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xzachtmxis it possible to package a python module?01:49
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wrapstergeser: hi06:53
wrapstergeser: you there.. I was able to successfully build the 64bit version of nspr..06:53
ScottKgeser lives in Germany, so he's probably asleep06:54
wrapsterScottK: ok ...06:55
wrapsterScottK: i have built the 64bit version of nspr...06:56
wrapsterbut having some trivial issues in placing the libs...06:56
wrapstercould you help me resolve it pls06:56
ScottKSorry.  It's 2AM here and I'm headed for bed myself.07:00
wrapsterScottK: ok ...07:01
wrapsteranyone following our conversation can help me pls?07:01
siretart`rhpot1991: did you manage to test my lame package?07:48
slytherinttx: ping08:02
ttxslytherin: pong08:02
slytherinttx: Can you please sponsor the debdiff attached to bug 45766008:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457660 in libxstream-java "jmeter.gui.action.Load: Unexpected error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: XPP3 pull parser library not present. Specify another driver. For example: new XStream(new DomDriver())" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45766008:02
ttxslytherin: can't do -- finalfreeze is on08:04
ttxslytherin: I don't want to get axed by RMs08:04
slytherinttx: But it is bug fix.08:06
ttxslytherin: yes, but not a release-critical one, unfortunately08:06
slytherinttx: Ok. I will add workaround in jmeter.08:08
ttxslytherin: if that's possible, that's the best way of doing it08:08
ttxslytherin: we can fix xstream in lucid, if that's still necessary08:08
slytherinttx: By then I will get this fixed in Debian so that we can simply sync.08:09
ttxslytherin: sure. I should push to debian SVNs most of the fixes I did in libraries over the last months08:09
ttxhopefully I'll have some free time next week to do so, if nothing catches fire08:10
ttxslytherin: that should make merge/sync much easier.08:10
slytherinyes, that would be nice08:11
ttxslytherin: I've been planning to do it for months08:11
ttxbut reality prevented me from doing so08:11
slytherinAnyone from motu-release team?08:45
gesergood morning09:10
geserwrapster: what problem do you have?09:11
wrapstergeser: resolved it...09:21
wrapstergeser: the issue was by default all the *.so files that were (according to the 64 bit pkg) suppose to be in debian/<pkg>/usr/lib/amd64 were in <same>/usr/lib/ and I tried looking and this damn thing was not the staging dir.. there was debian/tmp that was used for staging and then it was copied over to respective pkg dirs under debian/ ; so i tried look at the configure/ makefiles and see if i go set it.. too many intricacies so i manipulated the deb09:25
wrapstergeser: thank a lot for your help...09:25
wrapsterof course nspr is done now.. I should start with nss now.09:25
wrapsteri'll again come to you.. :)09:25
wrapstergeser: even after nspr being built successfully i get error while building nss, and what im assuming to be the issue is the upstream name....10:23
wrapsterI want to change it... how do i do it?10:23
wrapsterto something like libnspr-6410:23
geserwrapster: upstream name of the lib?10:24
wrapstercurrently its called libnspr4-0d10:24
wrapsterthe 64bit one is also called libnspr4-0dnexenta-6410:25
wrapsterthats causing the issues..10:25
gesersorry, don't know as I didn't need to know it till now10:25
wrapstergeser: when i dpkg -i <64bit one> it replaces the already present libnspr4-0d10:26
wrapsterthats 32bit10:26
wrapstergeser: ok np10:26
wrapsteranyone who can let me know pls?10:26
joaopintowrapster, not sure I understood your problem, libary package names are irrelevant for a building process10:28
joaopintodpkg -i will replace the already present only if you have names/control rules which allow that10:29
wrapsterjoaopinto: one moment.. ill do a pastie.. and expalin10:29
wrapsterjoaopinto: http://pastie.org/66641210:34
wrapsteri've explained everythign clearly there.10:35
joaopintowrapster, what you are describing, you are installing a different version for a package, you can't have mutiple package versions installed10:36
joaopintoops, i mean, is expected10:37
joaopintoif you have to have both libs versions installed you need different package names10:37
wrapsterjoaopinto: so how do i create different pkg names?10:38
wrapsterjoaopinto: thats what i want!!10:39
azeemthe package name is defined in debian/control10:39
joaopintowrapster, you just set the names on debian/control and change the debian/* according to your needs ?10:39
