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darkhamhow many shipments of ubuntu are allowed by canonical?07:20
amitkdarkham: what do you mean?07:29
darkhamamitk: in my shipit account i've a message about too many shipments. I requested 2 copy of ubuntu from 7.10  until now07:31
* amitk has no clue about shipit. This is probably the wrong irc channel anyways. See here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/shipit-faq07:33
darkhamamitk, i asked because the faq haven't any information of that07:35
darkhambut i understand it's not properly a well known stuff...07:36
amitkThey say to contact info@shipit.ubuntu.com for questions07:36
darkhamamitk, thanx07:48
loolbeyossi: Yes that's normal08:32
loolbeyossi: You should just leave the /lib/vfp alone, it's fine08:33
loolbeyossi: the runtime linker will pick it up if it's there08:33
eggonleahi, guys, I could not find a suitable channel to ask this question: does ubuntu have any image engine like Android's SKIA? I'm wondering how to optimize image (jpeg/png/gif/etc.) codec for ARM.08:44
suihkulokkieggonlea: afaik skia just calls libpng, libjpeg, libgif etc08:47
eggonleasuihkulokki: I mean, Android provides a unified entrance for all applications. all applications should use SKIA to get optimization automatically.08:52
eggonleasuihkulokki: e.g. we could replace libjpeg with any other optimized codec (if any).08:52
suihkulokkieggonlea: or you could just optimize libjpeg and and get faster jpeg not only in android, but in *all* linux applications08:53
eggonleasuihkulokki: yes, indeed. what I want to confirm is that: is libjpeg the one all applications reply on.08:54
suihkulokkiok, all might be a bit extreme (I'm sure that there are exceptions), but it is pretty universally used08:55
eggonleasuihkulokki: jpeg/png/gif/tiff/etc. and any others we should take care of?08:55
suihkulokkieggonlea: of bitmap formats bmp and pcx still appear sometimes, but I'm not sure they are common enough to warrant optimizing work08:58
suihkulokkithen again, I am actually not a bitmap data format expert, that's just my personal experience :P08:59
eggonleathanks! I'll take a look at the above three codec first.09:07
MartynHey all ..16:37
MartynWhere did ARM/Freescale give away the pegatron netbooks?16:37
MartynI saw something about it yesterday in channel16:37
armin76Martyn: http://dpaste.com/111120/17:17
loolMartyn: at techcon17:35
ojnmartyn: it was nettops, not netbooks. My bad.17:41
ojnand it was at techcon, yes17:41
* ojn has one next to him now17:41
MartynI could have used one of those17:42
Martynoh well17:42
MartynI'll need to bug my contact at ARM to see if I can get a hold of one17:42
MartynI have so much advanced hardware now, but I don't have the /current/ state of the art since it's one half generation behind where we are17:43
Martynand frankly, I want to be able to work on what's coming out now, as well as what will be out in a year17:43
ojnmartyn: Philippe Robin was the person doing the first "pitch" session where they were handed out. I guess he might be a good point of contact17:48
ojnMartyn: it's always hard to get a hold of competitor's products before they ship in volume though. :-)17:55
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armin76Martyn: ask one for me :)18:38
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jordan_hey all, are there any ARM netbooks out now that run Ubuntu well, or is at all developmental?23:44
ograonly the sharp one23:45
ogranot sure where genesi stands yet23:46
jordan_it's weird cause I have been seeing tons of demo's of ARM netbooks for the last 3-6 months, but haven't found anything I can actually buy23:47
ograright, most are still not on the market23:48
jordan_for say the sharp netwalker, is it fully supported, or is there a lot of manual hackery to get it working?23:48
ograthere are definately some to come23:48
ograit has ubuntu preinstalled23:48
jordan_oh, that's 5" though23:48
ograbut as the article says, its not clear if you will ever get it outside of the asian market23:49
jordan_its a shame23:49
jordan_kind of want a 9-11", but have been waiting months23:49
jordan_since Atom is a POS23:49
ograi think genesi is a better baet, but i'm not sure the HW is out yet23:49
jordan_anyone else that seems closer? or is genesi the main vendor to watch right now for it?23:49
jordan_in terms of shipping in the foreseeable future23:50
ograas i said there are more vendors to come but i dont know when or which or where they stand yet, genesi a a sure bet that wil happen at some point23:50
jordan_lastly, where is Ubuntu in terms of auto installing on ARM?23:51
jordan_does it all work, or is still reliant on manually bootstrapping the installer and such?23:51
ograthe images we offer work on the hw they are built for23:51
ograsadly the HW is all development boards yet23:52
jordan_that's a shame23:52
ograthey are live images and work identical to any other ubuntu live image23:52
jordan_how far would you say it is before the installer supports everything, without needing hw-specific images?23:52
roxfanthere is no single hw standard for arms, so kernel needs to be built for each system specifically23:53
jordan_is ARM that platform specific?23:53
ograyou will always have SoC specific images23:53
jordan_i see23:53
jordan_So build a custom kernel, and then userspace is platform-agnostic across ARM?23:53
ograwe wil surely able o loosen that a bit ... i.e. the imx51 image might at some point support all imx51 boards23:54
ograbut you will never see a generic armel image23:54
ogracustom kernel means that you likely end up with broken userpace unless your kernel build is a properly packaged ubuntu kernel package23:54
jordan_so as a developer, how would you handle that?23:55
jordan_delegate kernels to each vendor?23:55
ograthere are more and more things in userspace that rely on working initramfs for example23:55
jordan_or do different vendors fund you to support their particular hardware?23:55
ograwell, we currently have one kernel tree per SoC23:55
ograand have one set of images per SoC23:56
jordan_do you have enough developers to maintain many?23:56
ogramaintenance isnt the issue23:56
jordan_oh ok23:57
ograbringing it up to the point where its a usable image is the hard part ... i.e. building the first image for a new HW23:57
ograonce thats done its only about maintaining the status23:57
jordan_so is the plan to focus on 1 or 2 ARM platforms?23:58
ogranot necessarily23:58
ograif the community steps up and i.e. maintains a beagleboard image we'll surely wont complain23:59

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