visitor1hi channel04:10
visitor1anybody could please help me restoring my xfce desktop04:10
visitor1i have lost my right mouse button on desktop and the programm menu whis is normaly on the high left side04:11
visitor1it went wrong afetr installing a few packages, i tried to delete the stuff but to no avail04:13
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visitor1hi people06:53
visitor1just managed some part of my problem, the right mouse click is working again on the desktop :)06:54
cody-somervillevisitor1, Hi Visitor. Whats your problem? :)06:54
visitor1but i still have no applications menu on the task bar on top left06:54
visitor1hi cody-somerville06:55
visitor1had some trouble after installing a few packages06:56
visitor1the desktop didnt show any files and the taskbar produced errors06:57
visitor1the problem whis i have still is that the application menu doesnt show on the task bar06:57
cody-somervilleRight click, click add new items07:10
cody-somervillethen select Xfce Menu from the list and click add once more07:10
visitor1works, thanks a lot :)07:11
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homebrewciderwonder if anyone can help me. on my server I'm trying to install a .deb file. says "requires installation of 15 packages" starts installing , then says "check your internet connection". I'm connectedd, cos same computer can apt-get update okay12:40
cody-somervillehomebrewcider, try using a different mirror12:47
homebrewciderhmm, to downloiad the deb file?12:48
cody-somervilleto download the dependencies12:48
homebrewciderah okay, will try that12:48
homebrewcidercody, that worked, thanx13:11
cody-somervillenp :)13:14
knomecody-somerville, should i eat some pizza or go home and make some bread?13:17
cody-somervillefuzzy, try again later.13:17
iokahow can I find out what partitions do I have and their names so I can mount them?13:33
cody-somervillelshw should help13:34
Sysithat might be easiest with nautilus filemanager13:34
Sysiit can show them straight ahead13:35
iokait does not show them13:36
iokaI do not have nautilius13:36
Sysiyou can install it13:36
Sysibut that't just one way13:37
Sysifor me easiest13:37
iokai'd like to find out the general knowledge for mounting13:37
iokalet's say I do not have a gui interface13:37
iokaonly black terminal13:37
cody-somervilleioka, ls /sys/block13:41
cody-somervilleioka, that'll list all block devices13:42
ochosiioka, you can also ls /dev/ | grep sda (where "sda" is the device name of your hdd. you can find out via ls /sys/block)13:50
iokahow to mount partition and change the permissions on it?14:09
ochosiioka, "man mount"14:15
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:42
florian_Hello everybody, why does my xfce-panel start and end several times after boot-up14:46
likemindeadYikes. That's no good. What version of Xubuntu?14:47
florian_ubuntu 9.04 with xcfe-desktop14:49
likemindeadAh. You installed xfce-desktop in Ubuntu. I'm not sure what to do there.14:51
florian_well, some weeks ago, almost everybody on this channel said there is no difference whether I have a "pure" xubuntu or "only" the xcfe-dektop.14:52
likemindeadI've always had mixed results installing multiple desktop environments...14:53
florian_for example?14:53
likemindeadBugginess like you're describing.14:59
likemindeadI think simply adding window managers is safer than adding entire desktop environments.14:59
florian_hm. would it be useful to deinstall the gnome-desktop?15:00
florian_what are window-managers?15:00
likemindead!window manager15:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about window manager15:06
likemindeadWindow managers are smaller & simpler. They don't include file managers, etc. That's when it becomes a desktop environment.15:07
florian_how can i find out which wm is being used by my de?15:23
florian_thanx for the link, very enlightening!15:24
florian_thank you!15:29
mikubuntuomg.  i never used a torrent before.  had trouble with azureus, and another, and then someone here suggested using deluge yesterday .. well it works, but it's downloading a 1.12 gb file at between 1.4 and 2 kib/s ..  in two days its downloaded barely 20% of the file.  i thought 'torrents' were sposed to be FAST?16:09
TheSheepdepends on how many people are seeding it16:14
ubottuops is HELP! gnomefreak, tonyyarusso, PuMpErNiCkLe, maxamillion, TheSheep, crimsun, mrpouit, Myrtti, PriceChild charlie-tca or cody-somerville16:31
ubottuops is HELP! gnomefreak, tonyyarusso, PuMpErNiCkLe, maxamillion, TheSheep, crimsun, mrpouit, Myrtti, PriceChild charlie-tca or cody-somerville16:33
likemindeadWhat are you hoping to accomplish?16:34
* likemindead shakes his head in bewilderment...16:34
ron_ois there any way I can troubleshoot why my flash gets corrupted after my browser has been open for too long?17:04
