lun4ticmaybe it's a problem with remote users00:00
talviki'm back. the problem goes away after I change the session in kdm. auto login is workin fine now00:00
lun4ticthat remote users are not allowed to run stuff00:00
tredbut when i sudo plasma it starts, only everything on desktop is root, and i cant change back to normal user00:00
lun4tictalvik: gz :)00:00
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lun4tictred: thats why you shouldn't start x apps as root00:01
tredseems remote users would be blocked from blocked sudo before blocking anything else00:01
lun4ticespecially not apps that start other apps and gui stuff00:01
lun4ticwhat's the error message when you try to start as normal user?00:01
tredim not trying to start anything as root, except as a fact i cant start it otherwise00:01
lun4ticwithout the exact error message nobody can help you cause nobody knows whats goin on :D00:02
tredi think it was command not found00:02
talviklun4tic: what do you think of the default font size?00:02
lun4ticis the vnc kde running in some sandbox?00:02
tredbrb, i will check again, with normal user /usr/bin/ plasma00:02
lun4tictalvik: what's with the font?00:03
tredstandard x11vnc00:03
lun4ticdidn't get that question00:03
sourcemakerare there steghide users?00:03
talviklun4tic: i think the default is 800:03
lun4ticin kdm?00:03
lun4ticor what00:04
talvikin kde after login00:04
ncfi1013if i only want one instance of firefox to open do i delete the default profile of firefox?00:05
lun4ticdejavu sans 800:05
lun4ticncfi1013: what does the number of profiles have to do with the number of instances firefox starts?00:06
lun4ticncfi1013: normally there is only one instance00:07
ncfi1013lun4tic: everytime i opened firefox two instances would open at the same time00:07
carpiiopening it from where? just a desktop icon ?00:07
lun4ticthe real binary?00:07
lun4ticor are you running some script00:08
ncfi1013carpii: opening it using alt-f200:08
lun4tic"ps aux |grep firefox" what das that say?00:08
talvikother them those two, there are only a few kde rough edges. plugins and driver installer works fast, easy and works!00:08
ncfi1013lun4tic: "ps aux |grep firefox" run that in the terminal?00:09
lun4ticit should show your grep command00:10
lun4ticand the running instances of firefox00:10
ncfi1013lun4tic: is there a space between the pole and grep? "| grep" like that?00:12
lun4ticdoesn't matter00:12
ncfi1013oh ok00:12
lun4ticspaces only matter in word processing apps and in login/passwords00:12
ncfi1013lun4tic what does this mean: ncfi1013 18802  0.0  0.0   3336   796 pts/2    S+   18:13   0:00 grep firefox00:13
lun4ticthat is the programm you are running00:14
lun4ticps aux shows all processes you have running00:14
lun4tic| gives the output to the app behind the |00:15
lun4ticand grep firefox shows only the firefox lines in the output of ps aux00:15
ncfi1013lun4tic so i can keep the default firefox profile and it wont hurt anything?00:15
lun4ticso it's a "command chain" somehow00:15
avihaybthere is an explenation about pipes in the ubunchu comix00:16
lun4ticnot at all00:16
`OnyxIS there a manual way to change the time on my clock? It's changed to daylight savings setting for some reason00:17
avihayb`Onyx: there's a time and date applet in the system settings00:19
lun4ticdamn the time server still, doesn't work00:19
`OnyxWhere might I find those avihayb?00:20
avihaybwhen you kilck on the k-menu (the "start" button, you should get a list of favorite applications00:21
`Onyxoh haha00:21
avihaybSystem settings should be there00:21
`OnyxThanks mate00:22
avihaybmy pleasure.00:23
tredlun4tic: the msg i get when i try to start plasma as user is the msg about COMPOSITE-less00:25
tredwhen i sudo plasma i get no such msg00:26
sobczykthe default g++ in kubuntu isnow 4.400:26
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lun4tictred: so turn of compositing locally01:10
lun4ticthen i guess it will work01:10
lun4ticcompisiting doesn't work over network i think01:11
RhapsodyWould anyone happen to know of an Irssi script (or other sort of script that works with or could be easily adapted to work with Irssi) that can give me a 'now playing' function with Amarok? The old one I had has been broken since KDE 4.01:11
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lun4tictred: so when you want to use the system over vnc don't turn on the fancy 3d stuff01:11
charles_Hi !  I have troubles installing ati drivers.  Downloaded many packages and followed many how-to's.  Clicking the green button  in the Hardware Driver GUI won't do anything.  Anyone can help ?01:13
charles_I edited xorg.conf and caused crashes.  Makes me wary of doing anything. I badly need a hand...01:15
uboxdoes anyone know how to turn of mouse wheel desktop switching?01:19
uboxno one around?01:20
macouhh lemme look01:20
uboxthanks :)01:20
avihaybubox, you mean while hovering on the desktop?01:21
macoubox: sorry i cant find it01:23
JontheEchidnashould be possible in 4.4 once it's relesaed, from what I hear around the dev blogs^01:23
avihaybI'm runing kde/openbox, and it's on by deafult01:25
charles_Hi !  I have troubles installing ati drivers.  Downloaded many packages and followed many how-to's.  Clicking the green button  in the Hardware Driver GUI won't do anything.  Anyone can help ?01:27
avihaybhave you tryed the envyng package? I'm not recommending it01:28
uboxthanks for the help :)01:29
charles_envyng ? never heard of it01:29
avihaybcharles_: and, what card model01:30
mauriceJust loaded ubuntu for the first time about a day ago and I've got the hang of it already!01:30
