KajrosDoing integrity check on another computer real quick00:00
u-fokamzz, yes, i did exactly that as i say above, and when I open file from totem it works!00:03
vistakillerwhere is the release note for rc ubuntu?00:06
vistakilleranyone have a link?00:06
KajrosThe integrity check won't run correctly so I'm guessing need to try to redo the live usb00:07
habananyvistakiller   http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso00:09
vistakillerthanks :D00:09
vistakilleri want for the ubuntu-gr site for the news00:10
robotti^habanany: how about windows 7 killer?00:12
u-fokawindows7killer     http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-amd64.iso00:12
habananyvistakiller  this is all i found http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso00:12
n00dleHas anyone got the network manager PPTP plugin to work?00:12
vistakilleri have found only this00:13
vistakillerbut this is for the bugs00:13
vistakillerbut i found for xubuntu and kubuntu00:13
BaconIf I install the beta on my computer will I be able to upgrade it to the final when it comes out?00:14
durtBacon, yes00:15
BaconIs there still problem with the intel moble chipset00:16
Jordan_UBacon: Yes00:16
BaconWill this be resolved in time for the final?00:17
Jordan_UBacon: No, Intel will not support 9.10 and the driver is proprietary so there is nothing Ubuntu devs can do :(00:18
Jordan_UBacon: That is, only the Poulsbo driver00:18
BaconSo wait then why was there not a problem with it in 9.0400:19
Jordan_UBacon: Because Intel supports Poulsbo for 9.04, but they won't update the driver to work with the new Xorg or Kernel in 9.1000:21
BaconWell that's bad news :(00:22
edwindoeblerhi, i can't login to a fresh 9.10 install on a virtualbox VM00:23
edwindoeblerit says "authentication failed"00:23
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: You are sure you typed the password correctly?00:23
edwindoebleryeah, this is about the 3rd try00:24
edwindoebleri usually use gentoo, but i'm giving ubuntu a try00:24
n00dleNevermind, I did get it working. *Phew!*00:24
u-fokaedwindoebler, maybe keyboard layout difference between your live session at installation and your final system?00:24
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Try typing your username or anything else that will let you see what characters are actually being entered00:25
u-fokayou can reset your password00:25
edwindoeblerJordan_U: input seemed to be fine, i selected "other" then typed my user in00:25
u-fokaedwindoebler, pm my if you need help to do it00:25
edwindoebleru-foka: i booted the install disk into repair mode, and i've got a term.  on one of the other trys (on 9.04) i reset the pw from rescue mode and it didn't help00:26
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Can you log in at a tty? ( ctrl+alt+F1 )00:26
edwindoeblerJordan_U: if i do ctrl+alt+f1 it sends me to my gentoo's tty1 (virtualbox running in my normal gentoo install)00:27
edwindoebleri don't know how to make virtualbox send a ctrl+alt+f100:27
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Try booting in single user mode then using "su" to test authentication00:27
MightyTweekedwindoebler: I think host+F1 should work (i.e. right ctrl-F1)00:28
edwindoeblerI'll give both a shot00:29
muszekhi... I'm about to make a clean install of karmic on my lappy (it's been a few years and I've accumulated some mess... plus I want ext4).  I want to backup an entire filesystem to my home server (running ubuntu as well).  can somene please recommend a solution?  right now I'm thinking of simply copying files over ftp...00:29
u-fokaedwindoebler, right ctrl+f1-7 works inside virtualbox for my :)00:30
Jordan_Umuszek: Do you want a bootable image or just your documents?00:30
rordon't forget conf files too!00:31
muszekJordan_U: most of all I want to back up all files (stuff from /home, /var, /etc and everything else just to be safe).00:31
rob0Lowest overhead in network terms, pipe tar -c to nc and nc on the listening end00:31
edwindoeblerbtw, i'm really liking full-disk encryption and lvm support00:32
edwindoeblerthat was a PITA to set up in gentoo00:32
rorhmm, since upgrading, my firefox "drop down url bar" no longer drops down!00:33
rorit used to display recently access favourites00:33
muszekrob0: were you talking to me?00:34
edwindoeblerokay well host+f* works00:36
bp0i tried to create a bootable usb with the desktop amd64 image and unetbootin, but it fails to boot00:36
bp0what could be the problem00:37
bp0the beta image works fine00:37
edwindoeblerJordan_U: i can't get a single user mode prompt, nothing shows up at the grub screen, just times out and boots00:38
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Hold shift during boot00:38
edwindoeblerJordan_U: okay, trying00:39
edwindoeblerand i've trying logging in at a tty, and i still get 'login incorrect'00:40
u-fokaedwindoebler, grub now shows the menu if you hold down the shift key in boot time00:40
rorubuntu 9.10 seems way way faster than 9.04, is there any particular reason for this?00:40
wes32is the ppa: link for software sources new to 9.10 or have I not been noticing it for years?00:41
wes32ror: a special focus was made on bootup and bootdown speeds, in combination with a new grub and ext400:41
wes32but without the broken English ^00:41
rorit's more the general runnign speed, firefox loading etc I'm finding fast00:42
rorperhaps it's just forced me to a different nvidia module or something?00:42
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Does your /etc/shadow look OK?00:42
wes32could be a lot of things, but a new nvidia driver tends to help as well00:42
wes32I don't know whether 9.04 was particularly slow for you or 9.10 is just that little bit faster, as 9.04 wasn't the slowest of operating systems either00:43
wes32I do notice the speed bump as well, though00:43
edwindoeblerJordan_U: i'm booting into rescue mode now00:43
bjsnideroften going back to default themes and desktop settings makes things fastger00:43
edwindoebler@ recovery menu, should i select root?00:43
wes32I'd blame fragmentation of the hard drive, but we all know that'd be silly ;)00:43
konami've been trying to install karmic since yesterday on my pretty standard pc where I've always been able to install ubuntu, with karmic i can't00:45
Jordan_Ukonam: What happens when you try to install?00:45
wes32konam: can you be more specific?00:45
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Yes00:45
edwindoeblerJordan_U: alright, i ran passwd [usr] ... trying to log in now00:46
konamtried the live version and alternate, the live version is broken, metacity ( or whatever) crashes all the time and the installer won't even show up00:46
Jordan_Ukonam: Have you tried the RC?00:46
wes32konam: this is the beta version, right?00:46
edwindoeblerJordan_U: yeah, that didn't work. getting back to the root prompt now.00:46
konamyeah, it's the beta, i couldn't find the RC yesterday00:46
rorif I had error messages during the upgrade process, which package should I list it under?00:46
konami can install the alternate and the grub takes a few seconds to show up ad it won't boot up00:47
Jordan_Ukonam: Can you try the RC, and please be more specific ( when it "won't boot up" does it freeze, reboot, show an error message? )00:48
konamok, i will try the RC, that was the one that i was waiting for00:49
konambut it's the norm for the new grub to take a few seconds before showing up?00:49
konamalso, grub didn't show the option to choose windows...00:50
konameven though it was recognized during installation00:50
edwindoebleri'm still lost.  back at the root prompt, what else should i do?00:57
rorscroll mouse wheel no longer changes desktop 'viewport' deliberate change or just a config change I've missed?00:57
u-fokaedwindoebler, can you su <username> from the root prompt?00:58
cwilluror, misfeature (imo) that's been fixed recently :)00:59
sdgI'm going to attempt to boot Karmic from a digital camera.00:59
edwindoebleryes, prompt changes to $00:59
sdgThat's if I ever manage to get the ISO burnt.00:59
u-fokathat isn't seems good00:59
sdgThe USB startup disk creator keeps stalling.00:59
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Have you checked that your /etc/shadow looks right?00:59
u-fokayou should have a simlar prompt that root has00:59
wes32ohhhhh, add-apt-repository01:00
edwindoeblerJordan_U: it seems to be similar to my gentoo install -- my username has a bunch of characters after :01:00
Cynthiaedwindoebler: those characters are your current directory01:01
wes32that's sexy :)01:01
rorcwillu, ok cool. Actually it was kinda annoying because it would often trigger when you were "in" other applications01:01
rorespecially if you were near edge of screen01:01
rorI flick my scroll wheel oftne out of habit, not actually wanting to use the second viewport01:01
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Do those characters start with $6$ ?01:01
edwindoeblerJordan_U: yes01:02
wes32i'm surprised I had not read anything about add-apt-repository yet, it's quite handy :)01:02
bp0has anyone succeeded in building a bootable usb with the new amd64 image and unbootin?01:04
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Set your password to something simple like "password" and check that what ends up in /etc/shadow matches the output from: perl -e 'print crypt( "password", '\''$6$salt'\'' );')01:07
McShaneIf I'm going from 9.04 to 9.10, would I be better off wiping my current root partition and install a new one with the boot CD, as opposed to doing an in-place upgrade?01:08
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: sorry, minus that last ')' so: perl -e 'print crypt( "password", '\''$6$salt'\'' );'01:08
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: I need to leave now but I'll be back in a few hours if you have any questions01:08
mzzwes32: same here, although half or so of the repositories I was previously adding were for newer versions than available in jaunty, so it turns out I don't really use it much yet :)01:12
Jordan_Uedwindoebler: Another thing to consider is that if vbox is setting the hardware clock wrong your password may be expiring immediately / authentication failing because the date is not sane01:15
u-fokaJordan_U, does ubuntu has password expiring enabled by default??01:16
menzzaHello ! Im searching for a laptop/notebook with more power than those acer aspire machines etc...and it should work great with linux01:17
edwindoeblerJordan_U: typing 'date' shows the correct time01:17
BluesKajmenzza, I have one of those acers, karmic works great on it01:18
BluesKajaamof , mine's an elcheapo extensa acer01:19
menzzaBluesKaj: with the Atom processor?01:19
BluesKajmenzza, you know ,I never bothered checking the cpu ,... I originally bought it mainly for travel...both wife and i are retired , and we thought it would be fine email and surfing while on the road in hotels etc01:20
rob0I'm out of the old-style notebook world. The netbooks are more what I want a portable machine for. But anyway, what you do, check out something you like, then Google it.01:20
menzzaBluesKaj: okey01:21
rob0If your Google results show someone installing a Linux on it, read up, see what worked and what didn't.01:21
sdgusb-creator has stalled at 81% :(01:22
sdgI'll try unetbootin then01:24
BluesKajmenzza, Intel Pentium dual-core T4200 processor...whatever nickname they have for that cpu01:25
menzzaBluesKaj: yepp01:26
Jordan_Umenzza: http://system76.com/index.php?cPath=28 http://dell.com/ubuntu01:37
eternal_pevening all...quick question...I am sitting right beside my dual N router...when I connect on G, everything is fine, when I connect on N, I get an IP address but cannot browse/do anything01:44
Heikki123haha, i made a video of a bug online01:45
Heikki123lol http://dyn.fi/crash/crash-with-nautilus-and-fileroller.html01:45
lucas_how can i stop ubuntu turnin my laptop sound card on and off every 5 seconds?01:47
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
lucas_i can understand that developers what ubuntu to use less battery but for some laptops like mine, do a stupid sound everytime the sound card turns on back again... its really enoyin01:49
tonyyarussoAre contacts shared between Empathy and Evolution in Karmic?01:49
=== rashed2020 is now known as r2020
stperelucas_: sec01:51
lucas_k thanks stpere01:52
stperewhat sound card do you have?01:52
lucas_stpere: yes01:52
SpacePigeonmy update-manager froze when I clicked Upgrade (to Karmic Beta)01:56
stperelucas_: write 0 in /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save01:56
stpereecho 0 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save01:56
sdglucas_: Play music.01:56
sdglucas_: That's my solution.01:56
stperesdg: that's cheating :)01:57
lucas_stpere: im tryin it ill come back01:57
stperewhy come back?01:57
stpereI mean, why leaving? :)01:57
SpacePigeonis this frequent?01:58
stpereSpacePigeon: I suppose you have applied every update to your current release?01:58
SpacePigeonstpere, yeah, the freezing ceased now, thanks01:58
SpacePigeonI guess it was downloading the agreement01:59
Deathvalley122I can't get the usb to detect my devices in vbox :(01:59
lucas_didny work... ive wrote 0 and it rewrite it 1002:00
lucas_Deathvalley122: try vbox repositories02:01
SpacePigeonits stuck again.. lord02:02
Deathvalley122I am on the latest version02:02
stperelucas_: it's set back at every boot02:02
stpereyou need to place it somewhere in your boot script02:02
stpereit'S a virtual file02:02
lucas_stpere: how do i do that?02:02
stpereplace that command in /etc/rc.local02:03
lucas_Deathvalley122: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads ubuntu comes with vbox ose, thats a free version not the "real" one02:03
stperebefore the exit 002:03
lucas_stpere: smart guy, how was it? echo 0 ...02:03
stpereecho 0 > /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save02:03
Deathvalley122lol lucas_ ... I am not on ose02:03
lucas_Deathvalley122: did u use virtual box repositories?02:04
Barridusmy grub2 doesn't autolaunch ubuntu, it just sits and waits for my direction.  anyone know about how to resolve that?  i knew how to in the old grub, but this one is complicated02:04
Heikki123is it a good or a bad thing to make videos out of bugs? like this other one http://dyn.fi/crash/icons-disappearing-nautilus.html02:04
Heikki123and post them to launchpad02:05
lucas_Barridus: sudo grub-update && sudo grub-install /dev/sda?02:05
Barridusthat will add a countdown thingy?02:07
Barriduslucas_ ^02:07
rorsince upgrading I can't play any wmv files, both totem and vlc complain. I have video-codecs-nonfree etc installed :\02:08
lucas_Barridus: u can go back to the previous version of grub... sudo apt-get install grub -y && sudo grub-update && sudo grub-install /dev/sda02:08
sblunixHey guys, quick question (not an actual problem)02:08
Barriduslucas_ i'm ok with trying to modify the new grub, i'd rather keep the software "stock"02:09
lucas_Barridus: then i have no idea...02:09
sblunixI had Ubuntu Karmic Beta installed, I just ran update manager and it did some updates, would those updates sortof "Upgrade" me to Karmic RC?02:09
Deathvalley122no lucas_ I installed it with a deb file I am the version of 3.0.8 r5313802:09
stperesblunix: yup02:09
Barridusi don't know enough about this to fill out a bug report02:09
stperesblunix: no need to reinstall02:09
lucas_Deathvalley122: man grub202:10
sblunixstpere: alrighty, cool, ty, and I'll update to Karmic When it's officially released02:10
sblunixstpere: I mean I won't need to reinstall when it's officially released02:10
HoopyCatsblunix:  keep doing updates regularly, and it'll "automagically" become 9.10 when it's released02:10
lucas_sblunix: nope... if u install update ur ubuntu will be up to date...02:11
rorah it's prolly related to the upgrade disabling medibuntu sources, I'll re-do that :)02:11
sblunixYay :D I love when Ubuntu does things automagically for me02:11
Barriduskarmic is pretty rad, imo02:12
Deathvalley122I wouldn't know02:12
stpereBarridus: get off my lawn kid :)02:12
stperekids these days with all those expressions :)02:13
HoopyCatsblunix:  (techie answer: as far as updates go, the subsystem that handles that knows versions by the names, and all it (and the repository) knows is "jaunty", "karmic", etc.  alpha vs. beta vs. release is merely a state of mind.  :-)02:13
sblunixHoopyCat: Ok sweet, and my version names are all karmic, so, tis all good for me...02:14
Barridusheh kid?  XD02:14
Barridusi'll learn ya XD02:15
Barridusok i digress, soz02:15
rorsweeeet! the volume slider went back to veritical:D02:15
stpereBarridus: kidding of course02:15
rorlife is good again02:15
Barridusme too02:17
uboxhow come the screen brightness is sometimes set really low when i resume02:23
ransomhas anyone else had problems with the getting the correct icon set to load in RC?02:33
ransomrelease candidate02:33
Jon5000Anyone on here know much about citrix xenapp receiver?02:36
bp0anyone watching nbc right now? good mac commercials about windows 7....02:37
Jon5000Also, what's the lowdown on the difference btwn beta and rc?  In other words should I move from beta to rc or just wait for the release?02:38
McShanethe difference is just a matter of updated packages. If you've updated your beta in the past few days, you're already running the release candidate.02:39
bp0"release candidate" means that this is the release set unless there are major problems02:40
bp0*supposed to mean, anyway02:40
Jon5000Got it. Thx. Any familiarity with citrix?02:40
HoopyCatJon5000:  if you're on karmic (and running updates regularly), you're on the "latest", whether alpha, beta, release candidate, release, point release, etc :-)02:40
=== LjL-Temp is now known as LjL
cmwslwuh oh, this sounds bad02:49
cmwslwi was upgrading to the karmic rc, and while upgrading the kernel, it asked me if i wanted to generate a menu.lst02:50
cmwslwi said no, since i have grub202:50
darthanubisyou answered wrong as you already no02:50
darthanubisthe answer is yes to most upgrade questions02:50
cmwslwnow it thinks the kernel package is unconfigured and can't continue02:50
cmwslwactually, i clicked the popup and it asked me that question again02:51
Deathvalley122can someone help me with this issue02:52
cmwslwi put in yes and now it seems to be continuing02:52
Deathvalley122Failed to eject "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DVD_RW_AW_Q170A".02:52
lucas_cmwslw: sudo update-grub2 && sudo grub-install /dev/sda02:52
Deathvalley122iven device "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DVD_RW_AW_Q170A" is not a volume or drive.02:52
cmwslwlucas_: i already have grub202:52
Deathvalley122is there a way to fix that?02:52
lucas_cmwslw: i know but u dont have menu.lst02:53
lucas_cmwslw: yes02:53
cmwslwlucas_ i'm in terminal right now and my old menu.lst is still there from grub102:54
cmwslwUpgrade complete02:55
cmwslwThe upgrade is completed but there were errors during the upgrade process.02:55
lucas_cmwslw: sudo grub-setup02:56
cmwslwgrub-setup: command not found02:56
cmwslwis that a grub1 command, or is it just my system being messed up (it's barely functioning since all the packages have been changed)02:57
drs305Try grub-install /dev/sdX02:58
lucas_cmwslw: "sudo" grub-setup02:58
cmwslwlucas_: what are you talking about? I already put that02:59
lucas_cmwslw: it should be easy, sudo update-grub and then install grub sudo grub-install /dev/sda these are grub2 commands03:00
cmwslwlucas_: just to be positive, i should be doing this even though i already have grub2?03:00
lucas_cmwslw: yup it should work ok... it could ask u if u want to overwrite soemthing just say yes to all03:01
cmwslwsorry for being paranoid, but i don't want to screw up my system (even though i made an entire drive backup before)03:01
cmwslwok, rebooting now. If i don't return, i will my username to lucas_ :)03:04
lucas_hope hes back03:05
lucas_mmmmmmmm a computer shoudnt be that slow for rebootin...03:08
lucas_ill change nick name just in case...03:08
=== lucas_ is now known as I_was_lucas
I_was_lucashope he doesnt notice it03:09
bp0i cant make a usb installer with either the 1md64 or the i386 images03:09
I_was_lucasbp0: sure03:09
* HoopyCat hands out the fake mustaches03:09
bp0why not?03:09
bp0what is the problem with it03:10
I_was_lucasim sayin YES U CAN03:10
HoopyCatbp0:  what is it doing when it's not working?03:10
eternal_phey all...I am trying to upgrade but an getting some unmet dependencies and I am not too sure how to fix...http://pastebin.com/m5e90538403:10
bp0well i created the bootable usb disk with the unetbootin tool, when it boots it says something like "remove any disks or media and press a key to restart"03:11
I_was_lucaseternal_p: how about... sudo aptitude install -f?03:11
bp0the beta image works, but neither of the new RC images03:11
eternal_pI_was_lucas: nope http://pastebin.com/m7efedf5c03:14
HoopyCatbp0:  hmm... haven't tried it myself, but might be worth gathering some data for a bug report, especially if you can find a fairly precise spot where it stopped working03:16
bp0it shows that message immediately, doesn't load grub or the kernel or anything03:17
bp0and when a key is pressed it just continues to boot normally, there isnt actually a restart03:18
akiodo BugSquad members hang here?03:18
bp0boot normally means load grub from the main hd instead of the usb one03:18
JohnFluxHey all03:19
brian_i have been running the beta with updates  is there any reason maybe more bug fixes or anything any reason to installl the  new rc03:19
HoopyCatbp0:  probably means it's not writing the bootloader correctly, but there's "enough there" to convince your bios to try it03:19
JohnFluxWhen I upgraded to kubuntu 9.10, the first thing I see _everytime_ I login is a dialog box telling me that Akondi server is not configured03:19
