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micahgjolish_: how can we help you?03:38
jolish_oh hi!! I just joined the BugSquad team on launchpad03:39
jolish_I'd like to help... what should I do next?03:39
micahghave you read the documentation on how to triagE?03:40
jolish_I'm about to03:40
micahgok, why don't you read through that first03:41
jolish_ok :)03:42
micahgthen we can talk about how you'd like to help :)03:43
greg-gjolish_: welcome to the team, feel free to get started with whatever task fancies you, and ask questions here03:51
jolish_thank you!03:52
jolish_micahg: sorry for taking so long05:09
micahgno probelm05:10
jolish_so, I'd like to fix bugs... but I'm not familiar with any package nor I know which one to choose05:13
jolish_maybe I should start Triaging and move later to code.05:15
micahgwell, triaging is gathering all the information for a problem so the developer can fix05:19
micahgwe don't "fix" bugs here05:19
micahgwe triage05:19
micahgthe developers fix the bugs05:19
micahgI mean specifically in this channel and this team05:20
micahgso, jolish_, what apps do you use?05:20
micahgit helps to have a baseline understanding of the app you are triaging05:21
micahgso you know what's expected and what's not05:21
micahgjolish_: I hope I didn't scare you05:22
jolish_lols nope, im thinking how to answer05:22
jolish_I dont install a lot of software05:23
micahgthat's ok05:24
jolish_Firefox 3.505:24
jolish_emesene as MSN client05:24
jolish_Compiz config manager05:24
jolish_umm google desktop05:25
jolish_open office05:25
micahgok, so choose one of those and go to the bugs section in launchpad for that package05:25
jolish_ok, lets say emesene05:26
micahgdoyou know where to find the bugs?05:26
jolish_as said in the how to triage document05:27
jolish_umm now I cant find it05:29
jolish_ok, thanks05:33
micahgso, you want to choose a new bug to start05:36
jolish_a "new" bug?05:37
micahgyes, one with a status of new05:38
jolish_ok, its a bug about colors in nicknames05:40
micahgok which bug?05:40
jolish_and I see its a suggestion05:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 291796 in emesene "Hard to read nick colour using dark themes" [Undecided,New]05:40
jolish_that one05:40
micahgok, which version of Ubuntu are you on?05:41
micahgso, suggestions are generally marked wishlist05:42
micahgbut you need to make sure they are valid still05:42
jolish_im using Jaunty05:43
micahgso you have pretty much the same version as the reporter05:43
micahgthe problem is that 1.5 is in karmic05:44
micahgdo you have virtualbox or another virtualization environment installed?05:44
jolish_Well the reporter uses ubuntu 8.1005:44
jolish_with emesene 1.0.1-105:45
micahgyes, but we don't release new features into old releases05:45
micahgthis might be classified as a bug, idk05:45
jolish_i have VMware installed05:45
micahgok, do you have a karmic desktop cd you can load up in VMWare?05:46
jolish_not yet05:46
micahgwell, you can either try to duplicate yourself on a live cd, or ask the reporter to test on a live cd05:47
micahgor rather duplicate the issue, not yourself :)05:48
jolish_umm why do you think its a bug?05:48
micahgwell, if the text isn't visible with a certain theme that might constitute a bug05:49
micahgthat's what I meant when I said it helps to have a baseline understanding of how the app should work (I don't in this case)05:49
micahgbcurtiswx: do you use emesene?05:50
jolish_yes i do05:50
micahgjolish_: in either case, it needs to be verified if the issue still exists in Karmic05:51
micahgjolish_: if you'd like to d/l an iso to test with you can do it here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/karmic/rc/05:53
jolish_I use a dark theme in my ubuntu and the text is perfectly visible05:53
micahgoh, well that's a different story05:54
micahg1maybe the theme was fixed?05:55
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micahgjolish_: well have you seen the responses page?05:55
jolish_nope :S05:55
ubot4response is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses05:55
micahgugh, none of these are right05:57
micahgI was wrong05:57
jolish_oooh so how do I answer this to the reporter?05:59
