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sbalneavEvening all02:51
openyostWhat type of testing needs to be done in the next week?04:33
sbalneavopenyost: Lots :)04:43
sbalneavDowload images, burn them04:44
sbalneavTest installation, how the system works once installed, etc.04:44
openyostOk.  Any specific things to check for?04:55
LaserJockjbicha: ok, so I just uploaded your moodle patch (I tweaked the changelog a little bit)15:38
LaserJockjbicha: we'll see if slangasek takes it15:38
jbichaLaserJock: thank you, it also sounds like you figured out the language pack issue15:48
sbalneavMorning all15:48
LaserJockjbicha: well15:49
LaserJockjbicha: I wouldn't call it a real fix15:49
LaserJockjbicha: I just made it so that people who want something other than English are going to have to install it themselves15:49
LaserJockalthough I do provide the .deb files and have them installed in the live session15:50
sbalneavLaserJock: Hey, you heading out today?15:53
LaserJockjbicha: it made it \o/17:00
jbichaLaserJock: I should get it backported to Jaunty also, right?17:03
LaserJockI don't know, you could try17:03
jbichaLaserJock: I don't think the localhost issue was a problem w/ Jaunty so we shouldn't backport that since it's not a bug there?17:05
jbichaLaserJock: where should I find a sponsor for main packages once you move on, do I just ask in #ubuntu-devel ?17:08
LaserJockstgraber is also a Core Developer17:09
LaserJockand there is the ubuntu-main-sponsors Launchpad team17:09
jbichaLaserJock: thanks17:11
LaserJockand my edubuntu-meta upload got accepted18:27
LaserJockhighvoltage: around?18:27
highvoltageLaserJock: yes, slightly19:11
LaserJockhighvoltage: are you going to have any time this weekend to work on release notes and announcement?19:12
highvoltageLaserJock: yep, I'll give it a bash tomorrow (have people over currently)19:12
LaserJockhighvoltage: if I'm around let me know, we can gobby or something19:14
highvoltageLaserJock: ok great, I'll give you a ping on IRC and jabber19:15
LaserJockk, awesome19:15
LaserJockhighvoltage: I *think* i've done all the fixing we need done on the DVD19:16
LaserJockand jbicha got moodle fixed19:16
highvoltagemoodle was broken for jaunty right?19:16
LaserJockeven though we're not shipping it, it's good to not have it be broken19:17
ograi think for hardy too19:17
LaserJockjbicha was talking about maybe doing an SRU earlier19:17
LaserJockhardy's got big issues19:17
LaserJockI don't know if we can do the same treatment or not19:17
LaserJockbut hardy is an LTS so it's worth looking into19:18
ograwell, if the current karmic package works but an SRU is to much, at least a backport request would be nice19:18
LaserJockI don't know that there are enough resources to handle much for non-LTS SRUs19:18
LaserJockin general19:19
LaserJockI also had to drop the gcompris sound packages from Recommends on the ubuntu-edu-*19:20
LaserJockwhich kinda stinks19:20
ograwell, it will surely be handled with lower prio19:20
LaserJockif I did the seed work correctly they'll all be installed in the Live session19:21
LaserJockand the .debs will be in the pool19:21
LaserJockbut having to install language support for 16 other languages is a bit much, IMO19:22
LaserJockwe should really hook that up to the language selector19:22
ograor even make it a dep of language-pack-blah19:23
ograbut its a bit hard to make that a conditional19:23
LaserJockI think you can do "if gcompris is going to be installed and language X is used, install gcompris-sound-X" in Ubiquity at least19:25
LaserJockI'm not sure about d-i19:25
LaserJocksbalneav: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-October/009729.html20:22
LaserJocksbalneav: which points to http://freshmeat.net/projects/gosa/20:23
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Black_Mageis there a software for training relative pitch in edubuntu, or in general is ther a free software app for taht?22:54
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sbalneavBlack_Mage: Music training, you means?22:55
Black_Mageyes i guess22:55
sbalneavThat might be a good starting point22:57
Black_Magethanks :)22:57
sbalneavsolfege is an installable package.  It might do what you want22:59
sbalneavYou can find it in synaptic22:59
Black_Magei actually use arch linux, entered here cos i figured that people who understand in educational software will sit here :P23:01
Black_Magehey cool this app is exacly what i need23:02
sbalneavNo Problem23:04

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