HoopyCatbrian_:  if you're on karmic (and running updates regularly), you're on the "latest", whether alpha, beta, release candidate, release, point release, etc :-)03:19
JohnFluxthis is a really bad first impression03:19
JohnFlux1) It doesn't say what Akonadi is03:20
JohnFlux2) There's no clue how to fix03:20
Gratz474hi, from ubuntu 9.04 my intel graphics performance has increased quite a bit03:20
Gratz474can anyone tell me why?03:20
JohnFlux3) It's intimidating - there is tons of technical infromation (something about mysql log file errors??)03:20
akioGratz474, natural progression?03:20
akiogem architecture?03:21
bp0So is the problem in unetbootin or the ubuntu image?03:21
eternal_pI_was_lucas: any thoughts?03:21
bp0@ HoopyCat03:21
Gratz474akio, are the intel drivers using exa or uxa?03:21
akioi thought uxa03:21
akioi can check my log03:21
Gratz474i dont think it is , i can't find it in the grep03:22
Gratz474only thing i can find is dri203:22
HoopyCatbp0:  myself, i don't know.  i haven't used unetbootin before, and i don't have the equipment to test it here.03:22
akio(II) UXA(0): Driver registered support for the following operations:03:22
cmwslwi think upstart is slowing my boot time03:23
Gratz474akio, i did not think dri2 was a replacement for uxa03:23
akioI think you might be comparing apples to oranges03:23
cmwslwit takes about 1 min to boot now, but i don't remember what it was with jaunty03:23
HoopyCatcmwslw:  if i recall correctly, you just upgraded kernels... i believe there's some stuff that gets done on the first boot of a new kernel (but i'm probably talking out of my bum and misremembering stuff)03:25
cmwslwat first i get the ubuntu logo for about 20-30 seconds, for 1 second it goes back to the console where the boot drive is printed, then the gnome screen , then the progress bar screen, and then finally my desktop03:25
cmwslwHoopyCat: this is my second boot03:26
HoopyCatcmwslw:  cool, you're a step ahead of me :-)03:26
Gratz474akio, hmm i see03:26
Gratz474akio, is there any way to use exa?03:27
akioyou would have to write an xorg.conf03:27
cmwslwthis is probably due to the fact that i upgraded - i don't have ext403:27
Gratz474akio, but does the driver support it03:28
Gratz474did they take out exa capability in the new intel drivers?03:28
akioI don't know, it may have been dropped but I doubt it.03:28
Gratz474i think it has03:28
Gratz474this is why some people were downgrading i think03:28
cmwslwthe system beep is also messed up, and my speakers pop sometimes when a person says something in irc03:29
akiomy 945gm runs smooth as glass03:29
cmwslwi think those two issues are related03:29
Gratz474akio, i am on a 865G its smooth i wouldn't call it glass though03:30
Gratz474i am always trying to get all the performance i can heh03:30
Gratz474i think between the 945 and the 865 it was a pretty big difference03:30
Gratz474time to upgrade anyways, went a full 5 years and it was not great then03:33
akiohey DanaG, do you know how I can get my bug to be looked at?03:34
joseph_Why can't I run "vol_id"?03:36
oldude67hey help..lol, whats the easiest way to install a new monitor. i just went from a 17 inch to a 19 and everything is like huge and there is only 800x600 and larger..:(03:42
brian_i just ran update manager and it wants to do a partial upgrade and it wants to rremove komqueror plugin searchbar and konqueror plugins03:42
Gratz474i reallly wonder if i can use exa with intel in 9.1003:42
brian_should i do the partial03:43
Gratz474if that is possible to do and works, and someone could tell me that would be great03:46
ubuntuHi, i just intall the daily release of kubuntu on my sdb with windows 7 on the sda and the grub freezes at the "GRUB loading" and nothing happend03:48
DanaGhmm, did somebody poke me?03:48
DanaGor rather, ping.03:48
akioI did03:49
ubuntuany idea?03:49
DanaGah, which was your bug?03:49
timbersyndaemon doesn't work in karmic?03:49
DanaGI don't know how to get things to be looked at... if I knew that myself, I'd be happy.  =P03:49
akioBug 43976803:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439768 in gnome-power-manager "backlight throbbing on login & idle" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43976803:50
oldude67ok if we dont have a xorg.conf, what do we change to get a new monitor to work correct?03:50
akiooldude67, use xrandr03:50
oldude67akio, only gives me 2 settings large and larger..03:51
ubuntui install kubuntu karmic daily release and my grub hangs at the "GRUB loading" there is a fix fot that?03:51
akioxrandr will give you everything you need, consult thy oracle03:51
oldude67akio, whatever03:52
akioI'm running dvi > hdmi with xrandr, there is no edid info for me to even work with03:52
=== ubuntu is now known as andre
SodaPhishholy jesus, why is it every time I update karmic my sound gets completely screwed?03:56
=== andre is now known as blabla
SodaPhishno, really, this is an issue.  Ever since hardy, sound support has been a raving lot of crap... anyone wanna take a stab at why?03:57
SodaPhishcorrection: AFTER hardy, sound went into the toilett03:57
SodaPhisherr, crapper, or whatever03:57
SodaPhishno takers, eh?03:58
SodaPhishI was hoping someone could explain that.03:58
SodaPhishand tell me how to get my mic to work in Karmic again.03:58
SodaPhishlife without Mumble sucks.03:58
c00pIf I install the rc release can I just apt-get to the release version of ubuntu ?04:03
HoopyCatc00p:  if you're on karmic (and running updates regularly), you're on the "latest", whether alpha, beta, release candidate, release, point release, etc :-)04:03
brian__im about to do a system re install but i wanna backup my apps and pictures and stuff so would i just save my home folder and that will restore everything?04:05
dick-richardsonanyone aware of the dependency issue with update-manager?04:05
c00pcool - might rebuild my laptop tonight then with the latest release and then update once the official is out :)04:06
c00pthanks HoopyCat04:06
HoopyCatc00p:  np :-)04:06
uboxis anyone experiencing backlight being set low when waking the display?04:10
GodfatherofEireSay, guys, did that problem with nm-applet get fixed?04:10
DanaG"that problem" -- what problem?04:10
GodfatherofEireDanaG, basically, nm-applet didnt like anything other than DHCP (at least on wireless)04:11
linuxguy2009Where has the option to change the netbook remix display mode from netbook to normal gone?04:13
GodfatherofEireLike, I'd "set" the thing to Static IP, but then I'd check the settings and it was just back at DHCP04:13
GodfatherofEireAnd is it just me or are the x.10 releases a bit buggier than the x.04 ones?04:14
GodfatherofEireCome to think of it, nm-applet was acting up in 8.10 too.04:15
HoopyCatthe winter tends to kill a lot of bugs in northern climates... the x.10s have been sitting around all summer04:15
GodfatherofEireWell, then again, with 8.10 I suppose it was because I upgraded, rather than doing a fresh install04:16
HoopyCati think it's mostly coincidence... different people use different things, with different levels of bugginess.  i, for one, find sound is vastly better in 9.10 compared to 9.04.  i also don't use the networkmanager (or whichever it is) after some horrific experiences trying to get it to work with static addressing since i started running ubuntu at home circa 8.04 :-)04:18
rob0Wait a minute, the BDFL is from the southern hemisphere, so I don't think the northern winter should have that much effect.04:19
HoopyCatrob0:  i believe launchpad.net to be in the UK, which would be where the bugs are stored04:20
tonyyarussorob0: Canonical headquarters and sabdfl are currently in the UK, regardless of where he's from.04:29
robotti^no ubuntu for me :(04:33
secret901I upgraded to Karmic from Jaunty and I get a black screen for my desktop background.  How do I change it?04:33
=== joseph_ is now known as spasticteapot
secret901I have a black screen for my desktop background.  How do I fix that?04:36
jdahmsecret901: get an image file {png,jpg,etc} and set it as the background?04:37
secret901jdahm: that doesn't work04:37
tonyyarussosecret901: have you tried restarting nautilus?04:37
secret901tonyyarusso: I've restarted my computer several times04:37
secret901tonyyarusso: I can see my background image briefly before I log out04:38
secret901tonyyarusso: otherwise it's a black screen04:38
pantsd_I went to go dist-upgrade, but update-manager is broker in the beta. Anyone else have this issue?04:38
secret901tonyyarusso: also, the icon for my network connections is just a black blob04:39
jdahmthis is what happens when you try to update to a beta I guess04:39
jdahmweird things happen04:39
tonyyarussosecret901: Welcome to pre-releases!04:39
jdahmif you want stuff to work, use LTS04:39
durtpantsd_, um, update-manager uses dist-upgrade?04:39
pantsd_durt: No so I run sudo aptitude dist-upgrade and it says :  update-manager: Depends: update-manager-core (= 1:0.126.5) but 1:0.126.4 is installed.04:40
secret901tonyyarusso: we'll, shouldn't they take care of this before it's released?04:40
tonyyarussosecret901: yes - have you filed/checked for the relevant bug?04:41
spasticteapotIs Compiz set up under Koala, and if so, how do I use it?04:41
spasticteapotI never bothered to install it before.04:41
pantsd_durt: its not blocking me, but I wanted to know if anyone  else has the problem or if I should file a bug.04:41
secret901tonyyarusso: no, I assume I'm the only one with this problem04:41
virtualdpantsd_: Run dialogaptitude update04:42
virtualdStupid phone04:42
Jordan_Uspasticteapot: It's enabled by default ( if you have 3D accelleration ), you can do very basic customization in System > Preferences > Appearance, and more custumization by installing ccsm or simple-ccsm04:42
Jordan_U!ccsm | spasticteapot04:42
ubottuspasticteapot: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:42
durtpantsd_, more than likely update-manager-core is going to be updated very shortly be patient.04:43
lucas_yeah, doess any one know how to make run flash on konqueror in karmic?04:48
Barridusanyone got a "Grub2 for n00bz" resource handy?  :)04:49
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:50
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konqueror04:50
snap-lHaving trouble logging into postgresql after upgrading to Karmic. I know there's a debconf message that needs to be followed, but I didn't get all of the info. Is there a way to get that info after the fact?04:55
* snap-l is having a hard time believing he's the only person with this problem. :)04:57
Blueyhow do I kill the sounds in pidgin?  going into tools/mute sounds and checking that doesn't work...  worked fine in 9.04 but not 9.1005:00
lucas_Bluey: gnome or kde?05:01
Blueylucas_: gnome05:02
radhruinI upgraded to the RC and things went smoothly except for one thing(minus having to set my network connection to managed AGAIN): my mic no longer works. It's a standard mic, not USB. Changing sound settings does nothing. The equalizer on the input tab of sound settings moves with sound output. I have an X-Fi card, which may have something to do with this. Any ideas?05:02
td123so I just tested the RC image, and whenever I delete a folder like Documents in my home folder, it still shows up in the main menu drop down. Is there any reason why this hasn't been fixed?05:04
td123by main menu, I mean the places menu :)05:04
* pwnguin has a question about the init.d scripts05:05
pwnguinactually, nevermind05:05
pwnguin/proc/cmdline != /proc/{pid}/cmdline05:05
cwillu_clonepwnguin, /proc/self/cmdline05:05
pwnguincwillu_clone: i was wondering how the scripts were pulling kernel options from their commandline05:06
pwnguinbut its obvious now05:06
cwillu_cloneah :p05:06
leandrodeassisu guys are having problem in auto-loading subtitles in totem? it freezes here..05:06
secret901how do I reboot from GNOME without having to log out?05:10
Volkodavno can do05:11
Jordan_Usecret901: The fast user switch applet in the right of the top pannel05:11
secret901Jordan_U: the only options are to log out or to switch users05:11
Blueysecret901: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:11
Blueyw/o logging out - dunno05:12
secret901Bluey: is there a way to do it from some sort of applet?05:12
Blueysecret901: not that I  know of -05:12
Jordan_Usecret901: Is this a fresh install or an upgrade?05:12
secret901Bluey: didn't they have that in Jaunty?05:12
secret901Jordan_U: upgrade from Jaunty05:12
Jordan_Usecret901: It's in karmic too, if you don't see it that's a bug05:13
Blueysecret901: I don't know - they might have - I'm not aware of anything like that - but doesn't mean it doesn't exist05:13
kohlrakany known problems with scim in Koala?05:13
secret901Jordan_U: what should I expect to see in that applet?05:13
Jordan_Usecret901: Basically the same thing as in jaunty05:14
secret901Jordan_U: I see only two options: log out or switch users05:14
secret901no option to reboot or shut down when you're logged in05:15
Blueysure there is.05:16
pwnguincwillu_clone: i have like 250 megs of bootcharts05:16
Blueymine shows that - unless your not admin05:16
* cwillu_clone looks aroun05:16
cwillu_cloneyou talking to me?05:16
secret901Bluey: this in the only account in the computer05:16
kohlrakoh wow, a percentage on package reading! I love this improvement! =)05:16
Blueysecret901: is it admin account?05:16
cwillu_clonepwnguin, are you offering data storage services? :D05:16
secret901Bluey: it's not root if that's what you're asking05:17
pwnguincwillu_clone: now that i added the parameter to the kernel, it's making 32 kb per chart instead of 30005:17
Blueysecret901: no not asking that...05:17
secret901Bluey: but I can sudo stuff05:17
pwnguinsvgz ftw05:17
* cwillu_clone checks the scrollback05:17
Blueyand your running 9,10?05:17
secret901Bluey: correct05:17
cwillu_clonepwnguin, my scrollback only goes back 20 minutes05:18
pwnguincwillu_clone: i was looking at /etc/init.d/stop-bootchart to enable svg over png05:18
cwillu_cloneah, okay05:18
cwillu_clonecontext is good :)05:18
pwnguinit reads the linux commandline for bootchart=svg05:18
Blueyhmm in the upper right corner, there is my user id and if I left click it, I've a bunch of options, including restart...05:18
secret901Bluey: so your applet shows more than two options?05:18
kohlrakAnyone know how to type in japanese on koala? i could do it on jaunty through scim, but it's not available in scim anymore....05:18
Blueysecret901: yes...05:18
cwillu_cloneand vector over bitmap for visualization is also good :p05:18
cwillu_clonepwnguin, wonder why that isn't the default?05:19
Blueysecret901: 9 options05:19
secret901Bluey: oh, I see it now.  I was looking at another applet05:19
pwnguincwillu_clone: it might be in karmic (this box is jaunty)05:19
Blueysecret901: GOT EVERYTHING?05:19
secret901Bluey: yes. I was looking at the log out button, which had only 2 options05:20
pwnguincwillu_clone: also, svg is xml, so you can actually dig around and analyze it05:20
secret901Bluey: this one integrated with IM so I didn't pay much attention to it05:20
Blueysecret901: it was that way in previous release too05:21
pwnguini should have enabled it a while ago, back when they actually fixed it to do this =/05:21
pwnguinthen i could make a time series of boot times05:22
radhruinWell, in order to get my external mic working, I had to use amixer to enable Line-in05:29
radhruinI'm not sure how to file a bug against this05:29
webbb82the past few updates i did it says it wants todo a partial upgrade  , does this mean i messed somethin up05:40
webbb82in order todo the partial upgrade it wants to remove konqueror plugins05:44
Barriduswebbb82, maybe maybe not, sometimes a package hits the repos before all of it's dependencies05:44
bullgard4Yesterday I had my laptop computer in a local Linux computer club. There was a kernel crash which I tried to report to Launchpad. Then I could continue working on it. This morning the Ubuntu greeter reports: "Error when authentificating" after i input my password and press Enter. I can login on a vitual console though. How to troubleshoot?05:45
kb9zwjIs there a way to upgrade to grub2 after a upgrade from jaunty to karmic?05:46
Jordan_Ukb9zwj: Yes, sudo apt-get install grub205:46
kb9zwjok tks05:47
bullgard4kb9zwj: Yes there is.05:47
Barriduskb9zwj, you might evaluate if you need to, grub2 is a little rough around the edges atm05:47
Jordan_UBarridus: How so?05:47
darthanubiswould you guys please bother to READ the homepage of the distro at least?05:47
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:48
BarridusJordan_U, for one my grub2 won't autoboot, it waits for me to select something.  no resolution exists yet.05:49
Jordan_UBarridus: Can you pastebin your grub.conf?05:49
Barridusnot my default/grub?05:50
Barridusand i assume you mean grub.cfg?05:50
rob0Not your father's grub.05:50
edwindoeblerJordan_U: don't know if you remember my login issue from earlier, but i did another fresh install -- and opted not to use shadow passwords -- and i still can't log in05:51
Jordan_UBarridus: Yes, grub.cfg ( I've been working with Red Hat too much recently :)05:52
Barridushere's a thread on the forums i posted my file contents to, i'm solidus0079 at the end http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=805987505:52
Barridusseems my grub2 branches at if [ ${recordfail} = 1 ]; then"05:53
Barridusoops, seems my grub2 branches at if "[ ${recordfail} = 1 ]; then" for no reason05:53
Jordan_UBarridus: Your default entry may be failing for some reason05:55
Jordan_UBarridus: That would explain grub not timing out05:55
bp0hello, im trying to update my jaunty to the rc, with `update-manager -d` ... is there a way i can tell it to use packs from the cd instead of downloading? im only getting 100k from the server and its going to take hours05:57
Barriduswhy would it fail?05:57
Jordan_UBarridus: Is "default" set to anything other than zero?05:59
BarridusJordan_U, GRUB_DEFAULT=006:00
olejlI have 2 computers running karmic, but I have a slow internet connection. Is it possible to use on PC as a server when doing updates? so that I only need to download the packages one time?06:00
Jordan_UBarridus: Hold shift at boot ( that will cause the menu to be shown *before* it tries to load the default entry ), then choose the first menu entry and see if you see any errors06:01
Barridushmm maybe i've miscommunicated06:01
Barridusit shows the menu06:02
Barridusit just refuses to count down automatically and launch ubuntu06:02
Barridusthat's what's going on Jordan_U06:02
Jordan_UBarridus: I know, but it likely shows the menu because automatically loading the default entry fails06:02
Barridusit launches if i hit enter06:02
Barridusbut i don't have the hidden option on, it should be showing the menu (i have xp on a small partition)06:03
Jordan_UBarridus: Ok, is there anything but "#"s in /boot/grub/grubenv ?06:04
DelvienNo experience with xsplash. How do I restore xsplash ? (tried KDE in karmic to test, and now I only have the kubuntu usplash, instead of the new ubuntu xsplash)06:05
Barridusyes Jordan_U, # GRUB Environment Block06:05
Barridusthen a bunch of #06:05
Jordan_UBarridus: That is the problem, there was a failure at one point and that failure has been saved06:06
Barriduscan i clear the failure?06:06
Jordan_UBarridus: Yes06:06
Barridusedit to recordfail=0?06:06
Jordan_UBarridus: sudo grub-editenv create06:07
Barridusno command specified06:08
Barridusthat's the output of that command Jordan_U06:08
Jordan_UBarridus: Sorry, "sudo grub-editenv /boot/grub/grubenv create"06:09
kohlrakwhat's default on koala, oss, alsa, or what?06:09
Jordan_Ukohlrak: alsa06:09
Barridusok thanks Jordan_U, this time no output (usually a good sign)06:10
Barridusis it ready for me to test bootup?06:10
Jordan_UBarridus: Yes06:10
BarridusJordan_U, i notice /boot/grub/grubenv is now missing the recordfail line, ok brb06:11
Barridusthanks Jordan_U, you fixed it!06:13
wgrantIs there a way to turn just some event sounds off?06:16
DelvienAnyone know how to restore xsplash, after installing, and then removing KDE ?06:16
wgranteg. I don't want the login or alert sounds, but I do want sounds in Empathy.06:16
SpacePigeonif i hit cancel on my upgrade, i will loose no downloaded material right?06:19
durtSpacePigeon, packages completely downloaded are stored.06:20
SpacePigeongood goood. I just don't want to restart the upgrade tomorrow and have it start off from the beginning06:20
durtno, just the package that gets interupted06:21
morphiasi dont know if it is just me but i noticed recently that this distro lags the system a lot more than 9.04 when i do copy operations06:27
kohlrakmight be jus you, because i'm actually noticing improvements in some areas, especially speed wise06:27
kohlrakmy computer usually has spikes in cpu usage every so many seconds06:27
kohlraknow those spikes are gone06:28
morphiashmm.  like all applications lag / freeze and firefox just crashed on me.06:29
kohlrakquite honestly, i was amazed that i seem to only be having minor papercut problems06:31
morphiasreason i asked is because i booted into 9.04 and tried the same thing and it doesn't lag the x-server as bad.06:32
kohlrakmaybe your videocard lost support06:32
kohlraki know when i upgrated to hardy long ago my video card now only has 2d support (ati card)06:32
kohlrakon gutsy it had 3d support06:32
morphiasi have an embedded intel card and i read they improved support for intel in this distro?06:33
morphiasnew driver?06:33
kohlrakit could be the case =p06:33
wgrantHow old is the Intel card?06:33
wgrantAnything i915 or newer should have much better support now.06:33
morphiaslol. uhm hows Intel GM965 sound? :-P06:34
wgrantAnything older may have regressed slightly.06:34
wgrantThat's new.06:34
macogm965 is good06:34
morphiasoh ok.06:34
kohlraki'd do some diagnostics if i were you06:34
morphiasim just learning how to debug lately.06:35
kohlraktry running some GUI stuff from the terminal06:35
kohlrakyou might find gtk complaining too06:35