micahgso, that response about old, untouched bugs is appropriate06:02
micahgthe reporter could now be on jaunty or karmic, we don't know06:02
micahgreporter could have solved the issue and never told ys06:02
micahgso, you copy the text from the gray box there06:03
micahgclick the little arrow next to the task on top06:03
micahgof the bug, paste the text and change the status to Incomplete06:03
micahgYou can also say you're not affected by it on jaunty06:04
micahgnote: the text is a guide06:04
micahgyou can change a few words if it makes sense06:04
jolish_ok :)06:06
jolish_I cant find the little arrow next to the task on top *blush*06:08
micahgnext to the package name under affects06:09
jolish_that should be more visible lol06:11
jolish_so I should have a fresh Karmic version installed on a virtual machine to try further bugs06:15
micahgit's a good idea at least to be able to load in a VM06:15
micahga Live CD06:16
micahgif you can't ascertain the problem with your current setup06:16
micahgthat would be only if somethings broke for you as well as the reporter06:16
micahgjolish_: nice job on the bug06:16
jolish_thanx =)06:17
micahgwanna try another06:18
jolish_yup. something harder06:18
micahgok, grab one06:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 295066 in emesene "Traceback No hay espacio libre en el dispositivo" [Undecided,New]06:24
micahgso read the bug and tell me what you think should be done06:25
micahghablas espanol?06:25
jolish_de donde eres?06:26
jolish_podemos seguir en español?06:27
micahgNo, yo tome muchos anos en la escuela, pero yo olvide mucho06:27
micahgI was commenting because part of the bug was in spanish06:28
micahgjust wanted to make sure you understood it :)06:28
jolish_ok, english then ^^06:29
micahgI grew up in Las vegas06:29
micahghence the option for Spanish06:29
jolish_should I translate it06:31
micahgif you want, I usually do since most of the triagers speak english06:31
jolish_ok, I notice it was changed to incomplete and then to new again06:33
micahgyes, but look at the dates06:33
jolish_oh same date06:34
micahgno, I mean how old is it06:34
jolish_yes, also that06:34
micahgalso, emesene isn't supporting 1.006:35
micahgso I'd say same as the last one06:35
micahgand that link is to a trac instance that no longer exists06:35
jolish_same then06:35
micahgjolish_: you still there?06:40
jolish_im here06:41
jolish_I posted the comment06:41
micahgmulti-lingual! awesome :)06:42
jolish_lols just bi-lingual06:42
jolish_Im not good at languages06:42
jolish_so why does those bugs are that old?06:45
micahgwe have over 71k bugs06:45
jolish_and how do I look for New "New" bugs?06:45
micahgand not enough people to triage then all06:45
micahgsort by newest first06:46
jolish_ok, but then old bugs are doomed to be "new" forever XD06:47
ikthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1298593 <- omg lookit, papercut!06:50
micahgjolish_: yes, but triaging newer bugs is preferable since the issues are current06:51
micahgikt: probably not a papercut06:51
iktshould I report as samba issue?06:51
iktproblem easy to fix or small issue06:52
micahgikt: I'd file against dbus06:53
iktcheers :)06:53
micahgikt: wait06:54
micahgwhich app are you browsing in?06:54
iktjust standard nautilus06:55
micahghmm, maybe file against nautilus06:55
micahgthey'll move it to dbus if appropriate06:55
wgrantVery unlikely to be dbus.06:55
micahgthey might not be handling the error properly at a higher level, idk06:55
wgrantProbably nautilus, but otherwise devicekit-disks.06:55
wgrantOh, network share? Maybe not.06:55
micahgnautilus is a good starting point06:56
iktjust made a quick movie06:56
wgrantAnyway, not a dbus bug.06:56
micahgjolish_: more examples of why it helps to know the apps :)06:56
* micahg only knows firefox ;)(06:56
jolish_which IRC client do you use?06:58
jolish_ok, cuz I think I cant post actions like you07:00
jolish_with XChat07:00
* jolish_ learning to chat lol!07:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 456856 in emesene "msn contact unable to add me to emesene" [Undecided,New]07:03
iktmicahg: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/2161836/video/dbus07:03
