thing, but doing something "special", and thought that was why it was breaking.22:16
sorenjdstrand: If you're seeing it as well, I was barking up the wrong tree. In fact, I thin kI know what it is.22:17
jdstrandah good22:17
sorenjdstrand: Thanks for the poke. You got me back on the right track :)22:17
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jdstrand 522:17
sorenditto :)22:17
* soren waits for vmbuilder to finish.22:18
MTeck-ricer!search autofs22:19
ubottuFound: automount, autofs22:19
MTeck-ricer!info autofs22:19
ubottuautofs (source: autofs): kernel-based automounter for Linux. In component main, is extra. Version 4.1.4+debian-2.1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 112 kB, installed size 508 kB22:20
sorenjdstrand: I seem to have fixed it.22:48
sorenNow I just need to file a bug to track it.22:50
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bventurai have a internal DNS server in my office, and when I try to resolve the address "example.com" without any prefix (like www.example.com) it's returning the address of the internal dns server, not my website's address which is what I want.  How can I fix that?  what DNS entry do I need to make?23:25
bventuraie. someone puts in their browser "http://example.com" when they are at the office23:25
qman__bventura, you need to change the "example.com" entry in your zone file23:29
bventuraqman__ that's what I think I am not getting here, that 'example.com' is not really specifically mentioned there except at the top line "example IN SOA dns1.example.com. dnsadmin.dns1.example.com"   then a bit down "$ORIGIN example.com."23:35
qman__bventura, you need an A record for example.com23:47
qman__normally such an oversight would cause bind to not start23:48
qman__so, more likely, it IS defined, but you didn't notice23:48
qman__the fact that $ORIGIN is defined means that the record could be23:48
qman__@     IN    A
bventuraok qman let me check it out23:53

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