bodhi_zazenOK, I am bumping it then =)00:31
bodhi_zazenthank you00:31
John-GaltHi, my last few PPA uploads fail with: "gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found", despite the fact that they key id is correct, the public key is uploaded, and my previous uploads worked.00:45
micahgJohn-Galt: did you sign the upload with the same key that you uploaded?00:48
wgrantJohn-Galt: That sounds like a local error -- does dput tell you that?00:49
John-Galtmicahg: Yes, and the email shows the same key ID as my profile page.00:55
John-Galtwgrant: No, it comes in an email afterwards.00:56
micahgwgrant: could LP be timing out with the keyserver?00:59
wgrantJohn-Galt: Hm, odd.01:01
wgrantmicahg: Possibly.01:01
wgrantBut I don't know.01:01
John-GaltI suppose I'll have to try deleting my key and re-uploading it.01:05
wgrantI wouldn't.01:07
wgrantIf LP knows about it, but it says it can't find it, it is an internal problem.01:07
wgrantI would not attempt to fix it myself.01:07
John-GaltWell, unfortunately, I'm trying to release a Beta, and I want the launchpad package available before I make the announcement.01:08
wgrantOver how long have you been getting this error?01:11
John-GaltA couple of hours.01:11
wgrantHm. I've just realised that you should not be getting those emails, since it can't verify the signature.01:11
wgrantPastebin the email.01:11
John-GaltOh, rafb.net is dead. My web paste script needs to be updated... http://pastebin.com/m4699a36401:14
* MenZa points John-Galt towards pastebinit01:15
wgrantJohn-Galt: Ehem.01:15
wgrantJohn-Galt: Look at the last line of that email.01:15
John-GaltMenZa: Thanks.01:15
wgrantThat is Debian's ftp-master.01:15
wgrantYou are uploading to the wrong place.01:16
John-Galtwgrant: Wow... don't know how I missed that.01:16
wgrantI didn't think LP gave gpg errors like that...01:16
John-GaltSorry for the noise. It's strange, since I haven't changed anything since the last upload.01:16
micahgwgrant: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/bohrium01:18
wgrantmicahg: bohrium has been doing that a bit lately :( But I have no more power over it than you do.01:20
micahgwgrant: who do I report it to?01:22
micahgsend an e-mail to the bulder team?01:22
wgrantspm: Can LOSAs kick virtual builders, or does that need a sysadmin?01:23
wgrantAh, but we have one of those now, don't we...01:24
lifelesswgrant: is poppy down or anything like that ?02:42
wgrantlifeless: Looks fine to me.02:43
lifelesswgrant: I have upload going into a vacuum02:43
wgrantpoppy is up, but that doesn't mean much.02:43
lifelessspm: ^02:43
wgrantThe last processed upload was 14 minutes ago.02:44
wgrantSo I suspect a problem on your end.02:44
wgrantlifeless: Worked it out yet?03:31
lifelessI don't have access to the mail account upload errors would be sent to03:32
wgrantEr, why not?03:32
lifelesswgrant: do you know, the mail address that errors are sent to - is it based on the signature on the changes, or the primary uid in the key in the keyserver, or the primary email in the account the key is associated with03:33
lifelesswgrant: its a service bot thing that I inherited partially setup03:33
wgrantlifeless: It is probably the primary email address for the Person associated with the signature.03:33
wgrantBut let me check...03:33
wgrantlifeless: It looks like my initial guess was right, but this code is a maze...03:40
lifelesswgrant: thank you, appreciate that03:41
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lifelesswgrant: bzr-builder bug06:07
lifeless/var/mail/username isn't suitable as a DEBEMAIL in .changes etc06:07
wgrantlifeless: I would guess not.06:07
lifelessthere will be some hundred 'go away muppet' mails in the service mailbox :P06:09
wgrantlifeless: It is unlikely that any emails are sent in that case. It will fail to parse the changes file, so will go to failed rather than rejected.06:12
lifelesswgrant: it would be nice, if the thing is signed, if the signer was told06:13
wgrantlifeless: It would indeed.06:15
wgrantI smell a bug.06:15
lifelesshmmm, 5 hours to get an ia64 build.06:16
wgrantAre you one of those crazy non-virt PPA people, or are you using bzr-builder on primary?06:17
lifelessits a crazy non-virt06:17
wgrant(also note that ia64 was 11 days behind, two weeks ago. 5 hours is nothing!)06:17
lifelessso, I've written some blocking code06:17
lifelessas per -users06:17
lifelessby I, I mean cody somerville wrote06:18
lifelessand I adapted06:18
lifelesswgrant: around ?07:46
wgrantlifeless: Yes.07:49
lifelessjust trying to figure out how to determine 'arch x, y, z built ok via the api'07:49
lifelessI have a source package with a getBuilds() method07:50