mauriceJust thought Id say that!01:30
carpiihows kde 4.x looking these days? many issues ?   I tried 4.1 and it was utter rubbish01:30
macomaurice: great!01:30
carpiibut im facing facts that i gotta migrate at some point :/01:30
macocarpii: 4.2 was decent and 4.3's got some great touch-ups01:31
mauriceCheers MACO01:31
macomaurice: welcome to the community :)01:31
carpiiis it stable?01:31
mauricetHANKS A LOT GUYS01:31
sobczykbut still systemsettings does not have administrator mode...01:31
avihaybcarpii: It's a bit heavier, but since 4.2.2, it's fully useable01:31
carpiior is there a 'outstanding bug list' i can view ?01:31
carpiiheavier as in cpu/resources?01:31
sobczykkpackagekit can't switch to root for installing01:31
macocarpii: 4.3.1 is whats in 9.1001:32
avihaybyhe, I guess, It's just slower. I've installed 9.04 on this p4 1.5GHZ with 512MB not a high end machine01:32
carpiiyeah, im still on 8.04 though01:32
carpiii darent risk upgrading until i hear good things :(01:32
macocarpii: kpackagekit is rather boned. either install synaptic or use the command line if youre comfortable with that. other than that, looks good01:33
sobczyka lot depends on graphic card in kde401:33
avihayband it was slow, alt tabbing was very annoying. at first I installed kde3, it sped things up abit01:33
carpiihm, i normally use adept tbh, but by cmdline you mean sudo apt-get ?01:33
macoavihayb: did you have compositing turned on?01:33
macocarpii: yes, apt-get01:33
carpiiok thanks01:34
sobczyktry aptitude01:34
macocarpii: no kde4 adept, so kpackagekit is in use in 9.x, but its kinda broken01:34
macosobczyk: either works01:34
carpiii take it theres no way to roll back after? without backing up entire drive ?01:34
avihaybhad it on and of. sometimes, compositing would actually speed things up01:34
macocarpii: nope01:34
carpiiok, thanks01:34
maco*shrug* i dont use kwin. im a tiling window manager type01:34
sobczykexcept the admin mode and kpackagekit (which is installed by default somehow) the 9.10 is really great :)01:35
avihaybI never could adept to adept. actually, the way I see it, adept never adapted to people, so it got extinced...01:35
macoavihayb: sounds right to me!01:35
macoi got so brain-boggled trying to figure out adept to fix a friend's system, i gave up and went command line. i was a gnome user at the time01:36
avihaybmaco:  I'm a kde user, and the first software I install is synaptic01:39
macoi only switched to kde when 4.2 came out01:39
macopeople asking for help with 4.0 confuse me01:39
DoubleD84computers really piss me off some times...01:48
* genii sics an ARM-based system on DoubleD8401:49
DoubleD84honestly i replaced a motherboard after it slowly fried 4gb of ram and now that i've got a new board and ram I can't find any install discs i need. I'm stuck using the laptop that the kids tore half the bloody keys off of to download ne images only to realize that the burner is NFG too01:52
DoubleD84and i've got 3 small kids that are supposed to be in bed01:52
* DoubleD84 vent over01:53
DoubleD84i found a jaunty install cd01:53
avihayb:-> you should do something about kids destroying laptop issue01:55
DoubleD84that would involve beating the wife and that wont do me any good either01:55
* genii gets the downtrodden wife to write some code\\01:56
DoubleD84when installing jaunty from the install disc.. and you select the partitions you want mounted/formatted does it format when you hit 'forward'? I can't tell if its locked up02:23
DoubleD84the cursor says busy and the monitor will turn off eventually but there is no hard drive activity and it just seems to be taking a while.. its a 200gb partition that i'm formatting so i'm hoping that's the issue02:26
avihaybIt ahouldn't be02:27
avihaybI suggest you go to the liveCD, install something nice like gPartEd, format by yourself, and then retry installing if it's an issue02:28
DoubleD84well im going to hop in the shower and if its still idling when i get out i'll give it a shot02:29
uboxmine took a little while on a 150gb, long enough i touched the mouse a few times to keep the screen awake02:29
DoubleD84ubox.. well i hope that's all it is02:30
uboxme too :)02:30
avihaybthere is a guy called charles__. if he comes by and asks for me, please tell him I went to sleep02:34
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DoubleD84hmm its still going... :(02:46
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Ch3mtailThe USB install (w. persistent changes) mode from the live CD will create an installation that keeps changes in memory until system shutdown, minimizing wear on flash media, am I right?03:09
I_was_lucasCh3mtail: yeah03:13
Ch3mtailGood to know for sure, I don't want to wear the poor thing out.03:13
JohnFluxHey all03:22
JohnFluxThe first thing i see when upgrading to a Kubuntu 9.10 is a dialog box telling me that Akonadi didn't start03:22
JohnFluxthis seems pretty important to fix03:22
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russlarJohnFlux: I saw that error on my jaunty install ever since I installed kde 4.303:25
russlarabout a week ago, it fixed itself03:25
russlarit never caused me any problems, other than a little annoyance at having to clear the error message03:25
JohnFluxrusslar: well, the bug seems to have returned03:34
JohnFluxit's there in a default upgrade to 9.1003:35
JohnFluxIt will be annoying in 9.10 is shipped with this bug :-/03:35
russlarI don't think it's a 9.10 bug, it's a kde bug03:35
russlarif it's even a bug at all03:36
ubuntuHi, i just intall the daily release of kubuntu on my sdb with windows 7 on the sda and the grub freezes at the "GRUB loading" and nothing happend03:46
