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Guest4326anyone here?05:35
kklimondagood morning06:26
pittiGood morning07:34
baptistemmhello pitti07:39
didrockshi pitti08:31
chrisccoulsonhey pitti - i've pushed a change for bug 446191 to bzr now08:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446191 in gnome-session "System / Shut Down Suspend does not lock screen" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44619108:44
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure if it's too late to make the release now, or whether you want me to work on a SRU justification?08:45
chrisccoulsonooh, breakfast time, bbl08:46
seb128hello there08:48
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pittihey seb12809:33
seb128hello pitti09:33
seb128pitti, I'm official not working today (just for information)09:33
seb128I hand around now but will be out in half an hour for some hours09:34
pittinice, enjoy your long weekend then09:34
pittiit's quiet today, so that's fine09:34
seb128pitti, do you think we can get the robert_ancell sponsoring items in before karmic still?09:34
pittiseb128: just a quick question if I may?09:34
seb128pitti, yes sure, I'm still around for half an hour09:34
seb128I take friday off because I've vac days to use before december09:34
pittiseb128: TBH at this point I would just like to see pinpointed patches for RC bugs..09:34
seb128but I've nothing special to do some I'm hanging around anyway09:34
pittibut I'l have a look09:35
pittiseb128: so, you remember that keyboard bell mode gconf key?09:35
pittido you know what it actually _does_?09:35
pittiI never actually heard anything related to my keyboard09:35
seb128pitti, thanks, the 2 bug fix updates seem fine and fix some annoying bugs09:35
pittiit just seems to cause trouble09:35
TheMusoEnables/disables the bell event for pressing backspace in GTK text boxes, or the terminal, or a program like irssi triggering a bell event. I.e allows you to turn it on/off to hear it etc.09:35
seb128pitti, it's what makes your computer beep on delete on empty lines09:36
pittiTheMuso: hm, but it doesn't even do that for me; presumably because of the pcspkr blacklisting?09:36
seb128could be09:36
seb128it's what I was complaining about09:36
seb128it started doing it again in a guest session there a week ago09:36
pittiso, would anything break if we just disable the damn key?09:36
seb128it's very stressing noise happening a lot09:36
TheMusopitti: It deends on whether the sound events for it are turned on.09:36
TheMusopitti: No09:36
TheMusopitti: If people want it, they can re-enable it.09:37
TheMusoHowever in future cycles, I think we ned to ensure any noisy beeps similar to whats being reported are muted, and the sound events mechanism handles the bell event sound.09:37
pitti[ ] Annoy me and scare the neighbour09:37
seb128what I don't get is why it was fine and came back recently09:37
seb128it was silent during most of karmic09:37
seb128and we broke it the week before rc...09:37
TheMusoseb128: I think its got to do with pulseaudio futsing with mixer settings. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it here, so I don't know exactly what mixer element to pinpoint.09:38
pittiseb128: does that gconf key help? or is it the alsa mixer for you?09:38
TheMusoAnd... the config item for the kernel config_snd_hda_input_beep somehow got enabled again.09:38
seb128pitti, I've a pc beep entry in alsamixer there09:39
TheMusowhich we disabled for jaunty.09:39
seb128it's set to 009:39
* TheMuso sighs09:39
seb128but people on the bug say that 0 is not enough09:39
seb128you need to mute it09:39
pittiTheMuso: ^ so fixing that in alsa doesn't even help, since pulseaudio enables it again?09:39
seb128pitti, the gconf key make it silent under GNOME09:39
TheMusoYep, jaunty's kernels have the hda beep disabled, and somehow it got re-enabled for karmic09:39
seb128it's still beeping on vts but that might be wanted09:40
TheMusopitti: We put a clamp on at least one known mixer element in alsa, but theres a possibility pulse is doing something. However as I am just saying, we actually turned this option off completely in the kernel for the hda codec, which is what the cause is.09:40
TheMusofor jaunty, whereas somehow for karmic, it was re-enabled again.09:40
TheMusoSO to really really put a clamp on this, we turn it off, once again, in the kernel.09:40
seb128did that change in a recent linux upload?09:41
TheMusoseb128: I'll just run git annotate on it to see where it came from.09:41
pittiTheMuso: I see; so bug 77010 should have a linux task?09:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 77010 in libgnome "Overuse of system beep without volume control" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7701009:41
