nigel_nb_starcraftman: stil here ?04:32
starcraftmannigel_nb_: only just, gonna turn in soon, problem?04:33
nigel_nb_starcraftman: wanted to ask you if there is any other task04:33
starcraftmannigel_nb_: lol, no shortage!04:33
nigel_nb_the ones on the task list are not what I'm comfortable with04:33
starcraftmanwhat ya mean?04:34
nigel_nb_wine, network,04:34
nigel_nb_but wine might be okay... I'm going through it04:34
starcraftmannigel_nb_: ahhh.04:34
starcraftmannigel_nb_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tag04:34
starcraftmannigel_nb_: there's no shortage of pages tagged for work.04:35
starcraftmannigel_nb_: areas of focus are the content, style, needs expansion pages I suppose.04:35
nigel_nb_starcraftman: on it04:35
nigel_nb_starcraftman: thanks..04:35
starcraftmannigel_nb_: click the "list pages with tag" to do so, you'll see a long list of pages need working on.04:35
nigel_nb_starcraftman: saw that04:35
nigel_nb_starcraftman: thats a really really long list04:36
starcraftmannigel_nb_: not gonna be running out any time now eh? :)04:36
starcraftmanwell, I Think i'm off for night. Have fun.04:37
nigel_nb_starcraftman: ok.. g nite...04:37
nigel_nb_starcraftman: btw.. wanted to ask you04:37
nigel_nb_starcraftman: u in montreal?04:37
starcraftmanI R :)04:37
starcraftmanwell, close enough, don't live on Island but do most stuff there.04:38
nigel_nb_just asked...04:38
starcraftmanoh ok04:38
starcraftmanwell there ya go.04:38
nigel_nb_interesting city04:38
starcraftmanEt je peux parler bien le francais quand il me faut :)04:38
starcraftmanyup, nice place.04:39
nigel_nb_J'apprends aussi04:40
nigel_nb_just starting out04:40
starcraftmanHehe, good for ya. Nice to know different languages.04:40
nigel_nb_haha.. talk to an Indian about languages04:41
nigel_nb_our country has got 1500 mother tongues :D04:41
nigel_nb_i hardly know 404:41
starcraftmanlol, uh, Canada's only got 2 thankfully.04:42
nigel_nb_yep i know04:42
starcraftmanAnd I know 2. 100% :)04:42
nigel_nb_night.. I'm going too04:43
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=== WikiNinja is now known as starcraftman
starcraftmanmdke: when ya get a moment and your around, I'd like to talk to ya. I'll be around most of the day, so ping me when your available.14:32
trijntjeis the kde documentation team still active?14:33
starcraftmantrijntje: I dunno, prolly ought look into that given how I'm a big k user now.14:34
starcraftmansomething I can help ya with?14:34
jjessethe kde-docs team is active14:35
jjessefound at #kde-docs14:35
jjessenixternal and myself maintain the kubuntu-docs package from a writing and building point of view14:35
starcraftmanjjesse: only two of ya?14:36
trijntjestarcraftman, well, i'm translating the systemdoc from kubuntu, but things are slowing down because it seems quite outdated14:36
jjesseyes only two14:36
starcraftmanjjesse: hmmm, when I get a bit more time I'll look into it. I been meaning to get learned in docs anyhow.14:36
starcraftmanmaybe the weekend.14:36
jjessecoolio, i should be around so you can ping me14:37
trijntjejjesse, I see, two is very few for a doc team14:37
jjesseyes it is14:37
trijntjejjesse, is launchpad the proper place to file bugs about the documentation?14:41
trijntjejjesse, ill keep doing that than, good luck with the documentation. You must be working your ass off with just two members14:43
jjessewe try to keep up but it isn't always successfull, i know nixternal and i are trying to meet up in the lucid cylce to completely rebuild the docs so it would be nice to have more help14:44
starcraftmanjjesse: meet up in person? where ya located?14:44
jjessenixternal is in chicago, IL, i'm in Grand Rapids, MI and we are trying to meet halfway14:45
trijntjethe dutch translation team is supposed to check all documentation it translates, so that should turn up quite some of the current errors14:45
starcraftmanjjesse: ah I see. Hehe, northern Canadian here in the French Province.14:49
adiroibanthis channel is only for ubuntu-doc ?15:31
adiroibanand not for kubuntu and xubuntu docs?15:31
trijntjeadiroiban, i believe kubuntu is in #kde-docs15:33
adiroibanit would be nice to have a common channel15:33
adiroibansince they are not to active anyway15:33
adiroibanand some issues are common to all docs15:33
trijntjeI think this counts as common, but i'm only a guest here15:34
starcraftmantrijntje: what ya mean guest? Everyones welcome long as they doing doc work.15:54
starcraftmanadiroiban: problem?15:54
adiroibanstarcraftman: I don't know if kubuntu-docs package was updated for this release16:28
trijntjestarcraftman, its more like i'm just here today and know little of documentation ;)16:29