jolish_uhm I need karmic to reproduce that one07:04
iktjolish_: run karmic or ubuntu+1 in virtualbox :D07:04
micahgikt: ok, well, file a bug in nautilus, you can attach the moview07:05
iktkk :)07:05
micahgthanks ik07:05
iktcheers as well, good to get it in the right spot07:05
jolish_well... thank you for all the help07:05
micahgok jolish_, thanks for the help with bugs07:06
jolish_im falling asleep07:06
micahgcome back anytime07:06
* micahg needs to do that soon07:06
jolish_I will... this is fun!07:06
micahgjolish_: what timezone?07:06
jolish_-6 gmt XD07:07
jolish_1 am here07:07
micahgsame as me07:07
micahgnight jolish_07:07
jolish_Im from Mexico by the way07:07
jolish_nice to meet you, ciao07:08
micahgthat explains the spanish :)07:09
iktis launchpad extremely slow for anyone else?07:11
micahgseems about normal for me07:13
ikthrmm must be on my end07:13
micahgikt: normal is relative ;)07:14
thekorngood morning07:46
thekornwgrant, I was wondering why there are no python bindings for XPCOM in karmic anymore, and found bug 358887, can you please tell me what you mean by 'this' in your first comment (python-xpcom or the python2.6 dependency)09:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 358887 in xulrunner "python-xpcom cannot be loaded on Jaunty" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35888709:01
wgrantthekorn: python-xpcom09:03
wgrantI think.09:04
wgrantI can't think I would have meant anything else.09:04
thekornwgrant, do you know of a reason for this, is this explained somewhere09:04
wgrantBut it was a long time ago.09:04
wgrantthekorn: IIRC I discussed it with some mozillateam people. Let me find logs.09:04
thekornwgrant, super, thanks09:04
micahgI think it became its own project09:05
wgrantthekorn: Oh, right, it was part of xulrunner.09:05
wgrantxulrunner was 1.8.09:05
wgrantSo it was always intended to be removed.09:05
wgrant(superseded by xulrunner-1.9, ie. firefox 3)09:05
thekornwgrant, ah ok, thanks09:07
thekornhmm, something is looking wrong there09:10
thekornthere is a python-xpcom package in karmic which depends on python2.509:10
thekornit comes from this old xulrunner09:11
wgrantxulrunner never got removed.09:11
wgrant(I hadn't checked until just now)09:11
thekornI guess there is a good reason for this ;)09:11
wgrantI doubt it.09:11
thekornthis multi version in the mozilla world is strage09:12
wgrantDuh. It is Mozilla.09:12
micahgugh, we'll have to upgrade it for lucid09:12
wgrantmicahg: Upgrade it to what?09:12
micahgI believe pyxpcom was broken out into its own project09:13
thekornyeah, I want python-xpcom back in lucid, no matter how ;)09:13
micahgor it was replaced with something better09:13
micahgI don't remember exactly09:13
wgrantSomething better... like WebKit?09:13
micahgno :P09:14
thekornwgrant, in my understanding webkit does not replace python-xpcom, python-xpcom allows me to write a component for a Firefox extension in python09:15
wgrantthekorn: Ah. Even less useful.09:16
micahgwell, I think xpcom is being replaced with Jetpack09:18
micahgmaybe not replaced09:18
micahgbut there's a new extension building suite coming for firefox 409:18
thekornmicahg, ok, but this is far future09:19
micahgso, we can try to package it for lucid09:20
boThe Ubuntu 9.10 RC livecd fails to boot for me, and I have filed a bug, but it appears that it is not associated with the karmic release in any way, and I can not find any to add it either. What to do?09:28
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wild_oscarhey! anyone here working on alsa bugs?15:29
wild_oscarI know bug day was yesterday (though the channel was kinda dead)15:29
wild_oscarbut I'd like to help regarding the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/38507615:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 385076 in alsa-driver "[9.10 regression] HDA NVIDIA HDMI no sound after alsa 1.0.20 update" [Undecided,New]15:30
wild_oscarI found *a* solution to this issue, but I believe some improvements could be made15:30
hggdhwild_oscar: I am not really familiar with sound issues, but please comment on the bug what you found15:32
hggdhand this will be looked at (sound bugs are being actively pursued by some folks)15:33
