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davidbarthDBO: ping?18:09
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DBOdavidbarth, pong18:51
DBOah 14 minutes, I was close :P18:51
DBOdavidbarth, so the idea is to auto-unlock the keyring on UNR?18:56
DBOI mean the easiest fix is to default to the keyring having no password18:59
DBOI think loic mentions that in the bug18:59
ScottKWhy bother with a keyring at all then?19:05
ScottKIsn't the point for it to have a password?19:06
DBOwell you are talking about a situation where the user turns on the computer and it logs in for them19:06
DBOso indeed, why have a user password at all?19:06
DBOI am not suggesting this is secure. I am however suggesting that there is a conflict between usability and security here19:07
DBOand we already fell on the end of usability, we may as well take it all the way and at least get that right19:07
DBOit would be more useful to keep it encrypted but automagically unlock the keyring on an automatic login19:09
DBOmaybe if we get NM to use a non-default keyring, we can have that get unlocked by default19:10
DBOor simpler still, just have that one have no password (always unlocked) and yes that presents a small issue, but not nearly the size of what I suggested above19:11
proppyDBO: I  set no password to my keyring, for skipping the dialog on wifi connection19:29
DBOproppy, I would bet 50% of affected users do that19:29
davidbarthDBO: no (stop the flamefest ;) the idea is to adjust window Z order to let the keyring be revealed19:59
DBOokay I missed something19:59
DBOare we reading the same bug?19:59

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