ubuntuany ideas how to fix? im using the live cd03:46
TrebaczIs it normal to have both kdm and kdm-kde4 starting in init.d or is the kdm-kde4 left over. I get an error that kdm-kde4 is already shut down when I shut down.03:51
TrebaczI'd assum I can just execute a "sudo update-rc.d -f kdm-kde4 remove" with no side effects. Opinions welcome.03:55
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rzx237someone knows where I can get new kde wallpapr as in https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/RC/Kubuntu?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=screen1-wee.png ?03:57
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kholistest dari Bandung....04:27
zebhey i need some help with getting different background for each workspace im using kde with jaunty04:29
uboxone sec04:30
* zeb turns on the jeopardy song04:32
uboxzeb http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=767104:33
xenoterracidehow's the beta? anyone have opinion's?04:38
xenoterracidethinking about putting a non linux users on it...04:38
zebthe ctrl shift p and ctrl shift n method doesnt switch the desktop04:38
lucas_does anyone know how to make flash run ok with konqueror?04:44
lucas_aham, any one??04:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror04:50
lucas_does any one has the same issue that i do?05:06
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lucas_did any one hear anything about firefox qt ?06:06
JohnFluxlucas_: well, I was working on it for a while06:10
JohnFluxlucas_: what do you want to know?06:11
lucas_is that still in develpment or they just quit06:11
JohnFluxlucas_: well, I personally gave up on it.  It can be shoehorned it, but what's the point?06:12
lucas_just wanted to know if there is any package arround with firefox-qt suppont06:12
JohnFluxlucas_: hmm, I'm talking about getting the renderer to use Qt.  Maybe you are just asking about having Qt-styled buttons for the user interface?06:13
JohnFluxlucas_: if so, that works etc.  Dunno if there's a firefox-qt package06:13
JohnFluxin ubuntu06:13
lucas_k thanks06:14
pedro_whats this?06:40
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perseidHow do I get a list of drives for grub?07:46
sage_in_spacequick question if anyone is around?07:49
sage_in_spaceshouldnt kubuntu 9.04 have a task bar of some sort?07:50
HanzZhi, what's the name of KDE the app used to change cpu frequency or for example screen brightness and when you run it it's accessible via icon in system tray, please?07:51
sage_in_spaceit seems that everyone is asleep hanzz07:54
macoim awake07:54
HanzZI see :)07:54
sage_in_spacewhat version are you running hanzz?07:57
HanzZgot it08:03
sage_in_spaceyeah i just upgraded to that version and for some reason i have no taskbar?08:03
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tasslehoffwhen I plug in an SD card, I get a notice about plugged in devices, but I have to open them in Dolphin before I can access them in a terminal. how can I change this?08:31
knoxvilleIs there any backtrack help channel out there?08:48
knoxvilleOr what program should I download for sniffing hidden wireless networks?08:49
jussi01!info aircrackng08:53
ubottuPackage aircrackng does not exist in jaunty08:53
jussi01!info aircrack-ng08:53
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0~rc3-1 (jaunty), package size 1394 kB, installed size 2388 kB08:53
knoxvillealready downloaded it ;)08:54
jussi01knoxville: please note, we dont support illegal activities, so please use it only for legitimate use cases08:54
jussi01!info kismet08:54
ubottukismet (source: kismet): Wireless 802.11b monitoring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2008-05-R1-4build1 (jaunty), package size 937 kB, installed size 2360 kB08:54
knoxvilleThanks Jussi! :)08:58
bashcahi there i have problem  when updating my kubuntu09:31
bashcaThe backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork!09:31
bashcaany 1 can help me !09:33
danielspHi, it's the fist time that I come here09:41
danielspI have a question09:41
danielspwhen I plug my laptop to a video projector, the screen resolution isn't correct on the wall screen09:42
danielspwhat can I do?09:42
Boudanielsp: do you manage to configure it after you plugged it to the video projector?09:43
danielspi didn't do anything09:44
ionut_does anyone knows where i can find some online tutorials about PHP 5.0 ?10:00
danielspdid u google?10:01
ionut_yes,but i founded just some tutorials (3,4,5) i need more10:01
ionut_more lessons10:01
danielspu can get it from torrent10:02
danielspget an ebook and go on ith that10:02
ionut_yes but i need some10:05
ionut_for tomorrow10:05
orion_rrors were encountered while processing:10:34
orion_ /var/cache/apt/archives/splashy_0.3.13-5ubuntu1_i386.deb10:34
orion_kbubntu 9.1010:34
stephan__there was this nich view in konqi where i can search graphically for file and folder space hogs?10:49
stephan__where is it gone?10:49
stephan__cant find it anymore10:49
ionut_does anyone know an application (for ubuntu 8.04) that can record my screen ?10:53
jussi01!info istanbul10:58
ubottuistanbul (source: istanbul): Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-4.1 (jaunty), package size 73 kB, installed size 616 kB10:58
jussi01!info krecordmydesktop10:58
ubottuPackage krecordmydesktop does not exist in jaunty10:58
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.10:59
jussi01ionut_: ^^10:59
ionut_thank you s much  jussion111:01
jussi01ionut_: also, use tab to complete nick names, makes thingks much easier ;)11:02