azeemwrapster: why do you need multi-arch nspr/nss anyway?10:39
wrapsterazeem: i changed it...10:39
wrapsterazeem: i was in a debate with soren on the same issue yday10:40
joaopintoazeem, don't try to understand him, he is attempting something very odd :P10:40
wrapsterazeem: im actually building pkgs for nexenta.. not ubuntu...(but since its pkg question im asking)10:41
wrapsterjoaopinto: accepted :)10:41
azeemwrapster: I know that, it doesn't explain multi-arch nspr/nss though10:41
joaopintowrapster, your "how to rename" a package is a bit odd, as renaming is equivalent to building a package with specific name10:41
joaopintohow did you build a package if you don't know how to name it :P ?10:42
wrapsterjoaopinto: yeah sorry about that.. how do i build a pkg with specific name10:42
wrapsterno ...10:42
azeem11:39 < azeem> the package name is defined in debian/control10:42
wrapsterits not like that.10:42
wrapsteryeah i know that.. and i did try it but it did not give me desired results..10:42
joaopintowrapster, the multiple binary packages names are defined on debian/control10:42
azeemwell, that's not very specific10:42
wrapsterwill give it another shot and let you knw10:43
azeempastebin your debian/control10:43
joaopintowrapster, because you are not clear on your requirements10:43
joaopintowrapster, the package name was not changed ? those are the expected results10:43
joaopintoit is not expected to fix something else that you are assuming to be related to package names :)10:43
wrapsterjoaopinto: http://pastie.org/66641710:44
joaopintowrapster, if you want multi arch needs you need, different target locations and different package names10:44
joaopintoand I mean names, not versions10:44
wrapsterjoaopinto: yeah got it.. looked at the control files carefully after azeem told me , think i got it10:44
wrapsterlet me see10:44
joaopintowrapster, libnspr4-0d <- this is the package name10:45
wrapsterjoaopinto: yeah.. changed it.10:45
wrapsterjoaopinto: ok that will cause more issues than required actually.. I need to almost change everything that i had done for libnspr4-0d10:47
joaopintowrapster, since you are cross compiling, why don't build a single package which provides both versions ?10:48
wrapsteryeah thats what i'm trying to do now...10:48
joaopintoyou need building rules for both arch cases and install them into the arch specific dirs10:49
azeemmultiarch is hard10:50
wrapsterjoaopinto: yeah by the looks of it and my expertise its going to be tough10:52
wrapstercan you help me?10:52
wrapsterif i paste the rules file?10:52
azeemwhy don't you wait till official multiarch lands?10:52
wrapsterazeem: cant.. have to get this up right away.10:53
azeemwrapster: is this for nexenta directly, or are you just trying to recompile your own firefox package?10:53
wrapsterfor nexenta10:53
joaopintowrapster, sorry, I have no interest for the specific problem you are trying to address,  and I think you should be learning trivial packaging before diving in such complex issues10:54
wrapsterjoaopinto: ok10:54
joaopintoalso I am not familair with cross compiling10:54
wrapstergot it working.11:07
wrapsterchanged it to libnspr-6411:07
wrapstergeser: can i ask for a bit more help(this time with nss) or should i just go :(11:24
amarillionWhy does git-buildpackage change the md5sum of my orig.tar.gz? Useless...11:27
rippsCan somebody help me, I'm trying to make an updated uriparser-0.7.5 package, but for some reason, it keeps trying to generate api docs with doxygen, despite the fact that I don't have --enable-doc during configure, how can I stop it?11:42
geserdoes it perhaps have a disable-docs option? to force no docs11:43
rippsgeser: I didn't see that option in configure.ac, but I'll try it11:43
rippsgeser: looks like it worked, thanks11:45
geserit was just a guess, sometimes there is a disable option matching the enable option11:45
rippsshould have been disabled by default though11:46
Laneyamarillion: you should be using pristine-tar11:47
Laneyif you're just building the orig from the upstream branch then that behaviour is no surprise11:48
amarillionLaney: I imported the tar with pristine-tar11:50
amarillionbut when I do git-buildpackage, and check the md5sum of the orig.tar newly created, it is different from the original orig.tar11:50
amarillionWhich leads to ppa uploads getting rejected11:51
Laneywhy are you uploading the orig if the archive already has it?11:53
amarillionI'm just doing dput my-ppa *source.dsc11:53
Laneyyou should build with -sd and upload the .changes11:54
amarillionwhat does the -sd option do?11:54