ron_oIt happens both in Firefox and Opera. The same symptoms. Even when I changed Opera setting for Flashplayer 10x it continues.17:05
ron_oI'm using Jaunty17:05
nikolamwhat browser17:06
nikolamwhat flawh version17:07
nikolamwhat xubuntu version17:07
nikolamhow flash is installed, what version17:07
nikolamoh, jaunty, thats like latest,9.9417:07
nikolam32 or 64-bit17:07
ron_oOpera 9.63 and Firefox 3.01.. 32 bit, You have version 10,0,22,87 installed17:09
ron_osame symptoms in both. Exactly the same. The sound gets distorted and the entire flash stutters, like as in it will start and stop.17:09
ron_obut only after my browser has been open for some time.17:10
ron_oweird symptom.17:10
nikolamwhat web page are that you are experience that on?17:10
ron_obut it's happend over several web pages..17:10
ron_ovimeo also.17:10
nikolamtry installing seamonkey. if problem persist, try installing flash from adobe site, that might help17:11
ron_owith FF I would just disable then re-enable Flash and then reload the page and it would be fine. But with Opera I must restart the entire browser.17:11
nikolamPersonally I am on 64 bit Hardy and i use latest 64bit flash from <adobe. Works great now17:11
ron_owill do. Didn't think about adobe's version.17:11
ron_ouninstall the free version?17:12
nikolami wont.17:13
nikolamI think it is just older non free version just installed with repo17:13
mikubuntuomg.  i never used a torrent before.  had trouble with azureus, and another, and then someone here suggested using deluge yesterday .. well it works, but it's downloading a 1.12 gb file at between 1.4 and 2 kib/s ..  in two days its downloaded barely 20% of the file.  i thought 'torrents' were sposed to be FAST?17:13
nikolamOne day you do upgrade it will follow upgrade17:13
ron_omikubuntu, your filewall is probably causing you problems.17:14
ron_oyou need to figure out which port that deluge is running off of and open that port in your firewall.17:14
mikubuntuummm, what do i do, disable till the torrents done?17:15
ron_otorrent applications are both clients and servers.17:15
ron_omikubuntu, try that to see if it is your firewall, but you need a firewall. Just open the port that deluge is using.17:15
ron_odepending on your firewall....17:15
ron_oyou'll have to figure out how to do that.17:16
mikubuntuomg, i don't even know what firewall is on here or where to find it .. haha .. let alone find the port17:16
ron_oand torrents are only as fast as there are seeders and leechers.17:16
ron_owell, that is beyond the issues of this channel. :)17:16
mikubuntuwell, you don't have to start calling names17:16
ron_ofirst, turn off your firewall and I bet you will have a better experience, but turn it back on because you don't want to become a victim of your own doing. :)17:17
mikubuntunow its downloading at about 5 kib/s .. haha .. eta .. 2d 2h .. hahaha17:20
ron_obe patient. It takes awhile for you to become 'recognized'17:21
ron_oyou should read up on just the basics of bittorrent.17:22
nikolammikubuntu, torrent speed is all about seeds. Also about your seed ratio17:38
nikolamalso dwat is you up/dw speed?17:38
nikolamalso use http//ftp server for iso it is faster, and then seed :)17:39
Aquina'lo I'm using Azureus 2.5.04 with Xubuntu. Yet I had no problems but I'm concerned about security. Shuld I upgrade to vuze 4.0?20:40
Sysino, if it's installed from repos20:40
Sysithere isn't unsecure stuff20:41
Aquinaok, thx20:46
ryjydanyone about?22:52
knome 22:52
ryjydwell, I'll lay a question out here, and hopefully someone knows what to do22:55
ryjydI got vino server running on xubuntu, and in the process of doing that, I made the panels disappear, and every time I restart my comp, the last firefox window I had comes up, a system monitor, and a terminal, and that's it22:57
ryjydquestion is, how do I get the panels back up?22:58
knomeryjyd, alt+f2 -> xfce4-panel22:58
ryjydthat was easy22:59
ryjydnow to figure out if it sticks...22:59
knomeyup. you got anything mor challenging? ;)22:59
ryjydyeah, but I don't feel like digging into it, and I think it's a hardware issue anyhow... old ass PCs23:01
knomeyou can try23:01
ryjydit involves lugging hardware around... and the messages I get look like the results of fried memory chips23:02
ryjydbtw, the panels stayed... thanks for that23:02
knomeforunately memory is cheap23:02
ryjydyeah... cheaper if you get it from a pc antique store23:03
ryjydI think I will challenge you a bit... gimme a sec to hook this other pc up23:04
ryjydcould be a hard drive too... can hear a  little grinding going on...23:07
ryjydthe live cd does look for a swap  partition, doesn't it...23:08
knomei suppose so yeah23:08
ryjydman, my stuff might be all simple... kinda disappointing23:09
ryjydall msgs start with ata1.0123:10
knomesounds like HD23:10
ryjydexception emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x023:10