TheMusopitti: I think so.09:41
pittiTheMuso: I'll add one and copy your explanation there; thanks!09:41
TheMusopitti: As we have regressed since jaunty, due to that kernel config change.09:41
seb128no it's not a recent change09:42
seb128that's the older linux version installed there09:42
seb128but it was already on09:42
TheMusoOk, it was accidentally reverted back in July, but since it didn't bother anyone, we didn't think to check it, but now its causing problems again, we can fix it.09:42
TheMusoIt was reverted due to some x86/lpia config consolidation.09:43
pittiTheMuso: can/should we do anything about it in alsa? or should I just close that task?09:45
TheMusopitti: We'd be running around like headless chickens if we did it in alsa, since different codecs/revisions of codecs all label it different things.09:45
TheMusoSo while we disable it for one, its not disabled for another.09:46
TheMusoI say we just turn it off in the kernel like we did in Jaunty.09:46
pittiTheMuso: hah, can I quote that? :-)09:46
TheMusoIts a useless option anyway IMO.09:46
seb128too late for linux changes in karmic now though09:46
pittiTheMuso: thanks a lot for the explanation09:46
TheMusoseb128: Yes, but even in jaunty, it was fixed in an SRU.09:46
TheMusopitti: If you reallyw ant to.09:46
TheMusopitti, seb128, I'll put a patch together for the kernel guys as an SRU, and fix up the bug on Monday. I'm about to head off for my evening.09:47
pittiso finally there's some light on it09:48
seb128thanks TheMuso09:48
pittiTheMuso: thanks, and good night!09:48
pittiseb128: I should use debian/libgnome2-common.gconf-defaults, not patch the .schema.in, right?09:48
seb128pitti, yes09:49
seb128pitti, ok, just confirmed in a guest session there09:50
seb128changing bell_mode to off fixes the issue09:50
seb128or workaround it but it's good enough for most users09:50
seb128I'm still wondering why it doesn't happen in my user session09:50
seb128where it's set to on09:50
TheMusoseb128: A good way to work out why is to open alsamixer in both sessions, and check for an element similar to "pc speaker" and see what they are both set to. My guess is pulse has a setting for it stored in your session, but not for the new session.09:51
seb128TheMuso, the pc beeper is to 0 in the guest session too09:54
seb128changing it to mute workaround the issue09:55
seb128but for my session it's set to 0 and that works09:55
pitti$ gconftool -u /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/bell_mode09:56
seb128I probably have a gnome setting or something on my session09:56
pitti$ gconftool -g /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/bell_mode09:56
pittiok, that seems to have worked09:56
seb128pitti, no09:56
seb128pitti, it's a string type and should be off09:56
seb128pitti, it's a string type and should be "off"09:56
pittibooleans are for loosers..09:56
seb128pitti, it's a string type and should be "off"09:57
seb128focus issues sorry09:57
pittiok, rebuilding09:57
seb128pitti, well there is a "custom" value whatever that does...09:58
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* seb128 is away for some hours, bbl10:08
dtchenTheMuso: I've pushed a Karmic PA branch. It's probably a good idea to run this proposal past the release team: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~crimsun/pulseaudio/karmic/revision/213?compare_revid=20910:32
pittiin general, only milestoned karmic-targetted RC bug fixes now which have a zero chance of not breaking anything10:56
pittieverything else -> SRU10:56
pittidtchen: the bashisms look fine, but the "more harm than good" at least needs a bug reference10:57
pitti(the original bug doesn't give details either)10:58
pittidtchen: I know that Lennart ranted about it10:58
dtchenpitti: right, that's the bug that Lennart blogged about and is discussing10:58
dtchenpitti: I could file a bug saying that upstream says our applied fix is crackful; do you think that would suffice?10:59
dtchenpitti: it's definitely a bad "fix" and needs to be reverted10:59
pittidtchen: well, it's the expansion of "bad" I'm interested in11:00
pittii. e. what does it break, why it is worse than the bug that it fixes, etc.11:00
dtchenpitti: ok. firstly, it does the wrong thing with pa_sprintf_malloc(), including using the wrong parameter: address instead of d->address11:00
pittiah, so it even causes crashes/corruption?11:01
dtchenpitti: secondly, in the case that d->address is bad (in this case it is; see the original report), even if we had _malloc()ed d->address, it'd still do the wrong thing11:01
dtchenpitti: right, potentially it'd do even worse things11:02
pittidtchen: would you mind posting that to the original bug report, or adding a new one? to have a papertrail of the change?11:02