ionut_jussi01: ur right (thx)11:04
ionut_jussi01: one more question : Which of this u recomand to me ? (if u know that one is better than all )?11:05
jussi01!u | ionut_11:05
ubottuionut_: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.11:05
jussi01ionut_: Im sorry, I really havent used them. however I have heard good things about recordmydesktop and istanbul. best just to give them a try11:06
carpiilolz @ ubootu. ur crzy11:06
jussi01carpii: ubottu is a bot, and I called her.11:06
carpiii know. i mistyped its nick anyway :(11:07
ionut_thank you jussi0111:08
jussi01ionut_: yw11:09
ionut_jussi01: i think recordmydesktop is verry good11:17
avihaybumm, how do you clean an LCD screen? is a normal window cleaning liquid ok? (yes, the machine is runing kubuntu11:59
stephan__i have install  konqueror-plugin-fsview, but there is no new opion in konqi12:07
ferassbهل من احد يتكلم العربية12:08
ferassbany body speak arabic ???12:10
ferassbhow to update my kde 4.2.2 to kde 4.3.1 ??12:13
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JuJuBeeWhy do I have blocked updates?  I  update my computer regularly...  What causes them to be blocked?  They are Linux-headers-generic- same for restricted-modules, generic and image-generic12:36
stephan__i there a graphical tool to find space hogs12:48
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alvinstephan__: There's filelight12:55
figaro42is there an ubuntu one client for KDE?13:01
=== avihayb__ is now known as avihayb_
avihayb_stephan__: you mean to find where all your disk space is disappearing to?13:04
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stephan__avihayb_: yes13:30
arcanjogood morning....friends14:11
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trijntjehi all, can someone tell me where the Disk & filesystems in systemsettings went?14:18
xdudehello there14:31
xdudeany one alive in there?14:32
BluesKajHi folks14:33
trijntjehi BluesKaj14:33
BluesKajhi trijntje14:33
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luis_hey there good morning 2 u all15:08
* genii puts on more coffee15:08
luis_i need help i was using amarook just fine but now it wont play anysong15:08
doni21:10 here15:08
luis_here is 9.08 am15:08
luis_it says some media could not be loaded (not playabe) why is this happening? how can i fix it? help pls15:10
doniah ...15:10
doniit same what happened to me15:10
kynikerhi, just one short question: will the dist upgrade to karmic koala break things like an installed ati-driver and so on?15:10
luis_so do u know anyway to fix it?15:10
donii dont know hehe15:11
luis_any1 else pls?15:11
white_pelicandoes anyone here use pidgin?15:21
luis_i use to15:22
luis_not anymore15:22
luis_tough is a nice messenger15:23
lascivushe meant though15:24
luis_u got that right bb txs15:24
luis_fingerprint mistakes15:24
white_pelicanI'd use kopete but it's broken for yahoo15:25
luis_the same is with pidgin15:25
white_pelicanat least kopete for kde 315:26
luis_its got to do something with the protocols ther must be someone aroung here that can tell u how to fix it15:26
luis_is really simple and easy thing is i cant remember how to do it15:26
* genii quassels15:26
lascivuswhat happens with yahoo on kopete?15:32
lascivusdoes it not sign in, ...?15:32
luis_either kopete or pidgin wont connect yahoo accounts15:33
white_pelicanyes lascivus kopete does not sign in with yahoo15:33
lascivusI'm using Kopete version 0.70.4 with no porblems15:33
lascivusworks with yahoo15:34
luis_i have 3.5.10 and it just go on line with my yahoo account15:35
=== root is now known as cocolino
luis_i mean i just wont go online with my yahoo account15:36
kynikeruhm, once again: will the upgrade to karmic koala *probably* break things linke an installed ati-driver? If so, I'll wait before installing it15:37
trijntjewhite_pelican, luis_, I believe its an issue with yahoo's DNS servers15:37
sven624is karmic out, yet15:37
luis_yahoo is fine15:37
white_pelicantrijntje, I know, but it used to work with other chat programs15:37
white_pelicantill this AM15:37
white_pelicannow pidgin is vroken15:37
white_pelicanbut pidgin breaks for all my chat programs15:38
luis_is got to do something with protocols15:38
luis_there a guy here i cant remember hes nick he told me how to fix it15:38
luis_and i did15:38
luis_but  that was befoer months ago15:39
lascivusI connected to cs118.msg.ac4.yaho:mmcc15:39
luis_i change os then i came back to kubuntu15:39
lascivuswith no problems15:39
luis_and now i cant remember how to do it15:39
white_pelicanthanks anyway luis15:39
luis_sorry couldn help you15:39
kynikersven624: i never used kubuntu before, so I don't know if upgrades in general remove drivers15:40
luis_best thing u can do is to keep asking at severl times this guy hve to connect and he'll tell you how to fix it really is simple15:40
thune3moving to fresh 9.10 I'd like to reinstall top level packages. Is there any CLI way to extract/find the top level packages only (minimal set) in my current 9.04?15:50
lordganesh_can anybody tell me how to install nvidia drivers15:55
luis_look for them on adept manager15:55
luis_i assume u have kubuntu right?15:56
lordganesh_i just switched from ubuntu15:57
luis_what version do u have?15:57
luis_i c15:57
luis_ok just go to menu15:57
luis_look for system15:58
luis_and once there look for adept manager15:58
lordganesh_forget that !! can u just tell me package name for nvidia 8400gs15:59
Quintasanlordganesh_: why don't you run jockey-gtk?15:59
Quintasanlordganesh_: oh sorry, you use kubuntu?15:59
Quintasanlordganesh_: jockey-kde15:59
lordganesh_what is that15:59