kohlrak(i've grown to hate gtk lately because of some silly things it does which ends up leading to most of it's own problems)06:36
morphiaslol i know the feeling.  i keep feeling that gtk "gets in the way"06:36
kohlrakmoreso, gtk actually does runtime type checking (which is why it often complains when an old app doesn't get recomplied when gtk gets updated)06:37
kohlrakit also leads to slowdowns =p06:37
morphiasother than that, i cannot wait for the matured release of this distro :-P06:46
morphiasi mean, your right some stuff has been sped up and i like the new software manager06:46
bullgard4Yesterday I had my laptop computer in a local Linux computer club. There was a kernel crash which I tried to report to Launchpad. Then I could continue working on it. This morning after I input my password and pressed Enter the Ubuntu greeter reports: "Error when authentificating". I can login on a virtual console though. How to troubleshoot?06:47
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Do you use ecryptfs?06:51
bullgard4Jordan_U: No.06:51
Gratz474so is it possible to use exa instead of UXA?06:53
Gratz474I would like to use EXA for this intel card06:54
Jordan_UGratz474: No06:54
Gratz474Jordan_U, :(06:54
Jordan_UGratz474: Why do you want to use EXA?06:54
Gratz474for an intel card it works better06:54
Gratz474better performance06:54
Gratz474xaa is actually the best performance for an intel card06:54
Jordan_UGratz474: That has likely changed with the new intel drivers06:55
meatbunhow to create loopback interface?06:55
Gratz474Jordan_U, the ones with 9.10?06:55
Jordan_UGratz474: Yes06:55
kohlrakmeatbun: what kind of loopback interface?06:55
Gratz474Jordan_U, I am not complaining they are good06:55
meatbunkohlrak, virtual. like msoft adaptor loopback06:55
Gratz474but i just feel maybe it could be a bit better06:55
Jordan_UGratz474: The intel devs removed the EXA code from the intel driver06:56
kohlrakmeatbun: i'm still not following you. Networking, hardware, what?06:56
meatbunthe default is using 127.x i want a new one06:56
meatbunnetworking. nic intefface06:56
meatbunlo: is default06:56
kohlrakwhy do you want a newone? =p06:57
Gratz474Jordan_U, when i go over a gnome menu like accessories, and i move my mouse fast over it, it just picks up a few of the hovers, but if i turn off all effects in gnome it will thats just bugging me, maybe something to do with DRI2 ? or whatever, maybe i could tweak this06:57
Gratz474the effects and everything run really good now though, runs very smooth06:57
Gratz474its just the menu hover thing that urks me06:58
Jordan_UGratz474: compiz uses a fade in effect for menus by default, try turning that effect off so the menu shows immediately06:58
meatbunkohlrak, u kno how?06:58
Gratz474Jordan_U, i mean once its already open06:58
Gratz474i hover over accessories then i hover all that stuff really quick it wont really pick it up06:58
kohlrakmeatbun: not entirely sure to be honest, can't see why you'd want a newone though.06:58
Gratz474i have to slowly move for it to focus that item06:59
Gratz474Jordan_U, like a piano roll or something :)06:59
Gratz474Jordan_U, maybe there is some tweak or i duno, when you hover over just an item i can't see it doing anything too special this is why its annoying me heh07:00
Jordan_UGratz474: Can you see if it's reproduceable with xcompmgr ?07:02
Gratz474xcompgr i never even used it07:03
Gratz474just have a gnome menu open a big one, and do a piano roll does it pick up every time or does it only highlight ever 5th one or something?07:03
Jordan_UGratz474: My card has no 3D support :(07:06
Gratz474Jordan_U, what do you have?07:06
Jordan_UGratz474: SIS07:07
Gratz474i mean this is the crappiest card ever I am using right now07:07
Gratz474i mean crappy card i am uisng07:07
Gratz474an intel 865G07:07
Gratz474crap card in 04 when it came out07:07
Jordan_UGratz474: Driver problem, SIS cards have the worst linux support by far07:07
Gratz474integrated == crap and it was a crap integrated then07:07
fr500I think I found a bug07:08
Gratz474i mean its not a big deal really, i dont fly over the menu items that quick usually, but with effects off it doenst' happen with them on it does07:08
Jordan_UGratz474: This is integrated, was crap when I got it from a friend who bought it as crap when she bought it, and the driver barely has 2D accelleration ( And at anything above 1024x768 I get white lines flashing across the screen ). You could not find a worse GFX card :)07:09
fr500anyone with a d945gclf board?07:09
Gratz474Jordan_U, i see, do you live in europe?07:10
Jordan_UGratz474: No, U.S.07:10
Gratz474SIS cards i think wre more common in europe07:10
Gratz474Jordan_U, what kind of processor do you have?07:11
Jordan_UGratz474:  AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+07:11
Gratz474thats not as bad as the card :P07:11
Gratz474Jordan_U, me and you both need new hardware07:11
Jordan_UGratz474: I just recently upgraded from having only 128 meg of RAM, some of which was being used by this wonderfull integrated SIS card :)07:12
Jordan_UGratz474: I am not sure if the fact that I hadn't done it sooner is more a testament to Linux's ability to run smoothly with low memory or my laziness07:14
morphiasok firefox crashed again and i got some error messages.07:14
morphiassome from python2.6, some from NSPlugin Wrapper,07:15
Gratz474Jordan_U, what were you using gnome?07:15
Jordan_UGratz474: LXDE07:16
Gratz474Jordan_U, was about ready to say, if you were running Gnome that would be nuts07:18
darkhamhow many shipments of ubuntu are allowed by canonical?07:20
Blueyany known issues with amarok and 9.10?07:20
=== r2020 is now known as rashed2020
Doctehis installing to iscsi well documented?07:24
Blueywow - gdm restart fixed amarok issues...07:24
BlueyDocteh: irssi?07:24
durtdarkham, best to email your local team to see what they can do for you.07:25
Jordan_UDocteh: Given that it's a featured feature of karmic I would hope it is07:26
Gratz474Jordan_U, do you have any ideas what this means? the migrationheuristic when set to greedy uses07:27
Gratz474is this supposed to be a performance improvement?07:27
bullgard4What is the recommended Karmic command-line command to restart GNOME?07:30
Jordan_Ubullgard4: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart07:34
Blueybullgard4: /etc/init.d/gmd restart07:34
Blueyyes sudo07:34
Blueyokay time for cat to disappear07:34
bullgard4Jordan_U: Your command worked all right. --  Thank you.07:38
Jordan_Ubullgard4: np07:39
bullgard4Bluey: Thank you.07:39
Blueybullgard4: seems to be unique to ubuntu - in suse we used another method entirely07:39
Ian_Cornewhoa updates07:39
bullgard4Yesterday I had my laptop computer in a local Linux computer club. There was a kernel crash which I tried to report to Launchpad. Then I could continue working on it. This morning after I input my password and pressed Enter the Ubuntu greeter reports: "Error when authentificating". I can login on a virtual console though. How to troubleshoot? My root password works all right also.07:39
Blueybullgard4: I am having to do a LOT of gdm restarts in 9.10 to get things working.07:40
Blueyamarok quit -- wouldn't work for crap - did a gdm restart - works great now...07:41
bullgard4Bluey hm. --  Do you suggest me to try it very often again?07:41
Blueybullgard4: worth a shot - but admittedly is a pain in the ass -- this used to be an old windows trick - seems like they adopted this!07:42
bullgard4Bluey: ok. thank you for advising.07:43
Blueybullgard4: it's just a few moments  but seems to fix a multitude of sinful coding bugs!07:43
Ian_Cornebullgard4: make sure your keyboard layout is correct07:43
BlueyIan_Corne: well said07:43
* Bluey thinks about adding "gdmrestart" to bash....07:44
topylifyi, restarting your session does not fix bugs07:48
bullgard4Ian_Corne: You are my hero of the day! I checked "Keyboard", and it was set to "English-USA". I changed it to my preferred locale. Now I can log in again as a normal user as I was used to do.  --  Thank you.07:50
Ian_Cornenp :)07:50
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment07:51
Ian_Corneanyone any idea when the new ati driver will be in the repo?07:52
om26ernvidia vanta worked very great on ubuntu7.10 but refreshrate in 9.10 is very slow07:54
oldude67im not doing something right, i cant get the glx-71 to install...had it installed and fubarred my system and now been fighting with it for over an hour..ugh07:56
=== bbalajirao is now known as heyboy
Blueyoldude67: Ihave 180 installed07:57
Ian_Corneoldude67: why do you need that very old version of the driver?07:57
oldude67cause im running an old card07:57
om26ercan i use internet in ubuntu through nokia mobliles??07:57
Ian_Cornei'm using 185, tried 190 but it's nowhere near stable :p07:57
Ian_Corneyes om26er07:57
Ian_Corneconnecti via bluetooth07:58
om26erIan_Corne: USB?07:58
Ian_Cornei doubt that :p07:58
Ian_Cornetry it and let me know07:58
Blueyis the 185 driver stable?07:59
oldude67bunch of crap just go get desktop affects to work..ugh07:59
BlueyIan_Corne: I still couldn't get compiz to work07:59
BlueyIan_Corne: it compress all four workspaces into one workspace and won't let you move anything07:59
Ian_Corneaha sorry, i never use compiz08:00
Ian_CorneI can play wow in wine with it fine tho08:00
BlueyIan_Corne: nice glitz though08:00
BlueyIan_Corne: what is wow?08:00
oldude67what is the apt line for the restricted drivers in synaptic and kpackage?08:01
bazhangworld of warcraft08:01
Blueybazhang: thanks - must be a game?08:01
bazhangBluey, yep :)08:01
Ian_Cornea 3d game Bluey , opengl :)08:02
Blueybazhang: not much of a game player -- I have super bad eye hand co-ordination08:02
bazhangmattwj2002, with what08:02
mattwj2002hi all08:02
Blueysup mattwj2002?08:02
mattwj2002my computer is reporting bad sectors08:02
Blueymattwj2002: uh oh!08:02
oldude67thats easy, get a new hard drive08:02
mattwj2002this is RC08:02
mattwj2002is it possible this is a bug?08:03
Blueymattwj2002: what did you have installed previously?08:03
oldude67mattwj2002, download the support disk for your hard drive and make a disk, and run it...it will test it for you.08:03
mattwj2002I never had a report until I just installed 9.10 RC of mythbuntu08:03
Blueymattwj2002: yup well said oldude6708:04
mattwj2002anyone know of any bugs in ubuntu 9.10 for false positives with bad sectors?08:04
Blueymattwj2002: got that with suse -- d/l the test from western digital - drive was marginal -- also matt what filesystem are you using?08:05
Blueymattwj2002: do you know how to run fsck?08:05
mattwj2002not off hand08:05
mattwj2002I have used it before08:05
Blueymattwj2002: I think you drop into single user mode and run fsck - I honestly don't remember -it's been awhile08:06
mattwj2002anyone else know08:06
Blueymattwj2002: I can try that on my suse system08:07
bullgard4 oldude67 Your question is difficult to understand. Please repeat it in other words.08:08
* Bluey boots up suse08:08
oldude67im trying to get the dkms kernel module to load for my nvidia card, and i need the source apt line for kpackage08:08
mattwj2002hey guys08:10
mattwj2002would this work?08:10
Blueymattwj2002: yes - drop to single user mode -- unmount the drive -- then fsck08:11
mattwj2002fsck -l ?08:11
jacob||hi, having an issue with pulseaudio suspend08:11
bullgard4 oldude67 Do you mean '~$ apt-get install kpackagekit'?08:11
Blueymattwj2002: file struckture check08:11
jacob||the suspend script seems to hang08:11
mattwj2002what Bluey?08:11
oldude67bullgard4, no, ill find it in a min...just got to look threw all the help pages..ugh08:12
mattwj2002I am sorry I am confused08:12
mattwj2002it is 2:12 am08:12
Blueymattwj2002: dope demani (do it tomorrow)08:12
mattwj2002no I'll let it run tonight08:12
mattwj2002I know how to do everything08:12
mattwj2002all I need to know is08:13
mattwj2002do I use the -l option or not08:13
Blueymattwj2002: I didn't don't know what that does...08:13
Blueymattwj2002: I don't see that in the man for fsck08:14
mattwj2002thanks I'll figure it out08:14
Blueymattwj2002: good luck08:14
rothchildmornin' anyone else seeing problems with compiz on intel drivers? It was working fine last night but this morning I've got big black borders instead of shadows?08:15
jacob||pacmd runs as root, but can't talk to the session. Any tips on how that is supposed to work?08:15
Blueyrothchild: did you try a gdm restart?08:17
Blueyrothchild: that fixed an amarok problem I had earlier...08:18
rothchildBluey: yes I've rebooted the whole box a couple of times (as I had a weird kernel oops when it woke up from hibernation: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/439186 )08:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439186 in linux "FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO Pro V2040 hibernate/resume failure " [Undecided,New]08:19
Blueyrothchild: I've had problems with suspending - so I disable it...08:19
* kraft__ is jacob08:20
kraft__empathy irc is no quite there huh08:20
rothchildBluey: for me it works more often than not so I've not got too much of a problem with it but these big black boxes around my windows are a bit much, oh well back to metacity I guess08:20
Blueyrothchild: best of luck08:21
bp0finally got jaunty upgraded to karmic, but it was a mistake. is it possible to downgrade as easily?08:24
dupondjegrub-probe: error: no mapping exists for `nvidia_fbajhgaf1'08:25
dupondjeany idea how to solve that ?08:25
toothdecayHey all, maybe a question someone can answer quickly... How do I change the default kernel selected on bootup, I'd like to permanently use the real time kernel... I've tried to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst but it doesn't exsist. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 rc08:26
wgrantbp0: No, you cannot downgrade. What went wrong?08:26
bp0tvtime is broken in karmic08:26
RAOFbp0: "ubuntu-bug tvtime", then.08:27
bp0did that, but tvtime bugs take about 10 years to get fixed08:27
bp0so, i want to watch tv before that...08:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458832 in tvtime "tvtime can't change channels after upgrade to karmic (9.10)" [Undecided,New]08:27
wgrantTried booting with an older kernel? Downgrading to the older version of tvtime?08:28
bp0no, have not.08:29
bp0not sure how.08:29
SandGorgoncan i use fakeroot to install a deb to a local directory (without sudo or any superuser privileges?)08:29
bp0i thought i saw all the old kernels being removed in the upgrade but ill try it08:29
RAOFSandGorgon: No.08:30
toothdecayCan anyone help me out, I can't even get the grub menu to appear at boot anymore with Karmic08:30
wgranttoothdecay: Hold down Shift.08:30
oldude67now once i have the driver installed for nvidia, i have to reboot to get it set right?08:30
wgrantoldude67: That's the best way to be sure.08:30
toothdecaywgrant: thanks :) how about changing it permanently08:31
Ian_Cornebp0 do i need any special hardware to test tvtime?08:31
Ian_Cornelike a tv card?08:31
oldude67well here goes nothing..bbia m let you know if it worked...ugh08:32
wgranttoothdecay: See /etc/default/grub08:32
toothdecaywgrant: very much appreciated08:33
bp0wgrant, it does work when using 2.6.2808:34
bp0so what should i do about this08:34
bp0how should i change the bug report, i mean08:34
wgrantbp0: Great. Change the package to 'linux' and add a comment that it works in
lnostdalhi, i'm trying out 9.10 under virtualbox and i'm wondering what "Ubuntu Firefox Modifications" is? .. there is no information or homepage to be found as far as i can see08:37
wgrantlnostdal: The main thing it does, AFAICT, is provides apt integration when installing plugins and extensions.08:38
wgrant('ubufox' is the package)08:38
LogicalDashI'm trying to do a fresh install of the Netbook Remix on my EeePC900. When I try to boot from the livedisc I get an error in BusyBox. "Cannot mount /dev/loop1 on /cow"08:38
oldude67well that worked, i now can run desktop affects...what a fight...im glad i wrote those pages down.08:40
lnostdalwgrant, i see .. the ubufox package states that apturl is one of its dependencies08:40
lnostdal..so what it adds is just a set of "defaults"?08:40
wgrantoldude67: Did System->Administration->Hardware Drivers not work for you?08:43
wgrantlnostdal: No, it's not just defaults.08:43
wgrantoldude67: Have you filed a bug?08:43
oldude67wgrant, i just figured it was such and old card that it,wasnt supported anymore..08:44
oldude67VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5 [RIVA TNT2 Ultra] (rev 11)08:44
wgrantoldude67: Ah, good old TNT2s... what did you have to do to get it working?08:45
oldude67wgrant, oh hopped threw some loops and add the repos for it.08:45
oldude67wgrant, then used the glx-96 driver08:45
wgrantoldude67: But 96 is in Karmic.08:46
rob0LogicalDash downloaded what, the ISO image?08:46
LogicalDashrob0: yes, and then I used the USB Startup Disk Creator08:47
oldude67wgrant, didnt show up till i added the restricted-drivers repos08:47
oldude67or i am so tired i just missed it the first time.08:47
oldude67but anyways, i got it, now so its off to pillow time laters all08:48
fbnHi, if I receive a message with Empathy I see the notification but after that vanishes there is no indication about the new message any more. On 9.04 there was a blinking icon in the panel. Is that as designed behavior or a bug?08:48
wgrantfbn: You should see the little envelope thing next to the clock light up.08:48
fbnFor me it's more like a bug because if I'm away from computer and don't see the notification I don't get the new messages until I manually open Empathy08:48
wgrant(well, light up black)08:48
fbnwgrant, isn't that for mail only?08:48
wgrantfbn: No. It is a general messaging indicator.08:49
fbnwgrant, ok I'll watch that one :)08:49
wgrantYou can revert to the old way by unchecking the checkbox in Empathy preferences labelled something like message08:49
wgrant... something like 'Use message indication'08:49
wgrantI forget exactly.08:49
wgrantI gave up on Empathy.08:49
wgrantIt's under the rest of the notification settings.08:50
fbnwgrant, thanks08:51
fbnwgrant, indicator is not working with empathy09:01
fbnwgrant, it always stays "dark"09:01
wgrantfbn: Did you click on it to dismiss it?09:03
fbnwgrant, no09:03
fbndid nothing09:03
fbnmaybe it was already "light" because new mail arrived09:03
fbndon't know09:03
fbnis there a way to test the indicator, make it light?09:03
wgrantfbn: Click on the indicator, and work out what has made it light up.09:06
wgrantOnce you identify that, click on the item to dismiss it.09:06
maxagazis empathy sip compatible ?09:19
fbnwgrant, I tested with a 2nd jabber account and yep indicator works09:20
fbnbut I don't like the icon, there is too less difference between 0 and 1 ;)09:20
wgrantmaxagaz: I believe so, but the relevant package might not be installed by default.09:20
wgrantmaxagaz: You might want telepathy-sofiasip09:21
virtualdcan i get a jabber@my-domain account without running a server?09:21
maxagazwgrant, should empathy replace ekiga ?09:22
wgrantmaxagaz: Perhaps.09:22
RPG_Master_OK, how do I upgrade to the RC?09:22
kklimondavirtuald, yes09:22
wgrantvirtuald: You might be able to find a hosted service (for example Google Apps)09:22
virtualdi don't like google :)09:22
virtualdthey're creepy09:22
wgrantRPG_Master_: See the release notes link in the topic, I guess.09:22
wgrantvirtuald: Neither.09:22
fbnvirtuald, there are lots of servers09:23
RussellAlanI have no taskbar,  when booting, just FireFox Windows. .. can anyone help?09:23
fbnRussellAlan, that sounds like Google OS :)09:23
RussellAlanyeah except its karmic09:23
RPG_Master_OK, should I do the use the update manager or should use an iso?09:24
Ian_CorneRPG_Master_: backed up all uout files?09:24
wgrantRPG_Master_: Hard to say. Mirrors in .au already seem overloaded, so I would torrent an ISO.09:24
wgrantBut other mirrors might be alright.09:24
RussellAlanit feels like windows ... when I need to kill explorer. exe what so I do?09:24
Ian_Cornehow do i remove the old kernels?09:25
Ian_Cornethey won't go with autoremove :p09:25
RPG_Master_I just want to let my laptop update while I'll sleep... its 3:25 here in Alabama :(09:25
wgrantIan_Corne: Try System -> Administration -> System Cleaner09:25
virtualdrussellalan: kill -HUP nautilus09:25
Ian_Corneyeah tried that now wgrant :)09:25
wgrantIan_Corne: er, Computer Janitor, it is now.09:25
Ian_Corneit doesn't have em there :p09:26
Ian_Corneoh wait still analyzing09:26
wgrantIt should...09:26
wgrantThat is unobvious.09:26
wgrantI meant to file a bug.09:26
Ian_Cornewell, it also makes the window very slow09:26
Ian_Cornehad a blank janitor window for a few seconds09:27
RussellAlanvirtuald how do I get to terminal??09:27
Ian_CorneRussellAlan: why do you want to go to the RC09:27
virtualdctrl-alt-f1, then switch back with alt-f7 when done09:27
Ian_Corneif you don't know these basics, i'd advise against it09:27
dupondjeIs there a way to get grub2 workin with dmraid ?09:27
Ian_Cornewgrant: the alt-tab icon is also unavailable09:28
RussellAlanbut those commands dont work09:28
Ian_Corneit marks vim-full as unused :(09:28
Ian_Cornewhich i explicitly installed09:29
virtualdrussellalan: what you mean can you get any sort of control at all?09:29
RussellAlanabbot they do on the actual keyboard09:29
RussellAlanI have laptop docked09:29
RussellAlansays arguments must be process or job Ids09:32
deepuIs the release candidate safe to upgrade09:33
virtualdsorry, should be killall or pkill, not just kill09:33
virtualdkillall and pkill does the same thing09:34
daviscdeepu: Probably not recommended for non-experienced users yet09:34
deepudavisc: will it cause any serious troubles09:34
daviscdeepu: Probably will be fine, but you could end up with an unbootable system and need to mess with grub, live CDs and the like09:34
RussellAlanwhat variables?09:34
deepudavisc: Damn can't wait for another week!!09:35