Laneydoesn't include the orig in the upload11:54
Laneyyou should also check your gbp output to see how it's making the orig tarball11:54
amarillionOk, I did gbp with the -sd option, then tried dput again and now I get "Checksum doesn't match for ../pathvisio_2.0.0-0ubuntu1~ppa3~nbx1.dsc"11:58
amarillionPackaging work is so frustrating. It's layer upon layer upon layer of scripts. I have no idea what is going on anymore11:58
rippsI'm trying to build a libxspf package in pbuilder, now I've built a working uriparser library that I use a hook script to install, but during configure of libxspf, it says it can't find uriparser 0.7.5 or later, despite the fact that I know it installed the -dev and that the deb file contains everything necessary all pkconfigs, includes and *.la12:45
geserripps: look how it tries to find uriparser and check why it fails13:36
rippsgeser: already figured it out, the package needed pkg-config13:37
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jfcgauss_hi. regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/458274, or in general "unused library dependencies" of shared libraries/executables in ubuntu/debian, i had sent an email to ubuntu-users list a while back, and then someone had replied mentioning that they were taking care of this problem. i think the problem is actually buried deep in libtool. when i set LDFLAGS='-Wl,--as-needed' during ./configure of a package, that flag gets put 14:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458274 in apache2 "unnecassary dependencies of apache2 modules" [Low,Incomplete]14:28
jfcgauss_that makes --as-needed just useless14:29
jfcgauss_so i have a patch for libtool :) http://www.pastebin.org/4750614:29
jfcgauss_it is basically putting $linker_flags ahead of $libobjs and $deplibs14:30
ScottKjfcgauss_: You might want to discuss that on #ubuntu-server.  The server team developers hang out there.14:33
jfcgauss_it is not specific to servers14:34
jfcgauss_i have ubuntu 9.04 amd64 desktop14:34
ScottKApache is maintained by the server team.14:34
jfcgauss_ok but the libtool patch is for all the packages that use libtool basically..14:35
jfcgauss_apache modules is just an example14:35
jfcgauss_there are (were) hundreds of shared libraries in ubuntu with unused dependencies14:36
james_w--as-needed is rarely used in packages though14:37
james_wjfcgauss_: have you proposed your patch to the libtool developers?14:37
jfcgauss_no i havent14:38
jfcgauss_i'll do that14:38
james_wjfcgauss_: http://www.mail-archive.com/libtool@gnu.org/msg10260.html14:39
ubottuDebian bug 347650 in libtool "libtool: Incorrect argument reordering" [Important,Open]14:39
hyperairjames_w: it's not really all that rare.14:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459095 in libtool "incorrect argument reordering" [Undecided,New]14:50
rhpot1991siretart: yep I tested it, appears to run better.  I sent a test file off to someone else to test with itunes/iphone still waiting on word back from them15:13
jetienneq. i got a .deb which has some not-yet installed-dependancies... how can i install those dependancies automatically ? like it is done by apt-get when it is coming from a repository16:27
jdonginstall the deb, then apt-get -f install.16:28
azeemuse gdebi16:29
jdongwhich works for the degenerate case of one deb16:30
jetiennejdong: excelent, it did the job thanks16:31
jetienneazeem: ok will try16:31
jdongjetienne: for multiple debs, you can do a dpkg -i deb1 deb2 deb3 ; apt-get -f install16:32
jdongfor a single deb, gdebi will do it for you in a more user-friendly manner16:32
jdongthat is, it tells you beforehands if the operation can succeed...16:32
jdongwhile with apt-get -f install, if the dependencies cannot be satisfied it'll just force the removal of the partially-installed debs from the last step16:32
jetiennegdebi is nice but no cool for batch16:32
jetiennejdong: ok16:33
stevecrozzhow do I get launchpad to accept a new source copy that I'm working on... dput gives me "Already uploaded to stevecrozz on ppa.launchpad.net"17:36
stevecrozzthe last build failed so I need to try a new one17:36
av`stevecrozz, either remove the .upload file on your working dir or force the upload with dput -f17:38
av`stevecrozz, you'll need to bump up versioning on changelog as well17:39
stevecrozzav`: I think that's the part I'm missing... how do I do that?17:39
av`stevecrozz, which version did you use before? e.g which version did the failed to build package has17:39
av`php5_5.2.11-0ubuntu2 will be the next one, I suggest you to happen a ~ppaX for PPA uploads17:40