Quintasanlordganesh_: Restricted drivers manager16:00
Quintasanjust put that into terminal16:00
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lordganesh_oh thanks .........but problem is not that simple ..let me explain problem in detail... i have installed previous downloaded packages using dpkg...and then activated nvidia drivers in ubuntu....but after restart system gives low graphics error16:03
Quintasanlordganesh_: try purging all nvidia related packages then install via jockey16:04
lordganesh_i have done that also .it doesn't help16:05
Quintasanlordganesh_: try: cd / && sudo find . -name nvidia > list.txt16:08
Quintasanlordganesh_: then open up list.txt and check if there are any files left16:08
kitplyhello. I have just configured the Kmail client for my imap gmail id. But i wanted to know how we can configure the signature in kmail?16:11
kitplycan anyone helpme in this16:12
jhutchins_ltkitply: Yes you can configure the signature in kmail.16:12
kitplyjhutchins: can you tell me the steps/navigations?16:13
jhutchins_ltkitply: Settings/configure kmail/identity (modify).16:13
lordganesh_quinstasan : i m trying that it has searched four  files ./etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/nvidia16:14
lordganesh_ ./lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia16:14
FloodBotK1lordganesh_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:14
kitplyjhutchins_lt: Thanks jhutchins_lt, i found it16:14
white_pelicanit appears that an update last night, one of which was to poppler, broke pidgin16:23
white_pelicancan someone help?16:23
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MK13does anyone know how to change the konqueror's useragent to a custom one for all sites, not just one at a time?16:45
roKBhelp plz, http://codepad.org/cNDK0LbX16:51
mfraz74hi, trying to rename some mp3s in 9.04 using krename, but i don't seem to have the option of renaming based on id3 tags16:52
Picimfraz74: krename doesnt have that ability, its just for renaming files.16:54
mfraz74i know, i want to rename them based on the id3 tags like i could in kubuntu 8.0416:54
roKBhelp plz, http://codepad.org/cNDK0LbX16:55
geniiMK13: Maybe putting a * for the URL field of "When browsing the following site"16:58
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MK13genii, it wont accept the '*' character17:01
MK13right now my network is blocking me b/c it doesnt recognize the useragent17:02
Guest49161Hello everyone.  Im new to ubuntu.  :)17:04
Tm_TGuest49161: welcome17:04
Guest49161I was wondering...  lol  this is a very remedial problem and Im almost too ashamed to ask.  :|  After I install Apache, where in the file system is are my web pages that I edit?  :P17:05
Guest49161wow.   so simple.  ok ty17:05
MK13^^^ *usually17:06
Guest49161Hrmm...  there is no /var/www17:06
MK13then check your apache.conf file, another root must have been given17:06
sven624Have you changed the folder ?17:06
Guest49161ok ty17:06
Guest49161fresh install17:07
sven624hmm it's really apache ?17:07
Guest49161Actually, It's Xampp17:07
MK13Guest49161, and when you go to your computer's ip in a browers it has a "It Works!" message?17:08
Guest49161Well, I had to forward some ports on my wifi, but ya...17:08
MK13Guest49161, then read Xampp's documentation17:08
Guest49161I get the welcome screen from my vista box17:08
Guest49161hehe  i tried and got lost.   :/  lol17:09
MK13Guest49161,  is the Xampp in portable mode or installed?17:09
sven624hmm anywhere must be a "htdocs" folder17:09
Guest49161ya, I see htdocs17:10
sven624that is it17:10
mfraz74ok it looks like 3.0.14 of Krename doesn't work properly in Kubuntu 9.0417:10
MK13Guest49161, check that folder for an index.html17:10
sven624No, there must be a index.php17:11
Guest49161MK13:  Thanks.  I just found it.  ;)17:11
Guest49161There is an index.php and all the include files and image folder and everything.17:11
Guest49161ty ty ty vm17:11
MK13sven624, right... i forgot about Xampp's front page thing17:12
Guest49161is Screem a good html editor?17:12
sven624try Knote17:12
MK13Guest49161, to me kate is a good one :D17:13
mfraz74or kwrite17:13
sven624yes, i would say kate17:13
sven624not knote17:13
avihayb__Kate also has a dumb auto complete feature, it's very helpfull when you have to write repetative keywords17:14
sven624you can try openoffice.org write you can export html-files17:15
mfraz74oo.org doesn't produce very clean html17:16
sven624hmm, right too. BUT it works17:17
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mfraz74i tend to use kwrite to write php these days17:17
sven624problem solved ?17:20
CupofDiceCan Dragonplayer be used for playback in Konqueror on Kubuntu 9.04?17:20
sven624try it17:23
sven624thats boring without any problems17:26
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jhutchins_ltReal web developers use vi.17:30
sven624not very easy to use17:31
avihayb__vim is better, it's vi improved17:31
sven624so. i go away17:31
jamesjedimasterI agree with the use of vi :)17:34
jhutchins_ltjamesjedimaster: Encourages clean HTML.17:41
jhutchins_ltNot the wasteful crud with style markups for empty elements.17:42
jamesjedimasterthat's right17:42
Guest49161ok hehe  I got everything to work great except I dont know the default login/pw of the XAMPP ftp server.  Any ideas where I can find that?17:47
loicdoes anyone know how to change the default ssh shell17:48
Guest49161Hello.  :)17:48
jhutchins_ltloic: To what for instance?17:49
loicbecause i don't understand why but sh is launched and not bash17:49
jhutchins_ltloic: I'm pretty sure it pulls the shell from the user's environment.17:49