virtualdrussellalan: killall -HUP nautilus09:35
RussellAlanno process found09:36
Ian_Cornewgrant: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/computer-janitor/+bug/45887209:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458872 in computer-janitor "It marks things i actually use (explicitly installed) as unused, clogs up while "analyzing the system"" [Undecided,New]09:37
dmulhollandhi, I just upgrade to Beta and have been using OGMRIP to back up my DVDs. Somehow now anytime I encode something it hardcodes the subtitles onto the movie, does anyone know how to stop this?09:41
LazyRussellAlan: does alt+f2 open "run application" window?09:41
RussellAlanlazy yes09:42
RussellAlanwhen typed on laptop not mounted keyboard09:43
virtualdrussellalan: ok are you fully up to date?09:43
Lazywhat happens if you try to launch nautilus from that "run application"09:44
RussellAlanI believe this happened when I changed appearances09:44
RussellAlancan't enter comand09:45
RussellAlanI have no nautilus installed09:47
RPG_Master_how can I check if I am running the RC?09:48
RusellAlanOkay, I ran kvirc from alt+f2 that's why I know I have no nautilus installed09:48
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: just male all updates09:48
RPG_Master_TheInfinity: Well, the update manager is showing no updates left :/09:49
TheInfinitythen you havee RC109:49
RPG_Master_Well, ok then :P09:49
RPG_Master_Am I the only one who is experiencing some BAD lag when you click on button?09:50
* TheInfinity is still alpha *update* :)09:50
RPG_Master_I am so sick of how slow my laptop has gotten since upgrading to the beta >:(09:51
RPG_Master_Anyone know what I can do to make mine faster?09:51
RusellAlanvirtuald: Lazy i installed nautilus09:51
LazyRussellAlan: did it help?09:51
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: use a new account to test if its a setting prob09:52
RusellAlanLazy: i still have no taskbar or start app area09:52
RPG_Master_TheInfinity: Can I just start a guest account?09:52
RusellAlanno desktop/widget09:52
=== RusellAlan is now known as RussellAlan
LazyRusellAlan: do you have package "ubuntu-desktop" installed?09:53
TheInfinitymake a new account and go ;)09:53
Lazyit should bring evertyhing needed09:53
TheInfinityhmm. atm i get dependency probs. yea! :D09:53
RussellAlanim running kubuntu, not should affect?09:53
RPG_Master_TheInfinity: Ima try a guest account first :P09:53
dupondjeto bad grub2 doesn't work with dmraid :(09:58
RPG_Master_TheInfinity: Tested... WAY QUICKER O_O10:03
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: beta testing as usual :)10:03
RPG_Master_help me fix it :(10:03
TheInfinitymake a new profile10:03
TheInfinityor search for the settings bug.10:03
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: you should not use beta software with your main profile if you did this ;)10:05
RPG_Master_I googled "slow karmic beta".... and got nothing helpful10:06
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: new user profiles are always the first thing to test in such situations10:06
TheInfinitysometimes config file updating fails in beta upgrades10:07
cousin_mariohow do I set a splashimage on grub2?10:07
TheInfinitycousin_mario: google so difficult: http://www.google.com/search?hl=de&safe=off&client=opera&rls=de&hs=maG&q=splashimage+grub2+ubuntu&btnG=Suche&lr=&aq=f&oq= ?10:08
cousin_marioTheInfinity: oh thanks:)10:11
RPG_Master_So anymore advice for me?10:11
RPG_Master_'cus google an't helping :/10:12
TheInfinityRPG_Master_: make a new user profile and try importing old user profile part for part10:12
TheInfinitywhen it gets slow you know where to search10:12
RPG_Master_If thats my only option...10:13
RPG_Master_I think I am just going to do a fresh install :/10:15
RussellAlanwhy did I spent 30 minutes installing gnome-desktop when I'm on kubuntu? lol10:19
topylinow you can check out gnome and fix bugs there as well :)10:20
RussellAlansounds fun topyli.... uh not10:23
RussellAlanas long as im not on windows im doing good.10:23
hey_boy1024x or higher resolutions are not available on my system. I have Intel 845 onboard VGA10:24
hey_boyindus: are u here yet10:27
LazyRussellAlan: sorry, i thought you were using gnome10:27
indushey_boy: so10:28
LazyRussellAlan: check if you have kubuntu-desktop and all of its dependencies then :)10:28
indushey_boy: you tried the system>hardware drivers thingy?10:28
hey_boyyes. the window comes up blank10:29
karmici cant hibernate on karmic. any help?10:30
Lazykarmic: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager there are some hibernating bugs, you could check if those problems are the same as you are experiencing10:34
=== bbalajirao is now known as hey_boy
hey_boyHow do I configure my display so that higher screen resolutions become available?10:45
hey_boyRight now there are two options available 800x and 640x10:46
Spacemani'm using kubuntu 9.10 beta, I launched the updater but it didn't ask me for my password and when I tried to update it told me I didn't have permission, how do I update?11:11
Spacemaninstead of using kpackagekit I ran sudo apt-get update and then upgrade, maybe this will be fixed when the updates are installed11:13
Termanasudo apt-get upgrade ?11:13
=== Mohero_ is now known as Mohero
madmaxitaHi all11:28
=== |Myxb| is now known as Myxb
vistakiller1i think i have problem with nvidia driver in karmic11:45
vistakiller1i have enable compiz in kubuntu and i have many time crashes to xserver11:45
vistakiller1is freezes but it crash11:45
vistakiller1with funny colors and you cant see anything... :P11:46
shawn_How can I move the notification pop up (that displays when someone signs on from pidgin or printing etc)11:56
zirodayshawn_: you can't11:56
VagaI have a realy strange problem with the latest ubuntu beta. The end key dos not work(home dos for those who thinks I should google it), and in vi, if I press END, 5 characters forward are switched from lover to upper case.... O.o11:57
shawn_ziroday Why does mine display half way down the screen?11:57
zirodayshawn_: because it was decided that was the best place to put it11:57
shawn_ziroday.... Why..? It's so much better in the corner11:57
andrewaylettMy system freezes occasionally, not updating the screen and not responding to input or on the network.  I'm not sure how to start diagnosing the problem, beyond noting that it always seems to happen when I do something like press a key or move the mouse, I don't recall it freezine when I've been away from the machine.11:58
zirodayshawn_: you'll want to take a read through the ayatana mailing list archives. I didn't make the decision personally and I believe its being reinvestigated for lucid.11:58
zirodayandrewaylett: do the caps, scroll and num lock keys start blinking?11:59
shawn_ziroday I really hate where they put it.. Haha it bugs me... Now instead of being off to the side in the corner its right in the middle of my screen >.>11:59
=== zniavre is now known as zniavre_
andrewaylettziroday: Not that I've noticed.  I only have a light for caps-lock, it's a netbook.12:00
zirodayandrewaylett: hmm, another option is after this has happened and you've had to force reboot take a look at your kernel /var/log/messages for error messages12:01
zirodayerr for kernel error messages :)12:01
=== zniavre is now known as zniavre_
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
vistakiller1andrewaylett what gpu you have?12:04
andrewaylettziroday, there's nothing unusual there -- the last message is a good few minutes before the freeze.12:04
zirodayandrewaylett: well there goes the limit of my debugging ability :)12:04
andrewaylettvistakiller1, a Via Chrome9.12:05
janisozaurer... the KarmicReleaseSchedule page points to kubuntu rc, I think it should point to regular ubuntu (just like all the other entries)12:15
Ian_Corneanyone have a link to setup your own ubuntu mirror?12:22
RussellAlanLazy: appreciate it.12:28
=== zniavre is now known as perceval
StrangeCharmif i'm currently using the karmic beta, will a <sudo su && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade> update everything to the stable version, once that's released?12:43
mohii can play any music in amarok in kubuntu. ity says too many errors in playlist and it stops!12:45
hey_boyhow do I reconfigure my X window system so that I get higher resolutions. Currently I have only 800x and 640x available.12:46
hey_boyI am on Karmic with onboard intel 845 vga chipset.12:47
Dr_WillisStrangeCharm:  yes. thats one of the main features of the pacaktge manager system  the ability to update.. and dont use sudo su :) its better to use ' sudo -s'12:48
Dr_WillisStrangeCharm:  also you man want to apt-get dist-upgrade as well.12:48
bensmithi recently upgraded a test machine i have to karmic did they fix that hardware freeze bug12:49
Dr_WillisStrangeCharm:  i got all those commands in a script i just run  :) saves typing.12:49
StrangeCharmDr_Willis, what's the difference between sudo su and sudo -s? what will dist-upgrade do for a beta->stable conversion that a simple upgrade won't?12:50
bensmithdist upgrade is safer12:50
Dr_WillisStrangeCharm:  sudo -s sets up the enviroment properly. forget you ever heard about sudo su :P12:50
bensmithchecks for broken dependencies12:50
Dr_Willisdist-upgrade gets packages that may be held back also.12:50
bensmithwont upgrade a package if it will break your system12:51
JoshuaLi wonder if the final will have a nice grub layout instead of the 90's look :p12:51
bensmithplease correct me if im wrong12:51
Dr_WillisI always do an 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade' 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' daily while ive been beta testing.12:51
Dr_WillisJoshuaL:  i doubt it.  Final should look very much like the RC.12:51
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases12:52
JoshuaLto bad12:52
Dr_WillisI have a nice backgroung on my grub2 screen. :P12:52
JoshuaLthe menu scares users imo12:52
Dr_Willisso hide it then.12:52
Dr_Williswould you rather them have to rember to hit F8 at the proper time to do somthing Like windows wants?12:53
Dr_WillisI got grub, xsplash, and gdm and my user all using the same exact wallpaper. :) looks much better then the brown splotch they got by default12:53
bensmithdoes the hardware freeze bug still happen12:54
Dr_Willisand yes - grub2 will be MUCH more themeable then grub ever was. its just a work in progress12:54
JoshuaLi would like to see something like: http://gabuntu.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/theme_ubuntu1_menu.jpg12:54
Dr_Willisbensmith:  what hardware freeze?12:54
bensmithDr willis when i upgrade to karmic a ew weeks ago there was this serious bug where the mouse and keyboard would both lock up after maybe a minute or 212:55
Dr_Willisbensmith:  never heard of it.. or seen anyone in here asking about it.12:55
bensmithi think it was the alpha 6 version12:56
Dr_WillisHmm.. Looks like GDM in 9.10 is still basically locked down12:56
Dr_Willisbensmith:  try the rc and see - thats the ultimate answer12:56
calmi was using evhz.c to check my current USB mouse polling rate in 9.04... it doesn't seem to work now in 9.10.. any ideas?12:57
bensmithi wipe dthe drive on that machine and reverted to the updated 9.04 version12:57
bensmithhow log will it take me to upgrade to karmic this time12:57
Dr_WillisHow long did it take last time? :)12:57
hey_boyHello guys, I cannot set screen resolution in my 9.10 to above 800x (intel 845 onboard). Any ideas.12:57
Dr_Willisa lot will depend on server load and your pc.12:57
bensmithabout  2 hrs12:58
bensmithdownload install restart12:58
Dr_WillisI just do clean installs.. seems to work much better then upgrades12:58
Dr_Willisa clean install  from boot up  to install done,  is proberly 20 min or less...12:58
bensmithi386 or amd 6412:58
Daithat's my plan for this evening12:59
Daialready got my lappy backed up12:59
calmanyone have any clues on my mouse issue? i can't find crap on google12:59
Daibensmith: and for a clean install, it will take the same for either12:59
bensmithis it usb13:00
Dr_WillisI got a Grub2 setup flash drive.. i can just copy the ubuntu.iso to it and boot the iso now. :) i dont even have to use unetbootin, or the usb-disk-creator tool any more to install13:00
Dai"the mouse issue"?13:00
Daibensmith: from cd13:00
calmi was using evhz.c to check my current USB mouse polling rate in 9.04... it doesn't seem to work now in 9.10.. any ideas?13:00
bensmithu can put grub 2 on a flash drive13:00
RussellAlanMy biggest porblem with Karmic, from 9.04 +kde4. upgrade , was a spaztic mouse. would jump everywhere. Then finally yesterday I change the appearance properties, then restart it later in the day, and it had no taskbar or anything other then browser windows, then got othe programs to run.13:00
RussellAlanBut Spaztic mouse = ... killer13:01
Daibensmith: sure, i could, but i have no reason to13:01
RussellAlanmaybe a complete fresh install will do the mouse issue in.13:01
bensmithno i should have put a question mark after that i am amazed u can do that13:01
HoopyCatcalm:  i would check with the folk(s) who wrote evhz.c and make sure it works with kernel 2.6.31... that's the most likely change that would impact it13:02
calmthanks hoopycat that's a good idea13:03
shadeslayerRussellAlan: i think theres a fix for that13:03
shadeslayerRussellAlan: this occured on my 8.10 install as well (on a XPS M1530)13:04
RussellAlanreally now?13:04
RussellAlanThe mouse issue?13:04
RussellAlanI think that's just paranormal, nothing else13:04
shadeslayerRussellAlan: no its happened before...13:05
qoshey guys. in gnome 2.28 there are always all my drives in the sidepanel in nautilus. even ssh and smb mounts ... of which i have many. in 2.26 these were not listed. how do i revert it back?13:05
bensmithbye thank for the suggestion dr willis13:08
shadeslayerRussellAlan: whats the touchpad make?13:08
RussellAlanshadeslayer:  i trust you.13:08
RussellAlanYes it is a laptop, docked. So you're saying maybe it's a laptop touchpad issue. Although it is random13:09
RussellAlanI could restart it over, sometimes different distance mouse jumps etc or sometimes I get lucky and it doesn't13:09
qoswhy does nautilus when ran as root automatic mounts all my drives? and without root it does not ... ?13:20
Dr_WillisHmm.. you can put grub1 and lilo, and syslinux.. and many other boot loaders on a flash drive. :)13:20
Dr_Willisqos:  you refering to windows vfat/ntfs fileysstems? If so install/run ntfs-config and tell it to allow users to access the filesystems13:21
Dr_Willisor add proper entries in /etc/fstab for any perment ntfs/vfat filesystems with the proper options13:21
qosDr_Willis, i am refering to smb shares and sshfs. i can mount them manual as user without problems. but when i run nautilus as root they get mounted automatic. that is really annoying, because it can cause gvfs (imho) to stall... because it cannot find some of your shares in your current environment.13:23
Dr_WillisI would suggst never using nautilus as root for starters.. (it can cause all sorts of issues.)       Ive never seen running as root automount things not in /etc/fstab    then again using sudo sort of uses a mixture of the user and roots settings I think13:24
Dr_Williscould be the running of stuff via sudo nautilus, is restartung some disk-manager service thats rescanning and seeing the new  shaares/mounts13:25
coz_hey guys... any issues reported for no  alt+F2  ?13:25
Dr_Willissudo nautilus most definatly did not 'auto mount' the sshfs bookmark i have.13:26
Dr_Williswell i gotta run. bbl13:26
qosDr_Willis, I am not a starter ;) But sometimes i simply need a filebrowser running as root.13:26
Dr_Willisi use mc in a terminal withg a BRIGHT RED background. :)13:26
Dr_Willisfor my root file manager13:26
Dr_Williscompiz has a feature to put ROOT: in the title of any wundow running as root also. :) thats a good idea13:27
qosDr_Willis, All my sshfs and smbfs are listed in /etc/fstab...13:27
qosDr_Willis, tell me more about this compiz idea ;)13:28
legend2440coz_: check system>preferences>keyboard shortcuts make sure  Show the panels Run Application dialog box is set to  alt+f213:33
coz_legend2440,  ok checking hold on13:34
coz_legend2440,  yep that was it   ..duh ... I didnt even think of looking there  as I usually do ...its going to be along day :)13:35
chomananyone here testing with a Dell Latitude D600?13:35
abarbacciaanyone on 64bit and having problems with audio popping and flash player not responding to clicks?13:37
Dr_Willisqos:  thers a compiz setting somewhere under ccsm to show ROOT:  in the title bar.13:42
Dr_Willisqos:  i just noticed it when i was exploring13:42
=== Into_the_Pit is now known as Frickelpit
* aprilhare wonders: how do you go about reporting that a device doesn't work when it should? - my webcam doesn't work. i reported it as a bug on cheese but zero action. where do i go next?13:45
drs305Dr_Willis:   In gconf-editor:  /apps/compiz/plugins/titleinfo/screen0/options/show_root13:46
aprilhareno trace etc. how do i add a trace when the app doesn't crash?13:46
rippsdoes karmic come with a Mail Transfer Agent13:46
drs305But it's a compiz setting.13:46
Dr_Willisdrs305:  yea. be nice if it was a normal gnome/metacity  setting but tahts proberly too 'complex' a setting for the gnome target audiance. :)13:47
legend2440!mta | ripps13:55
ubotturipps: A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA13:55
rippslegend2440: that's what I thought... I was trying to submit a itp debian bug using reportbug, and everything seemed fine, but doesn't seem like it received anything. So I'm guessing it didn't work with my mta13:57
astrojpHi. where do I go to report bugs (or just help out giving feedback) for the 9.10 release? I installed it last night. *So far*, the 9.10 release has fixed ubuntu from freezing up randomly *and* from stopped my audio files from giving out a popping sound. I do know this is a hellavu lot better than the 9.04 release. :)14:09
bazhang!bugs| astrojp14:09
ubottuastrojp: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:09
astrojpbazhang: thank you.14:09
bazhangastrojp, no problem :)14:10
pradeepis it safe now to upgrade to karmic candidate release??14:13
bazhangpradeep, safest would be after release or even a week after14:14
pradeepbazhang: any serious problem's14:14
pradeepbazhang: can't wait !!14:14
bazhangpradeep, you know where to check for bugs, right?14:15
pradeepbazhang: I have not tested any beta yet14:16
bazhangpradeep, well it is the release candidate now, and around a week to release, I was responding to your 'is it safe' which varies according to your setup, hardware etc14:17
=== perceval is now known as zniavre
pradeepbazhang: Jaunty has not caused any problem's on my laptop till date14:18
Daiyeah, i imagine it would take something of immense importance to cause any sort of major change between now and release14:23
mercutio22Everytime I start evolution, a message pops up sayng "could not open www.google.com: Operation not supported". Why might that be happening? How can I fix it?14:26
Italian_Plumbersounds like a networking problem.14:27
Italian_Plumberopen a console and type "ping www.google.com"14:27
meanburrito920_with the new grub2, how do i change the timeout? grub.cfg says I shouldn't edit the file directly\14:27
pradeepwats the procedure for upgrading to the release candidate. I have jaunty installed14:29
Kris1Anyone else have problems installing grub?14:30
pradeepwats the procedure for upgrading to the release candidate. I have jaunty installed14:31
Daipradeep: format and install fresh.  it will hurt less.14:31
Daiback up everything you want to keep first, of course14:31
mo0nykitQuestion: Does nvidiafb support 16:10 framebuffer modes? Or are the supported modes dependent on the chipset?14:32
pradeepDai: Installing all the packages all over again??14:32
mbeierlpradeep: upgrade can be done via: update-manager -d.14:32
mbeierlmo0nykit: modes are dependent on the chipset.  do you have grub2 installed?14:32
pradeepmbeirl:no fresh install needed rite14:32
pradeepmbeierl:no fresh install needed rite14:33
BluesKajHi folks14:33
mbeierlpradeep: if you want ext4 and clean install of grub2, then you will need to install fresh.  if you don't mind keeping your ext3 filesystem as it, then upgrade ought to work14:33
mo0nykitmbeierl: i see... i have seen my hwinfo --framebuffer, and there are no 16:10 modes available, so that means i'll have to concede :( How do I find out my grub version?14:33
pradeepmbeierl: you mean it's not safe??14:34
mbeierlmo0nykit: easiest way I can think of: ls -l /boot/grub.  If there's 10s of .mod files, you have grub2, if there's a menu.lst, it's grub 1 (0.97)14:35
mbeierlpradeep: I cannot say safe or not safe.  I did not upgrade.  I usually like to keep two root partitions and install the latest alphas on one and keep a stable on my other, with my data all being on a third partition14:36
mbeierlpradeep: so I did a fresh installation14:36
mbeierlpradeep: if you are concerned about doing an upgrade, wait until the release is announced.14:36
mo0nykitmbeierl: thanks for the tip. I have grub 1. What does grub 2 have to do with the framebuffer? You mean loading the necessary modules at boot time?14:36
pradeepmbeierl: Do you know how to extend the root partition?14:37
brianVhi all. I upgrades my 9.04 installation to karmic overnight, and am trying to check out Ubuntu One. I've created an account there, and started the client, but I see no way to log in / log out, add my machine, or do any of that14:37
Heikki123pradeep: you mean resize the partition? gparted / pareted14:37
mbeierlmo0nykit: it's just got a handy tool for checking at raw startup what modes are truly available; vbeinfo is available at grub2 boot and it does not lie :)14:38
Heikki123but you need to do it when the root partition is not mounted. for example using the livecd14:38