pittithen it looks fine to me11:02
dtchenpitti: so Lennart and I are discussing how to verify that the BT audio device is fully set up; it probably won't land for Karmic but hopefully for -updates11:03
dtchenpitti: yes, I'll update the original bug report11:03
pittithank you11:03
pittiso, please get it uploaded, so that it's in the queue for review11:03
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone11:07
pittihey chrisccoulson11:10
chrisccoulsonhey pitti11:10
chrisccoulsonhow are you today>11:10
pittiI'm great; karmic's looking good11:10
pittiI updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus and this didn't make me freak out any more11:11
chrisccoulsonit is looking good now:)11:11
pittichrisccoulson: I think you pinged me about the screen lock thing, but it got drowned in IRC; is there something to sponsor?11:13
chrisccoulsonpitti - i uploaded a fix to ubuntu-desktop bzr11:15
chrisccoulsonit also contains a fix for a crasher as well11:15
pittichrisccoulson: gnome-session?11:15
chrisccoulsonthat's right. i was just going to get you a link, but my internet connection is very slow ;)11:16
chrisccoulson(or launchpad is slow)11:16
chrisccoulsonpitti - just looking at bug 428884 - i've got a feeling that in the longer term, all the existing inhibit API and functionality in gnome-screensaver will probably just disappear like in gnome-power-manager11:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 428884 in gnome-screensaver "gnome-screensaver --poke functionality does no longer inhibit screen blanking" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42888411:21
chrisccoulsonit already proxies all the inhibit requests to gnome-session anyway11:22
pittichrisccoulson: so apps would tell g-session about inhibit, and that would proxy it to g-screensaver?11:32
chrisccoulsonpitti - AFAIUI now, gnome-session does all the idle detection (and presents it via it's presence API)  and keeps track of all inhibitors. gnome-screensaver uses the presence API and gnome-session inhibitors to work out when to activate the screensaver11:34
chrisccoulsonso gnome-session will set the session idle after a certain period of time, and this triggers a countdown in gnome-screensaver which eventually times out if the session remains idle. the screensaver is then activated if there are no inhibitors registered with gnome-session11:35
chrisccoulson(something like that)11:35
chrisccoulsonit works similar to g-p-m, but g-p-m still uses the IDLETIME counter too11:36
chrisccoulsonwhereas gnome-screensaver doesn't11:36
pittichrisccoulson: the g-s patch for suspend lock is quite intrusive; how much did you test this?11:39
chrisccoulsonpitti - i tested the default settings on my desktop last night, and the screen locked as expected11:42
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks for sponsoring gnome-session :)11:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - about the gnome-screensaver/VLC issue - i can probably come up with a change which makes gnome-screensaver reset the IDLETIME counter, but I'm not sure that would be appropriate for a SRU12:12
chrisccoulson...considering how many other core desktop components rely on this counter12:12
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asacpitti: could you kick gwibber from unapproved?14:16
asacand conkeror/galeon if you have one more minute (those are not that urgent though ... just need to happen at some point)14:16
kenvandineasac, those gwibber fixes are working great!14:18
asacmine is still running ... for about 18 hours already ;)14:19
* kenvandine still can't believe nobody has noticed the window handling with the status icon was completely busted14:19
asaci also have images back ;)14:19
kenvandineyeah :)14:19
kenvandinethx for that14:19
kenvandineasac, one thing i have noticed with your timeout changes for facebook14:19
asachmm. right14:20
asaci wanted to higher them again14:20
asacbecause its clearly not responsible for the dbus blocking14:20
kenvandinein my errors stream, i see those every few hours14:20
asacwe can do that in a SRU14:20
kenvandinei think bumping it would be good14:20
asacits not urgent14:20
kenvandinethe error shows that some data has been downloaded14:20
cassidykenvandine, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/empathy/+bug/408530/comments/44 ...14:20
asacyes. i think 60 seconds or something14:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [Medium,Triaged]14:20
kenvandinecassidy, i was just reading that14:20
kenvandineasac, 60s should be good14:21
kenvandinecassidy, we did fix everything you had written up in your review14:22
asacalso we sould get rid of the facebook authentication in show_ui14:22
asacthats a mess14:22
kenvandinei'll look at this right now14:22