jhutchins_lt*buntu doesn't use bash iirc.17:49
loicwhereis sh tells me /bin/sh and /bin/sh is a symbolic link on /bin/bash17:50
jhutchins_ltssh (user@)<host> /bin/bash17:50
loicjhutchins_lt: I know and i try to change it with the chsh command to bash but it doesn't work17:50
jhutchins_ltloic: bash will emulate sh if called as sh.17:51
macoum no17:51
macosh in ubuntu is a symlink to dash17:51
macoso itll act like dash17:51
macounless youre using dapper...?17:52
loicjhutchins_lt: ok, but the only thing i want is that /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc are loaded17:52
loicmaco: it's not really a ubuntu problem17:52
loicmaco: just a debian one17:52
macodash is ubuntu's default sh. it is not debian's, AFAIK. they were debating switching to it but figured itd break a lot of scripts17:53
loicno, i mean, my question about how to set the default ssh login is not about ubuntu17:53
loicjhutchins_lt: I tried ssh user@host /bin/bash but it remains stuck just after i entered the password17:55
jhutchins_ltloic: Default ssh shell should come from /etc/passwd17:55
loicwithout /bin/bash at the end is ok17:55
jhutchins_ltloic: Does /bin/bash exist?17:55
loicjhutchins_lt: i look (for /etc/passwd)17:55
loicjhutchins_lt: yes17:55
loicjhutchins_lt: ok in /etc/passwd all logins shells are set to /bin/sh17:56
loicis there any way to change that for all users? (I won't edit this file manually because that way it won't work with future users)17:57
jhutchins_ltloic: There is a default template for new users that can be changed.18:00
jhutchins_ltusermod -s /bin/bash <user>18:00
jhutchins_lt/etc/adduser.conf can be changed to change the default used by adduser.18:07
loicjhutchins_lt: sorry, i was on the phone, thanks for all, i take a look and told you if it's ok, thanks ;)18:17
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!18:18
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haidourahey guys, I want to revert my ubutnu update from 9.10 back to 9.04.... can you point me to something helpful18:21
jhutchins_lthaidoura: Just restore the backup you made before the upgrade.18:21
loicjhutchins_lt: i usermod myself to change my default shell to /bin/bash and i try a new connection via ssh but i'm still getting an other shell18:21
jhutchins_ltloic: How are you determining what shell you have?18:22
loicjhutchins_lt:  here my /etc/passwd line horn:x:2524:2525::/home/horn:/bin/bash18:22
haidourathe desaster is that i lost my backup dvd18:22
kalpi am getting error: "could not start ksmserver. check your installation"18:22
loicjhutchins_lt: just looking that bashrc is not loaded18:22
kalpi am getting error: "could not start ksmserver. check your installation" what should i do?18:22
geniiMK13: The word: all                 works18:23
haidouraI reached 9.10 by updating 9.04 and not from clean install18:23
loicjhutchins_lt: if i type bash in the current shell, my PS1 use colors and my aliases defined in /etc/bash.bashrc are loaded but if i don't launch bash manually, they're not18:24
loicjhutchins_lt: i take a look18:24
loicjhutchins_lt: that's exactly the problem I have, i have not found it in my searches, thanks18:25
kalpi am getting error: "could not start ksmserver. check your installation" what should i do?18:29
kalpi am getting error: "could not start ksmserver. check your installation" what should i do?18:31
roKBvisit http://rooparam.blogspot.com/ or http://www.futuredesktop.org18:33
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loicjhutchins_lt: it's working18:34
loicjhutchins_lt: just one last thing, when i create a new user, no files .bash_profile is created in home folder18:35
jhutchins_ltkalp: Check your installation.18:35
jhutchins_ltloic: Create a default in /etc/skel/18:35
iEatChildrenim running sudo apt-get update but nothing is updating....any ideas?18:36
jhutchins_ltkalp: What release are you trying to run?18:37
jhutchins_ltiEatChildren: 1) Configure your sources? 2) There aren't any updates?18:37
iEatChildrenwhats the latest version of kde in the repo's?18:37
iEatChildrenim on 4.2.218:38
iEatChildrennevermind...i found a link about upgrading to 4.3.218:39
jhutchins_ltkalp: ?18:41
iEatChildreni added the repo in this article...still not getting the updates http://www.kubuntu.org/new/kde-4.3.218:42
iEatChildrenadded the GPG key too18:42
loicjhutchins_lt: there's already one18:48
jhutchins_ltloic: Hm.  What are you using to create new users?18:50
jhutchins_ltloic: Try adduser.18:51
loicjhutchins_lt: http://pastebin.com/d2a2b7e2818:51
loicok, i'll try18:52
loicjhutchins_lt: that's better18:55
loicjhutchins_lt: i didn't knew that there were a difference between useradd and adduser18:55
loicjhutchins_lt: thank you for all your help18:55
liberviscostill buggy :S18:55
sourcemakerwhich CPU ist faster... Athlon XP 3200+ or an Atom CPU=18:55
jhutchins_ltsourcemaker: Check the benchmarks.  It depends on what you're doing.  Generally the Athalon is going to be more powerful.18:57
liberviscokubuntu or KDE4.3 is still buggy as hel18:57
jhutchins_ltlibervisco: KDE4.18:57
roKBAthlon XP 3200+, i think18:58
jhutchins_ltThere's a lot of hardware that just doesn't handle it right, and the back-coding to deal with that is going to be limited.18:58
liberviscoI wrote about its usability favorably recently, high praises and all, but this bugginess is really killing the experience..18:58
liberviscointerface and the idea is one thing, but what use if the backend doesn't work right18:59
jhutchins_ltlibervisco: One good thing about KDE4 is that it's raising interest in alternative desktops.19:04