pradeepHeikki123: Yes, how do i do it14:38
robotti^mbeierl: you are here now :D14:38
Heikki123pradeep: boot into livecd and run gparted14:38
mbeierlpradeep: gparted will grow/shrink partitions, yes.  What I did was not grow my partition, I created a second root partition14:38
robotti^mbeierl: I updated to 64-bit rc14:38
mbeierlrobotti^: yes - I'm back now14:39
robotti^mbeierl: But there is same problem14:39
robotti^mbeierl: about wireless14:39
mbeierlrobotti^: yay!  Were you the one with the bcm wireless?14:39
robotti^I suppose14:39
mo0nykitmbeierl: good to know that. i haven't upgraded to karmic yet. I'll wait for the official release.14:39
pradeepHeikki123:Will give a try14:39
mbeierlrobotti^: ok, so system -> admin -> hardware drivers did not list any for you after you rebooted out of live CD14:39
robotti^AirPort Extreme  (0x14E4, 0x8D) Firmware Version:Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (
robotti^It listed on installer14:40
robotti^and it activated on installer14:40
robotti^but after installer14:40
robotti^it does not activated14:40
robotti^same driver14:40
mbeierlrobotti^: ok, are you in the installed OS now?14:40
robotti^And when I try manually, it bragging about there is no module wl14:41
robotti^because there is know network connection14:41
robotti^my only connection is wireless14:41
mbeierlrobotti^: is it possible to use a wired connection - oh.14:41
robotti^I am using now mac os x14:41
robotti^mbeierl: it works when using from live ubuntu14:41
robotti^from cd14:41
mbeierlrobotti^: and that's where you are now?14:42
robotti^I am home14:42
robotti^and my connection is only wifi14:42
mbeierlrobotti^: sorry - you are running the OS from the live cd?  (the installer disk?)14:42
mbeierlrobotti^: of ubuntu?14:42
robotti^now I am using mac os x14:42
robotti^but I can boot on ubuntu linux from cd14:43
robotti^when running from cd wireless is working14:43
robotti^but on installed to hardrive and booted from here, it does not work14:43
robotti^not network connection on ubuntu then14:43
robotti^mbeierl: I think it is about that, they are removing support for my wireless14:45
mbeierlrobotti^: so, I think we had you note down the name of the module from lsmod when you booted into the ubuntu linux install cd, correct?14:45
mbeierlrobotti^: no, I don't think so.14:45
robotti^It is old propetirery module?14:46
robotti^mbeierl: what is name of that module?14:46
robotti^mbeierl: I am not sure14:46
mbeierlrobotti^: let me go back through the IRC logs to see - I think you mentioned it yesterday14:46
robotti^I think it was bluetooth module14:47
robotti^what I noticed14:47
robotti^mbeierl: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=418403 I might have same wireless as that guy14:49
mbeierlrobotti^:  did you read this yet? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/20381914:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203819 in linux "Broadcom bcm4312 wireless not detected at all" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:49
robotti^same problems14:51
robotti^I think there is no support when installed on hardrive14:51
robotti^maybe different kernel than on installer14:51
mbeierlrobotti^: what I see is that there's a bug where they neglect to install the firmware onto the HD, but it is present in the kernel in the installer14:52
robotti^mbeierl: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/443185 <-- same hardware14:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 443185 in jockey "Unable to activate Broadcom b43 after STA driver" [Medium,Fix released]14:52
mbeierlrobotti^: the wireless card is basically a programmable device, and the firmware is the program that is written to the device to make it work.  Without the firmware on the hd, the wireless device is empty and does not know what to do after a reboot14:53
robotti^mbeierl: I copied that firmware on ubuntu14:54
robotti^but it does not load it I think14:55
robotti^https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Jaunty <-- it works on jaunty14:55
mbeierlrobotti^: it is particular about where it is put on the hd... oh ok14:55
robotti^but not so well on karmic koala https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-1_5-2/Karmic14:55
robotti^mbeierl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Karmic <-- that is for my laptop14:56
robotti^i have macbook 5,114:56
robotti^works, with remarks14:56
robotti^but there is no help for setting that wireless14:57
robotti^it only say about works, with remarks14:57
robotti^how to contact mactel support?14:58
mbeierlrobotti^: I do not know.  I'm using a Dell laptop :(14:59
mbeierlrobotti^: just to check - when you reboot into the installed kernel, can you check dmesg for firmware messages - like described in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/203819/comments/1814:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 203819 in linux "Broadcom bcm4312 wireless not detected at all" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:59
robotti^I have only interested if somebody has good how to for that wireless14:59
robotti^I must download those files on memory stick15:01
robotti^I do not have internet connection, without wireless15:02
harikumarmy laptop is hp dv2 003 ax. with ubuntu 9.10, webcam is not  working15:02
linnyanyone know where i can get a dl or torrent for 9.10rc i386 alternate15:02
mbeierlrobotti^: actually the bug #443185 that you referenced earlier has an update as of 3 hours ago.  Maybe wait for the next RC to be announced, download that and give it a try.15:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 443185 in jockey "Unable to activate Broadcom b43 after STA driver" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44318515:02
robotti^mbeierl: :D15:02
bazhanglinny, let me check15:02
AnxiousNutwhich will be in karmic koala release, pidgin or epiphany?15:02
robotti^too bad I do not have any black cd-r:s15:02
icerootAnxiousNut: epiphany15:02
linnybazhang: thanks15:03
Italian_Plumber<-- pidgin user15:03
linnyme 215:03
mbeierlrobotti^: you can do livecds with usb sticks.  Do you have a usb stick?15:03
AnxiousNuticeroot: do you know which epiphany version?15:03
robotti^I have usb stick, but I am not sure how to format mac way that installer on usb stick15:03
bazhanghttp://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ linny scroll down for torrent15:04
iceroot!info epiphany karmic15:04
ubottuepiphany (source: epiphany): clone of Boulder Dash game. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 85 kB, installed size 300 kB15:04
icerootAnxiousNut: ok, it was another name15:04
linnybazhang: that page just times out for me thats why i was asking here15:04
robotti^mac efi supports mac os x filesystem with bootable system, if using their file systems15:04
harikumari am having hp dv2-1003 ax lap. i installed ubuntu 9.10 and webcam is not working.15:04
robotti^but normal bootable cds will be just fine15:04
bazhanglinny, let me try to dl one15:05
linnybazhang: could you get the torrent and send it to me please ?15:05
harikumarsomebody help me.15:05
linnybazhang: thank you15:05
robotti^mbeierl: normal bootable usb sticks does not work on efi15:05
harikumari am having hp dv2-1003 ax lap. i installed ubuntu 9.10 and webcam is not working.15:05
harikumari am having hp dv2-1003 ax lap. i installed ubuntu 9.10 and webcam is not working.15:05
harikumari am having hp dv2-1003 ax lap. i installed ubuntu 9.10 and webcam is not working.15:06
geniiharikumar: Stop15:06
bazhanghttp://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-alternate-i386.iso.torrent linny this one works fine15:06
mbeierlrobotti^: wow - macbook is really insistent on working with only apple stuff, eh?15:06
harikumarthank you...15:06
mbeierlrobotti^: well, good luck, and I hope the wireless gets fixed soon!15:06
robotti^mbeierl: now :D normal bootable cd:s work15:06
robotti^like windows installer cd, linux installer cd and freebsd15:07
geniiharikumar: If someone knows an answer they will speak up. If no one knows, wait a while (not two seconds, more like 7-10 minutes) before asking the same question15:07
linnybazhang: thank you i get it the webpage wont load for me tho strange15:07
linnythanks alot15:07
robotti^but no support for usb when using something else than apple filesystems15:07
robotti^on booting15:07
robotti^I think15:07
harikumarokay,its my first chat session. sorry.15:07
bazhanglinny, does the torrent dl for you?15:07
linnyyes i got it thanks15:07
bazhangalright :)15:07
mbeierlrobotti^: ah, ok.  well, wait for the next rc - in the meantime go get some more blank cds :(15:08
linnyfast torrent too :) 5.35MB/s15:09
robotti^mbeierl: I am not sure. Yesterday I try it to boot from usb15:09
robotti^and nothing were happening15:09
linnyi wish my prons came down that fast :P15:09
astrojpI am getting a crash report that says: 'Your system encountered a serious kernel problem. Your system might become unstable now and might need to be restarted. You can help the developers to fix the problem by reporting it.' It will not let me file the bug through Apport so I should use the command? 'ubuntu-bug linux' My computer just crashed and I lost all info that was currently running in my apps.15:09
=== mbeierl is now known as mbeierl|afk
astrojpOr do I need to try and get more info to send along with the bug?15:10
astrojpThis is my 'test' machine so I want bugs. :)15:11
nerdy_kidanyone know how to fix strigi indexer?15:13
astrojpNever mind, I should read more. "The correct package for bugs about the kernel is linux".15:14
harikumari am having hp dv2-1003 ax lap. i installed ubuntu 9.10 beta and webcam is not working.15:14
harikumaranyone know why15:15
Lint01Why the new login background is of such crappy quality? It's 16-bit, my ass15:16
Lint01Why the new login background is of such crappy quality? It's 16-bit, my ass15:17
HoopyCatLint01:  most likely because the team that designed it lacked your artistic vision and experience; perhaps you should volunteer for the 10.04 login screen15:17
Lint01it's not about 'artistic vision', it's about 65k colors instead of 16.8M15:19
HoopyCatLint01:  i can't read their minds, alas, but you can probably find that team and research why they made that choice.  given the range of hardware that's out there, it was most likely a tradeoff for compatability or performance.15:21
harikumardoes ubuntu 9.10 support HPdv2-1003ax laptop???15:21
=== mbeierl|afk is now known as mbeierl
mbeierl!hardware | harikumar15:23
ubottuharikumar: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:23
harikumarhmm...i will check it out.thanks....15:24
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org15:26
mbeierlanyone know: is the boot progress screen really supposed to be just that small, monochrome circle-of-friends, or is there supposed to be a progress bar or something?  Just wondering if this is an upgrade vs. install or if what I'm seeing is expected15:31
Berzerkerit's like that.15:31
Berzerkerthey completely rewrote GDM15:31
Berzerkermore of a windows-esq loading scree now.15:31
AceKingDoes anyone know why after upgrading to 9:10 my mouse would sometimes perform a double click when I single click? It only happens sometimes, but it's driving me nuts!15:31
mbeierlThis is pre-gdm, no?  GDM shows up after that15:31
Berzerkerwell GDM + boot manager display15:32
Berzerkerfalls under GDM, for the D part.15:32
harikumarwell, that didnt help me....i installed 9.10 beta and everythings working fine expect webcam and touchpad15:32
harikumari installed 9.10 beta in my hpdv2-1003ax model lap and everythings working fine expect webcam and touchpad.15:35
duffydackno RC release ?15:39
mbeierlharikumar: that's why it's called beta...15:39
astrojpIt looks like this bug is under 'KernelOops'. I see that it's already been filed by others. No necessarily my architecture but it looks like the bug has been reported and I do not want to file *another* report.15:39
mbeierlharikumar: so did you see your webcam model listed in the supported hardware list?15:39
Berzerkerharikumar: try updating to the RC15:39
harikumartheres no model givel..its just hp webcam written next to it....and what is an RC?15:40
mbeierlharikumar: what I meant was it is called beta (or the latest is in Release Candidate status) because it still has known deficiencies15:40
mbeierlharikumar: RC = Release Candidate, a possible candidate version for the final official release15:41
mbeierlharikumar: go to a terminal (Accessories -> Terminal) and type lspci and see if the webcam is listed there15:41
harikumarwhere can i find rc?\15:41
mbeierlharikumar: it is now probably on the same server as the beta download15:42
mbeierlharikumar: however, simply doing an update will get you to the RC version15:42
mbeierlharikumar: are you familiar with update manager?15:42
harikumari check for update every 5 hrs...i am familiar with 9.04,but its in my desktop.15:43
harikumarin terminal webcam is not listed15:44
Berzerkerdo a dist-upgrade right now15:44
mbeierlharikumar: lspci > device.list ; pasebinit device.list15:45
mbeierlharikumar: just curious...15:45
mbeierlharikumar: alternatively, maybe it's showing up under the usb bus?  lsusb?15:45
mbeierlharikumar: does the webcam work under Windows?  Maybe we can get the device name from there?15:46
mbeierlrobotti^: oh, no.  What's up?15:46
harikumaryes it work fine with windows...'15:46
robotti^it does not work now15:46
robotti^I am little bit disaponted.15:46
robotti^maybe some sleep15:46
robotti^and more working with this problem15:47
mbeierlrobotti^: still the wireless?15:47
shadeslayerhmmm a bit ot,but does anyone here have some experience writing docs?15:47
mbeierlshadeslayer: only functional specs and design specs for work... :(15:47
shadeslayer(documentation for gnome or kde)15:47
robotti^mbeierl: yep, too much work to me now15:48
shadeslayermbeierl: im looking for someone who knows XML and works with docbooks :)15:48
mbeierlrobotti^: but ... the possible fix is pending in a future release...15:48
mbeierlshadeslayer: definitely not me ....\15:48
robotti^mbeierl: future release? 10.04?15:49
tolonugacan someone tell me: is "hal" still installed on a normal ubuntu/kubuntu installation, and can it be used to get notifications (e.g. when a certain usb device was added)? the texts in the wiki talk about hal deprecation and move to other things.15:49
robotti^six months15:49
mbeierlrobotti^: no, next couple of days.  The bug report that I looked at had an update with fix 3 hours ago.  This will be in the next RC, over the next couple of days15:50
tolonugaI don't want to move to udev, as udev has huge issues, and the udev developers told us to move to hal. so I wonder what to do if hal would be gone?15:50
Daiis anyone familiar with the inspiron 11z, specifically the touchpad?  none of the typical touchpad fixes seem to work in jaunty (for suspending the touchpad while typing), and my wife's on my butt about a fix for that :)16:02
geniiDai: You've tried this yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad#Disabling%20the%20Touchpad%20Temporarily%20While%20Typing16:15
Daii have, and it doesn't work16:15
Daiapparently it's an elantech touchpad which doesn't get detected as a touchpad at all16:15
geniiSo it sees it as a mouse?16:16
Daii think i might have found some information on it, apparently it's an issue with the new elantech driver not setting imps compatibility mode?  if that makes *any* sense to anyone16:21
stefan_hallo leute mein system 64bit karmic spielt MP3 FLV1 und FMP4 nicht mehr ab16:26
stefan_ich weiss nicht woran es liegt16:27
bazhangstefan_, English please #ubuntu-de for German16:27
stefan_oh sry16:27
stefan_i didnt see that this was english so:16:27
cghello. where is the libstdc++-i386 ?16:28
emilyshi guys, im now using ubuntu nbr karmic. i wonder how can i enabling keyboard shortcuts, like for turning on/off wi-fi, bluetooth, touchpad. to save my battery life. oh, im on eee pc 1000HE. thank you16:28
stefan_my system karmic 64bit doenst play avi, MP3 and so on no more16:28
cgsome of my software need it16:28
* Blues-Man hello folks16:28
bazhangstefan_, did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras package16:28
reagleBRKLNusing karmic and my system is stalling on an update to openoffice.org-emailmerge16:29
bazhangstefan_, what about w64codecs from medibuntu.org16:29
reagleBRKLNcan't remove or install with dpkg as it just sits there16:29
stefan_what i did till now is: deleting all packages containing codecs and the programs which uses them and reinstalling all that stuff16:29
stefan_i already installed w64codecs from the repositoryx16:29
cgstefan_: you will find everything works if you install the package16:30
stefan_bit i installed it already and it doesnt work16:31
bazhangreagleBRKLN, dpkg? from outside the package management system (ie a deb not from ubuntu repos)?16:31
cgim looking for libstdc++-i386. my computer is 64bit.16:31
bazhangreagleBRKLN, what about apt-get16:31
reagleBRKLNno, it's standard repos16:31
reagleBRKLNsame with apt-get16:31
reagleBRKLNin fact, started with apt-get, had to kill it, and try remove with apt-get and dpkg16:31
bazhangreagleBRKLN, could you paste.ubuntu.com with the error message when you try to install something16:32
reagleBRKLNit just sits there forever: Removing openoffice.org-emailmerge ...16:32
reagleBRKLNi don't see a dpkg verbose option... so i could see whats happening16:32
MartynDoes anyone use Karmic + Gnome + Compiz + VNC?16:33
bazhangreagleBRKLN, sounds like a bug; please pastebin the apt-get error message nonetheless16:33
sep1318is there something up with the kernel+ipw2200? neither kubuntu rc nor arch not gentoo want me to connect with WEP anymore, and it's worked perfectly...since edgy.16:33
reagleBRKLNbazhang: there is no error message16:33
reagleBRKLNit just sits there16:33
Martynwhen I try Karmic (vs Jaunty) I don't get screen refreshes if I activate Remote Desktop (vnc)16:33
bazhangreagleBRKLN, configuring?16:33
MartynI just see the background image, but none of gnome-panel16:33
reagleBRKLNbazhang: yes, downloaded successful16:34
Martynsep1318:  I had the same issue.  There is a change in the 2.6.30 kernel that caused this, it's not directly a 'Karmic' issue as much as it's an ongoing kernel bug that is being worked on in the community kernel16:34
Martynsep1318: There is a fix posted to the LKML about three weeks ago, if you want to be brave and patch and rebuild your own kernel.  I do not think there is a launchpad bug against the issue yet though.16:35
MartynSo you may want to open a launchpad bug16:35
sep1318Martyn: thanks for comfirming my suspicion.16:35
Martynsep1318 : No worries.   Not many people are using ipw2200 for some reason.16:36
Martyn(Which is strange, given how popular a wireless solution it is)16:36
sep1318well, that's what my card is, so i don't have much choice?16:36
reagleBRKLNah, appears my pgrep was causing problems with use of system pgrep (didn't use to exist), so moved my bin/pgrep to pygrep16:37
reagleBRKLNis there a utility for finding fastest repo mirrors? there used to be a debian one, but don't see it in karmic16:39
bazhangreagleBRKLN, in software sources?16:40
bazhangsystem administration software sources ?16:40
reagleBRKLNbazhang: to ping a list of mirrors, then update apt's sources16:40
cabreyhey guys, just updated my package lists and there is something wrong with the flash package and i can't install anything16:41
cabreyi even tried to force remove (--force-all) the package but dpkg still fails16:41
MartynOUCH .. massive update today .. 110 packages.16:44
JoshuaLlol: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/10/23/linux-creator-linus-torvalds-gives-windows-7-a-thumbs-up16:44
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:44
raffertyhi all. Just booted karmic on a Thinkpad x200... no sound and no vertical trackpoint scrolling... any suggestions?16:44
MinArturÂñåì ïðèâåò!!!16:45
bazhang!ru | MinArtur16:45
ubottuMinArtur: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:45
MinArtur :)16:45
MartynPozhaulujsta MinArtur :)16:45
MartynDobry Dien.16:45
MartynWait, no .. _Spacibe_ .. not Pozhaulujsta.  Darn :)  My Russian is terrible.16:46
MinArturà ïî ðóññêîì ìîæíî ïèñàòü?16:47
PiciEnglish only here please.16:47
bazhangMinArtur, english only here16:47
cabreyi guess somebody removed the adobe-flashplugin from the repo ???16:48
MinArturíå ÿ àíãëèéñêèé íå ïîíèìàþ òîëüêî íåñêîëüêî ñëîâ16:48
cabreyaptitude gives me "E: No downloadable files for adobe-flashplugin version; perhaps it is a local or obsolete package?"16:48
jimpopcabrey, why are you looking for jaunty pkgs?16:49
cabreyi'm not, somebody royally screwed up16:49
jimpopi can test... 2 secs16:50
cabreywhoever maintains the package lists i guess16:50
jimpopgeeze... update servers are slooooowwww today16:51
cabreythat's what happens when an RC is made available ;)16:52
jimpopd/l'ing a release file at 6.4Kbs16:52
jimpopcabrey, I can confirm this.  Somebody screwed up the RC release file for the Partner source16:53
cabreyyea and I can't even get dpkg to fix this with all its forcing powers :|16:54
Mesaphhi. I need help installing ubuntu onto my netbook. I've downloaded the Karmic-Netbook release and prepared my usb stick to install linux from it. I am able to boot from it and i've selected the "install.." option, but it doesn't work. The Kubuntu logo appears, stays on the screen from about 30 seconds and vanishes. Then, for about half a second, some text is displayed (which i can't read, because it's gone too fast) and the display turns dark 16:57
shadeslayerMesaph: did you run the self usb check?16:58
cabreyMesaph: what netbook & hardware?16:58
shadeslayerMesaph: also MD5SUM the iso16:59
shadeslayer!md5sum | Mesaph16:59
ubottuMesaph: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:59
MesaphIts the Medion E1212. The "Check Disk for defects" reported no errors.17:00
=== lucas_ is now known as nn