asacblocks gwibber lke 10 seconds to start14:22
asacbut after karmic release ;)14:23
cassidykenvandine, as I said I didn't check. I'm just upset because Zdra and I complained a lot about this patch and it still introduce regressions in our software...14:23
kenvandinecassidy, understand... and it is a huge patch14:24
* Zdra see only one choice now: drop the patch14:24
kenvandineZdra, that isn't possible for us14:24
Zdrawe are at ubuntu RC1 already, not time to fix it anymore14:24
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asackenvandine: did we get news on bindwood already?14:25
asacwill there be a patch today?14:25
asacor did that fix slip in without me noticing?14:25
Zdrakenvandine, "not possible" is not possible in software14:25
kenvandineasac, you have email14:25
asaci have too many emails, yes. :)14:26
kenvandineZdra, the indicator is a very important part of our "experience"14:26
Zdrakenvandine, it's always possible14:26
Zdrakenvandine, segfault too ?14:26
kenvandineasac, hold off on uploading that yet though14:26
kenvandineZdra, of course we don't want that14:26
Zdrakenvandine, really, that's not a choice, drop that patch !14:26
kenvandinewe want to fix these14:26
Zdrasee also how you can't get incoming call and subscription14:27
kenvandineZdra, you can... it works fine14:27
kenvandinewe want to improve that though14:27
Zdrathat's not what says users in a bug I saw this morning14:27
kenvandinethey appear in the indicator as well14:27
kenvandinehe just responded and said he didn't look in the indicator14:27
kenvandineagain, we need to improve that14:28
kenvandinepersonally i feel that very real time things like incoming calls should by-pass the indicator14:28
kenvandinewith some sort of dialog or something14:28
kenvandinewe will be discussing this at UDS for sure14:28
kenvandinecoming up with a better way of handling those14:29
Zdra...and drop the patch until we come with a good proposal...14:29
kenvandineit does work though14:29
Zdrait segfault !14:29
Zdradid you see how many dups that bug has?14:30
kenvandineZdra it is too late to drop the patch, dropping it would mean switching back to pidgin :/14:30
kenvandineZdra, i am going to work on that now14:30
kenvandinewe have looked at the bugs carefully to see if they were likely caused by the indicator patch14:30
Zdrakenvandine, in upstream we have good developers that knows the code and we always review any single line patch14:31
kenvandineyou guys do great reviews :)14:31
Zdrakenvandine, the indicate patch was not made by someone knowing well empathy, it was not reviewed, and worst it was REJECTED upstream14:32
kenvandinei appreciated the one you did on the early indicate patch14:32
kenvandineZdra, we did fix everything in your comments14:32
Zdrakenvandine, good, but you should have waited for a 2nd round of review before adding that in the package14:33
cassidyI'll try to review the new patch during the 2.29 cycle14:33
kenvandinecassidy, thx14:33
Zdracassidy, useless we are moving to gnome-shell14:33
cassidyand maybe propose a new design based on the new MC5 API14:33
kenvandinei was planning to poke you about that14:33
kenvandineafter karmic14:33
cassidykenvandine, is there plan about how libindicate will fit in gnome-shell?14:34
kenvandinecassidy, not yet14:34
kenvandineno reason there couldn't be an indicator in gnome-shell14:34
cassidykenvandine, FYI https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59919314:34
ubottuGnome bug 599193 in general "Implement a Telepathy approver for text channel" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]14:34
* hyperair still doesn't really see a difference between the indicator and the notification area14:34
cassidyplease try to avoid to re-invent it if the upstream one can do the job14:34
Zdrahyperair, that's "ubuntu experience"14:35
kenvandinecassidy, one of the nice things about the indicator is it actually isn't tied to the panel or necessarily an applet14:37
kenvandineit is more of a service that empathy uses14:37
kenvandineright now the display/interaction for that service is in a panel applet14:37
cassidywith MC5 you should be able to do that as an external app14:37
kenvandinebut nothing that uses the indicator has to change if that applet gets replaced with anything else14:37
cassidywithout changing Empathy14:37
cassidykenvandine, then you should discuss to integrate libindicate with gnome-shell people14:38
kenvandinethere has been discussions14:38
kenvandineof some sort14:38
* kenvandine isn't involved with that stuff :)14:39
rickspencer3asac, kenvandine, Riddell, pitti, hello ... what's the word?14:42
pittihey rickspencer314:42
pittirickspencer3: unapproved was crammed last night; the remaining polishing fixes14:42