marek_My kubuntu doesn't save vertical refresh settings; after restart X there is auto settings (60Hz) again.19:05
sven624soo what's the problem ?19:06
marek_sorry horizontal19:07
sven624hmm not so much problems they i can solve ?19:09
sven624sorry for my bad english19:09
sven624REALLY nobody want to talk ?19:11
sven624REALLY nobody want to talk ?19:11
marek_And another problem: there is loop in kdm login process, after I enter login name and password after while i goes back to login screen.19:11
DekansSOmeone using eclipse on Kubuntu19:12
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rosco_yDoes Kubuntu 9.04 require more hardware resources than 8.04?19:46
rosco_yI am trying to set a buddy up with kubuntu, and he has older hardware19:46
geniiIf it ran 8.04 then 9.04 should also run19:46
rosco_ygenii: ty, he's actually running winxp right now...19:47
genii(some intel stuff got broke but as far as ram and hd requirements, comparable as before)19:47
jhutchins_ltrosco_y: Avoid the 3D stuff though.19:47
rosco_yhi cris_19:47
jhutchins_ltIs KDE 3.x available in 904?19:47
rosco_yjhutchins_lt: I gotcha, just don't turn it on in the preferences, right?19:47
jhutchins_ltrosco_y: Yeah, and I'd avoid KDE4 if possible.19:48
rosco_yis KDE4 the default install on the kubuntu 9.04 iso download?19:48
rosco_yMaybe it'd be safer (easier?) to just give him 8.04, for that reason19:49
geniijhutchins_lt: 3.5 is available for 9.04 from Pearson Computing, but not an official release19:49
rosco_yIt does look like it would have been what I was looking for tho19:50
rosco_yI'm thinking 8.04 is the way to go here...19:51
rosco_yHe'd probably be more quickly more self-sufficient with an official release19:52
rosco_y"more quickly more self-sufficient", that one had me spinning19:53
rosco_y"get up to speed quicker", yes, yes...19:53
rosco_yty peoples, see you on the clover-leaf19:55
sumanhow do i enable spanish keyboard?19:57
xagobuenas tardes a todos...:D20:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:08
xagotengo instalado evolution como correo, pero cuando intento abrir un archivo adjunto me dice "Could not open the link. No application is registered as handling file"20:09
jamesjedimaster!es | xago20:09
ubottuxago: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:09
genii!es | xago20:09
sumanwhat you just type !es in the console??20:11
geniisuman: To get to the spanish channel, it's /join #ubuntu-es      (or #kubuntu-es)20:12
geniisuman: To just make the bot recite the factoid about it, !es20:12
sumangenii: thanks20:12
ddurhamanyone know a good USB wifi adapter for linux?20:23
xagoPeople, I have evolution installed on my system, but when I try to open an attached file, I received following message "Could not open the link. No application is registered as handling file" Some may tell what's wrong?20:24
jhutchins_ltxago: Whatever type of file that is doesn't have a pre-set handler.20:26
jhutchins_ltxago: I avoid gnome, so I don't know where it links filetypes to handlers, but there should be a way.  Try right-click on the file, open with, remember.20:27
CupofDiceHey all, i have sound and video in Dragon Player and Amarok, yet i can't hear video on flash videos and apple trailers don't even play. Any ideas?20:28
norenCupofDice: get the flash plug in from adept20:29
xagojhutchins_lt: I have only "Save as:" option20:29
CupofDicei already have flash xago20:29
CupofDicethe non-free version20:29
kiran_hi my wireless internet is not working. Can anybody help to set this up right?20:30
jhutchins_ltxago: Might ask in ubuntu, that's more gnome-oriented.20:30
xagoCupofDice: I didn't understand20:30
noren!sound | CupofDice20:30
ubottuCupofDice: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:30
xagojhutchins: I'll see there, thanks20:31
CupofDiceubottu, I assume you meant 'Multimedia'? Cause that is the only thing i can find. Doesn't have an option.20:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:33
CupofDicexago, what didn't you understand?20:34
xagoCupofDice: you says: "<CupofDice> i already have flash xago"20:34
CupofDiceyeah, I already have flash installed. Is there a plugin for konqueror?20:35
CupofDiceI already have flashplugin-installer installed20:36
CupofDicei guess i am missing something20:36
xagoI have had not talked before with you my friend....anyway...what's your issue?20:37
CupofDiceoh, i see. my fault20:37
CupofDiceanyway, my Dragon Player plays videos with sound. Looking to get Konqueror with sound-in-flash (it plays video flash with no problem) and I also can't see apple trailers. I think I am missing a plugin of some sort, but I can't think what it is20:39
xagoCupofDice: don't worry :D20:39
xagoDid you check with Firefox?20:40
CupofDiceyeah, no sound in firefox either20:40
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Weezy_Y'a du francais !! ??20:40
CupofDiceKubuntu 9.04 by default uses xine and phonom right?20:42
xagoI know about Xine...Phonom?20:42
genii!fr | Weezy_20:42
ubottuWeezy_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr20:42
jhutchins_ltflash uses alsa.20:43
CupofDicewell, something like phonom. I know it starts with a P :D20:43
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CupofDicejhutchins_lt, if you mean alsa-firmware, I already have that installed.20:45
CupofDiceI uninstalled pulseaudio earlier, cause I read somewhere it conflicts with something. Installing now to see20:46
jhutchins_ltCupofDice: There's something about flash that expects a real alsa system I think.  You have to patch & recompile it to work with phonon.20:48
