Keybukion: make the thing you suggest part of plymouth14:30
ionI might. :-P14:31
Keybukbecause we're going to go for that in lynx I think14:31
ionThat is, if i ever get around to implementing something like that, it definitely should be part of plymouth.14:31
KeybukI hate usplash too much14:31
ionIf the text fallback is clean and pretty, it isn’t even that big a problem that some drivers still don’t support KMS IMHO.14:32
Keybukand it turns out that it hurts boot speed to support non-KMS splash14:33
Keybukbecause you have to sleep in the hope a KMS driver appears14:33
Keybukthen give up, and start the splash instead14:33
Keybukwhich is, err, about the point you also start X :p14:33
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