pittiwhich also means increased stress levels between people trying to rush in large patches and release team having to wade through them and/or say no14:43
* rickspencer3 is doing a dist-upgrade, will see14:43
pittibut that's fairly normal :) so it's fine by and large14:43
rickspencer3pitti, is there some way to identify the "important" ones14:43
rickspencer3like U1 kills kittens fix, etc...?14:43
pittirickspencer3: yes, those should have karmic'ed and milestoned bugs14:44
pittibut those are all in now14:44
pittilibgnome making beeps, etc.14:44
rickspencer3pitti, is it too late to get Quickly into main?14:44
Riddellrickspencer3: some odds to be sorted out, agateau has done some fixes for knetworkmanager, kubuntu-docs needs translations, a pykde issue that I need to look into, nothing killer14:44
pittirickspencer3: of course it's not14:44
* rickspencer3 runs bughugger14:44
pittirickspencer3: just not karmic's main :)14:44
seb128pitti, how is desktop land going?14:57
pittihey seb12814:57
pittiseb128: seems alright14:57
seb128pitti, what do you think about updating gnome-desktop now?14:58
pittinot SRUable?14:58
* rickspencer3 kicks seb12814:58
seb128pitti, what do you think about updating gnome-desktop now? that would give us about GNOME = 2.28.114:58
pittido we have a related RC bug?14:58
seb128pitti, what do you think about updating gnome-desktop now? that would give us about GNOME = 2.28.114:58
pittiseb128: how much does it change?14:59
seb128pitti, what do you think about updating gnome-desktop now? that would give us about GNOME = 2.28.114:59
* seb128 kicks hands14:59
pittisee, that's seb128's convincing strategy14:59
rickspencer3seb128-bot is stuck in a loop, as he is supposed to be on vacation today14:59
pittikeep asking until I give up :)14:59
seb128sorry doing multi tasking and got page up on the wrong dialog14:59
seb128pitti, I think it's a no change out of translations14:59
huatshey seb128 !15:00
seb128hi huats15:00
seb128rickspencer3, pitti: only translation change15:01
seb128pitti, http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gnome-desktop/log15:01
seb128and a small build change to use ustar for tarball15:01
seb128which is just how the tarball is rolled15:01
seb128it's not really important but it would be nice to have about GNOME saying 2.28.1 since that's what we have15:02
pittiseb128: ok if it doesn't change any code; please get it uploaded15:02
seb128pitti, ok15:02
seb128pitti, can I sync libsoup2.4 too?15:03
seb128it's a no upstream change15:03
seb128I dropped some debian dir changes while doing the 2.28.1 update15:03
seb128we were in sync but bzr was uptodate15:04
seb128it's basically the shlibs not updated15:04
seb128slangasek accepted the update but asked to fix before karmic if possible15:04
pittiah, and Debian has fixed shlibs?15:04
pittiplease go ahead15:04
seb128pitti, right, in fact I undid the 2.27.91 to 2.28.0 debdiff15:05
seb128or rather debian dir diff15:05
seb128since bzr was outdated15:05
seb128which was a shilibs update an a monitor control version change (updates standards-version I think)15:05
seb128ok, doing, thanks15:06
tormodis there anything in Gnome that would set modification times on files explicitly? I have a weird bug 45901115:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459011 in ubuntu "something is resetting modification times on my files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45901115:16
Riddellno awe today?15:16
MacSlowpitti, fix in notify-osd for #396736 (#458413) you want that for release or is that rather for SRU?15:27
pittiMacSlow: SRU15:27
pitti(which is the default answer now, unless it fixes a release-critical bug)15:28
MacSlowpitti, it's unpleasant but not a crasher15:28
Laneyis example-content's desktop shortcut going to grow an icon?15:35
davmor2hey Keybuk15:36
seb128Laney, dunno, ask dholbach he might know15:36
Keybukdavmor2: yeah15:36
KeybukI mean15:36
Laneyalso gparted's menu entry just says "GParted"15:37
davmor2Keybuk: have you seen the issue with recovery mode?  mountall seems to drop you out of the options15:37
* Laney is installing a karmic system ;)15:37
Keybukdavmor2: I haven't seen any reports of a recovery mode issue yet15:37
seb128rickspencer3, pitti, kenvandine: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/empathy/+bug/408530/comments/44: -(15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [Medium,Triaged]15:37
seb128the empathy crash which has a zillion duplicate seems to be due to our libindicate change15:38
seb128unhappy upstream too15:38
pittiyeah, just fiddling it15:38
seb128it's not the only bug15:38
kenvandineseb128, yeah we discussed it15:38
seb128we have an another one with a zillion duplicate too15:38