=== nn is now known as nn__
shadeslayerMesaph: iso m5sum correct?17:00
nn__im having problems with flash after last update...17:00
MesaphI'll check it17:00
jimpopnm__ welcome to the fray17:01
nn__ok so everyone is17:01
jimpopflash is borked in the RC release17:01
jimpopif you delete the pkg then you won't be able to easily get flash to work right now17:01
darthanubisflash works perfectly here17:02
jimpopyes,same here17:02
Dr_Willisworks fine here also17:03
jimpopbut if you update your repos you will see that it's no longer available and is now considered a local pkg17:03
MesaphThe md5 sum is correct17:04
nn__E: Error interno al abrir el caché (1). Por favor informe de este error. what is this? cant open synaptic!17:06
reagleBRKLNdoes the fuse module not come with karmic? trying to run encfs and it says module not found. running the -rt kernel right now17:09
Dr_WillisIt is in the kenrel allready17:09
Dr_Willisnot a module - last i looked17:09
Dr_Willis-rt could be different17:09
reagleBRKLNi only have a cuse.ko in /usr/lib/mod....17:09
Dr_Willisbut i use fuse tools all the time - and i am very sure in this kernel its compiled in by default17:09
MesaphIf i try to start it without installing, there are quite a few errors like "[66.452705] SQUASHFS error: squashfs_read_data failed to read block 0x29562922"17:10
reagleBRKLNDr_Willis: what is your path to fuse.ko ?17:11
Dr_Willisthere is no fuse.ko - its BUILT into the kernel, not as a module17:11
Dr_Willisin older releases it was a module.17:11
reagleBRKLNoh, so why would encfs complain about not finding module17:11
Dr_WillisNo idea unless its trying to load it whenb its allready loaded17:11
Dr_Willissshfs, anbd other fuse tools work here for me17:12
Mesaphall the other errors are SQUASHFS errors, either17:12
reagleBRKLNah, i see some of the encfs options have changed17:12
Dr_Willisive never used encfs17:12
reagleBRKLNits my bad, need to do some encfs configing17:13
octyhi... o.O17:19
octyanyone has problems booting?17:19
microhey what package should i use for pppd?17:19
macis there any way to install ubuntu or any linux distro on a pc without cd player?17:20
bazhangmac, usb stick?17:22
macthe pc is so old17:22
macthat it hasn' t any usb socket17:22
macnor cd player17:23
bazhangmac, what system is on there now17:23
macbut before17:23
macthere was windows 9517:23
skreechEverything is broken17:23
skreechWhere everything is one thing that's really annoying :)17:24
skreechI don't have Vterms17:25
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation mac here are some options17:25
skreechalt+ctrl+F1 -F6 doesn't show anythign17:25
Gratz474Any of you guys use an intel card? I am curious if there is any tweaks I could do17:26
Mesaphanybody got an idea what i could try? I'd really like to try using linux, but if I can't even install it, I think i've got to use windows 7 again17:26
Gratz474scrolling for in in firefox isjust not quite as smooth as it is in windows17:27
octy:( i can't even install anything because /tmp is read only o.O17:27
Gratz474are there any tweaks I could do to make scrolling better?17:27
bazhangMesaph, installing using unetbootin (usb stick)?17:27
cabreymac: that computer is probably so old that ubuntu won't even run well on it17:28
cabreymac: try puppy or dsl linux17:28
macbut how can i install them17:28
macon that pc17:28
cabreymac: you'll have to ask them i suppose17:28
Gratz474is it possible to use intel drivers 2.7 ?17:29
cabreyGratz474: why....?17:30
Mesaphbazhang: I've used the usb-creator.exe, as I'm using only windows machines at the moment.17:30
bazhangMesaph, I've never had luck with usb-creator; there is a windows version of unetbootin iirc17:30
Gratz474cabrey, because its still not where it should be17:30
bazhangunetbootin.sourceforge.net if memory serves17:31
cabreyGratz474: what does that mean? 2.9 is performing fantastically17:31
Mesaphthank you, I'll try it17:31
Gratz474cabrey, how can i see what version i am running?17:31
bazhangMesaph, pendrivelinux website has some tutorials as well17:32
cabreyGratz474: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-intel17:32
Gratz4742.9.0 here is there a newer version at all?17:32
cabreyGratz474: no, what's wrong with it?17:33
Gratz474cabrey, still not as good as xaa17:33
cabreyGratz474: what does that mean? you're being very vague17:33
Gratz474cabrey, for a 865G it is not as good scrolling17:33
Gratz474firefox scrolling still is not *as* smooth17:33
macis there any way to install ubuntu or any linux distro on a pc without cd player?17:33
soreauI was wanting to upgrade my Jaunty install to Karmic via chroot. I am chrooted into ubuntu now, what should I run to fully dist-upgrade it to Karmic?17:33
macis there any way to install ubuntu or any linux distro on a pc without cd player?17:33
Gratz474cabrey, although from the uxa 2.8 stuff its miles ahead17:33
cabreymac: does it have a floppy drive?17:33
macbut no netcard17:34
bazhangmac, check the link I sent you17:34
Gratz474cabrey, and i give them that for fixing it and making it usable but if i had xaa right now it would be much faster scrolling17:34
cabreyGratz474: so why can't you use uxa accel method?17:34
bazhangthere is an option for floppies17:34
Gratz474cabrey, I just answered you17:34
macyes, but it hasn' t got any usb ports17:34
macand an empty hd17:34
cabreyGratz474: ok, do you use compiz?17:35
Gratz474cabrey, i am using 2.9 now, I guess i am using UXA by default17:35
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation  <--- mac17:35
Gratz474cabrey, I do it runs butter smooth17:35
macomac: are you sure its a computer?17:35
cabreyGratz474: yes you are, sorry forgot about that17:35
cabreyGratz474: try disabling it17:35
macyes, but it had winzozz 9517:35
Gratz474cabrey, the driver is almost perfect, i mean from 2.8 uxa miles ahead but i always want the best performance I can get17:35
Gratz474cabrey, does not help the scroling17:35
macthis is ok17:36
cabreyGratz474: well you are limited by your hardware. anyways I have found FF on *nix to be terrible, have you tried chrome/chromium?17:36
soreauCan someone tell me how to upgrade from jaunty to karmic from CLI (chroot)?17:37
cabreysoreau: update-manager -d?17:37
soreaucabrey: That will work without X running?17:38
cabreyoh wait that's GUI isn't it...17:38
cabreysoreau: you can change your sources.list to karmic and then sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade17:38
Gratz474cabrey, with compiz disabled I would say its most likely just as good as xaa17:38
cabreysoreau: i can't guarantee it won't break anything17:38
Gratz474cabrey, what part of compiz is messing with my browser scrolling do you think?17:39
soreaucabrey: Heh, I did not know this before, but update-manager popped up a gui in my gentoo!17:39
soreauIt's working now17:39
Gratz474cabrey, I mean compiz runs like butter here17:39
cabreyGratz474: probably the fact that it's compositing wm, it's the idea of it at least17:39
cabreyGratz474: do you depend on FF for its extensions or anything?17:39
soreaucabrey: I would have never thought it would work =)17:40
Gratz474cabrey, nope, but if i do turn off all effects my browsing is maybe 10 percent beteter17:40
Gratz474cabrey, its really not that bad to begin with17:40
cabreysoreau: i thought you said X wasn't running?17:40
soreau(now if only there was such a thing as chuser)17:40
Gratz474cabrey, but i always just want that 10 more percent17:40
cabreyGratz474: try chromium. it doesn't hurt to try it IMHO17:40
soreaucabrey: X is not running for the ubuntu partition I am chrooted into17:41
Gratz474oh other browsers I have tried have been worse cabrey17:41
soreaucabrey: However it is running here on gentoo17:41
soreaucabrey: I didn't know gui apps could work through chroot this way17:41
Gratz474cabrey, is there any other better compisitng wm's other then the one that comes in gnome?17:41
cabreyGratz474: but have you tried chromium? just tell me17:41
Gratz474maybe the xfce one? i heard that one was good ?17:41
cabreyGratz474: metacity can be a compositing wm, but it's not that good imho17:41
Gratz474no but I have tried empiphany-webkit17:42
Gratz474cabrey, is that what I am running now ?17:42
cabreyGratz474: chromium is _extremely_ fast. if you have compiz disabled, then yes, but you are in stacking mode17:42
cabreyGratz474: to try metacity's compositing mode press alt-f2, then type in gconf-editor17:43
Gratz474cabrey, i meean everything runs super smooth even with compiz, just the scrolling is heh 10 percent less smooth, completely usable by all aspects I just would really like that 10 percent17:43
cabreyGratz474: you've made your point, now I'm trying to help17:43
Gratz474cabrey, i thought i was already running the metacity compositor?17:43
cabreyGratz474: no, metacity is a stacking wm by default17:44
Gratz474cabrey, so how am i running compiz?17:44
cabreyGratz474: what? Compiz isn't metacity...17:44
Sky_hi, i created a usb ubuntu 9.10 usb disk from within the live cd, but i can't boot it, the menu works, but then nothing happens, after pushing F2 i see that its trying to open my cd device: /init: line1: can't open /dev/sr0: No medium found17:45
dooglushi.  I just used the 'software sources' tool to find the fastest repository.  it picked one that doesn't have karmic packages on it.  is there some way to find the fastest server that has karmic?17:45
bazhangSky_, using unetbootin?17:45
Sky_i just used the boot usb creator17:45
zashcompiz needs more tiling imho17:45
mbeierldooglus: :)  That's too funny... sorry - can't help, but man! that's hilarious!17:46
dooglusSky_: I had that one time.  pull out the usb stick and put it in again just as it starts looking on your hard drive I think I did?17:46
dooglusmbeierl: it's math.ucdavis.edu that's missing karmic17:46
bazhangSky_, okay; I have not had good luck with that-- unetbootin is another option should you wish to try17:46
Sky_lol, now it boots, but it took about 5min to startup, with thousand errors about /dev/sr017:46
Gratz474cabrey, what will enabling metacity do?17:47
Gratz474the composiitng factor of it ?17:47
cabreyGratz474: just follow my directions. 1. Disable compiz. 2. Press alt-f2 3. Type in gconf-editor and press enter. 4. Tell me when you get there17:47
Gratz474i can disalbe it from the gnome menu right?17:48
cabreyGratz474: go to appearance > visual effects to disable it17:48
Gratz474yes, i did that17:49
Gratz474will i be able to have any effects? hehe17:49
cabreyGratz474: have you followed the other steps yet?17:49
Sky_do i also have the feature to use the usb stick for my documents and settings with unetbootin ?17:50
Gratz474im there cabrey17:50
cabreyGratz474: is the window "Configuration Editor" open?17:50
MesaphI just tried to boot it using unetbootin, but it freezes after checking the battery state. ...17:50
cabreyGratz474: good. Now expand "apps"17:50
bazhangSky_, you mean a persistent live usb? or a usb installer stick17:50
mysticdarkhackanyone here have problems with youtube in totem17:51
cabreyGratz474: then expand "metacity" and click on general17:51
cabreyGratz474: finally check the box next to "compositing_manager"17:51
mysticdarkhackit seem I get an error when trying to play youtube video from totem17:51
Sky_i mean both :)17:51
Gratz474cabrey, i dont see metacity17:51
cabreyGratz474: scroll down17:52
bazhangSky_, two separate sticks then?17:52
Sky_no, both in one, it should be persistent and live and you should have the option to install17:52
mysticdarkhackMessage: Error: GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error.17:53
mysticdarkhackgstffmpegdemux.c(1243): gst_ffmpegdemux_open (): /GstPlayBin2:play/GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin0/GstDecodeBin2:decodebin20/ffdemux_swf:ffdemux_swf0:17:53
mysticdarkhackInput/output error17:53
bazhangSky_, afaik unetbootin does not have the persistent feature, but is an installer17:53
mysticdarkhacksorry about that17:53
Gratz474cabrey, ok yea did that17:53
Gratz474i am in the compositing now17:53
Mesaphokay, I just rebootet again and it seems to work17:53
cabreyGratz474: you checked it off?17:53
Gratz474it was not on17:53
mysticdarkhackI'm guess it probably gstreamer17:54
cabreyGratz474: ok and compiz _was_ disabled before you did this, right?17:54
Gratz474compiz was disables17:54
Gratz474and compositing was not checked in the metacity17:54
dooglusthis 'find best repository' bug is already in the tracker, and marked as 'fix committed' since 200717:54
cabreyGratz474: ok go try whatever and see if it is faster and don't close anything17:54
Gratz474i ma not in its compoisitng thing i can tell17:54
doogluswhat do I do to indicate that it isn't really fixed?17:54
Gratz474cabrey, it is faster yes17:55
cabreyGratz474: ok so it is a bug with compiz. you can leave metacity running but you won't really have any effects or you can use compiz and have a slightly slower browser17:55
Gratz474cabrey, hmm17:55
cabreyGratz474: or you can use chromium with compiz, but it's up to you17:56
yoritomohello all17:56
yoritomohow to reinstall grub 1 under karmic? waiting for the final version i will return on it17:57
yoritomoreally to sslow the beta 1.9717:57
Sky_the cdrom doesn't seem to be the problem, if i put in any disk while booting from usb , the errors disappear, but it still takes 5min !!!17:59
Ademanso wait, is /boot/grub/menu.lst no longer used? now it's /boot/grub/grub.cfg? which is an autogened file?18:00
Berzerker-grub.cfg is auto genned18:01
Berzerker-the menu.lst is now /etc/default/grub18:01
Berzerker-once that is updated, you sudo update-grub18:01
Berzerker-and it gens the cfg file18:01
Ademanah thanks Berzerker- I was wondering why my menu.lst wasn't being obeyed (I have to wonder why i still have one, I did the "install over everything but /home")18:02
yoritomoyes but i don't want grub 2 anymore, very slow, i want to downgrade to grub 118:02
Berzerker-Ademan, if you upgrade from jaunty, it keeps the old grub stuff18:04
Berzerker-yoritomo, grub 2 is much faster than grub 118:05
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
yoritomoi have a black sreen, "grub loading" during 10 sec before to see grub menu :(18:05
* Blues-Man good blues bye18:06
AdemanBerzerker-: well is it really an upgrade when you install over everything but /home ?18:06
Berzerker-Ademan, sure, /home is just YOUR files. /home is pretty much only folders when you first install ubuntu.18:06
Berzerker-the real OS is everything except /home18:07
AdemanBerzerker-: exactly, so if you wipe everything but /home, that's more like a fresh install than an upgrade18:07
Berzerker-Ademan, but if you go through the dist-upgrade path, it doesn't wipe. unless you wiped and installed.18:08
yoritomono, i did a clean install with a ext4fs partition18:08
AdemanBerzerker-: i didn't dist-upgrade, i installed over everything but /home (it's an option if you choose manual partitioning in the installer from the desktop cd)18:09
raffertyanyone have luck with Sound on Thinkpads with karmic?18:09
Berzerker-Ademan, ok then it's not an upgrade.18:10
Berzerker-Ademan, for some reason they keep the menu.lst then18:10
nick125Hmm. I'm having a problem getting my USB speakers working in Karmic. I get an error from pulseaudio like such: Oct 23 11:09:10 nick-laptop pulseaudio[3482]: module-udev-detect.c: Tried to configure /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb5/5-1/5-1:1.0/sound/card1 (alsa_card.usb-Bose_Corporation_Bose_USB_Audio-00) more often than 5 times in 10s18:10
nick125Any ideas?18:10
yoritomoi wanted to avoid problems to be sure about the REAL beta problems18:10
nick125If I have the speakers plugged in when I boot, they work fine.18:11
Picirafferty: I'm not having any issues on my T6018:11
MaT-dgI have a problem with the ISO of 9.10. When burned to CD-RW brasero gets stuck on 'creating image checksum'. I can cancel this and it finishes but doesn't boot. When creating bootable usb stick with unetbootin the process gets stuck on 5%.18:12
raffertythanks Pici. Just did a clean install on my x200 and no go. followed troubleshooting guide, tinkered with alsa... no hope.18:12
bazhangMaT-dg, gets stuck at 5 per cent for how long18:13
MaT-dgbazhang: wait nevermind, just started to move again... I guess about 10-15mins on 5%18:14
bazhangMaT-dg, I had that same issue, it does hang there for a bit then picks up after a while18:14
Gratz474what exactly is XGL ?18:14
raffertyMat-dg - I've experienced a 20-minute time frame in the past.18:14
AdemanGratz474: something you don't want, it's a replacement X server18:15
MaT-dgbazhang: now 0% on 'installing bootloader' hope it goes well to after a while :P18:15
bazhangits taken me a couple of tries in the past before it works, but its the only one I've found that does work18:15
Ademanhey mzz if you're around, i didn't find any gconf keys for gdm's simple-greeter to set the gtkrc18:15
Gratz474Ademan, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-617004.html18:15
Gratz474Ademan, i was thinking of maybe trying that18:15
AdemanGratz474: exactly what is your problem? XGL is old and, you don't want it...18:17
AdemanGratz474: or were you wanting to try it for the heck of it?18:17
Gratz474Ademan, with compiz firefox scrolling is maybe just 10 percent slower then without it18:17
Gratz474was trying to get that 10 percent nad have compiz18:17
AdemanGratz474: you'll have a whole host of other problems with XGL18:17
Gratz474I see18:18
kulightim trying to gget tv using dvb i get video but no sound. any one had this problem ?18:18
Gratz474Ademan, i wonder if theres some compiz effect that is known to do this or if its the just the compositor in gneral18:18
AdemanGratz474: that could be, I would expect that it's an issue with GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap with certain drivers, is firefox too slow to be usable at the moment?18:24
Gratz474Ademan, oh no its pretty much perfect :)18:24
Gratz474just if i turn off compiz its like 10 percent better18:25
Gratz474still usable by all means18:25
Gratz474thsi is compiz with full effects as well18:25
Gratz474Ademan, maybe thats just something i have to live iwth hehe18:26
Gratz474i mean this is like 5- year old hardware18:26
AdemanGratz474: ah, so it is noticable though? hrm... sorry, i mean Xgl isn't supported anymore anyways.  (and actually i was wrong, Xgl apparently isn't an independent X server)18:27
om26eris there any device manager for ubuntu??18:27
Ademanom26er: what are you trying to do?18:27
om26erAdeman: i wanna know which device i am using and is the driver working18:27
Ademanom26er: device for what?...18:27
om26eri tried 7.10 live cd and it had device manager18:28
om26erAdeman: my wifi sound card etc18:28
Gratz474Ademan, i mean if you ever used the other way it might not be but if i turn off compiz there is a minor improvement18:28
Gratz474Ademan, more so when scrollling reealllll fast18:28
cabreyGratz474: Did you try my advice?18:28
Gratz474you can see a skip here or there with compiz on18:28
Gratz474cabrey, huh? i stepped away18:28
cabreyGratz474: I said if you don't need the extensions of firefox, you can try the chromium browser which is a lot faster and smoother18:29
AdemanGratz474: ah, yeah I expect it's an issue with GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap.  out of curiosity what driver/card are you using?18:29
Gratz474intel 865G18:29
Gratz474cabrey, is int in the ubuntu repo?18:30
cabreyGratz474: a ppa18:30
cabrey!ppa | Gratz47418:30
ubottuGratz474: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.18:30
AdemanGratz474: naw, there's a ppa for it though, it's nice, but I only use it when i don't feel like waiting for firefox to load and restore all 50 tabs i had up lol18:30
Gratz474i mean, ephiphany scrolling is not so good here18:30
Ademan(no ad block plus is a big issue though...)18:30
cabreyGratz474: well epiphany is not chromium, now is it?18:30
Gratz474take taht back but its ok18:31
Gratz474i guess ephiphany is alright18:31
Gratz474sitll firefox is a bit smoother18:31
Ademanthan epiphany? wouldn't have expected that18:31
* cabrey facepalms18:32
Gratz474cabrey, i dont mind using the chrome stuff for normal browsering now but firebug :)18:32
Gratz474atleast I know what the problem is18:32
Gratz474its the compositing stuff18:32
Gratz474and prolly either the intel driver is not optimized in that little specific area or something18:32
Gratz474or its just tooo old18:32
cabreywhatever, I give up18:32
om26erGratz474: fyi new intel driver is way man way more better than the jaunty's18:33
cbx33hey guys18:33
cbx33how do we install flash player in Karmic?18:33
Gratz474om26er, oh yea i know i am using 9.10 now18:33
cbx33Gratz474: are you talking about the mobile one?18:33
Ademancbx33: just install ubuntu-restricted-extras and you'll get flash and a whole bunch of video codecs18:34
cbx33like mobile intel chipset?18:34
Gratz474om26er, the last one was not even what i would consider usable18:34
Gratz474talking intel 82865G18:34
cabreycbx33: don't enable the partner repo18:34
Ademancbx33: although the actual flash player is flashplugin-nonfree or something similar18:34
cbx33thought so that's all I want for now18:34
om26erGratz474: yes last driver was poor with video playback and compiz too now both work great18:34
Gratz474really more or less just nit picking i mean its pretty much perfect18:34
tntcis there a problem with Karmic and hddtemp not starting?18:35
Ademantntc: have you checked launchpad? the likelyhood that someone is also trying to use hddtemp in here and is in the same timezone, and isn't afk, seems a bit slim lol18:35
Gratz474i just reallly wish i could use XAA with my intel card, but they took it out18:37
Gratz474it gave the best performance18:37
cabreyGratz474: it was also very old tech18:37
yoritomoi came back just finished to eat the blood sausage18:37
=== rmcbride_ is now known as rmcbride
Gratz474cabrey, i am sure, but i was just talking about what gave me a tad bit faster scrolling ;)18:37
