lamalexCan the ubuntu one file sync follow symlinks?04:48
lamalexAlso- I found the faq question but it links to a bug report that's been marked a dupe04:51
lamalexyou guys should link it to the real report04:51
Slam-er__hellow, how do I delete all of my files off of the server?06:06
Slam-er__okay, I figured that out, but it seems to either not work, IE folders stay visible or it takes a really long time for the server to delete the files and then update the folder listings06:27
b166eranyone from ubuntuone dev team in here07:46
b166eranyone know how to fix the not connecting problem?07:47
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magatzi need an explanation: what happens when i upload a file from the web interface? if i check the ubuntuone folder on a diferent (authorized) machine, should i expect to see the new file uploaded?08:30
diverse_izzuehey guys. after a system reboot, i can (again) not connect to ubuntuone. turns out i have no password saved in my keyring anymore. this keeps happening. quitting and restarting the client opens a browser for re-authentication09:56
aquariusdiverse_izzue, what happens after you re-authorise the computer you're on?10:07
diverse_izzueaquarius, what happens is that it works fine for a while.10:29
diverse_izzueit puts a key in the keyring10:30
diverse_izzue"ubuntuone token"10:30
diverse_izzuethe key seems to disappear upon a reboot of the system10:40
diverse_izzueaquarius, is it possible that i have an old, messed up config ( i was one of the first testers)?10:41
aquariusdiverse_izzue, um...I don't understand why the key disappears10:41
aquariusso, just so I understand this: you reauthorise your computer, and it works fine until you reboot, and then after the reboot there's no key and you have to reauthorise again?10:42
diverse_izzueaquarius, yes, so it seems10:43
aquariusdiverse_izzue, OK. Suggestion: can you set Ubuntu One to not connect on startup, and then try rebooting?10:43
diverse_izzueaquarius, will do10:44
aquariussince the key's disappearing, one of two things is happening: either Ubuntu One is removing the key, or Ubuntu One isn't removing the key.10:44
aquariusif you set U1 to not connect on startup, then we should be able to tell the difference between the two :)10:44
diverse_izzuesounds logical to me :-)10:44
diverse_izzueso, aquarius, back after a reboot, key is still there, ubuntuone-client sits in tray, disconnected10:48
aquariusdiverse_izzue, OK, so, Ubuntu One is removing the key, for some reason. That seems...weird.10:49
aquariusNow try connecting.10:49
diverse_izzueaquarius, via gui?10:49
aquariusyep, from the Ubuntu One applet's menu10:49
diverse_izzueworks, key still there10:50
diverse_izzuei swear it repeatedly disappeard over the past few days10:50
aquariusOK. So, the key is being removed when you start up, but not if Ubuntu One doesn't connect.10:50
diverse_izzuewhere was it ubuntuone stores the log files?10:50
aquariusAre you using Network Manager?10:50
aquariuslog files are in ~/.cache/ubuntuone10:51
diverse_izzueaquarius, yes10:51
diverse_izzueaquarius, syncdaemon-exceptions.log contains stuff like: http://pastebin.com/ma4554de10:53
aquariusyeah, that's the syncdaemon looking in the keyring for your key and not finding it :)10:53
aquariuswhat I don't understand is why the key is being deleted10:53
* diverse_izzue wonders as well10:54
aquariuscan you file a bug? "Report a Problem" from the Ubuntu One applet menu, and attach your log files, and explain that it happens on reboot if Ubuntu One is set to connect on startup, but not if it doesn't?10:54
aquariusHaving to manually connect is annoying, I know, but it should keep you running until someone who knows more about that area of the code than I do can look at the bug :)10:55
diverse_izzueaquarius, i will do, after verifying that that's really how it is10:55
diverse_izzuenot sure the pattern is that simple10:55
diverse_izzuei also for a long time had an issue where it wouldn't autoconnect after the first start after system boot, but would do so after subsequent logins10:56
aquariusdiverse_izzue, thanks for looking into this in detail!10:59
diverse_izzueaquarius, another, minor thing. in the web-ui, filenames are truncated even if they would easily fit into a column of that width11:05
diverse_izzuealso, why does it say "3 days, 1 month ago" instead of "one month, 3 days ago"11:06
=== CardinalFang changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Help contact: CardinalFang | Ubuntu One is now available and faster than ever. | File Sharing for Ubuntu | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 261, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (cleint) 1.0 (protocol)
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jblountMEETING BEGINS15:00
jblountHi guys! What are you doing? If you want to be in the Desktop+ meeting, say so. "me" will get us started.15:01
urbanapeactually, kid emergency - cut that needs stitches. gotta run.15:02
teknicowow :-(15:02
aquariusthat's not good:(15:02
CardinalFangurbanape, $ man patch15:03
vdsshall I start15:06
jblountvds: Go for it15:07