davmor2Keybuk: go into recovery mode on the installed system press the down arrow 3-4 times bdmurray pointed it out to me late-ish last night15:39
pittiand unhappy users as well -- this crash drives me nuts15:39
rickspencer3kenvandine, thoughts? ^15:39
kenvandinei am looking at that one now15:39
asacdid empathy deny taking a indicate patch?15:39
davmor2Keybuk: I'm assuming he has written a bug on it or knows what bug it is.15:39
asacor just because of quality concerns?15:39
seb128asac, they didn't take one15:40
seb128asac, they had quality concern, cf bugzilla bug15:40
asaci mean did they refuse to take it because they are against the indicate apporach in general?15:40
asacah ok15:40
seb128asac, and that's why they are unhappy, we didn't address the concerns and shipped anyway15:40
Keybukdavmor2: and you get a recovery shell on top?15:40
seb128ie we just sit on our buggy change15:40
asacdid we ask for help?15:41
seb128to who?15:41
asaci mean ... maybe they would be willing to do that proper for us ;)15:41
asacempathy upstream15:41
seb128they did comment in details on their issues15:41
seb128they have enough to do they are not interested to write that change15:41
seb128they did take time to do a detailled review though15:41
davmor2Keybuk: you get this http://launchpadlibrarian.net/34156895/9.10-friendly-recovery-make-freespace.png15:42
asacseb128: yeah ok.15:42
Keybukdavmor2: thought so15:42
cassidytbh, we are not against libindicate, but will prefer to see it more "upstreamed" before merging something like that15:42
asacseb128: so the 1 hour reply is the first time they give proper hints?15:42
Keybukdavmor2: there's another bug with a different description that's the same underlying bug15:42
seb128asac, no, there is a long upstream bug discussion15:42
cassidyas I said to kenvandine, gnome-shell could be a good opportunity to push libindicate upstream15:42
seb128asac, open for months15:42
cassidyas we do want to integrate properly with gnome-shell15:43
davmor2Keybuk: is it the menu system at fault or is it mountall?15:43
cassidysee our roadmap http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/Roadmap/Roadmap230 :)15:43
asacseb128: thx15:43
Keybukdavmor2: mountall isn't exiting when it should15:43
seb128asac, search in upstream bugs libindicate title15:44
seb128asac, search in upstream bugs libindicate title15:44
cassidyI linked it in my LP rant :)15:45
davmor2Keybuk: okay cool so ball in your court with that one then yes?15:45
Keybukdavmor2: I think ion has already fixed it for me ;)15:45
davmor2Keybuk: when you upload it give me a shout and I'll try it out across the board15:46
asacseb128: so empathy sends messages twice ;)15:46
* seb128 slaps asac15:46
seb128cassidy, btw rants are not the most constructive thing there15:47
seb128it's not as easy as "drop your changes"15:48
seb128we have design, schedule etc constrains too15:48
cassidyseb128, I know; but I do think my comment was pretty constructive15:48
mvoKeybuk: can you think of a reason against increasing the max_match_rules_per_connection limit for the dbus system bus? Its currently 512 and that limits aptdaemon (that uses signals and each creates a match rule). something like ~5000 (background is bug #454093)15:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454093 in software-center "Ubuntu software center reports crash when trying to install 20+ apps at once" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45409315:49
seb128right, better than some we had on others bugs ;-)15:49
cassidyand I found your bug :p15:49
seb128much appreciate15:49
pittianyway, I guess this has a pretty trivial patch, and it's a karmic-tasked bug milestoned to karmic-updates15:50
MacSlowHow do I get rhythmbox to show me the cover-art-display?15:50
pittiif we get a patch by Monday which is trivial, we can squeeze it into final, otherwise we'll SRU it15:51
MacSlowShould that not be visible by default (no matter if there's actually a cover available for the played song or not)?15:51
kenvandinecassidy, yes it was pretty constructive and thanks so much for finding the bug15:51
kenvandinecassidy, it will be easy to handle the A scenario you mentioned15:51
cassidyI hope that's actually the bug now :p15:52
kenvandinecassidy, but no idea how to deal with the B scenario15:52
kenvandinecassidy, hehe... so much build up :)15:52
Keybukmvo: no reason, should be no problem to increase it15:52
Keybukdavmor2: wilco15:52
kenvandineso if reading this right, you can trigger it by having 2 chat windows opening and switching between them?15:52
davmor2Keybuk: you coming over tomorrow?15:52
cassidykenvandine, you could use g_signal_connect_data and ensure that the signal is disconnected when needed15:53
Keybukdavmor2: "coming over" ?15:53
davmor2Keybuk: Last LRL15:53
Keybukno, the website said there weren't any tickets left15:53