Gratz474i wonder if there is some tweak i can do for compiz to make it a bit better18:38
Gratz474or maybe its the intel drivers heh18:38
cabreyGratz474: so you've told me 8 million times....18:38
tntcAdeman: I have, and there was little information and nothing matching my current experience.  I doubt it is a real bug.18:38
Gratz474cabrey, 8 million + 118:39
tntcMy next question was going to be "What could cause HDDtemp to not start?"18:39
Gratz474oh the good old days of xaa18:39
Ademantntc: sorry, "check launchpad" was all i had :-/18:42
tntchaha! that's ok.  I checked it on my netbook and it launched fine, so I'm going to troubleshoot it by hand.18:43
yoritomoBerzerker  is it true grub2 faster than 1 ? when laoding i see the hdd working like a crazing on the black screen "loading grub" for 10secs then i finally see the menu18:43
honkaguys how can I unmount root after boot toram option is used?18:43
yoritomodo you know what can be coming this problem from ?18:43
yoritomois it due to ext4fs partitition  ?18:44
yoritomofirst time i passed on ext418:44
nxnn14hi i am having trouble with my wired internet connection and was wondering if someone could please help me troubleshoot the problem18:45
nxnn14the problem has been around since Hardy and persists everytime I update even now with karmic18:46
Gratz474hmm actually the metacity compositor, scrolling does not work so well in that either, the true test is with smooth scrolling on heh18:46
honkaI need to boot from hard disk partition in live mode.I'm doing it.But the partition is mounted in the /cdrom.How can I unmout it?18:48
honkaI ve booted in RAM mode18:48
nxnn14the problem is that my ethernet only works after I reboot not from a cold boot. There is an error message that looks like Unsupported PM Caps regs version(7) on reboot18:48
honkaso everything should be in the ram and should be able to unmount root and unlock the hard disk partition for changes18:49
honkahow to do that? regular unmount does not work18:49
nxnn14My network card is realtek rtl8101e18:49
=== fcuk112_ is now known as fcuk112
Picinxnn14: What version of Ubuntu are you using? You seem to be asking in more than one channel at once and this one is only for the development version: 9.1018:49
nxnn14I am using karmic currently, however the problem has persisted from hardy to ibex to jaunty and now karmic18:50
nxnn14so it sorta fits both18:50
Picinxnn14: Is there a bug logged for the issue?18:50
nxnn14and since no one was responding i posted in both18:51
nxnn14not sure18:51
nxnn14i am pretty much a novice with this18:51
Gratz474is it possible to overlock intel onboard graphics?18:51
matrixblueanyone have any errors compiling gspca in karmic?18:51
Kovertwhere can i file a bug?18:52
nxnn14pici it was one of those things I have learned to live with and am finally getting back to trying to fix it18:52
Picinxnn14: I'd start with looking for that error on launchpad18:52
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:52
thiebaudewhat folder is the default wallpapers in?18:53
cabreythiebaude: /usr/share/backgrounds18:53
thiebaudecabrey, thanks , mate18:53
nxnn14pici don't really see anything there18:54
nxnn14pici i have looked through the forums and googled it and found some hits but no solutions just people saying that they have this problem18:55
Kovertubuntu-bug vmware-package18:56
nxnn14its annoying to have to boot twice everytime I turn on my computer18:57
Picinxnn14: I'd start by logging a bug against your kernel.  run: ubuntu-bug linux18:58
nxnn14pici ok I can do that...the error that shows up that when the ethernet does eventually work is Unsupported PM Caps regs version(7) which seems to mean that ubuntu doesnt like the power managment version of the network card but that's all I can think og19:00
Kovertcan some one file a bug for me? I dont seem to be able to19:00
mzzAdeman: gdm gtkrc: there's /gnome/interface/gtk_theme or something like that, currently set to HumanLogin, so it picks up /usr/share/themes/HumanLogin/gtk-2.0/gtkrc. You can probably change that to pick up a different theme (from /var/lib/gdm/.themes/ or /usr/share/themes). Or putting a .gtkrc-2.0 in /var/lib/gdm may also work.19:01
honkado you guys know if gparted has a irc channel?19:03
KovertSo no one can file a bug for me?19:03
PiciKovert: Why can't you file the bug?19:03
Koverti have tried cant get to the right place19:04
PiciKovert: Well, what happens when you try?19:04
Kovertnothing i do the type alt -F2 the windowes opens i type the bug and nothing happens19:04
nxnn14pici i have filed the bug19:05
PiciKovert: can you try from a terminal window?19:05
Kovertnxnn14: my bug?19:06
nxnn14so no one has any ideas on this Unsupported PM Caps regs version(7) thing and why my network card would only work after a reboot?19:06
mrweshrmm RC is out aye?19:06
nxnn14kovert, no my bug :)19:06
Kovertnxnn14: oh :-(19:07
nxnn14sorry kovert19:07
Ademanmzz: OH, i was looking under /apps/gdm thanks!19:07
KovertPici: someting i now hapopening19:07
KovertPici: tHANKS IT SENT IT19:08
Ademanmzz: also just fyi, as a normal user I remember creating a gtkrc for using with fluxbox (since it didn't start gnome-settings-daemon) and it overrode what gnome-settings-daemon did when i chose a gnome session19:08
x-NaSo, another try...19:12
x-NaI upgraded my Jaunty server to Karmic. Seems that mysql upgrade didn't go as expected, as it won't start19:12
x-NaWhen starting, I see only "fail!" from the initscript and nothing is written to logs19:13
macothere is no boot log19:13
macodid you run it post-boot as well?19:13
x-NaIt just fails, without giving any clues why19:14
mzzAdeman: that sounds about right, but if you just want to point it at a different theme's gtkrc, not at a custom one, using gconf arguably makes more sense19:14
yoritomocan anyone help me to downgrade to grub1 under karmic 64 ?19:16
cbx33anyone managed to get bluetooth networking running with network manager?19:16
cbx33It was in the release notes19:16
cbx33but I paried a mobile phone to it and it didn't work19:17
rob0x-Na, my WAG, not knowing much about Ubuntu nor mysql, would be that the mysql's backend Berkeley DB has changed, and a dump under Jaunty then restore under Karmic might fix it.19:17
honkaguys , how to boot from hard disk and put everything into ram, so after the boot up is done I can unmount every partition on the disk?19:17
Ademanmzz: agreed, by the way, you don't happen to know what calls the /etc/gdm/*/Default scripts do you?19:18
x-Narob0, probably, but from my point of view I'd say there might be a bug, and after karmic release there might be a lot of unhappy mysql-users...19:20
mbeierlhonka - boot from the live cd instead?  There's not really a way to do what your asking19:21
x-NaI'll probly just purge mysql-server installation alltogether with all the apps using it, then it'd probably work...19:21
Brian_ok i just installed karmic rc and my wifi doesnt work i have a broadcom 4300 card  isnt broadcom suposed to work19:21
rob0mbeierl: there certainly is, but you're right in that it's not worth the trouble. Live CD's/USB sticks are much easier.19:23
mbeierlrob0: :)19:23
Brian_what do i gotta do to get the drivers i need for the broadcom19:25
rob0Brian_: http://www.google.com/search?q=b43+karmic might get you started in the right direction, also search the wiki.19:26
Brian_so the b43-fwcutter is what i need then19:28
ectropyI had an unclean shutdown and am now getting "error: invalid environment block" on bootup, _before_ I can "e" into grub. I'm currently booted into my liveusb and I need help mounting my HD so I can edit /etc/default/grub.19:29
martinx_Guys! I have Karmic and Eucalyptus running smoothly but, I can not run a Instance that I have installed through the "Store" at the euclayptus admin interface... the console.log of my Instance shows:19:35
martinx_mountall: mount /mnt [785] terminated with status 3219:35
martinx_mountall: Filesystem could not be mounted: /mnt19:35
martinx_ * Waiting for EC2 meta-data service                                            One or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be mounted:19:35
martinx_(ESC for recovery shell)19:35
martinx_Anyone knows if I missing something!19:36
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
martinx_ _  /mnt: waiting for /dev/sda219:36
jbearI can't decrypt files19:40
jbearusing passwords and encryption keys19:41
x-NaBut is there a way to get that initscript spill out something more verbose than just that "fail!"?19:42
Jordan_U_x-Na: Depending on what you are trying to do, you might want to add "set -x" to the beggining of the script19:43
ectropyI had an unclean shutdown and am now getting "error: invalid environment block" on bootup, _before_ I can "e" into grub. I'm currently booted into my liveusb and I need help mounting my HD so I can edit /etc/default/grub. ...then I need help running update-grub. apparently I have to chroot19:49
martinx_Is there some IRC channel to talk about Eucalyptus and Karmic?!19:52
brianVcould someone look at their default fonts and post them? Something I installed totally messed them up19:54
brianVI'd like to know what the defaults are so I can reset them19:54
om26erbrian: san sans sans sans bold monospace19:54
rphillipswhere should I look for documentation on how grub gets setup in Ubuntu 9.10? I need to change the devies to /dev/mdX devices for a raid setup19:54
brianVom26er: what sizes?19:54
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub219:54
brianVom26er: (and thanks!)19:55
rob0x-Na: Don't use the init script at all. Run it (what the script would do) from the command line. If necessary, strace(1) it.19:58
rphillipsi don't see any documentation regarding grub2 and raid configuration. Does anyone know where to look?20:06
x-NaHmmh, only error i see is that mysql says plugin table is missing. But to create a plugin table, I need to have a running mysql, but I can't run mysql because plugin table doesn't exist...20:08
assoguerozen_sxguys, is already time to add some ppas to keep my 9.10 with some bleeding edge software?20:08
SargunI can't wait until 9.10!20:09
rezdSargun: download the beta then. :-)20:10
Sargunrezd, I think I might convert from gentoo to Ubuntu 9.1020:11
assoguerozen_sxsuch a dirty job20:12
x-NaOh well, probably the easiest way is to purge everything mysql-related, dunno how many other ppl will see this behaviour too20:13
rob0Can you not boot the old Jaunty install, or chroot into it, and start mysql?20:16
tgpraveen!info wine20:17
ubottuwine (source: wine): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-0ubuntu6 (karmic), package size 7329 kB, installed size 54508 kB20:17
tgpraveenassoguerozen_sx: hmm wine is at 1.32 so yeah20:17
assoguerozen_sxtgpraveen i think they already frozed packages20:18
assoguerozen_sxwith RC and shit20:18
assoguerozen_sxdamn, 1.3220:20
MaT-dgwhere is ccsm in 9.10?20:24
localnnuser__ubuntu repos are for some reason extremely slow today?20:24
FrickelpitMaT-dg: apt-cache search compizconfig-settings-manager20:25
thiebaudeMaT-dg, its not in your synaptic?20:25
jpdslocalnnuser__: Are you using a local mirror?20:25
localnnuser__ubuntu main mirror20:26
assoguerozen_sxhere is a way slow too20:26
MaT-dgthiebaude: no it isn't, searched on 'compiz'20:26
thiebaudeyea, slow here too20:26
jpdslocalnnuser__: That would explain it, as it is in London.20:26
jpdslocalnnuser__: Try using br.archive.ubuntu.com for example.20:26
thiebaudeMaT-dg, thats strange its in my synaptic20:26
localnnuser__k... yeah but it isnt as updateed as main mirror20:26
localnnuser__plus i always have problems with other mirror, they ain synchronized or something20:27
jpdslocalnnuser__: Most mirrors update within 6 hours.20:27
MaT-dglocalnnuser__: yes, slow here to... 115kB/s atm20:27
localnnuser__MaT-dg: 50 or 60 no more20:28
jpdsMaT-dg: Are you using be.archive.ubuntu.com ?20:28
arandI can only imagine what it'll be like when final is released...20:28
thiebaudearand, yea, wait til next week20:29
jpdsWe have a mirror infrastruture in place for a reason.20:29
jpdsJust saying.20:29
MaT-dgthiebaude: found it, enabled extra sources20:29
thiebaudeMaT-dg, ok, i was thinking about 3rd party repos20:29
MaT-dgjpds: best server selects South Afrika for me :D20:29
jpdsMaT-dg: That would be because they have a EU South African server to catch EU traffic in London.20:30
jpdsMaT-dg: So you're not really going to South Africa, but the proxy in London. :P20:31
jpdsPersonally I'd just still to put $cc.archive.ubuntu.com in sources.list, as we pick the fastest and more reliable mirrors for those domains.20:32
* HoopyCat gets coffee in his sinuses20:32
* genii snorts more coffee20:33
thiebaudegenii, haha20:33
* thiebaude is installing opendns20:34
geniithiebaude: I blame it on HoopyCat, they gave me the idea20:34
Strogg_is there a problem with cryptswap on karmic ?20:34
bp0is it possible to switch back to the 9.04 login screen?20:39
mzzbp0: there's a gdm-2.20 package that might help with that20:42
benstehi, i turned out to me that most sony devices e.g memorystick, camera, flashdrive and co, are detected as Music media in karmic, as this is wrong I would like to ask where I could "patch this"20:45
benstesry meant "it"20:47
Picibenste: That sounds like something that should be logged as a bug.20:50
tgpraveenbenste: no. that is the default behaviour20:51
benstePici: I'm tired of filing bug for the last two day ~ 20 now :-) - just thought someone would know20:51
tgpraveenas memory stick is used to store20:51
tgpraveenmusic many times,20:51
tgpraveenthough for cam and flash drive20:51
tgpraveenfile separate bugs20:51
rorI've lost wmv etc playback in totem/vlc but the instructions http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8046291&postcount=2 don't work for me since I don't have openshot installed, and already have the "unstripped" versions?20:51
benstetgpraveen: I'm sure it's not default - did you ever connect a camera and get two messages, 1st saying - it's photo, 2nd it's music ?20:52
tgpraveenno. you are getting 2 msgs20:52
benstetgpraveen: so all removable storage media is detcted as music ?20:52
tgpraveenthat you didn't mention earlier then it's a bug20:52
roroh wait, avformat was still the non-unstripped one, I'll try switching that one20:52
benstetgpraveen: you normally get never 2 ?20:52
tgpraveenwell for eg when I connect my cellphone the sd card gets mounted and deteced as a music device20:53
tgpraveenbenste: no only 1 should come20:53
benstetgpraveen: I'll try some other media fisrt and than may file a bug that all media is detected as music20:53
tgpraveenbenste: the point is that since I can explore in nautilius so I can do all functions of it as a card.20:54
tgpraveenplus since it's a music device as well so when I transfer songs to it it for eg gets converted to formats20:54
tgpraveenthat my cell phone supports plus tagging,album art etc features are20:54
tgpraveenavailable which won't be if it aint markeda music device. if you don't like that then simply browse using nautilius20:55
alazyworkaholichow can I have my computers connect to the router with a static ip?20:56
benstetgpraveen: so problem would be more generally that sony Memory stick which is in the cam could be both picture storage in cam or music on PSP ?20:56
benstealazyworkaholic: choose a static IP which is in your subnet and choose routr's IP as gateway and DNS server20:57
RomDis anyone using two or more separated x screens and is experiencing problems with gnome panels and nautilus?20:58
RomDe.g. after opening nautilus and clicking anywhere in the window, I can't click any of the items under the menu until I click on the title bar or outside the window20:58
benstetgpraveen: but what about the sony flash drive - give me one moment I'll borrow this from my dad again20:58
rodneymillerpca_Greetings all! I've updated to Ubuntu 9.10 and now receive this error in ant while compiling http://pastebin.com/d4e4cb116 anyone know how to set this correct?20:58
tgpraveenso it should probably detect using usb id of device which is inserted. benste20:58
tgpraveenbenste: for flash drive it is clearly a bug . report it20:58
RomDwhen clicking on a gnome-panel it freezes, too. this only happens on the secondary and third monitor, not on the primary one.20:59
kim__hi guys, how to get rid of the new awn lokkalike?20:59
alazyworkaholicbenste: Ok, I don't know how/where to do that. Do you know of a howto?21:00
bensteI could you write one :-)21:00
benstealazyworkaholic: you don't have access to CCNA courses of Cisco ?21:01
rorah, I still can't view wmv files in totem/vlc even after following the steps provided; gxine can do it though :(21:01
=== phnom_ is now known as phnom
benstetgpraveen: the flash drive (Sony Microvault) is still detected as music media I'll empty it now21:02
alazyworkaholicbenste: probably not, I'd never heard of them until a few moments ago.21:03
bensteror: did you install w32codecs of medibuntu ?21:03
rorbenste, yes21:03
rorthe other strange thing is that every time I boot up my volume slider is muted :o21:03
benstealazyworkaholic: so possibly lets do it step for step here ok - do you know your routers IP ?21:04
kim__hey guys, in the new update theres a awn/cairo dock lookalike, how do i remove it??21:04
bensteror: regarding the first problem:do you have a wmv for me to test mine ? - dvd works but I don't know about wmv21:05
benstealazyworkaholic: I'll set up min for it in nm-applet and upload you an screenshot ok ? - are thee any other devices in the network ?21:05
alazyworkaholicenter it as admin? I don't think the router itself has features that pin a static ip to a mac address. I wish it supported tomato or *wrt. However, an iPod Touch was able to set itself to Thanks a lot for the screenshot if you'd do that for me.21:07
benstetgpraveen: I'll defenitly file a bug against nautilus now, i've erased all data on the flash drive and it's still detected as music media - do you know which infos are neccasry - some time ago I've heard about a device id or so - where can I grab it ?21:07
tgpraveenbenste: that will give the usb id21:08
benstealazyworkaholic: I'll set it to
tgpraveentype on terminal21:08
benstetgpraveen: thx21:08
bensteI'll do21:08
benstewish a copy of bug report link ?21:08
tgpraveenand ubuntu-bug nautilius on terminal will help to file the bug21:08
tgpraveensure ok21:08
alazyworkaholicbenste: I have a Desktop, which needs a static address, the iPod touch which already has one, & a laptop & netbook which may remain dhcp.21:08
bensteI know what you want know :-)21:09
rodneymillerpca_Never mind, however thank you. Fix =http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-9221.html21:11
benstealazyworkaholic: http://benste.blogspot.com/2009/10/how-to-set-up-static-ip-in-karmic.html21:14
benstealazyworkaholic: hope this will help, just drop of an comment at the blog if it helped k ? - thx21:16
alazyworkaholicbenste: many thanks!! I'll look around the rest of your blog too.21:16
alazyworkaholicbenste: will do21:16
benstealazyworkaholic: most of it will be german - so please be warned :-)21:16
bensteDOES anyone here have kind of sony USB device which's lsusb begins with 054c: ?21:19
Blueybenste: not i21:20
bensteBluey: ? and why did you answer then ¿21:21
Blueybenste: you asked a question, and I responded...21:21
bp0well.. strange... lsusb is broken for me in 9.1021:21
bp0outputs nothing21:21
Blueybenste: sorry if that offened you21:21
bensteBluey: thx for taking the time ...21:22
benstebp0: so you have one ?21:22
bp0no, nothing sony21:22
bp0but lsusb outputs nothing so i couldnt tell anyway21:23
XsCodenearest i have is 05CA21:23
mattwj2002hi guys21:23
mattwj2002I have a question21:23
mattwj2002is there a way to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 without reinstalling?21:24
bp0`update-manager -d`21:24
mattwj2002I mean the rc not the final version21:25
bibinouyeah, read the Upgrading from Ubuntu 9.04 paragraph on this page : http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview21:25
mattwj2002sorry guys21:25
bibinoubasically type "update-manager -d" in the quick launch tool21:25
mattwj2002i should have read that21:26
bibinouwhen you use alt+f221:26
bibinouno problem :)21:26
bibinouif you're on a server it's a bit more complicated, so i gave you the link21:26
mattwj2002no I have the desktop version21:26
RussellAlanwhat's the command to switch from gnome to kde and vice versus?21:27
cyberkillaI hate how I can't remove certain packages without having to remove ubuntu-desktop21:27
AlexxxxxHi, how do I launch gnome-shell?21:27
cyberkillaPresumably, when I next upgrade, it will pull back all of the crap I chose to uninstall.21:27
cyberkillaThat's a bit of a fatal flaw with the packaging system, surely:O21:27
RomDcyberkilla are you sure? I think I once removed a packe and with it ubuntu-desktop. don't think I had any problems afterwards.21:28
guntbert!info ubuntu-desktop | cyberkilla its ONLY meta :)21:29
ubottucyberkilla: ubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.175 (karmic), package size 29 kB, installed size 56 kB21:29
cyberkillaAs far as I know, certain packages are marked as dependencies of that "ubuntu-desktop" package though. Doesn't that mean the next upgrade will force them back?21:29
Alexxxxxguys, any help?21:29
cyberkillaOr am I mistaken?21:29
guntbertah - strange - in 9.04 it was really a meta package ??21:30
mattwj2002isn't there an option in the menu?21:30
bensteXsCode: guess you're not talking about the same like me - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/459380 | tgpraveen - that's the bug21:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459380 in nautilus "nautilus's media detections is WRONG on multiple sony devices" [Undecided,New]21:30
virtualdcyberkilla: if they're just marked recommends you're probably not gonna get them back21:30
mattwj2002alex did you install it?21:31
mattwj2002it isn't installed by default21:31