av`* append17:40
macoi usually put my lp username intead of ppa17:40
stevecrozzphp5_5.2.11-0ubuntu1~ppa1 ?17:40
av`maco, yes, that's fine as well17:41
macothat way when a person looks at "apt-cache poiicy" they know which ppa a package came from17:41
av`stevecrozz, php5_5.2.11-0ubuntu2~ppa117:41
ari-tczewpolicy * :>17:41
av`stevecrozz, there is an handy compare-versions tool if you wanna see if a certain version is lower than the one you are uploading17:42
stevecrozzis the changelog something you edit by hand? or is there a tool for that17:42
macostevecrozz: try "dch -i"17:42
av`stevecrozz, dch -i makes a new entry dch -a uses existing one (if someone edited it before you)17:42
macoitll create a changelog entry with your name/email and the date all set up, and open it in your editor for you to fill in17:42
macoari-tczew: yes thanks you17:43
stevecrozzPerfcect.. looks like that works great17:43
av`stevecrozz, dch -a works fine if you need to make some changes to a revision already touched by someone else17:43
macoav`: what is this handy comparison tool?17:43
av`maco, dpkg one^^17:43
av`maco, dpkg --compare-versions17:44
macoah ok thanks17:44
jdongmaco: dpkg --compare-versions "old" -lt "new" && echo true || echo false17:44
av`stevecrozz, plus dch -a puts your changes under your name and the changes already made by someone else under his / her name17:44
av`stevecrozz, but you need dch -i for what you need now :)17:45
stevecrozzthanks a bunch, dput sent it up17:47
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av`stevecrozz, let's hope it will get accepted now :)17:52
stevecrozzav`: actually it was rejected because I didn't notice that dch used a bad email address17:53
av`stevecrozz, eheh17:53
av`stevecrozz, set it with DEBEMAIL17:53
stevecrozzenvironment variable?17:53
keesmotu-release: I have uploaded usplash-theme-ubuntu-color for the FFe in bug 450809, if you could give it a push, please.17:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450809 in Ubuntu Karmic "[FFe] usplash missing progress indicator, color" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45080917:54
av`stevecrozz, yep, export DEBEMAIL='stevecrozz@stevecrozz.com'17:55
av`stevecrozz, same with DEBFULLNAME17:56
macomight want to put that export line in your ~/.bashrc17:56
stevecrozzi shall17:57
stevecrozzphp5 (5.2.11-0ubuntu2~ppa2) jaunty; urgency=low    * added a valid email address17:58
av`stevecrozz, yes, but why jaunty?17:59
av`stevecrozz, is that on purpose or missed?17:59
stevecrozzyou mean why not karmic?17:59
stevecrozzJust because that's what I have right now.. I'll upgrade next week with the official launch18:00
av`oh ok :)18:01
stevecrozzav`: I'm getting frustrated now : Rejected:18:05
stevecrozzUnable to find php5_5.2.11.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution.18:05
stevecrozzall the rejection~18:06
av`stevecrozz, paste me your changes file18:06
macostevecrozz: is the orig named wrong maybe?18:06
ari-tczewpropably you have wrong distro: e.g. unstable instead karmic if package getting from debian18:07
ari-tczewin debian/changelog18:07
av`ari-tczew, he has jaunty18:07
av`ari-tczew, he pasted the changelog entry before18:07
av`!pastebin | stevecrozz18:08
ubottustevecrozz: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic18:08
stevecrozzav`: http://pastebin.com/d29cfce5a18:08
geserstevecrozz: how did you call debuild to build your source package?18:08
av`stevecrozz, easy you didnt include the orig18:08
stevecrozzdebuild -S18:08
av`stevecrozz, that means wrong debuild run18:08
geseras even karmic has only php5 5.2.11 you need do pass -Sa for the first upload18:08
stevecrozzhow do i fix it?18:09
av`stevecrozz, debuild -S -Sa18:09
ari-tczewFYI: IMO debuild -S -sa is better because require .orig.tar.gz18:09
geseronce your have the .orig.tar.gz in your PPA -S will be enough18:09
av`stevecrozz, run debuild -S -sa and you should see the orig included in your .changes file18:09
av`stevecrozz, now you have only php5_5.2.11-0ubuntu2~ppa2.diff.gz and php5_5.2.11-0ubuntu2~ppa2.dsc :)18:10
stevecrozzcrap, i probably have to bump the version again huh18:10
av`stevecrozz, no, if the package didnt get accepted you don't need to bump it18:10
geseronly for accepted uploads18:10
ScottKNote to everyone: Universe is still open for business for fixes ....18:11
quidnuncIs there any way to see what PPA url in sources.list is broken (i.e. when doing an aptitude update)?18:11
av`quidnunc, you should see a warning or something I guess (I use apt)18:11