vdsDONE:managed to reproduce the  PQM environment and the failing test, fixed it and sent to PQM (the real one), filed a bug about watchdaemon to use the new controller API #458170 started  a new branch to fix it15:07
vdsTODO: finish quickly the last branch15:07
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:07
vdsjblount: all you!15:07
jblountDONE: Got most of the copy changes done15:07
jblountTODO: Finish last few bugs: #452368 #402837, ask pfibiger to roll to edge15:07
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:07
jblountaquarius: Go time15:07
aquarius⚀ DONE: branch for bug #45553915:08
aquarius⚁ TODO: help thisfred with _users deployment in u1couch; fix my unknown couch token; look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer15:08
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED: still have no oauth token15:08
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 0 (!!)15:08
aquariusteknico, rock on15:08
ubottuBug 455539 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/455539 is private15:08
teknicoDONE: fixed display of choice field values in contact details (#456267); made branch that conditionally disables all contacts and notes urls for maintenance (#458062); reviewed one branch15:08
teknicoTODO: more improvements to the contacts web UI (#456267); integrate the client-side code needed by delete buttons on repeatable sections of the contacts edit form (#439093)15:08
teknicoBLOCK: none15:08
tekniconext: CardinalFang15:08
CardinalFangDONE: testing karmic.  ran into confusing grub / grub2 bug.  filed one minor bug on desktopcouch.15:08
CardinalFangTODO: face duty.  testing.  get updated packages into karmic. Help with u1couch update, if needed (thisfred?).  write report of packaging mistake.15:08
CardinalFangBLOCKED: uploaders busy.  u1couch is wonky.15:08
CardinalFangdobey, man screen on!15:09
dobey☺ DONE: triage, Fix issue with ssl import on Python 2.515:09
dobey☹ TODO: triage, bug fixes,15:09
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:09
dobeyrodrigo_: su rollo15:10
rodrigo_• DONE: Copy/paste of contacts in evo-couchdb (https://bugs.launchpad.net/evolution-couchdb/+bug/451837). Continued looking at nested lists XML<->HTML problems. Submitted patched evo-couchdb for karmic15:10
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?15:10
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:10
ubottuError: This bug is private15:10
rodrigo_no one next, right?15:10
jblountrodrigo_: Nope, thanks!15:11
jblountMEETING ENDS (someone go build me a meeting IRC bot)15:11
rodrigo_ok, rebooting then, brb15:11
CardinalFangI was using Chandler to juggle tasks, until it disappeared a few months ago.  Is there a similar to-do list in karmic?15:35
* CardinalFang pokes at Tasque15:37
dobeychandler? as a to-do list?15:37
dobeyheavy stuff.15:37
CardinalFangIt's wonderful.15:37
dobeyi suppose it's wonderful like using evolution for tasks15:38
CardinalFangHrm, haven't tried evolution since 2005. ...15:38
barlasjoshuahoover, It started working after maintenance15:48
joshuahooverbarlas: excellent!15:49
ukevurbanape, are the bindwood fixes now in the karmic repo? in which?16:16
ukev(concerning https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bindwood/+bug/443121)16:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 443121 in bindwood "With Bindwood installed, Firefox is completely unresponsive" [Medium,In progress]16:17
dobeyukev: committed != released. the fix is in bzr, but not packaged yet16:22
ukevhm ok, how can I see when it is packaged?16:22
dobeyyou are subscribed to the bug i presume?16:26
ukevok, there will be another comment like "package created" ?16:26
dobeywhen it gets uploaded to karmic, it will be changed to "Fix Released" by launchpad, and have a comment added with the debian/changelog entry16:26
ukevah ok, thank you very much, I'm trying to find my way into ubuntu-dev but not all things are clear :)16:31
* dobey should probably apply to be an ubuntu dev soon16:33
jcastroukev: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers16:34
dobeybut for now... lunch and all that entails16:35
MagicFabhow can I troubleshoot ubuntu one connections ? My desktop client in karmic hangs with a grayed "Connecting".. same with the applet.16:59
joshuahooverMagicFab: hi17:00
joshuahooverMagicFab: if you copy and paste ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and put the link here, i'll take a look17:00
MagicFabgeez. Why would thatbe even linked in/ var/log ?17:03
MagicFab"Unable to contact NetworkManager" duh17:04
MagicFabI use iwcd.17:04
* MagicFab files a bug17:07
MagicFabjoshuahoover, thanks a lot.17:10
joshuahooverMagicFab: dobey is the one who knows more about this and he's @ lunch right now...when he's back i'll check on if we have a way to work around this or not...i think there may be17:10
joshuahooverMagicFab: check out dobey's comment (#4) in bug 45629217:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456292 in ubuntuone-client "can't connect under Xubuntu" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45629217:13