jjesseit was updated, nixternal should've published a new one, mdke could create a package for kubuntu-docs as nixternal is out for the next 2 months16:36
adiroibanso everything is OK with kubuntu-docs ?16:46
starcraftmantrijntje: ah, well don't be shy to get involved, plenty of things to help out with. You too adiroiban. :)16:50
trijntjestarcraftman, maybe, if all translations are done ;)17:10
dpmis anyone familiar with kubuntu-docs here? We expose the following documents for translation in Launchpad, but they are not in the package and I believe they are obsolete, just need to double-check:17:33
dpm* preface17:33
dpm* basic-concepts17:33
dpm* desktopguide17:33
dpm* programming17:33
dpmIs nixternal the only maintainer? Who writes the documentation for Kubuntu?17:34
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
trijntjedpm, jjesse is also from kubuntu-docs17:50
nigel_nb_starcraftman: are you there? just a doubt17:56
jjessei wirte the docs don't build them17:58
jjessei think desktopguide and programming are a part of ubuntu-docs? but dont know for sure17:59
starcraftmannigel_nb_: I R18:00
nigel_nb_starcraftman: every time I edit a wiki, am I supposed to say that on the tasks page ?18:01
starcraftmannigel_nb_: you mean this one? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Development18:02
nigel_nb_exactly that one starcraftman18:02
starcraftmanas ya like. I mean if its a big page like the swap faq or when I did drive imaging. I imagine. If ya just fixing a few typos on a page no. Generally it's for pages that'll take ya a week or so to do, tells other members what ya up to and not to edit your page unless ya say so.18:03
nigel_nb_starcraftman: okay. I got some time tonight.  Thought of getting some wiki work done18:04
starcraftmannigel_nb_: I appreciate your enthusiasm :)18:04
nigel_nb_starcraftman: :)18:04
starcraftmannigel_nb_: I told ya about doc meeting right this weekend for the fg?18:06
starcraftmannigel_nb_: your on the list right?18:06
nigel_nb_starcraftman: no18:06
starcraftmanNew beginners mail list I mean.18:06
nigel_nb_wait.. where do I join that?18:07
nigel_nb_starcraftman: there are so many lists I'm on that its confusing nw18:07
starcraftmanlol, not surprising.18:07
starcraftmannigel_nb_: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-beginners18:08
starcraftmanDoc team one is separate, ya should be on that one too. This one just for BT business.18:09
nigel_nb_starcraftman: where is this list posted? I do not see a link to this list anywhere18:09
starcraftmanwell doc mailing list posted on our wiki fg page. I guess ought to edit in the new mail list to join us page.18:09
nigel_nb_starcraftman: this is new?18:10
nigel_nb_no wonder I didn't know about it earlier18:10
starcraftmanIndeed, an open mailing list.18:10
nigel_nb_how do u guys keep track of different time zones?18:10
nigel_nb_do u have a program or just calculate in your head?18:11
starcraftmanLast one was thru lp, required ya to be a member. Wasn't so good, no paddys were allowed.18:11
nigel_nb_starcraftman: oh18:11
starcraftmanUh, I hope for the best that my brain works it nigel_nb_ :) There are many convertors if your wondering.18:11
nigel_nb_hunting for one now star18:11
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I can attend this one rite?18:12
nigel_nb_starcraftman: aw.. bad timing... Its at 1:40 AM... I'd be at work18:13
starcraftmannigel_nb_: attend what one?18:13
nigel_nb_starcraftman: the meeting18:13
starcraftmanoh sure, your allowed.18:13
starcraftmanAnyone allowed long as they have business at meeting or are part of fg team.18:14
nigel_nb_starcraftman: these are not on the fridge?18:17
starcraftmannigel_nb_: nope, doc team doesn't really meet that often, so we don't. I'll send another note to new mail list later to remind folks again.18:18
starcraftmanand by doc team, I mean wiki fg18:19
nigel_nb_starcraftman: oh ok.  Its a bit confusing coz there is the wiki fg and "the doc team" and on the wiki, its a bit confusing for new comers like me18:19
starcraftmannigel_nb_: INdeed, I'm rewriting the wiki fg homepage, it's not the clearest thing.18:20
nigel_nb_starcraftman: we did get hit with a cleanup ;)18:20
starcraftmannigel_nb_: aye, wanna see my draft page? I'd like comments.18:26
starcraftmannigel_nb_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/starcraft.man/Sandbox/Secret18:27
starcraftmanI think it's more orderly, all comments welcome.18:27
nigel_nb_nicely organized18:30
nigel_nb_i was just reading last team meeting18:30
nigel_nb_starcraftman: its very good18:33
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I suggest you replace the old page as soon as possible18:33
starcraftmannigel_nb_: will do, I not the fastest person, will have it finished by meeting at latest so everyone can see it.18:36