quidnuncav`: I do, the problem is I only see the domain.18:11
av`quidnunc, paste me some relevant lines18:12
av`stevecrozz, 5.2.11-0ubuntu2~ppa1 should be usable18:12
av`as far as you didnt get a package accepted yet18:13
stevecrozztoo late.. i skipped ppa1 :)18:13
stevecrozzthis has been quite the learning experience18:13
quidnuncav`: http://dpaste.com/111141/18:13
av`be careful with versioning stuff18:13
av`quidnunc, you didnt specify a PPA18:14
quidnuncav`: Pardon?18:14
av`quidnunc, you just added http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages to your sources.list18:14
av`quidnunc, but you need to specify with PPA you want18:14
av`* which18:15
quidnuncav`: No. I have the full path. The problem is that the url moved.18:15
av`quidnunc, paste me your sources.list18:15
av`and tell me which PPA you wanna enable18:15
stevecrozzyes.. it was accepted... lets hope the build works now18:15
av`stevecrozz, yay!18:16
quidnuncav`: I know where the problem is and have fixed it. But I have many PPAs and it was a lot of trouble trying to track down which one was problematic.18:16
av`quidnunc, paste me your sources.list please18:16
av`I can't see what's wrong if I have nothing to look at :)18:17
stevecrozzav`: if I wanted to start with source code from another person's PPA instead of ubuntu's php source, is that just as easy?18:17
av`stevecrozz, you would need to grab the sources manually or via apt-get source if you enabled that PPA in your sources.list18:18
quidnuncav`: There is nothing wrong anymore. My question is when you have 10 PPAs in your sources.list and one of the urls is bad it gives the error message in my paste. How am I supposed to figure out which of the 10 is bad?18:18
stevecrozzi think that might be the next thing I try18:18
av`quidnunc, actually the warning you see Err http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages18:18
av`  404  Not Found should say it18:18
av`quidnunc, this is a wrong PPA url18:19
quidnuncav`: Yes but which of the 10?18:19
av`quidnunc, plus I don't understand Ign karmic-backports/restricted Sources18:19
av`you made a backport repo locally?18:19
av`that's a LAN IP usually18:19
quidnuncav`: No it is my approx package caching18:19
quidnuncIt is not relevant.18:20
macoav`: or dget!18:20
av`maco, yep :)18:20
av`quidnunc, deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xxxx/ppa/ubuntu karmic main18:20
av`quidnunc, this is how your PPA link should look like in your sources.list18:21
av`quidnunc, where xxxx is the guy / team who maintain that PPA18:21
av`quidnunc, if you have http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages in your sources.list, that's wrong18:21
quidnuncav`: I don't.18:21
quidnuncav`: I don't think you understand the problem18:22
quidnuncLet me go more slowly18:22
av`quidnunc, 'How am I supposed to figure out which of the 10 is bad?' aptidude / apt reports what you have on sources.list18:23
stevecrozzav`: is there an easy way to make launchpad build packages for more than one version of ubuntu?18:23
quidnuncI have 10 PPA urls in my sources.list. They were all correct at some point. Then someone change the location of their PPA making the old url broken. So I started getting the error messages in my aptitude update. But the error messages seemingly don't have enough information to isolate which one is bad. What is the reasonable thing to do?18:23
maco<-- not a guy, has ppa18:23
macostevecrozz: no, unfortunately18:23
macostevecrozz: have to upload (wtih new version number) for each18:24
av`quidnunc, checking all PPAs?18:24
av`quidnunc, one by one till you get the bad one18:24
quidnuncav`: That doesn't seem reasonable to me18:24
macobinary search!18:24
quidnuncav`: Anyway I just wanted to confirm that there was no other way. Thanks.18:24
macocomment out the last 5 and see if it works18:24
av`stevecrozz, just change target on changelog18:24
av`stevecrozz, from jaunty to any other target distro18:25
macoif so, comment out the last 3 and see if it works. if not 6 or 7 is bad ;) if the first step didnt work, one of the first 5 is bad, so bisect them...18:25
quidnuncThanks I know what binary search is.18:25
av`quidnunc, again, aptitude / apt reports back what you have on your sources.list18:25
macolisp and haskell channels.....wow yep, im sure you would18:26
macoscary functional languages...18:26
av`quidnunc, so if a PPA not works here, I get a warning that a specific PPA not works anymore18:26
quidnuncav`: Did you see the error message I pasted? It doesn't provide *which* PPA is broken, only the domain.18:26