wgrantBy source package you mean SPPH?07:50
lifelessI guess07:50
wgrantYou could cheat and use Archive.getBuildSummariesBySourceIds07:51
lifelessthat returns in progress builds07:51
lifelessI want to know success/failure07:51
lifelessbasically fullybuilt vs buildfailed for arch x,y,z07:51
wgrantYou want to ignore some archs?07:54
wgrant(sorry, LP is being reeeeeally slow for me atm)07:54
lifelessI think I have it07:58
lifeless    if buildSummaries['status'] != 'FULLYBUILT':07:58
lifeless        if buildSummaries['status'] == 'NEEDSBUILD':07:58
lifeless            # We're stopping early cause the important_arches are built.07:58
lifeless            builds = pkg.getBuilds()07:58
lifeless            for build in builds:07:58
lifeless                if build.arch_tag in important_arches:07:58
lifeless                    if build.buildstate == 'Failed to build':07:58
lifeless                        result = 207:58
wgrantBut checking for 'Failed to build' is rather too restrictive.07:59
lifelessyes, however the pydoc for this api is totally useless08:00
lifelessit should at a minimum point at the web docs for the matching object08:00
wgrantI would expect it to be even less useful than that.08:00
wgrantDo you know where to find them?08:00
lifeless>>>> help(archive.getBuildRecords) was 'a method to be called'08:01
* wgrant headdesks repeatedly (not because of that).08:03
lifelesswhy then?08:03
wgrantI just found a (fortunately not particularly interesting) security hole that could have easily been caught.08:05
wgrantActually, it is potentially pretty interesting at this point.08:06
wgrantBut anyway.08:06
igcdownload counters seem broken for a few days. Is this a load problem or should I raise a bug?08:07
lifelessI'd raise a bug08:07
lifelesseven if it is a load problem, it went wrong08:08
lifelessclutter-1.0 1.1.1+r2628+200910230704 in karmic: NEEDSBUILD08:21
lifeless echo $?08:21
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mdeslaurI got a OOPS-1392A2087 trying to change the status on bug 43108013:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431080 in drupal5 "Fix critical security vulnerability (SA-CORE-2009-008)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43108013:29
lfaraonewgrant: is adding a custom header to launchpad project pages part of the roadmap?15:06
sumanahI'm trying to search bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ for bugs that need to be upstreamed and that have to do with the package 'empathy'. I can get the first 2 parts with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.status_upstream=pending_bugwatch&field.status_upstream-empty-marker=1 but can't make it specify the package "empathy".  My attempts at hand-hacking the URL have proven fruitless15:23
sumanahwhat am I missing?15:23
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leonardrsumanah, i'm no expert, but here's a guess15:34
leonardryou've already specified the package, and it's 'ubuntu'15:34
leonardrthis search might get what you want15:34
sumanahleonardr: I think it is, thanks!  I tried a similar search before, I think in ~empathy, and it turned up nothing15:35
leonardr~empathy is a user15:36
MenZaIs anyone here able to assist me in removing my PPA, which has already been closed? I'm trying to do it to change my nickname. I've had an open answer ticket for a while, and I'm hoping someone around would be able to do so :)16:00
bigjoolsMenZa: what is the url to your ticket?16:03
gentoomaHi, I have a slight problem with my launchpad account - I lost my password, but when I enter my email in the lost password dialogue, it says 'Your account details have not been found. Please check your subscription email address and try again'16:09
gentoomawhen I want to register a new account it says 'The email address ... is already registered in the Launchpad Login Service ' :/16:09
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MenZabigjools: One second. :)16:19
MenZabigjools: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8557416:19
bigjoolsMenZa: I prodded someone to deal with it16:22
MenZabigjools: Thanks :)16:22
MenZaMuch love.16:23
bigjoolsMenZa: please comment on there with your required new account name16:23
MenZabigjools: Will do16:25
MenZabigjools: done.16:25
bigjoolsMenZa: change of plan16:32
bigjoolsMenZa: create a new account and it can be merged with your old one16:32
bigjoolsplease respond on the question when you're done16:33
MenZaAn empty account, and all my actions/information (such as ircnicks, jabber, etc.) will be imported to the new account?16:33
mbarnettMenZa: yup16:34
MenZambarnett: done - feel free to do your magic ;)16:34
* mbarnett breaks out the wand.16:35