joshuahooverdobey: when you're back can you look at bug 457130 ...it's baffling me and the bug above could use another look as we got some feedback ^^17:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457130 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntuone-client-applet crashed with IOError in __toggle_state()" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45713017:22
dobeyhmm, ok17:54
Slam-erhello, are there known issues with deleting folders from the web interface? It currently does not seem to work very consistently for me.18:33
joshuahooverSlam-er: hi, let me test right now18:42
joshuahooverSlam-er: i deleted a couple files from different folders just now...it was a little delayed (maybe 5 seconds between when the delete overlay disappears and the file appears18:43
khtaamSlam-er, it says on Ubuntu One's identica that the services are not available right now due to server improvements18:46
dobeykhtaam: just notes and contacts18:49
dobeykhtaam: file sharing should be ok18:49
khtaamdobey, i can not connect right now, i can see the web interface for the files and notes, but files wont sync18:52
dobeykhtaam: won't sync with the desktop client, or you can't upload via web?18:53
khtaamdobey, won't sync with desktop, nothing happens when i hit the connect button in nautilus18:54
khtaamtrying to restart one of my computers18:54
dobeyit doesn't go grey for second or so and then turn to "Disconnnect"?18:54
khtaamjust "connect"18:55
joshuahooverkhtaam: can you put your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log file in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and paste the url here?18:55
khtaamthere are no errors in the log for today, and it seems to work on my netbook that i just restarted19:01
khtaamguess i have to restart ubuntu one on my desktop aswell19:01
khtaamyes, killed the ubuntuone-syncdaemon and started it again and it works. on to try the contacts syncing :-)19:06
joshuahooverkhtaam: great! note that contacts syncing is not complete yet...we should have the syncing with the cloud working in the next day or so19:07
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Slam-erjoshuahoover, thanks for the reply, sorry, I was busy at the moment19:14
joshuahooverSlam-er: np19:15
Slam-erThe directories I am trying to delete have a couple of gigs worth of data19:16
Slam-erthey refuse to delete though, sometimes they disappear but if I re-login they come back19:16
joshuahooverSlam-er: ok, i'm going to check on it further and check with some other folks to see if there might be some changes going on that would cause this problem19:21
Slam-er_joshuahoover, again, sorry, my network like's to drop me off, any ideas on directories with lots of data not deleting?19:27
joshuahooverSlam-er_: no, are you only seeing the issue when deleting directories (with lots of files) via the web?19:28
Slam-er_yes, I have a documents folder with thousands of documents and lot's of sub folders19:28
Slam-er_it refuses to go away, I'm basically trying to clear the server and resyncing my two laptops because I was getting lot's of conflicts with partial uploads from the laptops19:30
joshuahooverSlam-er_: ok, that's good to know...and you click the trash icon for the parent folder and then the folder never disappears or something else?19:30
Slam-er_yes, I click the confirm button to delete, the dialog go's away but the folder stays there19:30
Slam-er_if I reload the page sometimes the folder will go away, but if I re-login it will reappear19:30
joshuahooverSlam-er_: ok, can you file a bug for this problem? it's likely to take a little while to troubleshoot: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers/+filebug19:33
Slam-er_Sure, I can do that19:34
Slam-er_Something that would be nice would be an easy way to just clear all of the files on the server with the click of a single button19:35
joshuahooverSlam-er_: that's a possibility though we'd need to be very careful about implementing something like that19:40
Slam-er_I could see that happening, I guess one question I have though is how are you supposed to delete files? If I remove a folder from my Ubuntu One folder won't it just be re-downloaded from the server?19:41
joshuahooverSlam-er_: no, if you remove it from your computer, it will tell the server to delete the file/folder(s)19:42
Slam-er_what if I have it on two computers though? I'm trying to keep my wife's and I's laptops synced when we are seperated due to travel19:43
joshuahooverSlam-er_: if you have two computers sharing the same account, then it depends on the situation...if any of the deleted files on one are modified on the other, then ubuntu one will mark files as conflicts for you to address...otherwise it should delete files across both computers19:51
Slam-er_okay, I think I understand a little better now19:52
Slam-er_I'm almost done with writing the bug report, it appears that one directory has finally dropped off19:52
Slam-er_the other I have been trying to delete is still there.19:53
Slam-er_Okay, I posted the bug it is: Bug #45843619:57
ubottuBug 458436 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/458436 is private19:57
joshuahooverthank you Slam-er_!19:58
Slam-er_I just changed the bug report to public19:58

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