quidnunc(which are all ppa.launchpad.net)18:26
av`quidnunc, let me test it18:27
ScottKSounds like a good topic for #ubuntu to me.18:27
av`quidnunc, apt-get update will tell you18:28
av`W: Impossible to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/test/ppa/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found18:28
stevecrozzso my build says Pending (2510)    what does that mean?18:28
av`stevecrozz, those are build points18:29
av`stevecrozz, e.g priority18:29
av`quidnunc, so in fact you know what's broken ;)18:30
av`quidnunc, anyway that's more an #ubuntu thing yes18:30
quidnuncScottK: Consider me gone.18:30
av`ScottK, he took your comment the wrong way18:31
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jetienneq. i need to write a init.d script for a package im making (a usual network daemon), any good example for me to copy ?18:55
joaopintojetienne, apt-get source some_daemon :) ?18:56
joaopintocheck apt-cacher-ng source for example18:56
geserif the package targets karmic (or lucid), wouldn't it be better to write an upstart job?18:57
jetienneok thanks18:57
joaopintois debian using upstart also ?18:58
geserthere was some discussion going on, but I don't know the state of it18:58
joaopintoif it's not, is not a good option :\18:58
geserone can provide both :) and modify later the Ubuntu package to use the upstart job instead the init script19:00
ScottKjoaopinto: Not until after Squeeze is out19:04
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cbx33hey all19:12
cbx33long time noe see19:12
ari-tczewI have a question19:20
ari-tczewI'm preparing debdiff security for jaunty19:21
ari-tczewpackage first needs get to -proposed?19:21
ari-tczewor directly to -security?19:21
ScottKari-tczew: security uploads go straight to -security19:24
ari-tczewOK, thnx19:24
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jetienneq. i have created my .postinst and .postrm files into debian/ , how do i ask dpkg to put them in the .deb ?19:39
jetienneis there a magic dh_* to do ?19:40
chrisccoulsonjetienne - no, just make sure the file names match the name of the binary package you want to insall them in to19:42
chrisccoulson(or just call them "postinst" and "postrm" if it is a single binary package)19:43
jetiennehmm ok thanks. so i did another mistake. will look more :)19:44
chrisccoulsonjetienne - it is dh_installdeb which copies the maintainer scripts in to the DEBIAN folder for the binary package, but I assume you're calling that else your package would not build at all anyway ;)19:46
jetiennechrisccoulson: thanks. it was a typo :) postint instead of postinst19:47
chrisccoulsonjetienne - excellent, glad it's sorted now:)19:48
jetiennegrumble the uninstall fails due to trailling .pyc19:53
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sistpotyhi folks20:35
bddebianHeya sistpoty20:39
sistpotyhi bddebian20:39
sebnerhuhu bddebian sistpoty  ;)20:40
sistpotyhi sebner20:40
sebnersistpoty: we made it in time, great hmm? thx for your acks ;)20:41
sistpotysebner: yes, and thanks for your testing (fuddl told me he didn't test network playing :P)20:41
sebnersistpoty: heh, this was initial testing though (if it's useable for ubuntu), now I have to do proper/deep testing :P20:42
bddebianHeya sebner20:43
sistpotysebner: there was a -2 upload following shortly, does your sync request cover this one as well? (looked like cleanup mostly)20:43
sebnersistpoty: imho yes, or doesn anything speaks against it? It's really most of cleanup20:44
sistpotysebner: no, but it needs a motu ack20:44
sebnersistpoty: really? because of final freeze?20:44
sistpotysebner: no, because it's a different version to sync20:45
sistpoty(problem is that I doubt that -1 is still available in unstable)20:45
sebnersistpoty: archive admins sync newest versions anyways.20:45
sebnersistpoty: -2 is for me "further improvement of 2.5.2 upload"20:46
sistpotysebner: but I believe you'll get asked if -2 is still ok to sync?20:46
sebnersistpoty: ok, I'll update the bug. Anything else needed?20:46
sistpotysebner: thanks! not that I know of :)20:46
sistpoty(of course a test-build, but iirc it's not the huge -data package that was -2... but I might be wrong on this one)20:47
sebnersistpoty: yeah it's the small package and I'll testbuild20:48
sebnersistpoty: we need to sync quickly so you can't annoy me further :P20:49
sistpotysebner: did I mention testing? ;)20:49
sebnersistpoty: testing was done :P20:49
sebnernot enough imho20:49
sebnerI need to correct that over weekend :P20:49
