visiHi everybody12:27
visiIs this a good place to ask a Karmic koala kernel related problem?12:28
amitkvisi: yes12:38
visiI have raised a bug manualy in the launchpad but so far no comment/assignment etc. so I was wondering that someone could take a quick look (probably 5 mins) and change the assignment/team etc. settings if I did something wrong.12:40
visiI feel a bit "stupid" that I don't see here any conversation.... like a monolog by myself. Am I here in the wrong time or something?13:09
sorena long time can go by without anyone saying anything. 13:14
soren...and until you tell us which bug you're talking about, that's not likely to change a whole lot. :)13:14
visiWell Thanks :-) So the bug is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/45217513:15
ubot3Malone bug 452175 in linux "Random segfaults when using ld.so explicitly to start a program" [Undecided,New] 13:15
amitkvisi: most of the kernel team is sprinting currently (and yes it is a little early in the US)13:18
visiJust wondering: Is the kernel team in the US? I somehow had the idea that it is either in London or everybody works from there home...13:19
amitkvisi: it is spread out, but _currently_ they are in the same location in the US13:20
amitkvisi: you script seems to be working for me on a x86-64 bit karmic machine13:22
amitkhow long does it take to trigger the problem?13:22
visiwell within 10sec. it should produce.13:23
visiI have not tested under 64 bit. It could be different there too.13:23
amitkI haven't managed to trigger it under 64 bit13:24
visiMy testmachine has now 32bit 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu and it is still does.13:26
visiCan you please still check that the bug assignment to team etc. are correct?13:26
amitkvisi: I _can_ reproduce it on my 32-bit laptop13:31
visiGood, than I am not alone... ;-)13:31
amitkIt could be several things from the top of my head - hardening gcc flags, apparmor, bash, etc.13:32
amitkI've commented on the bug and increased its priority a bit13:33
visiWell as I have described in the bug report, I recompiled under the same system the latest stable kernel and it was working without those errors. So I feel this is rather kernel related.13:34
visiA big THANKS for your effort <amitk>.13:35
amitkvisi: this is most certainly an upstream bash bug.13:44
amitktry replacing /bin/bash with /bin/dash13:44
visiOk. I see the problem is not coming up with /bin/dash. I still have to confirm that this workaround is working for us...13:53
mzealcan someone advise what the deal is with changing INIT_WORK and DECLARE_WORK from 3 arguments to 2?14:13
JFopgraner, FYI: no joy finding a link in the local participation for hotel/room accommodations.15:10
pgranerJFo: just a sec15:31
JFok, no rush15:32
Keybuk EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded.15:58
Keybuk     Either Enable ECC in the BIOS, or use the 'ecc_enable_override' parameter.15:58
Keybuk     Might be a BIOS bug, if BIOS says ECC is enabled15:58
Keybuk     Use of the override can cause unknown side effects.15:58
Keybukkarmic's kernel is grumpy15:58
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virtualdgot this when i plugged my webcam19:46
virtualdwhile i was talking to my sister and brother on msn (telepathy) and skype19:46
Kanohi, where is the rebase?19:49
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dtchenthankfully quite a few of these mic issues are resolved with a combination of the latest alsa-utils upload and linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic23:25
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