wild_oscarhggdh: I have (comments #5 and 6)15:33
wild_oscarbasically, I have found a way to solve the issue, but this isn't something john doe would do15:33
wild_oscar(running alsa mixer from the shell)15:33
wild_oscarand I'm not sure it can be achieve in the sound control from the tray applet)15:34
hggdhwild_oscar: good work15:35
wild_oscarhence the suggestion for improvement15:35
dooglushi guys17:57
dooglusI found a bug which is already in the launchpad tracker, but marked as 'fix committed' from 2 years ago.  should I raise a duplicate?  or change the status of the old bug?  or what?17:57
greg-gdooglus: what is the bug?17:59
greg-gthe bug number, rather17:59
dooglusgreg-g: 12614817:59
dooglusI added a comment to it17:59
dooglusbut the status probably means nobody will see it17:59
greg-gpeople subscribed to it will still see it18:00
hggdhbug 12614818:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 126148 in software-properties "GUTSY: synaptic select best server chooses repository without Gutsy packages" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12614818:00
hggdhinteresting bug, this one18:01
dooglusI noticed that the bug was talking about 'synaptic' and I saw it in 'software sources' - so maybe it's not a dup, I don't know18:03
dooglusI added a comment to that effect18:03
dooglusbut didn't the 'pick best server' stuff just migrate from synaptic to 'software sources'?18:03
hggdhwell, both of them can update the sources18:04
dooglusoh, I see18:04
dooglusso perhaps I can just use synaptic and that might work...18:04
dooglusI'll try that18:04
hggdhand -- I guess -- they both use the same back-end for that18:05
dooglusright, that's what I'm wondering18:05
doogluscan't check at the moment - apt-get is installing a bunch of updates18:06
dooglusbut will when it's finished18:06
hggdhbut this one probably fell through a crack...18:07
dooglussynaptic actually runs 'software sources' to update the apt repository list18:14
dooglusso the bug happens there too18:15
iktthey changed over from apt-daemon iirc18:18
joaopintobt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)18:38
joaopintois this related to bluetooth ?18:38
joaopintocan someone else install and run glest and check ?18:39
joaopintoit seems to affect multiple games18:39
hggdhjoaopinto: just running glest should show the issue?19:22
hggdhI am installing glest -- but it is slow, 25kps. I will walk my dogs, and be back in ~50m19:24
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bdmurraymvo: I've a question about update-manager and recommends20:22
dragonfiHello, if I have a bug about stuttering "login" sounds before and after the login screen in Karmik Koala, where should I post it? (alsa, gdm, or is there a special section for beta testing?)20:37
joaopintohggdh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=bt_audio_service_open&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.has_patch=&field.has_20:39
joaopintoit's filed for multiple packages but it seems to be asound/pulseaudio related20:39
dragonfiI would suspect the sound service too, but it actually only happens once, when I log in, every other sound works perfectley.20:41
dragonfior it wasn't for me ? heh :)20:41
hggdhjoaopinto: they all have PA installed?20:42
hggdhinteresting, espeak seems to work fine here20:43
joaopintohggdh, I believe i have disabled the bluetooth service20:44
joaopintothat could be the X factor :P20:44
hggdhjoaopinto: bug 426437 seems to be both bad parameters and the errno=11120:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 426437 in espeak "espeak outputs incomprehensible audio, perhaps just too fast." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42643720:45
hggdhthe reporter forgot to pass a *string*20:45
joaopintoI don't have any bt device, I don't understand this bt_audio* error20:46
macoscreenreaders are usually incredibly fast anyway...thatd be normal20:46
hggdhI just disabled bluetooth (via right-click on the BT icon), and still no error. How did you disable it?20:46
hggdhmaco, the user error is running 'espeak one two' as opposed to 'espeak "one two"'20:47
macoi would make the same error20:47