* ScottK is still hoping people will work this weekend on fixing broken stuff.20:51
ScottKWe still have almost two days before Universe final freeze even starts20:52
sebneryeah, no nexuiz testing but FTBFS fixing!20:52
sistpotyScottK: can an application link against both libqt3 and libqt4? (looking at qtiplot atm)?20:52
ScottKsistpoty: Yes.20:53
sistpotyoh, then the fix for breakage might be simple. Thanks ScottK20:53
ScottKOf course it has to be designed for that ....20:54
sistpotyoh, /me will just test if it builds and if it works :)20:54
sebnersistpoty: ScottK : FYI, nexuiz -2 builds, installs fine and game still works20:58
leonelhello  can somemotu check this  diffs  for bug  44683820:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446838 in squirrelmail "Multiple cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities in SquirrelMail 1.4.19 and earlier" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44683820:59
rhpot1991siretart: ping have some test results to share with you21:00
rhpot1991siretart: definitely works better than before, lame no longer fails, but the resulting files seem to have issues with them21:01
rhpot1991siretart: they are playable with my cowon player, and vlc.  But totem, itunes, ipod, etc refuse to play the files.21:02
rhpot1991siretart: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m523c034521:03
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sistpotybleh, of course it's not as simple as I thought for qtiplot :(21:09
ScottKsistpoty: Debian has a newer version than us.  Perhaps it solves it?21:12
sistpotyScottK: looks like it needs (forward-|back-)porting for qwt (embedded copy)21:27
ScottKsistpoty: Ah, I think I remember discussing that one.21:27
ScottKIIRC I got grumpy about even more embedded stuff.21:28
ScottKWe may as well have it building than not at this point I'd say21:28
sistpotyhm, actually what's strange is that it has got a build-depends on libqwt5-qt4-dev and a depends on libqwt5-qt4, so it might not use the embedded source copy21:29
sistpotyoh, no, that was libqwtplot3d in question, /me checks again21:31
ScottKsistpoty: I tend towards the idea of if it builds, ship it.  If it has a problem we can SRU it and I'd rather than than have it unbuildable.21:34
sistpotyScottK: *nod*21:35
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siretartrhpot1991: please share this information at bug #40140623:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401406 in lame "[Karmic] libmp3lame fails in converting audio" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40140623:25
siretartrhpot1991: TBH, your pastebin does not look necessarily proove or show a problem in lame...23:26
rhpot1991siretart: well I'd say that lame is fixed at this point but there may be an underlieing issue with ffmpeg or something associated23:28
chrisccoulsonhi siretart - are you still looking at this gnome-screensaver / VLC issue?23:28
rhpot1991siretart: should I comment as if I tested the packages from the PPA, are they the same ones I tested?23:29
chrisccoulsonstgraber - were you experiencing bug 454487 too?23:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454487 in gnome-desktop "The program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error. During on a FreeNX server suring a session. The crash does not happen when xrandr plugin is disabled." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45448723:29
rhpot1991siretart: would it be at all helpful if I gave you any test files?23:30
rhpot1991siretart: commented, I'll open up a new bug for this other issue23:36
stgraberchrisccoulson: yes23:37
stgraberchrisccoulson: I described it quickly in one of my comments on the bug that you fixed (libxklavier issue) but didn't actually file it on LP, I'm happy someone else did.23:38
chrisccoulsonstgraber - i just uploaded a modified gnome-desktop package to my PPA. would you mind testing it?23:38
stgraberchrisccoulson: great !! I'll sure do23:38
chrisccoulsonit should fix that specific crash, which looks just like an unsupported X call23:39
siretartrhpot1991: of course. it would allow to reproduce the issue more easily23:40
rhpot1991siretart: bug 45945323:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459453 in ffmpeg "[Karmic] ffmpeg creates corrupted files" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45945323:49
rhpot1991siretart: you can use this file to run tests with: http://www.baablogic.net/9002_20091022223800.mpg23:50
rhpot1991siretart: I can get you larger test files if you need, just yell23:51

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