asackenvandine: es. use connect_data ... make a destroy for cb_data15:54
asacto unref15:54
kenvandinei am following the exact steps he outlined to reproduce it, and it isn't crashing :/15:55
mvoKeybuk: thanks15:56
Keybukmvo: the original D-Bus authors liked arbitrary limits for everything15:56
kenvandinepitti, when you got that crash, do you recall if you had two chat windows open?15:57
* mvo nods15:59
pittikenvandine: most often I don't16:01
pittiI only have that very seldomly16:02
waltersmvo: 5000?  wow.  what bindings?16:02
waltersmvo: you can create a match rule for say "type='signal',interface='org.aptdaemon.Package'" instead of one per interface/object path16:03
mvowalters: python bindings16:03
mvowalters: oh, cool. I will experiment with that16:04
waltersi don't quite understand how 20 apps would lead to 5000 rules though16:04
mvoright now its 20 apps hit the 512 limit16:05
mvoand I want to increase it as a stop-gap measure so that its harder to hit the limit16:05
mvo200 apps in the queue ought to be enough for everybody16:05
waltersmvo: yeah...though if you expect thousands of objects it might make more sense to redesign the API so that there's only one master object that emits signals like PackageStatusChanged(string packagename) etc16:09
waltersmatch rules aren't quite free, though there's a patch oustanding to make them more efficient, which i need to finish reviewing..16:10
mvowalters: thanks, I think longer term the api needs tweaks, but for karmic I will go with increasing the limit if there is no real downside/risk in it16:13
dobeypitti: hey. it's somewhat unclear to me what level of membership i should apply for. just universe-contributor for now and then MOTU later? or just straight to MOTU?16:14
waltersthere's not really a downside/risk, the intent of the limit was to mitigate DoS obviously, but it's sort of a lost cause16:14
* mvo nods16:16
pittidobey: I think you should apply as an Ubuntu member first, and then for ~ubuntu-desktop; in a few days, ~ubuntu-desktop members will be able to upload desktop related packages16:17
pittidobey: unless of course you want to become a packaging generalist and actually apply for MOTU/core-dev (but that'd require some more packaging practice then)16:18
dobeypitti: ok. the description of universe-contributor just seems somewhat of a default, since i've contributed multiple packages, which are in main already :)16:19
dobeypitti: but i'll do that and ~desktop first. thanks for clarifying :)16:20
cassidyseb128, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-glib/+bug/45915716:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459157 in telepathy-glib "Sync telepathy-glib 0.9.1-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New]16:21
cassidyseb128, you'll probably be interested in the fix for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=599386 as well16:21
ubottuGnome bug 599386 in Accounts "Empathy protocol chooser shouldn't cache TpConnectionManagerProtocol" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]16:21
seb128cassidy, right but those will have to be srus now I guess16:21
seb128pitti, ^ what do you think?16:22
kenvandinecassidy, if your theory is correct, this bug should be easy to reproduce with any protocol?16:22
pittiseb128: I'm in release meeting, later16:22
cassidykenvandine, I guess..16:23
seb128pitti, ok16:23
kenvandinei can't seem to trigger it :/16:23
* kenvandine tries a different path to getting the chat windows 16:23
seb128pitti, gnome-desktop uploaded btw16:41
seb128if you have time to review it after meeting16:41
jcastrokenvandine: can someone address this m-i empathy patch problem?17:13
jcastrobug 40853017:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408530 in empathy "empathy assertion failure: empathy:ERROR:empathy-tp-chat.c:1391:empathy_tp_chat_acknowledge_message: assertion failed: (m != NULL)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40853017:13
Zdrajcastro, segfault is part of the "ubuntu experience"17:14
jcastroI suspect tedg, it's always a good start17:14
seb128back on a stable internet now17:15
seb128sorry for the flacky one before and the serie of disconnects17:15
chrisccoulsonhello seb12817:15
pittiseb128: you changed ISP in the meantime? :-)17:16
seb128pitti, no it was rather a laptop to access point issue17:18
seb128hey chrisccoulson17:18
seb128pitti, thanks for accepting gnome-desktop17:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - do you think we should fix bug 457104 now, or is it not so important?17:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457104 in gnome-session "multiple at-spi-registryd files in autostart " [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45710417:24