jhutchins_ltI may be mis-remembering though.20:48
jhutchins_lt(Something from ltsp)20:48
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DoubleD84Do you even need a swap partition with 4gb of ram?20:51
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jhutchins_ltDoubleD84: I wouldn't go for over 4g of swap, but it's nice to have something.21:06
DoubleD84jhutchins_lt: thanks.. that sounds like a reasonable number.. i've read some articles saying you should go 2x or 4x memory which seems a little excessive21:08
CupofDicejhutchins_lt, if you are still there, i just came across this thread- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1297265 - which mentioned pcm, and even though i looked at the mixer before, for some reason i didn't turn the pcm up (thought it was something not important) thanks21:23
jhutchins_ltDoubleD84: Those specs date back to when we all had a lot less RAM.21:30
DoubleD84argh... any idea why my system would lock up when i try to run gparted off the livecd... tested the drive with seatools.. short & long tests (passed).. and formatted... grrr21:39
high-rezSo, evolution in karmic is pretty broken, at least with the MAPI plugin.21:43
avihaybDoubleD84: push comes to shove, you can always use the command line21:46
DoubleD84avihayb: i'm just trying to get a desktop rolling so i can get some stuff done.. I've taken a day and I haven't even got a partition scheme21:49
avihaybI guessed that much21:50
DoubleD84testing RAM now.. and burning another install disc on the other computer.. the one i was using locks up intermittently21:50
avihaybyou had a problem with the installer last night? when was stuck on formating?21:51
DoubleD84exactly, so i burned seatools and ran short/long tests which passed.. then i formatted so i wouldnt have any issues21:52
* DoubleD84 is still having issues21:53
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DoYouKnowDoubleD84: with what?21:57
avihaybmaybe you should try another software other then gparted21:58
DoubleD84well i'm going to let memtest make atleast one pass and im going to burn a new install cd and try that.. if that doesnt work what other software do you suggest?22:00
BluesKajDoubleD84, is it the latest GParted version ? If you are trying to partiton an ext4 for example the older versions don't have that option22:02
DoubleD84well..  looks like i purchased bad ram...22:03
* DoubleD84 could really throw around a few expletives right no22:03
jhutchins_ltDoubleD84: There was a guy on one of the channels earlier who had his ram fail memtest.  He tested each module individually, both passed, he put 'em back in together and everything was fine.22:06
jhutchins_ltWhen in doubt, take it apart and put it back together again.22:07
DoubleD84already running off one stick22:07
figaro42Does anybody know if there's an ubuntu one client for KDE yet?22:14
MadAGuhello... is there any ppa to install kde 4.4?22:14
avihaybin kde.org, there is only 4.322:21
avihaybso either 4.4 is highly experimental, or I don't know22:21
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reagleBRKLNi'm trying to move from 3.5.10 to 4.3, in 3, when i log back in i have 3 tabs open in knosole, but in 4, how does one restore saved sessions?22:31
gigasoftis there dvd player emulator for watching dvd's22:32
jamesjedimasterthe ubuntu client is for both ubuntu and kubuntu22:35
DoubleD84so.. 1000+ errors from memtest on one stick.. trying it in a different slot just to be sure22:42
avihaybDoubleD84: may I venture to guess that you moved from windows because it was crashing every 5 min?22:48
DoubleD84not really. windows is just too bloated. I pay for this hardware to run what I ant. Not what the general population wants to have22:58
DoubleD84mostly i kept it because of games which i dont have time for anymore (and i picked up a ps3 anyway)23:02
DoubleD84that stick of ram is definitely bad though.. :(23:02
thierryhi all,23:04
thierryis there someone t?23:05
thierryis there someone that can help me23:05
DoubleD84sort of.. the usual procedure is just ask your question and idle23:05
DoubleD84if someone notices and can help, they will23:06
thierryI need to remote control an windows xp client from a ubuntu 9.04 pc (using default remote application from xp)23:06
DoubleD84well i highly doubt that there will be an app to use microsofts default remote sharing. you should look at other vnc options in linux.. a quick google shows up tightvnc23:08
thierryok thank for the info doubled84, I will test it23:10
thierrythanks a lot23:10
avihaybthierry: you can use an rdcp in ubuntu23:17
Dragnslcrthierry- krdc can connect to a Windows23:17
thierrykrdc is it a package into synaptics?23:19
avihaybthierry: actually, kubuntu should come with a program called krdc by deafult, it lets you connect to bouth rdc and vnc servers23:19
DragnslcrIt's installed by default23:19
avihaybrdc-> microsol's Remote Desktop Connection23:20
DragnslcrYou mean RDP23:20
thierryyes, but i'am not on the good irc channel, because I use ubuntu and not kubuntu23:20
DragnslcrYeah, you should ask in #ubuntu then23:21
thierryokay thanks a lot for your help23:21
avihaybrdp-> microsol's Remote Desktop connection Protocol23:21
DragnslcrI don't know what Gnome has for an RDP client23:21
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thierrythanks to all I test it (tsclient on gnome)23:23
thierrytsclient= terminal server client23:23
thierrythanks again23:24
sourcemakerhow can I determine... which users are allowed for system login?23:45
sourcemakerlike root and my peronal user23:45

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