ryjydBMDMA stat 0x4523:11
ryjydcmd c8/00:20:3f:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/f0 tag 0 dma 409623:12
ryjydres 51/40:01:57:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/f0 Emask 0x9 (media error)23:13
ryjydokay... I has plan23:13
knomethe ata messages sound like HD23:13
ryjydand media error... big clue theree too23:14
ryjydI will unhook one hd, or maybe both23:14
ryjydwell well... that looks better23:18
ryjydI apologize, but I have nothing complicated, I'm afraid23:19
knomehi ritchie_rope23:19
knomeryjyd, that's ok ;)23:19
ritchie_ropecould someone help me in setting up GRUB?23:20
ryjydunless you can tell me for sure that an ati card with an rca video out won't work without holy water23:20
ritchie_ropeI am sure it is not so complicated as the descriptions of it are..23:20
knomeritchie_rope, grub should be set up automatically23:20
knomeryjyd, probably won't ;)23:21
ritchie_ropeknome, sure, but I installed a windows xp (had to because of printing problems)23:21
ryjydokay, I'm off to get holy water, then23:21
ritchie_ropeand I managed to have xubuntu again23:21
ryjydthanks again for your help23:21
ritchie_ropeit boots up, but xp is nowhere23:21
knomeryjyd, np. have fun with xubuntu.23:21
knome!grub | ritchie_rope23:21
ubotturitchie_rope: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto23:21
ritchie_ropeyes, I know.. i googled a lot in the topic23:22
ritchie_ropebut the descriptions are not so helpful..23:22
knomeritchie_rope, what's the problem?23:22
ritchie_ropeI only want GRUB to load xp for me sometimes, nothing more23:22
knomeritchie_rope, yep, but where are you stuck in?23:23
ritchie_ropeonly the linux kernel lines and the memtest can be found on the options sreen23:23
ritchie_ropeon loading23:23
knomesee that page. does it tell you what you have to do?23:23
knomethat was a wrong subheading23:25
ritchie_ropewell, in another way I already recovered the GRUB23:25
ritchie_ropeI only want to add a line somehow which loads xp23:25
knomei suppose reinstalling would help as well..23:25
knomei understand23:25
ritchie_ropeoh, ok.. I'll try it23:25
ritchie_ropejust my dvd reader is getting on my nerves, hopefully it will read the live cd23:26
knomeritchie_rope, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-116093.html23:26
knomeritchie_rope, there is more23:26
ritchie_ropethank you for this last page...23:28
ritchie_ropeit seems promising23:28
ritchie_ropeat least somewhere it is described why I always have to write hd something but all I always see is sda in linux23:29
ritchie_ropeby the way, does it make any difference if I see boot partitions made by windows listed separately after typing fdisk -l?23:30
ritchie_ropeoh, it is fsck if i am not mistaken23:31
ritchie_ropesorry, it is pretty late here :(23:31
knomehere as well23:31
Whisperi get something with conflicting packages when i try to install virtualbox, why is that?23:32
Whisperlibqtgui4 seems to be the problem23:33
Whisperbut i cant figure out what to do23:33
ritchie_ropeworking!!! :D:D23:34
ritchie_ropeI can't believe it!  :)23:34
ritchie_ropeit was simple indeed23:35
ritchie_ropethank you for helping me, knome23:36
knomeritchie_rope, no. have fun :)23:36
Whisperanyone else having problems with virtualbox install?23:40
knomeWhisper, nope, not at the moment. what's the problem?23:40
Whisperwait, ill give you a pastebin23:41
Whisperknome http://paste.ubuntu.com/299346/23:42
Whisperthats what it said23:42
knomeWhisper, which xubuntu are you running?23:43
Whisperlatest i think..i just downloaded it23:43
Whisperhow can i check?23:43
knomewhat does 'lsb_release -a' say in terminal?23:43
WhisperUbuntu 9.0423:44
knomeWhisper, what does 'sudo apt-get check' say?23:44
knomeWhisper, with sudo, please23:46
Whisperim root23:46
knomelet me think a bit23:48
Whisperhowever, if i try to apt-get the package it complained about in the first link i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/299350/23:48
knomewhat if you try to isntall libaudio2? :P23:48
knomeright. 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list' ?23:50
knomeokay, there's the problem23:51
knomejust a minute23:51
knomeWhisper, you are familiar in editing text files?23:52
Whisperyeah, sure23:52
Whisperi know linux well, not that skilled on ubuntu tho since ive mostly been using gentoo before23:52
knomeokay, so replace your /etc/apt/sources.list with this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6281152&postcount=223:53
knomethen run 'sudo apt-get update' and try to install virtualbox again23:53
knomeand tell me the results or any problems you might run into, of course23:53
Whisperrunning update now23:54
Whisperseems to be working so far23:55
Whisperwhat is vboxgtk?23:56
knomesome kind of gui, i suppose23:56
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