starcraftmannigel_nb_: I hope it cleared up difference in teams yes?18:36
nigel_nb_starcraftman: yes18:37
nigel_nb_starcraftman: and the pages to visit are more clear18:37
nigel_nb_but there is one thing i noticed all over18:37
nigel_nb_I dont know if its my problem or something to with the wiki as such18:37
nigel_nb_most often we refer the user to another link and honestly, (s)he gets lost18:37
nigel_nb_is it possible to have just ONE page, probably a really big page for a new user?18:38
nigel_nb_it helps to stay in focus, otherwise a new user suddenly gets overwhelmed.. I was really overwhelmed18:38
nigel_nb_thats my 2 bits.. I dont know its possible18:39
starcraftmannigel_nb_: one really big page for the wiki fg home? egad man, have ya seen the compendium of text that is the writing/style/wiki/documentation team collection. The page would break infinity :p18:39
nigel_nb_but right now, there are so many pages u want us to visit that18:39
nigel_nb_if there is no one on IRC to guide, we get lost18:40
nigel_nb_just coz ZachK_ and you were there on IRC.. I managed to find my way tht day18:40
starcraftmanThat's just the nature of wikis gotta have subdivided content and link. One reason books are good, only one way to read em, front to back.18:40
nigel_nb_even that would be great18:41
nigel_nb_what I mean is something that is logically connecting18:41
nigel_nb_some ebook?18:41
nigel_nb_for the entire FG?18:41
starcraftmannigel_nb_: I think that'd be an impossible task. Theres too much content and it's always changing and evolving.18:42
nigel_nb_starcraftman: I just realized thta18:42
nigel_nb_starcraftman: we'd need another FG to maintain that :D18:42
starcraftmannigel_nb_: just have to go one page at a time and read carefully. I try to stay on the page long as I can and when needed link off. Always keep parent wiki page open to go back to.18:43
nigel_nb_starcraftman: thats what am doing now18:43
nigel_nb_but its easy for someone new to get lost18:43
starcraftmannigel_nb_: indeed, and that's what we here for. Don't forget about sandbox page, can always experiment.18:44
nigel_nb_thats what I'm thinkin about.. now about me exactly.. about someone who comes when no one IRC is there to help18:44
nigel_nb_* not about me exactly * correction18:44
starcraftmannigel_nb_: well, I make it pretty clear on new page where to see on IRC for questions. Most people hang out here, I can't handle all eventualities.18:44
nigel_nb_true starcraftman18:45
nigel_nb_probably we'll have to leave it that way to find people who can navigate through the jungle lol :D18:45
starcraftmannigel_nb_: hmmm, when ya put it that way, like an entry test just reading all the right documentation and making it to IRC.18:47
nigel_nb_starcraftman: yep18:47
nigel_nb_starcraftman: the right channel too18:48
trijntjewhat does FG stands for?19:02
nigel_nb_Focus Group trijntje19:03
trijntjeoh dear..19:03
starcraftmantrijntje: nothing you need worry about, Doc Team isn't related. Ya know where main documentation pages are yes?19:08
trijntjestarcraftman, not really I'm afraid :P19:08
starcraftmantrijntje: lmao, page ain't gonna eat ya :p19:09
starcraftmantrijntje: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam19:09
mdkeadiroiban: I don't think translations have been imported for kubuntu-docs22:36
mdkedpm-afk: ^22:36
adiroibanI'm building them now22:36
mdkeah, cool22:36
adiroibanin debian/rules all rules for copying the translations were commented22:37
mdkeI haven't looked at the packaging for kubuntu-docs for several releases, I doubt it is similar to ubuntu-docs22:37
adiroibanis not similar22:37
adiroibanalso Kubuntu help Center is using HTML files22:37
adiroibannot XML22:37
adiroibanbut maybe for the next release we can make them look more similar22:38
mdkeyes, khelpcenter doesn't read xml afaik22:39
mdkeit would be awesome for them to get a bit closer together, but I think that we will need the respective upstreams to work together a bit22:39
adiroibanthis is the kubuntu-docs for jaunty http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/all/kubuntu-docs/filelist22:39
adiroibanI  think the only major diference is that kubuntu-docs xml files are stored in docs/ folder22:40
adiroibanrather than the root folder22:40
mdkeyes, I think that we transitioned into the root folder and kubuntu-docs didn't follow...22:42
adiroibanso maybe they will also move those files in the next release22:42
adiroibanthey also have libs and scripts folders22:43
mdkeit could do with a bit of work, definitely22:43
adiroibanand basicaly similar xsl files22:43
adiroibanI talked with jjesse and he was ok22:44
adiroibanmdke: still up and runnig ? :)23:08

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