gentoomacan someone perhaps help me with my issue above?16:36
MenZa(Sorry, I was ~lasse-havelund until just now)16:36
MenZaPerfect, mbarnett :)16:37
mbarnettMenZa: take a look now16:37
MenZa!helpersnack | mbarnett, bigjools (s/a good helper/good helpers/)16:37
ubottumbarnett, bigjools (s/a good helper/good helpers/): Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:37
MenZaGah, great*16:38
MenZaMuch appreciated guys. :)16:38
mbarnettnot a problem16:38
bigjoolsgentooma: perhaps mbarnett can help you16:38
MenZaI don't know ubottu as well as I thought I did. ;)16:39
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stevecrozzSo I'm trying to build a package which depends on another package in my PPA, but when launchpad tries to build it this package (php5) it can't find the package it depends on "checking for libevent >= 1.4.11... no "17:22
stevecrozzhow do I tell the PPA that it needs to download libevent-dev in order to make the build work17:22
bigjoolsstevecrozz: can you point me at the build and I'll look17:23
stevecrozzbigjools: can I just edit debian/control to add the dependencies?17:26
stevecrozzis there a tool to do that? or is it just a by-hand type thing17:27
bigjoolsstevecrozz: why are you deleting sources?17:28
stevecrozzbigjools: not sure what you mean17:28
bigjoolsstevecrozz: and your problem is that you're not build-depending on libevent as you say. I'm not a packaging expert, but someone in #ubuntu-motu will help you17:29
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bigjoolsstevecrozz: the source for the log you pointed me at is deleted17:30
stevecrozzbigjools: my last build failed, and now I get this message with dput: Already uploaded to stevecrozz on ppa.launchpad.net17:30
stevecrozzany way around that?17:30
bigjoolsyes, you bump the version up.  Launchpad will handle the rest.17:30
bigjoolsyou can't upload the same version again17:30
stevecrozzbigjools: how do I do that... just rename the changes file?17:30
bigjoolsyou don't need to delete old versions, Launchpad will supersede them automatically17:31
stevecrozzhow do I bump the version up?17:32
bigjoolsstevecrozz: edit the debian/changelog17:32
bigjoolsand rebuild the source package17:32
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bigjoolspackaging questions are best asked in #ubuntu-motu BTW, they'll give you some good advice17:33
stevecrozzok.. thanks, i'll go there17:33
stevecrozzalso on freenode?17:33
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baga_ciao a tutti20:44
baga_c'รจ qualche italiano fra di voi?20:45
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lifelessdid facebook just change its user home page ?22:54
beunolifeless, it seems so to me23:01
beunoat first,  I thought it didn't fully load23:01
wgrantMe too.23:01
wgrantBut I have about 12 hours of events missing, too!23:01
lifelesswgrant: try the 'live feed'23:01
lifelesswgrant: or a ctrl-refresh23:02
lifelessbeuno: thanks for the ack23:02
wgrantlifeless: Ah. How odd.23:02
lifelesscached old pane I think23:03
lifelessso it would have come good eventually23:03
bodhi_zazenI think I made a mistake23:29
bodhi_zazenI deleted a package in my ppa, as I wanted to update the package23:29
nhandlerWhat did you do bodhi_zazen ?23:29
bodhi_zazenit was a small error, and I did not think I wanted to +1 on the version23:30
bodhi_zazenNow LP rejects uploading the package =)23:30
bodhi_zazenwill that go away with a deleted package ?23:30
bodhi_zazenjust currious23:30
nhandlerMost of the time, you will want to tack on a ~ppa1 to the end of the version. Then, for every new PPA upload, bump that number (i.e. to ~ppa2)23:30
bodhi_zazenso ...23:31
nhandlerbodhi_zazen: Even if you delete the package, you can't upload 2 with the same version23:31
bodhi_zazenfoo-1.0-1-ppa1 ?23:31
nhandler1.0-0ubuntu1~ppa1 (if you are hoping to have this version enter Ubuntu someday)23:32
bodhi_zazenrename what exactly then ?23:32
nhandlerbodhi_zazen: The version in debian/changelog23:32
bodhi_zazendoes the source directory and tar ball stay23:32
nhandlerThe source directory and tarball use the upstream version in their names23:33
nhandlerSo in my example, they would both simply use 1.023:33
bodhi_zazenOK, so, rename source directory, tar ball, and changelog, and I presume debina/control as well ?23:34
nhandlerNo, you should only need to update debian/changelog23:34
bodhi_zazenk , thanks, so all I need to change then is the version in the changelog, awesome23:34
nhandlerThe other versions should be fine already23:34
bodhi_zazenthank you23:37
bodhi_zazennhandler: I got the apparmor .deb working =023:37

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