macounless the docs specify "put quotes around it"20:47
macoif they dont specify that, doc bug20:47
hggdhwell... I just run it again -- now it works (with BT disabled), but only speaks the first word20:48
hggdhwhich sounds more, er, correct20:48
hggdhthis is crazy20:49
hggdhsometimes it works, sometimes it does not20:49
slacker_nlhello, can someone invalidate the following bug? 420098. The bug is also marked duplicate.20:51
hggdhslacker_nl: if it is a duplicate, it is already off the radar20:52
hggdhbug 42009820:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 420098 in resolvconf "[karmic] resolvconf not started at system boot (dup-of: 448095)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42009820:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 448095 in resolvconf "resolvconf starts after ifupdown, does not pick the dns-nameserver and dns-search lines up from /etc/network/interfaces" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44809520:52
hggdhthis is why you cannot invalidate it, even though it is still shown as "New"20:53
slacker_nlmmm, k20:53
slacker_nlbut the duplicate status is invalid, imho20:54
hggdhso you would like to un-duplicate it, and then mark invalid?20:54
micahgstatus is ignores on duplicates20:54
hggdhclick on "mark as duplicate", clear the field, click on OK20:55
hggdhthen edit the status as needed20:55
micahgwhat's the point?20:55
micahgit'll just create bug noise20:55
hggdhmicahg: yes, I agree. But for correcteness, it should be done20:56
micahgthe only bug that people see if the one that it is a dupe of20:57
micahgthe status of that one matters20:57
slacker_nlhggdh: thnx, overlooked the edit sign next to the duplicate bug20:57
micahgand there should be a flag for "All bugs reported" if a bug is a dupe20:58
mvobdmurray: sure21:05
mvobdmurray: what is the question21:05
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bdmurraymvo: if a package gains recommends those are install by update-manager during a dist-upgrade right?  I have a couple of systems w/o some recommended packages and I'm trying to figure out why.21:06
bdmurraymvo: gains them between releases21:06
mvobdmurray: it should add them if they are new21:08
mvobdmurray: if you have a system like this, I would like to have the logs in /var/log/dist-upgrade21:08
bdmurraymvo: a system missing recommended packages?21:09
mvoa system that got upgrade and where the new recommends are missing afterwards21:10
bdmurrayIs there anyway to tell if I did an apt-get dist-upgrade instead of update-manager?  Or would that matter?21:10
mvoit should not matter21:10
bdmurrayokay, great!21:11
mvobut with update-manager the log is better21:11
bdmurrayI saw synaptic has a filter for missing recommends is there a good way to get a dump of that?21:12
mvobdmurray: apt-get install --fix-policy should give you a list as well21:14
sbeattiemvo: why do file conflicts only seem to go one way sometimes? e.g. if you install svk on karmic, it fails to install due to a conflict with a file from bash-completion. But if you then purge bash-completion and reinstall it, everything succeeds.21:33
sbeattiemvo: foh, nevermind21:34
sbeattiedoh, even21:35
sbeattieit fails both ways, I just need afternoon coffee.21:36
joaopintowhat's the package containing softaware center translations ?21:36
joaopintoFree Software is translated to "Gratis" Software21:37
joaopintois anyone else experiencing high cpu usage with SDL games in general ?21:48
BUGabundoboas noites o/22:10
joaopintooi BUGabundo22:11
mvobdmurray: oh, and the synpatic filter should work too :)22:11
BUGabundohey look, its mvo22:15
BUGabundoyou are out of your time zone22:15
BUGabundoor at least time habbits :)22:15
mvoI am :)22:16
mvoits releae time22:16
BUGabundonot yet22:20
BUGabundomaybe release week !22:20
BUGabundoUM seems good22:20
BUGabundowhat other packages are you looking after?22:20
zoraelShould a bug report be filed if my sound chipset pops after returning from inactivity? (snd-hda-intel powersave feature)22:21
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zorael(as per https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-May/008239.html)22:23
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