chrisccoulson(it's just cruft left after upgrading)17:24
pitti_chrisccoulson: does it hurt to have more?17:29
pitti_rickspencer3: FYI, my server just went AWOL; and of course precisely 15 minutes after my ISP shuts down business for the week; so I'm without email now17:29
seb128emails are overrated17:30
pitti_rickspencer3: would you mind mailing the desktop team and slangasek that they need to IRC or phone me?17:30
pitti_it'll be a quiet weekend anyway :)17:30
chrisccoulsonpitti - it doesn't really have any effect having 2 desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart, other than a warning in ~/.xsession-errors and 2 at-spi-registryd entries in gnome-session-properties17:31
pitti_chrisccoulson: let's fix it for lucid17:31
chrisccoulsonok, no problem:)17:31
kenvandinejcastro, i am working on it... just haven't been able to reproduce it yet17:46
seb128pitti_, did you look at the brasero update?17:46
pitti_seb128: see /query17:47
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
seb128pitti_, ok17:48
pitti_oh, my server just came back \o/17:49
pitti_rickspencer3: ^ unwarn then17:49
rickspencer3thanks pitti_17:49
asacArneGoetje: do you know this scim-bridge topcrash?17:56
asacArneGoetje: quite some dupes ... wonder if its our qt patch17:56
asacbug 24334417:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243344 in scim-bridge "scim-bridge crashed with SIGSEGV in scim::IMEngineInstanceBase::get_frontend_data()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24334417:57
asaclots of dupes and still happening recently in karmic17:57
asacand the other scim-bridge top crash (in unload) is the second most duped in ubuntu ;)17:59
asacbug 19959217:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 199592 in scim-bridge "scim-bridge crashed with SIGSEGV in scim::Module::unload()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19959217:59
asacbut i think unload isnt that intrusive for user experience17:59
asacbut the other isnt bad either ... like rank 20 in whole ubuntu or so ;)18:00
asacand i think that happens while using18:00
asacanyway. lets check that on monday18:00
seb128pitti_, ok, gnome-desktop 2.28.1 didn't update the about gnome version, that's stupid18:14
seb128pitti_, I've a 1 liner configure change 0 -> 118:14
seb128pitti_, can I upload?18:14
kenvandineasac, that bindwood bug is fixed, urbanape should be contacting you18:15
* kenvandine goes back to empathy debugging18:15
seb128pitti_, gnome-desktop uploaded btw18:24
seb128mvo, ubuntu-translators says you broke string freeze18:30
mvoseb128: what?18:30
mvoseb128: which one?18:31
seb128mvo, there is any email on the list18:31
seb128about 2 new strings18:31
mvofor what package?18:31
mvoupdate-manager? that is a utf-8 fix and I unfuzzied all translations18:31
mvoi.e. the string was not displayed localized anywhere18:31
mvohm, I'm not subscribed, let me check the archive18:32
seb128mvo, seems it's not there yet18:32
seb128"No init available"18:32
seb128"Your system appears to be a virtualised environment without an init18:32
seb128daemon, e.g. Linux-VServer. Ubuntu 9.10 cannot function within this type18:32
seb128of environment, requiring an update to your virtual machine18:32
seb128configuration first.18:33
seb128Are you sure you want to continue?""18:33
mvooh, right18:33
seb128mvo, that's the ones in the email18:33
seb128"2 new strings in update-manager" is the email18:33
mvoyeah, sorry. this one is hard to avoid, its either break upgrades in a verser totally or display a string18:33
mvosorry, I forgot about that18:33
seb128I'm just forwarding the message18:33
seb128since I'm subscribed to the list18:33
mvothanks for that :)18:33
mvowhen its in the archive I will reply18:34
seb128I guess you might want to drop an email there18:34
seb128want me to bounce the email to you?18:34
mvoseb128: that would be nice18:34
seb128mvo, done18:34
seb128mvo, let me know if you worked I don't trust evo for bouncing18:35
mvonot here yet18:36
* mvo wait18:36
asackenvandine: which bug? was there a new fix?18:37
asacor did we find a regressions during testing?18:37
asac(i had the impression there already was a branch ready)18:37
seb128mvo, I think I screwed look again18:37
mvoseb128: thanks, its there now18:37
mvoseb128: it lacks the mail adress of the author, could you /msg me that please?18:38
seb128mvo, cf query18:39
mvoand thanks for letting me know about it, much appreciated18:41
seb128you're welcome!18:41
* seb128 hugs mvo18:41
pitti_yay, my real me again18:46
pittigood night everyone!19:01
dobeynight pitti19:01
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dobeyanyone around using wicd or something else instead of networkmanager?21:11
asacdont use wicd23:12
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