cyberkillavirtuald: I don't think they are. They probably wouldn't ask me to remove ubuntu-desktop if it was a recommend. Strange.21:31
mattwj2002you have to install it by apt-get install gnome-shell21:31
mattwj2002*sudo apt-get21:31
cyberkillaIs the gnome-shell in the repositories recent? I installed it a few weeks ago and it was ancient. The devs nag you to build it from source instead.21:32
=== mac__ is now known as mac
mattwj2002it is in 9.10 rc21:32
cyberkillagreat, I will have to try it again:D21:32
benstewhy does karmic not have the rightclick - encrypt with GPG option anymore ?21:32
mattwj2002i don21:32
Alexxxxxcyberkilla: it is in repo21:32
mattwj2002i don't know how new it is21:32
robin0800mattwj2002: its in the ubuntu software centre21:33
Alexxxxxbut it doesnt create the needed folder21:33
mzzbenste: I do have an "encrypt..." option, actually21:33
mzzbenste: it's possible you just need to install seahorse-plugins21:33
benstemzz: I'll try - possibly this was installed by default last time21:34
mzzbenste: that's correct (seahorse-plugins is also what provides a gpg agent in the standard gnome session, I installed it to get that back)21:34
XsCodebenste: bit had anything like that.. .i'm on a Vaio VGN-AR61M i'll try some various sony peripherals to try to replicate21:34
ubuntistasIam on the beta version of karmic how can i upgrade to RC? any clue?21:35
mzzubuntistas: apt-get update, apt-get upgrade21:35
bensteXsCode: :-) you'Re from europe ?21:35
arvind_khadriubuntistas, aptitude dist-upgrade21:35
mzzubuntistas: (might need dist-upgrade, might not)21:35
cyberkillaMine just updated the About GNOME dialog to the .1 release:D21:36
benstemzz: doesn't it update automaticly ?21:36
mzzbenste: what?21:36
XsCodebenste: uk21:36
mattwj2002good old uk21:36
mzzbenste: updates happen automatically by default, upgrades do not, although you get nagged21:36
mattwj2002you guys drive on the wrong side of the road though ;)21:36
benstemzz: I ddin't yesterday, but never mind21:37
mzzbenste: what? :)21:37
benstemzz: other topic, seahorse-plugins solved the encrypt problem for me21:37
robin0800mattwj2002: its the other side to the steering wheel21:37
benstemzz 1st one - forgot the t afeter I again :-)21:37
mattwj2002just teasing guys21:38
mattwj2002you guys can tease us about our measuring system in the us21:39
XsCodebenste: you seen this post / thread?  http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/showpost.php?s=f9d4a1f8d43314d9ae2afe7954dced8a&p=3856429&postcount=521:40
XsCodemight be worth contacting him?21:40
bensteXsCode: your link looks like he brake he camera21:42
mattwj2002it is funny linux works on his camera and windows doesn't21:42
XsCodeyeah, but same camera and he's using ubuntu and it was posted this month.....21:43
XsCodemaybe 9.10????21:43
XsCodejust a thought21:43
RomDanyone here using two or more separated x screens to confirm a bug in gnome-panel and nautilus?21:43
bensteXsCode: he's talking about gentoo, and I don't have a problem accessing the cam :-) - did you read my bug report ?21:47
dannyis there a way to change the ubuntu 9.10 boot screen21:49
XsCodebenste:  did you read the post? "Tried with Ubuntu, too. Good as gold." and yes i read the bug report...21:50
benstedanny: the white or the later one - cause there is a way, but they're different21:50
dannyThe 9.10 RC the new boot screen21:50
bensteXsCode: I'm sry - but I just didn't see any connection - but thx for your help21:50
benstedanny: which one the white logo which is usplash or so or the one looking familar to gdm greete - or gdm it self21:51
bensteby the way does someone knwo why gdm2 config has ~ nothing to configure ? - in the old version you weree at least able to change themes21:52
dannythe xsplash'21:52
mzzbenste: there are bugs on some of that (most of gdm got rewritten, not everything from the old one is available in the new one yet)21:53
dannyYou know the new one that is brown21:54
benstedanny: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127134521:54
mzzbenste: you won't be able to run old gdm themes on the new gdm anytime soon afaik. You can change things like the gtk theme used, but there's no ui for a lot of that21:54
benstemzz: so i'm looking forward to be able to change themes in lucid -> or will I prompted to ubuntu+2 for that ?21:55
rob0Why isn't #ubuntu+1 called #ubunthree ?21:55
guntbert!ot | rob021:56
ubotturob0: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.21:56
RussellAlanwhat's the command to switch from gnome to kde and vice versus?21:56
RussellAlanI was having trouble in kde, the taskbar and launcher weren't showing. So I apt-get installed ubuntu-desktop21:57
guntbertRussellAlan: on the login screen you choose "session type"21:57
test34Anyone else's Firefox hangs while using flash64bit?21:58
XsCodetest34: occasionally22:01
test34XsCode, do you know what causes it?22:02
darthanubistest34, never22:02
XsCodetest34: for me it's double clicking on things.. root cause... no idea22:03
darthanubistest34, but I don't use x86 or flash that comes with Ubuntu22:03
metalf8801hi my laptop isn't going into hibernation when I close the lid is this happening to anyone else?22:03
darthanubismetalf8801, not me22:03
metalf8801is anyone else testing 9.10 on a thinkpad?22:04
mzzmetalf8801: obvious things to check include whether it's actually configured to hibernate if you close the lid, whether triggering hibernate some other way works, and if others with the same kind of laptop have the same problem22:04
bensteagainst what should I file a bug concerning the new_wave theme ?22:04
metalf8801yeah checked that stuff already22:04
bensteis it ubunut-artwork ?22:04
metalf8801but thanks mzz22:05
test34ok thanks XsCode I will try to see if double-click is my problem22:05
dupondjehii :D22:05
mzzmetalf8801: (I'm pretty sure doing things on lid close isn't generally broken, but it may be on your model of thinkpad)22:05
mzzbenste: dpkg -S 'New Wave' says it might be gnome-themes-ubuntu22:06
darthanubis!hi | dupondje22:07
ubottudupondje: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!22:07
Ademanwhat sets up the environment variables for upstart scripts?22:08
mzzare gtk things running as root supposed to pick up a non-default gtk theme somehow?22:08
metalf8801ok I found the problem I think it looks like it won't hibernate when Virtualbox is active22:08
mzzAdeman: I'd expect that env to be pretty bare22:08
Ademanmzz: /etc/init/gdm.conf uses $CONFIG_FILE and I don't see where it comes from :-/22:09
mzzmetalf8801: I might've seen that, but I was blaming it on lack of available swap space (since virtualbox is obviously pretty ram-hungry)22:09
Ademanmzz: as far as the gtk theme, when you say "supposed to" do you mean "expected behavior" or whether you need to set something up to follow that22:09
BUGabundoboas noites o/22:10
metalf8801I have 2gb of ram on here so I'll have to test that on my desktop later it has 4gb of ram so I'll see what happens when I add more ram22:10
Ademanmzz: because as far as i know, root just runs the same gtk theme as your user (gnome-settings-daemon magic?) unless the theme isn't in the global theme path (/usr/share/themes) in which case it defaults to... something, for me it's always been the "no engine" theme lol22:10
mzzAdeman: hmm, if that's not something upstart-specific like /etc/default/gdm I have to wonder if it's a bug22:10
mzzAdeman: ahh, duh, that's actually exactly right. My regular user's theme is in ~/.themes now.22:11
benstemzz: "gnome-themes-ubuntu" thx22:11
mzzAdeman: yeah, I meant I'm getting the builtin engine instead of the human-based one my user uses22:12
mzzI guess I just need to copy my ~/.themes into /root/22:12
Ademanmzz: no problem :-)22:12
Ademanmzz: or cp -r ~/.themes /usr/share/themes/22:12
Ademanno guarantees on the copy though lol22:12
mzzAdeman: nah, I leave /usr/ alone as a general rule22:12
Ademanreally? interesting22:12
darthanubisno need to ever touch it22:13
Ademanwhat about /usr/local/ ?22:13
mzz(most directories are only touched by the package manager, except for obvious exceptions like /etc, /home and parts of /var)22:13
mzzI'd consider using /usr/local/ but I haven't had a reason yet (and I have no idea if /usr/local/themes/ is searched)22:13
mzz/root/.themes probably is though, and that's good enough for me right now.22:13
* BUGabundo loads bunny killing machine22:14
BUGabundoI'm sooooo ready !! what about you guys?22:14
Ademani would hope /usr/local/themes is searched, since if you had multiple users, they wouldn't be able to get at themes from /root/.themes22:14
AdemanBUGabundo: wat?22:14
BUGabundohagging already on #realease-party?22:14
mzzAdeman: I only have two users I care about currently, so meh.22:14
dupondjeI'm going to try to get my pc working :P22:14
Ademanmzz: well sure, but so long as we're being anal about obeying the filesystem hierarchy standard :-p22:14
BUGabundodupondje: :)22:14
dupondjeUbuntu 9.10 + DMRAID + GRUB222:15
dupondjewooho :P22:15
mzzAdeman: that I am!22:15
Doctehanyone try out the new iscsi root support?22:15
brandon_where can i find the karmic minimal install22:16
thiebaudebrandon_, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/22:17
thiebaudebrandon_, thats what is used was the alternate cd22:17
brandon_what the hell22:17
brandon_minimal cd is like 15mb22:17
bensteBUGabundo: how can normal users use IRC to comunicate those moods like you did some mins ago ?22:17
BUGabundobrandon_: already?22:18
BUGabundoit used to be 6MBs22:18
BUGabundothen 7, then 922:18
BUGabundonow its 15?22:18
brandon_something like that22:18
BUGabundoman that's so not minimal anymore :)22:18
brandon_but there isnt any karmic one22:18
BUGabundosure there is22:18
BUGabundothere must be22:18
* BUGabundo looks22:18
brandon_if you find it22:18
brandon_i will22:18
brandon_thank you ;o22:19
Doctehminimal? like a network install?22:19
bensteBUGabundo: simply using * to indicate it ?22:19
brandon_yes doceth22:19
brandon_ive tried that BUGabundo22:19
BUGabundothere you go22:19
BUGabundoso ?22:19
brandon_but it wont boot as an iso22:19
BUGabundohttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso ????22:20
BUGabundothis one ?22:20
sobersabrehi guys.22:20
BUGabundoare you going to force me to test it??22:20
benste* Wants to know from BUGabundo how he gets those status messages22:20
sobersabreI've just booted into the upgraded koala :-]22:20
sobersabre1st of all ... it WORKS.22:20
mzzbenste: /me uses /me to do that22:20
sobersabrewhich is nice.22:20
* benste Trying to figure out how it works22:20
bensteBUGabundo: thx22:21
BUGabundoguys go play around on #-offtopic22:21
sobersabrewhat's ibus ?22:22
sobersabreI mean I've found the google code home page.22:22
sobersabrewhat it does ?22:22
Ademaninternational keyboard input stuff afaik22:22
zoraelinput method, yes22:24
sobersabrewhat is wrong with the previous approach: shortcut->input in your language.22:24
zoraelalternative to scim, uim, ...22:24
sobersabreyou mean it can determine which lang. I am typing in and then switches the layout accordingly ?22:24
zoraelGNOME uses scim, I think? and afaik scim is dead/inactive-ish upstream, so ibus is an alternative22:24
sobersabre(eating some CPU+mem for that....)22:24
Ademansobersabre: what i read (i've never used either so i can't confirm this) is that changing input method requires a restart of your applications that ibus won't, or something22:25
zoraelso "your previous approach" is scim, this is just a new alternative :)22:25
sobersabremy previous approach was kill scim.22:25
sobersabreand my current approach stays as it was.22:26
zoraelD: I need to input in Japanese, and I've had a hell and a half of getting scim to work in KDE and all apps :322:26
sobersabreI have heard of smart programs to switch layout automagically, but I'm not on such a strong machine.22:26
sobersabrezorael: I need to input 3 languages. 2 ltr and 1 rtl.22:26
sobersabrenot hierogliphs though.22:27
sobersabrestill manual approach keeps me calm.22:27
sobersabreI wonder if there's been any news in finger print reader area ?22:27
sobersabreI see packages named "thinkfinger" something.... do they link with gdm ?22:29
gsvsomeone do me a favor. paste the output of the following commands on a pastebin: uname -a; netstat --version; md5sum /bin/netstat22:29
sobersabregsv: you may be running an outdated version, so what would it give you.22:29
sobersabreI think you may need dpkg -l of the package for this too.22:29
gsvim fully updated22:29
guntbertgsv: see in #ubuntu please22:31
sobersabresha1: 95702ef92bf4cbdd64c112f7471797fe15234645  /bin/netstat22:31
sobersabregsv: sha1 is less likely to collide...22:31
gsvsobersabre: uname -a please22:32
sobersabre2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux22:33
guntbertgsv: do you need it from jaunty or from karmic?22:33
gsvLinux galactus 2.6.28-16-generic #55-Ubuntu22:34
guntbertgsv: I posted in #ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/f30d56e2a22:34
gsvguntbert: i saw it and it's different22:35
gsvbut your version is not the same22:35
guntbertgsv: ok :)22:35
st0necolany1 with 9.10 RC and intel video ?22:39
gsvhow do i decompress a deb22:41
stperedpkg -i?22:41
stpereoh, just decompress?22:41
stpereor install22:41
stperedpkg -x22:41
stpereit will extract the files22:42
gsvim ok22:44
stperefor the records, I didn't know the answer.. had to look for it22:44
cbx33hey guys22:46
cbx33anyone else got the dreaded flickering on boot22:46
cbx33never gets to gdm22:46
sobersabreworks for me...22:47
Ademanso... anyone know what calls /etc/gdm/*/Default ?22:47
cbx33tty session flickers constantly22:47
Ademancbx33: sounds sorta like x is trying to start and failing22:47
cbx33but if I try to boot in recovery22:47
cbx33i get another weird problem22:47
XsCodecbx33: had and fixed22:47
cbx33XsCode: HOW!22:47
XsCodecbx33: what gfx you got?22:48
cbx337300 GT OC22:48
XsCode1 sec...22:48
fcuk112the growl window in karmic RC is a bit smaller than in jaunty, is that normal?22:48
Ademanfcuk112: mine is too22:48
Ademanfont looks different as well, but that might be because I don't have droid-sans installed since the upgrade22:49
XsCodecbx33: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1295120  <--- i lay out on page 2 how i fixed mine (8400m GT)22:50
cbx33I'll check22:50
urthmoversimple question.  I have built up a new laptop with 9.10 and the system has a NTFS partition that I want to mount upon boot.  So that my year old doesn't need to use a password.  How do I accomplish this?22:51
RussellAlanAlright anyone around to help with my kde issue?22:51
cbx33XsCode: there's no reason to mount the proc is there22:52
cbx33not if I'm just editing Xorg22:52
cbx33XsCode: did you install nvidia drivers after that?22:52
RussellAlanI have no taskbar nor do i have launcher22:52
XsCodecbx33: dunno, i copied how to chroot from a different site.... once you get to your desktop, you install the nvidia drivers22:52
RussellAlanAlthough, since I installed ubuntu-desktop, i now have a regular looking desktop22:53
cbx33tryingf now22:53
cbx33hopefully it'll fix mine too22:53
cbx33damn it22:54
XsCodecbx33: i think the upgrade / installation isn't building the kernel module properly so my method allows you to do it manually...22:54
cbx33I get an out of range now22:54
cbx33stupid monitor22:54
cbx33XsCode: do you have details of how to rebuild the module22:55
* cbx33 tries plugging it into the TV22:55
cbx33looks like it worked though - I can change to tty022:55
XsCodecbx33: i downloaded the latest beta driver from nvidia and ran it.. it built it for me22:55
RussellAlanShould I just do a fresh install?22:55
cbx33XsCode: ack - the good old days22:56
cbx33wish it would build itsle22:56
cbx33what's the correct way to install nvidia drivers from command line in Karmic22:57
XsCodeyou have the install file?22:58
cbx33I don't particularly want to go to NVIDIA site unless I have to22:58
cbx33well, wanted to try to get ubuntu to do it itself ;)22:58
derspanksterhow can't you go to the nvidia site?22:58
cbx33i can22:58
cbx33but i wondered if I could dpkg-reconfigure the nvidia one22:58
cbx33plus I gotta navigate in links22:59
derspanksterbut, why wouldn't you unless you're satisfied with nvidia 185 in the repos?22:59
cbx33well i think the 185 needs rebuilding22:59
XsCodeerrr you need to install the restricted driver... beyond my knowledge in cli22:59
cbx33shuold I just have modaliases22:59
derspanksterI wouldn't know...22:59
cbx33or hould I have the glx package too23:00
XsCodecbx33: 32 or 64?23:00
derspanksterEven the new legacy nvidia 173 will work23:00
sanotehuHi, I'm trying to import my Pidgin accounts into Empathy. It appears that Empathy is reading my Pidgin accounts correctly but when I click Apply I see nothing in the Empathy window to indicate it got my accounts.23:01
XsCodecbx33: wget http://www.nvidia.co.uk/content/DriverDownload-March2009/includes/uk/images/bttn_iagree.jpg23:01
RichardWolfVISeems APT is broken now due to adobe-flashplugin.23:01
XsCode1 sec23:01
cbx33trying something23:01
cbx33will let you know how I get on23:02
RichardWolfVIAny fixes for this?23:02
cbx33sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18523:02
cbx33is builting23:02
cbx33we'll see how it goes23:02
thielmannCan someone tell me how to figure out on which port CouchDB is running for a specific (my) username? Abviously it's not 5984.23:02
XsCodei prefer latest beta, but wqhatever gets you on... lol23:02
* cbx33 too23:03
HoopyCatthielmann:  netstat -pln might get you the info23:03
cbx33it worked23:03
cbx33looks like missing dependency23:04
XsCodethats what i figured23:04
thielmannHoopyCat: Unfortunately, it doesn't reveal any information regarding CouchDB. It might need to be triggered?23:05
fcuk112still no sound for soundblaster xi-fi in karmic?23:07
fcuk112i tried alsamixer -c0 ... no joy.23:07
RichardWolfVIAny help oin getting APT to work again?23:07
HoopyCatthielmann:  if it's not there, it's probably not listening on a tcp socket.  do you know which pid it's running on?  you might be able to get somewhere with lsof -p pid23:08
thielmannHoopyCat: Nope, no success.23:15
dupondjebtw, what are those 'Installed (Manual)' apps in Synaptic ?23:17
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic23:18
HoopyCatthielmann:  hmm... i suspect, therefore, that it isn't listening on a tcp socket.23:20
thielmannHoopyCat: I guess it needs to be triggered somehow (although it's already running). Unfortunately, there's no documentation available.23:21
HoopyCatthielmann:  yeah, i'm not familiar with it, alas, but yeah... there's probably a button there *somewhere* :-)23:23
erossHeh i could have sworn the 22nd was the launch date :/23:28
Daiit was23:30
Daifor windows 723:30
Daiand the karmic RC23:30
thielmannHoopyCat: Actually, the updates I just installed fixed the problem. CouchDB is now running on the default port. I'm unsure how Ubuntu One handles multiple accounts on one computer, without compromising security, but I'll check that another day. Anyway, thanks for the help!23:34
alazyworkaholicI installed on a netbook. GNU GRUB version 1.97~beta4 loads every time & there's no selection timer even though UNR is the only OS & I want to skip this screen so that ubuntu loads as fast as possible. With the old grub I was able to use startupmanager but that doesn't work any more. How can I skip the grub screen?23:35
darthanubisalazyworkaholic, use the shift key?23:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub223:37
alazyworkaholicdarthanubis: shift key? What would that do?23:38
XsCodethere is a setting in one of the conf files you can set to -1... i forget which one23:39
XsCodei think23:39
frewsxcv_why doesn't ubuntu support esata?23:43
BUGabundoyes it does23:44
BUGabundoI use it23:44
frewsxcv_BUGabundo, just plug and play?23:45
BUGabundoshould be23:46
sobersabrehm... I don't understand why screensaver doesn't work with fingerprint reader :(23:46
wgranteSATA is pretty much just SATA with different plugs.23:47
BUGabundowgrant: +123:47
wgrantHotplug should Just Work if your SATA chipset is well-supported (and maybe set to AHCI in the BIOS)23:47
BUGabundoand power management23:47
BUGabundoit will turn off my disk after a few minutes idle23:47
BUGabundofor some reason23:47
TwigathyI use eSATA and port multiplier with fairly good success (Write/Read speed sucks, but that's because it's a terrible PM)23:47
BUGabundoTwigathy: I get up to 40MB/s23:48
BUGabundomuch better then those 20MB/s of USB223:48
Twigathywith PM I get ~25MB/s23:48
TwigathyWith single disks I get disk speed (With the shiny new 1.5T disks, ~90MB/s reads!)23:49
BUGabundopretty good23:49
BUGabundoI also have a 1,5TB23:49
BUGabundobut it's a laptop so internal disk is slower23:49
billybigrigger90MB/s on esata?23:54
billybigriggerTwigathy and BUGabundo hello to you both :P23:54
Twigathyhi :)23:55
BUGabundohey billybigrigger23:55
BUGabundoready for some bunny killing ?23:55
Twigathylike wgrant says, eSATA really is just SATA with a funny connector23:55
billybigriggerbunny killing?23:55
BUGabundorelease party moto23:55
billybigriggeri don't think i'll be here23:55
* BUGabundo /j #ubuntu-release-party 23:56
BUGabundoit was *crazy* last time23:56
BUGabundowe had more ppl in there that on #ubuntu23:56
BUGabundocan you imagine?23:56
* Twigathy wonders if he can be arsed to try NFS root-ing this box again23:57
billybigriggerjust home for the weekend, i'm back working again so i haven't been around my pooter for a few months now :( it sucks, between a1 and around a6 was the most i've dived into ubuntu hope i don't forget it all this winter haha23:57
billybigriggerBUGabundo, i could not imagine more ppl in a channel than #ubuntu, i can't deal with that many people bahaha23:58
Twigathyindeed, #ubuntu is sadly too high traffic to be useful23:58
BUGabundome neither23:58
billybigriggeryou guys all get un-subscribed from karmic-changes?23:59

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